Ukrainians Dispossessed: Americans are next

Mass poverty is on the way. The government is about to steal your pensions and stop all welfare payments. Dystopia is round the corner. 


Over the last 15 months Ukrainians have paid for Washington’s overthrow of their elected government in deaths, dismemberment of their country, and broken economic and political relationships with Russia that cost Ukraine its subsidized energy. Now Ukrainians are losing their pensions and traditional support payments. The Ukrainian population is headed for the graveyard.

On June 1 the TASS news agency reported that Ukraine has stopped payments to pensioners, World War II veterans, people with disabilities, and victims of Chernobyl. According to the report, Kiev has also “eliminated transport, healthcare, utilities and financial benefits for former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps and recipients of some Soviet-era orders and titles. Compensations to families with children living in the areas contaminated by radiation from the Chernobyl accident will be no longer paid either. Ukraine’s parliamentary opposition believes that the Prosecutor General’s Office should launch an investigation against Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk who actively promoted the law on the abolition of privileges.”

Notice that this is a yank of the blanket from under the elderly in Ukraine. “Useless eaters,” they are assigned to the trash can. How do the deceived Maiden student protesters feel now that they are culpable in the destruction of their grandparents’ support systems? Do these gullible fools still believe in the Washington-orchestrated Maiden Revolution? The crimes in which these stupid students are complicit are horrific.

Yatsenyuk, or Yats as Victoria Nuland calls him, is the Washington stooge that the US State Department selected to run the puppet government established by Washington. Yats sounds like a right-wing Republican when he refers to pensions, compensations, and social services as “privileges.” This is the Republican view of Social Security and Medicare, programs paid for by the payroll tax over the working lives of Americans. The Republicans stole the payroll revenues and spent them on their wars that enrich Wall Street and the military/security complex, and now blame “welfare handouts” for America’s fiscal plight.

Is Monsanto’s right to turn Ukraine into GMO food production a privilege? ls VP Biden’s son’s right to destroy Ukraine’s surface and underground water in fracking operations a privilege? Are the external costs imposed on Ukrainians by these looting activities a privilege? Of course not! These are not privileges. This is the operation of free market economics creating the greatest good for the greatest number. (As many Americans will not realize that I am engaging in satire, I would like to affirm that I am.)

The news report does not say whether the abolished “privileges” are one part of a reform that will replace the terminated “privileges” with a new social support system. Possibly this is the case, but as the termination of pensions and payments was triggered by the coming into effect of Yat’s law to “stabilize the financial condition of Ukraine,” the purpose of the termination of Ukraine’s social welfare system might be to free up money to hand over to the IMF and Western banks. In Ukraine, as in Greece, the gullible and naive population that saw salvation in unity with the West will be driven into the ground.

Russia, of course, will be blamed. I can already write the New York Times and Washington Post editorials and the words that will come from Obama, CNN, and Fox “News.” In fact, so can my intelligent readers.

The same looting is underway in Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and the United States. In Great Britain everything achieved by the Labour Party over many decades has been taken away, and not only by the Conservatives but by Labour leader Tony Blair himself.

Tony Blair sold out his constituents for money and is now among the One Percent. Bill Clinton did the same thing. Bill and Hillary were able to spend $3 million on their daughter’s wedding, almost a world record, dwarfing many Hollywood weddings. Obama is not even out of office and is already rich. America’s faithful vassals–Merkel, Hollande, and Cameron–can look forward to equal riches.

Karl Marx was correct when he said that money corrupts all. Everything becomes a commodity that is bought and sold for money.

When money becomes the measure of a person, people have become corrupted. And that is the plight of the Western world.

Where in the West is your wealth, small or large, safe? Nowhere. Washington has destroyed financial privacy everywhere in the West. Washington even forced Switzerland to violate its own laws in order to comply with Washington’s insistence on the absence of any financial privacy.

For decades Americans with foreign bank accounts have been required to report them on their income tax returns. Now if an American owns a gold coin in a vault overseas, this must be reported to Washington.

Once Washington knows the location of your assets, the assets can be confiscated at will. Washington only has to make some declaration or accusation or the other, and your wealth is gone.

As Washington has run the printing presses hard in order to serve a handful of banks that control the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve, unless China and Russia acquiesce to becoming Washington’s vassals, at some point the dollar’s value is going to slide downward. When that happens, the Federal Reserve cannot continue to create new money to meet Washington’s needs.

Where will the money come from? It will come from Americans’ pensions.

Pensions accumulate tax free, and this accumulation will be confiscated in whole or part to make up for the failure to tax, another “privilege.”

That confiscation works that year. But what happens the next year when the dollar is reeling on foreign exchange markets from over-supply?

The answer is that another chunk of American pensions, and I am speaking of private pensions, will be confiscated “in order to stabilize the financial system.” Social Security will be long gone by this time.

Alicia Munnel, who was my replacement as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Clinton regime, advocated many years ago a confiscation of private pensions, including your IRAs and 401Ks, in order to compensate the US government for their non-taxed status.

Alicia has a sinecure at an Eastern university where she continues to advocate against your pension. The joint attack by Clinton Democrats on private pensions and by Conservative Republicans on public pensions means that no American can look forward to having a pension. Americans are only one presidential election away from the loss of their pensions, and it doesn’t matter who they vote for.

Economic security is a thing of the past. Security was a product of the US being the only extant economy following World War II. In those days corporations believed, as did Washington, that companies had obligations not only to shareholders but to employees, customers, and the communities in which they were located.

This meant prosperity for all, not merely, as is the case today, for corporate management and shareholders.

Apologists for exploitation claim that the rich are richer because they are smarter. But the stupidity of the rich is everywhere visible. The greedy fools have destroyed their domestic US market. Really, how stupid can you be? How do Americans buy when they are forced by offshoring out of well paid manufacturing and software engineering jobs into being waitresses, bartenders, retail clerks and part-time Walmart workers in order that corporate bottom lines improve? Who buys the stuff that sustains the profits? Not Americans who no longer have the incomes to do so.

The belief spread by Wall Street and “shareholder advocates” that corporations only have responsibility to their owners and managers has destroyed the American economy.
By locating production offshore, corporations have destroyed the incomes that supported the American consumer market. For example, the incomes associated with the production of Apple computers, I-Pads, and I-Phones are in China. Apple’s American customers do not have the incomes associated with the production of the products that Apple markets to them.

Americans are already dispossessed of their livelihoods and careers and their pensions are next. Wherever we look, the fate of populations under Western influence are the same. The Ukrainians are exploited, the Greeks, the British, the Americans.

Wherever the West has an imprint, the populations are exploited. Exploitation of the many for the few is the Hallmark of the West, a decrepit, corrupt, and collapsing entity.

Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

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  1. Looks like there is a race to the bottom. London is guiding them.
    Most of Europe and Ukraine are already there. So is Australia.
    America may follow, when it gets the OK from NM Rothschild. (PCR won’t name them.)

    Deutsche Bank CEO’s Step Down

    Two weeks ago, Deutsche Bank agreed to a $55 million settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over misstated paper losses of at least $1.5 billion during the global financial crisis.

    That agreement came after the settlement charges in April, which included payments of $600 million to the New York State Department of Financial Services, $800 million to the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, $775 million to the U.S. Department of Justice, and $340 million to the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority.

    1. Ukrainians may be “dispossessed,” and Americans “next”…
      ….. BUT first is EUROPE….. out of gold!! China on its ass… to boot.

      The End Of The Monetary System As We Know It Is Here: No More Retail Gold In Europe

      … many European countries one is no longer able to buy retail gold coins for investment.
      Shops are buying precious metals still, but no one is selling. Spanish banks that once sold gold to the public have shut down in Spain….

      April saw the biggest drop ( 67%) in gold shipments to China through Switzerland. With the economy in Asia declining, gold demand has dropped by approximately 36%.

      Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia and Venezuela moving some of the gold they’ve stored in New York, London and Paris back to their home countries.

  2. “But the stupidity of the rich is everywhere visible.” Indeed it is, Henry Ford, when he opened his first assembly line paid his workers $5 per day an unheard of sum in those days. He was asked why he paid so much and replied he wanted his workers to be able to buy his car. Nowadays, the monied monkeys with MBA’s don’t think like that. It’s all now, quarterly reports and borrowing at 0% to buy back their own shares.

  3. Paul Craig Roberts speaks well, but no mention of a jewish coup d’etat in Ukraine. Brother Nathanael sums it up well. 2 March 2014.

    “NOW THAT VICTORIA NULAND (born Nudelman, married to neocon Jew Kagan), got Yatz The Yid to head Kiev’s illegitimate regime, the IMF can easily loot Ukraine. The IMF, as an organized arm of Jewish banking, has two jackboots. Alternately they trample on the people. They work in a coordinated cadence. First the left jackboot reels out the credit and hooks the impoverished and desperate borrower on the credit bait. This is the loan phase. It’s a soft kick with honey-coated poison as its bait. When the debtors, like Ukraine, abandoning help from Christian Putin, can’t service the debt, they reel them in with the right jackboot of austerity, cutting pensions and social services, devaluation of currency, higher taxes and utilities, foreclosure and privatization. This is the looting phase. Inflation and recession don’t cause loss. They cause transfer to Jews. Yatz The Yid (Arseniy Yatsenyuk) is Jewry’s perfect proxy. He’s begging for money.“Yatz” vows that Kiev will meet all the demands that the Washington-based IMF wants to enslave Ukraine with.

    That’s how the looting begins, with a head of State begging for money who is soon handed a restructuring agreement, pre-drafted for ‘voluntary’ signature.“Don’t panic!” IMF’s Gentile window dressing LaGarde assured Yatz the Yid. “We’re going to come and help you!” Yatsenyuk has already initiated IMF’s “help,” that is, “looting,” by imposing limits on cash withdrawals to $1400 a day on checking accounts and $335 a day on ATM withdrawals. A sneak-preview of “bail ins” HAS begun. With enslavement guaranteed, one asks, “What will the IMF target for looting?” The industries, linked with Russia since Soviet days, located in Russian-leaning Eastern/Southern Ukraine of which Western Ukraine is dependent for domestic goods and tax revenue, that’s what. It’s not for “looks” and “provocation” that pro-Russian militias and barricades are popping up throughout entry points into Eastern Ukraine. “

    1. brother nate pulls no punches, speaks as straight as brother pat but with real fire-breathing emotion thrown in.

      i trust both him and morris 108, another human reconstituted from jew’s crocodilian skin, like little red riding hood tale when teutonic huntsman shot wolfowitz – or was it wolf blitzer – and rescued the devoured shiksas
      (and granny, how come you got that big hooked schnozzola? the better to pimp you my dear)

      1. yiddish lesson for today :

        Okay class, I hope everyone did their homework last night. How do we say “delay” in yiddish?

        Oh, I see a hand up in the back,

        Yes, fetter, you’re correct. Our yiddish word for their english word “delay” is “tfise”. Yes, fetter, that is correct also. We spell “delay” in Yiddish T-F-I-S-E.

        Oh, I see another hand up, Yes?

        bernie : My tate-mame says that our word “tfise” is the word they used when they were in the Soviet Union and my tate-mame used to throw the xtians into our talmud — eternal blessings on our talmud — our talmudic –owned-and-operated work camps in Siberia. They used the words “Spamblinka” “prison camps” “work camps” and “delay” in English/”tfise” in our yiddish like they were all the same word with the same meaning. They all mean the same thing. That’s what my tate-mame taught me.

        Excellent bernie! Very good, fetter! I’m sure your tates-mames are simply kvelling with pride you TWO are just way TOO smart for words in any language to describe!

  4. Americans are already dispossessed in many fundamental ways, especially White Americans. Not physically dispossessed, but disenfranchised certainly, and dispossessed in many legal ways. In the meantime, “our” lawmakers are more concerned about the integrity of Israel’s border than the integrity of the American border. I don’t know why one precludes the other. “Our” lawmakers can be concerned about the integrity of both, but that takes TOO much common sense, and that might perturb Sheldon Adelson the Vegas mobster. How wrecked is America’s Liberty? Very wrecked. lobro has the Correct View.

    1. “our” lawmakers are more concerned about the integrity of Israel’s border than the integrity of the American border. I don’t know why one precludes the other.
      it makes sense.
      all the law-giversfollowers (because it just boils down to the 7 laws of noahide, don’t it) state quite clearly that “as izzy goes down so does the world”, ‘world’ meaning ‘us of a’.
      so obviously, all they need to worry about are izzy borders, if izzies are snug and comfy, well, so are we, teeth chattering in frozen ditches after the sheriff’s deputies tossed us there for missing mortgage payments.
      it is called integrity, the long form, the torah integrity but integrity for short suffices, we all know what it means, no winking please, such an uncouth habit.

  5. This was an interesting piece by Robert Parry from 2014 …. YET he fails to mentions the MSM are predominately JEWS. How can the Jewish MSM be taken out? They can’t. The brainwashing of the majority and their complicit support of Jews has no end..

