We won’t save refugees by destroying our own country

. . . by Peter Hitchens


Europeans  committing  suicide

Actually we can’t do what we like with this country. We inherited it from our parents and grandparents and we have a duty to hand it on to our children and grandchildren, preferably improved and certainly undamaged.

It is one of the heaviest responsibilities we will ever have. We cannot just give it away to complete strangers on an impulse because it makes us feel good about ourselves.

Every one of the posturing politicians simpering “Refugees welcome!” should be asked if he or she will take a refugee family into his or her home for an indefinite period, and pay for their food, medical treatment and education.

If so, they mean it. If not, they are merely demanding that others pay and make room so that they can experience a self-righteous glow. No doubt the same people are also sentimental enthusiasts for the ‘living wage’, and ‘social housing’, when in fact open borders are steadily pushing wages down and housing costs up.

As William Blake rightly said: ‘He who would do good to another must do it in minute particulars. General good is the plea of the scoundrel, hypocrite and flatterer.’

Britain is a desirable place to live mainly because it is an island, which most people can’t get to. Most of the really successful civilisations survived because they were protected from invasion by mountains, sea, deserts or a combination of these things. Ask the Russians or the Poles what it’s like to live without the shield of the sea. There is no positive word for ‘safety’ in Russian. Their word for security is ‘bezopasnost’ – ‘without danger’.

Thanks to a thousand years of uninvaded peace, we have developed astonishing levels of trust, safety and freedom. in the British isles. I have visited nearly 60 countries and lived in the USSR, Russia and the USA, and I have never experienced anything as good as what we have. Only in the Anglosphere countries – the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – is there anything comparable. I am amazed at how relaxed we are about giving this away.

Our advantages depend very much on our shared past, our inherited traditions, habits and memories. Newcomers can learn them, but only if they come in small enough numbers.

Mass immigration means we adapt to them, when they should be adapting to us.

So now, on the basis of an emotional spasm, dressed up as civilisation and generosity, are we going to say that we abandon this legacy and decline our obligation to pass it on, like the enfeebled, wastrel heirs of an ancient inheritance letting the great house and the estate go to ruin?

Having seen more than my share of real corpses, and watched children starving to death in a Somali famine, I am not unmoved by pictures of a dead child on a Turkish beach. But I am not going to pretend to be more upset than anyone else. Nor am I going to suddenly stop thinking, as so many people in the media and politics appear to have done.

The child is not dead because advanced countries have immigration laws. The child is dead because criminal traffickers cynically risked the lives of their victims in pursuit of money.

I’ll go further. The use of words such as ‘desperate’ is quite wrong in this case. The child’s family were safe in Turkey. Turkey (for all its many faults) is a member of Nato, officially classified as free and democratic. Many British people actually pay good money to go on holiday to the very beach where the child’s body was washed up.

It may not be ideal, but the definition of a refugee is that he is fleeing from danger, not fleeing towards a higher standard of living.

Goodness knows I have done all in my power to oppose the stupid interventions by this country in Iraq, Libya and Syria, which have turned so many innocent people into refugees or corpses.

But I can see neither sense nor justice in allowing these things to become a pretext for an unstoppable demographic revolution in which Europe (including, alas, our islands) merges its culture and its economy with North Africa and the Middle East. If we let this happen, Europe would lose almost all the things that make others want to live there.

You really think these crowds of tough young men chanting ‘Germany!’ in the heart of Budapest are ‘asylum-seekers’ or ‘refugees’?

Refugees don’t confront the police of the countries in which they seek sanctuary. They don’t chant orchestrated slogans or lie across the train tracks.



You can bet they made sure no train was approaching!

And why, by the way, do they use the English name for Germany when they chant? In Arabic and Turkish, that country is called ‘Almanya’, in Kurdish something similar. The Germans themselves call it ‘Deutschland’. In Hungarian, it’s ‘Nemetorszag’.

Did someone hope that British and American TV would be there? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: spontaneous demonstrations take a lot of organizing.

“Spontaneous Demonstrations take a lot of organizing.”


Did they all turn up there at the same time by chance?

LD: Here is a terse letter in the Mail on Sunday (September 6) which sums up the feelings of many people in Europe, as they see their countries invaded by an unending stream of immigrants from Africa and Eurasia:

“The EU’s open-borders policy has turned out to be a monumental failure. If this situation continues, Europe will be reduced to Third World status.”

Refugees don’t demand or choose their refuge. They ask and they hope. When we become refugees one day (as we may well do), we will discover this.

