The Untold Story of American War Crimes in Japan (Part 1)

. . . by Thomas Goodrich

Slightly abridged by Lasha Darkmoon, with notes and comments


“It was not just the marines who committed countless atrocities in Japan,
virtually all American servicemen partook.” — Thomas Goodrich

Introductory Note by Lasha Darkmoon

In regard to the mass rape and torture of 2 million German women in World War II — the subject of another article — it is now customary to assign maximum blame to the Soviet Union for this horrendous war crime: to Stalin’s Red army, consisting of soldiers belonging to many ethnic groups. In order to spare the blushes of the white Russians, the finger of blame has now been pointed by anti-Semites at the vast numbers of Jews within the Red army—said to number roughly 200,000. Solid proof that most of the Red army rapists were Jews, however, is sadly lacking. You may suspect heavy Jewish involvement if you don’t like Jews, but you cannot prove it.

The same applies if you point the finger of blame at the Asiatics within the Red army : at the huge number of Mongols, Tatars and Chinese. Again, solid proof of larger-than-average Asiatic guilt is lacking. So if Germany is ever to obtain financial compensation (at some future date) for the mass rape of its womenfolk during the 1944-1947 period, it will have a wide range of rapist groups to choose from : the Russians, the Jews, the Mongols, the Tatars, the Chinese, the Americans, the Brits, the French, and the Moroccans in the French army. They will all have to pay.

This is not a digression. I am coming to the point. I am fully aware that this article is about American war atrocities in Japan and not about Russian war atrocities in Germany. My point is simply this: while the Russians were raping and pillaging Germany, the Americans were raping and pillaging Japan. These atrocities against the helpless and innocent civilian populations of the two defeated nations, Germany and Japan, were taking place simultaneously at the tail end of World War Two and in its immediate aftermath. “Just as the Allied air forces were targeting cities and civilians in Germany,” Goodrich tells us, “so too was the US air force incinerating the women and children of Japan.”

Goodrich has written extensively about both these national holocausts, but it is the holocaust against the German people only that has impinged on the consciousness of many people in the West, after a raft of books on the subject, notably Goodrich’s own widely acclaimed tour de force Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947.  In contrast, the Japanese holocaust remains relatively unknown. The untold story of the rape of Japan, though told to a few, has yet to be told to the many.

When it comes to mass rapes committed in war, the prevailing myth among most Americans goes something like this: “Yes, our soldiers have been guilty of rape in war time, but we’re not that bad compared to the Russians or lots of other nations. Relatively speaking, we’re pretty well-behaved around women. We do our best not to rape too many of them!” The Brits would probably echo these words. They, too, are chivalrous knights in shining armor who would never dream of raping women en masse—except, of course, in exceptional circumstances.

A quick look at what the Americans got up to in Japan—the subject of the groundbreaking article by Thomas Goodrich which you are about to read—will cure you of any delusions of American chastity and sexual self-control. When the Americans got to Japan, they treated the Japanese women with as much merciless ferocity as Stalin’s Red army soldiers treated the German women who fell victims to their maniacal lustmurder. All my delusions of American righteousness and uber-nobility flew out of the window when I read this mind-altering article. “So,” I told myself grimly, “Americans have feet of clay too! They’re just as bad as the baddest of the bad!”

Part 1 of Goodrich’s article covers the general rape of Japan, Part 2 has more to say on the rape and brothelization of Japanese women who were to serve as “comfort women” for the American occupying forces. Goodrich cannot be praised too highly for his pioneering work in bringing to our attention the demonic nature of man in war time, and the depths of depravity to which man will sink when his mind is possessed by the unclean spirits that walk in darkness.  [LD]

Part 1: The Rape of Japan

by Thomas Goodrich

As a child, I vividly recall a scene from an old war movie. The US Marines are storming some Pacific island and driving the terrified “Jap” defenders before them, much as safari beaters drive prey. The wild chase increases in momentum until the enemy is finally flushed from the trees and onto the beach. Halting their tanks, situating their machine guns for maximum effect, the marines open fire. Scores of Japanese are mowed down mercilessly. With no hope, with no escape, the survivors leap into the surf and try to swim for it. In a matter of minutes, there is not a living “Nip” among them.

Another scene I vividly recall seeing—and this only once—was a war documentary. A Japanese sailor is struggling in the water amid a flotsam of oil and debris, desperately trying to save himself. Clearly, he is a survivor from a recently sunk ship. The sailor is so close to the American naval vessel that I can see the fear and confusion in his face. Suddenly, from a point beyond camera range, bullets spray the water around the man. In a panic, the sailor begins swimming around and around in circles. Finally, a well-aimed bullet blows the young man’s head apart and he sinks silently beneath the surface.

In those old documentary films that cover World War Two in the Pacific, there is a very good reason why one seldom sees a live Jap in any of them, much less a prison camp filled with live Japs. Just as they were doing in Europe, Americans in the Pacific were taking no prisoners.  The awful truth never mentioned in these films, or in any book, for that matter, is that the war with Japan from start to finish was a black flag no-quarter contest in which the rules of engagement were shockingly simple: If the Japanese won, they lived . . . if they lost, they died.


Millions raped, millions tortured, millions enslaved, millions murdered—truly the defeat of Nazi Germany was utter in its hate and hellish in its evil.  It was, by all standards, the most savage and sadistic such defeat in human history.

Savage and sadistic as the war and ensuing Jewish “peace” in Germany was, nowhere was the terrible price of propaganda more evident than in the war with Japan. Unlike the Germans who not only looked and acted much like the Americans, British, French, and Russians, and shared a similar religion and culture, the Japanese were outwardly, at least, very different from their opponents in World War Two. Most graphic, of course, was race and the fact that the Japanese were Asians.

Although racially and culturally the enemy nations differed, prior to hostilities each side had no difficulty at all interacting amicably with one another. Indeed, a great degree of mutual respect, even admiration, existed among the two peoples.

All that changed in a blink, of course, on December 7, 1941.

Wipe-Out-Murdering-JapsWith the sudden attack on Pearl Harbor the American propaganda mill had no problem at all transforming those who had been universally acknowledged as a kind, courteous, and dignified people into a race of “dirty rats,” “yellow monkeys” and “sneaky Japs.” (See propaganda poster, right)

Thus, unlike the vilification campaign waged against Germans which took a great amount of time, effort and imagination, the job of demonizing the Japanese was simple. Once the US Government and the entertainment industry were up and rolling, the natural outrage and racial instincts of white Americans took over.

In the anti-Japanese furor that swept America following Pearl Harbor, in the hyper-heated madness to exact revenge for the attack, rare was that American who paused to consider that perhaps the impetus behind Pearl Harbor was the months of deliberate and humiliating aggression directed at Japan by the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration, including the embargo of vital raw materials without which Japan was doomed to collapse as an industrialized nation. Well before December 7, 1941, such sanctions were correctly viewed by the proud Japanese leadership, as well as the world, as a de facto declaration of war by the United States. Also, though few were aware at the time, it has long since been known that Roosevelt and others in the US government were well aware of the coming attack in the central Pacific.

Nevertheless, because of Japan’s military pact with Nazi Germany, Roosevelt and his Jewish “advisers” desperately hoped that backing the Japanese into a corner would provoke just such a response resulting in the United States entering the European war via the “back door.” In that case, the U.S. would then join with Britain and the Soviet Union to crush Hitler and Germany.

Thus, and almost on cue, the “sneak” attack at Pearl Harbor and the “date which will live in infamy” was used by the propagandists as a rallying cry to whip the American people—who had been decidedly against war—into a frenzy of anger, hatred and revenge.

If possible, the degree of American rage actually increased four months later when lurid details of the “Bataan Death March” reached the public. Bad enough in its own right, the chaotic 60-mile forced march of over 70,000 American and Filipino troops captured after the siege of Bataan was made infinitely worse by the fact that many of the prisoners were already near death from lack of food and medicine resulting from the long siege itself. Overwhelmed by the sheer number of prisoners, unable to provide transportation, the Japanese could do little else but watch as hundreds of prisoners dropped dead along the road during the long march.

De-Humanizing-the-EnemyDescribing them as “yellow vermin,” angry American artists created posters depicting the Japanese as everything and anything, save human—sneaking cockroaches, rampaging monkeys, large-fanged snakes, flapping vampire bats—an official U.S. Navy film described enemy soldiers as “living, snarling rats.”

Reinforcing this dehumanization process were US political and military leaders. While General Eisenhower was busily murdering as many as a 1.5 million disarmed German prisoners in his secret death camps, Admiral William Halsey, US commander of operations in the South Pacific, seemed determined that not a single Japanese in his sphere of operations would survive to even reach a death camp.

“Kill Japs! Kill Japs! Kill more Japs!” Halsey exhorted his men time and time again. “Remember Pearl Harbor—keep ‘em dying!”

LD: This is almost an exact echo of the words used by Stalin’s Jewish propaganda minister, Ilya Ehrenberg, to get the Soviet soldiers of the Red army to kill all Germans indiscriminately, without mercy: “If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day! Kill the Germans!… Kill the Germans!…Kill!”  (See here)

Thus, in what was perhaps the worst-kept secret throughout all branches of the US military, it was this unofficial, yet understood, injunction to all American service men, high and low, that there was to be absolutely no mercy shown the enemy in combat.

“You will take no prisoners, you will kill every yellow son-of-a-bitch, and that’s it,” yelled a marine colonel to his men as their landing craft was about to touch shore on one Japanese-held island.

And thus it was, from the outset, from the initial island invasions of 1942, all the way down to 1945 and the nuclear holocausts at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, “no quarter” to Japan and the Japanese was the tacit understanding.


Despite the generally held belief that persists to this day, a belief which argues that all Japanese soldiers willingly, even eagerly, died for the emperor, relatively few young men embraced such an end if there was any hope of living. Like the American, British and Australian soldiers they were facing, most Japanese soldiers dreamed only of a day when the war was over; when they could return home in peace to family and friends; to marry a sweetheart; to raise a family; to tend a small garden; to enjoy life. Nevertheless, almost from the first, it soon became apparent to these young men that there would be, that there could be, no surrender. Wrote one American early in the war:

“Japanese were known to come out of the jungle unarmed with their hands raised crying ‘mercy, mercy,’ only to be mowed down by machine-gun fire.”

Time and again, on every contested island and every spit of sand, Japanese soldiers and sailors were slaughtered the instant they raised their hands and walked forward to surrender. After scores of such encounters in which breathless comrades in hiding watched, waited, then witnessed the massacre of their unarmed friends, fewer and fewer Japanese soldiers entertained even the slightest notion of giving up.

Ironically, though murdering a helpless enemy may have brought some sadistic satisfaction to Allied soldiers, the failure to take prisoners insured that thousands of comrades would also be killed by an enemy now forced to dig in and fight to the death. It is also a fact that as the war wore on and defeat became certain, more and more Japanese soldiers would have gladly surrendered if only they could.

“If men had been allowed to surrender honorably,” admitted one Japanese veteran late in the war, “everybody would have been doing it.”

In addition to the murder of prisoners, numerous other atrocities occurred. When one marine battalion captured a Japanese field hospital containing over 400 unarmed men, including patients and medics, all were slaughtered on the spot.

Other massacres occurred when hundreds, even thousands, of Japanese were driven onto beaches or small peninsulas where there was no hope of escape. Such wholesale “kill offs” reminded one Midwestern marine of nothing so much as the merciless massacre of jack rabbits driven into fenced enclosures back home.

“Nothing can describe the hate we feel for the Nips,” wrote an American lieutenant to his mother. “The destruction, the torture, burning & death of countless civilians, the savage fight without purpose—to us they are dogs and rats—we love to kill them—to me and all of us killing Nips is the greatest sport known—it causes no sensation of killing a human being but we really get a kick out of hearing the bastards scream.”

Remembered another witness:

 “When a Japanese soldier was “flushed” from his hiding place . . . the unit . . . was resting and joking. But they seized their rifles and began using him as a live target while he dashed frantically around the clearing in search   of safety. The soldiers found his movements uproariously funny. Finally . . . they succeeded in killing him. . . .  None of the American soldiers apparently ever considered that he may have had human feelings of fear and the wish to be spared.”

Flame throwers were a particularly sadistic way to “roast rats.” Reported one observer: “I have asked fighting men, for instance, why they—or actually, why we—regulated flame-throwers in such a way that enemy soldiers were set afire, to die slowly and painfully, rather than killed outright with a full blast of burning oil. Was it because they hated the enemy so thoroughly? The answer was invariably, ‘No, we don’t hate those poor bastards particularly; we just hate the whole goddam mess and have to take it out on somebody.’

“We are drowning and burning them all over the Pacific, and it is just as much pleasure to burn them as to drown them,” bragged William Halsey. As the admiral was well aware, his men were doing much more than just burning and drowning the enemy. . . .

With discipline lax or non-existent, those who wanted to torture, kill and mutilate, did. Desecration of bodies first began with the first islands invaded. Along a wide stream dividing the two armies on Guadalcanal, fresh arriving troops noticed decapitated Japanese heads stuck on poles facing across the river. There on the “Canal” and elsewhere, U.S. Marines tossed the dead and dying into open latrines while others laughingly urinated into the open mouths of the wounded.

The collection of ears, noses, fingers, and other body parts was a pastime many marines proudly participated in. Some strung the trophies and wore them like necklaces.

“Our boys cut them off to show their friends in fun, or to dry and take back to the States when they go,” said one man matter-of-factly.

Japanese skulls were another popular trophy. Some were sent home to friends, family, even sweethearts. Most heads, however, after being “cured” by ravenous ants or boiled in kettles to remove flesh, were then sold to eager naval personnel.

Bones were also collected. Some were carved to form letter openers for folks back home. Even the White House received one such present.

“This is the sort of gift I like to get,” laughed President Roosevelt. “There’ll be plenty more such gifts.”

BeFunky_THIS-ONE-2.jpg-300x264AMERICAN MARINE  (left)
with Japanese skull trophy.
(A gift to his girlfriend?)

Understandably, when news reached Japan that the bodies of their sons and husbands were being wantonly abused and that the US president himself countenanced such atrocities, there was outrage.

The Americans were portrayed in the Japanese press as “deranged, primitive, racist, and inhuman.” Explained one American, himself equally outraged: “The thought of a Japanese soldier’s skull becoming an American ashtray was as horrifying in Tokyo as the thought of an American prisoner used for bayonet practice was in New York.”

