Turkey’s Stab in the Back

by Justin Raimondo, November 25, 2015

“Are you ready for World War Three?”  — Justin Raimondo

War is the great clarifier, and in the case of the battle against Islamist insurgents, including ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria, the downing of the Russian war plane by the Turkish military has demonstrated this principle quite dramatically.

The US and its NATO allies, including Turkey, claim to be fighting ISIS, otherwise known as the “Islamic State,” but the Turks’ main fire has been directed at the Kurdsand the Syrian regime itself. Turkey has been the main conduit for aid to the Islamic State, and the Turkish intelligence agency has long collaborated with Islamists in the region. The US, for its part, has attacked ISIS positions, and yet Washington’s insistence that the regime of Bashar al-Assad must go has undermined their ostensible goal of destroying the Islamic State: most of the Americans’ resources have gone into buttressing the “moderate” Islamist opposition. These “moderates” include, incredibly enough, the Syrian affiliate of al-Qaeda, who have forged an alliance with US-backed rebels in a joint effort to overthrow Assad.

On the other hand, the Russians have been unequivocal about their war aims: the elimination of the jihadists from Syrian territory. This has meant supporting the only viable alternative to jihadist rule: the Assad regime. Working in conjunction with government forces, Russian war planes have devastated jihadist positions and aided the Ba’athist regime in its effort to regain territory.

This incident has revealed what the real sides are in the Syrian civil war: who is fighting whom, and for what. The Russian plane crashed into Syrian territory and one of the pilots was shot from the skies as he parachuted: this barbaric act was captured on video by the rebels, who are being reported as affiliated with the Turkmen “10thBrigade.” This is just for public consumption, however: in reality, the area is controlled by an alliance of rebel forces dominated by the al-Nusra Front, which is the official Syrian affiliate of al-Qaeda. The jihadists took control of the area in March of this year, and it has been the focal point of recent fighting between al-Qaeda and Syrian government forces backed by the Russian air offensive.

Vice is reporting:

“Russia sent helicopters to search for the downed pilots. Syrian fighters later fired at a helicopter forcing it to make an emergency landing in a nearby government-held area, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. A Syrian insurgent group, recipient of US Tow missiles, said its fighters hit the helicopter with an anti-tank missile.”

So here we have it: US-backed jihadists, including al-Qaeda, are using weapons supplied by Washington to fight the Russians and the Syrian government. A cozy arrangement, indeed.

As I’ve written here as long ago as the summer of 2012, Washington has effectively entered an alliance with al-Qaeda. And as I pointed out here more recently, our “war on terrorism” has turned into a war on Russia, a proxy war in Syria in which Washington is actively aiding its former enemies – the very same people who brought down the World Trade Center and attacked the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

Turkey is a member of NATO, and in any conflict with Russia we are pledged to come to their aid. The danger highlighted by this incident can hardly be overemphasized. As I  put it last month:

“With the addition of Russia to the Middle East equation, the stakes have been raised a hundred-fold. How long before this “proxy war” turns into a direct confrontation between two nuclear-armed powers? Will I witness another version of the Cuban missile crisis in my lifetime?”

Putin’s accusation that this is “a stab in the back by the accomplices of terrorists” is absolutely correct – but he isn’t just talking about Turkey, whose Islamist regime has been canoodling with the terrorists since the start of the Syria civil war. Washington and its allies, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar – who have been directly aiding ISIS as well as the “moderate” head-choppers – is indirectly responsible for the downing the Russian plane – including a barbaric attack on the rescue helicopter, which was downed by a US-provided TOW missile launcher.

Yes, folks, your tax dollars are going to support Islamist crazies in Syria. The same people who attacked Paris are being aided and abetted by the US – and if that isn’t a criminal act, then there is no justice in this world.

As Europe cowers before a terrorist assault, and the War Party justifies universal surveillance of the American people by citing the threat from domestic attacks by ISIS, we are allied with these barbarians in Syria. And the foreign policy wonks in Washington are taking this opportunity to demonize Russia: according to them, Putin and not ISIS is the real threat to the West. As Dan Drezner, one of the Washington Post’s resident Russia-haters, writes:

“If Putin has a modus operandi, it’s to foment tensions in a new region when the situation is worsening in an ongoing area of conflict. So it wouldn’t surprise me if Putin tries to coerce or intimidate the Baltic states soon, as a way of signaling to NATO that it has leverage elsewhere.”

This would be funny if it wasn’t such a widely shared talking point. For the past year or so the Russia-haters have been confidently predicting that Putin would be marching through the streets of Kiev and gobbling up the Baltics in a single swallow. A Russian invasion, according to the Ukrainians and their US cheerleaders, has been “imminent” for the past nine months or so! According to their scenario, by this time Putin should be crossing the English Channel and laying siege to London., Naturally, nothing of the sort has happened, nor will it happen: it’s the Americans who want a repeat of the Cuban missile crisis, not Putin.

And now they have it.

Are you ready for World War III?

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  1. First one posting! The biggest back stabbing country in the world is russia; ask Arafat, ask Saddam, ask kaddafy and ask the stupid iranians themselves whom the russians have now befriended simply because Europe put sanctions on them but Iran had actually sued the russians (s-300’s) so its russia who sucks

      1. @ Ellie K

        An excellent comment in many ways, but I am unable to allow it because of comments like like:

        “You know my stance, don’t you? In my opinion all Jews should be killed, without exception, but not before we kill you Catholics – you French Catholics, you American Catholics, you Italian Catholics, you… no, I can’t bring myself to say it, you English Catholics…”

        A comment like this could get our website shut down. It is in flagrant violation of the rules we have clearly outlined in our website Policy Statement:

        Comment Policy

        7. Comments that call openly for the extermination of the Jews, or the mass murder of any other ethnic or religious group, or violent revolution, will be deleted at once. Such incitements to violence are strictly against the law and could get this website shut down.


        If you could rewrite the comment and tone it down so as not to include incitements to mass murder, we will have no problem publishing your comment. If you have lost the comment, write to LD and she will provide you with a copy of it.



      2. Heey wait a minute here! This Ellie K girl was talking to me, wasnt she? I am -was born actually- a muslim; i am not a jew nor am i a catholic (which are my favourites ’cause Jesus was just so cool) so i am out of the equation but … Lets imagine for a minute that i am one of those two, Jew or Catholic, How are you gonna do it, kill me? Are you gonna extend your rubbery arms all the way from the roaschild palace behind buckingham all the way to Caracas, Venezuela and just strangle me or are you gonna just send both you tits flying all the way over here, place my head in between them and just whipp and shake over until my poor palestinian face looks like scrambled eggs? my God some people and their imagination, boy

  2. Justin Raimondo (openly gay, Catholic background, libertarian) is what I call a “half-truther”, but what others prefer to call a “gate-keeper”. In concrete terms that means that he believes or pretends to believe in the official stories about “terrorist attacks by Muslims ” such as 9/11 and now Paris and the US war against them, and that he uses code-words for “Jews”, which appears from following quotes from this article :

    “…And as I pointed out here more recently, our “war on terrorism” has turned into a war on Russia, a proxy war in Syria in which Washington is actively aiding its former enemies – the very same people who brought down the World Trade Center and attacked the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

    “…Washington has effectively entered an alliance with al-Qaeda…”

    Al-Qa’ida is a creation of Washington!

    “…The same people who attacked Paris are being aided and abetted by the US…”

    The Paris attack was a false flag and not an attack by ISIS.

    “…The US, for its part, has attacked ISIS positions…”

    In reality the US has only pretended to attack ISIS, it has bombed Syrian infrastructure instead and has dropped “by mistake” supplies in ISIS controlled areas or supplied them to “moderate” rebels who gave them to ISIS.

    Raimondo uses following code-words for “Jews” :

    “the War Party”.
    “the foreign policy wonks in Washington”.
    “the Russia haters”.

    I thought Lasha Darkmoon’s website was a “full-truther” website in which “Muslim terrorist attacks” are exposed for the false flags that they really are, by the “usual suspects” who are exposed as Jews. After articles by “half-truthers” Paul Craig Roberts and Justin Raimondo that image becomes disturbed.

    1. Justin Raimondo is a pseudonym. His real name is a closely guarded secret. Recently, one of the writers at Antiwar.com mentioned that after a year of working at AW.C she still had not met JR. He appears at conferences occasionally, and does so as Justin Raimondo. The guy who calls himself JR is Jewish, and has said so more than once. He may have been raised as a Catholic, but he now self-identifies “as a Jew.”

      1. @ Carnaptious

        How much of what you say about Raimondo is true . . . and how much is rumour? We live in a world of smoke and mirrors. Don’t believe every story you hear.

      2. If he is a Jew, his “ignorance” about certain matters becomes understandable. We call that classical “gate-keeping”, which almost always is about hiding Jewish guilt.

      3. @Sergei
        I have enjoyed reading Raimondo’s columns for about a decade. JR writes very well, and his articles are usually very informative. The things I mentioned above are things JR has shared in his columns, which I will continue to read whenever they appear.

        Every writer is a “gatekeeper” to some extent. We all have opinions and beliefs that not everyone shares, and no writer, constrained by a word limit, can bring everything that might be relevant into every article. Some writers choose to tread carefully around certain subjects because they have seen what happens to those who speak out.

    2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      “I thought Lasha Darkmoon’s website was a “full-truther” website in which “Muslim terrorist attacks” are exposed for the false flags that they really are, by the “usual suspects” who are exposed as Jews. After articles by “half-truthers” Paul Craig Roberts and Justin Raimondo that image becomes disturbed.”

