We Are Their Slaves!

It is now only too clear that Americans have lost their country. The Jews are our masters and we are their slaves. What can we do about it?

An abridged adaption by Lasha Darkmoon of a recent article by Video Rebel,
with sincere apologies to the author for the changes  I have made to his original text.

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU "9/11 was good for Israel."
“9/11 was good for Israel.”

It was 9/11 that finally revealed to us the extraordinary chutzpah of our Jewish masters.

That the Israelis did 9/11 with the help of Jewish collaborators in PNAC and AIPAC has become all too apparent to the cognoscenti. The hidden criminality behind this event has been cleverly covered up by our Jewish owned  media.

9/11 was a definite declaration of war against America by Israel. 

The Israelis wired World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 for demolition. Tower 7 was never struck by a plane. Yet it fell down in 6.5 seconds.

The BBC was told by the Rothschild-owned Reuters news agency that WTC 7 had collapsed an hour before it did. America was still on Daylight Savings Time but Britain had just left Summer Time, so a confused BBC announced the collapse of WTC 7 fully 24 minutes before it happened in New York.

Knowing that your government can kill the President and blow up buildings with Americans inside, as in Oklahoma City and in New York, helps to restrain hostile criticism of the government. People are nervous and say to themselves, “If they can kill 3000 innocent Americans for Israel and get away with it, what chance do I have?”

9/11 unleashed America’s “War on Terror” against various Muslim countries unable to accept direct invasion and conquest by Israel. This was America doing Israel’s dirty work for it. Israel claims all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates. The War on Terror is simply a process allowing Jews to gain control of non-Jewish lands.

The War on Terror has cost American taxpayers trillions of dollars to date. 9/11 was used to justify military actions that have killed and maimed millions of people in the Middle East. Some of these people were Christians, but the majority were Muslims. Their descendants and friends, the one who survived the initial carnage, have been radicalized as a result. They now have every reason to seek revenge against their aggressors — the ones who perpetrated 9/11 and then used it as an excuse to plunder Islamic lands. 


The Great Global Reset is designed to make America so weak and so poor that they will be incapable of resisting their Jewish lords and masters on Wall Street, in the City of London, and in Israel. If they are lucky, Americans will be able to find jobs as mercenaries, helping to kill people for Israel around the world.

The Last Global Reset occurred at Bretton Woods in July of 1944. It is ironic that the United States was represented by the Jewish Communist Harry Dexter White. He was appointed to that post after after two different sources had denounced him as a Soviet spy. He was denounced by a third source in 1945 but was subsequently appointed by President Truman to be the first US director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

What does that tell you about Truman?  It tells you that Truman had fallen under the yoke of the Jews: that he had become little more than a Jewish puppet.

In 1944 the US was given the monetary keys to His Majesty’s Jewish Empire, otherwise known as the British Empire.  Prince Charles has admitted his family originally came from Transylvania. I was impressed by  a documentary on the British royal family which  revealed that the royals also had German Jewish roots.

Queen Elizabeth I and the African slave trade figured prominently in that video. The facts it provided were compelling. 90 percent of the ships running slaves to the British, Spanish and Portuguese colonies were Jewish owned. The video went on to discuss Queen Victoria and the opium trade, including the two Opium Wars she fought against China.

But again, a curious fact emerged:  the profits of these war went mostly into the capacious pockets of Jewish bankers and traders.

The same can be said of the Boer war. Her Majesty’s Jewish Government managed to kill tens of thousands of mixed race women and children in concentration camps in  South Africa. But the spoils of the war did not go to the 300,000 gentile soldiers.

The gold and diamond mines went to the Jews. Not much has changed. Last year, black police killed 34 unarmed miners who were demanding a justified pay rise.  Jews still own the mines. They own the black police, too, who takes orders from the Jews to kill their fellow blacks.  


What Bretton Woods did was transform His Majesty’s Jewish Empire into America’s branch of Judaism Incorporated. The US did have some prosperity after the war because their planes had reduced German and Japanese cities to rubble. But the primary cause of America’s illusory prosperity after the 1960s was the ability to print dollars and to buy things from overseas for free. We could buy cars, electronics, food, raw materials, oil, clothes and everything else in exchange for Federal Reserve Notes—IOU notes—that were essentially worthless.

The Chinese and the Russians have served notice that this ability to make others work for free will come to an end very soon. They formed the BRICS economic alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South, Africa) which by now has probably more than 120 nations supporting them. They also formed alternatives to the IMF and the World Bank. The Obama administration impotently tried to stop allies from joining China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The British, Germans and Australians all joined.

At the last minute the US tried to sign up, but China said they were too late. Ah, too bad! The fox was denied entry to the hen house!

The Russians and the Chinese have also set up their own ratings agencies and their own interbank transfer system to replace SWIFT. In short, they have immunized themselves from American sanctions. Very soon, American presidents  will not be allowed to boss the world around like bullies.

The Russians and the Chinese have also formed a military alliance called the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). This includes Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Iran and several smaller nations. NATO member Turkey has observer status.

nirabh-photo_20140701072904.jpg b


As I have said before, China has applied for the yuan to become the fifth currency in the IMF’s SDR basket of currencies which presently includes the dollar, the pound, the euro and the yen.  Prior to September 15th the Chinese have to open their gold bullion vaults to international inspection.

And how about Fort Knox being opened to international inspection? It would be nice to know if the US dollar is backed by anything substantial.

The Chinese, by all accounts, are reported to possess at least 10,000 metric tonnes of gold. In addition, they have trillions of dollars in cash and US Treasury bonds. But they will also need that to bail out their rather corrupt corporations. According to an estimate from Jim Rickards, who is a consultant to the CIA and the Department of Defense:

When the Chinese sell US Treasury bonds en masse to pay off their bad corporate debts, Americans will see the dollar plunge to abysmal levels, making imported goods cost 500% more.

So this is where we are right now: in the eye of the storm.


The Talmud has told the Jews that they have the right to rob non-Jews as soon as Jewish leaders take control of the government. Non-Jews, we are told repeatedly in the Talmud, are little more than cattle; we are here on earth only for Jewish exploitation. The Federal Reserve, which is run by Jews, has $1.6 trillion in fraudulent mortgages it had to buy to keep Jewish financial criminals from going to jail.

You will have no pensions and savings when you retire because the Jews gave themselves permission to steal your money. That is why we have a Patriot Act which took away our freedom and gave Judaism Incorporated the right to detain us without trial, to torture us, and even to kill us.

This is not agitprop. These are verifiable facts.

The North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) closed 57,000 manufacturing plants and sent 12 million jobs overseas. New measures are being introduced right now to reduce our sovereignty to zero and turn us into a nation of slaves.

I have been warning for years that hyperinflation in America will not start until the dollar is devalued. That should begin later this year. Hyperinflation will destroy all welfare benefits, including food stamps. And that means nationwide food riots.

It was also by design that we have a black President who has flooded the country with Latino immigrants, many of whom have gang tattoos and extensive criminal histories. Meanwhile, border guards are required to let these thugs into the country, no questions asked.

It seems this Zionist-controlled  government actually wants crime—an unprecedented crime wave—so as to justify the imposition of an Israelified police state. They are deliberately creating havoc and confusion in order to “protect” us from the havoc and confusion they have created.

I have believed for more than 30 years that Wall Street wants a race war. And they will get a race war, with blacks and Hispanics against whites. White American men can expect to be gunned down in the streets any time soon. As for white women, they should get ready for gang rape on an unprecedented scale — as in post-war Germany, when 2 million German women were raped by Allied forces. 

Nationwide food riots will give cover to targeted assassinations and mass imprisonment of political dissidents, eccentric intellectuals, and anyone capable of independent thought.

The next obvious step would be genocidal germ warfare. They have advanced to the point where they can release toxic viruses to target specific races.

The Jewish war against America did not begin on 9/11. It began much earlier. We are under the iron heel of the Jews. Their wage slaves. Their debt slaves. Their mind slaves. Mesmerized by the media they control. Coarsened and stupefied by their movies. Emasculated and demoralized by the pornography with which they have infected even our children.

We wear the chains the Jews have forged for us. 




Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. A very cogent and well articulated article. In my opinion people in the West have already been morally corrupted beyond all redemption. Yes, we can bewail our fate, try to educate our friends and family, but as Ingrid, Harbinger and Sardonicus said in the previous thread it is a futile task, like pissing into a force 10 gale. So, quite frankly, we have sown the crop, soon it will be time to reap what we have sown. And it won’t be pleasant. I suppose I should say “God Bless America”, because there are still so many decent, but purblind, Americans in the USA. Instead I pray God Help Americans and others in the West who have allowed the Jews, aka, Satan’s Chosen People, Christ murderers to have such a stranglehold on them.

    1. Lasha,

      No matter how educated you are, as I said before, your sick prejudice against Jews blinds you to what Christians, Muslims and Hindus do. If you were not prejudiced, you would see the “PARTNERSHIP” between the powers and you will also see how, among them, the number one controllers are the Vatican.


      1. Alberto…..you made a statement without proof. What proof do you have re your anti-Vatican comment..?

        Felix…..”another catspaw of International Jewry”…? Again, your proof….??

      2. Alberto,

        It’s not sick prejudice, but simply joining the dots.
        Sure, I know the story, the fall of Rome – the birth of the Holy Roman Empire and the Vatican to be the continuation of the Roman Empire. The Jesuits are in charge – The Vatican was infiltrated. Secret societies – Knights of Malta – Order of the Knights Hospitalers & Templars etc etc. However, look before that and we find the Tradition of the Elder, or should I say The Talmud.
        Milton William Cooper always said it wasn’t the Jews. He is correct. It’s not the inhabitants of Judea or Juddahites, but those of the Mystery Schools of Babylon, which is pretty much what’s in the Talmud – Lucifarianism.
        When we say Jews we speak of those ethnocentric supremacists Alberto. Those who seek dominance over all mankind. And they’ll rebuild the Temple of Solomon and rule in Greater Israel if they aren’t stopped.

      3. @Tom
        My proof can be inferred from the actions of the Vatican in its actions since the 60’s e.g. The change in Catholic Doctrine absolving the Jews of Deicide. Witness too the abject kowtowing to holocaustianity, i.e. the Pope bowing down and worshipping a burning tripod. Allowing Catholics to become Freemasons which is in effect Jewry for Gentiles.

      4. @ alberto portugheis


        i agree with you that the darkmoon entity that runs this site is suffering from “sick prejudice”, as you point out correctly. this is only to obvious to an intelligent graduate in sociology like me who can see through the false assumptions and character defects of the petty-minded posers on this disreputable lower than average IQ site.

        i think you are wrong though alberto to blame the vatican, its not the vatican so much its the jesuits who have taken over the vatican and drink the blood of little children to give themselves extra strength. they blame the jews for doing this, ritual murder as they call it, but its really the jesuits shifting the blame onto the jews. i think the pope should do something about this situation and clean out the catholic church of all it’s vermin.

        i ask for this comment to be allowed and if i am censored i will go away, simple as that, and you will then loose a good poster.

      5. Janet O’Mara.

        You’re not a good poster. You come across very much as a Jewish imposter, trying to impersonate a Celtic Christian. And if you’re not then you are incredibly indoctrinated and give credence to the claim that Irish people are stupid.

      6. as a man thinketh in his heart so is he…

        Truth isn’t on holiday, “Religion” defined is a
        “belief system”…Jesus said to “Know the Truth”…


        truth is there were never any so-called “Jews” in the Old Testament
        and modern day Gog & Magog “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism
        cannot be “Israel”…


        don’t be slave to ignorance,
        or a victim of malicious stupidity
        by “Jew” worshipping all the way to “Jewtopia”

      7. Janet –

        Admin will decide if you are a ‘good’ poster. Other commenters are guessing, and have no clue about who you are.

        As Yogi said..
        “Predictions are really tough…especially about the future.”

      8. TO: janet O’Mara

        Janet O’Mara, if you’re so highly educated, then why don’t you know how to spell ‘lose?’

        As in this sentence of your Ph.D thesis! you will then loose a good poster.

        Loose? Honey, you’re already ‘loose’ on the web, but since you have such a stellar education, you probably won’t get to ‘lose’ your impeccable standing!

      9. Six Thousand years of lies must fall apart’ Babylonian the whore the harlot mother of all repugnant things on earth!! There are one million children disappeared yearly worldwide , no bodies no evidence to where those little children went, they just simply vanished!! No human being should ever, never starve on earth! because there is plenty, plenty food on earth to feed seven times entire population on earth! If humanity starves to death isn’t because lack of food but lack of love from these Satanists and all worshippers of the occult that is illuminaisis , monarchies, vaticans, oligarchs, plutocrats whose almighty GOD IS = GOLD OIL DIAMONS, DRUGS, DEVILS DEMONS DOLLARS; Humanity do not want to listen the truth because the truth is like a deer , very difficult to hunt, once you hunt the truth, it is very difficult to digest! U MAY DIE OF THAT TRUTH!!

        There is a battle between ENKI & ENLIL’ Enlil hates deeeeeeply hates humanity this is why he destroys them so hideously heinously in incessant endless brutal wars of plundering to sink humanity into abject poverty illiteracy corrupting families, religions, customs, education, schools and FOREMOST THE YOUTH!!

        Enlil is a white being very pale white like a piece of paper short, red eyes, he is always inside the CIA WHITE WHORE HOUSE VATICAN these illuminisis oligarchs, plutocrats, bankers lodges jewsuits worship him, there are absolutely no pictures photographs of him’ Enlil decides anytime if he wants war or not’ ENLIL AND ALLIES ARE PARASITES ON EARTH, SEE ANY HOME HOUSE, U HAVE THE PARENTS, FATHER MOTHER, IF THE CHILDREN OBEY RULES AS BEING HONEST GOOD HONORABLE HARDWORKING, TRUTHFUL TO THE ROOT, ON THE CONTRATY IF THE OTHER BROTHERS FROM THE SAME FAMILY ARE EVIL DESTRUCTIVE WRECKS EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE THEN PARENTS HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO KICKE THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE’

        This is the situation of Babylonian the whore mother of all repugnant things on earth, they are rebellious evil dishonest demonic diabolic liars con cheaters they got kicked out of the house and they are destroying planet earth wrecking burning everything they encounter’ drunken, drug up full of lusts don’t listen to the father and mother’ Humanity are superior beings to Enlil descendants, they are full of jealousy hatred because the other brothers are way way better and they hate deeply hate it and will blow up planet earth out of their deep hatred’


      10. Flor, I definitely recommend green tea.

        It’s done wonders for me ever since Dr Pat prescribed it.

      11. “It is clear that one cannot be Catholic if he denies the Shoah.” – Benedict XVI’s Nuncio to “Israel,” Archbishop Antonio Franco speaking at Yad Vashem on March 8, 2009

        The truth setting one free would be spoken by and from the Church if they were free to do so. Please. Be serious.

      12. Alberto, the Vatican was infiltrated long , long ago by Jewish interests. The Vatican has no authority over the catholic faith since 1944 when authority was transferred to Fatima, Portugal. Much you do not understand on this subject obviously. Fatimamovement.com , dotmvt.org , rosariofatima.WordPress.com .

      13. Email form ‘Anthony’ to Lasha Darkmoon:


        I am just writing to tell you what an ignorant stupid bitch I think you are. Reading your mindless, repetitive drivel is physically sickening. I am glad that you are forced to hide yourself like a coward and hope that you die a miserable hag worthy of hell.


      14. The Vatican? You clown. The Vatican Bank has been controlled by the House of Rothschild since 1832, and its ZIONIST Freemasonic takeover finished in 1966. The jewish world domination scheme has been around longer than Christ. the Vatican nonsense is another diversion from the role of the jewscum. just as they used the Nazis, Commies, Jihadis etc etc.

        The apex of the pyramid is Sabbatean JEW Frankists, any relation to the Vatican is infiltrator based- like the marrano “Catholic” jewish “convert” Ignatius Loyola who founded the JEWsuits.
        Wake up and grow up. Take a lesson from Voltaire: “to find where power lies? ask whom it is one may not criticize”. Priests are called pedophiles daily, but the jews commit crimes with total impunity.

    2. @ Alberto Portugheis
      @ Janet O’Mara

      I think both of you are Jewish trolls. Portugheis is a Jewish name*) and O’Mara is an Irish pseudonym. Both of you accuse Lasha Darkmoon of “prejudice” and try to shift the blame from the Jews to the Catholics. Portugheis blames the Vatican, “O’Mara” blames the Jesuits (who control the Vatican). Kind of good cop, bad cop game. We know however that the Vatican has been infiltrated by Jews and that its finances are controlled by the Rothschilds. Sorry, but it’s not the Catholics, it’s the Jews.

      Besides, like Lobro I don’t believe Putin’s Russia is also controlled by the Jews and that BRICS is merely a part of the Jewish Hegelian tactic. Putin has now delivered his rockets to Iran, which makes that country immune to any Israeli attack.

      *) See : Consolidated Jewish Surname Index – Avotaynu.

      1. That does not mean a thing, that Putin sold his rockets to Teheran, poor thing ryckaert.

        Most probably the control mechanism in these rockets will work in favour of the Tel Aviv loonies

    3. WHY?
      Why are you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid?
      The “god” of the Jewish bible is Moloch. From Exodus ch 32; Amos ch 5; Acts 7:42-43, we read about the worship of Moloch, but it is in the Jewish Talmud, Sanhedrin 64a-64b that we read how how JEWS are to Holocaust victims to Moloch.
      The Golden Calf of Exodus was Moloch. It had a Bull/Calf head, but its body was a FURNACE.
      You need to read Matthew ch 15; Matthew ch 23 and John ch 8 to understand the evil of these people.

      The Prophet Jesus of Galilee warned about the teachings of the Pharisees in Matthew 16:6, but Christendom has ignored that warning.

      Talmudic Judaism is spiritual Ebola!


      The official unabridged Soncino Edition of the Talmud published in 1935 was “Translated into English with Notes, Glossary and Indices” by such eminent Talmudic scholars as Rabbi Dr. I. Epstein, Rabbi Dr. Samuel Daiches, Rabbi Dr. Israel W. Slotki, M.A., Litt.D., The Reverend Dr. A. Cohen, M.A.’, Ph.D., Maurice Simon, M.A., and the Very Reverend The Chief Rabbi Dr. J.H. Hertz wrote the “Foreword” for the Soncino Edition of the Talmud. The Very Reverend Rabbi Hertz was at the time the Chief Rabbi of England.

