US Government Documents Prove It Conclusively — Putin Was NOT ‘Chosen’ by the Oligarchs

Declassified US government documents finally bury myth of Berezovsky hand-picking Putin and show Putin was always his own man.



Jewish Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky with Boris Yeltsin
Jewish Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky
with Boris Yeltsin

A recent article by Masha Gessen for theNew York Times has revived the story of Putin having been hand-picked for the Russian Presidency by the former oligarch Boris Berezovsky.

In this article Gessen quotes Berezovsky telling her in 2008 that he proposed to Putin a fake two-party system to control Russia (see also Boris Berezovsky’s Evil Plan to Mimic the U.S. Political SystemRussia Insider, 12th June 2015).

Gessen, who is a staunch opponent of Putin’s, implies that this is the political system Putin has created in Russia, presumably under the influence of his former mentor, Berezovsky.

It needs to be said clearly and unambiguously that the story of Putin being hand-picked by Berezovsky is untrue and is a fantasy invented by Berezovsky himself. In the light of new evidence that has recently come to light it is incredible that it is still being peddled.

Before discussing how Putin actually came to power and what role (if any) Berezovsky had in it, it is necessary to say something about Berezovsky himself.

This is what a British High Court Judge said about Berezovsky in a court case that was decided in London in 2012:

“I found Mr. Berezovsky an unimpressive, and inherently unreliable, witness, who regarded truth as a transitory, flexible concept, which could be moulded to suit his current purposes.  At times the evidence which he gave was deliberately dishonest; sometimes he was clearly making his evidence up as he went along in response to the perceived difficulty in answering the questions in a manner consistent with his case; at other times, I gained the impression that he was not necessarily being deliberately dishonest, but had deluded himself into believing his own version of events.

On occasions he tried to avoid answering questions by making long and irrelevant speeches, or by professing to have forgotten facts which he had been happy to record in his pleadings or witness statements. He embroidered or supplemented statements in his witness statements, or directly contradicted them.  He departed from his own previous oral evidence, sometimes within minutes of having given it.

When the evidence presented problems, Mr. Berezovsky simply changed his case so as to distance himself from statements and in witness statements which he had signed or approved, blaming the ‘interpretation’ of his lawyers, as if this somehow diminished his pleadings and witness statements. His ‘I blame my lawyers’ excuse was not convincing.”

Given how comprehensively the Judge trashed Berezovsky’s reputation, it is incredible that his numerous fantasies about Putin and Russia continue to have such currency. The almost certainly invented story of his conversation with Putin about setting up a fake two-party system is a case in point.

In an article I wrote shortly after the court case was decided I pointed out that almost nothing Berezovsky said about anything could be assumed to be true, and that many of the things he said were demonstrably his own inventions.

I particularly took issue with the claim that Berezovsky hand-picked Putin for the Presidency. I pointed out that not only is there no evidence for that beyond Berezovsky’s own uncorroborated word — which the Judge said was worthless — but that it made no sense since at the very time Berezovsky was supposedly lobbying for Putin to be made President he was simultaneously accusing the FSB — headed by Putin — of trying to kill him. The idea that Berezovsky would want the man who headed the organization he said was trying to kill him to become President of Russia is just too bizarre, even for the convoluted world of Kremlin politics in the late Yeltsin era.

Since the Judge said those words and since I wrote that article the whole question of Berezovsky’s role in Putin’s rise to power has been finally and conclusively settled by the publication of recently declassified U.S. government documents from the Clinton era. They show conclusively that Putin was not Berezovsky’s man and that Berezovsky did not hand-pick him for the Presidency.

The contents of these documents have been brilliantly summarised by Graham Stack forBusiness New Europe in an article that has failed to attract the attention it deserves.

The documents show that Berezovsky’s choice to lead Russia was not Putin, whom he hardly knew, but the then foreign minister Igor Ivanov (whom Graham Stack mistakenly calls “Ivan Ivanov”).

The connection between Igor Ivanov and Berezovsky was previously unknown. It probably explains Igor Ivanov’s subsequent — and previously explained — disappearance from Russian political life following his dismissal from the post of foreign minister in March 2004 – shortly after the power of the oligarchs was finally broken with Khodorkovsky’s arrest in October 2003 and Kasyanov’s dismissal in February 2004.

As to Putin’s relations with Berezovsky and the other oligarchs in 1999 when he rose to power, these are the key paragraphs that describe them in Graham Stack’s article:

“Contrary to reports that Berezovsky had selected Putin as presidential candidate, Putin and Berezovsky seem to have had little contact with each other before Putin became president, which may have been another reason for Berezovsky’s misjudging him. Berezovsky himself told U.S. diplomats that he backed new foreign minister Ivan Ivanov to succeed Primakov as prime minister in 1999, although Putin eventually got the nod, after an interlude of six weeks.

“Oligarch banker Pyotr Aven confirmed to U.S. diplomats that there was no special tie between Putin and Berezovsky, even ‘noting that he himself had introduced the two’, U.S. diplomats wrote. ‘Putin knows no-one,’ Aven told the diplomats, while at the same time acknowledging that the oligarchs have ‘no instrument of influence over him’.”

In other words so far from being Berezovsky’s protege Putin was his own man and he and Berezovsky had previously had “little contact with each other”. According to the oligarch banker Pyotr Aven (still a prominent if much diminished figure in Russian life) “Putin knows no-one” and the oligarchs had “no instrument of influence over him”.

Graham Stack’s article is worth reading in its entirety because of the astonishing picture it gives of politics in Russia in the 1990s, with a group of seven oligarchs including Berezovsky having effectively usurped power while assuring the U.S. of their intention to subordinate Russia to U.S. interests – to the point of even welcoming the eastward expansion of NATO.

So far from Putin being a creature of Berezovsky and the oligarchs, it was almost certainly because he was known to be his own man and someone the oligarchs “had no instrument of influence over” that Putin was selected for the Presidency, almost certainly at the insistence of the more patriotically minded members of the political and security establishment, who were outraged at the oligarchs’ betrayal of Russia at a time when Yugoslavia was being bombed.

Graham Stack’s article, unlike the overwhelming majority of articles written about Putin and how he came to power, is not based on surmise and speculation — mostly ill-informed — but on actual documents of the time setting out information that was being provided to the U.S. government by the U.S. embassy, which was in turn being kept well-informed of events by the oligarchs. Graham Stack’s article is therefore an authoritative and definitive account of these events in a way that the vast majority of books and articles written on the subject are not.

There is therefore no longer any excuse for perpetuating Berezovsky’s self-serving fantasy that he was responsible for Putin’s rise to power. Nor is there any excuse for saying Putin is a creature of the oligarchs and that he governs Russia on their behalf.  Anyone now who persists in peddling these myths is either ill-informed or is being deliberately misleading about them. 


A stooge of the Jews?
In your dreams!

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  1. Even the Graham Stack article which this writer holds as being so definitive is, ultimately, surmise (in which article Primikov seems to have been used as a patsy). Berezovsky is described as being a ‘mafioso’ type – which makes me wonder at the naïveté of the writer of this article, and his/her promotion of Putin (who, on the surface DOES seem a competent leader and decent patriot). This writer appears to have forgotten – or is so naive and hopeful to have overlooked – that ALL current, significant governments in the world ARE ORGANIZED CRIME AT ITS HIGHEST LEVELS.

