Turkey’s Terrorism: What Will Russia Do?

This 2-part presentation consists of two short articles by two different writers, Finian Cunningham and Dan Glazebrook, giving their separate viewpoints on the current conflict between Russia and Turkey which threatens to escalate into a major confrontation between the world powers. Both writers seem to be in agreement that Turkey’s reckless action in shooting down a Russian plane over the Syria-Turkey border was an act of war that must have had the secret backing of the United States. 



PART 1 : By Finian Cunningham

Turkey’s shooting down of a Russian fighter jet this week was likely aimed at a bigger political target – to deal a blow to the proposal of a grand anti-terror coalition between the West and Russia for fighting the Islamic State extremist network in Syria.

Such a coalition might seem reasonable, even desirable, to most people. But it is profoundly unacceptable, tacitly, to Washington because it would further expose the criminal nature of the Western-sponsored regime-change operation in Syria.

Washington and its allies do not want Russia to participate in an effective military coalition that would accelerate the destruction of the mercenary terror army that the Western powers have covertly invested in. In that regard, French President Francois Hollande seems to have momentarily lost the devious plot by proposing such an alliance with Russia.

On the face of it, Turkey’s attack on a Russian Su-24 appears to be a reckless act of aggression. And Washington has denied any involvement in the incident. But it seems significant that the shoot-down came on the same day that the American White House rebuffed France’s proposal of forming a military coalition with Russia against the Islamic State terror group in Syria.

Ankara appears to be hiding behind pedantic arguments about «rules of engagement» and defence of its territory. Turkey claims that the Russian Su-24 entered its airspace for «17 seconds». However, its bombastic protestations and scampering under the skirts of NATO betray a dirty deed.

The subsequent murder by Syrian Turkmen militants of one of the two Russian pilots as they parachuted to the ground – a gross war crime – has only compounded the anger felt by Moscow. The second pilot was reportedly rescued by Russian and Syrian special forces.

Russian President Vladimir Putin described the attack as a «stab in the back» and said that there would be «grave consequences» for Turkey, without specifying what those consequences might be. In principle, Russia has the right under international law to take military action against the perpetrator.

Already it can be gleaned that Ankara’s actions are incriminating. The Turk authorities claim that the Russian jet entered Turkey’s territory from across the border with Syria, and that their F-16 fighter jets fired an air-to-air missile following repeated audio warnings to the Russian aircrew.

But how screwy is that rationale, even if we accept it at face value? Why should Turkey react in such an aggressive manner towards Russia over a fleeting error, if that’s what it was? There seems, rather, to have been a premeditated urge to act in this excessive way by the Turks.

Russia’s defence ministry contradicts the Turk version, saying that its warplane was always within Syrian territory and did not pose any security threat. The fact that the Russian jet and the ejected pilots came down in Syrian territory indicates that Moscow’s account of the incident is closer to the truth.

Moscow’s contention of how its fighter jet was brought down is also corroborated by the macabre way in which one of parachuted pilots was killed by militants inside Syria’s border, as reported by the New York Times.

Moscow said that the fighter jet was «targeting Islamic State militants in the mountains of northern Latakia [in northwest Syria]». Turkey, the United States and other Western governments have been claiming that Russian air operations are mostly focused on striking «moderate rebels». If that latter claim were true then why was one of the two Russian pilots summarily executed by the militants on the ground if those militants were «moderate rebels»? Why were the militants seen in video footage, which they released, gloating over the bloodied corpse?

Ankara, Washington and their NATO allies can’t have it both ways. If Russia is targeting moderate rebels – assuming that such a category exists – then why was the Russian pilot butchered in such a barbaric manner akin to the Islamic State or one of its related extremist brigades?

In any case, let’s not get waylaid by engaging in semantical shell games. Turkey, as with its other NATO partners and the Gulf Arab states, has been fully sponsoring terrorist proxies in Syria under different names. The so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) and its notional moderates are just a convenient propaganda device that has allowed the US and its allies to sponsor terrorist mercenaries in a criminal, covert war for regime change in Syria.

President Putin, in his angry condemnation of Turkey’s shooting down of the Russian Su-24, avoided diplomatic niceties and bluntly labelled Ankara as a «terrorist accomplice». The Russian leader also accused Turkey of aiding terrorists in Syria by conducting oil trade with Islamic State militants who have commandeered Syria’s oil fields over the past two years.

At the G20 summit earlier this month, held in Turkey’s Antalya, President Putin presented a dossier on financial links to jihadist terror groups. He said those links showed that «certain G20 members were implicated in the financing of terrorism». That was taken to indicate Turkey and Saudi Arabia, among others.

At the G20 summit, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan chimed in with other world leaders in denouncing IS (also known as ISIS, ISIL or Daesh) in light of the massacre in the French capital, Paris, where some 130 people were killed in gun and bomb attacks on November 13.

The rank hypocrisy of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other G20 members in condemning «terrorism» did not escape Russia. The loss of 224 lives, mostly Russian tourists, onboard an airliner that was blown out of the skies above the Sinai desert on October 31 from a terrorist bomb has only served to harden Moscow’s resolve to eradicate the terrorists in Syria and to expose the state sponsors behind these groups.

Russia’s aerial blitzkrieg against anti-government mercenaries in Syria – whether they go by the name of IS, FSA, al Nusra, Islamic Front, or some other cover name – has, since September 30, wiped out thousands of foreign-backed insurgents. Together with Syrian Arab Army ground advances, this Russian air campaign is liquidating assets that the US and its allies have invested billions of dollars in for regime change in Damascus.

It is only a matter of time before the rhetorical shell game conducted by the terrorist sponsors comes unstuck. Washington, Ankara and the rest can’t just sit back and watch Russia destroying its proxy mercenary army. Their cynical exhortations to Russia to avoid striking «moderate rebels» are having no restraining effect, simply because there are no moderate rebels worth talking of Russia is zeroing in on the West’s terrorist proxy army, and rightly so no-holds are barred.

In this context, the proposal of forming a military coalition with Russia is simply anathema, from the Western regime-change viewpoint. The idea had to be blown out of the sky. The shoot-down of the Russian jet by Turkey seems a symbolic repudiation of the proposed military alliance with Moscow.

The Russian noose on the terror networks and, more importantly, their state financiers is tightening. The tension is becoming unbearable, and Ankara obviously kicked out with the shooting down of the Russian fighter jet this week.

Washington reportedly denied any involvement in the incident, even though it has a plentiful military presence at the Incirlik NATO base in southwest Turkey, including F-15 air combat planes and sophisticated radar and communication systems.

It seems unlikely that Turkey would have acted singlehandedly in such a provocative way and in such a precarious situation where NATO and Russia were already on tenterhooks over the close proximity of their respective warplanes plying the skies over Syria.

Moreover, as President Putin pointed out, Russia and the US had recently signed an agreement ostensibly to avoid deconfliction of air forces in Syria. Turkey, as a fellow NATO member, would have been fully apprised of that agreement. So, how did such a deleterious lapse occur?

US President Barack Obama quickly upheld Turkey’s right to defend its territory, without having ascertained the facts surrounding the shoot-down.

It is significant that following the incident Turkey immediately called for an emergency NATO summit to confer with the 27 other members of the US-led military alliance. If the shoot-down was simply a random act carried out in the spur of the moment, then why didn’t Ankara get in touch with Moscow to iron things out and express condolences? Instead, as Putin noted, the Turks ran off to NATO without even as much as a call to Moscow.

The deadly attack against Russian forces occurred on the same day that French President Francois Hollande met with Barack Obama in Washington to discuss closer military cooperation with Russia in the supposed fight against Islamic State terrorism in Syria.

Obama politely, but firmly, rebuffed the French leader’s proposal for a grand coalition that would include Russia. Hollande was waved off with an earful of platitudes. And Turkey’s shooting down of the Russian fighter jet – only hours before Hollande was received at the White House – appears to have been timed in order to emphatically put paid to any idea of working more closely with Moscow to combat terrorism in Syria.

As noted above that rejection of Russia’s formidable anti-terror firepower is based on deep, covert and necessarily unspoken strategic reasons, owing to the real, imperative US-led objective in Syria. Namely regime-change and the deployment of terrorist networks for achieving that criminal objective.


PART 2 : By Dan Glazebrook

Turkey’s shooting down of a Russian jet shows the utter desperation currently sweeping through the regime change camp as Russia closes in on the death squads in Syria.


Flight: This map shows the route of the Russian jet (red line), based on data released by the Turkish army, including where it allegedly violated Turkish airspace, and the area in the Syria where it crashed.

LD: The Russians claim they received no warnings from Turkey over their alleged incursion into Turkish air space. The Turks claim they sent ten warnings in five minutes. It seems to me the Turks have to be lying. Firstly, the Russian plane crashed four kilometers within Syrian territory. Secondly and more importantly, the neck of Turkish territory into which the Russian plane is alleged to have briefly strayed  (see map above) is so narrow that the Russian plane would have shot through in 17 seconds. Hence it would have been impossible for ten warnings from Turkey to have been issued to the Russian pilots in such a short time span.  