    “In my four-plus decades in journalism, I have never seen a more thoroughly biased and misleading performance by the major U.S. news media. There is something utterly Orwellian in the current coverage of the Ukraine crisis, including accusing others of “propaganda” when their accounts – though surely not perfect – are much more honest and more accurate than what the U.S. press corps has been producing. There’s also the added risk that this latest failure by the U.S. press corps is occurring on the border of Russia, a nuclear-armed state that – along with the United States – could exterminate all life on the planet. The biased U.S. news coverage is now feeding into political demands to send U.S. military aid to Ukraine’s coup regime.

    The casualness of this propaganda – as it spreads across the U.S. media spectrum from Fox News to MSNBC, from the Washington Post to the New York Times – is not just wretched journalism but it is reckless malfeasance jeopardizing the lives of many Ukrainians and the future of the planet.”

  6. Patriotic Americans must not kvetch when unused savings are seized. How else can Washington be able to manage the economy? Each citizen must submit a “special needs form” to Washington, only necessary expenses will be spared from confiscation.

    1. hindoo wisdom informs us Washington is not going to confiscate the pensions of Americans because Roberts doesn’t have the word “kaganate” in Robert’s very limited vocabulary, so totally forget about the pension issue, we have to spend our time figuring out if Roberts is a shill. And he most assuredly and certainly is a shill because he never uses the word “kaganate” in his articles like eastern temple ascended master hindoos du!

  7. If ashkenazis are not real jews, they’re fake jews as so many online recently are asserting, like NewSong for example, and brutha nappy natty is an ashkenazi, does that mean its an “ex” fake jew? In which case, it still would be something fake.

    Then there are those who assert ashkenazis are indeed real jews [ like me for example]. Which leads me to ask, is it really an “ex” real jew, or simply a fake “ex” real jew, as in the “ex” is fake but the real jew part is still the real jew part remains? I ask because nappy natty was never even baptized into the Christian Faith, let alone is the simian sheenie “Christian ” “priest” poseur a Christian priest, it was never even a Christian layman — let alone a Christian priest. So it sounds a lot like a smirking fake “ex” real kike jew nauseating flea and tic infested real sheenie to me.

    What is it? besides being the monkey it is, what is it? polRATnick is probably the best qualified to resolve this. monkeys and rats and real jews and fake jews, ex jews, ‘ex” jews, and qua hebes, it’s all the same to me.

      Small clusters of Yiddish speaking hybrid peddlers and pimps sold their wares in medieval Europe. They were shrewd smart traders that survived until today. Goyim customers called them Yids, Ashkenazim, or Jews. The characters in the Bible named Pharisees never existed, the ghost Jesus was also a myth. Alan Greenspan is an example of a real live Yid whose roots go back to the 13th Century.

  8. Dr. Roberts is likely aware that media are owned and controlled by “Jews” (be they Ashkenazi or Sephardic), and surely that the U.S. Congress in Washington is an Israeli asset. He may even know that the entire American judicial system is infested with God’s “chosen” people. But, he is certainly wise enough to want to avoid being labelled an “anti-Semite.” Only those who have virtually nothing to loose are indifferent to the threats of JDL terrorists and media Kikes.

  9. Darkmooners:
    Paul Craig Roberts writes so well, but the real snake in the grass is never mentioned. He may go as far as saying Neocons are to blame, but sheeple think of them only in political terms. The Neocons are actually jews. Then this whole article is about what awaits America and Americans. But in the modern era, all this was started in the Korean War and the overthrow of democracy in Iran (1950 – 1953). WW2 just put the chess pieces in place to allow the events thereafter. Each event that happened was a Beta-test for the next. So in the case of Ukraine, places like Georgia and Cyprus were the Beta-tests. In each previous case, the beta-tests were of a local nature, whereas when it happens to America, it will be on a global scale. From NWO thinking, once America goes, so goes the world. Then as for the Putin/Russia/China/BRICS alternative, it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors to give people hope for a better world. A hope the Controllers will give you and then take away. Just another mechanism of control presented as an alternative that will actually increase control through a backdoor. As for Paul Craig Roberts (PCR), I read his articles all the time, but must always keep in mind to pay attention to what he does not say as well as what he does say. Sometimes what he does not say is more important. This article is a case in point, because he never mentions the jewish power in his whole piece. If he were to mention the jewish power, the article makes even more sense, eventhough as it is it does show America’s future through Ukraine. I wish PCR would stop being so diplomatic, but considering his background, I guess it is hard to shed that skin. I guess PCR figures more people will listen to him when he writes as he does. Perhaps, if PCR were more like Gilad Atzmon, more truth of a central-core nature would be revealed. However, as PCR stands, he is just a former politician ratting on current politicians and that is all. PCR come on, rat on some other groups too, like Jews for one! Otherwise his knowledge is only as obvious as the nose on my face. Nothing new here – please move on! Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Norbert,

      PCR, like many like him, aims but doesn’t shoot. Why? Because he respects the Noahide laws of political correctness, “all men are equals but some are more equals than the others”. You can’t blaspheme the priests otherwise you are an heretic, especially the central updated dogma, private central banking and Shoah, the last one protecting the other and bringing in some more, Tony ,like a good dogie guarding the Shoah. The truth will set you free but speaking it will leave you unemployed, send you in courts or worse.

      Camille Desmoulins said:
      “It is the awkward despots who use bayonets, but the whole art of tyranny is to do the same thing with judges (Talmud)” Artistic unhappy tyrans.
      Tony Blair is leading the inquisition, Noahism , or laicity as we said here, is just an inverted version of christianism, with no purpose, just like the French Republic is the monkey of the French monarchy.

      As the song says: The first one who tells the truth, he must be executed.
      That’s an ambitious objective, Norbert.

      Keep up the good work.

  10. Those who say Roberts should mention jews make good points, but still, for the average American, is it NOT enough to know the big shots in Washington are lying and stealing from us left and right? I mean, considering how much the USA is being destroyed at such a rapid clip, Americans should be up-in-arms about it, whether they know the jews are doing it or not. It really should be enough to know someone is lying and stealing from you to want to do something to stop it, whether the one doing the lying and stealing is a jew or not. Whether you know the one doing the lying and stealing is a jew or don’t know if the thief is a jew or not.

    “Oh, NON jew Jimmy is lying to me and stealing from me, No problem, that’s okay, he’s not a jew. Oh, Bernie is lying and stealing from, f*ckin’ jew. I better do something to stop the jew from lying and stealing from me.”

    If Roberts said ” jew, jew, jew, jew” every 5 minutes, does anyone really think that would change anything? Don’t try to turn Roberts into another Kaminski. One Kaminski is enough. Everyone has their own way of sharing info and expressing themselves qua unique individuals. Let it be.

  11. Small clusters of Yiddish speaking hybrid peddlers and pimps sold their wares in medieval Europe. They were shrewd smart traders that survived until today. Goyim customers called them Yids, Ashkenazim, or Jews. The characters in the Bible named Pharisees never existed, the ghost Jesus was also a myth. Alan Greenspan is an example of a real live Yid whose roots go back to the 13th Century.

    1. “Alan Greenspan is an example of a real live Yid whose roots go back to the 13th Century.”

      OK. Makes sense, now.
      I was told Greenshpahn’s mom(Jones) and dad(Smith) landed in a rocket-ship from Saturn in the 13th century. That’s the reason his roots are so shallow. That’s why they worship on Saturn-Day. He took the alias of kindreds on Earth… Hollywood opposite. Wanted Yid name in economics classes. Guaranteed A++…. 6.0 on 4.0 scale.

      Clear now. “Crystal…!!” said Col. Nathan R. Jessup.

  12. If lasha said “let it be” everybody would be like, “Oh, lasha is so spiritually ascendant”, “Oh lasha is so wise”, “Oh, lasha is so intelligent”, “Oh lasha is spiritually in tune with the creative forces of the Cosmos”, “Oh lasha transcends squabbles and arguments and war and pugilistic impulses , she’s all about peace, LUV, and understanding”. I say, “let it be”, my “let it be” gets spammed, jammed, slammed, and rammed.

  13. There is a political boundary for PCR, he has lots of books to sell and bills to pay. His income depends on him not being labeled anti-Yid or racist. Leave the guy alone, and stop trying to make PCR blow his career.

  14. Pat, you are wrong about Australia being looted by the JEWS! …. As I said recently, we are the Jews’ favorite nation and they allow us lots of money! … Our average wage is now the world’s highest and our new domestic dwellings are the biggest in the world; with 3 bathrooms being quite normal. … Our Social Security is the best on the planet; with my 36 wives’ and 69 kids’ commune near the Daintree in nthn QLD, bringing in over $15,000 per week in welfare payments. We hire a top Collins St (Melbourne) Goyim solicitor to handle our finances. … The sale of new cars/vans/4WD’s reached an all-time high in April this year. … My own finances have never been better and I continue to jet around the world, frequently visiting family members in London’s golden mile, all of whom are making mega pounds. …. I am very interested in investing in Google’s development of their new computerized inter-faces which can be loaded under the skin at the back of your neck. These can be connected via wireless inter-pulses to the human brain, which is really just one big electrically-charged, computer-like system. … So in a few years we will have millions of people worldwide lined up to be computer-charged by Apple’s newest, below-the subcutaneous layer, Internet system. In effect your mind will fully interface with the Internet, which means that really dumb people can become instantly treasure troves of information. You will also be able to communicate (send emails) via your thoughts. … They will come in a range of models, with the DRONE going to be the biggest seller as it is uncomplicated and only gives out very simple information, aka a watered-down Wikipedia. It will sell for around $500. The deluxe system, complete with full encyclopaedic interface, stock market and financial advice, rapid-fire communications, and skills and abilities’ directors/tutors will cost around $276,000. … There will be the ultimate model, only available to the elite or chosen few. I will be having one of these. …. So the world is about to change and your minds will soon be inter-faced, controlled and full of “be happy” serotonin-releasing transmitters. …. Imagine it: You can be on a constant high! … I have been assured that mind-control mechanisms will NOT be installed in these interface-body computers, as a precaution against general brainwashing of the populace. Only designated “enemies of the state” will be mind-controlled and life on earth will be hell for them!

    1. Your talk is cheap, Max… but I am not a buyer… Sell it on other sites. 🙂

      One of Australia’s largest institutional investors says the main banks would have to raise billions more than most experts expect in a property crash that could wipe out the home equity of millions.

      Australia’s big banks are resorting to threats in the face of a possible new bailout policy.
      Bank bailouts: it’s now taxpayers who need protection

      Just LAST MONTH – Australia is selling all of the RMBS it bought during the GFC to support the banks!!!

      The Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) today announced that it will be selling the entire portfolio of residential mortgage backed securities (RMBS) it bought to support the banking system during the GFC.

    2. WORST performer against USD….

      The Australian dollar slumped almost 12 percent in the past three months, the – WORST – performer against the greenback among 16 major currencies tracked by Bloomberg after the Norwegian krone.

      AU Slows WHEN China Slows
      Iron ore reached the lowest since at least 2009 last week amid signs the bear market that began last year has further to run with China’s steel mills curtailing output before a national holiday and major producers including Melbourne-based BHP Billiton Ltd. adding supply.

  15. ‘…and life on earth will be hell for them!’

    Always leave yourself an OUT, Maxy. You’re included, because I read little you write which distinguishes you from the grubby and sweaty masses – except your ‘170 IQ’ (about which I have less doubt than before). Do you somehow envision yourself unexposed to the difficulties and hardships??

    1. Gilby, my answer is simple: Money $$$$$”s and millions of them will buy me out of any trouble! … I am optimistic about my future as most of my assets are invested in London’s Golden Mile which (surprise, surprise) has its own sovereignty and is an estimated 76 times richer than the other “Golden Mile”, the Vatican. And my money and assets are totally guaranteed by the Queen of England, a relative of mine. … As for your “grubby and sweaty masses”, or whom we of old-money wealth refer to as “the great unwashed”, I really could not give a damn about them, as it has been their choice to live insubstantial lives of consummate ant-hood. Remember, Gilby, it was you who chose to live like an hill-billy outcast in a lousy log cabin in the woods, rather than making a trip to St Tropez/Monaco where you could have married an elderly, mega-rich widow; and now be living a life of luxury, with lots of au paire gals like me. …. Besides, with humans breeding like rabbits, and now numbering over 7.5 billions, the planet cannot support this burgeoning “unwashed.” There is a genuine need for mass culling! …. Water sources has been one of my big investment portfolios, because while it is a scientific fact that the amount of water on our planet is a constant-finite, what is left has been so largely degraded that it is useless for human consumption – hence I am buying up big into the headwaters of pure water sources. Eg: Upstream of the great Yangste Dam; the Ord scheme in Australia, etc. … The great Californian drought is Mother Nature’s vengeance upon the Yankees and soon your breadbaskets will dry up! Then the earthquakes and eruptions will commence and the modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah will be no more! … Re Pat’s pessimism about the Ozzie $ and finances, he is reading and obviously believing what the Jews’ fake economists are telling him. The Oz $ has been purposely dropped as we make more money when it is lower and import cheaper and sell for more! … I am making mega-bucks whilst the sun shines. Forget about iron ore for the time being; as I am again making big $$$’s on merino wool and fresh vegies to the Asian market. I have even purchased over 56 new homes in Kansas, etc, for the bargain total of US$2,2 millions. I’ll sit on them for a while and then sell them to Yankee bubbas for a 890% profit, before the great end-time settles in upon your hides. …. Gilby, there is a whole OTHER world functioning out there that none of you are aware of; and we have made sure none of you of the great unwashed can EVER aspire towards! … One thing elite Jews have that none of you will ever have, even Lasha bedecked in diamonds and sapphires with Mohammedan headgear, is genuine upper-echelon CLASS! … I have it in plenty! … YHWH provides for all, Jew and non-Jew alike, who get off their bums, eat good food, exercise much, enjoy sex, watch a bit of porn and generally get on well with other human beings. …. I even talk to members of the great unwashed if needs be!