    If anyone could verify/discount the validity of the rumor in London that a holding company based in Tortola (Saffron Holding) had/had not represented Putin in the purchase of a huge mansion in Highbridge, it would be a MUCH more impressive piece of journalism – and ascertainment of Putin’s true role in the Grand Scheme of Things…

    1. “ALL current, significant governments in the world ARE ORGANIZED CRIME AT ITS HIGHEST LEVELS.”

      Yep…. AND….

      ALL current, IN-significant governments in the world ARE ORGANIZED CRIME – NOT YET – AT ITS HIGHEST LEVELS.

      But trying to get there….

      1. Sard –

        Yep… I am guilty.

        Facts promote cynicism in THESE times of “Universal Deceit,” brought into the daily regimen of ‘cosmopolia’ by internet. (Partly borrowed from Orwell.)

    2. I’m a lot more concerned about Obama right now than Putin, to tell you honestly. There’s EVERY indication, sign, clues, emanating from all angles and many sources, indicating the jews are going to ASSASSINATE OBAMA this upcoming Jew Shemitah-Shekinah September [ Elul 5775/Tishrei 5776] . Not sure if the jews are going to assassinate Obama in Elul or in Tishrei.

      Though the Jews don’t really have to go through the trouble of assassinating Obama. All the jews have to do is whisk Obama away to Martha’s Vineyard. No one will ever know Obama is on Martha’s Vineyard because Martha’s Vineyard is the largest island off the East Coast of the USA not connected by bridge to the mainland. How convenient is that I ask???!!!

      If Obama were to get assassinated — and there’s EVERY indication he will be assassinated in jew Shemitah-Shekinah Sept. 2015 — of course us “Nazi” White Americans will be blamed for it. There will be a MASSIVE RACE WAR — the long-dreamed-for “vision” of the jews for a really long time. g-d knows, there’s plenty of Nazi websites to “prove” us White Americans are truly indeed “Nazi”. g-d also knows ALL, and I do mean ALL, ALL the Nazi websites are owned by Jews. Not only that, in addition to the Nazi webmasters are ALL jews, so are 99.99%* of the “Nazi” reader comments from jews. jews pretending to be “real” “ALL-American White Americans”, in many cases, also “Christian” — “American White Christian Nazis” — gee, “thx” jews. gee, “thx” Kaminski. gee, “thx” you to so many, so many, many many others too numerous to count. Like in Coleridge’s [*POEM*] about Xanadu, sand grains too innumerable to count, something like that.

      * I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find out it’s really 100%.

  2. imagine that: the whole world, including bosses are perfectly aware that putin is one of theirs, just cheap controlled opposition in the kabbalists back pocket and yet the state department and cia in their own, private assessment deny it.
    don’t they read just about any western newspaper, watch any tv news channel which states it with perfect clarity?
    could they be that stupid, why are billions being spent on intelligence when all they have to do is open say, wall street journal, washington post, usa today or the new york times and the truth is right there, headlined in bold letters on front page, every day?
    berezovsky, a typical jew oligarch who came by his wealth honestly and never uttered a lie stated loud and clear on numerous occasions that
    (a) he personally brought putin into power as window dressing, ie, controlled opposition,
    (b) the russian fsb secret police was trying to kill him, boris berezovsky, and
    (c) putin, before berezovsky chose him to represent talmudist interests in russia’s politics was chief of fsb.

    and here is what the american best and brightest, who will lead us into the glorious future, where freedom, prosperity and human rights rule supreme, have to say on the subject of how evil putin is and what an incredible boon it will be after we have taken him down and reconquered russia for “our national interest”.

    and because we all understand that he is in reality a double agent and a bastard son of rothschilds, just like hitler, even tho the offshore assets of all his buddies, including his judo partner have been frozen worldwide by court injunction, his own personal holdings are scot free so he can jetset with the royals in st tropez.

    truly, the jigsaw puzzle is complete now.

    1. Lobro –

      Listen, I HOPE you’re right about Putin. However, it is NAIVE to propose that he is not controlled opposition. TPTB can – and are able – to murder ANYONE, anywhere, if they are endangered, and if they desire (unless that person is particularly protected by God Himself).

      Pray for him. If he definitively demonstrates his opposition to Satan’s Synagogue, and if his life continues, we’ll know.

    2. Lobro –

      I know my sources have constantly concerned you. Well…. you might as well use Bloomberg, New York Times and Wikipedia for references like I do. There is no escaping the money lies in media….. especially with the internet controls of today…. making it child’s play for Pharisees.

      This article is from the ‘Independent of Ireland.’ Even the is controlled by Rothschild henchmen, like Denis O’brien, schooled in Boston, getting his orders at Davos.

      Denis O’Brien is the largest shareholder in Independent News & Media, Ireland’s biggest newspaper publisher. He is Ireland’s richest native-born citizen, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which estimated his fortune at $5.1 billion as of Nov. 11, 2013.

      O’Brien is a member of the Bilderberg group and Trilateral Commission. He regularly attends the World Economic Forum’s annual winter meeting in Davos, meeting Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros among OTHERS.

      O’Brien and Clinton:
      In 2011, Bill Clinton flew to Ireland on O’Brien’s private jet to attend the Global Irish Economic Forum.
      In 2012, Clinton bestowed upon O’Brien the title “Clinton Global Citizen” as part of an awards scheme connected with the Clinton Global Initiative think tank.


      George Soros and Denis O’Brien became good friends when they were both involved in large scale reconstruction projects in Haiti in the wake of the catastrophic earthquake that struck the island in 2010.

    3. pat, i, on the other hand recognize the structural difference between a mason/illuminatum (goy) and jew.
      because the former may despite all appearances harbor sympathy for his own kind and enmity for the alien (jew).
      if you look at ingrid’s list of derogatory (but true) quotes about jews by famous men throughout history, you will note that many were masons, like voltaire, jefferson, washington, franklin and napoleon, among others listed.
      so do you think their statements were insincere because they were bought opposition?
      this o’brien of yours may well be like them, even though he is a bilderberg.
      all he has to do is grant his journalists a longer leash than a jew owner would.
      berlusconi is a high grade mason too, but not a noted jew lover either and has said quite a number of intelligent things, criminal though he is.
      in any gathering of intelligent goys, can there ever be even one true jew lover? contradiction in terms.
      this is the rock bottom from which you should develop your war thinking.
      i don’t even care if someone is a mason because there is always room for redemption, we need men of intellect and power, even if they are rogues.
      take don trump, who 97% of the world would agree is an overbearing asshole tyrant and buffoon, but in his interview with o’reilly, he comes across as way more on the ball, than any of those presidential wannabe retards – i mean, just look at them, their expressionless, dead eyes and it is clear that they are deeply retarded.
      i know that trump has always praised jews fulsomely but that doesn’t say much to me in terms of his actual disposition.
      ditto for many others who may just be excused of exaggerated sense of survival, like buchanan or roberts.
      i would welcome them into the camp, albeit with the caveat that once a turncoat, why not twice?
      still, better to keep them close.

      and you see, even gilby 😉 gilbert acknowledges that to date, putin played his cards right and this is why he elicits howls of protest from the depths of hell.

      of course, anything and everything can go wrong, putin may bolt to the enemy, so can you or i.
      but why waste time bemoaning disasters before they happened?

      1. lobro –

        I know you are guessing. So am I.
        I agree with Gilbert who said it was “NAIVE” to believe Putin is not controlled opposition.

        Even the original article here is from a Pharisee trained editor and publisher, with a Negro great-grandfather.

        Charles Bausman, editor of Russia Insider, was born in Frankfurt, Germany to an American father and German mother.

