Tony Blair — blood on his hands

Leaked Memo Reveals Blair’s ‘Deal In Blood’
With Bush Over Iraq War


By William Lowther In Washington and Glen Owen for The Mail on Sunday

Pictures and captions added by Darkmoon

—  Leaked White House memo shows former Prime Minister’s support for war at summit with U.S. President in 2002.
—  Bombshell document shows Blair preparing to act as spin doctor for Bush, who was told ‘the UK will follow our lead’.
—  Publicly, Blair still claimed to be looking for a diplomatic solution — in direct contrast to email revelations.
—  New light was shed on Bush-Blair relations by material disclosed by Hillary Clinton at the order of the U.S. courts.

A bombshell White House memo has revealed for the first time details of the ‘deal in blood’ forged by Tony Blair and George Bush over the Iraq War.

The sensational leak shows that Blair had given an unqualified pledge to sign up to the conflict a year before the invasion started.

It flies in the face of the Prime Minister’s public claims at the time that he was seeking a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

He told voters: ‘We’re not proposing military action’ – in direct contrast to what the secret email now reveals.

The classified document also discloses that Blair agreed to act as a glorified spin doctor for the President by presenting ‘public affairs lines’ to convince a sceptical public that Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction – when none existed.

In return, the President would flatter Blair’s ego and give the impression that Britain was not America’s poodle but an equal partner in the ‘special relationship’.

The damning memo, from Secretary of State Colin Powell to President George Bush, was written on March 28, 2002, a week before Bush’s famous summit with Blair at his Crawford ranch in Texas.

In it, Powell tells Bush that Blair ‘will be with us’ on military action. Powell assures the President: ‘The UK will follow our lead’.

The disclosure is certain to lead for calls for Sir John Chilcot to reopen his inquiry into the Iraq War if, as is believed, he has not seen the Powell memo.

A second explosive memo from the same cache also reveals how Bush used ‘spies’ in the Labour Party to help him to manipulate British public opinion in favour of the war.

The documents, obtained by The Mail on Sunday, are part of a batch of secret emails held on the private server of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton which U,S. courts have forced her to reveal.

Former Tory Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said: ‘The memos prove in explicit terms what many of us have believed all along: Tony Blair effectively agreed to act as a frontman for American foreign policy in advance of any decision by the House of Commons or the British Cabinet.

‘He was happy to launder George Bush’s policy on Iraq and sub-contract British foreign policy to another country without having the remotest ability to have any real influence over it. And in return for what?

LD : In return for a fortune of over $100 million in “consultancy fees”, lecture payments, and other obscure perks from the NWO gang Blair has served so faithfully — lucrative emoluments that are deferred bribes  in all but name. 




For George Bush pretending Blair was a player on the world stage to impress voters in the UK when the Americans didn’t even believe it themselves’.

Davis was backed by a senior diplomat with close knowledge of Blair-Bush relations who said: ‘This memo shows beyond doubt for the first time Blair was committed to the Iraq War before he even set foot in Crawford.

‘And it shows how the Americans planned to make Blair look an equal partner in the special relationship to bolster his position in the UK.’

Blair’s spokesman insisted last night that Powell’s memo was ‘consistent with what he was saying publicly at the time’.

The former Prime Minister has always hotly denied the claim that the two men signed a deal ‘in blood’ at Crawford to embark on the war, which started on March 20, 2003.

The Powell document, headed ‘Secret… Memorandum for the President’, lifts the lid on how Blair and Bush secretly plotted the war behind closed doors at Crawford.

Powell says to Bush: ‘He will present to you the strategic, tactical and public affairs lines that he believes will strengthen global support for our common cause,’ adding that Blair has the presentational skills to ‘make a credible public case on current Iraqi threats to international peace’.

Five months after the summit, Downing Street produced the notorious ‘45 minutes from doom’ dossier on Saddam Hussein’s supposed Weapons of Mass Destruction. After Saddam was toppled, the dossier’s claims were exposed as bogus.

img_0694THE 45-minute doom dossier lie is here promoted  in the Sun newspaper
owned by crypto-Jew Rupert Murdoch

In order to be elected Prime Minister of Britain, Blair first had to make a flying visit to Mr Murdoch in Australia and pay him homage, fawning at the feet of his Jewish master in exchange for full support from Murdoch’s media empire. (LD)

Nowhere in the memo is a diplomatic route suggested as the preferred option.

Instead, Powell says that Blair will also advise on how to ‘handle calls’ for the ‘blessing’ of the United Nations Security Council, and to ‘demonstrate that we have thought through “the day after” ’ – in other words, made adequate provision for a post-Saddam Iraq.

Critics of the war say that the lack of post-conflict planning has contributed to the loss of more than 100,000 lives since the invasion – and a power vacuum which has contributed to the rise of Islamic State terrorism.

Significantly, Powell warns Bush that Blair has hit ‘domestic turbulence’ for being ‘too pro-U.S. in foreign and security policy, too arrogant and “presidential” ’, which Powell points out is ‘not a compliment in the British context’.

Powell also reveals that the splits in Blair’s Cabinet were deeper than was realised: he says that apart from Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon, ‘Blair’s Cabinet shows signs of division, and the British public are unconvinced that military action is warranted now’.

Powell says that although Blair will ‘stick with us on the big issues’, he wants to minimise the ‘political price’ he would have to pay: ‘His voters will look for signs that Britain and America are truly equity partners in the special relationship.’