      Maybe you ought to reread our website policy statement in which we have said the following:

      1. This website accepts no responsibility for the opinions expressed in its Comments section; nor does it accept responsibility for the views expressed by any of its article writers, with the single exception of Lasha Darkmoon.

      2. Though we tend to agree with the broad assumptions of most of the writers we publish, we occasionally publish articles we disagree with strongly. Such articles are published to stimulate discussion and in the interests of free speech, not because we approve of them.

      In any case, Mr Ryckaert, we do not take instructions from our commenters on what writers we are allowed to publish. If you disapprove of the writers we publish, feel free to seek out some more congenial website where all is to your satisfaction.

      1. @ JS Montecristo

        I have no idea why Ryckaert should throw a hissy fit over the publication of an article by Justin Raimondo. So what if Raimondo is one of those “half-truthers” who cleaves to the official line that Al Qaeda did 9/11?

        Surely Ryckaert can’t be so dim-witted as to think that Lasha Darkmoon and the administrators on this website are “half-truthers” themselves and are slyly trying to con people on this site into believing that Bin Laden and his merry men did 9/11? That is the implication of Ryckaert’s ill-mannered comment.

        And he happens to be totally wrong! 🙂

        Because every article on 9/11 written by Lasha Darkmoon has made it absolutely clear that she thinks 9/11 was NOT carried out by Al Qaeda but was a false flag attack by American neoconservatives in collusion with Mossad.

        If Ryckaert has any doubts, just let him read this article by LD on 9/11. It was published just over a year ago and appeared on many other websites including Veterans Today and Truthseeker:


        Believe me, Ryckaert, the world isn’t coming to an end just because Raimondo thinks Al Qaeda did 9/11 and is allowed to say so on this site! 🙂

      2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        In any case, as a guest in someone else’s house, isn’t it rather rude to complain about the dishes on your hostess’s menu?


    Thanks for the good article, Sir. Turkey, a NATO member, did not act alone but this attack was probably approved by Ergodan’s masters such as Obama, who is owned and operated by the Jewish neo-cons who are trying to confront Russia and retaliate for its involvement in Syria and the disruption of their plan for a Greater Israel.

    This is the second attack by the Jewish neocons on Russia, the previous one being the attack on the Metrojet plane in Sinai where they used Al Sisi to slip in a bomb.

    Russia must keep score and avenge both these criminal acts by these Jewish criminals and their puppets, Obama, Ergodan and Al SIsi.

    Russia has MANY options and the Ergodan will pay a big price for being a dog of his Jewish masters.

    1. Yes, this is the second attack directly on Russia. We can expect more in the future. I think however that the Paris false flag was also an indirect attack on Russia’s successful intervention in Syria. The fact that Hollande sincerely wanted to cooperate with Russia in Syria but was called back by Obama indicates that the Paris attack was not Hollande’s own initiative. The same is probably true for the Charlie Hebdo attack. Hollande didn’t want to invite Netanyahu at the commemoration of that event, but Netanyahu still came against his wish. This indicates that these false flags on France’s soil are imposed on Hollande rather than that they happen by his own will.

  4. A good article highlighting the risks of catastrophe inherent in the Syrian situation. From a religious perspective it’s looking more and more likely that the Judeo-Masonic alliance, led by the Jews in the US, Israel and London is the Whore of Babylon mentioned in Revelations. We all know what fate awaits her. Since the end of WW2 according to Washington blog, there have been 248 wars. Washington was involved in, or started 201 of them. So far they have “war murdered” more than 30 million, mostly non-combatants. The law of Karma cannot be stayed. If I was living in the US I’d be getting out while the going is good. Of course, more and more Americans are doing so in every increasing numbers. A warning sign is the ongoing war on cash in North America and elsewhere. Mark of the Beast, perhaps?
    I don’t see anything amiss with articles by “half-truthers” or “gate-keepers”. The alternate media and those who follow it must not become like hardline communists. “My truth is the only truth”! Everyone’s clock gives a different time. Of course disinformation specialists must be ignored.

    1. @ Felix

      I agree with you. People should be free to say they don’t like an article because the writer is a “half-truther” and doesn’t make use of the J-word. But I think they cross the red line when they begin to displace their anger and attack the administrators of this website for publishing the article, thereby implying — QUITE FALSELY — that the administrators back every word in the article. Which they do NOT! For the simple reason that LD’s views on 9/11 are diametrically opposite to Raimondo’s admittedly ridiculous view that 9/11 was an Al Qaeda operation.

      1. @Darlington
        I concur, the view that Al Qaeda perpetrated 9/11 is patently untenable and becoming more so every day. Even Paul Craig Roberts now holds that view. As a Buddhist, I see the problem as fear, which according to the Buddha is an obstacle on the path to enlightenment. Nowadays, most people are terrified of being called racist, anti-semitic, nazi, fascist a conspiracy theorist or some other label concocted in the disinformation kettles of the NWO. I always reply, “Yes, so what!” I might even give them a rendition of the Horst Wessel song, which I learnt as young man in South Africa attending Hitler’s Birthday celebrations. An event widely celebrated amongst the German community at that time. Of course, back then B. J. Vorster was the Prime Minister and General Hendrik Van Den Bergh headed the Security Police, later BOSS (Bureau of State Security) Both of these gentlemen were detained during WW2 as Nazi sympathizers. So being fascist was considered politically correct. Liberals and progressives were considered to be on a par with Jews and Communists.

      2. “I see the problem as fear, which according to the Buddha is an obstacle on the path to enlightenment. Nowadays, most people are terrified of being called racist, anti-semitic, nazi, fascist a conspiracy theorist or some other label concocted in the disinformation kettles of the NWO. I always reply, “Yes, so what!”

        And you are most correct Felix. When one turns around and says “So what?” it shuts people up. They’re attempts to end debate and enforce their prejudice, through indoctrination, as the social justice warriors they are have been met with a brick wall. Now they’re going to have to either walk away from the argument or stay and have an education. Once you accept the insults and laugh, it’s as though Atlas has come along and taken the world off of your shoulders.
        The liberal slur word is ironically your opponent admitting defeat. There’s nothing intelligible within them and they know they’ve lost the instant they shout it out loud.

      3. Thanks, Harbinger. One must never allow these people to set the parameters of the discussion e.g. When Obama was elected an English friend of mine said how wonderful it was. I told him it wouldn’t make an iota of difference because the Jews control America. He feigned outrage and told me, “You can’t say that sort of thing.” To which I replied, “I just did, didn’t I.” He ran off in horror and refused to discuss it with me.

      4. kind of reminds me of a Polish woman I know. When I said I wasn`t particularly christian, she looked at me in horror and said, “you`re a heathen,” to which I replied, “probably”.. It`s a good feeling to take the wind out of their superior sails..

  5. Just watched Press TV`s “On the News Line”, where one subject was the Daesh’s online propaganda machine, which, it was said, is very sophisticated, and which could have been closed down, but is allowed to continue, because it is extremely successful in recruiting “cannon fodder” to go and fight in Syria..

    What struck me most in the hypocrisy dept was Erdogan`s announcement, that Turkey has the right to “protect it`s borders”. Does Syria not have the same right?

  6. “Yes, folks, your tax dollars are going to support Islamist crazies in Syria. The same people who attacked Paris are being aided and abetted by the US……”

    Seriously? I thought it was common knowledge in the truth movement that it was highly unlikely that Muslims attacked Paris and far more likely it was a false flag operation with crisis actors. What is this man publishing? Who is he? This is the first time I’ve read about him. However, that said, I do agree with the rest of the article, but the not acknowledging the false flag either suggest incredible ignorance or more likely, gate-keeping.
    The pieces are being moved on the chess board for a new confrontation with Russia on two fronts Syria and Ukraine.

  7. My apologies to all those to whom my remarks made the impression of severe criticism of Lasha Darkmoon’s website. I still do appreciate her website very much, exactly because it is a “full-truther” website that exposes false flags and doesn’t hesitate to name the culprits.

    “Half-truthers” still can offer some useful information or opinions and it can sometimes be useful to publish them. Justin Raimondo is a sincere “anti-war” writer, but as I said, he is not a “full-truther”.

    Regular readers of this website, to whom I reckon myself, already know what Lasha Darkmoon’s opinions are, but occasional readers might get a wrong impression. That was the sole intent of my criticism.

    1. Just feel free to take a hike mr “Erudite”, “Palestine never existed”, der yassin mnassacre denying little kkk supremacist worm; feel free to beat it. Go ahead get get get

  8. The key question is: Why Erdogan did what he did? My guess is that US made an offer to Erdogan he could not refuse – either you attack Russia or you lose power with a little help from us to the opposition, i.e. Turkish Maidan, just like Yanukovich lost power with little help from us via Ukranian Maidan. There is no other explanation that goes so well with common sense. Indeed, there is nothing Turkey to gain by attacking Russia the way Erdogan did it – unprovoked, to the contrary – there is a lot to lose. On the other hand, US is in desperate search for something or someone who would and could fight Russia. Hopes that Ukraine could do it dashed out. Then US created ISIS for the same purpose, it didn’t work out either quite as expected. It would be nice to build neo-Nazis in Germany to do the job, but Germans are not the same what they used to be 70 years ago. So, Erdogan’s Turkey has to foot the bill.

    NATO does not have the guts to fight Russia. There is no question in my mind that NATO will betray its member Turkey. Would’n you sacrifice your limb to save your ass!