      1. And how many more Minutes of Life will that buy you when someone stronger than you decides to take it, Max? ‘Wealth’ is as much a vaporous illusion, sometimes, as ‘youth’. It can be SNATCHED from us in a heartbeat. Your confidence is misplaced, Maxy. Upsets happen all the time. Remember the scene in ‘Ivanhoe’ when the Norman baron was going to roast old Issac-the-Jew over an open grate? But for a stroke of good fortune, old Issac would have been
        BAR-B-Q. It could be any of us.

  16. One of the problems with the internet is that there is so much information NOT available or else is jewified. I have often searched events which occurred in Africa, HK or elsewhere and often get no result. So remember, a search or website is not infallible. Take a leaf out of Solzhenitsyn’s book and confirm from at least two independent sources. That is why any interfacing of the human brain with computers would be diabolical and extremely dangerous. At the moment thought is free. In the future maybe not.

  17. Another frightening trend is the move to abolish cash.
    At moment where I live, there is no property tax. However, noises are being made on the need to do so. A thorough reading of the protocols reveal that such taxes are all part of the Jewish plan to dispossess the people of their property. When property is taxed, it means you no longer own it, as failure to pay such a tax results in dispossession of the property in question. One is, in effect, paying rent to the government.

    1. Yes, Felix –
      Land is rented around the world.
      That has been the case since Discovery Doctrines c. 1450 AD… and others.

      The Discovery doctrine is a concept of public international law expounded by the United States Supreme Court in a series of decisions, most notably Johnson v. M’Intosh in 1823.

      Justice Marshall cited the Catholic Church’s 1532 Doctrine of Discovery

      1. This article on Doctrine of Discovery and the ruling by Marshall is noteworthy. In fact, I will probably be in a library doing some research sometime in the next few days, and will have printed this in my note references. Thanks!

      2. Glad to help….. We, all, rent from monarchs and oligarchs in banks.
        UK, Canada and Australia are owned outright by NM Rothschild…. through the Crown debt.
        Chief Justice Marshall noted the 1455 papal bull Romanus Pontifex approved Portugal’s claims to lands discovered along the coast of West Africa, and the 1493 Inter Caetera had ratified Spain’s right to conquer newly found lands, after Christopher Columbus had already begun doing so, but stated: “Spain did not rest her title solely on the grant of the Pope. Her discussions respecting boundary, with France, with Great Britain, and with the United States, all show that she placed it on the rights given by discovery. Portugal sustained her claim to the Brazils by the same title.”

      3. An unexpected but pleasant surprise: the inclusion and discussion of the Discovery Doctrine.

        As a self-described and newly affirmed “Chinese Nationalist”(in Canada I’m just a nasty anti-Semite) I look to established White Nationalists for knowledge and insights on how best to deal with the Jewish Problem. White Nationalists (WNs) have much to teach us. However, WNs also have their blind spots, I have discovered. For example: they often cite, as a point of immense pride, that White Men were the world explorers and discoverers. I do not think that this is a ‘put-down’ of other races per se, but it could easily be construed as such. More to the point, it is a false pride or not something to be proud of, to be more precise.

        I have great respect for the WNs (John de Nugent comes to mind) and understand that WHITES are doomed for extinction if the wicked joos get their way and so do not begrudge them their claims to greatness if only as a plaintive plea for mercy. Perhaps the most famous WN is David Duke and he often cites the moon landing and ‘discovery of space by Europeans (funny he doesn’t say Americans as much) as the defining and shining moment of White Discovery. How ironic and pathetic if he were to find out that the moon landing was a hoax and that the Great Age of Discovery was nothing more than Rape and Conquest on behalf of bloody pharisee joos? Herr Rothschild being their king, beneficiary and title holder. The Ultimate Villain in essence.

      4. JFC –

        D of D is recognized by all countries and UN as International Law:


        2/14/2012 1:12 PM
        The Future of International Law in Indigenous Affairs:
        The Doctrine of Discovery, the United Nations, and the
        Organization of American States

        The majority of the non-European world was colonized under an
        international law that is known as the Doctrine of Discovery. Under this
        legal principle, European countries claimed superior rights over
        Indigenous nations. When European explorers planted flags and
        religious symbols in the lands of native peoples, they were making legal
        claims of ownership and domination over the lands, assets, and peoples
        they had “discovered.” These claims were justified by racial, ethnocentric,
        and religious ideas of the alleged superiority of European Christians.
        This Article examines the application of Discovery by Spain, Portugal,
        and England in the settler societies of Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile,
        New Zealand, and the United States.

      5. BTW –

        It still happens… today…

        In addition, on August 2, 2007, Russia evoked the Doctrine when it placed a titanium flag on the floor of the Arctic Ocean to claim the estimated 10 billion tons of oil and gas underlying the surface.

        In 2010, China claimed sovereign rights by planting its flag at the bottom of the South China Sea.

      6. Pat,

        We mustn’t forget about the moon, the greatest of all “White European discoveries,” as David Duke has said many times. Neil Armstrong planted the Stars and Stripes there, remember? I always thought it was a symbolic act, and was not aware of the legalistic and legal implications of ownership under the Discovery Doctrine until I came upon this thread. Thanks, I think.

        Good to know that the moon, too, now belongs to joos, with the title being held by Herr Rothschild.


        As for Russia and China planting their flags under DD…isn’t it your staunch position that both those countries are also controlled and owned by pharisee joos? The circle is closed. The snake’s tail is in its mouth.

    2. Felix –

      Noteworthy this morning was an economics analyst talking with Becky Quick on Squawkbox (Fox network) about the trend toward a ‘cashless’ economy – being advanced by Apple. (Of course, his bent was positive…)

      If one ventures to suburbia or closer, it is often (here in USA) one sees both men and women – not ONLY teenyboppers – walking down the street intently examining their damnable I-Phones as if those phones are some GPS device navigating the morons to their next destination!! THAT is why I, myself, find the masses of asses certain fodder for the mill. They seem to be mesmerized to their fate – like pigs running off a cliff.

  18. ROBERTS: “Karl Marx was correct when he said that money corrupts all. Everything becomes a commodity that is bought and sold for money.”

    That’s enough to raise the alarm.

    Many of Marx’s dogmas were not original.



    p. 155,+difficult+labyrinth+of+a+book+become+the+Talmud+and+Koran.&hl=en&sa=X&ei=mUt2VbPnGefjsATE04DYCw&ved=0CB0Q6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=badly-written%2C%20difficult%20labyrinth%20of%20a%20book%20become%20the%20Talmud%20and%20Koran.&f=false

  19. Australia’s arch criminal entrepreneur, Alan Bond, died the other day, which meant he joined the other 2 recently departed evil ones – ex-PM, Fabius Maximus, Gough Whitlam and senior retributional feminist, the fat Miss Piggy, alias “Mother Russia”, Joan Kirner! (Don’t worry, they have been suitably replaced by the Jewish politburo!) …. Alan Bond supposedly won Australia the America’s Cup for yachting, which he helped sponsor utilising criminal proceeds along with our mini-Fabius Maximus and all-round crook, ex-PM, come Merchant banker, Bobbie Hawke. … Of course, these 3 despicable individuals were fully sponsored by Australia’s all-powerful Zionist lobby which functions out of New York and the American Congress. George Washington’s nightmarish vision of the insidious “RED CLOUD” of international Jewry has spread far and wide! ….. = TOTAL CORRUPTION OF THE BODY POLITIC AND CIVIL SOCIETY!
    These Fabian Society Marxists all spoke of their brilliant, self-enlightening ATHEISM on many occasions, so it was with the usual utter hypocrisy that they were seen off in Christian churches, accompanied by clerics talking about their love for humanity. Of the same ilk, the lovely Tony Blair is being appointed as a European PEACE and LERV commissioner! The clerics lerv him! Great guy! …. Filthy little Communist and Goyim-Zionist extraordinaire, Bobbie Hawke, even had the audacity to marry his adulterous girlfriend, the Jewish set-up woman and all-round slut, Blanche D’Alpuget, in a church!
    As my hero Count Tolstoy said, not in these exact words: The Christian church has death beetles in its rafters and foundations and has fully grasped the evils of pure worldly POWER! … As I’ve said, Westminster Abbey celebrates the evil of the 2 great English Fabian Socialists and sexual deviants, Sydney Webb and Beatrix Potter, with a brass plaque on its right-front floor. …. Sydney and Beatrix said the starving to death of over 7 million Ukrainian kulaks was good news for the progress of the world revolution. … Like Karl Marx, they loved the safety and warmth of the London Library in order to concoct their evil subterfuges and destruction of Western civilization. Germaine Greer still does this! …. Remember, the Jew Adam Weishaupt concocted the Illuminati, Marx concocted Communism and George Soros is the mainstay in concocting the final destruction of the WHITE race and all it used to stand for! …. And you white Yankees will soon cop the Obummer’s vengeance, which you will feel as a sharp pain up ya arses!~ ! …. Oh yeah, that crazy LOVE SONG just lervs the Torah, where YHWH sanctions genocide after genocide, the modern Jewish way! …. Don’t worry, says the crazy LOVE SONG, YHWH will sort it all out! The brains of a dead minnow!

    1. moses mordecai levy changed name (has there ever been a jew that didn’t change names like diapers?) to karl marx.
      father, grandfather, et cetera, talmudist rabbis.

      there is no doubt that he was a rothschild appointed broker of bankrupt ideology, working strictly from the script.

      1. Hello ESP,

        Let me try to give you a different perspective about Marx and Engels, never forget Engels, but every genious seems to be a Jew. What Mordechai told us from his crappy apartment?

        Capitalism is a structural genocide. It will dissolve everything by quantifying everything with money, water, babies, air, genes, so-called dead people. “God told me he was broke, he asked me to raise 6 million of Dollars”
        Marx wrote the necrology of capitalism, the dictatorship of the goods, for the 21 th century, which will die under its own contradictions, you know, overproduction due to the tendency of the rate of profit to fall, financial crisis, wars, again, again ,again, until the ultimate financial di$a$ter, due to the unavoidable growing disproportion between real production and monetary phantasmagoria. The essential contradiction of capitalism is that the unlimited dictatorship of the exchange value “How much does it cost” which has managed to enslave all the use value “How useful it is”, the utility, has created the impossibility to pursue the expansion of the big lie otherwise than by the illusory generalization of the mirages of credit.

        Factual translation.
        … Enron, The Subprimes, Bombing Irak, China relocating its factories in Bangladesh…? No more cash.
        Who is gonna buy the cars and the tee shirt if everybody is out of a job? No one, we will have to bomb the useless Hummers.
        Why a chihuahua nail manicurist in Hollywood earns three times much than a public English school teacher? The proximity of Capital.

        What is a true communist according to Marx and Engels? The greeks before Socrate, the German tribes in the forest, the Amerindians in Dance with the wolves and in Apocalypto, the Kronstadt rebellion butchered by Trotsky, the communities of farmers in Eastern Europe…. Places where people don’t trade, don’t stock, don’t use money , where everything is sacred, where the use value is optimum.The so called communist Bolshevik have pretty much murdered all the real communists along with the Russian bourgeoisie. The dictatorship of proletariat, meaning all the people who don’t own the means of production, more and more people everyday with corporate finance and monetarism, is supposed to happen spontaneously/ proactively like in …Budapest Paris Barcelona Aragon Kronstadt… not lead by an Avant Guarde, like Lenine or Mao, who are just state capitalists capting the totalitarian surplus value, instead of shareholding gentlemen, who have funded them in the first place.

        Marx is not that bad, he was used agaisnt his own will to confuse us, but what philosophical thinker hasn’t in Occident, from Descartes, to Kant, to Smith, to Hegel, to Sartre, no the last one is a complete fraud, but mandatory in high school.
        Marx lived in poverty in London, one of his son died of hunger, after he left the Talmudic lawyering family business and before Engels, the synthetic goy Marx, inherited from his father. He was an idealist, dreaming of a society without money, who predicted pretty much everything with his dialectical materialist approach. The only thing he hadn’t predicted was Marxism or maybe he had, i should reopen Das Kapital.

