Two messages for the Unknown Stranger

Reader, feel free to ignore this post. It is totally “off-topic” and will have no meaning or application to 99.9 percent of our regular readers. (Editor JS Montecristo)  

imagesStand fast. Don’t despair. Start again.

I throw these words out to the wind, hoping they will fall like ripe seeds into the heart of the Unknown Stranger.

The first is a passage from the Bible, plucked out at random at the first page I opened this morning. There is a hidden meaning, as always, in the words; find the meaning for yourself and be healed of your long sickness.

The second piece is a short poem I wrote many years ago, the result of automatic writing as if dictated to me by an angel. And this has special application right now to the Unknown Stranger, standing at the precipice’s edge . . . facing the black Abyss.


The first is a passage from the Bible . . . 

And God said unto him, Because thou hast asked this thing, and hast not asked for thyself long life; neither hast asked riches for thyself, nor hast asked the life of thine enemies; but hast asked for thyself understanding to discern judgment;

Behold, I have done according to thy words: lo, I have given thee a wise and an understanding heart; so that there was none like thee before thee, neither after thee shall any arise like unto thee.

And I have also given thee that which thou hast not asked, both riches, and honour: so that there shall not be any among the kings like unto thee all thy days.

And if thou wilt walk in my ways, to keep my statutes and my commandments, as thy father David did walk, then I will lengthen thy days.


The second is a short poem I wrote many years ago . . . 

Stand fast, stand fast
in the love I give you.
Be not entangled
in the stranger’s net.
See, I forgive you!
Let this love last
and let
the moon be strangled.

I have driven away sin
I have made
you clean
I have destroyed
your fetters. Be not afraid
to begin
again. Avoid
the kiss of the unclean.

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. The painting in the upper corner, would you be so kind as to tell me the title and artist?

    1. It’s a painting by Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) called “The Sower”.
      If you go to and type : paintings vincent van gogh, you call see them all.

    2. I don’t know about anybody else, but I ain’t in despair. In fact, I’m very happy these days. Putin The Magnificent is bombing USrael’s jew-owned-and-controlled-and-full-of-jews-with-rags-on-their-jew-heads-pretending-to-be-“muslims ISIS into the Black Abyss of the Pits of Hell. It’s a time for Rejoicing, not a time of despair. ZOG Washington doesn’t know what the f*ck to do in the face of The Magnificent Putin The Bear! How much fun it is to see the poker face jews in Washington and everywhere else squirm so uncomfortably and so nervously and so neurotically, and how much fun it is to see the smirky faced Zionist “christians” squirm in-tune and in-sync with the jew squirm! It’s like a dance, “the jew squirm”! Like the “monster mash”! Why despair? Putin is bombing the shit outta the jews in ISIS. I, for one, couldn’t be happier. Despair is the last thing on my mind. Putin just put an end to USrael’s terrorists in Syria. Putin will be heading over to Iraq next to do more cleaning up. How wonderful it is to be alive!

      1. TROJ
        “How wonderful it is to be alive.”
        Apocalypse Now.
        “I love the smell of napalm in the morning!”

      2. But I am in despair exactly because Mr. Putin is wasting military equipment paid by Russian citizens, while at the same time he is not even giving weapons to Russians in Donbass, where many were massacred because of Mr. Putin didn’t help them by weapons…

  2. “See, I forgive you!”
    “Avoid the kiss of the unclean”
    ‘go and sin no more’

    The eternal Catch 22..

      1. HP

        We all ass-u-me every once in awhile. It just goes with the territory of being human. But in this particular instance, I would call it a cogent observation on your part 😉

  3. That passage from the Bible is from 1 Kings 3: 11-14, which pretends to give a “communication by God” to king Solomon. In that passage king Solomon makes a pretty nice impression. There was however also another side to his character :

    1 But king Solomon loved many strange women, together with the daughter of Pharaoh, women of the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonians, and Hittites;
    2 Of the nations concerning which the LORD said unto the children of Israel, Ye shall not go in to them, neither shall they come in unto you: for surely they will turn away your heart after their gods: Solomon clave unto these in love.
    3 And he had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines: and his wives turned away his heart.