    1. @ Circassian

      An excellent comment, Circassian. Certainly very thought-provoking. But I am not so sure I agree with this sentence of yours: “There is no question in my mind that NATO will betray its member Turkey.”

      You could be right of course, but I am sure Turkey carried out its reckless attack on Russia only because it knew that Putin would have to think twice before making a retaliatory attack on an important member of Nato with a standing army of one million soldiers — apparently the largest in Nato after the US.

      My view is that Erdogan was given the go-ahead for this attack by the US, that the US rubber-stamped it. Even now you see both Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron springing to the defense of Turkey, claiming that Russia was in the wrong to invade Turkish air space. Maybe the object of this attack is to test Putin’s mettle. If Putin does nothing, or if his response is weak, this will tell the US and its NATO allies what it wants to believe: that Putin is really a pussycat and will back down if Uncle Sam starts seriously rattling his sabers.

      Alternatively, and I find this hard to believe, the US and Nato are looking for a casus belli, an excuse to start WWIII, and this is what they want now, maybe: for Putin to make the “fatal mistake” of launching a savage attack on Turkey. This will make it necessary for Nato to defend its member state Turkey, leading to a full-scale war.

      What do you think?

      1. @LD

        Here is how I see it. I believe you are correct in finding it “hard to believe, the US and Nato are looking for a casus belli, an excuse to start WWIII” for no one – neither NATO no Russia – is looking for an outright nuclear war. I have no doubt also that you are right on target “that Erdogan was given the go-ahead for this attack by the US, that the US rubber-stamped it”. What the US and NATO are looking for is a casus belli, an excuse to start a war between Turkey and Russia and not between NATO and Russia.

        But how could that be when Turkey is a member of NATO? Very simple – you don’t have to declare a war to fight it. For example, there is no question that Russia is supporting unrecognized Donbass and Lugansk Republics with all kinds of help – diplomatic assistance, supplies of weaponry, humanitarian aid, military consulting etc. On the other hand, Ukraine even says openly that Ukraine is in a war with Russia even though there was no formal declaration of war from Ukraine or Russia. That is, there is indeed a war between the two, but undeclared one.

        What US and Britain want is a war between Russia and anyone else in the world – be it China, Ukraine, Europe, ISIS, Turkey – it really does not matter. If you want a war between Russia and Turkey what should you do? You support both. That is why US and NATO are backing the move made by Turkey on their prodding, but at the same time they were quick to admit that the shooting down of the bomber was done on the Syrian territory, i.e. they are basically saying that Russia is also in the right, and she has all reasons to severe the ties with Turkey. So, it is a win-win situation for US and NATO, or so it seems. But I believe that they underestimated Putin again, as they always do. Something tells me that this “win-win situation” will backfire on the smart asses, just like did the “win-win situation” with ISIS project, and the “win-win situation“ with Ukraine before that.

        My guess is that Putin will use this incident to make much needed advance in his fight against the real and the most dangerous enemy of all – the fifth column within, spearheaded by the Jews among others.

        Until Russia regains control of its financial institutions, there will be no truly sovereign Russia. That is where the real battle is headed now.

        1. @ Circassian

          Thanks for your detailed response. This is an outstanding comment. I hope others on this site will add their bits and pieces to the debate. It remains to be seen how this interesting situation plays out.

      2. US/NATO have already reneged on Turkey. (Mavi Marmara)
        This displayed for all the world to see, the true price of a NATO membership (contract).

        As Turkey’s citizens were assaulted, murdered and kidnapped in international waters, US/NATO Phony Generals could only wring their hands and gnash their teeth, helpless. This because the perpetrator was Israel. STAND DOWN, ala the USS Liberty.
        No NATO rushing to Turkey’s rescue. No NATO standing along side Turkey. No NATO period, when that unholy contract bumps up against the natural born snake in the grass, Israel.

        In conclusion, same as has been said before.
        Turkey will do as Turkey is told and like it. Period.

      3. Circ –
        LD –

        Russia will NOT sever ties with Turkey. They are too important to Putin’s LNG sales and his economy…. which is going into a depression with low oil prices and ruble’s loss of 40% against the USD over the last year. The people are really hurting. Inflation is totally out of control there. People suffer.

        Putin NEEDS more sales… NOT less… since wall came down.

        Putin’s Gazprom Sales of LNG to Turkey were SECOND only to Germany in 2014.

        See page 77 of Gazprom’s 2014 Annual Report below.

        Top 3 purchasers of LNG from Putin’s Gazprom:
        Germany 40.3 billion cubic meters
        Turkey 27.3 billion cubic meters
        Italy 21.7 billion cubic meters


        US and Britain are not in charge of wars. That privilege is left to London’s Pharisee bankers.

        The bankers want all out battles(wars) only with countries like Syria to establish stock markets and USURY banking…. then they have complete control.

        HP was correct when he said Turkey was ordered to attack. The orders were done with the approval of London’s Pharisee bankers. It will allow more fighting and troops from Russia to help institute Russia’s USURY banking systems there.

        Everyone says “follow the money”… so, I did that for you… in SYRIA… Putin wants… and BADLY NEEDS…
        ….. “contracts for investment projects”

        Sputnik News stated that DWN from Germany, Putin’s number one trading partner reports:

        Russia Plans to Rebuild Syria From Ashes

        The German press reports on Russia’s long-term plans to help rebuild Syria after the end of the war there, including renewed contracts for – INVESTMENT – projects and a roadmap for a political resolution.
        Russia has a long-term plan to rebuild Syria after the terrorists there are defeated, which requires the involvement of  – OTHER REGIONAL POWERS – to ensure that the threat of terrorism is extinguished, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten [DWN] reported on Saturday.

        “Russian President Vladimir Putin is pursuing a long-term strategy in the Middle East, according to which Syria’s traditional allies play an important role,” wrote DWN.


        1. ‘ABDUL’ SAYS:

          I have a question
          is this site a Zionists owned and operated masquerading as anti zionists ?
          why I Feel after I read some of her poems that Dr. Lasha Darkmoon or whatever her name is
          Is actually a rebellious Jew

          1. @ Abdul

            “Why I Feel after I read some of her poems that Dr. Lasha Darkmoon or whatever her name is
            Is actually a rebellious Jew?”

            Was one of the poems that gave you the silly idea that that Lasha was a “rebellious” Zionist Jew pretending to be an anti-Zionist shiksa called: ‘In Memory of Rachel Corrie’?


            Here is the same poem on YouTube (3 minutes) read by Patrick Willis:


      4. Circ –

        You are correct.
        Your ‘yahoos’ at Yahoo stated Putin is taking a REALLY TOUGH stance.
        He had his flunkies – “CONSUMER WATCHDOGS” – announce “they were imposing reinforced inspection measures on…. FURNITURE”….

        …… and possibly on DATES, PISTACHIOS and CANDY..!! 🙂 🙂

        “Russia’s state consumer watchdogs said that they had discovered dangerous and poor quality goods among Turkish imports and announced they were imposing reinforced inspection measures on products from Turkey, in particular food products but also furniture and other consumer goods. One agency, Rospotrebnadzor said it already seized almost a ton of Turkish products.”

        There’s your heightened measures…. just because “Turkey Refuses to Apologize.”

        Putin is going to ‘tell the teacher’ in US he was picked on… by a Turkey so close to Thanksgiving.

        Mushrooms in stuffing… not clouds. 🙂

      5. Circ –

        When you turn the discussion and make me the subject, rather than Russia and Putin…. YOU lose.
        I am so upset that you gave me this opportunity… I’ll use another… 🙂

        Then, I’ll show you how proud the Russian Pharisees are of the Holo-hoax…
        And Putin protects them. “Shut up. It happened. Go to jail for speaking. Even at age 91.”

        One of the most wanted alleged Nazi criminals recently found living quietly in Canada – 91-year-old Vladimir Katriuk – must face trial, says Alla Gerber, the head of the Russian fund Holocaust.


        Russian Research and Educational Holocaust Center was registered in June 1992.
        The Interregional Holocaust Foundation was established in Moscow in 1997.
        It is the first organizations in the post-Soviet era aimed at preserving the memory of Holocaust victims, creating museums and documentary exhibitions, including the subject in the curricula of schools and institutions of higher education, organizing commemorative events, erecting monuments, and gathering of evidence and memoirs.
        The first President of the Center was Mikhail Gefter (1918-1995), Russia’s outstanding historian and philosopher.
        The Center and the Foundation brings together more than 200 Russian professional scientists, journalists, public figures and teachers as well as former ghetto prisoners and veterans of WW2.

        There are branches or regional representatives of the Center in St. Petersburg, Blagoveschensk, Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, Nizny Novgorod, Voronezh, Vladimir, Rostov, Smolensk, Taganrog and Brest (Belarus).


      6. Circ –

        Neither is white.

        One is Russian-Red(rus) and the other is Turkish-Tan(turk). I told you they were still having relations.. 🙂

        Back on topic…. Russia and Turkey,,,,

        First Egypt and now Turkey…. Russian debtors’ TRAVEL options are getting smaller.
        And…. The Pharisee Bankers in Russia are calling for them to “Come home and pay your bills.”

        Russia’s Foreign Ministry recommended Thursday that Russians refrain from visiting Turkey.

        MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Russia’s Foreign Ministry recommended Thursday that Russians refrain from visiting Turkey, and called on those already in the country to RETURN home.