The President certainly did his best to flatter Blair’s ego during the Crawford summit, where he was the first world leader to be invited into Bush’s sanctuary for two nights.

Tony and Cherie Blair stayed in the guesthouse close to the main residence with their daughter Kathryn and Cherie’s mother, Gale Booth. Bush took the highly unusual step of inviting Blair to sit in on his daily CIA briefing, and drove the Prime Minister around in a pick-up truck.

Mystery has long surrounded what was discussed at Crawford as advisers were kept out of a key meeting between the two men.

Sir Christopher Meyer, who was present in Crawford as Britain’s Ambassador to the U.S., told Chilcot that his exclusion meant he was ‘not entirely clear to this day… what degree of convergence was, if you like, signed in blood at the Crawford ranch’.

But in public comments during his time at Crawford, Blair denied that Britain was on an unstoppable path to war.

‘This is a matter for considering all the options’, he said. ‘We’re not proposing military action at this point in time’.

During his appearance before the Chilcot inquiry in January 2010, Blair denied that he had struck a secret deal with Bush at Crawford to overthrow Saddam. Blair said the two men had agreed on the need to confront the Iraqi dictator, but insisted they did not get into ‘specifics’.

‘The one thing I was not doing was dissembling in that position,’ he told Chilcot.


“I would never lie.”

‘The position was not a covert position, it was an open position. This isn’t about a lie or a conspiracy or a deceit or a deception. It’s a decision. What I was saying… was “We are going to be with you in confronting and dealing with this threat.”

Pressed on what he thought Mr Bush took from their meeting, he said the President had realised Britain would support military action if the diplomatic route had been exhausted.

In his memoirs, Blair again said it was ‘a myth’ he had signed a promise ‘in blood’ to go to war, insisting: ‘I made no such commitment’.


Critics who claimed that Mr Blair acted as the ‘poodle’ of the US will point to a reference in Mr Powell’s memo to the fact Mr Blair ‘readily committed to deploy 1,700 commandos’ to Afghanistan ‘even though his experts warn that British forces are overstretched’.

The decision made the previous October in the wake of the September 11 attacks led to widespread concern that the UK was entering an open-ended commitment to a bloody conflict in Afghanistan – a concern many critics now say was well-founded.

Mr Powell’s memo goes on to say that a recent move by the U.S. to protect its steel industry with tariffs, which had damaged UK exports, was a ‘bitter blow’ for Blair, but he was prepared to ‘insulate our broader relationship from this and other trade disputes’.

The memo was included in a batch of 30,000 emails which were received by Mrs Clinton on her private server when she was US Secretary of State between 2009 and 2013.

Another document included in the email batch is a confidential briefing for Powell prepared by the U.S. Embassy in London, shortly before the Crawford summit.

The memo, dated ‘April 02’, includes a detailed assessment of the effect on Blair’s domestic position if he backs US military action.

The document says: ‘A sizeable number of his [Blair’s] MPs remain at present opposed to military action against Iraq… some would favor shifting from a policy of containment of Iraq if they had recent (and publicly usable) proof that Iraq is developing WMD/missiles… most seem to want some sort of UN endorsement for military action.

‘Blair’s challenge now is to judge the timing and evolution of America’s Iraq policy and to bring his party and the British people on board.

‘There have been a few speculative pieces in the more feverish press about Labor [sic] unease re Iraq policy… which have gone on to identify the beginnings of a challenge to Blair’s leadership of the party.

‘Former Cabinet member Peter Mandelson, still an insider, called it all “froth”. Nonetheless, this is the first time since the 1997 election that such a story is even being printed’.

The paper draws on information given to it by Labour ‘spies’, whose identities have been hidden.

It states: ‘[name redacted] told us the intention of those feeding the story is not to bring down Blair but to influence him on the Iraq issue’.

‘Some MPs would endorse action if they had proof that Iraq has continued to develop WMD since UN inspectors left.

‘More would follow if convinced that Iraq has succeeded in developing significant WMD capability and the missiles to deliver it.

‘Many more would follow if they see compelling evidence that Iraq intends and plans to use such weapons. A clear majority would support military action if Saddam is implicated in the 9/11 attacks or other egregious acts of terrorism’.

‘Blair has proved an excellent judge of political timing, and he will need to be especially careful about when to launch a ramped-up campaign to build support for action against Iraq.

‘He will want neither to be too far in front or behind US policy… if he waits too long, then the keystone of any coalition we wish to build may not be firmly in place. No doubt these are the calculations that Blair hopes to firm up when he meets the President’.

A spokesperson for Tony Blair said: ‘This is consistent with what Blair was saying publicly at the time and with Blair’s evidence given to the Chilcot Inquiry’.

Neither Mrs Clinton nor Mr Powell replied to requests for comment.


Why the smile?
—  Because he is beyond the law
and has built his fortune on a mound of corpses.

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46 thoughts to “Tony Blair — blood on his hands”

  1. And what will be done about it?
    Who will arrest Blair and bring him to trial?
    What judge will prosecute him?

    Being a former PM, a buddy of Jimmy Saville, a friend of royalty, a knight of Malta, a Freemason, a sock puppet of the Rothschilds……the list goes on and on, gives you protection from prosecution.