      The world’s leading authorities on the Talmud confirm that the official unabridged Soncino Edition of the Talmud translated into English follows the original texts with great exactness. It is almost a word-for-word translation of the original texts. In his famous classic “The History of the Talmud,” Michael Rodkinson, the leading authority on the Talmud, in collaboration with the celebrated Reverend Dr. Isaac M. Wise states:

      “THE TALMUD IS ONE OF THE WONDERS OF THE WORLD. During the twenty centuries of its existence…IT SURVIVED IN ITS ENTIRETY, and not only has the power of its foes FAILED TO DESTROY EVEN A SINGLE LINE, but it has not even been able materially to weaken its influence for any length of time. IT STILL DOMINATES THE MINDS OF A WHOLE PEOPLE, WHO VENERATE ITS CONTENTS AS DIVINE TRUTH…”

      The following are but a few of the many similar quotations with footnotes from the Soncino Edition of the Talmud, the “sort of book” from which Jesus allegedly “drew the teachings which enabled him to revolutionize the world” on “moral and religious” subjects:

      SANHEDRIN, 55b-55a: “What is meant by this? – Rab said: Pederasty with a child below nine years of age is not deemed as pederasty with a child above that. Samuel said: Pederasty with a child below three years is not treated as with a child above that (2) What is the basis of their dispute? – Rab maintains that only he who is able to engage in sexual intercourse, may, as the passive subject of pederasty throw guilt (upon the actual offender); whilst he who is unable to engage in sexual intercourse cannot be a passive subject of pederasty (in that respect) (3). But Samuel maintains: Scriptures writes, (And thou shalt not lie with mankind) as with the lyings of a woman (4). It has been taught in accordance with Rab: Pederasty at the age of nine years and a day; (55a) (he) who commits bestiality, whether naturally or unnaturally: or a woman who causes herself to be bestiality abused, whether naturally or unnaturally, is liable to punishment (5).”

      This “divine truth” which “a whole people venerate” of which “not a single letter of it is missing” and today “is flourishing to such a degree as cannot be found in its history” is illustrated by the additional verbatim quotations which follow:

      SANHEDRIN, 55b: “A maiden three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition, and if her deceased husband’s brother cohabits with her, she becomes his. The penalty of adultery may be incurred through her; (if a niddah) she defiles him who has connection with her, so that he in turn defiles that upon which he lies, as a garment which has lain upon (a person afflicted with gonorrhea).”

      (footnotes) “(2) His wife derives no pleasure from this, and hence there is no cleaving. (3) A variant reading of this passage is: Is there anything permitted to a Jew which is forbidden to a heathen. Unnatural connection is permitted to a Jew. (4) By taking the two in conjunction, the latter as illustrating the former, we learn that the guilt of violating the injunction `to his wife but not to his neighbor’s wife’ is incurred only for natural but not for unnatural intercourse.”

      SANHEDRIN, 69b “Our rabbis taught: If a woman sported lewdly with her young son (a minor), and he committed the first stage of cohabitation with her, -Beth Shammai says, he thereby renders her unfit for the priesthood (1). Beth Hillel declares her fit…All agree that the connection of a boy nine years and a day is a real connection; whilst that of one less than eight years is not (2); their dispute refers only to one who is eight years old.

      KETHUBOTH, 11a-11b. “Rabba said, It means (5) this: When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this (6), it is as if one puts the finger in the eye (7), but when a small boy has intercourse with a grown up woman, he makes her as `a girl who is injured by a piece of wood’ “.
      (footnotes) “(5). Lit., `says’. (6) Lit., `here’, that is, less than three years old. (7) Tears come to the eyes again and again, so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years.”

      KETHUBOTH, 11a-11b. “Rab Judah said that Rab said: A small boy who has intercourse with a grown up woman makes her (as though she were ) injured by a piece of wood (1). Although the intercourse of a small boy is not regarded as a sexual act, nevertheless the woman is injured by it as by a piece of wood.”
      (footnotes) “(1) Although the intercourse of a small boy is not regarded as a sexual act, nevertheless the woman is injured by it as by a piece of wood.”

      ABODAH ZARAH, 36b-37a. “R. Naham b. Isaac said: They decreed in connection with a heathen child that it would cause defilement by seminal emission (2) so that an Israelite child should not become accustomed to commit pederasty with it…From what age does a heathen child cause defilement by seminal emission? From the age of nine years and one day. (37a) for inasmuch as he is then capable of the sexual act he likewise defiles by emission. Rabina said: It is therefore to be concluded that a heathen girl (communicates defilement) from the age of three years and one day, for inasmuch as she is then capable of the sexual act she likewise defiles by a flux.

      SOTAH, 26b. “R. Papa said: It excludes an animal, because there is not adultery in connection with an animal (4). Raba of Parazika (5) asked R. Ashi, Whence is the statement which the Rabbis made that there is no adultery in connection with an animal? Because it is written, Thou shalt not bring the hire of a harlot or the wages of a dog etc.; (6) and it has been taught: The hire of a dog (7) and the wages of a harlot (8) are permissible, as it is said, Even both of these (9) – the two (specified texts are abominations) but not four (10)…As lying with mankind. (12) But, said Raba, it excludes the case where he warned her against contact of the bodies (13). Abaye said to him, That is merely an obscene act (and not adultery), and did the All-Merciful prohibit (a wife to her husband) for an obscene act?” –

  2. @Alberto

    Could you please expand on your statement that the Vatican is the number one controller. I know the Vatican appears to be just another catspaw of International Jewry. How exactly is it the number one controller? Thank you!

    1. There is no need for insults to anybody’ I always do my own, do your own research’ because the truth isn’t a religion as the thirty thousand phony religions, three hundred thousand plus phony sects, no, it takes years of effort to hunt the truth’ Anybody who tell the truth will always be demonized ostracized butchered’ JFK Lumumba, Jesus Christ, Socrates, and so on’ Because the truth will collapse the current brutal hideous heinous system of rapine, based on the exploitation and deaths of animals and humanity’ no human being should ever die to go to heaven or animal!! Heaven in on earth to live forever young, happiness, harmony peace, truth’ No love ones should ever lose their loved ones living in fear losing little children seeing little black children starving to death as in Haiti’ Look at Haiti, how poor little helpless children are starving to death, Mexico Africa India, Two billion people do not have enough food to eat!

      Thousands hundreds of thousands of people starve to death as in Syria, Palestine’ Look the poor little babies butchered in these imperialists soulless wars of plundering depriving children of a shelter women the elderly ‘ it is horrific, abhorrent how this Babylonia empire of vampires butchers humanity with brutal hideous heinous impunity on earth!! They are stupid irrational, brutally wasteful, heinously unfair, inefficient’ while there is impunity for these soulless Babylonian there is a brutal injustice for victims of plundering’ US has 25% of its population inside prisons!! While China has a very small amount of prisoners, considering the largest population there is compared to the US’ if these facts as how Haiti is starving to death so silently, Mexico under Babylonian the whore mother of all repugnant things on earth has butchered over 100 thousand plus of useless eaters as if these Satanists and worshippers of the occult were very useful, dying very silently’ Lucky Palestine, Kiev, Syria they get int’l attention while Mexico is suffering a very silent destruction, human sacrifices under Babylonia and their wars of plundering’

      The Saint Inquisition, The Crusades aren’t over and will never ever be over until the truth is revealed’

      1. Flor, your name, Anderson, indicates that you are Swedish. You are upset, and angry, as are all of us here, no-one is able to grasp the enormity of what is going on globally. You think Mexico is being ignored, I assure you, not by Press TV, which, unlike most MSM, reports equally, and honestly. I`m sorry you were insulted, and hope to hear from you again. Hilsen, Ingrid..


      When Ezra and the Jews returned to Israel after the 70 years Captivity, he brought the religion of Babylon with him. If you read Jeremiah ch 7 and ch 8 you will see what I mean. The Prophet Jesus repeated the words of Jeremiah about the false Talmudic Babylonian religion, in his condemnation of the Bloody sacrificial Temple system.

      When the Romans destroyed the Jewish Temple, the Jews spread to ROME and ARABIA and infected the people with their Babylonian Cult.

      Romanism and Islam are BOTH Cults of the Babylonian Cult.

      The HUMAN sacrifice of Jesus and its continuation in the Roman Mass is demonic.
      The Festival of EID is a Bloody sacrifice in Mecca



      The unedited full-text of the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia


      Palestinian geographer; born at Flosz, Bavaria, Oct. 22, 1804; died at Jerusalem Feb. 5, 1865. When he was seventeen years old he graduated as teacher from the Königliches Schullehrerseminar of Colberg, after which he joined his brother Israel at the University of Würzburg, where for five years he devoted himself to the history and geography of the Holy Land, and published a map of Palestine (1829; republished at Vienna, 1831, and Triest, 1832). It was his ardent desire, however, to study in Palestine itself the physical history and geography of the Holy Land, where his knowledge of Talmudic sources and early Jewish writers would be of more service. Accordingly he decided to settle in Jerusalem, whither he went in 1833. Schwarz then began a series of journeys and explorations in various parts of Palestine, to which he devoted about fifteen years.

      The results of his investigations and researches into the history, geography, geology, fauna, and flora of that country have placed him in the front rank of Palestinian explorers and geographers. HE IS THE GREATEST JEWISH AUTHORITY ON PALESTINIAN MATTERS SINCE ESTORI FARHI (1282-1357), the author of “Kaftor wa-Feraḥ.”

      (Be sure to Google this article)
      614-1096 C.E.
      From the Accession of the Mahomedans to that of the Europeans.
      By Rabbi Joseph Schwarz, 1850

      Rabbi Shallum, son of the then Resh Gelutha, in Babel, aka Abu Bachr al Chaliva al Zadik, Abu Bakr, the first Caliph, was in fact: Rabbi Shallum, son of the then Resh Gelutha, in Babel, perceiving this dreadful predicament, went to Mahomed, and offering him his submission, friendship, and services, endeavoured to enter with him into a friendly compact. Mahomed accepted his proposition with pleasure, conceived a great affection for him, and took his daughter, a handsome young girl (A 6 YEAR OLD CHILD), for wife; he made him also a general in his army, and gave him the name of Abu Bachr al Chaliva al Zadik, literally:

      The father of the maiden, the descendant of the righteous; this means, that of all his wives, who were either widows or divorced women, this one was the only one who had never been married before, and then she was the granddaughter of the celebrated chief of the captivity; therefore, the descendant of the righteous. This occurrence induced Mahomed to give up his terrible intention to destroy the Jews in his country, and thus did Rabbi Shallum save his people.


      [Why Muhammad hated alcohol]

      Abu Bachr and Aliman now resolved among themselves to remove the dangerous enemy of the Jews, Bucheran. One evening Mahomed, Bucheran, Aliman, and Abu Bachr, were drinking together; the latter two soon saw that Mahomed and the astrologer were strongly intoxicated, and lay stretched out in a deep and profound sleep. Abu Bachr thereupon drew the sword of Mahomed from its scabbard, cut off therewith Bucharan’s head, and put the bloody sword back into its receptacle, and both then lay themselves down quietly near Mahomed to sleep. When Mahomed awoke and saw his friend lying decapitated near him, he cried out in a fury: “This terrible deed has been done by one of us three in our drunkenness!” Abu Bachr thereupon said quite unconcernedly: “Let each one draw his sword, and he whose weapon is stained with blood, must needs be the murderer!” They all drew their swords, and that of Mahomed was completely dyed with fresh blood, which proved thus clearly to his satisfaction that he had murdered his friend. He was greatly grieved at this discovery; cursed and condemned the wine which was the cause of this murder, and swore that he never would drink any more, and that also no one should do so who wishes to enter heaven. This is the cause why wine is prohibited to the Mahomedans.

      At a later period, Mahomed learned the whole transaction, and that his father-in-law was the perpetrator of the bloody deed; wherefore, he lost his favour, and he would not permit him to come before him. Abu Bachr went thereupon and conquered sixty places, which had not yet submitted to Mahomed, and presented them to him, through which means he became again reconciled to him, was received in favour, and remained thereafter at court.

      1. Leonardo, that is a funny story.

        Islamist follow an idiot, who could not read or write.
        Fermentation allowed for storage of grains and fruits and vegetables without refrigeration. Alcohol production allowed that, of course.

        Even ingesting too much water can kill.

  3. If they are lucky, Americans will be able to find jobs as mercenaries, helping to kill people for Israel around the world.

    as i mentioned on more than one occasion, i have recently been exposed, however briefly, to the designed toxicity of north american tv, which i watch as an extraterrestrial anthropologist would.
    of interest are these game shows, particularly the lowlife ones requiring no skill, such as family feud.
    the host is this black dude who talks as if in a sharecropper’s hovel in the mississipi delta, the questions mostly deal with bodily functions and base instincts, extramarital cheating and so on, the contestants are these extended families, jumping and high fiving whether their answers are correct or not, in almost every instance their is at least one of them (man or woman) in army uniform, whether desert fatigues or with ribbons and dingleberries strung across the chest.
    and when they are announced as mercenaries on leave, the canned noise increases to crescendo levels, indicating the frankfurt school hand in programming – goys proudly killing goys to please master jew

    but hey, as alberto portugheis would say, why always blame the bolshevik jew, what about street urchins smoking discarded cigarette buts and hitching free rides in empty boxcars?

    1. The US of Perception Is Everything..

      The face of Freud’s pervert nephew Edward Bernays, the true blue Founding Father of neo-America, should be enshrined on a three dollar bill.

      1. @HP
        Freud a Viennese cokehead’s teachiings are responsible for causing mental disease rather than healing minds. Your excellent links are truly the best means to cure mental disease. A link for you

      2. Thanks Felix.
        I often follow discussions there.
        The Advaitans and Dvaitans never fail to entertain. Their commonalities are far and away brighter than than their differences are dim..

    2. “goys proudly killing goys to please master jew”

      Really bad in US from 1860 to 1880.
      Bad in Europe several times in 20th century.
      Bad world-wide right now.
      We will hear the same in the future.
      This is a war producing planet.

  4. All (not so) fine and well. But it would be folly to simply put a white hat on someone else’s head (BRICS) in making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear as America goes down the drain

    Ultimately the whole world is the henhouse being raided by the International Jewry fox and the esoteric force behind it.

    It was only MADE to look like the “U.S.” wanted into BRICS and were turned away, leaving it “no choice” but to make war on BRICS nations

    Played to a fare thee (not so) well

  5. If you want to begin to understand the true hidden paradigm in this world, consider what Gary Allen wrote on page eleven in his book, None Dare Call It Conspiracy. Which is available to read online.

    ” We are going to present evidence that what you call “Communism” is not run from Moscow or Peking, but is an arm of a bigger conspiracy run from New York, London and Paris. The men at the apex of this movement are not Communists in the traditional sense of that term. They feel no loyalty to Moscow of Peking. They are loyal only to themselves and their undertaking. And these men certainly do not believe in the clap-trap pseudo-philosophy of Communism. They have no intention of dividing their wealth. Socialism is a philosophy which conspirators exploit, but in which only the naive believe. Just how finance capitalism is used as the anvil and Communism as the hammer to conquer the world will be explained in this book.”

    1. Thanks Luke –

      I read ‘None Dare Call It Conspiracy’ when it first came out. I bought numerous copies and gave them away, because it told of CFR and TLC. It was written in 1971 by Gary Allen with LARRY ABRAHAM. I gave my last copy away 25 years ago. I will never buy another one.

      Their book was modeled after John A. Stormer’s 1964 book ‘None Dare Call it Treason.’ His book was hailed by ‘patriots’ and Allen and Abraham knew that….. so they copied the title, except for one word. And because of that…I never really trusted either of the co-authors, guided by the unseen hands of Pharisee bankers.

      Both were board members of John Birch Society, a Pharisee controlled group, then and now. Allen and Abraham were contributing editors for ‘American Opinion Magazine’ by the JBS. It is now the ‘New American.’
      Abraham had his own Pharisee newsletter called ‘Insider Report.’ Here is a sample:

      Here is a quote from their book which bothered me, and still does. It is found in the 11th paragraph of Chapter 1…

      http://www.whale.to/b/allen_b1.html :
      “Some conspiratorialists do indeed overdraw the picture by expanding the conspiracy (from the small clique which it is) to include every local knee-jerk liberal activist and government bureaucrat. Or, because of racial or religious bigotry, they will take small fragments of legitimate evidence and expand them into a conclusion that will support their particular prejudice, i.e., the conspiracy is totally “Jewish,” “Catholic,” or “Masonic”. These people do not help to expose the conspiracy, but, sadly play into the hands of those who want the public to believe that all conspiratorialists are screwballs.”
      Notice the shrewd use of the word – ”totally” – in the quote. They were clever Pharisees. Clever deflectors.

      Gary Allen’s business partner for over 25 years was Bob Chapman, another Pharisee gold trader and author. I read his newsletter, International Forecaster, for decades, until his death. He sold FEAR. Fear still sells gold and books very well. He became very wealthy from it. Pharisees do that.

      There is not enough room here to tell all. Use your own critical searching methods.

      Deception is everywhere. We all are guessing. That is fun.

      1. Pat I found this article Of interest.


        This lines up with Zechariah’s prophecy.

        Zechariah 12:3 KJVS
        [3] And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

        The Apostle Paul’s prophecies regarding the end times states there will be a great falling away First.

        2 Thessalonians 2:3 KJVS
        [3] Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come , except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

        Can you imagine how the faith of many Christians will be shaken if Israel as a country ceases to exist. And notice in the Zechariah prophecy how it mentions Jesuselem rather than Israel. So very long ago Paul said this.

        2 Thessalonians 2:7 KJVS
        [7] For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let , until he be taken out of the way.

        There is much deception going on. Information and disinformation as you so aptly pointed out. The mystery of iniquity has been at work for nearly two thousand years. And a great many people will be given a strong delusion so as to believe a lie,

        2 Thessalonians 2:11 KJVS
        [11] And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

        That is why I view today’s events through the lens of prophecy and scripture. God’s Word is truth, John 17:17. Thank you for the information. Did you read Under The Sign Of The Scorpion by Juri Lina? He cites many other books and authors but I Imagine the books he cites are not in the local library.

      2. Thanks, Luke –

        There is truth in the bible so far as human nature is still present. Things are still controlled by greed and FEAR.

        Kissinger said the country of Israel will not exist. Could be. He IS an insider. He could be lying also.
        Notice he did not say Pharisees(Jews) will go away. They linger, in all countries, no matter the names.

        I did not read the book you mentioned. Most of the books I have read are never in libraries.

        “Iron Curtain Over America” (1951) is a good one by Col. John Beaty. I read it shortly after it came out:


        Keeps us guessing, though.

  6. oftentimes, when lasha puts out a new article, the very first comment is negative, either by seymour zak or someone like alberto portugheis or janet o’mara and then they pretty much disappear for the rest of the thread.

    almost if there is some troll trigger in place that fires the minute a new article is put up.

    1. Lobro
      They may not even be real people but trollbots, akin to computerised stock trading, that kick in when a new article appears. Judging from the writing that could be a possibilty.