        “Due to continuing terrorist threats in Turkey, we reiterate our recommendation that Russian citizens refrain from visiting the Republic of Turkey, and we recommend that Russians staying there for personal reasons RETURN home,” the ministry said in a statement.


      7. So, are the Russian-Turkish relations getting severed or not? You have to make up your mind, brother. You cannot have it both ways.

        Here is my diagnosis: our Pharisee bank teller is in that condition which the rude Russians call to eat the fish and ride the dick, meaning in polite, pharisee English translation an impudent desire to have it both ways.

      8. Circ –

        I can have it as many ways as does Putin, brother..

        He sells Turks 27 billion cubic meters of LNG for Pharisee bankers…. and keeps Sharia banking Muslims out of his country…. and gets another reason to keep debtors home, while aiding Pharisee bankers.

        WIN-WIN-WIN for him, his Pharisee bankers….. playing both sides…
        …. and ME, for argument’s sake…

      9. What the hell is wrong with WIN; WIN; WIN; I, to use Joe`s favourite, think it`s a hoot, that Putin is making the back stabbing Turks look ridiculous, using “FURNITURE”….

        …… and possibly on DATES, PISTACHIOS and CANDY..!! 🙂 :)..

    2. Re: Will NATO betray Turkey?

      Where the fuck is Turkey? Or rather where the fuck is my turkey? Most Americans (99.99% of them) think turkey is something you eat on Thanksgiving Day. So my guess is Yes.

      No need to make propaganda movies to demonize the Turks, like this one which equates Germans with, speaking of Turks, turkeys, which came out in 1941 before the Jap attack on Pearl Harbor to gear up Americans for the coming bloodbath of WW2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCCpRfB5aUU

      Even after 90 years, descendants and distant relatives of those who served with Alvin York are still bitter, if they are not Revisionists (a dirty word in our Jewish Politically Correct world) who question the official story.

      I didn’t have the heart to tell them that both WW1 and WW2 were kikejew orchestrated…that would have been just too cruel to tell them on Thanksgiving Day, yesterday, when I first came across this video and was tempted to leave a comment that would have surely spoiled their holiday and shattered their very core beliefs about patriotism and America itself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPlq2Eq4jS0

    1. Yes RO –

      NO WWIII….

      US companies ALREADY control Russia’s businesses behind the scenes… with bankers…. also controlling the US.

      Russia’s agency which owns and controls most businesses in Russia is headed by Microsoft Chairman in Russia:

      Rosimushchestvo – Federal Agency for State Property Management

      Olga Dergunova – Head of the Federal Agency for State Property Administration June 29, 2012 – present, she also holds the rank of Deputy Minister for Economic Development of the Russian Federation.


      Deputy Minister of Economic Development – Head of the Federal Agency for State Property Administration
      Federal Agency for State Property Management

      Olga Dergunova is a Member of the Board of JSC VTB Bank (VTB Group) and Head of the bank’s International Subsidiaries Business Unit, responsible for the business development of 19 subsidiaries in Europe, CIS, Asia and Africa.

      She is also a Member of the Investments Policy Committee with the Supervisory Board of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies, Dergunova spent 20 years in the IT industry, 14 years of them at Microsoft.

      She started as a Sales Manager and went on to become Chairperson of Microsoft in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

      Rosimushchestvo and VTB Bank, where she is a board member, own 95% of United Aircraft Corporation which makes the ‘Sukhoi’ and ‘MIG’ fighter jets…. and others.

      Rosimushchestvo 90.4%

      Vmesheconombank 5.6%

      Private sharehoders 4.0%


      At present, UAC encompasses about 30 enterprises and is one of the largest players on the global aviation market. Companies within the structure of the Corporation hold rights to such world-famous brands as “Sukhoi,” “MiG,” “IL,” “Tu,” “Yak,” “Beriev,” as well as the new SSJ 100 and MS-21 brands.


      1. “Is this code FOR CRASH COMING?”

        No. It is code for telling people to expect to pay for all bank services in the future even to have a savings account… the safest place to keep it, according to them.

        Pay for the banks to keep your money(actually their debt notes) in a safe place for you. That safe place would be their ledgers. 🙁

  9. Poke the bear
    best beware
    bother Vlad
    Him get mad
    temper hot
    warning shot
    slashing paw
    Turkish maw
    ISIS pawn
    contest line
    wars design
    happen soon
    maybe June
    moving south
    Dniepers mouth
    follow through
    deja vu

  10. Maybe the Putin critics have a point. I mean, why for example can’t Russia implement a National Socialist program? That was a huge succes, and in no time, despite the embargo which even rendered Germany without oil. Of course it’s not that simple to go fully National Socialist at once but basically any country which truly makes its own decisions could do that or work towards it. But then again, Putin has got one thing right, he’s protecting Russia’s cultural traditions. No gay ‘marriages’ in Russia. Now if he could only cut Jew off completely by nationalising the central bank. Oh never mind me, just some random thoughts.

    1. @ 1138

      Re: “Now if he [Putin] could only cut Jew off completely by nationalising the central bank. Oh never mind me, just some random thoughts.”

      I have often thought the same thing but with regards to China and came to the conclusion that in order to nationalize the People’s Bank of China (PBC), the Chinese authorities would have to admit that PBC wasn’t nationalized, wasn’t really the “People’s” Bank of China…which would be the thunderclap that woke up the Chinese populous and cause them to overthrow the present “Communist Chinese Regime.” (sneer quotation marks).

      If the Chinese people ever found out that the same damn tribe of jews who destroyed China with opium 200 years ago is still the same damn tribe of jews who control and exploit China with usury and debt today, no politician and certainly no jew would be safe in China. The Chinese would attack them on sight and tear their limbs apart.

      Look at this video and see how an ordinary Chinese man will go to extraordinary action to help a stranger who has just had her purse snached by theives on a motorcycle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vabxddeSytg

      I am banned on jewish social media and I have received death threats precisely because my message is quite literally revolutionary in China.

      1. Correct, but when Pat’s mind is made up, facts become irrelevant.
        Hate, loathing and contempt of all things Russian becomes an article of faith.

      2. Lobro –

        Let me know when Russian Pharisee Oligarch Bankers stop charging interest on loans.

        That would be the most relevant FACT… rather than guesses made in barroom debates…. reported by F. William Engdahl.

        Engdahl is so brain-dead from drinking Vodka in his office in Moscow….
        …. that he used the date 1914….. 🙂

        “The US Treasury financial sanctions were launched in stages in 1914 against specific individuals around President Putin, specific banks and corporations dependent on foreign credit.”

        Gimmeee some FACTS..!!

      3. Pat, it is called dyslexia.
        Not all cognitive disorders originated in vodka bottle.
        Some of us here (>2%) fall into this category and manage to get through the day without major injuries.

        Like we used to say: even Caesar had seizures.

      4. OK Lobro –

        Now, those are facts I can use…. Thanks.

        With that info….
        I’ll discount and discard the whole article… since he is dyslexic. He can’t be trusted to get it all together.

  11. Just heard that Russia has ways, of making Erdogan pay, without resorting to war..

    Was travelling north this morning, by bus, when two jets screamed over us, heading north, probably NATO, probably heading for Bodø, but, where had they been, what had they been doing??

  12. US and Britain remind me of Mr. and Mrs. White in the possession of “The Monkey’s Paw”


    “The Whites” have got already their two wishes fulfilled: (1) a war between Ukraine and Russia, (2) a war between ISIS and Russia.

    Now the couple is in the process of making its third wish: a war between Turkey and Russia.

    Wish you more luck this time, Mr. and Mrs. White.

    1. Good point Circ –

      Russia wants war with Ukraine, ISIS, Turkey…. and oil competitors in ME….
      …. now that the US companies, following orders from London’s Pharisee Bankers…
      …. have taken over Russia’s debt USURY systems….
      …. and military industrial complex….
      …. and molded Putin and Russia into a fine example of imperialist aggression…
      …. the new imperialist on the scene….!! 🙂

  13. “Stab in the back”…Sounds more than strange. Only traitor can do that, who was devoted friend one day, and now…oh, scoundrel! Stabs in the back!! My head swelling in vain attempts to recall when Turkey and Russia were friends.*** Maybe “partners”. Partnership is quite different matter, it is more obligatory – when Germans kept unloading shells right on the grass on June 21, 1941, echelons, loaded with strategic materials, continued to go to the west. Because comrade Stalin wasn’t simply wise man, he was reliable partner as well.
    So, what else one must expect bombing foreign land, except stabbing in the back?
    Yitzhak Rabin got three bullits in the back (most guarded place) in his homeland, seeking for peace.

    ***Except for close cooperation between Jewish revolutionary leadership from both sides before and after 1917 (in 1920, for example, Russian bolsheviks supplied Turkish jews with 10 000 000 roubles in gold and much weapon), but that is other topic.

