The World’s Best Cities: Where Would You Like To Live?

Where is the best place in the world to live? Here is a list of the world’s 10 most expensive cities . . .  followed by a list of the world’s 10 cheapest cities . . . followed by a list of the world’s 30 cities which rank highest in their quality of life.

Vienna, voted the world’s best city for quality of living:


World’s most expensive cities: 

Starting with most expensive:

1.  Singapore

2.  Paris, France

3.  Oslo, Norway

4.  Zurich, Switzerland

5.  Sydney, Australia

6.  Melbourne, Australia

7.  Geneva, Switzerland

8.  Copenhagen, Denmark

9.  Hong Kong, China

10.  Seoul, South Korea (on a par with Hong Kong)

In comparison, New York stands at No. 22 

World’s cheapest cities:

Starting with the cheapest:

1.  Bangalore, India

2.  Karachi, Pakistan (on a par with Bangalore)

3.  Mumbai, India

4.  Caracas, Venezuela

5.  Chennai, India

6.  New Delhi, India

7.  Damascus, Syria 

8.  Tehran, Iran

9.  Kathmandu, Nepal

10. Algiers, Algeria

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Top 30 cities for quality of living:

Vienna, Austria
Zurich, Switzerland
Auckland, New Zealand
Munich, Germany
Vancouver, Canada
Dusseldorf, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Geneva, Switzerland
Copenhagen, Denmark
Syndey, Australia
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wellington, New Zealand
Bern, Switzerland
Berlin, Germany
Toronto, Canada
Hamburg, Germany
Melbourne, Australia
Ottawa, Canada
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Stockholm, Sweden
Stuttgart, Germany
Brussels, Belgium
Perth, Australia
Montreal, Canada
Nurnberg, Germany
Singapore, Singapore
Paris, France
San Francisco, United States
Canberra, Australia
Helsinki, Finland

In comparison, London ranks as No. 40. The only American city to scrape in is San Francisco at No. 28.



The slums of Bangalore, the world’s cheapest city

25 thoughts to “The World’s Best Cities: Where Would You Like To Live?”

  1. I doubt it takes into account the price of housing, rent or all the different type of taxation. I would have expected Monaco, London and Hong Kong to be near the top beside Singapore.

  2. I would like to live in New York City, on West 72nd Street and Central Park West, in THE DAKOTA, across from Strawberry Fields Forever!

  3. I would like to live in Toronto Canada… this way, when Lasha needs some to do Talmudic research for her I could go to the Toronto public library and get the info Lasha needs
    [ there’s no libraries in London, lol ]. I would like to live in Toronto Canada to do both Lasha and lobro a favor… this way Lasha can get the info she needs in a timely fashion and I could save lobro the trouble of flying from the Balkans [ in the summer ] and flying from Indonesia [ in the winter] to Toronto, Canada to go to his local public library, lol. I know lobro would rather be out drinking with his takfiri moozlum buddy buddies than having his nose stuck in some dusty old talmud and kabbalah scrolls.

  4. Adam,
    I agree. Many people settle in HK or Singapore because of low taxation. When I lived in HK my income tax was 15%. You can live very cheaply in HK if you know where to rent and live. I suppose this survey is based on how a business expatriate lives i.e. basically someone on a company expense account or a lord of poverty working for the UN or some subversive NGO. Cities in India are not too bad, but I’d probably pick Chennai formerly Madras. If I wasn’t so well settled, I probably try Vientiane or perhaps, Ho Chi Minh City. Laos is so laid back it makes the Mexican Manana seem hectic. There are no fast food franchises, no Starbucks but they do have good Western food a legacy of the French, cheap wine, good beer and delicious French bread. If I had to settle in Australia, I’d pick Darwin. The 3 Aussie cities mentioned are dull as are all the European cities on the list. Brings to mind the song, “Little Boxes” sung by Pete Seeger.

    1. Now that I have listened to the song “Little Boxes”, I see what you mean. I live in one of those areas and I couldn’t agree more. It is extremely dull.

    1. Me too, Ingrid! Also, I noticed how the ONLY American city included in the list is the fag capitol of North America, San Francisco (watch out for those OTHER cities on the list, too, because the list was likely produced by fags). (Yes, I understand that fags have their druthers, too…)

  5. With a few exceptions the top 30 cities with the highest quality of living are all cities in Germanic countries.
    I guess the 30 cities with the lowest quality of living will be mostly in sub-Sahara Africa.

