Thou Shalt Not Kill: How American Soldiers Are Systematically Brutalized

by Chris Hedges

“I know why they do not tell us the truth about war. We have a volunteer Army. If people knew the truth it would decrease the numbers who want to join. I had been betrayed.” — Chris Hedges

hedgessoldier_590Specialist Robert Weilbacher (pictured) during an outing on Dobongsan Mountain in South Korea.

He says he would go to the picturesque area “to escape the military and clear my head.”

Another way he dealt with stress while stationed in South Korea was to meditate in Buddhist temples. 

Truthdig” – The military in the United States portrays itself as endowed with the highest virtues — honor, duty, self-sacrifice, courage and patriotism. Politicians, entertainers, sports stars, the media, clerics and academics slavishly bow before the military machine, ignoring its colossal pillaging of state resources, the egregious war crimes it has normalized across the globe, its abject service not to democracy or freedom but corporate profit, and the blind, mind-numbing obedience it inculcates among its members.

A lone soldier or Marine who rises up inside the system to denounce the hypermasculinity that glorifies violence and war, who exposes the false morality of the military, who refuses to kill in the service of imperial power, unmasks the military for what it is. And he or she, as Chelsea Manning has learned, swiftly pays a very, very heavy price.

Spc. Robert Weilbacher as a new Army combat medic stationed in South Korea listened to stories told by combat veterans, many suffering from trauma and depression, about the routine and indiscriminate slaughter of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was horrified. He had believed the propaganda fed to him over the years. He considered himself a patriot. He had accepted the notion that the U.S. military was a force for good, intervening to liberate Iraqis and Afghans and fight terrorists. But after hearing the veterans’ tales, his worldview crumbled. He began to ask questions he had not asked before. He began to think. And thinking within any military establishment is an act of subversion. He soon decided he did not want to be part of an organization that routinely snuffed out the lives of unarmed people, including children. He applied in February 2014 for a classification known as Conscientious Objector (1-0).

He instantly became a pariah within his unit. No one wanted to associate with him. He was taunted as a “traitor,” “coward,” “faggot” and “hippie.” He was assigned to the most demeaning jobs on the base. And the military bureaucracy began making him jump through hoops that he is still trying to negotiate two years later. He became an example to his fellow soldiers of the physical and emotional harassment, as well as humiliation, that is visited on all who dare within the military to challenge the sanctity of war and discipline.

“I feel as if my own government is torturing me,” he said when I reached him by phone in his barracks at Fort Campbell, Ky.

Weilbacher, 27, grew up in poverty, raised by a single mother, in the inner city of Columbus, Ohio. As a student at Ohio State University, where he was a political science and English major, he started two organizations to help feed the homeless. He was an idealist. He wanted to serve humanity. And, in the warped culture in which he lived—American culture—the best way to do that was to join the military, which was organized, he thought, around “noble ideals.”

“The public perception, including at Ohio State, which has a big ROTC program, is that soldiers are heroic,” he said. “They’re serving their country. They’re in the best Army in the world. I didn’t question this. I watched the commercials with the climatic background music for the Marine Corps—‘the few, the proud, the Marines.’ The Marines have the biggest masculine factor. I thought, I have the credentials to be a Marine officer.”

“Every message given to me by popular culture was that violence was a means of conflict resolution,” he said. “This was especially true in the inner city where I grew up and where there is a lack of education. Video games, such as ‘Call of Duty,’ normalize violence. You don’t realize the impact it has. Your conscience is subverted. In ‘Call of Duty’ you get rewarded for killing—you rank up in the system. The message is if you like ‘Call of Duty’ you’ll like the military. And, of course, the military also incentivizes killing. If you do well at marksmanship you get rewarded with three-day passes. You only think about the points you can get from becoming an expert marksman. You don’t think about the act of taking a human life. Every aspect of popular culture incentivizes violence, from television shows to movies like ‘American Sniper.’ Killing is presented as noble. Those who kill are supposed to be heroes. And this prepares us for the military.”

When he graduated from college he signed up for Marine Officer Candidates School and was sent to Quantico, Va., for boot camp.

“When we marched in formation we shouted out cadences,” he said. “Most of the cadences were about killing. We shouted ‘Kill! Kill! Kill!’ We shouted ‘What makes the green grass grow? Blood! Blood! Blood!”

We shouted ‘AT&T. Reach out and touch someone.’ The intent of OCS [Officer Candidates School] was to normalize violence, to condition us. It was very effective. Again, I didn’t think about what I was doing. All I was thinking about was being a Marine Corps officer.”

But four weeks into his training in early 2012 he was injured and had to drop out. He was devastated. He did not want to begin the whole application process again with the Marines, and he enlisted in the Army in April 2013. He went to Fort Sill, Okla., for basic training. He was then trained as a medic (68W) at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. He enrolled in airborne school at Fort Benning, Ga., and during the second week of training was injured during a practice for landing falls.

In December 2013 he was deployed to Camp Hovey in South Korea, 10 miles from the border with North Korea. He was attached as a medic to the 4-7 Cavalry.

He began to hear disturbing stories about the wars in the Middle East, not the glorified stories spun out by recruiters, the media or the entertainment industry, but stories about whole families being blown up or gunned down by U.S. troops in the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan. He lived among soldiers who were suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Many were drinking heavily. He listened to them talk about being prescribed anti-depressants by Army doctors and then being redeployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. He may have been a medic, but he was required to carry a weapon and to use it in combat. He knew that for him, to do so would be impossible. 

“I joined the military because I wanted to help people, to fight for the greater good,” he said. “And then I learned about innocent people being routinely blown up in war. I started researching the statistics on collateral damage in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“A medic in the Army weaponizes soldiers so they can go back out and kill,” he said. “When we are trained as medics we are told that our task is to preserve fighting strength. Being a medic in the Army is not about helping the people who need it most. Treatment is first directed towards casualties that have the best chance to survive. Army medics exist to perpetuate warfare.”

He discovered the Iraq Body Count website and was appalled by what he learned there. He began to devour the writings and statements of Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, the Rev. John Dear, Muhammad Ali and the Dalai Lama. He could no longer watch violent movies or play violent video games.

“I began to read about the wars in Vietnam and World War II,” he said. “I read about Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Agent Orange, radiation and how it’s still affecting people today, how people are still dying or being born with congenital defects. I found Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn. I had never heard of them. I guess there was a good reason I had never heard of them. I read ‘A People’s History of the United States,’ by Zinn. I read ‘Understanding Power,’ by Chomsky. A lot of my influences, even though I am an atheist, came from religious figures like Gandhi, Father John Dear and King. I read‘Pilgrimage to Nonviolence.’

I know why they do not tell us the truth about war. We have a volunteer Army. If people knew the truth it would decrease the numbers who want to join. I had been betrayed.”


Then, in early February of 2014, he went online to the website of the Center on Conscience & War, led by Maria Santelli and Bill Galvin. Soon he contacted the two activists and told them he was a conscientious objector.