    1 Kings 11 : 1-3.

    So all together this man had 1000 wives. Should we still believe in the “wisdom” of that dirty old man?

    1. Franklin, Isn’t this simply and accurately a fringe benefit of being a King?

      Misconscrewing the ubermensch (King) is also a fringe benefit. For us.
      It’s one of ‘we the people’s’ major national past times; past, present and future.

      What this earth needs above all else … bona fide Kings to lead the way towards the honest ideals today’s demon leaders and acolytes vilely counterfeit.

    2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      So all together this man had 1000 wives. Should we still believe in the “wisdom” of that dirty old man?


      With all due respect, a guy who practices polygamy can hardly be described as a “dirty old man”!

      I know many dirty old men who are monogamous!

      Polygamy has its advantages. A man who has a thousand beautiful wives is hardly likely to visit brothels or be a porn addict! 🙂

  4. It’s way too overwrought to be believable, too full of clichés to be believable. Who wrote this bullshit? dubbydick? Or, “Fr. John” ? Or, both in-collusion, putting their two hydra heads together? AND what exactly does, “and let the moon be strangled” mean exactly? Gee, I hope the “Unknown stranger” doesn’t have any plans to strangle darkmoon Lasha or any of her qabalah Darkmoon trolls [ which are Legion]. Very entertaining though, in its own unique way, in spite of the cliché-ness of it! It’s certainly good for a few laughs.

    “Oh unknown stranger, let us not ask to strangle the stars, we got the moon we can strangle” LMFAO!!!!!

    1. Don’t worry Joe, not intended for you because it is too late.
      You cracked your head on the bottom of the abyss long ago, neither salvation nor salvage of parts is feasible anymore.

  5. ‘Stand fast. Don’t despair. Start again’.

    Think I’ll receive this. And there’s Bible. Be hard not to. The preface feels like me, probably way too overly assuming the understandably dismissive and could be troubled reaction. For me its clearly ‘believing’ what, as I do. I’m a C (some of y’all know) but… Always the but… “at least not like you might assume, honest jon”. Now if I was to tell you I read the first verse or so of this passage, a day or three ago, could be a bit-a-luck eh, could be..? Twas thinking at the time, (why I went there), I need help in splattering forth here and there. And the site I’ve put up that looked smart but had a code collapse last night is called – dud-da-da-daa – plantaseed ( You’d think I’d be jumping in a giddy cor-wow-gosh but I’m calm – and circumspect (these days, these times). Probably ‘God’ – but what for/if..? Just another madly flummoxing nudge up? But I will, and do, give thanks and praise. (When do any of us not appreciate appropriate encouragement?). To a comment. The poem. See what hits?

    Ok, read it, cannny but say “yea”

    Like the my first point; winding up, is the churches too-often specialty. Missed respect and openness to other ways, engagement lock-down. So always want to say less unless right pressed. Thanks JS for putting this up. If only for me but I reckon we could all re-appropriate: tell us something good. JS and unknown stranger. Tanx so very much for this

    1. Ain’t ever seem to do that verse about watching m’haste.
      Missed the authorship. Thank you, Lasha D.
      Poet, prophet… chief-cook and rabble rouser.
      To the victory sister

  6. Don’t despair now, remember, we’re facing the Black Abyss, but don’t despair, lol. How double-minded, how dissimulating, how Janus-faced, how sand shit sandy ass sandhyabhasa twilight language does it get here where the moon is strangled [ out of love!, lol] and there’s not even the light of the moon to guide us through the darkness, so of course we’ll land in the Black Abyss, as we have no light to guide us. We walk in the black darkness of the blackest night because the moon was strangled [ out of love!] on a path that leads straight to the Black Abyss, and one more step and we’re over the edge falling into the very pit of the Black Abyss, but HEY! don’t despair! ROFLMFAO!!!!

  7. Joe,

    I’d be quite happy to “strangle” you and push you over the cliff top into the “black abyss”.

