Turning patriots into terrorists

. . . and terrorists into patriots!

Jewish propaganda has hypnotized Americans into a criminally irresponsible stupor The absolute proof that we do not have a two-party system in Americais that there is no political party objecting to the takeover of the U.S. by Jewish and Israeli interests.

By John Kaminski

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John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________ http://renegadetribune.com/author/kaminski/ http://300spartans.com.au/kaminski http://johnkaminski.info/ http://www.rudemacedon.ca/kaminski/kam-index.html http://web.archive.org/web/20040323232319/http://johnkaminski.com/

23 thoughts to “Turning patriots into terrorists”

  1. If you can fool Americans (and most of the world’s populous) into believing that WW2 was about a fake holocaust of Jews then you can fool them into believing in anything. And 9/11 followed by umpteen false flags prove so.

    Here in the UK, while politicians, outwith the cabinet, still speak of their opposition to what’s going on in Palestine while the cabinet does nothing, it proves that the government here is also in the pocket of Jewry. This is pretty much the same for all governments in Europe. It paints a truly worrying picture, one of how easily the minority can control the majority, or the tail wagging the dog.

  2. Dear John Kaminski:
    Great article about Int’l Jewry machinations around the world, but America in particular at this time. Then at the same time you may have common regular jews in America waking up to what is going on in America and Israel/Occupied Territories as well. Int’l jewry machinations are so pervasive that they control both or all sides in their plots. Henry Makow’s post for today shows that common regular American jews are waking up concerning Israel and the treatment of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank and the BDS movement. Check out: http://www.henrymakow.com/ Jews Joining Palestinian Boycott of Israel for June 5, 2015. Then you have Gilad Atzmon showing jewish groups who supposedly support Palestinian causes and rights. Gilad presents these types of fronts as a controlled opposition to confuse and misdirect the issue by controlling it. Check out: http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/ and his critique of Jewish Voices For Peace (JVP) in those terms in the June 2nd and May 30th articles in particular. Thus Int’l Jewry has used, abused, obfuscated, confused, and misdirected humanity into so many different factions/groups that it becomes easier to pit the factions against each other for population reduction. Our greatest enemy (Int’l Jewry) makes everyone else your enemy so much so that you get sidetracked from the real evil. This is one of the reasons that sheeple can not see the real enemy, in addition to their controlling the MSM, the medical establishment, the educational systems, transnational corporations, politicians and the entertainment industry plus many other Establishment blocks. Basically, they control the sheeple from birth to death and take away people’s hard earned money for their benefit and your enslavement. Things are so twisted and convoluted sheeple have a hard time sorting through all the lies. That is why discernment is more important now than ever before. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Norbert, you really do like plugging Makow don’t you? I have no problems with Atzmon, but Makow………

      1. @ Harbinger
        It may be that he is Canadian like me, but I like him because he exposes the different machinations of the Jewish Illuminati as he calls them. After all, this battle against Int’l Jewry is not just a physical battle but also mental, social, economic and spiritual, etc.. Should I point out things from Arthur Topham or former Canadian Ernst Zundel? I just want the uninformed to know. The uninformed are the ones that need the knowledge that Darkmooners have. Otherwise, I agree with Max’s comment below, except the part about Jesus. Jesus will intervene for his followers
        and destroy the works of the Devil. I do not want to be a human-robot hybrid (Cyborg) without a SOUL, being a slave to the Elite that want to live forever. It just so happens that Henry Makow’s articles seem timely for what Darkmoon writes about. And I do realize that even the Internet now is filled with websites like TheTrumpet.com or NowTheEndBegins.com or CIA front Stratfor or VeteransToday.com that basically purport a certain position on issues in order to factionalize us. Once you understand that, you can sift through the websites for truth. That is what Henry Makow does for me and many others. That is why I would say that Int’l Jewry is Rothschild Zionist Nazi Communistic Talmudic Kaballistic Pharisaic Jesuit Illuminati Satanic Occultist Technocratic Corporatistic Bankster Cartels NWO, because they factionalize us to make it easier to destroy us and the sheeple can not put the different groups together under one umbrella of the NWO of the Global Elite to make sense of the plot/plan. Int’l Jewry just covers all the bases though it has many fronts. That is the stumbling block that the sheeple face and Darkmoon and other sites help sheeple get over that barrier. We just wish more sheeple would wake up to the existence of these factions and their machinations for our destruction. And currently America is next on that list of destruction, but can sheeple figure that out yet? Sadly, probably not, because of the system/Matrix has them under a trance of Satan’s deception of an altered reality. Thanks, Norbert.

      2. Makow’s using terms like “Jewish Illuminati” is programming readers to use the Pharisees’ own terms. Controlling words and minds.
        I know the sources… Weishaupt and others….
        Illuminati has the effect of elevating the Pharisee parasites to a totally undeserved status. That is as bad as ‘chosen’ ones.

        And… they never ‘illuminate’ their words or works, in synagogues. They operate more like cockroaches.

        Jewish ‘dark scum criminals’ works better for me.

  3. Through out history, when the inevitable feces hits the impellers, these monsters all turn into

    Gordon Geckos.