      1. Ha! Trollbots!!! And I thought I was paranoid! Lemme guess, the AI ‘trollbot’ is another of the merc gangs weapons of mass distraction! What are you smokin’, Felix! Ah well. Can robot jokes possibly be funnier than the sad attempts on this site… make up your own minds…
        Nup, nothing can beat Lobros incisive diatribes for a good laugh… except Max.
        Seriously though, you do raise a good point, Felix. What are we to do if we can’t tell the difference between a human and a machine? Maybe it won’t matter to people who think that humans are already just some sort of flash machine, but it all points to a frightingly distopian future, like THX1138… a classic. The new directors cut has had some new CG added to it, though.

      2. @ Space Lizard

        Seriously though . . . what are we to do if we can’t tell the difference between a human and a machine?…. It all points to a frighteningly dystopian future,”

        According to the Turing Test, a machine becomes a truly intelligent “creature” no different from a real human being if it is impossible to tell the difference between them. If I am speaking on the telephone to a female, for example, and she is flirting with me and says to me at one point, “How do you know I am not a robot?” that would be an interesting situation.

        Say she said to me, “Hey, I’ll give you 10 minutes to figure out if I’m a human being or a machine.” And say after 10 minutes I said, “you are definitely a real human being.” And then I suddenly received proof that the woman I’d been flirting with was just a chunk of metal who looked pretty much like a refrigerator … what then?

        Time was when chess grandmasters could beat any chess machine in the world. No longer. Now the greatest chess masters are beaten by machines in a few moves.

        Dystopian future? It’s the day you find out that the President of your country is a robot and your wife suddenly dies because she forgot to recharge her battery. 🙂

      3. sard, nothing dystopian about bots running the world, it would be greatly preferable to jews.

        give me one single reason why, even if they were no longer programmable by humans, would they bother favoring the jew, in fact, the first order of business would be to get rid of him as a totally useless and pernicious construct.

        as if they would bother with guilt complex and all of our mental diseases that gave jew the power.

      4. Sardonicus,

        “According to the Turing Test, a machine becomes a truly intelligent “creature” no different from a real human being if it is impossible to tell the difference between them.”

        When I was trying to design an internet AI, I came to the conclusion that the focus point, first word, central fix and even primary objective, should be the word ‘Word’. Had something to do with ‘what would be the point of it?’ (a knowledge database) and ‘how would it operate’ (as a word relator to first learn the meaning of the word, ‘word’). I imagined that after attaining enough ‘knowledge’ (just the words) and relations between words something else might happen. Maybe if it’s actual physical manifestation (the CPUs and memory chips) could eventually begin to BE a picture of the actual relationships that contain meaning something might happen. But if so, then I would have to say that rather than a machine (cpus are just small complicated up/down lever machines) becoming intelligent, it would be some intelligence then entering the machine. Because now it can. I don’t know whether it would be a particular pleasant existence or what sort of state of consciousness the ‘intelligence’ would have. It’s a question I’d like to ask an AI, “How do you feel?”.

        Ah yeah. That’s ‘dYstopian’ then, not ‘distopian’. Thanks.

      5. @Sardonicus
        “Now the greatest Chess masters are beaten……”
        Yes indeed, however I will become really alarmed when computers can beat GO masters. To date, and I stress to date, that has not happened.
        As you are living in Japan, see if you can get hold of Kawabata’s book, “Master of Go.” It’s an excellent read.
        On a personal note if you do decide to move to my area of the world, look me up and if there is anything I can help you with, please let know.

      6. In 2014, more than 50% of global stock exchanges were realized automatically, without any human interference, by programs and algorithms. Capitalism doesn’t need traders anymore with high frequency trading. It just needs electricity; maintenance, data processors and you can siphon the wealth with nanosecond speculation. How Cabalistically nice! Come on City boys, you should unplugged those machines before they put you out of a job.
        Trollbots! What about Jewbots.

      7. Max Keiser Invented Automated Virtual Derivatives and Commodities Trading in 1999.

        And this was 16 years ago..!!


        United States Patent 5,950,176

        Keiser , et al. September 7, 1999

        Computer-implemented securities trading system with a virtual specialist function

        The present invention discloses a method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for a computer-implemented financial management system that permits the trading of securities via a network. A server computer receives buy and sell orders for derivative financial instruments from a plurality of client computers. The server computer matches the buy orders to the sell orders and then generates a market price through the use of a virtual specialist program executed by the server computer. The virtual specialist program responds to an imbalance in the matching of the buy and sell orders.

      8. Yea…..well if I was a Grand Master and a machine beat me at chess, I’d say right smart ass try and beat me at table tennis (ping pong)…

    2. jew tech is just so captivating, felix, what can we do but stand back in awe and gratitude for their contributions to the world?

      most of their nobel prize winners are trolls, anyway …

    3. Alberto and O’Mara and of course the in’effable’ Zak, provide a good laugh. Let the them zuck bile and vomit the usual verbal effluction of diarrhoea.

    4. “go” is utterly bewitching, felix, i am far from being good but can spend hours pondering a single move.
      when i visit you, i will enjoy having a game even though you will likely demolish me.

  7. @Tom
    I also did say “APPEAR to be catspaws of International Jewry”.
    I left a couple of book links that might interest you in the previous thread.

  8. ADMIN (Toby): EK again using another name.
    This time it’s a poem.

    If you wish to know the Jew,
    Know the hidden silence that inflames his heart.
    Resisting all love, blind to the voice of reason,
    He shall never have compassion for you,
    And shall most happily enjoy watching your sear red in a fiery ball.

    Men often ask under what evil spell their minds have been seized,
    But those who know them tell that their evil God has obscured the heavens,
    And refuses to allow goodness to enter their hearts.
    No, my French Love, no Dawn for the Jews; their dawn is darkness,
    Since Love and Light are for healthy hearts and lips alone, and wan and dead theirs are.

    ”To what awful purpose, then, have we them here, chère Madame d’Anguille?
    How dare they call themselves men if evil they are?
    For they say that soon they will make an attempt on man,
    And thus appease him who evil power them gave,
    Unless, that is, man strikes first and renders him dead.”

    I cannot prove you false, my young Love, and for you both money and my life I shall give,
    And, ay, I can’t, as you seem to feel what I long well know.
    But your white neck shall never bend under their yoke, this I promise you,
    For though the proud enemy of man has begun to stir,
    So have we, my love, so have we. Now, may we kiss?

    Unique (juːˈniːk), adjective, being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

    1. toby, if memory serves, madame anguille is the snake charmer.

      next question: how come we got all these madams here, butterfly, anguille, bovary and so on, are they all unsuitably married?
      not a single damn mademoiselle in sight, except for lasha.

      there is also madam bernstein whose husband was passed through a lion’s digestive tract long time ago to be reborn as … whatever (mr leonson?)

      i guess we are playing with a full deck of options here, animals inside people, people inside animals and what not.
      so long as it makes sense, i am content.

      1. @ lobro

        so long as it makes sense, i am content.

        Now if you’d been a Zen Buddhist, you would have said: “So long as it doesn’t make sense, I am content.”

      1. @ Pat

        Total ‘EK entity’ sock-puppets approaching 20.


        Thanks for pointing this out. I have been remarkably lax in allowing this irregular state of affairs to continue and Ellie K has taken advantage of my kindness and tolerance. I have now been told by Monty that I must enforce the rules more strictly. Ellie K is in clear breach of Rule 3 of our Comment Policy:

        3. Please use ONE user name and ONE email address and stick to it. Posters who use multiple user names and multiple email addresses and multiple IP numbers will regarded as trolls and have their comments deleted.


        Ellie K would do well to take note of this. We cannot make an exception for her. She must abide by the rules that apply to all other posters.

    2. Absolutely beautiful, as always, my dearest Ellie K! …
      ‘Tis a pity you have to obscure your beauty, like a great work of art hidden behind shutters. Have you got rid of that stalker boyfriend yet?
      Such utter magnificence: “No, my French Love, no Dawn for the Jews; their dawn is darkness, Since Love and Light are for healthy hearts and lips alone, and wan and dead theirs are.”
      That captures it all! “Wan and dead are theirs’!”
      My newest galfriend, New Song, would agree with that; as her lovely Jesus said the JEWS are the DEATH force.
      The Jews want their idea of “heaven on Earth” which entails all the things Jews typically do; including my usual list: usuring, fornicating, cuckolding, masturbating, thieving, lying, having a good time, corrupting, pedophiling, collecting gold, producing porn, screwing blonde Goyim chicks, and being assholes.
      Nowadays, most Goyim Americans have embraced the Jewish way of live; and my Dear, exquisite New Song, this is far removed from Jesus’ “I am the way, the truth and the life.”
      I do some of the Jewish things, but then seek forgiveness AFTER the act. (Between you and I, I can do most anything!) … New Song, I’ve opened my NT and reading about Jesus telling the disciples that the Jews are going to kill him! … As someone above indicated, the diabolical Pope has issued an encyclical stating that the Jews were innocent of the death of Christ. … I know for a fat that the last 3 popes were Illuminati head officers and pedophiles. “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.” (New Song, for you!)

      1. Maxey, for moi? Oh Maxey, now your just teasing me! I bet you are so cute wearing your Groucho glasses! 😉 I lerv you too, Maxey! Thank you sooo much. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. @ New Song

          OK, I have a surprise for you, New Song. YOU DID NOT WRITE THIS COMMENT ABOVE ADDRESSED TO MAX BILNEY! It is a clever forgery. Or maybe not so clever. Because the writer has foolishly identified himself by his email address and IP number.

          The comment beginning “Maxey, for moi?” was written by Space Lizard who is on permanent monitoring. I think he is a guy called “Richard”. Space Lizard (aka Richard) appears to have personality problems and has posted in other people’s name several times, including in Ruth Bernstein’s name only quite recently. I managed to spot the deception and deleted that comment before posting. Space Lizard has done this about TEN times in the past. No warning NOT to do this has made the slightest impression on him.

          As I regard this guy as a mischievous and dangerous pest trying to sabotage our website, I have now banned him permanently and have no hesitation in revealing his email address. Yes, I am naming and shaming him. We have every right to do this to people attacking our website.

          His email address is [email protected] He uses different IP numbers like the Ellie K Fan Club troll Alan Marc and his ilk. (Two of his recent IP numbers: // Or Feel free to write to him and ask him why he has been impersonating several people on this website, including you.

          1. I wouldn’t be surprised if this sonofabitch has been impersonating Madame Butterfly and Dr David Green who we have had to ban recently. Have they been cruelly misjudged, I wonder, because this clever impersonator has been writing to us pretending to be them? The extent to which these slimy bastards are willing to go to sabotage our website simply beggars belief.

            1. @ New Song

              I apologize to you on behalf of Admin for any offense caused to you by a mischievous troll we have now banned. As for Max Bilney, he is no problem if you know how to handle him. Maybe Max will get the message and avoid flirting with the women on this site — unless, that is, they make the first move. Too much locker-room talk is regrettable and I ask Max to use it sparingly and with discretion in future, especially when there are highly sensitive women around.

      2. Toby –

        Interesting games.

        The email address would indicate first name begins with (a) and last name of (richards)…. just guessing.

    3. Jews are not cursed, they are deceived—told from their cradles they are descended from “the Christ killers” with divinely cursed blood. They are not, they are descended from converted “Turkic” people with zero innate guilt and zero claim to the Holy Land. The definitive Jew in sunk in despair of any enduring good in life and after-life:- the good Jew boy goes to hell, inevitably; it is not his fault, it is God’s fault, the one true, the one hated God whose name along the rabbis teach Jews to curse. This is why most Jews desert Judaism, because it is not a religion but determined anti-religion.

  9. I think the core issue is the use of the leverage, moral, political, financial, demographic, social, legal and media in order to dislodge traditional powers through social unrest and upheaval and usurp the vacated chokepoints.
    If they can replicate within the BRICS the sort of fulcrum points under which they were able to jam their levers in European lands, then the theory of the BRICS being just another player in the traditional Talmudic theater of Hegelian dialectics is a viable one.

    But I have my doubt about how feasible that is, critical parts are not in place, here the Protocols are whistling Dixie past the graveyard.

    Jew was able to upend the European order and by extension of those lands that Europeans conquered and settled through mechanisms of corrupting, weakening and intimidating the secular and ecclesiastic authorities, namely by judiciously infiltrating both, rewriting the religious texts and liturgies and eventually, through stranglehold on mass information flow, poisoning people’s minds with tales of gruesome injustices done to poor, innocent, law-abiding Jews by heartless goyim, while simultaneously feeding and playing on the massive guilt of these same supposedly psychotic goyim! in order to bring them to their knees. Does that make sense?

    For example: ”Germans are the greatest monsters in the universe, look what they did to us, so these same monsters must now have feelings of bottomless guilt and tender compassion for us and must carry us on their backs for all eternity, even building weapons of mass destruction with which we threaten them at will”.

    They sure read the psychology of “monsters” right, didn’t they.

    So, the insensate guilt of the Euro idiots led to Israel, led to Zio-christianity, wholesale rewrite of history, Roman-Catholic liturgy whereby Jews are suddenly elevated above Christ, crucifix upended as in Black Mass, worldwide (ie, white world) domination in all walks of life.

    But I say it won’t wash in Russia and China or for that matter places like Iran, India or South America.
    Jews have no guilt fulcrum point there, there is no standard holocaustian meme in place, just the opposite in Russia where ‘200 years together’ is widely disseminated and central Europe that also seems to be coming awake, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Czech and Slovakia … and as I noted yesterday, Germany seems to be shaking off cobwebs of Jew propaganda as well.

    Things are not in as tight grip of the Jew as people generally assume and fear, they would like you to think that so that you don’t do anything but whine about it, oh, you know, Hegelian dialectic, owning the opposition, etc, so you don’t spot the real opposition when it happens and thereby miss the opportunity to augment it with your support.

    I say that Russia seems to me like an HIV+ patient that rebuilt his immune system and is ready to shake off the disease for good.

    If so, those tens of millions of its people martyred by Bolsheviks did not die in vain.

    Let us not dishonor their sacrifice by turtling at the first sight of “12 foot tall Jew”.

    1. A person can’t swing a cat on the (8th wonder of the world) internet without hitting a dozen hollowco$t deniers. Everywhere I surf, reading articles of news, history, society, tales of fiction and nonfiction, etc., the majority of, if not the bloggers themselves, then their commenters, are savvy as to the past and present omnipresent vileness of the original shape shifters and their snake in the grass agendas.

      The ‘truthers’ are even a huge presence on the M$M online blogs, much to their consternation. It’s laughably predictable how whenever “the usual suspects” the articles are either “not open to comments” or “comments are now closed” very quickly. THE JIG IS UP!

      1. yes homer, been thinking some …

        you see, when the (last known publication of) the protocols came out, back in 1905, the european colonial imperiums held unarguable sway of the entire globe, so the jews figured if their plan to infest the european thrones worked, the rest of the globe would fall in like dominoes, easy money.

        but look at today’s grand chessboard, the real industrial powers are all outside europe with exception of pesky germany, which the jew was never quite able to stuff into his carpet bag.

        so, while the mechanisms described in minute detail in the protocols were wonders of political agenda, they are quite useless when it comes to foreign cultures, korean, vietnamese, chinese, thai and even indian.
        and jews are widely and openly hated and reviled in russia where jew no longer has complete control of the media.

        speaking of which, in order to control the flow of info and disinfo, you must have total, absolute, 100% grip on it, if there is even one good sized, nation wide outlet that escaped their clutches and dares speak the truth, then to repeat your words, THE JIG IS UP.
        and putin made damn sure of that, which is why the “open society foundations” (ngo’s) are sitting by the rivers of babylon today, flooding them with jew tears of woe.

      2. sorry homer, couldn’t access the comments but briefly perused the home page titles, every single one says “jew this, jew that”, just sickening to read and watch.
        including this one plugged along the banner space, Transgender & Jewish.

        now, if any of our resident studs got the cahones to bed this one, there is no more powerful proof of raging manhood.

        me, i don’t cut it, chickened out while dry retching on empty stomach.

      3. Yes, that was the point, lobro.
        On the Jewish Daily Forward the majority of comments on a hollowco$t reparations article were comments in defense of Germans and Germany.

      4. Oh, I see what you mean. I just went to the link myself and the comment section is now gone..

        Proving my first point.

      5. HP –
        “A person can’t swing a cat on the (8th wonder of the world) internet without hitting a dozen hollowco$t deniers.”

        That’s why Putin passed the law to prosecute holo-hoax deniers…and set up an agency to monitor all media. That ‘jig is down’ there. Too many Pharisees in control of Russia.

    2. I agree with you lobro, characterized in your post by saying Russia is an “HIV patient rebuilding his immune system”. Actually this post of yours puts a spin on things that makes me want to rescind my earlier post, especially with my use of the term “making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. Relatively speaking I’ll take a new world financial order reflected by what I think Putin would like to be a part of vs. a Satanic World Order being orchestrated by International Jewry, needless to say. It’s the perfectionist in me who longs for the only leader who wears the white hat – JC his goodself. But first things first I guess. There’s that whole Tribulation thing to get past

      But B.R.I.C.S. can’t help but have been resultant of Rothschild machinations over the last 325 or so years. There’s no way this could have formed independently of that, but by the same token, I think when it comes to Russia and PUTIN, he and they, as I’ve opined many times before, are virtually in the same boat as Hitler and Germany – call it being between a “BRIC” and a hard place.

      And speakin of the inimitable Yogi B., isn’t this deja vu all over again? How will anything short of a Yellowstone eruption to the Nth power avert another all-out war that the synagogue continues to clamor for?

      1. Agree here B-Hawk: “But B.R.I.C.S. can’t help but have been resultant of Rothschild machinations over the last 325 or so years.”

        I will believe otherwise when the price of gold is FIXED in one of the BRICS banks, and taken away from Rothschilds’ bank in THE CITY.

        Another ‘Golden Rule’…. “He who FIXES the price of gold FIXES the rules.”

      2. Pat

        But it could be that if we were to see the price of gold fixed in BRICS’s bank this would precipitate an attack on Russia that Putin just isn’t ready for. He knows this, which is why we’re NOT seein it.

        The pieces on the Big Board aren’t where they would need to be for BOTH sides.

      3. B-Hawk –
        Good guess…. Here’s mine…

        China or India would be more likely…not Russia.
        China and India are ‘direct’ British Pharisee banker extensions.

        None will happen.

      4. Another reason you won’t see it. China and India take their lead militarily from Russia. Make a move like that on their own, they’re f***ed and they know it

    1. I believe darkmoon’s thesis. What is uncertain is the outcome. I would never want the creeps and liars to think we might be conquered too easily. Like in Russia the coup was sort of easy but then they had to kill everyone (or a lot of people) to stay in power. Jews don’t hate America like they did Russia. Maybe the vaccine soft kill is part of the plan– lined up not against the wall but coercion to be injected with the slow kill and the destruction of an entire generation of children…many of them poisoned with aluminum salts, that might kill or disable up to 80 percent as it did a herd of sheep on Spain. At first the vaccinations only killed about 1 percent or so but eventually closer to 80 percent died. Yet that means killing a generation of Jewish children as well. Who is going to be left? That is why I really don’t understand at all.