At 9:30am, a Russian SU-24 jet was shot down by a Turkish fighter plane. The pilots were then allegedly killed by Syrian Turkmen anti-government militias, with the body of one being paraded on camera in a video that was immediately posted to YouTube. Turkey claimed the jet had encroached on Turkish airspace, but Russia maintains the plane was shot down inside Syrian territory, 4km from the Turkish border. Rather than calling Russia to defuse any tension arising from the attack, Turkey then immediately called an emergency NATO meeting to ramp it up – “as if we shot down their plane,” Putin commented, “and not they ours”.

To make sense of this apparently senseless provocation, it is necessary to cut through the multiple layers of obfuscation which surround Western narratives around Syria and Islamic State militants.

The reality is that the forces essentially line up today just as they did at the outbreak of this crisis in 2011: The West, Turkey and the gulf monarchies sponsor an array of death squads bent on bringing down the Syrian government, while Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria (obviously) and Hezbollah resist this project. The rise of ISIS has not fundamentally changed this underlying dynamic. Indeed, the next-to-useless impact of the West’s year-long phony war against ISIS – alongside its relentless funneling of weaponry to militias with an, at best, ambiguous relationship with Al-Qaeda and ISIS – has demonstrated that the Syrian state (or “Assad” to use the West’s puerile personalization) remains the ultimate target of the West’s Syria policy.

As Obama himself put it, the goal is not to eliminate ISIS, but rather to “contain” them – that is, keep them focused on weakening Syria and Iraq, and not US allies like Jordan, Turkey or the US’s favored Kurdish factions. In civil wars, there are only ever really two sides. And in the Syrian civil war, NATO remains on the same side as ISIS. In this sense, Putin was entirely correct when he commented on the Turkish attack that it had been a “stab in the back, carried out by the accomplices of terrorists” and asked:“do they want to make NATO serve ISIS?” Or, we could expand, is it that ISIS was created to serve NATO?

Russia’s direct entry into the Syrian conflict two months ago, however, has stirred the ‘regime change’ camp. Belying all their ‘anti-ISIS’ rhetoric, the US and Britain were openly worried that Russia might actually be putting up an effective fight against the group and restoring governmental authority to the ungoverned spaces in which it thrives. Immediately, the West began warning of ‘blowback’ against Russia, and ramped up advanced arms shipments to the insurgency. Within a month, a Russian passenger plane was blown up, with ISIS claiming responsibility and British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond calling the attack a “warning shot”.

It was a “shot” alright, aimed not only at Russia, but also at her allies; the downing of the plane on Egyptian soil was a deliberate act of economic war against the Egyptian tourism industry, a punishment for Egypt’s support for Russia and Syria and its choking off of fighters to Syria since Abdel Fattah Sisi came to power. Then, two weeks later, came the attack on Paris. White supremacist niceties prevented Hammond calling this one a “warning shot” as well, but that is precisely what it was, this time directed at those within the regime change/ anti-Russia camp who were showing signs of ‘wobbling’. Francois Hollande suggested back in January that sanctions on Russia should be lifted as soon as possible, and more recently the nation showed a willingness to cooperate with Russia militarily over Syria: a ‘red line’ for France’s ‘Atlantic partners’.

Nevertheless, the net continues to close on the West’s death squad project in Syria. From the start the key to ISIS success has been, firstly, the porous Syria-Turkey border, through which Turkey has allowed a free flow of fighters and weapons back and forth for the past four years, and secondly, the massive amounts of finance ISIS receives both from oil sales and from donors in countries prepared to turn a blind eye to terror financing. In recent weeks, all of this has been threatened by the Russian-led alliance (of which France is increasingly willing to be a part).

The past week has seen a large scale Syrian ground offensive, supported with Russian air cover, in precisely the Syrian-Turkish border region which is the death squads’ lifeline: a move which prompted the Turkish foreign ministry to warn of “serious consequences” if the Russian airstrikes continued. Simultaneously, Russia embarked on a major campaign against ISIS’ reportedly 1,000-strong oil tanker fleet which is so crucial to the group’s financial success.

As the Institute for the Study of War reported, “Russian military chief of staff Col. Gen. Andrey Kartapolov announced on November 18 that ‘Russian warplanes are now flying on a free hunt’ against ISIS-operated oil tanker trucks traveling back and forth from Syria and Iraq, claiming that Russian strikes had destroyed over 500 ISIS-operated oil trucks in the past ‘several days.’” This massive dent in the group’s oil transporting capacity even shamed the US into belatedly and somewhat half-heartedly launching similar attacks of their own. The smashing of ISIS’ oil industry will not only be a blow to the entire death squad project, but will directly affect Turkey, widely thought to be involved in the transportation of ISIS-produced oil, and even Erdogan’s family itself, as it is the company run by his son Bilal that is believed to be running the illicit trade.

Finally, France yesterday announced a crackdown on ISIS’ financiers, and demanded that other countries do the same. French Finance Minister Michel Sapin implied that the report to the G20 on the issue last month was a whitewash, and demanded that the international Financial Action Task Force be much more explicit in its report to the next G20 finance meeting in February about which countries are lax in terms of terror financing. The move is very likely to expose not only Turkey and Saudi Arabia but also, given HSBC’s links to Al Qaeda, the City of London.

Indeed, as the Politico website noted, Sapin specifically said “that considering the reputation of the City of London, he would be ‘vigilant’ on the UK’s implementation of EU-agreed measures to clamp down on money laundering and exchange financial information on shady transactions or individuals”. The reactions to his demands that implementation of tougher EU regulations be moved forward will also be instructive (in another move exposing the total lack of urgency given to the West’s supposed ‘war on ISIS’, they are currently not due to be implemented for another two years).

And on top of all this, the UN Security Council finally passed a resolution authorizing ‘all necessary measures’ to be used against ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups in Syria, effectively granting UN approval to Russia’s intervention. As Pepe Escobar has pointed out, French support for the resolution rendered it politically impossible for the US or UK to use their veto – although US ambassador Samantha Power, an extreme Russophobe and ‘regime changer’, registered her disapproval by failing to turn up for the vote and sending a junior official along instead.

In other words, on all sides the net is closing in on the West’s death squad project in Syria. Turkey’s actions today have merely demonstrated, again, the impotent rage of those who have thrown in their chips with a disastrous and bloody attempt to remake the Middle East. Syria is indeed becoming the Stalingrad of the regime changers – the rock on which the imperial folly of the West and it’s regional imitators may finally be broken.


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  1. A good presentation. There can be no doubt that Assad isn’t going anywhere. The Jewish scheme of regime change for Syria has been stymied. If Jew Erdogan thinks that shooting down a Russian plane in such a cowardly fashion and allowing CIA backed terrorists to commit acts of barbarism from his country, all over the world, then he has seriously misread the Russians, and the Chinese. Methinks it’s time for a patriotic Turkish Army General to mount a coup and proscribe Erdogan and the plague of crypto-jews destroying that country. I have read that since the Russian have installed the S-400s the USAF have not mounted any missions over Syria.

    1. @ Felix

      I agree. A decent selection of articles about what’s going on in Syria.

      Basically, Russia has established a no-fly zone over most of Syria with just one S-400. It will also be interesting to see if Israel makes any more air attacks on Syria since the S-400 covers most of Israel.

      I have read a few articles that say Israel is the recipient of the ISIS oil sold to Erdogan’s son at $20.00/barrel which makes sense. Jews never pay retail.

      1. Ungenious –

        Anything can be found on the net. Take your pick of flavors.

        I have read a few articles that say Turkey is the recipient of the ISIS oil. No coupons required for discounts.

        Turkey’s Grand Game: Three Reasons Behind Su-24 Downing

        “Turkish commodity dealers have funded ISIS through their purchase of, by one estimate, $50 million a month in black-market oil.”

        Revenge for ruining shady oil deals with ISIL

        ISIL has long financed its activities by smuggling petroleum to black markets in the Middle East, particularly in Turkey.


  2. The meddling in Ukraine backfired on the meddlers with Crimea falling into the Russian hands, followed by a gigantic surge in Russian patriotism.

    The creation of ISIS to meddle in Syrian and ME affairs in general backfired with surprising Russian attack on ISIS that caught off guard the meddlers and boosted the Russian patriotism still further.

    What will be the side effect of this latest thanksgiving Turkey sacrifice gambit of NATO? What Will Russia Do? I do not know what Russia will do – no one probably knows for sure what Putin has up his sleeves this time.

    But I know for sure what Russia will not do – she will not back off


    1. Russia has to tighten her borders. I listened to a podcast yesterday, where a guy called Turbeville said that Chechyen type takfiris have infiltrated Russia through the Ukraine.. It is my contention that Russia will also be infiltrated through the Norwegian border with Russia..

