Ukraine’s Tragicomedy — Made in the USA

by Justin Raimondo

A map of Ukraine with the region of Crimea highlighted. The callout mentions that Crimea was transferred from Russia to Ukraine in 1954.
A map of Ukraine with the region of Crimea highlighted. The callout mentions that Crimea was transferred from Russia to Ukraine in 1954.

Remember that “imminent” Russian invasion of Ukraine that was supposed to take place over a year ago? Well, it’s still “imminent”!

President Poroshenko has just announced that the Russians are about to undertake a “full-scale” invasion of his country and that therefore the military budget must be increased, while “traitors” who refuse to be drafted – and who persist in criticizing his government – must be dealt with harshly.

While demonstrators ring the Parliament almost daily in Kiev, Poroshenko beats the war drums to drown out their protests, citing the “colossal threat” posed by that ever-imminent Russian blitz. Of course it’s just a coincidence that the upcoming G-7 summit – from which the Russians are being pointedly excluded – is sure to feature the familiar war propaganda aimed at the Kremlin.

While the Western media is giving us the usual pro-Kiev spin, echoing Poroshenko’s accusations that renewed fighting was started by the rebels, the OSCE monitors tell a different story: apparently the fighting began with shelling of rebel-held villages by the Ukrainian army, with at least 19 killed. If you click on the OSCE link, note two interesting facts: 1) The monitors insist on putting scare quotes around all mentions of the rebel entities and official titles, and 2) The report also describes a number of protests in government-held territory, mostly directed against official corruption and soaring prices. The natives are getting restless.

In Ukraine, where tragedy and comedy are inextricably linked, there’s never a dull moment: the latest tragicomedy is the news that Poroshenko has appointed former Georgian strongman Mikheil Saakashvili as the new governor of Odessa. Saakashvili and his gang were forced to flee Georgia when they were kicked out of office by outraged voters. Saakashvili fled the country when charges linked to his violent 2007 crackdown on street protesters were brought against him. He was also charged with embezzling government funds for his own personal use. The New York Times detailsthe charges, including:

“[U]sing public money to pay for, among other things, hotel expenses for a personal stylist, hotel and travel for two fashion models, Botox injections and hair removal, the rental of a yacht in Italy and the purchase of artwork by the London artist Meredith Ostrom, who makes imprints on canvases with her naked, painted body. …

“Mr. Saakashvili is also accused of using public money to fly his massage therapist, Dorothy Stein, into Georgia in 2009. Mr. Saakashvili said he received a massage from Ms. Stein on ‘one occasion only,’ but Ms. Stein said she received 2,000 euros to massage him multiple times, including delivering her trademark ‘bite massage.’ ‘He gave me a bunch of presents,’ said Ms. Stein, who splits her time between Berlin and Hoboken.”

US aid continues to pour into Ukraine, a portion of which will doubtless include more “massages” for the new governor of Odessa. Also pouring into that war-torn country are US military “advisors.” Their mission is to train Ukraine’s army of conscripts and neo-Nazi volunteers, who have been pathetically inept when faced with the determined residents of east Ukraine.

While the Poroshenko regime continues to arrest dissident journalists, jail “draft-dodgers,” and drive out opposition politicians (many of whom have “committed suicide” under very dicey circumstances), the intrepid defenders of Ukrainian “democracy” in America and Europe plumb for a confrontation with Russia.

New York Times columnist and unapologetic Iraq war supporter Roger Cohen is the latest entry in the Putin-is-Hitler sweepstakes, comparing the scheduled 2018 World Cup in Russia to the 1936 Berlin Olympics, and bewailing the West’s ongoing defeat in Ukraine. There was no mention of Munich in his overwrought polemic, but I’m sure that was just an oversight.

Meanwhile, in spite of the widely-condemned Russian “aggression” in Crimea, there is still not even a hint of rebellion by its inhabitants: perhaps this has something to do with the history of the region, which was Russian from the time of Catherine the Great up until when Nikita Khrushchev handed it over to Ukraine in 1951, during the Soviet era.

Unlike tranquil Crimea, east Ukraine is in blood-stained turmoil, with the inhabitants refusing to buckle under to rule from Kiev. This may have something to do with the merciless pounding they have taken from the Ukrainian military, which has murdered thousands of civilians in aerial bombardments of cities and towns. Kiev’s attitude toward its citizens in the eastern part of the country was succinctly summed up by Poroshenko, who famously declared:

“Our children will go to school, to kindergarten, while theirs’ will hole up in basements. This is how we will win this war!”

His statement has got to be the first time in recorded history that a government leader has boasted about targeting children in wartime.

Poroshenko and his US backers are determined to sink the Minsk accord, brokered by the Germans, which has kept a shaky truce intact until now. But with the internal political and economic situation in Ukraine coming to a boil, and Kiev’s rapidly ballooning debt threatening to bring down the regime, Poroshenko needs a diversion – a new external “crisis” – to bring in more Western aid and direct rising popular anger at the Russian bogeyman.