  14. stab in the back
    Et tu, Brute
    Even you, Brutus.
    putin a master
    chess player
    a giant of the stage.
    does deals with a traitoriuous dog turk erdo.
    a turk like the sisi of egypt and the royal house of saud and qatari all donmeh jews.
    putin doing deals in the belly of the beast next week in paris with jewish friend holland.
    russian are you mad
    a fool or a tool

    et tu
    et tu
    into saturn talmud infinity.

    never trust a jewisher a kurd an empire of the city of londoner masonic templer
    never trust a filthy liar donmeh turk

  15. The funny part of these interesting events is right here in Darkmoon where just a month ago admon. had six or seven articles praising Russia “the big bear” “the Russians are here” “look out Israel, your planes are gonna be brought down by our Russian heroes” etc etc etc but since then its russia who is losing planes, passenger planes included! One thing is sure, thank God things arent going as planned for the vodka swallowers and on top of it Europe just extended the sanctions on Russia for six more months AND … The us is now also sending trainers to ukraine to fight the prorussian forces there so how can they do both “cooperation on syria” and training the pro-Russian forces in ukraine at the same time ..which is contradicting?
    Also… what happened to the israeli coronel iraqi forces alledgedly captured in Iraq? Not a word about it for a month now.. See how Press tv is one lying monster?
    God! I a palestinian but right now i hate Russia and Iran more than the Jews who snatched my country

  16. Sorry i meant to ask ” how can the us have an alliance with russia on syria and at the same time train ANTI-RUSSIAN forces in Ukrane?” Isnt it contradicting and a big hipocrisy from both parts?

  17. Many who comments in this forum, are wondering about Putin next moves , i do too. I watched the joint conference he had with french acting president Hollande, and i saw a man highly sstressed by the awful situation: he was litterally swallowing bitter. I have no doubt he is a honest man,, otherwise things would be much easier for him, and much worst for the russians as it was in the Eltsyn era. I have the opinion that this move by the hidden rulers was a mayor one which achieve the double goal of damaging russian economy and paralyze the turks in their opposition to the kurds, The target of creating a Kurdish protectorate seems the most realistic outcome of the Syrian situation. Russian military commanders already expressed their acceptance of a split Syria, and Putin will accept it too. The Turkish have been probabky fooled by the jews who don’t need them anymore, they lately reassure Russia at the highest level of the impossibility of a military “incident” between their flying forces. We probably skip war this time, but maybe not for too long. Pentagon is tryng to find a weakness in the new russian electronic weapons and russians are still desperate to be readmitted in the west. This will not happen and if we look at Ukraine ,it appears clear that the hard line is emerging in Moscow.

    1. @ Roman. An Independent country for the Kurds is definitely part of the plan. Israel imports 3/4 of it’s oil from Kurdistan. The break-up of Iraq, Lybia etc into smaller States is outlined in the Oled Yinon Plan for a greater israel.

      Report: Israel Imports Three-quarters of Its Oil From Iraq’s Kurds read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.672599

      Allegedly Zionists run Kurdistan TV, no surprise there.

      “Ties between Israelis and Iraqi Kurds go back to the early 1960s, when the Kurds let Mossad operate in northern Iraq against Arab governments. And until 1979, Mossad was free to roam throughout neighboring Iran. Mossad meddling was one reason why Saddam Hussein occasionally clamped down on the Kurds. When the USA invaded Iraq and deposed Saddam Hussein, hoards of Israeli contractors swarmed into northern Iraq, while Israeli commandoes started training members of the Kurdish militias (called “Peshmerga”).”


    2. russians are still desperate to be readmitted in the west

      What are you talking about, brother? The time when Russians were “admitted in the west”, i.e. the Yeltsin era, are remembered by the Russians as the worst time ever in their living memory. In fact, what we, the peoples of Russia, want is just the opposite – to get away from the rotten to the core west as fast and as far away as we can.

      Don’t confuse the so-called Russian elite, which is nothing but fifth column instilled by US, with more than hundred of native peoples of Russia.

      1. Circassian
        i absoluteely agee with you, russians remember the Eltsyn era and would never let themselves to be abused again. But as you surely know , a wide part of the population ,naively in my opinion, believe that real cooperation is possible, and Putin himself is an expression of this will at the highest level. He tried and is still trying to keep Russia strictly in the international western arena, using all the tools provide by diplomacy. Sergey Glazyev,has another view,wich in the moment has been frozen,the so called “nuclear option” by many indipendent analyst. The nationalization of the central bank and the freeze of the western assets in retaliation of the measures the bankers will take against this move. I bet all my modest savyings that this would be the immediate start of ww3. Putin would be satisfied with a cooling down with the west, and the same we can tell for the majority of the world . The people who do not want this to happen are not worth to be mentioned. WE ALL KNOW THEM.

      2. “to get away from the rotten to the core west as fast and as far away as we can. ”

        Yes, who the hell, in their right mind, would want to ally with those psychopaths..

      3. If so, can you clarify for me why ‘jew’ oligarch Arkady Rotenberg was awarded the 7 bn contract for the Sochi olympics and gazprom and the Jan 2015 contract of 3bn for the crimean bridge?

        Ukraine conflict: Putin ally to build bridge to Crimea

        In fact, can you also clarify why all the ‘jew’ oligarchs including roman abramovich and semion mogilevich haven’t been arrested, imprisoned and their ill-gotten gains returned to russia?

        Also, how is that ‘jews’ have any power in russia considering they were behind bolshevism/communism and the killing of the tsar and his family?



  18. Big-Bad Putin scared of Turks coming to Russia:

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow will suspend the visa-free regime with Turkey starting January 1, 2016.

    Lavrov said during a joint press conference with his Syrian counterpart Walid Muallem that Russia would suspend the visa-free regime with Turkey.

    “The Russian government reached a decision to suspend the free-visa regime between Russia and the Turkish Republic. The decision will come into effect on January 1 2016,” Lavrov said at a press-conference after talks with his Syrian counterpart Walid Muallem.

    The Russian minister added that threats coming from Turkey were “not artificial.”
    “On the contrary, these threats are very real, and we are saying this with full responsibility,” he underscored.

    He might have asked Turks to shoot his plane so he could have a reason to keep Muslim refugees out….. Too many Sharia-Muslims raising hell with his Pharisee Banking systems in Russia already… 🙂

      1. Circ –

        Thanks for noticing. You think way too much of me. 🙂

        You can keep criticizing the commenters, as usual.

        I’ll keep criticizing the politicians who are on your payroll, as usual.

      2. @Pat

        You think way too much of me.

        You got it wrong again, brother. I don’t think much of Pat, but I do think a lot of Pats.

        Our problem is not Turks as people, or Turkey as a country, not even stupid Erdogan. Like I said, I am almost certain that US made an offer that Erdogan could not refuse due to lack of cojones. Our problem is the USA and the Pats of the USA – the spoiled brats who are used to having good life on the back of the rest of the world and hellbent on keeping it that way for the rest of their pathetic lives no matter what.

        We are sick and tired of this shit and, like it or not, we are going to send you, Anglo-Americans, where we sent the Mongols, the Swedes, the French, and the Germans.

      3. Circ –

        Thanks, again, for noticing. You STILL think way too much of me….
        ….or you would not keep replying….
        ….I don’t mind the attention… 🙂

        You can keep criticizing the commenters, as usual.

        I’ll keep criticizing the politicians who are on your payroll, as usual.

        Here’s a good one:

        The most highly acclaimed Russian news source, for ALL things Russian, RT, tells the world that the US had to help Russia clean up its botched nuclear experiments in Antarctica over the last 50+ years. They learned little over the last three decades from Chernobyl. They are hard to train. Vodka fog.

        No worries about Russia EVER attacking America or Israel. No WW3, no ‘mushrooms’ from nukes…. As US gives Russia aid with ‘dirty bomb’ materials.

        Russia, US remove potential ‘dirty bomb’ parts from Antarctica
        Published time: 19 Nov, 2015


      4. Circ –

        You forgot to mention “spoiled brats” over in Russia… billionaire “brats.”

        Oligarch banker buddies of Putin….

        Moscow Times Reveals Identity of Putin’s Billionaire Daughter
        The Moscow Times
        Nov. 10 2015

        The Reuters news agency on Tuesday said it had identified one of the daughters of Russian President Vladimir Putin and claimed that she and her husband controlled assets worth about $2 billion, including a seaside villa in Biarritz, France, estimated to be worth about $3.7 million.

        A senior executive at a state-owned Russian bank told Reuters that Putin’s younger daughter, whose identity has been shielded from the press, used the surname Tikhonova. The report said Katerina, 29, was the “spouse” of
        Kirill Shamalov, son of Nikolai Shamalov, a banker and longtime friend of the president.

        According to Reuters, the foundation of the couple’s wealth is a stake in a major gas and petrochemical company that Kirill acquired from
        Gennady Timchenko, another longstanding friend of Putin.


      5. No worries about Russia EVER attacking America or Israel.

        Pat, you are welcome to keep pressing on your important mission of criticizing the politicians who are on my payroll (our?, Russia’s? – not sure what you meant by your payroll), but I don’t believe you understand what I am talking about.

        Russia NEVER attacked Mongols, Russia NEVER attacked Sweden, Russia NEVER attacked France, Russia NEVER attacked Germany. And there is no need for us to attack America or Israel. We do not attack countries or people. We destroy aggressors who attack us. And there is no doubt that America is the biggest aggressor of them all, and it is no secret that America cannot survive, as we know it today, without destroying Russia.

        If history is any indication, America will share the fate of all other aggressors that attacked Russia.

        I have no idea why you put America and Israel next to each other. Israel is nothing, not to mention that it will be dumped by America just like it is dumping Turkey today. And to ditch America all we need to do is to dump the dollar when the time comes for it – the rest will fall like hot dominos.

      6. Circ –

        I mentioned them both because of all the fanatical claims that Putin would attack US and Israel since they are supposedly his greatest threats. (not my claims)

        Putin is scared of Jews.

        Putin continues to suck up to Netanyahu:

        Putin Says Israel and Russia Will Continue Sharing Intelligence on Anti-Terrorism
        November 27, 2015

        Russia will continue to share anti-terrorism information with Israeli leaders, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday, according to government-owned news website Sputnik. 