  3. I think it’s a hoot that for all the money, all the energy, all the time, all the worry, all the concern, USrael ZOG spends on the CIA/MOSSAD, the NSA, Navy “intelligence”, all the other “intelligence” services of both the USA and Israel and also NATO, all the spying, all the surveillance, no one in USrael ZOG saw The Enormous Russian Mother Bear heading towards the Middle East ; USrael ZOG was TOO busy spying on us low level Americans who have no say, no power, no nothing ; USrael scared of us low level Americans with no power and no say, we need to be spied upon 24/7/365 ; USrael, TOO busy spying on those of us with no power, USrael forgot to keep it’s One Eye of Horus on The Russian Mother Bear who most certainly DOES have the power to do some real serious damage to USrael. LMFAO!!! It’s a hoot. The NWO is not without its humorous moments. Then there’s Pat’s usual, always snarky comments, about Putin. Also very humorous, 🙂 .

    1. Then there’s TROJ’s usual, always snarky comments, about Pat…. written from the FL State Hospital. Also very humorous..! 🙂 🙂

  4. “….What will Russia do?”

    Turkey is Putin’s second largest LNG purchaser at 27 billion cubic meters. Germany is the largest.

    Putin will probably thank Turkey for doing as he asked them to, and cut prices of LNG for them to offset the Turkish loss in furniture and dates and pistachio sales.

    He needed the shoot-down as an excuse to not have to accept refugees…. who mainly come through Turkey.

    Putin’s country can’t take the economic strain. And his ‘banker handlers’ do not want the additional pressure from Muslim ‘Sharia-ites’ for Sharia’s ‘usury-free’ banking there in Russia.

    1. Putin wants no more immigrants from Turkey.

      On Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the Russian government had reached a decision to suspend the free-visa regime between Russia and Turkey due to security concerns.



      Turkey will help the European Union tackle the influx of migrants that threatens the future of Europe’s passport-free travel in exchange for funding and restarting talks on Ankara’s accession to the 28-nation union.
      “Both sides will, as agreed and with immediate effect, step up their active cooperation on migrants who are not in need of international protection, preventing travel to Turkey and the EU, ensuring the application of the established bilateral readmission provisions and swiftly returning migrants who are not in need of international protection to their countries of origin,” Reuters reported, citing the draft conclusions of Sunday’s EU-Turkey summit in Brussels.
      In exchange, Turkey will get 3 billion euros of initial aid to handle the refugees on its territory.
      The EU aims to waive visa requirements for Turks traveling to the EU in October 2016 if Ankara meets certain criteria specified in an agreed roadmap. (NOT Putin. He has enough.)

    2. Just read an article on Press TV about “refugees” being shuttled backwards, and forwards, between Russia, and Norway, across the border at Kirkenes. The “refugees” pictured, all have bikes, where the hell did they get those from? One woman is pushing a bike, whilst carrying a toddler. Between thirty and forty thousand refugees have hit Norway alone this past year. I agreed with one comment though, NATO countries created the problem, so let them deal with it, preferably by stopping all the wars of aggression, and aquisition, so that the refugees can return to their countries of origin..

      Excellent interview on Press TV earlier, of Max Igan out of Brisbane, and Mike Harris of VT, talking about the Ayatollahs letter to the Muslim youth, as to who is behind the wars, and mass migration, and why. They both agreed that Gaza is the core issue of the global repression, and massive theft of “others” resources..

  5. The regime change scheme that the writer talks about isnt an orchestrated one; the u.s. and others (ksa and qatar) may have tried to seize the opportunity to overthrow assad by feeding the anti-regime forces when the SPONTANEOUS intifada begun, but the revolt wasnt planned, so there wasnt a squeme … At the beginning; for the millionth time it was Assad’s inteligence services the entity -better known as the “Mukhabarat”- who, not realizing there was an arab spring all over the middle east- screwed up and went doing what they have been doing since the assad’s dinasty took over in a coupe de etat 40 years ago: brake people’s fingers, this time children.
    Assad was gonna be “made go” by the americans -in a similar way kaddafy was- but the islamic state commited a tactical error-: they killed the American ambassador in lybia giving Obama no option but to sit this one out in honoring the saying “the better of two evils” .. And by the way Turkey was right
    Russia isnt home,
    turkey is

    1. The thugs occupying Palestine have also shut down several Palestinian radio stations, and confiscated their equipment. They are also refusing to hand over the bodies of several Palestinians shot by these thugs, I think we can assume the reason..

  6. One thing Russia is doing in response to Turkey’s terrorism, “Unleashing Hell From Land, Air, and Sea, On The Muslim Terrorists Who Killed Russian Pilot” :

    Raw footage of the Russians bombing Turkey’s/Israel’s/USrael ZOG’s “Islamic” jihadist “assets” : Putin “Unleashing Hell” on USrael ZOG, minions, and cohorts,


    Main Page of Website :


    Uplifting, inspirational videos for this first Sunday of Advent Season.

  7. >> Turkey’s Terrorism: What Will Russia Do?

    Russia will do whatever serves her interests. No more “saving the world” romantic bullshit.

    For those of you who are in the continental Europe, you better rephrase the question:

    Anglo-American Terrorism: What Shall We Do?

    If you think that Putin is going to come and save your ass – you better think again. The biggest turmoil is brewing in the continental Europe right now. Praising Putin won’t do it for you, folks: you have to do something to save yourselves from islamisation. Don’t think that you can sit this off on the sides watching how Russia fights Turkey and NATO for you, to save you from the flood of refugees orchestrated by Britain, America and implemented with big help from willing Turkey.

    1. “The biggest turmoil is brewing in the continental Europe right now.”

      The fuse has been set with the migration into it, not just from the recent economic migrants from predominantly Africa and other middle eastern states Syrian immigrants, but ironically from all those from outside Europe who started piling in after the previous globalist, banker world war. Now it’s just a case of the shit hitting the fan in every European land, not just with growing hatred of Islam, but strings of false flag attacks, as the Jews have their field day of pitting the indigenous against the immigrants, introducing new anti liberty legislation but giving more rights to the minorities over the majority.

      What I have to say though is this will bring the trouble straight to the heart of the idiots who still choose to wallow in ignorance. They’ll get a taste of the medicine that Palestinians have to suffer daily. They’ll understand what it was like for Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans and Syrians courtesy of western intervention into their lands.
      It will now be a level playing field for all. Europe will hopefully begin to understand the wrong it’s done to others and more importantly, start asking questions as to who’s really behind it all. That’s when the veil of deceit starts becoming apparent to all.

      1. “Now it’s just a case of the shit hitting the fan in every European land, not just with growing hatred of Islam, but strings of false flag attacks, as the Jews have their field day of pitting the indigenous against the immigrants, introducing new anti liberty legislation but giving more rights to the minorities over the majority.”

        You got it.

        Europe will get a taste of what Lincoln and the cabal of Pharisees did in US from 1860 to 1913, while increasing usury.

        Lincoln freed no slaves… he enslaved the free.

        Putin is enslaving Russia and Mideast with usury…. while refusing the immigrant refugees he is causing to be increased by bombing Syria.

      2. Harbinger, no offence to you personally, but this whole comment of yours is coming across as gloating over the trouble that is brewing in continental Europe – a gloating of someone who is outside the continental Europe.

        Europe will hopefully begin to understand the wrong it’s done to others and more importantly, start asking questions as to who’s really behind it all. That’s when the veil of deceit starts becoming apparent to all.

        What continental Europe has done to Muslim countries – Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria – to be punished by this wave of well-orchestrated influx of “refugees”. Was it not America and Britain who brought this mess to the Middle East? Was it not French and Germans who were very reluctant to participate in these crimes? Who was it that suggested to rename French fries to Freedom fries for this very reluctance of the French to participate in these criminal wars? So why is it continental Europe who has to take responsibility for “the wrong it’s done to others” and not America and Britain?

        I certainly hope too that Europeans will start asking questions as to who’s really behind it all. I also hope that the answer the continental Europeans arrive at is not the one implied by Anglo-Saxon Harbinger, American Pat, and Canadian Lobro.

        It is not the proverbial Jews, stupid. It is shear insanity to believe that Israel and the Jews are the masters of the universe – the tail does not wage the dog. Jews do not control Anglo-Saxons – they are in the service of the Anglo-Saxons. Jews are every bit as bad and disgusting as described here at this site by many, but they are not the masters of the universe. Not even close.

        Did it ever occur to you why color revolutions and military coupes are rampant everywhere – in the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, South America, in the Orient, etc, etc, etc – everywhere, including even the continental Europe, with the exception of … Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

        Intelligence, by its very definition, is the ability to see patterns and cause-effect relationships. Do you see any patterns and cause-effect relationships here, our European brothers and sisters?

        1. @ Circassian

          It is not the proverbial Jews, stupid. It is shear insanity to believe that Israel and the Jews are the masters of the universe – the tail does not wage the dog. Jews do not control Anglo-Saxons – they are in the service of the Anglo-Saxons. Jews are every bit as bad and disgusting as described here at this site by many, but they are not the masters of the universe. Not even close.

          Here lies the flaw in your reasoning, Circassian. There is no one on this website who will agree with your unsupported-by-evidence statement that the Jews, however evil they are, are simply helpless puppets and that the real Masters of the Universe are the White anglo-Saxon race.

          You only have to turn to America and Canada to show you who is in charge there. Who own the media in America and Canada? The Jews! Who directs American foreign policy? Jewish AIPAC and the mostly Jewish neocons! Who brainwashes the American public and the rest of the world with their movies? Jewish Hollywood!

