Trump — ‘No More Muslims In America!’

The world reels with shock as Trump says: “I am calling on a complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States!”



“We should definitely disallow any Muslims from coming in. Any of them. The reason is simple: we can’t identify what their attitude is…. We have no idea whether they love us or hate us or want to bomb us…. I am calling for a TOTAL AND COMPLETE  SHUTDOWN OF MUSLIMS ENTERING THE UNITED STATES!” 

Here are some laughable comments expressing the politically correct outrage that is now so de rigueur:  

Jeb Bush, a rival for the Republican presidential ticket, accuses Trump of being “unhinged”. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate, calls Trump’s comments “reprehensible, prejudiced and divisive”. US Senator Lindsay Graham rages: “You know how you can make America great again? Tell Donald Trump to go to hell!”

Does Trump have any influential supporters? Surprisingly, Rupert Murdoch appears to be a fan. “Has Trump gone too far?” he tweeted. “Regardless, public is obsessed on radical Muslim dangers. Complete refugee pause to fix vetting makes sense.”

Donald Trump has often been compared to Hitler. His extraordinary appeal to many voters stems from his political incorrectness. Unlike most politicians, Trump has a reputation for telling the truth as he sees it. He doesn’t mince his words. Here is a sample of his outrageous wit and wisdom

Announcing his candidacy for the presidency: ‘When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people who have lots of problems [which include] drugs and being rapists.’

On immigration: ‘I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall.’

On Fox News’s Megyn Kelly, who Trump disliked for her questioning: ‘You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.’

On his own wealth: ‘I’m using my own money, I’m not using the lobbyists, I’m not using donors. I’m really rich.’

On President Obama: ‘If he wasn’t born in this country, it’s one of the great scams of all time.’

On presidential rival Carly Fiorina: ‘Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that? The face of our next president?’

On Republican Senator John McCain, who was a PoW in the Vietnam War: ‘He’s a hero because he was captured? I like people who weren’t captured.’

On comedian Rosie O’Donnell, with whom he has a feud: ‘If I were running [talk show] The View, I’d fire her. I’d look at her right in that fat, ugly face of hers, I’d say: ‘Rosie, you’re fired’.

I would now like to refer the reader to a controversial new article on Trump by Kevin MacDonald in the Occidental Observer: Trump’s Statement on Muslim Exclusion.

“Once again, Donald Trump is ahead of the curve,” MacDonald begins. “and taking all the oxygen out of the room for the other Republican candidates. His statement calling for ‘a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on’ is completely at odds with the West’s commitment to multiculturalism and diversity.”

Trump’s call for a total ban on Muslim immigration into America is based on an opinion poll that states, in so many words, that Muslims are a pretty dangerous lot on the whole and so letting them into America makes no sense at all. Trump  is not saying that every Muslim in America right now is a terrorist. He is saying that a small minority, based on opinion poll findings, have terrorist tendencies and attitudes. They are thought criminals just waiting for an opportunity to explode into violence. They not only back shariah law but think it is permissible to use violence to punish people who give offence to Islam and the prophet Mohammed.

Even if 1% of Muslims in the US hold these views, MacDonald argues, that would be “unacceptable”. This is because there are 5-8 million Muslims in the US, “so if 1% were potential terrorists, that would mean there are thousands of potential jihadists and Muslims who hate America. So why import more?”

Prima facie, this would seem to makes sense, even if, as has been pointed out recently, the opinion poll upon which Trump relies so heavily is unreliable. Trump’s call for a complete moratorium on Muslim immigration to America links to a survey from Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy. Here is a slightly abbreviated quote from MacDonald’s article:

According to the just-released survey of Muslims, a majority (51%) agreed that “Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to shariah.”  

More than half (51%) of U.S. Muslims polled also believe either that they should have the choice of American or shariah courts, or that they should have their own tribunals to apply shariah. 

These notions were powerfully rejected by the broader population.

Even more troubling, is the fact that nearly a quarter of the Muslims polled believed that, “It is legitimate to use violence to punish those who give offense to Islam by, for example, portraying the prophet Mohammed.”

Nearly one-fifth of Muslim respondents said that the use of violence in the United States is justified in order to make shariah the law of the land in this country.

Okay, let’s be frank: the Frank Gaffney opinion poll quoted above has been roundly dismissed as biased and methodologically unsound. (See “Trump Proposal to Ban Muslims from US Relies on Debunked Poll from Pro-Israel Think Tank.”). As far as I know, this attempt to “debunk” the Gaffney poll has occurred only within the last few days, well after Trump made his original anti-Muslim comments.

Writing on Mondoweiss, Adam Horowitz states:

Trump’s idea rests on research from the Center for Security Policy, a neocon think tank run by Frank Gaffney who has a long history of pro-Israel advocacy and has been called “one of America’s most notorious Islamophobes” by the Southern Poverty Law Centre.

Trump’s statement quotes a July 2015 poll from the Center for Security Policy and claims that 25% of Muslims living in the United States “agreed that violence against Americans here in the United States is justified as a part of the global jihad.” The poll, which received much coverage in the right-wing media, was debunked as soon as it was released.

Writing in the Huffington Post Nathan Lean and Jordan Denari explained: ‘This survey should not be taken seriously. It comes from an organization with a history of producing dubious claims and “studies” about the threat of shariah, and was administered using an unreliable methodology.”

This survey does not represent the views of American Muslims. It only represents the views of the 600 Muslims that it polled.

Let’s assume that Horowitz is correct and that the 25% figure cited by Gaffney is inaccurate. Let’s go even further and grant that it is a wild exaggeration to say that 25% of Muslims living in the United States “agreed that violence against Americans in the United States is justified as a part of the globe jihad.”

In my view, even if we accept as a proven fact that  the Gaffney poll is unreliable and that the 25% figure has been grossly exaggerated, this still does not invalidate MacDonald’s point that “even 1% would be unacceptable.”

In other words, though 25% could well be too high a figure, surely it is not unreasonable to argue that maybe 15% is nearer the mark? And if you happen to think 15% is still too high a figure, how about 5%? No? Still too high for you?

Okay, so let’s make it 1%!

It seems to me that anyone who claims that not even 1% of Muslims in America are in favour of shariah law, being ready and willing to apply violence against anyone who mocks Islam, is basically claiming that 99% of American Muslims are model citizens. Can you believe this? That virtually every Muslim in America is quite happy to see the Qur’an vilified and the prophet Mohammed held up to scorn? I cannot believe it. Far more than 1%, in my view, would be likely to resort to extreme violence if subjected to these abominable provocations. One could hardly expect otherwise.

Here is what Trump says:

Without looking at the various polling data, it is obvious to anybody the hatred is beyond comprehension. Where this hatred comes from and why we will have to determine. Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victim of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life. If I win the election for President, we are going to Make America Great Again.

In a sane society, this would be common sense,” MacDonald adds. “Indeed, in Trump’s speech at Mt. Pleasant, he noted that even 1% would be unacceptable. Quite right. The usual estimates are that there are 5–8 million Muslims in the US, so if 1% were potential terrorists, that would mean there are thousands of potential jihadists and Muslims who hate America. So why import more?”

It is worth noting that even if the Gaffney poll has been called into question for its bias and methodological unsoundness, its basic findings have nevertheless been validated by several other independent polls that have nothing to do with Gaffney. MacDonald lists no fewer than eleven independent polls in the appendix to his article. It stretches credibility to the breaking point to assert that all these eleven polls are equally biased and invalid. (Scroll down to the Appendix of MacDonald’s article, here).

MacDonald has written exhaustively about America’s immigration policies. In fact, he is an expert on the subject. I think he is correct to say that “US immigration policy has nothing to do with economic need … but rather it is intended to increase non-Whites at the expense of the White population.”

MacDonald is too polite and diplomatic to say what needs to be said much more emphatically: that the Jewish-led attempt to flood Europe and America with Third World immigrants is an act of pure malice and amounts to White genocide.


Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. Like Trump, I’m opposed to Muslim immigration into the USA. The set-up is if one is opposed to Muslim immigration into the USA one is full of hate, a bigot, maybe a totalitarian. Oh my GOD!!! Maybe even a White Nationalist!!! A “White Supremacist” !!! OMG NO!!!

    It’s ALL bullshit as the ones who want Muslim immigration into the USA fully well know the government of the USA and the government of Israel own and control ISIS and AL QAEDA and all the other Islamic Jihadist groups. They know that Obama and Hillary, in service to the NWO ilk, destroyed Libya, unleashing this massive “refugee” crisis on the West.

    Qaddafi was actually protecting Europe and the West from being flooded with immigrants. ZOG got rid of him. He stood in the way of the NWO.

    The Muslim immigrant advocates know that USrael ZOG can replicate Syrian passports very easily and they know ZOG is handing out counterfeit Syrian passports to Muslim mercenaries from all over the world. Some aren’t Muslims, just pretending to be Muslims. Like Jews pretending to be “Muslims”. This is what ZOG Washington wants: immigrating to the USA.

    The advocates of Muslim immigration into the USA also NEVER mention that the jews are supplying the Muslim refugees in Europe with guns and ammunition — and remember, the Europeans themselves are NOT legally allowed to have guns. The Europeans now are sitting ducks to the Muslim refugees receiving guns and ammunition from the jews. They know the jews have a long history of false flag terrorist attacks under the guise of being “Muslims”. They know the jews will conduct even more false flag attacks under the guise of being “Muslims” the more Muslims come to the USA.

    The jews want War right here in the USA, just like the wars in Middle East the jews fomented/foment still, the jews also want the WAR to be brought into the USA itself. What the advocates of Muslim immigration really want is to import the wars going on now in the Middle East into the USA also. That’s the real reason for this intense promotion for Muslim immigration into the USA.

    The ones who criticize us White Americans for opposing Muslim immigration label us “haters” “bigots” “monsters” “white supremacists “, totally overlooking The Fact the USA is now very multi-cultural and when the war comes here to the USA, lots of minority Americans will also die — and most of them, the great majority of them, will die at the hands of other minorities { for all those who don’t care for White Americans and only care about minorities}.

    In the meantime, I think it makes sense NOT to want the type of country where the ruling class just set-it-up so there’s massive violence and even outright war in the USA. It’s NOT us White Americans who are opposed to Muslim immigration into the USA who are the haters and the monsters and supremacists, it’s the ones ardently promoting Muslim immigration into the USA who are the monsters and the haters and the blood thirsty tyrants, for they know the real reason for this intense push of massive Muslim immigration is about fomenting war here in the USA. They fully well know it’s the most Jihadist type Muslims they want immigrating here. They have NO plans to vet the Muslim immigrants even to try to discern if any Muslim immigrant is on the payroll of those who own ISIS and all the other Islamic Jihadist groups.

    Just let any Muslim who wants to come here enter the country, even the ones who are die-hard Jihadists, and this at a time the Middle East is at war and there’s so much confusion and turmoil in the world of Islam. And never mind the jews are supplying the Muslim immigrants in Europe with weapons and ammunition when the indigenous peoples of Europe themselves are UNARMED BY LAW : That of course is ALWAYS left out of the Muslim immigration “narrative”. It’s left out of the story in the mainstream media of course, but most of the time, it’s also left out of the “alternative” media story about Muslim immigration. That the jews are supplying the Muslim immigrants in Europe with guns and ammunition means the jews are also supplying the Muslim immigrants in the USA with weapons and ammunition.

    The alternative media also is real quick to label us White Americans all sorts of horrible labels for opposing Muslim immigration. The alternative media should know better, as the alternative media knows EVERYTHING I said above about the real reason ZOG wants Muslim immigration into the USA, and knows all about what’s going on behind the scenes in terms of jews supplying Muslim immigrants with tons of weapons and ammunition. No, not all Muslim immigtants are getting guns and ammunition from the jews, but a lot of them are, and ZOG has NO plans to figure out which Muslims are receiving guns and ammunition from the jews and which ones aren’t.

    Everyone also seems to have forgotten about Obama’s “Operation Fast and Furious” when Obama gave the Mexican drug mobsters weapons and ammunition and welcomed them into the USA with open arms. ZOG wants to do the same with the Muslims. No, not all Muslims are criminals and murderers, but those are NOT the Muslims ZOG wants coming to the USA. ZOG wants the most die-hard Islamic Jiahdists coming here. ZOG wants ZOG’s mercenary killers coming here to the USA, and NO amount of bullshit from either the mainstream media or the alternative media can cover up ZOG’s real reasons for wanting Muslim immigration into the USA.

    We see the real agenda with the real calls to KILL Trump for even suggesting we ban Muslim immigration for awhile until everything gets sorted out. The calls to KILL Trump are real calls to Murder, and truly reflect the real agenda behind Muslim immigration into the USA, the true murderous spirit behind the Muslim immigration agenda.

    One American presidential candidate says one little thing which indicates some loyalty to the USA, he knows the Muslim immigrants won’t be vetted and he doesn’t want Islamic Jihadists coming into the USA, and ZOG is calling for his DEATH. Even Republicans big-wigs are calling for Trump’s death. Many calling for Trump’s death also are ardently pushing for Gun Control, they “don’t like” “gun violence”. After 14 years of being told Islamic Jiahdists are the mortal enemies to the USA, ZOG now wants to open up the country to Muslim immigration, knowing fully well tons of Islamic Jihadists will be entering the country and ZOG has NO plans to vet the Muslim immigrants. NO Plans to vet the Muslim immigrants because ZOG does NOT want them vetted. Because ZOG wants Islamic Jihadists coming here. The very ones ZOG has been telling us for 14 years are our die-hard enemies, are the very ones ZOG wants coming to the USA.

    Trump cancelled his planned visit to Israel. He’s not going there. He said he won’t be going there during the election campaign. Another plus for Trump.

    1. Right on, TROJ!! In-the-face of that old jew, Ishmael Levitts, whose visage looks like the ass-end of a GOAT! You tell ’em! Lasha nailed it, here. 🙂

      1. @ gilbert huntly

        “Lasha nailed it here.”

        yes, this is an exceptionally well-written article and lasha darkmoon has certainly “nailed it” as you say. there’s not a word wasted and it’s all written with such simplicity and clarity. unfortunately for LD the article will be misinterpreted as “racist” and “islamophobic”.

        i hear LD has muslim friends. she will now lose them.

        a pity, since she has made it clear in her previous comments that she respects islam and thinks most muslims are fine. actually, there are quite a few quranic references in her poems, so she can’t be an islamophobe.

    2. @ Troj. “Trump cancelled his planned visit to Israel. He’s not going there. He said he won’t be going there during the election campaign. Another plus for Trump”

      Top Trumps eh

      Do your homework, Trump is another Zionist puppet.

      “Well I love Israel and Israel is our real strong supporter if you look at what is going on. And I will tell you what– and I will say it here. My people say, Oh don’t say… But very soon I will be going to Israel I will be meeting with Bibi Netanyahu who is a great guy.

      I actually– he asked me to make a commercial during his election run. And I made a commercial. Meaning, I said nice things about him. He’s a good man, he’s worked very hard, he has absolutely no support from President Obama. Absolutely none. So I will tell you I am very very very pro-Israel.

      In a conversation with the Associated Press, Trump says his visit will happen after Christmas:

      Trump said a key to peace negotiations would be meeting early in his presidency with top leaders in the region. He said he planned to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a trip to Israel “sometime after Christmas, probably.”

      Maybe Trump and Bibi will have a round of golf together.

      “After a visit (2013), in a letter to Ashkelon Mayor Benny Vaknin, Trump said, “I am excited about the plans to build a world-class golf center along the beautiful Mediterranean coast. I have great affection for Israel and its people, and I believe that Israel is a worthy place to be included in the list of communities which host Trump golf centers.”

      Trump’s future grandchildren will be jewish, just like the Clinton’s future grandchildren.

