Ukraine conflict could spark nuclear war

. . . by Pat Buchanan


“Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash.” — Director of Russian TV network Rossiya Segodnya

“Could a US response to Russia’s action in Ukraine provoke a confrontation that leads to a US—Russia War?” This jolting question is raised by Graham Allison and Dimitri Simes in the cover article of The National Interest.

The answer the authors give, in “Countdown to War: The Coming US Russia Conflict,” is that the odds are shortening on a military collision between the world’s largest nuclear powers.

The cockpit of the conflict, should it come, will be Ukraine.

What makes the article timely is the report that Canada will be sending 200 soldiers to western Ukraine to join 800 Americans and 75 Brits on a yearlong assignment to train the Ukrainian army.

And train that army to fight whom? Pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine whom Vladimir Putin has said will not be crushed, even if it requires Russian intervention. Says Putin, “We won’t let it happen.”

What are the forces that have us “stumbling to war”?

On our side there is President Obama who “enjoys attempting to humiliate Putin” and “repeatedly includes Russia in his list of current scourges alongside the Islamic State and Ebola.”

Then there is what The National Interest editor Jacob Heilbrunn calls the “truculent disposition” that has become the “main driver of Republican foreign policy.” A “triumphalist camp,” redolent of the “cakewalk war” crowd of Bush II, is ascendant and pushing us toward confrontation.

This American mindset has its mirror image in Moscow.

“Putin is not the hardest of the hard-liners in Russia,” write the authors. “Russia’s establishment falls into … a pragmatic camp, which is currently dominant thanks principally to Putin’s support, and a hard-line camp” the one Putin adviser calls “the hotheads.”

The hotheads believe the way to respond to US encroachments is to invoke the doctrine of Yuri Andropov, “challenge the main enemy,” and brandish nuclear weapons to terrify Europe and split NATO.

Russian public opinion is said to be moving toward the hotheads.

Russian bombers have been intruding into NATO air space. Putin says he was ready to put nuclear forces on alert in the Crimea. Russia’s ambassador has warned Copenhagen that if its ships join a NATO missile defense force, Denmark could be targeted with nukes.

In coming war games, Russia will move Iskander missiles into the Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad on Poland’s northern border.

“Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash,” brays the director of the television network Rossiya Segodnya.

As of now, the “pragmatists” represented by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov retain the upper hand.

They believe Russia can still do business with the United States and Europe.

“The ‘hotheads’ take the opposite view,” the authors write, “they argue that NATO is determined to overthrow Putin, force Russia to its knees, and perhaps even dismember the country.”

In Ukraine, Putin has drawn two red lines: (1) He will not permit Ukraine to join NATO. (2) He will not allow the rebels to be crushed.

Russia hard-liners are confident that should it come to war in Ukraine, Russia would have what Cold War strategists called “escalation dominance.” This is what JFK had in the Cuban missile crisis — conventional and nuclear superiority on sea and land, and in the air around Cuba.

With Ukraine easily accessible to Russian forces by road and rail, sea and air, and Russia’s military just over the border while US military might is a continent away, the hard-liners believe Russia would prevail in a war and America would face a choice — accept defeat in Ukraine or escalate to tactical atomic weapons.

The Russians are talking of resorting to such weapons first.

The decisive date for Putin to determine which way Russia will go would appear to be this summer. The authors write:

“Putin will attempt to exploit the expiration of EU sanctions, which are scheduled to expire in July. If that fails, however, and the European Union joins the United States in imposing additional economic sanctions such as excluding Moscow from the SWIFT financial clearing system, Putin would be tempted to respond, not by retreating, but by ending all cooperation with the West, and mobilizing his people against a new and ‘apocalyptic’ threat to ‘Mother Russia.’

“As a leading Russian politician told us, ‘We stood all alone against Napoleon and against Hitler.'”

As of now, the Minsk II cease-fire of February seems to be holding. The Ukrainian army and pro-Russian rebels have both moved their heavy weapons back from the truce lines, though there have been clashes and casualties.

But as Ukraine’s crisis is unresolved, these questions remain:

Will the US train the Ukrainian army and then greenlight an offensive to retake the rebel-held provinces? Would Russia intervene and rout that army? Would the Americans sit by if their Ukrainian trainees were defeated and more Ukrainian land was lost?

Or would we start up the escalator to a war with Russia that few Europeans, but some Americans and Russians, might welcome today?


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  1. WWI – Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo
    WWII – Polish corridor
    WW3 – Ukraine

    There’s always a flash point, a ‘deliberate’ flashpoint. Economy in the west is bad, money is worthless, high unemployment, depression….all the foundations for war and it’s coming.

    1. Does the US (or rather its Jewish controllers) really want a nuclear war with Russia?
      I don’t think they are that insane! I think they try to conquer the whole of the Ukraine for its Jewish oligarchs ( hence the sending of weapons and “militairy advisors” ) and then absorb it into the EU and NATO. Thereafter they would try to further undermine Russia from the inside with NGOs, “pussy riots”, and color revolutions. From the outside they will try to weaken Russia economically by keeping the oil price artificially low ( thanks to its Saudi Arabian ally ) and by further sanctions. Wicked men are not necessarily suicidally insane. They play a dangerous game at the brink of the abyss, but they are not willing to fall over it.

      1. Franklin,

        Tell me what the number one factor was in the last 2 major wars? In fact tell me the number one factor of all wars?
        It’s people. In this case – EUROPEAN ORIGIN PEOPLE or WHITE people.

        Agenda 21 (look it up if you’ve not heard of it) is a plan that has many factors, but one of them is the RAPID depopulation of the earth. Now, tell me what leader, in any western war has kicked the bucket? I’ll tell you, no one.
        Those pushing the buttons protect those buttons (politicians). So when there is a world war, guaranteed, no politicians will get their hands dirty or be in any danger. Unlike Middle Eastern and African statesmen, western statesmen have an ‘uncanny’ knack of surviving.
        They want to bring the world’s population down to under 500 million. In other words, wiping out 93% of the world’s peoples.
        War is the quickest and they have viruses (Aids, Ebola, Smallpox, all the different flus etc etc), then they have the vaccines which also carry ‘time’ viruses and diseases. There’s the control of food and water – Monsanto and it’s ‘terminator’ gene……

        Franklin, you forget, those who want war and who will get it NEVER get touched. They simply move on and start all over again. It’s been this way from time immemorial. So war is coming. They want war. They’re doing everything in their power to have one. Franklin, really, I thought you knew better.

      2. @Harbinger

        If this criminal global elite ( read : Jewish cabal ) is really bent on a nuclear world war in order to reduce the world’s population, then they could have had such a war on numerous occasions before. During the whole cold war period they could have fabricated an excuse for that, but they didn’t. And in our time the Iran crisis would have been another occasion, but it didn’t happen either.

        After all, what “happiness” would such a survivng elite enjoy on a planet only populated with 500 million people but made uninhabitable by nuclear radiation?
        Again, wickedness doesn’t necessarily mean insanity.

      3. “I don’t think they are that insane!”

        They are that insane! Jews are a race of insane, bloodthirsty, psychopathic killers. Read their Bible, its all there. Here is a description of the religious system that has genetically inbred this condition.

        The Tabernacle’s Sacrificial System

        Long before the Temple, came the era of the Tabernacle where the sacrifice was ceremonial bloodlust. It was a place where priests butchered animals to atone for sins against their God, Yahweh. The system was based on continual atonement for the original sin from which one could never be fully absolved.

        The Torah originally referred to the first five books of the Old Testament. The books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy are Levirate laws forming the basis for Judaism’s sacrificial system. This is readily apparent in description of the original ten commandments being smashed by Moses before being replaced by “god” in the form of the second Decalogue, a set of commandments pertaining to sacrificial minutiae.

        Thus, Judaism is naturally founded on the sacrifice of blood offerings, in the form of specified animals, and non-blood offerings in the form of specified grains. Note, the fish and thus the fishermen referred to in the Gospels were outside this system. In the early days of the sacrificial system, the Tabernacle was nothing more than a moving slaughterhouse, a place where priests butchered animals. It is telling that only the best animals, the least “blemished”, could be offered for sacrifice.

        The indication as to the true purpose of the sacrificial system lay in the fact that priests took ten percent of the choicest cuts of meat for themselves and burned only the fat and viscera upon the altar as “sweet savor” to the lord. The remaining meat was then returned to the sinner. Think about this for a moment, the Lord preferred fat and viscera to the prime cuts commanded by the priests.

        Imagine for a moment, your priest as a butcher. Imagine going to church on Sunday and seeing your priest, pastor, reverend, padre at the alter slitting the throat of various parishioners pets, catching their blood in a golden bowl and then splashing it around the alter as he dances around in a trance-like state chanting pleas to God for the forgiveness of sins and begging for salvation. After the service, you say to your spouse, “Boy that certainly was a different sermon wasn’t it dear?” Your spouse replies, “Oh I don’t know, next week is communion, when we eat the body of Christ and drink his blood. Speaking of that, let’s hurry to the restaurant before the church crowd gets there.”

        After making their sacrifice, the Hebrew sinner was marked with blood, mixed with other bodily fluids, on either the forehead or the big toe. This mixture ensured longevity of the mark. The blood marking was visible proof that a tribesman had paid his “sin tax”. Later, this mark was washed off in a ritual purification bath called the Mikveh, at which time the sacrificial cycle began anew.

        However, this marking system had one obvious, glaring drawback. Blood is a commonly available substance produced by higher organisms. In their attempt to control the easily counterfeited blood marking, priests forbade their followers from butchering their own animals or even possessing the instruments for doing so. This was the primary reason for the kosher slaughter, a process where the living animal’s throat is slit to ensure the pumping heart will drain the blood as completely as possible. This also led to the prohibition of various implements and practices used in the butchering process. The priests defined these as “clean” or “unclean”, but think “legal” or “illegal”, as these are in fact legalistic dictates that have almost nothing to do with hygiene.

        Any contact with blood was strictly prohibited, like that produced by menstruating women or “lepers”, which meant anyone with running sores. As a result, a byzantine legal structure arose to control the minutiae of everyday life. There is a forgettable tract in the Mishna that elaborates at length on the cleanliness of a bowl. The upshot of this legal commandment is that if a bowl in intact, then it is unclean; but if the bowl is smashed into pieces of which the largest piece is no larger than the tip of a man’s finger, then it is clean. This makes absolutely no sense unless one understands the bowl in question can be used to hold and mix blood products.

        Eventually the phylactery replaced the blood marking. This was a small box attached to the forehead or the back of the wrist holding a scroll with a passage from the Torah. The scroll changed in accordance with the sacrificial cycle; and, like tabs on a license plate, it could be checked as proof that Temple followers were current on their sacrificial tribute. Despite this modification, Levirite laws concerning blood products remained in full force.

        Imagine yourself as a very young child of a primitive, nomadic, tribesman. Having heard only stories, you are dimly aware of the importance of a much talked about, upcoming ritual. You are aware this ritual occurs on a regular basis and the anxiousness of your parents is palpable when discussing the subject.

        On the prescribed day, the day the ritual begins. You follow your parents down to a running stream. A man richly attired in strange garb stands in the middle of the stream. One by one, your neighbors walk into the stream where the man mutters strange words as he immerses them in the water while rubbing their forehead with the palm of his hand. After your father has undergone the ritual immersion, you note the red mark he always wears on is forehead has disappeared. The ritual continues until every adult in the village has undergone immersion. You hear someone nearby whispering that the sacred cycle has ended.

        The following day, your mother wakes you earlier than usual and your family spends the morning in careful preparation for the day’s activities. You want to play with your friends, but your mother insists you attend to her demands. You accompany your father as he goes out among his meager collection of animals. He spends quite a bit of time inspecting the herd until he finally chooses a prized sheep. This animal happens to be one of your favorites. You have often played with the sheep, chasing them around the meadows and finally catching one, you buried your face in its soft wool. Your nose takes delight in the earthy smell of the sheep. It is the smell of life and life seems to be everywhere among the hills where the herds roam.
        Later that morning, your father takes you by the hand and with animal in tow, you are dragged to a portable slaughterhouse your parents refer to as the “Tabernacle.” Here you are to witness the important ritual they have been discussing over the preceding weeks. You enter a large enclosure surrounded by a fence made of cloth. In the middle of the enclosure is an odd tent-like structure with rude wooden columns and entry doors. A number of well attired men await in the makeshift courtyard directly in front of the tent. Soon, other families begin arriving with their animals.

        Finally, the ceremony begins. A neighbor of yours steps forward and presents a prized calf to one of several strangely dressed men, like the men you saw at the stream the day before. Your parents refer to these men as “priests”. One by one, the sinners step forward and present their animal to a priest who then wrestles it to the ground. Your neighbor drops to his knees in front of the priest, who closes his eyes and begins chanting something unintelligible. As you witness this strange act, your father grabs your hand and places it alongside his on his prized sheep. You feel its heart racing; the animal’s terror is clearly transmitted though the palm of your hand. The priest takes hold of the struggling animal and with quick, practiced motion, slits its throat with a razor sharp knife. The animal struggles, kicking and bellowing in protest, as geysers of blood erupts from its jugular vein. A froth of blood spews forth, splattering you and everyone present. You feel the spark of life draining through its hide as the stillness of death overcomes the animal. You look down at the viscous red fluid splattered on the front of your robe. You stare with revulsion at the red stains soaking into the fibers as the stench of death assaults your nostrils and addles your senses.

        Even before the animal has ceased struggling, you look up from your bloodstained robe to see the head priest/butcher moving quickly to catch the animal’s blood in a golden bowl. With eyelids half closed and muttering some strange incantation, he seems to be in a trance. Shouting, he lifts the golden bowl skyward at arms length before splashing the rapidly congealing blood over and around the base of the burning altar. The priest then comes out of his trance and begins eviscerating the animal. During this process, the animal’s bloody guts are thrown upon the altar, where they are incinerated as sweet savor to the lord, who evidently has an abiding taste for burnt fat and viscera.