As to what those angry, confident and forceful young men actually are, I’ll leave you to work it out, as I am too afraid of the Thought Police to use what I think is the correct word.

But it is interesting that this week sees the publication in English of a rather dangerous book, which came out in France just before the Charlie Hebdo murders.

Submission, by Michel Houellebecq, prophesies a Muslim-dominated government in France about seven years from now, ushered into power by the French Tory and Labour parties.

What they want, says one of the cleverer characters in the book, “is for France to disappear – to be integrated into a European federation”. This means they’d much rather do a deal with a Muslim party than with the National Front, France’s Ukip equivalent.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s amazing how likely and simple the author makes this Islamic revolution sound.

Can we stop this transformation of all we have and are? I doubt it. To do so would involve the grim-faced determination of Australia, making it plain in every way that our doors are open only to limited numbers of people, chosen by us, enduring the righteous scorn of the supposedly enlightened.

As we lack the survival instinct and the determination necessary, and as so many of our most influential people are set on committing a sentimental national suicide, I suspect we won’t.




To those who condemn reasonable calls for national self-defence as bigotry, hatred and intolerance (which they are not), I make only this request: just don’t pretend you’re doing a good and generous thing, when you’re really cowardly and weak.


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  1. Mr. Peter Hitchens has written a very apt and simply eloquent piece, here. EVERYTHING he says is spot-on. America has become just as foolish (and along with it, a huge putsch is on to try and outlaw our personal firearms – ALL of which is suspiciously orchestrated by the same minions).

    1. I have to agree with the article. However, what goes around comes around. We have never stopped interfering in other people’s nations; from direct wars, to proxy wars.

      We failed a long time ago, long ago before migrants ever set foot on this country in large numbers. This is merely symptom of our failure. Britain is a powerful country, but morally bankrupt. We stand for nothing apart from slogans and political cowards. Our wealth is built on a world economy (banking/market system) that is set to our (elites) advantage, and our corporations get preferences over others thanks to puppets we and our partners install. We are part of the Anglo-Zionist world.

      We aren’t a light onto the world, on the contrary we are a whore.

      Still, I agree with Hitchens. On a good note, I doubt this can continue any further. Once again the self proclaimed “JUDO-Christian” world is bringing us to a global war, and once again the tribe play a big part in it.

      1. Don’t give up so easily, Adam. All you need to do is direct your anger against the whores who are instrumental in bringing these “refuges” to your country. Getting rid of the foreigners will be a cake walk after you take out the whores. You would probably say: it is easy to say but hard to accomplish. Yes and no.

        You will be surprised to find out how resilient a living being can be when cornered.

      2. Finally found an article to articulate what I think of the refugee storm.

        “At the end of the day, the “refugee crisis” is yet another contrivance by the same special interests who first sought to intervene in Syria to back “freedom fighters,” then to stop the use of “WMDs,” and most recently to fight “ISIS.” Now with all three failing to justify what is otherwise naked military aggression openly pursuing regime change in Syria as a basis for wider confrontation with Iran, Russia, and even China, “refugees” are being used as human pawns to provoke fear and rage across Europe. “

        Engineered Refugee Crisis to Justify “Safe Havens” in Syria

      1. “underminers of the mad idea of we are a special creation, let alone there’s a special creation within humanity with one tribe or name are all Jews”

        No special tribe, while naming themselves to a tribe.

  2. Has it occurred to this person that the possible reason for refugees heading for NATO countries may be because there is less chance of being bombed, from land, sea and sky..
    As for Turkey, it must have escaped this persons notice, that the Turks have created a war situation on, and within their borders, due to their irrational hatred of Assad, and the PKK..

      1. I, too, am “calling it LIKE IT IS”, and have just as much right as “this person” to do so..

    1. @ Ingrid B

      The author of this article, Peter Hitchens, is a distinguished writer noted for his common sense and advocacy of traditional values. He wants his country, Britain, to remain British and not become a Third World country. He has taken pains to distinguish between genuine refugees and economic migrants. And so he has made the valid point that the majority of migrants flooding into Europe are NOT fleeing persecution and death in their own countries but are coming here simply to improve their standard of living.

      The proof of this is the overwhelmingly large number of MEN seeking “refuge” in our European countries who are quite happy to leave their wives and children behind in the so-called “hellholes” from which they are fleeing. If those countries were so bad, why would they leave their families behind?

      Any idea?