      1. Look at this way, ALL the presidential candidates are either jews or jew-lovers and all are ardent defenders of Israel. This is the way it is, it’s NOT going to change any time soon. In the meantime, might as well vote for a USA presidential candidate who, in addition to loving Israel, ALSO loves the USA. As it is, except for Trump, ALL the other U.S. presidential candidates love Israel and do NOT love the USA. So better a jew-loving presidential candidate who also loves the USA. Because to expect a presidential candidate to come around who doesn’t love Israel is the height of naivete, and it’s that naivete which will throw the election to Hillary more than anything Trump is saying and doing. Because by constantly pointing out Trump supports Israel leaves many people feeling hopeless and so they won’t vote. But that Trump also has loyalty to the USA is to his credit, NOT to his discredit. That he supports Israel makes him no different then the other candidates, but that he has loyalty to the USA makes him the only US presidential candidate who doesn’t want Islamic Jihadists coming here in large numbers [ which they will if there’s massive Muslim immigration into the USA, and massive Muslim immigration into the USA is EXACTLY what ZOG wants ], and wants to revive American industry, and does NOT want the U.S. military to interfere with Putin’s goal of eradicating USrael’s owned-and-controlled ISIS in the Middle East. I don’t know what the f*ck else all of you expect. I really don’t.

      2. It’s one thing to be a jew lover, another to love this country MORE than the jew country. Trump MUST not become compromised by the jew, he must not be under their control for whatever reasons. That is the key. By spending his own money on the campaign helps him stay away from jew dominance of candidates and successful candidates.
        Ultimately, our biggest enemy in this world will be the jew. Already is, for a long time the world has labored under the jew. This will be Trump’s biggest challenge. By far…keep the jew at arm’s length. Won’t be easy, it must be done.

      3. The American Jews have all the money and power in America I am very surprised that Trump is not a Jew

  2. Trump is not my politics, but this is a shrewd statement and pulls the rug from under the establishments feet. There won’t be a major terror attack in the US until after the election!! Amazing!

  3. Maybe best to look at it from the game-theoretic standpoint.
    The object is to win the election.
    With this move, he exposed the hypocrisy of his opponents, all of whom are shabbo flunkeys, massively won over the middle, including the blacks, the more the media hollers, the better for him, free airtime.
    Jew and his flying monkeys are definitely on back foot.

    Next, and this is where it gets totally fascinating.

    What is good for America is good for Europe, where the brave and upright president of Hungary, Victor Orban already said this very same thing, now all of them can jump on Trump’s bandwagon, while Israel and its Donmeh takfiri hounds, Erdogan, Qatar, UAE and KSA don’t have a leg to stand on.

    A truly brilliant move, this guy looks and sounds like a dumb buffoon but is in fact a master chess player, precisely what America and the world needs.
    Like a Yankee version of Putin.

    And it works out well for Muslims too, pressure on war mongers, let’s rebuild the war torn lands, etc.
    Jew in tears, rending of funeral shroud and gnashing of teeth was heard in Judea, Jews and takfiris weeping disconsolatedly, oy vey!

    Protocols seem to be running into some heavy weather recently.

    Well, Mr TROJ and I kind of saw it coming …

    1. @Lobro

      I told you many times, and I am going to repeat it again: You have a problem, brother. Many problems. Every time you piss on the floor like a naughty kitten, I am going to rob your nose in your own piss. That is a promise I shall keep.

      A truly brilliant move, this guy looks and sounds like a dumb buffoon but is in fact a master chess player, precisely what America and the world needs.
      Like a Yankee version of Putin.

      I am fed up with your Hitlerjugend garbage: “Hitler is in fact a master chess player, precisely what Germany and the world needs” – to paraphrase you. I have tried to reason with you and explain what an untold misery, destruction, and death the raving moron brought to Russia. But you are not listening. Drawing a parallel between Hitler and Putin is so f***ing dumb that it boggles the mind how a sane person can seriously entertain such a stupid idea!

      But no, you don’t stop there – now the dumb buffoon Trump is “a Yankee version of Putin”. Something is utterly wrong with you, man!

      What is wrong with America as a country, with Trump as a man who aspires to be its leader, with Americans as the citizens of that country, and with Lobros who push the idea that Trump is “a Yankee version of Putin”? To answer all these questions in one shot, all one needs to do is point to the following utterly disgusting and utterly insane (no matter from what angle one looks at it) spectacle: Donald Trump’s lawsuit against Bill Maher

      Look at the chuffed face of this moron who thinks that it is witty to insult a person by saying the following about his mother: “Look Donald, I am not saying that your mother was repeatedly fucking an orangutan back in the 1940s. I don’t know if that’s true, I hope it’s not true.” And the audience finds that hilariously funny!

      And what is “the Yankee version of Putin”s reaction to this insult of his deceased mother? Does he come to his show and punch the mother f***er in the face. Does he react like any true Muslim – nay any man with dignity – would have reacted to such an insult? No, the moron sues him!

      (Here is a good example of how a man would have reacted to an insult to his mother: Zidane headbutt. There must be a reason why Zidane described himself as “a non-practicing Muslim”).

      This is freedom of speech – American style. This is democracy – American style. This is sense of humor – American style. These are the notions of dignity and honor – American style. This is America, welcome to hell!

    2. Lobro – “A truly brilliant move, this guy looks and sounds like a dumb buffoon but is in fact a master chess player, precisely what America and the world needs.
      Like a Yankee version of Putin.”

      Yes, he is a lot like Putin.
      He hates musselmen as badly as Putin also…

      … Like Jefferson did…

      … new Jefferson..!! 😉

  4. Well, it’s pretty obvious that there should be a ban on all Muslim immigration to all white countries.

    Apart from security matters there’s also the total lack of need for Muslim/3rd world immigrants in white countries. This public debate only exists because of 50 years of brainwashing. Before the brainwash, let’s say 50, 60 years ago everybody thought it quite normal to exclude non-whites from white societies, as it should be. For instance, why would my country need factory workers from Turkey or Morocco? I never could see the necessaty of that. Well duh, there isn’t. In the 1950’s Dutch people were actually encouraged to emigrate from my country to Australia, Canada or the USA because the Netherlands apparantly was too crowded, and hundreds of thousands did. And in the same decade already the first ‘guest’ laborers were coming in. First from Italy, then Spain and Greece, and in the 60’s our country apparantly needed workers from Turkey and Morocco, who now make out the largest group with combined nearly 800.000 people out of a total of nearly 2.000.000 non-western immigrants from all over the globe. And this out of a population of less than 17.000.000. And all are totally unecessary. WTF do we need Nigerians or Pakistani’s or Cape Verdians? Well, we don’t. In case they live off taxpayers it’s obvious but even they work they occupy a job which could be done by a Dutch unemployed. If it were up to me they would all go. All! Their Dutch nationality would be revoked and they would be evicted pronto. Their should be a ban on all non white immigration to white countries, period.

    1. Dutch imports since 1619(nigrahs) have been a useful tool in the degradation of America by our enemies. I have zero sympathy for the Dutch. Almost every blight is brought on by poor farming practices or international trading greed.

      1. Degrading America?? What are you babbling about? In 1619 there wasn’t even an America. You know what was there in 1619? The province of Nieuw Nederland, Nieuw Amsterdam, what is now known as New York, remember? Our, and everybody else’s enemy, England, where your genes probably hailed from somewhere in time by the sound of your name, took over after the Peace of Westminster in 1674, remember? And poor farming practices are as remote from the Dutch as intelligence is from the average ‘Merican. Most Dutch emigrant farmers, renowned all over the world for their high expertise, were and still are welcomed with open arms in every country they decide to move to. They actually do enrich any culture that would have them. But of course, that is no surprise, since the Dutch are mostly of the same stock as the brilliant Germans who are the most advanced people on earth. That’s why they are so hated by the English. And that’s why the ‘mericans stole hundreds, maybe thousands of patents from them after WWII.

        Furtermore, I have zero sympathy for the ‘mericans, who commit, and have committed, more terrorism and mayhem and caused more murders of innocents globally than any Muslim ever could.

        How’s that, Gilbert?

      2. @ LD

        The video is probably fake. Here is the original video in which the actor who impersonates Stanley Kubrick is called “Tom” and gets instructions from the interviewer how to talk :

        Watch especially passages 5.00-5.33 and 12.51-14.11.

        But since the moonlandings were almost certainly fake, I think this video that undermines Kubrick’s confession is in itself a fake. The confession video was a fake and the video that exposes it as such is also a fake. Maybe Stanley Kubrick was played by an actor or even by himself, forced to do so by NASA, after which he conveniently “died” .

        I don’t think that helps much though. Scientists still have not found a way to pass through the deadly Van Allen Belt. If astronauts could land on the moon in the years between 1969-1972 with the technology of that time (computers didn’t yet exist), why then are there no more moonlanding today with our technology that is far more advanced?

        1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

          “The video is probably a fake.”

          Kaminski says in an email that most people he is in touch with agree the video is a fake. Snopes thinks so too.

      3. Everyone has their own truths….

        Black Slave History—-

        In the early 17th century, European settlers in North America turned to African slaves as a cheaper, more plentiful labor source than indentured servants (who were mostly poorer Europeans).

        After – 1619 – when a Dutch ship brought 20 Africans ashore at the British colony of Jamestown, Virginia, slavery spread throughout the American colonies.

        Though it is impossible to give accurate figures, some historians have estimated that 6 to 7 million slaves were imported to the New World during the 18th century alone, depriving the African continent of some of its healthiest and ablest men and women.

      4. Dutch indeed have played a very bad role in history:

        The Jewish moneychangers were expelled from Spain, Portugal and settled in Amsterdam. Soon, they were part of the Dutch leadership, Cromwell was paid by Dutch Jews to murder the King of England, to pave the way for the Jewish bankers. The mercenaries in Cromwell ‘s army were mainly Dutch, the genocide of Irish Catholics:. Priests and bishops were first chopped off hands and feet before being hanged by the armies of cromwell. Irish women, young men and children were shipped by the thousands in Dutch ships to CARIBBEAN and sold as slaves. The oldest Jewish temple of the America’s is standing in the Dutch Antilles, that says it all.

        The Dutch also unleashed the religious wars against the Catholic Spanish king, 80 years of war. Flanders was in ruin, massive land theft by the Dutch.
        Dutch Calvinistic preachers arrived in Flanders to provoke the poorest people to an uprising, hundreds of churches were destroyed., the king of Spain sends is troops to fight the Dutch rebels The Scheldt which was the lifeblood of Flanders was closed by the Dutch, 200 years later, the blockade was abolished by Napoleon …

        The current Queen of Holland is more likely hidden Jewish, because the king himself is of Jewish descent, he must marry a …..

        Before she fell “in love” with Alexander she was living with a Jewish banker in New York, Dieter Zimmermann jew boss of the Dresner bank in Jew York ), enabling them to an apartment in New York for 4600 dollars per month rent. The choice was quickly made goodbye jew boyfriend , status and billions here I come.
        If you look at one of the Dutch TV channels then it is as if you live in Africa, in a TV show, “the smartest man in Holland” a Negro is the smartest …
        Holland has always played the first violin in Europe in favor of mass immigration. For the first time ever in Europe: NPO (Dutch TV) launce a Immigration channel in Arabic…

      5. HA HA HA. Tis true the first slaves were at Jamestown. The first slave holder in Jamestown, other than all the N.A. Indians who were enslaving one another, was a Black man. He started the whole ball-a-rolling.

      6. “Dutch indeed have played a very bad role in history: (1138: or more accurately; the geographic location of the Dutch once was the head quarters of the international JEW, that’s true enough, but there is nothing Dutch about him)

        The JEWISH moneychangers were expelled from Spain, Portugal and settled in Amsterdam (1138; and Antwerp which is Flanders). Soon, they were part of the Dutch leadership, Cromwell was paid by Dutch JEWS (1138: there’s no such thing as Dutch Jews, only Jews, especially in those days) to murder the King of England, to pave the way for the JEWISH bankers. The mercenaries in Cromwell ‘s army were mainly Dutch (1138: wrong, they were English. no need to bring in murderers from abroad when you have all the domestic murderers, all more than happy to kill anybody, you ever want in good old Blighty), the genocide of Irish Catholics:. Priests and bishops were first chopped off hands and feet before being hanged by the armies of cromwell. Irish women, young men and children were shipped by the thousands in Dutch (1138: JEWISH owned ships) to CARIBBEAN and sold as slaves. The oldest JEWISH temple of the America’s is standing in the Dutch Antilles, that says it all.” (1138: indeed, it does, doesn’t it?)

        (1138: hey, you forgot the most important one. Willem III of Orange Nassau was paid by JEWS too, when he invaded England in 1688 to chase away his father in law, after which he granted them to establish the Bank of England, which started our modern day global terror system which these days is being enforced by the good old JEWSA, or ‘Gods own country’ as Ronnie ‘the popular’ used to say)

        “The Dutch also unleashed the religious wars against the Catholic Spanish king, 80 years of war. Flanders was in ruin, massive land theft by the Dutch. (1138: real smart thinking, Gilbert. that’s like saying the Palestinians stole their land from the Israelis should they ever succeed in establishing an independant state)
        Dutch Calvinistic preachers arrived in Flanders to provoke the poorest people to an uprising, hundreds of churches were destroyed., the king of Spain sends is troops to fight the Dutch rebels (1138: yeah, just like the Palestinians rebel against the Israelis I suppose?) like the The Scheldt which was the lifeblood of Flanders (1138: which was still occupied by alien enemy Spain) was closed by the Dutch, 200 years later, the blockade was abolished by Napoleon (1138: which was another alien enemy)…”

        “The current Queen of Holland is more likely hidden Jewish, because the king himself is of Jewish descent, he must marry a ….. (1138: the jury is still out on that, the king isn’t of Jewish descent, but whether or not true, I couldn’t care less about those leaches, they’re at least in the ballpark with Jews, so it doesn’t matter. I would like to see them go Romanov style fast. I would even like to volunteer for the job)”

        “Before she fell “in love” with Alexander she was living with a Jewish banker in New York (1138: now wait a minute, he’s living in New York, so he’s an ‘merican, right? well, according to your line of reasoning that is), Dieter Zimmermann jew boss of the Dresner bank in Jew York (1138: Dresner bank in New York, hence, an ‘merican bank, right?), enabling them to an apartment in New York for 4600 dollars per month rent. The choice was quickly made goodbye jew (1138: correction, ‘merican) boyfriend , status and billions here I come.
        If you look at one of the Dutch TV channels then it is as if you live in Africa, in a TV show, “the smartest man in Holland” a Negro is the smartest …
        Holland has always played the first violin in Europe in favor of mass immigration. For the first time ever in Europe: NPO (Dutch TV) launce a Immigration channel in Arabic…” (1138: wasn’t an idea of the Dutch, but they are responsible for letting it happen on their turf, I agree. but as far as I am concerned, no negro or Arab has got any business living in the Netherlands or Europe)

        1138: And your point is? That the Netherlands and the indigenous Dutch have been infested and poisoned by Jew who hyjacked it through our corrupted aristocracy? Well, if so you would be right, of course. I suppose you didn’t really get the point, did you? The point namely that the new world too, including your precious ‘merica and the Hollywood invented illusional ‘merican dream is entirely created by Jew capital from the get go.

        So excuse me if I as an indigenous north west European don’t feel the slightest offence by your little gathered history. I, nor my ancestors had nothing to do with that. Except maybe with the ‘terrorism’ with which the Netherlands became an independant country. Although that was an illusion that didn’t last very long. And that’s why I strongly believe in a thing called National Socialism which will reverse and/or prevent all that. AND, to stay on topic, the immigration of non whites in white countries.

        Clear enough, Gilbert?

      7. Pat,

        “Though it is impossible to give accurate figures, some historians have estimated that 6 to 7 million slaves were imported to the New World during the 18th century alone, depriving the African continent of some of its healthiest and ablest men and women.”

        Mmm, not quite. In spite of the suffering of the kidnapped and sold Africans the trans Atlantic slave trade is probably the best thing ever happened to them and their offspring. The Africans that were captured by other Africans for the purpose of being enslaved were destined to. They were either enslaved by rival African tribes or sold to Arabs, which meant a far more gruesome fate than slaves in the new world had to endure.