Although I don’t know how much credence to give to these hacked emails, supposedly between billionaire George Soros and Poroshenko, it’s not exactly shocking if the former is indeed lobbying the Federal Reserve to swap out Ukraine’s burgeoning debt. We always knew US taxpayers would foot the staggering bill.

Soros has long been a major player in the Balkans, acting to counter Russian influence, protect his own considerable investments, and gin up conflict wherever he can. He was a major source of funding for pro-war front groups during the Kosovo war, and he’s playing the same role these days. As a major source of money for the Democratic party, Soros is bound to have a decisive influence over the restored Clinton administration – and this will be a point of unity between the two major parties, as the neocons in charge of the GOP have also been agitating for a showdown with Putin.

The major threat to Poroshenko’s government isn’t the Russians, or the easterners, but his own people, who are chafing under the burden of imposed austerity and suffering greatly. With the outright fascists like Right Sector and its allies waiting in the wings, Poroshenko’s Western backers would be loath to accept his probable successor should the “Chocolate King” fall.

That’s why, as I noted here, they’re ginning up yet another manufactured “crisis” in neighboring Macedonia, where Western NGOs are agitating for regime change in order to block the proposed Russian pipeline that will bring natural gas to European markets. The goal is to isolate Russia, both economically and politically, and eventually move the West’s regime change operation into the Russian heartland, restoring the rule of the oligarchs – their oligarchs, as opposed to Putin’s – and silencing the Russian leader’s trenchant critique of US hegemonism.

This policy is entirely contrary to our real national interests, which are not served by starting a new cold war with Russia. The Russians, after all, face the same threat we do: Islamic terrorism has torn apart the former Soviet republics of Central Asia, reaching into Russia itself to wreak death and destruction. Yet we have favored the Islamists, openly supporting their Chechen branch, just as we’re funding and arming Islamist rebels in Syria – all in the name of “democracy,” of course.

It’s a suicidal policy, one that has no rational explanation or justification: but then again, that’s nothing new when it comes to understanding Washington’s motives.

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  1. Russia under Sharia Law would become more manageable. Putin can be easily replaced by Ramzan Kadyrov the Chechen strongman.
    But before Muslim law can be instilled in Russia infidels have to be rooted out or converted. Jewish elements will be spared, they can be used as administrators and advisors.

  2. “…. therefore the military budget must be increased..”

    Follow the debt. $$$$

    Pharisee bankers win-win…

    Rothschild rules…

  3. Seductive Jewesses are loitering in the lobbies of high priced Washington hotels. Many have met and become mistresses of government bigwigs. Bastard children of former loiterers have the political connections to enter top echelon government positions.

  4. No need for Ukraine or major countries to fear the ‘paper bear.’
    Putin can’t even afford to pay workers to do tough jobs as civilians, erecting a soccer playground, much less as killers to be on front lines.

    Russia under pressure to cut $12.7bn games budget after economic woes.

    Lawmakers in Russia have announced plans to use prison labour to help drive down the cost of hosting the 2018 World Cup by forcing them to take jobs that ordinary Russians won’t do.
    Politician Alexander Khinshtein, from the ruling United Russia party, has said he is drawing up proposals which would see inmates taken to work in factories producing materials for the games.
    Meanwhile Alexander Rudy, head of Russia’s prison service, has said that he was keen to use prisoners for ‘tasks that, let’s say, wouldn’t appeal to the ordinary citizen.’

    1. pat, are you using these threads to exclusively bash russia and putin using every jew slander available?

      just asking.

      khinshtein is a jew who is floating these proposals and it is convenient how daily mail, a jew_newspaper™ that never said a word about the 2 palestinian national team players were shot dead by idf.
      in fact, did daily mail, a jew_newspaper™, ever bring up a question of jews or israel in a single negative instance?
      i guess not, too busy bashing putin, no space left, sorry.

      once jewsa steamrolls over russia, things will get much better, then the steamroller continues into china, does a u-turn across india and iran and then the utopian egalite, brotherite, talmudite prevails to the benefit of all.
      but first, let’s get putin.

      here in the same daily mail, a jew_newspaper™, a story on Has Putin’s ‘lover’ had a facelift? Rumours Olympic athlete half his age has had botox – just days after speculation she’d had his child because she was hiding a baby bump, how did you miss that one?
      inquiring minds want to know … or maybe you planned to insert that one next as the excitement builds.

      Putin himself had a facelift in 2010 and is ‘afraid of ageing’ …
      Plastic surgery rumours have haunted him ever since …
      Russian media is certain that Putin will one day announce her as his wife

      i guess that he confided his fear of aging to jew owner of daily mail, a jew_newspaper™, when he went abroad to get his surgery because russian surgeons couldn’t find any clean scalpels. russian economy (as opposed to american or british one) too devastated by huge national debt to be able to afford new ones.
      maybe convict surgeons could do the job cheaper.

      1. Mr. Lobro…my sentiments exactly. I didn’t want to argue with Pat about quoting jewsnews in order to be credible–not! Do do so would have been “po po ma ma” (婆婆媽媽) womanishly fussy or mawkish on my part…but your marvelous rebuff has turned tears into smiles, “po ti wei xiao” (破涕為笑), as we say in Chinese. Thank you. But will Pat’s smiles turn into tears? reading this is, of course, unlikely. That’s my best guess.

