Trapped in a poison fog

How Jewish media’s false stories turn everyone into senseless slaves

By John Kaminski


The world is in the trouble it’s in because people believe what they read in the newspapers and see on TV. 

They don’t realize that the lying faces of the insincere announcers and the false invective of cynical editors and writers are all financed by the same manipulators who cause all these colossal wars and produce all these overpriced poisons because there are no better ways to make astronomically large amounts of money.

Anybody who is not an idiot can realize that the world can’t afford what these psychopaths are trying to sell.

Television tells us who are are, where we’ve been and what we want. Deviation from these depictions risks scorn from our neighbors and ostracism by our peers. Disbelief earns expulsion from ordinary society, maybe worse. We don’t realize it, because we’re having too much fun, but TV turns us into good slaves.

I ran into a relative I had never met before and eventually I began telling her about my books. When I mentioned that Osama bin Laden had been dead for a decade and his body was kept in cold storage in preparation for when his “capture” would be politically useful, her eyes got really wide.

Then I told her about the three Israelis who went on TV and admitted they were sent to New York to “document” the 9/11 event. At that point I thought she was going to call the cops on me. Like so many others, her mind was trapped in the headlines that the world has accepted as fact but never were close to being true.

In fact, although most people sense something is “wrong” with the story, the vast majority of Americans still believes that Muslim terrorists were responsible for the events of 9/11, thanks precisely because mainstream media and cowardly politicians everywhere keep hammering home the same false story.

You must know it has always been this way. History has always been a conglomeration written by the spinmeisters, “getting over” on a gullible public that pretty much believes whatever they’re told.

We trust the world we live in. How else could it be? We trust our parents. From them we learn the world. Initially we trust our playgrounds, our games, our heroes. These are practice sessions for our future lives. We leave the false games behind us, and the valid lessons that we keep later shape our lives.

But where did our parents learn what they know? Was what they taught us correct? And more to the point, after we learn what we need from our parents, where do we learn what we know? What do we learn from the fact that today in California kids need 53 vaccinations before they are allowed to go to school?

And the bigger question is this: Is what WE learn correct? When we get old enough to question the sources of the information on which we base our lives, we quickly learn it is mostly INcorrect. Someone has put it there to deceive us in order to control us.

In other words, reality is impossible to see when you rely on newspapers to tell you how it is.

Which is why, in all instances, it is so important, so crucial to our freedom, not to trust them, especially in this era of false flag, government contrived atrocities.

Today, staged atrocities to reinforce totalitarian political goals are the dominant media paradigm. How many more fake shootings is it going to take to make us realize this?

Sure, many memes of information are beneficial to us, like the growing awareness that sugar, which we crave, shortens our lives and ruins our health.

But spending billions on bombing deserts rats that we have been deliberately trying to miss? Makes it hard to imagine what somebody would have to do to get charged with treason nowadays, when all the major politicians are committing treason every day and getting fabulously rich because of it.

We must remember that the description of the world scenario our parents painted for us is largely mythological. History did not come down the way they said it did. Every day there is another revelation that proves this point.

Most people still don’t get the memos, or comprehend the true picture. They’re too busy with their mundane lives to devote their leisure time to verifying what the world tells them, what they learn from their peers, neighbors and acquaintances. They generally accept what is presented to them, and move on. For most, life is not rocket science. And this attitude is what shortens the lives and damages the quality of those lives for the vast majority of people on this planet.

But a study of how this false history gets inculcated into the minds of its victims clearly shows that the people committing crimes on a scale grander than most people can imagine are the very shysters providing the information that leads people in the wrong direction, that mobilizes them for wars that don’t need to be fought, and convinces them to consume products and eat foods that are very, very bad for them.

As a result, throughout history, humanity has been lost in this poison fog that reaps riches for the clever few and heaps misery on the manipulated majority.

These lies leave permanent scars on the world, and create people who don’t even know where they are, what they want, or how much they harm everything, including themselves and the ones they love.

We Americans are going through such an injury now, when the Russians have exposed our lies over the bombing of Syria. Coming on the heels of 15 years of deception since the 9/11 caper, even the dumbest Americans can see all these media stories trumpeting the alleged need of the United States to conduct all these overseas invasions are nothing but more of the hot air fueling the poison fog that keeps Americans in the dark about what the lunatics who have taken control of the country are actually doing.

And the really dangerous thing is that those morons who believe the tripe in the big newspapers or the self-serving fantasies on the Jewish networks are more than likely to call the cops on us when we tell them that Jews control the White House or that Osama bin Laden was really a CIA flunky who worked for Zbigniew Brzezinski when he was going by the name of Tim Osman.

When they hear us say the truths we have learned, redneck cops trained in Israel are likely to taze us and drag us off to the local infirmary for a shot of Thorazine, and bang! there goes our brain. This is a likely scenario as more and more Americans simply refuse to be enlightened and don’t have the courage to challenge the lies that are being crammed down their throats by paid off sluts in uniform who don’t really care whose lives they ruin of people who are only trying to tell the truth.

Those clued in to the 9/11 deception have become aware that the lies we were told about that fateful day really extend back throughout the 20th century. Both World Wars never needed to be fought, but the need for them was hammered into the minds of Americans by these poison media that cleverly champion the moneymaking crimes conducted by the real power brokers who pick the presidents and determine who will live and who will die.

These same media promote their hollow spokespeople and suppress the histories of such genuine American heroes as Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh and Joe McCarthy, who tried to warn us about the insidious Jewish menace that — a hundred years ago! — wrapped its toxic tentacles around the essential mechanisms of the American government and ever since has been strangling the world to death with its false representations.

Thanks to the suppression of the warnings these men tried to give us by a poison media that keeps us all in a disorienting fog, the Jews have largely succeeded in turning the country and the world into their own profitable abattoir, while the mass of the population continues to live their lives in a pathetic state of unconsciousness, and the small minority who does see the century-old deception flounders around in a frustrating search for a solution to this lethal Jewish trick that has been played upon the world.

Nothing was more absurd or erroneous than descriptions of the recent invasion of Ukraine by Western mercenaries that was passed off as an invasion by Russia in the Western press. All the lackey American allies quickly lined up behind the false story, and for a few weeks the world teetered on the brink of World War 3 all because of the lie the Jewish media had forced into the minds of people around the world.

This is why it critically important not to accept the false dictates of mainstream news. There is no difference between what you hear on TV and what comes out of the mouths of politicians. That should tell you something. It should tell you that there is no difference. And it should tell you that there is no real journalism anymore, at least not on the mainstream level.

The key piece missing from the mainstream narrative is that Jews are invisible, that Jewish influence is never factored into discussions, particularly of a political nature, but also in all the other categories, be it schools, medicine, the law and law enforcement  . . . whatever the category, the Jewish factor in all of them is omitted, or at least downplayed, for the very simple reason that Jews control the worldwide media, at very close to one hundred percent, so that news of their undeniable desire to control the entire world is never mentioned in virtually all mainstream news stories.

As a result, humanity is suffocating, not from lack of oxygen, but from lack of objective truth. Humanity is being suffocated by the Jews, who wish all non Jews to be semiconscious slaves purposed only do the insane pathological bidding of this one conscienceless group that essentially hates life, hates the fate it has chosen for itself, and is intent on making everyone else feel as bad about life as they do.