        “We will continue to maintain contacts with the Israeli leadership to establish a just, comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East, to share information on the anti-terrorism track,” Putin said according to the site, during a ceremony to hand out credentials to 15 new ambassadors in Russia, including Israel’s.

        Putin’s comments came a few days after an Israeli Air Force official said Israel would not shoot down Russian jets that fly into its airspace, especially over the Golan Heights.


      7. The US and israel, are joined at the hip, and are, without a doubt, the most aggressive terrorists on the planet.. btw, the Golan Heights are Syrian, and are under occupation..

      8. Putin is scared of Jews.

        Yes, Putin is a coward – he is the Coward of the County


        And Putin’s Becky is Russia. The only difference is that the number of the county boys who took turns at Putin’s Becky-Russia is way over three, going hundreds of years back into the history.

        Stalin was the Coward of the County before Putin was born. Why there is not a single Coward of the County in the entire West today? Why Russian history is so rich of Cowards of the County? Because the Russian peoples managed to keep their souls intact while the peoples of the West lost theirs. You better think about it instead of endlessly blaming the Jews for all your ills.

        If Stalin was killed in 1920s or in 1930s, we still would have another Stalin, sooner or later. If, God forbid, Putin gets killed tomorrow, we still will have another Putin, sooner or later. Because it is the Russian peoples (pay attention: Stalin was a Georgian Russian, while Putin is a russian Russian) who give birth to Stalins and Putins and not vice versa.

  19. People in positions of governance, like Putin is, are high-risk targets, but unlike Kennedy who was murdered out in the open, Mr. Putin’s death may be kept hidden publicly if he is replaced by a look-a-like / clone. Presently, Mr. Putin appears to be an original Mr. Putin.

  20. Mr Putin and his FM, Mr Lavrov, have done a great job in their diplomacy. You have to remember, the war in Ukraine, the trade boycott against Russia. Every time one of the western jew puppets opens their mount THE LIE.
    They’re not like the Westerner jew stooges, their information is released in measured statements. Besides, even if they were to give out explosive information It’s guaranteed not a single word would be reported, as we’ve seen countless times with anything about what Russia has to say, even worse Putin is the devil, so was Adolf Hitler.


    The jew NOW is seeking for a war with Russia, recently the water and power supply to Crimea is shut off, downing of the Russian passenger plane and fighter jet.
    Putin is our only hope , He is stopping the jewish plan for complete world domination, a world full of mixed race slaves governed with an iron whip by white kazars.

    Meet the trough friend of asshole PAT:


    1. Gilbert
      You are right when you write tha the jews want war , they want to destroy Russia and wipe out Christianity from earth. They are quite advanced in their Kalergy”s plan of mongrelization of europeans, and they have the most powerful golem they ever dreamed of : usa. Putin like Hitler represents a great danger for them , because the white populations of the world increasingly understand that they could save themselves from slavery if they preserve their values and identities. Hitler was right, and we start to spread this truth among ourselves, even though free thinking is persecuted . Hitler was right, such a simple statement which shines of a proper light , like a truth that will become soon a cornerstone in the fight for survival of the europeans. Europeans of Europe and America who should unite themselves under the leadership of patriots of all nations, veterans , academics, uncompromised men of honour who will lead our civilization trough a renaissance. The Americans have to take the lead of the revolution, for several reasons : the common use of the language, the military predominion and the massive amount of veterans who have been and always will be the core of any patrioctic revolution.
      Pat his a patriot, as you and Circassian and all of us who want to live as free men in a God”s world, we have to find in Conordia the strenght to fight for our freedom and life. Right ,left, and all this false divisive pseudoideologies are just tool of the evil forces who aim to rule the world by deception to install their depravity and their perverted worship everywhere. Worship of themselves as “the choosen” among a massified undistinguishable populations of euroafroasiatics without other purpose in life than serve the masters. I am sure everyone of you who share this space here would prefer a thousand time more to die fighting like our ancestors did, rather than watching our posterity become the slaves of any tribe of any creed. We don’ need to fight a ww3 for the jews, we need to throw the jews out of our world.

    2. Gilbert –

      YOU got it..!! I AM an asshole. Everyone under my command in the Nam debacle called me an asshole. I made it back every time we went out.
      Assholes are the ones needed in the fight against Pharisee-Jew bastards..!!

      Putin is NOT your only hope. YOU are your only hope… only if you can become an asshole..!!

      Putin cannot be trusted, since he knows the terrorists are Pharisee-Jew-led… yet poses as joining Israeli-Jews to share info to fight themselves…. 🙂

      If he is so ignorant as to not know ISIS is Pharisee-Jew-led, he is even more dangerous..!

      Russia and Israel will exchange information on their combat against terrorism.

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Russia and Israel will exchange information on their combat against terrorism, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.

      “We will continue to maintain contacts with the Israeli leadership to establish a just, comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East, to share information on the anti-terrorism track,” Putin said during a ceremony to receive credentials from the 15 new ambassadors, including from Israel, to Russia.


      1. @Pat

        You still have not understood that Putin is a clever guy who plays a game with his enemies, pretending to cooperate with them. Rest assured that Putin knows who are behind ISIS and that he knows what Israel tries to do. This tactic brought Putin into power in Russia and keeps him in power in the world. Yes, Putin is the only hope for us and the rest of the world.

      2. Franklin –

        You are correct. I do not understand Putin as intimately as you do.
        He must seek your advice regularly.

        I don’t even understand wife, kids or grandkids…. much less a lying leader.

        NO man is anyone’s hope. He will let you down.

      3. Franklin, I no longer expect that a man with eyes wilfully shut can ever see the light.

        Possibly, Pat has seen so much betrayal that it has become elementary, like the municipal worker who spent too much time in sewers and even when out in the cottage country, it all stinks to him.

        And who knows, maybe he is right, I would honestly assign maybe 3% odds to that, which is still more than zero.

        If only he chose his sources with a bit more discrimination, doesn’t he know that Moscow Times is CIA all the way, which means ultimately answerable to Mossad and Rothschild interests, the more secret the connection, the more important.
        Of course they would spin nasty tales about Putin, and of course that those who viscerally despise Putin would swallow the bait, sink, hook and lure.

      4. C’mon Lobro – You can ‘spin’ better than that.

        You use your Jew porn sources…. I’ll use mine. 🙂

        I remember just a short while back you used the Sunday Express article to make a point.

        That paper is owned by the UK Jew porn king in UK… Richard Clive Desmond

        Richard Clive Desmond was born in Hampstead, London, into a Jewish family, the youngest of three children, and grew up in Edgware, in north west London.

        Desmond is the owner of Express Newspapers and founder of Northern & Shell, which publishes various celebrity magazines, such as OK! and New!, and British national newspapers Daily Star and Daily Express. Northern & Shell also owns Portland TV which, in turn, owns the adult TV channels Television X, Red Hot TV, and others.

        Television X is the name of a series of adult television channels in the UK, produced by Portland TV, a subsidiary of Northern & Shell owned by Richard Desmond, the proprietor of the Daily Express. In 2009, a new logo was placed on all TVX channels; TVX, TVX amateur and TVX Brits replacing the old logo from 2003. in 2014 Television X announced that they had acquired the exclusive television rights to Down on Abby a porn parody of Downton Abbey and would be airing one episode a week from April 5, 2014

      5. Pat, I see that you either have no grasp of the Cui Bono principle and its usage on separating truth from fabrication or that you are intentionally ignoring it.
        Yes, we both use Jew sources to make our opposing points.
        However, I quote the Jew in the context unfavorable to his (perfectly well known to us here) interests, while you quote him when he is in his equally transparent hasbara mode, slagging his enemy or praising his unclean philosophy and practice.

        But because his enemy coincides with your own, long term concept of all things Russian being worthless and detestable, you enthusiastically adopt his libellous slander as true.

        Let’s try a parallel example, the holocaust.
        I will stick by my conviction that it is pulled straight out of Talmud ass and will use a Jew source to make my point: namely their own census data compiled by professional demographers as part of Jewish Almanac published in 1939 and 1948 showing practically identical worldwide population but with lots of international migration.
        My opponent will quote from Elie Wiesel and the Nurmberg Tribunal as well as Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation as being just as valid, if not more so, sources.

        And any shabbo court in the decrepit West would wholeheartedly agree with my opponent.
        Would you? If not, why not.
        Then apply this same bullshit radar to our use of Jew sources.

        Btw, I am also quite certain that any MSM outlet west of the Urals would happily agree that Putin’s bastard daughter owns a $20,000,000 mansion in Beverly Hills.
        If that reinforces your beliefs, go for it.

      6. Lobro –
        “Yes, we both use Jew sources to make our opposing points.
        However, I quote the Jew in the context unfavorable to his (perfectly well known to us here) interests, while you quote him when he is in his equally transparent hasbara mode, slagging his enemy or praising his unclean philosophy and practice.”

        I have said all along that you praise Putin at every chance and I criticize him at every chance. That’s normal in politics. Opposing views. It has nothing to do with your tossing around yiddish words, which I do not use.

        Having held elected public office myself, and was chairman of my county’s Central Committee while my father was a state representative for many terms…. I just might understand “cui bono” in politics even better than you do. I found it was the financier… EVERY time….. without fail. I have been in the ‘backrooms’ where the ‘trade-offs’ were made in favor of the ones with the checkbooks.

