We want guns, not gun laws

New polls show public prefers gun rights over gun control

gun-controlMaybe Americans are smarter than we thought. If recent gun law polls are any indication, the Jewish public relations blitz by Israeli-firsters in Congress and Zionist shills in the mainstream media has not convinced the American people that they need to be prevented from owning guns.

Add in the growing skepticism of all these suspicious violent episodes sprouting up all over the world specifically Paris and Sydney— that are turning out to be false flag facsimiles of terror events, and you have a clear trend that people prefer having their own guns rather than relying on untrustworthy cops and being restricted by increasingly intrusive gun control laws. People are beginning to remember that private gun ownership is the one thing that assures their government won’t abuse them.

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John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________ http://renegadetribune.com/author/kaminski/ http://300spartans.com.au/kaminski http://johnkaminski.info/ http://www.rudemacedon.ca/kaminski/kam-index.html http://web.archive.org/web/20040323232319/http://johnkaminski.com/

69 thoughts to “We want guns, not gun laws”

    1. It all has to come to a head, soon, Pat. Back in 1998, when Hillary & Company were pushing through the 10-round magazine ban and ‘assault rifle’ import, she and Sarah Brady did more for gun & ammo sales than any huge ad campaign could have accomplished! I talked to a dealer friend who ordered ammo for a lot of folks, and he said his main supplier, Southern Ohio Arms (who has/had FORTY incoming phone lines) stayed so busy he was lucky to get a call through in a day.

      Americans are better stocked-up on ammo than anybody can guess, I believe. I go to gun shows, and have noticed that the shortage in certain ammo, caused by federal government alphabet agency purchases, has relaxed, and the price of ammunition is falling, again, like the price of oil. 🙂

      1. I’m not sure of the definition of soon, but they have been at it for hundreds of years. It might take 300 more years. There are over 100 BILLION rounds in the hands of Americans today.

        On September 1, 1774, just before dawn, Gage sent approximately 260 Redcoats up the Mystic River to seize several hundred barrels of powder from the Charlestown powder house and this became known as the “Powder Alarm.”

        The militia at the time produced 20,000 men who mobilized and began marching towards Boston. American colonists believed that if the British were going to use force or violence to seize arms or powder, it was an act of war and they would respond in kind.


      2. All joking aside (and I try to never get too serious about ANYTHING 🙂 ), I think that so many are becoming so aware, so fast, that The Dark Side is becoming nervous, and may deliberately foment internal conflict – just as tried with black/white race wars, except more pervasive. These massive, underground facilities have not been built for ‘nothing’.

        The one thing I see as nearly feasible is a currency failure, causing widespread hunger and chaos, out of which will emerge a ‘saviour’ plan to make the survivors acquiesce to whatever is demanded. Simultaneously, the de-population program will be achieved by OURSELVES. Conscripts will ‘mop-up’, and it will be done – and except for a conscientious ‘remnant’, the NWO/JWO will be complete. For a time.

        That scenario was discussed by high-ranking officers of Western Hemishere nations around eight years ago, at a week-long, closed-door gathering in Orlando, Florida.

  1. Almost every piece of gun legislation in America has been introduced or sponsored by Jewish lawmakers (Emanuel Cellar, Howard Metzenbaum, Herbert Kohl, Howard Metzenbaum, Charles Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Arlen Specter, Frank Lautenberg, Barbara Boxer, Herbert Kohl, etc.). However, last week ADL blasted the anti-immigration Reform for Oklahoma Now (IRON) for saying so. In a January 11 newsletter, IRON asked the readers not to let Jews “succeed shredding America’s Constitution”.

    So, why most Jews support gun control? The best answer I have come across, is from the welknown Israel-Firster, Elliott Abrams. He acknowledged in his book ‘Faith or Fear: How Jews can survive in Christian America’ – that the mainstream Jewish community in America clings to what is at bottom – a dark vision of America, as a land permeated with antisemitism and always on the verge of antisemtic outbursts. Abrams also admits that due this dark vision, Jews have taken the lead to secularize United States. Jewish groups have played a major role in anti-Church campaign and subvert Christmas. Dr. Joshua Eli Plaut’s book, ‘A Kosher Christmas: ‘Tis the Season to be Jewish’ is worth reading to know the truth.


    1. SL / Space Lizard /Alice posting as Menechem the Jew, one of this pesky poster’s numerous sock puppets

      MENECHEM: “I AM a Jew. My family are the chosen race, and servants of the Most High. Anti-semitism is just a fact that I am learning to deal with. I am not afraid of the Muslims. They will never take our land. We will build a new temple.”

      TOBY: SL, I have asked you repeatedly to post under ONE name and NOT keep using sock puppets. Do you intend to go on playing these ridiculous games? Let me know what your intentions are, OK?