          Turn to Europe and you will see the same thing. All the media in Britain is controlled by the Jews. The Jews are not helpless puppets as you erroneously suggest. Britain’s Prime Minister is married to a Jewess and everything he says has to be “good for the Jews” before he dares to say it.

          Do you honestly believe that the White anglo-Saxon race is behind the flooding of Europe with Muslim refugees and economic migrants? Are you not aware that the white indigenous people of Europe do NOT want to see their countries swamped with Muslims from Syria, Afghanistan and Africa? And are you not aware that the Jews, whom you crazily regard as mere puppets of the White man, have already owned up to being behind the multicultural madness? Haven’t you heard of Barbara Spectre?

          Here, in case you have forgotten, is a powerful Jewess telling us all plainly that the Jews are behind the migrant crisis and that the Jews can expect to be hated for it:


          1. @ Circassian

            Try reading The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

            I don’t think you will find this is about world domination by the evil White anglo-Saxon race! 🙂

      3. “What continental Europe has done to Muslim countries “


        Since when did people have a say in what their ZOGs do? You do realise that there were marches against these wars in Europe, by the people, ignored by the ZOGs as expected?

        “It is not the proverbial Jews, stupid. It is shear insanity to believe that Israel and the Jews are the masters of the universe – the tail does not wage the dog.”

        Really? So the Balfour Declaration was signed because the Anglo Saxons really wanted to give land they owned over to the Jews? And stupid? If there’s anyone on here, in this debate that’s stupid, it most certainly is not I. To state that it’s not the Jews goes to show either complete ignorance or one who’s turning on the smoke machine and setting up mirrors.

        “Jews do not control Anglo-Saxons – they are in the service of the Anglo-Saxons.”

        Really? And how on earth did you come to this conclusion? It appears that you are completely incapable of understanding what I’ve written in my previous comment, the one below this that you’ve replied to in the wrong place.
        My continuing reply to you stated:

        “Do you really think that if this was about the rule of Anglo Saxons, why on earth would they:

        1. Flood the Anglo Saxon lands with immigrants?
        2. Destroy infrastructure within those lands by selling them off to China and India?
        3. Create wars that resulted in their genocide?
        4. Promote minority rights over the majority by creating Race & Hate Speech legislation?
        5. Create affirmative action/positive discrimination for the minority over the majority?”

        So if Jews are in the employ of Anglo Saxons, then why on earth would the Anglo Saxons in charge destroy the very lands they dwell within? You also failed to see that these Anglo Saxons that you speak of, these ‘bloodlines’ are ruling elites AND NOT the Anglo Saxon people as a whole, yet your definition suggest the people as a whole.

        “Did it ever occur to you why color revolutions and military coupes are rampant everywhere – in the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, South America, in the Orient, etc, etc, etc – everywhere, including even the continental Europe, with the exception of … Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.”

        Did it ever occur to you as to why in the places where these military coups are, its driving all of the populous to migrate into Great Britain, [Europe], USA, Canada, Australia etc etc? Last time I looked, the migration of peoples in this world was 99% towards Europe and 1% out of it. Where are you located? You’re a Muslim aren’t you? Why are you not in your ancestral land?

        Circassian, I really hate to say it, but I actually thought that you had some semblance of intelligence. It is clear that you are bereft of it, for there’s no doubt there. Your hatred for Indigenous Europeans is clearly shown in your lumping 99% of its population in the same basket as the 1% controlling elite.
        You fail to see that migration, since the end of WW2 has been into the west. Now, if you truly do think that this is for the benefit of the indigenous and the done so to make Anglo Saxons the masters of the universe, then you are truly a fool.
        You have failed completely to even understand a modicum of my initial replies to you. You seem to believe that the Jewish lobby groups DO NOT control western governments and that the ‘tail is not wagging the dog’. Westerners are obviously warring in the middle east, not for the benefit of Israel, but because they just felt like going over there to kill and subsequently be maimed and die. Yup, this has nothing to do with Israel using the west to wipe out its Muslim enemies and create Greater Israel isn’t it?

        For you to assume this is an Anglo Saxon supremacy, even after the five points I made in my last reply to you (blockquoted above) which define the elites shitting on their own people, proves that you are incapable of grasping reality.

        The majority here who post at LD’s site see that the tail most certainly wags the dog and has been doing so for a very long time. You are one of the few here who disagrees and believes that this is really about the advancement of the Anglo Saxon peoples in this world. You fail to see the simplicity of all of this and that even an idiot could decipher that if this was about a tribe of Caucasians who wanted dominance over all, they wouldn’t be stupid enough to create genocide on the rest of their tribe, as it would leave their numbers and fighting force rather low wouldn’t it?

        However seeing as you are incapable of working this out I’ll tell you what it’s really all about:

        The attacks all over the world are happening to not just mess up markets, but to drive migration into the west. More importantly the attacks in the middle east and Africa are there to destroy any threats to Israel and world Jewry as the Zionists continue their plan to rebuild Greater Israel and the Temple of Solomon on Temple Mount. The turning of the European indigenous into a minority block is of great benefit to the Jews, because a majority, indigenous block is one that eventually unites, seeing Jewish perfidy and exiles them yet again as it has many times in the past. If you hadn’t noticed, Europeans will be the minority by 2075 in their own lands. Why, oh why, oh why if this is about the supremacy of the Anglo Saxon would this be allowed to happen? Why would they flood Anglo Saxon lands with immigrants who rape and murder the locals? Why would they sell off industry to China and India in these Anglo Saxon lands? Why would they establish race laws and give minorities rights about the Anglo Saxon indigenous? Why would they promote multiculturalism and miscegenation amongst their Anglo Saxon populous if this is all about Anglo Saxon supremacy?

        Circassian, if you really want to debate with me, then bring some intelligence please? Your argument is like Swiss cheese. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. To believe that this is an Anglo Saxon plot over a Zionist one, completely beggars belief. Only a non Anglo Saxon, non indigenous European would have the stupidity to believe as you do. You do because you have no connection whatsoever to our history, heritage and our people. As a Muslim, any attack on any Muslim is an attack on the Ummah. Islam poses a far greater threat upon Anglo Saxon Europe than Anglo Saxon Europe does on Islam. You’re all moving over here and through procreation alone, you will become victorious, as your Imams promote.

      4. Darlington,

        Circassian, is just another Muslim who sees Europeans and European Americans in a war against Islam and has the stupidity to believe that this is about Anglo Saxon, global supremacism. Hell, the idiot actually believes that Hitler was used by the British to takedown Russia, even though the Russian Revolution was funded by Jacob Schiff, a puppet of the Rothschild Banking Cabal who ARE the Crown Corporation of London and not only in charge of the Royal Family but Britain in general!

        What Circassian fails to see is that the tail is MOST CERTAINLY wagging the dog and always has been. How he/she can presume otherwise completely beggars belief, more so because throughout history this has always been the case. Circassian fails to see that all these conflicts around the world are Israeli proxy wars, as they drive migrants into Europe, who are raping, murdering and causing social chaos as we write. Circassian fails to see that this is not only about destroying the indigenous blocks but causing strife with Muslims and creating European allies in Israel’s genocide against Palestine and creation of a Greater Israel. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria….all posed a DIRECT threat to the future of Israel and NOT Europe or the West. For him to believe that these wars are about Anglo Saxon globalism, utterly beggars belief more so to the fact that globalism is a Jewish idea, unlike the nationalism inherent within European and more world peoples.

        I would state that he’s been reading far too much Henry Makow, but even Makow sees that the ‘tail is wagging the dog’ and calls the criminal elites – Jewish bankers/Kabbalah Illuminati/Zionist Jews .

      5. @ Harbinger

        Great points and a great rebuttal to the man who calls himself “Circassian.”

        @ Circassian

        Regarding: “Did it ever occur to you why color revolutions and military coupes are rampant everywhere – in the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, South America, in the Orient, etc, etc, etc – everywhere, including even the continental Europe, with the exception of … Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.”

        There is no need to foment color revolutions and coupes in Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand because they are already 110% under the control of kikejews and this is why these countries are commonly referred to as ZOGs (Zionist Occupied Governments). Duh!

        Can you name even 1 Anglo-Saxon central banker or 1 Anglo-Saxon financier or industrialist in any position of real power today? Are you really a muslim and why would a muslim defend kikejews, the sworn enemies of Islam?

      6. JFC,

        Circassian promotes the line as offered by the likes of DublinMick, a poster on another website called WASP and to a point Henry Makow.
        Their belief is such that it isn’t the Jews who are controlling things but the elite European families, the Pope, the Jesuits, the Rosicrucians and the various secret societies, created before, during and after the Crusades, such as the Hashishin, Knight’s Templars, Order/Knights of [insert multiple names] and the freemasons to name but a few.

        While this is certainly true, what Circassian fails to see is that the Anglo Saxon way of life, its complete power structure was hijacked. In Britain, that was around about 1649 with the English Civil war and the regicide of Charles 1st, by Cromwell, funded by Dutch Jews, who then got back into the UK. Thus the Jews sank their claws in and took hold of the reigns, then and there and everything then went into overdrive. Judaism then started polluting everything as toxic waste does when dropped into a pool.