Of all the trophies, however, none were more sought out than gold-capped teeth.

After any battle or massacre, the mouths of the fallen were often the first stop for many Americans. Like South Sea prospectors, fights broke out when “claim-jumpers” attempted to steal the bodies claimed by others. One excited marine felt he had struck it rich after spotting a dead enemy. “But,” according to a witness:

“. . . the Japanese wasn’t dead. He had been wounded severely in the back and couldn’t move his arms; otherwise he would have resisted to his last breath. The Japanese’s mouth glowed with huge gold-crowned teeth, and his captor wanted them. He put the point of his knife on the base of a tooth and hit the handle with the palm of his hand. Because the Japanese was kicking his feet and thrashing about, the knife point glanced off the tooth and sank deeply into the victim’s mouth. The Marine cursed him and with a slash cut his cheeks open to each ear. He put his foot on the sufferer’s lower jaw and tried again. Blood poured out of the soldier’s mouth. He made a gurgling noise and thrashed wildly. I shouted, ‘Put the man out of his misery.’ All I got for an answer was a cussing out. Another Marine ran up, put a bullet in the enemy soldier’s brain, and ended his agony. The scavenger grumbled and continued extracting his prizes undisturbed.”

Understandably, Japanese soldiers had no more desire to surrender and be tortured than did US soldiers fighting the Indians on the Plains of America a century earlier. Each fought to the finish, but each also saved the “last bullet” for himself.

If a Japanese soldier found himself surrounded with no way to escape or kill himself, he committed “suicide” by walking calmly back and forth along the enemy lines until a bullet found its mark. Sometimes ten, even twenty, Japanese would thus kill themselves simultaneously.


Once the Americans reached Saipan, Okinawa and other Japanese islands with civilian populations, mass rape was added to the menu of war crimes. Small wonder that a Japanese soldier, or civilian, for that matter, would do whatever it took to keep from falling into Allied hands. As one American revealed:

“The northern tip of Saipan is a cliff with a sheer drop into the sea. At high tide the sharp coral rocks are almost covered with swirling surf. The Japanese civilians and the surviving soldiers were all crowded into this area. Now one of the worst horrors of the war occurred. In spite of loud-speaker messages asking them to surrender, and assurances that they would be well-treated, they began killing themselves. Soldiers clutched hand grenades to their bellies and pulled the pins. Through our spotting scopes from our observation post I witnessed this sickening spectacle. One of the worst experiences of my life.”

Not only were there virtually no survivors among the 30,000 men of the Japanese garrison on Saipan, but two out of every three civilians—some 22,000 in all—were either murdered or committed suicide.

“We just blew it all up,” admitted one marine. “We don’t know if there were women and children or whatever, we just blew them up.”

“Japanese are still being shot all over the place,” reported an Australian late in the war. “The necessity for capturing them has ceased to worry anyone. Nippo soldiers are just so much machine-gun practice.”

A handful of prisoners did manage to get captured, of course, by accident if nothing else. All were spared solely for the information they might provide. When the interrogation was through, the subjects were of no further use. Wrote one witness:

“When they flew Japanese prisoners back for questioning on a C-47, they kept the freight door at the side of the plane open, and when the questioning of each man was concluded, he’d be kicked overboard before they reached their destination.”

7a23bd2b1ff0e4076468bfb865942affOf course, it was not just island-hopping marines who committed countless atrocities; virtually all American service men partook.

A Japanese sailor whose ship or submarine was sunk stood no better chance of survival than his comrade on shore. US naval vessels routinely shelled all life boats and machine-gunned any survivors still in the water. Overhead, Japanese pilots who escaped from burning planes were themselves murdered by Allied airmen as they struggled in their parachute harnesses.

As late as October, 1944, it was announced that a mere 604 Japanese were being held in Allied POW camps.

Just as the Allied air forces were targeting cities and civilians in Germany, so too was the US air force incinerating the women and children of Japan . . . (pictured, right)

Continued in Part 2 : Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the Mass Rape of Japanese Women

Thomas Goodrich is a professional writer living on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  His biological father was a United States Marine during the Pacific War, 1941-1945. Visit the author at

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  1. It’s always good to get the other side of the story. I’ve met several Australian ex-POWs and surprisingly they have very little animus towards the Japanese. One I knew, was from the HMAS Perth sunk together with the US cruiser the Houston in the Sunda Straits in 1942 managed to survive the war, the death railway, then being sunk by a US sub on the way to Japan. He told me he survived the firebombing of Tokyo, he spent the entire night running for his life. Another ex-POW said all his hatred for Japanese disappeared when he saw the aftermath of Nagasaki and the people dying of radiation sickness. Most ex-POWs venom was towards the Korean guards, not the Japanese who captured them.
    The American historian, John Toland in his book “Infamy”, presents very credible evidence that the US knew the exact position of the Japanese fleet as it approached Pearl Harbor and did nothing.
    Taking about rapine, ask the Filipinos and the Okinawans today. They want US military personnel gone, because of the rapes and sexual assaults on their women.

    1. Email of Albert Portugeis to Lasha Darkmoon (LD):

      What’s the point in talking about “Russians raping and pillaging Germany, the Americans raping and pillaging Japan ONLY??????? why not also write about Germany raping and pillaging France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Checoslovakia, etc? and why not talk about the Americans raping and pillaging Vietnam? or Japan raping and pillaging China, Corea,etc????

      Militaries are militaries, men are men, no matter what nationality you write about.


      1. Email to Lasha Darkmoon (LD):

        And Hitler help launched World War II and decided to conquer the world on the LIE Germans were the perfect race. And you, instead of reminding the world of this, concentrate on the raped German women.

        What you say about Americans applies to ALL Muslim countries. In fact, it is Arabs who always speak of “holy wars”

        You are the most biased and prejudiced person I know.

        If you really wanted to reveal the truth, instead of pouring your poison into millions/billions of innocent victims of the unjust, violent world in which we live, why don’t you write the TRUTH???

        In Israel, 90% of the population is opposed to what Netanyahu and close associates do. By the way,  “close associates” include the Palestinian and Lebanese authorities, with whom several wars have been negotiated. Yasser Arafat died a multimillionaire for “cooperating” in making sure the Palestine/Israel problem will NOT be solved. In fact, Arafat’s widow is still being sued by the current Palestine authorities, for the return of the millions kept in various Swiss Bank accounts by her late husband’s frontmen).

        Also in Israel, a high proportion of young people exile themselves before military service age, as they are opposed to defending the occupied territories, which they know belong to Palestinians. There is also a large group of soldiers who refuses to intervene in armed conflicts against Palestinians.

      2. @ PORTUGHEIS

        “…And Hitler help launched World War II and decided to conquer the world on the LIE Germans were the perfect race…”

        Hitler never decided to “conquer the world”, that is a ridiculous Allied propaganda lie. Hitler tried to conquer Russia up to the Urals in order to create Lebensraum for his people. I don’t approve of that, but it is something different from trying to “conquer the world”.

        “…You are the most biased and prejudiced person I know.

        If you really wanted to reveal the truth, instead of pouring your poison into millions/billions of innocent victims of the unjust, violent world in which we live, why don’t you write the TRUTH???…”

        Writing the unvarnished truth about your own country is not exactly a sign of “bias”.

        “…In Israel, 90% of the population is opposed to what Netanyahu and close associates do…”

        If this remark is intended to demonstrate the “innocence” of Israelis or Jews in general, as far as I remember 95% of the Israelis approved of the monstrous “Cast Lead” operation against Gaza and in the Diaspora similarly 95% of Jews approved of it as well.

        “…Also in Israel, a high proportion of young people exile themselves before military service age…”

        They don’t do that out of “pacifism”, they do that out of cowardice. Jews are notorious draft dodgers.

        Finally, I found your name on the Consolidated Jewish Surname Index – Avotaynu :

        93540 PORTIGES
        793540 PORTIGEYS
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        793540 PORTIGHIES
        793540 PORTOGEJS
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        793540 PORTUGUESE
        793540 PORTUGUEZ
        793540 PORTUGUSE

        That means that you are a “member of The Tribe”.

      3. Perhaps Alberto is a member of the Tribe. So what?

        His first post asked a very good question. And I think the answer is simple. This site defends German and Nazi atrocities. When that cannot be done in good conscience, or for fear of being laughed at, it makes excuses for such atrocities.

        I would rather be a member of the Tribe than a Nazi any day of the week. And for those of you who do not know me, I am not what you could call a fan of the Tribe.

        This Aryan White Supremacist crap isn’t right today and it never was. Nor was Hitler correct in his using pre-Christianity as a rallying point for a nation of Catholics and Protestants. Talk about going back to the Stone Age. Until all the smart people here figure that out I am convinced there is no hope.

      4. @Rich

        “Pre-Christian” presupposes what is “Christian”, as if to say “Christian has been fully identified.

        You say “Aryan White Supremacist”. I say “White Consolidationist”, implying preservation of a human grouping.

        “Supremism” is assigned to jew, whose humanity has been breached.

        Take heed of that which you speak

      5. Albert… Just research rape of French women by the “allies” in Normandy June/July 44 & French women raped by the Germans in French occupation……..
        You might learn something……………..

      6. إyou’re wrong sir Portugheis.When the Prophet Muhammad used to send his armies in war against the unbilievers , he used to warn them: ” not to kill a child, nor a woman, nor an old man,nor a man working in his fields, nor people worshipping in their Temples. Do not cut a fruit tree, do not kill an animal unless needed for food .Do not demolish houses..”
        Authentized saying of the Prophet

      7. great comments alberto and as a palestinian i welcome you to peace anytime. We conmmemorate your loss in nazi germany (six million) the same way we do ours in der yassin. Der Yassin whom the idiot called richaert calls inexistente.

      8. “Aryan Supremacy” = Jewish hegelian dialectic (Hint: their goal is to enslave blacks after completing extermination of whites.)

        I get so sick of the myriad crypto Jewish banter, each off the other, and perhaps the main author too who appears to be blowing the Jewish horn for the Jewish Masonic “American Pinata party”.
        (See “My Homies Still”; it’s quite clear. DO turn down volume; it’s SYMBOLIC and the lyrics aweful.)

        The insidious games and manipulative banter of INFIL-TRAITOR Jews STINKS to high heaven and yes, the Asian crimes in China
        or Korean crimes, were far in excess to those of the American created melting pot; even the socalled “natives Americas”, also Jewish CRAP,
        enjoyed torture as only an abused child would. Hint:Usually these are Jewluminati children who where sodomized is the LEAST of their worries.

        See the Soncinian Talmud where it’s OK with THEIR ‘gawds’, aka eloHIM, to sexualize children IF one of the following is true:
        1) The boys are under 9 or girls under 3;
        2) They’re SODIMIZED, then it’s A-OK;

        For their psycho-pathology/psychology see also:
        1) SVALI testimony; remember Italians, and Greeks for that matter, are BLOOD JEWS.

        2) “Occult BLOOD connection of Romans/Italians to Jews”;

        3) “Phoenician Linquistics/Phonetics: Occult connection Italian to Hebrew”

        4) “MENorah Pi I and II” for WHY: Saturn/Ayin 26 worship (DEMONIC)

        5) BANNED Worldwide: Jewish testimony on Jews:
        (Downloads esp. 1-4 on cannibalism/torture, your ‘gods’.)

        Corroborative testimony to Vicki Polin:

    2. After reading this account of the many horrors exacted upon the Japanese by the U.S> and ‘Allies’ I am convinced; we have been nothing more than useful idiots by the overlords who finance it. They send Nations against each other who would otherwise get along just fine, using propaganda, deception, lies and any manipulation to get them into conflict; to the death. This is for THEIR benefit, not ours as a whole. Thus we the people of this planet need to put a stop to it. That needs to happen NOW! What a disturbing thing to realize is how desensitized to killing, rape, and torture one becomes once ‘trained’. An example of which are the many violent video games on the mass market today. “Mortal Combat”, “Grand Theft Auto”, “Commando” ad nauseum. These are actually designed with the intent of rewiring the brains & psyches of the young people playing them by operatives within Intel orgs such as the CIA/Mossad/MI6.

      1. Do not blame games or CIA. In terms of violence we’ve always been violent. Whether you go back 100 years or 10000 years, violence/greed seems to be in our nature. The only difference right now, is we have the ability of learning the truth but it is so much easier to go with the flow.

        One other difference is we are more sexually perverse and repressed at the same time, than we’ve ever been before. Sure its different in some areas in our world that have yet to acquire modern technology. customs or dress sense.

      2. Very well observed Bigcree, due to the internet and a few trusted sources, I watched the build up to the Iraq war almost as an independent observer. The sway that the mainstream media has over the general public, is dramatic in the extreme. I have met with Iraqis, Iranians, Germans, and other races, and basically anyone I can communicate with is remarkably like ourselves. take care, ian.

    3. Didn’t some air head, of the male variety, write a book about the “Greatest Generation”
      as concerns the 2nd phase of the great war of the 20th and 21st centuries?
      Maybe the title is code for being greatest at generating erections.

    1. Thanks, Mark.

      The pictures of all three cities showed concrete walls and buildings still standing.

      Nukes are supposedly so devastating… that they knock down – LEVEL – everything, and turn sand to glass.

      That is not the case seen in the first pic, showing walls, buildings and rubble, at Hiroshima:
      “A man stands in the ruins of Hiroshima following the US nuclear attack of August 6th, 1945.”

      I contend all three cities were ‘fire-bombed.’ No nukes used.

    2. How did those compare to the “Burnt Offerings” in Hamburg and Dresden; the latter after telling German survivors to head to Dresden for cover. (Look at the numerology in the names and dates of these atrocities and you’ll learn they were cabala RITUAL murders like every other mass murder including Russia. (Like the Apartment Bombings that got that SWELL guy Putin into power.

      Note the similarities in BOTH false flags, including launching both ritual sacrifice murders on a Mars (war) Tuesday; all other numerology in the dates/names too can be found on the “MENorah Pi part II massacres/ Breakdown.”

      See Video of same name here:

      (Part I is NOT optional for goyim.)