And this is the poison fog that Jews spread throughout the world through their terrifying control of all communicative media. These are toxic enterprises that turn good into evil and evil into good, and seek to diminish the awareness of human beings down to their own level, playing rigged games in a fetid darkness in which only monsters may thrive.

John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

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  1. One of the finest feats of Judaic deceit is when they can portray their enemies as public enemies – the truth being the exact opposite.

    They did it with Hitler, the Jesuits, the REAL Muslims (mostliy Shia although Sunnis are starting to wake up too) and Putin, quite successfully and nowhere more successfully than in one country where their brain-destroying techniques were employed to the fullest measure.


      I’m not surprised there aren’t female Darkmooners opining at DM lately. If Shelly Rubin is TOO distraught to opine, then ipso facto all the other female Darkmooners are TOO distraught to opine, Shelley Rubin plays all the female roles/parts here at Darkmoon, she always has, 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 .

      Oh, I almost forgot : If the link doesn’t work, go fuck yourselves. if link does work, go fuck yourselves, 😉 .

  2. Thanks, John –

    This is most definitely the case:

    “This is why it critically important not to accept the false dictates of mainstream news. There is no difference between what you hear on TV and what comes out of the mouths of politicians.[….]”

    That is particularly true of the heads of every country in the world. They must lie to get in and deceive to stay there.

  3. Most of the “truth tellers” in “our” “alternative” media are hydra-headed, two-faced, double-minded, dissimulating, cognitive-dissonant-inducing lying basturds. Darkmoon, which is a code-word for the jew’s Qabalah, is NOT an exception. How Lasha looks out at her readers with the One Eye of Horus. Pretty much says it all, right there, with Lasha, her name “Darkmoon” , which is code for “jew’s Qabalah”, and her One Eye of Horus. I guess Lasha is keeping one eye out for Big Bull Zibbi, the lost ZIBBI of Osiris. Just in case the Big Strong Macho Moon Bull comes trampling by with its Big Macho Zibbi looking for some jew pussy. The two can fuck each other on the Dark Side of the Moon with sista Lucy in the sky in diamonds flying around like Peter Pan in the Garden of Cafour for all I give a shit on a magic carpet ride to Mountain View, Provo, Austin and Chicago with ali baba, his 40 associates, and his 313 helper angels, ali baba’s Moon Bull and his One Eye of Horus, and his “Darkmoon” which is a code-word for the jew’s Qabalah.

  4. All that you’ve said John, has happened to me for telling the truth. My neighbors no longer talk to me, I am outed from get-togethers when discussions become political and I think, “hey, why not enlighten these folks”. Some genteel ladies had to walk away being totally disgusted at the “disrespect” I show the US. These flag wavers were horrified when I told them just 3 weeks ago that Iran, Russia , Syria natch, and Hezbollah were the only terrorist fighters in the M.E. and that the USA was actually funding and arming the terrorists. OMG, all hell broke loose.
    I keep telling myself, I must watch Fox news to get a handle on what is being said, but frankly, my blood pressure skyrockets after 5 minutes of that. Nontheless, I will try again if for no other reason to be able to draw the parallel between what they say and what the truth is. See, I only know one side. The side that makes perfect sense to me. That has never been Fox news and all their Jewish pundits who endless spout the same narrative.
    When asked by these same genteel ladies, “who did 9/11”, I said, “why Israel naturally”. Complete silence. I remain hopeful that more people wake up to reality, but sadly that is not the case in my world. The truth is, if you’re not intellectually curious and have no computer from which differing opinions are expressed, you will never know the truth. I remain a solitary, ostracized truther in an incredibly ignorant world. No problem.

    1. @Cindy.

      You are not alone. Keep up the good work. I used to get frustrated and sometimes angry with trying to point out facts to friends that are contrary to the history and propaganda we have been fed all our lives. I’m more chilled now, and because of that I think they take a little more notice. It’s strange isn’t it, unless Fox News, Sky News or the BBC say the “Jews DID IT”, none of my close circle will take much notice of my critique over the MSM propaganda.

      1. Thanks Cindy and Red onions. I have yet to speak the J word to any of my acquaintences, though i have to some work mates at least on the subject of 9/11 and the lies of the 6 million. Indeed, here in the UK one could be figuratively hung drawn and quartered for hate speech.

        Yet Jews can openly denigrate those who oppose them. 2 personal jewish anecdotes:

        1) Jewish boss recently returned first visit to Israel. I asked him how was it it -“Like going home” well I was Zio neutral so it passed (also I wanted to keep my job – how cowardly is that). The conversation continued and resentment on non-jews to jews came up. From memory these are the guy’s words paraphrased – “people are jealous of jews because we do things better”

        Every year he would hold a company meeting and promise that all would share in the success of the business. Eventually he sold the business for about £6 million and rewarded his staff by sacking 16 people because part of the payout was based on gross profit. He did not give any of the remaining employees any bonus.

        And he also offered to buy shares from one of his partners (who was unaware of the proposed sale). This was pure adulterous talmudic psycho behaviour.

        2) Residing in Stoke Newington – London – the Hassidic province of Stamford Hill was 2 minutes walk away. As a lover of rye bread, I ventured into a jewish store and asked for some rye bread. The owner was a ginger haired semite wearing a kippah and beard. He pointed to a loaf and I bought it (even though it looked like it was a plain white loaf). I paid and left. During the whole transaction, the jew never spoke to me. When I ate the bread it was clear that he had sold me white bread under the guise of rye bread.

        State of the world today. To paraphrase Mr Kurtz in Heart of darkness “Expose the brutes”

    2. a solitary, ostracized truther in an incredibly ignorant world

      it is said that truth will set you free.

      well, at least it set you free from the incredibly ignorant, cowardly morons and that is no small feat, you don’t have to suffer fools anymore.

    3. @ Cindy

      I know exactly what you mean.
      These days many people are awake thanks to the net. But being conscious and aware of reality is often a lonely experience off line. One feels like a shouting person in the desert (expression in my native language), in an ocean of ignorant, unconscious morons who don’t even want to wake up and refuse to even think. It’s like living in a horror movie. But you know what, Cindy? Don’t waste any more energy on these fools. They fully deserve their fate. Funnel your intellect and energy to manoeuvre yourself into a state wherein you at least are not a supporting citizen of Orwellia. I’ve done it. You can do it too I hope.