        What about the Jews? It’s all in the Jewish Question the first book he published.

        But maybe this was all part of the masterplan. The devil is in the details said Blythe CDS Masters. This one is no communist, or maybe she is, i don’t know, those people are so confusing.

  20. Yeah, Count Leo Tolstoy said about the rotting church and its connections to worldly POWER; and the great journalist, Malcolm Muggeridge gave a great update in 1975: “It is not only in the rafters and pews of its edifices that dry rot and the death-watch beetle are at work; the whole body and structure of the Church are likewise in an advanced state of decay, which would immediately become apparent in the event of disestablishment. Ironically, enough, today it is the Church’s identification with the State, so often in the past a source of humiliation and despair, that provides its only remaining strength.” …
    Yeah, and the STATE is a Jewish ruled state of affairs! You’ve been Judaized! … Christian churches are now “dens of thieves”, filled with money making, charlatan pseudo-preachers, married to former prostitutes! We even have gay/poo-stabbing preachers here in QLD, who wear rainbow T-shirts! … My local church here in the Daintree likes to recruit the former town bikes of the district, who are now worn out all whores not worth a crumpet. They like to also attend classes in Buddhism and display little colored flags on their verandahs. One of ’em tried to get my youngest wife to put a good luck/good-sex amethyst stone under her pillow! I told her she would just have to wait her turn once a fortnight and chucked it in the river! …. Many of the old whores are involved in the preacher’s wife-and-partner swapping activities. … They say they have “found the Lord! Hallelujah! ” …. In their better days many were my back-seat girlfriends and most would still do a trick for a few bucks! … My wives won’t allow me to go into town without being accompanied by at least 5 of them.

    1. Yeah, and my wives won’t let me fly to Vegas in my Cessna to do missionary work, they insisted I buy a 747 and now they accompany me in my 747 flying machine to Vegas when I’m called to missionary activity.

    2. way to go, maxy!

      at least one of us found the meaning of true love.

      too late for me but i will pencil it between the lines of the tibetan book of the dead to be read over my funeral pyre, so i can follow instructions during the 49 day period of bardo thodol.

      if i can’t voyage to the stars with jews, at least i can return and get laid at will.

      “give me stars, or give me head!”

      1. It’s not too late for you, lobro. Don’t say that, you’re breaking my heart. Can you not see how much Ingrid LUVS you with a LUV that’s Oh so True, true blue LUV, baby, true blue LUV???!!!

        ~ blue on blue, heartache on heartache ~

      2. what do you mean by LUV, joe? some kind of acronym, no?
        i used to love my SUV but then it crashed and burned, leaving me disconsolate.

        is there such a thing as Love-Utility-Vehicle? it better be all-terrain vehicle, 4-on-the-floor, ya know what i mean.
        but i don’t see too many real men abandoning their SUV’s in exchange, so i better wait until i see which way the winds of fashion blow.
        until then, maxy is the beacon of hope (all 10 inches shining in dark) in this tunnel of despair, no stars for me.

  21. lobro : No one loves me. I want to be loved. I want LUV. I want someone to whisper the language of LUV in my ears. I want a dream lover so I don’t have to dream alone. I want to hear the language of LUV!

    NewSong : Oh lobro, let us not ask for the language of LUV, we got the language of ancient sandshit sandyassbastards.

    1. Not only do I know what you mean, lobro. I’m here to tell you, lobro, you just passed the qualification test to be a citizen of the USA! Love-Utility-Vehicle happens every two seconds in the USA. Congratulations, so any time you want to get out of the Balkans and come live with us kwans, your papers are all in order and are waiting for you.

  22. back to the fun business of the rothschilds’ blessing upon the humanity, andrew carrington hitchcock’s “synagogue of satan”, the theme is american civil war (and guess who is behind it)

    1860: In the American South, since American independence, a close business relationship had developed between the cotton growing aristocracy and the cotton manufacturers in England. The cotton was even delivered from America to France and Britain on Rothschild owned ships. The Rothschilds’ decided that this was America’s achilles heel that they could exploit to re-establish themselves in America, following the destruction of their central bank by President Andrew Jackson in 1836.
    The Rothschilds’ had prepared long for this, and this year the Southern States of America contained a vast number of Rothschild agents. They carefully manipulated the population by conspiring with local politicians they had in their pocket, and spreading propaganda amongst the people. This resulted in the secession of South Carolina on December 29th, 1860.

    Only a few weeks later, another six states would join the conspiracy against the Union, and form a breakaway union called the, “Confederate States of America,” with Jefferson Davis as its’ President. In order to provoke the North, these Rothschild agents and their brainwashed followers, raid armies, seize forts, arsenals, mints and other Union property.
    Even members of President Buchanan’s cabinet conspire to destroy the Union by damaging the public credit and working to bankrupt the nation. Buchanan claims to deplore secession but takes no steps to check it, even when a United States ship is fired upon by South Carolina shore batteries.

    1861: One month after the inauguration of President Abraham Lincoln (16th President of the United States from 1860 till his assassination in 1865), the American Civil War gets underway at Fort Sumter, South Carolina, after South Carolina leaves the Union. Slavery has always been cited as the cause of the war but this was simply not the case, as President Lincoln himself stated, “I have no purpose directly or indirectly to interfere with the institution of slavery in the state where it now exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so… My paramount objective is to save the Union and it is not either to save or destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it.”

    say it ain’t so, gutle!
    we always thought it was all about the great underground railroad and blind negro bluesmen riding boxcars, marveling at the golden grains of wheat (yeah, they could see when hollywood demanded sight) and strumming banjos to sexually emancipated southern belles.
    diversity, die!

    1. note the identical script, now in cyrillic, being played out in ukraine, under tutelage of victoria nudelman, another rothschild agent.
      for exactly the same purpose, to provoke president of the (russian) union into war.

      If I could save the Union without freeing any SLAV, I would do it.

      1. Yes, lobro –

        Great point….

        The oligarch Rothschild bankers… again.. still… control both sides. In this case… Russia and Ukraine…. as always.

        ‘Cookie-cutter’ war template, as usual. Control and supply both sides.

      2. Yes, pat –

        Great point….

        The oligarch Rothschild bankers… again.. still… control both sides. In the former case… Confederation and Union…. as always.

        ‘Cookie-cutter’ war template, as usual. Control and supply both sides.

        by which logic both andrew jackson and abraham lincoln were owned by the rothschilds.
        jackson’s kicking out of the rothschilds’ central bank was just window dressing, just like what putin is doing now.

    2. and the penny surely drops.
      president vlad putin of the russian federation is the exact analog to presidents andrew jackson and abe lincoln.

      i showed the parallel with lincoln but consider that putin declared war on rothschilds when he tossed khodorkovsky in slammer for 10 years back in 2003 and repossessed yukos back into russian ownership.
      was khodorkovky a rothschild agent?
      what was his last act when his jet was blocked on the tarmac as he attempted to flee russia (the patented jew fleece+flee maneuver).
      he signed over his yukos shares to nathan jacob rothschild (another noble mug as only incest in the pews of the synagogue of satan can produce).
      hey ellie, do you know this stud?
      moreover, putin also destroyed rothschild banking anchorage in russia by setting up another banking system with china, the one that israel is now begging to join and if possible, poison from inside while jilted america sits helplessly on the sidelines reduced to feeble complaints.

      so yeah, the powerful parallels are clear to the naked eye of a trained “antisemite”.

      1. “president vlad putin of the russian federation is the exact analog to presidents andrew jackson and abe lincoln.”

        If Putin dies in office… JFK-style… your guess will be strengthened. If not…. he is a player.

      2. clear: the only proof that someone is not a rothschild player is getting killed by them.

        anyone dying from natural causes has been collecting rothschild pension.

        if the accuracy of this formula equals its simplicity, it is priceless.
        priceless or worthless, equally outside purchasing power.

      3. EGG-ZAK-LEE…. You figgered out the true formula for political(and actual sometimes) survival on Hill.

        Freshman congressmen in US are told that. One admitted as much to me, in 60s.

        PCR knows it.

    3. Ft Sumpter is on 33rd degree parallel.
      So is Albert Pike’s headquarters of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.
      More ‘illumination’ there.

  23. Yiddish bloodlines which are the product of evolution should not be denied by Zionists and blind Behaviorists.
    Brilliant Yids can be born and prosper in the most difficult circumstances because of the “executive function” which flows within A Yids blood. Zionism is no longer a protector but a magnet which pulls Yids away from what they do best, and that is accumulating money. Many goyim are avid Zionists because they are happy to see their Yid neighbor leaving for Israel on El Al instead of in slow boxcars.

  24. Darkmooners:
    Yes, so if you are against the Rothschilds you get killed. That is correct but many people that are awake have also figured this out, so now the Rothschild controllers are probably using multiple techniques to silence the whistleblowers. This would be done to muddy the waters and cause confusion. But murder-suicide is probably still the #1 method to eliminate their enemy. And as someone like Gilad Atzmon always shows, there are so many twists and turns or intricate degrees of manipulation and obfuscation that it gets harder to figure out who is who and what is what. The Controllers do indeed like to make things clear as mud so as not to be identified. They can blackmail you, over-medicate you to the point of zombification, remove your financial means or bribe you to wealth, or many other ways that the readers could mention, but murder-suicde is at the top. Thanks, Norbert.

  25. Yids are marrying Chinks for a prosperous lifestyle. Chink gals and Yid guys have the highest IQs and innate executive functions. The final outcome will be thousands of brilliant Yid/Chinks leading international corporations replacing tired old white CEOS. China is very aware of the Yid/Chink phenomena, they are impregnating thousands of Chink gals with Greenspan/Kissinger sperm.

  26. IQ is how one can do things smart. How to calculate or to say quickly. But we, real normal Human, need love. Like we need a ‘Jesus’, not Judas, a traitor.
    And if you don’t understand that, your lack on IQ. 🙂

    1. Christian love is a disguise for the thrill that goes with an entry into the butt hole or the rest of the holes. Low IQs support the falsehoods of mythical Jesus, Judas, or Super girl. It makes me vomit whenever a hypocritical believer appears.

  27. “It makes me vomit when a believer appear hypocritical.”
    Good for you. What your physical symptoms are when you encounter the truth, I understand. But it is the truth. How you feel well. Think of Plato and the cave. Do you think that those who are in darkness, can bear the light?
    (Sorry for my stupid English, i am Dutch.)

    Did you ever question this: ‘Who do you think you are?’ Do you think you are your body? Or do you think you are your mind? Did you ever mind who is thinking? You are a human. And you do have a mind. And your mind is programmed. Have you ever questioned your programs? I presume you did not. So I say, try it. question it. Try to understand the programs in your mind. Are they yours? Do you like them? Do you understand that you are NOT what you think you are?

  29. There are only small goals in my life, and that is to pay bills and try to keep healthy. Another goal is to maintain a small group of friends. My political ideas are worthless junk and are used for fantasy writing. But I pride myself on the belief that fairy tale gods and its devotees are insane.

  30. Gilbert.
    I agree, so called smart phones are more addictive than heroin. You should see the people where I live, so rapt in their phones, they keep bumping into each other.

    1. @Felix

      China has started marking two lanes on their sidewalks, one for cellphone zombies and one for regular walking people that want to get from A to Z. The most interesting thing about the lane markings are that they put the lane for the cellphone zombies closest to the vehicular traffic. Maybe they are attempting to cleanse the gene pool slowly.

      1. Ungenius.
        You are definitely right about the cleansing the gene pool. Here a teenager was killed by a train, whilst walking along the track, listening to music with earphones on and playing some stupid game. Squash! Splat!

  31. Evolution provided by Mother Nature is responsible for the hybrid Yid. He is the swiftest trader on Earth and hated by his slower competitors. Due to favorable conditions the Yid owns half the worlds wealth and soon will own it all.