    Perp into victim.

    The wandering jew cursed as a fugitive and a vagabond (criminal murderer and homeless)…since Cain who was Sargon.

  4. What do you expect other than the deplorable situation we now have in Western English-speaking nations? …. It is all we really EVER have to say on this website, and all the others! …. We are, as Lasha wrote some time back, “under Jewish rule.” …. I am tired of writing about it and reading essentially the same comments over and over again, as it has already been a one hundred year phenomenon, and the RULE of the JEWS is getting more insidious by the day! …. We grasp at possible solutions, but there are NONE coming. …. There is NO peaceful political solution as the system has closed itself to any newcomers. …. Modern politics is totally dependent on embracing JEWISH $$$$$$$”s! The justice system and supposed “rule of law” is dependent on Jewish $$$$$’s! …. The TRUTH is that things have to get so BAD that a tipping point will be reached; and then the violent retribution will commence. This will be, at first, a time of bestial blood-shed, mass murdering, raping and torturing, and then, perhaps, out of the absolute chaos some leader/s will emerge. ….. The sad part is that Jewish control and POWER is so absolute, so impregnable that the leader will probably emerge from the Jews’ “Supreme Court of Mankind”, operating out of the new capital of the world, Jerusalem. …. I do not think Jesus is going to intervene, as he is merely a part of the Jewish plan for mankind! …. I honestly now think that the Goyim are defeated and subjugated for perhaps the millennium to come. … JEWISH POWER IS NOW ABSOLUTE! …. Pray that your masters have some ounces of kindness and humanity in their black hearts; but I do not think they have! …. It is time for me to retreat into the forest and enjoy what Nature has left to offer. …. We Goyim are DOOMED! I have no doubt about that!

    1. Yes Max. I agree, maybe not in my lifetime. One thing’s for sure. The revolution will not be televised.

  5. Many Yiddish grads under 30 have an identity problem before going on to lead a productive lifestyle. Some get hooked on illegal drugs or alcohol. Most try alternate sexual experiences like gay bath houses or sadomasochism before finding their niche. Finally the clever and shrewdest among them rise to the top of the social ladder and buy expensive apartments on the upper EastSide of NYC. The Yid failures get a low paying job teaching black kids arithmetic.

    1. i like melvin.

      he is saying the same thing as the rest of us, just using a different literary vehicle.
      i am revising the odds that he is not a jew to 4:1.

      btw, ever look at the faces of the “stand with yisroel” (frequent pronunciation gives you a permanent sneer in the manner of richard perle) crowd pictured in kaminski’s blog?
      unclean, diseased, ziozombie apocalypse.

      1. Yes, I like Melvin tuu. He’s one of my favorite hydra heads of “Fr. John”. At least he’s honest about his jew supremacism. One sees clearly who one is dealing with at least. “Fr. John’s” jew soviet union rifle “Mosin Nagant” [ the Pennsylvania Mennonite, lol ] was always my least favorite of all of “Fr. John’s” myriad of characters in his repertoire. I mean, first of all, Mennonites are Christian pacifists, so the possibility a Christian pacifist would name himself after a rifle is a lot more an unpossibility than a possibility, I would say, and do in fact say as I’m saying right now here and now. And, even in the really really slim slim practically Zero chance a Mennonite would give himself the name of a gun, what is the possibility of a Mennonite — in Pennsylvania no less — giving himself the name of a jew Soviet Union rifle? Again about Zero. I’m glad “Fr. John” finally came to whatever senses he may have and retired his jew commie Soviet Union rifle. What an awful character/name/handle/persona/character. Hereward Saxon was always just a big bore.

        Max is fun! It’s still a very young hydra head, though, we’ll have to wait and see what the hydra head is going to mature into. But for now, Max is a hoot!

        I miss the old days when we were blessed with “Fr. John’s” sermon blog. The presence of “Fr. John’s” sermon blog kept the virulently ANTI CHRISTIAN Chechar in check. Now Chechar is out of control with his virulent ANTI CHRISTIANITY.

      2. I appreciate Mel’s…. ‘in your face’ jabs. Pharisees rule religions and the $$$$.

        Because he does so… I believe he is not a Pharisee. My ‘sport book’ line is 12:1.

  6. Melvin, “The Yid failures get a low paying job teaching black kids arithmetic.” …. Or getting acting jobs in Hollywood, such as the ugly, bitch, bespectacled Jewess and little dancing yid on the Big Bang crap! ….You sickening Yankees love this and all the Jew’s sitcoms/movies/porn! …. And imagine teaching black kids to work out 8 X 8 =? …. Most of them can’t even add up their drugs money! …. For a joke went to see the nigrah king – the ROCK (Dwayne Russel) – in the new movie, “San Andreas” (made near Brisbane, QLD, Australia) and you’d have to agree the JEWS make excellent movies about all the great black heroes who are out to save you stupid, dependent, whitey creatures! …. ‘Tis like the evil, poo-stabbing Obummer whom they portrayed as giving all you white, Yankee bubbas “HOPE”; and you fell for it en masse like the white trash that you have all become! Now you are all getting it up your arses! … I have no respect for you crazy USA wankers, as you are all nut-cases and you do not know it! … Reading your crap posts is like sifting through the inane, lunatic ramblings of an asylum for the mentally insane. …. GROW UP WANKERS!