        From the 17th century on, Africans were also sold to Jews who were expanding their business to the new world.

        Paradoxically the civilisation of black Africans through contact with outsiders has caused a tremendous increase in population. Because otherwise they probably would have ended up as multiple piles of shit, after being digested by other Africans. A practice which was normal in this part of the world.

    2. 1138,

      “Well, it’s pretty obvious that there should be a ban on all Muslim immigration to all white countries.”

      It won’t really make much difference. There already is a large number of Muslims and Africans within white lands, whom simply by procreation will eventually become the majority.
      The only thing that would make a real difference would be the repatriation of all non whites back to their lands. This, however, will never happen. The white public will never buy it as they’re all guilt ridden about history, courtesy of Jewmedia indoctrination. As I said in my post already, it’s when the proverbial hits the fan and the majority all lose their jobs and are living in Shitsville will they wish to do something about it, but then it will be far too late. They’ll have introduced more legislation to hamstring any indigenous fightback.

      1. Harbinger,

        Absolutely spot on.

        Their white country’s nationalities should be revoked after which they must be repatriated. I am prepared to chip in for that. Best spent money ever. And they can go take care of themselves in heir own countries. Unfortunately this will not happen. Our lands and societies have simply been degraded – with consent – to giant scale shelter homes for the 3rd world herds who are and never will be able to create a 1st world – a highly technological advanced and orderly – society with functioning institutions. We should have left all others to themselves in the past and restricted our contact with them to peaceful trade. But we should never have shared our technologies with them. That’s all been done by shortsighted greedy corrupt stupid whites looking for a quick profit driven by an alien Jewish invented capitalism and global expansion. All in the name of profit, profit, profit, greed, greed, greed.

        Now they become a threat to us by armed majority, envious as they are. But they will never be us like we will never be them. You don’t put a polar bear in the Sahara and you don’t drop a zebra in the arctic just as you don’t place a negro or Arab in a 1st world society. Just imagine a clean, safe, practically crime free, prosperous and orderly white society based on honesty and high morals instead of on deceit and racketeering. Paradise! And so easy to achieve, in practical terms. It has already been proven it can be done quite fast if the will is there.

        I have one hope for us and that is some central and eastern European countries and Russia. I believe our future lies there.

  5. The MainStream Media sets us up. Muslim issue will determine next prez.

    I saw the ‘polarizing’ Ross Perot interviewed on c-span just after the 1992 election, which surprisingly put Billy Clinton in office without a majority of the vote. When Brian Lamb asked Perot why he dropped out, and came back in, he loudly a proudly shouted..
    “Ah told ever-bodee.. ah din’t wanner be prezzdent..!! Ah juss wannerd ta hep da Demerkrat Parrtee..!”

    And did he ever help the Democrat Party..!!!
    Perot’s ‘drop-out’ was all the excuse the faking Pharisee-Jew counters needed to justify his NOT winning after he came back in…. Almost as popular as ever.

    They gave Billy the win without a majority of the popular vote…. just 43% of voters…. 68.8% Electoral votes

    Trump will ensure another Clinton’s win.

    I’m expecting him to go ‘Ross Perot’ on America…. Third party. He might even pull out and come back in. ‘Perot-esque.’

    I see his being attacked by a Muslim radical(faked) in their plans.
    That scenario is being set up. He would drop out and come back in as a third party candidate because of it.

    BTW… Perot complained daily about “that sucking sound to Mexico” caused by NAFTA. That became his theme song. He became the first private person to get a ‘Free-Trade Zone’ in the US… as a reward.

    1. @Pat

      A careful reading of the protocols clearly reflects how everything has played out accordingly since the inception of the American republic. The pharisee (banker) jews are the chief administrators engineering the protocolian agenda, but they are not the architects

      This is a conspiracy of which nothing is theoretical, and the farther you move down the rabbit hole, the more “Russian dolls” are uncovered showing the architectural lay-out; the conductor’s forest orchestrating the trees.

      Stay tuned for my upcoming post where I propose “goy” to be understood as a verb, “to goy”.

      It’s a doozy! 😉

    2. The MSM will also present this election in terms of women liberation, if Hillary wins she’ll be the first female president of the USA. An historical first. The MSM will play on that to encourage as many women as possible to vote for Hillary. “be a part of making history!” That will be starting up soon enough in the MSM. In fact, Ellen De Generes is already starting to push the “first women president of the USA” meme and how important it is for women to vote for Hillary [ to protect their gains, as if the Republicans are going to roll-back women’s gains]. She said on her show that’s she’s “not political”. She said that about a month after having Hillary on her show and very publicly endorsing Hillary for president, but Ellen is “not political”. Another goddamned liar for ZOG. It’s important to keep in mind there’re other issues in this campaign besides the Muslim immigration issue and the historical first of maybe having a female president :

      Other important issues in this campaign :

      American industry and the issue of Putin in Syria. Trump wants to revive American industry. No other candidates, Rep. or Dem., even mention anything about American industry. Putin : Trump does NOT want the U.S. military interfering with Putin’s goal of eradicating ZOG owned ISIS in Syria, all the other candidates, Rep. and Dem., are willing to start WW3 to protect and advance and strengthen and embolden Islamic Jihadists [ we were told for 14 years are our mortal enemies ].

      All of Hollywood — which HATES The USA — is ALL for Hillary and ALL of Hollywood HATES Trump. So that says a lot in Trumps favor right there. Although he supports Israel, he’s NOT totally jewed-out. If he were, Hollywood wouldn’t hate him with such a deep feral hatred. Maybe Hollywood would dislike him, but the deepness of the hatred being directed his way is not your regular opposition, it’s pure hatred, the hatred runs deep. That says a lot in Trump’s favor, that jew and jewed-out Hollywood hates him so deeply. The MSM is part-and-parcel of Hollywood.

      1. “Maybe Hollywood would dislike him, but the deepness of the hatred being directed his way is not your regular opposition, it’s pure hatred, the hatred runs deep. That says a lot in Trump’s favor, that jew and jewed-out Hollywood hates him so deeply”

        Although he makes some very sane noises I am very critical of Trump, because I think that anyone withIN the political establishment (republican party) cannot be for real, but I have to admit that this (quote above) is an indicator which makes me doubt my doubts.

      2. “Maybe Hollywood would dislike him, but the deepness of the hatred being directed his way is not your regular opposition, it’s pure hatred, the hatred runs deep. That says a lot in Trump’s favor, that jew and jewed-out Hollywood hates him so deeply”

        GREAT reason for Jew-THIRD party… when he is forced to leave Jew-Republican Party.

        He is ‘acting-up’ too much. ‘Put-on’ to be used to elect Clinton in Jew-Democrat Party.

        There are myriads of scenarios…. The world will buy them ALL, in the end.

        MORE DEBT AHEAD..!!

      3. LD –

        Thanks. Stan said the fraud was his greatest work…. but could take no credit at the time. Knew today would come. Died a few days later.

        He tells how Armstrong cracked up over the guilt.

        He also told that other Pharisee-Jew film-makers were consulted. Spielberg…. Allen… etc


        A stunning new film “Shooting Stanley Kubrick” has emerged 15 years after Stanley Kubrick’s death in which Kubrick admits that the NASA moon landings were faked…

        Check out the film website:

        Filmmaker T. Patrick Murray interviewed Kubrick three days before his death in March 1999.

        Murray was forced to sign an 88-page NDA to keep the contents of the interview a secret for 15 years.

        That’s show business in Hollywood… or London.

      4. LD,

        Boy am I glad I sold my Speedmaster 2 years ago, and for a very good price too 🙂 Omega made a lot of money commercialising this moonwatch thing.

      5. @ Pat and LD and 1138

        Pat, you and I both have argued convincingly that the moon landing was a fraud. However, my initial response to the “Shooting Stanley Krubrick” in which Kubrick confesses to this fraud doesn’t look right. In fact, it looks hallucinatory: the camera is out of focus and seems to be staggering like a drunk, and despite the close-up of Kubrick’s face, you can’t see any details and half of his face is obscured in dark shadow because of the inexplicable dim lighting. The film looks like a hoax to me. A counter-intelligence PsyOp to ridicule the “Conspiracy Theorists” when this “confession” is debunked as a hoax.

      6. All of Hollywood — which HATES The USA — is ALL for Hillary and ALL of Hollywood HATES Trump. So that says a lot in Trumps favor right there

        Simple and infallible truth-finding method for uncovering what Jew is hiding under that rock.

        Cui Bono ,
        Follow the hate

        It is beyond me why such direct and powerful tools are so neglected by alternative masses.
        A lot easier than assembling an Ikea three legged stool.
        Untangle those dreadlocks and start thinking logically.

      7. JFC –

        Your hunch on the latest hoax was a hoax to stop believing the hoax was correct.

        Life is NOT as much a series of dogs as Carlin said… but, a series of hoaxes…

        …. pick your favorites… 🙂

  6. Trump is “scripted” by the powers that be, to create division, diversion, distraction and destruction. He mey try to appear independent, but he’s a puppet as sure as his bank account is full. Anyone that connected with the money changers is certainly beholden to them also. Just like Obama. One cannot get from nothing to presidential candidate, without being SEVERELY connected with the NWO. Trump is up to his neck in the money changers. I’m sure at some time he’ll be at the wailing wall. Just keep watching alternative media because you wont see his obligatory trip published on JSM.

    1. @1138

      Hollywood is now encouraging, in other words giving a lot of money to, hip hop rappers to produce songs inciting the death of Trump, inciting KILLING Trump. The very same people who are always crying about “gun violence”, they’re inciting the listeners of hip hop rap music to KILL Trump. This goes way beyond having political differences with a presidential candidate, and shows the deep feral murderous hatred Hollywood/MSM has for anyone with even a little bit of loyalty to the USA. It shows clearly there’s a murderous spirit behind the Muslim immigration agenda, that those who support Muslim immigration are intensely inciting Americans, via “popular” music, to KILL Trump. This is NOT having regular political differences, this is pure murderous hatred. Which means there’s a murderous agenda behind Hollywood’s/MSM’s/Washington’s Muslim immigration agenda. Under the cover of Muslim immigration, ZOG wants to bring in its Islamic Jihadist mercenary KILLERS and bring the wars of the Middle East here into the United States.

      To those who only care about blacks and minorities, when the war that Hillary and Obama and so many others want are striving so hard for comes here, lots of blacks and lots of minorities will be killed in the wars. Lots of white Americans will die in the wars laso, if ZOG succeeds in its goal of War in the USA, but so too will lots of blacks and minorities die in the War in the USA. And the blacks and the minorities will be getting killed by their fellow blacks and fellow minorities imported from all over the world by ZOG. That’s how much Obama and Hillary care about blacks, as they cry about White “racism”. Also, when Obama gave weapons and ammunition to the Mexican drug mobsters, “Operation Fast and Furious”, the Mexican mobsters are targeting blacks with the guns Obama gave them. The blacks are getting killed from the guns the black Obama gave to the Mexican drug lords. And Obama and the rest of them have the gall to say they don’t like “gun violence” and the nerve to make such a big stink about being all for the Civil Rights of blacks and other minorities, and the nerve to constantly point their fingers at us White Americans and give us sermons about how we need to be “tolerant” and “inclusive”.

      It’s The First Time in American history music artists and performers were encouraged and paid to produce songs calling-out for the MURDER of a presidential candidate, songs and music inciting Americans on to KILLING a presidential candidate. This in itself shows what a murderous agenda is behind all the high-minded rhetoric concerning the Muslim immigration issue, that Hollywood is paying rappers to produce songs inciting Americans on to KILL Trump. It’s important to keep in mind, Hollywood is very much tied into Washington and that Hollywood and the MSM are one and the same thing, Washington/MSM/Hollywood, all deeply connected.

      1. TROJ,

        Well, like I said, if that is so, and I will take your word for it, because I don’t watch MSM anymore (maybe I should) so I don’t know what they are concocting, then that is, or could be an indication that they fear a president Trump. I also think that there’s certainly some merit in the argument that any presidential candidate cannot (openly) alienate Israel or Jews in order to at least have a realistic chance getting elected. I can’t wait to see this happening.

    2. The Moon Fraud controversy needs a feature article and needs to be discussed separate from the issues concerning Trump/Muslim immigration. By mixing the two subjects, that does an injustice to both subjects, and results in an injustice to the readers. Both subjects deserve to be discussed separately, otherwise, discussing these two subjects results in a lot of going off on tangents. Discussing the Moon Fraud controversy is a real tangent from Trump/Muslim immigration. Likewise, discussing Trump/Muslim immigration while discussing the Moon Fraud controversy is a real tangent from the Moon Fraud issue. One issue at a time please, this way we’ll learn more about both subjects that way. Mixing the two subjects leads to learning less about both topics. Thank you, TROJ.

    1. Lasha finally, finally, finally comes out of her shower stall, but only to go way off tangent and totally distract from the Trump/Muslim immigration issue, and totally interrupt the Trump/Muslim immigration discussion/debate.

      Lasha is all wet. The Moon landing issue has NOTHING to do with the Trump/Muslim immigration issue.


  7. Before WW2 there was minimal immigration into the UK & Europe. The population sustained society. Then they turned up the heat. Feminism took the war against man. Women moved into the workplace, banks got twice the tax while upping housing costs and cost of living. The state got junior and the brain laundries went into overdrive. Women went for career instead of family. Government sold industry to China & India. Migration used to fund the pension. People bought into Thatcher’s service industry bullshit. No one asked why…..

    Migration is condoned invasion and colonisation resulting in white genocide. Race legislation created to end indigenous fight back. Result is minority status for the indigenous. War is waged against Islam. People accept migration for the poor Muslims. No one complains until they find themselves jobless like the working class they shout down as xenophobes and racists. The charge is led by the luvees of the arts world and entertainment, the very people whose livelihood will never be at stake. Meanwhile, Africa and Asia’s population grows and in Europe turning the majority indigenous into a minority. Eventually the people wake up. Too late, their society is no longer their own as Jewry planned. They are now prisoners in their own lands their ancestors shed mountains of blood to prevent. They ultimately deserve their demise, one they’re 100% responsible for allowing to be.

    1. Dear Lasha ,

      Christian Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

      Please inform Harbinger that I am contemplating including his comment in the Church Newsletter

      December 11, 2015 at 4:36 pm
      Before WW2 there was minimal immigration into the UK & Europe. The population sustained society. Then they turned up the heat. Feminism took the war against man. . . .

      Yours sincerely in the love and service of our Lord Jesus Christ

      Your Brother-in-Christ,

      Anthony Grigor-Scott
      http://www.biblebelievers‘ Church
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  8. Trump signed an agreement NOT to run as a third party candidate should he lose the Republican nomination. [ I don’t know how many times I have to point that out ]. Although it’s called an “agreement”, what it is is a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT. He can NOT Legally run as a third party candidate. So NO, Trump is NOT another Ross Perot type. Everyone who is accusing Trump of wanting to run “Third Party” fully well knows Trump signed a LEGAL CONTRACT precluding him from running Third Party : That’s what’s so frustrating, so many keep repeating the same sh*t around all the time, even though they know Trump already LEGALLY agreed NOT to run Third Party. I leave open the possibility Pat doesn’t know Trump signed-on NOT to run as a Third Party candidate, 😉 . But, a simple internet search will quickly lead one to the information. Get yourself informed, Pat.

    By the way, if Trump does NOT get the Republican nomination, then definitely Hillary will win the election . That’s cause the platforms of the other Republican candidates are not any different then that of the Democrats, including no different from Hillary’s platform. Most will then vote Democratic, as there’s no difference anyway, so might as well keep the Democrats in the White House. The ones who now support Trump won’t even bother voting if Trump doesn’t win the Republican nomination, as the rest of the Republicans are no different than Hillary, so they won’t bother to vote. The die-hard Leftists and Liberals will vote for Hillary no matter what, Trump or no Trump, Muslim immigration issue or no Muslim immigration issue. If Trump doesn’t win the Republican nomination, then 100% Hillary will win. NOT, “Oh, if Trump wins the Republican nomination, then Hillary will win the election for sure”. That’s a BULLSHIT meme [ meant to get us not to support Trump, the ONLY candidate from both parties who has any loyalty to the USA ].