  2. Well yes, we want guns. But we also want money! URGENT ALERT!!!! URGENT ALERT!!!!

    Looks like they’re going to kick smirking simian sheenie monkey jew who was never even baptized into the Christian faith, let alone is the monkey hebe a “Christian” “priest”, out into the street, ’cause smirking monkey jew ain’t got no bananas. High “priest” nappy natty needs some dough desperately!

    Oh please Lasha, please, please ask your BFF, implore if you must, ask your BFF the Madame Rothschild for some dough for “bro” nappy natty. Quick!!! They’re going to throw him out into the streets, like in the great depression of the 1930’s when the monkeys had to dance on street corners for their bananas!!!

  3. I think we can thank Obama – at least in part- for the increase in gun sales. His “God, Gold, and Guns” speech (something like that) hit a nerve in middle America. Also, the bullet buying frenzy by various agencies of the federal Government and the resultant shortage of bullets for consumers added additional fuel to the already burning fire of distrust. I had heard that women as well were/are buying handguns in record numbers and also taking fire arms training classes. You cannot have a more encouraging sign than this! I know that WDC was not happy about it. When you lose women, especially mothers, you lose a powerful support group.

  4. Americans are great, eh? They love their guns alright. That’s one of the reasons why I repect them so much. Looks to me like common sense is actually winning this battle between the independant responsible folk versus the nanny state crowd. Although, obviously nut-cases, oh, I mean the mentally retarded, and the like, should not be allowed guns. To protect themselves, as well as others. That’s just more common sense, though. I’m quietly confident that the true patriotic Americans, and there must be many, are going to continue stocking up ammo and keeping their guns at the ready, to defend themselves from threats, foreign and domestic. There was a comment from an Australian on the article page. I have considered it possible that it’s only because the Americans still have their guns that we are still a free country, here.
    Thanks for the article, Mr. Kaminski. An eye-opener into the real workings of the gun control debate.

    Was one other thing, but I’m afraid it might be a touchy subject, so going out on a limb here, but… When I see all those ‘mad arabs’ on the tv having a great time shooting their guns into the air at parties and stuff, it always occurs to me that they should get on really well with the classic gun loving American party dudes. Honestly, I think you guys would actually get on really well. At least at parties. Just sayin’. Always a sober driver, too.

    1. It’s a shame to waste ammo like that, SL. I have to take issue with that behavior. However, I agree with you about drinking and driving, in that I NEVER drink and drive UNLESS I am just too drunk to WALK. 🙂

      1. Just be careful, Gil, if you’re ever in the driver’s seat of a horse ‘n sleigh 😉


      2. Yes, GH, wasting ammo is bad, but what about very special occasions? More to the point, isn’t it a bit dangerous, too? Where do all those bullets go, after all?
        Nothing wrong with being a good walker, either. Real healthy hobbie! Did a lot of walking around Scotland when I visited the old country.

    2. @Joe Sigur. Must be this new year resolution! No. I know that’s no excuse. Hey, Joe Sigur, if you’re still out there and reading, I’m sorry I went a bit over the top there! Sometimes I forget that we are all real people behind our handles. So please accept this apology for that outburst. But, you know, you’re asking for trouble when you provoke harmless soft fluffy toy dinosaurs. 🙂 Hope your having a good day.

    3. Well. This is so off topic I think it would probably best be counted as a recreational read. Maybe cat lovers only! So, forgive me, but now the cya’s out of the way, I must relate a technique I use with young cats that I have lived with. I’m practicing it with the kittens living with me now. I like cuddly and playful type cats that don’t mind being handled and played with a bit roughly sometimes, so I’ve found that if I hold them ‘firmly but gently’ so they can’t escape, and no matter how hard they struggle to get free I never let go, there comes a point where the kitten gives up. Then I let it go. I say, ‘If you stop trying to break free, I’ll let you go’. They say, ‘Let me go’. Repeat. Eventually they learn to trust me. I am very fond of my cats. And they seem to love me back. But, I was wondering whether my way of doing this was really best for the cat. Am I taking ‘tough love’ too far? Are they just afraid of me more now? Is there any better way I should know about? I am concerned that I should be doing the right thing, what’s best for my cats. Can anyone help me? Even, nay, especially, the Canadian chicks. You know I really love you! 🙂

  5. Off topic but has anyone following this site seen the series BLACK MIRROR ? My favourite episodes were 1 and 2 season 1, and the last episode ‘Waldo” of season2.

  6. I guess pussy cats and teevee shows are a lot more important matters at this time ZOG wants to take guns away from us Americans in order to impose a Hard-Core Jew Talmudic Noahide Communist Tyranny on America.