    Articles like this are nothing more than references for future prime ministers and presidents who wish to be uber rich and powerful. No doubt the CFR and RIIA will pull this out when the next psychopath comes along saying: “Blair is one of out guys and look at the world media about him? He’s untouchable because we protect him. He’s above the law. He is a multi millionaire with property all over the world. Do you want what he has? All you have to do is pledge your allegiance to us”.

    I’m really tired of reading rubbish like this from one of Britain’s most notorious brainwashing media outlets. Anyone with half a brain in their head knew Blair was guilty back in 2003.

    1. @ Harbinger

      I happen to agree with everything the article says. Most people on this site would disagree with you emphatically that the article is “rubbish.” Everything else you say is fine, so I’m not attacking you. I agree absolutely with you that Blair thinks he is above the law. In fact, that’s what LD says in her picture captions.

      This article on the Darkmoon site is not just a regurgitation of an article published in the Daily Mail. There is no way the Daily Mail would dare to publish this article with Lasha’s pictures and captions. These make all the difference and give the article a new emphasis and spin.

      1. “I agree absolutely with you that Blair thinks he is above the law.”

        Blair doesn’t THINK he’s above the law, he KNOWS he’s above the law. Has there not already been a hearing on Blair and the legality/lawfulness of the invasion of Iraq? What happened? Iraq posed the UK no threat whatsoever yet we bombed it into the stone age and executed their leader. Dr David Kelly, along with Robin Cook were liquidated along with the hundreds of thousands of poor Iraqis, the creation of millions of refugees, the demolition of Iraq and obliteration of its nation, turning it into a sectarian hell hole.

        Articles are like this are rubbish because they have no use in reality. So Blair’s guilty and? What’s going to be done about it? We find MP Tom Watson, demanding Leon Britton’s paedophile crimes be investigated. Why? He’s dead. The time was then not now. Blair will be found guilt, but after he’s dead. The elites protect their own and Blair’s one of them.

        This article is merely an interlude within the Mail’s ongoing and never ending promotion of celebrity worship to an incredibly dumbed down public.

      2. @ Harbinger

        Blair doesn’t THINK he’s above the law, he KNOWS he’s above the law.

        So what’s the problem if we all agree on this? The caption under the final picture, written by LD, is saying EXACTLY what you are saying! 🙂

        Why the smile?
        Because he is beyond the law
        and has built his fortune on a mound of corpses.

        You won’t find that said anywhere in the Daily Mail article, will you?!? 🙂

        BTW, the Darkmoon version of the article was probably taken from Information Clearing House, an excellent source of dissident information, though probably too “moderate” in its political stance for most of the commenters on this site.

    2. Darlington,

      We agreed from the very start, you just didn’t agree on my stance that it’s a rubbish article from a rubbish propaganda rag. My main anguish about this Darlington is:

      1. An article that’s going to do nothing whatsoever to change the status quo.
      2. An article that’s going to do nothing whatsoever in changing the life of Blair and his family.
      3. An article about a man all on here already knew about a long time ago.
      4. An article that most certainly won’t bring the slumbering masses out of their slumber.
      5. An article that will continue to show that politicians hate us.

      There are many more points I could make but the reality is it’s from a newspaper that does far more wrong in society than it does good. And quite frankly, anyone who writes for the Mail is no different to Blair or the rest of his cronies, regardless what is written.

      1. @ Harbinger

        We agree with you that the Daily Mail is a crap paper dealing with disinfo, but we may occasionally publish articles by the Daily Mail and even by Ha’aretz and the Forward (both Jewish) with a strong disclaimer. This means that our readers are perfectly free to tear the article apart and to point out that it is a tainted source. But we would be very disappointed indeed if you or anyone else on this site should start accusing us of being in league with any of these Zionist outlets or being crypto-Jews in disguise. That would be absolutely unacceptable.

        We have already published an article by the Jewish Forward magazine and another by Ha’aretz, also 2-3 articles by the Daily Mail, and no one has ever complained about them or questioned our credentials as genuine anti-Zionists. Kevin MacDonald, moreover, has published all the best Darkmoon articles on his site. He would hardly do this if he didn’t trust Lasha Darkmoon 100 per cent.

        If ever you have doubts about Lasha’s sincerity and this site’s absolute commitment to anti-Zionism, ask Lobro. Lobro has known Lasha virtually from the cradle of her career, and if Lobro ever tells you that Lasha is a fake and that this whole website is a fraud, then feel free to leave AT ONCE! — and we will also shut this website down soon after that.

        Lasha has herself, in a recent article, strongly advised us to mistrust ALL THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA — so this naturally includes the Daily Mail. She could not have been more emphatic:

        “Avoid the mainstream media like a plague. Believe nothing you see on television or read in the newspapers. Stop watching Hollywood movies if you don’t want your mind to be invaded by black propaganda, false memes and subliminal advertising. Better still, don’t watch TV at all. And don’t buy the newspapers and magazines you see for sale in supermarkets or high street newsagents’.

        If you do, assume that almost everything you read is a lie or distortion . . .”

        I don’t think any warning could be clearer than that.

      2. Toby,

        You’ve gone into the woods and got completely lost with this. Lasha’s stance is not in question with this article. Have I mentioned Lasha once? My criticisms are aimed at:

        By William Lowther In Washington and Glen Owen for The Mail on Sunday

        Not once has there been any criticism of Lasha on this particular thread between myself and Darlington. I just loathe the Mail and anyone who writes for it. They’re an incredibly good propaganda outlet and do it very well indeed. On one side, wearing a conservative and traditional jacket but the underclothes are clearly socialist and progressive. They are pro minority, multiculturalism, feminism, LGBT, celebrity. They are hell all wrapped up in a best selling tabloid.