      2. lobro –
        “pat, are you using these threads to exclusively bash russia and putin using every jew slander available?”

        No more than you are using these threads to make Putin a savior and hero..

        Just sayin’… not askin’. 🙂

        In case you didn’t notice I bashed an American wimp in the Army.
        So you can drop the word… ‘exclusively.’

    2. I see nothing wrong with prisoners being employed to further the importance of their country, better than rotting in jail. In the US exploitation of the prison system, as cheap labour is systematic..
      I`m not sure the Russian economy is as bad as it`s made out to be, I think it is probably wishful thinking..

  5. No empathy, no conscience, no guilt. The world is ridden with “leaders” who are psychopaths, as are their masters. Ukraine, was a Jewish coup d’etat, but RT won’t say it and nor will the other press/media prostitutes. On a macro level political ponerology is increasing. Research suggests as many as 6% of the populations are psychopaths. Here in the UK, even the MSM have now exposed the fact …. institutional paedopilia was (STILL IS) endemic. Is there outrage from normal people? I am horrified that most of my friends don’t really care about it. They say “what can I do?” They can talk about it, blog about it, SHOUT about it. And they don’t want to hear anything negative about JEWS. These are people brought up in a Christian environment.

    “The western puppet masters also know how dangerous and destructive extremism is, which is why they foment it in regions they wish to control. They also know that ordinary people also know how dangerous and destructive it is. But unlike their leaders, they see this as a bad thing, which is why their governments make a big show about ‘fighting terrorism’.

    What none of them seem to know, or what none of them wish to reveal, is that extremism has a very real cause, not to be found in its specific ideology per se. There is nothing inherently ponerizing about an extremist ideology. The reason they work is because 1) they are created by individuals with certain psychopathologies with tendencies to see the world in anti-social, anti-human, doctrinaire, black-and-white, us-and-them ways, and 2) similar people gravitate towards those ideologies, either because they share the same emotional deficits or because they are simply ignorant of what’s really going on and get riled up by the revolutionary aspects. Andrew Lobaczewski laid it all out in Political Ponerology. If only the world would listen. [“Ponerology” is the study of evil.]”

    1. This is political ponerology at work. The rape, buggering and murder of British children by the Establishment. The inquiry may take SEVEN years to establish the facts. The FACTS were destroyed by the intelligence services years ago. The current Jewess Home Secretary said “Westminster child abuse claims ‘are just the tip of the iceberg’ and worse is to come,” “Former MPs alleged to have sexually abused children and killed three boys. Yesterday Mrs May suggested even worse claims could soon follow. Police Commissioner insists Scotland Yard is taking claims seriously … they are all Freemasons, so that’s code for cover-up. Around 40 detectives are investigating the historic child abuse allegations”.

      1. A woman now in her fifties, told how cops stood guard, whilst she, and other children were being brutalized by pædophiles..

        Just read that thousands of Americans are renouncing their citizenship, I wonder why..

        I also read the interview an Italian newspaper did with Putin, very interesting. I love the laid back way he has of dismissing the machinations of the US..

      2. The Jewish MSM won’t report this. “In Rome, Italy, in 2000, Italian police broke up a ring of eleven top Jewish gangsters. It was discovered that they had been kidnapping Gentile (non-Jewish) children between the ages of two and five from orphanages, raping them, and then murdering the children. These despicable crimes were recorded live on film and sold throughout the infamous global “snuff film” industry. Over 1,700 customers had paid as much as $20,000 per film to view little children being raped and murdered. Both the Associated Press and Reuters agencies reported this heinous crime on September 27, 2000 (Also see The Rome Observer, October 1, 2000). But few U.S. newspapers and none of America’s TV news networks carried this shocking news story. Why?

        When Italian TV broadcast scenes of the arrests of the snuff film perverts at prime time to more than eleven million viewers, Jewish officials went berserk. Claiming “blood libel,” they demanded that the Jewish elite who sat on the board of directors of the Italian TV network punish those responsible for allowing this news to surface. It was done. The TV executives were fired.

        One cannot help but wonder: Was it Judaism’s most holy book, the Talmud, that put it in the hearts of those monsters to commit such brutish and evil crimes against children? After all, their Talmud says that if a grown man rapes a young girl under three years of age, “it is nothing.” And Gentiles, according to the Talmud, may be killed practically without restriction.”

      3. The Jewish MSM won’t report this. “In Rome, Italy, in 2000, Italian police broke up a ring of eleven top Jewish gangsters.

        what, not even daily mail, a jew_newspaper™?
        pat, write them an outraged letter to the editor.

        this won’t do, no sir, it just won’t do.
        where are the same journalistic standards that just today fearlessly exposed the mass murderer putin’s machinations for setting up FEMA camps gulag to force prisoners to erect soccer stadiums?
        not to mention botox … yes, the world lives day to day to hear which nasty celebrity was botoxed last.
        for sure not natalie portman.

      4. lobro –

        You using these threads to ‘exclusively’ promote Putin..???