  32. ANTISOOF, yes, the mind is just one enormously intricate electrical system with similar properties to a computer; but much more advanced and infinitely more detailed, multi-interfaced beyond our wildest imaginations, multi-layered, etc, than any modern-day computer. …. Just like the great unknown depths of the ocean, or the realms of seemingly infinite space beyond U-ranus, humans know relatively little about the workings of the mind. Sure enough scientists are wiring them up, MRI-ing them, etc, but they know very little. Some say they have isolated parts of the brain such that they can be seen to perform different and particular functions. Others say this is crap! An autistic child of mine has little or no electricity reaching certain parts of her brain, but has an over-abundance of electrical charges in other areas, far beyond any “normal” parameters. Hence, she is brilliant at arithmetical computations; and can play any musical instrument without having been taught. On the negative side, she has no concept of time and shows no desire to be cuddled. … With my exceptionally high intellect, I have dedicated my life to acquiring enormous knowledge, which I have used over the last decade or so to totally de-program myself. … ANTISOOF, I have successfully done what you encourage Melvin to do: “Try to understand the programs in your mind. Are they yours? Do you like them? Do you understand that you are NOT what you think you are?” …. Yes, I’ve been through all of this and totally eradicated the prior programming – largely Illuminati programming – out of my mind. Thus I do not let any of their media, etc into my mind. I AM MY OWN PERSON – unique , happy and proud of myself and my many wives and huge brood of children! …. Being totally attuned to my mind I have reprogrammed it to suit myself: Hence I have used my great intelligence to excel in far more areas of human achievement than any of you could imagine: In sport I have excelled, in art, in music, in sailing, in writing, etc, etc, and most people are totally shocked or in awe of what I can do; and how many different high level skills I move between in a typical day. …. This mind control has increased my sense of the ridiculous and I see humor, albeit tragi-comic humor in everything. EG: Lobro’s “fast boxcars” is humor! … But I see NO humor in what the JEWS have done to our planet! …. But I do see JEWS as having concentrated on refining certain parts of their mind. Did someone say above they have advanced executive/money making skills? …. Unfortunately, their executive skills worship the source of all evil, GOLD AND MONEY! We all know what this has meant!~ If this has become a genetic bent in them it cannot be re-programed; hence the need for their total eradication. …. And to be perfectly honest, I have honed a particular, mind-bending, serotonin enhancing/releasing skill that many of you are now aware of, and many of you don’t like: I have become the ultimate womaniser and multi-chick magnet, such that I overshadow anything KISS’s frontman, Gene Symons (the filthy Jew), has ever done in saying he has bedded over 1,000 women. …. But, as I have said, this is my leisure sport and I am the GREAT WHITE HUNTER going out on the town, armed with clear goals and objectives and backed by highly advanced skills and talents. How could any woman resist such a god of sexual attraction, who is exceedingly wealthy and good-looking to boot? I AM VERY HAPPY WITH MY LOT! ….. DE-PROGRAM YOURSELF! …. SIT IN A CAVE FOR A YEAR IF NEED BE!

  33. i like that post by phil where he talks about moses mordecai levy, aka karl marx.
    i don’t care much about marx, never read a single line by him (only about him), just like no one else did, with a few brave exceptions like maybe phil and rowan berkeley.
    there are certain writers (maybe a majority) who one doesn’t have to read in order to criticize and sure as shooting, marx is one, another is old testament, then talmud and so on.
    basically, anything a jew writes should not be delved into without a neoprene diving suit for protection against frozen bullshit.
    because what phil said and is very true is that they just QUANTIFY EVERYTHING, having no concept of quality.
    am i wrong?
    hey, polutnik, am i wrong, do yids have a notion of quality?

    take art, eg, visual art.
    a calculator brain instructs a beady eye to come within a nose’s distance to a painting in order to digitize it, in other words, within 4 inches.
    he sees pixels of paint and they seem pretty random to him, he counts them, so many per square inch of such and such a color then says, hey solomon, i figured out their scam, i can do just that and better, on a bigger scale and we’ll make more money, faster than these stupid goyim who spend days and weeks sweating over such a tiny canvas, just get me the jew brother gallery owner and our jew brother lawyers will ink a production deal and have it marketed by our jew brother art critics and journalists.
    and jackson pollock is born, roy lichtenstein takes a similar approach to quantify emotions, watching crying women jilted by negro drug dealer boyfriends and sold to pimps, how many tears and upturned eyes per square meter and then he just goes to work replicating the basic elements in random arrangement.
    easy money, quality is result of clever marketing campaign.
    and goy buys, sold on the idea that expensive means high quality.

    because quality, like art is something that evolves naturally in PURSUIT OF TRUTH.

    and does jew pursue the truth?
    let’s ask my buddy polatnick, what does jewish encyclopedia say about jews and pursuit of truth?

    “a jew caught in pursuit of truth shall be declared anathema, null and void hereof and shall be stoned to death and his reserved seat on the spaceship to stars and higher dimensions sold at sotheby’s auction, all proceeds toward monsanto r&d into poisoning the olive groves of palestine.”

    because just as with art, pursuit of truth involves seeing the bigger picture, the one whose meaning cannot be quantified.

  34. Lobro, like most everything else, I have studied Karl Marx in depth. Let me draw it directly out of my mind’s photographic memory-computer which I have well-trained: Marx’s words say it all: “I write words all mixed up into a devilish muddle. Thus anyone may think just what he chooses to think.” …. “Ourselves being clockwork, blindly mechanical; made to be the fool-calendars of Time and Space; having no purpose, save to happen, and to be ruined.” …. “While for us the abyss yawns in darkness, you will sink down and I will follow laughing; whispering in your ears, “Descend, come with me my friend into the eternal darkness.” …. And regarding Hitler’s nightmarish vision of Earth as a Jew-destroyed “void floating silently in space”: Marx wrote: “I will bring the world to its ruins. Embracing me (my theories), the world will dumbly pass away.” …. The murderous Jewish Bolsheviks of the Russian Revolution embraced Marx’s poems to come up with their most popular slogan: “Let us drive out the capitalists from earth and God from heaven.” … The American Revolutionist, the Jew, Jerry Rubin, utilized a combination of Weishaupt’s and Marx’s words: “We’ve combined youth, music, sex, drugs and rebellion with treason, and that’s a combination hard to beat!” … Marx died in despair as all satanists do! … On May 25, 1883 he wrote to Engels, in German: “Will anyone believe the shitzum I write? How pointless and empty is life, but how (i now think) desirable.” … Too late was Jesus’ “I am the way, the truth and the life” for this sad satanist! Pity, he was a child prodigy at 16 years! …. Soon his wife and daughter had committed suicide and other family members admitted to mental institutions. …. Subsequently, Marx was loved and embraced throughout the West! …. For example: Australia’s Germaine Greer: “Destroy patriarchy and Marxism will come willy-nilly.” …. Zionism is a direct product of Weishaupt’s and Marx’s thinking, all of which was inspired by the Babylonian Talmud! …. The TALMUD is satanic DEATH THEORY, nothing more and nothing less! …. It is now embraced by Bibi Netanyahu and his cast of Christian-ZIOS! … Your loving LEFTIES are all Marxists! …. “Marxists, but they don’t know it!”, said the great Doris Lessing.
    And from one of my books: “The Reverend Courtier-Forster, who was a British Chaplain at Odessa and the Russian Ports of the Black Sea, gave us many eye-witness accounts of the bestial raping, torturing and murders carried out by the Bolshevik-Jews. He exclaimed, “The Bolsheviks are devils!” How true this is! … He told us about the House of Torture where the shrieks of people being tortured to death or having splinters of wood being driven under the quicks of their nails were so agonizing that the Jewish-Bolsheviks drove noisy motor lorries up and down the street to try to drown out the agony of the dying victims. … The Jewish-Bolsheviks seized woman and girls from the streets and houses and carried them off to the Port or the timber yards where they were used for their own purposes. These defiled women were often found in the morning either dead or mad. The Reverend wrote: “At night I could hear the shrill terror and despair of women being raped to death in the park opposite, screams which became nothing but hoarse cries of agony like the death calls of a dying animal. The Bolshevik devils participated in countless such bestial orgies!” ….
    The modern Jewish elite, led by George Soros and Janet Yellen, are the self-same “money-changers” of the Second Temple and the above Bolsheviks in their lorries! …”We have no purpose, save to happen, and to be ruined.” … MATTER IN MOTION REALLY HAS NO PURPOSE! …. COME WITH ME, MY FRIENDS, INTO THE ETERNAL DARKNESS! …. Come laugh and be merry with me as we descend halter-skelter into the yawning mouth of the black abyss! …. Join the Dark Knight! …. It is fun, fun, fun! …. Die now and be put out of your misery which is life on this haughty planet! … Amen!

    1. Well, Good Morning! The darkmooners slept in late this morning. The first DM snake comes slithering out of the snake pit. I expect your girl snake Ingrid to be slithering out next. I got a few things to say to her. I guess you all were partying last night late into the dark dark night , where? at Stumble INN Ghana? Or, the fountainBLUE motel in Boca Raton, holy site where lobro made His Ascension Into The Clouds, where his head remains in the clouds? I sent in a reply to Ingrid last night. Where is it?

    2. maxy: thanks for these quotes.

      the last part of your post reminds me of pinocchio, which my kid grew up on, i don’t know how many times we watched the original, christian-disney version.
      i doubt that the jew would dare remake it, best to bury something as anti-satanic as that.

      another reason why don’t need to go to the jew source except to on occasion to corroborate.
      one time, at lasha’s request, i visited toronto’s central reference library and on the 3rd floor, took out all the volumes of the soncino torah translated side-by-side with orc-speak by some cohen and looked up some of the juicy bits.
      all, clear, don’t need more orc in my soup.

      and yes, i heard of rev. forster, now that’s the one worth picking up whole.
      i am sure felix already got his internet coordinates for download.

      1. from an isolated, remote village up in the hills somewhere in the Balkans, lobro traveled all the way to Toronto Canada just to go the Toronto public library to look into the talmud on lasha’s request, LOL LOL LOL.

        Why couldn’t lasha simply go to the London public library to look into the talmud? , after all, lasha is in London, lol.

        1. @ Joe

          Lasha lives nowhere near London and hasn’t been there for over 10 years.

          (BTW, none of us have had any internet access for the last 24 hours… I’ve just gotten through for 20-30 minutes.Things will hopefully be back to normal in about a week’s time.)

      2. joe, am i ever proud to have you as my protege, never seen a brighter student, not even when my yorkies were alive and they were plenty bright but even they would never have thought to ask such questions.
        just between us, did wolfgang, the rear window german shepherd bobblehead help you develop this line of inquiry?
        even if he did, it does not diminish my respect for your deductive powers.

        keep LOLing on, LOL is a great medicine, you can ditch the rest of medications.

        do i ever feel caught … i promise to stay in the corner of balkans forever as penance, yes, facing the corner of balkans in contrition.

    3. Max –

      When I purview Drudge, Darkmoon,, lingering here at table in the mornings, I am almost always happy to read your comments. Not only are you entertaining – YOU, mon ami, are very, very astute. (So is Lobro, btw, except that I have to read him more carefully because the lack of caps slows my read down, and frustrates me…)

      Recalling that sicko, Marx/Levy (thanks, lobro), I remember that in Economics101, our lousy professor REQUIRED us to read The Communist Manifesto back in the late seventies. I recall ANOTHER professor/friend (dean of the language school) informing me that our ‘commerce school’ was INFESTED with Marxist/Socialist minions, and that I should change my major studies. It sat with me poorly for a long time, then I blew-off that shit at the end of my junior year. I wrote a letter to the Dean of Commerce School, a few years later (who was a retired CEO of one of the Fortune 100 companies – who had informed some of us that we ‘ would never make it in New York’) and informed him that I WAS in New York, a millionaire of my own doing, and that he could go fuck himself. (Due to the nature of my business, visiting New York was essential, and I actually ENJOYED it, being a country boy of relative unexposure.)

      It has not been until recently – mainly due to the leads encountered by this site – and commentary of you and other very learned people hereon (my times spent with Eustace Mullins were mainly just social, and because I knew the old fellow needed some friends he could rely on), that I recall with different perspective my many associations and acquaintances with Jews. In retrospect, I am very much beginning to PERCIEVE and UNDERSTAND the aversion. Still, my equitable nature does not allow me, yet, to condemn an entire phyla of humanoids – but my more mature, more cautious mind tells me to hold ALL of them suspect. If you have, indeed, written books on the contingent subjects, I would like to read them. (Btw, a cabin in the mountains is a wonderful refuge from the madness!) 🙂

    Imagine the pain felt by the millions of Iraqi children as shrapnel was bursting into their tender skins. The West only shows pity for the pain felt by the capitalist financed white army fighting Bolsheviks.
    A good example of truth is the need to pay for a housing rental before eviction and homelessness—–abstractions are basically for entertainment.
    Quality is subjective—– a little poop is delicious to a fly, but quantity would be piles of inedible and unwanted poop.

  36. Top Yid and Yidess Zuckerberg and Steinberg earned billions for helping make capitalism work. Powerful goyim insiders need Yid smarts to help quiet the ingrates and dissidents who are constantly Kvetching. Yids and goyim together will outfox Russian and Chinese tyrants and free their slaves. Yids should never be shunned, but closely followed on magical paths leading to tons of gold.

  37. “America Next”… BUT… Germany and EUROPE NOW…

    Rothschild may be trying to eliminate competition to One World Bank… by banks and wealthy families. Could be ‘trust-busting’ in Germany, and Europe.. Frankfurt-London-Paris.

    Deutsche Bank Offices Raided By Authorities
    Just two days after Deutsche Bank co-CEOs Anshu Jain and Jürgen Fitschen announced their resignations, the bank’s offices in Germany, France, and the UK have been searched by authorities. 