    ‘Cept I can’t be bothered… rude disrespectful man.

    What I can’t understand is how your horrible anti-human comments are posted on this site without censorship and my pro-human comments are being constantly deleted. It’s not fair. It’s double standards.

      1. Oh Karen, how could you say that?!?

        Joe is allowed to get away with murder on this site, posting the most disgusting obscenities, and it’s only because Admin has a soft spot for raving lunatics. The rest of us have to watch what we say because we’re judged to be sane.

        There’s one law for the sane on this website and another law for the insane.

  8. the good are accountable … the evil demand forgiveness

    when you work away your trespasses, you are clean … if you have been forgiven for your trespasses, you are still unclean

  9. Madame Butterfly.
    In some cultures the insane are believed to be touched by the finger of God! Many years ago, I worked for a few months at major international airport. Nearly all the breaches of security were committed by the insane.


    A cosmically intelligent, perfectly attuned, wonderfully balanced, and unmistakably benevolent mind like mine, though embittered by spiteful Christians’ shunning and visibly darkened by heavy solitude, both of which entirely undeserved and wholly unmerited, cannot yet long remain quiet; for, if it notices, as it always here has, that the malignity of the spiteful Christians who crowd this site is being exerted more vehemently against it than it ever has against any other human mind in history, instead of retreating to its lonely melancholy shell and needlessly reflect on its imagined errors, it instead puts on its arrow-proof armour, polishes its natural though not native English eloquence, redoubles its strength of will, employs its vast arsenal of talents and inimitable erudition, and, intending violently to ruin every edifice, verbal or mental, which the evil Jews and their Christian cohorts have raised, it returns to the fighting arena, alone and despised, and, continuing with the embroidering of that elegant tapestry of words and phrases which from the very first distinguished it from the mindless army of religious robots, it begins anew the vehement and hateful pounding of the degenerate servants of Religion in general, and Christianity and its elder brother Judaism in particular. What to do?! Money and Intelligence, when joined to Leisure and Will, make veritably for a hideous combination!

    Since I live ABSOLUTELY for no other purpose in life than CONSTANTLY TO HATE the evil Jews and every other thing in between that shackles the human spirit, and since I thus derive my profoundest pleasure when learning that some Jew somewhere is at this very hour experiencing a most violent death, I believe that I have earned the unique and sweetest epithet which one can ever bestow to oneself, namely, the irreconcilable enemy of all things Judaic, as well as that of being the untiring and willing calumniator of all things religious, this time, Christianity!

    That Religion is a thing most evil and foul, and that its followers are specimens most foolish and depraved, is a fact easily established, almost mathematically, one could say, by witnessing how it hourly fools those who would listen, and how its followers accommodate and explain away all the worldly evils through its twisted, demonic philosophy. A good friend of mine, the utterly and indescribably beautiful Hypatia, once had something remarkable to say about the Religion of the Christians, who in her time threatened to inundate the world – remember, yes?: the Christians burned eight-hundred-thousand ancient books and manuscripts in Alexandria! The lovers of books and Truth never forgive such crimes. She said: ‘’If, then, the Christian God, whose followers call Jesus, despite all the horrible violence committed against the innocent man, woman and child, chooses to remain unmoved and aloof, then I’m afraid that we must amend the notion of divine benevolence and goodness, and instead describe it as divine anguish and terror!’’ Oh, Hypatia! My beautiful soul-friend! May the earth of your grave, my sweet honey darling, into which the ‘’loving’’ Christians threw you hacked and scraped, be for ever light!

    A man that resigns his Soul and Intellect to the ready-made hope formulas of a paedophiliac Religion, however inoffensive that man may ordinarily be, is dog; and, whatever dignity he may otherwise possess, and however profound his Intellect may otherwise be, he loses all the moment he, not at all unlike a lost and frightened child, clasps his hands in prayer, and deeply hopes, AND EXPECTS, that an off-planet god will soon intervene and trouble himself with his perturbations, and fill him with that equanimity of soul and peace of mind which the human religious animal, being dumb, had all along had within.
    Love never has been the province of Religion, O man!; and, if the ten-thousand-billion-trillion unanswered prayers of yours have escaped your notice that you have been conned, know that the more fervently you pray, the more hateful you render yourselves to the wiser and better portion of humanity, that portion to which – oh, I love immodesty – I always have belonged.