        In just a few strokes, the priest/butcher finishes his gory task. Working rapidly, he begins cutting the animal’s joints. As he separates the portions of meat, he carefully lays aside a large portion of the best cuts for himself. He then returns the remaining meat to the sinner, who by now has given the priest full admission of his sins.

        After the sacrifice is complete, the priest produces a smaller bowl with a cupful of the animal’s blood. The priest mixes it with another bodily fluid that appears to be semen. He uses his thumb to smear a large daub of the mixture on the forehead of the entranced, chanting sinner kneeling before him with closed eyes. Then, with a loud shout, the priest/butcher declares that by this act, the sins have been atoned. Your neighbor staggers to his feet and like a drunk, lurches away from the butchering table with a beatific look on his face, even as the priest calls for the next sinner to step forward with his animal.

        Suddenly you feel the full emotional horror of the fate awaiting the other animals brought to the ritual. All the while, these men called priests, howl, chant and dance about, reciting their ritualistic incantations that beg god’s forgiveness; it was an extremely gruesome spectacle. The bloodlust continues well into evening. What you never witness is the secret ceremony inside the Tabernacle’s tent where the high priest, in a final act of crazed bloodlust, drinks the sacrificial blood before the mercy seat. This ceremony is later replicated during the last supper when Jesus, the sacrificial paschal lamb, tells his disciples “take this bread, this is my body, drink this wine this is my blood. Do this in remembrance of my ultimate sacrifice to the Temple.”

        The Levirate injunction against consuming blood is a public admonishment to restrict the use of blood products. However, the priesthood exempted itself from its own laws and secretly do not observe such restrictions. Again, this covert act, along with the acceptable act of consuming sacrificial meat, will later be replayed by Yeshu during the last supper. A few days later the priests fold their Tabernacle tent and move on. They will move to the next tribe where the sacrificial cycle will be played out once again.

        Consider the effect of this gruesome spectacle on a child. Blood spewing everywhere, chanting priests mesmerized in their crazed bloodlust, driven by the howling and grunting of animals bleeding out the last of their life on the ground. The restless bleating of animals, now aware of their terrible fate. Sinners raising their hands towards the heavens as they cry out for god’s forgiveness. Imagine your parents continually consumed with the thought of blood and the avoidance of the sticky substance, thoughts that translate into an unnatural obsession about the stuff.

        Extrapolate this horror out over the generational millennium and you have the foundations of a psychopathic bloodlust that is not a preference, not a peculiar, incidental twist in a few exceptional personalities, it is a culturally inbred condition, one that can neither be altered nor escaped. This culture of blood has permeated the very core of Judaism until it has become a genetic component of their race.

        The Bible is a book whose stories have influenced humanity in the most profound manner. Few would argue the statement that it has been the single most influential book in history. Yet few truly comprehend the true breadth and depth of its influence. Fewer still stop to consider why this ancient book has had such a powerful influence when other similar books of antiquity faded into complete obscurity; curious artifacts examined only by experts. What is it about the Bible that is different? Why is this particular book considered relevant to modern man, when its contemporaries are considered irrelevant, archaic works of ancient, primitive tribes? What is it about these stories that drive modern man in the same manner as they drove the men of ancient times?

        The original book was known to Jews as the “Torah.” These were the first five books attributed to Moses. “Torah” is an interesting word. Many words in Jewish culture have multiple constructs. Therefore, to understand the intent, such words must be taken within the frame of reference to the context in which they are used. To Jews, Torah can refer to anything from the first five books of Moses to the entire linage of Hebraic religious works, ranging from Genesis to the last volume of the Talmud. For our purpose, Torah will refer to those five books of the Old Testament attributed to Moses. This collection is commonly known to Christians as the “Pentateuch”.

        The actual definition of “Torah” is likewise interesting. Again, we find a double definition in that the word is defined as both “law” or “legal” as well as “instruction”. From this definition, we find the Torah is in fact books of legal instruction. The reader is asked to keep this definition in mind while reading this book, “The Conspiracy of Man.”

        The Torah spawned three of the most influential religions on the planet today; Judaism and her unwanted, hated daughters, Islam and Christianity; unwanted because the Jews never intended their book or beliefs to be adopted by non-Jews. It is truly ironic how few Christians realize that these two daughters have far more in common with each other than they do with their mother religion. All three religions are based on the original stories found in the Torah. All three recognize and revere the ancient patriarchs of the Old Testament. All three pay tribute to these stories as their foundational beliefs about monotheism. All three base their concepts of God upon the descriptions found in these stories. One only needs to compare these three religions with a religion like Buddhism or Hinduism to find the close relationship of mother Judaism and her two daughters.

        Yet, while Western civilization has been profoundly influenced by these stories, the book in fact addresses the issues of the ancient Jews. The Bible was written by Jews, for Jews, about Jews. The information in the Torah was never intended to play any part outside Jewish culture for as it is written in the Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 59a, “GEMARA. … R. Johanan said: A heathen who studies the Torah deserves death, for it is written, Moses commanded us a law for an inheritance; it is our inheritance, not theirs.” (Heathen is defined by Jews as ALL non-Jews)

        It has been written that the worst reference source for information about water is a fish, for a fish is immersed in the fluid. The immersion of the fish is so complete that it does not even perceive that water exists. Thus, the fish’s immersion and dependence on water precludes any objective analysis of the fluid by the fish and this is the case with the Bible. Western civilization has been so profoundly influenced by its immersion in these stories; it can no longer see the original, objective truths behind them. The Bible is not a book about the history of the Jews, it is a book about the culture and beliefs of a people instrumental in shaping our world. Essentially, the Torah is a cookbook that might well be titled in the same manner as the one in Rod Serling’s play, “To Serve Man.”

        Throughout their history, Jews have been renowned storytellers. Much of their superior verbal skills are undoubtedly derived from the history of their religion’s oral tradition. Storytelling has long been the common method used by primitive cultures to pass down traditional beliefs and law, but the Jews elevated storytelling to the highest level possible. For Jews, storytelling goes well beyond even an art form, it is in fact the very thread from which they weave the fabric of their culture.

        From the first millennia of their existence, Hebrew law and religious beliefs were passed down in the form of storytelling. Around the time of Yeshu (Jesus), heated debate arose among the Sadducees and Pharisees over whether or not to continue adhering to the oral tradition. By the time of the second Temple period, a major point of friction between the Pharisees and the Sadducees was the validity of the oral law, since the Sadducees adhered to the written law. Attempts were made to codify a collection of rulings, but the Sadducees rejected the Pharisees’ notion of abiding by the oral tradition before it was later committed to ink.

        There are some interesting considerations inherent to this disagreement. First and foremost, an oral tradition can be much more closely controlled as to who is allowed to receive the information. By this, one can see that had these stories not been committed to the written form, modern Christians would have no more idea of their content then they have of the Hebrew language. Secondly, oral traditions lend themselves to modification far more easily than written traditions. Orwell pointed out this feature in his book 1984, where an entire ministry is devoted exclusively to changing the written history of a culture. The Pharisees eventually won the argument as the Talmud teaches “God made a covenant with Israel only for the sake of that which was transmitted orally.” To this day, Jewish boys devote much of their time memorizing and reciting long, torturous, Talmudic tracts and arguing the legal precedence set by these laws, doing so in the very same manner as their ancient ancestors. 

        Today, Hollywood’s writers, producers, and directors are predominantly Jewish; so it comes as no surprise to find the Tanakh’s influence clearly visible throughout most Hollywood productions. This marvelous ability to fantasize and tell tall tales can be visibly witnessed in numerous Hollywood and TV shows written and produced by these Jews. While names like Spielberg, Lear and Katzenberg have replaced Biblical names like Moses, Ezekiel, and Saul, the same form of story telling is still much in evidence. When one examines the fantastic and fanciful stories written and produced by those like Spielberg or Serling, or morality plays written by Norman Lear, one has a direct window into the mind of the Biblical storyteller.

        This is especially true of Hollywood’s horror genre. Movies like “The Ninth Gate” are peppered with visual metaphors straight from the Old Testament, metaphors that are completely lost on almost all non-Jews due to a lack of cultural context. Movies like “Hell raiser”, “Friday the Thirteenth”, “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and the Freddy Kruger series all hearken back to the original bloodlust predominantly featured in the stories of the Old Testament. One only needs to consider the angel of death roaming through the streets of Pharaoh’s Egypt to find a parallel in Jason’s character roaming the streets of America murdering its gentile youth. The very first science fiction story is recorded in the apocryphal book of Enoch where a biblical hero travels though time and space in search of the essential secrets of cosmos and creation. Therefore, when one reads the Bible, one should keep in mind the wondrously imaginative talents of the Jewish storyteller.

      4. @ Arch Stanton

        The practice of bloody sacrifices in the temple stopped in Judaism after the destruction of the second temple in 70 AD. So how can that still have an effect on modern Jewish mentality? Besides, there is a huge difference between slaughtering some animals and destroying the whole world, which after all everybody needs to survive. In antiquity slaughtering animals in religious sacrifices was common practice and not unique for Judaism.

      5. Franklin –

        Eustace Mullins told me that Arnold Leese died suddenly just a few weeks after Mullins sent some info he had on rituals, adding to Leese’s wealth of proof on the subject. He did not say it was related to his death, but did not rule out the possibility, since it was very incriminating. I cannot remember the subject. It was decades ago when he told me. I remember it added credibility.

      6. Jewish Ritual Murder – Leese

        In 1867, the Congregation of Rites authorised the cult of Lorenzino, at Vicenza, Padua, ritually murdered by Jews.

        Gregory XVI, also, gave his support to the anti-Jewish accusers when he honoured Gougenot des Mousseaux by making him a Chevalier of the Order of St. Gregory the Great, in reward for writing his book, Le Juif, le Judaisme et la Judaisation des Peuples Chretiens, in which Gougenot des Mousseaux devoted a chapter charging the Jews with Ritual Murder of Christians for the sake of their blood.

        Pius IX refused to see the Jew Montefiore when the latter was returning from his visits to Egypt and to Constantinople, where he had bribed the Khedive and the Sultan so that the Jews at Damascus could escape the consequences of their guilt of the Ritual Murder of Father Thomas and his servant; this, in spite of a shameless Jewish persistence which has been fully described in Sir Moses Montefiore’s biography. That showed what Pius IX thought about it, and he himself was of Jewish blood.

        Pope Leo XIII bestowed distinctions on Edouard Drumont, author of La France Juive, who accused the Jews of Ritual Murder therein. Authority: Jewish Encyclopædia (1905), Vol. X, p. 127.

        Remember that although other martyred boys, victims of Jewish Ritual Murder, have been regarded in many places as saints without papal authority, there is no record of papal disapproval of these cults except in the case of Sixtus IV, already mentioned, whose action was purely disciplinary and who himself specifically approved of the conduct of the Ritual Murder Case to which the matter referred. Such locally beatified “saints” or martyrs were St. William of Norwich (1144), St. Richard of Pontoise (1179), St. Hugh of Lincoln (1255), St. Werner of Oberwesel (1286) and St. Rudolph of Berne (1287). In every such case it is quite obvious that the cult had the full approval at least of the Episcopal authorities over the places mentioned.

        Those who condemn the Blood Accusation as a wicked invention for the purpose of persecuting Jews and robbing them, must at the same time condemn wholesale some of the highest dignitaries of the Catholic Church, men against whom nothing is known beyond that they had excellent characters, like William Turbe, Bishop of Norwich to give an English example.

        When the reader peruses the details of the cases that I have cited in this book, he will realize that Episcopal Courts have dealt with many of them; in other words, the Jews were condemned by the existing religious authority of the day.

        Father Creagh, Redemptorist, publicly accused Jews of the practice of Ritual Murder, on 11th January, 1904, in a speech in Limerick. Authority: Jewish Encyclopædia (1904), Vol. VIII, p. 89.

        Perhaps I may best wind up this chapter by giving the names of the twelve members of juries who investigated, considered and condemned the Jews in the Ritual Murder case of La Guardia in Toledo, together with their qualifications:
        (1) Maestre Fray Juan de Santispiritus, Professor of Hebrew, Salamanca University;
        (2) Maestre Fray Diego de Bretonia, Professor of Scripture;
        (3) Fray Antonio de la Pena, Prior;
        (4) Dr. Anton Rodriguez Carnejo, Professor of Canon Law;
        (5) Dr. Diego de Burgos, Professor of Civil Law;
        (6) Dr. Juan de Covillas, Professor of Canon Law;
        (7) Fray Sebastian de Hueta;
        (8) Licentiate Alvaro de Sant Estevan, Queen Isabel’s corregidor for Avila;
        (9) Ruy Garcia Manso, Bishop Talavera’s provisor;
        (10) Fray Rodrigo Vela, head of the Franciscan Monastery, Avila;
        (11) Dr. Tristan, Canon of Avila;
        (12) Juna de Saint Estevan.

        On the findings of such men of standing we surely have every right to rely?

      7. @ Pat

        I’m sure one could produce an equally impressive list of “learned” and “holy” men who vouched for the existence of witchcraft and insisted on the burning of innocent women because they were believed to fly on broomsticks at night to have sexual intercourse with Satan…

        In other words, I consider the “bloodlibel” against the Jews on the same level of Mediaeval superstition as the belief in “witchcraft”.

      8. There will always be wellness peace happiness harmony beauty and foremost truth on earth!

        Babylonian the whore the harlot mother of all repugnant things on earth’ Babylonia empire of vampires, thugs criminaliars, beastliars and fraudsters’

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        Six thousand years must fall apart! Humanity do not need these empire of vampires and Elizabeth Bathori sons bathing in human blood and flesh’ Elizabeth Bathori was a jewess countess she butchered over six hundred helpless goys’

        Babylonian and allies who are parasites on earth have a deeeeeep hatred jealousy toward human beings because human beings are very, very superio over these vampires, yes they are vampires, Demons, Draculas’ DO NOT DOUBT ABOUT IT!!