  2. Jew elder Max Nordau, predicted at the Jew congress of 1897 , ww1,Balfour declaration, ww2 and the establishment of the Jew state. He was privy to the plan because he was one of the elder. The only missing piece of the jigsaw, for the Jews, is the Mossiach ,and when he emerges as the Talmud states, he will be the ruler of the world . It appears the Jews are in hurry to fulfil the prophecy ,but only time will tell if they are successful.

  3. @Pat, benc, etc

    Right, you tell that to the thousands of Japanese civilians who have died of were born with severe birth defects due to radiation.

    1. Apart from that, the political implications of atomic bombs being a fraud would be enormous. It would mean that not only the US cheated the world, but also the UK, France, Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Israel. The “treason” of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg would have been a fraud (and they would have been executed for nothing) and the Israeli Vanunu would be lying by exposing Israel nuclear arms program. Israel would feign to be concerned about a possible Iranian nuclear bomb and the Cuba Crisis of 1962 would have been fake also.

      Occam’s Razor would suggest otherwise!

      1. @Franklin

        All true, except for the fact that the effing israelis ARE FEIGNING to be concerned about aN Iranian nuclear bomb, bc they know very well Iran is NOT seeking nuclear weapons.
        This has been confirmed for many years now by all 16 zusan intel agencies.
        Israeli intel knows it too.

      2. The Israelis are feigning to be concerned that Iran is building nuclear bombs NOW (they know that is not true), but – being the arch paranoiacs that they are – they are REALLY afraid that Iran might develop the capability to make such bombs in the future. Therefore they want the US to destroy their facilities – just in case.

      3. @Franklin

        Back in 2002, a Russian general said that Iran already had nuclear weapons. The Iranians purchased some from the Russians during the 1990’s when everything was for sale in Russia. I suspect that the Russian general was correct or Israel/US/NATO would have already attacked Iran except that Iran has said more than once that they would obliterate Israel if attacked by anyone. Israel has attacked nuclear facilities in Iraq and Syria so it appears to be reasonable to believe that the Russian general was correct in 2002.

      4. A few other red flags for nukes are:
        1. The chain reaction of nuclear fission is an “over unity” effect – that’s just alchemy.
        2. With all the nuclear accidents and test over the years you’d expect radiation poisoning and nuclear winters everywhere.
        3. All the survivors from close to ground zero in Japan ’45 (and the recent hoax meltdown) – note also Jesuit involvement as witnesses.
        I tend to think that nukes are another of those in-jokes with the elite. Yes, Vanunu was a clever psy-op. Have a look at the relaxed tanned fella who appeared after “release” from many years in jail as a traitor – obviously wasn’t sent to the West Bank!

    2. @ Luca K and Franklin Ryckaert et al.

      How much of this article breaks new ground and how much of it is part and parcel of what I call “The Culture of Cuckolds”, (or Victimhood) to borrow the phrase and title of Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s famous book?

      War is Hell, we get it, Mr. Goodrich. Jews don’t have a monopoly on suffering. If anyone was Holocausted, the Germans in Dresden and Japanese in Tokyo have a better and truer case to make than the 6 million jews who were supposedly gassed to death and later burnt (holocausted) during WWII.

      What is curious to me, however, it why the Japanese haven’t followed suit, literally, when the legal precedents have already been laid out by the Jews in pursuing compensation from the Germans.

      If there were/are victims of radiation (I fully sympathize if true) why hasn’t the Japanese Government sued for compensation? If the atomic bomb was really dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which is NOT denied but CELEBRATED by the Americans, it would be an open and shut case, as they say. Where is Occam’s Razor when you really need it?

      To bring this article back to present day reality and relevance, the Russians and Chinese are now being demonized as the latest evil Huns and Nips and the dumb Americans can’t wait to kill and die for the kikes in yet another one of their totally manufactured World Wars.

      Remember: Wars are the Jews’ harvest and there is no truth in them.


        The Japanese would not sue for reparations, even if they wanted to, bc they were crushed in wwII. Japan today is a zusan vassal, a client state, just like rump Germany.
        It has lost its sovereingty.

    3. I choose to NOT believe the governments’ RUMORS about the phony holocaust and the A-bomb myths.

      I’m surprised the claims of Japs’ demise was less than 6 million.

      That’s according to ‘Pat’s Razor.’

      1. @ Pat

        What’s really getting Pat’s goat vis-à-vis The Russians is that Dimitri Khalezov who proved beyond a doubt the WTC Twin Towers WERE NUKED on 9/11 is a Russian. That’s what Pat really has against Russia. Pat couldn’t care less about any corruption in the Russian Orthodox Church or anything else about Putin and Russia — Pat’s just peeved someone discovered The Truth about 9/11 and The Truth of 9/11 is that the WTC Twin Towers were NUKED on 9/11. That one happens to be a Russian : Dimitri Khalezov. That’s the Real Reason, and The Only Reason, Pat is perturbed with Russians. I don’t know who Pat thinks he’s kidding.

        I notice the “Nukes Don’t Really Exist” meme started just when Dimitri Khalezov came unto the scene. From 1945 until Dimitri Khalezov came on the scene, NO ONE ever questioned the reality of Nuclear Weapons. Then Dimitri Khalezov proves beyond a doubt the WTC Twin Towers were NUKED on 9/11, all-of-a-sudden the “Nukes Don’t Really Exist” trolls come crawling out of every crack and crevice.

      2. @ Pat
        The “Nukes Don’t Really Exist” meme didn’t start until soon after Dimitri Khalezov came on the scene and proved beyond a doubt the WTC Twin Towers were NUKED on 9/11. No one ever questioned the reality of Nuclear Weapons until very soon after Dimitri Khalezov proved beyond a doubt the WTC Twin Towers were NUKED on 9/11. Funny that no one ever questioned whether or not Nukes exist until Dimitri Khalezov showed up on the scene ; From 1945 until Dimitri Khalezov NO ONE, NO, NOT ONE, questioned the existence of Nuclear Weapons. After Dimitri Khalezov, the “Nukes Don’t Really Exist” trolls came crawling out of every crack and crevice.

        The “Nukes Don’t Really Exist” trolls should have started the mendacious meme before 9/11 actually happened, while 9/11 was in the planning stage. This would have made the meme a bit more believable, or more correctly, a bit more worthy to pursue the meme. That the “Nukes Don’t Really Exist” meme is presented to us immediately after Dimitri Khalezov proves the WTC Twin Towers were Nuked on 9/11 shows great lack of foresight on the part of the trolls pushing the extremely mendacious “Nukes Don’t Really Exist meme”. They should have thought about introducing the meme while 9/11 was in its planning stage. That would have had more impact so to speak, at least more of a hint of believability.

        It’s way too obvious what the “Nukes Don’t Really Exist” trolls are doing, as their meme started soon after Dimitri Khalezov ; The “Nukes Don’t Really Exist” trolls are trying to cover up more of The Truth about 9/11. Deflecting and distracting from The Fact the WTC Twin Towers were NUKED on 9/11. It’s way obvious what the “Nukes Don’t Really Exist” trolls are all about, lol. They NEVER mentioned that “Nukes Don’t Really Exist” until Dimitri Khalezov came on the scene, lol. “Nukes Not Really Existing” was a total NON-issue until Dimitri Khalezov, now it’s a giant issue for the trolls pushing the bullshit “Nukes Don’t Really Exist” meme, LOL.

  4. Was WWII Fought to make the World Safe for the Bankers?

    by Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel

    Thanks to best-selling author, David Irving, the establishment view that the United States of America became embroiled in World War II as a result of a surprise attack on Pearl Harbour on December 7, 1941 is no longer accepted by major historians. The origins of this conflict, says South African politician and noted banker, Stephen Goodson, have far deeper roots…………”

  5. In an article for the Independent, US economist R.Higgs explains how zamerican economic warfare on Japan triggered a japanese military response and how US intel knew of the coming attack on Pearl Harbor.

    Ask a typical American how the United States got into World War II, and he will almost certainly tell you that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and the Americans fought back. Ask him why the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, and he will probably need some time to gather his thoughts. He might say that the Japanese were aggressive militarists who wanted to take over the world, or at least the Asia-Pacific part of it. Ask him what the United States did to provoke the Japanese, and he will probably say that the Americans did nothing: we were just minding our own business when the crazy Japanese, completely without justification, mounted a sneak attack on us, catching us totally by surprise in Hawaii on December 7, 1941.

    You can’t blame him much. For more than 60 years such beliefs have constituted the generally accepted view among Americans, the one taught in schools and depicted in movies—what “every schoolboy knows.” Unfortunately, this orthodox view is a tissue of misconceptions. Don’t bother to ask the typical American what U.S. economic warfare had to do with provoking the Japanese to mount their attack, because he won’t know. Indeed, he will have no idea what you are talking about.

    In the late nineteenth century, Japan’s economy began to grow and to industrialize rapidly. Because Japan has few natural resources, many of the burgeoning industries had to rely on imported raw materials, such as coal, iron ore or steel scrap, tin, copper, bauxite, rubber, and petroleum. Without access to such imports, many of which came from the United States or from European colonies in southeast Asia, Japan’s industrial economy would have ground to a halt. By engaging in international trade, however, the Japanese had built a moderately advanced industrial economy by 1941.

    At the same time, they also built a military-industrial complex to support an increasingly powerful army and navy. These armed forces allowed Japan to project its power into various places in the Pacific and east Asia, including Korea and northern China, much as the United States used its growing industrial might to equip armed forces that projected U.S. power into the Caribbean and Latin America, and even as far away as the Philippine Islands.

    When Franklin D. Roosevelt became president in 1933, the U.S. government fell under the control of a man who disliked the Japanese and harbored a romantic affection for the Chinese because, some writers have speculated, Roosevelt’s ancestors had made money in the China trade.[1] Roosevelt also disliked the Germans (and of course Adolf Hitler), and he tended to favor the British in his personal relations and in world affairs. He did not pay much attention to foreign policy, however, until his New Deal began to peter out in 1937. Afterward, he relied heavily on foreign policy to fulfill his political ambitions, including his desire for reelection to an unprecedented third term.

    When Germany began to rearm and to seek Lebensraum aggressively in the late 1930s, the Roosevelt administration cooperated closely with the British and the French in measures to oppose German expansion. After World War II commenced in 1939, this U.S. assistance grew ever greater and included such measures as the so-called destroyer deal and the deceptively named Lend-Lease program. In anticipation of U.S. entry into the war, British and U.S. military staffs secretly formulated plans for joint operations. U.S. forces sought to create a war-justifying incident by cooperating with the British navy in attacks on German U-boats in the north Atlantic, but Hitler refused to take the bait, thus denying Roosevelt the pretext he craved for making the United States a full-fledged, declared belligerent—an end that the great majority of Americans opposed.

    In June 1940, Henry L. Stimson, who had been secretary of war under Taft and secretary of state under Hoover, became secretary of war again. Stimson was a lion of the Anglophile, northeastern upper crust and no friend of the Japanese. In support of the so-called Open Door Policy for China, Stimson favored the use of economic sanctions to obstruct Japan’s advance in Asia. Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau and Interior Secretary Harold Ickes vigorously endorsed this policy. Roosevelt hoped that such sanctions would goad the Japanese into making a rash mistake by launching a war against the United States, which would bring in Germany because Japan and Germany were allied.

    Accordingly, the Roosevelt administration, while curtly dismissing Japanese diplomatic overtures to harmonize relations, imposed a series of increasingly stringent economic sanctions on Japan. In 1939 the United States terminated the 1911 commercial treaty with Japan. “On July 2, 1940, Roosevelt signed the Export Control Act, authorizing the President to license or prohibit the export of essential defense materials.” Under this authority, “[o]n July 31, exports of aviation motor fuels and lubricants and No. 1 heavy melting iron and steel scrap were restricted.” Next, in a move aimed at Japan, Roosevelt slapped an embargo, effective October 16, “on all exports of scrap iron and steel to destinations other than Britain and the nations of the Western Hemisphere.” Finally, on July 26, 1941, Roosevelt “froze Japanese assets in the United States, thus bringing commercial relations between the nations to an effective end. One week later Roosevelt embargoed the export of such grades of oil as still were in commercial flow to Japan.”[2] The British and the Dutch followed suit, embargoing exports to Japan from their colonies in southeast Asia.

    An Untenable Position

    Roosevelt and his subordinates knew they were putting Japan in an untenable position and that the Japanese government might well try to escape the stranglehold by going to war. Having broken the Japanese diplomatic code, the Americans knew, among many other things, what Foreign Minister Teijiro Toyoda had communicated to Ambassador Kichisaburo Nomura on July 31: “Commercial and economic relations between Japan and third countries, led by England and the United States, are gradually becoming so horribly strained that we cannot endure it much longer. Consequently, our Empire, to save its very life, must take measures to secure the raw materials of the South Seas.”[3]
    Because American cryptographers had also broken the Japanese naval code, the leaders in Washington knew as well that Japan’s “measures” would include an attack on Pearl Harbor.[4] Yet they withheld this critical information from the commanders in Hawaii, who might have headed off the attack or prepared themselves to defend against it. That Roosevelt and his chieftains did not ring the tocsin makes perfect sense: after all, the impending attack constituted precisely what they had been seeking for a long time. As Stimson confided to his diary after a meeting of the war cabinet on November 25, “The question was how we should maneuver them [the Japanese] into firing the first shot without allowing too much danger to ourselves.”[5] After the attack, Stimson confessed that “my first feeling was of relief … that a crisis had come in a way which would unite all our people.[6]


    1. Harry Elmer Barnes, “Summary and Conclusions,” in Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace:A Critical Examination of the Foreign Policy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Its Aftermath (Caldwell, Id.: Caxton Printers, 1953), pp. 682–83.

    2. All quotations in this paragraph from George Morgenstern, “The Actual Road to Pearl Harbor,” in Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace, pp. 322–23, 327–28.

    3. Quoted ibid., p. 329.

    4. Robert B. Stinnett, Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor (NewYork: Free Press, 2000).

    5. Stimson quoted in Morgenstern, p. 343.

    6. Stimson quoted ibid., p. 384.

  6. Numbers Chapter 31 (King James Version)

    1 And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying,

    2 Avenge the children of Israel of the Midianites: afterward shalt thou be gathered unto thy people.

    3 And Moses spake unto the people, saying, Arm some of yourselves unto the war, and let them go against the Midianites, and avenge the Lord of Midian.