        All national leaders are ruthless liars and hated by most of their constituents…. and even most of the world. That’s why they hire security and armed guards.

        The difference between us is you take it personally. I don’t.

        BTW – I have worked in the “sewer” of politics. So, I appreciate the “fresh air” even more than most. There is absolutely NO “fresh air” in politics….. just criminal acts for control..

      7. Pat if you have the time and interest listen to William Engdahl, he is a wealth of information.
        And as we all know, don’t you? Putin goes in against the satanic jewish banksters , cultural decline of the Russian people.


        You think that Putin is making deals with the terror state of israhell, ONLY with regards to the Kurds because they fight against isis in Irak,( land teft ) Kurds are best friends with the terror state….


      8. Thanks Gilbert –

        I imagine you mean well.

        The youtube info stated “Russia, China, the US, and the seeds of World War III are explored–from oil and energy, to economic sanctions and the hidden threat of Monsanto crops.”

        As soon as the lead-off contains “WWIII” I dismiss the claims as ‘fear porn’ to increase readership.

        Horror and scary stories sell the best…… to others… not me.

        “In 2010 he published Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century.”

        Death – Death – Death

  21. behind the quiet and silence of nuttyahoo israhell
    plotting oded yinons anew
    frank kitson pseudo gangs low level operations
    sas hit and run
    regime change and ethnic cleansing
    chabad kosher
    change agents
    a bark from a turk dog an oil thief
    a turckic yahudi
    Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkish pugfaced twat
    who thinks heebee jewish royalty
    satanic donmeh cult leader and live organ dealer.
    in it not for the talmud or tora
    just the oil black stuff and cash.
    a tool an agent

    The cult will do everything it can to be invisible and to divert opposition elsewhere.


    The Donmeh are the Marranos of Turkey. The Donmeh are a satannic sect of Turks descended from a group of Sephardic Jews who were expelled from
    Spain during the Spanish Inquisition in the 16th and 17th Centuries.”

    They pretended to convert to Islam but in fact practised the Cabalist Satanism of Sabbatai Zvi and advance a secular Zionist agenda.

    1. that explains a lot, turks, and saudis are jews by another name, slaughtering Muslims in Syria, and Yemen..

    2. You know Jew, Charles.
      We gotta get our wooden stakes sharp and ready.
      And Ingrid, Turks are fine, honorable folks, it is their leaders that have always been Donmeh Sabbatian devil worshippers and destroyers of tradition, ever since Ataturk onward.
      Just recall Erdogan’s fake outrage at Shimon Peres at the Davos conference after sinking of Mavi Marmara flotilla.
      Screaming and yelling, Jew theatre in daytime, share the same coffin filled with Khazar dust at night.

      1. Lobro, should have made it clear that I don`t blame the man in the street, other than to critisize their voting in these psychos..

  22. Justin Raimondo is one of my favorite writers and if I don’t read him as regularly as I once did it is only because I am so tired of reading about the endless wars created by U. S. acts of aggression. Justin Raimondo came out very early for the Israeli involvement in 9 11 and then (or so rumor has it) had a mysterious heart attack. Later of course we would learn that these power people use violence as a first defense and they apparently sent a strong signal to Justin Raimondo. I repeat this is hearsay, but widespread. Maybe he doesn’t tell the whole story here but he adds the Turkish part, which is interesting as it fits well with both the Russian and Kurdish elements. Russia really does want a warm water port, and Kurds are the traditional enemies along with, of course, the Greek Orthodox and Armenians who can barely stand to look at anyone Turkish.

    Three years ago I went to Istanbul filled with a romanticized vision of the ancient City of Constantinople blending into a modern Istanbul. Unfortunately, I arrived to a City barely able to manage the flow of immigrants coming from the war zones, about 300 per day. All these gorgeous black eyed children were playing in the streets inches from speeding trucks. The pain on their faces was something I will never forget. I brought home one of the worst colds I have ever had. Other people I knew who were there at the same time also got sick. There was a thin veneer of order for the tourists but not enough to hide the chaos brewing visibly in the streets. I can imagine things have gotten worse.

    Istanbul has some of the richest people in the world who live along the Bosporus, and then poor people, not much Middle Class. So there are class divisions. There are religious divisions between people who are secular Muslims and religious Muslims; and between Greek Orthodox and Muslims in general. Beautiful Russian women come in and take away Turkish men from Turkish women. Turkish language has only in the last hundred years developed a literature, which unites the secular Turks under a nationalistic banner. ( I went to Turkish folk cultural museum and looked at displays of yurt living.) Then, there are the Kurds who also have a strong cultural identity. It seemed like a divided society in turmoil.

    Still, I don’t think we are any better off in the U. S. If I were an immigrant fleeing wars and homeland through Turkey to settle in the U.S. I would turn back into the war zone as a better choice. The Middle East may be in violence and chaos but at least it isn’t a medical dictatorship. I shutter to think what will happen to those children after the medical mafia gets them up to date on their vaccines. Many will be permanently maimed. Basically a really bad Turkish cold doesn’t even come close to seizure disorder, autoimmune disease, and encephalopathy. My advice to them would be to turn back before it’s too late.

    1. Heard recently Kapoore, that US servicemen are being forced to be vaccinated, by threatening to cut their medical benefits if they refuse..

      1. Ingrid –

        That has always been the case for active duty.
        It was busted in rank, fined and jail time for refusal when I was active.
        They own you when you go in. They can sentence you to death if the acts warrant it.

      2. It`s horrible Pat. I think it is becoming clear the indifference, bordering on contempt, the US government has for civilians, and servicemen/women alike. Surely it is time to point all those weapons in the right direction. I did read somewhere a couple of days ago, that there are people with authority in the US, who believe a Nurenberg type trial, of US politicians, is way overdue..

      3. Ingrid –

        It is absolutely necessary to maintain a military. Part of making the sausage.

        “Pretty please” won’t work when the men are thrown together from the streets and hills. Most never having any discipline at all. Some there have been given the the choice of joining the military or go to prison.

      4. Ingrid B.,
        Read Janet C. Phelan’s article, “US Senate passes Bill approving mandatory vaccinations for veterans at home,” which outlines the basics of this dire piece of legislation. Obviously “they” aren’t going to broadcast this type of insidious law so it is tucked away in the Bill called the “21st Century Veterans Benefits Delivery Act Sec. 101, and I think the number is Bill 1203, although the entire Bill has a different number. There is no simple way to access this information on government websites. This Bill requires veterans to receive each immunization on the recommended adult schedule that amounts to 90 vaccinations. If they don’t comply they lose their medical benefits. This may include experimental vaccine or vaccines not tested, and certainly the entire 90 vaccinations with all the accumulation of aluminum salts has never been tested. (But maybe Big Pharma is having a hard time getting into those third world countries to test their vaccines, and the veterans don’t seem that threatening to them with so many already vaccine injured, or on the street with PTSD.)

        The childhood vaccine schedule has already given us the sickest kids in the developed world and the highest infant mortality rate. Many vaccines contain aluminum which goes from the muscle into the brain. Pure aluminum in the blood is entirely different than aluminum in nature because it is not combined with anything as it is naturally so its toxicity is multiplied. It has been associated with autoimmune disease, cognitive deficits, joint pain, gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders. You may know that veterans already suffer from a lot of autoimmune diseases. Well, they will have more if this Bill passes the House where it goes now.

        Phelan writes about the problems with vaccines like a Merck rotavirus contaminated with pig virus or a tetanus vaccine containing an anti-fertility agent. The list could go on forever because vaccines are generally manufactured without quality controls (many in China) and the ingredients include animal and human tissue that could also be contaminated with viruses that go into the vaccines. For example some of the human tissue is carcinogenic, taken from humans that had tumors.

        The whole Senate except for three missing Senators like Rand Paul, Ted Cruise, and one other voted for this. What a stab in the heart to those who risked their lives for their country. I’m sure that Senator Feinstein is thrilled with this as she has been advocating veterans be locked up for insanity and their guns taken away for years now. Well this may solve her problems because this bill amounts to biological warfare against them. Hopefully the veterans will wake up and swamp the House with phone calls and any of us who care about veterans or our freedoms should do the same. You have to consider who might be next. Will they slip an adult vaccination requirement into the next Medicare Bill? Essentially if you take money from them (even if your taxes are substantial and you pay them it’s their money now and they own it, not you) then they have the right to own your body. Will the day come when we need a lawyer by our side to enter a hospital or go to the doctor… probably.

  23. Shootout at a branch of Planned Parenthood in Colorado is over.. Do you think the guy might have been upset over the brutal murder, and organ harvesting, of countless babies?

    1. Probably a False Flag to discredit those who object to the practices of Planned Parenthood.

  24. Mr.Toby
    I guess I spoke too soon ,thanks for allowing me to speak my mind,
    there was a nagging thought in my mind ever since I stumbled over this site maybe the devil made me imagine things ,you know devils are cunning creatures ,
    the poems in this site are pieces of arts in my book as I consider good poetry as essential food for the soul .
    I should have read Rachel Corry poem before ,it’s a beautifully composed piece and translated the inner feelings and emotions in artistic way.
    Please accept my apology
    but what about my other comment? 🙂

  25. People generally complain that Putin is not responding forcefully to all these provocations, not exposing the H-caust and 9/11 and so forth, because they are not used to following the big game couple of moves ahead.

    Let me give you my reading.