Everything about the military culture, from its celebration of violence and hypermasculinity to its cult of blind obedience, began to disturb him. He was disgusted by the military’s exploitation of Filipino women who worked in the numerous bars and clubs near the base where he was stationed in South Korea.

“Filipino women were brought over to sing in the bars,” he said. “They were great singers. They worked in bars where Korean women had been‘comfort women’ during the Japanese colonization. The bar owners took the passports of the Filipino women. … Soldiers bought drinks and sexual services from these exploited women. I had a big issue with that. It demonstrated a lack of values.”

When he was off base he would meditate in Buddhist temples. That helped, he said, to keep him sane.

Although Army regulations required that his application be sent to the Department of the Army Conscientious Objector Review Board (DACORB) within 90 days, it took more than 200 days for the document to arrive there. On Dec. 16, 2014, he was granted status as a conscientious objector and an honorable discharge. But the deputy assistant secretary of the Army for review boards, Francine Blackmon, unilaterally overrode the DACORB determination and denied his application, even though Army regulation AR 600-43, Par. 2-8, states that a review board decision is final. Now, in a final bid to achieve conscientious objector status, he has turned to the American Civil Liberties Union.

“I have obeyed the rules during the whole process,” he said. “But in the military there is a double standard. If I do not obey the regulations I get court-martialed. If they do not obey the regulations nothing happens. It is I who suffers. If I lose this last bid I cannot reapply.”

This will be his last bureaucratic battle with the Army. He has followed the rules for two years. He will not, he said, be in the Army in 2017 at the scheduled end of his tour.

“If I’m forced to remain in the Army, I expect to eventually receive an order that I—as an objector—will be unable to comply with, resulting in a court-martial.”


“The worse the man, the better the soldier;
if soldiers be not corrupt, they must be made so.”
— Napoleon Bonaparte

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  1. I recently discovered through an ex S-3 intel officer that my units stationed on the Czech border were shot up with a type of synthetic acid that numbs the conscience while increasing the desire to kill. The military long ago sought to develop ways to increase their fighting numbers because in all previous wars the numbers of those who couldn’t pull the trigger when the time came were considerable. Thus, psychological conditioning methods were revamped to the extreme in order to completely break down the slate in one’s mind and rewrite it’s contents that would react upon cue, without question. Evidently, this is coupled with psychotropic drugs to now achieve the same.

    I hated every aspect of the modern military except for the comradery. I absolutely abhorred AA/EEOC policies, the political correctness that is now completely out of control. This conscientious objector is right in a few things but there are morally lawful justifications to kill. The problem is, most of the time, in the modern military, they don’t exist any longer because the military isn’t fighting to save our people (Whites/Europeans- believers- American citizen/nationals); it isn’t fighting to save America’s form of law. It isn’t fighting to save our sovereignty. Today’s military is fighting for elite “Jew” ideals and causes while at the same time destroying these elite’s enemies inside of the military and outside of America’s borders as it is now being positioned to extend that fight to our home land against our own founding stock and belief system(s).

    Apart from this guys misguided notions instilled by other, mostly elite Jew gate keepers, he should be commended. But he should also recognize he is still stuck in the “Jews” mental matrix and until he comes to grips with this fact he will continue to be a mind controlled pawn of theirs unable to fight against the enemy of both God and all mankind.

  2. Napoleon said : “The worse the man, the better the soldier; if soldiers be not corrupt, they must be made so.”

    That says it all.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Thanks for this very apt quote. We have added it to the text with an appropriate picture. Scroll down to bottom of article.

      1. The quote can be found at the first entry when you google : napoleon the worse the man the better the soldier (without quotation marks). Then scroll down to about 60% of the page to the heading : A man is not a soldier.

  3. “But four weeks into his training in early 2012 he was injured and had to drop out. He was devastated. He did not want to begin the whole application process again with the Marines, and he enlisted in the Army in April 2013. He went to Fort Sill, Okla., for basic training. He was then trained as a medic (68W) at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. He enrolled in airborne school at Fort Benning, Ga., and during the second week of training was injured during a practice for landing falls.”

    He is a physical and mental weakling. His actions bear that out. Not fit to be guarding the nation. ‘Johnny Rebs’ would have chewed him up in 1863. ISIS would do the same today. He should just go gather some buckeyes with the girls. Stay away from battles. Might ‘break a nail.’

    Tougher than he are much needed to fight Pharisees.

    1. Yup, those 2 injuries showed him to be a liability (injury prone). I would like to know the “cause and type” of the injuries.
      Are people like him deluded? If one joins the “military” isn’t it a given fact that “killing/maiming another human being” is the primary aspect of an “armed forces”. How can that thought not be foremost upon the mind of a potential recruit? Same goes for the “police” etc. If you want to be a fireman do you not give considerable thought to the prospect of being “burned alive”. If you become a miner does it not cross your mind that you may become trapped in a “collapse” and die a horrible death. This article seems to have “communism” written all over it in my own opinion. What has happened to our “critical thinking skills”, and “discernment of propaganda” abilities? (Rhetorical).

      1. Chris Hedges is a dyed-in-the-wool COMMIE! The worst of the worst of the so-called American Liberals or Leftists—both jooish terms and state-of-minds, by the way. You will never ever hear him say a bad word about Pharisee joos of course.

        As for Weibacher’s injuries via training in the Marine Corp…the guy should have quit the military then and there. FULL STOP! instead of joining the Army as the second best choice…WTF was this guy thinking?

        You’re right about Weibacher being a wiener instead of a winner. In fact, Weibacher’s tone and voice is typical if not classic Hedges: it’s got that self-righteous indignant “I had been betrayed” refrain. It’s jooish kvetching in essence and so unbecoming of goys to engage in it. Oy Vey.

      2. He might have ‘did sum toe chopin’ like Clyde Barrow to get outa da chain-gang.

  4. Your beloved flea-and-tic infested monkey jew “priest” your darkmoon brutha nappy natty LERVS Napoleon. Napoleon held the Pope at the time in captivity, that’s why monkey jew “priest” LERVS Napoleon. The Catholic Church has been under siege since the French Revolution — one siege after another since then — Napoleon was one of the ones who put the Catholic Church under siege. The jews online pretending to be “Russian Orthodox priests” play on the schism between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church, and while playing on the schism, they throw quite a few jew clues* into the mix to let us know how much they hate the Catholic Church — and they don’t hate the Church for her corruption**, they hate the Catholic Church for Her virtues. More correctly, they hate the Catholic Faith for Her Light, Her Light of Christ. That’s why monkey jew “priest” LERVS Napoleon who hated Catholicism also — Napoleon hated Catholicism also and for the very same exact reasons.

    * so subtle and done with such under-the-radar finesse, shall we say, “finesse”. No one would ever notice the jew clues are dropped with such smooth finesse, lol.

    ** they LERV the corruption of the Catholic Church which is not surprising as so many of their fellow jews were/are responsible for the corruption in the Catholic Church.