  7. If I had to choose between Karen and MadJewess, I would choose MadJewess. At least MadJewess wouldn’t talk teevee when the subject is guns. Even the jew MadJewess tells us to keep our guns, while the “jew-wise” Karen deflects from such an important matter by encouraging us to concentrate on Hollywood matrix teevee shows instead.

    1. I was right! Joe is an Orthodox Rabbi! If not, then he’s 50 years behind what is really happening in this world. has never read a book in his life, and is basically is a bitter and ignorant old codger.

      1. Karen,

        How can Joe be an “Orthodox rabbi” if, as you say “he has never read a book in his life and is basically a bitter and ignorant old codger”? You do him too much honor! Rabbis are usually well-educated guys, steeped in Talmudic learning, and they certainly wouldn’t waste their time posting silly comments on a website like this! Nope, Joe is just a crazy old coot. Period.

        BTW, who is this “Crazy Jewess” he keeps talking about? He has linked her name with yours, claiming you and she are big buddies.

    2. Poor Joe, it’s accelerating, the madness, and hard to keep abreast. I suggest you pack your computer away and take up gardening or meditation, detective stories in the vein of Agatha Christie are good also. By the way I have guns and am an excellent shot, harping on it like MJ is just a diversion.

  8. David Icke coined an apt term called the “totalitarian tiptoe”, and I’ve been suggesting over the last couple of years that the period of the American “Revolutionary War” put a monkey wrench in the plans of “CONTROL” for the installation of an earlier form of JWO on the American Continent. It DID throw the wrench, but how exactly? This present article of Kaminsky answers the question – FIREARMS!

    I have come to the conclusion that the controllers, their squirming brains guided by the masterful manipulation of the protocols, anticipated that IN EFFECT this, and this alone would be that potential “monkey wrench” that would and DID force them to revise the original documents of 1492. This was the “trade-off”. They hoped it wouldn’t come to this, but with the 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights it did.

    Say what you will about the deception of “liberty”, in how that word reflects being under an illegitimate auspice of government that cloaks an inherent human state of freedom, which it DOES (and kudos to Pat), but the practical reality regarding those who were under the sway of these auspices was that a “right” to bear arms was a necessity given the prevailing perception of those who would be free.

    This prompted going back to the drawing board for the protocolian drafters, and pardon the pun, but it seems as though everything they’ve tried over the years with all their mind-controlled manchurian candidate shooters, or phantom “shooters” has backfired on them (where these “candidates” are groomed since childhood for their particular task to be performed down the road, which would explain alot of child kidnappings, besides the ones for reasons pertaining to their sick blood rituals)

    1. B-Hawk –

      The Crown and bankers got the reaction they wanted with the skirmishes in the colonies. There never was a war. There were no provisions for war. Colonies could not ‘war’ against the Crown which held the CONTRACTS which formed the COMPANIES and colonies there. The CONTRACTS would not allow that.

      The people in the colonies would NEVER allow a union and would NEVER allow a CENTRAL BANK for sure. They saw the histories of how CENTRAL BANKS gained control in Europe.

      A CENTRAL BANK came about as the Crown desired ONLY after the skirmishes helped foster a union of colonies thru the Articles of Confederation….and then, eight years later, came the CONTRACT enabling WAR and DEBT… ushering in the CENTRAL BANK, with the help of ALL the agents for money control… Washington, Hamilton, Franklin, Adams and Jay…and other Masons. The latter trio went to Paris in 1783 to get instructions on what was needed to cement the deal and placed the required wording in the Constitution in 1787, which passed in 1789.

      Most people in the colonies and later, the USA in 1781, did not want the CENTRAL BANK….but got it anyway.

      You are correct, Brownhawk, the physical takeover has been stopped by gun ownership. But guns cannot stop greed and the resulting FINANCIAL takeover….which occurred many decades ago……and continues today.

      Americans have their guns AND their fiat currency. And having the fiat currency has forced Americans to get permission to hunt for game. Licensing and taxes rule the gun owners. The enemy has taken over with very few shots fired….and no troops since 1812.

      BTW….they had to make another TREATY in 1794 in Paris because the British troops never left Ohio and other parts set out in the first treaty.

      The British Jew bankers actually WON all they wanted. Their banks are still here, even though Jackson ran them out for a while. Debts incurred in the Wars of 1861 and 1898 and 1917 helped solidify them here.