        Like you….. jus askin’.. 🙂

        BTW – Most articles here bash Americans…. good to go for me.

        Not crying and moaning about it. 🙁

      5. pat,

        there is a difference.
        a multiplicity of differences.
        i don’t make it my business to bash america and would more than welcome any sign of improvement or public figures able and willing to speak up for their country, let alone DO something to save it from the free fall that is nearing the rocky bottom.
        i have nothing but respect for andrew jackson or even abe lincoln (well, mostly respect, not versed in amer-history well enough to go definitive on it).
        i am even willing to cut a bit of slack to obama on the faint hope that he may surreptitiously be trying to pour sugar in israelites tank.
        like i said, faint hope but i hang onto it.
        i believe that obama, rat that he is, is a better man than stephen harper, “my national leader” (a triple no, he is not mine, he is not a leader and has nothing to do with the nation of canada).

        so what, i am swimming against the tide of diseased sludge coming out of the states, the bloodthirsty jingoism that equates bloody harvest from air, killing machines ever since the agent orange, a-10 gunships and napalm in vietnam to the raptor drones raining fleshettes and white phosphorus on weddings in pakistan to the bravery of a warrior.
        am i wrong to be sickened by this spectacle?
        i think not.

        and when some dude, overcome by conscience that the us army is trying to eliminate in grunts, refuses to kill indiscriminately and plays sick with a hangnail, he is crucified as a coward and a wimp.
        yet to me, he is the bravest of all, ready to face the hostile mass of the unwashed brainwashed in order to save and protect his personal honor.

        well … talk about topsy turvy bizarro world.

        i anticipate that the next recipient of the congressional medal of honor will be a drone.

      6. lobro –

        I was not pointing a finger at you.
        I was referring to the articles: “Most articles here bash Americans.”

        Give the drone its due.

        BTW – if you check my posts, you will find that I never mention the name which begins with O and ends in A. The name is a total fiction. Meaningless to me.

    2. @Ingrid B. As a fellow Briton I’m unimpressed with your comment. You know that the Jew Lord Leon Brittan, former Home Secretary buggered boys and conveniently died of cancer last year – very private funeral and NO memorial service – I bet he’s sunning himself in Tel Aviv. You know that the Jew Lord Greville Janner has buggered boys, but the Crown Prosecution Service won’t prosecute him because they say he’s suffering from severe dementia. Funny that. He was able to speak in the House of Lords only last year. He’s still the Chairman of the Government financed Holocaust Education Trust which now has 25,000 British children as “Ambassadors” brainwashing future generations. Don’t you know any of this Ingrid?

      1. Lord Justice Fulford (immigrant) was a key backer of the notorious PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange), Police suspect the group of abusing children on an ‘industrial scale’

        He is revealed as a founder member of campaign to defend PIE at the time it was calling for the age of consent to be lowered to just four years old.

        . . .

        Lord Nueberger, the Zionist imigrant Jew president of the Supreme Court, begining his career as a banker with the NM Rothschild immigrants is most senior judge in the country and in a long line of Judaic imigrant head judges. He succeeded the imigrant Lord Wolf, who in turn succeeded the Jew imigrant Lord Phillips. So that makes last three heads of Britain’s Judiciary all Jewish immigrants.

        So one must ask the question ? On the balance of probability would this happen under normal circumstance involving such a small impervious community (immigrants) who retain two passports (Aliyah) and allegiance to Israel ?

      2. @ Red Onions. Yes, I know all this. I can`t understand what you think is wrong with my comment, I was merely repeating what one of the victims of these monsters told to the press. She is in the process of trying to claim some sort of compensation, and is urging other victims to speak out..

      Orthodox Yidershism is a sleeping giant, devotees spend most of their time focusing on the superstitious nonsense written in the Talmud. But once they trash the ridiculous Talmud and get into the politics of wealth accumulation, the white goyim will have big problems.

  6. Dear Justin Raimondo:
    Good factual article as Int’l Jewry power uses America to enforce American hegemony on Ukraine. Perhaps the same result awaits America in Ukraine as was the result of the Vietnam war. Putin on the other hand, just moves his chess pieces around without major movements along the Ukrainian/Russian border. Putin has not taken the bait taunted by America/NATO and EU members. American destabilization has also spread to Macedonia to cause unrest over Russian backed oil/gas pipelines in the area. Neutral/unbiased reports suggest that that uprising is failing due to Macedonians figuring out what is going on and who was behind it. The next area of concern is Turkey, which will not have a majority government. Erdogan is worried and I am sure Putin will use that uncertainty in Turkey to continue his support for Turkey against NATO and the EU for Russia’s advantage. Then when you mention Turkey, do not forget Turkey supports the ISIS rebels. Thus Putin can use Turkey to cause trouble for ISIS and thus America indirectly. Reduce ISIS in the Middle East but let it continue in America as ISIS is a CIA/MOSSAD/MI6/ Saudi intelligence psyop. Then Greece is now leaning to Russia/BRICS for funding. Overall, Putin is surrounding Ukraine without firing a shot. My sense is that Putin is staying cool and rational and let America/NATO continue their destabilization to the point that America/NATO will be forced to make the first move against Russia. This idea is like the same reasoning why Hitler was forced to attack Russia and open an eastern front against Stalin to stave off a full Russian march west. In this way Germany was forced to make the same mistake twice – a 2 front war. Regardless of which way Ukraine plays out, America will collapse and everyone but the jewish money power will be blamed, ie. Russia/ISIS/cyberattacks/civil unrest, etc.. Regardless, the banksters pickup Ukraine for pennies on the dollar, whether under American or Russian control. Secretly, I think Ukraine may end up under EU control by Germany. I think Putin will sit pat with his poker hand close to his chest and force the west to move first. The closer America gets to its collapse, the more likely this scenario. I pray for the people of Ukraine, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. But God help us all against the jewish money power. And Germany rise up against America soon to save Europe. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. I agree Norbert, Yemen is being totally destroyed by the saudis for similar reasons, to provoke Iran into retaliation. Senators in the US are constantly calling for war, with Iran, or with Russia. I wish it were possible to give these psychopaths a taste of what war means..