  5. I must confess I loved my time in Namibia, when I served in a counter-insurgency unit in the early 70’s. However I was young and had the benefit of a year’s brutal training, plus a 2 month refresher, before proceeding to the Operational area. I have spoken to quite a few GI vets and am quite appalled at the low level of training they receive. I am amazed that instructors aren’t allowed to lay a hand on recruits. I was regularly kicked, kidney punched and continually abused by my instructors. After training we became really good friends with our instructors and very grateful because like the old cliche says all training should be a bloody, sweaty battle and every battle a bloody drill. This is an article I posted in a previous thread by Colonel Hackworth, one of America’s most highly decorated soldiers, alas now deceased. He reveals the shoddy and, quite frankly, mickey mouse training received by the average GI.
    Such “training” amounts to murder!

    1. Yep… there sure was and more so now an awful lot of “Willy wump wump’s” out there in the politically correct military.

    2. @Felix,

      “I was regularly kicked, kidney punched and continually abused by my instructors. After training we became ~~really good friends with our instructors and very grateful~~ because like the old cliche says all training should be a bloody, sweaty battle and every battle a bloody drill”.
      You speak the truth! As I can relate to what you endured and thus became a better person as a result of this training!
      I have 2 questions for you: Is it true that more than 50% of the land area in “German West Africa” [sic] is permeated with land mines manufactured in the U.S. and have you ever gone “sand sledding” on the dunes into the “Atlantic Ocean”? It is quite an experience from what a couple of my friends have told me!

      1. @Truth
        “I have 2 questions….”
        To answer your 1st question the answer is no. Namibia, or South West Africa, is most definitely not littered with US made landmines. It has a land area of over 800,000 square kms. The only landmines planted were by SWAPO and they were Russian anti-tank or the Russian version of the S-mine, which was anti-personnel.
        When set off it would “spring” 3 feet before exploding and sending ball bearings, at testicle height, in all directions.
        In answer to your 2nd question, the answer is also no. In all my time in SWA, I never saw the sea. I was deployed in Katima Mulilo, in the Eastern Caprivi Zipfel, just where the Zambesi River comes down from Zambia and turns East towards the Indian Ocean.
        I quite agree with you. I think every man should undergo some form of military training. When you are in your late teens or early 20’s a bit of discipline and learning to overcome fear never goes amiss. If one reads the Bhagavad Gita in Chapter 1, Krishna rebukes Arjuna for his cowardice in refusing to fight and kill his relatives in the Battle of Kurukshetra. Of course one must only kill an armed enemy not a non-combatant which is why the proper training of soldiers is paramount. Which is why in any guerrilla war, paramilitary police or light infantry are crucial. In the Malayan emergency, 1948 to 1960, 70% of CTs( Communist Terrorists) were killed by the police. In Namibia, 80 to 90% were killed by the police. One will never win a guerrilla war by deploying tanks and killing civilian non-combatants.

      2. When set off it would “spring” 3 feet before exploding and sending ball bearings, at testicle height, in all directions.

        here in the bh federation, there are still tons of these uncleared minefields, sown by serbs during the genocide of 1992-1995.
        many were cleared, esp near bigger cities and towns but many are still out there because the funding ran out and this is a mountainous, sparsely populated country.
        when i was on facebook, my profile picture was of me standing next to a red warning sign with skull + x-bones on the edge of such a field immediately outside srebrenica.
        these anti-human mines are locally called cassettes or liver pate because of what they do to man’s groin.
        some of the local farmers and woodsmen are so impoverished that their daily job is to go out there and collect these mines for the scrap metal.
        needless to say, reaching pension is a dicey proposition, every so often the papers will mention that so and so reached the sudden end.

        kurukshetra … back in ’97, i think i experienced the absolutely most astounding stink riding a southbound kalka-delhi train passing through there.
        i was with the peasants in the 2nd class because they ran out of seats in the a/c’d 1st.
        it was as if the train was suddenly sideswiped and buried in avalanche of well stirred fresh shit and corpses rotting since the days of arjuna’s epic battle and the peak lasted maybe 45 seconds during which many of the women passed out.
        the guys riding the open doors were laughing and just continued puffing on their cigarettes.

      3. Lobro.
        Talking about mines in the BH federation, I believe they also have some problems with depleted uranium, a
        truly diabolical weapon, an abomination. Here is a link of the effects in Iraq, but DU has also been used in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine and Libya. Four countries oppose making it illegal, the US, UK, France and, of course, Israel.

  6. Marines are paid to fight and many times kill. When in a mob or a platoon killing is easy. Economic warfare is replacing door kicking soldiers whose jobs were to spray the place with bullets.

  7. One would think, with all the old hippies in America who were against the Vietnam war and then went on to sire children ; One would think they would have passed on the dislike and distrust of the US Government and the US military, but NO, that didn’t happen. AND we were told in the 60s that women are all about gentleness and peace and luv and understanding, yet now that women are liberated, tons of women are joining the US military and the Left doesn’t condemn the US military women like the Left condemned the US military men in the 60s. Quite the opposite, the Left now is enamored with the US military. If White men in the US military go to war for Uncle Sam, that’s a great injustice and something atavistic and disgusting, if a diverse multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-religious army which includes a lot of women goes to war for Uncle Sam, then that’s something we should celebrate. Now, the old hippies are happy. What f*ckin phonies the hippies of the 60s were/still are. [ the Right/Republicans are phonies also, but this post is about why didn’t the 60’s anti-war radicals pass down their anti-war fervor to their children, so it’s out of the scope of this post to go into the phoniness of the Right. Will do so in a future post ].

  8. Is it a coincidence that these days i read Plato’s Ideal State?
    He suggests that’s war is the logical result of (to much) wealth. (Plato the Ideal State). And is it coincidence that in the book of Adolf H. the same conclusion is made?
    And is it a coincidence that a General came to the conclusion that war is a racket?
    My conclusion is: Do not kill. I do love Peace. Better poor and in peace than wealthy but in war.
    (Pardon my bad English)

    1. Perhaps you will enjoy this short summation of Plato via a Vedic perspective.

      Syamasundara dasa: Plato’s philosophy points to a personal conception, but there is no idea of what God looks like, or what He says.

      Srila Prabhupada: The Vedic literature not only present this person but describe Him.

      “Dialectic Spiritualism”

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    1. Crikey! I was holidaying in that area last October…..sounds like I had a lucky escape.

  10. @HP
    Thank you, HP.
    I read it with great pleasure. (The Bhagavad Gita) is such a great poem.
    And indeed Srila Prabhupada is (was) such a lovely person.
    But of God i must keep silence.
    Btw my ‘hobby’ is dualisme in the human mind. 😉

      1. sure hp, and I bet “antisoof” knows ancient sandshit sandyassbastard language inside and out, every jot, jittle, tit, and tittle of IT. I know that’s true because “antisoof” is an “ascended” “master” of the dual mind.

        they couldn’t lerv you antisoof,
        although your janus face was two,
        and in the dark dark dark,
        of the moonless night,
        you grew another hydra head,
        as jews always du,
        yet you still didn’t fool ’em,
        as you thought you would,
        but I could have told you antisoof,
        I can never lerv you,
        for none of your hydra heads can fool me.