    Will the cultural Marxists please come foreward with an ¨economical explanation¨.

  6. I live in a tranquil, prosperous, and very ethnically Swiss, little village of 3000 near Zurich. It is clean and the services work but taxes are high and everything is very expensive (due a lot to taxes). We just received our second batch of 8 Ethiopians after already receiving 18 this summer. After along fight, a neighboring village was forced to accept a couple of dozen also this spring, but they had no place to put them, so I gather they are putting them in tourist hotels. In any train station across Switzerland at all times of the day you will see numerous idle young mostly black men hanging around all day long with nothing to do, all paid for by the Swiss taxpayer. And all of this was before this current wave of Syrians arrived in Southern Europe via Turkey.

    White Europe is under full assault. Even neutral countries like Switzerland, Sweden and Danemark are being invaded by armies of impoverished and culturally low capital refugees from various races and cultures that threaten to ethnically cleanse the white Europeans.

    Any stupid survey that tries to say what city is best at this instant in time yet fails to consider what living there might mean for your hopefully still white great grandchildren is a complete waste of time.

    1. Confed –


      Turkey is the immigration “Gate-Keeper” for the EU. They help keep the ‘riff-raff’ out.
      They have been rewarded…. with…..

      Visa-Free Travel for Turks In EU
      (December 10, 2013)

      To achieve this, Brussels is offering to fulfill one of Turkey’s oldest wishes: visa-free entry into Europe for Turkish citizens. In return, Turkey is agreeing to readmit rejected asylum applicants who reached the EU after being smuggled through Turkey. The agreement, which the EU intends to sign next week, will enable Turkey to become an outpost of sorts for the Dublin system, despite not being a member of the EU itself. It may be a good deal for Turkey, but the agreement is bad news for refugees.

      “The readmission agreement is a disaster,” says Piril Erçoban of the Turkish refugee organization Mülteci-Der. “No one here knows where to put the refugees,” he says, because Turkey is already overwhelmed. One reason is that the country, unlike Germany, has no real asylum system to speak of. The government did sign the Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, which obliges it to offer asylum to those who qualify as refugees. But in practice, Turkey honors its commitment only for refugees coming from Europe. A new law designed to provide a small amount of improvement for refugees will not affect this policy.

      The country makes an exception to its strict approach for the roughly 600,000+ Syrians who have fled across the border since civil war erupted in their country. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has ordered that they be provided with minimal support.


      Turk Pharisee bankers in business with the US Government.
      US has a huge base at Adana, Incirlik, close to Syria. It is being used to help create a ‘Safe Zone’ buffer area in Syria.

      1. Pat, Turkey will do what they’re told and like it. ain’t that right.
        Maybe they’ll get permission, if they behave, to cut loose on the Kurds a little.

        They must envy and hate the phony Israelis, in the extreme.
        Having to sit on their NATO hands and NATO tongues as their ship (Mavi Marmara) was pirated and their citizens shot (murdered) and kidnapped right in front of their NATO (haha) partners AND the rest of the international gang. Two NATO members had their citizens executed and … notyhing!!? You bet.
        The Turkish-American young man, wounded and lying on the deck was executed point blank and NATO did nothing. Could do nothing.
        Shades of the USS Liberty..

        So much for the much bragged about US, Turkish/(fill in the blank) citizenship, if the phony Israelis show up.

        Permission granted to wring your hands, gnash your teeth and swab the deck, but keep your mouth shut. (not a guess)

  7. Bangalore looks nice. If the immigration of non-Europeans to Europe and the countries like the USA settled by Europeans continues, they will like Bangalore soon too.