  9. Looking back over the last century, (and further), one can see how “The Synagogue” used the East India tea Company, City of London et al to “form” America under the guise of a “free nation” when it was nothing more than a project to nurture and control it into becoming the “attack dog” for Jews/Central Bank. +/- 700 military bases in +/- 135 nations shows their true intent which goes beyond stealing/slaughtering for oil. I believe their primary mission was to spread Central Banks around the globe along with Jew/crypto Jew parasites within nations’ governments. To all but the bourgeoisie class, (who always benefit from the psychopathic ruling class’ actions), and mongoloid idiots it should be more than clear that this “attack dog” sewer nation has reached the point beyond saving. States’ representatives must be forced by their people to shut it down through secession. Now that the cognizant members of the human race know what to look for, we can, hopefully, do a better job of preventing this cancer from again wreaking perversion, rapaciousness and chaos around the world.

    1. @ the avatar

      This is the exact reason why Trump has been given top state security protection, since his Muslim statement.

      The Ishmael Levitts of this world, once ‘gone’, make Hannibal Lecter look harmless.

  10. trump 1 |trəmp|
    (in bridge, whist, and similar card games) a playing card of the suit chosen to rank above the others, which can win a trick where a card of a different suit has been led.
    • (trumps) the suit having this rank in a particular hand: the ace of trumps.
    • (in a tarot pack) any of a special suit of 22 cards depicting symbolic and typical figures and scenes.
    • (also trump card )a valuable resource that may be used, esp. as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage: in this month General Haig decided to play his trump card: the tank.
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    trump something up invent a false accusation or excuse: they’ve trumped up charges against her.
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    trump 2 |trəmp|
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    ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French trompe, of Germanic origin; probably imitative.
    Trump, Donald |trəmp|
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    Thanks for the great article, LD. Good job! This is excellent.

    But we must ban ALL 3rd world immigration. The Judaists are behind the alien invasion in white countries (but are building the world’s biggest prison in Israel for aliens) as they want to bring in the 3rd world gutter to white countries so people will learn to tolerate the 3rd world gutter and thereby will then tolerate the biggest gutter–the Judaists. This proves that Judaists know deep down that they are gutter people.

    We must refuse the refuse.

  12. trump and all you dipshits above, are yous for real ??? muslims muslims muslims blah blah blah !! how do you all and trump know that all these border jumpers and immigrants from far off lands are muslims ??? a stoopid subject to be discussing for lashas finest way more important topics could be being discussed

  13. If you don’t vote for Trump, then Hillary will definitely win, and then we’ll have Bill Clinton as our First Lady for 4 years, maybe Bill as First Lady for 8 years. NOT pretty. A male First Lady after 8 years of the drag queen Michael-Michelle as a First “Lady”. Does anyone really want another First “Lady” with a penis? Think about that and let it soak in, 🙂 .

  14. Importing Muslims is like importing demons. They might smile at you when they come in, but when they get the opportunity, they will do you harm. It’s built into Islam. Sharia Law is a joke that Muslims whine about; they beg you to give it to them but under Sharia Law, they are allowed to kill you and rape your livestock and children with impunity.

    Importing Muslims is like importing Communists. Both want to use the American system to destroy the American system. Both are enemies.

    My booklet, “Muslim Werewolves Howling at the Moon God” tells you everything you need to know to beat the Muslims and their Jewish-Liberal allies whenever they raise their scaly heads.

    Educate yourselves, Folks, the Muslims are frauds, murderers and enemies to all of Mankind and the devil Jews are bringing these swine in by the thousands.

  15. Immigration is one thing, but I’m more in favor of banning all dual national Israeli’s from public office and citizenship, first.
    But Trump seems to have no problem with that at all – neither do any of the other ‘candidates’, er um puppets.

  16. No More Muslims In America! As a Muslim, I would support Trump – America does not deserve Muslim citizens anymore.

    Everything America touches is destined to go banana these days.

    Our Ukrainian brothers having fun shortly after Joe Biden, who called on Ukrainians to curb corruption, leaves Kiev.

    Big fight in Ukraine parliament after opposition MP goes for PM Yatsenyuk’s crotch

    Here is another good slogan for Trump: More Jews In America!

    The sooner the rotten ship goes down the better for the world.

    1. yea Bro…fuckem Yanks and Brits…both the UK and the US need to get burnt to the dust for being Jew pets!
      White gentiles en masse tend to be enslaved to the kikes…

      a few examples like Lobro are the rarity…

      white gentiles, EXCEPT for White Muslims like Circassian and others …are the ultimate source of power for the kikes…

      1. But Salman, how will they know Lobro is a ‘good guy’?
        What if they mistake him for an idol worshiper!
        He does love fondling those big cigars!

        Never mind .. I figured it out. It will only be nonpracticing Muslims who are permitted to kill lobro and me and everyone else here except a select one, or two.

        C’mon man!

      2. no one is going to kill any non-Muslim…lolol…the jews and their pets need to get liquidated…

        if white gentiles were Muslims like Albanians and Bosnians and Circassians and others – the kikes could NEVER have taken full dominance of their societies…

        I prefer everyone converts to Islam and gets rid of the kikes….a few people on this site and veteranstoday and other websites are the exception…not the norm in Western society…that’s a tragic fact…and I don’t see why the Western world deserves to live any more after being manhandled by the kikes for the last 4-5 centuries…

  17. We dont care we are proud we are muslims and we are more than you we got balls we got glory and we aint scared of nobody we will kick your asses you white demons you slaves of the jews you who gave palestine my pretty country to the ones who killed whom you consider god himself so how much lower can someone go for money youre judas reincarnated low scum of the earth nmay God curse you forever garbage of humanity donald trump the white man
    You reinvented satan
    Fuc k yo u

    1. The only ass which is kicked is yours when your brother muslims tossed you out of your beloved Palestine 🙂 Well, according to you that is. Apparantly they don’t want the likes of you around. They’re quite right, of course. Who does?

    2. @ Avatar

      It is the UN that gave 55% of Palestine to the Jews, not the Europeans. The Jews accepted, the Arabs did not. Then the Arabs (not the “Palestinians”, they still had not been invented at that time) tried to expel the Jews and lost another 23% of their land to them. You can’t blame the Europeans for that.

      1. But who runs the u.n. mr franko you who quote from “my beloved israel” website as if it is not clear -except to a cross eyed white supremacist moron like you-that these are jews and that they are obviously gonna just run lies to defend their own?
        Who runs the u.n.?

    3. “Slaves of the Jews”? That’s hilarious! Mohammad (mhrh) based his entire religious hoax upon the lies of the Hebrew Bible. Islam is a Jewish religious hoax. The false prophet, Mohammad (mhrh) , has led a billion Muslims into hell for your murders, lies, rapes and thievery. And how is Palestine “your” pretty country when you stole it from the Christian Byzantines and Persians?

      I invite you to read my booklet, “Muslim Werewolves Howling at the Moon God”
      and change your personal religion from being a Muslim servant of the Devil into something human and godly rather than inhuman and ungodly like the hoax of Islam.

      1. How is palestine ours? From what point of reality? It is our Simply because we are the true semites the true cananites christians are of our own see george habash
        And i aint reading your booklet
        i aint reading your booklet
        i aint reading your booklet
        i aint reading your booklet
        I just aint


    Please download and save the list of 1000 Rabbis who are inciting the alien invasion. They are traitors in every sense of the word.

    Alienism is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. It constitutes ethnic cleansing and is therefore a crime against humanity even under the UN declaration of human rights.

    Please join and and send faxes to your congressman demanding a total ban on all immigration.

    Feel free to mention that Judaists are mentally deranged psychopaths and are mostly crooks and criminals to support the alien invasion. How evil and depraved a man can be to bring rapists and murderers from foreign lands?

  19. Mr. Trump has undoubtedly brought some fresh air into the electoral process in the USA by honestly speaking his mind, some of his ideas have merit. If the USA was remotely serious about terrorism the border with Mexico would be addressed, rather than groping grandmothers at airports. Period. So the terrorism issue as most of you know is state (USA, Canada, UK, France,Israel, etc.) sponsored to promote a certain agenda, not too unlike what happened historically in countries where the state lost control of it’s own interests. Blaming Muslims en bloc for the problem shows bad judgement, a certain tendency for impulsiveness, but doesn’t invalidate his accurate core thoughts about Illegal Immigration. Imagine if he said “jews” instead of Muslims! Certainly he’d be dead accurate about the real terrorists and unsophisticated false flag mongers. But even then, their is an UnAmerican quality for this type of generalizing; you may not like the dress or religious observances of the Hasidic Neturei Karta, but read the comments at – “Why Orthodox Jews are Opposed to the Zionist State”

    and you’ll see quotes from the 19th century to present accurately describing the fraud, murders, and the filthy agenda that the zionists have brainwashed the world with, and why NK knows the zionists are doomed. Worth reading. As for Ishmael Levitts and his diarrhea of the mind and mouth, his viewpoint is accurately summed up by a former Gestapo man interviewed in Geneva in 1947 by the CIC (US Counter Intelligence Corps) for eventual employment by the USA (who won the bidding war with the UK, though there really wasn’t much of a contest for valid ideological reasons highly relevant to the present day situation throughout the English speaking world). Describing an all too common viewpoint prevalent among those who cannot create or achieve what others have, the subject feels compelled to destroy these achievements by reducing everyone to a common level of ‘equality’, which allows these persons to feel a parity with achievers, if not a superiority. The masses are manipulated by condescending in order to overthrow legitimate governments and replace it with themselves. Then the relatively natural tyranny of the free market is replaced by the failed miserable creature who demands ‘all must be equal – but not superior’. These individuals were known at the time as liberals in England, Communists elsewhere. Inevitably, this results in the collapse of civilization due to the dehumanization and destruction of the natural human impulse for progress. Only a truly inhuman zionist would attack ‘whiteness’ in Leviits manner, as that epitomizes his own secret self knowledge that he can’t create what European civilization has, and therefore compels him to try to destroy that which makes him feel what he really is – a failed human being who can only hate and lash out with murderous, criminal tendencies.

      1. Yes, Mr. Trump accurately called out Israeli support for their created proxy, ISIS. But I meant if he had said “Jews” in the context of restrictive Immigration into the USA, as you probably know. Thank you for the link, it certainly is worth a look and indicates an independent outlook – honest criticism of zionist Israel, which MSM, politicians, and dupes of all kinds are terrified of, a truly unique position in present day US politics or public discussion and especially needed since we fund these animals, though we owe trillions.

      2. Within this link is s great shot of Netanyahu, looking like what he is: a Stage IV malignant tumor in suit and tie.

  20. OK I am a Trump supportive for entirely different reasons, and that is, he is the only politician that has admitted that vaccines might be the root cause of the autism epidemic which could in just a few years affect one out of every two children in the U.S., if nothing is done about it. We live subject to the whim of corporate fascists, and the only candidate who can’t be bought is Trump.

    I don’t believe Muslims are responsible for all this terrorism. I am a true believer in false flags. I believe dirty war is being unleashed on America just as it was in Iraq and just as it was in Central America. James Steele the soldier in the famed documentary on dirty wars and counter- terrorism (watch it) is an example of the type that now do their drills and killings in America. Like Steel many of these paid mercenaries have done multiple tours in the dirty wars America fights.. It is they not Muslims that are perpetrating all these horrid gun downs that are ever more present in the U.S. Under Obama there have been 162 mass shootings with 864 fatalists. The average American reading the mainstream news believes completely that all these mass shootings were done by Muslims because that is what they are told over and over again ad nauseam in the news. So who is responsible for the backlash that Trump is tapping into: Trump or the mainstream media that programmed it into the American psyche? We have spent a trillion dollars on the war on terror and Trump believes it is a real war even though it is a fake war in the sense that it is invented for totally different reasons than keeping Americans safe. Hard to explain but I am preaching to the choir on this site.

    When Trump discovers these are invented wars based on false flags I have no doubt he’ll be blasting it all over the air waves because he can’t seem to contain himself and says whatever is on his mind. And just think about all those nasty old newspapers who have been fueling this hatred for years, what are they going to write about now without biting their tongues. Just remember Hillary has killed far more Muslims that Trump–look at Libya, she voted for the war on Iraq, she orchestrated the slaughters in Syria, she wants to go get Iran, and Obama has been drone killing Muslims every day of his presidency. They just do it in the dead of night and under cover. Trump is outrageous but honest. And he wants peace with Russia–applauds Putin for going after ISIS. He has just blown the lid off the cover of the smarmy lies of the neo-liberals….

  21. a portrait of a neonazis : drooling gangs of cowards who only target the defenseless
    I wish that Muslims understand the current atmosphere of islamophobia and fear-mongering
    which is rampant these days in the western’s 1933 all over again.
    The Arab and Muslim Worlds are vast and rich in nature resources ,the tyrant and corrupt regimes needs to be changed so Arabs and Muslims Stay and build their own countries and nations and refrain and refuse to be refugees anywhere in this world
    no dignity outside your homelands.
    let the bigots and haters sing their songs and rants from here to eternity
    Islam will be forever inside our hearts,minds and spirits
    Shalom y’all

    1. The Nazis were never “drooling gangs of cowards who only target the defenseless”. So, go tell your lies somewhere else. The Nazis bravely fought both the Jewish Communists of Russia and the Jewish Capitalists of America.

      Read my books, “How the Jews Betrayed Mankind”
      and you will understand this. And take your “Shalom” and cram it where the sun don’t shine.

      1. @Banjo_Billy
        hold your horses Billy boy
        think and take a deep breath before you open your mouth and declare yourself an official darkmooner moron of the year
        I never meant Uncle Hitler or his Nazis.
        the neonazis of this day and age are different creed..use your head billy boy come lately
        No Shalom for You Billy Boy

      2. Abdul,

        That’s fine Abdul, but then don’t call the National Socialists’ arch enemies ‘neo-nazi’s’ like so many confused ‘truthers’ are doing. It only adds more disorienting to the cacophony of info and disinfo. What is happening in the world these days is exactly what the National Socialists were trying to prevent.

    2. “….. so Arabs and Muslims Stay and build their own countries and nations … ”

      That’s never going to happen.

      Every place muslims have conquered has turned into a complete economic and cultural decline throughout the centuries. Only white people are able to create advanced 1st world societies. And only eastern Asians are able to carry it, which Arabs cannot.

      1st world societies = white societies.

      3rd world societies = all non white societies except eastern Asians.

      1. actually…u are wrong…Muslims built a good civilization in Portugal/Spain and the Ottoman empire… perhaps the “inferior” races amongst the Muslims built crappy civilizations?

  22. Would it be safe to say that the Western world including White America is near it’s end?
    Trump is cleaver and cagey. From what he does say, it’s obvious that he knows as whole lot more then he is letting on.
    Of course he is or has been linked up to the moneyed elite of Jew York city. Should he be given the benefit of doubt, that regardless of his past he is a patriot, husband of a beautiful women, father of talented and good looking Nordic offspring. Could it be that he really means what he says? Maybe he has read a little Kevin McDonald.
    Who in the fuck knows at this late date. All one can say if he makes it to the White House he and his family won’t turn it into a rapist Billy Clinton and Hilary trash taking dump or an Obama hangout for the Muslim Brotherhood. All one can say about the Bushes they are America’s premier non-Jewish crime family, including Jeb.
    Makes one proud to be an American!