    4 Of every tribe a thousand, throughout all the tribes of Israel, shall ye send to the war.

    5 So there were delivered out of the thousands of Israel, a thousand of every tribe, twelve thousand armed for war.

    6 And Moses sent them to the war, a thousand of every tribe, them and Phinehas the son of Eleazar the priest, to the war, with the holy instruments, and the trumpets to blow in his hand.

    7 And they warred against the Midianites, as the Lord commanded Moses; and they slew all the males.

    8 And they slew the kings of Midian, beside the rest of them that were slain; namely, Evi, and Rekem, and Zur, and Hur, and Reba, five kings of Midian: Balaam also the son of Beor they slew with the sword.

    9 And the children of Israel took all the women of Midian captives, and their little ones, and took the spoil of all their cattle, and all their flocks, and all their goods.

    10 And they burnt all their cities wherein they dwelt, and all their goodly castles, with fire.

    11 And they took all the spoil, and all the prey, both of men and of beasts.

    12 And they brought the captives, and the prey, and the spoil, unto Moses, and Eleazar the priest, and unto the congregation of the children of Israel, unto the camp at the plains of Moab, which are by Jordan near Jericho.

    13 And Moses, and Eleazar the priest, and all the princes of the congregation, went forth to meet them without the camp.

    14 And Moses was wroth with the officers of the host, with the captains over thousands, and captains over hundreds, which came from the battle.

    15 And Moses said unto them, Have ye saved all the women alive?

    16 Behold, these caused the children of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to commit trespass against the Lord in the matter of Peor, and there was a plague among the congregation of the Lord.

    17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

    18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

    1. I just caught onto the BIBLICAL significance of 15-19.
      Yea, Moses was another “good guy” (hey, News Ong, is he real or counterfeit?).
      So, he goes:

      “Have ye saved all the women alive?”

      (“Sure we did, lots of fun we had with them”, they presumably answered enthusiastically)
      Then he says:

      “Behold, these caused the children of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to commit trespass against the Lord in the matter of Peor, and there was a plague among the congregation of the Lord … therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.”

      (Translation: “These sluts gave the righteous rapists VD, so kill every one of them as well as all the boys, including infants (dash their heads on the rocks) and keep the virgins for further use”)

      Golda Meir understood the meaning, when she said:

      “We cannot forgive them [Palestinians] for forcing us to kill their children”.

      In other words, the ancient jew game, blame the victims for making jews into slavering monsters while themselves squealing like stuck pigs pretending to be the horribly wronged victims themselves.
      Well, if these are counterfeit Jews, then the Bible is just as counterfeit because it describes it right there, black on white.

      “Jew cries out in pain while he strikes you”, I am sure there is a beautiful psalm to that effect.

      As Sheldon Adelson, Lord of the Loaded Dice would say, that’s how the dreidle spins, heads you lose, tails, I win.

      Jews and Bible: match made in Hell.

      1. Just give ol’ lobro a little morsel to waffle on, and he flips around the spatula with glee!
        (TROJ is a very perceptive fellow, and I’m certainly beginning to perceive his notions…)

      2. woo-hoo, a midget slander tag team!
        romp in the swamp, ready-do.

        (remains to be seen whether troj takes it as a compliment that you are the only one here that catches onto his perceptions)

    2. The Israelites were (are) Patriarchal. The captives were Baal worshippers which was (is) a serious crime (punishable by death), hence the reason for killing the male children and, though they were not supposed to marry outside of their tribe, allowing only women (the virgins) captives to remain alive as wives for the Israelite men (disobeying God’s Laws).

      Moses was not a Jew. Numbers – chapter 31 (as presented) has nothing to do with WW2. WW2 was a war created by the banksters as part of their plan for total global domination.

      1. The captives were Baal worshippers which was (is) a serious crime (punishable by death), hence the reason for killing the male children

        let me get this straight:

        I am a Baal worshiper (I go “baaa” in my church, every Sunday)
        I have a baby son.

        Therefore, my baby son should be killed and his roasted flesh offered to the One True God.

        Just so I understand the principles of the true morality.
        (the more i hear about it, the more I like the idea of counterfeit ones)

    3. Sounds much like ISIS/DAASH. Keep those virgins either as slaves or to impregnate them with the seed of Israelites thus creating more of them. According to a new book Israelites were but a small tribe, in Mizraim, a place close to Yemen. According to some other googling most jews were arabs who were converted to judaism. Question then is who landed at the shores of Yemen to convert those local people to judaism? It reminds me of the legend of Atlantean Thoth said to have gone to Egypt to teach local people atlantean ways.

  7. The Second World War was a burnt offering to the jewish god “adonoi elohaynu,” and it also served as a form of amusement to the rich and powerful jews who instigated the conflagration, as it confirmed in their minds that goyim are indeed dumb stupid animals who are lacking in the ability to think for themselves. And the same can be said with regard to just about every war that has occurred before and since.

  8. LD in her opening remark is trying to shuffle the blame onto everyone but the instigators.

  9. Excellent article Lasha. The Japanese have been slandered nearly as badly as the Germans, the article offers a fresh perspective.
    Mutilation and souvenir taking(body parts) by the zamerican forces(and other allied troops in the pacific) were quite normal. Possibly the most famous photo to emerge of such practices was the one featured by time life magazine:

    Now, imagine a young Japanese or German woman writing a thank you note to her soldier boyfriend who had sent the skull of a dead US/brit/whatever soldier… Can u picture it?
    The outrage!

    Paul Fussell, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania who served in World War II as a US Army lieutenant, wrote in his acclaimed book Wartime that “the Allied war has been sanitized and romanticized almost beyond recognition by the sentimental, the loony patriotic, the ignorant and the bloodthirsty.” P. Fussell, Wartime (New York: 1989), p. ix (preface)

    After “forty months of war duty and five major battles” in which Edgar L. Jones served as “an ambulance driver, a merchant seaman, an Army historian, and a war correspondent,” he wrote an article dispelling some myths about the Americans’ role in the war.

    “What kind of war do civilians suppose we fought, anyway?,” he told readers of The Atlantic monthly. “We shot prisoners in cold blood, wiped out hospitals, strafed lifeboats, killed or mistreated enemy civilians, finished off the enemy wounded, tossed the dying into a hole with the dead, and in the Pacific boiled the flesh off enemy skulls to make table ornaments for sweethearts, or carved their bones into letter-openers.”

    Edgar L. Jones, “One War is Enough,” The Atlantic, Feb. 1946

    In his 1985 autobiography the American fighter pilot ace Chuck Yeager (who later was the first pilot to break the sound barrier) described how, while serving in the US armed forces during World War II in the autumn of 1944, his fighter group was attacking Germany and “…assigned an area fifty miles by fifty miles and ordered to strafe anything that moved…We weren’t asked how we felt zapping people. It was a miserable, dirty mission, but we all took off on time and did it … We were ordered to commit an atrocity, pure and simple, but the brass who approved this action probably felt justified because wartime Germany wasn’t easily divided between ‘innocent civilians’ and its military machine. The farmer tilling his potato field might have been feeding German troops.”
    Chuck Yeager, Yeager: An Autobiography (New York: Bantam Books, 1985) pp. 79-80.

    BTw, for those who may have not yet seen it, the following is horrowing footage of a german
    female expellee from eastern europe, desperate, beaten, possibly abused.

  10. The witness to the gold teeth ‘extraction’ was US marine Eugene Sledge and the extract comes from his war memoirs “With the Old Breed”, p.120.

  11. Talking about Jews dear…..

    Israeli Mossad carried out a false flag operation at Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Reactor to punish Tokyo for its offer in 2010 to enrich Iran’s uranium stockpile.

    Soon thereafter, an Israeli firm by the name Magna BSP, headed by Haim Siboni, secured a contract to run security at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. In 2011, Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported that Magna BSP was providing security for the nuclear plant prior to the disaster. In 2010, the firm installed security system “which included cameras and a warning system, enabling the facility’s security staff to monitor anyone attempting to trespass onto the site or damage the parameter fence. The security system was designed to guard the plant against any hostile elements seeking to seize radioactive material to use in a terrorist attack,” reported Ha’aretz.

  12. General Billy Mitchell warned the US in writing and in personal lectures of the coming attack on US positions in the Pacific. The warnings actually helped the Japanese plan the invasion of Pearl Harbor, more than 15 years in advance.



    Japan was the final destination on the Mitchell honeymoon which was his primary interest. The Japanese were far more secretive than German military had been. They were restrictive of his movements throughout the entire tour of Japan. When he departed from Japan on the voyage home; he had seen enough to alarm him with concern. While on route to San Francisco; he used the trip to compile his notes into a 323 page treatise on the situation in the Pacific. July, 1924

    “Japan knows full well that the United States will probably enter the next war with the methods and weapons of the former war…It also knows full well that the defense of the Hawaiian group is based on the island of Oahu and not on the defense of the whole group.”

    “The Japanese bombardment, (would be) 100 (air) ships organized into four squadrons of 25 (air) ships each.

    The objectives for attack are:
    Ford Island, airdrome, hangers, storehouses and ammunition dumps;
    Navy fuel oil tanks;
    Water supply of Honolulu;
    Water supply of Schofield;
    Schofield Barracks airdrome and troop establishments;
    Naval submarine station;
    City and wharves of Honolulu.”

    “Attack will be launched as follows: bombardment, attack to be made on Ford Island at 7:30 a.m.” “Attack to be made on Clark Field (Philippine Islands) at 10:40 a.m.”

    “Japanese pursuit aviation will meet bombardment over Clark Field, proceeding by squadrons, one at 3000 feet to Clark Field from the southeast and with the sun at their back, one at 5000 feet from the north and one at 10,000 feet from the west. Should U.S. pursuit be destroyed or fail to appear, airdrome would be attacked with machine guns.”

    “The (Japanese) air force would then carry out a systematic siege against Corregidor.”

    “The United States must not render herself completely defenseless on the one hand thinking that a war with Japan is an impossibility, and on the other by sticking to methods and means of making war as obsolete as the bow and arrow is for the military rifle.”

    Messr. G. Katsuda made the most striking declaration which was not included in Billy Mitchell’s report made in 1924.

    “Our people will cheer your great Mitchell and, you may be sure, will study his experiments.”

    Messr. G. Katsuda was responding to a correspondent of the Hartford Courant. The statement was made after Billy Mitchell demonstrated the capabilities of air power by sinking the Ostfriesland in 1921. Furthermore, the Japanese House of Peers statesman added:

    “Should there be such a war America would have to fight it a long way from home…It would be gravely embarrassing to the American people if the ideas of your General Mitchell were more appreciated in Japan than in the United States.”

    Messr. G. Katsuda proclamation would become an accurate historic analysis of American policy. Billy Mitchell’s report disappeared into a file cabinet. Consequently, General Patrick would claim he did not see it until a year after Mitchell submitted the report.

    Seventeen years later, members of the military and state department would finally put credence in the scenario which Mitchell described would happen in detail. The report would eventually be re-examined by a military desperately attempting to discover what the predominant Japanese forces would do next in a war waged in the Pacific which Mitchell predicted would happen seventeen years earlier.

    General Douglas MacArthur cast the only dissenting vote during Billy Mitchell’s military Court-martial. The verdict of the Court-martial was debated on Capitol Hill as veterans groups passed resolution condemning the verdict.

    President Calvin Coolidge approved the sentence of the military court but altered the final verdict. Billy Mitchell was granted full subsistence and half pay because he would not be able to accept private employment while in uniform.

    General Billy Mitchell refused the modified sentence declaring that it would make him “an object of government charity.”

    Mitchell resigned on February 1, 1926.

    Billy Mitchell began a four-month lecture tour across the continental United States. He continued to show films of the bombing of ships and expressed his theme of the necessity of military preparedness in the air. Major American magazines as well various aviation journals published his sweeping charges. He continued to bring attention to the major advances in aviation made by Europeans and in Asia.

    Billy Mitchell continued to warn Americans of Japanese plans to seize Hawaii, Alaska, and the Philippines. Billy Mitchell accurately predicted the Japanese would not formally declare war:

    “We not only do nothing in the face of all this,” he said, “but we leave our future in the air to incompetents.”

  13. After the white light blast shifts into reverse,
    It will suck the air & blood right out of the lungs,
    Like hot crimson steam;
    Leaving you without even the
    Time to scream.

  14. Mr. Goodrich has presented another excellent look at suppressed historical events. Further suppressed history can be found in “Gold Warriors” by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave (authors of “The Soong Dynasty”, etc.) which answers why Japan is understandably reticent to open the war crimes issues. Any lingering doubts regarding the Roosevelt foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor and the risible official history might consider the following which appeared in the “Barnes Review” from the November 2010 Clipper Pioneers Newsletter (for PAN AM employees) was an obituary for flight engineer Wm. Lincoln who passed September 22, 2010. When hired by PAN AMERICAN World Airways he was first sent to New Caledonia then later transferred to Midway Island; it was here he witnessed a huge fleet of ships headed to Hawaii, and contacted Pan Am in New York, who immediately contacted the White House. He received a two word reply: “Thank you”.

    1. @Winston
      John Toland, in his book Infamy, mentions a Dutch Admiral expressing surprise at the casualties at Pearl Harbour as he was in Washington prior to 7th December and was told the Americans were watching the Japanese fleet as it approached Pearl. Another disgusting factor about the evil Roosevelt, was the public crucifixion of Admiral Kimmel and General Short, the respective Navy and Army Commanders at Pearl. MacArthur in the Philippines suffered no such censure for allowing American bombers to be destroyed on the ground despite having 12 hours warning, after Pearl Harbour. For some unknown reason, he refused to allow them to take off and bomb Japanese troop transports off Formosa (Taiwan). There were rumours at the time that he was given a $5 million bribe by Quezon, the Filipino leader, to try and keep the Philippines out of the war. Obviously “Dugout Doug” pioneered the concept of the corrupt American senior military officer we see today, and also saw in Vietnam, circling the battle field in helicopters, while the unfortunate GIs below, did the dying. The REMF’s above would,of course, write themselves up for combat citations.

      1. Dugout Doug was just a media whore no less than Madonna, always posing for that special shot, in impeccably ironed combat uniform, chomping on his cornpipe as he insisted on being photographed from below, wading through the surf as the first off the landing craft.