    2. @norbert, ingrid

      in any conflict dynamics, one sure way to gauge the running score is to look at which side is playing its hand calmly with deliberation and which one is freaking out, bouncing off walls, hair on fire.

      after putin took control from jew medvedev, the kabbala agenda of spreading mayhem, chaos and dismemberment of nations hasn’t moved an inch, syria, iran, china, russia – nada, repeat, not an inch, in fact there are setbacks everywhere, rats abandoning sinking noah’s ark.

      so you got putin sitting back, smirking, saying nothing but making considered financial, economic, military and political moves in unison with brics partners while the shabbo coalition is impotently hollering blue murder: all options on table, the clock hands near 12, we will not allow/tolerate/sit idly while … yeah right.
      all the heroes can do is handcuff ursula haverback and arrest her, 40 swat guys on ready with death ray guns.

      or maybe i got my talking points scrambled, didn’t read daily mail for over 24 hours. way over.

  7. Nothing new , the jews have always acted this way. People is impotent and frustrated.
    Many are stupid,many more are stupidized by edonism and perversions, but even the most evoluted of viruses,is not able to keep its host healthy and fit to serve it. Soon the jewish infected nations will have high fever and convulsions and the force of life will start to struggle. I believe that jews are nothing more than evil, they get power from our weaknesses , but we are not born evil than we can recovery and survive. They created a piramid to dominate ourselves, a stratificated society of servants and cooperators,of secrets and hitmen. We understood their strategy, our consciousness is working her way, we will develope a reaction when the critical point is reached. Europeans , Americans let,s stand together , side by side, for freedom and justice ,in the name of our civilization, in rhe name of Christianity. God bless you.

    1. @Roman. Thank you. “The Greatest Commandment” Jesus was asked: “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is:
      ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

      No wonder Jews hate him. Judaism is an ideology of evil. They don’t want equality, they are supremacists, including those who don’t go to Synagogue. Give me a young child. If I tell them from an early age .. you as a Jew are better than any else,, you are one of the chosen people on this planet, only care for Jews, exploit all non-jews, cheat, lie and steal from them if you can. Whereas if I teach a child, never steal, everyone is equal, be kind and generous. What is the difference. The jews are fucking psychopaths.

      Halacha 9

      A gentile who studies the Torah is obligated to die. They should only be involved in the study of their seven mitzvot.

      Similarly, a gentile who rests, even on a weekday, observing that day as a Sabbath, is obligated to die. Needless to say, he is obligated for that punishment if he creates a festival for himself.

      The general principle governing these matters is: They are not to be allowed to originate a new religion or create mitzvot for themselves based on their own decisions. They may either become righteous converts and accept all the mitzvot or retain their statutes without adding or detracting from them.

      If a gentile studies the Torah, makes a Sabbath, or creates a religious practice, a Jewish court should beat him, punish him, and inform him that he is obligated to die. However, he is not to be executed.

      Lots more punishment for gentiles at:

      1. I wonder if The Christians might ever actually understand Jesus as nonsectarian, and crucify him again for it.
        (give us conchita!)

      2. @Red Onions

        Well put concisely and true.

        The Second Commandment was intentionally left out of the original Ten Commandments in Exodus so that they could elevate themselves above others and blame God for what they wrote and did assuming it’s true which is a bad assumption in my opinion. The simple way that people should know that it was intentional to leave out the Second Commandment was revealed when Jesus was speaking with a Pharisee lawyer about the Second Commandment and the lawyer agreed, had no objection to it being mentioned. Since the Second Commandment is essential to fulfill the First Commandment, the vast majority of the Old Testament should be ignored since its basis is wrong to be in line with God’s law according to Jesus.

        The Ten Commandments are the jewish commandments. There are only Seven Christian Commandments that Jesus spoke about and they are significantly different than the jewish Ten Commandments.

        I was once in an establishment that had the Ten Commandments framed on the wall. I asked the owner what the Second Commandment was and he told me the same as Jesus said. I then told him that it was not in the Ten Commandments and he disagreed then got out go his chair to read what was hanging on his wall. He then told me I was correct and resumed his duties rather oblivious to the impact of his agreement. He had no desire to discuss the ramifications proving that brainwashing works especially if it is preformed from the pulpit.

