US Savagery Visited Upon Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Now Visits Bangkok

F40FFEC2-1D19-4CFE-8A7A-E2FD07D54A8C_mw1024_s_nUS ambassador’s appointment portended deadly attack. 

August 17, 2015 (Tony Cartalucci) — A deadly blast tore through downtown Bangkok on Monday evening as people rushed home from work. Over 15 are reported dead, and over 80 injured, many seriously – missing limbs or sustaining life-threatening injuries.

The nomination and recent appointment of Glyn Davies (pictured) as US Ambassador to Thailand was long warned would bring with it political subversion and violence like that seen in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine shortly before large scale US-backed proxy wars erupted.

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49 thoughts to “US Savagery Visited Upon Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Now Visits Bangkok”

  1. If Thailand is meant to become the next Libya/Syria/Ukraine then the least thing the Thai government could do is to expell this American ambassador or better still all American diplomats and tourists, while among them will be secret agents with the assignment to undermine Thailand. “Democracy” brought by America mostly means destruction. And while Thailand would be at it, it should do the same with Israeli diplomats and tourists also. Thailand should opt for the growing BRICS alliance. BRICS should become BRICST.

  2. The USA is JewSA. To watch it with an objective eye it has been from its beginning. Its founding fathers were almost all Freemasons. Watch the architecture of Washington DC, it is an open air museum pervaded with the unfresh odeur of Mason’s symbols. And yes the non msm addicted know Freemasonry is Judaism for goyim, gentiles. The upper echelons nevertheless Eintritt nur allein fur Jude!

    So the title of the article ‘US Savagery Visited Upon Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Now Visits Bangkok’ should read JewSA….OK the Yanks as useful fools for the Yidz.

    BRICS? See:

    Anthony Migchels. Opens eyes like Anthony Sutton.


    The BRICS bank next stop on the road to world currency.

  3. There are a number of reasons for the US efforts to subvert Thailand. I suppose it goes back to when Thaksin first became Prime Minister in 2001. He was a NWOist, he wanted to privatise everything, electricity, water, legalise GMO’s and allow patenting of living organisms. In other words sell Thailand out to US corporate interests. He was essentially elected on very populist measures, low cost medical schemes etc. So he was supported by the poorer segments of the rural population in the North East of the country, which returned him to power in 2005. Due to the vagaries of the Thai electoral system he never received more than 36% of the vote, but always won most of the seats in Parliament. A bit like the UK I suppose. However, he was a mass murderer and had 2800 alleged drug traffickers killed by police in 2003-4. When he was overthrown in a coup in 2006 a commission set up to examine the mass killings found that more than half of the alleged drug traffickers were innocent. However his backers in the US continue to ignore this by insisting he was democratically elected. He was also convicted of corruption in 2008 and sentenced to 2 years, but fled Thailand. He has continued to live abroad ever since and because of his wealth worked ceaselessly to undermine any government through his proxies who remain in Thailand. In 2011 his sister was elected but she was overthrown in a bloodless coup 3 years later after a failed attempt to ram a law through Parliament to amnesty her brother led to massive street protests. Again most of the dying was by protesters being killed by Thaksinites.
    Now on to Hezbollah, Thailand has always been a popular destination for Middle easterners for a number of reasons. Firstly, its visa policy is relaxed; none of the degrading process one must undergo to visit the US for example. So many people from Hezbollah come for R&R to Thailand, also Iranians et al. Iran a supporter of Hezbollah buys a lot of agricultural products, mainly rice from Thailand. Secondly, Bangkok has over a million muslims and they live in peace with there Buddhist neighbours. (I’ve taught many students with headscarves, even burqas, but Thais don’t give a damn, neither do I) So why should Thailand bow down to the West by joining in vilifying America’s enemy of the moment? Thirdly, Thailand’s urban population are 70% Chinese, but now thoroughly assimilated into Thai society with Thai names and so on. 80% of doctors in this country are of Chinese origin and 80% of the medical students are now female. Which is why Thailand refuses to join the Trans Pacific Partnership and will most probably join the Eurasian initiative of the Russians and Chinese. (Yet another reason for US ire.) Historically Thailand has always been pro-Thai first and always gravitated to the most powerful country in Asia. Quite frankly anyone trusting the US in this part of world after witnessing their treachery which led to Pol Pot’s genocide in Cambodia is an unmitigated cretin!
    Now on to the world’s oldest profession. As far as I am aware, there is no Jewish link in Thailand, only greed and exploitation of young women. Regarding pedophilia, a few years ago it was rampant here, but due to stricter enforcement and public awareness has “moved” to Cambodia.