      3. @ Harbinger

        Well, Harbinger, I absolutely agree with you that the Daily Mail is a despicable rag. There are few papers in Britain that Lasha despises more. All I am asking you to do is to make sure you don’t attack Lasha and the administrators of this website for publishing articles from the same despicable rag … in the mistaken belief that we are secret backers of the Daily Mail and its trash!

        It is our stated policy to publish articles from different sources, including Zionist sources, but this does not mean we are Zionists ourselves! Publication of an article on this website does NOT imply Administration approval of the same article. It sometimes implies the OPPOSITE!

        Ultimately, Harbinger, our commenters — who make up no more than a small fraction of our overall readership — have no right to meddle in our editorial decisions or tell us what we may or may not publish. Whatever we publish, we publish in good faith and for a good reason. And if our readers object to the articles we publish, or kick up an unnecessary fuss about our sources — the answer is simple: let them go elsewhere and find an alternative site more to their taste. We don’t want them here.

        It is we who decide what articles we want to publish, Harbinger. We are not here to take orders from uppity, opinionated, and dictatorial readers. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not referring to you personally. I know you are too intelligent to interfere in our editorial decisions — unlike certain other readers on this site who come across as neurotic complainers and borderline basket cases.

      4. Toby

        You know I’m 100% behind the freedom to speak freely and express oneself. I am vehemently against anyone who tries to quash that freedom. People should state what they desire, even the silly feminists, or global warming zealots, because then their stupidity can be ripped to shreds with intelligent debate.

        Which brings me to this article……again. I disagree with it, purely for the reason that everyone here knows what Blair is about. We all know he’s protected and worse, the public funds 24 hour police protection for him. We know he’s a mass murdering, genocidal psychopath, but my anger at the article is tell us something that we don’t know? What is the use in posting about Blair, in a newspaper, when it’s going to become yesterday’s news while those who criticise him will wine and dine with him, in some fancy soiree, as if they’ve never said a bad word about him? Were something to be done about Blair, then I’d welcome the articles, but nothing has been nor will be. No policeman will arrest, nor any judge prosecute him.

        And in replying to you and on this forum I am criticizing the article and the authors for reasons explained. I am exercising my freedom to criticize.

        “I may disagree with what you say but will defend your very right to say it”, as the saying goes.

        1. Fair enough, Harbinger. Feel free to speak your mind! No problem. Which part of the country are you writing from? Have you noticed any increase in racial tension as a result of the recent migrant influx?

      5. Everybody is right.
        Just because Psychoblair is above the law doesn’t mean we should be ignoring him.
        DM is right to publish this as a reminder of just what a moral sludge we swim in like some kind of sewer seals, no harm in seeing reality for what it is.

        And Harb is absolutely right to point tout the real reason for the Mail article.
        It is the Talmudic pantheon signalling quite openly to all other wannabe applicants for the top shabbo job.
        1. You must be a willing murderer and moral deviancy is a prerequisite in order to build a file on you,
        2. If you follow orders, we can protect you out in the open, from any worldwide court, inquiry or public opprobrium – just sign over your grossly atrophied, worthless soul,
        3. Or else.

        In other words, the Mail article was not written for us, except to deepen our sense of pathetic resignation.
        But hang they will, never fear.

      6. Toby,

        The migrant situation hasn’t really hit home yet here in Scotland. I don’t think there are any ‘refugees’ here where I am, but then there’s people from Eastern Europe piling in all the time for work, not forgetting young Spanish and Greeks whose economies are going through the floor.
        I think England will suffer the most when we see the proverbial hit the fan, it will be as a direct result of the working class taking the full brunt of working conditions as employment drops. It’s always the upper middle classes and above who welcome in the migrants and shout racist at those who complain. This is because their jobs aren’t on the line. Emma Thompson, that well known luvee of the arts world was one of the first to attack Britain’s indigenous, but then, like I said, whose going to take her job? While the working class scrounge together enough money for food and electric for the month, she’s shopping in Knightsbridge and deciding where she’ll go out to eat for dinner that night, whether it’ll be in London or Paris.

        The full effect won’t be known for a few years yet.

        1. @ Harbinger

          Thanks for your detailed response to my question. I agree with you absolutely. The situation goes from bad to worse. As for shallow little celebs like Emma Thompson, they are groomed to spout all these neoliberal views. America has them in even larger numbers, all thoroughly Jewified Useful Idiots — without realizing it. Miley Cyrus springs to mind. Needless to say, all these female celebs are feminists.

      7. Lobro,

        2. If you follow orders, we can protect you out in the open, from any worldwide court, inquiry or public opprobrium – just sign over your grossly atrophied, worthless soul

        You know it. When you work for people who control the msm, banking and law and order then as long as you do what you’re told there will be plenty of protection for you. They have dirt on you and you them. They won’t whack you if you do as they say and you won’t snitch if they promise to deliver. A life of Larry for you and your family on the material realm is an attraction very few can refuse in life, regardless of the so called ‘collateral damage’.

  2. This doesn’t astonish me in the least. There will not have been any war in history that was not based on a Lie and was not preceded by machinations behind the scenes. Business as usual.