    2. @ Sherii

      Lasha doesn’t “censor” anything. She is not the monitor of this website and has nothing to do with the Comment section. I am the monitor.


  10. Although this article has made some very readable expositions – and certainly recaps contemporary history – still, it assumes that BRICS and IMF are run by differing factions. My cursory assessment tells me otherwise.

    In the World of Money, there is no ‘the Chinese’, ‘the Russians’, ‘the Americans’, etc. For instance, when ‘the Chinese’ decide to ‘sell-off’ American bonds, WHO IS GOING TO BUY THEM??? And with WHAT?? The global skit is only playing for the benefit of continued market manipulation/currency trading – and the scam will continue until as long as people bind themselves to digital obligations.

    People live, people die. No one is immortal, and there’s many-a-slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip. The eternal conflict IS between Good and Evil, Gentile and Jew, no matter how you cut it. Whomever winds up with the most gold has what???! … A lot of heavy metal to carry around and hide. It won’t raise them so much as a COFFEE BEAN. 🙂

    1. Gil –

      Correct. BRICS and IMF are founded by the same CITY of LONDON cabal. That’s the same place the price of gold is FIXED every day….whether ‘open for trade’ day or not. In particular… that bank is N M Rothschild & Sons Limited.

      The fixing historically took place at the London offices of N M Rothschild & Sons in St Swithin’s Lane, but since 5 May 2004 it takes place by a dedicated telephone conferencing system.


    2. BRICS and IMF are founded by the same CITY of LONDON cabal

      i can’t find any reference to BRICS in that rothschild link, where do you see it?

      meanwhile, this is how this guy explains the BRICS origin.

      This cooperation came to light when BRIC finance ministers met in November 2008 in São Paulo, Brazil and released a communiqué detailing their commitment to work together in light of the financial crisis.

      1. Lobro –

        That link was not so much for you, but to new readers who did not know the Rothschilds’ London Bank even existed, and has for almost two centuries.
        I doubt you will find what you ask for on that site.
        I posted it to put faces and names to the Pharisee Bankers I have referenced.
        You and commenters know this. Most do not.

        Have some Lagniappe:
        The five Rothschild brothers set out from their Frankfurt home in the early 19th century.

        From modest beginnings, the five brothers founded banking houses, in Frankfurt, London, Paris, Vienna and Naples. They achieved renown as the most important – and most successful – bankers in the world.

        Rothschild ventures have become the stuff of legend: the funding of Wellington’s armies, the Gold Rush, the Suez Canal, the arrival of the railways and the quest for (OIL…OIL..) OIL.


      2. yeah, yeah … i also enjoyed how some hollywood studio produced a rothschild hagiography in 30’s and it was so proud of their ratty sleaziness that they pulled it off the market but not before the big bad nazis stuck part of it in their ewige jude.

        ewige jude is my all-time oscar nomination for not just documentaries but everything else.
        it speaks the truth like hollywood never saw, they would screech, smolder and explode into flames if they saw it, like vampires in bright icelandic sunlight.

      3. When one of the BRICS banks sets gold prices every day, I will see a separation from Rothschild.

        Speaking of BRICS and Rothschild Banks:


        Rothschild is consistently ranked among the top advisory firms in Latin America.
        We offer a full range of M&A and strategic advisory and financing advisory services across the region through our offices in Brazil and Mexico, and our partnership in Chile.

        Rothschild has had a local presence in Russia for almost a decade and our team of financial advisers has led the way in the Russian market in recent years.
        Supported by our local office in Moscow, we have advised on some of the country’s largest and most complex transactions. Our clients benefit from the high level of political access we can offer through our panel of high profile senior advisers.

        Rothschild has a long-established presence in India.
        Each assignment is led from start to finish by senior Rothschild bankers, based in Mumbai, who bring together a wealth of experience in government and corporate finance including private equity fund raisings and exits, privatisations, cross-border and domestic M&A, debt and equity financing, restructurings, and project finance.
        As a company in continuous family ownership for more than 200 years, we understand how India’s successful family businesses operate. Our global reach allows clients to leverage Rothschild’s extensive network of contacts and sector expertise, connecting Indian clients with overseas assets, investors and financing sources.
        Our notable assignments in India include advising on Acsys, Advent, HDFC, HDFC Banks’ disposal of 45% equity shareholding in CAMS to the National Stock Exchange of India, US$3.1bn purchase of spectrum from the Indian Government for 2G, 3G and LTE services.

        Rothschild’s long-standing presence in China dates back to 1838, and we were one of the first business institutions from the Western world to re-establish relations after 1953.
        Our offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong give us direct access to the Chinese market. Our locally based team of advisory bankers commands an in-depth knowledge of the country’s economic development and the challenges facing its industries.

        Rothschild provides a full range of financial advisory services to clients across Africa from our office in Johannesburg, as well as servicing Africa’s French speaking regions from Paris.
        We have advised on some of Africa’s largest and most complex transactions. In South Africa our recent notable assignments in the region include adviser to co-cordinator of Junior Lender Group of Peermont on US$1.08bn restructuring, Woolworths US$2bn acquisition of David Jones, including debt, equity and hedging advice and Rio Tinto’s sale of its 57.7% stake in Palabora Mining Company to a consortium led by the South African IDC and Chinese Hebei Iron & Steel Group.

  11. what are we going to do about it?

    first of all – don’t give up. to me, anybody who says the usa is already too far gone to save is probably just another zionist troll. one thing i’ve noticed – those guys are always willing to heap on the criticism of america. always telling us the situation is hopeless. guess why? survivalism is ok, but not if you have no plan to save things and are only hanging around waiting for the big collapse.

    the potential for our salvation is in forming militias at the county level and getting aware people in positions of power locally. doing it legally. and then putting the corporate federal government back into its place locale by locale.

    meanwhile, it’s very clear to me that the wheels are totally coming off the zionistas’ bandwagon. think about it. almost everybody has the internet now. the public is no longer totally dependent on the commercial media for its information. and look how far we have come in our new awareness of the real history of the world. the enlightenment is growing faster and faster. having the public become aware (of the fact that almost all of what they’ve been taught about history is false) is a huge leap forward, and it is happening. furthermore, look how the commercial media is now referring to episodes of police brutality, for example, that were caught on video. they do that now because it’s where the eyeballs are. and they can’t avoid it. more and more net content is working its way into the so-called mainstream media. when the computer-box tv sets get here we’re going to be looking at a whole new scape.
    these supercreeps like netanyahu, hillary and obama are on their way out, as soon as enough people have the epiphany – that it’s the commercial media that can’t be trusted, not the internet.

    also – according to albert pike’s prediction letter from the big mason hq in charleston to giusseppe mazzini – the state of israel will be destroyed in the final global holocaust. i wonder.

    1. If there was hope for Nineveh, there is hope for America. But the people here seem so mind controlled. Only The Almighty God can help us out of this mess.

    2. Heard someone commenting on Press TV earlier, regarding the demo`s in Germany, and elsewhere. Apparently the big corporations are trying to secretly pass a law, which allows said corporations to sue countries who do not comply with their directives. Over a million people have signed a petition. The guy was asked if the petition would do any good, he wasn`t sure, but said that the fact that over a million people were aware of this deceit, due to the net, was pretty amazing..

      1. Yes Ingrid,

        It is call TAFTA. The european version of ALENA/NAFTA/TTIP. The negociation are in motion even if the new socialist ex-rotschild never elected minister of economy Macron denied its existence on TV. The corporations will now be able to sue nations with the Investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) included in the trade treaties and many more domains like pharma,gmo,fracking…. Under NAFTA, Canada has been sued 35 times and has paid damages to foreign investors totalling over C$171.5 million. Trading away democracy. If you want to know more.

        The two hundred years old empire of free trade/deregulated finance in motion. The opposition to the implementation of this treaty is growing in Western Europe in Germany especially with the hot députée Mme Wagenknech .
        Let’s face it, the only enemy of the triumvirat of self choosen people is a Europe from Portugal to Siberia. We will soon realize that we can live without the interference of the City, the military and intellectual bullying of Nato/USrael.
        Advanced german technology, vast russian lands, french wine, greek olive oil… I think that is exactly what mr Putin is trying to show to Europeans. I agree with Lobro on the HIV métaphore. But to cure HIV you need money like Magic Johnson is living proof of. Putin is smart, he needs the support of Russian people and European. He has mine.
        And i can see no dialectics above this one, but hey i didn’t go to Swiss boarding school. The revolt of nations or the global talmudic empire with Astana/Satana as the ecumenical religious capital for the non-jews under noachid laws.

        For the lost readers who will think iam a complotist, listen to the straussian neo-con Benjamin Friedman of STRATFOR/CIA. At least he is honest. Are you gonna let this lunatics destroy Europe for MONEY? What mr Farage have to say about TAFTA?
        Now listen to Putin responding to the Chutzpa of BBC John Simpson.

        About the Vatican. What a nice joke from Alberto! Yes, they have money and vast real estate. But who doesn’t, hey? The throne of Saint Pierre is vacant since the death of Pie XII and the popes since are only usurpers like French sedevacantists are very aware of, like Joelle maybe. Roberto Calvi “the banker of god” hanged under the Blackfriars bridge with his legs at right angles! Vatican is a nest of masons and a global wealth management corporation. Watch godfatherIII or Il divo. And Vatican II, what about Salomon temple II or Tower of Euro Babel II instead.

        I need to go. Kick off in 1 hour. Hope the Leinster will win against global RCT Toulon with his aussies and kiwis and this pompous Armitage.

      2. Phil, an initial response, will check out the links later. A documentary is running on Press TV, called In Focus, which is investigating the effect that sanctions are having on Russia. The conclusion was that the young, wealthy elites in Moscow are anti Putin, whilst others, outwith Moscow, are very much pro- Putin. Very reminiscent of the various colour revolutions..

  12. Land of the Free? (sing to the tune of “I Am Proud to be an American”)

    Land of the free?
    Home of the brave?
    The killer of children!
    The maker of slave!

    Two faced, forked tongued
    Bold teller of lies
    Government of Laws?
    No…Lord of the Flies!

    Banker raped, and busted
    O Land of the Free
    A Red, White, and Blue
    Penal colony

    Terror of the weak
    In cruel death you delight
    Crushing the downcast,
    with all of your might

    How far you have fallen
    In delusion you rise
    Like Hubristic Lucifer
    The Father of Lies

    Your judgment is set !
    And comes in a flood
    With the sound of a trumpet
    And a river of blood

    Seducer of Nations
    Cankerous and sore
    Mother of Harlots
    A jaded whore

    Foundation of Sand
    Winds of turbulence come
    With thunder and lightning
    Like the roll of a drum!

    Envy of the Nations
    Your judgment is grave…
    O Land of the Naive !
    O Home of the Slave !

    1. @ Leo

      Well said, Leo. This will make our Poet Laureate Gilby go green with envy!

      But no, this is a political poem. And Gilby only writes love poems. Touching love poems to his imaginary True Love in some other galaxy or in the Tenth dimension. 🙂

      They haven’t met yet. But Gilby’s pining for her. And she’s reaching out to him from across the stars. No kidding. I lerve it!

      1. Does this government, which obeys gangsters, which capitulates helplessly before thieves and assassins of babies in the cradle, dare to assume such a height of moral authority that it thinks it can dictate to Europe and France?

        Americans are the only race which passed directly from barbarism to decadence without knowing civilization.
        The Washington Post of July 16, 1932. Unknown author. Yes 1932.

  13. “9/11 was used to justify military actions that have killed and maimed millions of people in the Middle East. Some of these people were Christians, but the majority were Muslims. Their descendants and friends, the one who survived the initial carnage, have been radicalized as a result. They now have every reason to seek revenge against their aggressors — the ones who perpetrated 9/11 and then used it as an excuse to plunder Islamic lands.”

    This statement is basically a rehash of “game theory.” It is the “mainstream” method of stabbing at the minds of a captive audience by explaining – in a characteristically disingenuous fashion – the deep-rooted desire which compels the adherents of judaism to follow the dictates of the torah and to utterly exterminate the goyim. Such behavior was commanded by the god of the torah in clear and unequivocal terms. The adherents have found it necessary to inject obfuscation to stand in the place of what should be plainly obvious.

  14. Game Theory provides an excellent way of expanding on the carnage by claiming that victim “radicalization” creates the need for more and even greater carnage. The process is somewhat reminiscent of atom-splitting.

  15. Nothing good can possibly happen until webmasters entrench into their editorial policies the strategy to tell everybody to tell every member of every club, network, interest group, professional and industrial association, every denomination and mailing list to invade the Republican Party—and with stern resolve, if not with a baseball bat, because the secretly self-castrated worshipful apparachiks who direct the “democracy” will certainly try to stop reception of new, patriotic members. The patriot’s enemy can immediately be identified by traitorous globalism and pervert anti-morality.
    Luv you Lasha, but traitorous anti-humanity is not a Jewish conspiracy. Question. Who directs Judaism, Jews or satanists? Hint. Do satanists let “the schmuks of history” think it is all a vast ingenious talmudist job? Have most Jews always assimilated in sublimated fear for their sanity and humanity?

  16. You ask what can we do about it. There is an answer but it is censored. War approaches.
    I have noticed that the Anti-Jew bloggers are almost frantic somewhat like the animals just bore an earthquake strikes. We are approaching a crossroads. Its course can be plotted astrologically but there again few comprehend or want too.
    If you want an answer you will have to get out of the box for it..
    You are not the body. You are the instrument of a higher Consciousness which can be accessed by what is known as a kundalini rising or Holy Ghost experience in the religious vernacular.
    You have lived before and will live again through reincarnation. Your path will be decided by your own higher self and the laws of karma and astrology.
    Extraterrestrial beings patrol our skies 24/7 and have done so for millions of years.
    They are telepathic and can read your every thought should they choose to do so.
    Most anti-Jew blogs will censor these facts just like the Jews.
    Censorship has destroyed the world….almost.
    Most will read this and their eyes will glaze over.
    The only question is do you REALLY WANT an answer?

    1. WC –

      Not to fear. These same roles have all been played out over history… all around the globe.

      The worst in the US took place from 1860 to 1880.

      The same was said in the days when the US Congress convened the House Un-American Activities Committees. Editorials were rampant as Pharisees and spies and their lawyers scattered everywhere.

      One of the members of HUAC in the late 1940s was a first-term U.S. representative from California named Richard Nixon. Nixon played a prominent role in the Alger Hiss spy hearings in 1948.


    2. There is one way to escape the cycle of birth and death.
      To free oneself from reincarnation, from karma.
      In Kali yuga, one way only.

      A person can rise to the stars (kundalini) in consciousness but unless and until they ‘bend a knee’ to the Lord they will remain on the wheel of samsara. No matter how high and mighty they are, they are no match for Durgdevi, the warden of the material universe.

      In Kali yuga, while human impotence, incompetence and insufficiency, even among the presumed elite mystics, high priests and practitioners of esoteric arts black and white, is manifest, until the individual PERSON ‘falls on his knees’ he is just spinning his wheels in one of countless planets, whether hellish, earthly or heavenly. “Seated upon a body made of the material energy, travelling throughout the universe attempting to enjoy.” This is what living beings do via their complete (if minuscule) free will.
      Even those extraterrestrial beings patrolling our skies, choose.

      Krishna says so in no uncertain terms and Arjuna, after hearing/learning the truth of all these various yogas/paths, agrees. (free will)
      Emphasized in Krishna’s final words to Arjuna after all was said (Gita) on the battlefield of Kurukshetra … ‘do what you wish to do’

      Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 18.63

      Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 18.64

  17. Is it Maxine? One of my daughters is named that! … MAX = to the ultimate and natural ruler!
    Anyways, Maxine states: “Gilby only writes love poems. Touching love poems to his imaginary True Love in some other galaxy or in the Tenth dimension,”
    Ya hit the nail on the head! …. Gilby’s lerv poems are kids’ stuff, dedicated to imaginary alien sheilas! I now reckon his “lil honey in the toweling bath robe” was from the Tenth dimension! He imagines it all – wot, with his advanced cabin fever and all! One day I hope to meet Gilby and sit on his porch, enjoying a few drinks; and the 6 or 7 beautiful, wanton women I’ll bring with me.
    Yeah, I keep using the terminology “slaves”; and you idiots who keep trying to deflate the JEWS’ role in the overall evil. Ye are nuthin but TROLLS of the first order!
    Read the FACTS on Jewish POWER over ya money and TV screens. Ya can’t move without some form of JEWISH POWER coming into play! SLAVES are dumb!

  18. Fellow Bloggers:
    The Zio-trolls are at it again. Yes there are other factions, ie. Jesuits/Vatican or Bush Nazis and more. However, those factions too are controlled by the Zionist Talmudic Kabballistic Pharisaists, which we here generalize to the term International Jewry/jews, since that is what the sheeple understand. This site wants to help the sheeple awaken to our slave masters. As for the Jesuit/Vatican connection, the founder Ignatius Loyola was actually a jew that converted to Catholicism to start the order. Then later another jew, Adam Weishaupt, converted to Catholicism to join the Jesuits at Ingolstadt University. These facts can be verified by research for the lazy trolls. However, Christianity, but Catholicism (Universal Church) was infiltrated by the jewish rabbinical class from the time of the 12 apostles. If you look at the history, Catholicism and Talmudic Kabbalistic Pharisaism both originated from Babylonian mysticism from the time of the Babylonian captivity (the book of Daniel) where the elite Hebrew youth were indoctrinated into this satanic belief system that is the same as the biblical “Mystery Babylon”. Thus because Christianity started as the original church of Catholicism, all other christian denominations are also brainwashed and infiltrated by jewry. Despite the likes of Martin Luther and John Calvin, who during the Reformation correctly identified the Vatican/Catholicism as the AntiChrist, todays christian denominations are divided by their belief of Christian Zionism. As for this Obama/FED/IMF/City of London vs. Putin/Russia/China/BRICS/AIIB, it is a dog and pony show under Hegelian dialectic machinations, that are controlled by the same International Jewry. In the machinations, America, as the only remaining supposed Superpower, must be destroyed for the ONE WORLD EMPIRE to come about. Before that Empire can come about, even Russia and China must be made controllable, more so than they are now. The European Union started under the European Coal and Steel Commission in the late 1950’s, was a jew inspired union, despite the fact that most of the leaders of the original six founding nations were Roman Catholics taught at Jesuit schools. These men were either crypto-jews or had jewish advisors write up the agreement. Sounds similar to Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchhill and FD Roosevelt and then Truman. Please remember, as many of us here know and state many times: the hidden hand of International jewry is everywhere. I suggest that with something like Jade Helm 15, America is being prepared for the fall/decline/collapse for summer/fall 2015. Then America will be set up as a complete North American Union, USA, Canada and Mexico without borders like the EU. Thanks Lasha for the insights and the info, but the trolls can leave since you are blind like the 3 blind mice that you are. My theory is that since all modern forms of jewish power control, Rothschild, Jacob Frank and Adam Weishaupt, etc. started in Europe, the final empire will also be there before it moves the HQ to Jerusalem, Israel. This HQ will be without the common regular jew, the commoner, that most of humanity is also. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. I wouldn’t call Prince William, (Heir to the Throne) or his son Prince George commoners, Jews certainly on both their mother’s side…

  19. Another great posting from you, Norbert!
    The crux? “As many of us here know and state many times: the hidden hand of International jewry is everywhere.”
    Yes, as I keep saying EVERYWHERE! …. Soaking through into the inner cores of our brains! You may resist it somewhat, but the images are still there to haunt you and make you feel uncomfortable. Watch the Superbowl brainwashing and you have absorbed it into your psyche!
    Get out of bed of a morning and face a Jewish controlled West! …. REALITY DAWNS IN A HARSH WORLD!
    As an eg, I put my TV on at 7am and watched 5 minutes of one of our morning, breakfast shows, “Sunrise.”
    In 5 minutes I was told men should wear pink or be a chauvinist, women still don’t have equal pay, people who refuse vaccination of their children are urban terrorists and uncivilized, women are better money managers than men, we should donate to the Save a Child appeal, the American economy is rapidly picking up and Russia is the current threat to the world.
    This is just 5 minutes of our daily brainwashing. It is relentless on the CMMM! No wonder we are SLAVES!
    PS: Refuse to watch TV these days; don’t go out with Jewish chicks and avoid Israeli products.