  9. BOTH of you are right, Pat. I am surprised it has taken me this long in my (very patriotic!) life to see it the way you see it, now. Of course, though, we have the advantage of HINDSIGHT – so I DO give the founders some latitude in their ‘mistake’, in that they wanted to produce the semblance of ‘a separate nation’ to the rest of the world, and a common currency shows A GREAT DEAL OF SOLIDARITY – albeit one which is more exploitable, for better or worse. 🙂

    Until the European immigration into North America, white Europeans didn’t know much about ‘guerilla warfare’. The red men taught them well. It was ‘Do or Die’. Sink or swim. We certainly have the American Indians to thank for THAT education! 🙂

    Yes, I suppose the Second Amendment (which many of the colonies already had the gist of)(Virginia had – and still has – a better one) threw a big wrench in their works, Brownhawk. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Gil –

      “I am surprised it has taken me this long in my (very patriotic!) life to see it the way you see it, now.”

      I am not surprised at all. It took me six decades of intense scrutiny to get there. The UN-LEARNING is harder than the learning. I have only scratched the surface.

      Your further study will show you even more about the Masonic ‘Founding Fraudsters’ paid by the London Jew bankers….. who wrote the contract for war and debt for America….. which gave us WWI, WWII, Korea, Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan….and today’s circumstances…ALL PLANNED and envisioned by the ‘all seeing eye’ of the LODGE, housing duped traitors in our midst.

      1. Pat/GH/BH

        So true the “unlearning is harder than the learning.”

        Sadly, I bought into the lie for a long time as well. The path to truth isn’t an easy one, but at least I am on the right one now. I have much to learn. Thank you internet, Google, Youtube, Veterans Today, Darkmoon, Paul Craig Roberts, Henry Makow, Bill Cooper, Blacklisted News, Mae Brussell, LT.COL. “Dangerous” Dan Marvin, Maury Terrey, Kay Griggs, Norman Finklestein, Miko Pelad, etc. etc.

        The Establishment blew it when they created the internet. This opened an information highway beyond their imagination or intended purpose. The “cat is out of the bag” and they desperately want to put it back in, and throw it in the river. A ranting Jay Rockefeller said as much a few years ago in front of a television camera. He regretted there EVER was an internet. Poor Jay and cronies. I can only hope the magnitude of regret increases for them in the near future.



    — Toby (Monitor)

    1. @ The RealOriginalJoe

      I invite you to take a hike now and post on one of the other six websites from which you have been banned. Maybe they will let you in again. Remember you have been banned from this site in the past and we will have no hesitation in banning you again. This site is not a vomitorium. We are not here to give you opportunities to vomit over all our contributors. I mention only a few names: Lasha, Ellie Katsnelsom, Lobro, Ruth Bernstein, and now you pick on Karen for some reason.

      Because we are a free speech zone, however, we will allow you ONE post a day from now on: 500 words maximum. Accept our kind offer and you will be free to rage and storm within reason. If you don’t like these restrictions, too bad. Like it or lump it.

      If you wish to make one last post, telling us what a bunch of evil Jews we all are, feel free.

      @ Tyrone Parsons

      In fairness to Tyrone Parsons, who has just been banned for posting obscenities relating to olfactory vaginal emanations, we have decided to let Tyrone back on this site if he wishes.

      Madame Butterfly, whom he insulted by describing the noisome odors issuing from her pudenda, says she forgives him and has no objections to Tyrone posting here again, “provided he does not refer to my privy parts again.” She adds somewhat disarmingly: “I am a clean girl and I shower twice a day and my nether regions have never met with adverse comment from any of my admirers during my 33 years on this earth.” (Hmm, that sounds good.)

      Ruth Bernstein has also indicated that she has nothing against Tyrone “provided he keeps it clean and defends the Christian ethos.”

      1. I will count the number of words in my posts to make sure I don’t go over the 500 word limit so arbitrarily decided by you, Oh “uncle”, the day Gilbert Huntley finally gets his herd of cattle to market in Abilene, that will be the very same day “Karen” honestly admits to really being “MadJewess”.

        I know Darkmoon is really concerned about the Palestinians because MadJewess plays such a big substantial role here at Darkmoon. So of course I’m never surprised Darkmoon pushes the “glory” of the Browning/Islamification of Europe on the Darkmoon readers, for the Browning/Islamification of Europe is part–and-parcel of the Jew Zionist NWO agenda. I care not to say anymore at this time as I wouldn’t want to go over the 500 word limit. Gawd forbid, never that!

        Videre Licet! [ How many words is that lobro? ] I would count the number of hydra-head snake heads here at Darkmoon but that would require me to go way over the 500 word limit. Like totally way beyond the limit, that’s 4 sure.