  11. Whenever I see something is written by Chris Hedges, I proceed with caution because I long ago perceived he IS a commie – but even the devil sometimes speaks Truth. (Often, a Marine will tell you they’re called ‘jarheads’ because the lid is taken off, the jar (head) crammed full, and then the lid is tightly screwed down to prevent corruption of the inserts)(sometimes the epitome of ‘corruption’, themselves.) It is tried-and-true methodology.

    When I was just a little boy, real recon Marines were often my babysitters. They took me fishing and hunting, taught me survival skills, told me tales – and even though they were ‘iron fists in velvet gloves’, I always felt SAFE with them. There were two – an old gunny and a corporal, both highly decorated, and distinguished graduates of Parris Island BEFORE all the sissified transformation of our military. They were MEN, and I grew up knowing the difference between real men and wannabes. It is a universal concept not peculiar to America. Later in life, one of my close friends was a Marine colonel who, upon seeing my copy of Rembrandt’s ‘Man in The Golden Helmet’, asked me for the reason I kept it on the wall behind my desk alongside the portraits of Lee and Jackson. I told him I kept it there to remind me that sometimes MEN have to do things they don’t like, but must, nonetheless, perform their duties and carry out their oaths. (He kept the same portrait FOR THE SAME REASON, as I soon discovered.) I was taught that by my own father and those special
    Marines, very early in life. I later got reckless… Be careful what you vow.

    1. gilby,
      you know that i don’t mean to be difficult but sometimes it is impossible to keep mouth shut.

      as i try to plumb the reasons for the america’s fall from grace, certain themes are recurrent, such as exceptionalism, a core judaic concept.
      it seems to have infected america in a very profound way and prior to that, it infected large swathes of protestantism, in fact inverting its basic premise of protest against corruption of the roman church that fell into moral decline, by insisting on a direct link and responsibility to god and jesus christ, his sole agent on earth.
      the idea being that god speaks through man’s conscience and nothing else.

      so how does one square this with this glorified notion of oaths, oaths this and oaths that?
      i believe (one of you well read bible gents please answer, i know that pat will, even though he professes non-christianity) that jesus quite specifically requested that men refrain from undertaking blanket oaths.

      he said: you cannot serve 2 masters.

      therefore, as a christian, you cannot pledge oath of allegiance to any other cause, especially a dynamically evolving one like a military unit, commanded by an officer that more often than not is a certified psychopath, born and bred for extreme iniquity, cruelty, callousness, brutal destruction and murder.

      as soon as you do this, it is good-by jesus.

      so someone please clarify this for me.
      would it be that this addiction to pledges of allegiance, this oath-dependence that grips anglostan and in particular america is a childhood disease going back to calvinism, ie, another jew virus?

      i am not sure that the lutherans are as mesmerized by the concept and certainly the catholic teaching, what’s left of it, does not encourage it.

      romans had it and took their oaths very seriously but to them, individual conscience was for the faggots, evil deeds in the course of duty, a point of chest-puffing pride.

      i think i poked an infected zit here, surely it hurts.

      i too wash my hand of any responsibility, my comment meant not to offend but only get some clarity into the murky swamp bottom of jew’s world.

      1. Thanks, Lobro (btw, I detest the moniker ‘gilby’). I have thought about this a lot. Jesus admonished that we should avoid ‘oaths’. However, the ‘oath’ made to Abraham, by God Himself, is cited at Luke 1:73. In my own world, an oath or vow is, simply, an emphatic ‘I will do as I say’. No, we shouldn’t need it – but it certainly is a dressing for emphasis and implied certainty. I don’t know what else to say except that we should be VERY careful what we vow to perform, no matter what our belief or religion.

      2. lobro –

        I cannot help my open mouth either… so… in like kind…

        You asked for clarity… so:
        “… i try to plumb the reasons for the america’s fall from grace..”

        ‘Grace’ is a false assumption on your part.

        America never had any grace… just war goals and greed brought from Europe…. and placed it in the US Constitution…. at the insistence of Bank of England, Crown and Rothschild agents. Namely, Washington, Hamilton, Adams, Jay, Franklin and Hancock…. and many other men of great means. Even Jefferson felt the need and greed to capture all the natives’ lands through ‘Discovery’ using the Lewis and Clark “US Army Corps of Discovery.”

        America is totally controlled by London’s Rothschild bankers. No grace available. Same with Russia since 1917.

      3. ‘It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare.’ (Mark Twain)

      4. The ‘discovery’ (and naming) of Mt. Everest (Sagarmāthā).

        Wiki: In 1865, Everest was given its official English name by the Royal Geographical Society upon a recommendation by Andrew Waugh, the British Surveyor General of India. Waugh named the mountain after his predecessor in the post, Sir George Everest, arguing that there were many local names, against the opinion of Everest.

        The crux – “The first recorded efforts to reach Everest’s summit were made by British mountaineers. With Nepal not allowing foreigners into the country at the time, the British made several attempts on the north ridge route from the Tibetan side.”

        Now how about those Victoria Falls!!

      5. HP
        “Now how about those Victoria Falls!!”
        Actually the locals have a name for Victoria Falls, it’s “Mosi-oa-Tunya” or smoke that thunders. If you ever have a chance to visit, it’s better to see it from the Zambian side, more spectacular. One other reason to visit the Southern hemisphere is the fact that one can see far more stars in the sky. The northern hemisphere “points away” from the Milky Way. Go out into the Kalahari desert at night and it’s “The heavens declare the glory of God!” Absolutely awe inspiring!

  12. Kick ass soldiers never bitch, they happily do their job. But some get bullet in the butt, and have to depart for homeland hospital. Good soldier, but no longer able to kick butt with bullet in ass.

    1. Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…. the Yankees fought back against our red skins on our Southern jew Golden Circle slave empire payroll…. Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo…. the Yankees were so inhospitable to our red skin mercenaries….. Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…. “we” thought “we” could get “our” red skins to slaughter the ALL the White Christian pioneers Out West opposed to the expansion of our jew slave empire Out West… but the damn yankee blue coat basturds fought back against our “noble” savage injuns…. Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…. what the f*ck are “we” going tu du…. the yankess didn’t treat our red skin injuns with the utmost grace….. Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…”we” are so genteel but the Yankees have no grace….. Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo….