    We must however not forget that Bush and Blair are not the real villains in this crime. They were only its public face. The real criminals are the Jewish neo-cons who wanted this war for Israel. Their machinations, their falsification of information and documents and their control of the media caused this war. The destruction of Iraq was not the failure of that Jewish plan but its very success. The destruction of Iraq was foreseen already in 1982 in the infamous Oded Yinon Plan. Here is what that plan says about Iraq :

    “Iraq, rich in oil on the one hand and internally torn on the other, is guaranteed as a candidate for Israel’s targets. Its dissolution is even more important for us than that of Syria. Iraq is stronger than Syria. In the short run it is Iraqi power which constitutes the greatest threat to Israel. An Iraqi-Iranian war will tear Iraq apart and cause its downfall at home even before it is able to organize a struggle on a wide front against us. Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will assist us in the short run and will shorten the way to the more important aim of breaking up Iraq into denominations as in Syria and in Lebanon. In Iraq, a division into provinces along ethnic/religious lines as in Syria during Ottoman times is possible. So, three (or more) states will exist around the three major cities: Basra, Baghdad and Mosul, and Shi’ite areas in the south will separate from the Sunni and Kurdish north. It is possible that the present Iranian-Iraqi confrontation will deepen this polarization”.

    Source : “Greater Israel” : The Zionist Plan for the Middle East.…plan-for…/5324815

  3. Yes, Franklin –
    I agree….

    “We must however not forget that Bush and Blair are not the real villains in this crime. They were only its public face. The real criminals are the Jewish neo-cons who wanted this war for Israel. Their machinations, their falsification of information and documents and their control of the media caused this war.”

    It must also be stated that the “Jewish neo-cons” work for – are paid by – London’s Pharisee bankers…!!

    That completes the circle of the ‘debt-masters’….. as it has existed for centuries.

    The ‘LPBs’ control the leaders is every country today,

  4. File this under Jew’s set ’em up and the Jews knock ’em down.

    “The documents, obtained by The Mail on Sunday, are part of a batch of secret emails held on the private server of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton which U,S. courts have forced her to reveal.”

    Les see now there an election is coming up and the voter’s choices are worse than shit. However pie-in-the-sky cuckservatives believe their hope lies in a bad comb over. Suddenly, Hillary Dillary Dock gins up a conservative cock. Shouting, oh My! What an e-mail have I, she reveals conservative shlock. Hoping for election, she masturbates with reflection, how easy these cuckservatives lie.

    But wait, it gets worse! Like a Weinstein bros movie script, Hillary is “forced” by the courts, against her will (of course? – of course!) to reveal this terrible evil staged by the opposition. Thus, no allegations of tricky Dick’s spying-on-the-opposition shenanigans can be leveled against lil’ Hillary Sunshine. How convenient we-the-people must now find Hillary as pure as a virgin snow. The courts can take the blame for soiling what is truly a pure heart of feminism.

    O’ silly goyim! Will you ever wake up to whose hand is shoved up the ass of these wooden headed sock puppets? Or will you continue to believe with child like gullibility that Punch and Judy are real people?

  5. saturn satan blood on his hands
    whats the beef
    the westminster eyes have it
    so too to speak
    one cannot be a mid
    level mason
    a mossadick blackmailed toilet trader
    a friend of the yahudi likud
    and chabad mafia.
    one cannot be a member of the
    talmud club via papal roma division
    without having blood on hands
    cock and feet.
    eyes wide shut

    the sky is blue
    when it is not chemtrail grey
    coal is pitch black
    the servents of satan are bloodied
    staing the blooming obvious
    nothing new under babylon sun
    what it is
    and always been so to speak.
    anthony lynton liar toilet trader
    change agent
    a hand gesture
    a friend of lord jimmy sa vile
    a soul less empty smirk
    Risus sardonicus
    richtus grin
    covering the tortures of the damned

    waving from bentley limousine on a
    slow drive to hell

  6. For what it’s worth. In my humble opinion, the Limey, Crypto-Jew, Cretin and all the rest of the same who follow The Tribes script for a JWO, plus the very same Tribe, should meet the same fate as poor ole William Wallace. I have spoken.

  7. What’s going on with Netanyahu?

    Netanyahu: Hitler Didn’t Want to Exterminate the Jews

    Prime minister tells World Zionist Congress that Hitler only wanted to expel the Jews, but Jerusalem’s Grand Mufti convinced him to exterminate them, a claim that was rejected by most accepted Holocaust scholars.

    1. @ Red Onions

      Thank you for calling attention to this anomaly.

      I can only speculate as to what Netanyahu is up to, but being a Simple Soul my guess is probably wrong.

      1. By focussing blame on the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, I think Netanyahu is trying to stir up more hatred against the Palestinians.

      2. By exonerating Hitler’s Germany (to a certain degree), I think he could be playing nice with Angela Merkel. Merkel is a Zionist stooge and more goodies need to be got out of her by subtle flattery: more sophisticated weaponry from Germany that is cost-free, more Holocaust reparations for Jewish “Survivors”, and more Muslim immigrants accepted into Germany.

      Germany is now a refuse dump for Islamic migrants. Maybe Netanyahu is planning a nice ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. Maybe he would like to get rid of a few million Palestinians. It would be so nice, wouldn’t it, if the tenderhearted Teutonic Frau Merkel were to say: “Send them over to Deutschland, Bibi! We’ve have them here!”

      “And if there’s any more Muslim migrants who need a cushy life in Europe, why not send them over to nice Mr Cameron in the UK?”