  8. The BEST PLACE to live is NOT in the Great Cities
    There one ONLY lives out of NECESSITY ..
    The best place may be within a reasonable travel Distance to a big City
    where those things these Cities provide can be found :
    Culture, Great Concerts, Art , Museums , specialized Shops etc
    Having made such a choice
    the rankings provided are meaningless
    as affordability changes DRAMATICALLY
    and exponentially to the Travel Distance to the Big Centers.
    The correct Choice allows the INTELLIGENT PERSON
    to enjoy the best of 2 different worlds
    The AMAZING thing is ..
    one utilizes the alternative : Big City
    far less than anticipated …
    LIFE is GOOD and far RICHER
    .. in the COUNTRY SIDE
    ( Pst … dont tell all the idiots living in Big Cities
    these realities.. prizes may go UP where You live
    and we dont want that ! … 🙂 )

    1. I want to live in Kabul, Afghanistan so I could be surrounded day and night with moozlum gurls in Sacred Blue Burqas. I want to live in Kabul surrounded by Lasha and her girls all in BLUE! The closest thing to Heaven on Earth, BLUE BURQA Kabul In Xanadu!!! 🙂

  9. @Pat: By all appearances, Turkey has decided “to hell with these refugee camps on our northern border” and is somehow facilitating some sort of revolving door. I saw an RT clip recently where they were filming the hoards marching north through Macedonia. One man (their warlord?) was interviewed and he was very upset because the UN was fingerprinting the alien invaders. This clearly could later prevent their re-admittance if they get caught and thrown back.

  10. How about somewhere in Africa where everybody took off for Europe?
    I would import Jew slaves to work the papaya plantation and would taser them from my hammock if they exceeded the allotted number of piss breaks.

  11. I bet this list is a dream of some ‘armchair traveler’.

    My hometown Karachi (Pakistan) being a “cheap city” – Give me a break, please. IFor a Pakistani, it’s more expensive to buy a house in Karachi than in Toronto, Canada.

    I bet the Organized Jewry would not call Vienna (Austria), “the best city to live”, because it has too many Muslims who hate Jews.

    1. I want to live in Mecca or Medina,
      so the jews in the alternative media,
      who LERV takfiri moozlums ,
      would perhaps like me more-better,
      and take weekend trips to Bahrain,
      If I’m feeling real wild,
      I shall head to Dubai,
      to take in some real hot live,
      belly-dancing night club action,
      and go out drinking with,
      wahabbi bedouins,
      fine dining,
      kamak, lentils, hummus, and cous cous,
      exotic slave girls,
      kidnapped from all over the world,
      to serve us,
      Who knows?,
      maybe I’ll even run into Max,
      at the local Slave Market,
      looking for girls,
      to bring back with him,
      back to Tasmania,
      might even run into MachtNichts,
      running guns to Hitler’s,
      Brotherhood Muslim,
      and bump into The Avatar,
      signing-up at the local ISIS,
      recruiting office,
      we’ll raise a Toast,
      to lobro in The Balkans,
      our compadre,
      and his drinking buddies,
      jews pretending to be moozlums,
      I’ll be the next Lawrence of Arabia,
      befriending the Mohammedans,
      while all along,
      covertly handing them over,
      to be destroyed,
      by the Zionist entity.

  12. I grew up in a beautiful state in a working class mining town that was mostly Catholic. It was so cold in the winter that the houses steamed. Most neighborhoods had the dilapidated look of turn of the century shanty towns, but we had the toughest football team in the state. I love to visit beautiful places and I love the countryside as well, but I like my cities gritty. Sometimes I have this fantasy of moving to some place like Elko Nevada…so windblown, cold, and out of the way…so desolate that it’s just a pitstop off the freeway. I can’t say why this appeals to me. Actually San Francisco is plenty gritty but way too opinionated. Now I live in a manicured town where people in general have terrible values…the worst; but we have fabulous hiking and great mountain views. So mountains are important. I probably should check out Switzerland, but in truth I’m not moving anywhere because if I do I’ll be haunted in my dreams by this place just as I have been haunted my entire life by that shanty mining town in that cold state.

  13. Toronto is the most demoralizing of places, don’t know what “quality of living” means in a technical sense; but this place is overwhelmingly brown, jewish and yellowface. It might be more aptly named Torahonto, with seething ethnic interests blooming like algae in every region. Our great-grandfathers would be ashamed to see the mess the liberals have made of Muddy York. Vincent Massey is rolling in his grave. The Tories are all cucks, and privately owned. Really, it’s a mass grave of repressively liberal, smugly effete, tedious economism with a big block of intensely boring modernism tied to its noisy skull. A catastrophically leveling puritan tabla rasa of soft-totalitarianism, with punctuating moments, while a thin fingered trendy bend over to discretely pick up dog shit with a napkin.

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