  13. Darkmooners:
    From this article by Chris Hedges, I do not care whether this soldier that woke up is weak or a commie, etc., but I do sympathize with his maltreatment by the military as a military bad apple. He found out the truth about the military and wanted to get out. Movies and TV shows from the time boys play cops and robbers OR cowboys and indians, propagandize military service. The different military service units are even used as consultants in these shows and movies, not just because of getting it right but to brainwash youth into joining the military. The CIA is also in there to use MK Ultra techniques for brainwashing. All the comic book serials that have been turned into movies and all military backdrop movies and shows, glorify soldiers and portray emotions of bravery, honour, duty and patriotism. That’s how they get you hooked and once in the military they turn you into a fighting machine. The only partial exception was the TV series “JAG” about military lawyers. I remember watching a TV series on DVD called, “Army Wives”, that made me sick for its portrayal of military life as being patriotic and your duty. Then when sexy Ann Margaret and VP Joe Biden’s wife, the Mrs. Dr. Biden were on I nearly puked. What a bunch of bull. America is at war to serve the Military Industrial complex for profit and also to have goyim fight for jewish power causes, in secret of course to destroy the enemies of jewish power. In any war since the French Revolution, the jewish power or Rothschild Banksters are the last, or really never, to get the blame because they hid their purposes so well or because most of humanity is ignorant by their design. To pull all the facets of the military, soldier and this spiritual warfare that we face together, check out for June 12, 2015: Superman Film Depicts Rising Luciferian Order . All comic book serials turned into movies should be seen in the same way plus pushing certain agendas of the NWO/Jewish Illuminati. That includes Captain America ( Nazi/Hydra/CIA/MK Ultra), Ironman (Transhumanism and Robot Soldier), the Fantastic 4 and Spiderman (Amazing or not). Some of these movies even push hatred of Russia/China as the west’s current new old enemy in addition to Iran/North Korea. From this article and the Henry Makow link, you will never look at a movie or TV show the same way again. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Speaking of movies, there is one to be released in spring, a battle of god, (superman), versus old nick, (batman)..

  14. @ Justice For Chinese

    Obviously, Weibacher was not thinking and he is paying the price for his lack of thought. Most troops pay a price for not thinking and succumbing to indoctrination. Some pay with their life. Some pay with permanent injuries. Some pay with guilt for what they have done currently known as PTSD. Including those not in combat, all pay with a reoccurring tendency for violence and a lack of appreciation for all of their fellowman since the primary training is killing on command without remorse because the enemy deserves it. The tendency for violence is the price that I pay. Fortunately, I now know how to identify the tendency and stop it cold with a single verbal word, peace. Indoctrination and brainwashing works which is why the military uses it.

    @ Gilbert Huntly
    @ Norbert

    Yes, the truth is the truth regardless of who tells it concerning what the military does. Weibacher’s story of “it’s not my fault” is really just useless drama. Of course, his situation is his fault. No one forced him to do squat to get himself into the spot.

    @ Darkmooners

    The reason that war is hell is because Satan’s agents always start wars. Murder is the primary lust of Satan and all aggressors in war are guilty of doing Satan’s lust and are just as jewish as the jews that Jesus said did the lust of their father, Satan. Doing the lusts of Satan’s agents, the jews, is the same as doing the lust of Satan.

    Much of the Muslim world considers the JewSA to be the Great Satan. The US military has been the aggressor, doing the lust of the jews, in all wars except the War of 1812 so the Muslim’s are correct whether we want to admit it or not.

    A Biblical verification is simple. Jesus said that it was not God’s will that any child perish. While the US military is inflicting “collateral damage,” killing children, with troops, artillery, drones, air strikes, and those “non-existent” nuclear bombs, it defies God’s will. If the military is not doing God’s will, then it must be doing the will of Satan and his agents.

    BTW, children perishing is the reason why the Old Testament stories of the Passover and taking the “promised land” are not according to God’s will meaning that, if the stories are true which I doubt, the characters were doing Satan’s will.

    The US military survives on aggressive war and there is only false, indoctrinated honor in it to hide its evil.

    1. Yes, Ungenius. My Marines told me that before I chose to decline my appointment(s) to military academy (I had my choice of West Point, or Annapolis – offered by a congressman).
      Still, wearing upon my conscience, I audited all ROTC courses in college, and was on my way to Ft. Benning for jump school. Then I got myself suspended from college at the end of my junior year, anyway (I had dumped my final exams because I was on a lark with a girl law student who’d already taken hers). I appealed to my colonel, and the Army sent me an ‘Honorable Discharge’, with the caveat that I must report to Ft. Benning for OCS when called for war, until I was 35. That was fine with me , and I was never called, and never went (though, a little later, I was sorely tempted to join the French Foreign Legion by an old Legionairre, who had served as a captain in Vietnam, and whose father had been Commandant). Just in case I needed it, I paid for sniper training (I was already an accomplished rifleman and woodsman), and learned a lot from two old snipers who served in Vietnam. I believe every American male should have SOME preparation for Citizen Soldiery. It is our duty – but it is NOT our duty to sacrifice our children’s lives, and our own, for a bunch of damned banksters – or to go overseas and kill other people FOR THE SAME DAMNED BANKSTERS.

  15. The republic of USA has nothing to fear about any invasion from abroad. Perhaps from within.
    So when the US goes to war in e.g. Iraq it shows that the republic is not in control. A republic can only fear that its border is being crossed but a US-corporation has financial interrests. The US in the case of wars is not a republic but a corporation. And a criminal such, as it wages war with an intent to rob another nation far away from its borders. War is nothing but armed robbery by proxy.

  16. Last year, in Denver (Colorado) ex-Israeli soldier Eran Efrati, explained how Israel Occupation Force (IOF) have militarized foreign law enforcement agencies in countries like the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Turkey, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, India, etc. “Israeli soldiers are intensely trained for a war, whilst their actual military duties are to subdue and control Palestinians,” he said. Watch video below.

  17. Today’s quote from AC Hitchcock’s Synagogue of Satan.
    In response to Lincoln’s printing of debt-free Greenbacks and to avoid Rothschilds’ usurious interest rates on loans, in 1862

    The Times of London illustrates who’s pulling its’ strings, when it publishes a story containing the following statement,
    “If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt.

    [could there be a worse outcome imaginable than a government without debt, precisley why the headlines declared “Judea declares war on Germany” in 1934 when Hitler cleared off the nation’s debt]

    It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments’ of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.”

    Yeah right, as if there was any monarchy other than the Kabbalist Red Shield witchdoctors and the wobbly Russian empire whose skids were being greased as the further quotes will demonstrate.
    This book really is a crash course in supernatural evil that spawned the plague of Jew upon the still unsuspecting globe.

  18. 1869: At the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah, Rabbi Reichom makes the following revealing statement, “Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest, the Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over one hundred million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.”

    That was 1869, 100+ million, could there have been a few more since?
    And everyone is worried about “good Jews” potentially swept up in the retribution.

    Joe, do your boo-hoo exorcism of inappropriate feeluns, there is a burning urgency here.

    Note: Khazars on semiannual hunt of the steppes of the Don basin for slaves called it the Harvest of the Steppes.