      2. Joe –

        If it will relieve you agony of speculation, I can tell you I do not KNOW Lasha Darkmoon, nor am I a sayanim (?). Believe it or not, I AM a farmer. (Lasha wouln’t dirty her hands on the likes of me!) 🙁

        Anyhow, a lot of us admire and enjoy your frantic posts. You break the monotony of constant Jew-bashing, and give us, all, something to think about. 🙂

        Keep your words more polite (less vulgar?), and don’t forget the wimmenfolk are around! 🙂

      3. Ok, I’m back for now and I forgive you too Butterfly for attacking me, white men in particular and all men the world over saying we had no penis, were effeminate, had no balls and because we didn’t beat the snot out of our women when they were being fooled by the “Jews” that it is entirely our fault alone that the “whole world is f-cked up”.


        I share your cause. Most sites everywhere have completely bought into the Cultural Marxist narrative that is totally bias toward women, minorities, Muslims, Jews, homosexuals etc while also being totally discriminatory toward men based on their gender, Christians based on their religion and culture, white people based on their race and heterosexuals based on their sexual orientation

        Most people don’t get it. They simply don’t realize how deeply brainwashed they have become by the Jews who controls practically all external programming levers. If they did tho, if they did awaken and see the game being played against them, they might stand a chance when the SHTF which I am convinced will happen starting this year.

        I like your posts Joe, they make me laugh.

    1. madame butterfly
      if you are out there and can read me
      please come back
      the ugly, rude, vicious iraqui children rapist, white nationalist, kkk, nazi bastard
      is gone
      its ok

  11. Crazy Joe

    right now I have to go poop and then I want to talk with you. In the meantime, All you Muslims, Arabs, please understand. I wish you no harm. I am pleading with you to do the smart thing, the wise thing that all of you in the west should do. So in the interim please listen to this Muslim “pastor”,


  12. more patronizing?
    “All you Muslims, Arabs, please understand. I wish you no harm. I am pleading with you to do the smart thing, the wise thing that all of you in the west should do.”
    dont tell us what to do until we tell you what YOU SHOULD DO

    1. Avatar- for your info, I advocate both immigration/invasion Muslim withdraw from white/Christian lands as I also advocate white/European/”Christian” troops withdraw from Muslims/Arab lands. Is this so hard for you to understand? The Jew controls BOTH sides and thus we must deny him his wish to mutually destroy one another on his world domination quest.

      Get it? I hope.

  13. I see nothing’s changed. Joe’s still posting his obnoxious posts and having a go at everyone, but freedom of speech, is as it says.
    And how can someone post on the internet about the smells of another woman, whom he hasn’t met? Completely beyond me. Maybe this Tyrone has a ‘smellovision’ device to travel through cyberspace, into selected individual’s apartment and into reality. Who knows……

  14. Being across the pond, we gave up our weapons back in the 90’s after 80 years of legislation from the governments to leave us defenceless. I’m glad America sees sense. However, that said, I have had some ludicrous arguments with people, who throw out the usual rhetoric “guns kill people” which of course they don’t as people do, but nonetheless they’re not quite capable at grasping that.
    I’m just wondering that if they manage to ban weapons in the USA (longshot I know), will they then start banning martial arts and the freedom to carry any kind of object? Because quite frankly, you can kill someone with anyone as Riddick showed with a tea cup in “Chronicles of Riddick”.

    1. Harbinger,

      We truly live in sad times. Stupid is the rule in politics (think Nancy Pelosi), law ( think ‘Hate Crimes’), and everyday life ( pick a topic). The same crowd that crows “GUNS kill people!” are often the same ruthless bastards that have no problem with Abortion, The War on Terror, or the genocide going on in Palestine. It is hard to take such people seriously as they lack depth of thought and reason. Its as if people would be less violent if guns were taken away and only the police had them. God help us if that should happen!

      1. Leo,

        Well, it’s very true what you say. We live amongst such hypocrisy. Like people in the UK who were for guns, I know that the overwhelming majority of Americans want one to simply protect themselves from would be attackers. I should imagine soon your home won’t be your castle and you’ll find yourself in the slammer for attacking burglars, as many people in the UK have found to their horror. We no longer have the right of self defence here. We can’t protect ourselves from attack. They say that we can, but then determine if we used excessive force in our defence. And as you said, those against us having weapons are women who’ll happily pop down to the abortion clinic after a week’s debauchery.

        I know I’ll get some flack, but I do think that the NWO will win. These latest spates of false flags show just how fooled the public have become. And I believe that it’s not so much the arrogance of the powers that be, the reason so many attacks are happening , that truthers are easily pointing out, but it’s, what I believe conditioning for the public to become normalised of them and to ignore them. Look back at the classic film The Forty Nine Steps and you’ll see how newspapers and the gossip was all about ‘a’ murder in London, ALL OVER the UK. Now people don’t bat an eyelid. They’ve become desensitised to it all. As I grow older, that written in the bible becomes even more apparent. Was it a book of prophecy, or was it the first predictive programming of the people by the powers that be? Who knows really.