    1. Is this the same Thaksin who was considered ‘fit and proper’ to become the owner of an English Premier League Club, namely Manchester City, until other difficulties arose and he made his excuses and left?

      1. Absolutely correct, Wiggins! Unfortunately the laws of libel prevent me from recounting exactly how Mr Thaksin acquired most of his wealth. In many ways it was similar to Jew Soros.

  4. Let me add a tiny bit to the Hezbollah angle,
    but first, the casualty count is creeping up
    19 20 killed, 123 hurt as bomb blast rocks Bangkok tourist attraction

    What is interesting is not so much the linked article as the “related stories” rubric

    US sanctions Hezbollah terrorist released from Thailand

    This is the angle, just like when IDF snipers are laying on the rooftops in Kiev Maidan or Tehran or lobbing tin can katyushas at israel in order to give themselves pretext for another orgy of killing.
    What’s not to like for them here, blame Hezbollah, ie, Iran, scrap nuke deal, attack Hezbollah bases in Lebanon, Syria, force Obama’s hand to get more aggressive all around.
    And tallies nicely with Chinese container port blast.

    Is there a Jew holiday around the corner?

    1. I think it could be the anniversary of “25,000 days” since the “founding of the state of Israel” in September of this year. Correct me if I’m wrong about “the days”, but I recall reading about this “anniversary” recently on the “net” somewhere. Around Sept. 23 I believe.

      1. Well………..there will have to be a major ‘celebration’ to mark such an auspicious occasion. Look out !!!

  5. Thais may be their own enemies…. without any US help.

    Deposed dictator Thaksin Shinawatra and his supporters have been cited as possible suspects. While southern separatists have never visited violence upon Bangkok, Shinawatra’s followers have – and OFTEN. They carried out riots that left two shopkeepers dead in 2009.

    In 2010, they fielded some 300 heavily armed militants on Bangkok’s streets, triggering gun battles that left nearly 100 dead and culminated in city-wide arson. They again fielded these same terrorists throughout 2013-2014 to target protests aimed at Shinawatra’s regime.

    This latest episode left nearly 30 dead and hundreds injured. 

    The BBC was exposed amid Thailand’s 2013-2014 anti-Shinawatra protests during which it regularly spun or covered up violence carried out by Shinawatra’s supporters, and intentionally misrepresented demonstrators, Now it’s journalists and analysts have weighed in on who it is suspected was behind the Monday evening bombing – and their conclusions – echoed by other Western media outlets – give us the best clues yet as to what challenges Thailand truly faces.

    Here are some CHALLENGES that would make me mad as hell:



    Lèse majesté CRIMES in Thailand

    Lèse majesté is the crime of violating majesty, an offence against the dignity of a reigning sovereign or against a state. It has been prohibited by the law of Thailand since 1908.

    From 1990 to 2005, the Thai court system only saw four or five lèse majesté cases a year. From January 2006 to May 2011, however, more than 400 cases came to trial, an estimated 1,500 percent increase. For example, there were 478 cases in 2010 alone. Observers attribute the increase to King Bhumibol’s public invitation of criticism in 2005, increased polarization following the 2006 military coup and speculation over Bhumibol’s declining health.