  19. Hi FLOR, yes I have been to that dark area you describe so well: “Monserrat mountain in Spain is the entrance to hell where worshippers of the occult, worship the Black Goddess of Canaan, the black Madonna, La Morenetta. Inside Monserrat there is set the serpent that feeds on human flesh and blood! One million people have disappeared in that hideous hellish mountain.” …. Monserrat mountain is a beautiful place to spend your time during the day, but never take a good-looking sheila hiking near there and never erect a small tent at night. Olivia and I were enjoying the inner sanctum of our tent, when suddenly the sides started to flap wildly. … I grabbed my Bowie knife and walked out into the eery moonlight and was confronted by grotesque shadows and evil murmurings. I retreated to the tent, but on entering noticed that the beautiful Olivia, stark naked as she was, was gone and the back of the tent had been ripped apart. … Next day I joined the local constabulary in a useless search, but none would enter the dark, cavernous entrance of “the serpent’s mouth.” …. I walked 50 m inside and was confronted by more hideous shadows and haunting screams. I retreated again! … The police said the “black Madonna” has a particular penchant for beautiful women, with strong hints she was an all-devouring lesbian. … Back in London I researched this “Black Goddess of Canaan” and what do you know? …. The Canaanites worshiped golden effigies of their god, Baal. As Finkelstein’s and Silberman’s archeological research has proven (The Bible Unearthed, etc), the people of Iaoudea (Judaea, as distinct from Judah – sometimes known as Iewes, or modern-day JEWS) placed more emphasis on gathering their golden bullocks (which could be melted down to coinage) than reading from the scripts (such as what would be named Deuteronomy in the future) which they all knew had been scribed by fiction writers under the employ of King Josiah. Hence this love for things golden was later incorporated into the Iewes’ Babylonian scripts, which are much-loved by all people who refer to themselves as “Jews” today. Hence the ongoing love of $$$$$’s accumulation as an end in itself! Hence the Jewish hegemony over our planet; as they have found everyone (even lobro!) has a price! …. Further research into this black Madonna of the mountain of hell revealed that her cave is filled with gold and the bones of her victims. Young virgins regularly disappear from the towns below the mountain, Whole squads of police have not returned after entering the cave. …. So do not go near Monserrat with a wanton, beautiful chick as you will hardly get a night of pleasure. Rather, remain near the bordellos in inner-city Paris.

  20. I guess Australian Maxie’s lost Olivia was the Australian Olivia Newton-John. I was wondering what happened to her. No one’s heard from her in ages.

  21. Hi, I am God! I created your heaven and earth. …. I said, “let there be light” and “there was light.” I brought forth the “grass and the seeds” and I created rivers and swamps … and out of them came lizards and dinosaurs; and in the vast seas I placed lots of fishes for you to eat and to be swallowed by. …. And I “created great whales and all things that liveth.” … And I created a man and a pretty, sexy woman, called Eve. … They were naked and Adam looked upon Eve, but it wasn’t until she ate of the forbidden apple (later Snow White would do the same ridiculous thing), that his thoughts became carnal. …. Thus I conceived of a sinful, lustful mankind. … I wish I had now gone a little more lightly with my birds and bees/ mating dusts! …. Anyway, the people of earth began to sin wholesale, so I concocted the flood of all floods to wipe them all out. … Only the good man, Noah, and his wife and some children woulds survive, as I got them to make a huge ship and fill it with pairs of all the known animals. … Thus after the sinners were drowned, Adam could spread his seeds, and all the animals could mate up and reproduce. …. I then left the new humans alone for quite a while, and would you believe it? The b******s started to sin again! …. Thieving, lying, fornicating, sodomising, usuring, looking at porn papyrus scripts and all! …. So I spoke to the Arab-Semite, Terah of Ur, and told him to start his family’s wanderings. So his son Abraham came into being and he became the leader of the Semitic, Hebrew-speaking “Israelites.” These were sort of my chosen ones and I hoped they would remain a really nice bunch of people. … To aid them I got rid of/smited all the other rotten, sinful tribes they encountered in their journeys. eg. The bottom-ite, bastardizing, stinkers of Sodom and Gomorrah were easily dispensed with and I left none breathing. Same for Pharaoh’s soldiers whom I drowned. … Anyway, I directed my people to Canaan and told them to again “leave none breathing.” …. They did what they were told and walked into my land of milk and honey, where they would be a beautiful god-loving, god-fearing people; or so I hoped! …. However, true to kind, they soon stuffed things up and became no better than all the other ass-holes I had mass-exterminated. …. Perhaps I should have flooded them out again, but for some reason I let the c***s live! … I gave some of the intellectuals some hope, by talking about a messiah who “is to come”, but this meant nothing to the sinful, head-honcho, religious people of the temple. ,,, So the Jews/Iewes became complete ass-holes committing every sin in direct proportion to and in total opposition to my great commandments! … Then my “he is to come” made his designated appearance, He being Jesus! …. Jesus told the ass-holes of the temple what utter bastards they were and how far removed from his New Covenant to Mankind, which spoke of all the best things available in a human collective, including most of the tenets of the earlier great commandments. …. But the Iewes/Jews liked a lot of killing so they said “crucify him, crucify him” and the Roman Governor followed their orders and saw to Jesus’ death. …. As I said, I “should have flooded the Jew bastards” as look what they have done in 2,000 years! – They have turned the planet into a warring, beast of a place; and what’s more, they have most of Jesus’ so-called Christians in their back pocket. …. It has been 2,000 years of Jew-led hell! … Okay folks: What do you think I should do? …. Should I end my experiment with these sinful humanoids who have fornicated and seeded all over a despoiled planet? …. How about another flood? …. Or how about an all-out atomic war which clears the planet once and for all! …. Then, as I have done in the past, i WILL EXPERIMENT AGAIN; AND HOPE THAT, THIS TIME, EVERYTHING I MAKE “IS GOOD.” (Genesis 1:31)
    PS: If you want to be on the side of my man Jesus, and become favored by Me, you must do everything possible to fight against the Iewe/JEW scum and their Goyim proxies. … How about instead of me creating a universal, life-extinguishing flood, you, yourselves, do my work and get the gallows a-rocking! …. Your turn to do the “leave none breathing” bit!

    1. Way to go, Max!! Now, if we can find an illustrator for your fine piece, it can be bound, published, and placed in all the pre-school Sunday school classes throughout Christendom! Start ’em out RIGHT!!! 🙂

    2. Wrong again Max. Israelites did not simply become the jews like your fiction portrays. The Israelites divided into two kingdoms: The House of Israel and The House of Judah. From The House of Judah came jews; some were racial jews; and the others counterfeit.

      Jesus spoke to the racial jews about the counterfeit-jews, but you and some others here on darkmoon are not getting it. I would let the argument end, if it did not make a difference. By not calling them out, the counterfeit-jews, how can you expect to defeat any of them? Most calling themselves jews today are not racial jews. Racial jews are among christians having mixed in with racial Israelites under that banner. And Judaism is not The Talmud. Talmudism, like counterfeit-jews, hides behind Judaism, like the counterfeits behind jews.