    Listen to this. Tom Wright, the bishop of Durham, your religion friend, had this recently to say about Christianity and its opponent, the Divine Truth:

    ‘’Gnosticism has always been a strange and odd idea, which I never thought would rear its head again. Little did I know that it was about to come back with a bang. … You see, Gnosticism is ONLY about knowing yourself, your inner self, your soul, if you like, whereas Christianity is about knowing Jesus, the be all and end all; and, since Jesus is all that ever was, is, and shall ever be, it follows that, a man can never know himself by himself, but only through Jesus!…’’

    Oh, my God! Oh, my good God up there in the Heavens, who is hourly offended by the offensive man! May your divine ears be for ever deaf to such animalic utterings! In other words, what this Judeo-Christian priest is saying, is this: ‘’Forget yourself, man dog! Do you really wish to know who you really are? Very well, then: stop inquiring within your heart; do not seek the truth that resides within; follow what WE tell you; follow blindly what WE wrote for you; you can never know yourself better than the man whom WE have invented for you knows you; to know yourself you must LEAVE yourself, et cetera…!

    And this is why I have the deepest contempt for the Christian Religion and its followers – for all Religions and for all the followers, as a matter of fact. A man ought to owe and preserve his reverence not to the fables and fabulations written by some paedophiliac maniacs between the pages of some hideous book which they purport to be holy, but to the innate wisdom of the species; to the profound goodness of his own soul and the cosmic intelligence of his own mind; to the deep, deep, unbelievably deep beauty and wisdom and goodness of Mother Nature, the begetter of us all, she whose pulse we follow, she whose fate we share. Did you know that more divine truth can be arrived at by simply sitting oneself under the cool shade of a friendly tree and closing one’s eyes, than by reciting all the Christian, and Muslim, and Hindu prayers in unison and multiplied by six-million?! Even the smallest, most invisible and silent little rivulet, coursing, as it meekly does, towards a bigger vein, has encoded within its watery globules some divine truth or another, which DESPERATELY wishes to impart to its friend man! The most solitary blade of grass, if man only knew how to look at it and how to feel it and feel with it, has the power within to rouse him to his innate divine sensibilities and truths; and the pulse of the Earth, beating and singing infinitely more beautifully and more divinely than all the black soulless choirs of gargoyle-infested terrorising cathedrals can impart more Love, and more comfort, and more Truth than they can! Why do religious people look without when that which they are seeking is to be found within? Wouldn’t the analogy of the idiotic husbandman, who ignores his own glistening apples in his orchard in favour of those of his next door neighbour-farmer, be an apt one to describe you? I don’t quite understand you people, I must confess. You here complain about Government mind control, how the evil Jews are planning this plot to imprison you, or that plot to diminish and disarm you, and yet, deliberately and happily have you surrendered yourselves to what is by anyone’s estimation the most evil and dangerous mind-control mechanism ever devised for man by man: RELIGION! I at least am hideously doomed by money, yet another dirty human invention no doubt, but not only do I not live richly, but I am quite content to only use enough of it to eat and so reserve the God’s gift of heart and Soul and Mind for other truly beautiful endeavours. Unlike your master, Religion, money has not my soul in its clutches; not even the countless millions of money which I have CAN EVER HOPE TO SEDUCE ME INTO BELIEVEING THAT IT ALONE IS TRUTH AND LOVE. You, on the other hand, smilingly pay for your penal and eternal servitude which some maniacal soul-killers have imposed upon you, and waste that whole divine essence and existence which the Universal Creator has gifted you by enclosing yourselves within the black walls of your churches – and mosques – and praying fervently, like little lost children that you are, that some imagined-for-you god will intervene and preserve your long miserably lost hideous Christian souls, depriving yourselves in the meantime of that beautiful intimacy with Mother Nature and your own selves, an intimacy which, if honestly looked at, and candidly inquired into, is without the faintest trace of depravity, without a single blemish and iniquity, and thus discard and ignore, like the dog men that you are, ten-hundred-thousand-million riches and treasures and jewels that you yourselves are and that Mother Nature herself is, in favour of some atrociously hideous soul-marring formulas and prescriptions, some hocus-pocus mind-fucking trickery, whose only ever purpose really always has been and always will be to keep you for ever down, for ever blind, for ever mute, assuring in this manner – oh, how wonderful mind-fucking can be! – that inwardly and REALLY you remain subtly depressed, that you remain docile, that you remain for ever hopeful, and thus unknowingly help those who never really wished to help you in the first place kill your own sparkle, extinguish your true and innate divine breath of cosmic life that dwells within you, and smilingly – Catholics always smile, especially the English ones! – waste your precious life in futile prayers and supplications and leave the terrestrial hapinesses to those sad few like me who all they really want is to see those hapinnesses increase and multiply! You are so UNBELIEVABLY evilly manipulated, that even I, who, as you well know, am never lost for words, cannot begin to tell you! No credulous Mimosa flower me, that’s for sure! I am tough, DEMONICALLY SMART, indescribably wealthy, and I would sooner marry an evil Jew than believe in the fables of Religions.