    7 AUGUST 2015
    Thai courts hand down RECORD SENTENCES for royal ‘INSULTS’..!!

    Thai military courts on Friday jailed two people, one for 30 years and the other for 28 years, for insulting the monarchy, the heaviest sentences for the crime in the country’s history

    Thailand’s MILITARY courts have issued record prison sentences – 30 years and 28 years – against suspects for  – ALLEGEDLY – defaming the country’s monarchy on – FACEBOOK – !!

    Two separate verdicts have found the accused guilty of posting content on Facebook that is deemed a violation of the country’s infamously draconian lèse majesté law, also known as Article 112 of the Criminal Code, that states “whoever defames, insults or threatens the King, the Queen, the Heir-apparent or the Regent, shall be punished with imprisonment of three to fifteen years.”

  6. In keeping with the spirit of Darkmoon, I must conjecture that, simply, OUR Jews (American) are smarter than THEIR Jews (Orientals). Makes total sense. Uncle Remus pointed this out to me. He is very wise.

  7. This subversive interference in the affairs of another people against the apparent desire of those people–basically propping up bad governments–is one of the main reasons to vote against a government that has too much money and centralized power. Of course, I guess the U.S. government has long gotten money from the illegal drug trade (or so I read ) for its foreign adventures, but still to think that even a dime of our tax dollars go for these purposes sickens me. What sickens me even more is the old saying that what goes around comes around and so we might get the same treatment by some other dominating force or nation. Or maybe that has already happened with the central government of the world located in a Middle Eastern country that has its own agenda and uses the wealth and power of the U.S. as a long arm to achieve its goals. Who are these people? What do they really want? Actually I’ve known a lot of Israelis and they are like what we use to call “Carnies”. I’m old enough to remember when the carnival came to town and would pitch tents on the outskirts. We all would go out to see the carnival but were aware that the carnival people lacked morals or were borderline criminal or something like that. Our parents would warn us against them. Well, as an old acquaintance said to me recently, “the carnies have moved into town and taken over.” He wasn’t referring to Jews because there were (and are) very few Jews in my hometown or even in my home state but he meant people with low values and worse lifestyles now ruled. You might say the same has happened on an international level.

  8. One thing I would disagree with :

    “or it can choose as Egypt has done, rounding up all senior and mid-level leaders left in Shinawatra’s political front, as well as those working throughout US-funded NGOs backing them,” :

    There was a military coup in Egypt, which ousted Egypt`s democratically elected President, who was replaced by a pro US/Israel jewish military puppet, who has used terror, imprisonment, and torture, in an effort to quell opposition, or dissent, and is working with the usurpers, and occupiers of Palestine, to repress the people of Gaza..

  9. How exactly does the Darkmoon administration know “for sure” the Americans are behind the bombing in Bangkok? There’s also the possibility there is a faction in the Thai government doesn’t want to join BRICS but wants to remain in alliance with ZOG Washington, and that faction is behind the bombing. Darkmoon is very quick to blame Americans for every problem in the world, for any bit of violence that happens in the world. You accuse Americans, but it’s all based on Italian suppositories up your Luca’s asshole, “Innuendo” . It’s all innuendo, Darkmoon tries to pass off innuendo as “FACT”. The Fact Is : Darkmoon doesn’t really know who’s behind the bombing in Bangkok.

    And even if some day we find out for sure ZOG Washington is behind the turmoil in Thailand, I really don’t think Darkmoon which is a JDL website really gives a shit.

    “oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…. Washington is undermining Thailand, lol, like the JDL who owns Darkmoon really gives a shit if Washington undermines Thailand [ if it is true, but we still don’t know, no solid proof is presented, just Luca’s Italian innuendo suppositories he sticks up his jew asshole while he pretends to be an Italian. ]

    1. @ TheRealOriginalJoe

      FYI, Luca K (whom you mention twice in regard to the events in Thailand) has not posted a single comment on the events in Thailand — either on this thread or any other thread!

      1. Ooops, sometimes I get “Pat” “Luca” “Gilbert Huntly” “Sardonicus” and “Justice For Chinese” all mixed up. Sometimes they all just seem inter-changeable to me.

        Well, at least Ryckaert has a distinguishable personality.