        If “Christians” would simply stop reading and studying the Old Testament and concentrate on the four Gospels, the jews would have a very difficult time getting away with their crimes against mankind. Of course, if they did that, most organized “Christian” religions would dissolve and people could actually start practicing what Jesus taught without all the confusion of trying to mesh the truth with the Old Testament fiction.


        Unfortunately, most likely they would crucify Jesus, especially the Zionist “Christians” and those believing in the oxymoron of Judeo-Christian.

  8. We had 2,000 years to exterminate the Jews and wipe their evil from the face of the earth. We didn’t, and now we’re paying the price.

  9. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. Not every single one but a very large amount compared to people who are not Jews.

    If you assume the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths you’ll never be surprised. Amazing how consistent this one idea is towards revealing the truth.

    People don’t believe this because ALL of us relate to others by thinking that they have the same thinking patterns as we do. We even do this with Animals.

    All of the Jews ancient writings are nothing more than a manual for psychopaths to live by. The Talmud is nothing but one psychopathic thought after another. The Talmud “great enlightenment” basically says that everyone not Jewish is there to serve Jews. All their property is really the Jews. No one is really human unless they’re Jews and their lives don’t matter.

    Jews have the same pattern over and over because it works. They go to another country. They say the last country oppressed them and they’ve always been oppressed because they love God and only serve him.

    They rise to the top of the country by these methods. They flatter the people who control the country, get them in their debt. Possibly black mail them. They take control of the information and media of the country. After this point the country goes down rapidly. Here’s where the psychopaths always mess up. They have no off switch. Have you ever watched a documentary on wolverines? They are just like wolverines. Wolverines are insatiable eaters. They will eat til they pass out. The Jews are they same. Anyone can get rich if all they do is pursue wealth constantly. This obsession is worse for the Jews as there is nothing they will not do. Psychopaths have no shame so they will do any crime or break any taboo to get money and power. Psychopaths think that the rest of are stupid and we deserve to get taken for being idiots. It’s not really a crime to con people because victims deserve what they get.

    Psychopaths having no empathy themselves can only go by the feedback they get from the people they are exploiting. So they push and push to see what they can get away with. The normal people build up resentment towards them. Thinking “surely they will reform or repent” like a normal person who does wrong. Of course the Jews do not. They don’t have the mental process for reform. Then in a huge mass outpouring of hate for the Jews, fed up with the refusal to reform their behavior, they attack and/or deport them. In this stage of the cycle the Big/Rich Jews escape and the little Jews are attacked.

    Start over.

    Jews are always telling us they are not like us. I believe them. Maybe I’m wrong but you will find great coherence if you think of the Jews as a tribe of psychopaths and you will never be surprised.

    1. Psychopaths to be sure. Even deeper than that though, Jews represent an archaic evil that I believe we are meant to destroy.

      1. Right on the mark guys. Not only a psychopathic mind set, “they” are also biological parasites.
        They are consumed by their ingrained mind set. Only they matter.
        Psychopathy and parasitism is no respecter of race or religion. It just seems to be concentrated in that pack of poseurs from ancient Kharzaria.
        They may look human, but let that fool you. The Neanderthal gene runs rich in their blood

      2. yes, i too believe in this being the natural script, namely,

        (…) an archaic evil that … we are meant to destroy

  10. So far, Putin has resisted the temptation to do battle with the USA/West in the Ukraine numerous times averting WWIII. Putin pushes for peace while out maneuvering the plots for war. He must be familiar with the old wise saying that you should never play a man at his own game. Jesus said that the peacemaker is blessed so it would be logical to assume that Putin is blessed. He acts more as a Christian than a jewish stooge as the evidence bares it out. Jews love war when gentiles die for their cause.

    1. Well said, Ungenius!
      One must judge a man by his enemies. If the New York Times, The Economist Magazine, the Daily Mail of the UK and the Mossad front Guardian and all the rest of the Western media are against Putin, then he is a geniune foe of the Judeo-Masonic countries. Some people say “Why doesn’t he reveal all he knows about the Jews, 9/11 and so on?” However, I believe he is following Rommel’s dictum: “Never fight a battle unless you gain something!”
      One other point. If you read A.K. Chesterton’s book “The New Unhappy Lords.” written in 1965, in which he posits that the Jewish money lords had divided the world into two camps, communist and capitalist in order to more easily bring about world government. Why then after the fall of the USSR and the achievement of the money lord’s aims, do some people believe that Putin is controlled opposition? That is why I think Putin is the real deal. I believe the NWO did not foresee the advent of Putin and that is why they are so demonic in their denunciations of him.

      1. “Why then after the fall of the USSR and the achievement of the money lord’s aims, do some people believe that Putin is controlled opposition? … I believe the NWO did not foresee the advent of Putin and that is why they are so demonic in their denunciations of him.”

        way beyond the grasp of some … best is to obey the dictat of the New York Times and hate Putin on command.