  23. The three enemies. Of islam are:
    White people i e england and the us
    The arab regimes; iran’s regime ncluded
    And then at the end there: so called israel
    We are doing good so far: but the americans would need some of that chemichal and bacteriological shit and so does england; then there is assad and abdullah of ksa
    Then the jews (mostly represented here at darkmoon pretending to Be white which is the same anyways)
    Will humanity
    But just have palestine as your north

    1. “Then
      Will humanity

      Don’t know what you call ‘humanity’ but that certainly doesn’t include a bunch of allah akbar shouting desert savages chopping each others’ heads off, considering their women cattle, blowing up monuments and destroying culture, their speciality, and spreading backwardness and cultural decline in every area they ever conquered throughout history. Lucky for them they dwell on lands which contain natural resources which advanced cultures have a use for and are able to extract from the ground. Otherwise nobody in the civilised world would have ever heard of these camel noses 🙂 No wonder Jews are Arabs. They could only dream of being noble and capable Aryans.

      1. How come Darkmoon’s “Muslims” always say “shalom”? Isn’t “shalom” a jooish word? Why don’t Darkmoon’s Mohammdans say “salaami”, that’s the Arabic for the joo “shalom”, no? inshallah ali baba salaami inna’ salada al fresco inna’ el mecca!

    2. So, you admit that Islam is a racist hoax. The enemies of Islam are not white people but, rather, all of Mankind because Islam is the enemy of all of Mankind. You are all devils.

      What kind of a “god” says, “Murder people, rape their wives and livestock, arson and steal everything and then you will go to Paradise”? No God says that, only a Devil says that and that’s what the Muslims pray to — the Devil.

      “By their fruit, you will know them.” The fruit from the tree of Islam is death, murder, blood, mayhem, rape and pillage. Look at them, Folks. Look at them. They prove what devils they are by what they do.

  24. Will try to shoehorn 3 subjects into 1 post.

    1. Confession of antisemite
    Although Jew is said to be creature of Satan, I detest him more.
    Satan’s war is with God, while Jew’s is with Man and I am of the latter kind.
    I met lots of Jews, see them, hear them, observe their effects all the time.
    I never met the devil, according not only to the Stones but better thinkers like Marlowe, Goethe and Dostoevsky, he is someone of taste and discernment, a smooth debater and raconteur.
    Rothschilds have fashioned themselves after Devil and for all his unfathomable evil, Jacob R does strike as a proper, well bred gent, to be hated in a sort of academic rather than personal fashion, unlike Jew, the stained caterpillar crawled out of the rendering yard.

    2. Immigration, migration, refugees
    I suspect that these terms were either invented by or came into common usage by Jew.
    Prior to the WWI, they were practically unknown, the only known instances were of the unclean horde in search of new lands, nations, peoples to befoul.
    Yes, there were tribal migrations in the past, pushed by some calamity like drought or invasion by warlike groups, e.g., Mongols.
    But what we are seeing in the last 100 years since the assassination on Sarajevo is the infernal meat grinder on intercontinental scale, crank operated by Jew, mindless slaughter, destruction and privation propelling entire nations and wholesale cultures to migrate to a target zone, specifically selected by Jew on account of its peaceful prosperity and social cohesion in order to be degraded by influx of disoriented, embittered migrants.
    That needs to be stopped in order to throw the first monkey wrench into Jew’s blueprint.
    In a normal, Judenfrei world, these things simply wouldn’t exist because they wouldn’t make sense.
    Everyone has their locale, roots, culture, minds their own business with inter-group trading systems in place.
    Even at the height of (Jew engineered) colonial expansion, stuff like mass immigration, refugees and terrorism were unknown, apart from (Jew driven, are you able to follow the tune now?) slave industry across the Atlantic. That was Barbara Lerner Spectre’s first such social experiment and what we are witnessing today is just a sequel.

    Bottom line: Muslims don’t matter, immigrants don’t matter, JEW MATTERS.
    Try to focus on at least one move ahead if you want to stand a chance.

    So, the goal of this election exercise is to put an administration in place not totally beholden to Jew, someone who is not instantaneous, automatic enemy of Russia, China and Iran, not an automatic supporter of bloated feed-the-Jew programs like horrifically misnamed Defense industry or worldwide rape by Jew banks.
    And instantly, Jew is in trouble, by the simple fact that for his game to function, he needs 100% control, 99% is a failure.
    Consider the media, what good is all the filthy, lying mouthpieces if there is one brave, honest, independent outlet willing to stand up and tell the truth?
    Because people are not quite as stupid as the elites think, eventually they see through the scam and the mass hypnosis wears off quickly.
    Like it did in Germany and today’s Russia.

    ¡Ojalá! that it happens in America, people are starting to get the wind of it.

  25. The only thing I know Trump has accomplished HERE in US is getting more people mad enough and excited enough to register to vote… both pro and con.

    Pharisee-Jews like that. It encourages them to know that the fools believe their votes are counted.

    Trump is a Pharisees-Jew enabler…. tool. He would have no wealth without Pharisee-Jew Bankers.

    He names no one….. just paints with broad brushes like the other stooges…. Blames the Muslims, the Democrats, the vaccines, or the terrorists…. the enemy of the day…. any GROUP will do.

    I never heard him name even one vaccine manufacturer or CEO…. to be held criminally liable.

    SOS DD. No teeth. No targets. Just gestures.

      1. @ Justice For Chinese

        Voting does make a difference, but not in the real outcome of an “election.” Voting is a means of showing the jewish power structure that you are dumb enough to believe in their system of oppression. That is why voting was mandatory in the jewish USSR.

      2. Mark Twain and Friedrich Nietzsche both had a remarkable talent to say things short and straight and instantly understood.

    1. I’ve always called Obama, OBarnum, because it has a nice ring to it, but Trump .. he really is the second coming of P.T.

      Appealing and humorous from the git-go. His immediate French wave dismissal of the CNN lady reporter as a nuisance was perfect. The common sense siding with Putin against the miscreant Arabs in Syria. Again, on the money. The public agrees, stomps their feet for more. Mr. uber-populist, Trump. It’s been uphill all the way, even as he takes positions 180 degrees opposite the norm.

      Apparently Trump is an expert, and the rest are mere professionals.

  26. Don’t know what all the fuss is about regarding the Sons O Allah! Here in the Daintree Rainforest, Queensland, where men are men and gals are whores, we keep the mussos out with pigs’ heads on spikes.
    Mussos tried to build Australia’s 367th mosque in the local town, so the boys stuck pigs’ heads all over their newly purchased land. No way they would build here!
    Myself? I got one of my wives to sew me up a navy blue burqa; another to put red toenail polish on my sandalled toes; and another to spray me in pig-shit smelling perfume; and then I grabbed my surf board, got me mates to accompany me and we went surfing off the local left-hand break. It was unfortunate that in my paddelling out, my burqa crept up over my waist to expose my bright red g-string! Us boys had a good ol’ laugh, as did the tourists who like to watch us from the point. Ever been into Maccas (Macdonalds for Yanks!) in full burqa uniform and in a falsetto voice asked for a happy meal? Try eating ya happy meal or big mac by passing it up under ya burqa. Gets lots of laughs!
    A group of Muslims waited for us on the beach, but on seeing our muscular bodies ran to the hills.
    These same pervs just love me and my topless wives lying out in the sun on the main beach; and fumble with themselves under their white robes.
    Personally, I have Shia mates; and together we hate the Sunni barbarians. Oh yeah, ya USA Congress is all Sunnis; rich, power driven bastards who have cosied up with ya rulin’ Jew scum. We all know that ISIL is an American-Sunni creation! Yeah, allow the Shia in, but refuse the Sunni! Most of my Shia mates couldn’t give a damn about Allah!
    Oh well, The 26th wifee is calling and I have to help her milk the goat! Goin’ off to the Mother country soon to enjoy Xmas with me royal mates. Then to Russia, which is the place to be! My dacha outside Moscow will be snowed in by now, so I will enjoy the company of the blonde Russian sheilas who are attracted to me and my connections. Many of us PURE WHITES are seriously thinking of taking up the offer to reside permanently in Russia, as this is where the WHITEY fight-back will commence!

    1. @Max Bilney

      Our Aussie brother could not have done a better job at proving that Australia is but another ring in the ring-chain called Anglo-American empire: Great Britain, USA, Canada, New Zealand.

      … and another to spray me in pig-shit smelling perfume

      That wasn’t really necessary. If you wanted to smell like a pig-shit all you had to do was … to shit on yourself. You should have taken a shower after you have defeated Muslims with your clever Aussie tactics, brother.

      On second thought – forget it: showering would help our brother as much as it would to a pig.

      Our Aussie brother, evidently, has a kavorka problem.

      1. brother Avatar
        pay that so called know nothing aussie pig no attention he or it is probably an israhelli invention

  27. No agenda here, just some information to share.

    “Trump’s Mobbed Up, McCarthyite Mentor Roy Cohn”

    Roy Cohn …. Born to an observant Jewish family in The Bronx, New York City, Cohn was the only child of Dora (née Marcus; 1892–1967) and Judge Albert C. Cohn (1885–1959)

    “Donald Trump’s brash and bullying style was learned at the heel of Roy Cohn, one of America’s most infamous lawyers.

    They met at Le Club, a private disco on the Upper East Side frequented by Jackie Kennedy, Al Pacino, and Diana Ross, according to Trump: The Saga of America’s Most Powerful Real Estate Baron. Donald Trump, the young developer, quickly amassing a fortune in New York real estate and Roy Cohn, America’s most loathed yet socially successful defense attorney who had vaulted to infamy in the 1950s while serving as legal counsel to Senator Joseph McCarthy.

    The friendship they forged would provide the foundation for Trump’s eventual presidential campaign. And in hindsight, it serves as a tool for understanding Donald Trump the Candidate, whose bumper sticker-averse declarations—undocumented Mexican immigrants are “criminals” and “rapists”; Senator John McCain is “not a war hero”—have both led him to the top of the Republican primary polls and mistakenly convinced many that he is a puzzle unworthy of solving. It may appear that way, but Trump isn’t just spouting off insults like a malfunctioning sprinkler system—he’s mimicking what he learned some 40 years ago.

    A longtime friend of Trump’s who was introduced to the candidate by Cohn told me it’s a shame that Cohn’s not alive to see the chaos his protégé has wrought.

    “He would have just loved what’s going on right now,” the friend said. “Roy liked upsetting the establishment.”

    Roy Marcus Cohn, born in the Bronx in 1927, was the son of Albert Cohn, a judge and prominent Democrat. He graduated from Columbia Law School in 1947, and the day he was admitted to the bar, according to a New York Times obituary, he got a job in the office of the Manhattan United States Attorney thanks to his father’s connections.

    He became known for his arrogant courtroom style, notably in the case of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, American citizens convicted of conspiring to give information about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union. They were executed, and Cohn was promoted to assistant U.S. Attorney.

    He moved to Washington, where his first assignment was to prepare the indictment of Owen Lattimore, an expert on China and professor at Johns Hopkins University who had been accused of being “the top Russian espionage agent in the United States” by Senator Joe McCarthy.

    The charges were ultimately dismissed, but Cohn’s aggressive performance left a lasting impact on McCarthy, who named him chief counsel to the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. (Robert F. Kennedy was assistant counsel.)

    McCarthy and Cohn, who was gay and would later die of AIDS, claimed that foreign communists had blackmailed closeted homosexual U.S. government employees into giving them secrets. The charge resulted in President Eisenhower’s Executive Order 10450, which allowed the government to deny homosexuals employment.”

  28. As soon as the jew coughs even the white man will run to his side arms extended sycopanthically asking him for his needs; the white man will come here and compain and even conspirate on the jew but when push comes to shove he run to the jew, his master
    You will even see it here in these pages where most articles are written against the jews but every once in a while an article will come where the victim, muslim people, are attacked; it is then when you will see the true nature of white peoplw who have complained about bush wars and the neo cons for what? 20 years now? Yet when another punk who manages the same endeavours as the previous comes about with sick views on muslims and mexicans; white people will suddenly change and surprise you..
    What is it? The video games, the movies, the ground beef or a conmbination that created these monster nation?
    Stop bombing them and stop supporting the entity called “israel” and stop starving them and you wont see immigrants come to your shores,
    No one likes to be away from home, be a foreigner, lose his dignity
    God damned you

    1. @ Avatar

      “…What is it? The video games, the movies, the ground beef or a conmbination that created these monster nation…?”

      Part of the coN-mbination is the influence of the Jewish neo-coNs.

      1. Well franko boy, its my third language, english, after spanish and arabic aaaand i dont have an automatic spell corrector
        Who is your daddy?

    2. “No one likes to be away from home, be a foreigner, lose his dignity”

      So what are you doing hiding out on another continent? Go join your heros of ISIS in the glorious killing of innocents, just as your sick beliefs are prescribing. Go on, take on these Russians who are slaughtering your brothers by the thousands. What are you waiting for?

      You should be thankful, now you are at least able to complain about it on the internet, – the white man’s invention-, on your computer – the white man’s invention -, powered by electricity – the white man’s discovery -, from a country you flew into on a plane – the white man’s invention – 🙂

    1. About time…!! Just 55 years behind the US. Old sleeves here.

      US gave Russia their nuke subs… Now…

      Looks like Lockheed finally gave Putin their old Polaris submarine missiles from the early 1960s:
      (I worked on the Proteus here in Dunoon, Scotland in 72)

      US had this in 1970s:

      1. About time…!! Just 55 years behind the US. Old sleeves here.
        US gave Russia their nuke subs… Now…

        … nuke subs? Pat, you sure you OK? Don’t you know that there are no, as your former president Bush eloquently put it, nucular subs?

        Only Pat can have it both ways. Only Pat can, as rude Rus say, “и рыбку съесть, и на хуй сесть”.

        Stay focused, Pat.

      2. I think that Pat believes in nuclear subs as they are powered by nuclear energy. Just like there are nuclear plants, or at least there used to be, to make electricity. But I think Pat does not believe in nuclear bombs. Nor do I.

        But we do believe they are equipped with missiles that contain very powerful ordinance.

        But I will let Pat speak for himself.

      3. @Rich

        Nor do I.

        I have opined earlier that

        Only Pat can have it both ways. Only Pat can, as rude Rus say, “и рыбку съесть, и на хуй сесть”.

        I admit I was totally wrong: There is another Pat here – a smarter one, or shall I say, a richer one.

        But I will let Pat speak for himself.

        You should have – you would be much better off.

      4. Could you kindly expand on this last comment? I am admittedly a bit slow on the uptake here. Your comment intrigues me and I would like further clarification. I’m not arguing with you at all. Just seeking a better understanding of your point.

        I would be much better off? How so? I don’t find myself in the breach and I could care less for board approval. No skin of my nose.

        I’m not here to engage in mutual masturbation and get an “atta boy”.

      5. @Rich

        Could you kindly expand on this last comment? … I would be much better off? How so? I don’t find myself in the breach and I could care less for board approval.

        Gladly. It is very simple. Are you better off now after you have jumped into my exchange with Pat? If you are, then I have only one thing to say: I was totally wrong in my judgment that Rich would be much better off not doing that.

        I’m not here to engage in mutual masturbation and get an “atta boy”.

        Good for you.

      6. Circ –

        Jimmy Carter was THE prez mocked for saying ‘nucular’… since he was one of Ricky’s boys. I operated a reactor… he didn’t.

        Pay better attention… THEN, stay focused, Circ.

      7. Rich –

        You are correct in my beliefs…. mostly.

        I have some reservations on any MIRV. Even some missiles go off course…. have to be destroyed remotely.