    Putin is of course a strategy master but the fact is that those able to put the Protocols together are masters of long range planing as well and with the downing of that Sukhoi jet they offered Putin a very dangerous gambit, the one that Obama is clueless about but I believe that Erdogan is the insider as a Donmeh and this explains his arrogant stance.
    If Russia retaliated in kind or escalates, he will claim an act of war and legally shut down the Bosphorus passage to the Sebastopol fleet, which means that Assad will have couple of days to pack his bags.

    So, the Grand Sanhedrin figures he must fish or cut bait.
    If he withdraws, he will have to secure his flanks, ie, invade Georgia, establish link with Iran across Armenia and Azerbaijan and most likely reoccupy Ukraine in readiness for the Final War.
    Of course Cina will be pivotal, and I have no doubt that there are talks between Moscow and Beijing at the highest level right now.

    China will have to grab Taiwan coordinated with Russian moves to spread the US forces thin, apart from Turkey, NATO vassals have no stomach for dying.
    And there are the 2 Koreas …

    Diego Garcia will have to be wiped out.

    But when it comes down to the big storm, the warmongers will have to be taught a lesson for the ages, on a very personal level, whatever it takes, there must be no place on Earth where they can ride it out in safety and comfort like they have been so far.

    So, as Putin sits back and ponders his moves, no use us asking stupid, myopic questions about where the latest KFC outlet was opened in Tajikistan.

    1. In essence, Putin is faced with the same choices that Hitler had and I hope, insha’allah, he learned the lesson of history, that he has patience, foresight and a cool head to also listen to the advice of his military planners and never play the grand gentleman once the gloves are off.

      He must be like the original Man of Steel, Joe Stalin.

      At least the special forces now on ground in Syria will get some live sparring practice these days.

      Drang nach West.

    2. Just pay attention to Jew words, Putin, the new Hitler, can Judea declares war on Russia and Russia Must Perish! be far behind, with the New York Times editorials nodding sagely … it is happening.

    3. The big difference: USA must carry the brunt of fighting and dying on the ZOG side, unlike previously, when they sat back waiting for the warring forces to spend themselves before walking in and claiming the big prize.
      And the once almighty industrial output, able to churn out an aircraft carrier a week, fully stocked and ready for combat is gone, now China has that capacity.

      Game on.

    4. Apparently two young males, with baltic, Russian sounding accents, have turned up here, a small community, right in the middle of Norway. People are, naturally, worried, since no-one knows anything about them, and, unlike previous refugees, no-one was informed as to who they are, or where they came from. It would be interesting to know, whether, or not, they are Chechyen, since the terrorists operating in Syria changed recently, from having Muslim accents, to having more Baltic, Russian sounding accents, which is why Russia got worried, and became involved, due to a perceived threat to Russia. It must be remembered, that Norway does have a border with Russia..

  26. @ Lobro,

    What are people expecting Putin should do? Go in full speed ahead only to do them a favour and wreck the whole world? No, this calls for tact. Sure, there is a possibility this eventually will happen but like Hitler, and any other sane person, Putin doesn’t want war. It’s filthy JEW!!!! and his even filthier kosher goys that want war and destruction. And I’m glad Putin is so calm to play the smart game. You think it’s easy? Not everyone is suited for his job because If I were in his position I probably would have fired cruise missiles to the filthy cockroach Erdogan’s house regardless of all the consequences. Nobody can look inside someone else’s head and it’s possible that we are in for a big dissapointment but so far Putin does a great job opposing JEW’s plans. It is true that there still are a lot more measures he could take against them regarding JEW’s influence in Russia (press, banking) but we are just observers without any real direct information, just speculations based on what we can see. Russia is not paradise, nobody claims that, but speaking of banking and debt; Russia’s bebt to GDP is less than 12 per cent at $248 billion. And debt per citizen is not even $1800. That’s as good as no debt at all compare to all the (for certain) 100% JEW controlled nations. It’s even FAR less than my tiny country the Netherlands at …….. drum roll ….. well over 67 per cent!! at $485 billion. Debt per citizen $42616!! And the Netherlands is considered a rich country with healthy books. Now THAT’S laughable!

    We will have to wait and see but it’s kind of exiting to read (certain) news websites again these days.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Say what you like about Putin, and Russia, most people do. Regarding the Russian economy, if, as 1138 says, Russia`s debt is less than 12%, doesn`t that place Russia way above the US, who is in debt to the tune of something like 27 trillion at the last count.. Also, compare Putin to his US counterpart. I know which I prefer, but, bad as Obama is, take a look at what`s in store for the US, and the world, in the form of the future potus, they are all, without exception, warmongering nutjobs..

  27. I enjoy reading the debates between Pat & Lobro on Putin.
    On one hand we have Lobro a supporter of Putin. On the other we have Pat one who ‘sees’ Putin as another part of the control mechanism there to play his part in the game.

    What do I think?
    There is good argument that Putin is anti NWO. Then again there is also good argument that Putin is NWO.
    The thing is, that whatever Putin does can equally be looked upon as anti NWO, but playing the game also. If Putin doesn’t retaliate to Turkey’s shooting down of one of his planes, people will see him as a puppet of the west. Then again people will also look upon him as being cautious and not falling for clear attempts by the west to kick off a war against Russia. Turkey is part of NATO and they would come to its aid, even though they clearly made an act of war against Russia. So in essence, he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.
    Remember that Putin is under attack now on 2 fronts – Syrian border with Turkey and of course in the Ukraine. The west are simply itching to kick off WW3, simply because those who start it will instantly hit one of the many massive underground bunkers, with their families and other important bods within the elites and let the world smash itself to pieces.

    So, where do I stand? The jury’s still out for me on Russia. I’ve taken everything Lobro and Pat have stated. Putin actually on the front line with ISIS as well as his relationship with Rothschild in Russia. I think time will tell. Guaranteed, the likes of Henry Makow will be looking at Putin no differently as they do with Hitler. According to Henry Makow, it was Hitler’s job to bring the west into a big war. What Makow however fails to see is that Hitler tried to make eight peace attempts with Britain. One who wants to bring the world to war, doesn’t make any peace attempts let alone eight!

    1. Harb –

      Thanks. I get a kick out of Lobro also.

      I do not know what anyone is going to think or do at any time. Certainly not national leaders.

      I HAVE, however, learned over the decades that the guy who signs the checks is called “Boss.”

      I also know the banking families are in control of more wealth than all of Russia. They are the ‘check-signers’….. “Bosses.”

      You can connect the dots….. using $$$$$$ as the path.

      Everyone says… “Follow the money.” Then they don’t do that in Putin’s case. His wallet… Russia’s Treasury…. is pocket change compared to the real old money of the aristocratic families in Britain, Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy….. etc. None in America compare.

      JFK found that out the hard way, along with others in that clan who rebutted the biggies.

  28. I don’t know about anyone else, but I haven’t come across any comments, or even one comment, here at Darkmoon , or any other website anywhere, of anyone lauding Putin as if he’s an “avatar”, a “world savior”, “a savior of the West”, or anything like that. I’m only coming across comments, similar to mine, whereby people are expressing their happiness that at least someone is putting an end to ISIS and all the other Islamic jihadist groups started by USrael. That’s all. That we’re happy Putin is putting an end to Islamic Jihad in Syria doesn’t necessarily follow we see Putin as an “avatar”, “a world savior”, or a “savior of the West”. Pat blows these comments expressing happiness with what Putin is doing in Syria out-of-proportion, then after blowing them out of proportion, claims the comments mean the people making the good comments about Putin mean such people are calling Putin an “avatar” , a “savior”. But no one is saying Putin is a “savior”, an “avatar”. No one. Pat is setting up a straw man argument in order to make his points. I don’t care for straw man set-ups. Straw man set-ups are very tedious, to say the very least one can say about Pat’s way of debating.

    Here’s a link I may have posted before: “Putin Unleashes Hell” :


    Main Page of Website :


    1. Well, TROJ –

      I know your computer minutes are limited at the FL Mental Hospital library, so I’ll save you some time.

      Here is one I was sent just today. I have seen many like it…. “Hero Ruler like Caesar.”

      You should get an orderly or an attendant to show you how to use a ‘search engine’… 🙂

      “The world has a new decider, the world has a new ruler and it isn’t these fake Rothschild cutouts like Obama, it is the new Caesar Vladimir Putin. Under his leadership the world is reorganizing to crush the insane drive for a unipolar world run out of Tel Aviv by madman Bibi Satanyahu. Putin deserves credit for this, you should recognize what this man is doing – he is saving you from the very real Jewish Satan.”


      BTW – ‘TROJ entity’ is a ‘strawman’…
      …. actually, more like a ‘scare-crow.’ 🙂 🙂

  29. Boy am I am late to this party!

    It just came to me today in a lightning flash while I was digging worms for my gallinas!

    This particular expression “stab in the back” has a significant historic rhythm.

    Does anyone know who else made use of this famous expression?

    https://trutube.tv/video/27218/Part-4-Adolf-Hitler-The-Greatest-Story-NEVER-Told-2014-TGSNTtv (starting at 0:52)

    What is not made clear in this great video is that there was a second “stab in the back” even more critical than what Benjamin Freeman talks about:

    It was the JEWS in Germany who were in control of the manufacturing for the war effort who instigated these massive strikes that stopped the crucial and critical flow of munitions to France just when Germany was about to finish off All-Lies during WWI in 1917 if I remember correctly.

    Is President Putin trying to send a clear and double-edged message to the LOBRO’s and LASHA’s of the world (I doubt that the PAT’s and RED ONION’s of this world could entertain such a message!)?

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