      2. Harbinger,

        Was it Stalin that said ” one man’s death is a tragedy, thousands statistics.” Something like that.

  15. I think Darkmoon should present some feature articles about Existentialism, the regnant “religion” now in the West. Where it comes from, how it got here, the ontology, the meta-physics, the eschatology, of Existentialism, and how Existentialism effects our culture. For it is an extremely important aspect of the NWO, this regnant “religion” of the West. Plus, it would get Karen away from her teevee, her teevee matrix, get her off her butt and get her back into circulation.

    The gun subject is very important of course. But after this gun piece, maybe feature some articles about Existentialism. I miss debating Karen. The mighty Incogman banned me for it. How Incogman LUVS his MadJewess! How the “alternative” media LUVS ‘god is dead” Existentialism, just like the Jew mainstream media LUVS “god is dead” Existentialism. Of course, “god is dead” only refers to the Christian God [ as per the jews in the mainstream and the “alternative” medias ], never the shit jew “g-d”, never the allah babbah.

    No Jews Just Right! [ what a joke, what a hoot.]

    1. @ TheRealOriginalJoe

      Can you give me the name and email address of the editor of Incogman please? That is, if you happen to know these details. I’ve been trying to contact him for over a year now to ask him a couple of questions. Thank you. Toby

      1. @ ADMIN

        I have not the information you seek. Ask Karen for it. She has Incogman’s personal cell phone number too. Be careful not to interrupt her while she’s watching teevee — OR dying her hair Clairol Viking Blond Goddesss or Celtic Red! [ Same red fur the red heifer jew cow messiah has]. She’s volatile, especially when you interrupt her.


    I have no idea what Incogman’s real name is, nor do I have his contact info. If I had the information you ask for, I would share it with you. As it is, I can’t even access Incogman to read the website, let alone opine there. When I try to access Incogman I get a screen which reads, “Manual Block By Administrator”. I’m totally blocked and banned from Incogman. Total Spamblinka concentration camp for me. Heck, I’m still trying to figure out if I’m in an “Aryan” Nazi concentration camp or a Jew Commie Siberian concentration camp. The guards here don’t tell us prisoners anything. It ain’t anything like Hogan’s Heroes, that’s for sure.

    Contact First Light Forum and/or Daily Stormer and/or “brother” nappy natty, all 3 are hooked-up tight with InSmogman. I’m sure any one of the 3 will be glad to connect you with The Smog. Or, you can always ask sog, little baby smog.

    1. @ The RealOriginal Joe

      “When I try to access Incogman I get a screen which reads, “Manual Block By Administrator”. I’m totally blocked and banned from Incogman.”

      You’re not the only one! I am totally blocked it from it too. And neither I, nor any of my associates, have ever posted on it or had anything to do with it! So it’s very strange.

      1. Among other things, Incogman is a professional spammer, way back from the pornbot AOL days. Incogman should be Incog”men”; if you read that barfbage as long as I did, the “I’m just one guy” line just doesn’t cut it.

        His stupid site takes 10 Mb to load. I’ve never had a problem getting to it via any ISP. If your computer has outdated RAM and a slow modem, you’re not going to get there because of too much bulk, and most of it verifiably jewish. Not to mention, ‘Incogman’ can narrow the bandwidth in a feeble attempt to make it look like a DDOS attack. The DDOS attacks on Hal Turner turned over his hit counter by 4 million in a week. That’s double his hits before that in just one week. “Incogman” never had a DDOS attack. He lies about that too.

        Only idiots, jews and Crowleyesque white supremacists are welcome there. Idiots are only welcome until they wise up. Once in disfavor with “Incogman”, your email address is sold to every spammer there is.

        Do what I did. That is, invent a fake screen name, cause trouble there with their “unity, fraternity, and liberty” posturing. Then, when you get banned and start getting the spam in your emails, copy those email addresses, put them with a new screen name, and write more comments there.

        By comparison; data efficient “LashaDarkmoon.me.com” takes about 1/2 a Mb to load.

    1. @ Shirley

      You have a lot more patience than I do to spend so much time, energy, and work in accessing a website geared for ” idiots, jews, Crowelyesque white supremacists ” [Crowelyesque white supremacists, in other words, yet even more jews, yet more jews pretending to be “Aryans”, yet more jew idiots].

      Surely you gest? You can’t be serious? Who can be bothered.