    A certain lady of considerable wealth and eminence here in Paris, though nowhere near as rich as me, has sworn that, when the next upheaval comes, and it is coming, she herself will set the Notre Dame on fire. I inquired with her as to the reasons why she had become such an inexorable enemy of the Church, when in fact it is Notre Dame and not the Eiffel Tower that distinguishes our beautiful city. ‘’Pourquoi?’’ she asked, her hateful voice growing indescribably more beautiful by the second, ‘’parce-que peu de gens connaissent la verite, et la Religion souvent un fou du plus habille homme.’’

    She then continued to discourse for nearly an hour, almost but not quite with that beautiful volcanic HATRED which can be found only in me, and reminded me how many good men’s souls had been lost to Christianity, Cardinal De Richelieu’s being one of them, as well as her own mother’s, and no matter how much I probed, I could not get out of her sensuous mouth a single syllable of praise for it. Mind you, this is not some unlettered and ignorant Lady I am talking about; she is the second most intelligent woman in Paris, who in her life has never, ever neglected to extend her helping hand to those who were in need of it. And yet, there she was, telling me in loving detail how we should sneak in together and light up the Jewish monument to cinders!

    Truth, my friends, cannot be reduced to Christian prayers and formulas, for they are nothing but succinct Jewish thoughts wherewith your torments are magnified, your sins are exaggerated, and your hopelessness is extended, only because it feels good, you do not feel it, and thus violently reject those like me who remind you of your cosmic religious stupor. But one day, I swear to God one day, when your good cheeks will be moistened by a different kind of streaming tears, the kind which only unalloyed and unaided search for Truth engenders, then you shall remember the evil Ellie, that human monster who could do nothing but offend and make noise about our Catholic Religion, only I strongly suggest that you make haste, as the length of a man’s years are not equal to those of the tortoise, and if in this world you have made yourselves unfriendly with the likes of me, in the next, in the eternal cosmic next, where there are no hideous Religions, no lying Bibles, and no empty Qur’ans, you will find yourselves veritably destitute, and by then, of course, it will be too late.

    My next unhappy visit here – I am always made to feel unhappy and unwelcome here – will see me returning to my favourite subject – not that anyone reads me anymore, of course – namely, the evil Jews, only this time I thought I’d make a quick foray into the black realm of Religion, more particularly, the Christian Religion, as in my life I have known many very, very decent people who had been tricked and conned into this secret Jewish cult, and it breaks my heart to witness again not only how numerous you here are, but also how good you all are, and yet, despite a trillion proofs and evidences that RELIGIONS AND PRIESTS AND IMAMS ARE NOTHING BUT EVIL HARVESTERS OF HUMAN SOULS, you still prefer to remain soul slaves rather than what Nature had always intended all of us to be: FREE!