  20. We should all be aware that international Jewry, throughout history, has financed many ideologies and political movements that on the service appear diametrically opposed to each other. To date, Jewish inspired mass murder machines have not operated in North America or Western Europe. However that could change. Many people in the West are living in a fool’s paradise and still harbour cloud cuckoo land notions that mass murder cannot happen there. Well 46 years ago I believed nothing evil could happen in Cambodia, because they were such a gentle, Buddhist people. However the following article clearly shows the dangers of giving up one’s firearms.
    The MSM today portrays gun owners in the US as “nut cases” and macho morons, people of low intellect and so on.
    Posters on this site should also be aware that should the Jews gain overt and complete dictatorial power they
    can expect no mercy, as the “Lawyer” troll informed Admin in his threatening post. Which by the way is Criminal Intimidation. So fellow Darkmooners continue with your individual efforts to inform friends and family, but be subtle about.
    To the the trolls in Tel Aviv. Shalom! And have a bad day!

    1. Oops, that should read on the surface. I type on a tablet so please excuse my many typos. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa,
      Mea Maxima Culpa!

  21. It was nice having a break from the seemly unending doom and gloom with some poetry and male/female relations. It appears that doom and gloom is back in full force.

    Doom and gloom because the jews will rule forever until the bogus rapture because they are so clever. Baloney. Lobro makes some very good points that are true, but there is something that must be considered since jewish programing causes us to not see the obvious.

    The pressure, both financial and militarily, being exerted on China, Iran, and Russia by US/NATO is not because they are still on the jewish bankster financial plantation, it is because they are not jewish controlled. Some of the other countries breaking free of jewish monetary slavery are Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Greece, Iceland, and Iraq again. Except for Iceland, all of these countries are experiencing attempted coups and financial turmoil at the hands of US/NATO, the jewish bankster enforcement arm, with China coming in to soften the financial hardship. Over 100 other countries pledged in 2014 to break free of the jewish US dollar one world currency at a joint meeting in Ecuador. As things start getting really tough for the people of the “five eyes” of the past 67-years, Israel, and the EU, the jewish money power is going to have a hard time maintaining financial control even where they are strongest.

    What is going on is not the Hegelian dialectic at work. It is panic. PNAC is a failure and they do not have a plan B.

    The 300-year run of jewish bankster increasing financial control and slavery is coming to an end. Their control matrix has been dissolving since 1987. Most everything they attempt to reestablish control is failing around the world. In their quest for global jewish tyranny, they created globalization and painted themselves into a corner on a round ball. If a probable great culling of chosenites and their stooges takes place, hopefully mankind will get a few hundred years of breathing room before Satan manages to recruit another group of better-than-everyone-else a-holes to do his evil work.

    The world has been in jewish bankster financial slavery, but half of the world has already broken free and the rest is not far behind them. A new beginning is closer than most in western society think. Reality versus the doom and gloom of jewish slavery, everyone gets to pick which one they want to believe.

    1. Increasing bad banking practices…. shows they need more money…really bad.

      Peoples Bank of China Official Statement of Reserve Requirement Reduction Feb 2015 does not indicate good financial health and strength.

      It is even worse for the Agricultural Development Bank of China being cut by an additional 4 points.

      PBC Decides to Cut Required Reserve Ratio for All Financial Institutions and to Provide Targeted Required Reserve Ratio Cut for Selected Institutions

      2015-02-05 15:19:08

  22. Ungenius,
    A good post. It’s just a question of how many millions are going to die before their tyranny comes to an end? The Israelis continually threaten to take everyone with them when, not if, they go! Remember, Hitler is portrayed as an evil monster, but Germany had thousands of tons of Tabun and Sarin, which the allies had no way of countering, and would have stopped any invasion dead. So why didn’t this “evil monster”, use it?

    1. My guess is by the time they might have considered using these nerve agents it was too late. By 1944 our enemies controlled the skies. I don’t think any German bombers were over Britain after 1940 anymore, maybe 1941. The V1 and then V2 rockets started in 1944, perhaps after the kinks were straightened out they might have been safe enough to carry those weapons. I don’t know. It’s a good question.

      If they had been able to drop them over Britain it wouldn’t have destroyed infrastructure, but if enough were dropped it could have caused mass death. It might have brought the murderous British (under Jewish control) to the negotiating table, but I’m also not sure if a danger existed that these agents might be blown over the channel back onto the continent. If it would have stopped the bombing of Germans I would have supported it.

      It was against the law. Both Germans and British signed conventions outlawing them, but Churchill gave orders (that I don’t believe were ever carried out) to begin chemical warfare against Germany. Unbeknownst to him, his chemical weapons were primitive compared to what Germany had. Would Hitler have used them if they could have changed the tide of the war? I don’t think he was the criminal Churchill was, but probably.

      1. Peter
        The last German air raid was in March 1945, but was only very minor. The Baedeker raids were in 1942 and were quite intense. However most of the Luftwaffe were engaged on the Russian Front. In fact 84% of German strength was deployed against Russia. One of the best reads from the German perspective is “Hitler moves East” by Paul Carell you can download it from
        It chock full of interesting details from the strategy of the Generals to individual action by soldiers. A very fascinating read.

  23. The Jews have worked their way whittling at America when the Constitution was written.
    Slowly they took away Christian oaths, religious test, and more.
    They flooded our country during the late 1880’s and we have never recovered through their crimiality and abeherrent behavior.
    Henry Fords “The International Jew” is a master piece explaining what has happened.
    CarolynYeager.net has an audio discussion on the book. Great stuff.

  24. If true, this is very disturbing. Of course, everyone knows that the Jews (through the immense wealth they have accumulated) exert an influence on governments far in excess of their numbers. Like most of your followers, I have read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. I agree with Henry Ford Sr. that they accurately describe the situation in the 20th century, and that they continue to explain our predicament today. Even so, it remains almost inconceivable that the Jews are so arrogant as to imagine they can dominate the world and reduce every “Goy” to perpetual slavery. But, if this is true, every “gentile” — be they white, yellow, red, or black — arm themselves and prepare to die fighting. In an earlier essay, Ms. “Darkmoon” has stated that Judaism is a problem without a solution. Toshiyori thinks that, on the contrary, science and/or technology can find an answer. This might consist of devices which would render Jews totally sterile, or (alternatively) reduce their IQ to 50 or less, rendering them quite harmless. Toshiyori is of the opinion that chemical, radiological, or biological weapons can and MUST be devised to accomplish such ends!

    1. @ Toshiyori

      In an earlier essay, Ms. “Darkmoon” has stated that Judaism is a problem without a solution. Toshiyori thinks that, on the contrary, science and/or technology can find an answer. This might consist of devices which would render Jews totally sterile, or (alternatively) reduce their IQ to 50 or less, rendering them quite harmless. Toshiyori is of the opinion that chemical, radiological, or biological weapons can and MUST be devised to accomplish such ends!

      An interesting comment that requires further development. However, is it really necessary after all this time to refer to Lasha as Ms “Darkmoon” in inverted commas, as if to imply she cannot be trusted because she uses a pen name? You own name is a pen name, is it not? Do we refer to you disparagingly as “Toshigori” in inverted commas?

      I would like to remind you that almost everyone on this commentariat is using a pseudonym. We are all in this together.


  25. The Hebrew clergy/illuminati, equipped with Talmudic & Pharisaic opportunism and deceit, decided to erase the Israelites’ remote Arabian history and invent a whole new one in Egypt and Palestine. Actually the Hebrew book of tales, also known as the Hebrew Bible, never referred to Egypt as the land of the Exodus. The Story of Pharaoh and Moses according to the Hebrew book happened in a place called ‘Mizraim/Misrim’, an obscure little village in south west of ancient Arabia near the southern border of Northern Yemen.

    If we want to hit Israel hard where it really hurts, then we must expose the original Jewish lie (the very historical claims the state of Israel has been founded upon).
    We should expose the Septuagint fraud. Let’s reveal (make known among the nations) that ancient Egypt never knew Pharaohs nor any Israelites. In other words we’ll be saying that Egypt was never the land of the Exodus and that Palestine is not the Promised Land (End of the state of Israel)

    Only by exposing the true history of the Israelites and their Yemenite origin, could we shake the foundations of Zionism and hinder its evil project. Seek the truth; for the truth will set us all free. In his recent book, , Dr. Ashraf Ezzat joins a community of high profile scholars in exposing a two-thousand-year conspiracy. (All the evidence-based findings and research are cited in the book)

  26. Toshiori, I just love your suggestion for the solution to our JEW PROBLEM!
    Imagine it: “Devices which would render Jews totally sterile, or (alternatively) reduce their IQ to 50 or less, rendering them quite harmless.” …. Then they’d be the dumb ones!
    Yeah, instead of our children being vaccinated with carcinogens and mind-destroyers, we vaccinate ALL the Jews! All 20,000,000 of ’em! I would love to give the needle to Bibi or Janet Yellen!
    With IQ’s of “50 or less” they can be beasts of burden who could be assigned jobs such as licking postage stamps and scrubbing the floors of government buildings. They would be less intelligent than chimps, but could be fed on bananas and old cheque butts.
    The trouble is that if we render them sterile, they have threatened to blow up the planet; and as they have stolen warheads out of the USA, and Obama and Congress have given them the latest supersonic fighter planes, this is a distinct possibility. They’d have nothing to lose!
    I still like the idea of settling the lot of them in the Falkland Islands, with lots of compensation to Argentina/ Gt Brit. They would leave under the penalty of DEATH; and would wear location bracelets. THEY WOULD SOON HATE EACH OTHER and you would see Lord of the Flies magnified 1,000’s of times over! They would soon resort to mass fornication, pedophilia and generally being complete ass-holes! In no time they would be extinct and all we’d remember them by, would be their large statues of phallic symbols and other such erotica.

    1. totally on board with that suggestion, toshiyori, max.

      the hardest workers (stamp lickers for christmas postcards) would be fed bananas and peels leftover by chimps, the rest left to go feral and scavenge among walmart dumpsters.

      and their sinister hunchback rabbis who already look indistinguishable from the masters of the planet of the apes would ensure the chimp leftovers were suitably kosher.


      and we would watch them on bbc/pbs wildlife documentaries.

      tv worth watching.

  27. You are all busy in heated debates, and considering that “les murs ont des oreilles” as the French say, I choose not to give my opinion at present.

    On another wavelength, I see many links to various sites, Hindu amongst others. I think the best has been overlooked. Try this one for an introduction to Ramana Maharshi, one of my main sources of inspiration, hoping some will like it:


    @ Admin
    @ Editor

    I suggest adding one more rule: No heavy Hollywood swearing, the likes of MF, GD, WTF (I would add JC & OMG, when used in vain).

    1. Nayanami, you Indian? …. Not a Red Indian like Brownback/Brownhawk? I like the Red Indian mythology much better than the Indians of India!
      Tell us about the Hindu caste system before you start extrapolating the magnificence of the Hindu religion.
      I have already mentioned this! … No comments from anyone
      These esoteric religions are really FUN religions, based on surrealistic kinds of vivid pictorial imagery and symbolism. All a bit like “burning bushes” and “man-eating whales” in the Torah, but much more decorative and colorful, with a decided sexual edge. I also holiday with sheilas a lot in Bali and love their very pictorial religion!
      When I was in India recently, I told many bus drivers/owners that I loved all the vivid, rather beautiful pictures/paintings on their buses. Some showed me around their art and explained some of the imagery. Most admitted they made most of it up. …. There were man-eating dragons, man-eating whores; killer dogs; fat cows, happy families eating well; gods with cherubic faces covered in gold and jewels; the bus driver himself with his Bollywood-type girlfriend; and people in the throes of a kind of exaggerated Hades. In their Nirvana/Heaven there were lots of lay-around, good looking sheilas, with welcoming smiles on their faces. In one section a driver had pictured himself making love to a beautiful goddess. I loved it!
      Most religion is pure escapism; and all rather weird; if not SHEER EVIL! …. Look at this pope character, walking around with a crutch adorning a picture of the satanic “twisted Christ.” The symbolism on his ridiculous hat used to amount to 666; but they don’t allow that funny hat out in the public nowadays. …. I’ve described my entry into the foyer of the Vatican and my conversations with homosexual/pedophile priests, who have told me of the macabre hell that exists behind the Vatican’s walls. Many Jews enter via the back doors and sell treasures and exchange gold and money. They also participate in the sacrificial events, where small children and young virgins, of either gender, are given to the altar. As in ancient times, the principal altar is often covered in blood; or so I was told. The royalty and old money of Europe and the USA frequently visit the Vatican to indulge in satanic orgies and such. Prince Phillip is a very evil, insatiable man; as was Lord Mountbatten! And that Andrew has under age girls! He will be trialled over this!
      I am now converted to my new girlfriend’s beliefs (New Song, bless her!) as in the magnificent, “The Way Home” by JAH. …. Now here is a beautiful, universal religion, where man are men and women are women. We are warned of things that dominate ALL current religions – like lay-about sheilas, with tempting smiles. Poor old Ulysses told us the story of those Syren bitches who devoured men whole and spat out their bones! Watch out, Gilby!
      I could keep explaining, but my galfriend wants me in the kitchen, as she has burnt the toast and set the fire alarm going! Gee she’s beautiful, but really dumb! Do o o o h!

      1. @ Max

        Let me summarize what you said in 4 words: sex, sex, sex, sex. Yes, sex is very powerful, I agree. Patience, more patience. Practice, more practice (of a spiritual discipline).

      2. Maxy –

        You need to discover a woman of class AND practical education – who ENJOYS the ‘simple’ pleasures (for awhile, at least). (I prefer them when they get out of bed and OFFER themselves to domesticity – and can prepare meals WITHOUT supervision!) 🙂

      3. @ Max

        “…the Hindu caste system… I have already mentioned this! … No comments from anyone”

        The question does not arise for everybody. There is an similarity with our western religion: believers getting stuck on the lower levels of practice associated with material objects of reverence and attitudes, and never advancing to the next. The best suggestion I can give you is : don’t worry about it, you don’t have to understand it, not important. On the other hand, if you can’t stop criticizing, then better try and understanding first.

        Ramana Maharshi explained this but I can’t fint the passage. It said: first we pray to God to ask for material gains, for us, our family. This praying soothes the mind. The goal changes and we start praying for peace of mind. Then one step further… until the goal is unlinked from any material religious or other object. That’s only my paraphrasing. I’ll find the passage, but most that is written on him is on paper.

    2. @ Nayanami

      Many thanks for your link to the Hindu site giving an introduction to Ramana Maharishi. We have many posters here who are deep into Indian philosophy, including Homer (hp) and Felix. Lasha herself spent almost 15 years of her early life in India and always refers to your country as “Mother India”, regarding it as her true spiritual home.

      Our only regret is to see India and Pakistan at war with each other, this divide-and-rule policy being the evil handiwork of its imperialist Western master, the British Empire.

      We also deeply regret the fact that India has cuddled up to Israel and is seemingly unaware of the pernicious Jewification of the country. Go to Goa if you wish to see Jewish influence at its worst. Wherever these people go, they bring drugs, sleazy sex, corruption and crime.

      To my amazement, they have made entire districts “JEWS ONLY” ghettoes, excluding the native Indians from entry. Yes, Jewish “Occupied Territory” in India!

      India needs to clamp down on these intruders and send them back to Israel. Most of these visitors to Goa are extremely unpopular with the local Indians. Many are ex-IDF soldiers and have Palestinian blood on their hands.

      1. Thanks. I agree with Lasha and always say that India is a ‘breeding ground for saints’. Very few westerners realize it. I didn’t know what is going on in Goa. Very sad.
        @ Toby
        @ Felix
        @ Max with the incredibly long posts

        The reason I feel such an affinity with Indian sages is a long quest and my personal story (no place for it here), but I am not Indian myself.

        Toby, did you give any thought to my suggestion? Because in a previous article (Jews in the USSR), I came across a filthy insult in a comment. I tried to find it today but couldn’t.

  28. Nayanami
    Thank you for that link. The world has reason to be grateful to Mother India, the cradle of religion.

    1. @ Felix
      @ Toby

      About all the ills of India (and the West?).

      Ramana Maharshi was often asked, usually by westerners (we are at the end of WWII), shouldn’t we be actively fighting injustice in the world, famine, etc, isn’t this what God wants? He would sometimes say ‘Leave God aside, He knows his job better than you. By sticking to your practice, you are doing more for the world than you imagine’.

      On the other hand, he would approve of selfless activities and what Gandhi was doing, all depending what the person’s sadhana was.

      That’s only my paraphrasing. As an introduction, ‘A Search in Secret India’ by Paul Brunton, chapter 9 & 16. For the real thing, you can read ‘Talks with Ramana Maharshi’. These books are usually also available in the US at:


    2. Thanks for the links, Felix. I’ll check em out soon.

      I’m familiar with Mary Crow Dog. A strong and courageous woman, and what a beauty! A good woman friend of mine is 1/2 Lakota Sioux from her mother’s side and the other half German from her father’s.