      1. Indeed, Joe. I was before you in becoming an enemy of that mob. I was causing disUNITY, don’tcha know. Unity, precious UNITY! No hasbarat has ever seen the walls of “spamblinka” at Ingogman. Ask Hoff if he’s a Christian. Ask Hoff why he’s been known to disappear for 6 weeks in early Spring, during Purim and Passover. Re-emerging with the most feeble excuses of his computer being broke. He can donate $200 to Bro DoNate, but can’t buy a new Compaq with his silver spoon inheritance. He brags 24/7 about what jews have done and presents it as scholarship and all the hasbarats and idiots applaud. That’s just one example of the subtle frauds who live there. Last time I saw it, the peanut gallery was quoting the Talmud again. “Incogman” has also had his pornbots up to inflating the hit count, since day 1. There is NO WAY it was ever so popular. 1,000,000 is like 12 full football stadiums. NO WAY, NO HOW. It’s a good example of the chicanery that goes on with some blogs, per the scribes’ design that works every time.

        “Exploit and kill the weak. We will lobotomize and then sterilize every Christian”. “The weak” always turn out to be little girls and little boys. Crowley laid bait for “the weak” to beat a path to his door and beg admittance. Perpetually impotent, incompetent, cowardly and disrespected, they wanna get even with the world. If the strong have a weakness, it’s not caring what such empty people do to compensate for their fecklessness.

        Did your email get spoofed?

    2. Avatar –

      Ron Paul IS a joke..!!
      The proof is that he got (s)elected over and over…and retired on his own. That is NEVER the case for the ‘real dealers’ in office. The ‘real dealers’ are ONE and DONE…or wiped out. Traficant is an example.
      Only Masonic lackeys and Jews get to hang around and bitch and sell books…. and step down at will with big benefits for life.
      Rand Paul is no different.

      1. Pat,

        He could very well be the third party candidate that the establishment approves of ( maybe he is too old to be considered?). I don’t vote, but if I did, I would not vote for a Mason.

      2. Ron Paul is 80.
        He made his money and retirement.
        I voted for him for Prez in 88, when he was a Libertarian.

      3. I have to disagree with you about RON Paul, Pat. He tried, with tactics which at least kept him in office long enough to present an honest platform. That it didn’t work – who’s to say, at this point?? I really think he TRIED, in his own strategic way (remember, he was soundly vilified in the mid-nineties, and sat out for a term, until the Texans of his district realized their mistake). He did the best he could, in that position.

      4. Pat

        Ron Paul wasn’t a “one and done” Congressman like Traficant because he wasn’t blowin any whistles that would have seriously upset the controller’s applecart. But I think they DID rig the NH Primary which they knew he would have won had they not done so. They worried about his groundroots candidacy taking off like a wildfire and throwing a wrench into their overall election manipulation, so they nipped it in the bud. Had he continued on through the Primaries his platform of bringing all the troops home could have struck a real chord with Americans and we all know how much of a problem THAT would have cost the moneymasters.

        And speaking of money, Paul’s goofy Libertarian obsession with gold didn’t pose a problem for them. THAT they could have manipulated till the cows came home.

      5. From decades of observation…. and from being told by some who have passed….. I say…

        ALL ‘long-terms’ incumbents are ‘controlled opposition’…. they serve a useful purpose as antagonists…. to throw off the public. Professional actors, all staged. Hell…they can’t make the ’emergency powers’ rules so obvious for us all to see…!!

        The powers (s)elect their choices. The ones who do them harm are taken out hard like this:
        Cokie Roberts’s dad, Hale Boggs, Rep from Louisiana, was going to reopen Warren Commission. Hard landing in Alaska killed him and Rep Nick Begich, the HAARP Senator’s dad. Cokie was given a big job in journalism.

        Ron Paul never got any of his bills passed.

        Sessions has sold out several times. A good friend of mine is a Republican big shot (LOL) in Alabama.

      6. Campaigning is profitable. Ron Paul raised more than $31 million in the 2008 Republican primary even though he never actually won a contest where actual delegates were at stake. Nice retirement fund…and help for Rand.

        Candidates and party affiliations do not matter to the money masters.
        The Federal Reserve promotes ALL elections for ALL candidates. SPEND! SPEND! SPEND!
        That increases debt money supply.

      7. Pat –

        On further consideration, I believe you are correct – BUT, the gentlemen I mentioned HAVE brought a lot of scrutiny to bear on TPTB. I do know that when Bobby Kennedy let it be known that he would not be stopped from exposing the murderers of his brother, he signed his own death warrant. Add to that Congressman Larry McDonald (Jesse Helms disclosed THAT as a political assassination, after they shot down the airliner he was on, from Tokyo – expecting to kill them, both, together); add to that the incarceration of Jim Traficant… and what you contend brings me more to seeing it YOUR way. To give them some slack, though, I believe all those men went in with ‘ideals’ (like a new graduate from law school!), and wound up dead – or with dire threats against their families. ( I know how it feels to have a gun to my head, and to be threatened, immediately.)