        His father was the bureau chief for the AP (Associated Press), a leading American news agency. This was during the height of the Brezhnev era.

        He was trained at Columbia and NBC.

        “But you could say that my connection to Russia goes back even further in my family history. My great-grandfather, Richard T. Greener, was an American diplomat in Tsarist Russia for seven years at the end of the nineteenth century. That is an unusual story, because he was a prominent black American politician of that era—notable also as the first black man to graduate from Harvard. On my mother’s side, my German grandfather spent two years on the Eastern front during World War Two. Remarkably, he survived.”

        Charles Bausman was born in Frankfurt, Germany to an American father and German mother. His father, a foreign correspondent, brought the family to Moscow where they lived from 1968-72. After Moscow the family moved to a Connecticut suburb of New York City. He studied history at Wesleyan University, and later finance at Columbia Business School. He worked briefly as a journalist for NBC in Moscow from 1987–1990, then returned to New York to earn his MBA, and has worked on and off in Moscow since 1994 in finance and business. He first came to Russia as an adult in 1985 on a summer language program. Before starting Russia Insider he worked in private equity, specializing in large-scale industrial investment in agriculture.

        No need to waste time hailing Putin before he is successful.

      2. Speaking of “expressionless, dead eyes”, this describes the eyes of the Charleston, (was it Charleston?) shooter exactly.. Speaking of Charleston.. Muslims, and Christians are uniting.. baby steps..

  3. bishop richard williamson, the only well known catholic cleric to get my stamp of approval, sent me this circular.
    i link it because it is topical to this thread.

    (…) with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 the Russian people began to repudiate the godless Communism under which they had suffered so much for 70 years, and since then they have not ceased to evolve towards God instead of away from him. Leading this evolution has been Russia’a Prime Minister or President since 1999, Vladimir Putin (born in1952), who by his personal example and public leadership has done all he could to promote the real revival of the Christian Orthodox religion within Russia.
    Some observers still doubt that Putin is genuine, but the fruits are there: thousands of churches and cathedrals rebuilt all over Russia and morality defended, while outside of Russia Putin has more than once delayed the outbreak of World War III by outwitting the delinquent Western politicians, puppets of the godless New World Order and pushing for its triumph.

    1. LOBRO
      “thousands of churches and cathedrals rebuilt all over Russia”
      Slavs will spend all their time praying and become Jesuits as oil reserves are sold to Soros and associates.
      “Millions of churches are needed in Russia and will be financed by NATO and IMF”

      1. “Millions of churches are needed in Russia and will be financed by NATO and IMF”

        People are freezing in their apartments…. economy so bad last year. They can move into churches:

        Oligarchs are trying to mimic US financial system as well as the political system… BUT….
        even though Putin lets Russia’s oligarch bankers rake in huge profits for 2014 like in US…..
        Putin allows income for Russian people go backwards in 2014.

        AND…. Putin’s manufacturing was in the red at (-)8%.(page 11). US needs to order 800,000 rocket engines instead of the 8 they will use.


        Annual Report 2014


        Annual Report 2014
        Overview of the Russian Economy and Banking Sector:

        The real income of the population was at – RECORD LOW – in terms of growth, gaining only 1.3%, as compared with a 4.8% increase in 2013.
        **Real disposable cash income decreased by 0.1%, while in the previous year it demonstrated 4.0% growth.

  4. Mother Nature chose the Jewess to hunt the market place for successful merchants and receive cum filled quickies. And behold blossomed clever Yids who threw away the nonsense of the Talmud and went out to seek their fortunes. Could Yids be blamed for lending their hard earned rewards for large profits ? Popes and religious zealots wanted Yids to open their entire vaults to unemployable shit bags in the name of Jesus. But the wise Yids would open their vaults only to sharp entrepreneurs and get their deserved profits.

    1. Often Noble prize winners have a Jewess mother and a goyish father. One winner respected his Yiddish cuckold daddy who was a lowly maintenance man for help raising a Noble prize winner. But years later the Jewess confessed to her son that his cuckold dad had a low sperm count and could not have been his father. The Jewess who worked as an admittance clerk at a Catholic college had sex with many professors, she could not provide her son with the identity of his real father.

  5. More than just a man, Vladimir Putin is becoming a symbol of the resistance to the tiranny of lies who is running the western world. His Valdai speech is monumental,it indeed resemble the speeches of Adolf Hitler who was pointing his finger openly to the international jewry. The difference is in the approach of the problem., whyle Hitler was frank ,open and audacious, Putin is cautios sometimes vague and ambiguos. He is clearly afraid of an open confrontation whit the jews,because he intimately knows their extremely evil power, he knows them like most of the russians do ,being the people that more than any other suffered by their atrocities. This is probably the right way to fight them, at least in our orwellian times. Putin is promoting our values, he is telling all of us that he and russians stand for Christianity. He draws the line, we europeans and americans have to do the same. The forces we are facing are powerful and terrifying but they cannot coexist within a clean healty morally sound population. We are giving them power, with our supine acceptance of their culture distorsion, and with our complicity in accepting be put one against the other for the false goals of material wealth and supremacy. I believe self discipline and good will are the best shelter from this vicious disease. The best prove of the existence of God are our beloved children. Who is going to give you more?

    1. to the deep thought specialists, the fact that putin stands for christian values (translation: values of jesus christ, as espoused by jesus christ) is clear proof of putin’s following orders of the kabbalists, specifically the head witchdoctor rothschild, that once people wake up to the meaning of “synagogue of satan”, they will enthusiastically fall in line.
      because who wouldn’t be overjoyed for a chance to roll in the blood spattered pews of the synagogue of satan?
      yep, putin’s agenda is revealed for all to see, follow the teaching of jesus christ and knock on the gate of the synagogue of satan.
      this roadmap was never grasped by zio-christian putin haters, who wouldn’t be caught dead listening to a single word of jesus christ, too subversive and antisemitic).

      do the following simple experiment: mark 2 points (A and B) about 4 inches apart and ask yourself what is the most direct way to join them, by going from A (putin, who promotes pimps the christian values) to B (synagogue of satan, where the kabbalist bosses of putin sit smiling to welcome the newcomers).

      answer: place an earthworm doused in LSD at A and follow its progress, this is the way prescribed in the protocols as well as by jesus christ (same thing, they tell you, christ was merely a precursor to amschel meyer bauer, aka rothschild, announcing the grand messiah).

      i guess i am the one of the precious few here to whom the above logic is unclear.

      what putin is doing by building “thousands” of christian churches is exactly what the bolsheviks did when they massacred the tsar and the royal family, as soon as they were done, they set about building thousands of churches, because they too believed in christian values.

      comprende? (yo pobre mehicano, me no comprende, going from A to B so hard, help meeeeee …)

      1. #2 in series (magical thinking©, to borrow melvin’s phrase)

        khodorkovsky is a 40-something yr old jew, born in the communist ussr who by the age of ~30 became a multibillionaire, having acquired control of one of the world’s premier, vertically integrated oil companies.
        let’s for a minute suppose that he didn’t get the devil-seed money from the rothschilds, that on the contrary instead of acting as their paid agent, he was really their opponent (money came from jesuit heaven, according to macknow) and it was only through intervention of the real rothschild agent, vlad putin, that khodorkovsky coughed up his yukos shares at the point of his arrest to the rothschilds.
        so, had putin not arrested khodorkovsky and tossed him into the slammer for 10 years, the rothschilds would have never gotten their controlling shares, which is why recently belgium froze all yukos assets due to a court action by the rothschilds khodorkovsky.
        had putin, not put his foot in (nice rhyme, eh joe?)
        khodorkovksy would have saved the shares for the russian nation, because he is a real jew, not a counterfeit jew (i have learned to differentiate thanks to newsong).
        but because of bad putin, rothschilds still have foot in the door and will clean up once the all-out war between usa and russia is over and the usual heroes saved private ryan and saved the day for democracy, freedom, egalite, fraternite, flatulite.

        in fact, it is all incredibly elaborate window dressing for the fun and entertainment of the cattle, who really don’t have time for such cerebral acrobatics anyway, there is a march madness game rerun on tonight.
        too incredible for this writer, too elaborate for this writer (too).

        but a proof is a proof, right there in the kabbalist blood pudding, just gotta look for it real careful-like.