        This subject about Babylonian the whore and descendants is pretty fascinating and interesting’ movie JUPITER ASCENDING FROM Wachowski Brothers who by the way one of the is hermaphrodite , all these Babylonians are hermaphrodites’ well the movie is fascinating watch it and analyze very carefully’ you will see images of Ishtar who is Isis the black goddess of Canaan, also there is a part where those women who are jewesses are bathing in blood, you will see the reptilians and the greys ones who are their allies!! Anunkies reptilians and grey ones are preying on humanity as maggots! Don’t believe it ! Watch the Movie Jupiter Ascending’ this movie was opened back on February 15 2015! when Jupiter was close to planet earth!

        These Babylonian are worshippers of the occult Saturn/ Satan’ Babylon and Their Love of Money yanked with blood and flesh from humanity’

        Any doubts please there is no need for insults we are all learning and foremost comparing notes’ learning and comparing notes is so important ‘ do your own research’ if anybody has any doubts’ takes a lot of effort to get all this information’


      9. “War is the quickest and they have viruses (Aids, Ebola, Smallpox, all the different flus etc etc), then they have the vaccines which also carry ‘time’ viruses and diseases. There’s the control of food and water – Monsanto and it’s ‘terminator’ gene……” :

        then there are the boatloads of brown skinned migrants, fleeing the “white” instigated wars, drowning in their hundreds, because the search and rescue is reduced to patrolling “white” european shores, because, rather than put an end to war, the “white” EU is only interested in preventing these brown skinned people from “flooding “white” european countries”. Destroying a few smuggler ships, which are profiting from the misery of these people, is not the answer..

      10. @Arch Stanton, I remember being traumatised as a child, when neighbours chopped the head off a chicken, which still ran around for a while. I couldn`t understand why everyone was laughing..

      11. Franklin –

        “I’m sure one could produce an equally impressive list of “learned” and “holy” men who vouched for the existence of witchcraft..”

        I agree. All of us are ‘guessing’ about history and events where we were not participants, relying on hearsay and lies.

        That cover allows Pharisees their success. They know it.

        Even Isaac Newton went from wealth to dying IN DEBT because he ‘guessed’ wrong the second time about stocks of South Sea slave trade company.

    1. ok pat, so i am curious about your crustal ball.

      jews own nato,
      jews own russia,
      jews own china,
      jews own vativan.

      do you not agree that as per talmud, the plan is to own us all like gilby owns his cattle and just like gilby ships his cows off to the slaughterhouse when the market conditions are right (price of meat, price and availability of feed, space limited …), jews as farmers of vast herds of goy meat on hoof would butcher the extra heads of goy (6.5 billion as per harbinger’s calculation)?

      given that all the judas leaders, putin included are jew’s willing butchers and they have vast amounts of killing resources, armies, police, weapons, freight trains, seagoing ore and cargo freighters, what is to stop them from selecting a few valuable heads for work and breeding and ship off the rest to some isolated place (if you were to put 42 people on an acre, the state of texas would accommodate the entire earth’s population) and vaporize them all with any of the means of waste disposal, napalm, white phopshorus, neutron bombs, you name it.
      i would certainly do it if i was the top jew and had all the power that you ascribe to them.

      earth’s nature rebuilding itself just for the jew, the few hundred million slaves, say 200 docile, healthy slaves specially selected for work and pleasure for each jew, what a jew paradise that would be, exactly the promise of talmud come true (didn’t even marx dream of that).

      so tell me why this isn’t happening.
      or maybe i should ask putin and pope, since they are in on the deal.

      1. Simple answer, lobro –

        When you use the Pharisee debt notes… for anything, including Gil’s cows and my ‘crusted’ ball (LOL!)
        …they own it..!

        Damn. That was easy. Next…

      2. B-Hawk –
        This may help… I’ll defer to Eric….

        “Does the Brotherhood exist?”

        “That Winston, you will never know. If we choose to set you free when we have finished with you, and if you live to be ninety years old, still you will never learn whether the answer to that question is yes or no. As long as you live, it will be a riddle in your mind.”
        From 1984 by George Orwell

      3. Eric finds the secrets of the Sphinx to be impenetrable.

        I don’t…hope THAT helps

      4. if this method of slavery is the optimal one, why don’t they apply it to gaza and west bank, where their ability to flex their miserable jew muscles is the greatest?

        my claim: when they can murder hundreds of millions of goyim with ease, they will.
        have no doubt about it.
        after all, you have also read quite a bit of talmud and you know its commandments.
        again and again and again, i want to remind people what’s in store for them When Israel Is Mighty (take it from someone that was part of it at one time and went apostate)

        So to avoid that situation, the Talmud defines two different states of reality. There is one called “Darkei Shalom” (Peaceful Ways). In other words, “This is the actual religious law, this is how you are supposed to act.” “However, because it would cause a huge mess, and people

        (read: Jews)

        will die, so due to ‘Peaceful Ways’, you don’t act that way. ”

        Now, until what point does the “Peaceful Ways” rule still apply? Just as long as the other situation does not exist, which is “When Israel is Mighty.” That’s when there is a Jewish regime. It is independent, and it is merciless, it can do what it likes.

        Under those circumstances – its all over, you go back to the letter of the law. No more “Peaceful Ways”, no more nothing.

        money is just a poor proxy for outright slavery and they are after the big prize not merely being slum landlords and pawnbrokers.

        you say that they have fulfilled their ago old goal, it won’t get any worse because jews have absolute power and like it just the way it is, a perpetual puppet theater to keep us and themselves happily amused.
        i say that it is still “darkei shalom” era and ignoring this fact is presently convenient but the complacency leads to a nasty surprise at the end.

        Damn. That was easy wrong. Next Again…

        don’t let that ball get more crusted than it is already, apply some spit and polish while i finish my green tea (i hate tea).

        so here is the simple logical proposition, one option only to choose from:
        1. (pat) jews have complete control and therefore satisfied with (their) world, no reason to expect things to get any worse,
        2. (lobro) things will get a lot worse if china, putin’s russia, iran and the rest of the non-zog knuckles under.

      5. “1. (pat) jews have complete control and therefore satisfied with (their) world, no reason to expect things to get any worse,”

        You exaggerate. I never stated that, lobro…and never will.
        Pharisees have a great deal of control, but always want more….. and will never be satisfied. Things could always get worse.

        Yes. I have read a lot of the Talmud. But not nearly all of it. It is huge. And boring. I started reading parts of it in the mid 1950s. It makes me feel bad to read it. They must have to flog fellow Pharisees in synagogue to get them to study it.

        If the population of the world gets too low, they will be uncovered….. and easy to spot. They need the camouflage of bodies to conceal them. They also need sheep to sheer.

    2. Pat is very correct’ Babylonia empire of criminaliars, beastliars and fraudsters! He is correct’ this is the only way these maggots can exist on earth preying on human ignorance’ brutal ignorance’ Ninety percent of what humanity have been told are pure, pure and outright lies from these mega liars on earth! This is why they are so, deeeeply frightened of the truth which is one of their many weaknesses because the truth will destroy their rapine system of exploitation evil exploitation over humanity and animals!!

      All these losers are worshippers of the occult’ they have invented so many gross offensive lies as their theories’ there is no big bang theory, no meteorite who killed the dinosaurs, millions of years a go! The dinosaurs existed five thousand years a go only! They have been genetically created because these losers are expert geneticists! This is why there was a flood for one year, to get rid of the nephilim and the dinosaurs who were predators couldn’t die they got to be exterminated’ the nephilims are still hibernating in darkest hollow earth!

      There were no ice ages either and foremost no Darwin theory if the Darwin theory is ever discovered all these con rapine system would collapse! this mega trillion dollar system would collapse and this fact frightens them because there is alternative free energy’ we do not need to use no oil, no natural gas or electricity at all! No pharmaceutical drugs no medicines and no Sodom & Gomorrah empire of drugs to keep humanity drugged and downs depressed lack of jobs insecure and fearful’ If human beings live in constant fear U CAN BET THEY ARE MORE FRIGHTENED THAN HUMAN BEINGS’ because the truth will set humanity free while the truth will destroy them!!

      Big Foot exists, also mermaid, Centaur , and many of those countless creatures, they are all genetically created but they don’t want us to know all that’ see they have many countless weakness’ while humanity don’t have this mega trillion dollar system’ Humanity will be free sooner or later’ and these losers will dearly pay for all their hideous heinous crimes’ the more they expose themselves the weaker they get’

  2. It is true up to a point that wicked men will attempt subversion to get their way. However there is always the possibility, like the situation in Europe prior to World War One, that both sides will blunder into war by a failure to back down, because they don’t want to appear weak. Another possibility is that some incident could trigger such a war. Remember Jews are not omnipotent nor omniscient, they can and have made some very stupid mistakes.
    Here are 2 examples from the Cold War where the cool heads of 2 Russians averted catastrophe.

  3. Harbinger,
    There does appear to be a certain inevitability to war. The 4 horseman of the apocalypse loose. Ho Hum, I have had an interesting life and have learned a lot. Being a believer in rebirth I am not exactly looking forward to death, but I confess to an abiding curiosity as to what my next life will be like. Death however holds no fear for me.

    1. Yes, but you’ll have to ask yourself : in what kind of world will I be reborn? We all carry the responsibility to keep this world going as a school for spiritual development.

      1. What you are saying, Franklin, would presume the possibility of re-entering this world in a worse condition than when you came here most recently.

        What kind of follower of Christ would entertain this as a possibility? Who exactly are the teachers in this “school”?

      2. @ Brownhawk

        From your question it is clear that you have difficulty with the concept of reincarnation. For a good introduction, go to : John Algeo : Reincarnation, the Evidence at :

        Since souls have different merits, different situations in the world are needed for their reincarnation. If the whole world is one big ruin, the law of reincarnation according to merit could no more operate.

      3. Franklin,

        “Yes, but you’ll have to ask yourself : in what kind of world will I be reborn?”

        It will simply be the ‘New’ World that will usher in a one world government and banking system. The people will beg for it after years of continuing bloodshed as is hoped. A one world totalitarian state, with what looks to be either Prince William or his son, being crowned emperor of the world to take his seat in the Temple of Solomon in the land of Greater Israel.

        “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” – James Paul Warburg, declaring to the US State Senate, February 17, 1950.

      4. There’s nothing “clear” that indicates I have difficulty with the concept. If you’ve bothered to read even a few of my myriad posts on the subject over the last 2- plus years you’d realize that. In short, I contend that my understanding reflects the gnosticism of Christ, which relates that reincarnation is the ‘pivoting’ component of the ‘trapping mechanism’ called the “life-death cycle”. How’s this concept grab ya?

        Which reminds me about something New Song mentioned about the possibility of archiving the commentariat and then old Brownhawk wouldn’t have to keep repeating himself over and over in attempts to make his thoughts clear.

        As I recall, New Song came away thinking it would probably be technologically impractical for the darkmoon crew to do so.

        What say you, Toby?

      5. But Harbinger, why would you so casually assume that you’d be poppin’ back through the love tunnel to reenter such a World? You, or anyone else for that matter?

        What is this pessimism whose gloom and doom casts a pall to such an extent that it would envision a seemingly interminable Satanic World Order?

      6. @ Brownhawk

        Well Brownhawk, now that you say it, I remember you wrote that. Sorry for misunderstanding you.

        In Oriental religions too the “wheel of reincarnation” is seen as an entrapment to be liberated from, but they insist that can only be achieved by a rigorous spiritual discipline, only a few are capable of. Ordinary people can only hope for a “better next incarnation”. For them reincarnation is the only means to grow spiritually and eventually – after aeons – to overcome it. Therefore reincarnation, though a “curse” in the ultimate sense, is for practical purposes a “blessing” for most people.

      7. But Brownhawk, why would you so casually assume that you wouldn’t be poppin’ back through the love tunnel to reenter such a world?

        Pessimism is realism and I consider myself one. I am not a surrealist/optimist like many on here. I weigh up the facts of the reality we live within as well as understand the past to see where the future is going.

        I put part of the blame the Jews for creating the hell that’s about to unfold, but the overwhelming majority of it on the ignorant goyim for allowing it to happen through not only their willful ignorance but building of it.

        Call it Satanic, call it whatever you may, but regardless there will be a one world government and a greater Israel, for I can see no alternative in the current state of play.
        I hate to say it, but there are far too many optimists on this forum, whose hopes are admirable, but simply inconceivable when one looks at the status quo.

        People are simply unaware of the control mechanism that they live within. They do not realise that for hundreds of years they’ve been studied, in order to bring about the system we live in today. Every single possible perception people have of reality has been envisioned by those pushing the buttons. They haven’t just created a war an ‘crossed their finger’ hoping for the best. No, they’ve picked battles they know they’d win.
        “What about Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq…. they didn’t win them?” They did. The people fighting didn’t, but those who created it did. Not only have they plundered those lands of resources, but they’ve also destabilised them and destroyed their nation, which is what they set out to do in the first place.

        Brownhawk, I do respect your optimism, but wishing for a better future, that is completely out of sync with today’s present is folly. You are under the impression that the one world government will not happen because people will wake up. I say not enough will wake up to make this possible.

      8. ***I forgot to add***

        I should also say that in the case of Vietnam and the other wars, it was also about money – Fed lending to government with interest along with purchase of advanced weaponry. Both kept the billions rolling in for the ‘untouchables’ at the top.

      9. @Franklin

        What you’re about to read may disrupt alot of sacred cows, and tweak many people with preconceived notions, but it must be said.