    Evil Religions!

    1. Lifting The Seventh Veil

      Beautiful & desirable as Isis
      you are Ellie.
      Forever risen & acknowledged
      in pleasant conversation with
      the stars that are many & different.

      A sculpture that reflects the most divine perfection
      long & lithe, curved & rounded.
      With all the colors that coruscate & sparkle
      that form an aureole that surrounds you
      that can make a wild desert rose surrender
      all its thorns.

      I ask myself, “Where does woman like this come from Stanley?” The reply answers, ” I don’t know, not from around here.”

      This is NOT a dating website

    2. Ellie,

      If it might cause you to feel more at ease with present company, I can assure you that I, myself, always look forward to reading your commentary when I visit this site. This one is, most particularly, very thought-provoking. While you detest ‘Christianity’, I will wager that you find, as I, many profound truths revealed in all popular religions – which only lends testimony to their perhaps hints and revelations of ‘Truth’ insofar as a higher, more noble state may exist for mankind. That we haven’t yet attained it does NOT mean that it doesn’t exist. Maybe you, yourself have realized more of it than most of us (but that doesn’t make you any less mortal). Truly, I am understanding, more and more, your obsession concerning Jewry, because I enjoy ‘making money’ – but am put-off with the wiles it takes to keep it intact in this thieving Jew environment which has helped spoil achievement. ENJOY your wealth, dear lady, and keep on sharing your thoughts with us! 🙂

    3. Ellie K
      You are a most unfortunate person. I hope that one day you will become enlightened and realise, as did the Buddha, that one cannot own any material object. Not even the molecules that comprise your own body. All mundane things are impermanent. The wealth, health you allegedly have now will no longer be yours when you die! You won’t even be a Jew anymore! May I suggest you practise Maranasati, the Buddhist meditation on death.
      You will find it goes a long way in helping you cultivate the Buddhist ideal or quality of Ubekkha, equanimity!
      Then you can continue and cultivate other desirable qualities; Metta, or loving kindness, Karuna, compassion and finally Mudita, sympathetic joy. Rejoicing in the fortune or happiness of others. Quite the opposite of the German schadenfreude, a quality which I unfortunately possess in abundance.

    4. @ ELLIE K

      “…A cosmically intelligent, perfectly attuned, wonderfully balanced, and unmistakably benevolent mind like mine, though embittered by spiteful Christians’ shunning and visibly darkened by heavy solitude…”

      “…Since I live ABSOLUTELY for no other purpose in life than CONSTANTLY TO HATE the evil Jews and every other thing in between that shackles the human spirit…”

      I think that would be a sufficient clue for a diagnosis by your psychiatrist.

    5. True Christianity is not a religion, it is a state of being that can only come about by dying to the self(fabricated world within). Natural man is not FREE, he suffers under a curse, he is deluded, corrupted,
      and he does not know it. The delusion can be removed by means of the message according to the gospel, the message of hope, of confessing in faith , of true remorse, which is then followed by the renewal of the mind(transformation). Usually this only happens when the person is in the gutter.

      The faithful witness

    6. It all makes sense – almost all, not quite sure about money, which is a devil’s tentacle forever writhing, groping to snag the unwary.

      and i see that Ellie never once mentioned the actual person of Jesus, leading me to believe that he escaped her barrage not by luck but by design.

      Of course, he shouldn’t be worshiped reflexively but if everything he said accords with one’s own moral judgment, then he is indeed the Man.

      Had he not said what he said, he’d be just anothet hippie strolling around his VW camper van.

      But note that he threw moneychangers out of the temple – violently.
      If you have a problem with that, say it.
      If not, walk away from money’s allure.
      Like somebody (Homer? Felix?) said, you don’t own a single particle in the universe because you didn’t make it, nor did anybody else, so who could you buy it from that could rightfully transfer its title to you?

      And that, of course goes for all the rest of us.
      Any of the so called “legal ownership” is therefore a proof of theft, ie, the exact opposite of the phrase’s meaning.