    Deutsche says the searches are related to “security deals by clients” and apparently do not involve allegations of wrogndoing by the employees.

    Deutsche Bank offices in Frankfurt were searched on Tuesday by German prosecutors seeking evidence related to client securities transactions, Germany’s largest lender said.

    A source familiar with the situation told Reuters the raid was related to the German private bank Sal. Oppenheim, which Deutsche Bank bought in 2010.


    Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie. S.C.A., a private bank, through its subsidiaries, provides asset management and investment banking services.
    Its Asset Management segment provides asset management and advisory, financial planning, estate planning, real estate investment, portfolio management, fund administration, custody banking, succession planning, private equity, and family office services to – HIGH – net-worth private clients, small and medium sized companies, foundations, and institutional clients.
    The company’s Investment Banking segment offers mergers and acquisitions, equity capital markets, structured finance and equity, real estate, absolute return strategy, foreign exchange, asset liability management/treasury, and bond trading services to SMEs, and institutional and private investors, as well as the public sector.
    Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie. S.C.A. was founded in 1789 and is headquartered in Luxembourg, Luxembourg.
    Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie. S.C.A. operates as a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank AG.

  38. Hello ESP,

    First i heard a funny thing on the radio. In England, there soon will be a TV show about the most dedicated worker in UK called Britain’s Hardest Worker. This is the Fabian marxist capitalist version of Alexeiy Stakhanov…Let’s increase productivity people, we need more.
    English should read Marx, he predicted that. But Das Kapital is about England and the Union Jack.

    Engels was more a Jew than Marx, what a cheap shopkeeper this one.

    Marx was the anti-Lenine, he was for the abolition of money and State, like those people on the barricades in Barcelona or Kronstadt, who were shot by the Stalinist Republican and by the Red army of Trotsky. The fake communists shot the real ones. Marx warns us about the accumulation of alienating spectacles where everything true becomes false and vice versa, turn on your TV, eg, Hollande, the Marxist socialist ahah, celebrating the sale of missiles to Qatar. This is the commodity fetishism, the absolute alienation, the society of indistinction, la société de l’Avoir, I don’t know how to translate this one, the society of Having? The Having society?
    Marx is better in French and German, but it’s normal according to what he has used for inspiration. That’s why the intellectuals Anglo Saxons practical shopkeepers couldn’t get him. They just used Marxism to make money, hiding behind this idealist Rabbi son, to loot Russia, China… by brainwashing the workers ,with this atheist Hegelian ideology, who thought they were the chosen sons of history, under the chosen sons of G_d, of course, the Arch oh Noah is never far. Marxism was used by the capilatist class to wipe out the national bourgeoisies. USSR was “we pretend to work, they pretend to pay us”, the ultimate alienation. We have some decent Marxists in Europe, I wonder if such a thing exists in England/America.

    Lobro, Marx would tell you that art, and religions, had the historical function/purpose to make people forget about the community of Being, de l’Etre, destroyed by the society of Having, by the remedies of displacing the anguish in the culture of the senses, emotions and intellect restructured in communion beyond reality. Amerindians didn’t need art and organized religion to recreate sacral (different than sacred), because everything they did was sacred, like killing a buffalo in spring, or having sex in winter under the Tipi, they didn’t need Vivaldi to enjoy the seasons. That’s why Brown Hawk is the better Christian on this forum as the Christ didn’t fund a structure of ecclesiastic power to frame the agrarian society of Having, but an assembly (ekklesia) of the Being together in the love of the real divine, de l’ex-ister. Never forget that the Christ, who was very real according to me, grew up in an Hellenized Galilea. You should read about the Pre-Socratic, this is where Marx and Engels started, like Empedocles “The nature of God is a circle of which the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere” or Heraclites.
    The manifestations of art and religion are the expressions of the growing separation between man and the cosmos, as man pulls away from man. Does that make any sense in English?

    Maybe big Jews and Co’s, the CEO of Capitalism, took Marx and Engels’s work and inverted it to update the Talmud in Protocols, in order to create this materialistic atheistic religion of Marxism to dissolve everything, Russia first. Just like they have done with Christianism and Liberalism. The Invisible Hand is an obscure concept that is mentioned only once, in the whole literary production of Adam Smith, but that is what everybody remembers, how practical for the Fabian one world government.
    For example many people quote Marx as saying “Religion is the opiate of the people” as argument against religion.
    ‘Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.’ That’s the real sentence with all ist substance and nuance. Maybe that’s why russians have managed to keep their orthodox faith despite 80 years of suffering and atheism.

    You are not Godless Melvin, you are an atheist Jew, following the religion of practical needs, more fundamentalist than everyone on this website. But hey, whatever suits the Jew. Look at your God, money.
    “Money is the jealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist. Money degrades all the gods of man – and turns them into commodities. Money is the universal self-established value of all things. It has, therefore, robbed the whole world – both the world of men and nature – of its specific value. Money is the estranged essence of man’s work and man’s existence, and this alien essence dominates him, and he worships it.”
    “Contempt for theory, art, history, and for man as an end in himself, which is contained in an abstract form in the Jewish religion, is the real, conscious standpoint, the virtue of the man of money. The species-relation itself, the relation between man and woman, etc., becomes an object of trade! The woman is bought and sold.”
    I am sure you would agree.

    Max, your comment reminds me of the WWI propaganda pamphlets, which were written by a cohort of fine English writers like Doyle, Kipling or Chesterston lead by Charles Masterman, on how the German and Willhelm II were cutting children arms and raping women in Belgium.
    But, you are right “I write words all mixed up into a devilish muddle. Thus anyone may think just what he chooses to think”. That’s what happened, for the great pleasure of the Banking Crown.

    A little art. The giant Plug anal of James MacCarthy on Place Vendome. That’s cultural Marxism at its best.
    Marx wouldn’t like that as he loved Balzac and Goethe.

    1. Thanks Phil.
      And I mean it.

      I need to think.
      In order to think I must press the index finger (left/right, it doesn’t matter) against forehead.
      But before that, must wash hands.
      By the time I reach the bathroom, I forgot what it was all for.
      That’s the curse under which I labored all my life.

      You know, when I was in high school, we had these stupid reading lists with junk like catcher in the rye and so on and as proof of the pudding, we had to write essays on what we’ve read.
      Of course you couldn’t catch me dead reading the catcher in the rye, so I cheated creatively, like a jew.
      I would ask my friends what was it all about, listen to their blether then write something up that was critical of their perception as well as the writer and the teacher loved it, I would get higher grades than the poor fools that actually read it.
      So they caught on and I had to write their essays too, by cranking out 2-3 different versions and everyone was happy.

      Truth to tell, after all this, I still don’t see much point to marx’s life or why he is so revered.
      It sounds to me like a life of just another loser, albeit somewhat brighter than others and anguished in a typically jewish fashion, because a jew can be an apostate but the anguish remains for life, from circumcision on day 8 onward.
      And jew’s anguish interests me as much as his foreskin treasured in formaldehyde on the mantelpiece.

      But anyway, let the admixture percolate and settle into something reportable, at which point I shall report it.

      (done in Word in honor of Gilby’s request for proper punctuation)

      1. Many thanks, Lobro! It is now 7:10PM, here, and I just got back in and am having a beer, unwinding, and looking at this I-Pad on the table. I just now looked at Drudge Report (take a look!), and the big headline is about stupid Americans being asked by a reporter if they support Obama’s decision to make a ‘pre-emptive nuclear strike’ against Russia. It is from RT. Know what?? The preponderance of idiots said ‘YES!’. (I sure am glad Mr. Pat has assuaged my fears about them nukes!) 🙂

        Please understand that I have little choice but to support my country. I am American. Internally, however, I have been opposed to the actions of my government FOR A LONG TIME. Some of us are working on it, never fear, but it is a beast, and is very dangerous. Consider that poor, fine German lady whose abode was plundered, and who was taken into custody for articulating history as she knows it!! Our own government(s) are no better – but I still have hope in America (for reasons I should not articulate, here). Please keep up your lecturing, sir!

      2. @Gilbert

        “Please understand that I have little choice but to support my country. I am American.”

        A country is defined as its government, not the land or the people, so to say that you have to support your country is the same as saying that you have to support your government. If you were to take the country/nation known as the USA and the country/nation known as Mexico and combine them into one country/nation, the only thing that would have changed is the government. The new country/nation would still have the same dirt and the same people as before.

        We have been brainwashed into believing that government is synonymous with dirt and people so we are tricked into supporting any government that claims to be of, for, and by the people which isn’t true with rigged elections to deceptively make us think that we have a say in what goes on.

        The reason jews like and work to establish representative governments is because they are easily controlled and no majority can be established to punish the controllers/owners. Governments devoid of Protocols “talkies” commonly known as parliaments, houses, congresses, etc. have been known to drive jews out or execute them when their thievery becomes known.

        What we should be supporting is the people, Second Commandment of “Love thy neighbor as thy self,” as Jesus taught, not governments. Jesus only taught self governance which is completely compatible with the Second Commandment.

        This is the reason that I say that I am a patriot of Jesus, not the country/nation/government. All governments, regardless of what they are, can only take from those governed which is the same as thievery and thievery deserves no patriotism, just skepticism and weapons for self defense against it.

      3. Who, with possible exception of Joe doesn’t appreciate being appreciated?
        In appreciation returned, I admire those Americans still with the fire in belly who are willing to fight for what can be salvaged in the cinders after the Devil’s arsonists have been through.

        Every day I read about the brutality of US cops who are striving mightily to emulate the worst of the Bolshevik monstrosities, beating innocent people to death, students, women, handicapped, mentally incompetent and nary a public word of protest.
        And as soon as a cop is shot, solemn ceremonies, TV crews endlessly showing the grieving relatives at church door, flags, flags, flags …
        It is not right, the police have become so vicious in service of Master Jew that people should be dancing in the streets, distributing candies to passersby when one bites the tasty dust.
        The recruitment scheme for both the military and the police seems to rely on scooping in the retarded psychopaths and blocking entry to normal folks who for that matter wouldn’t even touch the recruiting centers with a proverbial stick.

        Anyway, the overriding question is akin to deciding when to pull the plug on a long comatose, flatlining patient on life support.
        Anyone needs to have some imaginary line drawn in his mind to decide, hey, there is no salvaging this corpse as opposed to applying resuscitatory action.
        Not to mention that the vast majority (the ones who support preemptive nuking of russia as well as their police use of bayonets as per the linked video) see no need for resuscitation, figuring that things have never been better.
        This is why I sometimes lose my cool in these threads as does Max.
        “Our” countries’ leaders may be no better than the US ones or even worse, but the reality on the ground is that chihuahua’s bite doesn’t compare to mastiff’s, the force ratio being something like 100:1 or greater.

      4. Lobro,

        I am not trying to pilpoul the lot of you with Marx, like I don’t claim he was absolutely right and that we should all go back into the wild to live in primordial communities. I just want to give a different perspective as I have kept reading excessive statements, in some kind of Emmanuel Goldstein minute of hatred, like Max. At the end of his life Marx kept on repeating. “what is certain is that I myself am not a Marxist”. That’s what he said to Jules Guesde and Paul Lafargue, the “Marxists” wing of the Socialist party in 1880. But the history of revolutionary socialism in Continental Europe is unknown from Proudhon, to Marx, to the Commune of Paris in 1870 tamed in blood by Thiers and Bismarck, to the assassination of the pacifist Jean Jaurès in 1914. WWI would end this social movement in Europe before the Bolshevik mafia would disgrace the name of communism for eternity, using Marx as a false prophet, an allegory of Jewish messianism.
        Look at those two French Marxists and the path they followed, Althusser and Garaudy.

        You were right about writing and reading in your high school radicalism. All scriptures are a cultural place of alienatory re-composition of the lost primordial/crucial unity. We will cease to feel the need of writing when we will start to live again in the cosmic truth of the Being. But that’s according to Marx and Hegel. In the meantime, let’s throw some radical anti-writing on the net. You are a natural born radical communist Lobro, you just ignore it. Maybe that’s why you like the Balkans so much.

        A little quote of Proudhon about Adolphe Jacob Isaac Crémieux mentioned by Ingrid:
        “When Crémieux speaks at the tribune, on a topic related to Christianity, directly or not, he always takes care to outline: your faith, that is not mine; your God, your Christ, your Gospel, your brothers from Lebanon. Thus do all the Jews, they agree about everything with us, at all points, as long as they can take advantage of it, but they always take good care to exclude themselves- They set aside! I hate this nation.”

        They even manage to set aside from communism. That’s a statement.