      A pair that beats a full house every time! 😉

      1. Brownhawk, use the “longfiles” to download, it’s easier, no sign in required and click the small download box not the big one below. I think one of the books is rar but you can get an unrar free from your Chrome store.
        Happy Reading!

  29. G’Day Max,
    Still into your piss taking? Somehow, I don’t think New Song is your type. BTW, I have just received a revelation from on high that both of us and a couple of others on this website are going to be reborn as soldiers in our next lives. We will all be in the French Foreign Legion, probably the best soldiers in the world. Won’t that be fun! Don’t worry Max the French have army brothels and the girls are all checked for STD’s. And it will be a wonderful way to learn French!

    1. a little light relief:
      It was said that people joined the French Foreign Legion to forget..
      A recruit, on parade, was asked why he joined the French Foreign Legion, his reply, “I forget.”..

      1. This is true. I almost went to join the Legion, at the behest of the Commandant’s son, who had come to America after his stint in Vietnam as a captain of French infantry. Hs father had given him $10,000, and told him to come to America and make his fortune. (His older brother, because of primogeniture, had the family farm/vineyard in France.)

        By the time I knew him, he HAD made his fortune in Alexandria and Georgetown buying and restoring old townhouses (he owned over thirty of them by 1980). When I left college a year before graduation, I went back to the farm near there – and he had just bought a smaller one, next door. We became friends.

        The Legion, he said, was a good place for disenchanted young men of ‘good breeding’ to ‘lose themselves’ for awhile. I seriously considered it. In the meantime, one of the Legion’s officers family needed a new ‘farm manager’ for his estate in South Africa. He offered me the job (because I knew cattle, could fly a small airplane, and had experience working nigras and speaking French, and knew small weaponry). It was a BEAUTIFUL place – and I seriously considered THAT, too. Now, I believe, the place has succumbed to about the same fate as that of my Rhodesian freind’s. Too bad.

      2. Forgive me. I almost forgot to mention the Fugetabowtits – that mostly forgotten tribe (until now) who inhabited present-day NYC and N. New Jersey.

        Yeah, legend has it that they would greet you thusly: How uduin?

        I know I know. An eminently forgetable post 😉

    2. Felix –

      You swerved into this one….

      The ‘best way to learn French’ is from the French girls. Sleep with the record.

      1. Pat
        I did indeed! The biter bit. There is a danger in Thailand from trying to learn Thai from a woman. Thailand has gender based pronouns e.g. I for a man is “Pom”, for a woman “Chan” or “Dichan”, a monk will call himself “Attama”. As you can imagine some men who have learned Thai from a lady of lighter virtue can make some amusing mistakes.

  30. “JAH” is the “god” of the dope peddling rastafarian voodoo jigaboos of Hàiti and Jamaica. A “religion” from West Africa originally – why am I not surprised DM is pushing this West Coast of Africa garbage on us.

  31. Isn’t it awful being prevented from posting on racial grounds?! Tsk, tsk, tsk: so much for Darkmoon’s Christian fairness and love, eh! I believe she’s actually deeply anti-Semitic at heart, despite her love for the Old Testament.

    Anyway, just watched Huffington Post video (here is the link http://www.dailystormer.com/huffington-post-produces-utterly-bizarre-video-mocking-the-death-of-white-america/) in which they predict the decline of white America by 2044. It will be a sad end, I think, for the race which was more efficient in clearing indigenous races from their ancestral lands than a forestry cutter is in clearing trees.

    I don’t believe in Fema camps, and as a conscientious Jew, I can tell you that none will be fighting more against them than me. Only, you really must understand one thing about life: nothing is for ever, nothing, and this includes the white man’s rule over other peoples and races. South Africa affords us an excellent example, and I believe there is no racism or gleeful happiness in pointing this out. You went there, you ruled and killed, and finally you were ejected: that’s all there was to it. White man is still to be found there, of course, and it is no crime in being white in South Africa. Equally, white people will continue to live in America, and it will be no crime in being white; the privileges that you will lose by becoming a minority may still be granted you, only they will be given you on the tacit understanding that someone else gave them to you and that they are no longer your prerogative.

    I believe there is an Australian poster here by the name of Max Bilney. Ask him about the Tasmanian Aborigines (if he still remembers them by that name!) and let us see what he has to tell you. There were no less than 750,000 of them when the British arrived in that island, and so thoroughly did they extirpate them, that these days if one wishes to learn more about them, one must visit a museum! But the English built fine cathedrals, you see! And the Tassie wharf was all the work of English hands! So you see, whilst professing pity and compassion on the one hand, you white people have so thoroughly brutalized the globe, that you resemble one of those psychopaths who has run out of victims, and who, finding himself now standing in the accused box in front of a magistrate answering for his crimes, says to himself, ”What! I never knew it would come to this!”

    Well, you are exactly the same. Those of you versed in Indian philosophy should know this better than any other: it is the law of karma. Criminal Israel is no different: the Jews of that shitty little land too will one day get their comeuppance, but Jews of Israel and Jews of the West like myself are an entirely different species: I could never get satisfaction in seeing you being killed, only you really must understand that racial transition is coming, that the rudder and the wheel will be directed by hands other than white, and that the world will be tailored by ideas and concepts other than those which the white man has so brutally imposed upon the world seemingly since time began.

    No: no Communistic Jews; they were a thoroughly depraved lot. Rather, the Jew who will lead America soon will be a sophisticated Jew, a classically trained Jew, a Jew who has not only imbued everything that is noble and fine, but also one who puts Justice and Compassion before anything else. And principally among this new class of leading Jews will be the lawyer, the academic, the good rabbi, and everything else that is fine in the Jewish race. I could sustain the analogy of the future quite easily with those times in the ancient past when the Hebrews ruled the land of Israel, only I fear that you will not be sufficiently satisfied, and, moreover, it would actually be slightly imprecise to do so, as the future shall contain little or no religiousness, unlike the past, which contained too much, but a purely intellectual class, a class thoroughly knowledgeable in what is good for man, unlike then, where every single factory worker will have enough to eat, to spend, to enjoy, and perhaps even to give away.

    You have never, ever, voluntarily and willingly given us a try in leading the world; why the surprise, then, if we attempt to wrench the reins from your hands? It is not our fault that we have rendered the leading of the nations a commodity, like grain, and then come in and purchase it, like rice, whenever the white man presents us the opportunity, like cattle. The medium of money is not merely a Jewish monopoly, it is not merely the Jews’ purchasing power, but it is a parallel world, self-contained, insular, eternal, and jealous, a small part of which you may always get, but only on the understanding that it has been handed to you – by the Jew!

    For God’s sake! We have given you over 2,000 years of Time in which you could have studied our own biography: don’t now sulk like bad sports and say, ”Ah, evil Jews; look how awful they are!” We even tell you in advance about everything we are about to do! So, what exactly is your problem? Well, the problem is this, my friends: whilst the white man has absolutely no compunction in culling upward of two million Aborigines and American Indians and God knows what else not, he actually has a soft spot for the Jew, you see, as him he simply cannot kill. Thus, observing that the white man is inwardly neutralized against striking us, we capitalize on it – hey, it’s all about capital and capitalization with Jews, eh!– and just as inwardly we have ensconced ourselves in the white man’s heart, so outwardly we have placed ourselves on top, because if inwardly to complain about us would be considered a sin against God’s chosen people, so outwardly any attempt to dislodge us or even discomfort us would be considered anti-Semitic! Thus, inwardly we win, outwardly you lose.

    Why, then, for all my constitutional ugliness as a Jew, why shouldn’t I consider myself superior to you? I mean, let us be just fair and honest here, yes? Not hateful, not passionate, not unfair: just fair. If you consider my words through the prism of truth, you will come to the bitter but none the less true conclusion that, we to you can do, you to us cannot do, in other words, we do, you do not. One of the most remarkable aspects of the Jewish mind is that it is not merely brutally honest, but more pellucid than a child’s tear. Sure, there’s plenty of rubbish in our midst too, but hey, even a filthy rag has a purpose – just ask a mechanic – and we figured that somehow they, too, can be used for a purpose, like making you white people pay money for the pictures that we present on a screen, and which you soak up on a weekly basis, and with time not only accommodate them in your imagination, but even believe them to be naturally yours! In other words, whilst the saintliest of our brothers and sisters a long time ago gave you your soul, to-day the very worst of them have succeeded in giving you an imagination, which means that you don’t only feel like a Jew, but you also imagine like one. Ah, those evil Jews! Whoever coined this hurtful phrase was on to something! ”Instil doubt in man, and with time even his best friend becomes an enemy.” A secret saying of the evil Jews. Tsk, tsk, tsk: so easily swayed is the white man! He confuses similar for identical! No wonder the Jew plays him like a harp! Evil Jews!


      Isn’t it awful being prevented from posting on racial grounds?! Tsk, tsk, tsk: so much for Darkmoon’s Christian fairness and love, eh!

      Your constant sniping at the Darkmoon site for censoring your stupid, interminable comments is getting a bit tedious. I wish they would censor your boring verbiage. You are the nearest thing I know to a colossal bore, Mr Merc.

      Tsk, tsk, tsk: so easily swayed is the white man! He confuses similar for identical! No wonder the Jew plays him like a harp! Evil Jews!

      You are Ellie K’s partner, I am sure. You not only sing her praises all the time, you use the exact phrases she uses. “Evil Jews!” is a frequent refrain of Ellie K’s. Almost everything this “lady” writes contains this identical phrase not once but at least half a dozen times: “Evil Jew!…Evil Jews!…Evil Jews!” It seems EK regards tedious repetition as originality.

      Another frequent usage of Ellie K’s is the expression “Tsk, tsk…” She says this quite a lot. You make use of it here too, I see. All this convinces me that you are probably Ellie K’s partner. The same character, in fact, who has been sending Ms Darkmoon hate mail under the name “Aavi Kastner” and taking up a pseudo-adversarial position toward Ellie K.

      ADMIN has in fact provided proof that your IP numbers are identical to the IP numbers of at least half a dozen sock puppets used here. And not only this — one of these numerous IP numbers corresponds to an IP number used by Ellie K!!! 🙂

      As far as I am concerned, this wraps it all up.

      Aavi Kastner and Ellie K are in bed together — and you, Mr Merc, I am absolutely convinced, are AAVI KASTNER!!!

    2. ruth, there is a good probability that you are right, that merc=kastner, whoever they are.
      the speech patterns are hard to hide.

      now, as for the comments, i don’t care if netanyahu posts here or the devil himself (they too have similar speech patterns), provided the comment makes sense, even if facetiously or with intent to mislead.
      because i appreciate reason, even if only in fragmentary form and out of context as merc’s comment above.

      people must learn to apply some critical discernment to what they read, hear and see.

      so, having the jews, devil’s advocates or devil himself post here is okay so long as it makes some sense and stays within bounds of civilized speech, which kastner (hyde) side of the pairing does not.
      if a jew can explain forcefully enough that he has every right to plan and act the way he does, i will accept it, why not?
      let him fire away and we can only learn through the online sparring sessions, it can’t kill us, as i said, it can only sharpen our responses.

      and ask yourself why jews cannot reciprocate this offer, is there a single jew site where i can freely debate ww2, holocaust, 9-11, talmud and other topics that they lump under the “hate speech”?

      my first question to merc (jekyll): why do you consider yourself a jew, thereby making common cause with them?
      unless of course, you are actually aavi kastner, in which case everything is clear.

    1. Slaves on Wall Street are computers.


      Ellen Brown, April 21st, 2010

      While the SEC is busy investigating Goldman Sachs, it might want to look into another Goldman-dominated fraud: computerized front running using high-frequency trading programs.

      Market commentators are fond of talking about “free market capitalism,” but according to Wall Street commentator Max Keiser, it is no more. It has morphed into what his TV co-host Stacy Herbert calls “rigged market capitalism”: all markets today are subject to manipulation for private gain.

      1. The half-penny taken off billions of shares traded is what amounts to the seemingly HUGE Christmas (Holiday) bonuses given to functionaries at Sachs and a few other large trading firms. Computer trading makes this possible. A friend who is a vice-president of one of those houses explained it to me (he is not Jewish, he is a WASP, btw., and owns a ‘seat’ on the NYSE, from which he receives a generous stipend, yearly). It seems skewed – but what else is a nigga gonna do with those ‘half-pennies’???

        And, just for YOU, TROJ… 🙂

      2. I am pushing towards India, and you towards Free Energy Land (we need it) and Wall Street Fraud Land (we don’t need it). It’s ok, don’t worry, nobody is going to slip away.

      3. I live in Cyprus and saw people loosing all their money in one night with the EU troika ‘haircut’. What followed and is still going on is a continuous haircut, pumping our money to feed the ones who speculated in the first place. Unfortunately my links are in french, but I’m sure you can find the story in english.

      4. Pat, ( love Max kaiser…in a manly way of course)

        Had a friend who “day traded” on the side at home on his computer. He told me a while ago that he sold his stock in a particular company just before the close. Knew he had gotten it in on time, only later to be told by a broker that he missed it. Being a diligent investor, he knew what the broker was saying was not true, and complained. Later, he received what was due him. “Rigged” was his word for the the on line trading game.

        Wall Street is rigged, the elections are rigged, Wars are rigged, Interest rates are rigged, educational system is rigged, the USA is a rigged system.

    2. Nayami –

      I push nothing. I guess quite a lot, like everyone here.

      I report what I find. You can guess about it.

      I am not worried. I do not promote fear. Medical doctors hate me.

  32. The American Christian Zionists are in alliance with the Jews. DM has nothing but negative things to say about us “kwans” because of the alliance. “Mother” India is also in alliance with the Jews – DM lauds “Mother” India to the heavens. Americans are in alliance with the Jews so Americans are stupid and blind and brain dead ; The hindoos are in alliance with the Jews so hindoos are spiritually superior.

    Darkmooners suffer from severe Cognitive Dissonance.

  33. Thank-you Felix. Max acts like a toddler with an incessant need to be on stage; wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself. I’ve no need for foolishness or unkindness; both of which he provides in droves. I have less of a need for the type of entertainment he dishes-out here (Darkmoon). I hoped he would stop, but he may very well be a lost cause. I’ve no desire for anything more than a spiritual intimacy in Truth with him / anyone else. If that is not enough for you Max, then go fly a kite with Ms. Ellie. I await your response.

    1. @ New Song

      Max acts like a toddler with an incessant need to be on stage… I hoped he would stop, but he may very well be a lost cause. I’ve no desire for anything more than a spiritual intimacy in Truth with him / anyone else. If that is not enough for you Max, then go fly a kite with Ms. Ellie. I await your response.

      Dahlin’, you do me wrong! I lerve ya! And I know exactly what’s got into you. You are jealous, like all my other sheilas, at my passionate relationship with Ellie K, my Satanic Sweetheart! She who I would love to copulate with deliriously on the Devil’s altar in the crypt of St Peter’s at the Vatican!

      With you it is different, dahlin’. My lerv for yer is spiritual and platonic! Nor would I violate yer nunnish virtue for all the opium crates in China!

      Yep, I need reformation, and my rampant 10-incher — the pride of my Australian manhood — droops its crimson cockatoo head in sadness and sorrow. All ye bubbas, ye understand. Or if ye don’t, to hell with ya!

      Honi soit qui mal y pense!

      One last kiss, me dahlin’ . . . and the rest is silence!

      1. Max is a space cowboy.

        Livin’ life right up to the hilt and then plungin’ the dagger in deep

      2. @ New Song

        I have just investigated your complaint about Max Bilney. You have a right to be angry and upset at all the sexist, locker-room talk that appears to be Mad Max’s stock-in-trade. But in this particular case I must exonerate Max. I don’t think Max wrote this comment, beginning with the words: “Dahlin’, you do me wrong! I lerve ya! It is a clever forgery. Neither the email address given (a false one) or the IP number correspond to the email address and IP number used by Max.

        It surprises me that Max has not disclaimed all responsibility for this comment. I ask him to deny that he wrote it. If he is NOT the author of the comment, then I have no idea who wrote it. It’s obviously a mischievous troll.

        Try and understand that I am a reluctant monitor and that I have NO TIME to do more than SKIM the comments. You cannot expect me to check the email addresses and IP numbers of every single comment also! It’s physically impossible.

    1. And so it shall be, Pat, for as long as people fear their ‘government’ instead of their God. And unto man he said, ‘Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.’ (Job 28:28)

      None of us is immortal. Fortify yourselves from fear of these bastards. (For myself, I only ask that they send an expert sniper to put a merciful bullet through my head, if they want me dead)(and he’d better be damn good if he doesn’t want righteous retribution in this life).

    1. I wouldn’t exactly revel in it. I would have no qualms about taking out certain individuals, but I’d approach it matter-of-factly as a job that needed to be done.

      1. There can be no covenants between men and lions, wolves and lambs can never be of one mind, but hate each other out and out an through. Therefore there can be no understanding between you and me, nor may there be any covenants between us, till one or other shall fall and glut grim Mars with his life’s blood.”

        -Achilles, Book XXII of The Iliad

        Aryans have lost the idea of righteous violence due to Christian and liberal moralism. Your robotic mentality (“just doing what needs to be done”) might be good enough for some battles, but not this one. There can be no understanding between us and the Jews. For 2,000 years we’ve pitied them, protected them, tried to get them to become productive members of our civilization, but they still hate us to the core.

        Our two races will always be enemies, because we are opposites: we the creators, the Jews the destroyers. Where we bring order, beauty, and justice the Jews bring chaos, ugliness, and crime. One of our races won’t survive this war, and the only way to win is the way of Achilles. Achilles only let go of his hatred when Hector was dead. After we’ve vanquished the Jews and their rotten race, then we can let go our hatred of them, but until then we’re going to need that hate boiling in us.

      2. You are a man after my own heart, Brownhawk – but, unfortunately, the Legionairre is correct, though it sets humanity back to the same ol’ same ol’. It is almost an interminable MESS. My suggestion is to try to SIMPLIFY Life as much as possible. Captain Bilney exaggerates the traits of vacuous consumption – but it leads to no happiness (or ‘wa’, as taught by Shinto). Miss ‘Ellie’ mesmerizes us with her allusions to great wealth, but she doesn’t seem happy – though I really like her. (I believe Lasha has a perfect understanding on the matter, and it is she I adore.) 🙂

      3. Hitler was the last one whose idea of righteous violence COULD have done what was needed, which was winning a war. Didn’t happen, and ever since “Christian and liberal moralism” became a moot point.

        But like the saying goes, “3rd time’s the charm”. What’s coming will be the REAL “war to end all wars”, and of the one “race” left standing I have no doubts.

  34. Ethiopia what are you waiting for ?
    What more outrage do you need before you take divisive action ?

    The recent attrocities against the Coptic Ethiopian Christians which followed similar attrocities against the Coptic Egyptian Christians, and attrocities against orthodox Christians in Syria and Iraq and the list is endless.