  6. Magical thinking is behind the “Cult of personality” fools believe in supermen or tyrants who rule independently. But wimpy Hitler never could have acted alone, he was heavily financed by powerful international bankers. Putin also does not live in a protected bubble, he is managed by “Yid Gelt”. His seizure of Crimea resulted in the US gaining possession of Western Europe. “Putin the trembler” is down with the program.

  7. Putin builds churches. He follows orders.

    Pharisees know the ‘chosen’ ideology cannot exist without more Christian churches.

  8. I must remember to pick up some Caspian Beluga caviar next time I go shopping at my local food emporium so I can be a savvy host at my next backyard BBQ. If I don’t write it down on my shopping list, I forget. If I ever find my reading glasses, I shall put it on my shopping list first thing.

  9. Dear Masha Gessen:
    What a load of rubbish from a naive stooge. The only truthful point is that of a British High Court judge describing the character of Berezovsky and his Int’l Jewry clan. Everything else whether from US government sources or not or elsewhere, is a load of disinformation/misinformation tripe designed to confuse the issue. Putin can only be considered true, righteous and defender of normal humanity if he implements policies against Int’l Jewry like Hitler did. If Putin does not, then he is just part of the game and is just Controlled Opposition in the dichotomous game of the Hegelian dialectic. Putin is just another frontman for Int’l Jewry that may also have jewish blood in him from his mother’s side. So another crypto-jew like Churchill, FDR (Roosevelt -Rosenfeld) and Stalin before him. Despite all the good that Putin’s Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and the BRICS/AIIB may do, the EEU is just another version of the European Union (EU). Now there is documentation that the modern EU starting out as the European Coal and Steel Community (ESCC) was just another jewish stealth operation to destroy Caucasians and then the world. For evil to prevail, it must be presented as good, just like darkness pretending to be light and a lie made into a truth. I am glad Darkmooners are awake. Check out this link concerning the EU: or These links put the EEU and the future North American Union (NAU) into perspective. So don’t tell me Putin is his own man: he is a frontman and puppet of Int’l Jewry. And Int’l Jewry loves to factionalize its friends and enemies alike to confuse the issue so that they can never be seen as the cause of any machinations. The assassination of JFK is a case in point. The lone wolf gunman Lee Harvey Oswald was under the influence or belonged to so many groups that who shot JFK becomes clouded in finding the answer. Just what Int’l Jewry wants! Oswald was a former military man, had ties to the FBI/CIA, was a communist who went to Russia, had Italian or Jewish mafia connections, all thus making him the perfect obfiscational patsy. Putin can be seen in the same way. Putin, perhaps a crypto-jew, former KGB, former Russian mafia money connectioned turned communist capitalist and now Russian Orthodox saviour. Certainly seems to show Hope and Change for Russia and the world. But who was the last person to support Hope and Change? Obama, you are correct and look how that turned out. Putin is just more of the same with a different mask on. Putin is just yang to Obama’s ying – the Hegelian dialectic. People never learn, we fall for the same old tricks most of the time and the only thing that changes are the actors and the technology used. So open you eyes, Putin is the same old same old, just a Russian version. Int’l Jewry has perfected all these machinations, but one day they will outsmart themselves due to their character just like Berezovsky. Thanks, Norbert.

  10. The Jew York Times is the last source I would ever trust. It’s as good a liar as Netanyahu. However, there is no denying to the truth that Vladimir Putin is very popular within the Russian Jewish establishment – and he is surrounded by Jewish oligarchs.

    For example, Yuri Kovalchuck, reportedly Putin’s personal banker, Vladimir Yakunin, head of Russian Railways, billionaires Boris Rotenberg and his older brother Arkady, Vladislav Yuryevich Surkov, former Russian deputy prime minister, Sergey Yurievich Glazyev, Putin’s aide and author of 40 books, Leonid Eduardovich Slutskii, member of the State Duma of Russia, Professor Andrey A. Klishas (Moscow University), Ukraine-born Valentina Ivanovna Matviyenko, the highest-ranking female politician in Russia, and former governor of Saint Petersburg and the current Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitryi Olegovich Rogozin, former Russian ambassador at NATO and Yelena Mizulina, a member of the Communist Party.

    1. “…there is no denying to the truth that Vladimir Putin is very popular within the Russian Jewish establishment..”

      Yes. Correct. The Pharisees in a Moscow THINK TANK agree with you,and PRAISE ‘their boy’ Putin:

      – In Putin’s return, Russian Jews see stability –

      “For Jewish community in Russia, returning president marks a departure in the country’s history from the anti-Semitism of past Communist elites.

      “Yevgeniy Satanovsky, head of the Institute for Israel and Near Eastern Studies, a think tank in Moscow, says that Jews do not have to worry about Putin.”

      “Was Vladimir Putin’s carefully CHOREOGRAPHED plan to return to Russia’s presidency in 2012 a big blow to democracy or a victory for stability?”

  11. Neo-Nazi`s will never monopolize the worlds currencies. But an alliances of Whites, Yids, and Chinks will call the shots. Those who want to change the system have been Identified, and soon will be box car expressed to Auschwitz. They will be packed into modernized gas chambers once reserved for Yids and given RAID roach killer to breath.

  12. “Jews are fundamentaly liars. They lie mercilessly even to themselves.

    Jews lie about everything. Meaning by everything literally “every single thing”. You can’t have a simple truth from a Jew. Even or the most insignificant thing.

    I guess there must be some psychiatric, anthropological and sociological explanations for that lying compulsive behavior.

    There’s no more racist and disgusting slogan than “the chosen people.” It looks like derived from that slogan, they are taught and trained in the synagogues not to try and do anything but oppress peoples. For that purpose they lie again and again.

    Jews give God a bad name”

    The main reason Jews are the way they are can be found here…

  13. It appears that there are some Darkmooners that think that the only way to escape or conquer the jewish financial power is to die under the assumptions that;

    1. The jews are the most intelligent human being on the planet.

    2. The jews already control all the governments in the world along with their militaries.

    3. The jews know what everyone is doing on the planet.

    4. The jews are not stoppable because they worship Satan who is the most powerful force on the planet.

    5. Consequently, Melvin must be correct. (A little injected humor.)

    The truth is that the jews are the best liars in the world, lots of people believe their lies, and fear them.

    The truth is that the jews would not have to constantly lie if they were intelligent. It is easier to do good that it is to do evil. Dumb asses choose the hard way.

    The truth is that when you’re perceived to be at the top, the only way you can go is down and there are always lots of folks who do not go to the synagogue that are more than willing to help you descend. Satan does not just tempt jews with the lust for power.