      5. You are a natural born radical communist Lobro

        natural-born and getting natural-borner every day, phil.

        well and if marx claimed he wasn’t a marxist (nor yet a levyist, i presume), then i follow in his footsteps without having to read him.
        ie, i am a marxist (NOT).

        so now, they say he was a prodigy at 13 or whatever (was he bar mitzvaed?).
        and this genius prodigy churned out a ton of writing, a prodigous product, qantifiably and qualitatively.
        and then, before the curtain drops, he disowns it all.
        so if he was a genius in the beginning and throughout his life, what was he at the end?
        just asking, i hate when my thoughts collide frontally and cancel one another, a wasted effort better spent thinking of women continuously instead of every 7 seconds.

        but i don’t mean to harass you phil, just engage in a friendly round or two of sparring with 16 ounce gloves.
        i save the 14 ouncers for TROJ-lodite who is apt to get into every ointment.

        who knows, maybe when my light dims, i will disown all of this and go join dimluminati.

      6. Ungenius –

        “A country is defined as its government, not the land or the people, so to say that you have to support your country is the same as saying that you have to support your government. ”

        That remark is a result of government brain laundries. Public schools. They do the works of Pharisees more than synagogues.

        A country IS defined much – MORE – by land and people than government. Both were here before the government. That is a basic ‘common law’ concept everywhere, before governments establish ‘invented’ statutes and codes.

        Depending on the context, a person can love America, the country, the land and people, and despise the governments, at all levels. I know thousands like that….. including me and all my family and friends. That is the position of most Southern folks, yesterday and today. (Only my enemies disagree.)

        See what RE Lee’s dad stated:
        During a debate in 1798 with James Madison, Henry Lee had stated, “Virginia is my country; her will I obey, however lamentable the fate to which it may subject me.”
        (Robert made similar statements.)

  39. Dear Gilbert, I admire your honesty, sincerity and humbleness; and the USA needs people like you. … Only via constant exposure and spreading the word can we show our resistance to the Illuminati satanists who currently rule our planet. … The only encouraging thing is that I know more younger people are reading such as Darkmoon and learning about the Jewish DEATH THEORY that dominates the mainstream media and politics.

  40. Lobro: “Truth to tell, after all this, I still don’t see much point to marx’s life or why he is so revered.”
    Marx saw life as “matter in motion”; and then the matter slows down with age and dies! The body then rots or is burnt to a crisp in our modern crematorium ovens and the atoms that are left are “blowin’ in the wind” as the Jew, Bob Dylan, would have us sing. …. If, as he argued, there is NO God, then your own personal matter in motion has no other purpose than to exist for a while on this earth, do whatever you like without the constraints of YHWH’s bothersome, restrictive commandments, and generally gain self-enjoyment doing whatever you like. … Marx’s personal choice was to encapsulate Babylonian-Iewe DEATH THEORY and GOLD ACQUISITION into a form of political (rule/power over people) blueprint. … Okay, he said, let’s abandon all the YHWH commandments’ crap and create a society with no rules about morals and values and whilst we are at it lets ridicule and totally abandon all the old institutions and ways of life. In effect he was saying that if Miley Cyrus wants to show us her pussy, well that is fair enough! … So Jews want “heaven on Earth” with them in command of the money/gold vaults and the rest of us doing whatever our excited hormones tell us to do. Hence they have turned their televiewers into ongoing porno shows which impregnate/program our minds with licentiousness and simple “matter in motion” scenarios, like the Jewish singer, PINK, humping her body double. Yeah, as Muggeridge says the Jews’ matter in motion for the dumb Goyim revolves around the power of SEX! That’s why I parody this theme so often! Nowadays the average male thinks about sex every 7 seconds, such is the effectiveness of the Illuminati’s programming. ….. Using the principles of his masters, Hegel and Weishaupt, Marx compounded a simple political theory which firstly saw the death of the established, old money elites headed by monarchies, then the capture of the urban, cosmopolitan bourgeoisie or middle classes; and finally the total enslavement of the lowly proletariat, who would be entranced by false offers of a fair and just and all-loving “Workingman’s Paradise on Earth.” …. Of course, like all satanists this was all a ruse and the real plan was for the advocacy of sexual degeneration and then DEATH to ALL! … Western intellectuals fell in love with the idea of a moral-less, tradition-less, “do whatever you like”, screw around civilization, and such as the Fabian Society and Communist Leagues came into operation. Then the head honcho Jews PARVUS and Betty Friedan sprang into action and successfully promoted their theories of endless warfare and women’s liberation. Then the fuck-anything hippies appeared, sponsored by the mass media! I was a hippie for 5 years, which is why I am still a part-time “commune” master with many wives and kids! …. That is why you now live in a screwed-up, death theory world of constant sexual titillation! … Soon ye of the growing proletariat will find your peace in FEMA ditches, where your body, minus its matter in motion, will join all the hundreds of millions of other bodies that have been committed to the earth over the ages; and out of your atoms trees will grow and animals will nourish – as the planet Earth, devoid of humans, sweeps silently through crystalline space as a beautiful green and blue planet that used to house those nasty, avaricious things called MAN! …. So have ya FUN whilst the sun shines, my dears! …. I’m in Paris rootin’ and tootin’ my way to my earthly heaven! My exquisite companion says “bonjour” to you all and has asked me to put away my ipad! …. Nature calls and I am the man for the occasion! …. The rest of you can grab YHWH’s Bible and masturbate and dream of your rez-erection!

  41. Fewer Nazi`s are voicing opinions on the Internet. Words expressing hatred toward Yids are collected by a holocaust survivors data bank. Surviving Yids can be given access to the names of the Nazi`s for a reasonable fee. A Yid hater on that list would not be allowed at the Bar Mitzvah of a celebrity’s son. Either would a Nazi be welcomed at a chicken fry in Sharpton’s home. It is futile just trying to be anonymous after posting a Nazi opinion. Simple software can search for the name, address, and phone number of any Nazi hiding under an assumed name. Holocaust survivors are searching for restitution from hidden Nazi`s–billions are owed.

    1. Read an article on the Truthseeker this morning, Putin was interviewed by an Italian newspaper. I like Putin, but, like all Russians, he is extremely anti-nazi, they probably have their reasons, here is a snippet from the interview:

      “Today’s terrorism in all its various manifestations is very much like Nazism; in fact, there is hardly any difference between the two.” :

      I would disagree with Putin on that point, and replace “nazism” with “zionism”..

      1. he is trapped inside this code-speak, because his concern is for the war with jewsa right now and in future.
        were he to speak plainly, he would mess up tactically in several ways:
        1) ukrainian goons are generally perceived and marketed as bandera style nazis and they are as nazi as isis/isil is muslim, both being a mossad stink bomb,
        2) his constituency is still largely blinded by this fake ww2 glory and he needs to keep them in tight line for the future war,
        3) germany is still groaning under the chains of jew imposed slavery, witness ursula haverbeck’s treatment, meanwhile, putin is hoping to draw germany away from zio-usa orbit and is having some success, so he doesn’t want to create pretext for a more rigid clampdown by judeans,
        4) declaring truth in a plain style will only win him sure friends among the highly informed bunch like us and we still don’t form a constituency worth risking so much for.

        but it will happen, the truth will out.

      2. Ingrid –

        Putin is a ‘handled’ mouthpiece for Pharisee-Jew oligarchic bankers.
        If not… he would be gone.
        His Pharisee-Jew buddies praise him for his pro-Zionist stances.
        Truth remains hidden under the oil deposits.

  42. Tell us something new Master Polatnick, you troll-like beast you! … And where are these Holocaust survivors? Can you name some? …. Every stinking, old 90 years plus Jew these days says they were in the Holohoax! …. These ass-holes want restitution for mythical assets they held in supposed Jewish banks! eg “Woman in Gold” ABSOLUTE CRAP! … And what about restitution for the tens of millions killed/interred by the Jewish inspired Communists? … And how many of these original so-called Nazis are still alive, you idiot? …. Or is a NAZI merely someone who criticizes the insidious Jewish hegemony? … Put your head in a bucket, get a steel spoon and bang the bucket as hard and noisily as you can and then you might grow half a brain! … We could start up a new inquisition rounding up all the mass murdering, dual citizen Zionists you have in your USA admin! All of these should find their true home in life adorning the swinging ropes of public gallows! … Israel could be nuked! … Melvin you would look great in a noose!

    1. hey, am i the only one enjoying polatnick’s satire?

      he is great (just reread his stuff, hilarious)

      1. Holocaust survivors are searching for restitution from hidden Nazi`s–billions are owed.
        Quality is subjective—– a little poop is delicious to a fly, but quantity would be piles of inedible and unwanted poop.
        Very “antisemitic” joke.

        I like Melvin.

      2. and this

        A Yid hater on that list would not be allowed at the Bar Mitzvah of a celebrity’s son. (N)Either would a Nazi be welcomed at a chicken fry in Sharpton’s home.

        now this deserves a hearty LOL.

        plutonik is quality, like chateau d’yquem sauterne where individual grapes infected by ‘noble rot’ bug are located and collected for this great product, worth every dime (certainly more than vulgar junk hoarded by blingers, cars, yachts, jets, clothes, jewelry).

    2. Max –
      Lobro –

      Mel has his style… It’s OK… not trashy. No bombs.

      We can figure what he’s doing. ‘Mad Magazine-type’ writer… gets eyeballs.

      Wake up calls come in various designs.

  43. Pat –

    Thanks for citing Robert E. Lee! Nowhere was there ever found a more CIVILIZED and JUST American. I wish I had time to stay on here and relate more (I have included him in some martial/historic poetry), but I have to get down to the main farm and work on a piece of machinery I pulled to the shop yesterday afternoon because it requires some attention. Later (hopefully!) I will be going to the local library to print-out some emails which have been sent by a friend in context with some more LOCAL political affairs… (The subject of Ukraine is very interesting – and pertinent to all of us – but probably all of us have some more immediate, pressing issues to address, which require attention, too! Haha)

    Thanks, Mr. Bilney, and Mr. Lobro.

  44. here is one for you gilby, another reason why i say that russians are a lot more civilized than people give them credit for: Live and Let Live: Russians Refuse to Nuke United States

    The Russian newspaper ‘Komsomolskaya Pravda’ decided to conduct an impromptu poll in response to a survey in which Americans signed a petition to nuke Russia.

    Russians residing in the city of Alushta in Crimea REFUSED to sign a petition for a conditional pre-emptive nuclear strike on the United States.

    can’t trust those goddamn ruskies …

    1. “Russians Refuse to Nuke United States”

      Because… they don’t have any means of delivery…

      They can’t even afford a crew to build soccer playgrounds..

      They want more potatoes for vodka.

      1. maybe time to put the thinking cap on, pat.

        got that?
        they REFUSED TO SIGN.
        no one debated whether they are able to deliver the payload.
        meanwhile the interviewed americans SIGNED THE PETITION FOR PREEMPTIVELY NUKING RUSSIA.
        i was only talking about that, not how russia is unable to engineer a rock for throwing at mammoths, as you seem to hold onto like gospel truth.
        still not clear? never will be, i guess.

        SECOND. the Titan rocket was russian, not american designed and built.
        for many years it was the only one able to carry hefty payloads out into the orbit for the space station, so americans rented it off russians.
        it is still the only one in the world able to do this.
        so i imagine, it could easily be converted into a nuke delivery rocket and i am sure russians have dozens of others.
        still not clear? never will be …

        but i wasn’t stroking your ego about how totally inept russians are.
        i was commenting on their human decency, which they didn’t have to import from the united states.

      2. OK… thinking cap on… like Carnak…

        Envelope to forehead.. I think it was Jay Leno asking them to sign… all 6 of them….
        …..’man on the street’ fashion… for Jimmy Kimmel Show.

        Begged for more vodka…. but will not work on soccer playground for it.

        They never heard of space stations… Their moms told them forget Buck Rogers and Commando Cody serials on RT.

    2. Lobro –

      I DO KNOW there is a ponderous, pendulous GUT of ignorant shits, here, in USA. 🙁
      This country needs a big DOUCHE/purge. Unfortunately, it is adding MORE shit to the system – and physical law makes me reason that as the ‘system’ overloads, SOMETHIN’S GOTTA GIVE. No doubt about it. Black, white, red, and yellow – turds come in a variety of colors, depending on the diet. Shit In – Shit Out: ‘SISO’, (like ‘FIFA’ in accounting).

      1. As I said on the latest thread, thousands of Americans are relinquishing their US citizenship. This is a bold step. High taxation was given as the main reason, which is perfectly understandable, since taxes are being grossly misused, and this doesn`t just apply to the US..

  45. aw, gotta love this one.

    in 1925, ie, 90 years ago they were putting into action that which 99% of goyim are still unaware of.

    1. “Chocolate Town” in Guangdong, a city about a 2-hour drive north of Hong Kong, has an African population of about 20,000 but only about 500 of them were lucky enough to find a Chinese wife, according to the filmmaker of the attached video. That’s a relatively small success rate compared to the Jew-S of A and the Jew-K and other Jew-ro-pean countries. As far as mixed marriages go, the Chinese prefer Whites, hands down, and all 7 days of the week, with much better looking offsprings to boot. Of course, yid and chink couples make the shrewdest of all children, as Mel would concur. Mel is just lervly, isn’t he? I do prefer him to OJ.