        To Luca, Oh I’m so sorry, lol. Gee, I hope I didn’t traumatize you or anythin’ like that,

      2. @ Ingrid B

        I just LERV our Ingrid. Her posts are the best!!! That’s cause her posts as so PRO Palestinian no one would ever guess our Ingrid is really the JDL jewess Shelley Rubin/MadJewess. I just LERV IT when one of ours says the EXACT OPPOSITE of what she is really thinking/feeling. How much fun is that!! Keep up the great work our best JDL jew gurl troll!! What’s important is that all of us in the JDL know you always mean the exact opposite of what you say in your posts. Keep up the great charade!!!

        Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo… TOO bad you didn’t go to Hollywood when you were younger. You could have been a sTahR!!! Right up there with Shelley Winters!! You’re such a Great Actress gurl!!!

        I always said Ingrid is really Shelley Rubin/MadJewess. Personally, I think she’s a lousy actress and she never fooled me.

  10. Over the years I have watched the various confusing conflagrations and revolutions (colored and otherwise) going on around the world. I often find it difficult to figure out the Who? What? Why? angles on the stories posted about these conflicts. The Putin debate is yet another example of good guy? or bad guy? question no one can seem to really pin down. Typically such details do not initially stand out, but only come to the forefront after the violence subsides or the leading politician(s) are dethroned.

    While not quite as violent as other political insurrections against established political rulers, Greece’s Golden Dawn seems to be one of the few, fairly clear-cut political divisions going on today. The Jews did the goyim a favor here by labeling them Nadzees. Whenever I see that term I know whose side is pushing what agenda.

    One can only wonder what America’s next revolution will look like to insiders as well as outsiders. How will the global media portray the participants and the events that transpire when America finally dissolves as it inevitably will? With any luck the Jews will jump in and start calling people Nadzees thereby clearly identifying which side one favors.

    Whatever else they were, Nadzees were the most anti-Jew political party in history and that’s good enough for Arch.

    1. @ Arch Stanton :

      I link here to an article about Hitler’s Third Reich. The article includes the German scientists involved in Nuclear technology [ so the article is not off-topic. Its relevant to recent Darkmoon discussions about Nukes as well as a very interesting article]. Though the main reason I link to the article is because of a comment a Jack Heart reader sent in. I direct you to the comment by “Anonymous, March 11, 2014, at 8:33 pm”. A very astute reader of history I imagine. He asks some questions about Hitler. Perhaps you can answer the questions in the post from “Anonymous, March 11, 2014, at 8:33 pm”.

      Perhaps Hitler was jew-wise as many say. If so, then Hitler was really lousy at strategy and tactics. In which case, being “jew-wise” in-and-of-itself is NOT enough. Please answer the questions in the post I direct you to. If Hitler was so great as so many say, as you imply Hitler was great, it shouldn’t be difficult to answer the questions of “Anonymous, March 11, 2014, at 8:33 pm”. Thank you, TROJ.

      1. Adolf Hitler

        Adolf Hitler was born a person of very great worth. He was not spiritually advanced but was of very high intelligence. He was destined to bring great change to the world through his intellect, Through the Thule Society in Germany, the Bafath were able to seize possession of Adolf and use him for their dark and wicked purposes, something which he could not defend himself against. Many around him were also controlled. The world came to hate him without really understanding what had happened.

  11. Americans are not liked nowhere. Americans traveling abroad look over their shoulders all the time. All this because Americans support their government´s wars for empire. I mean what’s a bigger threat to America? …
    A few farmers pasturing their goats thousands of miles away in the hills of Waziristan…
    where most drugs are brought into the u.s.? Drugs that cause crime, homicide and bankruptcy?
    yet, the Americans bomb the afghan farmers only because there is lithium under their feet,
    because there is heroin a few miles away
    there is an oil pipeline they need to lay.
    they kill them, the poor farmers.
    Americans deserve twenty five Exxon Valdeses
    300 hundred September elevens
    a few more oil rig explosions in the gulf of Mexico so that the Cherokee prophecy comes to life; “and the waters will turn black!”
    pain and mayhem, Abundantly.
    every american citizen
    every military attache and soldier overseas
    and every and each one of their diplomatic personnel
    should be executed
    ipso facto
    in situ
    without a thought.
    They are all cia agents.