  29. It’s ironic Trump is being labeled a Hitler, a Nazi, when Hitler invited Muslims into Germany and Hitler had Muslim Legions in his Third Reich military, and Hitler played such a big role starting the Islamic Jihadist “The Muslim Brotherhood”. Obama and Hillary, they’re the ones who, like Hitler, are inviting Muslims into the USA, want Muslims serving in the U.S. military, start-up Islamic Jihadist groups, are IN-ALLIANCE with Hitler’s Islamic Jihadist “The Muslim Brotherhood”. And Obama’s brother in Egypt, Obama’s half-brother who lives in Egypt, is a member of Hitler’s Islamic Jihadist group “The Muslim Brotherhood”. So it’s NOT Trump who is like a Nazi, NOT Trump who is like Hitler. Obama and Hillary are the Nazis, they’re the ones who have so much in common with Hitler. Trump wants Putin to destroy Islamic Jihadists, Trump doesn’t want any alliances with Islamic Jihadists, Trump doesn’t want any Muslims in the U.S. military, Trump doesn’t want Muslim immigration into the USA, he’s NOT about inviting Muslims into the country. BUT Hitler invited Muslims into Germany, Hitler had Muslims in his Third Reich military, Hitler started an Islamic Jihadist group, and Hitler was IN Alliance with Islamic Jihadists –> Just like Obama and Hillary. So it’s Hillary and Obama who are like Hitler and have a lot more in common with Nazis then does Trump, sayin’.

    As it’s real clear now, ALL The Islamic Jihadist groups, including “The Muslim Brotherhood” started by Hitler, are owned and controlled by jews. That Hitler started a Muslim Islamic Jihadist group and it’s real clear now that Islamic Jihadist groups serve the jew NWO Zionist agenda, then it’s time for all you Hitler aficionados who are opposed to the Zionist NWO agenda to rethink Hitler. Obama, Hillary, and Hitler ALL are tied-into jew-owned-and-controlled Islamic Jihadist groups big-time. NOT Trump, so it’s not Trump who is like Hitler, NOT Trump who is a Nazi, it’s Obama and Hillary who are like Nazis, who are like Hitlers.

    1. TROJ,

      Don’t confuse instrumental methods with purpose and ideology. Two entirely different things.

      Obongo, Billary or whoever, are no National Socialists just because they (ab)use similar instruments to serve their agenda, which opposes National Socialist policies 180 degrees. They are Bolsheviks. This is a common mistake many ‘truthers’ make.

      Same thing for the term ‘Facsist’. The purpose of Facsism was to facilitate all combined forces in a society to improve society. Just because the current regime uses the same methods to neutralise opponents – patriots – as the Facsists did to neutralise Bolsheviks doesn’t make them Facsists. The are Bolsheviks.

      If I shoot a murdering rapist I am serving a good cause. If I shoot the victim of a murdering rapist I serve evil.

      1. @ 1138 :

        yeah yeah yeah. Shoot anyone you want, 1138, I’m voting for Trump. As ZOG owns and controls ALL The Islamic Jihadist groups and lots of Muslims like signing-up to be mercenaries for ZOG’s Islamic groups and as Washington has NO plans to vet the Muslim immigrants to weed out the Muslim mercenaries who are Islamic Jihadists, so they will be coming to the USA also [ hiding behind the Muslims we’re always told are peace loving Muslims ], then a BAN on Muslims until Washington decides its going to VET the Muslims so NO Islamic Jihadists terrorists come into the USA makes Perfect Sense, if one really cares for the well-being of the USA that is. Thank you, TROJ.

        Funny how National Socialists, who always make a big stink about how wonderful Whites are, they want to see the USA swamped with Muslims from all over the Third World, and many of them on the jew’s “Islamic Jihadist” payroll. Massive Muslim immigration into the USA which ZOG wants, and amazingly National Socialists and many WN’ers also want, will mean us White Americans will be even more over run with Third Worlders. Some “solution” to White Genocide. Import even more Third Worlders into the USA, many of whom are on the jew’s payroll, that’s The Ticket to a Glorious White Future for America. [ go f*ck yourself 1138].

        To those who only care for blacks and other minorities [ add up all the minorities, and the minorities are the real majority, but that’s a tangent] : If ZOG has its way and lots of Muslims come to the USA, lots of blacks and lots of other minorities will be very negatively effected/impacted, just as much, if not more than, us White Americans. When the wars in the Middle East come here, which is ZOG’s REAL agenda, lots of blacks and lots of minorities will be getting killed, and they will be getting killed by their fellow blacks and fellow minorities from all over the Third World. They won’t be getting killed by Whites, but by their own kind imported from the Third Word by ZOG. Gee, “thx” for Nothing, 1138, TROJ.

        Both the die-hard jew Zionist warmonger and one of the masterminds of the jew false flag attack on the USA on 911, Netanyahu , and the wahabbi Big Shots in Saudi Arabia and Qatar [ who also played a role in the attack on the USA called 911] and the donmeh Turkish leadership and ALL of ZOG Washington,Madison Ave., and ALL of jew Commie Hollywood, and ALL the Republicans of the Dick Cheney/Bush ilk, and ALL the die-hard Leftists in the USA, are greatly opposed to Trump. Look into it, they’re not opposed to Trump for nothing. Find out why ZOG is so opposed to Trump
        and why ZOG hates trump so much. They hate him so much they’re paying hip hop rappers to produce songs calling out for someone, anyone, to KILL Trump. And many of those calling out for someone to kill Trump claim to be “opposed” to gun violence. A first in American history, a presidential candidate is threatened with death by “the establishment”, both the Left and the Right. “The Establishment “, The Left and Right in cahoots, pretending to be “rebels” against “the system” , encouraging hip hop rappers to kill a presidential candidate. I don’t think things could get more putrid than this.

        1. @ TROJ

          I just don’t have time to read through all your posts, which is why only a few of them can be approved. Either cut down on the huge NUMBER of your posts or make each post SHORTER. In other words, if you insist on making extremely long posts, don’t make more than 2-3 posts a day. You are already writing more than 10 average posters put together.

      2. TROJ,

        Well, you better call the nurse because clearly you haven’t had your medication yet today.

        White nationalists or/and National Socialists want to flood white lands with muslims and other 3rd worlders???

        Yeah, sure, that was always Hitlers dream. You can look it up in Mein Kampf. Actually, that’s the real reason the Germans fought the war. To welcome all non whites into Europe. Needless to say that this of course is irrevocable proof that the evil Nadzees indeed won the war after all. TROJ finally nailed once and for all.

        Well, that’s cleared that up. Talking about cuckoo. From what planet are you, TROJ??

  30. Hey guys,

    I just wanted to chime in here. I’ve only read some of the comments. But seriously, you guys really like Donald “I support Israhell 1000%!” Trumpengold?

    I’m a Sunni Muslim, and NO I don’t think Miss Lasha is at all an Islamophobe, bigoted, or anything like that. Nor do I think that Trump is either (whether because he doesn’t want Mexicans or Muslims coming here). I agree that America doesn’t need more immigration (and of course I do not at all blame Americans for not wanting any Muslims to come here, especially as 99% probably don’t recognize that many of these various events are really False Flags and PsyOps).

    However, while there are some likable things about Trump, for instance that he says various “non-PC” things, is somewhat charismatic, and pretty intelligent, I really don’t see how any comments about Muslims or Islam could be seen as so-called “non-PC” because let’s be honest, in the Jewish/Zionist controlled media, you can pretty much say anything about Muslims and Islam (Fox Jews, er, I mean “News” anyone?) AND whites/European derived people, correct?

    Of course, when Trump calls out the Jew, I WILL give him props or whatever. Until then, he’s just another Jew slave and stooge. And Trump really frustrated me when he said that the day of 911, “Muslims” in NJ celebrated, and danced, etc. Because as I’m sure all of you guys know (or at least should!), it was Israeli Jewish Mossad agents who of course were the ones who did this (the so-called dancing “Shlomos”). And while Truthers and WNs like the readers here know this (I would think), obviously the vast majority of Zionist propagandized, “Israhell can do no wrong,” dumbed down American sheeple do not.

    Also, while Trump is probably absolutely right about Oboma NOT being born in the US, it would be nice if he also believed in other so-called “conspiracy theories.” For instance, the fact that 911 was a false flag psy-op carried out by elements of the Mossad, various Ziocon dual Israeli citizens, and other treasonous elements of our govt. IMO, Trump is never gonna say anything about this (does he even know 911 was a false flag psy-op?) Plus he’s had 14 years to say something and hasn’t. In fact several days ago Trump was interviewed by Ari “Alex” Jonesenblum, and the whole time Trump kept saying everything about how Muslims this, Muslims that, how he was warning everyone about OBL starting in 1999 (or 2000), blah blah blah, so on and so forth. Of course not once did Jonesengold EVER disagree with him, or in a polite way, object to the 1000% Kosher, BS that is the official ZOG story. If any one needed more evidence that Jones was a Zionist agent/asset doing the bidding of his masters, hell, why would you even need MORE evidence, in the first place?! LOL
    But watching that video most people that are supposedly J-wise should have seen for the most part, two Jew puppets/stooges “Kvetchng” about issues and things that we already see in our Israhelli centric JMSM on a daily basis. And again there are a few things about Trump that are likable, but come on now! Trump in the interview was “Kvetching” on and on about how Jew slave Oboma, was not kissing the *ss of filthy war criminal and international gangster, Nuttiyahoo (Trumps good “buddy”), about how the Iran deal is really bad (for who?), etc.

    On a side note when it comes to physical or a fighting jhad, one has to understand that only military and fighters can be targeted, but even If Muslims live in a non-Muslim country (YES, this even includes illegals) they CANNOT target the military there (the Ft. Hood shooting absolutely was wrong on many levels from a Sunni Islamic POV! The guy should have obviously filed for conscientious objector status and gone to jail if necessary; and there has been a lot of talk that Aulaki was an asset/spy and that he actually never went “rogue” although it does appear he was targeted, and later his son, so maybe he and his son “knew” too much).

    Getting back to Trump… Not that I agree with everything he says, but the more “WN” inclined out there should IMO see what Scott Roberts has said about Trump.

    Anyway, I’m sorry for such a long post. And while I totally disagree with you on Trump (and NOT because of his stance on Muslim immigration, but because he like the other candidates, just seems like another Zionist puppet) Miss Lasha, your blog is great, please keep up the excellent work. And can you please (I’m sure you have probably tried though) tell Mr. MacDonald that YES there ARE false flags that have BEEN committed by our “friends?” He does know that the USS Liberty was an attempted FF and PO by our “friends” right? (same thing with the Lavonn affair and MANY other incidents).

    1. Its ok yours isnt a long post, besides, you can consider this your post plus interests because it is the first time 🙂
      Regarding lasha and other “white people” posters please remember and do it always as you keep your eyes on the ball that these are christians that belong to the judeo-christian perennial alliance and that the jews will allways allways be in the hearts of white and even black people in America.they cant help it
      White people got a soft spot in their ass for the jews even after told they killed-or tried to- kill Jesus, their God simply because the jews have manged to convert them to secular, materialistic and atheist beings..
      It is then a clash between Judeo-Christian-Atheists Against Islam, protector of humanity
      The enemies of palestine are the enemies of islam and the enemies of Islam are the enemies of mankind
      If God is with us, who against us?

      1. Avi,

        “It is then a clash between Judeo-Christian-Atheists Against Islam, protector of humanity.” ROFLMAO.

        The clash is between the rooted sedentary producers, atheists or not, against the nomadic predators represented by the triumvirate of self-chosen people, WASP us/Gb, wahabi-takfiri EAU and jewsrael, the stateless globalist capitalist class, bad christians, bad muslims and bad jews.
        Palestine is the poster boy for the first category while Daesh or Isis… ( chechens, europeans uprooted americanized arabs or caucasians, asians, kosovars, bosnians and all the scums from qataris/saudis prison ) is the poster boy for the second category.
        See BHL during festival de Cannes with “Syrians” and “Lybians” in Le Monde, lol. A synthesis.

        Anti-Ziocon thanks for your message. I was reading an old article about Abdullah ibn Hamoud Tariki, the Red Sheik, a Saudi Arab nationalist who was once a real pain in the ass for US oil companies. He studied geology at the University of Texas and then went working for Texaco. He told the French journalist that he was denied entry in bars, hotels and restaurants because people thought he was a Mexican.

        As for Trump, he is a coward, surfing on the muslims wave and the entropy those people create in Occident since 9/11. Sorry Joe for stumping the Trump. At least he seems anti-war and he is not talking about preventive nuclear strike. The american election are important since Usa is the leader of the free world, l’Union des Républiques Socialistes Libérales.

        And he is funny.
        Trump in front of the Republican Jewish coalition.
        “Stupidly, you want to give money… But you’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money.” “You want to control your own politicians,”
        “Is there anyone in this room who doesn’t renegotiate deals? Probably 99% of you. Probably more than any room I’ve ever spoken in.”

      2. Phil, that picture of bbl, my choice for the most disgusting thing alive, human or Jewish, in loving company of ISIS catamites is priceless, thanks.

        BHL is so hypocritical, he gives Pharisees a bad name.
        How revealing that ISIS are on the same wavelength.

        And they probably all sing in harmony about the “evils of the white man” (and uses of a white woman)

    2. @ anti-Ziocon
      I am glad you wrote this post it has many valid points
      one of these points is this site ,it’s addictive to say the least
      but I hate addiction 🙂
      I agree that Lasha is misunderstood ,she is not a hater or islamophobic that for sure
      I have reread her comments…and as a poet and a writer she demonstrated her humanity and spiritual purity ,such qualities will never produce a hater or a bigot.
      as for the posters in this site ,they come in every shape and color..there are The Good and The Bad and The Ugly..

    3. @ Anti-Ziocon

      “You guys” is an all inclusive term which is incorrect. I certainly have no use for Trump. The only difference between Trump and the other candidates for the position of USA head jewish stooge is that he has more money than the others and he has the job of making a scam appear to be more real by being politically incorrect.

    4. @ 1138 :

      If Hitler’s connection to The Muslim Brotherhood, Hitler played a big role starting the Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood, if Hitler’s connection to Islamic Jihad is so on the up-and-up, then why do ALL the Nazis webmasters online BAN me when I mention Hitler’s role in starting the Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood? I also get banned at Nazi websites when I mention Hitler had Muslim Legions in his Third Reich military. If Hitler’s connection to the world of Islam and to Islamic Jihadists is on the up-and-up and something beneficial to the White Race, then why do I get Banned from National Socialist websites for mentioning Hitler’s connection to Islamic Jihadists?

      1. With regard to the “Nazis” and the Muslim Brotherhood:

        With all due respect, you’re are just spouting a lot Zionist, Hasbarat propaganda and/or disinfo. A lot this comes from various Shabbos Goy stooges like John Loftus and many others. The MB/Ikhwan were basically created in the 1920s, before the NSDAP came to power. Of course why shouldn’t the Muslims in Egypt (MB or not) or any other Muslims (like in the North Caucasus) have worked with the NSDAP? The same forces were working and conspiring against them, and oppressing both the Muslims and the proud, and great German nation (the Zionist stooge Churchill/the UK, the Zionist Mafia Banksters and the Judeo Bolshevik Communists).

        Of course while far from perfect the MB and Morsi were a lot better than NuttiYahoodi/Zionist puppet and stooge Sissi, or his other backers the totally corrupt, and morally bankrupt House of “Saul” (so-called “Saudi” Arabia).

        Of course these same Zionist propagandists also proclaim how Jewish slave and stooge Obummer (a “Judeo-Christian”) is a not so secret “Muzzie” about to usher in Sharia law! Oh my G-d!!!!!! Any day now it’s going to happen! Don’t you know the Muslims control Hollyweird (thanks Alex “the Arabs control Hollywood” Jonesengold!), they control all of our media, they control the banks and the financial institutions (oh my G-d, that Yellin is a bad, evil “Islamist” right?!), they control most of our various so-called “Think” [sic] Tanks, they control our Universities, and many other things in the US! Oh my G-d!!!

      2. Anti-Ziocon,

        “Of course why shouldn’t the Muslims in Egypt (MB or not) or any other Muslims (like in the North Caucasus) have worked with the NSDAP? The same forces were working and conspiring against them, and oppressing both the Muslims and the proud, and great German nation (the Zionist stooge Churchill/the UK, the Zionist Mafia Banksters and the Judeo Bolshevik Communists).”

        Exactly right, Anti-Ziocon. And that’s how simple things are.