  46. Lobro,

    You get on to me again about Marx, that’s ok, i don’t feel harassed. I knew i would have trouble with Marx on this forum but i cracked up with Max comment. I feel like advocating the devil, but i don’t mind Being John Malkovich, is this one a Jew? He was robbed by Bernie Madoff, who might not be a Jew since he robbed from Jews and broke the first commandment of Moises “You will not rob and charge interests on your fellow Jew”. Melvin? Sorry I am a little tipsy.
    Marx was part of France/Germany history and has been inspired from the events during this complex period between 1830 and 1870 and the rise of socialism and industry, that’s why I have a sweet spot for him, as you may have noticed. Marx said “I am not a Marxist” as a mean to distance himself from the opportunistic sectarian social democratic parties which rose after the Commune of Paris in 1870, a true spontaneous radical movement, who never claimed they were Marxist, as such a thing didn’t yet exist. He said that in 1880 because he didn’t agree with the French socialists on the path to follow. He accused them of “revolutionary phrase mongering” and of denying the value of reformary struggles. The funny thing is Marx always thought that the spontaneous revolution would happen in Occidental Europe or in UK, but it didn’t or only on small scale, and his approach would be picked up in the Democratic Party game, especially after the WWI and Marxism bullshit Leninism. Now in France, we have the likes of Althusser in university, complete nutcases structuralism who have fragmented Marx for the leftists’ student, while it’s Friedman and corporate finance Capitalism for the MBA’s. It gives Hegelian family lunch or discussions.
    Marx was a radical hyperrealist thinker. He conceived history, society and the works of men under the simple and concrete Matrix of the dialectic of production and consumption (who produces, and how, who consumes, and how) starting from the radical Greek he likes so much and their radical Logos, praised also by Heiddeger. That’s his legacy, for me, nothing more, just an approach who leaves all the dogmas and morality on the side. But he doesn’t advocate atheism, you can be Marxist and Christian/Muslim, like Garaudy, Joe won’t approve this one, or Atheist like Althusser who strangled his wife. This is an approach that has produced different manifestations worldwide from South America, like Cuba you seem to know, Middle East (Mossadegh..) to Africa (Sankara, Lumumba..) to China…depending on the ProCo dialectic. I know why ESP hate Marxism, since all the Marxists come from Eastern Europe and considering the ultra-financial capitalism, they must have nothing to say about economy, too embarrassing. Now the “Marxists” in Occident, or what’s left of it, are striking for the legalization of undocumented migrants and combating discrimination. What about the replacement army of the Capital which is destroying what’s left of European radicalism, one American by three Chineses, one man by two women, one Chinese by two Bangladeshis? That’s catchy phrases Marxism, gutted from radicalism, adaptable to the necessity of talmudic Globalism. That’s tragic when you think about it, all those well intentioned people who are useful idiots of Das Kapital.
    Workers of the world, unite! Against the invisible hand who owns all the means of production and who displaces you, while sucking the money with illegitimate interest. That’s it, Marx smiling on a red tee Shirt.
    BHL, the philosopher Billionaire, who is Levyist “from one of the oldest tribe in the World” (Alienation), in May 1968 event, as a Maoist!, was blocking the Sorbonne calling “Bourgeois” the students who were going in class, while workers were blocking factory, for more than just a pay raise. But people only remember the colored CIA Paris student leftists, the Charlies or Charlys who are marching now with Bibi and Poro against ISIS and for freedom of speech. Marx would have a rational explanation for this.

    But he made the Jew crazy, according to me, especially in Russia and Eastern Europe. They were supposed to assimilate but they couldn’t help it, they talmulded the message by reading it backwards and it gives Leninism Trotskyism Marxism. I have this correspondence between Marx and Vera Zassoulitch in 1881, about the agrarian communist reform because the last one disagreed with the newly created Russian “Marxist” party. I won’t translate the reply but Marx advocates the exact opposite of what Lénine and his own version of proletariat dictatorship did in Ukraine. “Zionism vs Bolchevism” from Churchill, that Max likes to quote out of context, is a good short read if you haven’t.
    Marx wasn’t BarMitzvaed I think, surely circumcised as he had this peculiar speculative mind. I know his father converted to Protestantism, for practical lawyering needs, but he surely kol nidred it. Marx was baptized, I think. He married the daughter of a German aristocrat after the death of his father, who disapproved it, kol nidre you see. But it’s all in the Jewish question, his FIRST book. I am sure BHL read this one, that’s why he chooses the Maoist version. But whatever suits the Jew and his supremacist idealism. Melvin would convert to Islam for a decent pile of gold, just like Marx’s daddy.
    That’s it about Marx. My opinion about him: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” or “The road to good intentions is paved with hell” if you Talmuded it. But maybe Marx was a spider trap to seduce Goy. It works with me, just like Putin who is trying to turn the Russian Muslim into patriots, a Jew wouldn’t do that. But I don’t know, I am just guessing; blame it on Pat, Descartes and Hegel. And Hobbes, of course, never forget the Brits.


    1. Don`t suppose you know the fate of the Rohyngias, who were abandoned on an undisclosed island by Myanmar. Do they have food, shelter, clothing, water???

      1. The Rohyngias have diddly squat shit, Ingrid, They need you desperately to go there and help them. Bon Voyage baby!

      2. “At best, the migrants have been received with resignation — at worst with contempt — even by the region’s Muslim nations.”

        “What do you expect us to do?” Malaysian Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi Jafaar was quoted by The Guardian as saying. “We have been very nice to the people who broke into our border. We have treated them humanely, but they cannot be flooding our shores like this.”

        why no one wants the Rohingyas

      3. Thanks HP, picked up on this: “Australia, which has dealt with its own influx of economic migrants fleeing Indonesia, says it is providing millions of dollars in urgent humanitarian aid to help cope with the problem.” : According to an article on Press TV, this is how the Australian dollars are being spent:

        Australian Premier Tony Abbott has evaded answering tough questions about those Aussie officials who allegedly paid the crew of a boat carrying dozens of migrants to return to Indonesian waters.

        The remarks come after police in Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara Province said the a migrant boat’s captain and five crew members detained in late May on the remote Rote Island have confessed to receiving payments from Australian border officials.

        Police sources say they were each paid USD 5,000 after being intercepted by an Australian navy ship on May 20.

        “I saw the money and even counted it together with the crew during interrogation,” Hidayat, a local Indonesian police chief, who uses only one name, said, adding, “But I don’t want to speculate before the investigation is complete.”

        Meanwhile, Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry has also expressed serious concern over the allegations. Foreign Ministry spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir said on Thursday that any such payments would encourage human trafficking.

      4. BTW, that’s some attitude from Mr. home secretary Jafaar, innit?
        One of the utmost politico big wigs from one the utmost rich Islamic nations, Malaysia, is turning away ‘the least of us’? Oh well, eh..

        I’d bet Mr. Jafaar’s ancestors and perhaps even a living relative or two, were far more Indo than Islam.

        Either way it stinks of religious sectarianism.
        He’s a stinker too.
        If he moved next door to me, I’d move somewhere else.

    2. okidok, re. marx, although my suspicions about him will never be allayed, only pushed further into dormancy.
      kind of like einstein disavowing relativism but continuing as icon of jew genius.

      so he was a pretty good economist (not that economics top my list of interests) who stretched its principles to the society at large and jews seized upon the opportunity to make him into yet another icon of overwhelming jew genius.

      but as for bhl, my verdict is simple and unyielding.
      he is one of the most putrid talmudic ghouls on earth, no qualifier needed or accepted.
      that he wears the disguise of a languid billionaire philosopher king with his open chested white shirts and billowing hair and as such appears as sex idol to retarded groupies only compounds my bottomless revulsion, i swear my throat tightens as if anticipating rising barf when i so much as think of him and the adulation he receives from the talmud hive.
      anal fistulas should be indignant that he is counted among them.
      and is he also classified as jew genius?
      of course.

      a fate worse than death …

      1. “he is one of the most putrid talmudic ghouls on earth” Hell yeah, copy that, the snake of Tobrouk.
        but here is the thing with BHL. His mediatic ubiquity makes me wonder, especially since Lybia when he declared “Lybia and the Arab Springs are good for Israel” and “It is as a Jew that i have participated in the Lybian adventure”, if his arrogance and total absence of complexes are not deliberated, and he is not alone.

  47. LOBRO, you say, “ukrainian goons are generally perceived and marketed as bandera style nazis and they are as nazi as isis/isil is muslim, both being a mossad stink bomb,”
    Yeah, this cuts through the devious crapology of all this name-calling crap! “Khazarian Mafia” indeed! “Ukrainian Nazis” indeed! Isis Muslims indeed! …. Most of the evil of the 20th century and now can be attributed to the scumbag, megalomaniac, gold-crazy, usurious, fornicating, porn loving, blonde-Goyim-chick-chasing-and-despoiling, snozzle-nosed, wrap-around mouth, runt-looking Jews! …., ‘Tis all the JEWS! …. They are the hegemonic “mossad stink bomb” that is farting in our faces, killing tens of millions, and fucking up Western civilization!
    And for doing this the monsters want and receive $billions in reparations/restitution from Christian taxpayers all over the globe! …. ‘Tis all the biggest con ever mounted upon mankind: except for whales that swallow people, burning bushes, feeding the multitude with one stinking fish and one loaf of stale bread, a huge boat filled with 276.000 fornicating animals and biting insects, and such as Muhammad ascending to 1,001 virgins like a rocket from the vicinity of the Dome of the Rock! … And then there is the big, jewelry bedecked tart of Apostle John’s who will come out of the sea and tell us all to get fucked!

  48. when disney converted to judaism:

    While families rode the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and searched for Nemo on clamobiles in the theme parks, these workers monitored computers in industrial buildings nearby, making sure millions of Walt Disney World ticket sales, store purchases and hotel reservations went through without a hitch. Some were performing so well that they thought they had been called in for bonuses.

    Instead, about 250 Disney employees were told in late October that they would be laid off. Many of their jobs were transferred to immigrants on temporary visas for highly skilled technical workers, who were brought in by an outsourcing firm based in India. Over the next three months, some Disney employees were required to train their replacements to do the jobs they had lost.

    “I just couldn’t believe they could fly people in to sit at our desks and take over our jobs exactly,” said one former worker, an American in his 40s who remains unemployed since his last day at Disney on Jan. 30. “It was so humiliating to train somebody else to take over your job. I still can’t grasp it.”

    what goes round, comes round … America’s Unwanted Ivy Leaguers Are Flocking to India.

    it is part of the price for having allowed the first jew into the country couple of centuries ago.
    so somebody lay out a step-by-step roadmap for saving america, without jumping the shark.
    i just don’t see it, insha’allah that i am wrong.
    europe has just one straw to grab onto, as greece may be about to do and others may follow suit.

  49. Lobro wants a step-by-step road map for saving America. I shall help him.

    It is a one-step program. Rothschild and his London crony Pharisees piled up in UN, announced decades ago that America would be designated the entertainment center for the world. That has been the case… it will continue. End of steps.

    Over yonder way…. Putin is envious and is trying to get some of the cash… but cannot figure out how to get enough oil profits away from Pharisee oligarchs to build a soccer playground for $12 billion. The world’s #1 oil producer is strapped for 12 bln cash. Putin exhibits great financial management skills(not) to boot. He needs to bring back more Jew accountants, let go JUST for show, calling them oligarchs…. and toss the Rus vodka drunks who keep up-chucking potato chips and spirits on the keyboards.

    No cash or entertainment for Russia. They are still trying to figure how to get the toilets to flush on the second floor. But used TP in waste baskets is ok in below freezing rooms.

    Even the Egyptian Pharisee-Jews carry on the traditions…. bringing profits to America… by winning the Triple Crown with American Pharaoh….. owned by Ahmed Zavat.

    “Welcome back. Welcome back. Welcome ba-a-a-ck.” (not Kotter… ‘butt rich’ Pharisee anyway.)

    Vegas Jew-Pharisees win-win-win… still.
    “Ahmed Zayat and his family are Orthodox Jews, and Zayat’s Hebrew name is Ephraim. He currently lives in Teaneck, New Jersey with his wife, Joanne. They have four children: Ashley, Justin, Benjamin, and Emma. Their eldest son, Justin, helps run the Zayat Stables operation, and their youngest, Emma, inspired the name of Littleprincessemma, dam of American Pharoah.

    “Zayat was born in Cairo, Egypt, to a wealthy family, where he learned to ride horses. At age 18, he moved to the United States where he attended college and ultimately obtained a Master’s degree in business and public health from Boston University. After a brief career in commercial real estate in New York City, he returned to Egypt, and for about a decade ran the Al-Ahram Beverages Company, which he owned as part of an investment group. After the company was purchased by Heineken in 2002, Zayat stayed on a few more years but also began investing in racehorses and established Zayat Stables. Upon returning to the United States for good in 2007, he made his racing stables his full-time occupation, working with his son, Justin, to build the business.”

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