  5. Your “alternative” media with your Alex Emerick Jones as the leader, I have news for all you Darkmooners, you all got Russian Bear shit smeared all over your jew faces, for never mentioning how jew ISIS/ISIL truly is, for promoting the meme that ISIS/ISIL was really somehow “Islamic”, for Darkmoon’s lauding of “takfiri muslims” [ “takfiri muslims” = code word for “jews pretending to be “muslims” and committing acts of jew terrorism under the guise of being “muslims” ; How lobro and Ingrid LERV their “takfiri muslims”, and it’s too late now to deny it, the two already left the jew clue about Darkmoon, “Darkmoon” being a code-word for the jew’s “Qabalah”. Qabalah and the Talmud being conjoined, so Darkmoon is Talmudic really]. I guess qabalah/talmud Darkmoon never expected Putin to intervene in the Middle East. “We got the square jawed Americans fighting for us, Putin will never attempt to interfere in the Middle East when we got our American square-jawed Christian Zionist soldiers protecting Israel” I guess is the way the jew Darkmooners thought. Putin just turned the jew’s world upside-down, and one result of Putin interfering in the Middle East, one result out of many good results, is that your “Darkmoon” and your whole “alternative” media has Putin’s Russian Bear shit smeared all over your “Darkmoon”, your Alex Emerick Jones, and so many others in your “alternative” “media, including Putin’s Russian Bear Shit smeared all over the face of your John snake kike minski, your Paul Craig Roberts, your “Uncle Toby”, your “Pope Julian”, your sista Lucy, your Mount of Crisco oil congealed, your “Darkmoon” play-pretend “Muslim” readers/commentators, your MachtNichts, your “Fr. John”, your Dublinsmick, your Chechar, your Moonbattery, so many others too innumerable to mention [ without using up all of qabalah-talmud “Darkmoons” band width space]. Eat Russian Bear shit, jews of qabalah-talmud “Darkmoon”, and you’re all jews here at “Darkmoon”, as sure as Russian Bears bomb & blow up jews with ali baba rags on their “takfiri muslim” jew heads, you’re all jews, and you all got Putin’s Russian Bear Shit smeared all over your jew faces. Now lobro really has something to be a WOEbro about. Now his weltshmerz shall be real weltschmerz suffering, no longer jew play-pretend suffering, but real Weltschmerz , 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 : Cause I know how much you jew Darkmooners LERV your smirky faces, : ) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 . ROFLMFAO at your snake pit you call “Darkmoon” code word for your jew Qabalah, and by solid inference, code word also for your jew talmud. But Kaminski really doesn’t know you’re all a bunch of hydra-headed jew snakes, 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 . LMFAO!!!! Paul Craig Roberts and “Fr. John” don’t know either, I suppose, lol.

      1. JFC –

        Looks like a gathering of TROJ and friends camped out in same clothes all night waiting to get the Talmud newly released on Kindle. Just told door will open in 2 minutes.. 🙂

    1. hey, go easy on TROJ, I mean, would any of you trade places with him?

      says he has a dog and i know the reason why, so that when neighbors complain about frenzied barking day and night, they end up blaming the dog.

  6. jews are the only ones investing in information

    there are probably some honest sites in the alternative media, but i couldn’t name you one … jews have made lots of websites and characters telling us more and more truth … their minds still subscribe to the duplicity, but their souls are crying out to change … some have changed

    it is mathematically impossible for the devil to make good on all his promises … the pyramid scam works in quarantine because there is an exponential ratio of insects and bacteria to humans … jews and their minions spend most lifetimes as insects/bacteria, the zombies probably as inanimate sticks and stones

    when you have lived in the dark for so long, it is natural to be afraid of the light … and you want to make other people feel scared the way you do … everything will be ok, keep telling us more

    1. @ Flying Cossack

      “. . . there are probably some honest sites in the alternative media, but i couldn’t name you one.”

      How about this one? I assure you we are pretty honest. Anyway, we’re innocent until proven guilty! 🙂

      1. since jews are the only ones funding information sites, a website is jewish until proven otherwise

        i don’t think henry ford funded brother nathanael’s or lasha’s career

        most of what you present here is true … but there are a few big lies:

        1. blaming international jewry’s crimes on usa … even kaminski’s articles will mention america 3-10 times for each time it says jew/israel … blaming “the west” for international jewry is jewry’s escape plan … predictive programming, so that when future history books blame usa, people will say “that’s right”

        2. celebrating russia … russia has killed a lot more gentiles than usa has … if you are going to celebrate russia and putin, then show how gentiles have taken back russia … no one has answered this yet because it has no answer … jews control both usa and russia … exaggerating differences between the two leads to 3.

        3. fermenting an east-west war … jews control most of the countries in the east as in the west … an east-west conflict wouldn’t solve international jewry … it would provide an environment of chaos, during which they will try to murder all jew wise people … like they did in WW1 and WW2

        these lies are being cleverly sold by a lot of alternative media sites … they give you honesty about 911 and holocausts, only to shoehorn people into gentile v gentile conflicts, the same goal as mainstream media

  7. Excellent article, John. The MSM is now the opiate of Joe and Jane Public. I just saw an article today on how 51% of American workers are earning less than $30.000 per annum. How can a family live on that? Another 92 million Americans outside the work force. Yes, the media is doing an “excellent” job of keeping the population supine and stupid. What I find frightening is how the so-called young and educated university graduates are brainwashed. Listen to them dismiss any alternate viewpoint as “fascist” “nazi” “anti-semitic” “conspiracy nutjob” and so on! Look at the UK, it now has the second highest external debt in the world after the US. But as a proportion of GDP is much higher 406% of GDP! And the stupid morons think their country is under sound economic management!

  8. The more I learn about these sneaky ratlike creatures, the prouder I am that my ancestors never joined the Zionist Powers. Despite bullying from that fat jewish twat Churchill. In fact my ancestors helped our fellow White Powers in Germany, Italy and France. Tho officially neutral, my family in Ireland did all they could to destroy the ZP. They wod leave the lights on so that the Luftwaffe that flew north from Vichy France could navigate landmarks better. This allowed the Luftwaffe to crush the ZP H&W naval bases in Belfast and Glasgow. Yes very proud indeed.

  9. Who will be Putin’s – Rasputin? If the world’s axis is tilted then Syria is north of Israel and now that Russia has entered Syria is Bible prophecy coming true. I don’t understand why Putin doesn’t spill the beans on the holocaust since Bibi is into revisionist history and blaming the Palestinians for it. What an asshole, excuse me an asshole is useful you can shit through it.

  10. Edgar Cayce defines Hitler Israel Jews


    It took me 25 years to find this quote, from Edgar Cayce’s reading #5377-1. Cayce makes it very clear

    Israel does NOT refer to the Jews, but to Truth Seekers.

    No wonder this never sees the light of day. The numbers following these quotes refer to specific readings given by Cayce, and can be confirmed by the A.R.E., his organization.

    CAYCE QUOTE: Let there be the study, the closer study of the promises which are made in the book [BIBLE], yes, the history of the Jew; yet these HAVING FAILED,

    who is Israel? Not the Jew, but

    Israel is THE SEEKER AFTER TRUTH. 5377-1

    Other related Cayce quotes:

    For those WHO SEEK are indeed Israel,

    Israel indeed is ALL who seek;

    meaning not those as of the children of Abraham,

    but of every nation, every tribe, every tongue — Israel of the Lord!

    This is the full meaning of Israel. 2772-1

    Q: What should be understood be the statement (Genesis 49:10)
    “The sceptre has not departed from Israel”?


    Israel is the chosen of the Lord and that His promise, His care, His love has not departed from those


    This is the meaning, this should be the understanding to all.

    Those that seek are Israel.

    So Abraham means call; so Israel means those who seek.

    How obtained the supplanter the name Israel? For he wrestled with the angel, and he was face to face with the seeking to know His way. 262-28

    Citations from the book: The Edgar Cayce Companion, A.R.E. Press, compiled and published by B. Ernest Frejer, 5th Printing June 1999. copyright 1995. Available in MANY bookstores $22.95.

    More Edgar Cayce And Jews:

    Edgar Cayce stated that Hitler was guided by spirit, but ultimately went astray.