      8. Gil –

        You got it right. There are hundreds of ways to bring pressure. Here is a subtle one:
        A family friend was a congressman who went to DC in 1976 all ‘blinky-eyed’ and patriotic…a WWII vet…and tough. He came back home after ‘freshman’ initiation and introduction… with hat-in-hand. He apologized to my dad for calling him nuts for saying Jews control DC. He said all the ‘freshman’ congress-critters were told if they wanted more than one term… they needed to support Israel on every vote.

  17. Gun ownership is pointless if you can only buy low-velocity ammunition that doesn’t pierce armor.

    Anyway the average American conservative is a fucking dullard who would kill any “Nazis” he thinks are coming to harm him, but would never touch a nappy hair on a kike’s head.

    1. You are correct that guns are not needed.
      The police raised today are such nanny-wimps….all is needed is a slingshot.
      Hit one in the finger, and three will pamper it. Ties up four.
      Raising a notch to pellet guns will petrify them.

      Save the ammo for real targets…rabbits and quail.

      1. Pat

        I got a better idea – make everything inoperable including and ESPECIALLY firing mechanisms for weaponry.

        What the world needs is that giant robot from “The Day the Earth Stood Still” – what was his name, Grok? Gronk?

      2. FEAR the ‘TOMMY-HAWK’…and ‘ARRA’..!! 😉

        Hell…people are so basically peaceful towards governments…the criminals on high are forced to stage FALSE attacks…. They have to manufacture killers with LSD.. and PAY actors to fake the bad guys.. Then they toss in fake blood packs..!!

  18. it’s obvious that Ellie K is right. This was a Mossad operation NATO Gladio style false flag attack. It is designed to:
    1. garnish western/white/Christian support for the “Jews” war against the Arab/Moslem states in the ME
    2, To stifle freedom of speech of western/white/Christians in our lands so the Moslem can continue their Jew led invasion that helps the “Jew” continuing genocide of us.

    Russia just dropped the Petro Dollar, cut off gas to Europe and diverted their pipelines in Ukraine to Turkey which is a preparatory move in their upcoming invasion of Europe westward while invading south through of the Caucuses thereby linking Turkey, Syria and Iran together in a united front while establishing closer ties with China who’s about to drop the dollar too, basing their currency on Gold.

    Then we will have another front, East vs West, Brics vs Dollar.

    This will cause the dollar to plummet thus giving the “Jews” the excuse to use both the Corporation Governments they control as well as the unlawful invaders they are flooding us with as a double whammy attack against us, rounding up all dissenters, Christians, whites who resist their tyrannt to be thrown into camps so they might execute us.

    The ONLY solution to this problem in America (at least) is for the Military to accept the Plenary orders given to them by the Common Law Grand Juries to resurrect the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) enlisting all military personnel, Veterans of age, Cops, Sheriffs and Militia’s to arrest the dual citizen traitors and others engaged in treason who have taken over our Republic.

    Then we can remove all of our troops invading Moslem lands for the “Jews” and applying them instead against all of the unlawful invaders, thus sending them back to their nations of origin. After securing our land, we can assist the UK-Colonies in the same as well as Europe if we can. At this point, once our lands are back in our possession, we can make a lawful claim to the Law of Return as authentic Israel/Judah of Jacob and march on “Israel”, arresting all of the criminals who ran there, seizing their JWO — having our own version of the Nuremberg trials.

    At this point I fully expect China and the Moslem world to attack the ME. Thus with our forces marshaled in the west, we can taken down the Dragon once and for all giving whatever Moslem/Arabs left, their piece of the pie outside of NEW, AUTHENTIC ISRAEL.

  19. From your lips to God’s ear, Tyron

    Are you saying “Putin’s Russia” is to go on the attack? This keeps sounding like a “WW2” redux where Russia is goaded into attacking as the equivalent to Hitler and Germany being goaded to get the perceived jump on the Soviet Union in 1941.

    A guess of course. But for me it still gets back to making a departure from seeing Putin in a deja vu all over again role in every major respect to the dilemma Hitler faced. Sounds too neat and makes me think of the good old “sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men go awry” scenario.

  20. a little poem i found, on guns
    Big Brother loves me this I know
    for CBS has told me so.
    guns are bad and should be banned,
    unless they’re in Big Brosky’s hand.
    In China, when the gov goons kill,
    it isn’t really blood they spill;
    if it were, how could they say
    bloodshed is worse in the USA.
    At Waco, when they took their toll
    it wasn’t murder but pest control.
    When Clinton perjures, it’s not a crime;
    it’s just another party line;
    when Clinton rapes, it’s not so bad,
    it’s just another fling he had.
    When Israelis murder in the med,
    don’t complain, go fly a kite;
    it’s just another dead Amalekite.

    This I know because i’ve read
    the propaganda from mommy fed.

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