    The truth is that the jewish financial elite are scared of the world. That’s why they have so many front men/women doing their bidding. That’s why they want to depopulate the world. That’s why they want to disarm the people of the world.

    The truth is that they only have the appearance of global power. If they truly controlled all the governments of the world, they would have their international group grope, sacrifice some children, commence the endless mass killing of Christians, and declare themselves rulers of the universe. They can’t do it because they do not control the world.

    Jewish tyranny is undermined every time someone helps their fellowman, every time someone tells someone about Jesus, every time someone prays properly to God, every time someone forgives another for wrong doing against them, every time someone is thankful to God for any of their tremendous number of blessing, every time someone tells the truth about anything, every time someone expresses their love (not sex) for another human being, etc. Jesus covered it all in the Gospels.

    The point is that, just like the largest statue can be toppled by ants removing one grain of sand at a time, jewish tyranny can be toppled by simply doing an act of good, one person at a time, one day at a time.

    An awakening is occurring, but it is not published in the jewish media or widely known on the net. I see it every time that I am out and about. There are billions of participants doing good working against jewish tyranny everyday under the jewish radar and there are those on the jewish radar that wish to undo their financial dominance. The days are numbered for the perceived jewish tyranny and they know it.

    There are two parts to the truth, the problem and the solution. Darkmooners provide lots of details about the truth of problems. I have attempted to tell the truth about the solution, but Jesus did a much better job of it in the Gospels.

    1. An example of resistance to tyrrany, is the uprising of Druze in the Golan Heights, who, yesterday, attacked an Israeli ambulance, which was transporting takfiri terrorists to their “secret” field hospital, in order to patch them up, so that they could continue with their proxy slaughter of Syrians. The israeli/takfiri alliance thought they could thumb their noses at the locals. Got that wrong, didn`t they? Yes, little pockets of resistance mount up, until soon, everyone unites in one massive push.. Maybe I`m just dreaming..

  14. Who cares if Putin was or was not chosen by the supposed oligarchs – i.e. Jewish maestros of money, I believe???? …. You bubba, smart-arse Yankees should worry about your own house before launching into your dialectical, nonsensical diatribes about Putin’s status within the all-controlling Illuminati. Of course he is part of their BIG PICTURE! The Illuminati controls all significant world leaders! …. According to the United Nations research and scientific studies report (May-June 2015) “nearly two-thirds of the entire population inhabiting the planet will face severe, life-threatening water shortages by the year 2025.” …. 97% of the water on our planet is in the seas and oceans. Of the remaining 3%, over half is in the great lake of Russia and the undrinkable American Great Lakes. Of the 1.05% of the planet’s water remaining, over .06% is inaccessable, and .05% is polluted beyond any future use. (Try drinking Fukushima water!) Of the remaining .04 of water remaining, most of this water is highly degraded, such that it has to receive much treatment before being suitable for human use. … Widespread chem-trailing, esp over the USA’s south-western states, has reduced the amount of rain-bearing droplets in the atmosphere to almost nil proportions, causing a once in a 2,000 years drought, which could soon threaten the viability of the USA! …. On top of that a planned huge, nuclear-induced explosion of Yellowstone will finish the USA off for good! Good riddance. …. Never mind Yankees, special slow-release sedatives and hallucinogenic powders now sit in all your water sources, inc your privately owned aquifers, so you will all go out on a high, just like in a Hollywood script! Most of you are tripping already, from what I read of your illiterate scripts! … Someone like Gilby will be so hallucinated that all he will see to the end is wanton hill-billy sheilas coming at him in terry-towelling dressing gowns! …. And don’t you worry, you will soon be licking Jews’ boots in order to get a thimble full of water and selling ya arse to anyone. …. WATER is about to become the new GOLD! The Jews know that, just as in the early 20th century they knew oil would be the new gold! …. That’s why I have bought up big in southern Tasmania and the islands south of Terra del Fuego – I can use some of my trawlers to drag icebergs to my homes and make huge money! Great bargaining power with the chicks! …. And don’t you worry, the poles have more ice and snow than ever before, excluding the Ice Ages of the past. Its just that we of the genuine old money are locking the poles up for good, protected by our own UN military! As always, the Jews are no more than OUR money managers! They can be easily dispensed with! …. Its just that you Yankees are being wiped out and you do not know it yet! …. You are the new Gaza! …. Jews know you are the new Sodom and Gomorrah and just as dispensable as the Torah originals. They will leave you soon, when there are “none of you breathing.” Then, as I said, you will become a huge wildlife park, with international shooting trips avail for anyone who wants to hunt down any remaining hill-billies or loose nigrahs hiding in the everglades! …. I’d call that good sport! …. Finally, ya feral revolt against ENGLAND was a big con to suit our purposes. …. We’ve always had the heads of you colonials sitting in our nooses and we can do with you whatever we please! That’s why rich Yankees are fleeing the USA in plain and boat loads!

  15. Ungenius, was that your nickname at school? …. Was it used to show you had little or no real brains? ….. Like an arrant, kumbaya-muttering, pseudo-Christian, village idiot you proclaim: “Jewish tyranny can be toppled by simply doing an act of good, one person at a time, one day at a time.” …. Oh yeah, every time I start being a really nice guy, I cum out the big loser with the chicks! … Chicks tell me in droves that they like me as a BAD BOY! In that right frame of mind I am swift, hard and beautifully punishing to them! … In this world the nice blokes always lose! …. I’ve learnt to skip 1st, 2nd and 3rd bases with chicks! …. And how do you select who to be nice towards? … Feminists tell me to get f****d if I stop to allow them through the door first! ….. Dogs poo on my front lawn if I am nice to them! …. Muslims call me an Infidel if I tell them their wives are pretty, or try to date their daughters! …. Jews ignore me if I say hello …. Nigrahs think I am sucking up if I compliment them on their gangsta rap and big members …. And an old lady hit me with her walking stick when I tried to carry her across a busy intersection. ….. A TRUE “act of good” would be to belt a Jew or nigrah across the ears! …. A TRUE ACT OF GOOD WOULD BE TO SHOUT “HOPE the O-BUMMER’s way, HOPE THE O-BUMMER’s way!” …. A true act of good would be to imprison, on hard labour, your entire USA Congress! …. No act of good, of your miniscule type, could even get into the same ball-park with the Illuminati’s fabulous BADNESS! …. Remember, Jesus said the world is the province of the devil, of satan himself; although in typical Jewish dialectical fashion he later proposed the antithesis to his original thesis: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” …. Even these words have a double/triple, dialectically-charged meaning! …. YHWH’s “will”? …. Or the Chosen ones’ “will”? …. Or, is it the “will” of the so-called Christians who, in modern times, have become a sad, brainwashed parody of themselves! These mother-f*****s think the Bible teaches them “all about, lerv, lerv, lerv… that is all you need”; whilst the Jewish porno kings think lerv is something you do up all 3 orifices before a camera and sound crew. …. Seen Miley Cyrus’s latest porn? …. Ungenius, tomorrow I sentence you to go out and do 5 acts of random goodness – one to a Jew, one to a nigrah rappa, one to a Mormon, one to a policeman and one to a homosexual! …. Tell the latter you like him, but you’d better be prepared to back onto a wall first!

    1. That old lady has an EXCELLENT intuitive sense, I really must say. Kudos to that very savvy old lady!!! I hope she’s White, Caucasian, Christian. I really do, you must believe me.