      1. Your comment about Turkey having a “war situation” on its hands does not justify economic migrants in Turkey flooding into Europe — for the simple reason that, by your own argument, ever single Turkish citizen would then be entitled to flee Turkey and seek refuge here in the West.

        What you say is nonsense, because I have just put my Syrian friend in Toronto onto a plane to Turkey where his family have a flourishing export-import business. He plans to spend a few weeks in Turkey lazing on the beach with his well-to-do family and and enjoying the good life and sunshine.

        Even as I write, there are planeloads of tourists booking holidays in Turkey!

        So your statement that Turkey is a dangerous “warzone” is pure poppycock. There are 75 million people living in Turkey right now, I would like to remind you, and none of them are planning to make a mad rush to Europe for refuge and safety! They are quite happy living where the are.

        Another thing. Bear in mind that none of the mouthy British politicians who wanted to throw open our borders to every migrant from Africa and Eurasia was willing to lodge and feed a migrant family in their OWN house! They failed the litmus test of compassion. They expected OTHER people to pick up the tab for them.

        No, I’m sorry. This is a good article and I commend the administrators of this remarkable site for having the courage and good sense to publish it at this moment of crisis. We simply cannot open our borders to every Third World immigrant shouting, “Help, let me in!”

        This is NOT the solution.

      2. @Darlington, took me a bit longer to respond to your particular brand of supremacy.. There is war in Turkey, aimed at the Kurds, who, like every suppressed minority, only want a space to call their own. This has been denied by Erdogan, and his fellow pitbulls. Don`t ask me why, I have no effing idea. Is it so wrong for those who do not feel comfortable with Erdogans ideals, to want a “place of their own?”
        It`s nice that your f-ing friends can sun themselves on a Turkish f-ing beach, whilst people are dying not too many miles away, BUT, in my opinion, such people are sick SOB`s..

      3. @ Ingrid B

        “It`s nice that your f-ing friends can sun themselves on a Turkish f-ing beach, whilst people are dying not too many miles away, BUT, in my opinion, such people are sick SOB`s..”

        I am unfazed by the rudeness of your tone, dear lady. In my experience, female hysteria never won an argument.

        For your information. my “f-ing friend” as you describe him is precisely the type of person you are backing on this website and weeping your tender heart out over: he is a SYRIAN REFUGEE in Canada who has just been granted permanent resident rights in Canada. Although he is Syrian, his entire Syrian family have been living in Turkey for years where they have a prosperous business. So he is planning to visit them in Turkey and be reunited with his mother and father and extended family whom he hasn’t set eyes on for 3 years. They are paying for his fares as he doesn’t have a penny to his name. They even send him an allowance in Canada, so they can’t be doing too badly in Turkey.

        My Syrian friend, in other words, is not a callous, luxury-loving Western patriarchal pig enjoying the dolce vita in foreign parts, as your incredibly rude and hostile comment suggests. If you wish to show your scorn for me, dear lady, and employ the abuse that appears to spring so naturally from your shrewish tongue, please say “FUCKING FRIEND” next time you refer to my Syrian refugee friend!

        No need for such coy abbreviations as “f-ing friends.” 🙂

      4. @Darlington, if I choose to use the milder term of f-ing, I will do so, and your use of the coarser version robs you of the right to lecture me..

      5. @ Ingrid B

        I have no wish to lecture you, Ingrid, nor will I attempt to communicate with you again. I mentioned my Syrian friend. That ought to tell you, if nothing else does, that I am the last person anyone can accuse of Islamophobia. I have lived in Islamic lands for almost 15 years and have many Muslim friends. I have also read the Qur’an several times. Have you?

      6. @Darlington, you sound a lot like Harbinger. It doesn`t bother me in the slightest if you/he, or a combination, choose not to communicate with me, it`s no skin off my nose. Whether, or not, I have read the Qur`an is immaterial. I`m glad you have friends..

      7. @ ingrid b

        will you shut the fuck up, you silly cunt! how many more good posters are you gonna drive away? first you attack harbinger, then you attack franklin ryckaert, then you attack darlington.

        all good posters, all with something serious to say! unlike you!

        what are u, a dyke or something? or a zionist troll trying to empty this site of its best posters?

        i come here to read guys like harbinger! i come here to read guys like ryckaert! i come here to read guys like darlington. i don’t come here to read the shitty comments of cunts like you!

        SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

      8. @gori, you are just as charming as your heroes. I haven`t “driven” anyone away, if they “choose” to leave, that is their decision, and no-one is stopping you from reading their comments, least of all me. Also, gori, it is not up to you to decide who should, or should not, have the right to express themselves..