    These readings also took me 25 years to uncover, and I’ve only found them in a book that is not readily found in most bookstores, and would certainly NOT be available if its contents were known:

    Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Old Testament by Robert W. Krajenke (first published 1973, fifth printing 1997, A.R.E. Press, Virginia Beach, VA)


    Cayce on Hitler (Nov. 4, 1933: Reading #3976)

    “The reading tells us [Hitler] could have brought ‘light to the world’… [and was] called [here] for a purpose.”

    CAYCE: [Hitler] is called for a purpose as has been given; not only in the affairs of a nation, but as the affairs of the world

    As he stands much in the position as did Jehu, as regards that people that *think* (Cayce’s emphasis) themselves oppressed.”….

    “It would be well that each interested in the policies, and in which is the directing influence in the life of the dictator of Hitler, study that which has been the impelling influence in the *man*,

    in the mind as it acceded to power; for few does power not destroy, as men. Yet this man, unless there is material change, will survive even that.”….

    “If the power is held in that line as it has been directing in the present …there will rise a new ideal in the hearts, in the minds of the people.

    If imperialism among the people is kept in abeyance, great may be the rewards to this peoples, this nation. [Germany]”

    Q-1: Analyze Hitler’s attitude toward the Jews

    A-1. CAYCE: When the *character* of those that have received, in a manner, their dictations — or the dictates of the activity of the director in affairs [God/spiritual] — is considered, then it will be understood how that this is but that dictation which was given of old;

    and how that those peoples though they were called — have wandered far afield,

    and their rebelliousness and their seeking into the affairs of others has rather brought them into their present position.

    Read they not that which has been given?

    “When ye forsake my ways ye shall be scattered, ye shall be without those things that would bring ye into the knowledge — until that time is fulfilled.

    ” Hence that attitude that is assumed is rather a fulfillment of that prophecy that has been made, and is the beginning of the return that must come throughout the earth (Reading #3976). (Nov. 4, 1933)

    Q-7: Why is it that apparently Hitler is making a mistake in initiating policies that seem to be antagonizing the world? (Nov. 4, 1933)

    CAYCE: Because the world has not yet understood wholly Hitler’s policies.

    For these are initiated rather from the spiritual source:

    and the world is very material-minded, and oft understands little of spiritual direction or dictation.

    But they must come to understand, unless there is more injection of the imperialistic influences… (Reading #3976-13).

    “As more and more question marks arose about Hitler’s rise to power, a question was asked in a subsequent world affairs reading of 1935.”

    Q-4: Explain the relation between the information just given regarding Germany and the changes for this year, and the information already given through this channel [Cayce] on Hitler.

    CAYCE: Read that, my children, that has been given;

    that there was the destiny for the man, if he did not allow imperialism to enter in … and it is entering. Hence must be called into question. (Reading #3976) p. 81

    NOTES from the book:

    Was Jehu psychically developed as the readings imply Hitler was?

    If so, then both men were open to a deeper source of unconscious vitality, energy, and charisma, which made them “chosen” leaders.

    There were subjective channels of a higher force.

    How they used — or allowed that energy to be used becomes the personal responsibility of that soul.

    The book text goes on to say,

    “Although this reading was emphatic about Hitler’s opportunity to fulfill a divine mission, the [Cayce’s} association in 1933 with Jehu was, for a student of the Bible, grimly prophetic.” p. 80

    Mat 23:33 Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?

    Mat 23:34 Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, wise men, and scribes: some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall you scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city:

    Mat 23:35 That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom you slew between the temple and the altar.

    Mat 23:36 Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this generation.

    The names of Witchcraft Council of 13 which is under Rothschild control and in turn issue orders to various groups.

    One of the purest form of Satanism can be traced to the Jewish Sabbatain sect and its Frankist spinoff.

    The leaders of this up to the Rothschilds were: Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676) Nathan of Gaza (16??-?) Jacob Frank (1726-1791) Rothschilds


    Let me briefly recap what some of the plan was . And while you read these plans that I am relaying to you from my intensive research on high level Satanism, see if you don’t see the irony in the Satanic plans .

    How very ironic it is that in all the twisted thinking and reasoning of the leading Satanists for why they must do things, it is surprising they do not catch on that this plan of Satan’s is going to achieve

    God’s revealed plan . How pride does blind us! (For the sake of brevity I will dispense with my normal method of documenting everything;

    I suggest that my book Be Wise As Serpents be read for documentation, and further questions be written to me . Otherwise this article would be way to bulky for the newsletter.)

    The “brilliant” plan given in detail to the Illuminati was to create a thesis and its opposite called the antithesis . The process would repeat itself until the desired outcome .

    Out of the battle between the two would emerge the synthesis .

    Out of the battle of chaos would come a new order reminding us of the Masonic slogan “Order out of Chaos.”

    If the thesis were like a hammer and the antithesis like an anvil, what was caught in between would be broken or reshaped .

    Three world wars would enable the plan to work.

    The hammer would be constructed and then given a homeland, a secure base in Russia .

    It is what we call communism.

    The first anvil would be created out of economic chaos in Germany . It would be called National Socialism .

    That anvil would be destroyed in a Second World War, but another anvil would replace it called democracy.

    The first two world wars accomplished exactly what they were intended to accomplish.

    Out of the first world war came:

    (1) A secure Satanic dictatorship in Russia, a secure base to carry out further world subversion.

    (2) The Satanic family of Rothschild’s gained partial control over Palestine, preparing the way for Satan to rule from Jerusalem some day

    (3) Weapons of mass destruction and terror.

    (4) The League of Nations.

    Out of the second world war came:

    (1) The enlargement of their secure base in Russia into a world power.

    (2) complete control over Palestine by the Rothschild’s.

    (3) air power, including long range missiles, jets, secret flying saucers, and powerful submarines, all items that individuals could not produce.

    Those in control of production would therefore control all air and sea ways of the earth.

    (4) The cold war and an era of terror to convince the people of the need for Satan’s One World Order.

    (5) the United Nations .

    Out of the third world war would emerge a new religious system .

    The third world war would have to be tailored to be like the Bible’s Armageddon, Satan told his highest slaves,

    because- if it resembled Armaggeddon, then the people would believe he was the Messiah when he came after its end .

    It would have to be terrible, so that he could step in and bring miraculous order out of a world beaten into chaos by the worst war in history.

    Again it would be “Order out of chaos”, as the Masonic documents repeatedly proclaim.

    The third world war would come during a period of seven years of tribulation .

    Just like the Second World War emerged out of the great world-wide depression.

    Satan told his followers this tribulation would repeat on a larger scale the plagues of Egypt,

    for he would wreck revenge for what was done to Egypt by God (and Moses) by giving back in a bigger way to the world what happened to ancient Egypt .

    To a demonic controlled mind it makes sense to wreck such revenge, especially when the end result is held out to be the salvation of the world by the Light bearer, the Morning Star, also known as Lucifer.

    For most of us, the idea of such pain and destruction seems like demonic madness – which it is.

    At the core of the One-World-System is Satanism.

    It hides itself behind fronts such as Jewish Finance, Socialism, Aryanism, British Israelism, Zionism, and Freemasonry which are tools to get the broad masses to serve the Plan.

    The “conspiracy” to create the One-World-System has enlisted the help of almost everyone.

    That is because most of the religious systems at the top are controlled by Satanists who know what they are doing and direct the people’s religious efforts.

    Nazism was a Pagan Gnostic religious system whose High Priest Hitler knew what he was doing in relation to Satan’s mission.

    The Jewish people (used in its broadest sense) are being used.