        Wouldn’t surprise me if he was a closet queer, role model for George Bush heroically preening in aviator suit on deck of that aircraft carrier, announcing his glorious personal victory over Saddam (“he threw a knee block at my left hook but then I clocked him with a right cross”)

        Almost as if Patton landed among the top ranks by mistake, he was such an exception to the general rule of dishonor before death.

  15. I wish to remember forgotten and low class victims all together the most. Imagine – we must remember possible victims which may never have existed – real dying beings, our brothers and sisters,ist of which had good hearts remain stepped upon and forgotten. My heart and healing wishes go for those who truly suffered and got least loved on this sad Mother Earth.

  16. I pretty much run the website (mentioned above). It is a subset of , which includes material on the Russell Tribunal on war crimes in Vietnam, which more or less echoed what Goodrich has written about Japan. Can I just make a few points—
    [1] The so-called ‘nuking’ of twin towers is just another lie; the point is that New York’s puppet mayor allowed the metal debris to be shipped out (apparently to China). Claiming that it all disappeared is typical jewish misinformation, for the gullible goyim. It simply assumes ‘goyim’ are hopelessly stupid, not of course without a good basis.
    [2] Most whites think of WW2 as a unit – something with a beginning and end, something isolated and of itself. In fact. Jews don’t have this attitude: the advantage of psychopathy is that groups of such people aren’t distracted, any more than a collection of hyenas is distracted by blood. There’s something to be said for cold emotionlessness: without it, there would be no surgeons, for example. BUT the point is throughout WW2 jews were planning – to collect money, to arrange central banks in new countries, to take profit from arms factories; AND to plan big frauds – the Holohoax as a counter to Jews in USSR and war crimes; and Nukes to get control of war industries and make fortunes from them – something which was very successful. Cuba was part of the BS process. H-bomb mythology was, too. Vanunu was in retrospect obviously just another media creation. But one point to take away is that jews planned these things throughout World War 2; something hardly thinkable to whites.
    [3] We have been lied to, and this will continue; Jewish paper money gives such a huge advantage it will not stop of its own accord. If anyone thinks Jews will read Internet articles and say, Oy vey, Ve must be honest now, is in cloud cuckoo land.
    [4] There are some very good comments here. There is (I hope) a process of revisionism worldwide; let’s hope some agreement emerges from the clashes of opinion, as more submerged material becomes visible.
    Anyone wanting an introduction to nuke revisionism might try this forum on Hiroshima:-
    Myth of Nuclear Bombs Over Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    Or this intro, with links to all types of articles:-
    Guided tour of the nukelies site


      The U.S. government, and the appendage to the U.S. government, the American mainstream media, labeled the site of the 9/11 attack on the WTC Twin Towers “Ground Zero”. The label “Ground Zero” indicates a site that has been Nuked. Why would the U.S. govt. want to label the site of the 9/11 attack on NYC “Ground Zero”?

      Even if what you’re saying is true that Nukes don’t exist, the U.S. government wouldn’t want anyone to know that Nukes don’t exist, and considering the U.S. government wants us all to think that Nukes do exist, the U.S. government then certainly wouldn’t want anyone to think Nukes were used to bring down the WTC Twin Towers ; Yet, the U.S. government labels the site of the 9/11 attack on NYC “Ground Zero”, the label they use to indicate the site of a Nuclear Blast. [ whether Nukes exist or not, the U.S. govt. uses the label “Ground Zero” for the site of a Nuclear Blast, even if it turns out there’s no such thing as Nukes and they just want us to think Nukes do exist, that’s the label the U.S. govt. uses, “Ground Zero”. ]

      Whether Nukes do or do not exist, it’s still very odd the U.S. government would label the site of the 9/11 attack on NYC “Ground Zero”, the term they use to indicate the site of a Nuclear Blast. Why would the U.S. government label the site of the 9/11 attack on NYC “Ground Zero”? Your theory about “No Nukes” doesn’t explain why the U.S. govt. labeled the 9/11 site of attack on NYC “Ground Zero”.

      A : The U.S. government wants everyone to think Nukes exist

      B : The U.S. Government certainly wouldn’t want anyone to think the WTC Twin Towers were brought down by Nukes [ especially now as there’s so much evidence 9/11 was a government inside-job]

      C : The U.S. government, whether Nukes exist or not, uses the label “Ground Zero” for sites the U.S. government says have been Nuked.

      Why would they label the site of the 9/11 attack on NYC “Ground Zero”? It doesn’t make sense whether the WTC Twin Towers were nuked or not nuked, whether nukes exist or nukes don’t exist. It actually makes the least amount of sense the U.S. government would label the TWC Twin Tower site “Ground Zero” if the U.S. government knew there was no such things as Nukes. It actually makes the least amount of sense the U.S. govt. would label the site of the WTC “Ground Zero” if your “No Nukes” theory is correct.

      Please explain how your “Nukes Don’t Exist” theory holds true in light of the U.S. government’s labeling of the 9/11 attack on NYC “Ground Zero”. Also ; NYC now has very high levels of nuclear radiation since 9/11. Please explain the nuclear radiation in NYC since the day the WTC Twin Towers came down on 9/11. ALL the nuclear radiation in NYC from the 9/11 attack on the WTC Twin Towers emanating from “GROUND ZERO”. Thank you, TROJ.

      1. This is all tosh based on a phrase ‘ground zero’. I wish this site had good quality moderators. Just ignore the space-wasting rubbish from the poster.

      2. @ TROJ

        The term “Ground Zero” was only used as a metaphore, indicating total devastation. You shouldn’t see anything more in that.

    2. We have been lied to, and this will continue

      Agree… TOTALLY…!!

      It amazes me that smart people can reject the governments’ claims of 6 million by parsing every word… and rightly so, yet accept the bad physics and faulty pics as government stating facts without so much as questioning or parsing at all..

      I claim governments always lie. Yet, some here believe those governments on nukes and moon-walks. Amazing. Government has educated them well… since the 70s.(not)

  17. i have a very good physician friend in havana, who is now around 80 and in government disfavor due to dissident agitation but was at one time very high ranking, eg, chief medical officer of the armed forces.
    in 1962 (i think, know that it was before the missile crisis), he was sent for specialization in battlefield medicine at leningrad’s kirov institute (tank formations, wmd, extra specialty: atomic radiation injuries).
    while there, they had couple hundred patients from nagasaki + hiroshima and he would tell me of terrible suffering these people went through: massive scarring lumps, faces swept clean off or fused into one surface, nuclear scorch marks that only blasted one side, while those with white shirts and dresses had those areas completely spared due to reflective property of the fabric (wouldn’t happen in a regular fire), leukemia and blood abnormalities, infertility, etc.

    as result, he became a lifelong opponent of all things nuclear, including atomic energy and was one of the founding members of the ippnw (international physicians against nukes).
    can’t say i ever met a more ramrod straight, fearless and honest person than him.
    he certainly would have no cause to lie, especially now at his age, living on government pittance after more than 40 years of academic, clinical and administrative service.

    apparently, the gov’t doesn’t like the way ippnw rocks the nuke boat.

    at any rate, some form of a fission weapon went off in those two cities, such injuries cannot be faked as due to fire or UV.

    1. “…nuclear scorch marks that only blasted one side..”

      Burnt people in Dresden and Tokyo carried massive scars too.

      I am wondering how he could tell ‘nuclear scorch marks’ from ‘white phosphorous scorch marks’ made by a ‘fire bomb.’

      WP burns at a temperature of 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Enough to melt skin and leave a scar. It is NOT a “regular fire” either..!!

      If the people were too close to the ‘fire bomb’ they would have been burnt to a crisp… dead.

      I wonder also if…. he monitored their radiation levels.

      Their bodies should have still contained SR-90 and CS-137…. and detectable beta radiation if it were a nuclear blast. Both have half-lives of 30 years… and SR-90 goes to the bones….. sticks around a long time.

      Graphing fission products shows peak numbers of 90 and 137 gives….
      …… what we in the industry called THE ‘Jayne Mansfield Curve.’ 🙂

      See what I mean:

      1. i didn’t question him too closely since i didn’t know it would be subject of controversy here.
        but the hematological disorders, including leukemia and how the white material managed to reflect initial light wave and save the skin underneath are not part of the burning phosphorus list of tricks.
        of course, he only saw the patients in the aftermath, sent by japanese government after the war.

        also … firebombing covers a wide area fairly uniformly, buildings burn as in dresden and tokyo.

        from what i know, hiroshima and nagasaki show evidence of concentrated damage radiating out and diminishing with distance from the ground zero, where a singular bomb impacted.

        again, not an expert but these are instances of evidence pointing to an A-bomb, not willy peter.
        stuff can be faked but i don’t know about these enough to confirm every bit.

        all i know is that carlos saw what he saw, he is not a fantasist type but a doctor with military background, including combat.

      2. @ Pat
        Japanese slave girl for sale – looks underage, sounds underage. Hairy pussy. Glow in the dark model available.

        @ Lobro
        Re: “at any rate, some form of a fission weapon went off in those two cities, such injuries cannot be faked as due to fire or UV.”

        How can you be so certain? Have you seen the by-now iconic wedding portrait of Iraqi War veteran Ty Ziegel?

        His face looks like it has been melted off (even after plastic surgery) and it was caused by the heat built-up in his truck by an exploded IUD — garden variety and non nuclear. Even if I was a doctor and was told that Ziegel was a victim of an atomic bomb, how am I to contradict that if I have no prior knowledge or training in dealing with atomic/nuclear burn victims? What on earth were 200 Japanese “atomic bomb victims” doing in Cuba in the first place? Were they vacationing or being treated by Cuban doctors? I am not aware that Cuban doctors have advanced and specialized training in dealing with patients suffering from nuclear or radiation burns?

        I would think Japanese doctors would be the world specialists in dealing with nuclear burns and radiation sickness, since there would be tens of thousands of victims immediately after 1945 and for many, many more years to come in Japan, since Hiroshima and Nagasaki would still be radioactive and “hot”! if the atomic bombs were really dropped on those cities. So where are all the victims of nuclear radiation? Do they not exist or is there a complete News Blackout in Japan when it comes to tens of thousands of people dying from nuclear radiation?

        When I see Ziegel, I feel sorry and empathy for him, as no doubt your friend the Cuban doctor felt sorry and empathy for the Japanese; but this is an emotional argument. Why only ban nukes and not War? Your doctor friend should feel as much outrage against War as he does against nukes. Curiously, no one here at DM who has claimed nukes exist has even attempted to explain why concrete and stone buildings were left standing by the all-powerful and all-destructive atomic bombs? Why do you idiots believe in this kike holocaust in Japan, but not the one in Germany?

      3. j4c,

        What on earth were 200 Japanese “atomic bomb victims” doing in Cuba in the first place? Were they vacationing or being treated by Cuban doctors? I am not aware that Cuban doctors have advanced and specialized training in dealing with patients suffering from nuclear or radiation burns?

        you didn’t read all of my post.
        the stage was the kirov institute in leningrad where my friend, dr carlos pazos had gone for extensive training in battlefield medicine, taught by vastly experienced army doctors with their ww2 background.

        although cuban medicine is very strong and they do a lot of charitable work for most of the caribbean basin, eg, haiti, jamaica, etc., this was by soviet medical staff at behest of the japanese gov’t.
        carlos only had exposure to it as a visiting student, who however chose it as his specialty.

        he did mention an uncommon lot of blood irregularities and cancers.

        maybe the next time he addresses the audiences at simon fraser and victoria university, you could ask him in person if you are around and curious, his english is excellent and he loves answering questions, the more challenging, the better.

        he is invited speaker at lots of such conferences worldwide.

      4. lobro –

        You need you brush up on your physics of light. I had numerous college courses there.

        “white material managed to reflect initial light wave and save the skin underneath are not part of the burning phosphorus list of tricks.”

        That is an incorrect statement. The material, like shirts and skirts, did not choose what to reflect. 😉

        NO “list of tricks” needed. NO “tricks” at all. Just physics.

        WHITE material will reflect both light and heat… NO MATTER the sources… Even from ambient sources. That includes the sun. It also includes man-made explosions of ALL types.

        The inner hulls… insides…. of ships and vehicles are painted white to reflect infra-red… heat, below the visual spectrum of normal eyesight and color perception..

        Leukemia occurrences are no real clue either.
        Leukemia, a condition of increased concentration of white blood cells, leukocytes, is greatly increased by lack of water…. dehydration. My dad cured many cases just by prescribing distilled water. I had an anatomy professor who got rid of it by drinking more water.

        There is an awful lot to guess at….. More than we can know… 🙂

      5. here, maybe check this link for evidence of radio-sickness and damage to the living tissues.

        note that stuff like this falls into that no-man’s land, where while the victors don’t deny having done this or that, they like to portray themselves as having been left with no options and having tried to minimize human suffering.
        yeah right, such nice people.
        just don’t go heavy on graphic evidence, pictures of the busted corpses and the crippled survivors, not in the best taste.

        this is why so little is mentioned about the birth defects due to depleted uranium munitions in iraq or the japanese victims.

        as for the difference in the types of injury between firebombing and atomic bomb, i guess you can compare the thoroughly melted and liquefied dresdeners with stir-fried ones in japan, that’s the best i can tell you.

      6. “i guess you can compare the thoroughly melted and liquefied dresdeners with stir-fried ones in japan, that’s the best i can tell you.”

        I KNEW you were guessing….. with a weak comedy attempt thrown in… 🙂

    2. The fvcking moron was too stupid to tell burn injuries (which they were) from radiation. He might have applied his ramrod-straight brain to opposing napalm.

  18. Pat :

    Why, in the official U.S. government version of 9/11, why do they call the site where the World Trade Center Twin Towers once stood “Ground Zero”? The term “Ground Zero” is a term to indicate the site of a nuclear blast. The term “Ground Zero” has been used as a term to indicate the site of a Nuclear Blast since 1945. Why would the U.S. government label the site where the WTC Twin Towers once stood the very same label that’s used to indicate the site of a Nuclear Blast?

    The Government tells us the fires caused by planes crashing into the two towers caused the towers to collapse, yet the government labels the site where the WTC Twin Towers once stood the label they give to sites that have been Nuked : “Ground Zero”. If the WTC Twin Towers weren’t Nuked, then why would the government label the site of the now gone Twin Towers “Ground Zero”? The very designation/label of a site that’s been Nuked.