    1. @ STAN DEL CARLO, D.C. :

      Who is this “Billy”? The Bafath tried to kill “Billy”, but who is this “Billy” and why is “Billy” important to the Bafath story. Also : The info at the link you provided doesn’t really explain anything about how the Bafath were able to “seize possession” of Hitler. If you don’t mind and if you have the time, could you go into detail about how the Bafath were able to “seize possession” of Hitler. Also, if Hitler was of very high intelligence, then why was he not smart enough to protect himself from the Bafath who “seized possession” of him? Thank you, TROJ.

      1. From what I understand is that several decades ago back in the 70’s & 80’s, a lot of Plejaren were walking around here on the Earth. So lets try to imagine this, a young attractive Plejaren woman about 91 years old is driving a sports car with the top down and she is spotted by a Cop. The cop pulls up behind her vehicle and she knows what he wants, her phone number (this really does happen). Being a full potential genetically endowed Pleja woman, she decides to play a little game with the cop. She projects mental impulses into his mind that she has handed over her license, registration & proof of insurance when in actuality the cop is looking at pictures of flowers & trees. The cop gives back the pictures and starts talking about how beautiful she is & says he would like to have her phone number & call her up. Again she uses the power of mental transmission that makes the cop think he has been given a phone number when actuality she is telling him he has a face like a pig. After the cop takes off dreaming about Elke the hot sports car babe, she is throwing up on the side of the street because earth humans can them feel sick.
        This hypothetical example of a practical joke close encounter is no where near the scale of what has been done by the conniving machinations of the Bafath / Giza Intelligence. From what I understand, this group formerly remained hidden by residing in chambers under the Giza plateau. In 1976, 723 people where being influenced by this group. In 1977, they were all rounded up and removed from Earth by Federation Plejaren. This group traced back to the time of Jehovah, whose real name was Henn.
        From what I understand, the Federation Plejaren by means of mental impulse transmission, transmitted to German scientists in the 1930’s, the working plans on the construction of the electromagnetic anti gravitic propulsion motor.
        I am going post this now so it doesn’t time out & gets deleted. I will continue after I return.

      2. The reason why they did this was because they believed the Germans had the potential to create & develop a world class transportation system.
        Here is some information from a book that previews other UFO books: UFO’s: Nazi Secret Weapon? By MATTERN & FRIEDICH, 1975. Germany had a fleet of flying saucers in the experimental stage as early as 1940, according to these German authors. Two different UFO designs spawned prototypes, both operating on a electromagnetic propulsion method developed by Victor Shauberger (who invented the implosion motor) and manufactured by the Kertl Company in Vienna. The first flying disk actually flew on February 14, 1945. Piloted by by two technicians named Schriever and Habermohl, it reached a speed of 2,000 km / hour.