      2. Felix –
        Lobro –

        “I believe the NWO did not foresee the advent of Putin”

        “I believe” = “I guess.”

        AND…. “I guess” otherwise.

        If Putin were not wanted by oligarch bankers, London’s Rothschilds, he would be invited to Dallas where he would be driven in a convertible in a motorcade down Elm St and right by the obelisk at Dealy Plaza at sun’s zenith, and sacrificed. Zapruder’s offspring would get it all on cell phone cam.
        More than twenty shots… one kill..

        I further ‘guess’ that getting rid of Putin, if he were a renegade leader, like JFK, would be more likely than US and Russia war….. or a ridiculous ‘Sampson Option’ mentioned frequently.

        Almost everyone here speaks of the powerful bankers causing all wars, killing millions…..
        …for centuries…… and one man stands in the way of their goals. HA!!

        Many do ‘get it’… They ‘get it’… that it is ridiculous to believe fairy-tales like that. Aesop no match. 🙂

      3. @pat,

        you seem to have arrived at firm conclusion that there is no way anyone anywhere in the world is capable of usurping a position of power without the rothschilds express approval or that in case of such success, however extremely unlikely, the supplanter is given only days or weeks before being assassinated.

        this assigns godlike powers to the rothschild mafia and reduces 100% of the goyim to the cattle rank as asserted by the jews.

        it is a very defeatist worldview, basically saying, what’s the use trying, it is hopeless now and forever.
        only local defiance by a single shotgun toting hillbilly is possible (and our only hope).

        so for some reason, even though the kabbalists have the absolute power and can deal with the whole world exactly as with the west bank or gaza, for some strange reason they don’t.

        can you explain what is this reason for the wholly unnecessary “shalom darkei” (ie, jew playing nice until he gets absolute power)?


      4. Pat,

        Don’t yah know that there have been many assassination attempts on Putin? They’re trying to kill him alright. They don’t always get their way and sometimes it takes them decades to kill their real enemies:

        Judea declared war on Germany in 1934, but it took the Rothschilds 6 years to actually have a real war with Germany…all that time Herr Hitler trying to prevent one and even making peace offers after the war had started…all his peace offers have been declassified now. Of course, Hitler eventually did die in 1945…but it took the Rothschild’s 11 years to kill him! If Darkmoon and the Internet had been around back then, you’d probably would have spent the 11 years trying to convince us that Hitler was controlled opposition.

        Pat, you really do want to have your cake and eat it, too, don’t yah? You really do want to see Putin’s dead body before you concede that you were wrong, don’t yah?

      5. lobro –

        The comment of mine, to which you replied, was, as I stated, a ‘guess.’ I take that liberty to ‘guess’ about Putin along with you.

        When you state that I “seem to have arrived” displays another ‘guess’…. Only this time it is about what is in MY mind. So, my response is definitely not a ‘guess’ about what I state. And any offer of “firm conclusion” of my statements by you is another ‘guess’ which would be a “firm” mistake.

        The powers I note in Rothschild are not “godlike” at all… but as a general in command of the finances of the major powers of the world. Defeat is not impossible, but difficult… because of greed of the agents in, and out of, the cadre.

        I have stated my views on numerous occasions. I enjoy the opportunity to repeat them for you:
        1 – All government leaders are liars. That’s how they got there. (even JFK’s dad rigged his election)
        2 – Continued trusting the fronted puppets, leaders, like Putin, is a mistake.
        3 – The financial powers can only be defeated after being exposed. Not before.
        4 – I have no proven plans for defeating them. Neither did anyone else last century.

        I have stopped trusting government liars, paraded down the runways.

        The whole of your comment to me is rooted in your imagination. Your ‘guesses.’

        It is fun ‘guessing,’ though. Keep it up. It prompts my replies. 🙂

      6. JFC –

        What were the names of the failed assassins? How many attempts were there? When and where did each occur?

        I’ll give ya a break. Since you stated you KNOW there were numerous attempts… just give the requested details on half of them. 🙂

        I missed the cake… dammit..!!

      7. @ Pat

        If I give you actual names and dates and other highly classified info about Rothschild’s numerous attempts to assassinate Putin, I’ll be a dead duck. But if I did, will you say “UNCLE”? Rhetorical question, of course.

      8. JFC –

        Do as you please, without stipulations. Pass or fail.

        ‘Peking duck’ ding hao.

      9. one assassination attempt on putin

        “I can say that Putin’s plane and the Malaysian Boeing intersected at the same point and the same echelon. That was close to Warsaw on 330-m echelon at the height of 10,100 meters. The presidential jet was there at 16:21 Moscow time and the Malaysian aircraft – 15:44 Moscow time”

        but of course, the regime tasked with the job is the same one responsible for the 15m shit fountain in the heart of kiev …

        besides, you never touched my question, CAPITALIZED.
        so i will repeat, CAPITALIZED.

        the apostate yeshiva grad yossi gurvitz states very clearly that jew recognizes two distinct socio-political states:
        “darkei shalom”, when jew pretends to be civil because he doesn’t have complete power, and
        “when israel is mghty”, when the law is whatever jew says is the law, the status of palestine and deutoronomic history when they were openly wiping out whoever pissed them off.

        so you say that “israel is mighty” but they continue to play “darkei shalom” everywhere except gaza and the west bank.

        explain that.

        my guess: things went haywire for them when after getting israel, stalin went rogue on them and the ussr was no longer bolshevik jew run but presented an actual opposition – just when they figured they got the world in their pocket.