        That we are free to exercise our will (actions we choose to do) there is no doubt. But to call this “free-will” would be a mistake because it is being exercised in this material realm, and existence in such a state as this is NOT existing in a true state of freedom.

        I remember hp saying in reply to one of my posts, “the devil made me do it, yeah, that’s the ticket!” I had a good laugh (and I think he did too), and then I went on to explain my position by saying, “in a manner of speaking, yes, the devil DID make us do it.” But what this is really saying is that ‘d-evil’ is responsible for an imposing action AGAINST free will that has put us in this position, or situation (i.e.; being in this physical state of matter IN AND OF ITSELF) This infers being in a state of captivity from which anything we do BY DEFINITION cannot be free in the truest sense of the word. We are not living in a state of Truth.

        As a result of being in this captive state the REALITY (i.e.; it DOES occur in our experience) of being reincarnated is RATIONALIZED to the hilt – however much is necessary to inculcate and secure a “belief” in it, and from which religions have sprung as REACTIONS to evil’s malevolent action.

        But we are living in an extraordinary time, and it is my contention that so long as we love Creator NOW, and where all our actions are REFLECTING this, there is no “penance” to serve in order to make up for when this was NOT the case

        This is Divine forgiveness

        With this window of opportunity opening at this time, breaking the seemingly endless chain of reincarnation is available to us NOW simply by making the decision to stop runnin with the devil

      10. I never said this won’t happen, Harbinger. You misread what “impression” I’m under, or that I wish for a better future. You obviously don’t know who you’re talkin’ to here.

        I’ll put it this way: What we call “Satan” is very real, and they don’t call him the greatest deceiver of them all for nothing. “Evil genius” epitomizes this rascal, but HIS is not the last word.

        Never has been. Never will be.

      11. Brownhawk,

        Let’s be realistic here. I see too many people in debate who try to ‘win’ through offering unrealistic alternatives. Your collective statement of ‘popping through the love tunnel’ was such along with my ‘pessimism’ and ‘doom & gloom’.

        As people know about me from my various replies on blogs, I do not offer hope where there is none. I don’t mince my words. I don’t scrape tendons but sever them if needs be. I try to paint the stark horrors that will be if people continue down the path they’re going.

        And as for the Satan route, well, I see earth simply as the domain of Satan and all those who embrace his materialistic, authoritarian lifestyle are doomed to its enslavement over them. If asked what do I think? I think the evolution of the soul is like Groundhog Day and until we understand what life is all about, it’s a case of wake up and live the same old shit all over again, just with different players, different technology and a different time.

        10% of the population knowing what’s going on simply doesn’t cut it as far as I’m concerned.
        Those who wallow in willful ignorance deserve the hell that they’ve created. I have no sympathy for them. I do not forgive for it teaches people nothing. As far as I’m concerned it was one of the biggest flaws in Christ’s teachings, something that the Jew has capitalized on.

      12. @Harbinger

        There was no flaw in Christ’s teaching. The flaw was/is in the hearing

        I’m both a supreme pessimist AND optimist simultaneously. They blend into one another where the pessimist sees nothing smooth about the transition we’re all moving through that gets to the optimist on the other side of things.

        A poster recently said something like “Satan is runnin out of time, and he knows it” He’s right. The jig is up. The whole shithouse is on the verge of collapse, but not before its serious contents hit the proverbial fan as the malevolence runs a tortuous path through its death throes.

        It’s like ‘Hitler-in-reverse’, so to speak, when he ordered the first scorched earth in the West.

        “Brennt Paris?!” he bellowed. Too bad that it wasn’t burnt to the ground, or the entire rest of previously occupied Europe for that matter, to look at it now. And too bad it wasn’t Speer that took a bullet.


        Then on to Valhalla where the armies of the righteous reassemble to restore the glory of a higher calling*

        *the “higher calling” transcends “anarchy”, “the State”, and all the rest of these worldly dialectical aphorisms.

  4. ‘… ”We stood all alone …against Hitler.” ‘

    No they didn’t. Uncle Sam was fooled into war against Hitler JUST IN TIME to keep Germany from re-grouping and coming back to annihilate their communist asses. Too bad.

    1. Yeah, Gil –

      Russia has been a satellite of the US since New York Pharisees financed the Communist Pharisees in 1917.
      OIL…OIL was and still is the prize, along with gas.
      Russia is STILL the #1 oil producer in the world. BP and Goldman-Sachs and Shell own and control much of it.

      No nuke war coming there….or here.

      1. That #1 oil producer title is a tricky one, isn’t it Pat?
        Considering the difference between the top three..

        Russia – 14%
        Saudi Arabia – 13%
        USA – 12%

        A minimal difference subject to interchangeable jockeying as ‘required.’

      2. HP –

        I started following it when phony 74 oil crunch killed us with 75 cent gas. My only sources then were ‘Info’ Almanacs and WSJ…etc.

        It is tricky because the oil Pharisees do not want the facts spread that the 1917 debacle was in most part over oil.

        The first oil well in the world was in Azerbaijan. The next one was in Pennsylvania.
        For a century Russia was number one and US was number two. No one was even close….and Russia was double that of US most of the time.

        Lately…20 years or so… Saudi has shared second spot with US alternately.

        See the report on Azerbaijan oil and gas…. People still poor due to corruption. They have ‘FUND” economics now… Pharisees in charge even deeper with SAFOZ(State Oil FUND):

  5. Neo-Malthusianism must be the most shared ideology among the global oligarchy from Commandant Cousteau to Kissinger, with eugenics maybe. If they want to preserve the fake scarcity resources/money capitalist system they need to get rid of the obsolete humans. Capitalism doesn’t need us anymore and the monetary ponzi phantasmagoria is about to come to an end by accelerating the free fall.

    Harbinger makes a lot of sense when you think about it. With nukes they would jeopardize their own livelihood. I am sure they want to preserve their precious infrastructures. So pandemics, terrorist manipulations and civil wars, famines, control and contamination of water, forced sterilization and irradiation of any kinds might be the best way to deal with the human surplus. Ecology might be a good way also to invoke the necessity of NWO Talmudic Fabian common wealth.
    It reminds me of this speech by this nice ecologist Texas doctor Erik Pianka advocating biological ebola type terrorism to get rid of the” human bacteria”. A self-hating humanity jew. Why don’t you show us the way in good faith Erik?
    Regarding Ukraine, the Risk game is starting again. All NATO ‘s countries have sent soldiers and weapons, the msm banging the drums. Political opponents are being killed or suicided in vast numbers. It is time for round three in continental Europe with the Benny Friedman/ STRATFOR game plan in motion but this time live on your TV. The British/USrael empire seems to have nothing to offer the world except vast terrorist stage direction and chaos of endless wars to save his over-mortgaged Dollar. Can’t wait to see the next Putin, the beast of Moscow, Tavistock’s propaganda! Like Wilhelm II a century ago with Lord Northcliffe.

    It seems to be a fatalistic vision, and we don’t need fatalism, but again Neo-Malthusianism is just another self-justification for scarcity as 15% of the population is consuming 85% of resources and I don’t even mention waste or alternative source of energies… Like Liberalism is just the justification for the world to be the property of “skillful knaves” like Robespierre used to say. I’m sure if we bring together the 20 smartest men/women on earth they could solve pretty much any issues in a month. But the global satanic elite prefer to play Risk Ordo ab Chaos with us and we collectively accept it. Quiproquo quand tu nous tiens!
    “Another fire broke out…. Kierkegaard would laugh at that.
    Have a nice d/e.

  6. NO NUKES, anyway…

    Last June on the Antiquatis Forum there was an interesting discussion on nuclear weapons concerning if the nuclear tests had actually been faked by the major governments. I’ve done contract work for nuclear power plants, so I’ve seen nuclear power in action–but making lots of hot water from atomic fission is not the same as a nuclear explosion.

    The first Bikini Atoll nuclear tests took place in 1946, we are told. The Bikini Atoll is part of the Marshall Islands in the East Indies. The tests were the first since the bombs dropped in Japan in 1945. Two tests took place, called Able and Baker. Both were about 23 kilotonnes. For reference, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was said to be 15 kt. They were detonated just 3.5 miles or 5.6 kilometers from shore.

    The first strange thing to note is that the encyclopedia sites can’t figure out when either test took place. On the same page, Wikipedia tells us they took place on June 30 and July 24, or July 1 and July 25. It looks like they could get the story straight, after 68 years. I will be told that one is local time and one is UTC, but we don’t need both times. Choose one.

    1. Agree with that, Pat

      And it occurs to me that if there were only the so-called “1st World War” or say, “major military event”, and there were no such 2nd “event”, that’s one thing. That there WERE two, and with the job not completed, per the protocols, it stands to reason that there’d be a 3rd one for the purpose of completing said job.

      A war going nuclear presumes a phantasmagoria that freezes all parties involved from even calling the other’s bluff. It seems to me the whole thing would be moot in the eyes of warfare strategists on ALL sides, given a premise of nuclear blasts blowing fields of battle and their points of objective to smithereens, rendering strategy inconsequential.

      Why play chess at ALL if you know the game will result with one player upending the board and all its pieces?

  7. Darkmooners:
    You are all correct, but you all miss the key points. Firstly, Ukraine is being used to achieve a number of goals. One goal is for the jewish oligarchs to achieve more control of Ukraine for pennies on the dollar. Ukraine’s elite, political and economic are jewish: Poroshenko, Tymoshenko, Yatsenyiuk, Kolomoisky and Yanokovich. Secondly, Ukraine represents a conflict between Rothschild banksters of the FED/IMF/World Bank vs. BRICS/AIIB/China Development Bank. What the sheeple do NOT know is that both sides are Rothschild Bankster elite controlled. They are setting up a planned demise of the US dollar/Petrodollar to be replaced by something else, Yuan/SDR’s etc. , but most likely some electronic currency that can be labelled as the “Mark” of the Beast. Thirdly, the Ukraine conflict plus the Greek crisis, is forcing Europe to change. The change in Europe will result in a reformed Europe that will be more centralized and more controlled by Germany and the Vatican, while American influence is reduced to nil because at some point America is removed from the European scene. This will include the destruction of NATO, but the weapons will still remain in Europe.This will allow Europe to look east to Russia/China for future prosperity and ignore America. Before that is done the TPP and TPIP must be implemented to make Corporations/transnationals the owners and bosses of the world along with the Bankster’s banks. In this way global governments will be owned as extensions of the Banks and their corporations. To achieve this, a global economic collapse must also happen. Essentially a corporate global communistic Nazi feifdom with the remaining humanity as serfs. Serfs to the Jewish illuminati of the Talmudic Kaballistic Pharisaical Satanic Cult. Lastly, the war in Ukraine, is the prelude to WW3 which will move from the Ukraine to the Middle East, Syria and Iran. That is the big picture and will include Agenda 21 population reduction tools. These points are confirmed in Biblical scripture and prophecy. Overall, the final world power will not be China, but either a revived Roman Empire as represented by a changed EU led by Germany and the Vatican OR a jewish illuminati power based in Jerusalem, Israel that is not necessarily judaic (common regular jews). These are the goals of the machinations in Ukraine specifically, but also in Greece, the Middle East and north Africa as well. Is this an accurate picture of the events and the future as discussed in this article. From my perspective of the Hegelian dialectic, who benefits analysis, and the layers of the onion approach, I believe so. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Not bad Norbert, so long as my aftermath scenario is included to complete the drama.

      The part where there’s a happy ending 😉

      1. Those of us that believe and understand what is unfolding even with all of the nuances, know that many people will suffer and die in Satan’s relm, but the Bible shows us who wins in the end: G-d. And G-d’s question to us all as Bush 2 stated it: are you with us (G-d) or against us (Satan)? You must choose your side or else face the consequences. Now Darkmoon needs to look at Syria, Iran and Jade Helm 15 in the same critical analysis format. Thanks, Norbert.

  8. Materialism: A preoccupation with material rather than intellectual or spiritual things

    One interpretation of prophecy suggests that occurring at the end of the Tribulation period per the Book of Revelation will be the total collapse of whatever it is that comes to characterize the “Global Financial System”. In an aftermath, the true spirit of “money” will be released from captivity.

    The spiritual awareness reflecting this was realized long ago by, among others, certain Indian tribes in present-day Central Ontario and Southern Quebec.

    “…Grandparents were the principal teachers. Among the lessons of the elders was the value of generosity and sharing. Hoarding was deplored, and status was measured by how much a man gave away rather than how much was accumulated.”

    After the world is purged of scum, and the residual stink of the Ages is scoured from the land, [THE] materialism which effected this will have been up[ROOT]ed upon an awakening [OF] the [EVIL] that spawned it.

  9. It’s not a coincidence that all three countries, the USA, Great Britain and Canada were at one time a part of the British Empire and all three are English speaking countries. These are the countries Jews have historically had the most power in and at the same time there has been little reaction against this and the gov’ts always pursue pro-Jewish policies. I think it has to do with being less patriotic and bound by blood to your fellow countryman. They let themselves be walked all over by the Jews. And why are the Jews using these countries to escalate a war in Ukraine. The top three political leaders are Jewish, many more politicians are Jewish too, they run the show. I’ve read the press is largely Jewish owned and many or most oligarchs are Jewish.

    They want to turn Ukraine into a western style country. Destroy the ethnic solidarity with mass immigration, destroy what remains of the church, bring their values of normalizing or tolerating homosexuality, porn, prostitution and broken marriages to Ukraine. By then they will have removed any talk about Bolshevik Jews and the Holodomor and Ukraine will be a Jewish country like the USA, Britain and Canada. The Jews want to do the same with Russia.

    The only possible roadblock is if France and Germany refuse to play ball, but I don’t think dropping out of the sanctions against Russia would be enough to prevent a war the Americans are determined to start if they don’t get their way. I think France and Germany would have to make forceful statements critical of the Americans and I don’t think that will happen. The Jews want Ukraine and if Europeans have to die so the Jews have their way, then so be it. That is the Jews attitude. As the Jew Nuland said, “fuck the EU.”