    Actually the allegiance of the Satanic hierarchy is not in the least concerned with Judaism, although it appears that at first the plans are to create a religious leader that will have the apparent credentials of the Jewish messiah.

    How sad, because the actions of the Rothschild’s and other Satanic “jewish” bloodlines during W.W. II show

    that their first allegiance is NOT to the Old Testament and not to even Orthodox Judaism, but is purely to Satan.

    At some point in the future the Orthodox Jews and the Conservative Jews will find that this Messiah,

    who is already alive waiting to play his role, will only give them temporary relief.

    They are being taken for a ride and then they will be dumped by the New World Order’s dictatorship.

    Constance Cumbey correctly notices that the New Age movement resembles Nazism exactly to a T .

    For those students wanting to get a detail by detail parallel go to pages 114 to 120 in The Hidden Dangers Of The Rainbow.

    In 1952, James Larratt Battersby in England published The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler for the German World Church in Europe .

    Except for some of his pro-German ideas, obviously thrown in to make the book enlist the intended audience’s favour, the book is an exact description of what would happen in the next 50 years to bring in the New World Order.

    The reason some of the prognostications of pro-German ideas are not valid is that the Satanic hierarchy is not really concerned for the German people either, except to harness their help in their plans .

    Batterby’s Holy Book of Adolf Hitler was given to him “in the spirit” .

    According to Battersby the book was written in order that “May God open the eyes of the Gentiles to Truth, and carry his Holy Gospel to the ends of the earth” .

    The book is an excellent synopsis of what Satan had planned in 1952 and has carried out since to a large degree.

    The ‘Rothschild’s (and other top Satanic families in a lesser way) financed a jewish Mason and devote Satanist named Karl Marx to write his Das Kapital .

    The Satanists controlling key Masonic groups (along with some other groups they controlled) got Communism started.

    The original idea came from Satan, and was given at a Feast of the Beast in meticulous detail to those highest in the Satanic Hierarchy .

    Albert Pike, and Guiseppe Mazzini were two men in strategic positions of control that were let in on the plans.

    After creating International Socialism (communism) a temporary antithesis was created called National Socialism (nazism).

    The process to create National Socialism was to turn again to the Masonic Lodges and other esoteric secret Societies to get it done.

    Therefore, the secret esoteric gnostic and satanic societies along with the Illuminati helped create “the Thule Gesellshaft” (in English the Thule Society) .

    Adolf Hitler was some type of member of this occult Thule Society, along with many other men who later began leading Nazi leaders such as Rudolf Hess.

    The Thule Society used the Masonic/Hindu symbol the Swastika, which the Nazi party then also used as its symbol.

    In other words the grandmother of the Nazi Party was the Masonic Lodges in Germany.

    The Vril was another secret occult group that many of the Nazi leadership belonged to. Hitler also was a member of the Theosophical Society, which has strong Satanic and Masonic ties.

    Both Bailey and Hitler studied from Tibetians, Hindus, occultists, and black magicians. They also both studied the Gnostics, and every major Pagan/Occult religious system.

    A example of how valued the Swastika was for Freemasons before Hitler ruined its image, is a quote from Joseph Fort Newton, a Baptist Minister and high ranking Mason,

    “The second of these volumes also contains an essay. . . by Thomas Carr, with a list of Lodges, and a study of their history, customs, and emblems- -especially the Swastika .

    Speculative Masons are now said to be joining.., seeking more light on what are called the Lost Symbols of Masonry.”

    After promoting and using the Swastika for years the Freemasons quit using it after Hitler.

    The Holy Book of Hitler provides the answer as to why the Theosophical Society worked so hard to destroy the British Empire.

    It had always at first mystified me why the Theosophical Society Presidents who connected to the Satanic hierarchy would want to ruin the British Empire.

    The reason it seemed strange is that the mother country of Satanism and Witchcraft is Great Britain.

    The center of secret political power is geographically in England.

    And further, one of the largest and most powerful secret fronts for Satanism is British-Israelism.

    The reason why the British Empire was destroyed was that Satan had already determined even before 1870 that the steps to world government would include setting up around 9 or 10 Continental blocs .

    The Union of Europe into one country (or bloc) could not be accomplished while Great Britain had most of her focus on her empire.

    Great Britain as long as she had an empire would never want to join up with Europe.

    In fact all the European nations would have to be convinced to give up their colonies, that is why the World Power got everyone they could get to help fight Portugal in Angola in recent history,

    everyone including the large masonic-controlled Christian denominations who donated millions of dollars to the NCC and WCC which moneys were then passed on to the guerrillas to buy weapons and ammo.

    The Theosophical Society is mostly to blame for India’s independence from Britain . First, the Theosophical Society managed to change British policy so that the British became unpopular.

    Then Theosophical President Besant, who published the largest English paper strongly criticized British rule in her newspapers and eventually was arrested .

    Gandhi and other Indian leaders were involved in Besant being made the President of the Indian Congress Party. And that political party still rules Indian politics .

    The Theosophist Mahatma Gandhi, following in the steps of Theosophical President Annie Besant, led the Indian people against British rule.

    But the final blow to the British Empire was done by another Theosophist–Adolf Hitler.

    It is common knowledge that the powerful blows of Axis attacks in W.W. II struck the death blow to the British Empire, or so we are told.

    The truth is that the elite wanted the Empire to die, and pulled every string to convince the British public and indigenous natives that the Empire was too weak after W . W . II to save the empire and prevent her colonies from independence.

    It is hard for people to grasp that the Illuminati controlled Russia, Great Britain, Germany and France during World War II, but they did.

    Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin were all Masons .

    DeGaulle of France was closely linked with several esoteric groups, and the Priere de Sion and Grand Orient Masons helped him to power in the 50s .

    Churchill was a Zionist and pro-Fabian Socialist . Stalin was a closet satanist . Roosevelt was a Zionist, pro-communist and socialist .

    Both Churchill and Roosevelt came from important elite blood lines . Apparently, Stalin was somewhat independent, but basically did what was expected of him.

    As the previous paragraph indicates the people of the world weren’t ready for a world government, and most not even a united Europe.

    W.W. II was carried out to adjust people’s thinking toward wanting European unity .

    Satan already ruled the world through his secret chain of command, but he wanted to openly rule the world’s hearts and to be publicly hailed as ruler and saviour.

    Who was Hitler? Hitler’s father was the offspring of the Rothschild’s secret breeding program which impregnated his grandmother.

    It appears from the details available, Hitler was groomed for his role, without realizing his heritage at first . It appears that Hitler learned of his Jewish bloodline” after taking over Germany.

    Hitler had romances with many beautiful women. Although Hitler was very strict with his New Age religious practices such as being a vegetarian, that did not include being celibate .

    He did have sex contrary to the deceptions of the Establishment.

    Hitler’s seed (the Rothschild’s powerful generational occult bloodline) was hidden in an Askenazim bloodline, at least part of which has come to the U.S.

    In fact, Hitler’s generational occult power was passed on too .

    This was most likely done by thrusting a knife into his heart, and the person who received his occult power then gulped his last breath with the kiss of death to receive his occult power .

    What I am telling you is that Hitler’s offspring are alive and well and that his terrifying Anti-Christ spirit was passed to someone and is not dead.

    Let me remind you of some of Hitler’s own prophecies about himself and his goals.