      10. Lobro –

        I never addressed your ‘guess’ in caps…because I did not make the claim.. YOU DID.

        You can address YOUR ‘guess’ all you like.

        For the record… I am not claiming it is EXACTLY the same EVERYWHERE.

        You left off part of the quote….. when the author ‘guessed’…

        “It Looks That Way!”

  11. Ungenius
    BTW, you can download the book in question by googling A.K Chesterton PDF and a free download should appear. I first read the book in 1970, when I was in South Africa. I must admit, at that time, I thought it implausible, but after the fall of the USSR, AK was vindicated.

  12. Members of the Yiddish tribe should not be called sexual psychopaths because most Yiddish men have a low testosterone level. It is true the Yidess will participate in orgies only if they contribute to their financial success. Pedophilia is a friend of drunken goys who often bring their young daughters into the bedroom for sex play. Yids seldom drink alcohol beverages. It is true that Yids are obsessed with profits and common morality seldom gets in their way. But Poor goys and Yids must work hard to obtain financial success and stop worrying about the morals of those that are more fortunate.

  13. In a recent interview in Italy,Putin express concern that are people in the world who are denying the holocaust, Why did he do that? He said those deniers are very much like terrorist and more over he said that terrorism itself is very much nazi. Why did he say so ?
    Russian federation is actually what is more similar to a nazionalsocialistic country you can find in Europe, and this is a fact. Russia is facing nowadays the same danger Germany was facing in the last century. I am sure Putin knows the real thing better than all of us, so I guess he is just sending a message to them : do what you want in usa and in Europe, we stick to the result of the last war,do not seek anything from you, so you can keep your high rank whitin the new system. Putin is strictly working by diplomacy ,he wants to avoid war , but I think the jews do not trust him. And they are probably right. Are we just about to be used again ? I doubt. Putin is very smart not to give any plausible justification to sell to us , so the more obviously evil the behaiviour of the “western elites”the more reluctant is the apparatus to follow. Maybe the pentagon , maybe the europeans, even part of the jewish community, will find impossible to pursue a war of naked aggression . Propaganda is not working , we do not want to fight and dye for”democracy”

    1. “In a recent interview in Italy,Putin express concern that are people in the world who are denying the holocaust, Why did he do that?”

      Some here have claimed that the ‘holo-hoax’ was the biggest fraud in 20th century, even the biggest in history.

      Why.. indeed.. would Putin express concern for those facts coming out??

      We can only guess.

      1. 99.99% of the world’s population believes 6 million joos died in the Holohoax. If Putin were to deny the Holocaust, (which is what the joos want him to do) not only would all the sheeple in JOOmerica, but all the other sheeple living in this JOOworld of ours, all 7 billion of them, would all clamour to destroy him and Russia. No politician in his or her right mind would ever deny the Holocaust and Putin is first and foremost a POLITICIAN, and a damn good one at that, the best Statesman of the current crop bar none, no one in the last 50 years comes even close. The man is a master chess player and you want him to make a dumb-ass checkers move. Oy Vey.

  14. Melvin Poltergeist, how true is your comment: “Seductive Jewesses are loitering in the lobbies of high priced Washington hotels. Many have met and become mistresses of government bigwigs.” …. My jet-setting has seen me witness the above phenomenon – seductive, wrap-around-mouth, Barbara Streisand-nose-type Jewesses who have the full sexual agenda available, who love any rich Goyim who appear in the lobby. …. I wear my fine black suit and pick them up all the time. I tell them I work in the golden mile and have serious political connections and they are over me like a rash. … The next morning I’m up early and always leave them in their sleep, never to see me again! … Sometimes I leave them a few pounds for their breakfast!

    1. How do you DO it, Bilney??! Please elaborate! 🙂
      (My own weakness is that when I tap a piece worth it – I go back for more. 🙁 I can’t just LERV ’em and LEAVE ’em…)
      I once had one of those ‘Washington’ women – wrap-around mouth – father a Jew/mother a blonde Irish Catholic – who was the desire of all men’s lusts. Sometimes we had at it three or four times a DAY! It lasted almost a YEAR. (Even almost thirty years later, I often think about her!)

    2. I bet they’re really into Holocaust roleplay as well. You do own an SS uniform for those occasions, right?

    3. To Max and Gilbert –

      It is you two who are being taken by them as sexual exploits. Pity the men who are blind to the predator who awaits them at every turn to take them away from what is truly good.

  15. Max Bilney
    Jewesses make best mistresses for a rich goy. They never criticize the goys behavior as long as the bills are paid. Their verbal expertise is enticing and entertaining. Extreme sexual requests are granted with a sexy giggle.

    1. The Stalinist architecture behind it is even uglier. That disgusting shit should be torn down, after the other shit is brought under control.

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