      What think you, Red Onions?

      1. @ Simple Simon

        Thanks for your reply. I agree wholeheartedly with your guess that he wants to stir up more hatred with the Palestinians.

        I hadn’t thought about the Merkel angle …. you are probably correct.

      2. Hello ESP,

        ATM I think he just got carried away by his genocidal enthusiasm, since he came back on his statement after the negative reactions of diaspora ‘s leaders: Don’t mess with the Shoah moral blackmail business Bibi, or something like that. He was accused of negationism or historical revisionism in the French papers this morning.

        It is just the old “worse than Hitler” Israeli routine, used this time to dehumanize the Palestinians. It’s well explained by Finkelstein and it’s a bad omen for the Palestinians.

        Expected sadomasochist reaction of Germany.
        “All Germans know the history of the murderous race mania of the Nazis that led to the break with civilization that was the Holocaust,”
        France should react soon by stating that Petain was worse than Hitler and the mufti combined.

        Some hard labor in perspective for Mr Blair and his new job.

        He is clearly above the law, at least since Nuremberg, a break with civilization.

    2. “What’s going on with Netanyahu?”

      ALL national leaders are liars…..

      Netanyahu and Putin laugh at the world…. while doing London’s bidding. Israel joining BRICS.

      China is joining in with London openly too, now.

      All for show. All games for DEBT.


      Putin and Netanhayu look enough alike to be brothers… and…. He does business with Saudi’s Jews.


      “Despite Moscow’s longstanding support for Assad, relations between Russia and Israel have improved dramatically in recent years. More than 1 million former Soviet citizens now live in Israel (most support Netanyahu’s Likud and other Rightist parties), while Moscow and Jerusalem both view the spread of radical Islamism as a major security threat,” Says Jeffrey Mankoff, director at Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), an Israeli advocacy group on September 21, 2015.

  8. We muslims believe that the main perpetrtator of all evils is the white man i.e. “The man with blue eyes”..i teach this notion to every person i come across including the farc guerrillas in colombia. I was actually there when the three cia agents got shot dead about ten years ago; they were there pretending to be “indigenistas” with an ngo who helps the natives. They got smoked. Other cia agents have gotten their pretty boy Heads sliced by holy warriors in syria recently they too were pretending they were there for a good cause . They were to hurt the people so they got what they had coming. I teach people how white same as jews are 99 percent racist Supremacists; the jews are all Zionists, with a few exceptions (exceptions that you could count with your fingers) and whites are just sattanical beings even the most religious. Whites that come from the wasp race are divided into two racist factions; the Nazis who were defeated in ww2 and the Neo Con whites who are the ones who won the war and are just as greedy and imperialist as the nazis only worse. To this league belong blair, cheney, rumsfield and bush. The queen of england (who is considered the biggest cu nt in the planet) and the roastchild family rule the planet and they are doing a good job at destroying it. I love the fact that many are giving putin a standing ovation when he hasnt said a word about what he plans to do to drain the swamp and what his plans arw REGARDING PALESTINE. thankyou i am the Avatar from Palestine ciao

    1. Almost forgot to say -type- i am making A detailed list of all the. Places and people the whte man has bombed and killed vietnam included and boy i tell ya its long i hate the white stablishment and plz dont say shit like “the jews made us do it” after i post it lol sorry for typos its a satelite phone i am using lol 😉

  9. RE: the mass murder of Arabs who never did us any harm, it would seem that everybody’s crying ersatz tears over the hundreds of thousands of Arabs that were MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD over the past quarter century or so. We’re left with no other recourse but to conclude that the targeting of Arabs for mass murder was (and is) a DESIRED CONSEQUENCE OF INTENTIONAL POLICIES, and that it came about largely as a result of underhanded scheming in the halls of government in conjunction with a never-ending barrage of shameless lying in the agenda-pushing “news.” What’s hard to understand is the apparent show of concern for the victims of these horrific atrocities by my fellow darkmoon message posters. It just seems odd that anyone on this site would pretend to be concerned about the plight of the Arabs in light of the prevailing “Kaminski Doctrine” which holds that Arabs are basically “savages” who are bent on raping white women on a grand scale once you bomb them out of their homes and/or their countries of origin, thereby forcing them into “migrant” status.

  10. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend ! In the end the Arabs are ALMOST as crazy as the Jews !

    1. Here’s a 1918-1950-ish version of the same kind of nonsensical B.S. that being spewed by Kaminski and most of the rest of you …..

      “We must stem the tide of German migrants into North America because the Germans are savages and they are bent on raping our women.”


      1. @ Save The Goyim

        Re: The demonization of Germans: Hauptmann and the Lindbergh kidnapping aka “Crime of the Century” in jews-news

        Them jews killed 2 birds with 1 stone. Charles Lindbergh Jr. was a charismatic popular hero and populist who in his own mild-mannered way was as much a critic of jewish power as was his father, the Congressman from Minnesota, who tried to stop the passing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1914, which, as most Darkmooners already know, was when the Rothschild kikejews officially sealed the deal on the good ole US of A.

        “This [Federal Reserve Act] establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President (Woodrow Wilson) signs this bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized….the worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill.” ― Charles A. Lindbergh Sr.

    1. Yes, Leo –

      It has been complicates by over several centuries of lies.

      The tricks and cover-ups and fraud continue to be orchestrated from London.