    “At the time of supreme peril I must die a martyr’s death for the people. But after my death will come something really great, an overwhelming revelation to the world of my mission.”

    The world was to witness his divinity .

    Further, “My spirit will rise from the grave, and the world will see that I was right.” Von Ribbentrop on Apr. 30, 1945 was told this same thing, “You will see that my spirit will rise from the grave. ”

    National Socialism “is even more than a religion; it is the will to make mankind anew.” “All creative energy will pass to the new man.”

    Hitler claimed to be the real fulfilment of Marx’s socialism. “I am not only the conqueror, but also the executor of Marxism, of that part of it which is essential and justified,

    stripped of its Jewish-Talmudic dogma.” In essence, he is saying whatever veneer of Jewishness that Marx’s satanic plan had, he disagreed with it and would destroy that veneer .

    These type of statements reveal that the essence of the message of various elite men like Hitler is the same Satanic plan if stripped of their variously decorated veneers.

    Hitler is viewed as the Messiah, the Holy Spirit, the martyred Saviour of his people by his followers today.

    The blasphemous Holy Book of Adolf Hitler states, “All hail to God’s Christ and Chosen, Adolf Hitler…Lord of Lords, and King of Kings, the Eternal Adolf Hitler.”

    Such blasphemy . Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Hitler’s Demonic Spirit and Hitler’s descendants both live on today.

    (By the way, some Rothschild descendants such as Hitler’s have come to Christ as their Lord and Savior!)

    Will this powerful occult branch of the Rothschild’s be used again by the New World Order? Whatever the case it is clear that Hitler’s Anti-Christ spirit will get plenty of demonic help.

    The demonic forces that have manifested themselves in National Socialism and International Socialism (aka Communism) demonized much of Europe.

    So much so that Europe officially portrays itself as a beast with Venus on it on a stamp commemorating the Second election of the European Parliament,

    and also as the same forces that tried to build the Tower of Babel on an official poster.

    Not only are the same demons that led communist leaders and nazi leaders operating in Europe’s leaders, but there are armies of demons trampling over anything of moral value in Europe.

    It can be said without a doubt that the “man” who rules the One-World-Government will derive his power from a demonic supernatural source.

    According to Revelations, God is going to have an angel open up a key to the abyss and teeming hordes of demonic spirits shall be descending upon the earth.

    My conclusion is that Satan has so many Anti-Christs available that Hitler’s personal occult power is not necessary for the New World Order’s success.

    I rarely like to comment on the end times from Scriptures because I feel like most people are thoroughly confused about the clear teachings that the Scriptures give.

    2 Thes. 2:3 and other Scriptures make it clear that the Christians must witness a great apostasy and the Anti-Christ being revealed before Christ returns .

    We can live everyday as if it may be our last, but Scriptures are clear that the Apostles did not live each day as if Jesus could return that day.

    They knew that certain things had to happen first . The church has been going through tribulations since Pentecost. The church will go through the “great tribulation” according to the Word of God .

    We will if we are that faithful remnant be spared from the Wrath of God, but we will not be spared from the tribulation of Satan which shall include martyrdom .

    The New Age leaders are fully ready to cooperate with this “cleansing” from the earth of us bothersome disciples of Truth.

    In this respect, their thinking will resemble the Nazi’s rationalizations that people must pay their Karmic debt, and shall benefit from being killed. How truth can be stood on its head!

    The Plans are already drawn up how to use rail lines to move large groups of civilians to labor camps.

    When we compare Nazi Germany with today’s New World Order plans, Nazi Germany can be seen to be the basic model of what Satan’s timetable includes for us these next few years.

    To illustrate that the Pagan religion of Nazism is an example to the Satanists and New Agers, let us ponder Anton LaVey’s (head of a visible Church of Satan) trip to the sacred initiation castle of Hitler’s Black Order the SS .

    The SS apparently brought the Holy Grail to Germany, and hid it before the end of the war .

    On May 2, 1945, a select group of SS officers, those initiated into the higher mysteries of the Nazi Pagan religion, hid the Grail in the Schleigeiss glacier at the foot of 3,000 meter high Hochfeiler mountain .

    Seekers in the area have been found decapitated, and mutilated . The area is still guarded by the Black Order in anticipation of the day that the Grail can be revealed to the world .

    The important thing for us is to begin to experience the Kingdom of God right now .

    Let us prepare ourselves for Almighty God’s New World Order as the Satanists launch their counterfeit New World Order. 185

    1. Mr Soulman,

      It took me quite a while to read this and tho I normally laugh at these things as if mindless bletherings, in an unexpected way lots of what you said makes sense, sometimes obscure, sometimes straightforward, and I am by no means a mystical type, never had any such experiences nor likely ever will.

      Some of the stuff you said doesn’t go down easily but I will not automatically consign the post to trash because of that.
      Your criticism of Hitler is not of the trite variety that we’ve heard here before.

      What are all these books you referred to, again, and where can they be sourced?

      1. @ Pat

        Re: Edgar Cayce’s prophesy about Russia saving us from JWO; was he, in your opinion, just a Nut? Cayce seems much quoted and grossly overrated for an obscure writer whilst the much better-known writer and intellect Bertrand Russell is never mentioned or his masterful book on China ever quoted in the “alternative media” in terms of giving us some answers about our present predicament.

        @ Rerevisionist and others who are in the know

        I note you, Mister Rerevisionist, are a big fan or devotee of Bertrand Russell. By serendipity I just came upon Russell’s book “The Problem with China”. I am thinking of reading it in full. Have you read it yet? Would you recommend it? Is it comparable to what Edgar Cayce had to say about Russia? Just wondering? Here’s a synopsis of Russell’s book:

        The Problem of China, originally published in 1922, is Bertrand Russell’s analysis of China’s place in the world and its place in the future development of society. It was evident that China would become a major force in international affairs, according to Russell, because the population of the country makes up a major portion of the population of the world. In studying the “problem” of China, Russell breaks his inquiry down into cultural, economic, and political questions. He believes that China, a country whose “virtues are chiefly useful to others and vices chiefly harm to [itself],” would come to a cultural crossroads, and that the choices the country made would affect the economic and political make up of the entire world. Russell’s insights of nearly a century ago are still relevant to readers today who wish to understand the Chinese mind and develop an appreciation for how China came to its place in the world today. British philosopher and mathematician BERTRAND ARTHUR WILLIAM RUSSELL (1872-1970) won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1950. Among his many works are Why I Am Not a Christian (1927), Power: A New Social Analysis (1938), and My Philosophical Development (1959). — Google Books

        In the Master’s own words, here is a short sample of his writing from paragraphs 13 to 16 of chapter 6 entitled, “Chinese and Western Civilisation Contrasted”

        The traditional civilization of China had become unprogressive, and had ceased to produce much of value in the way of art and literature. This was not due, I think, to any decadence in the race, but merely to lack of new material. The influx of Western knowledge provides just the stimulus that was needed. Chinese students are able and extraordinarily keen. Higher education suffers from lack of funds and absence of libraries, but does not suffer from any lack of the finest human material. Although Chinese civilization has hitherto been deficient in science, it never contained anything hostile to science, and therefore the spread of scientific knowledge encounters no such obstacles as the Church put in its way in Europe. I have no doubt that if the Chinese could get a stable government and sufficient funds, they would, within the next thirty years, begin to produce remarkable work in science. It is quite likely that they might outstrip us, because they come with fresh zest and with all the ardour of a renaissance. In fact, the enthusiasm for learning in Young China reminds one constantly of the renaissance spirit in fifteenth-century Italy.