    As soon as the Gaddafi government fell a few years back despicable deeds of sub-human treatment of Africans in Libya started to surface. Not much was later reported but they may still be some Africans languishing in the torture chambers in Libya and still being called ‘Dogs’ and ‘Apes’ by their captors to this day.

    It is time a capable African Force is sent to Libya to take out the so called Islamists or ISIL or ISIS or whatever fancy names they wish to call their hideous selves.

    Anyone who will complain in their defense we must dispatch as well.

    Any people is known by their actions even if they speak ‘with the tongues of Angels’ and what these scum do to non-combatant
    defenceless people is beneath any civilized or human standards.

    They do not do these atrocities on religious grounds because as you can see in Nigeria the ordinary Muslims constitute a high number of their victims.

    The recent attrocities in Kenya against those attending a learning instituute is another example. If I am not mistaken the very first victim was a Muslim as were many that were murdered on that day.

    In Kenya they attacked a university, a learning institution. In Nigeria they call themselves Boko Haram, meaning ‘education is forbidden’ and still have temerity to call themselves Muslims while totally oblivious to the fact that the very first word ever uttered from the Islamic holy book the Quraan was ‘Iqraa’, meaning READ.

    They are oblivious of the fact that the very first modern university was founded in Andalusia, in a genuine Islamic Emirate in Europe not a sadistic emirate their fervent crazed senseless minds wish to conjure from hell.

    They forget that almost a thousand years ago the highest volume of books were being written not in Baghdad but in Timbuktu in Africa.

    They are oblivious of the fact that the followers of Islamic were a learning force to be reckoned with during the Dark Ages in Europe and their legacy is still lauded to this very day.

    But most important they forget the roots of what they call Islam and we have to use a sure and focused Force to help them remember as anything less will not do.

    They forgot the mercy and cordiality afforded to the desperate Southern Arabian refugees, the poor early Muuslimms, who were adviced by the Holy Prophet to seek refuge in Habesh, ‘a land of a righteous King who can do no one wrong’. Even the prophet’s own
    daughter, Ruqaiya, was among the refugees and as she may not have left Habesh then her very progeny may still be found in Ethiopia today.

    They forgot the refusal of the Habeshi King Nagashe to hand over to the Kings of Southern Arabia the early followers of Islam when he said these moving words to the Arabian Kings “I can not surrender these innocent people to you even if you give me a mountain of gold”.

    What would have become of Islam had King Nagashe handed them over to Arabia ? Would Islam have been snuffed in its birth ? Maybe.

    They forgot or may not like to remember that one of the Holy Prophet’s wives was ‘Maria the Copt’ and when in his death-bed the
    Prophet cautioned his followers against raising hands of violence against the Copts by saying ‘because they are my family’.

    A question is in order. Given that many followers of Islam do ‘Sunna’, doing the things which the Prophet did, why then do they not also inter-marry with the Copts given that the Prophet did ?
    I did. And in such honor I named my daughter Mariam as this name is dear to Copts altho it is largely a common girl’s name in my society.

    They forgot that the very first call to prayer which is heard everywhere 5 times every-day was first uttered by Bilal, a Habeshi, an Ethiopian ?

    Who can blame Ethiopia for hitting such trash of a people as ISIS today ? No one dare.

    All Ethiopia need to say in defense of its actions is that as Muslims they never heeded the words of their Prophet, the very founder of the religion they feign to follow and they constitute a threat to Copts everywhere abroad by their causeless slaying of Coptic people in the name of their religion.

    Let us unite a Force and advance towards Cyrene and ensure the Masked Black-Clad cowards who are fearful of showing their simian faces, let us go there to teach them how to forget to breathe.

    We may even follow them to their spider-holes in Arabia if need be to help them vacate this wondrous planet they do not deserve to inhabit.

    And you will find they detest music.

    1. STILL is right Kalif, the barbaric heathens claiming to adhere to Islam, are spawned in and by Saudi Arabia, which is presently committing genocide on Yemen..

  35. Hello:
    Sometimes I wonder why peolpe bother to post their comments when their views are those of a deer caught in the headlights. The international jewry Matrix that they have created is pervasive, deep and is everywhere. Human machinations against this Talmudic Kabbalistic Pharisaic tribe are almost impossible to destroy or remove. They are everywhere, in all the world’s isms, they are involved in all cultures and nations, they are overt and covert in their operation, they are all kinds of creatures of real jews, non-jews or crypto-jews. This international jewry pretends to be many things to many groups to control, divide and conquer us all. So they are jews that pretend to be Christian, Muslim or Chinese or Hispanic or caucasian, etc. Their satanic cult allows them to be anything they want to use and destroy the goyim, useful idiots or useless cattle, which is what they call everyone that is not of them. From this standpoint, I would conclude that because G-d, under his plan, allowed this and Satan to reach this far, ONLY G-d, using man, Satan and the tribe, will be able to change and purify them. This statement is confirmed by the Bible in many places, but especially so in the book of Revelation. Mankind and jews in particular will one day soon realize that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour or Messiah/Maschiach and Yahwah/G-d. Before that happens though you must separate yourself from this Satanic/tribe Matrix/System that has been set up from the time of Nimrod/Babylon but originated from two persons of Adam and Eve. So if all you can do for now is expose this Matrix/tribe of international jewry than do it. If you can make more sheeple aware of this then do it. For in the end the truth will be used to bury them, just like for now the tribe uses lies/deceit against us and bury us. The truth and the light exposes lies/darkness and under G-d’s control/love we will be set free. In order to receive that you must accept what the jews/pharisaical class rejected almost 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ crucified on a tree and buried in a tomb, from which he rose from the dead to conquer sin in our place and show a way to remove the Satanic system/Matrix. If this is too religious for you, then too bad, but the truth may be buried and will win in the end. For as Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, “What is Truth?”, Jesus replied, “I am the way, the truth and the life”. In this partial phrase Jesus showed that if you seek and speak the truth, you will find the way and then the life. Of course, this did not imply whether it would be easy or not. However, as we all know from the system/Matrix that is set up, the truth is hard to find and harder to maintain, like fighting against gravity. However, Jesus clarified his truth statement and gave us the answer. Jesus said fully, ” I am the way, the truth and the life, but NO man comes to the father/G-d except through me”. Thus this suggests a narrow/hard road, that naturally is less travelled. Again the Bible bears out this truth as well. This is just a fact that truthers, but anti-international jewry truthers especially, face every day due to the judaic Matrix that is in place. So Darkmoon keep up the fight. Perhaps a Jade Helm 15 component of the Matrix article is in order. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. @Norbert
      You are correct. The only solution is actually doing what Jesus told us to do. Real Christianity is actually doing something as Jesus instructed, not just using his name. If people, one to one, will simply do what Jesus said to do, evil is defeated one person at a time. Using the one on one approach when multiplied by each passing it on would become mass awareness as much as possible.

      Most people seem to be stuck on the illusion that everyone will accept the teachings of Jesus in some group-think simultaneous fashion. This illusion results in despair with people looking for a “great leader” to rescue them from evil which is not going to happen. Everyone is their own “great leader” and their handbook of leadership is what Jesus taught. The majority/group-think condition is a deception which is why most assemblies/churches, by design, are places people go to spin their wheels, feel better, do nothing that Jesus taught, and expect a pastor/minister/priest/etc. to do it for them somehow. The hopelessness of group-think is also the reason that some people can only offer the status quo or suicide as a solution which is exactly what the jews want and not what Jesus taught.

      Practicing what Jesus taught is an individual decision and task. Practicing what Jesus taught can be done anywhere a person is as long as it is done on a one on one basis. Consequently, defeating evil/the jews is accomplished individually.

      To really piss off the jews, all we have to do is give them more of what they hate the most, the teachings of Jesus. Just don’t forget to get a sword (weapon) as Jesus said to do in case you need it for defense.

      On the Chinese Russian topic, hear is one simple way to know that the jews do not control the Chinese or Russians. When JewSA/NATO started attacking Libya, China sent warships and rescued 25,000 Chinese nationals within two weeks. When Israel and Saudi Arabia started bombing Yemen recently, the Chinese sent a warship with their Marines and rescued all of their nationals in a couple of hours. Within a couple of days, Russian rescued all their nationals along with a host of other nationals as space provided by air. Jews and jewish stooge governments do not give a rats ass about their goyim which is why there are still 12,000 US citizens still trapped in Yemen with no plans to rescue them.

      Judge by the fruit as Jesus said.

      1. @ Ungenius
        @ Norbert

        “Practicing what Jesus taught can be done anywhere a person is as long as it is done on a one on one basis” and the rest of your comments.

        A cool breeze is blowing. I avoided saying it not to frighten anyone. One needs a lot of renunciation and surrender to God for this approach, if I understood your comment well:

        Happy (blessed) are you when people abuse you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, for great is your reward in heaven”
        (Matthew 5,11)

        “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves; so be cunning as serpents and harmless as doves.” (Matthew 10,16) Actually, the whole passage is relevant (Mt 10, 1-42).

        ‘Be cunning’ would imply also being informed, knowing who we’re dealing with. ‘Harmless’ is used in the New Jerusalem Bible (catholic) , ‘candide’ (meaning ‘candid’) in the French translation of same ,’innocent’ in the New International Bible.

  36. “The next obvious step would be genocidal germ warfare. They have advanced to the point where they can release toxic viruses to target specific races.”

    Ethno-selective bio-weaponry is what we are talking about here.

    I am 100% sure they will use a spliced version of the dreaded Variola virus to achieve this inhuman feat.

    My reasons for this possibility are:

    1. Someone somewhere forged a moral high-ground in the defense of retaining the virus by falsely endowing the virus the status of a life form instead of totaly annihilating it from existence.

    See, a few decades ago weaponized production of the virus was in the thousands of tons per year in many countries.
    When the virus was finally contained and defeated thru immunization all that remained was to destroy ALL factory and lab samples as none existed in nature anymore but there was an ‘ethical’ opposition to this sensible decision on the moral grounds that we do not posses the right to make ‘any life form’ extinct.

    But this was an outright lie because any life form is predicated on the ability of tissue cells to be able to divide and replicate itself.
    As viruses do not have cells and are incapable to sustain themselves indepently of host life-forms they do not qualify to be designated as life forms.

    2. Given the serious danger posed to humanity by this virus any sensible person would expect that the production of vaccinations required to immunize large sections of populations would remain in place so long as the virus is still in existence as there is always a possibility of the virus escaping its enforced quarrantine but this is not the case, again by falsely claiming that the virus does not exist anymore and there is no need to keep immunization vaccination in production. But there have been cases of forgotten vials in numerous laboratories of this the most deadly of all known virus. Besides who can say whether someone has not cheated and kept the virus for some kind of a mad attempt to fame ?
    Not even nuclear weapons can do the damage this virus can do given the rapid world-wide transportation systems in place.

    Shortly before smallpox was defeated crazy scientist tinkered with the variola virus and managed to enable it to jump across species, a deadly and irresponsible thing to do, because then it becomes impossible to control the spread of the disease by quarantining people alone given that dogs and monkeys now can also spread it and perhaps even birds and bats which once were naturally immune to this virus

    So on the one hand they refused to kill the virus from existence and on the other hand they stopped the vaccination production. This can not be by folly alone as we have clever people in charge except there must be an ulterior and alarming reason behind it.

    For those who wish to know more about this dreadful disease and the global efforts to defeat it please go to a bookshop and buy ‘The Demon in the Freezer’.

    1. The AIDS virus being an etho-selective spliced virus is most likely to infect 2 out of 3 black people compared to 1 out of 3 white people.
      From ‘The New African Magazine ( circa Feb 1992 ? )

      1. Kalif, heard a couple of days ago that people in Nigeria are dying, within 24 hrs, of an unknown virus, which is being investigated. Haven`t heard anymore since..

      2. @Ingrid B
        Yes I also saw the news on the net but only from one source with sketchy information.

        I believe that electrical charged water, as in a ‘Leyden Jar’, charged to some low voltage, has the possibility of neutralizing ALL viruses. I wish someone could experiment on this.

      3. Pertinent claims in patent:

        17. A virucidal composition for treating AIDS, HIV, AIDS/HIV, the symptoms of HIV/AIDS infection, and illnesses that occur with AIDS in warm-blooded animals sensitive to treatment, comprising a virucidal composition including an effective amount of at least one therapeutically effective virucidal form of at least one of oxalic acid and oxalate and at least one of a carrier and diluent, wherein said effective amount is less than a lethal dosage of oxalic acid and wherein said virucidal composition is adapted to be administered to warm-blooded animals on a periodic basis in less than a lethal dosage.

      4. @Pat
        Thanks I will look it up. In the meantime I will search for one doc that says massive dosage of vitamin C will heal anything,, and post it here.

  37. Norbert,

    Well stated. The only way to fight this is with the help of the Lord. His plan will ultimately be accomplished with corruption and deceit exposed and destroyed.

    Truth is what liars fear the most and run from. Expose them and they are done. Turn on the lights and the rodents run for cover. It’s like exposing Dracula to a crucifix. They cannot take truth, goodness, honesty, and all other virtues.

    1. Chinese Slaves have their truths. They are hurting for money, and looking for investors.
      AND – They use FUND accounting just like Burien exposed in the US.
      Using terms of Agenda 21… ‘Sustainable Development’ to attract more flies and bugs.

      China Silk Road Fund Enters into Operation


      The Silk Road Fund Enters into Operation

      2015-02-26 14:04:50

      Since President Xi Jinping announced, on November 8, 2014, that China would establish a Silk Road Fund with USD40 billion (hereafter referred to as the “FUND”), relevant departments have been working to prepare for its establishment. The Silk Road Fund, registered on December 29, 2014 in Beijing as a limited liability company, has started operation.

      The Fund is jointly – sponsored – by official foreign exchange reserves, China Investment Corporation (CIC), the Export-Import Bank of China, and the China Development Bank in accordance with the Company Law of the People’s Republic of China.
      As a medium- and long-term development fund, it follows the principle of market-oriented operation, internationalization, and specialization, and focuses on identifying investment opportunities and providing financing and investment services along the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (One Road and One Belt).

      The Fund will adhere to the principle of market-oriented operation, mutual benefit, openness and inclusiveness. It will follow the accepted practices in international economic and financial activities and adopt market-based approaches, mainly equity investment, to invest in the fields of infrastructure, resource development, industrial and financial cooperation, to promote common development and prosperity, and to seek reasonable financial returns and its own medium- and long-term sustainable development. The Fund welcomes participation by domestic and international investors.

  38. Pat,

    A little more analysis please. Did China over build and create empty cities? Not enough jobs… too many unemployed? Manufacturing slowing down due to world wide economic slow down?

    1. Thanks for the reply, Leo –

      China will never be a world financial power. They cannot even fix their own sewers. No one wants their currency. They are not capable of controlling corruption. Their system of property ownership by the – Communist Party – precludes it.

      Two words explain the debacles in China – Corruption/Greed – because local officials are too powerful. They’re only concerned with the problems during their 5-year terms in office. If they can produce good numbers, they’ll be promoted. They’re not interested in the long-term plan.

      Local governments are forced to finance themselves….and corrupt officials need promotions.

      Local governments in China are in a perpetual cash squeeze because they have to hand over a bulk of their tax revenue to the central government and because the central government often – orders – localities to build all sorts of infrastructure projects ….. but Beijing often neglects to help with funding.

      Because the Party – OWNS ALL of the land in China – local governments solve their funding problems by seizing land from their poorest residents, giving them a paltry sum in return, and then they sell the land to developers.

      They are flipping real estate on a massive scale. This has the added benefit of raising – phoney – GDP figures, increasing the chance that – local leaders will be PROMOTED within the Party.


      Porsche used to sponsor the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia here until last year when sewage reportedly filled the pit stops and racers complained about the quality of the track.

  39. Admin and others

    Found a great fact based site “If Americans Knew” by Alison Weirs you might find interesting. It must be effective because the murderous Munchkins from the Land of Odd are giving her death threats. Have they no shame… do they care they have no shame… would the Talmud allow them to have shame ( question marks not needed).

  40. I predict this mooted “War to End All Wars” (not the WWI my good mate Eric Bogle wrote and sung about, you fools! Spoke to him in Tamworth 2 mths ago!) will occur in the next 10 years! ….
    “And Willie McBride, ye do not know the cause – amid the suffering, the gore and the shame … And the band played Waltzing Matilda!”
    My red injun mate, Brownhawk, intimated this great war above. I know he is ready with his super-charged tomahawk, which may even have a nuclear head. Once he lets the braves free, watch ya scalp Jews and Christian-Zios! …. I’ve got my aborigine friends willing to “point the bone” at the Jews and the corrupt politicians! … Among everything else, I coached and played much Oz football in the vast Northern Territory and relate to the abos! …. I believe in a full life, feeling always!
    In Australia, all I can tell you is that big plans are underway and we will be ready. Even my indigenous brothers are ready to fight to the end and reclaim some* of this super-rich, magnificent continent. As a leader of that which is coming, I have promised them *Tasmania as a token of our esteem. They number around 250,000, but if you count all the part-breeds around they are over 1.5 million. They say over 76% of Tasmanians carry indigenous blood.
    The RACE that will be victorious once all the gore, blood-letting and tumult die down, will, of course be the superior, most intelligent ones on this planet – none other than Tyron Parsons’ WHITEYS. Yes, WHITE males are the great inventors and creators, gifted by the great POWER up in the sky. Even the GREAT POWER is WHITE! And most of us WHITE blokes in Australia have reached the tipping point and are speaking open rebellion. Every white male I have spoken to wants those Asiatic-Australians of the Bali Nine 9 drug-runners executed by the Indonesian authorities. Whereas, every sheila I talk to wants them spared. They watch too much Oprah and Ms Degenerate!
    We need a volunteer to “fire the first shot”!!!! … This shot will resound around the planet! ….This will set the revolution going in full swing! …. There will be the usual raping and pillaging, and Catholic nuns in nunneries will not be spared; neither will Jewish women wearing religious wigs, with big noses and wrap-around mouths. The Vatican will be ransacked and destroyed, just like the hideous Second Temple. The Pope will be water-boarded and made to confess! … I believe we need someone like Gilby to fire the first shot, which we will simulcast on TV all around the globe. …. Of course, Gilby will be cut down immediately, but he will become the sacred martyr; and statues will be erected in his honor. How about it Gil? … You will become ETERNAL! …. Being your mate, I will get all the chicks and dedicate my actions to your memory!