        He fails to see that the Catholic church no longer condemns Judaism, as it has throughout history, standing by while Israelis murder Christians in Gaza and the West Bank.

        He fails to see that the Saxe-Coburg Gotha, the German Royal Family is now 100% not only under the control of the Rothschild Banking cabal, but Princess Diana was a Jew, her children are therefore Jews and Prince William’s wife’s mother is a Jew, making not only her a Jew but also her child. The future King is therefore a Jew, as signified in their wedding with the smashing of the wine glass in between a napkin to seal their marriage. Our monarchy is now a Kike monarchy.

        He fails to see that ALL European and the North American governments are ZOGs (Zionist Occupied Governments) that answer to their Zionist lobby first. Were this not that case why are there always Friends of Israel parties with all major parties? How on earth can you have dual citizenship politicians running America? “A servant cannot have two masters”, as the saying goes.

        He fails to see that all western news is controlled by Reuters. The msm, academia, Hollywood, and the Arts world is also Jewish owned and he still has this insane belief that it’s an Anglo Saxon conspiracy. Hell, even I know that not all Muslims are Islamists who wish for a global Ummah, but he seems to think all Anglo Saxons are white supremacists pushing for global domination?

        I really don’t have time for idiots like Circassian who truly believe that Hitler was a puppet of theirs instructed to take down Russia, when they already controlled that.
        The man is a walking idiot, with his head up his posterior 24/7 and what I can see, a Muslim, living in America (as seen in a Lobro reply) attacking all Caucasians yet living in the safety, security and societal bonuses his Islamic land would never have. You don’t bite that hand that feeds you or insult those whose lands you live within.

      7. The man is a walking idiot, with his head up his posterior 24/7 and what I can see, a Muslim, living in America (as seen in a Lobro reply) attacking all Caucasians yet living in the safety, security and societal bonuses his Islamic land would never have.

        Look Harbinger, I can see that you are upset and agitated. In such precarious emotional state, it is best to cool off before you open your mouth, otherwise you are bound to make a fool of yourself. I do not live in America, I live in Russia – the country where I was born and raised. And why would I attack all Caucasians when I am a Caucasian myself, nay I am a double Caucasian so to speak – I was born in the mountainous area of Russia called Caucasus the inhabitants of which are called, not surprisingly, Caucasians.

        You don’t bite that hand that feeds you or insult those whose lands you live within.

        This is true even for Anglo-Saxons: they did not “insult those whose lands” they lived within – the indigenous peoples of America – they just killed them all … literally.

      8. Harb –

        Don’t mind “Circ…. the rude Rus…”

        He tried to bulldoze all the commenters here last year… before asked to go.

        He even called me a lawyer with an agenda and an idiot in the same sentence.. 🙂


        November 11, 2014 at 11:47 am

        Pat, if I didn’t recognize you as a smart person of lawyer’s variety with a very clear agenda, I would think that you are a complete idiot.

      9. Pat,

        Don’t worry about it. I’m not. I will admit that you and I got off to a rocky start, but out of all the camaraderie between us, your wisdom was what made me decide to swallow my pride and acknowledge what you had to state. With Circassian, well……..

        I tend to ignore those whom I’ve no desire in reading what they have to write. I never call for anyone to be banned as it’s against my nature and more so, just because I may disagree with another, doesn’t mean others will. Since my spat with Ingrid, I see her name but that’s it. I’ve no interest in what she has to write. She’s in the bin of history sharing that now with Circassian. 😉

      10. @ Harb. I’m not familiar with the Dublinmick site. He did write an accurate article about Jewesses marrying into the aristocracy. I get very frustrated with most “alternative media” sites who switch from it’s the jews to it’s the jesuits or don’t say bugger all!

        My litmus test is when AM don’t say the word JEW, but call them “the cabal”. They may be Shabbos, but the poeple at the top are JEWS JEWS JEWS JEWS and more frigging jews.

      11. RO,

        It’s always been the Jews and I came to that conclusion a while ago. I would like to think that it’s in their teaching from when young, as they’re indoctrinated into the tribe, but there may well be genetics involved here in the way they are. That’s something I’m still looking into…….

        Henry Makow speaks of ‘The British’ being responsible for the New World Order. When one realises that the most powerful man and family in Britain are the Rothschilds, looked upon as royalty, he is correct. The Royal family was infiltrated a long time ago. The Crown is Rothschild.

        Anyone who says It isn’t the Jews is either ignorant, a Jew, or Shabbas like you said.

      12. Don’t mind “Circ…. the rude Rus…”
        He tried to bulldoze all the commenters here last year… before asked to go.
        He even called me a lawyer with an agenda and an idiot in the same sentence..

        Yes Pat, I recall saying that, but I thought I was making a compliment to your intelligence, while you took it as some kind of abuse. How strange! Evidently, my poor command of English was at fault there, so let me apologize to you by applying the operation of logical negation to that unfortunate sentence:

        Pat, if I didn’t recognize you as a complete idiot, I would think that you are a smart person of lawyer’s variety with a very clear agenda.

        As of the rude Rus, I am sorry but the polite English dominated world is slowly but surely coming to an end.

        As Bush senior would put it : Now we can see a new world coming into view – a world of the rude Rus, a world in which there is a very real prospect of a NWO. In the words of Vladimir Putin, a world order in which the principles of justice and fair play protect the weak against the strong, a world for the United Nations, freed from the Cold War stalemate, is poised to fulfill the historic vision of its founders.

        And this is probably fair and good. Indeed, why would we want to have at the helm the Anglo-Saxons who, by their own admission, became slaves of the Jews? The race that went from the masters of the universe to the slaves of a tiny tribe of disgusting people hardly will be missed by the Nature.

      13. Yes, true to form, Harbinger picks on someone he disagrees with, finds fault with their opinions, drums up ill feelings against said person, puts words in persons mouth, thinks he knows what that person thinks, then gleefully sits back, enjoying the fuss he created. Circassian admitted to being Muslim, so Harbinger jumps on it. Don`t worry Circassian, been there, done that, had my fill of Harbinger. Best to take a leaf out of his book, and ignore the puffed up SOB..

    2. Circ –

      “If you think that Putin is going to come and save your ass – you better think again.”

      I have said that for the last several years.
      People don’t like it when I say they have to save themselves.
      Men will let them down…. every time.

    3. @Circassian, The way I heard it, in a podcast, is that one of the main objectives of this turmoil, is to pit Christians against Muslims, and you, with your remarks, are fueling the flames of Islamophobia..

      1. Ingrid B, if I am not mistaken, you are a Muslim. I am a Muslim too. It pains me to see Muslims herded like animals into Europe, because I know who does it and for what purpose. It is not in our best interests to be foolish to think that this is done for our, Muslim’s, good. Europe is not a place where we, as Muslims, should aspire to be. We, as Muslims, shall live in our own lands, and not in the lands foreign to us.

        Turkey is on the wrong path. Islamization of Europe has one and only one purpose – it is part of a grand scheme of creating chaos around the perimeter of the Russian Federation with the final goal of annihilating Russia – the only power left in the way to Anglo-American global domination. We, the Muslims, are the pawns in this game to be used as battering ram against Russia.

        The role assigned to ISIS and Turkey in this game by those who like to play chess on grand scale with people’s lives and who see themselves as the masters of the universe – the Anglo-Saxons – is the same role that Hitler was created for when it became clear that the takeover of Russia by the British Empire with the help of Bolsheviks went south – in many ways thanks to Joseph Stalin. Is it so hard to understand?

      2. @Circassian, if I am Muslim, it is in my heart. Had I been younger, and a better person, I would have chosen to follow Islam, true Islam, as opposed to the barbaric type being promoted by the wahabi/israeli style takfiris.. I, too, am angry at the way Muslims are being moved around, and used, by the hidden hand.. Much better, as someone said, to have stayed home, in support of those governments fighting this thing.. I really hope that the combination of Russia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, plus Hezbollah, will be enough to defeat yet another diabolical plan.. I think Turkey will “rue the day”, but then, what can you expect of donmeh jews..

        All I was trying to say was, don`t knock the christians, everyone must be united against this evil which is permeating the planet..

        1. @ Ingrid B

          “All I was trying to say was, don`t knock the christians, everyone must be united against this evil which is permeating the planet..”

          Beautifully put, Ingrid. It’s very interesting to know that Circassian is a Muslim and that you yourself might have chosen to follow Islam had you been younger. I was really upset when a foolish poster on this site recently advocated the mass extermination of Muslims and compared the Qur’an to the Talmud. He had obviously never read the Qur’an, for there can be no comparison!

          I myself almost converted to Islam about five years ago and used to read the Qur’an every day. In fact, it still remains one of my bedside books, even after I decided to remain faithful to the moribund Christianity which is all I have now but is enough for me. I was pleased to learn that Jesus and Mary were held in the highest esteem by all good Muslims. In my view, Christians and Muslims are natural allies against the common Enemy of mankind — the Enemy who seeks the destruction of both Christians and Muslims.