    “The jews are the most intelligent human being on the planet.”
    Not all Yids are clever.
    But presently there are over one hundred thousand Yid financial wizards.
    Goyim rulers were never kinder or more altruistic than Netanyahu, Hitler often bitch slapped his generals and kicked the mentally challenged. He put innocent Yid doctors in box cars and sent them to labor camps. Yid free Japan had goyim Samurai tax collectors that would chop off your head if late on taxes.

  17. It looks as if Oligarchs DID choose Putin, and still love him.

    Pics with them:
    – At Putin’s side, an army of Jewish billionaires –

    In one corner sat Mikhail Fridman, the seventh-richest man in Russia, whose fortune is estimated at $15 billion by Forbes. He stayed hydrated in the sweltering heat by sipping a glass of water.

    In another stood Moshe Kantor, the chemicals tycoon who Forbes said was worth $2.3b. He repeatedly removed the beads of sweat from his head with a napkin.


    Putin’s next step is to reestablish a Cold War to allow Pharisee bankers into Syria and Iran through a classic ‘end-around’ maneuver and through the back door in a few decades. Putin is eligible to be in office until 2024.

    “Russia’s President Vladimir Putin makes little attempt to counter the world’s growing conviction that he aims to restore, as far as he is able, the dominant position on the world scene once occupied by the USSR.

    “As Putin put it in a speech to the Russian parliament in 2005 – a speech which accurately presages more recent developments: “Above all, we should acknowledge that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a major geopolitical DISASTER … Tens of millions of our co-citizens and compatriots found themselves outside Russian territory.”

  18. Proposed laws about compulsory DNA testing would uncover millions of biological fathers. Cockold husbands would refuse to support bastard children.
    Successful Yids would often discover that their biological father was a wealthy goy entrepreneur. The married Yid huntress would stop gathering wealthy goy cum for fear of being exposed by DNA testing.

  19. Blocking the quest by the Yid huntress for wealthy mens cum will end the dominance of Yid super minds. DNA testing of all children at birth and it access to interested parties means knowledged for duped husbands. It finally will end the Darwinian search for super genes by the cum hunting Jewess.

  20. Oligarchs actually control Putin’s Russia through PRIVATE BANKS.

    Russia’s financial systems are controlled by the same types of PRIVATE banking techniques and ‘fund’ accounting as in the US, including mortgage systems introduced by Pharisee bankers and OLIGARCHS.

    LOANS are the majority of ASSETS.

    BANK CARDS ABOUND. Since 2013 more than 4,000 pensioners received the Bank’s cards.

    Bank Saint Petersburg’s Annual Report 2012:
    Bank Saint Petersburg is the largest PRIVATE BANK in the Northwest of Russia. Financial services rendered by the Bank support regional development and sustainable real economy growth, help individuals reach their financial targets.
    Customer services still constitute the core of the Bank’s business. The Bank has over 1,200,000 individual and over 39,000 corporate customers. As before, 65% of the assets are represented by customer loans and 65% of the liabilities consist of customer deposits.

    The Bank continues to develop its branch network in St. Petersburg, aiming to create the most up-to-date offices and service centres designed to be convenient for the customers. In 2012, the Bank opened four new outlets, two more mortgage lending centres and one additional auto lending centre. The customer service network was thus expanded to include 41 outlet, 4 mortgage lending centres and 3 auto lending centres. The number of ATMs and POS terminals was increased to 547 and 6,900 respectively.
    Apart from a wider branch network, greater accessibility of banking services for the customers is also ensured by the introduction of high-tech solutions. One of the high priority tasks is to support the Bank’s rapid development in the Internet environment, transferring some of the services to the Web ahead of the actual market demand.
    For individuals, in 2012, Bank Saint Petersburg launched a new state-of-the-art Internet-Bank allowing maximum convenience and functionality and adapted for iOS- and Android-based mobile devices. This gives the Bank’s customers a 24/7 access to its banking products.
    For corporates, in 2012, the Bank expanded significantly the range of Internet-Bank and Bank-Client functions and launched new product – Corporate Treasury Services Centre – a set of individually customized options providing centralized corporate finance management for enterprises with territorial or organizational structure of any degree of complexity.

    The Bank is developing its mortgage products and tries to make them affordable for the majority of the private customers. As part of its joint project with OJSC “St. Petersburg Mortgage Agency” the Bank is involved in such programs as “Affordable Housing for the Young” and “St. Petersburg Housing Finance Development”.
    Starting in 2009, the Bank takes part in the maternity (family) capital payments program. Starting in 2011, under an agreement with the City Information and Settlements Centre, the Bank takes part in the social security payments program.
    Also since 2011, under an agreement with the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the pensions are paid not only to St. Petersburg pensioners, but also to individuals living in the Leningrad Region. As at January 1, 2013, more than 4,000 pensioners received the Bank’s cards.
    The introduction of socially-oriented services helped increase the loyalty of current customers and attract new ones.

    SAME DEBT control as in US…. needed worldwide…. MORE coming with BRICS.

  21. Public awareness has put the spotlight on the Yids dominance in the field of wealth accumulation. There have been many complaints to political leaders to block this dominance. It would come to a halt if there were a million dollar cap on each yids assets. This solution is not perfect but it is a start.

  22. Nobody is more grateful than Putin for the brilliant Yiddish speaking Bolshevik generals that defeated Nazi Armies. Yids are still respected in Russia even if they no longer call themselves Bolsheviks but Oligarchs.

  23. Russia’s oligarch bankers had 30 times the financial growth of Putin’s ‘Mother’ Russia’s sickly economy in 2014.

    “In 2014 the Russian economy demonstrated a growth of a mere 0.6%, which is only half of the 2013 figure.”
    However… ” the banking sector showed 18% growth at year end.”

    Annual Report 2014


  24. Melvin Polterdick, I’m starting to like your short, straight-to-the-point messages, such as: “But presently there are over one hundred thousand Yid financial wizards.” …. Yeah, they are really brainy hombres, far smarter than 99.9% of stupid Gentiles. …. They are the “masters” of our planet; and its all done via their financial acumen. MONEY/GOLD IS POWER!!!!!! …. My Queen Elizabeth, bless her sweet heart, is truly indebted to them. … Melvin, you are repeating one of the greatest truths of the 21st century when you state that, “Blocking the quest by the Yid huntress for wealthy mens cum will end the dominance of Yid super minds. DNA testing of all children at birth and it access to interested parties means knowledged for duped husbands. It finally will end the Darwinian search for super genes by the cum hunting Jewess.” …. Look at Australia’s rich Mr James Packer currently rootin’ the fat pop princess, Maria Carey: He still has his voracious, big-nosed, big-titted Jewess escorting him, Jodi Meares. Previously he had it on with a whole lot of cum-devouring Jewesses, such as big-titted Kate Fischer! … He has spawned lots of Jewesses” kids in much the same way I was trapped. … Compulsory DNA testing would end this cuckoldry and prove how these cum hunting Jewesses have played a significant role in assuring the overall Jewish financial brilliance.

    1. Your 40 million annual income, parasitic Queen Elizabeth, who expects the UK taxpayer to repair her several palaces, whilst millions of brits are living rough, or going hungry..