        Here is a black & white photo image taken on February 19, 1945 of a German V-7 (Vril 7) in focus about 95%. Scroll down toward the bottom of the comments.
        Because special heat – resistant metals had to found, progress in development was slow. During flight, these craft came to be known as as “foo fighters,” or “Kraut meteors,” by the American pilots , who were in awe of them. When the war ended and most other German secret weapons were captured by the Americans and Russians, the UFO scientists and their craft escaped.
        So did Adolf Hitler! He had no intention of committing suicide. He and his mistress, Eva Braun, along Martin Bormann, and a few other intimates, flew from Berlin at the last moment, arriving at a secret submarine base. Their bodies, of course, were never found in the Berlin bunker; only a pair of Eva’s panties and a few bones. But there were lots of bones and panties in Berlin during those days, thanks to the “saturation fire – bombing of German cities by U.S. Air Terrorists.” An armada of submarines took Hitler and his Last Battalion to Argentina, where Hitler’s admirer Juan Peron was in power. From Argentina they established their saucer base in an Antarctic area known as New Swabia, first claimed by a Nazi expeditionary force in 1937.
        Antarctica was an ideal place for the saucer base. It has no rust, germs,or decomposition which would have appealed to “a very health conscious, vegetarian Adolf Hitler.” From outside Germany they would continue the struggle, which was not for Germany alone but for ‘the existence of the white man.” { from what I understand Hitler was not a racist or those people over in Thailand are completely stupid wearing German military N.S. uniforms. I think the reasons the thailander’s do this is because they know very well who is after them, not to mention the reason to freak out all the Israeli tourists who visit that country thinking every young man & woman & dog is a prostitute. I think that remark applies to those who want to see the “white race” destroyed. If Hitler & the NSDAP was racist, the Japanese who were also punked & played like a grand symphony into war by the talmudic destryers, would also be stupid. Today nobody has to a world leader past or present who can name names and know what they did & are doing because of the WWW apocalypse}.
        I will return soon I am not finished.

      3. Hitler’s escape had been discovered.In 1946, eight countries undertook “scientific work” in Antarctica, including Soviet, Norwegian, American contingents. The American force alone numbered 4,000″specially selected elite U.S. Navy troops” on thirteen ships, including an aircraft carrier, a destroyer, and a submarine, under the command of Admiral Byrd. On nearing the secret Nazi saucer bases, “vengeance was apparently swift” for “the Fuhrer was not to be humored.” Four of Byrd’s planes were lost without survivors. A secret German weapon known as the sound canon, which was tested on pigs and, toward the end of the war, on Russians crossing the Elbe River, was allegedly unleashed on Byrd’s troops, paralyzing many of them, bugging out their eyes, and causing them to run helter-skelter. Admiral Byrd abandoned his mission and sailed home.
        World War II is not over. The more than forty “police”action wars since 1945, spanning the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, “were supposed to provoke a premature ‘showing of hands’ by the Last Battalion.” When Admiral Byrd failed to lure Hitler from his ice bunker, in the process acknowledging “the superiority of the UFOs and their secret weapons,” he recommended to the president that Antarctica be turned into an atomic testing range. A strange thing then happened. An entire fleet of UFOs swarmed in the skies over Washington, D.C., for several nights in 1952, “in perfect, typically German formation.” {that flyover is a fact, it really did happen – SDC} This demonstration of strength prompted America to abandon its planned nuclear devastation of Antarctica.
        Occasionally these craft to land to seek converts. The authors relate relate the experience of American grain – buyer Reinhold Schmidt, a German immigrant, who was taken aboard a flying saucer in 1957 by its German – speaking occupants, a crew of blond, Aryan men and women. The design of their craft resembled in most every detail the German prototypes seen by such technicians as Hermann Klass, who is quoted describing himself as being involved in the production of UFO parts.
        Where did Hitler and his scientists get their UFO plans? Did visitors from other galaxies give them a helping hand because they spoke the same or a similar technological language? During expeditions to Tibet and the Himalayas, could the Nazis have discovered long – hidden secrets? It may be possible, the authors claim, that the Nazis were “outer earth representatives of the ‘inner earth’ or ‘outer space’ blond, blue – eyed giants who spook through Nordic, Inca, Aztec, and even North American Indian legends.”
        Is this the explanation for why Germans “are different,” why they are “leading the world in precision engineering and in technology,” – because among them dwell Saturnians and Atlanteans? Naturally the authors think so. The “Last Battalion” is amongst us already, waiting to “spring into action” when racial strife and economic disaster” trigger the final struggle. Then they will descend, the saucer Nazis, to rule over the dead and over the living. Sounds like somebody here is having a good laugh or is really tripping hard. I would really like to read this book though to find out if there is other information of value. Almost finished now.