          The migrant crisis in Europe is a completely different question. I am absolutely against the swamping of Europe with Muslim immigrants. Organized Jewry is behind this conspiracy to destroy Europe as we know it by flooding it with foreigners. Race riots are inevitable.

      3. @LD, it is obvious for those who wish to see, that Islam, and chrtistianity, as it was intended, are invincible.. Which is why MG, (I hope he has forgiven me, for any sin I may have commited,) calls his project “crescent and cross”.. All true believers, of whatever faith, or, as happens, no faith, must unite.. there is no other solution..

      4. Circassian,

        “The role assigned to ISIS and Turkey in this game by those who like to play chess on grand scale with people’s lives and who see themselves as the masters of the universe – the Anglo-Saxons – is the same role that Hitler was created for when it became clear that the takeover of Russia by the British Empire with the help of Bolsheviks went south – in many ways thanks to Joseph Stalin. Is it so hard to understand?”

        I am a Celt. I am also Anglo Saxon as well as being from Norsemen stock as well. I take umbrage at you generalising Anglo Saxons as masters of the universe. Correct me if I’m wrong, but all those lands Islamic today once were not were they? Let us not live in the land of Tales of the Arabian Nights please in its promoting Islam as a religion of peace to fellow man. One does NOT need to go to Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs or FrontPageMag to understand the history of Islam and its global conquests. One does not have to go onto an anti Muslim website to understand the meaning of the Global Caliphate and Sharia Law. Last I looked there’s a far higher percentage of Muslims in the west than Westerners in Muslim lands. Correct? So if any conquest is going on at the moment, one may be by war from the Zionist puppets in the USA&Europe, but colonization over the ‘white man’ in Europe is 100% the plan of action by Islam.

        And what on earth is this nonsense of Hitler being a puppet of the west to take control of Russia for the British Empire? I think you’ve been reading just a little too much of our Jewish friend, Mr Makow. Why would Hitler be a puppet of the British Empire to take down Russia, when he offered eight peace attempts to avoid war against the UK? Moreso, why would the British Empire (hate to burst your bubble, but WW1 was the nail in the coffin of the British Empire and the creation of the Anglo-American Establishment, or should I say the the Royal Institute for International Affairs [Chatham House] and the Council on Foreign Relations, under the daddy Rothschild crown of the City of London) want to control Russia when it already technically did? Why would Jacob Schiff, a Rothschild puppet, give money to Leon Trotsky to fund a revolution in Russia in 1917, if Rothschild, the real crown of the UK, didn’t deem it so?

        If anything, the real brains behind the Revolution were the Fabian Socialists and those behind Tavistock & Chatham House. You’re looking at George Bernard Shaw, H. G. Wells, Annie Besant, Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner, Rothschild et all. Russia was the test bed for Communism, BEFORE it would be unleashed into the west (which it already is today). If anything there is still a strong possibility that Russia is STILL controlled by Rothschild (as Pat would most certainly agree) today and the Cold War and continuing of Russia being the boogeyman is synonymous with the warnings of Orwell, with his Emmanuelle Goldstein character from 1984. In other words a fabrication to keep people in fear.

        The British Empire never used Hitler to control Russia just as those who are pressing the buttons do not see Anglo Saxons as the masters of the universe. These men and women are psychopaths. They have allegiance to no race and no nation. They are internationalists, globalists who merely wish complete control over all. They don’t care whether they’re slaves are white, brown, black or yellow.

      5. To add Circassian,

        Do you really think that if this was about the rule of Anglo Saxons, why on earth would they:

        1. Flood the Anglo Saxon lands with immigrants?
        2. Destroy infrastructure within those lands by selling them off to China and India?
        3. Create wars that resulted in their genocide?
        4. Promote minority rights over the majority by creating Race & Hate Speech legislation?
        5. Create affirmative action/positive discrimination for the minority over the majority?

        I’ll give you a little hint shall I? Anglo Saxon supremacists tend to look after their own peoples in order that they are above all else and not in a position where they’re about to become a minority within their own lands. They would NOT flood their lands with immigrants but instead have a ZERO migration policy into their lands.

        What we have at work here are people, in positions of power who UTTERLY HATE Caucasian peoples and wish to see them removed permanently from the face of this earth. The book Germany Must Perish springs to mind and you know who wrote that one don’t you? Arthur Topham certainly does.

      6. ” Anglo Saxon supremacists tend to look after their own peoples” : exactly, “their own peoples” being the forest of robust trees at the top, not the millions of little Harbinger like weeds beneath them. They don`t care what sort of supremacist “stock” the millions of little Harbinger style weeds are made of..

      7. Scott Roberts speaks of them as wanting since time immemorial to smash the blond bloodline. Right now they have that bloodline comfortably numb and disarmed. The dramatic end game is near. As a spectator, it’s hard to sympathize too much with these so-called Aryan people seeming impotent and unworthy of anything more than stupefied slavery. Hitler didn’t fail anyone. The Aryans living outside of Germany, in servitude to the globalists, took him down and wreaked vengeance on those German Aryans daring autonomy and independence. To this day they participate in building their own prison walls. They’re going to get what they deserve.

    4. Circassian,

      I never asked anyone to save my ass, so don’t come on all patronizing like, “me and my buddy Putin”, while at the same time helping yourself to whatever America offers to all comers.
      Just as there is no, “We The People” in America, I doubt that there ever was, which is precisely why Jew picked it as his home base, after Judeo-morphing with numerous Frankfurt School, human Monsanto type treatments.
      We are 300 million individuals, each alone and on his own and thus easy prey for unclean witchdoctors.
      What I expect and hope to see from Putin is proof that kike can be beaten – by a white Christian male, and on a big, existential scale, rather than a local one that Hezbollah demonstrated.
      THAT may get the ball rolling, in N America, Europe and worldwide.
      We are perfectly capable of doing the job, it’s just that Jew psy-war tactics has bred some sort of psychological impotence in the white man whereby he thinks everyone is better than him.
      When did anyone see a white American boxer worth shit since Rocky Marciano?
      Nothing for over half a century and then along comes a slew of Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Khazaks and show us exactly how it’s done, while obese bubbas paint themselves in Raiders war paint and prance on sidelines when their negro returns a punt for a touchdown.

      This is the problem, and it is nothing but 100% Jew contagion.

  8. the donmeh jewish head of turkey has just been paid for his russian plane hit his release of millions of refugee and visa for the turk in the eu.
    3 billion
    eu is zion nazi
    soros on a roll
    barbera lerner spector gonna love another 10 million turks.
    zion crimes always pay.

    EU Reaches Deal With Turkey, Will Pay €3 Billion To Stem Refugee Outflow, Ease Visas

    1. Davutoglu and Erdogan – what a f***ing fools! Blackmailing your way to EU and hoping to restore the lost Ottoman empire with the help of Anglo-Americans – the masters of deceit?! What could be more short sighted and moronic?

      These fools are following in the footsteps of Hitler who also entertained the idea that he could outsmart the masters who created him. But history, evidently, teaches nothing.

      I predict: if Turkey continues on this path, it will have to attack Russia – that’s the price tag put by Anglo-Americans and Turkey will be destroyed just like Germany was destroyed by the USSR.

      1. The biggest mistake ever made by Stalin was probably when he allowed himself to fall into wishful thinking that Hitler would have the good sense of turning against the masters who created and armed him as an attack dog against the USSR.

        I have never seen Putin so openly mad as he looked after the downing of SU-24 bomber. Why was he so mad? The reason is, I believe, because judgment has failed him – he failed to foresee that Erdogan would make such a stupid move, even under the pressure from the US. Seeing judgement failure of this type can be very painful, especially when so much time and effort has been put into building the good relationship, and one finds it hard to control his emotions over it.

        This is essentially the same type of judgment failure that Stalin made regarding Hitler. Stalin definitely had more control over his emotions, but I am almost certain that Stalin was just as mad seeing his judgment proven wrong on Jun 21, 1941 when Hitler attacked USSR in violation of the Ribbentrop-Molotov non-aggregation pact.

      2. Circassian, seems your prediction was spot on, some puffed up military A-hole in the US is saying Turkey hasn`t done enough, Turkey needs to do more..

  9. So a drunk Russian pilot got killed so what, ha? Hundreds of russians will die this winter all over the place .
    i was trying to watch a movie on cable
    DO YOU STUPID AMERICANS have movie stars other than Jews and Blacks? I mean white actors like Matt Damon, Leonardo di Caprio and Brad Pitt and the few others are all making movies saving the world from hitler! Is it a due they have to pay?
    Oh here is one with my homegirl, Salma Hayek
    See ya!

    1. Avatar,

      Where do you get off?
      No, truly, where do you get off in your constant attack on Caucasians?
      You do know how big the collective numbers of Caucasians are in this world?
      You do know that within this large collective there are many incredibly intelligent individuals who poo far more intelligence daily than you could hope to ever achieve in ten lifetimes? Millions are kind, generous, charitable, caring, compassionate, empathetic and incredibly conscious individuals.
      You see Avatar, you just come across as one who has incredible prejudice for Caucasians, and because you eat a bad apple you don’t just label the barrel as bad, not just the orchard, but every orchard. When have I ever sullied and lambasted you? When have I ever caused you so much grief as to warrant your hatred against me, one you’ve never met in your life?