    1. Russia and Ukraine are already broken nations rife with prostitution, crime, alcoholism, and broken families, and they’re already both totally run by kikes. Russians and Ukrainians are largely oblivious to the Jewish problem, the genocide of their family members by Bolshevik jews, and the causes of WWII. The USSR never really died.

      1. “Russia and Ukraine are already broken nations…”

        Yes. It will be centuries until they get up to speed… if ever.

        USSR has made a good FEMA camp for the poor.

        The Republics there are just places to stick in OIL spouts for Pharisees.

    2. @ Peter
      It will not be the French and Gerrman governments that make that decision concerning Russia. The governments are leaning in the direction against sanctions on Russia, but it will be the people, expressing a right-wing fascist/Nazi sentiment that is growing rapidly, that will push the governments to act as the people demand. This is likely because if the French and German governments do not follow the people’s desire, then right-wing fascist/Nazi governments will be elected in their place. Europe is being setup as a pressure-cooker, wheras America is being setup as a dumbed down compliant placated sheep for slaughter. Either way the jewish illuminati have everyone pretty much where they want us. But one day their own games will come back to bite them and cause their conversion. Thanks, Norbert.

  10. It must be hell to be a Jew. No matter how much money they steal or embezzle or print, no matter how much wealth and power they amass, no matter how much education, fancy degrees, and state-of-the-art nose jobs they buy for themselves and their kids, they are still just Jews.

    By the gods, it is so obvious why they hate us with such a fury!
    By just falling out of the womb we already have everything that they can never have, no matter how many millions they throw at it.

    A hillbilly in the hollows of West Virginia is born with a natural talent for music greater than any Jewish “composer” will ever have. Our people have been building megalithic monuments for millennia, while the Jews had to hire our cousins, the Phoenicians, to build their Jewish “temple” for them.

    Basically, the Jews are a “one-trick pony.” They are the ultimate masters of nation-wrecking. But they are essentially lacking in the ability to create, to create anything. And they totally lack any sense of style, of beauty, of grace, of graciousness, of humanity. And the saddest thing of all, is that they are smart enough to know that they lack that fundamental human trait.

    By the gods, it must be horrible to stand at the gates looking in, and knowing that they can destroy us, but they can never be us.

    -Charles Martel

    In December 2014 Anna Netrebko posed together Oleg Tsarov with a flag of New Russia (a self-proclaimed confederation in Ukraine) and gave a $ 19,000 check to Tsarov said she was donating to the Donetsk Opera and Ballet Theatre.

  11. Here, from Preston James of Vets Today, is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH of the current global situation; and why, employing the maxims of the Jewish-Bolshevik, so-called “Father of Modernism”, PARVIS (Alexander Gelfant) JEWS JUST LOVE CONSTANT WARFARE: It is BIG $$$$$$’s to them and Israel; on the way to the “Supreme Court of Mankind” (Ben Gurion, etc) being established in Jerusalem:
    “But Netanyahu, the Operative Head of the Khazarian Mafia and his close Likudists and Dual Citizen Assets in America, believe that their control over the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) and top American policy-makers as well as the US Congress and so many other elected officials around the World is so strong that any efforts to remove extricate their tentacles of power will fail.”
    And, if by chance, the JEWS do FAIL, they will simply do what Adolf Hitler said they would: “turn our planet into a lifeless void forever traveling silently and lifeless through space.”
    And believe me, they do have the MIGHT to do this!

    1. @ Max
      From the terms you used in your other previous posts, I figured you and DublinMick read VT, Veterans Today as well. They are a good information source but with some of their writers, they seem to have gone schizophrenic. Now you are forced to weed out the fibs from the truth. I think Preston James, Jonas E. Alexis, Kevin Barrett, Jim Fetzer and Joachim Hagopian are the truthers personified. Then Uri Avnery is good on Israeli dynamics. Gordon Duff and Jim Dean are good depending upon which subject they talk about. The others must be taken at face value and evaluated according to the facts and belief systems that one has developed due to ones knowledge base. VT recently has personified a campaign of disinformation to discredit the real truthers found at VT and other truther sites. Due to the roots of VT, military and spy agency background, it is getting harder to separate the truth from fiction. At Darkmoon it is pretty easy. Thanks, Norbert.

      1. Norbert –

        Duff explains his position:
        “I don’t know know any imaginable way you can get information…First of all…Because, about 30%, based on what I believe…and you know what? Who says I’m right? According to my belief, and I have as good of, uh access to information as anyone in the world, probably, anyone I know of. About 30% of what’s written on Veterans Today, is patently false. About 40% of what I write, is at least purposely, partially false, because if I didn’t write false information I wouldn’t be alive. I simply have to do that. I write…anything I write I write between the lines.”

  12. Fascinating Guys,

    If it were possible what would you all agree to as the key goals of the evil ones?

    1. Population reduction by war ( conventional/biological/pharmaceutical weapons at selected targets – fake nuclear war to explain mass deaths)
    2. The destruction of the “Petro Dollar” which
    3. will in turn will ruin the US economically and possibly
    4. lead to another American “civil war” and/or nationwide mass rioting and FEMA camps – America ruined economically and depopulated according to planned percentage.
    5. One world Government /economic system – emerges to bring order to chaos/fatique caused be war, disease, famine, etc)

    6. third world countries experience massive scale genocide ( which is already happening due to WHO assistance, war, poverty, lack of potable water).

    Have I missed anything?

    1. @Leo
      Yes, you left off something. The jews are going to accomplish everything you listed because they are the most superior group of a-holes on the planet because they control everything and they have the backing of Satan who is more powerful than God so the only solution is to go along with their plan or commit suicide, both of which results in death which leads to the hope that Jesus was lying and we can come back as roaming beef or, better yet, a jew so we can be as accomplished as they are at lying in the next life. If I had no personal proof that Jesus was telling the truth, this site would be exceptionally depressing.

      You are obviously very well respected (chosen) at this site. Had I said what you said about Buchanan, the author, Toby would have been on me right away for violating the rules concerning authors. The reality of Pat Buchanan is simple. He has good intentions, but like most people, he still believes that the illusion is real. He is not rich and he works hard at what he does because he still believes that he can make a difference. His ignorance does not make him a bad guy.

      If you think that the evil a-holes only developed a few nuclear weapons and decided to stop because they are so kindly and clever, you under estimate evil. There is not going to be a nuclear war even with neutron bombs or a massive biological attack only because the jews are afraid of dying which is why they use the tactic of lets you and him fight. They know that their vaccines do not protect anyone from a disease.

      1. Ungenius –

        I broke no rules. Criticism and stating facts about authors is allowed. That is not a correct statement toward Toby.

        Buchanan is definitely NOT ignorant. He dines with the Brzezinskis daily.
        He gets a personal explanation of the moves on the Grand Chessboard.

        He will not get an ‘ignorant pass’ from me….as he fits into plans.

      2. Ungenius,

        Obviously the Lord wins in the end ( my hope is fixed on HIM).

        My point was to get an opinion consensus of where this all could possibly be going until his Second Coming ( which no one knows when it will happen). We have to be aware, and ready not to cooperate with the Evil one’s agenda, and live in the now.
        Everyone here whether Christian or not offers a perspective (whether I agree with it or not). I am interested in Pat’s claim that there are no nuclear weapons (Pat offers many interesting perspectives as does Mad Max, Norbert, You, Ruth, etc. – too long to list). If what Pat claims is true, what a major fraud that has been perpetrated on our world (there have been many others as the Shoah Hoax).

        I would not put it past Zionists/Talmud Cultists to kill other expendable Jews as they have done so in the past – everyone not a part of the club is worthless to them.


    putin has made holohoax denial a crime … condemned 1930s germany … and denied every russian effort to celebrate the russian white army that fought against jewish red army bolshevism … putin lies about 911, holocausts, ww2 … however, there is evidence putin is not a liar … if you read between the lines of what putin says, and imagine there to be truth, THERE LIES THE TRUTH!

    putin has also helped syria and palestine … he has taken away syria’s weapons that can defend them from israel, and gave them weapons to kill other syrians … if you want to see the fantastic effect putin has had on palestine and syria, don’t take my word for it, go and visit yourself!

    we know putin is a good cop because he opposes usa, the bad cop … we know gentiles control russia because the iron curtain fell … the 200,000 kgb officers all metamorphed into gentiles and got promotions in the fsb … when the world comes hunting for jews in usa and israel, they will escape to russia, germany, australia, india, south africa, and declare … we are all russians now … wikipedia is inaccurate, there is even less than 200,000 jews in russia, there are 0

    blame obama … blame putin … no, blame obama more … just don’t mention international jewry if you know what’s good for your health … putin and obama know what’s good for their health!

    jews have abused the moral high ground in ukraine to antagonize russians … but don’t worry, ukrainians know jews created holomodor … yuschenko even tried to get jews to confess – ha! fat chance … jews have controlled ukraine since 1944, russia since 1917, and still control both … if jews controlled ukraine before the coup, and after the coup, what coup was there? … only a seinfeld episode … to trick gentiles into a gentile v gentile fight … but they are failing, ukrainians and russians are not fighting … jews are bombing donetsk themselves

    as for ukraine, it doesn’t exist … it was invented in the 1930s by the immortal devil obama … the ukrainian language can only be spoken by a few hillbillies in the unfarmable marshes of ukraine … the world should be reduced to 4 languages, english, russian, spanish, chinese … then in some time, only to 1 … some say the world is more interesting with many flavours … недобро the putin apologist says, celebrate diversity! change everything to one flavour

    there is even more good news … project new eastern outlook is no longer hidden in plain sight … some things project new eastern outlook is selling:
    there are no jews in the “east”
    jews do not control any countries in the “east”
    killing american gentiles will solve world zionism
    killing arabs will solve jewish terrorism
    the gentiles west of the rhine are different from gentiles east of the rhine, and the gentiles west of the rhine deserve to die
    once jews move out of usa and israel, they are no longer jews
    the jewish fantasia/khazaria escape plan
    jews are not a race, yet you need a blood test to join b’nai b’rith
    international jewry control of the world will end with the “west”

    iran, syria, malaysia, north korea, venezuela, and maybe cuba, iceland … are the only gentile-run countries in the world … blaming another country will not solve zionism in your own … anyone selling a gentile v gentile conflict, or that some segment of gentiles deserves to die, is a mossad agent

    недобро the putin apologist,
    a new character to darkmoon theater introduced by flyingcossack

  14. To Pat and Norbert and interested readers:
    Pat has said a number of times: “We are only guessing.” …. I qualified this by stating that, in the main, their is one thing we are NOT guessing about; and that is the sheer POWER of International Jewry on this planet. I qualified this even further by stating, many times, that the Jews have control over the planetary purse.
    MONEY CONTROL gives them unprecedented POWER! There is also the lesser POWERS that they have handed to their Goyim proxies and puppets, as well as their backing by Christian-Zionists and pro-Israel Goyim. I have written a yet-to-be published book on this subject, utilizing all the great texts from the first half of the 20th century; supplemented by modern developments.
    But, we of the Resistance to the Jewish POWER hegemony, are being weakened – in fact lied to over and over again – by those within the Resistance we would hope would be trustworthy and truthful; or so Pat and Norbert are saying: (This does not preclude me!)
    Norbert says: “VT: Now you are forced to weed out the fibs from the truth. … they seem to have gone schizophrenic … VT recently has personified a campaign of disinformation to discredit the real truthers found at VT and other truther sites. Due to the roots of VT, military and spy agency background, it is getting harder to separate the truth from fiction.” (Yes NORBERT, VT is utilizing the Hegelian DIALECTIC ON US!)
    Pat quotes leading VT writer Mr Duff: “About 30% of what’s written on Veterans Today, is patently false. About 40% of what I write, is at least purposely, partially false, because if I didn’t write false information I wouldn’t be alive. I simply have to do that. I write…anything I write I write between the lines.”
    This situation with VT is most unsatisfactory, as here we have it: “Patently false or partially false”; “a campaign of disinformation to discredit the real truthers found at VT and other truther sites.”
    The old saying “2 half truths constitute a lie”, is highly relevant here! …. So, if you read VT how are you not to know they are only GUESSING; or purposely supplying DISINFORMATION?
    In other words VT is highly compromised as it allows for the printing of patented CRAP in its columns. …. I expect the TRUTH, not guesswork!
    I received much anger from Mr Dean for questioning the number of Jewish feature writers on his site. He intimated he did NOT like me criticizing JEWS per se. … In fact he did not like me even using the term JEWS!
    He probably wanted me to use Preston James’ rather obscure (to the average person we should be trying to get across to) terminology – “Khazarian Mafia”; as in the GREAT EVIL we are fighting against is the KHAZARIAM MAFIA! …. What a ridiculously confusing terminology! I left his site in utter disgust! …. No, Norbert, I hardly ever read VT! Usually just Jonas and Preston.
    By the way, did the filthy, slimy trolls on this site get rid of John Kaminski? I miss him greatly!
    He got sick of the smart-arse, one-channeled types, who constantly nit-picked his articles! …So do I!
    For an honest day’s current affairs, read David Icke’s Headlines, and work out your own conclusions!
    TRY hard to get and cipher out the FACTS/ the TRUTH – Stop the useless PARODY of “only guessing.” We are dealing with LIFE and DEATH matters here!

    1. Correct Max –

      I want Kaminski back also. I like all the authors. I follow none. They raise good points.

      I stated this to lobro about Pharisees..
      “Pharisees have a great deal of control, but always want more….. and will never be satisfied. Things could always get worse.”

      You took it further. I have seen people make your points for decades. I cannot deny there is a case to be made for their total control.