      4. Here is a article that appeared on May 11, 2015, reported by Veterans Today editor Kevin Barret.
        Are Zionists aliens bent on conquering earth? earth?
        That was exactly the goal of the Bafath / Giza Intelligence via mind
        control. This group was also known for using people to start bogus
        New Age groups that taught some viable concepts mixed with dis-
        information, leading the gullible down the primrose path and creating
        a big waste of time.

    2. STAN DEL CARLO, D.C. :

      For the longest time we were told in the alternative media that the Hyperboreans are from Thule Island. Now you’re telling us the Hyperboreans are from Mt. Shasta, California. Why the change in location as to where the Hyperboreans originate? Did you pass the info that Hyperboreans are really from Mt. Shasta, California and NOT Thule Island by John deNugent? What does deNugent have to say about the location change? Thank you, TROJ.

      1. Here is a link of a affiliate FIGU website with a contact report concerning Eduard Albert ‘Billy’ Meier’s questions about where Hyperborea existed on earth. This contact report also contains a few choice remarks about Jehovah. Scroll past the personal small talk & look for it. Line # 62+ Line # 186+

        Hyperborea, the land of sunshine & golden apples.

  12. Americans are not liked nowhere. Americans traveling abroad look over their shoulders all the time. All this because Americans support their government´s wars for empire. I mean what’s a bigger threat to America …
    A few farmers pasturing their goats thousands of miles away in the hills of Waziristan
    Mexico where most drugs are brought into the u.s. from? Drugs that cause crime, homicide and bankruptcy?
    yet, the Americans bomb the afghan farmers only because there is lithium under their feet,
    because there is heroin a few miles away
    there is an oil pipeline they need to lay.
    they kill them, the poor farmers.
    Americans deserve twenty five Exxon Valdeses
    300 hundred September elevens
    a few more oil rig explosions in the gulf of Mexico so that the Cherokee prophecy comes to life; “and the waters will turn black!”
    pain and mayhem, Abundantly.
    every american citizen
    every military attache and soldier overseas
    and every and each one of their diplomatic personnel
    should be executed
    ipso facto
    in situ
    without a thought.

  13. “…Americans are not liked nowhere…”

    – x – = + > Americans are loved everywhere…

  14. inimitable mike king of the tomatobubble speaks on the subject of this false flag

    i like this guy because he employs similar methods for hooking the truth out of the judaic sewer of deceit, they can twist, weave and dodge but once you are aware that all they ever do is lie and ask yourself what’s up, it comes out clear.

    Back in 2012, the Israelis wasted no time in blaming a botched bomb plot in Thailand on Iran. From The New York Times, Feb 6, 2012:

    Israeli Envoy Links Bangkok Bombs to Attacks in India and Georgia

    “Thai authorities said on Wednesday that the group of Iranians detained after an explosion tore the roof off their rented house was on a mission here targeting Israeli diplomats.

    “It’s almost the same system that was used in Delhi and in Tblisi, which leads us to think that they are connected,” the ambassador, Itzhak Shoham, said in a telephone interview.

    The Israeli authorities said the discovery of explosives in Bangkok fits a pattern of Iranian-backed attacks on Israeli targets.

    So now they are talking Hezbollah, notwithstanding excellent relations Thailand has with Iran and hezbollah.
    Make sure to see the bottom of the article and Thais infatuation with National Socialists.

    this latest bombing is just another gift from the wonderful wandering tribe of Judah as they defecate their way across the globe.

    1. Excellent Lobro,
      He’s dead right about the Thai infatuation with Uncle Adolf. I encounter it on an almost daily basis; a local motor cycle taxi rider always gives me the “Roman” salute and a very loud Heil Hitler whenever he sees me. This was after I showed him a youtube video on my tablet of the lads in black goosestepping to the strains of “Sieg Heil, Viktoria”. A couple of years ago, I was travelling upcountry with my wife and I got talking to a young 12 year old, mature beyond his years. I asked him which country in the world he would most like to visit? He told me Germany, because he was a great admirer of Hitler. I didn’t have the heart to disabuse regarding the current degenerate state of Germany!
      Here is the song in question.