      I was badly attacked by a gang of Muslims in London. I was repeatedly stabbed, punched, kicked, hit with metal poles, wooden planks and bottles, before getting the better of the gang who attacked me. I was a result of a racist attack because of the decision of Tony Blair to go to war on terror and yet I was on the march against the war in Iraq in 2003 with millions of others all over Europe. I ended up in a hospital in the Muslim part of the city. All I received were apologies from the Muslim patients, all quite elderly. The police knew who they were but did nothing so as to not cause racial tensions with the Muslim community in East London. I was a victim of a terrible crime. Had it been whites attacking a Mulsim, it would have made the front cover of every paper in the land. This crime went into the waste bin, no court case, no convictions. End of.

      Do I hate Muslims or people of Pakistan and Bangladesh because of it? Of course I don’t. Do you really think me to be so ignorant to tar millions of people with the same brush, people I’ve never met, nor ever will?
      The thing is Avatar, you do so regularly in your posts, promoting your blatant hatred of Caucasian people. Your ignorance only goes to bolster your obvious stupidity.

      1. Harb, Harb.
        When are you going to get it into your head that Avatar is a Jew.
        With every statement he makes, he confirms it, his life is dedicated to the Talmud project, every minute, every breath.
        Who do Jews fear and hate?
        White men, Russians, Iranians, Shias.
        Which group is their current star actor in the false flag charade?
        The Daesh taqfiri, salafi, wahabi centipedes, the cowardly torturers, destroyers and arsonists of Christian and Shia historical heritage, looters, rapists, slavers, thieves, sub-men who dishonored their ethnic, cultural and religious roots, Mossad’s love child.

        And who does Avatar hate, who does he fanatically support?
        Exactly the same, rabbi Avatar.
        So don’t waste your time in attempting a serious exchange of opinion.

        Anyone who doesn’t see the Judeitis as the most urgent problem facing humanity is suspect of being retarded, intellectually, bankrupt morally and socially or is a Jew, crypto or shabbo.
        That just about covers it.

  10. That a “drunk” Russian pilot got killed means that a lot more ISIS/AL NUSRA/AL QAEDA jihadists are going to get killed. That a “drunk” Russian pilot got killed means The Mighty White Mother Russian Bear is putting an end to USrael’s stealing of Syria’s oil. That’s what it means when a “drunk” Russian pilot gets killed, “avatar”. See following videos about what it means when a “drunk” Russian pilot gets killed :


    Main Page of Website :


    Shitloads of brown skins are going to get killed this winter also, so what? Like the shit-colored brown skin Colombian mercenaries fighting for the Saudi wahabbis in Yemen, “avatar’s” compadres. Who gives a shit for the shit colored brown skin mercenaries fighting for USrael ZOG who are going to get killed this winter? I don’t care, do you?

  11. ignore avi
    just another rita katz benji nuttyahoo zionist troll.
    watching dvd golan globus chuck norris tel aviv movies in his hasbara concrete bunker.
    4 us dollars an hour
    a man of palestine no
    talmud defective low level operation yes.
    poor avi the mohel destroyed him mentally when he cut him.
    what a weird race

  12. Oh yeah ruffled the feathers it all naturally comes out; Get it all out boyz, show those true colours, show your CON, SUB and INconcience; your true nature, the nature of the destroyer, mankind’s worse enemy
    Unavoidable, Predictable

    1. Well, we all know what your true colours are.

      Achtung achtung, alle Avi Tars und familien zum duschraum bitte.

      After that the world will be cleansed from its terminal vermin.

    1. Circ –

      Thanks for those videos.

      Putin showed me he is a well dressed and groomed articulate rumor spreader and joker. He used the ‘nuke-card’ in both clips.

      He would have a great future in Hollywood as a ‘straight-man’ comedy partner. He rivals Bud Abbott. 🙂

      The most ludicrous rumor he repeated is that McCain did not spend time in a Vietnam prison, but was put in a “hole in the ground” for all those years.
      Everyone on top of the political games knows that McCain was given the nickname “Song-Bird” because he gave secrets to the enemy, his dad was an admiral, and spent most of his stay in a plush hotel suite… not even in a prison cell.

      If Putin believes all the myths and rumors he stated he should be impeached and replaced.
      He is brain-washed, himself..


      McCain hugged his torturers when they came to US to testify, displaying the Stockholm Syndrome:

      McCain moved to where Col. Bui Tin was seated. Instead of grabbing Bui Tin by the neck and demanding his arrest for war crimes against U.S. POWs, McCain reached out and warmly hugged his former interrogator as if he were a long lost brother. Never mind that at least 55 American POW were murdered by interrogators and guards while in North Vietnamese prisoner of war camps.


      1. @Pat, what the hell are you trying to say? Are you trying to re.mould Mc Cain as a model citizen???????

      2. Ingrid –

        I am saying Putin is an idiot…. saying McCain spent years in a hole in the ground.

        I’m saying McCain is a despicable traitor hated by the other POWs…!!!

        He talked… gave up secrets…. Other POWs called him “Song-Bird” for it….

        He hugged the officers who tortured the others … some to death..!!

        Read the link.

        POW families were even more angered when they saw McCain actually bonding with his former torturers during and after the 1992 Senate Select Committee hearings on POW/MIA Affairs. Psychologist have identified behavior in which a prisoner emotionally bonds with an abuser as the Stockholm Syndrome.

      3. “If Putin believes all the myths and rumors he stated he should be impeached and replaced.
        He is brain-washed, himself..”

        “McCain hugged his torturers when they came to US to testify, displaying the Stockholm Syndrome:”

        “McCain moved to where Col. Bui Tin was seated. Instead of grabbing Bui Tin by the neck and demanding his arrest for war crimes against U.S. POWs, McCain reached out and warmly hugged his former interrogator as if he were a long lost brother. Never mind that at least 55 American POW were murdered by interrogators and guards while in North Vietnamese prisoner of war camps.”

        So Putin is brainwashed?

        Insane McCain was right hugging his torturers because he should be very grateful they didn’t kill him. I certainly would have being in MY country.

        And what war crimes against U.S. POWs? Defending what’s theirs against raping and murdering invaders doing JEW’s dirty work? Now you are displaying a high level of being brainwashed yourself because I define that as patriotic. Who gives a shit about 55 killed US POWs in Vietnamese prison camps? What about the 3,000,000+ gruesomely murdered Vietnamese + scores of Cambodians, people who have NEVER done anything wrong to any American, huh? If you want to blame someone for that blame your own insane JEW infested traitor government.

        And Putin, a KGB man who undoubtebly knows more than you will ever know is brainwashed?

        Yeah, right.

    2. @Circassian,re. the first video, Simpson.. sob.. he, it was, who insulted Ahmadi Nejad, by accusing him, in a red faced “hissy fit” probably induced by liberal quaffing of alcohol, asked him to elaborate on his accusations, needless to say, he failed..

      1. @ Ingrid,

        “if I am Muslim, it is in my heart. Had I been younger, and a better person, I would have chosen to follow Islam, true Islam”

        You first mustt purchase a sharp knife to brutal cut the throats of screaming helpless unanaesthetised animals. Muslims and Jews are the same species, there are too many similarities and the only exception between the two is the fact that the mentally underdeveloped muslims sit up every day with their ass up high to pray. That makes them so easy to be manipulated by the jews.
        Alla akbaar ….

        Millions of them in Europe are waiting for “good crisis” and which is coming very soon when the Jewish banker, shut off the money supply, they go along together with their isis “brothers” on robbery and rape trip.
        The invasion of more than a million of that kind predicts nothing good, they are housed in abandoned military barracks so they can train themselves, last week a weapon transport from Turkey was intercepted by Italian police, destination belgium …

        Why do I think so pessimistic ? Very simple: For years extremists in many mosques all over Europe freely speak and act against our culture, only a few “good Muslims” has protested about that the masses lives on generous social benefits to sit up high with……
        The Belgian prime minister, jew, calls for a European CIA … And not to prosecute any extremist Muslims because they are paid by the jew . It’s us they are after.


        We aren’t racist. It is just a country run by criminals and mass murders. The people itself are ok.
        These criminals promised 3 billion Euro to host (MORE) refugees, will not need Visa anymore in EU and in addition promised speedy EU joining negotiations…..


      2. @gilbert, the “muslims” you`re talking about, are not the Muslims I`m talking about. True followers of Islam would never behave in the way your muslims behave. As for the preachers of hate, they are state sponsored for that very reason, to stir up hate, and to recruit cannon fodder..

    3. McCain, like father, like son.
      Wasn’t his admiral father on standby with the 6th Fleet watching placidly while the USS Liberty was raped by Jew from air and sea, the brave Talmudists unable to finish the job against an unarmed small vessel despite traitorous crypto-Jew LBJ’s enthusiastic go-ahead?

      1. and wasn`t it Russia that came to the rescue of USS Liberty , foiling the diabolical plan?