      1. @ New Song

        The TPTB want everyone to believe that the problem is racial when the reality is that it is not. As long as people believe that the problem is racial, jewish, then TPTB knows that no one will consider the solution, the teachings of Jesus, as viable since Jesus what taught is racially free. Confusion reigns in the solution and TPTB continue their control. Judaism is simply a religious cult based on evil, not a race. Truly taking the time to research the Gospels makes it evident.

  22. This character complaining about being brutalized by the military is just one more indication of the Freudian Jewification of the Anglo-Saxon races over the last 50 years. Look at veterans from WW2 or Korea, they never displayed any signs of brutalization. It’s all part of the Jewish “psycho-therapy industry”. Encourage people to feel sorry for themselves and blame all their shortcomings on something or someone else. Witness the hysterical orgy of “grief” in the UK when Princess Diana died. Absolutely Insane. Sigmund Freud was a chronic cocaine addict and what does this say about the West basing its entire mental health system on the ravings of a “cokehead”? I say bring back the stiff upper lip and away with Jewish schmaltz based psychology. If one desires comfort turn to God which is in each and every one of us. You don’t have to look any further. BTW, it’s also free.

    1. “This character complaining about being brutalized by the military is just one more indication of the Freudian Jewification of the Anglo-Saxon races..”

      Yep… He cannot even defend his family with that attitude. Pharisees know that. Want that.

      1. I wonder if Weilbacher is a joo. He sure kvetches like one. But real joos or the elite ones don’t join the US military; no, that’s only for poor working-class joos. Rich and elite kikes like Rham Emanuel (former advisor to O’bumer) and his ilk only join the IDF of course.

      2. JFC –

        Could be.

        I have personally known some Pharisee-Jews in US Military. They do serve.

        One of note was Rod Serling of Twilight Zone fame. He was a paratrooper in WWII and kept fighting on front lines even while wounded. He was really tough. A boxer also. Always fighting with officers. He was ordered by a senior officer to a ‘death battalion’ which had a low survival rate, in hopes he would be killed. He did not fit the stereotype.

        Another notable sheenie was Adm Hyman Rickover, the first to design naval nuclear propulsion. He told congress what to do. He also said he widhe nuclear energy had never been invented, because of the waste hazards.

        There are numerous sheenie officers and enlisted in the US military.

        Pharisees in the mafia are ruthless. In US and Russia.

        It would be a mistake to underestimate the enemy.

  23. good week in soccer for my corner.

    bosnia+herzegovina federation beats israel 3:1 in euro qualifiers (bhf destroys bhl).
    fans scream “juden aufwiedersehen” and “palsetina” and after the game is over, run onto the pitch to trample the giant rothschild flag and wipe feet on it.

    israel in shock, preparing a 6 million samson option, including Should Jews Reclaim the Words “Palestine” and “Palestinian”?

    meanwhile the next door croatia, already heavily and repeatedly punished by fifa for their fans vocalization of national socialist slogans, including “za dom” favored by ustashe paramilitaries are forced to play a home game against italy (1:1) at an empty stadium in split.
    but wait, these guys don’t give up easily, scratch a giant swastika into the turf with lawnmowers.

    israel in shock, preparing a 6 million samson option, including, “Should Jews Reclaim Swastika?”

    meanwhile, joe and i can do a 2-tenor rendering of the jew national anthem, “boo-hoo”.

    1. Yes, the Jews should reclaim the words “Palestine” and “Palestinians” . Why? Because as per the Jews “Palestine” and the “Palestinians” don’t exist ; So if the Jews reclaim for themselves the words which refer to a place and a people that don’t exist then the Jews won’t exist either, 🙂 . It would be a real easy way to get rid of the Jews. Something like that, lol.

      1. I think it is nice that TheRealOriginalJoe, and Lobro, are on the same page, ie. united.. a formidable force..

    2. I’m just amazed that they even qualify to be in the Euro- Qualifiers much the same as the Eurovision Song Contest… I think they even won it one year.

  24. Yiddish wealth has grown in the last decade by over 10 trillion bucks. Smears against Yids have not interfered with their wealth accumulation. Yiddish psychologists are foremost in treating vets who have suffered from the stress of war. Yiddish lawyers also helped vets receive compensation for injuries that are war related. Money earned by Yids is well deserved and not criminal or evil. Ask any vet who was helped by a Yid, thousands praise their skills.

    1. Yeah, the Jews set ’em up and the Jews knock ’em down. Ain’t life grand?

    1. ” Guido and Vito, who have never heard of Hyman Blitzschein the store-owner who is behind on his protection payments, break Hyman’s leg when ordered to.”

      Classic “never blame or mention the Jew in the slightest realistic light” Fred on Everything. Here he even supports the classic perennial victim’s new whine in old bottle. Jews find extracting blood (and organs), murder, mayhem, destruction and torture as their raison d’être; they masturbate just thinking about inflicting pain and suffering on innocents, look at the unbelievable horrors they have inflicted on children in their torture/snuff flicks, not to mention the present Middle East and the last three thousand years of their history.

      Tell us dear Fred, why do you think America might now be numba’ one in the indiscriminate torture of civilians? Better not mention the psychopathic Jew “advisers” onsite at the US military’s torture camps, they might not appear to be quite the victim of your hypothetical Hyman.

  25. Isn’t it just like a gang of military “faggots” to call a straight, moral person a “faggot”?

  26. New Song you are so dumb (or so plainly evil) that you are hardly worth answering: Okay, my dear, give us a clear definition of one of your “racial Jews” out of the house of Judah! … And please tell us where in the New Testament “Jesus spoke to the racial Jews about the counterfeit-Jews.” …. And can you please define who were the “counterfeit Jews” in Christ’s time. …. And please define these “racial Israelites” you talk about! …. Notice that I have asked you to define in “Christ’s time on earth” and not much later when the Khazars, etc came into the picture! … And, my dear, if you are talking about RACIAL Israelites and RACIAL Jews, as you are, could you describe the racial characteristics of the Israelites Moses lead towards the promised land! Tyron Parsons tried to do this! …. Come on, my dear, put your words where your mouth is and fully define your insanity for all to see! … If you can’t, shut up and stop being a Jewish, disinformation troll!

  27. “When we marched in formation we shouted out cadences,” he said. “Most of the cadences were about killing. We shouted ‘Kill! Kill! Kill!’ We shouted ‘What makes the green grass grow? Blood! Blood! Blood!”

    One of my most memorable moments came at the end of boot camp. From jump, I never believed in the USMC BS. I grew up the the military, so I was wiser than most recruits about the ways of military life. By the end of boot camp, I thought I had enlisted in the USIA (United State Insane Asylum). After nine weeks I felt in desperate need of some form of solidarity and solace. I wanted to commiserate with someone who understood and reflected my own feelings about the absurdity of military life. I wanted to hear about our training from a more objective perspective. I chose Private Johnson as my target subject for this heart to heart discussion. Johnson was kind of a wimpy guy with glasses, maybe 100lbs soaking wet, but he had a masters in biology, so I thought he would be intelligent enough to see through the Marine Corps “Devil Dog” charade.