      Blair’s actions were a repetition of what his predecessors had done.

      From another source:

      To understand the brand of fanaticism that Wahhabism inculcated, it is first necessary to recognize that Islam called upon all Muslims, regardless of their race or nationality, to see themselves as brothers in faith. The killing of another Muslim was strictly forbidden.

      However, as part of their strategy of Divide and Conquer, the British hoped to pit the Arab Muslims against their Turkish brothers.

      The only way to do so was to find a loophole in Islamic law whereby the Arabs could declare the Turks as apostates. (Pharisee Barristers in action, as usual.)

      But, the Wahabbi movement was insignificant without the allegiance of the….
      Saudi family, who, despite claims otherwise, were descended from a Jewish merchant from Iraq.

      Orthodox jurists of the time branded the Wahhabis as heretics, and condemned their fanaticism and intolerance. Nevertheless, the Wahhabis then demonstrated their contempt for their pretended faith by indiscriminately slaughtering Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

      The Wahhabis then set about destroying all the holy tombs and burial grounds.

      They stole the Prophet’s treasure, which included holy books, works of art and innumerable priceless gifts sent to the city during the previous thousand years. The leather and gilt bindings of the Islamic holy books they had destroyed were used to make sandals for the Wahhabi criminals.

  11. jewish domination means all this and more. Criminals unpunished and heroes persecuted, honest men in tatters and burglairs and prostitutes swimming in money. Everything upside down, Satan rules.
    Soon the best of ourselves will answer the call of the martyrized , we will fight the evil agents who will scatter again in the remote corners of the earth seeking protection. <the clever bastards are already flattering Putin and the chinese. Once Frankfurten revolutionary , Bolsheviks ,Roosvelt brains trusters, than neocons , eurointegrationists. What next ? Maybe euroasianist ? More probably neo sino imperialist, due to the massive wealth in the hands of an already centralized society with high inequality and people used to submission. The fight will never ends. It is the eternal battle beetween good and evil. We all are to be part in it . Blair, Bush ,Obama , Hollande Renzi, are just judahs who sold their souls for money,sex and power. Who will stand for truth ?

    1. Roman –

      “What next ? Maybe euroasianist ? More probably neo sino imperialist..”

      The plan is to connect Beijing to London and ALL points in between, including Russia and ME.

      The global corporate plantation planners show us that this is next—- soon:

      Portions of the ‘Iron Silk Road’ route go right through Iran, to pick up oil and gas, linking all of Europe and Russia with Asia.

      Iran is the ‘Middle East Connection’ for sales to Europe and Asia.

      The Southern Corridor of the ‘Iron Silk Road’ goes through Iran to Teheran….
      To and from Delhi, India….
      To and from Shenzhen+Shanghai+Hong Kong, China.

      The ‘southern spur’ of the MAIN Central Corridor drops down to Tehran also.

      ALL of these projects are controlled by London Pharisee bankers.

      You can see the plan to connect Beijing to London with a route which will reduce cargo travel time from 15 days to only TWO days… as stated in the LEGEND:

  12. I realize that this is something of an off-topic comment, it just seems to me that scapegoating Arabs and Moslems is simply a FASHIONABLE thing to do in this day and age. Exactly WHO determines what the prevailing “fashion-du-jour” is, and exactly WHO it is who decides what’s deemed as being fashionable and what’s deemed as not being fashionable, is something that’s best left to the collective imagination.

    1. All you have to do is look at the output of the Western MSM to work out that question… and who owns those publications and channels.

    2. @Save the Goyim.

      “I realize that this is something of an off-topic comment, it just seems to me that scapegoating Arabs and Moslems is simply a FASHIONABLE thing to do in this day and age. Exactly WHO determines what the prevailing “fashion-du-jour” is, and exactly WHO it is who decides what’s deemed as being fashionable and what’s deemed as not being fashionable, is something that’s best left to the collective imagination.”

      I adore off-topic, but only when it is connected with the JWO. I don’t subscribe to being told what to write about because most articles on here revolve around jewish domination, one way or another.

      Jews determine the “fashion-du-jour”, that’s why most people in the West don’t give a fucking damn about Palestinian people or any other Muslims. They have been brain-washed utterly by Jewish media to hate Muslims, just like they were during and after WW2 about the Germanic people. Lies, lies and more lies. Now there is the internet to expose some truths, but is there much enlightenment? I don’t think so. There’s masses of information about the deception of 9/11 but so few people want to know.

      1. @ Red Onions

        I don’t think any of your comments are really “off-topic”. They are always in some way related to the central issues being discussed here. Keep up the good work!

  13. UK’s former prime minister and Quartet (the US, EU and Russia) envoy for the Middle East since 2002, Tony Blair, has a new job at Europe’s major Zionist lobby group as its new policeman to shield Zionists’ and Israeli crimes.

    One has to give credit to the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR) to select Tony Blair over Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper to fight anti-Semitism by assuming chairmanship of a pan-European body that campaigns for strong laws to fight delegitimization of the Zionist entity.

    The European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation is brainchild of Russian millionaire Jew, Moshe Kantor, president of European Jewish Congress and the of World Holocaust Forum. Ex-Spanish prime minister José María Aznar (1996-2004) is also an executive member of the ECTR. In June 2010, José María Aznar penned an Op-Ed at Jewish TIME magazine, entitled, If Israel goes down, we all go down.