      The rabbis even put their blood tags as a (U) or (K) along with over 100 other jurisdictional markings…boosting prices.

      One day…only these items will be allowed in stores.

  15. Hello ESP,
    Thank you Lobro for the link about “Darkei Shalom” vidéo and for preserving a little suspens on the Putin/Iran/BRICS dialectic. I used to think like Norbert but this smart temperate Putin guy has led me to change my mind in the last month. I think the devil can be outsmarted. He has a good sense of humor and he cherishes women also. Two good signs if you ask me. But hey, maybe I am wrong and he is just a devil like in Baudelaire’s spleen.
    “How did you end up in Russia? Cherchez la femme?” Putin asked. “Sorry I don’t speak French,” said Kopiski, before the question was translated to Russian and he confirmed he did have a Russian wife.
    Guardian reporting about his 4 hour Q&A annual session.
    I’d like to see Obama ,or whoever he is, in the practice. The Guardian article, though, just forget about it. Come on Vlad why don’t you try to humor and reason your German and Polish neighbors instead? Forget the French, they will wake up at the last minute. Or maybe you should propose to pay back the Russian WWI Loans. That would work for your popularity rating since money rules in France. Yes, EK, I am sure you love Paris atmosphere.
    The “darkei shalom” video has demonstrated once again what is the real power of Judaism. Self-justification, irrelevance of the concept of truth and time. I won’t address the total absence of empathy and the cruelty towards non jews with this Maimonnide guy.
    Peter made a good point. Why the jews have thrived so well in ESP countries and especially in the USA? Because, they play on your historic guilt and on your tendency to group by community. Since they have no guilt and are the tightest community, they thrive playing with your corrupted legal/financial/democratic system thank to their early developed Talmudic/Cabalistic skills. They are the best capitalist community; I don’t blame them for that.
    When we gave civil rights to those ungrateful people in 1792, yes that is mainly why I blame them for when I regarded French history, Clermont-Tonnerre said “we should give them everything as individuals and nothing as a nation”. Let’s face it you have given them both and since the Kennedy/Johnson drama, you have merged your manifest destiny with their self choosessness. Lee Harvey Oswald? What about Ruby Cohen Begin? The Watergate a symbol of the press independance? Quite the opposite if you ask me. They have stupefied you with double/triple false flag terrorism. What about USS Liberty? Is 9/11 was really an inside job? Is Netanyahu American? Is he the president?
    How could you deny them Palestine and Eastern Europe after what you did to “colored” people, indigenous or not? Because, the past is the past. Why don’t you forgive yourself instead? Why don’t you elect an Indian president? There is much wisdom in those people. By the way, Marquis de Montcalm never ordered the attack of Monro’s troop after the capture of Fort Henry as related in Fenimore Cooper’s book. The amerindians did it on their own, maybe they were right. It is just more English propaganda. This is maybe your collective problem. You would rather deceive yourselves than to eat humble pie.
    Sorry for the irritated tone but George Friedman shows no complexes explaining Europe game plan.

    To conclude i will propose this video support of French Rabbi Ron Chaya. It is called the messianic allegory of the three roosters. It could be a hit story in Southern hillbillies USA. Sorry it is in French but Jews surely know how to tell a good story.
    And this little piece by Jean Anouilh about rats cats and dogs since you like poetry.

    The gates of Hades will not prevail. That was a promise of Jesus Christ. I hope the Catholics are right.

    Have a nice d/e/n.

    1. Phil –

      “Why don’t you elect an Indian president?”
      Answer: US Presidents are NOT elected. They are selected.
      All US Presidents serve Pharisee bankers, or they do not get selected.

      Indians are smart enough to know that. One of them is Governor ‘Bobby’ Jindal, in Louisiana. He wants to be selected US President by Pharisee bankers. He is an Oxford trained lackey. He qualifies.

      1. Yes i know Pat, democracy is just money moving. and with the US political campaign finance laws you have legalized bribery with no ceiling to individual or corporate donations.
        The only democratic place on earth is Iceland. They pretty much invented it in 930 with the Althing. They have their history unaltered and took no part in the WW butchery so they are intolerant to psychological guilt manipulation. And they are a few of course. Also Ecuador maybe with Rafael Correa and South America in general. But they suffer US Monroe doctrine hegemony and hardcore US backed dictator for a long time. I won’t mention Switzerland since they use their local democraty to ripp off Africa.

        I was referring to Indian like Red Cloud or Dull Knife not to this Bobby Jindal global poster boy from India. Is there no more Cajuns in Louisiana? Where are Jean Lafitte descendants? Yes, i know it won’t happen Pat.
        He is a republican et least. I’m kidding here, i know about the Republican party. I heard that Carl Bernstein made an inappropriate comment about the Watergate and the involvment of a certain lobby. What about James Garfield assassination?

        Us history, like others occidental history have taken a peculiar turn since with plead allegience to the sionist cause. I can feel your frustration since you have been part of those events as I reckon you are a military retired American patriot. Don’t take my comment the wrong way. But USA has to deal with the Hamptons/Hollywood warmongers.
        Sorry about the Indian Utopia, i was just influenced by the new Houellbecq book “Soumission” where France has elected a moderate Muslim president in a spirit of reconciliation. This book was considered Islamophobic by the critics.


      2. No offense taken at all, Phil.

        “Where are Jean Lafitte descendants?”
        All dead I hope. He was a back-stabbing gangster pirate. He accepted bounty letters from any country who needed his mercenary skills and treachery. Like a good politician does.
        I believe he died on Galveston Island, years after murdering all the natives there.

      3. Yes, he was a back stabbing pirate no doubt but he is part of American folklore with his friend Jim Bowie. He rallied with Andrew Jackson against British army for the Battle of New Orleans and would get full amnesty by James Madison. Too bad about Campêche, he should have quitted piracy for more noble cause like Renato Beluche in Venezuela. Linked with one virtue and a thousand crimes said Lord Byron. But maybe you are gonna tell me that Andrew Jackson was a slavery advocate and organized the deportation of Cherokees. Are you trying to jewguilt me Pat?
        I don’t think he died on Gavelston though. But who cares? Let us go back to Jewish ultra fiendish sudoku.

    1. I think 6 millions of goys should sacrifice themselves and convert to Judaism. They would infiltrate the swindle with the entryism advocated by Trotsky and would try to outmaneuver the Rabbis with Jesus and Schopenhauer from the inside. But maybe the registrations are closed since finance rules. Encore raté.

      This leads me to Saul Goodman. A tv show about an ex Chicago swindler who changed his Jimmy McGill’s name for Saul Goodman when he opened his law practice, a smart move. The fake kennedy coin scam in the last episode is an explanation of the financial Subprimes crisis for dummies, selling shit for gold. This Vince Gilingam surely makes a statement.

      Blythe Masters now. I just overviewed the biography of this Oxford genius speculative jewess. She pretty much invented the CDS. You know, a financial derivative scam that allows you to purchase an assurance on something you don’t actually own. So how do you collect the prime? By burning the something to the ground of course. Is this an aristocratic way to make money, EK? AIG, the old person in Dusseldorf know that and so does Iceland.
      What are we going to do? Just watch the house of cards collapsed as Marx predicted in his Kapital necrology and try to reacquaint people locally about the great illusion and the crisis/war/reconstruction cycle. There will be blood and massive apostasy. Maybe Leon Bloy was right in “Salvation through the Jews”. Don’t be fooled by the title, this is not a philosemitic book as It has been recently censored in France. Money is the blood of the poor and the blood of Jesus. But that is just another catholic mystic unknown author.
      Sorry for the numerous comments today but I am currently physically indisposed. I hope you won’t mind as I won’t make a habit of it. The originaljoe comment made me wonder though.

      Pat i was just trying to highlight the constrating image of historical figures with the unnatural relationship of Andrew Jackson and Jean Lafitte.

      1. Phil –

        OK. Gotcha…. Too bad they both did not round up Hebes and haul their asses off as slaves.

        Jackson was supposed to have remarked as last words, “I killed the bank.”

        BTW…the first CDs in US were silver certificates of deposit, which came into use somewhere about 1875. Became shortened to ‘Silver Certificates’…used until 1964.

  16. since someone up there uses cognomen ‘недобро’, which rhymes with ‘lobro’.
    so let me repay the favor with a cognomen ‘flyingshitsack’, just so we are on the level playing field.

    this is presumably a galician ukrainian whose hatred of all things russian greatly surpasses his distrust of all things talmudic.

    he will in each post endlessly repeat the mantra of how putin implemented a law against holocaust denial.
    two things must be noted here, actually, make it three:

    1. it was not putin that is responsible for this law but ‘duma’ the russian parliament that read and voted it into a proper legislative piece.

    2. the maximum fine for conviction is something like $3,500 (can be checked, i speak from memory)

    3. russia is at war with west and putin must maintain linkage with victorious past of them all, alexander nevsky, ivan the terrible, catherine the great, peter the great, right up to stalin and his heirs that projected russian power and earned grudging respect of the western societies.
    to disown this, he is primarily sowing dissent at a critical time when trying to firm up citizenry’s patriotic backbone and counter the incessant intriguing by israel, state department and soros’ open society swarm of toxic ngo’s trying to foment another red oktober.
    i am not addressing this to FSS who is quite incapable and not just unwilling to comprehend this, but to the commentariat at large (in chess terms, don’t sacrifice the queen to capture a pawn, how many think that denying holocaust at this point will win any strategic advantage or wide circulation in jew msm? c’mon, tell me, i am supposedly a недобро which i think translates into ‘no-good’).

    it seems that so many here are just playing in their 5×5 foot sandlot waiting for mom’s call to dinner, nothing real to worry about, bam-wham, the bullets are not real, so stand up and denounce holohoax like a man (2-foot tall man).

    almost everyone has their favorite non-jew worth bashing above all, pure jew-bashing is so passe:

    as for putin not helping syria, keep in mind that syria and assad still stand, any idea why?
    when jew medvedev was the president, how long did gaddafi’s libya last?

    and let mr недобро explain this (his anti-putin heroes led by kolomoisky to the rescue, cyrillic yandexed into english):

    may 6, 2014 in media project “Kiev Jewish” Deputy head of Dnipropetrovsk B. Filatov made a sensational confession:
    What to do with those who sincerely desires the death of my country? With enchanting Russian idiots, I sincerely do not understand why we want to kill them? With sneaky Russian journalists, and which people call a language is not rotated? With all this host of evil spirits? Tomorrow is a new day and the Sun rises. And that will do all this evil? But we will have to build a New Country. “City on the Hill”, the New Zion. The Promised Land.

    pray for putin’s defeat, FSS, a jew bayonet up his rectum like gaddafi got, whom many also called a jew at the time.

    1. when i first heard about the anti-denial law reported by bradley smith of codoh, i wrote to him and suggested that it is actually a great opportunity to showcase the revisionist questions.

      what is the $3,500 fine compared to what irving, faurisson, zundel, topham and toben had to endure?
      why not provoke the trial and call up a bunch of expert witnesses to present the unsuppressed evidence against the holo-claim and have it widely broadcast through pravda, rt and other non-jew channels.

      they can even pretend to righteous outrage and make it an even bigger comedy.

      he thought it was a wonderful idea, well worth paying the paltry fine.


    Any website on the blogroll at KennySideShow is automatically suspect if you ask me. VT is no more full of shit than any of the other websites over at Kennys. Darkmoon would be much better if there were only articles and NO commentary. Pretty much everyone who comments here at DM is a member of Lasha’s acting troupe of jew JDL trolls.

    DM is a Fr. John/Mark Glenn-Shelley Rubin/”MadJewess” production. There is NO Lasha, there is only “MadJewess”. There is no “Uncle” ‘ no “montecristo”, only the arab jew “Fr. John”. Yet another Mark Glenn /Shelly Rubin production. [ DM is very entertaining though, if you take it all with a grain of salt. I recommend a giant grain of salt, and lots of giant grains.]

    We truly do live in a world of bullshit and hebes are truly liars to-the-core. For all your love of lying, you hebes are really lousy actors. So obvious. Its so obvious there must be some sort of jew reason it’s so obvious. I know why it’s so obvious, but I don’t want to get into it right now, *yawn*, stay tuned for upcoming posts about this — and so much more!

    Between Mark Glenn and Shelley Rubin, they have more hydra heads than there are snakes in the Everglades. The fact is “MadJewess”/Shelley Rubin is “our” “precious” “Lasha”. Her husband is “our” “Uncle”. JDL “MadJewess” is not only a red skin injun squaw, a jew ‘tian”, a DAR “lady”, she is also some sort of hindoo-mohammedan walking around with what is supposed to be some sort of mohammedan rags on her jew head , but they look awfully like shower curtains to me.

    Oh yeah, “MadJewess/Lasha” is also a “Catholic”, lol. That’s why she censors and bans any posts that talk of Catholic spirituality. Only hindooism and mohammedanism and occasionally some “jah” “religion” allowed here at DM please, we’re “Catholics”. DM has always been a f*ckin hoot, and will NEVER change, that”s for damn sure.