      As for burning of Notre Dame, quite apart from destruction of whatever quality artwork there is, the Paris Commune has already been there, done that – to what profit?
      Yes, the Rothschilds’.

      1. Yep … We ‘own’ nothing.

        Along that line… I stated this also yesterday..
        October 10, 2015 at 1:53 pm

        Yes…. fact…. Purpose of wars. Get land and control people through finances.

        All land is stolen land….. when claimed by another.

      2. Jesus was fighting the ultimate Corruption of civilization when he whipped the money-changers in the temple. Money is the great civilizer of mankind; but the CORRUPTION of money is the great betrayal of civil order. Usury is the result, and usury is the aim of the corruptors – call them what you will. Money is a good thing because it keeps us from having to resort to mayhem to acquire necessities and luxuries of living. Money is a universal medium of exchange, without which we’d be forced to barter – or engage in combat. When you allow your entire life to be controlled by electronic media (‘cashless’), you have become a complete slave, at the whim of the mercy of your masters. While a chance still exists, at least avoid ‘online shopping’ to the extent you are able. It is a battle that even the most sissified among us can wage. Once, when I was protesting certain property taxes in a certain area, I filled a wheelbarrow with change and wheeled it into the local municipal building for payment. I did this about a half hour before the bureaucrats closed for the day. They had to count it out (it took them about four hours), or I had witnesses accompany me who would provide affidavits for ‘Payment Tendered, Payment Refused’. (It would have been very difficult for any municipality to refuse ‘cash’, in coin OR scrip, without setting a dangerous precedent.) This is one way to exercise constructive protest. It forces an issue that the corruption bastards try to ignore or avoid. Sometimes it causes unwanted criticism – but, like casinos or drug dealers or whores, IT KEEPS CASH IN CIRCULATION. Do it while you can.

      3. Pat, excepting what’s ‘on our mind’
        We do own that, and it not only goes with us, it’s the propellant..

    7. Nice anti-christian logorrhea in the pure tradition of the Encyclopedists. I usually don’t mind the exercise, especially when it comes from a US citizen, as there is always certain truth in the statements. But with the inappropriate French references it sounds like Jewish casuistry, the self-hating type of course.

      “parce-que peu de gens connaissent la verite, et la Religion souvent un fou du plus habille homme.’’

      This doesn’t make any sense. You mean

      « la Religion fait souvent un fou du plus habile homme… ».

      It’s a stain on your perfectly written comment, at least for me, leaving the impression that you don’t speak French.
      This is an anti-clerical version of
      ‘La passion fait souvent un fou du plus habile homme, et rend souvent les plus sots habiles ».
      I prefer the original version from La Rochefoucauld, who was thrown in jail by Richelieu for political reasons, as Richelieu was first and foremost a political statesman, one of the many that the Catholic Clergy provided for the good administration of France. It’s always amazing to see people using the genius of Christianism to undermine it, but it’s an old routine, like confusing the community of Christian believers, the Church, with the episcopal hierarchy composed of corruptible men.
      You know that France is now pretty much a gnostic theocracy with the Grand Orient brothers and their Jewish big brothers as the clergy. They have usurped, like everything else, the Catholic notion of laicity and invented a Republican religion instead. Remember the Cult of the Supreme Being during the revolution. And Marianne flashing her tits instead of Holy Mary…
      Burning Notre Dame? It’s like pouring water on a drowning old woman. Every kind of outrage is tolerated against the Church; you are two centuries late in your fantasy rearguard action, the 18th is over.
      Haven’t you seen the Femens pissing and simulating the abortion of baby Jesus in the Madeleine Church?
      I wonder what the smartest woman in Paris, I reckon it’s you, would do. Maybe bomb the Eiffel tower, this ugly metallic phallic symbol of female oppression.

      I stop here before i start being rude.

  11. Mary

    After all the jacks are in their boxes,
    and the clowns have all gone to bed,
    you can happiness staggering down the street,
    footprints dressed in red.

    And the wind whispers Mary.