      1. Wiggins,
        Go to youtube and enter sieg heil viktoria. They have many versions on offer. However they may be blocked by the criminal masters in Europe.

    2. i better learn the lyrics when i get to thailand, don’t want to appear as just another gringo

    1. Although it was only reported minimally, if even that, in 2006 Hezbollah shot down practically every chopper the Israelis sent into the battle zone.

      Not just flying duck transports, mostly Apaches and Cobras.
      Hardly conducive to sales propaganda for Apaches at 15-20 million a copy if a $75K Igla-S can shoot it down.

      It’s very hard to near impossible to find reporting of this. Very much like the Apaches destroyed on the ground by Serb air strike at Rinas airport near Tirana. How many have ever heard of this?

      “One senior White House official recalls Pentagon officials saying that the Apache deployment [in Kosovo] could result in casualties as high as “50 percent within days.”

      “Their assessment was so bleak,” the official said. “It was almost a no-brainer.”

  15. Lobro,
    For some reason the film “Dirty Harry” comes to mind! The Zionist pilot was an unlucky punk and his shooting down, made my day. Schadenfreude is something I must conquer if I am ever to become enlightened.

    1. i will hold off on enlightenment for a while and enjoy my schadenfreude while supplies last.

      1. We copy and paste this email we have just received from someone called “Kocmoc”:


        A) Japanese were far the ,most sadistic soldiers – INVADERS towards other Asian nations. Check with ANY Philiphino, Chinese, Korean and they will bring you the most horifying facts.

        B) Roman catholic aka Papal aka Vatican cult was far the most sadistic “ORGANIZATION” towards ALL EUROPEAN nations.

        C) Bolshevik CULT is SINGULARITY out of this Planet, like from different world. Its perversity and monstrositiy is incomparable even with muhamedan or roman catholic cult.

        Yes, Japanese starved by thirst thousands of Russian prisoners of Russo-Japanewse war, designed and organised by “Great” Britain against Russia, (See Jack London diaries from his travel to Japan during that war) same as Krimean war of Russia against Turko-tatar ,monsters!!!! BUT Germans starved by famine at least 4 MILLION Russian prisoners of war in WW2

        All this is horible BUT it is nearly nothing comparing with Bolshevik monsters out of this World what they did with Russians and Baltic nation s from 1917 and, seems to me continues til FINAL SOLUTION of not only Slavs but of whole by judokrist debilitated sheeple.

      2. is this kocmoc a troll or a moron? maybe moroll (tron, take your pick).

        the upshot of his email is that he proposes that roman catholics, germans, christians-in-general, muslims and japanese should form alliance with jews against slavs, because he considers them all enemies.

        good going, kocmoc, cui bono? bet you can’t or won’t answer.
        close your eyes and take a deep breath, ahh, the yellow roses of chernobyl.

      3. @ ADMIN

        Re: The mysterious “Kocmoc” and his following comment:

        “A) Japanese were far the, most sadistic soldiers – INVADERS towards other Asian nations. Check with ANY Philiphino, Chinese, Korean and they will bring you the most horifying facts.”

        Being Chinese and having many Korean and Filipino friends too, I can attest to the veracity of the above. We all detest the japs and their horrific war crimes during WWII. You will find ZERO sympathy for the japs among us, not even today, 70 years after the war. Goodrich’s article, “The Untold Story of American War Crimes in Japan”, is written for and praised by White Cucks only.

      4. @ Justice For Chinese

        Fair enough. You don’t like the Japanese. And you don’t like the Goodrich article because it was sympathetic toward the Japanese, especially toward the hundreds of thousands of Japanese women who were brutally raped by American troops.

        So tell me: do you not feel sorry for these Japanese women who were gang-raped by American soldiers and often died of their wounds? Or do you think that, being Japanese, the women deserved to be raped and killed?

        I’d just like to have your honest thoughts on this. Speak freely.

  16. enlightenment pours over lobro like a tsunami… there’s no way lobro can hold-off enlightenment, not even for a second!

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