    Seems to me, we’re being told right to our faces the WTC Twin Towers were Nuked with the government’s labeling of the 9/11 WTC Twin Towers site “Ground Zero”. The government throws the clue right in our faces, as clear as sunlight.

  19. @ Uncle :

    One of your favorite pets, Pat, is deeply concerned we may be losing out Freedom of Speech rights. To keep one of your favorite pets happy, to keep your pet Pat happy, then you should really include ALL the posts I sent in about “9/11 Nuclear” up on your “Freedom Of Speech” “Truth” commentary boards. Your pet Pat would be appalled I’m sure to find out you’re CENSORING my replies to him and to his buddy-buddy REREVISIONIST. Yes, I know fussy, spoiled, moody, dogs can be annoying. Still, when you have a pet, it’s a profound responsibility to keep the pet happy, keep its tail wagging, keep it happy and keep it content. Some would say it’s even a Sacred Duty to keep your pet happy. As it is now, your pet Pat is UNHAPPY we may be losing our Freedom of Speech Rights, so if you would put-up my replies to your pet Pat and his buddy-buddy REREVISIONIST then you would be fulfilling your Sacred Hindoo Spiritual Religious Duty to keep your precious pet happy!

    TOBY: Basically, I don’t have time to read all your posts because they are TOO LONG and TOO MANY. I’ve just approved 5 of your innumerable posts. According to my instructions, I should post no more than 2 of your posts per day. No problem if you only posted 2 posts. But I’m not going to read through TWENTY LONG POSTS in order to choose TWO acceptable ones. I’ve better things to do with my time than to READ SPAM POSTS all day!!!

    1. I sent you a post yesterday evening. The post is not up on the commentary board yet. It’s a one sentence post with a link to website. I like to include source references. I believe the first sentence reads, “More solid evidence the WTC Twin Towers were NUKED”. Then the link,

      The website I link has a lot of scientific information about the nuclear radiation in NYC emanating from GROUND ZERO. The post is in response to Pat. I know Pat likes hard science so I included a source reference with a lot of scientific information. I figure Pat would appreciate that. That’s why the post should be up on the commentary board. Pat is a physicist and the article I link to has a lot of info a physicist could appreciate. About isotopes from nuclear explosions and all that. All the isotopes from a nuclear blast emanating from GROUND ZERO NYC. I found the website I link to with the Search Term :

      “Nuclear Radiation In NYC Since 911”

      [ I don’t remember if I included the Search Term in the post I sent you last night and you still haven’t put up on your Truth commentary board, I don’t know why you didn’t put the scientific info Pat likes so much up on your Darkmoon commentary board. I remember Pat once claimed to be a nuclear physicist, so I know he would appreciate a scientific article about nuclear isotopes caused by nuclear blasts. ] Thank you, TROJ.

  20. Benjamin H. Friedman (died 1984), a Jewish defector, claimed that Zionists provoked the Pearl Harbor incident, pushed America into war with Japan which ended with Americans dropping two nuclear bombs on Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima – killing over 200,000 civilians.

    “Although the odds in President Truman’s election in 1948 were 20 to 1 against his election, President Truman romped home the winner over Governor Dewey assisted by the invisible and invincible Zionist political steam-roller that always elects their candidates,” wrote Friedman.

  21. “You may suspect heavy Jewish involvement if you don’t like Jews, but you cannot prove it.”

    The same goes for Jews running America and world, You may SUSPECT Jews are running America and/or the world, but you can’t prove it. The fact is Jews are masters at hiding behind others, they’ve got an advanced degree in duplicity that took them thousands of years to achieve. They are like the schoolyard bully creating a fight between two children by telling each of his victims how the other is saying bad things about them, but after the fight, the bruised and bloody children have no proof, or perhaps even an awareness, of the bully creating the conflict.

    I strongly SUSPECT Jews are behind the present immigration devastation of Europe because of what Jews like Barbra Specter and various Rabbis have openly admitted. While this is not incontrovertible, “smoking gun” evidence, it’s more than enough to indict Jews in the genocide of white, western civilization. The fact that Jews promote the cultural antithesis for white western culture of what they promote for the advancement of their own racial interest, does provide a “smoking gun” as to the purpose behind such an agenda.

    I strongly SUSPECT the agenda for global domination is laid out in the Jew’s Protocols of Zion. I SUSPECT the Protocols are Jewish because they demonstrate the exact same Machiavellian mindset extant in their holy books ranging from the Torah to the Talmud. I SUSPECT this is an actual plan because, like Henry Ford, I see the protocols at work all around me. Who would bother to gin up such a document? Who would spend the time and effort it would take to write the protocols and all for the purpose of defaming a race that have, by their actions, already proven this to be the case many times over? Why would anyone feel a need to “forge” such a document when they have countless historical examples over a span several thousand years that document the Jews psychopathic, murderous mindset so overwhelmingly evident in the protocols? Then too, who but Jews might entertain the mindset to write a document like the protocols? The Jews say the Protocols are a forgery. This is yet another “Freudian” slip as a forgery by definition indicates there is a factual origin somewhere. By the Jew’s own admission, the Protocols are at the very least, based on an actual document or activity. Can anyone believe the original provides a soft, gentle approach to dominating humanity?

    What you can see beyond any question in these global events is the Jew’s modus operandi. One only has to examine Jewish history to see this is the case. That is what the Conspiracy of Man is all about, the Essene opposition to the Torah’s instructional stories about various methods of murder, extortion, subversion, duplicity and projection to obtain power and wealth over others. Everything one sees at work since the time of the French Revolution allude to this admitted Jewish objective. While Jews may not be upfront and obvious in their culpability in these historical events, the unmistakable fingerprints of their hidden hand are all over the history of the past two hundred and fifty years.

    While no one can prove the Jews were behind the firebombing of Germany, the operation was code named “Gomorrah”. This idea of incinerating the enemy to ashes goes all the way back to its Biblical namesake. So while there is no proof that Jews ordered the incineration of Germany, their fingerprints are all over it. Like the classic Jewish mafia godfather, they take great care to disguise and obfuscate any legal connection to their criminal actions. I can see all ears turning towards a Rothschild agent present at a meeting of the top level staff considering bombing options: “How terrible if Germany were to suffer the same fate as Sodom and Gomorrah.” the agent would say with mock concern, while listening ears received the unmistakable intent of the message. On the other hand there is indisputable proof that Jews ordered and carried out the mass murder of millions of indigenous Russians and wasn’t it their top level propagandist, Ilya Ehrenberg, who relentlessly drove the propaganda campaign to murder ALL Germans? Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and where there is terror, mass murder, rape, torture and utter destruction there’s Jews. They are drawn to horror like flies to a rotting corpse.

    As for the debate over the existence of nuclear weapons, I strongly SUSPECT Jews are behind this particular patent absurdity and misdirection. Why? For the same reason the no-airplane-hit-the-trade-tower story was put forth to the gullible goyim. This psychological technique uses subliminal programming to either “debunk” or advance other credible accounts in the minds of those incapable of critical thought.

    The idea is to gin up something so absurd that it cannot possibly be true while linking it to established facts unveiling the truth. My favorite story in this vein is the one about Hitler surviving the war to lead a super secret cadre of Nadzee high command from their secret base in the Antarctic. The myth of the Antarctic Nadzees, promotes the idea that (1) Nadzees still secretly exist as a global force and (2) They actually won the war and now exist within the American government to control the most powerful nation in the world. This patent absurdity serves as a supporting adjunct to the fact Nadzees were brought to America after the war under “Operation Paperclip.” This sound basis of historical fact was twisted and malformed into the idea that somehow these “surviving” Nadzees now control the American government.

    Strange how the mass kidnapping of German scientific minds into the Soviet Union never led to the same conclusion about who controlled Soviet Russia. As a result of this myth, one now finds morphed pictures of a Kenyan mulatto portrayed as “der Führer.” In this, one finds the comedy of the absurd used to support an adjoining concept. The same technique was used by Ernst Zundel in his promotion of the Nadzee moon base/UFO myth. He was using absurd sensationalism to draw a certain mindset in so he could then expose them to facts about the holocaust, considered by most to be every bit as sensational and unbelievable as Nadzee UFOs and moon bases.

    Yet, when a critical approach is used in examining the claim that evil Nadzees run America, one immediately finds the unmistakable fact that National Socialist did not care for Jews in their midst and worked diligently to remove Jewish influence from their country. Yet one is supposed to believe these same Nadzees, ostensibly running the American government, not only condone, but evidently support the huge and easily verifiable Jewish influence in a government and culture they control? Does that make any sense?

    The holocaust, along with other events like the attack on the trade towers, demonstrate the level of effort Jews pursue in their efforts to create specific illusions, but the illusion of nuclear weapons? This is where the comedy of the absurd is used to “debunk” an obvious truth. Once again, apply a critical thought process to this claim. Far too much time, money and effort have been invested in the development of nuclear weapons to deny their existence. There have also been far to many advanced technology delivery systems developed for this to be a sham. If nuclear weapons did not exist, there would be no need for ballistic missile submarines. There would have been no need for these submarines to supplant the Strategic Air Command and dissolve the “nuclear triad.” In fact if one wanted to terrify the world with an illusion, there would be no better way than a show of obvious air superiority. So it is no surprise to find both the US and the Soviets staged mass flybys of their bomber forces for this very reason.

    Yet when submarine technology had advanced far enough, the silent, invisible submarine led to the dismantling of the intercontinental bomber and the land based ICBM forces. So why use an out of sight, out of mind, technology to terrorize the world? This doesn’t make sense. However if nuclear weapons DO exist, it makes perfect sense, as submarines are far harder to locate than their land based counterparts. And why develop nuclear ballistic submarines in the first place? (I know these submarines exist, for I have seen them up close underway) Why go to the trouble and expense of developing a technology to allow a weapons system to stay invisible for extended periods of time? Why not instead simply create the illusion of a less expensive weapons delivery system? If nuclear weapons are a sham, would not far less expensive technology suffice to maintain such an illusion? If nuclear weapons don’t exist, then why go the trouble and expense of hiding them? If one is going to use a useless or nonexistent weapon as a threat, why not bandy it about like a criminal using the threat of an unloaded or toy pistol? One thing debunking nuclear weapons indirectly achieves, at lest at a subliminal level within the uncritical mind, is the validation that Israel does not have nuclear weapons. After all how can Israel have weapons that do not exist?

    I truly wish more than anything I could believe nuclear weapons are yet another sham, a lie Jews have proven themselves capable of creating. In fact the idea of a nuclear weapons myth plays upon that very wish! But my beliefs and the subjective opinions of others have no effect on reality or truth. Thus, unlike “God fearing Christians, I do not put stock in subjective beliefs or unsubstantiated opinion, but search for the factual evidence supporting these claims. I would be first up to celebrate exposing the myth of nuclear weapons, and I would be among the first to participate in further exposing such an outrageous lie. However, I personally spent far too many years around the military’s nuclear forces to ever be convinced that nuclear weapons do not exist. I have but one question to naysayers denigrating the idea that nuclear weapons exist or Jews are destroying western civilization – what if your wrong?

    As for Jews and their culpability in the unmistakable, highly visible global destruction, one no longer has the luxury of time for tracking down centuries of historical minutiae surrounding Jewish actions. Due to the seriousness of the situation, at this point one must approach the subject in the following manner: If it walks like a Jew, quacks like a Jew and murders like a Jew, then knowing the Jews, one should feel quite safe in moving beyond their SUSPICIONS regarding Jews. After all, who in their right mind would say, “The doctors only SUSPECT it might be cancerous, and since they have no proof at this point, they’re not going any further in considering that possibility.”

    1. Arch –

      Great comment. Every question was a good one. Every one can be answered with one word… DEBT.
      Debt is not only wanted, but required for the Fed to stay intact. Military spending provides a huge bulk of debt they need.

      One thing you might know is that the nuclear propulsion system was designed and introduced by the Jew, Admiral Hyman Rickover. He made $$Billions for his Jew buddies who made the nuclear systems at GE, Westinghouse and Combustion Engineering… and Electric Boat. There are hundreds of others with lesser degrees of involvement of the supplies, but they are central to it. Then, there are the shipyards… many $$Billions there. Those are some of the reasons for the building the platforms for the ruse.

      One thing you may NOT know is that the missile subs, SSBN subs, must stay at 300 ft or shallower to be ready to fire missiles. Their locations are not secret… to ASW hunters. They are known.

      The Navy nuke weapons program is a gimmick for money….. just as much as the Holohoax industry and moon-walking. They are all as real as the USD and EURO.

      1. “The Navy nuke weapons program is a gimmick for money just as much as the Holohoax industry and moon-walking.” Nice turn of a phrase. I like the “moon-walking” part that evokes Michael Jackson’s illusion of walking backwards.

        However, Jews have long lusted after the power of god that would put them on par with the goyim nations. They finally achieved their most horrific wet dream in the form of nuclear weapons and Hollywood has been infatuated with the possibilities of mass destruction ever since. Of course it should be unsettling to realize that any such nocturnal emission requires ritual purification by means of a good dunking in the blood of gentiles.

        While it is true that military spending, especially wartime spending, increases debt exponentially, along with Jew profits (which is why WWII immediately morphed into the cold war). And while it is also true that top level Jews like Rickover, Teller, Oppenheimer and others made relatively substantial profits from their roles in the program, the very first goal of their promotion of America’s nuclear program was to have the stupid goyim develop their power of god for them. As soon as this was achieved past the theoretical/experimental stage, the technology was immediately transferred to Israel and their other host proxy, the Soviet Union.

        There is evidence that aircraft ferried to Russia during the war under the lend lease program were taking reams of secret documents from the Manhattan project under diplomatic protection. This was discovered by an inspecting military officer who insisted he examine what was contained in various briefcases and boxes aboard one of these aircraft before releasing it for flight. Despite his discovery, these secret documents were nonetheless allowed to pass on to the Soviet Union.

        Thanks to their efforts at promoting America’s nuclear program, Jews can now Sodom and Gomorrah anyone they please without having to depend on YHVH to do their dirty work.

        A final note: I am not the least bit annoyed with the lovely Ms. Darkmoon. I simply used her comment as a launching platform for my “diatribe.”

    2. @ Arch Stanton

      Well said, Arch. You are in fine form. This is an excellent comment that merits republication as a feature article!