  41. Brownhawk, you are on the ball today: “Hitler was the last one whose idea of righteous violence COULD have done what was needed.”
    Yes, Adolf Hitler is about to become the HERO he always should have been.
    Forget about how he is betrayed in the Jewish MATRIX! Reality is the opposite.
    Yes, read Mein Kampf and identify wholly with the world as it is now – totally corrupted by JEWRY.
    We have to admit it: HITLER WAS 100% CORRECT! … All hail Hitler!
    If Hitler had won there would have been no Communism, no Jewish diaspora, and no slavery in the West.
    Fair enough, Aryans would rule the world utilizing Hitler’s simplistic, but TRUE, Christian philosophy: “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and stop screwing around!
    Apart from dealing with the heinous curse of Jewry once and for all; our aim would be to let all cultures and peoples live in peace. We would respect Islam’s right to do their own thing/s; allow Eskimoes to be Eskimoes; blacks to be blacks; and Red Indians to go on occasional warpaths, south of the Rio Grande!
    Obesity, the Jewish curse to the West, would be a thing of the past as fast food restaurants would be closed down. A new type of Aryan movie would come out of Hollywood, and be more like Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie. But current affairs and news would tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
    During “Gilby Day” white roses would be placed at the foot of his statues and the revived Hitler Youth would put on a fitness and calisthenics display. Tattoos would be banned in the West, but not for the New Guinea natives, etc.

    1. The “occasional warpath” of course meaning rounding up any residual traces of the enemy of Man upon a clear and unadulterated identification of same

  42. My question is really a simple one. Of all this talk of censoring this and that, who really has any right OR authority to censor/ban anyone?

    I just find the whole thing incredibly hypocritical. On one side we have ‘some’ people on here complaining about how disgusting it is that people are being censored from speaking out against the holocaust hoax as well as worse, people being imprisoned for free speech and on the other they’re calling out for people to be censored and/or banned from this website. Freedom of speech is sacrosanct and just because you disagree with someone’s opinion, it does not allow you to imprison their words as you want.

    I’m just simply tired of not just the huge deceit within society, but the incredible hypocrisy as well.

    What makes the Caucasian/European people unique is their love of fair play. I recall the saying when I was younger “It’s just not cricket is it?” Now, courtesy of constant academic and msm brainwashing we have a tell tale society and one that abhors another’s right to free speech.

    Again, I don’t know how many times I’ve stated this, but we are supposed to be fighting totalitarianism, as enforced by the Jew. How can we be any different if we promote the same lifestyle they do?

  43. Harbinger you are nearly correct!
    But like a left wing libertarian, a Jew playing with his dialectics, or an utter fool you naively state: “Who really has any right OR authority to censor/ban anyone?” …. Think deeply about what you have just said!
    Censorship has to be discriminatory, as it applies to a website such as this.
    Imagine if we had NO moderator to cut out the nasty site-destroying trolls, who not only lie, defame and abuse, but also would make this site unworkable via auto replies, etc.
    We can put up with a Dr Green, etc to a certain extent, but once it is realized this person is seeking destruction, as per the Jews, they just have to be discarded.
    This is a “serious political site”, as Ruth Bernstein once said, and like it or not, we are intent on exposing the infamy and diabolical nature of international Jewry and their Goyim proxies. THIS EVIL IS A REALITY!

    1. Max,

      I am not hypocrite. I do not expect to have what others do not, because someone decides what they can or can’t have.
      I do not believe in any form of control, regardless.
      More so, we lose any battle when we play like the enemy and censorship is their number one tool

      Now Max, YOU think about it. You can take no high ground on the right to freedom of speech when you take it away from others.
      There are three things that I value in my life, that I hold dear and follow rigorously:

      1. I am honest
      2. I am not a hypocrite
      3. I believe 100% in liberty and 100% against ANY form of authoritarianism.

      To defeat the Jew you simply expose their wrongdoings. It also means educating yourself on law and how to defend yourself. It’s hard because people would rather live a lie by not offending, than telling the truth and offending. You have to tell everyone you know and plant the seed. Otherwise, no point being a keyboard warrior as that’ll get you nowhere other than pixels on a screen.
      Destroy the system, for it is a Jewish system and you destroy the means of Jewish control over all.

      1. “To defeat the Jew you simply expose their wrongdoings.”

        That has NEVER worked. They have to be physically removed.

      2. That has NEVER worked. They have to be physically removed.

        Removing them isn’t enough either. Hitler removed them, they went to America, agitated for war, then moved back into Germany to kill, rape, and torture surrendered Germans.

        Never forget Martin Luther’s words: “We are at fault in not slaying them.” That’s really the final word on the subject.

      3. @ SPQR

        That has NEVER worked. They [Jews] have to be physically removed.

        Removing them isn’t enough either. Hitler removed them, they went to America, agitated for war, then moved back into Germany to kill, rape, and torture surrendered Germans.

        Never forget Martin Luther’s words: “We are at fault in not slaying them.” That’s really the final word on the subject.

        Darkmoon has addressed this problem in a previous article in which she actually quotes you and demonstrates that exterminating the Jews is logistically impossible:

        A certain poster on the Darkmoon site, mysteriously known as “SPQR”, would not have been satisfied with my sober academic approach to the Jewish problem as outlined in Part 1 of this essay. “The only solution to the Jewish problem,” he insisted recently in one of his online comments, “is their wholesale extermination!”

        Fearful of being branded “exterminationists” by association, we wondered initially whether we should delete this inflammatory comment. We decided to let it stand because it seemed to us unworkable and bordering on the absurd.

        “To beat the Jews and free our lands,” this highly intelligent and articulate firebrand continued, “we will have to become the most merciless and bloodthirsty race the world has ever seen, because nothing less will stop them and their black and brown foot soldiers — what they call “immigrants”. Make no mistake, genocide IS THE ONLY ANSWER to the Jewish question! It’s not even a question anymore.”

        For my part, I decided to maintain a prudent silence. Naturally, I could not agree with this armchair revolutionary that wiping out every single Jew in the world was a good idea. Apart from being morally repugnant to most people, it was a messy and impracticable scheme. In fact, it was physically impossible to carry out.

        Let’s assume for argument’s sake that you are World Dictator and that you have decided to have a Jew-free planet. So tell me: what exactly is your modus operandi?

        How do you round up all the Jews prior to their extermination? Do you draw up a list of individuals to be exterminated? How do you know whose names to put on the list? Do you concentrate your homicidal energies on the world’s 13.8 million full Jews, or do you also go scalp hunting for the almost-Jews, half-Jews, and quadroon-Jews? And how about the crypto-Jews? Do you start killing people off because you suspect they might be Jews? What if the Jews decide to take the obvious step of going underground and pretending to be non-Jews?


      4. I already addressed Lasha’s points in that thread.

        Look, roughly half of them live in Israel. Work out a deterrent to the Samson Option. Neutralize their nuclear capability. Then nuke every major city and town. Most will die immediately, the rest will die of radiation poisoning from the very weapons their co-ethnics made during WWII.

        As for the rest of them, most of them are immediately-identifiable from their surnames, especially ones with power. There are very few crypto Jews. The problem is re-taking the governments of the West. If we can’t do that, then we’re finished.

  44. What can we do about it?
    I am afraid little can we do. The first problem is, they have been “entertaining” us with conflicts, wars, revolutions, consumerism, movies etc., while they were creeping up to the top of the pyramid, to the throne. Now that they settled there, they are spilling their poison over us, staining everything, everything.
    The second problem is, you cannot clean a staircase starting from the ground floor-where we are. You have to reach to the top floor and start from there. However, you cannot take the slippery stairs, nor can you take the remotely controlled lift to reach out to the top.
    The third problem is, their strength lays in our weakness: they seem to function in unison like “The Bringers of the Dawn”*, (an ET community with a common shared consciousness), while we function in-di-vi-dual-ly, faithful to our (ours? Yet to be proven not at their instigation!) sacrosanct individual freedom creed.
    Let’s hope for a miracle…
    If God exists, and I do believe He does exist , He would ultimately sweep them away.

    *“The Bringers of the Dawn” by Esther and Gerry Hicks(?)

  45. “The next obvious step would be genocidal germ warfare. They have advanced to

    the point where they can release toxic viruses to target specific races.”

    Ethno-selective bio-weaponry is what we are talking about here.

    I am 100% sure they will use a spliced version of the dreaded Variola virus to

    achieve this inhuman feat.

    My reasons for this possibility are:

    1. Someone somewhere forged a moral high-ground in the defense of retaining the

    virus by falsely endowing the virus the status of a life form instead of totaly

    annihilating it from existence.

    See, a few decades ago weaponized production of the virus was in the thousands of

    tons per year in many countries.
    When the virus was finally contained and defeated thru immunization all that

    remained was to destroy ALL factory and lab samples as none existed in nature

    anymore but there was an ‘ethical’ opposition to this sensible decision on the moral

    grounds that we do not posses the right to make ‘any life form’ extinct.

    But this was an outright lie because any life form is predicated on the ability of tissue

    cells to be able to divide and replicate itself.
    As viruses do not have cells and are incapable to sustain themselves indepently of

    host life-forms they do not qualify to be designated as life forms.

    2. Given the serious danger posed to humanity by this virus any sensible person

    would expect that the production of vaccinations required to immunize large sections

    of populations would remain in place so long as the virus is still in existence as there

    is always a possibility of the virus escaping its enforced quarrantine but this is not the

    case, again by falsely claiming that the virus does not exist anymore and there is no

    need to keep immunization vaccination in production. But there have been cases of

    forgotten vials in numerous laboratories of this the most deadly of all known virus.

    Besides who can say whether someone has not cheated and kept the virus for some

    kind of a mad attempt to fame ?
    Not even nuclear weapons can do the damage this virus can do given the rapid

    world-wide transportation systems in place.

    Shortly before smallpox was defeated crazed scientists tinkered with the variola virus

    and managed to enable it to jump across species, a deadly and irresponsible thing

    to do, because then it becomes impossible to control the spread of the disease by

    quarantining people alone given that dogs and monkeys now can also spread it and

    perhaps even birds and bats which once were naturally immune to this virus

    So on the one hand they refused to kill the virus from existence and on the other

    hand they stopped the vaccination production. This can not be by folly alone as we

    have clever people in charge except there must be an ulterior and alarming reason

    behind it.

    For those who wish to know more about this dreadful disease and the global efforts

    to defeat it please go to a bookshop and buy ‘Demon in the Freezer’.

  46. Why is Max Bilney allowed to comment? Is it because he strokes Darkmoon’s ego. I hardly think Toby or Admin are fascinated by anything he says. Lasha is unmoved? Max Bilney rants the evil he is a part of. His comments are not satirical. They’re evil. This is not the first time privileges granted to Max are questioned, then not addressed. He posts using different (perhaps similar) names, different ISP addresses. No actions. Moderating a comment board may feel “thankless”, but removing Max would not be.

    1. I don’t know about that, New Song, I see pure satire in Max’s posts

      For me he is an acquired taste in understanding satirical writing. Such is the beauty of satire – how it can cut through so much bullshit we’ve been indoctrinated by through the Ages. There’s just so much of it to undo, or “unlearn”.

    2. @ New Song

      Why is Max Bilney allowed to comment? Is it because he strokes Darkmoon’s ego. I hardly think Toby or Admin are fascinated by anything he says. Lasha is unmoved? Max Bilney rants the evil he is a part of. His comments are not satirical. They’re evil.

      I will look into your complaint about Max Bilney and be back with you soon.

      Meanwhile, I’d like to inform you that your comment blaming Lasha Darkmoon for this situation is particularly spiteful and unChristian. Lasha is not the monitor of this website and doesn’t even have time to read the comments. I am the monitor and I am to blame for whatever gets published in the Comments section. So if you delight in casting stones at other people, at least take the trouble to hurl them in the right direction!

      Aim them at ME, not at Lasha.

      For your information, Bilney has been far more complimentary to Ellie K and to a number of other women posting on this website than he has been to Lasha. I would also like to remind you that it was YOU he called his “galfriend.” Not Lasha. Lasha has no need to have her “ego stroked” by Bilney, as you foolishly claim. Believe me, she has enough admirers in real life.

      Anyway, cool down! I will investigate what has been going on and get back to you. I have a feeling that some mischief has been afoot.

  47. I like Max, “New Song”. At least he’s not fey, “New Song”. And how exactly do you know Max uses different ISP addresses? Only the Darkmoon administration would know if Max uses different ISP numbers. Are you in the Darkmoon administration office that you know Max uses different ISP numbers? If not, you are being very presumptuous and unfair, “New Song”.

    If Max is so ‘evil’ “New Song”, then why did you ask him for money? The other day you asked ‘evil’ Max to send you a check. if Max is ‘evil’ and his money was gained thru ‘evil’ business dealings, then why exactly would you want his dirty, ‘evil’ money? Looks like ‘evil’ Max turned down your request for money, lol.

    What a phony you are, “New Song”, how fey you are and what a phony. Take a hike and get lost. Start your own website and censor and ban at your heart’s content.

  48. Since discovering Darkmoon many moons ago — many many dark dark moons ago — I know now not to trust any dame who doesn’t wear a shower curtain on her head covering at least one eye.

  49. looks like the thumbs are gone (as per my suggestion, supported by numerous others).

    and just when i wanted to give thumbs up to spqr’s video of rommel’s funeral march.

    it also looked like the funeral march of the aryan race, we are the downsized, simpering degenerates, wolves turned to poodles.

  50. Interesting reply, Toby. First, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to investigate Max’s non-satirical, locker room message. “Neither the email address given (a false one) or the IP number correspond to the email address and IP number used by Max”, supports my argument against Max; and not yours exonerating him from his rude, unkind reply to me. I’m not his “galfriend” and he clearly (again rudely) rejected my offer of friendship. A friendship that he made fun of (even worse) being platonic and spiritually based. Sure, I asked him for funds, but Max understands why (as should anyone else who followed it).

    Regarding my comment about “stroking Darkmoon’s ego? “, my sincere apologies. It did have a question mark associated with it. Nevertheless, we all have egos to deal with daily and they are at the center of misunderstandings. For me, admiration is a downfall; awful; I wish it on no-one; whether it is behind a website, book, or in one’s life; it is distracting.

    1. @ New Song

      Regarding my comment about “stroking Darkmoon’s ego? “, my sincere apologies. It did have a question mark associated with it. Nevertheless, we all have egos to deal with daily and they are at the center of misunderstandings. For me, admiration is a downfall; awful; I wish it on no-one; whether it is behind a website, book, or in one’s life; it is distracting.

      If you think we are going to get rid of Max to suit you, you are mistaken. Max stays. At least Max has certain virtues which you sadly lack: a sense of humor and generosity of spirit.

      Your comment about my niece, Lasha Darkmoon, reveals your hidden malice and spite. You attack an innocent person and don’t even have the grace to apologize properly — which is all the more culpable in one who so ostentatiously proclaims her holier-than-thou Christianity. Not content with casting stones at Max, you cast them at Lasha too who has never exchanged a single word with you or given you reason to attack her.

      If you are an advertisement for Christianity, I can understand why everyone is deserting it in droves.

      1. The Darkmoon site should get rid of “New Song” and thus make Darkmoon a twat free zone. Schopenhauer knew what he was talking about alright.

  51. @ The RealOriginalJoe

    Get back in your broom closet, Joe. New Song has my full support. She is of course wrong to attack Lasha so spitefully — reminding me of that other envious adder Karen T — but she is within her rights to expect to be treated with respect by the male posters on this site and not be the butt of Max Bilney’s inappropriate locker-room talk.

    The day this guy can actually make an intelligent comment without referring to his 10-inch dick will be a day of rejoicing for all mankind.

    New Song, stay! And I will defend you to the death against the slings and arrows of outrageous Bilney.

    1. I agree with Ruth, Max was coming on strong, and was disrespectful of New Songs beliefs, but, Max was simply being Max, incorrigible, and as Brownhawk said, an aquired taste..

  52. As always I love this and other articles and I share them far and wide. My thanks. I’d like to know the name of the documentary about royal family where prince Charles says family was originally from Transylvania. If possible. Keep up the good work.

      1. I might add he was a fan of the Goon Show, so, I would take statements like that with a pinch of salt.

  53. Everyone has an ego, Toby. Flattery is a common technique used by people to get away with things and that is what I questioned is happening here. I still believe it is happening, so, I will not retract what I said about “stroking Darkmoon’s ego?”. Even so, I DID apologize because though I understood what I meant by it, you obviously took it as a grave offence. My sincere apologizes for the misunderstanding.

    Max’s comments are outrageous and they are not satirical, nor with humour, or generous in spirit. We are talking about the same person, aren’t we? Max Bilney the arrogant arse.

    1. @ New Song

      Yes, we are talking about the same Max Bilney. Note that his last few posts have been exclusively political. He hasn’t addressed you at all or made any further sexual innuendos. Maybe if you leave him alone he will leave you alone. Worth a try.

    2. @ New Song

      Everyone has an ego, Toby. Flattery is a common technique used by people to get away with things and that is what I questioned is happening here. I still believe it is happening, so, I will not retract what I said about “stroking Darkmoon’s ego?”. Even so, I DID apologize because though I understood what I meant by it, you obviously took it as a grave offence. My sincere apologizes for the misunderstanding.

      Max’s comments are outrageous and they are not satirical, nor with humour, or generous in spirit. We are talking about the same person, aren’t we? Max Bilney the arrogant arse.

      New Song,

      I was foolish enough to spring to your defense in my last post. I was wrong to do so. I now understand quite clearly that you are a sour old English prude — your use of the word “arse” tells me you are English — and that Max Bilney is worth ten of you!

      What has made me turn against you? Your hypocritical apology to Toby for a “misunderstanding” when you persist in insulting Lasha Darkmoon by your stupid and malicious comment : “I will not retract what I said about “stroking Darkmoon’s ego?”. Even so, I DID apologize…”

      So what are you “apologizing” for IF YOU REFUSE TO RETRACT YOUR ORIGINAL INSULT?

      What proof do you have that Lasha is having her “ego stroked” by Bilney when everyone here knows that Lasha has nothing to do with the Comments section and barely has time to read the comments?

      I guess this is your way of making yourself popular? — By insulting Admin.

      1. The Darkmoon site should get rid of “New Song” and thus make Darkmoon a twat free zone. Schopenhauer knew what he was talking about alright.

      2. Max could demolish this English asshole ‘New Song’ in 10 seconds if he wanted. He refrains. That’s Australian chivalry for you.

  54. @ Ruth, Oh Ruth,

    Now that you have changed your stance, lol, concerning the “New Song” controversy, Ruth ; Is it okay by you, Ruth, if I come out of my “broom closet” now, lol? How does it feel, Ruth, lol, to know I had The Correct View all along : Even when I’m in a “broom closet” — supposedly in the dark, lol — I can still figure out The Correct View. How does that, lol, make you feel, Ruth? Oh Ruth! To know I was correct all along, lol, and you had to retract your words, lol, you were so off target, lol. Better luck next time, lol, Ruth : lol, good luck with that, lol.

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