      1. The Queen is a lovely old lady, so kind and gracious. She only earns, via taxpayer credits/donations a mere 38 million pounds a year. ….. I, for example, earn more than her and so do many of ya dumb nigrah ball players! …. As the major shareholder in Rio Tinto stocks, her shares have plunged from over US$120 per share to only US$38 each. She has lost lots of money. She needs the money to keep Buckingham Palace lovely and tidy so I can visit it and sleep in the luxurious ante-chamber with the pick of her maids! . …. She also has to feed over 48 corgis. … And pay for toe-sucker, Fergie’s and her kids excesses. Her servant staff of over 1350 persons is well paid and love their jobs. She is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and employs many poofters, fanny-lickers and transvestites. It is much like the lervly pope’s Vatican! She is also willing to give pedophiles a second chance. …. She really considers herself to be, as well as everything else, the Queen of the Americas. … Your elite Jews and their Goyim supporting class just lerv her and see her as their real ruler, along with George Soros, the Queen’s chief money-changer. The Obummer set the record for the lowest bow ever given to an English royal and many thought he licked her shoes! He’s a typical mulatto! … You colonists are a dowdy, ugly bunch who cannot speak the Queen’s English, preferring your stupid American twangs and slangs. …. You have never been a sovereign nation, but just a previously rich colonial outpost, now nearly defunct. …. As I have said, in less than 2 decades time the USA will be history; broken up into warring, Balkanized states, or lowly Jewish fiefdoms, where Obummer-like, mulatto slaves are brutalized and turned into mud-covered yahoos. …. England and Australia are and will be the only countries worth living in; and are the true crowns/flagships of the great British Empire of nations! The royals and old money aristocracy send most of their kids to Australian prestige schools, which is how I ended up in love with Australia. (and encumbered with 37 wives and now 71 children!)

  25. The only HOPE for the future survival of WHITE people’s societies (now impregnated, filthified and being destroyed by the Jews’ multiculturalism and miscegenation) is for WHITES to go back en masse to their Christian-society/social roots and expel the “money-changers” from their new TEMPLES in the Fed, the Bank of England, the US Treasury, Wall St and the square mile of London’s “The City.” …. Plus the evil citadel of The Vatican must be stormed and its satanic occupants hung by their necks until dead! …… Christian-Zionists, the naive, insane victims of Protocols’ trickery and lies, must be offered the chance of full rehabilitation, or notwithstanding this, MUST be interred/water-boarded/or shot. …. JESUS warned you all and TOLD YOU SO! …. i.e. You should NEVER be in bed with those usurers Jesus spent so much time condemning and the evil ones that YHWH “turned his face away from.” …. IT is all as simple as that! ….Was it Phil who correctly intimated that the Old Testament is the antithesis of the New Testament: One is a prescription for ongoing Jewish genocides; and the other is a book of love and peace. ….. WHITE people have a right to have their own WHITE societies and nations, free of the pestilences and strifes imported in by nigrahs, Jews, gypsies, Muslims, Asiatics, and general scumbags! Imagine how beautiful your streets and bi-ways would be without dirty nigrahs playing their gangsta rap on every corner and committing all their heinous crimes! Do you really want nigrahs, Jews and Muslims as your immediate next door neighbors? Of course you don’t!

    1. Max,
      Let me Pat you.
      I said that the Gospels/NT is the continuity of the Hebrews Bible, with Jesus as the Messiah.
      Synagogual Judaism refused JC and established its own material messianism (NWO and Nohaism or Fabianism for the CW Union Jack). It has been in opposition to Christianity since.
      I would say that Talmud is the antithesis of the NT, as it promotes a racial supremacist ideology extracted from the OT.

      Matthew 5:17
      “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.”
      Or others.

      But, it’s just Biblical myth.

      1. @Phil
        Yes, you are correct Phil. (Thanks for all your excellent essays/comments.) “The Gospels/NT is the continuity of the Hebrews, Bible, with Jesus as the Messiah.” …. The money-changing, dove-collecting, sit with “pride at the top of the table”, Sadducees, Pharisees, scribes and elders were the scumbags that Jesus hated with a vengeance. He knew they would kill him: “Crucify him, crucify him”, they chanted. This was the grand plan! They had turned the Israelite/Hebrews’ Temple into what Jesus described as “a den of thieves.” ….. And Jesus said they who refused to believe in the union between He and His Father, would be cast into “the lake of fire”; which is exactly where the modern Jewish-Zionist elite should be thrown – into real ovens for good and burnt to crisps. Imagine Geo Soros, Rahm Emanuel and Janet Yellen burning in the flames! GREAT! …. Author Thomas Cahill, in The Gifts of the Jews says that 2 forms of Judaism have survived to the present day – Pharisaic Judaism and Christian Judaism. ….. Note that the loony-crazies known as Christian-Zionists are insane people trying to reconcile 2 opposites; for these 2 types of Judaism are opposites to each other. Tell that to all the fake Christian sheeple out there!

    2. You don’t sound the least bit encumbered, Max, you never do. Quite the opposite, you always brag about being totally unencumbered [ though you don’t word it that way when you’re bragging about your world wide exploits. ]

      Of those 71 children you have, how many are joo babies? How many of your 37 wives are yidesses?


        Thank you for the word: Yidesses—–I never thought of using it.

      2. @ Ingrid B

        Bigamy as an Internet fantasy is not illegal in Australia (or anywhere else, I suppose). So let him brag about his harem, it is at worst a nuissance-on-line only.

    3. Australia will be devastated by China’s downturn.
      In terms of exports as a share of GDP, nearly all countries UBS covers saw their China exposure rise; some doubled — Japan, South Korea, U.S., Brazil, Canada, Chile — while some tripled — Germany, the EU — and some even quadrupled, like Australia.
      China quadrupled the number of countries to which it was the biggest export market in the decade to 2014, the UBS analysts wrote. In the same period, the U.S. almost halved the number of countries for which it held the same title.

  26. Contrary to popular ‘guessing’…. Putin and Russia’s banking oligarchs were selling off gold in 2014 according to Sberbank Annual Report.

    Sberbank is “Savings bank of Russia” and is a shareholder-owned bank with the Russian government in the majority, headquartered in Moscow. As of 2012 it was the largest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe, and the third largest in Europe.

    Sberbank 2014 Annual Report:

    “Gold and foreign currency reserves dropped by 25% in 2014.”

    1. Pat,

      That was a short term move, due to the speculative attack on the Rouble or to make the price fall, or maybe good all KGB counter propaganda.
      I won’t bother you with Swiss newspaper, very good on the topic, but with the Telegraph, pretty decent shopkeeping paper all things considered, with good sources.
      “Vladimir Putin’s government is understood to be hoarding vast quantities of gold, having tripled stocks to around 1,150 tonnes in the last decade. ”

      “Central banks have been consistently adding to their gold holdings since 2009,” Mr Hewitt told the Telegraph. In the case of Russia, Mr Hewitt said that the recent increases in its gold holdings could be a sign of greater geopolitical risk that has arisen since it seized Crimea sparking a dispute with Ukraine and the West.

      Buying gold, getting rid of Dollars, controlling capital movements, building churchs, restauring order while we are ruled with chaos (Obummer N word speech, this guy has no shame), demographic boom, asking for assimilation of minorities, no visit to Auschwitz, constant desinformation/ bullshit propaganda on the News, abusing Femens…There is also this Natalka gold mine in Russian extreme orient that RDIF and China would like to exploit.

      You see Pat, Russia is doing the exact opposite of Francois Hollande, in every domain, and i am guessing that’s a good sign, as fanfan la tulipe would do pretty much everything for his old campaign enemy (The world of Finance) but on Gold and silver, there is clearly a metallic war against Russia, China and USA.