      However, you quote Lasha Darkmoon saying ,“You may suspect heavy Jewish involvement if you don’t like Jews, but you cannot prove it” and then you launch into a long diatribe in which you appear to be a bit annoyed with her for saying this. It’s as if you were implying that she is defending the Jews by saying, “Hey, don’t accuse the Jews of being the main rapists in Germany! You can’t prove that!”

      She is not defending the Jews for the simple reason that the accusation that the Jews were the main rape perpetrators was a view SHE HERSELF put forward in a previous article!

      Here is what she says:

      LASHA DARKMOON: It is a closely documented fact that most of the supervisory jobs among the Red Army Bolsheviks were held by Jews. The sadistic commissar mentioned above is therefore likely to have been Jewish.

      As for the Red army rapists, we have a great deal of circumstantial evidence that the bulk of these may have belonged to three ethnic groups with an ancient animosity toward the White race: Mongols, Tatars, and Asiatic Russian Jews. Remember there were no fewer than 500,000 Jews in the Red Army, many of them primed for “revenge sex” against white women.

      Don’t forget also that these mentally deranged degenerates, some of them just let out of prison, had been given the green light to rape and kill with impunity by Stalin’s psychotic Jewish propagandist, Ilya Ehrenberg: “Use force and break the racial pride of these German women,” Ehrenberg had instructed. “Take them as your LAWFUL BOOTY! Kill!”


      Since publishing this article two days ago, I have received further information from a trusted correspondent that furthers my thesis—and it is only a thesis at this stage—that Russian Jews were among the most likely rape perpetrators. Not only were there 500,000 Jews in the Red Army, there were also regiments in the Red Army consisting entirely of Jews led by Jewish commanders.

      Here is a quote from Solzhenitsyn on the Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution and later:

      “In 1918 Trotsky . . . created the Red Army. Jewish soldiers were numerous in its ranks. Several units of the Red Army were composed entirely of Jews, as, for example, the brigade commanded by Joseph Forman. Among the officers of the Red Army, the share of Jews grew in number and importance…”

      It is my contention that Jewish units such as the one mentioned above were largely responsible for the majority of rapes that took place in Germany at this time.


      That the rape of 2 million German women was carried out largely by Jews within the Red Army is, I believe, another of those grisly facts that have been carefully concealed by the hyper-secretive Stalin regime. This truth will only emerge into the light of day when Soviet archives are finally thrown open to public scrutiny.

    3. @ Arch

      Good logical post about nukes. Unfortunately, logic is never acceptable to those who have never taken the time and effort to cultivate the skill of logical thinking. Logical thinking cannot be taught, it must be earned.

      To add to your commentary on nukes, there has to be a reason why there has not been a WWIII. It is either that the jews already control everything and everyone and are too gracious to not declare themselves rulers of the world, or they do not control everything and everyone in the world. The latter is obvious to those that have a basic understanding of the arrogance of the jewish mind.

      The jews have always used war to accomplish expanded control so why haven’t they cranked up WWIII to cement their global control? The logical answer is that they fear the outcome or they would have already done it. Why would they fear the outcome of WWIII? They do not want to die from nukes that they used to control, but no longer control in China and Russia, both countries that have recent horrid memories of being completely dominated by jews. The jewish bankers know that they are on “the list” to be ground zero for a nuke in an all out WWIII so they use color revolutions, etc. to spark limited wars trying to regain their lost control and still be able to live to talk about it. The existence of nuclear weapons is the only logical and plausible explanation for the jewish restraint reflected by current conditions globally without WWIII.

      @ Pat

      White Phosphorus burns on contact regardless of what color clothing a person wears. Check with the Palestinians and the doctors that treat them since it has been used on them in every Israeli aggressive war against them.

      1. Ungenius –

        “White Phosphorus burns on contact regardless of what color clothing a person wears.”

        Correct. I was explaining that to lobro.

        Lobro stated there was a different ‘light’ from nuclear reactions than from other light sources. And as we know…. ‘light’ is limited to the visual spectrum, a very narrow portion of the whole electromagnetic spectrum. It is seen as white light made up of R-O-Y-G-B-I-V. The unseen wavelength just below red is ‘infra-red'(can be felt as heat) and above violet is ‘ultra-violet'(unfelt and will cause sunburn on a cloudy day).

        Ionizing radiation, a product of nuclear fission, is a very different portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. They include the highly penetrating X-ray, beta and gamma radiation. They are deadly. Clothing will not reflect them.

        I believe those rules still apply, even though I learned that in 1962 physics in college…. before 1985. 🙂

      2. Ungenius –

        You like logic and facts, not rumors. Here is a question for you:

        How does a sub 250 ft below the surface get the message to fire missiles? More clearly… what is the actual receiver?

      3. How does a sub 250 ft below the surface get the message to fire missiles?

        Here’s a guess or three.

        1) rise to antenna depth
        2) send up a buoy
        3) HAARP (it’s initial purpose)

      4. @pat (using quote by ungenius)

        White Phosphorus burns on contact regardless of what color clothing a person wears

        so try to explain this injury as result of white phosphorus.
        this is what i was trying to tell you.

      5. HP –

        Here’s a guess or three.

        1) rise to antenna depth
        2) send up a buoy
        3) HAARP (it’s initial purpose)

        No cigar…yet:
        The folks on sub do not know when the order is coming. So that eliminates the first two. HAARP was not perfected in the 60s when FBM subs were operational.

        @LOBRO –

        No clue about pic.

      6. “HAARP was not perfected in the 60s when FBM subs were operational”

        Pat, are you saying FBM are not operational now?
        Do they use HAARP to communicate with the subs, now?
        Wasn’t this one of, if not the priority mission for HAARP initially?

      7. HP –

        Pat, are you saying FBM are not operational now? – NO. I am not saying that at all.
        See…. We both use the same language.. but interpret it differently. Go figger..

        Do they use HAARP to communicate with the subs, now? – Not sure. Don’t know. Not consulted.

        Wasn’t this one of, if not the priority mission for HAARP initially? – Not sure. Don’t know. Not consulted.

        Here is one that I served on, in late 60s:

  22. Excerpts from articles on The Truthseeker:
    (The first step of Syriza after the fiasco was to enter into military cooperation with Israel.)

    and these from Israel Shamir:

    Unmanning men is a linchpin in the reprogramming of mankind into an obedient herd, because strong men are unpredictable. Strong men are prone to rebellion, ready for sacrifice and primed for action.

    Do not weep over the Sweden Democrats’ fate, either.
    This is a timid pro-Zionist party whose best known political action to-date was to stage a gay parade through a Muslim neighbourhood. They extoll the Jewish state, as their brethren in other European countries do. They accept the gender agenda of the New World Order. They are against immigrants and refugees, never against those who send the waves of the immigrants to Sweden. The other way around: they support the Kiev regime, this pet bastard of the Neocons, and hate Russia as every good NWO supporter should.

    and this from an article by Stuart Littlewood, accessed by a link from the Shamir article:

    Jeremy Corbyn, who has visited Israel, the West Bank and Gaza nine times, calls for “robust discussion” on Israel’s siege of Gaza, the Israeli settlements in the West Bank and the mistreatment of Palestinian child detainees in Israeli prisons. He says he’ll support an arms embargo on Israel and a ban on produce from West Bank settlements viewed as illegal under international law. As for the Balfour Declaration, it was “an extremely confused document which did not enjoy universal support in the cabinet of the time…”

    1. “Unmanning men is a linchpin in the reprogramming of mankind into an obedient herd, because strong men are unpredictable. Strong men are prone to rebellion, ready for sacrifice and primed for action.”

      This is also the reason for the vegetarian diet agenda. Red meat increases the male’s testosterone levels, making them more aggressive warriors. This is why the Jew’s sacrificial system based its highest sacrificial tribute on bovine and sheep meat while grain products were relegated to the lowest levels. Fish and swine were completely unacceptable to the sacrificial system.

      The precedence of the meat sacrifice over grain is put forth in the Genesis story of Cain and Able. The story clearly describes how the lord favors meat as his favorite sacrificial tribute, while outlining the idea that meat is something to die for. It’s even worth the murder of your own brother. Charming thought isn’t it? And soooo Chooish!

      Even Charles Dickens understood the value of meat in the male diet. “It’s not madness ma’am, its meat!” Oliver Twist, watch the video between the 29 and 30 minute mark. The whole movie is worth watching. If you have yet to see this 1948 version, it’s worth your time to watch Alec Guinness’ crafty, scheming Jew Fagin with his prominent proboscis and Robert Newton’s murderous Bill Sykes. Both the beginning and ending of this movie are superbly filmed.

    2. Instead of asking Ungenius, Pat, why don’t you just tell us the answer to your question. After all, you were a nuclear physicist in the U.S. Navy for many years and you served on U.S. Navy submarines. At least that was your claim 4 months ago.

      1. @ TROJ

        Excellent idea Joe and quite logical. Besides, I have no idea what the question about submarine communications has to do with the comment that I made except that I may have actually found a soft spot in Pat with my previous 1985 comment since he keeps mentioning pre-1985 in some of his later comments. Maybe from now on I’ll start referring to Pat as Pat1985 just for giggles.

        Having spent many years in telecommunications, I could venture a guess as Pat would say or explain how I would do it, but the actual method is certainly classified for obvious reasons.

      2. Answer: Search ‘submarine floating wire.’

        Here ya go… Joe —

        Pic 3 shows how the walls(bulkheads) buckle at great depths. The noise of compression of the steel is really bad. Squeezed like a beer can.
        Even though the hull is several inches of hi-grade steel.. the Formica is buckling away from the walls in the passageway by the wardroom:

        The sailor there in in Missile Compartment.
        ‘Bug-Juice’ machines are in after portion of crews’ Mess…
        … aka..dining room… HA!!

        Ungenius – –

        The “soft spot” and limit is on YOU. You discount anything stated from before 1985… NOT me.
        You should be Ungenius1985. 🙂

  23. As the saying goes the more things change the more they stay the same.
    If toejam may paraphrase Orwell, those who control the present also controlled the past and will control the future for some time. In other words the same clique, the Trotskyite
    neo-cons, that are leading American into the third phase of the great war of the 20th and 21st centuries, are the very same that led America into the first two phases known as WW1 and WW2 and waiting in the wings the third phase is getting hotter and hotter every single day.

    Sunday, August 16, 2015
    The Kagan Neocon Clique
    by Bill White
    The neoconservatives, a group of Jewish Trotskyite Communists who control the Republican Party, are frequently the subject of denunciation. But detailed knowledge of the network of Jews and Jewish families that comprise this clique is often lacking. While Americans know that Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State for European affairs, Victoria Nuland, is a foul Jewish neocon who engineered them Maidan coup in the Ukraine, few are aware of the family ties that link her to the neocon network and to the Judæo-occult Gentile foundations that are behind America’s imperialist communization.

    Victoria Nuland is married to Roger Kagan, of Washington Post columnist senior fellow at the Brookings Institute and co-founder of the Project For A New American Century, the Jewish neocon group which orchestrated the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations. Roger Kagan’s brother is Frederick Kagan, the director of the American Enterprise Institution, a neocon group almost identical to the Project For A New American Century. Frederick Kagan’s wife is Kimberly Kagan, founder and president of the Institute fFr The Study Of War. Together, the Kagan clique works inside and outside of the government to build a Trotskyite New World order under the cloak of conservatism and Zionism.

    That these cliques, like the Rubin clique which controls the Department of Treasury and the Federal Reserve exist, and that they push for One World Order where they and their fellow Jews will rule a global state from Jerusalem, is known – even if the cliques themselves are not often studied. But what is less well known is the Gentile money behind them, in the Kagan cliques case the Smith-Richardson and Bradley Foundations. For more than three decades, the Judæophile American Gentiles have financed not only covert CIA atrocities, but the warmongering Zionism of neoconservativism.

    Nuland is the woman on the inside, and the parent power behind the clique. Despite the neocons’ nominal aversion to Obama, Nuland has been permitted to remain in the State Department, where she networks with the CIA and false Israeli Mossad, both of whom have recruited her to launch coups targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin. A former adviser to Dick Cheney, Nuland’s intelligence community contracts have allowed her to enjoy promotion under Hillary Clinton and Dick Cheney, as well.

    This Nuland also directs the writings of her husband. Robert Kagan, to make sure that Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post, and other publications adhere to the CIA line. For instance, in March 2014, after efforts to have Obama bomb Syria failed, Nuland had her husband plant an article, “Superpowers Don’t Get To Retreat” in the New Republic. On March 20, 2015, she had Robert Kagan publish a Post column demanding $117 billion to finance military interventions against Putin and the Ukraine. In Nuland’s words: “Suffice to say that nothing goes out of this house that I don’t think is worthy of his talents let’s put it that way”.

    The name Kagan is a royal title, Khan, given to the kings of the Turko-Mongolian tribesmen who converted to Judaism 738 A.D. Their tribe was the Khazars, but, as the word Khazar means “pig” in Hebrew, they preferred to be called Ashkenazi.

    Since Nuland can’t formally take bribes, the money backing this warmongering campaign is funneled not only through her husband’s PNAC, but through her brother and sister-in-law’s foundations. The same defense contractors who profit from the wars Nuland starts and the money Robert Kagan urges be appropriated—General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, CACI, DynCorp, Palantir, and others—kick a portion of that money back through foundations to the Kagan communities’ pockets, the exact same conduct that the Department of Justice alleges was criminal when FIFA did it.

    And the Kagan clique networks. When it seized the Ukraine, it made Arsery Yatsenyuk, an IMF-World Bank official affiliated with the Rubin clique, Prime Minister. In launching the Maidan coup Nuland worked with the Jewish National Endowment for Democracy’s boss Carl Grisham. And she enjoys the support and friendship of Gentile occultists John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

    The Trotskyist clique which controls America likes to dismiss examination of its activities as conspiracy theory. But a small networks of Jews like the Kagan family have control of America’s institutions, and are using those institutions to push for one world Zionist New World Order, and that’s no theory. It’s documented fact.

    More about Bill White in Federal lockup.

  24. The untold story of Japanese war crimes

    The Chinese stance bought them some time but during the the war in Manchuria still faced the overthrow of the last emperor.