    Personally, I think Stephen Harper, a top Muslim hater, would have been a better choice. He has been honored by Israeli president Peres, prime minister Netanyahu and Jewish lobby groups in Israel, the US and Canada more than any other pro-Israel world leaders.

    Tony Blair, has made tens of million dollars by creating wars and conflict around the world and lobbying for dictatorial regimes. He is sought for war crimes by several groups.

    In 2012, Tony Blair along with George Bush was declared a War Criminal by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal (KLWCT) in Malaysia.

    Tony Blair, a professional liar, would find his new highly-paid position very easy to handle. He will feel no shame to call every critic of Israel, “anti-Semite”, “Holocaust denier,” or “anti-Israel”.

    Last year, British MP George Galloway announced to make a documentary entitled, The Killing of Tony Blair. Watch trailer below.

    1. @Rehmat
      “Last year, British MP George Galloway announced to make a documentary entitled, The Killing of Tony Blair. Watch trailer below.”

      Rehmat. Do not trust George Galloway. On a radio show he went ballistic when a member of the public questioned the Holocaust. On another show when a caller said 9/11 was an “inside job” (the caller didn’t even mention jews) he said” the doctors in white coats should take him away.” He is not what he appears to be.

  14. Hey friends dear friends aquitances blog buddies and quiet readers just in case you wanna check out ISIS new site it is make sure you write it just like i did above otherwise snitches will report it This site was possible with the help of pakistani brothers input Victory awaits us after winter, Sorry for typos its a sat phone similar to bin ladens only its broken al salam u aleikum back to watching denzel washington on ellie’s book

  15. I don’t know whether it’s the fact that I am getting older but today’s crop of leaders in the USA and UK don’t appear manly anymore. Take Blair, his adenoidal voice and suppressed hysteria (which the MSM called “passion”) remind me of a 4th form head boy or prefect in secondary school. Cameron and Obama are the same. My mother when she was alive, shortly after Blair’s election said. “He isn’t a man!” In 2001, I attended a service in Kanchanaburi honoring some Veterans of the Death Railway, they also described him in the most scathing terms, “as a little girl”! Is this now a trend in the US and UK, elect semi-men as leaders?

    1. The troops teased General Patton, behind his back, about his high pitched squeaky feminine voice.

      One supporter remarked.. “Do me a favor, walk to your nearest army base and call General Patton effeminate.”

  16. More thoughts on white murder … Whites went and killed alot of other whites in. Dresden and it didnt matter to them … They killed a whole lot of them but check this out the neo cons who were the ones continue to wil elections today People actually made long lines to buy. George w Bush book! But listen to this Whites killed 6 million jews in ovens and gas chambers and seventy years later today they deny they did it and or try to reduce the numbers even when Merkel the german leader told. Bibi yesterday that it was germany that was the perptrator not the palestinians like he said a few days ago trying to stir hate and start shit in the west bank.. He said this because many jews went out in tel aviv demanding an end to the occupation … BUt whats funny is that after all the white people other white people have killed they still engage in silly conversations going “russians are white, right?”Or “actually, mr so and so iranians are caucasians” or excuseme mr, “jews are whites” “No sir no way, they are not” motherfucker you just got through killing them who cares? Lol

  17. Iraq and Saddam Hussein had many front companies for weapons in US and Britain:

    Meed International was a company set up by the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein in the late 1980’s and 1990’s to procure material and technology for Saddam’s covert procurement network. The principals in Meed were Fabel Jawad Khadum, Roy Ricks, and Anees Wadi. All three were later disclosed to be Iraqi agents.
    Fabel Jawad Khadum was an agent for Saddam Hussein’s government in the late 1980’s and 1990’s who was part of a covert procurement network which was determined to develop weapons for Iraq.

    In that effort he worked closely with Safa-al-Habobi,Anees Waadi, and Roy Ricks, who controlled an Iraqi front company known as Matrix Churchill. Khadum served on the boards of several companies set up by those three men, which were fronts for Saddam’s regime.

    TMG Engineering was a British company at the centre of the Arms-to-Iraq affair.

    Among other things, TMG was the parent company of Matrix Churchill, a front company for Saddam Hussein’s government that was at the center of efforts in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

    “On October 23, 1987 TMG Engineering LTD acquired TI Machine Tools of Coventry, Britain (soon afterwards renamed Matrix Churchill Ltd.). Matrix Churchill was a leading British tool-maker, which in turn controlled several divisions and subsidiaries. TDG owned 89 percent of the shares of TMG Engineering. Four Matrix Churchill Directors, including the managing director of Matrix Churchill Ltd.

    Paul Henderson, controlled 11 percent of the shares under the name Echosabre. In early 1988, Admincheck, controlled by Anees Wadi and Roy Ricks, bought a small fraction of these shares. Iraq’s procurement leader, Safa al Habobi was the chairman of TDG, TMG Engineering, and Matrix Churchill Ltd.

    TMG also bought Matrix Churchill Corporation in the United States which had been a distribution agent for Matrix Churchill in the United States, and Newcast Foundries Ltd. in Britain which made castings for Matrix Churchill.

    (in the 90s)Rep. Henry B. Gonzalez (D-Tex.), whose House Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs Committee has been investigating Matrix Churchill and the Administration’s policies toward Iraq, said: “The Administration knew a great deal about Saddam Hussein’s military procurement program and made a conscious decision to tolerate it, and in many cases facilitated the effort.”

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