    A broom is drearily sweeping
    up the broken pieces of yesterday’s life.
    Somewhere a Queen is weeping,
    somewhere a King has no wife.

    And the wind cries Mary.

    The traffic lights they turn blue tomorrow
    And shine their emptiness down on my bed,
    The tiny island sags downstream
    “Cos the life they lived is dead.

    And the wind screams Mary.

    Will the wind ever remember
    The names it has blown in the past,
    And with this crutch, its old age and its wisdom
    It whispers, “No this will be the last.”

    And the wind cries Mary.

    Jimi Hendrix, Are You Experienced, The Electric Church. 1967

    Ye Olde Rosicrucian Woodcut
    The stream alludes to the flow of years of a mans life. In the center of it are found small bushes and shrubs representing the opportunities for the growth of one’s better nature if they are cultivated. The wise man, instead of standing idly on the banks of the stream of life, letting years flow by, is seeking to make the best of these opportunities. He is reaching out to bring to the surface these partly hidden growths. In the distance, in the bright sunlight, is seen the city of attainment toward which life flows. Just before the stream
    reaches the the sunlight, it is crossed by a bridge which depicts the end of life for those who have not prepared themselves to carry on in the face of obstacles. In this woodcut, the obstacles are depicted by the face in the skies blowing a gust of wind toward the earth.

    1. In the first stanza the third line should read: you can hear happiness staggering on down the street,

      Sorry about that Mr. Jimi.

      1. Jimi never felt much pain even when he could. 🙂

        I saw his concert in Hawaii in 68 or 69. I cut the smoke with a pocket knife….even outdoors.

      2. The smoke had pretty much dissipated by the time he had the last act at Woodstock.

        The star-spangled banner at the very END of the show. Now there was a twist

      3. B-Hawk –

        The ‘smoke’ I was referencing was even thicker at Woodstock. Everyone was ‘holdin’ ‘lettuce’ there.

  12. Lasha reveals an extreme comprehension in her writings. No one can cover such a range of emotions without experiencing them, revealing almost too much about herself (if one has read her range of poetry). I am reluctant to admit I feel a deep, personal touch in reading this piece; and having contemplated it last night before bed, I felt compelled to revisit it (and to make note to try and obtain at least a print copy of the Van Gogh painting which is such wonderful accompaniment to this piece). I think it would be quite something to know this writer. 🙂

    1. I think it would be quite something to know this writer. 🙂

      You first!

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Darkmoon’s a fruitcake. A dangerous fruitcake.

      1. Such saintliness can only come from having been a great sinner.

        Yep, a female Rasputin. That sums her up. A killer in a long skirt.

        1. hello , i am just an ordinary person who works at a factory who questioned everything that was taught at school and home as a child and then by the media as an adult. I developed a world view of my own as many things where very easy to see through in politics and religion etc, then 9 11 happened and i found the truthseeker on the internet! So then i realised that i wasn’t alone- that i could see through the programming – and that there was an alternative to the controlled media so thank you lasha darkmoon for all that you (and those like you) do to help others see through the mist.

      2. Hello Robin L!
        Welcome to Darkmoon and joining the so-called lunatic fringe of Conspiracy Theory nutters. BTW, it’s been proven by psychiatrists that we are in fact saner than the “ordinary people”, who swallow the government line. Being a loon, crackpot, eccentric, conspiracy theorist, strange, funny, weirdo, and so on, are accolades in this day and age.

      3. Felix, coming from the shrinks would that be a left brain, a right brain, or a no brain compliment?

  13. Dear Darkmoon
    oh so wise when it concerns others !

    but the mystic of OZ says
    listen free spirit
    be wise to self !

    stand fast
    stand fast
    in unconditional love

    feign not contentment
    be not trapped
    afraid to soar

    driving away error
    destroying your fetters
    awakening to real self

    be not afraid to soar
    avoid the smiles of your deceptive mind

    BE Beloved BE
    Beloveds unconditional love

    1. “Love and loving are inseparable and timeless…”
      Beautiful words. Stunning music. And one of the loveliest voices I have heard.
      Thank you.

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