      2. @ Lobro

        Daddy McCain did send jets to defend the Liberty, but was told by LBJ to turn them around which he did. At least his initial response was proper.

        John McCain was always worthless as tits on a boar hog. He was a lousy pilot which is why he was shot down in Vietnam a few times. He was responsible for the deaths of 100+ US Navy men on the Forrestal when he wet started his jet on the deck. Contrary to suffering from any syndrome as Pat indicated, John McCain spent most of his time in captivity living quite well outside of the Hanoi Hilton as he spilled what he thought were secrets to the Vietcong. There were no secrets since the USA, USSR, and China were on the same side at that time just like during the Korean War.

        As a politician, John McCain fought any idea presented by other politicians to search for and recover abandoned US personnel in Vietnam. He tried to stop those same efforts by Ross Perot, but Perot just went around him. McCain jettisoned his ill wife for a Broffman (sp) daughter which is how he accumulated most of his wealth. The Broffmans are the jews that control alcohol distribution in the USA and Canada. John McCain is a jewish stooge beyond doubt as proven by his fruits as a politician.

      3. Bronfmans were booze runners across the Lake Superior during the Prohibition, manufactured in Winnipeg, run into Chicago and Twin Cities for their chain of speakeasies, in cahoots with Al Capone, who died in jail while they went on to become billionaires, controlling shareholders of DuPont, movie moguls and presidents of the World Jew Congress.

        (After years of painstaking research, judge Cristol judged them to be model citizens of every country in the world, no goy comes within 10,000 miles to their quality, except John McCain by virtue of marriage)

      4. Ungenius –

        You are correct. McCain spent his time as a supposed ‘prisoner’ in a luxury suite rather than a prison cell in the infamous “Hanoi Hilton,” as the prison was called by the ‘real’ prisoners. He had the best food and drink as well.

        Thank you for backing me up that McCain never spent “YEARS” in a “hole in the ground,” as stated by Putin. These stories broke while he was a KGB superstar. Putin knows the real stories in Nam better than you or I.

        At 5:57 Putin said…of McCain, ”..they put him not into a prison, but into a HOLE in the ground. THAT is where he spent MANY YEARS.”

        As I have contended many times…. ALL national leaders lie, cheat and steal… from McCain to Putin.

        Thanks also to Circassian for the video… He ‘did it’ again.

  13. Putin on Palestine; thats one i want to read… Palestine and its people and its cause, Palestine given by the white man to his master and alter ego;
    the Jew…
    Palestine main reason of recruitment by all Islamic fronts; Palestine, the white Man and his children and his granchildren will never see peace as long as Palestine is occupied …
    The enemies of Palestine are the enemies of mankind
    So what does Putin say or do on Palestine? Nothing for
    He is just another Zionist who cares not about palestine: his pilots non effective, his infantry?
    PALESTINE IS THE THERMOSTAT: it says no good leaders in the world today hence the state of affairs
    The ——Islamic State bravely runs the ground
    While thy your mouths cowardly run from the confort of your homes

    1. So what are your much admired criminal terrorists of ISIS doing for “Palestine”? Oh right, they are murdering and raping Yezidis and they are selling their stolen oil to Bilal Erdogan who sells it to…Israel !

    2. “While thy your mouths cowardly run from the confort of your homes”

      Says the alleged palestinian who apparently cowardly has fled his people, who are being slaughtered 24/7, to mouth off online from another continent while listening to niggermusic, hiding like a frightented rabbid far away and safe from the battle for his land.

      If there were as many armed combatting resistance groups in my country as there are in Palestine to exterminate JEW I would join them in a second instead of fleeing my soil.

      1. I am glad people are finally waking up to this guy, he had a very good camouflage as a Palestinian for much too long.

        Nothing outs Jew more effectively than counting his perceived enemies.

        The mere fact that he hates Putin so much is a source of comfort in that Putin cannot be a bought Rothschild agent.

  14. Lobro, great comment.

    Filthy murdering jews from 1945 up to 1954, these beasts mudered thousends of inocent Germans tried to poisen the water supply of many German citys. Long time ago I read the story in a book, a dew weeks ago shaw this video:


    1. Thanks Gilbert.
      So the poisoners of wells did it to Germans too, didn’t they.
      Why am I not surprised.

      Regarding my comment, I learned that when the truth is not served on a platter, it will be obscured by lies, which is the reason for lies in the first place.
      In this world, one must be like gold prospector, panning for nuggets of truth within mounds of dirt shoveled at us by Avatar’s tribe, The Inglorious Basterds.
      Once you become proficient at it, it is actually fun.

      An analogy: out in Cape Breton island, off Nova Scotia, where I visited some farm as a kid, the farmer, a mountain of a man named Louchie MacKinnon, would point out a fishing eagle swiping fish out of water, how even though the light refracts when it hits the surface, the eagle calcultes the angle of refraction and accounts for it, otherwise he’d be grabbing empty water.

  15. Circassian,

    Following on from the madness of an Anglo Saxon supremacy, you stupidly hold, onto your Germany being used to destroy Russia by the British, why not have a read of the following to prove otherwise?

    The Reich’s Declaration of War on the Soviet Union

    Why would Germany rush to attack a country for Britain, when Britain was behind Stalin and its planned invasion of Germany? In all your masterful wisdom, do you seriously believe that Stalin wasn’t in the pocket of the Rothschilds, the very people who funded the revolution and put him into power? Seriously?

    War was declared first on Germany by Judea, then France stupidly invaded which lasted an incredibly short time and then Britain declared war on Germany. Germany was very much a nation that was defending itself from European aggression on it, wishing only to reunite German peoples, scattered after the appalling Treaty of Versailles CREATED BY THE ROTHSCHILD BANKING CABAL.

    1. Harbinger,

      It seems to me that you are a very confused person. I am willing to help you to clear up the mess that exists in your head. But you have to learn first how to behave in a polite conversation. Can you do that? A sincere apology for your rude remarks would be a good start.

      1. “It seems to me that you are a very confused person. I am willing to help you to clear up the mess that exists in your head.”

        And you ask me for a sincere apology after this and your previous one to me?
        Here’s what I’m going to state – you are a moron! I do not apologize to anyone who offends me and when I retaliate asks for one back. You are a deluded fool; a Muslim, living in the comforts and benefits of the west yet has the audiacity and ignorance to state that it is Anglo Saxon supremacy that is behind the problems in this world and even more so that the Jews are working for them. What an idiot you are.

        Here’s what I’m going to do; as I have with the other fool on this website (Ingrid) you now go on my ignore list. I really haven’t the time (or patience) to debate with prejudiced Muhammadans, confused about world reality and nothing more than pig ignoramuses on geo politics. I do not suffer fools gladly.


      1. Ingrid, the Plejaren have no problem admitting that their ancestors and others , are responsible for a lot of abuse they have caused in the past . That’s why they hooked up with Eduard ‘ Billy ‘ Meier , because he was also connected with them in the past , his contacts started in the early 1940 ‘ s when he was still a child in Switzerland . Although they are completely aware of the present zionist agenda along with all the complete historical activity and identity of these people , it is not their goal or mission to expose it , that cause has been taken on by others . I first heard about the ‘ Swiss farmer ‘ in the Summer of 1986 . It is stated that the Plejaren will NOT involve themselves with any type of “intervention.” It was also stated a couple of years ago that there is now an ET presence patrolling the earth , but the Plejaren are unable to make contact with them and don’t know who they are . That I can’t believe . Sometimes information has to be kept quit . These Veteran ‘s Today articles state that military intelligence space program communities have been in contact with an ET group that can aid in providing intelligence against the NWO zionist agents .
        I am completely aware of ” Project Blue Beam ,” but I seriously doubt that charade will ever work now because it has been successfully exposed.

        Photo image of Billy Meier.


      2. Steven Spielberg went to see Meier at his house in the Swiss countryside to inquire about how he managed to CREATE such close up , in focus photo’s of those ‘beamships.’ Spielberg assumed it was a clever trick. Meier said to him ” I just point the camera and shoot. ” That was the end of that and Spielberg went back home in Hollywood.
        I want to discuss some things about a contactee , George Adamski. I will be back.

        Beamship in Times Square NYC


  16. Ingrid says she “once saw footage Meier shot” as if that’s all the proof anyone needs to know UFOs really exist. Well, la-di-da, Ingrid “once saw footage Meier shot” so now we know UFO’s really do exist, 🙂 . Gee, if Ingrid “once saw footage Meier shot” so then we can be assured that’s the very Font of Truth, Ingrid “once saw footage Meier shot” of UFO’s at the top of a tree so ipso-facto UFO’s really do exist, lol.

  17. Turkey’s Terrorism: What Will Russia Do?

    Now, less than 5 hours past Putin’s annual address to the parliament, I can see clearly that Russia will seek regime change in Turkey. Not American style – inciting a color revolution, military coup, or something like that – but Putin style:

    Putin: ‘Allah took their sanity’

  18. 1. Create chaos and dissension within the group . 2. Create distraction to waste time and effort. 3. Frustrate the leader and create discouragement . 4. Turn the group against each other and split everybody up. 5. Cause delay so nothing gets done and the message does not get out.



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