        In fact why shouldn’t any decent person have joined the National Socialists in their kampf against humanity’s mortal enemy? All the world’s decent people have the same righteous battle to fight. We the goyim all have one thing in common; the eternal Jew. They divise us and set us up against each other. That is their Modus Operandi to get what they want. We should all have our own lands to live in peace according to every people’s own ambitions and capabilities exercising and enjoying our own cultures without external pressure. It’s the international parasite which is our planet’s problem. Not only for humans but for the entire ecology on earth. If the Jew isn’t stopped earth will end up like planet Mars. Dead! Destroyed by the slime that lives to destroy every living thing. Killing millions and millions and polluting and poisoning everything, all in the name of control and profit for the ‘chosen ones’. It is our duty to rid planet earth from this parasite with which it is infected.

        “The conflict between peoples, or the mutual hatred, is maintained by certain stakeholders. It is a small, rootless international cabal that incites people against each other, who does not want it to come to a rest. It’s those people who feel at home everywhere and nowhere. They who have no actual place of origin. Today they live in Berlin and, if necessary, tomorrow in Brussels. The day after tomorrow they live in Paris or Prague, Vienna or maybe in London, and feel themselves at home anywhere.
        They are the only ones who can genuinely be called ‘international elements’ because they can do their business anywhere they like. Yet ‘das Volk’ ( the German people ) can not follow them. Das Volk is chained to her fatherland and is bound to the possibilities of life that his state provides him. The nation.”

        Adolf Hitler.

    5. the Malik Nadal dude…Fort Hood incident was also another military drill that went live with multiple shooters…the dude was setup and convicted in a kangaroo court i.e. “military tribunal”…

      get real Habibi…he didn’t carry out the shootings…Israeli Mista’Aravim did…

  31. DON’T VOTE FOR TRUMP!!! A security guard at Trump Tower on 5th Avenue in joo york shitty wasn’t nicey-nice to our krapping brutha vaudeville monkey jew “priest”. The Trump Tower security guard told sacred simian sheenie its not allowed to jump up and down like a monkey and make monkey screechy noises in front of the Trump Towers owned by Trump!!

    1. RO,

      It was more a rhetorical question. Banfield is 100% Zionist puppet. She was making this statement to parallel, what she and the msm are promoting, as absurd behaviour to stop Muslim immigration and travel to the USA. She’s saying that we wouldn’t ban Jews, even though there have been terrorist attacks done by them, so why are we doing the same for Muslims, of which the massive majority are peaceful?

      1. @ Harb. CNN talking about Jewish terrorists is unusual to say the least. It’s probably all theatre or alternatively there is infighting between different Zionist/Jewish factions.

        The first comment on Youtube says:

        “everyone knows jeeews/ israelis blew up the WTC on 9/11.”

        Everyone doesn’t know jews are terrorists, and many of those who do know, keep voting for the same.

      2. From 2010

        “Terry Marsh, the former Light-welterweight world champion, wanted to call his political party None Of The Above but was told by officials that was against the rules.

        In 2009 he set up a political party called None of the Above but when he tried to register his intention to stand as a election candidate he was told by the Electoral Commission that the name could not be printed onto the ballot papers because the express is banned.

        The 51-year-old from Basildon in Essex refused to be knocked out of the competition so instead changed his name by deed poll so the phrase will appear on the ballot papers.

        Mr X, who has never been defeated in a boxing match, said he wanted people to be able to register a protest vote without spoiling their ballot paper.”

        He said: “If people vote for ‘none of the above’ maybe it will send a message to the main parties and Government.”

        Mr X said he did not expect to win the seat but if he did he would have made his point that the public lacks confidence in the main political parties and would then step down.”

        1. @ Red Onions

          As a conscientious non-voter, I would gladly change my tactics and vote if there was a box on the voting form you could tick that said “None of the above.”

          The authorities would never permit that.

          After all, “None of the Above” could garner huge support and actually win. 🙂

      3. @ LD “As a conscientious non-voter, I would gladly change my tactics and vote if there was a box on the voting form you could tick that said “None of the above.”

        Ditto, but contrary to the cartoon I have posted below, it’s not about apathy, it’s knowing that the political parties are corrupt.

        “These truths are well known among our principal men, who are now engaged in forming an imperialism to govern the world. By dividing the voter through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance.

        “It is thus, by discrete action, we can secure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished.”

        Montagu Norman, Governor of The Bank Of England, addressing the United States Bankers’ Association, NYC 1924

        1. @ Red Onions

          Ditto, but contrary to the cartoon I have posted below, it’s not about apathy, it’s knowing that the political parties are corrupt.

          I absolutely agree with you that it isn’t “apathy” that make you and me conscientious non-voters. It’s total contempt for the scoundrels putting themselves forward. But the government can hardly admit that it’s contempt for the politicians that keeps many voters away, so they have to spin low turnouts as “apathy.” They are even thinking of making voting compulsory — a sure sign of totalitarianism when they actually feel the need to force you and me into the voting booth with bayonets! 🙂

      4. “As a conscientious non-voter, I would gladly change my tactics and vote if there was a box on the voting form you could tick that said “None of the above.”

        That one would NOT be counted either.

        None are actually properly counted at the national levels… Few are locally.

        I have seen votes changed within the last year – 2014 – here… locally…..
        ….and the bankers’ incumbent benefited by one vote.

      5. @ Pat

        In some countries “None of the Above” votes are counted, but even if there is a majority, the incumbent party or in the case of Nevada the party with the highest number of votes, after “None of the Above” wins. “None of the Above” is a protest vote.

        “None of the Above (NOTA), also known as “against all” or a “scratch” vote, is a ballot option in some jurisdictions or organizations, designed to allow the voter to indicate disapproval of all of the candidates in a voting system. It is based on the principle that consent requires the ability to withhold consent in an election, just as they can by voting no on ballot questions.

        Entities that include “None of the Above” on ballots as standard procedure include India (“None of the above”), Greece (λευκό, white, but unrelated to a political party of the similarly sounding name-however it is symbolic only), the U.S. state of Nevada (None of These Candidates), Ukraine (Проти всіх), Spain (voto en blanco), and Colombia (voto en blanco). Russia had such an option on its ballots (Против всех) until it was abolished in 2006. Bangladesh introduced this option (না ভোট) in 2008. Pakistan introduced this option on ballot papers for the 2013 Pakistan elections but later the Election Commission of Pakistan rejected this.

        When None of the Above is listed on a ballot, there is the possibility of NOTA receiving a majority or plurality of the vote, and so “winning” the election. In such a case, a variety of formal procedures may be invoked, including having the office remain vacant, having the office filled by appointment, re-opening nominations or holding another election (in a body operating under parliamentary procedure), or it may have no effect whatsoever, as in India and the US state of Nevada, where the next highest total wins regardless.”

      6. RO –

        I am not referencing the ‘fine theory’ of your claims.

        It all sounds good to sell you their confidence game. They still do the tally.

        If you were the one actually doing the counting… it MIGHT be different.

        I have actually watched the fraudulent vote counting. Ballots thrown in waste baskets by League of Women Voters and Jaycees tallying the results… before machines.

        The case was won in court in a suit against the Sec of State … who was in charge of elections statewide.

        But the election could not be changed. The suit was settled a year after the election.

        They still won.

      7. I posted this info over a year ago here on DM. JSM thanked me.

        The totals of any item on any ballot can be changed much easier today.
        That would include the ‘none of the above’ position.
        High school students can learn to hack-steal elections.

        SEE how it is done’:


        Uploaded on Jan 7, 2008
        One man’s private, sole source company programs 81% of the election in New Hampshire, 100% in Connecticut, almost all of Massachusetts and most of Vermont. Never before seen video of the under-the-radar elections contractor John Silvestro as he tangles with master security expert Harri Hursti.For the full version of the hack see the 80 minute HBO film “Hacking Democracy”


  32. TOBY: Comment held up in monitoring because you typed in the wrong email address, beginning with the letters “hbn”.

    “A Saudi prince has described US businessman Donald Trump, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, as a “disgrace to America”.

    Prince Alwaleed bin Talal said on Twitter that Mr Trump should give up his presidential ambitions because he would never win.”

    Mr Trump tweeted back, calling the prince “dopey”.

    C’mon man! Hahahahaha!
    One word. How might Bush the Turnip and Kid Carson compete with that? They can’t. They’d look and sound like dopes themselves, if they even think about it. Skeerdy cats.
    The mobs notice this like a wolf notices that little limp..

    1. Thanks Toby, I’m working very hard on learning my initials and typing them in proper order. Shouldn’t be long now!

  33. I know there’s quite a few Darkmooners who are into Hinduism. Anyone living in the United States and is into Hinduism may want to support Trump who wants to place a BAN on Muslim immigration into the USA until Washington can figure out who is who in the world of Islam, the world of Islam so wracked with turmoil and confusion these days. The Mohammedans/Muslims have ALWAYS waged Islamic Jihad against Hinduism, against the Hindu people of India, and the Muslims are still waging Islamic Jihad against the Hinduism and against the Hindu people of India. The Muslims have been waging Islamic Jihad against Hinduism and the Hindu people of India before ZOG ever existed, before ZOG started up ZOG’s “Islamic Jihadist” mercenary armies. The Muslims have been waging Islamic Jihad against Hinduism and the Hindu people of India since the first day Islam came on the scene. I myself am not a Hindu, it doesn’t resonate with me, but I don’t want to see the Hindus in the USA brutally murdered either, or in any way harmed. India, by the way, does NOT allow Muslims to immigrate into India. ZOG will be bringing in the most intense Islamic Jiahdists into the USA, they will hide behind the peace loving Muslim we’re always hearing about. When they get here, they will also be attacking the Hindus in the USA, NOT just attacking us White Christian Americans. Thank You, TROJ.

  34. Ashleigh Banefull’s jew MSM jew mishpucka bosses allowed here to “bravely” reveal some, but just some, a little bit, the MSM jews allowed their goy toy Ashleigh to “bravely” reveal a little bit about jew terrorism, but only ultimately as a means to encourage everyone to support the jew Zionist Communist agenda of massive Muslim immigration into the USA. Very telling : That very large picture of Reagan in the background behind Jeffery “Lord”. It was under Reagan’s watch the CIA/MOSSAD started Al Qaeda. I do believe that large picture of Reagan in the background behind Jeffrey “Lord” was a means to subtly and underhandedly let us know the Muslim immigration agenda has to do with ZOG deciding this is the time to introduce Al Qaeda terrorism into the USA big-time. ZOG’s Al Qaeda mercenaries from all over the world will be entering into the USA, hiding behind the peace loving Muslims we’re always hearing about. Banfield revealed some, but just some, and actually a very miniscule amount, about the history of jew terrorism, but she only did it so as to get us to support the jew Zionist Communist agenda of flooding the USA with Muslims [ for the benefit of, and the fruition of, the jew’s Zionist Communist NWO]. Some say Banfield is “refreshing”, There’s nothing “refreshing” about her. She promoted ZOG’s agenda, and she did so in a very underhanded and despicable way. She lied a million lies of omission. Lies of Omission are called LIES, and there’s not anything “refreshing” about LIES. We’re already inundated with ZOG’s LIES. The whole interview with Jeffrey “Lord” was very scripted and very rehearsed before the cameras started to roll. “Lord” knew before hand what Banfield was going to say about jew terrorism, and he knew the questions she was going to ask him, and they both were acting. Both acting in service to ZOG’s agenda of bringing in lots of Islmic Jiahdists into the USA. The TWO LIED a million LIES, a million LIES of omission, while Banfield revealed a minuscule amount of info about jew terrorism, and that was only to get everyone to support what the jew COMMUNISTS want, a lot of Muslims in the USA. Banfield is real c*nt for ZOG alright. She’s detestable. And that over-sized picture of Reagan, Reagan looming in the background, how telling, as ZOG started up ZOG’s Al Qaeda under Reagan’s “watch”. As the cowboy Reagan “vigilantly” “watched” The Ranch.

    Revealing a real small miniscule amount of info about jew terrorism , and to do so ONLY as a tool, as a means, with the GOAL, of getting everyone to support the jew terrorist agenda of flooding the USA with Muslims, especially including flooding the USA with the Muslim Islamic Jihadists on ZOG’s payroll, is truly disgusting. There’s no words…..

  35. Uncle :

    I want ALL the posts I sent in this morning up on the commentary board. ALL of the posts I sent you today are ON TOPIC, ON TARGET, well-thought out, and Fact-Based and Truthful. If you think some of the posts I sent you are “too long” ; Consider : You ALWAYS feature long posts from other DM commentators, it’s never a problem when anyone else writes a long post. You even feature Bilney’s and Ellie’s very long posts entirely comprised of the most unbelievable bullshit. So it’s time you stop bitching and moaning I occasionally send you long posts, because ALL of my posts, short and brief comments, AND my long posts, are ALWAYS FACT-BASED and Truthful, including ALL the posts I sent in this morning. Thank you, TROJ. If you don’t put ALL the posts I sent you today up on your “truth loving” commentary board, then disregard my “Thank You”, because then it’s void, like many times your head is void of brains, “thx”.

    1. hey Joe..I am starting to like some of your comments and attitude
      your uncle is moody to say the least

    2. Sorry TROJ, no can do. I’ve already been told that THREE posts from you per day is the maximum. I am sometimes allowing to have TWICE that many.

      Besides, your logic is faulty. It’s true that I allow other people like Ellie and Max Bilney to make long posts, but Ellie only makes ONE long post every three months. Not TEN long posts EVERY DAY! Same with Max Bilney. He’s hardly here, and he never posts more than 1-2 long posts per day. You’re writing 10-20. Even our best posters don’t try to hog the limelight like that!

      You really must try to cut down the number of your comments and make them shorter.

      (OK, I’ve just approved another post of yours — the one you requested.)

      1. Uncle :

        I shall send in my “Ashleigh Banfield/Jeffrey ‘Lord'” post to you tomorrow, and it shall be The Only post I send you tomorrow, and let’s see if you feature it. How do you like them apples? [ and NO, you’re not “sorry” about anything, lol. ]

        1. @ TROJ

          Haven’t I already posted this? Send it in again by all means. Maybe we’re thinking of different posts.

  36. Заговор против Европы в действии: Ангелы ада вторглись в европейский рай

    I will translate for you the title: The conspiracy against Europe in action: Hell’s Angels entered the European paradise.

    If you wish to take a peek at what the future holds for you as European, or for Europe in general, you better start learning how to digest Russian sources. Learning a foreign language is not an easy task, so you might want to get hold of a handy technical translator of good quality.

    Here is one: Google Transalte. Admittedly not a very good one, If you are aware of a better one – share it with your brothers and sisters.

    1. Circ –

      Yep. You had better learn perfect Chinese… BILLIONS of them headed your way… walking, driving and…
      through the Iron Silk Road.

      ….so you might want to get hold of a handy technical translator of good quality. 🙂

      A Russian wrote:

      Where will 1.5 billion hungry Chinese people move to?

      First of all Russia. And it is not a theory, look at what is already happening.

      The Chinese have flooded the Far East, buying plots, cut down all the wood, dig and process roots, remove all the fertile soil and TAKEN to China.

      It remains dead land. Underground tunnels are made, reaching under the border, and through these tunnels are taken the forest wood and land.

      This is already happening now.

      Local authorities, who have eyes to see but money takes over, it’s all encouraged.

      If the Chinese now are trafficked from Russia all the way up to the major cities and tundra, imagine what will happen in 10-15 years.

      1. @Pat

        Yep. You had better learn perfect Chinese… BILLIONS of them headed your way… walking, driving and…
        through the Iron Silk Road.

        Pat, I guess you are old enough to remember not so subtle Khrushchev who declared on his first visit to US:

        We have only one issue to settle with you, Americans – the land issue: Who will bury whom.

        I foresee only one dispute with our Chinese comrades: Who gets what after we bury the Anglo-American Empire.

      2. Circ –

        I remember it well. I saw him banging shoes at UN… Talk and shoe banging are totally meaningless.

        That was over 50 years ago. Nothing happened yet… EXCEPT hundreds of US companies have taken over Russia’s ‘dirt’… land… through Russia’s Joint Stock Corporations(JSCs)…. allowing foreign investment.