    DM will always be a jew kabballah jew hydra headed snake shit pit. It’s not because of the main articles, it’s because of the commentary from Mark Glenn’s/Shelley Rubin’s army of trolls. [ Please give lobro some vacation time, the poor thing is so tired . I’m sure there’s enough dough in the budget to give lobro a nice vacation. ]

  18. Darkmoon bloggers:
    These kinds of issues concerning truth, misinformation and disinformation, I had recently also raised on Dave Hodge’s We are getting closer to the end and the endgame/goal of International jewry/ Khazzarian Mafia/Talmudic Kaballistic Pharisaistic Satanist Illuminati because the amount of lies/misinformation is increasing more rapidly compared to the truth. This is as the Bible says is like the birth pangs of a woman. The pangs are increasing in frequency, duration and strength to the point of relief when the birth is finished. This not only applies to lies/misinformation, but to world events like economic collapse, wars and rumours of wars, political and social upheaval. Generally, all man-made institutions in all spheres of life are peaking toward total disruption and chaos by design. Of course the design is mainly from international jewry with all other factions as bit players still masterfully manipulated by international jewry. This is happening as it is because these culprits, under Satan, realize they are running out of time. As the Bible says, Satan knows his time is short. Despite all this, I know and many others here know as well that, G-d’s victory is guaranteed. However, this victory comes at a great cost, both today and in the future. Many lives will be lost. Thankfully, Jesus Christ, paid that price some 2000 years ago with his crucifixion, death and resurrection. So join me in this spiritual truth and filter the man-made religious systems that Satan himself has infiltrated and corrupted from the time of Nimrod. If you do not like the religion of Jesus, then too bad for you, but I pray for you anyway for even people like Judas Iscariat, the Rothschilds, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Netanyahu can be saved. Even if it is at the last moment just before their death. So in a way I am glad I stirred up a hornet’s nest concerning comments about Veterans Today (VT) that started all this banter. As for Putin, despite his rational, chessboard approach, he is like the finger in the dyke, the flood or volcanic eruption of evil will happen because even in this good cop/bad cop routine, all sides are under international jewry machinations that make the sheeple believe this movie we are in. I get the movie on the surface level, but want to know and understand the movie from a Hegelian dialectic, cui bono analysis and layers of the onion approach. It is hard work, but the Truth is worth the price, especially my spiritual freedom under G-d. This is the banner we should all unite under, for united we stand a better chance than if divided. Hopefully you all can understand this and appreciate it too. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Norbert –

      Join together…. hmmmm…
      There is also a need for a Pharisee ID ‘app’ and alert system…. with a siren to warn the kiddies.

    2. Great comments Norbert. We are on the same page spiritually.

      A side note. You prefer to use G-d instead of God. Why? I know certain orthodox Jews do this, and probably Messianic (Christian) Jews. Just curious.

      1. I started using G-d because I realized I did not what to take/use his holy name in vain. The Ten Commandments thing; maybe I should do the same for Yeshua. That is about it really. Thanks, Norbert.

  19. I have written extensively about the blood sacrifice and how the movies feed this cultural penchant of the Jews. There is an excellent web site called “Vigilant Citizens” that goes into detail about these productions. I have learned a few things myself and more than once had an “AaHa!” moment reading this website. The web’s author talks about the usual culprits pointed to by disinformation specialist like Alex Jones and David Icke. Its all about the NWO, Illuminati, OTO, Masons etc. and their “Monarch”/”MK Ultra programming” with its “sex kittens” and “presidential models.”

    But it’s the volume of information that gives one pause. There is page after page of the eye symbolism that brings one to the conclusion this has to be a purposeful agenda behind the one eye open position viewed repeatedly throughout all media outlets. It is this massive volume that overwhelms the visitor.

    However for those who have donned their “Hoffman Lenses” and can read between the lines the message is quite clear who is behind these organization and their motivations. Take a look at this assessment of “Hunger Games” The idea of a blood sacrifice is frequently mentioned in these assessment of these media productions.

    An aside, as I read this website I soon became sickened to the point of being overwhelmed, I finally had to walk away from the screen as I began feeling slightly physically ill at the sick, twisted, psychopathic nature of information being presented. Suddenly I realized this very reaction portrayed in the movie “They Live” where John Nada talks about how the “glasses” make one’s head hurt and after a short while have to be removed – another AhHa! moment. But it’s not the glasses, it’s the view they present.

    As I have stated countless times, if one really wants to examine the mind of the Jew, one must read their books especially the “graphic novel” genre and watch their movies, especially their horror movies. From these, one can see the dark, twisted, psychopathic mind of the Jew come slithering out at them in all its fantastic, unimaginable horror. In fact I have come to the conclusion that a new term needs to be coined to describe the utterly debased horror of the Jewish mind. The usual adjectives, like those commonly used, fall far short of describing just how far beyond normal Jews are compered to any other race, no other race even comes even close.

    Vigilant Citizen takes this process one step beyond by actually examining the messages those minds are presenting or trying to present to the gullible viewer or reader. No matter how many times I say it, few people listen when I say, one cannot watch TV. In fact one cannot even be in the same room with a live TV as it will have its effect whether one realizes it or not. Why do you think all those TVs are now installed in so many public places? TV is a poison that can be absorbed thought the psychic membrane with no direct contact. In fact Orwell predicted it would have its effect even when turned off.

    I urge everyone to take a side trip down the dark alleys of Vigilant Citizen’s Cyber City of Horror.

    1. Vigilant Citizen is an interesting and informative site, and worth a look. Also, Vigilant Christian as well. Both sites look into the masonic/ occultic symbols of ( decadent) Western culture via Magazines, movies, television, music videos, etc that most people never give a second thought about. Most of us here probably do not watch TV etc. as it is a worthless indoctrination/ mind control device.

      But the establishment tend to communicate their evil ways in broad daylight for whatever reason. It is really eye opening.

  20. Arch Stanton, I am constantly amused and annoyed by all the ridiculous suggestions and guesswork on this site. How many different versions of the Jews’ “history” have I read? …. One minute they are all Khazars, the next minute Yemenites, then Semites, then Europeans, and then even “lizards”! … And I am angry with brainwashed smart-arses who continually use the Jews’ dictionary to argue their inanities! You are one of them! … Not smart enough by far! …..You ought to watch what comes out of your cavernous mouth!
    If you read through all my funny stuff (which is my reaction to so much appalling CRAP!) you will see I keep harping on basic TRUTHS. As lobro once said, I like shocking you ding-bats into some level/s of intelligence! …. And believe it or not, Jesus’ supposed Book of LIFE, the New Testament (which should never be combined in any way with the YHWH violence and blood sacrifices of the Torah/OT scripts) gives us lots of adjectives/phrases, etc. in order to describe our BIG BOSS JEWS!
    Arch, you state: “In fact I have come to the conclusion that a new term needs to be coined to describe the utterly debased horror of the Jewish mind. The usual adjectives, like those commonly used, fall far short of describing just how far beyond normal Jews are compered to any other race, no other race even comes even close.” …. NEW TERM? A new descriptor? And not a swear word!
    Sorry, but you are wrong in calling the highly dispersed, highly varied, multicultural, multiracial JEWS of the Diaspora a “RACE”! …. I can give you a Jewish persons’ line-up with all supposed RACES and half-breeds on display. …. Get your own terms correct before you launch into your know-all diatribes. I puke when idiots keep calling JEWS a RACE; as a I do when idiots call them SEMITES! …. BUT THE MORONS CONTINUE TO DO IT! …. TOO THICK BY HALF! … The failing of the Yankee-Jewish education system! Australians are much more learned and intelligent!
    And to assist you in the search for a NEW terminology to describe JEWS, try finding one in these words from Jesus: “Jesus said to the Pharisees and Sadducees: O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? We Christians cast not our pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet… Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees… whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven… That which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man… for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men… the temple is a den of thieves… Even so ye shall outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity… ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous… and the Son of man shall be betrayed unto the chief priests and unto the scribes, and they shall condemn him to death… Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? Woe unto your hypocrisy and iniquity!”
    How about the term VIPER JEWS?
    How about their collective mind being described as “viperous and full of iniquities”?
    Maybe there is not a word with enough gravity to describe the Jewish mind, other than EVIL! Perhaps the word JEW/S is simply enough!
    Arch, tell me: Are modern Jews a RACE? Are they Semites? Are they a religious “people”? Can they be collectivized into one identity? Is Janet Yellen the SAME as an Iranian-Jewish member of Iran’s parliament?

  21. Max, My own personal word for THEM wog and no, not its original meaning but Wicked oversized Germs! When one sees the wog on holiday in Thailand you will see why: Filthy, unwashed, repulsive women with hairy armpits, a look of the inbred about them, displaying an ignorance and arrogance that must be seen to be believed then WOG is the only correct term. However, it’s indeed sad to see the woggification of the US and in their pandering to these amoebic slime.
    On a more pleasant note, some book downloads.—Personal-Recollections–Memoirs-of-Hitler-From-Those-Who-Knew-Him_266205.html
    BTW, Best use firefox browser and longfiles for the download

    This is the Jewish credo and, I must say, a great recipe for success on this planet!
    Most people can be BOUGHT with money; except me, as I am rolling in it.
    Therefore, as one of the rare UN-BOUGHT, I answer only to myself and buy what and whom I want! …. And beautiful women WANT money! And jewelry, and flowers and chateaus and cosy firesides!
    But, as I’ve told you, my MONEY is non-Jewish, old money from the aristocrats of England and Europe.
    That is why there is an apparent dichotomy between me and the rest of you! I don’t like saying this, but most of you are very PEASANT-ISH! …. Many of you should be put in the stocks!
    Of course, me and the wealthy aristocrats have to deal with the vile Jewish money-changers; after all they control the Superpower (while it lasts) and its Reserve, global money system.
    Village idiots who know really nothing about MONEY think the USA is about to collapse due to debt/bankruptcy.
    This is a total misconception, as all the Jews of the FED have to do is turn on the $100 bill/note printing machine for a few days. This money “out of thin air”, with no auditing and accounting for, is simply given to other Jews, for eg, to pay all the cattle like, bubba residents of the long bankrupt California. By doing this they prevent any civil discord and remain firmly in POWER, whilst laundering off untold trillions to themselves and Israel. …. Yes, my plebeians it is ALL as simple as that! …. How stupid are you?
    In fact, the somewhat reputable Stuart Varney of FOX Business, repeated my words recently: “The USA is quite safe! We control the money and we can always print more, endlessly and endlessly!
    Some of the other nations are getting sick of America saving itself with “out of thin air money” and, perhaps their own banks/currency is a solution. But lots of doomsayers on this site even see JEWS in BRICS and the new Asian Development Bank. Guessing, boys and gals?
    My assets include much HARD wealth; such as diamonds, gold and real estate, shopping centres, hotels, etc.
    THE FED IS THE KEY, my children! …. The KEY TO UNBRIDLED POWER!!!!! …. Get ya heads out of ya buckets and start talking about the SOCIAL REALITY! In my world you BUY what you want!

    1. “The USA is quite safe! We control the money and we can always print more, endlessly and endlessly”

      Up to a certain point maybe, but nothing is permanent in this physical world and History is our witness. All we can say about today’s situation and particularly particularly Israel is that,

      A sequence of events has been triggered, and has gained momentum. Come what may, it will follow its course until its natural conclusion (until it subsides).

      Just testing my minimal html skills.

    2. @ Max Bilney

      You make some fascinating points. I am just wondering if your posts have been censored on VT or if in fact you have been banned from posting there?

      You have enjoyed almost total freedom of speech to say what you wish on the Darkmoon site. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they agree with what you say. Has VT been equally accommodating? Who exactly is the monitor there?

      Just wondering. I find the comments on Darkmoon far more interesting and informative. The trouble with Darkmoon though is that there are far too many irrelevant and off-topic comments. Too much idle chatter and bitchy infighting, mostly coming from female posters.

    3. Max –

      When asked why she and hubby had so much interest is politics in 1992, Hillary Clinton stated, “Politics is money…money is power.” I clipped that one from the rag and copied it in my newsletter at the time.

      Libya is a perfect example of an entire cosmopolitan country resisting debt slavery…. and it and all the people failed in the great fight. Libya was taken down HARD!!

      Varney is correct. I have had that view for decades myself. Just add more zeros and keep writing checks and inventing more debt. 6 zeros. 9 zeros. 12 zeros. 15 zeros. 18 zeros. It IS Easy. It has worked for over a century. Enter BRICS invented by the same Pharisees, it can go another century. Keep inventing and changing horses… a reset or two here and there… it can go hundreds of years more. No ‘Jubilee’ needed.

    4. You can’t be “rolling in it” and “unbought” at the same time, Max

      Just sayin’

    5. hahahahaha!

      non-jewish old money from the aristocrats of England and Europe, eh?

      Now that’s rich! (pardon the pun) I gotta hand it to ya though, Max. That’s about the most brazen piece of satirical codswallop I think I’ve ever heard come across your amusing lips!

      Next thing you know, you’re gonna tell us that you and the aristocrats have to cut deals with the vile jew money-changers and……..oh, that’s right, you already DID, you crazy ol’ bloke! 😉

  23. Does the Jew controllers of the US really want a nuclear war with Russia?

    I know no one will do it due to conditioned electronic attention deficit disorder lobotomy, but what the heck, I’ll post the clues down the rabbit hole anyway:

    Agenda 21,

    Georgia Guide Stones,

    the Protocols of the learned elders of Zion,

    Michael Tsarion Origins of Evil on “vampires”

    Monster University 1

    Pleaidian wake up call family of light

    Peggy Kane humanitywinsilluminatilose “we ate so many we hiccuped” reverse speech analysis and EVP

    Anzac War Memorial human sacrifice and the “thousand points of light”

    The harvest of the ages

    Michael Tsarion Order of the Black Sun, symbol literacy, war human sacrifice

    Jordan Maxwell predicts depopulation agenda and world war 3 before Obama’s election

  24. Felix, your description of Jewish women – “Filthy, unwashed, repulsive women with hairy armpits, a look of the inbred about them, displaying an ignorance and arrogance” – unfortunately brought back memories of my wild and woolly times at my 3 universities.
    Took me 14 yrs to get my PhD in math. I used advanced Pythagorii (math term) theorem to work out the diametrically-infused depth of the Great Pyramid; taking into account the deceptive curvatures (pi r squared x 16 + vut MINUS 3567.98 SQUARED = ? ) of the hidden passage ways and burial chambers; and taking into account the actual height of the structure, allowing for 1.43 m of limestone covering and bright paint colours which have long been lost to time and the elements. Never got an answer, but was awarded a PhD anyway!
    I’ve told you how I dated lots of Jewesses in my younger days; and about their huge, wrap-around mouths, long nasal bones and general promiscuousness, plus lack of personal hygiene. Yeah, few shave their armpits!
    I used to laugh at their unabashed arrogance and ignorance, as, at that point in my life, they were good bedding. They’d do the lot! ….. Not for me any-more!
    In Australia, we used to call the Greeks and Italians WOGS; but not any more, as they have fully integrated and are great people. I think we should use the word JEW/S! …. It is unequivocal and what is good about it is that many JEWS hate Gentiles referring to them as JEWS. For them it is almost their OWN sacred word; like the words Holocaust and Anti-Semite!
    Jesus HATED the JEWS and I hate ’em! …. After all, they are “the progeny of the devil.” … Jesus told us that!