  7. There will be no recovery or return to decency by Western nations. They are corrupt, degenerate and simianized beyond all redemption. Every country that has given aid or comfort to Jewry has been subverted and destroyed from within; Germany during World War 1, Britain WW 2 and after and now America. Western civilization is finished. Show the Jew kindness and consideration and you might as well invite a viper into your house. Can anyone give me any example of a country that has shown kindness or compassion to Jews that has not been destroyed?

    1. ‘… Can anyone give me an example of a country that has shown kindness or compassion to Jews that has not been destroyed?’

      That’s just it, Felix. Kindness or compassion, forced upon others, causes myriad controversies and unrest. There have ALWAYS been those who have suffered, JUSTLY, because of their prior actions. I believe ‘Americans’ – all of us – are due our just desserts, even though what’s left of some of us certainly have not
      consciously participated in any wrongdoing as ‘America’ (just our
      OWN mishaps!). Kaminski is one of the good ones who
      understands, and is endeavoring to tell it DESPITE what he
      obviously guesses might be his own demise. Big Jewry has made
      us feel BAD for being GOOD (but a lot are awakening to the
      nonsense). Some of us require more convincing than others – a
      more ‘expensive’ education, if you will. Yet, we know we cannot lie
      down and take it, no matter how much we ‘deserve’ it. (‘Deserve’ is a matter of perspective – and NONE is ‘perfect’ except One.)

      Many of you – like you and Max Bilney – have realized too late what has happened to your own white countries, and project your angst
      against America out of anger BECAUSE it is/was ‘The Great White Hope’. And I AGREE with you. (England, Australia, Canada, Germany – all had the same chance because all were made strong by much the same bloodlines – EXCEPT America predicated its founding declarations upon a Sovereign God – not a mortal monarch.) What it boils down to is INDIVIDUAL responsibility and purpose. We know what we have to do, but no ‘concerted’ effort is viable, now (consider the failures of the cultures and
      countries I just mentioned). ‘America’ – whatever the hell it has become – has forgotten ‘God’, and has thereby lost whatever once made it stand out among nations. I agree with Bilney: Any way out will probably be bloody and difficult.

      1. … And I have to clarify: When I mention ‘feel BAD for being GOOD’ I mean it in such a way as causing us to feel apologetic for our ABILITIES. Much GOOD has come from America, too – and you know it.

      2. Gilbert.
        Good has come from all the countries you have mentioned, but like all civilizations and empires throughout
        history, they are now decaying because real patriotism and spiritual beliefs have been replaced by Jewish Mammonism. The old adage about not being able to cheat an honest man holds true today. Most people nowadays, are greedy, wanting something for nothing hence easily swindled by the Jew.

  8. Felix and Gilbert are correct: Felix: “Real patriotism and spiritual beliefs have been replaced by Jewish Mammonism.” eg: The innocence of Leave it to Beaver has become the sex-filled Big Bang, Sex and the City, Broke Girls and Californication! …. Lana Turner/Debbie Reynolds in low bodices has become Miley Cyrus and her after-show, fully-revealing-of-pussy, porno antics, watched by teens all over the planet!
    If you want a TRUE Christian explanation, simply read the 250 pages of Jesus’ New Testament to Mankind. This short work provides all the answers, but unfortunately relies upon a spiritual conclusion, when the heavens will open up, God and his Son appear, and all the baddy, evil ones will be smitten and be buried in the earth forever. …. Then the few honest and true remaining, like Felix, Gilby and me, will inherit an earthly paradise full of wanton, good-looking, non-feminist chicks! … Personally, I think this is all CRAPOLOGY and there will be no “heavens opening up.” …. Rather, Jesus clearly identified the beasts among us and spent line after line of his New Testament warning us about the stinking Jews and their future progeny; such as Fed chief, Janet Yellen, the “Jewish Messiah”, George Soros and all the other insidious Jews that run Western finance and administrations. The USA Congress is full of these monsters and members even have to sign an oath of allegiance to Israel to be in the corrupt Congress. …. WE NEED TO BE SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS: “END the stinking, corrupt, Jewish hegemony over our nations! … Send them to the gallows! …. Water-board, torture and knee-cap all Jews!” … Christian-Zios must be water-boarded en masse and all assets confiscated!” …. Mass hangings MUST abound!

  9. Terrorists and police responses were way worse last century. Philly’s Mayor bombed his own city…. 1985.

    Mayor Wilson Goode and his top advisors at the time — including then-District Attorney Ed Rendell — approved the decision to drop the explosives. They were attempting to get rid of MOVE, a radical liberation group living in a commune.

    It was just around Mother’s Day in 1985 when the Philadelphia city government stuffed explosives into a satchel, flew a helicopter over a home on Osage Avenue in West Philadelphia, and dropped the bomb on top of it.

    A massive fire blazed — and officials let it. Eleven people were killed, among them five children. More than 60 homes were razed, and a neighborhood was left in ruin.


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