        Russia is running out of time.

        China’s super-fast trains heading there this same month…. last year.

        In 50 more years no Russians will be left with any of their own ‘dirt’ except on reservations.

        A high-speed rail line connecting Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, with the region’s Hami prefecture will begin running on November 16, Sina reports, citing the China Railway Corporation. The 710-kilometer line is part of the 1,770-kilometer Lanzhou-Xinjiang high-speed railway that will travel through Gansu province, Qinghai province and Xinjiang.

        The trains will initially run at speed of about 200 kilometers per hour, reducing travel time between Urumqi and Hami from five hours to three hours.

        China is home to the world’s longest high-speed railway network—by the end of 2012, its tracks stretched over a distance of 10,000km. China aims have completed 25,000km of HSR track by the end of 2020.

  37. Lasha doesn’t even live in the United States, so I don’t know why she’s sticking her nose into the American presidential race. And who exactly is talking about making voting legally mandatory? I haven’t heard anyone in the USA, no one in Washington or anywhere else in the USA, mention anything about making voting legally mandatory for us Americans.

    What they are talking about in Washington is making it legally mandatory for females American citizens to register for The Draft. ZOG is planning to revive The Draft and this time Women are going to get drafted, and when ZOG gets its WW3 ZOG is drooling for, American women will be on the front lines too, 🙂 . And the kicker is, this will most likely happen with the First Female President of the USA in the Oval Office, Killary. NOT voting for Trump, by the way, is a de-facto vote for Killary the MEAG-ZOG-Bitch from Hell.

    Considering Lasha does NOT live in the USA, Lasha needs to be more clear when she makes statements and assertions. Like making it clear if her statements and assertions she’s talking about refer to the USA or another country. Thank You, TROJ.

    1. @ TheRealOriginalJoe

      Lasha doesn’t even live in the United States, so I don’t know why she’s sticking her nose into the American presidential race…

      Lasha has as much right as you to comment on American affairs, given that she is a dual citizen whose mother was American. Apart from which, she visits America several times a year. If you are a native of Florida and happen to visit Palm Beach regularly, you have probably bumped into Lasha without knowing it. She is the tall, slim lady in a straw hat and dark glasses, walking down Worth Avenue with a white poodle on a leash. (Belonging to her Aunt who lives in Delray Beach).

      1. I hope Lasha’s burqa is air-conditioned, like the astronots have climate-controlled space suits, it gets pretty hot in Florida. Unless she eschews air conditioned burqas for the more old-fashioned, kind, so she can like feel she’s in the local souk in Mecca or Medina while she does her shopping. Under the hot blazing Sabian Sun, 😉 .

        How convenient it is to be a dual citizen. Another clue to ponder.

  38. This divisiveness is the result by a people who have abandoned their believe in God. The Creator, the God of the Universe, initiated segregation when He planted each race in the beginning, according to ability and talent in different parts on this earth so they could
    compliment each other in trade, commerce and culture. But above all, to give Him recognition. Just as a Farmer plants his seeds, so man was destine to plant God’s seed. No Farmer ever mixes his seed with another. He plants one kind of seed in one area, and another kind of seed in a different part of his land. Doing so, he knows what
    kind of crop he will get come harvest time.
    However, the Adversary of the Creator is working very hard to genetically modify God’s seed, the mixing of all races, so the evil one can “mingle” and blend-in unnoticed to continue his war against God through divisiveness and rebellion. Using his seed’s, he is trying to remove the race and cultural boundaries that our Creator set-up so long ago, to ruin the Harvest of God on the Day of Judgment. This age old confrontation between good and evil will soon come to an end.

  39. In my opinion the Hispanic invaders are the ones to show more concern than any other ethnic group in the US. In particular the Gusanera Cubans in Miami. Those are outright sick vermin. All of them. I think they are even worse than the Ashkenazim impostors owners of the place. If Trump makes into the White House. I’ll be the first informing him to execute that order effective and immediately. Don’t worry Fidel and Raul are gonna received them with open arms.

  40. The visceral detestation of the “other” is a fundamentally jewish emotion. Whites + Blacks + Hispanics + Moslems + Arabs + Indians = non-jews or “amalek” A.K.A. GOYIM OR “ANIMALS IN HUMAN FORM.” If you hate the Blacks or the Moslems or any of the other types of goyim who exist on this floating terrestrial body that we collectively inhabit, then for all intents and purposes you might as well be working for the jewish supremacists. If you are White, then you are basically just another type of “greasy goy” who is waiting at the entrance of the slaughterhouse. So what’s keeping you from making friends with the various other varieties of goy ?? Would you rather die and see your genetics wiped out of existence, or would you rather make friends with your fellow goy ?? The USA is a multi-cultural society, and has been for many years already. I once had a Sunni Moslem college professor (that was many years ago), and I have known many Black and Spanish folks in my time. Goyim are mostly decent folks. You may prefer to stick with your own kind, and that’s great, but you’re living in the Twilight Zone if you really believe that you can ever achieve a racially pure society that consists only of White persons like yourself. BTW …. Donald Trump is little more than a glorified New York City Slum Lord and as such he doesn’t really give two sh*ts about anyone other than himself and his beloved State of Israel.

    Trump is going to sell you out because you mean absolutely nothing to him.

  41. Hey fellow posters,

    Thanks for the feedback. And I’m really sorry that in my previous post I said “you guys” (when referring to people that think Trump is the real deal or not beholden to ZOG) when I didn’t really mean everyone here posting, and should have said “some” people.

    Like I said, it really peeved me off that Trump and “Josesenblum” were “kvetching” on and on and on, the usual kosher ZOG talking points about current (and past) events.

    Anyway, if “Trumpengold” (sorry can’t resist!) is elected, he at least won’t be boring! If nothing else, I think that we can be guaranteed of that. And while the Zionist controllers seem to want Billary to run against Rubio (short for Rubensteinio?), if Trump does get the nomination and actually wins, it’s not like this would be bad at all for the Zionists and their various agendas. I guarantee that IMO, it would be totally, 1000%, “Good for the Jews.”

    I personally haven’t voted for a long time, but would have back in 2008 and 2012 if Paul would have gotten the “Republicrat” nomination. Of course, he obviously should have left the “Republicrats” and started a third party in 2012, as he had millions of dollars and a VERY large, very dedicated, and very loyal following from the Liberty movement, and IMO this 3rd party would have been doing very well, and by now (for 2016), a viable option to the Republicrats and the Demopublicans. That said, of course unfortunately Ron Paul took BAD advice and/or made BAD decisions (Ron Paul should be blamed 100% of course) seemingly just for his POS, ungrateful, “mediocre” son (the apple fell far from the tree) and his future.

    Obviously, what many of us in the US (and other Western Zionist controlled countries) can see is that we live under a ZOG oligarchy and dictatorship.

    In the US (one of the many colonies of Israhell) we have a choice between two Kosher, Israhell 1st (and 2nd and 3rd) political parties or two wings of the same Zionist bird. One so-called, seemingly “liberal” (but not in a classic sense) and the other so-called, seemingly “conservative” (also not in the classic sense).

    On the one hand we have the choice of the “Democrats” AKA the left-wing, neo-Bolshevik, Judeo Cultural Marxist/Marxist, fanatical, Israhell first, revolutionary, “liberals.”

    And on the other hand we have the “Republicans” AKA the right-wing, Judeo Zioconservative (neoconservative), Trotskyite (and no, not “former”), fanatical, Israhell first, revolutionary, “conservatives.”

    And of course whoever wins the “US” (or virtually anywhere else in the world) (s)elections, it’s always “Good for the Jews.” PERIOD.


    1. If anyone doesn’t vote for Trump then that’s the very same as handing the election over to Hillary, and Trump and Hillary have diametrically different platforms. If you want Hillary’s agenda, you can then either vote for her OR simply NOT vote for Trump [ this is based on the premise Trump will win the Republican nomination]. Those who don’t vote for Trump, who don’t vote at all in the upcoming presidential election, are the ones handing the presidency over to Hillary, NOT Trump. Those who constantly encourage us NOT to vote are the very ones handing the election over to Hillary, as they mendaciously blame Trump for handing the election over to Hillary.

      Those who do NOT want the US military to interfere with Putin eradicating ISIS, who do NOT want a war with Russia , who want to see some kind of revival in American industry, and do NOT want Muslims coming here, as ZOG is not vetting the Muslims to weed out the Muslim terrorists on ZOG’s payroll, you have a much better chance with Trump. NOT voting ipso facto is a vote for Hillary. ALL the die-hard Leftists, Communists, the overwhelming number of jews, all the new fangled “Americans” from all over the third world. ALL the illegal aliens will be voting for Hillary [ Yes, illegal aliens are being allowed to vote now]. If you’re opposed to the NWO, better chance with Trump. If it turns out he’s controlled opposition, still, he won’t do as much damage as Hillary. Sitting this election out is the SAME as voting for Hillary. Just keep that in mind everyone.

      1. @ TROJ

        All of the candidates have the same agenda, do as they are told by the jewish money power. If they do not, they normally expire due to lead poisoning or poisoning by ingestion, and it has been that way since 1789. The only two exceptions were Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.

    1. @ Anti-Ziocon

      It is actually worst than that. All governments are a sham, some more than others. All governments are thieves because they take from those governed. Those governments that take only money from those governed are normally tolerable. Those governments that insist on taking everything, including individual liberty, are the worst.

      The reason that the US government of the 1800’s does not seem to be worst than today is because the size of the government in the 1800’s was not as large as it is today. It has always been corrupt. It is operating as designed in 1789. It’s just that the design has reached maturity. Those thinking that returning to the 1789 system as a solution do not understand the doing the same thing expecting different results is a sign of insanity. The endless propaganda about the original intent is why people opt for the insanity.

  42. I am a voter–no surprise. In fact, come January I am going to try to talk to candidates running in the 2016 election. I will be trying to get an appointment with my Congressman. Forget Feinstein and Boxer: they don’t even read their mail. I suppose I could vote for a Democrat if I find a receptive person but probably not. The Democratic party is both broke and bought–I mean talk about a combination of Bolshevism and fascism. The Democrats are the ones promoting global climate change, universal vaccine mandates, and of course war, war, war… under the name of peace. Once the Democrats elect their peace candidate who says he/she won’t go to war, they stop paying attention…you know they have lives to live, right? So then when war follows the inaugural speech they don’t notice. It’s hard to explain how ridiculous these people are. They care only for the fictional narrative that makes them feel good about themselves.

    I wish I felt better in general, and I have to say that even though I feel badly about the engineered anti-Islam that I truly believe is not about Islam but politics..still, I’m annoyed by the reaction of Muslims who have joined the neo-liberals in the blame game against everyone who is white or Christian. So in a sense they are doing almost exactly what is being done to them. No higher ground there. They are now joining the anti-Christmas campaign. I understand how much pressure they are under… but higher ground, please.

  43. @KAPOORE:

    About your comment “that vaccines might be the root cause of the autism epidemic which could in just a few years affect one out of every two children in the U.S., if nothing is done about it” ~

    Don’t know if Donald Trump is going to solve the Autism problem, highly unlikely even if he becomes the Yankee President (I have my money on the Great Whore and the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse!), but I do know that there is a scientific reason as to why most of these children who are or will be suffering from Autism are boys.

    When vaccines were first introduced, they were given to children after they had developed their immune system and they were NOT given all at once.

    Today, vaccines are given to babies just barely born and all at once, sometimes 20 to 30 vaccines in one shot. The difference between baby girls and baby boys is that baby girls have somewhat developed their immune system whereas the baby boys have none or close to none.

    When they receive into their bodies these vaccines full of mercury, aspartame, aluminum and other extremely toxic substances found in most vaccines, the baby boys almost have no chance as they don’t have a developed immune system to eliminate these toxic substances from their bodies. The same applies to immunizations and to antibiotics to a certain degree.

    That is why boys develop Autism in much greater odds than girls.

    Fortunately, there is a way to cure Autism which involves in detoxing the body, especially the brain and the colon, of these extremely toxic substances and the resultant nasty parasites and bacteria and biofilms.

    There is an American nurse by the name of Kerri Rivera in Mexico who is literally curing children who have Autism and she is having tremendous success in doing so. She is using something called “Miracle Mineral Supplement” or MMS (now called CD or Chlorine Dioxide) which truly is miraculous and was discovered by another American named Jim Humble.

    To give you an idea of just how effective and powerful MMS is, it can CURE Malaria (caused by a large parasite) in just 4 hours (which no conventional allopathic medicine can cure in spite of what Bill Gates of Hell says!). A bottle of MMS (4 fluid ounce) costs around $20 USD and will last 1-2 years of use.

    MMS kills the anaerobic viruses and bacteria and biofilms in the human body via a chemical process called “weak oxidation” without harming the beneficial ones (ozone, on the other hand, is a strong oxidizer and will kill both the good and the bad). There is NOTHING biological that the “good folks” at Ft. Detrick, Maryland have invented, are inventing or will invent as part of the Jewish/Yankee biowarfare program to depopulate and disable humanity that will survive MMS (viz., AIDS, “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,” Autism, Ebola, etc.). Nothing.

    MMS is literally God’s Antibiotic!

    Here is Kerri Rivera’s website with lots of testimonials from mothers whose children have lost their Autism due to MMS:

    The real cure for Autism is STOP vaccinating and immunizing your children! And stay away from allopathic antibiotics and Jewish doctors!

  44. Uncle :

    Merry Christmas to you. I just want to point out that David Chu’s post is a long post, so I’m sure you will feature the posts I sent you this morning, this Christmas morning, and you won’t hesitate to put my posts I sent you today on Christmas morning. As the posts I sent you this Christmas morning aren’t really any longer then Chu’s post, and you had no kind of issues featuring his long post on the commentary board. Plus, you never hesitate to feature Ellie’s and Maxie’s posts, most them extremely long and most of time full of nothing but complete nonsense. The posts I sent you today, while somewhat long, but not any longer them anyone else’s long posts, the posts I sent today are very relevant and germane and appropriate to the topics being discussed and contain much that is very thought-provoking, fact-based and truthful, and can only benefit all the readers — certainly won’t harm any Darkmooners to read my thought provoking posts I sent in this fine and beautiful Christmas morning. Unless thinking is painful, harmful, maybe not pleasant, to Darkmooners, who knows, that’s always a possibility.

    I hope your niece who was so kindly and so beneficent to give a job because no one else would, I hope she gives you an end-of-the-year holiday bonus, for all of your eager-beaver vigilance every second of every day 24/7/365. I hope your heart is full of Gratitude this Christmas morning for your family who gave you a job, otherwise you’d be up shit’s creek without a paddle.

    1. @ TROJ

      Sigh. I am giving you more than your daily allowance (of THREE POSTS MAXIMUM) as stipulated by Admin. You persist in misunderstanding. We have nothing against long posts per se provided they occur SELDOM (as with Ellie and David Chu) … but we are definitely against long posts when we get at least TEN a day! Do you understand the difference? Does your sluggish brain detect the difference between ONE LONG POST IN TEN WEEKS and TEN LONG POSTS IN ONE DAY?

      Sadly, I don’t think so. 🙂

      1. You also fail to understand the difference between LENGTH and PROLIXITY. A *long* post is often packed with essential, on-topic material — with not a word wasted. A *prolix* post, on the other hand, is a long, rambling, repetitious post in which a tremendous number of words are used to convey very little useful and relevant information.

        1. Pat,

          “Prolix” is an old-fashioned word much used in the 18th and 19th century, though it’s still in current usage. (I hardly ever see it used though). It’s just a fancy way of saying “longwinded and verbose”. Using a lot of words to say very little in. TROJ is our Prolixity Champ. No one else comes near him!

      2. I also looked it up.
        Yeah, thanks a lot, Toby. Another thing I never knew I had, until now. (;>)

        Pat, that’s Christmas cheer!
        I know Christmas cheer when I hear it..

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