        It is very remarkable, as distinguishing the Chinese from the Japanese, that the things they wish to learn from us are not those that bring wealth or military strength, but rather those that have either an ethical and social value, or a purely intellectual interest. They are not by any means uncritical of our civilization. Some of them told me that they were less critical before 1914, but that the war made them think there must be imperfections in the Western manner of life. The habit of looking to the West for wisdom was, however, very strong, and some of the younger ones thought that Bolshevism could give what they were looking for. That hope also must be suffering disappointment, and before long they will realize that they must work out their own salvation by means of a new synthesis. The Japanese adopted our faults and kept their own, but it is possible to hope that the Chinese will make the opposite selection, keeping their own merits and adopting ours.

        The distinctive merit of our civilization, I should say, is the scientific method; the distinctive merit of the Chinese is a just conception of the ends of life. It is these two that one must hope to see gradually uniting.

        Lao-Tze describes the operation of Tao as “production without possession, action without self-assertion, development without domination.” I think one could derive from these words a conception of the ends of life as reflective Chinese see them, and it must be admitted that they are very different from the ends which most white men set before themselves. Possession, self-assertion, domination, are eagerly sought, both nationally and individually. They have been erected into a philosophy by Nietzsche, and Nietzsche’s disciples are not confined to Germany.

      2. JFC –

        Cayce was a Nostradamus wanna-be.
        If you trust Nostradamus you might trust Cayce.

        The ‘seancers’ get 5% correct and are hailed as mystics. They get those correct because human nature is the same in times past as it is today and will be in the future. AND people WANT THEM to be CORRECT and get huge benefits of doubts tossed their way(human nature, again).

        Going by “wars and rumors of wars” is easy to be correct. Can’t miss there.

        Or here… SSDD:

        luxuria (lechery/lust)
        gula (gluttony)
        avaritia (avarice/greed)
        acedia (sloth/discouragement)
        ira (wrath)
        invidia (envy)
        superbia (pride)

        I can ‘see’ a ship sinking and a plane crashing this year. 😉

  11. I aint reading all that! Shit! I switched my sat phone (similar to the one bin laden had) for a blackberry 9000 the one with the the little rolling ball and i almost busted the poor little thing trying to get to the end of your story, Johnny Soulman boy! Hell no! Any way what i want to contribute to this article by mr kamisnki whom i respect and also agree with most of what he says -except his opinion on isis- is that we palestinians and arabs in general suffered a lot from jewish propaganda against us… it seems like a hundred years of defamation specially in America. The still hate us and the intriguing part is that even them dont know why. Did it start with the blowing of the marine barracks in Beirut? Did it start when the embassy personnel was kidnapped in teheran for 444 days? Was it because of those three pan am planes palestinians blew up in jordan in 1970? No, actually i think these are reactions to actions done by the americans way before all this occured. Their blind love for the jews and their money, corrupt bastards! Americans hated us even in their cartoons and movies. my dad would tell me here in Colombia “read this article” and i would then he would say… Did you see the last name of the author of this article? It was a jewish name. They would buy the paper and control the info and make money on top it! And the movies gosh thaty guy chuck norris will rot in hell.. But just when we thought there was no hope the first intifada came and europe awoke. Then came the internet. So the jews lost the information war and they switched to pretwnding they are crazy. But for that Now we got the -Islamic State- and wheter you believe it or not they will make things happen. I personally hope the world gets blown to pieces … I been hoping for that since gaza one and now we are in gaza three so just imagine the collective anger… Palestine must be freed because it represents human dignity

  12. I aint reading all that! Shit! I switched my sat phone (similar to the one bin laden had) for a blackberry 9000 the one with the little rolling ball and i almost busted the poor little thing trying to get to the end of your story, Johnny Soulman boy! Hell no! Any way what i want to contribute to this article by mr kamisnki whom i respect and whom i also agree with most of what he says -except his opinion on isis- is that we palestinians and arabs in general suffered a lot from jewish propaganda against us… it seems like a hundred years of defamation specially in America. Americans still hate us and the intriguing part is that even them dont know why. Did this hate start with the blowing of the marine barracks in Beirut? Did it start when the embassy personnel was kidnapped in teheran for 444 days? Was it because of those three pan am planes palestinians blew up in jordan in 1970? No, the hate was fed subliminaly way before by the jews. Actually i think those events i mentioned were reactions to actions done by the americans way before all this occured. Their blind love for the jews and their money, corrupt bastards! Americans hated us even in their cartoons and movies. my dad would tell me here in Colombia “read this article” and i would then he would say… Did you see the last name of the author of this article? It was a jewish name. They would buy the paper and control the info and make money on top it! And the movies God that guy chuck norris will rot in hell.. But just when we thought there was no hope the first intifada came and europe awoke. Then came the internet. So the jews lost the information war and now they switched to pretending they are crazy. But for that now we got the -Islamic State- and wheter you believe it or not they will make things happen. I personally hope the world gets blown to pieces … I been hoping for that since gaza one and now we are in gaza three so just imagine the collective anger… Palestine must be freed because it represents human dignity

  13. The fog is not near as thick as it used to be. Even Brzezinski told his cronies rather recently that their ability to influence the masses has been compromised. Hardly anyone is watching the mainstream news in the USA which only survives by subsidies from the cable and satellite providers. As an example, Headline News no longer has repeated news and airs old episodes of various “information” series. Newspapers in the USA are about defunct. Major newspapers are so thin that people have to buy paper to put in the bottom of their bird cages. There are no longer any recycle bins for newspapers. The internet is eating mainstream news’ lunch which is why there is a big push on internet censorship like Google just began doing with it’s search results. The Pandora of truth has escape the box and it will be hard for the jews to get it back in the box.

    1. Ungenius –

      Yep…. MSM is for mind control.

      NextDecade is the parent company, in Texas, of Levant LNG, the company which worked with Putin’s Gazprom to put together the 20 year EXCLUSIVE contract purchase from Israel’s FLNG facility.

      “US company helps Russian company purchase LNG from Israel” will not make MSM. 🙂

      Here is a slide show of an LNG facility in Peru. (not FLNG):

      Kathleen Eisbrenner is Founder, Chairman, & CEO – Next Decade LLC

      Prior to Founding NextDecade, Ms. Eisbrenner worked as Executive Vice President at Royal Dutch Shell, responsible for Shell’s Global LNG strategy.

      In addition, Ms. Eisbrenner was the CEO and Founder of Excelerate Energy, a proven industry leader, LNG importer and marketer.

      Ms. Eisbrenner is a member of the US National Petroleum Council and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). In addition, she formerly served as a board member of Chesapeake Energy Corporation.

      She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and currently resides in Texas.

      Based in The Woodlands, Texas, NextDecade LLC is an energetic project development and management company of LNG projects, creating innovative opportunities for the global natural gas industry in a rapidly changing energy and geopolitical landscape.


      THE WOODLANDS, Texas, Aug. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Next Decade LLC (NextDecade) has engaged Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) as Financial Advisor and Mandated Lead Arranger for its Rio Grande Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) export project. Under the agreement, SMBC will be responsible for securing debt financing for the Project. SMBC has extensive experience in LNG projects, having advised and arranged financing for more than 20 liquefaction and 11 regasification projects around the world, including all North American LNG liquefaction projects closed to date that were project financed.