      But buying gold is an insurance policy against the fall of Dollar, look at China massively buying as an insurance for the depreciation of US bond. I wonder about China, though, since i hear nothing wrong about them on the News. Sneaky, sneaky Chinese.

      BTW, Pat, have you seen this?
      100 years bond on 4 generations! That’s a first. More paper to sustain the pyramid, i am guessing, or a new version of the casas de cambio scam.

      Have a nice afternoon, it’s freezing here.

      1. Thanks, Phil –

        Keep in mind – Rothschilds still ‘fix’ gold prices daily. Make the rules there..!

        In Europe, the ECB’s policies have allowed countries including Germany and Switzerland to sell debt at *negative* yields, meaning investors buying the securities now will get – LESS – than they paid when the debt matures…!!

        That means the purchaser is actually paying fees for ‘safe’ storage….
        ….. a trend in the making. Pharisee bankers win-win-win.


        China’s industries are not up to speed in technology. Never have been. China needs America’s Cisco for switching tech:

        – U.S. tech firm Cisco to invest $10 billion in China expansion –
        Wed Jun 17, 2015

        Cisco (CSCO.O) plans to invest more than $10 billion in China along with local business partners over the next several years, the U.S. network equipment maker said on Wednesday, as it seeks to shore up its position against strong domestic rivals.
        Cisco, the world’s biggest maker of switching equipment and routers that run the Internet, announced the investment plans following high-level meetings between top executives and Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang and other government agency leaders.
        – Why China’s economy is slowing –
        Mar 11th 2015

        CHINA has cut its growth target for 2015 to 7%, which would be the slowest expansion in more than two decades. Data this week show it will be a stretch to hit even that. This might not seem much to fret about. Even at its subdued current rate, China’s growth is still the envy of most countries. But the slowdown is cause for concern. China is faring worse than many had expected (as recently as 2012, the International Monetary Fund, among others, forecast that annual growth above 8% would continue until 2017). Its deceleration is one of the main reasons for the sell-off of global commodities from iron ore to coal over the past two years. And there are fears it could yet turn uglier.

        “Double-digit growth is most certainly a relic of China’s past.”

  27. not my words, the actual headline
    Putin Gobsmacks Uncle Sam … Again … and again, and again.

    but i’ve been saying this quite persistently for some time now, i’d say a year at least, that putin and merkel, the old stasi-kgb pros are exchanging loving winks and nudges at the expense of yidim like ashton carter, who had to read the dire news in newspapers just as he landed in germany – which seems to be squirming out of the rothschild chains yet again.

    Yep, Ukraine is out and Germany’s in, which means that Washington’s plan to extend US hegemony by driving a wedge between Russia and Europe is down the plughole.

    Judo expert Putin has done it again; he waited until the eleventh hour to pull the rug out from under the blustery Carter, and now he’s sitting back enjoying the show

    they could hire me as the futurist for a lot less dough than they are spending for useless briefings by pompous morons.

    1. Yes… lobro… you could do it. Predict the future like Jews do.

      I know you like left-wing Jew-run sites, like Counterpunch.

      This article is from Counterpunch….. started and still run by Jews, like Joshua Frank.

      Counterpunch was established in 1994 by the Washington, D.C.-based investigative reporter Ken Silverstein.

      Ken Silverstein is an American journalist who in September 2010 left his position as Washington editor and blogger at Harper’s Magazine, but remained a contributing editor. He resides in Washington, D.C.

      Silverstein worked for the Los Angeles Times as an investigative reporter, for The Associated Press in Brazil, and has written for Mother Jones, Washington Monthly, The Nation, Slate, and Salon.

      I AM…. still… “predictable.” Pointing out Jew sites….
      … Just like YOU do. 🙂

      The Jews love Putin.

      1. how come you forgot to mention this in your rundown of counterpunch?

        In 1996 Silverstein left the publication and Cockburn and St. Clair became co-editors.[10] In 2007 Cockburn and St. Clair wrote that in founding CounterPunch they had “wanted it to be the best muckraking newsletter in the country”

        or maybe this article in Think-Israel, COCKBURN’S COCKROACHES, by Steven Plaut

        There is today no difference between the academic Left and the Left of Mumia Abu Jamal and Ward Churchill. Nothing so clearly illustrates the demise of the “intellectual Left” than the self-recruitment of the stable of writers at Counterpunch magazine on behalf of Churchill, people better named Cockburn’s Cockroaches.

        Do you agree with Steven Plaut’s assessment?

      2. “how come you forgot to mention this in your rundown of counterpunch?”

        My dyslexia… I guess… You said I was… being the expert there.

    2. i knew perfectly well that you’d jump in the breach, lest putin escape unharmed.
      so the only conclusion after you outed me shilling for jews is that the nordstream pipeline deal is a lie, right?
      because, this is what the countepunch article is about and it quotes at length from The (Jew) Trumpet: Gazprom’s DANGEROUS New Nord Stream Gas Pipeline to Germany with subtitle
      Does the latest Russian-German deal reflect the spirit of Molotov-Ribbentrop?
      blow the trumpet, pat and ride pell-mell thru the townships like paul revere, awake, the ruskies are coming!
      anything and anybody but putin!
      here is what the trumpet, that is clearly as hostile to the idea of putin and russia as you are has to say:

      Analysts are wondering: Why would Germany continue to work with Russia’s Gazprom when it is supposedly targeting Russia for its invasion and occupation of Ukraine?

      in the countepunch, this is quoted (i said, quoted, not made up)

      STRATFOR CEO George Friedman summed up it up perfectly in a recent speech he gave at The Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs. He said:
      “The PRIMORDIAL interest of the United States, OVER WHICH FOR CENTURIES WE HAVE FOUGHT WARS–the First, the Second and Cold Wars–has been the RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN GERMANY AND RUSSIA, because united there, they’re the only force that could threaten US.

      Hello … maybe too late for pat to catch onto the ways of analysis, why bother if he can go to henry makow or bloomberg to report that putin has secretly bought a $200 million mansion in london where he also stashed $200 billion stolen loot,
      but let me show you something a bit different in that quote.
      George Friedman, whose STRATFOR forms the integral part of guiding the US foreign policy (on whose behalf, I wonder) referes to WE and US, fighting FOR CENTURIES (yeah, right, America has been fighting for many, many centuries against Eurasian heartland axis of goy evil) and that this forms the crux of the battle.
      Just who does Friedman mean by “WE”, “FOR CENTURIES”?

      But why listen to me when Pat has an alternative and much more entertaining story to tell about toilets that don’t flush and how they are absolutely unable to build a soccer stadium and how Ford built truck plants over there a century ago and Putin’s mistress, etc, etc.

      And what’s this, Pat,

      Yes… lobro… you could do it. Predict the future like Jews do.

      am I a Jew now? Wow, should have seen it coming oozing.

      1. “am I a Jew now?”

        Only you know for sure…. but “predictably” I did not state that.

        This gives me a chance to state: Jews love Putin…
        “In Putin’s return, Russian Jews see stability”
        For Jewish community in Russia, returning president marks a departure in the country’s history from the anti-Semitism of past Communist elites.

        Yevgeniy Satanovsky, head of the Institute for Israel and Near Eastern Studies, a think tank in Moscow, says that Jews do not have to worry about Putin.

        By LEV KRICHEVKSY, JTA \ 10/10/2011

        Was Vladimir Putin’s carefully CHOREOGRAPHED plan to return to Russia’s presidency in 2012 a big blow to democracy or a victory for stability?

        It all depends on who you ask.

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