    One day, during one of the usual runs, I sidled up to Johnson and said, “Hey, Johnson what do you think of this Marine Corps training?” Johnson looked back at me; his face screwed into an evil grimace, he spit out, “It’s not tough enough for me!” Appalled, I fell back and never mentioned my ideas about the corps again. I knew the military indoctrination had taken firm hold on every one of the remaining 69 men in my platoon. It took many years until I understood it wasn’t just the Marines, but all of American society that had been thoroughly indoctrinated with this bloody, murderous, Judeaized mindset.

    Here is as close as it gets to the training I had. “The 9th company” Oddly enough, the movie is about the communist incursion into Afghanistan. What I found so strange is how it mirrors American training of my era so much better than anything Hollywood ever ginned up. It was like watching a movie about my own platoon. A single thought repeatedly nagged my mind throughout the movie – “these men look and think exactly like the guys in my barracks, and yet this was my enemy?”

    In my estimation this is not only the best war movie ever made, it is perhaps one of the most sobering views of war and its outcome ever produced. If the movie doesn’t get you in the beginning, the ending damn sure will. Every soldier being posted to the Middle East, especially Afghanistan, should watch this movie and pay especially close attention to the political officer’s in-country indoctrination speech.

    Here is another Russian movie that perfectly depicts the utter insanity of war in a most unusual way: “House of Fools”. Both movies are based on actual incidents.

    A final note: The DI’s did not lie. They promised we would one day be grateful for what the Marines did for us. It took many years and many miles to realize that I would probably have never advanced beyond the usual juvenile preoccupation with my ego had it not been for a DI’s stick laid upside my head. For showing my true nature as that of a “worthless maggot,” my true position in life as being “lower than whale shit” I will be forever grateful. But don’t bother joining up, because one no longer has to suffer any real consequences, i.e. beatings. Now the Marines issue “time out cards” for recruits and from what I hear, it’s all juice, cookies and afternoon naps.

    1. Speaking of war movies….

      The movie “Tribes” came out in 1970 and it left a lifelong impression on me. I was 10 and in grade 4 or 5 when I saw it on TV (I think ABC movie of the week)…remember those? I re-saw it about a year ago on Youtube.

      Then in my late teens, watching “From Here to Eternity” on TV also left a strong impression on me. A few years later the movie “An Officer and Gentleman” came out and was a big hit.” … since then “Platoon” and “Full Metal Jacket” have defined the war experience in Vietnam for the baby-boomers and Generation X … until I was in my early-40s, all the war movies were about Vietnam and then “Jarhead” came along in 2003 ….

      The theme of all those “war movies” wasn’t so much about war and the horrors of war per se, but rather the struggle between the individual and the collective, and how ruthless is the collective (i.e. the collective as the State vis a vis the Army or Navy or Marines etc.) was the real theme of all those movies and it was a recurring theme that occupied much of my thoughts and time as a writer and ‘public intellectual,’ when I still had ambitions of being one.

      The once dominant American myth of the “rugged-individual” (which I so admired) no longer exists. In its place, we now embrace an inhuman Statism, if not a transfigured jooish Tribalism often expressed and best exemplified by blind Patriotism: the “My country right or wrong” Americanism that has unthinkingly and brutally killed and maimed millions across the globe in wars for the kike banksters.

  28. Some of us knew, 75 years ago, that it was certainly not Japan or Germany who wanted to rule the world, but Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill. For Britain (now, no more than a pimple on the world’s posterior) and Russia, that dream is forgotten. Only among Amerika’s ruling class (the 1% who are either Jews or their devoted marionettes) does the lust for world domination persist. The USA is ruled by lunatics and madmen, who are doomed by their own colossal stupidity to perish, screeching like girls, in agony. Perhaps a sufficient number of white people will survive to rebuild civilization. Meantime, there is obviously no peace outside the temples dedicated to Lord Buddha.

    1. @ Toshiyori

      RE: the Jewish Problem and the forced castration of kikes as per your earlier posts

      I don’t think it would be a good idea because 15 million or so castrated male kikes estimated to exist in this world would make a really awful stink, all the way up to the high heavens, literally.

      “For a long time after castration, many young eunuchs wet their beds and themselves. No notice of this was taken for a time, but a long continuance of the problem resulted in severe floggings, which were continued until the habit was broken or outgrown. Thus, the Chinese spoke of them behind their backs as “stinking eunuchs,” and claimed they could smell one a mile and a half away. A common expression used for a normal person who offended the nose was, “He’s smelly as a eunuch.” — Mary M. Anderson: Hidden Power: The Palace Eunuchs of Imperial China

  29. This is what the man who prolonged the Vietnam War by about 7 years had to say about the U.S. Military: “Military men are dumb stupid animals used as pawns for foreign policy.” — Henry Kissinger

    Why hasn’t this evil kike been executed for treason and crimes against humanity? Why is he still influencing, if not dictating American Foreign Policy today in 2015?

  30. one awfully tough beast, rasputin, his end analyzed here.

    autopsy conclusion.
    bunch of homosexual perverts tried to assassinate him, survived stabbing, 2 bullets in the heart, 1 at point blank range, execution style to the forehead by a brit intel operative but finally drowned in freezing waters of neva river in st petersburg.

    reason for this ghastly murder?

    For Rasputin had a destiny which few can envy or aspire to. Had he fulfilled it he would have changed the course of history, literally. For IN THE YEARS PRIOR TO THE REVOLUTION, RASPUTIN WAS QUIETLY TRYING TO PERSUADE RUSSIA’S IMPERIAL RULERS TO SUE FOR PEACE WITH GERMANY.

    Too many ordinary Russians were dying, he told them and the Tsarina, at least, was listening.

    At the time Russia had suffered a series of colossal defeats at the hands of the Germany army. Coupled with food shortages and political agitation, a climate of political unrest was brewing that eventually led to the 1917 Russian revolution.

    However, if Rasputin had been able to persuade the Romanov’s to make peace with Germany things might have been very different. Russian troops would have then returned home and political tensions might have eased to the point that there may not even have been a revolution. And the consequences of that would have been enormous.

    Just think about that for a moment, because the entire face of the twentieth century would have been transformed. Not only would hostilities have been brought to a close on the eastern front, but also with troops and supplies from the Eastern Front transferred across Europe, Germany may even have secured victory on the Western Front.

    Moreover, the ramifications stretch well beyond World War I and the 1917 Russian revolution. For example there may never have been a Second World War or a Chinese revolution. And along with Vietnam and Korea, the numerous other regional conflicts that marked the Cold War may never have happened.

    The same applies to the founding of Israel and the various conflicts in the Middle East that followed that.

    So if Rasputin had persuaded Russia’s imperial family to sue for peace much of what characterised the last century may never have happened. Which is why it was of the utmost importance for the Illuminati to stop him.

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