    The Japanese managed to attract thousands of Jews, especially from National Socialist Germany from 1938 onwards. The Japanese army officer and diplomat Kiichiro Higuchi was instrumental in issuing passes to Jewish refugees. Higuchi would later play a role in the ill-fated Japanese invasion of the Aleutian islands during World War II, the only Japanese occupation of American soil.

    Jews were already living in Manchuria, and the Jewish community was bolstered by the influx of thousands of Jewish settlers. The dominant culture among Jews in Manchuria was the ideology of Zionist racialist Ze’ev Jabotinsky, which was thoroughly militarist. Jews created a militia, the so-called Betar, and paraded in full uniform and with flags through the streets of the Manchurian capital of Harbin (see here, p. 52). The Jews would prove to be willing middlemen in the Far East, unlike other Europeans who were put in concentration camps to work, often dying from starvation, sickness or pure exhaustion. Jews were willing to support the Japanese war cause, announcing in a Jewish-Japanese conference in 1940 that they would help to build the New Order in East Asia. Special prayers were reserved for the welfare of the Japanese emperor by the rabbi of Tientsin (see Herman Dicker, Wanderers and Settlers in the Far East [Twayne Publishers 1962] p. 59).


    In 2004 the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert visited the grave of his father in Harbin on an official state visit to the People’s Republic of China. Nowadays the Chinese are looking for good relations with the state of Israel, but after World War II the Jews who had not left yet were expelled from China after the conclusion of the Chinese civil war in 1949. Chairman Mao banned the Jewish religion from the registration of cults in China. It was the only officially banned religion.

    Time has apparently faded the Chinese memory of the Jewish complicity with Japanese occupation of Chinese territory and their war crimes, like the mass experimenting of chemical (and biological) agents in Manchuria, the exploitation of slave-labor causing millions to die, and the brutal cultural and political oppression of Chinese. World War II in China (1937–1945) cost the lives of at least 20 million Chinese civilians, most deliberately killed in scenes like the Nanking Massacre or the sanko sakusen (The “Three Alls Policy”: loot all, kill all, burn all).

    1. Dublinmick :

      On what side do you stand in the “Nukes Do Exist” versus “nukes don’t exist” controversy? Thank you, TROJ.

    2. @ Dublinmick

      Thank you for the links. I’ve just glanced at the articles, but will study them in-depth when I have more time later.

      I am also of the belief that the elite japs who rule Nippon are crypto-Jews. The freaking jewish menorah is on their flag of the rising sun for crying out loud:

      Not to be immodest, but I am the first and therefore the leading Revisionist Historian on Chinese history and WWII in Asia. My thesis is that Japan in the modern era has never been anything more than cannon fodder and an expendable pawn in the centuries-long jewish Geo-political chess game of controlling and containing both Russia and China.

      You might also enjoy this article about the jap invasion of China in 1894, which, I argue, started the chain reaction that ultimately led to the fall of Tsar Nicholas II and Christian Russia in 1917:

      1. JFC –

        Have you ever heard that SONY is an acronym for Standard Oil of New York?

        Any facts there would be appreciated.

      2. Pat,

        You mean “Sonny” don’t you? He was whacked in ’43 at the toll booth on Long Island.

        Mitsubishi, the ‘KRUPP STEEL OF JAPAN’ and maker of the much hated ‘Zero’ airplanes during WWII, started out as a shipping firm in 1870, according to Wikipedia. “Shipping firm” = Trade = Jews.

        SONY pictures, now based in Hollywood, also makes a lot of jewish muck…jews and crypto-jews everywhere in the upper echelons of Nippon.

        Your guess as good as mine about SONY = Standard Oil of New York.

      3. The classical geographer Strabo tells us just how nearly complete the abandonment of Northwestern India was. “Aristobolus says that when he was sent upon a certain mission in India, he saw a country of more than a thousand cities, together with villages, that had been deserted
        because the Indus had abandoned its proper bed.”
        (Strabo’s Geography, XV.I.19.)

        abraham of India

  25. For the loonies who seem to be suggesting the nuclear attacks against Japan were just conventional firebombings:

    Firebombings were carried out by huge bomber fleets, normally hundreds of aircraft.
    No such large bomber fleets were involved in the attacks against Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    1. @Luca K
      I quite agree. The firebombing of Tokyo required a fleet of 700 B-29s stripped of all armour and defensive weapons and took place over the entire night of 9th and 10th March, 1945. It was called Operation Meeting House and the aircraft, unusual for B-29s, flew at 10,000 feet. Each bomber carried 7 tons of a variety of incendiary bombs, including phosphorus. The first wave of bombers marked an X of fire, and the succeeding waves “filled in the gaps”, each aircraft setting an entire city block alight. As the fires took hold, oxygen was sucked in, creating a firestorm with winds of fire exceeding 200 KPH. Many people died from having the air literally sucked out of their lungs. As I mentioned in a previous post I knew an Australian POW, who spent the entire night fleeing the flames. He was working as a slave labourer in Shinagawa, a district of Tokyo.
      Regarding Hiroshima, the reason for the lack of vitrification of ground zero was the fact that it was detonated at an altitude of 500 metres, about 1,900 feet. The immediate fireball was about 250 metres across, hotter than the Sun. There was also the massive shock wave, but as the explosion dispersed, its force weakened hence some walls would remain standing.
      IMHO, I believe this no nuke theory is CONTELPRO, designed to discredit the alternate media. It’s the same as the theory that the Queen and other leaders are actually alien lizards set to rule over us.

      1. Felix –

        CO(I)NTELPRO and lizards..?? Lizards..?? 🙂

        Everybody has their own truths. Yours is 700. Bradley’s is 279.

        The Tokyo firebombing reports and rumors have varied over the years.

        Bombs used on Tokyo were mostly small napalm ‘bomblets’ released from larger bomb casings.

        A few were 100-pound jelled-gasoline and white phosphorus:

        “On the night of 9–10 March (“Operation Meetinghouse”), 334 B-29s took off to raid with 279 of them dropping 1,665 tons of bombs on Tokyo. The bombs were mostly the 500-pound E-46 cluster bomb which released 38 napalm-carrying M-69 incendiary bomblets at an altitude of 2,000–2,500 ft. The M-69s punched through thin roofing material or landed on the ground; in either case they ignited 3–5 seconds later, throwing out a jet of flaming napalm globs. A lesser number of M-47 incendiaries was also dropped: the M-47 was a 100-pound jelled-gasoline and white phosphorus bomb which ignited upon impact. In the first two hours of the raid, 226 of the attacking aircraft unloaded their bombs to overwhelm the city’s fire defenses.”

        “No Strategic Targets Left” by FJ Bradley
        pages 34-35:

        The cost was high… 14 planes were lost.

        The resultant fires consumed 15.8 square miles of Tokyo in the high winds.

    2. i don’t know the truth, i wasn’t there nor was i born before that time, so the truth could be anywhere, all i can do is weigh the evidence and how it fits the bigger picture.

      here is a partial description of the human aftermath, feel free to credit it however it suits your narrative (addressing a general reader):

      Additional counts indicated high levels of short-term mortality in both cities:
      —Over 90% of persons within 500 meters (1,600 ft.) of ground zero in both cities died.
      —At 1.5 km (almost one mile), over 2/3 were casualties, and 1/3 died.
      —Of those at a distance of 2 km (1.2 mi.), half were casualties, 10% of whom died.
      —Casualties dropped to 10% at distances over 4 km (2.4 mi.).

      Most persons close to ground zero who received high radiation dosages died immediately or during the first day. One-third of all fatalities occurred by the 4th day; two-thirds by the 10th day; and 90% by the end of three weeks.

      So, in order to opt for a firebombing scenario, a team effort of a big fleet making repeated passes over a dispersed territory rather than a singular payload of enola gay, pretty much every word of the quoted paragraph is a lie, ie, centrality of single explosion whose damage drops off logarithmically with distance and time since point of impact (ground zero), eg, the “cumulative death rates compared for Hiroshima and Nagasaki” graph.
      This story also holds in terms of injury phases over time, so that even today, aftereffects are felt as unusual cancer incidence, birth defects, mental retardation and so on.

      So, to put this story in the same basket with absurd Holocaust fables is wrong, because whereas those are quickly revealed as sick jokes, Hiroshima-Nagasaki narrative is free of such egregious howlers, ie, different pieces dovetail into a reasonable whole.

      Look at this, for example

      Recent research has found that in the initial “non-instant” (0.0 sec.) a powerful neutron burst struck a mile-wide area directly below burst point before the bomb casing exploded. This pre-explosion burst was caused by the initial impact of the uranium bullet with the core of uranium 235. This finding resolved a long-perplexing question of a young man near ground zero who died (Sept. 3) with symptoms of SEVERE INTERNAL BLEEDING BUT NO SURFACE BURNS.

  26. What if?

    For those of you who might have missed it, here is my video narration of Jake “Buddy” Sander’s story “Back to the Stone-age with Jake.” This short story is about an alternate history where the atomic bomb was never pursued after the Oakridge lab blew up during its development. This is what might have happened to Japan as a result. Enforcing a blockade around the main island makes sense from a military standpoint, but of course the Jews funding the Manhattan project had other ideas. They wanted to see quantified returns on their investment, so the Japanese paid the ultimate price they demanded. What really clenches the matter is the fact that, from the very beginning of the war, both Hiroshima and Nagasaki were off-limits as targets and thus were spared conventional bombing. The Jews wanted “virgin cities” on which to test the results of their horror bomb. “Virgin city” – How very Choooish!

    I read this story over forty years ago. The story stuck with me and about ten years ago I looked it up and found it on the web. It was such an outstanding story that over a year and a half ago I made this video, but I don’t think I really gave the story the justice it deserves.

    And while you’re visiting, check out my Nadzee RJF soap ad.

  27. @ Lasha

    Thank you for an excellent and a very logical article on the reality of nuclear weapons. It should settle the matter, but I’m sure it won’t. Misinformation tends to last for a long time.

    Here is another simple indication that nuclear weapons were used on Japan in WWII. There have been no stories contradicting the use of nuclear weapons from any of the survivors, witnesses, relatives and descendents of survivors or victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki blasts. Certainly by now, contradicting accounts from some of these people would have surfaced especially on the internet during the past 20-years. If there has been, I missed them.

    Sorry, I posted this to the wrong article.

  28. This behavior should not be surprise to we the majority. We know very well what is inside the Gringo brains. Don’t matter military, casual, accidental or anything else. That is what happens to a corporation parading as a country, after 231 years with a vermin impostor parasite in full and total control of it. Does this absolute fact requires argument? I think not.

  29. Hitler started a war against Poland because the bolsjewieks had been murdering german people living in Poland in the most despicable ways. Recently i witnessed pictures of these slaughtered people. Hitler himself can be heard on tape to say that it is the international jews who started WW II and it was Roosevelt who started both that and who forced the Japanese into a war not of their choosing. An article written in those days i found most informative. Here in the Netherlands we still have people who fought for Hitler as a childsoldier, against the bolsjewieks. The Roman Catholic church held masses to call upon dutch people to go fighting for Hitler again against the Bolsjewieks. Which was a jewish revolution against the Tzar, started by the Rothchild brand from the US. Germany was forced to make heavy over the top repairpayments for WW I and the german administration was taken over by a disproportionate amount of international jews. The same is currently happening in the Ukraine. Hitler himself had jewish DNA and jewish family, already the family debated in those days. He also had a jewish cook, and i believe more jews in his service.Hitler also had a jewish army. It has now been proven he was in league and with the Roman Catholic Church but also with the jews in Palestina. The deportation of jews intended to force them against their will to emigrate to Palestina. When this proved to be a burden on the new state, they started to select people on intelligence/merit for the new state. Possibly amongst the emigrants were many converted jews from a non jewish origin. Somewhere i read even many nazis emigrated to the new state. He also got some 160 injections a day by his physician Morell, who mysteriously disappeared at the end of the war to safety. So was Hitler a mindprogrammed patsy? His shaking symptoms much resemble the people under psychiatric drugs in a documentary i recently saw on tv. It is said that both Hitler and Stalin were trained by the secret service in the UK. Nothing makes sense of all the stories. Watch a docu about the genocide Churchill committed on the Greek partizans, or the deathcamps of german prisoners of war in the Rhineland by Eisenhower, that murdered 1,5 million germans, or the forcible returning of russians to Russia, knowing they would be killed overthere, i believe that was from France. Both Ariel Sharon and Netanyahu can be heard to openly state they own and rule the USA. The US was bent on trying out the Nuclear bomb, when Japan had already surrendered and the only question to deal with was their plea to spare the Emperor, considered as their God. As Japan had mostly paper houses the american firebombing was devastating. One thing is clear about 9/11 that it did not happen as said it happened. Several of the planes were spotted in some aeroport. There are pictures about showing one of the planes was a hologramm. And internationally no tall building has every crumbled like that, because it was on fire or because it was hit by a plane. The Twintowers were designed to withstand such an attack. As for Hitler fleeing, anything is possible. It is said he had at least 6 copies of him and what is sure is that the skeletons found burned were not of him or of Eva Braun, but were of a woman. There are however several testimonies of people in Argentine, claiming he lived there. A relative of Prince Bernhard, intended to replace the queen and rule the Netherlands, von Lippe Bisterfeldt had a large property in Argentine. Mindprogrammed people, patsies have no clue with their totally fragmented alters what is the real truth. So Hitler possibly also had no clue. He was a sexual deviant, which is also a telltale sign for an illuminati mindprogrammed victim/patsy.

  30. Not that I believe that American’s are angel. Every nation can be cruel when they are at war, but the degree of cruelty is different. I definitely stick with the fact that the allied forces are more tolerant. I live in Malaysia where we were once colonized by the British and later Japanese for a few years, and my grandfather was born in 1918 (Still alive), and he had gone through both period of colonizations. He always told me that the Japanese are very2 cruel. He would always say that if you are accused of being a traitor to the British empire, there would be trial, and they would look through evidence, before they take action on you ( some were killed some were not). But with the Japanese, even if you heard a rumour that a person is a traitor, he would be shot immediately, without trial, without any evidence, no nothing. He even said that one of his friend ( who was innocent actually ), was rumoured to be a traitor to the Japanese, he was later caught and nobody ever saw him ever again. Even these days in Japan, the conviction rate is 99%. That’s crazy. They just don’t care whether you are innocent or not. To them once you are charged, you are guilty. So I don’t know, you judge by yourself which one is more cruel then the other.

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