  14. And what was the intention of the Rothschild owned Economist with their January 2015 edition? It’s all probably a mind “fuck” ….. they may well be playing the Goyim, but are the numbers 11.3 and 11.5 significant? 5 November is Guy Fawkes night in the UK. The Madrid false flag and the Japanese earthquake happened on 11 March.

    “Right under the Pied Piper we see a young boy with dumbfounded look on his face. He is watching a game called “Panic”. The words “Federal Reserve” and “Chi” (which probably stands for China) are on top while the words “Green light!” and “sis!” (which probably stands for “Isis!” or “Crisis!”) are at the bottom. The little boy watches as this twisted game of Plinko unfolds the same way the clueless masses watch powerlessly while various events unfold on mass media. As the name of the game states, the ultimate goal is to cause Panic around the world as crises are almost randomly generated by those who control the game. And that’s on a magazine cover owned by the Rothschilds.”

  15. Flyingcossack, you are starting to understand the secular side of all this bullshit ! Good for you !


  17. The following are my comments on the lengthy “mystical” diatribe written by one who calls himself “John Soulman” whose comments by the way have absolutely nothing to do with [1] this John Kaminski’s article about “the poison fog that Jews spread throughout the world through their terrifying control of all communicative media” nor [2] a subsequent Darkmoon article about the trial of Arthur Topham with his rehash of the same “mindless blatherings” but neutered in length.

    Except maybe as an excellent illustration of “How Jewish media’s false stories turn everyone into senseless slaves” to use John Kaminski’s words. And John’s concluding paragraph of this article: “And this is the poison fog that Jews spread throughout the world through their terrifying control of all communicative media. These are toxic enterprises that turn good into evil and evil into good, and seek to diminish the awareness of human beings down to their own level, playing rigged games in a fetid darkness in which only monsters may thrive.”

    Let me just say this upfront as my conclusion: the comments of “John Soulman” or whoever wrote them are meant, probably intentionally, to confuse and to sow doubts in the minds of those who have waken up from the Jewish Matrix and those readers of Darkmoon who are still searching for truth and understanding. His rambling comments are horrible attempts to “turn good into evil and evil into good, and seek to diminish the awareness of human beings down to their own level [the sewer level of Jews]” to use John Kaminski’s words again.

    Firstly, I am very surprised, even a bit shocked, that such a seasoned and knowledgeable commentator as LOBRO (whom I greatly respect and whose comments here on Darkmoon I read intently) would give this “John Soulman” and his “mystical” dribble such an easy pass. LOBRO’s comment, “Your criticism of Hitler is not of the trite variety that we’ve heard here before,” maybe is an indication that he has never heard of or read a book titled “The Spear of Destiny” by Trevor Ravenscroft. If one really wants to get “mystical” about Adolf Hitler and his supposedly “new age” background and “occult” connections, this book would fill one’s cup over-flowingly! The pornographic description of Hitler’s “satanic birth” would make Roman Polanski and his Rosemary’s Baby blush! And garner a Pulitzer Prize or two for “creative journalism”!

    The attempts to demonize and smear Adolf Hitler and National Socialism via “Nazi Occultism” was something the Jewish media, especially their publishing houses, tried to do during the early 1970s. Pulp fictions like Michel-Jean Angebert’s “The Occult and the Third Reich” (1971), Trevor Ravenscroft’s “The Spear of Destiny” (1972), and J.H. Brennan’s “Occult Reich” (1974) were quite popular then. I encourage everyone to read an article titled “Exposing the roots of the ‘Nazi Occultism’ myths, their purpose and perpetuation” to fully understand this particularly pernicious yet vicious mode of Jewish propaganda attack:

    Secondly, these comments by “John Soulman” or whoever wrote them are written in a rambling, incoherent, mishmash manner almost as a means to confuse the reader and to obfuscate his real intent. He goes from quoting Edgar Cayce’s tranced readings on “Hitler, Israel and Jews” to his mishmash ramblings on almost everything else under the sun as though he is in a trance himself. He tries to use Edgar Cayce to establish some credibility for his diatribe. Unless I missed something, I don’t think Edgar Cayce’s major predictions have been proven to be correct: such as California falling off into the Pacific Ocean or the re-emergence of the “Atlantis continent.” And if the “Hall of Records” was finally discovered as a recent commentator on Darkmoon indicated, just where is that momentous information in the public arena? It certainly wasn’t “rediscovered and opened between 1996 and 1998” as the “sleeping prophet” had predicted.

    “John Soulman’s” comments on Adolf Hitler, National Socialist Germany and history are so off the wall that I don’t know where to begin to refute them. Here are just a few ludicrous samples.

    [1] “Who was Hitler? Hitler’s father was the offspring of the Rothschild’s secret breeding program which impregnated his grandmother.” This Jewish fabrication is completely debunked by Carolyn Yeager in her extensively researched and well-documented article, “The Fake Legends of Adolf Hitler’s ‘Jewish Grandfather’”:

    [2] “What I am telling you is that Hitler’s offspring are alive and well and that his terrifying Anti-Christ spirit was passed to someone and is not dead.” So, Adolf Hitler was the “Anti-Christ” and “his terrifying Anti-Christ spirit was passed” on to the current Anti-Christ who is alive, and then he says this later on: “My conclusion is that Satan has so many Anti-Christs available that Hitler’s personal occult power is not necessary for the New World Order’s success.” Huh?!?

    [3] “When we compare Nazi Germany with today’s New World Order plans, Nazi Germany can be seen to be the basic model of what Satan’s timetable includes for us these next few years.” I guess we all have those inexpensive “Strength through Joy” (Kraft durch Freude) cruise ships to look forward to! What a crock of Jewish bullshit!

    [4] The most telling part of “John Soulman’s” understanding of Jewish history and the lack thereof of real history is this: “Satan told his followers this tribulation [WW3] would repeat on a larger scale the plagues of Egypt, for he would wreck revenge for what was done to Egypt by God (and Moses) by giving back in a bigger way to the world what happened to ancient Egypt.” Umm, what were done to Egypt and almost all the other great civilizations that have fallen and collapsed were done by Jews and their Satanic god aka Satan!

    It is sad that such a beautiful and truthful site as Darkmoon is, at times, cluttered with such Jewish fetid sewage such as these comments by “John Soulman” and a few others. . . .

    1. @ David Chu

      You have a simple option, David: to skip the posts you don’t like.

      Instead, you pen a long off-topic diatribe attacking another long off-topic diatribe when you could have saved yourself a lot of trouble by shrugging your shoulders and turning your attention elsewhere! 🙂

    2. It is clear that “John Soulman” is not really interested in the subject matter of this site — politics and world affairs — but is solely concerned with religious questions. He writes comments here because he is interested only in advertising his own mystical website and getting people to go there. And many people in search of salvation might actually benefit by forgetting for a few minutes about about Jews and thinking about loftier things — like, for example, saving their souls. 🙂

      Here is John Soulman’s website. Personally, I find the opening poem recited on it quite moving and the voice of the female reciter hypnotic.

      1. You need to wait about 30-40 seconds before the woman with the beautiful voice begins to speak.

  18. Darlington , get a grip ! David is trying to help those as yourself who are easily spellbound with ” HYPNOTIC ” sounding voices and BULLSHIT !

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