  25. Max,
    Good points. I don’t have any my assets in either dollars or Euros. Real estate and Gold. Don’t put to much into diamonds. De Beers control that market and Oppenheimer, the Jew, keeps prices artificially high. The problem with many posters on this site is that they still have a very Eurocentric view of affairs and still believe these articles written in Langley about Asia. Your ASEAN neighbours to the north have nearly 700 million people, slightly more Europe and North America combined. Throw in China and India and we have most of the world. Most Westerners today suffer from inertia thinking, they still believe the West is Caput Mundi (capital of the world) when it is in fact Anus Mundi. Anothe factor, which won’t be popular with many members of this site is the studies into race and intelligence. Guess what? The Orientals have slightly higher average IQs than Caucasians. Even in the States, Hawaii has a higher average IQ than other States. So yes, Max try to move your country Australia out of the Western Jewish Orbit. Who is using who? The Jews believe they are using China, but my money is on the Chinese. I
    think they will eat the Jews and spit the bones out. All these military alarums and excursions of the West are a desperate attempt to delay their inevitable bankruptcy. Just wait till the next derivative bubble bursts. So Max get yourself a cattle station somewhere in the Gulf country.

    1. Though intelligence is important, as shown by IQ, it is not the panultimate factor. Money and control of it is. And who invented it? The Talmudic Kaballist Parisee class (rabbis, pharisees, sadduccees and scribes) that promoted the moneychanger system for theit own wealth -building scheme. This system is exemplified by the FEDERAL RESERVE Ponzi scheme of Central Banking with fractional reserve lending for debt enslavement that was perfected by the Rothschilds. Even China will be weakened by this. Remember historically, China was weakened by the British Empire’s Opium wars and then by Mao and communism. China is not as sound financially/economically as most people are lead to believe. Sites like ZeroHedge and KingWorldNews show the weaknesses of China. Of course China is better off than America, but there is weakness in China that international jewry can exploit to China’s detriment. And as stated correctly, the BRICS/AIIB, is just another Ponzi scheme head that is rising to replace the old one, but still carries on the same practices, despite the propaganda that it is a threat to the old system or a saviour from the old system. The Hegelian dialectic is being used depending on which side your toast is buttered on (pro or con NWO). Remember Central banking/Rothschild money does not care about people and government. It is all still international jewry machinations, no matter how you shake the stick for the dog. Thanks, Norbert.

      1. Norbert –

        I agree with most of what you say. But, I see China’s economy in worse shape than America’s.

        Fractional reserve banking getting worse:

        Peoples Bank of China Official Statement of Reserve Requirement Reduction Feb 2015 does not indicate good financial health and strength.

        It is even worse for the Agricultural Development Bank of China being cut by an additional 4 points.

        PBC Decides to Cut Required Reserve Ratio for All Financial Institutions and to Provide Targeted Required Reserve Ratio Cut for Selected Institutions

        2015-02-05 15:19:08

        The PBC has decided to cut the RMB deposit required reserve ratio for financial institutions by 0.5 percentage points, effective from February 5, 2015.

        Furthermore, in order to enhance the capacity of financial institutions to support structural adjustment, and to beef up support to small and micro enterprises, the agricultural sector, rural area and farmer, and major water conservancy projects, the PBC has decided to cut the RMB deposit required reserve ratio for city commercial banks and non-county level rural commercial banks that have met the standards of targeted required reserve reduction by an additional 0.5 percentage points, and cut the required reserve ratio for the Agricultural Development Bank of China by an additional 4 percentage points.

  26. Good answers Felix! (You and Norbert are 2 of the brighter!)
    I own half of southern Tasmania, so that is where I will head when the going gets really rough. I have a fishing boat moored there and can be self-sufficient. I am also heavily armed with great mates and lots of sheilas.
    I’ve been talking about the peasants on this site who lack any claims to genuine class. …. I remembered a bit out of my writing from long ago:
    “The questions are: Who or what is supplying you with your existing beliefs? How knowledgeable is your existing belief system? And to test your knowledge, in terms of a major theme in this essay: What do you think of the proposition that twenty-first century Jews are a harmonious and distinct race of Semites; a culturally-unified, religiously-authenticated people with legitimate historical and political claims upon the lands of Palestine and parts of surrounding nations? Or, to place this in a more cryptic, but more specifically-definitive mode: Are you a person who believes that the supposed “crimes” of “anti-Semitism” and “racism” being committed against Jewish persons are REAL? (For a quick answer, read the section on “Jewish identity” in Part 3, or the completely absurd, if not criminally-negligent deliberations of Victorian magistrate, Ms. Cotterell, in Act 10) Referring to the work of psychologist Drew Westen of Emory University, Housel explained that, for most of us, areas of our brains that control reasoning and logic virtually shut down when confronted with a conflicting view, particularly (I would add) those of a political and religious kind. (Albert Einstein explained that most of what we pretend to be objective “reasoning” – an estimated 80% – is dominated by harmful and essentially useless emotional rhetoric.) The above Ms. Cotterell suffered from an advanced case of this illness. This shut-down occurs because many people’s brains cannot suffer the unpleasant emotions associated with new ideas or new patterns. (The poor darlings find it all too hard to “suffer”!) Unfortunately, the highly dumbed-down “personal comfort-zone” is most people’s preferred choice of behaviour! It follows that most people have lost all sense of individual creativity of expression, as well as losing the ability for unfettered critical thinking and worthwhile self-introspection.”
    Yeah, some of you erstwhile posters, find a f***^*#! brain! …. Extend your minds without fear!

    1. Max –

      “(Albert Einstein explained that most of what we pretend to be objective “reasoning” – an estimated 80% – is dominated by harmful and essentially useless emotional rhetoric.)”

      The phukin Pharisee finally swerved into a fact. GUESSING is the rule.

  27. Above, in the long list of comments, was a comment about animal-sacrifice. My reply –

    Animal substitute sacrifices for our own sins, as taught to Moses by GOD, were animals that were the best of their lot. According to the specific guidelines in The Torah, the animal was cooked and then eaten. Under the circumstances it was a sacrifice indeed! (due to its worth), and was not wasted.

    Christ Jesus (The [sacrificial] Lamb) replaced (all) animal- sacrifice with “Self”-sacrifice. That is one of Teachings of Jesus: to crucify the (our) “Self” daily; our daily sacrifice. It is The Way of Jesus to do so. It is the opposite of arrogance and pride. It actually heals.

    The Divine in me –

  28. Max made an interesting point about the misleading overrated problem of debt sustainability. “You don’t die of your debt; you die because you can’t contract more” like Céline used to say. But since we all have privately owned central bank and that we are not issuing interest free money we are facing a mathematical impossibility due to the huge amount of interest we have to pay collectively. There is not enough money to repay all the debt interest plus principal and our public debt are increasing exponentially. Just look at the graphic of occidental public debts. Stuart Varney of FOX is dreaming alive as always. I won’t even address private debt since it is disconnected from reality, just a Ponzi shadow pyramid.
    In France the totality of income tax serves to pay down the interest of the debt. We used to have none prior to 1973 thanks to the smart circuit of treasury. They call it Service of the debt at Bercy. I heard that income tax might be unconstitutional in the US so what about a huge class action against the FED. This class action by the way, no wonders why the Jews thrive in USA.

    In France, we have this unknown Nobel Prize winner called Maurice Allais. I have studied economics for 7 years and have never heard of him in university/ preparatory/Business school. He worked on efficient utilization of resources. Why he is unknown as we like to brag about our Nobel’s winner?
    “In fact, without any exaggeration, the current mechanism of money creation through credit is certainly the “cancer” that’s irretrievably eroding market economies of private property.
    The critical feature of this model is that the economy’s money supply is created by banks, through debt, rather than being created debt-free by the government
    The ex nihilo creation of money by the banking system is identical to the creation of money by “counterfeiters,” the only difference being that those who profit are different”
    “There can be nothing more unreal in its pretensions than debt currency itself.” Charles Holt Carroll.
    You see: Cancer, critical feature, counterfeiters, unreal.
    Thomas Edison put it this way:
    “It is absurd to say that our country can issue $30,000,000 in bonds and not $30,000,000 in currency. Both are promises to pay; but one promise fattens the usurer, and the other helps the people. If the currency issued by the Government were no good, then the bonds issued would be no good either. It is a terrible situation when the Government, to increase the national wealth, must go into debt and submit to ruinous interest charges at the hands of men who control the fictitious values of gold.

    I am not sure they even need gold anymore since the Jamaican scam in 1973.
    That is the mother of all issues/dialectics according to me. We have two visions of the world. The jews/protestants think that you can draw interest from money. That money is, like cattle, a fertile wealth, and that time is a space to value. Except the jews don’t practice it between themselves because of tribal solidarity. That is why poor Bernie Madoff little pyramide is in jail, maybe.
    The Christians used to think/think otherwise and the Old Greeks of course with Aristote who basically solved this issue. Money and time are sterile. Money is a social convention, a law. It saddens me to see Greece getting ripped off by the IMF Komintern.
    By the way Max your money is as Jewish as British aristocracy. There is no such thing as Jew-free money in this world since money is debt. We will just have to fight for the unexisting interest and it won’t be chivalrous. But maybe you go back to William Marshall, if you are real of course.
    Me, I am going to keep my Euros as it is pretty much Deutsche Mark and i will share the faith of my fellow countrymen. I think this quiproquo will be solved in Germany or not all. They have solved it before, they are smart. And I would gladly become a peasant again since plowing and pastures are the two teats of France.


  29. @ Phil
    How did you conclude that Germany would be the place where this debt/ jewish moneychager problem would be solved by Germany? I suggest that Hitler’s Mein Kampf provided the answer and Hitler’s economic miracle of 1933 – 1938 showed how to do it. Of course historical revisionists claim the miracle was brought about due to German militarization. Wrong! Hitler did not use international jewish money to rebuild Germany and give Germans back their pride and honour. Hitler worked around it, much like Iran is today. Thus that is why Hitler then and Iran now is a threat. Nuclear technology for Iran just like militarization of Germany before WW2, is the sheeple’s cover story for dummies. Both Germany then and Iran now are threats to the jewish illuminati order of the world. Is it just a coincidence that Israeli media (Zionist Nazis) called for the nuking of Germany and Iran? No, because Germany is a historical threat to jews/Israel and Iran a local Middle Eastern threat. Then of course culturally both Germany and Iran are Aryan races. These people present a long time threat to Hebrews and their true and crypto-jew descendents. That is why Bibi hates Iran. Iran challenges Israel’s goal of King of the mountain in the Middle East and then the world. Oh, what a deceptive web the world is. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Norbert, I actually think Iran and Germany are the hope of the planet!
      Of course, there is Jewish money, even around them; but they are far less Jew-controlled than even Russia. The Germanic tribes stopped the Romans in their tracks, and the Saxon (Norwich) part of me is on Germany becoming the leader of the Aryan world. And Norbert is correct – Iranians are Aryans. In this RACIAL conundrum, even SEMITES (Inc the Hebrew tribe) are Caucasians, which is very much synonymous with being an Aryan – except for the nose size and the dusky skin colors; and hairy armpits on the women. Nigrahs, with their 72 point av IQ’s and the Mongoloid groupings are NOT Aryans!
      Anyways, the bright, high IQ Eurasians might come out on top of every one; with many of them not being the fabled YELLOW-skinned, but quite China WHITE! A Chinese WHITE and a European WHITE mix makes for a delightful, quite beautiful and intelligent person. Australia has many of this fine mix and they are great people. I do not like the WHITE/BLACK mix as all you end up with is a fairly dumb mulatto, like Obama!
      I am hoping Germany and Russia form a strong alliance against our modern Sodom and Gomorrah, the USA! I am sick of seeing the Yankee chicks with their pants pulled down; and their “couch” comedy full of weaselly-looking Jews.

      1. @ Max
        You are right. All this political theater in Ukraine and in Greece, is just the cover story that the sheeple are supposed to believe. Unlike you and me. Europe, but Germany and Russia mainly, are doing things secretly (layers of the onion approach) to devise ways of getting America/NATO off of Europe’s back. America will be destroyed as a result. Once America is removed the German-Russian-Chinese axis of the Eurasian landmass will take over. Of course even this axis/alliance has international jewry undertones to it. However, I still contend that Europe will be the central power in all this, since all modern international jewry schemes originated there. Those schemes belong to names like Rothschild, Jacob Frank, Adam Weishaupt or can be classified as the Black Nobility including the German-roots of the current British monarchy, which are also secretly jewish (crypto-jews). A MSM secret of course. Then throw in the Vatican as well. Henry Makow has an article on that aspect posted today. Thanks, Norbert.

  30. Darkmooners:
    I think this link is the best summary of the conflict in Ukraine between America and Russia. The article only hints at America’s demise because of its own actions and suggests that the EU will be forced to change. This results in American influence being removed from Europe and then Europe will look to Russia for future prosperity.

    This is probably the final definitive word on the Ukraine conflict. Thanks, Norbert.

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