      9. @ Ingrid B

        Also, gori, it is not up to you to decide who should, or should not, have the right to express themselves..

        Gori has a point. You are driving good posters away by your constant aggression. Don’t think Admin will have any hesitation in giving you the boot if you continue to misbehave.

      10. @Ruth Bernstein, the aggression was being hurled in my direction, but, you, having friends in high places, could use your position to have me “given the boot”. Please refrain from threats, if “my behavior” bothers you, and gori so much, just appeal to your friends..

      11. @ Ingrid B

        Dear Ingrid, I feel very sorry for you that you are capable of making such a foolish comment, again demonstrating your incorrigible aggression. First, there is absolutely no way you can prove that I have “friends in high places” — if by that you are implying I have any influence with the administrators of this website. I have as much influence here as you do, if not far less. I’ve been here far longer than you have, that’s true, but that means nothing, since I post very seldom here nowadays and regard myself as a “silent reader”.

        Get a grip on yourself, Ingrid, and allow me to speak to you as one human being to another. None of the people you attacked recently — Harbinger, Franklin Ryckaert, Darlington — addressed you first with hostile comments. It was you who took the initiative and launched unprovoked attacks on them first. Unprovoked, since none of them had addressed you personally. Why did you attack them so gratuitously? Why couldn’t you have posted your own pro-immigration views without resorting to these unseemly ad hominem attacks?

        * * *

        The rest of this long comment has been deleted because I used some very bad language and am ashamed of myself. This abusive language, I hasten to add, was NOT addressed to you personally, dear Ingrid, since I happen to like you as a person and really do value most of your comments. The abusive language was directed at the Usual Culprits who shall be nameless! 🙂

        Since I don’t want other people here to read the rest of my long comment here in the comment section, I copied it (almost 1500 words) and emailed it to JS Montecristo at Admin. I asked him to forward it to you or destroy it if he preferred. Alternatively, I suggested to him that he might like to publish your own recent comments on this subject as a feature article, followed by my own long response to your comments.

        Rest easy, I have addressed this subject objectively and have made no attempt to pick on you or humiliate you in any way. That would be against my nature.

        Another thing, dear Ingrid. If I had any influence with Admin, which I assure you I do NOT, I would use it on your behalf. They are unlikely to “give you the boot” for the simple reason that nothing you have ever said on this site is even a fraction as bad as what Joe said here last week. I have never read such disgusting obscenities on any internet forum in my life, so much so that I even began to wonder if Toby had lost his marbles by permitting such filth to appear.

        Bye for now . . .

        Ruth Bernstein

  3. Just heard that some countries are discriminating between “christian” refugees, and muslim refugees. How utterly sick, and Islamophobic..

    1. @ Ingrid B

      Do the Christians from the Middle East have the same rape-culture as their Muslim brethern? Or – in the light of Rotherham and Malmö – is that question perhaps too “islamophobic”?

      1. @ Ingrid B

        That is not necessary, they are always members of that wonderful religion of peace and respect for women, Islam.

      2. @Ryckaert, you have made it abundantly clear that you feel nothing but contempt for the followers of Islam..

  4. Staged? By whom? NWO? NGO? Perhaps this was the goal all along to kill Libya, Syria and train people to destabilize Europe? The 2. WW never finished either. The heart of Europe must perish or WW1+2 was good for nothing, plus the Holocaust narrative wants to be spun some more. When countries fight back you will hear, you see we knew it all along they have the war gene…

    Now the Clash of Civilization can begin. Welcome signs presented by self-haters and other-lovers get flipped off, food is trashed and bottled water decorated roads. Shops get looted – alcohol stolen.

    The war is coming to Europe. People fight among each other their wars now in Europe. If we do not draw healthy boundaries many will die. Remember, that ultra-fascist human hater and really vicious beast Learner-Spectre – a satanist type, helped to plan this in Sweden whose rape cases outnumber South Africa and are the highest now in the world – so I heard. Wonder who are the rapists? It’s taboo to be mentioning the obvious suspects or you are a racist. I guess, only Swedish males do such deeds. Lol. For honest journalists an investigating journey can surely uncover the break down of civilization via rape. If women do not get safety any longer… Civilization is dead anyway. It’s shocking how fast things change now. Also there is something going on with no. 7.

    The definition of racism has also changed. These days it means those who want to live and are white, how dare they? just die. That urge to survive – of wanting to live – is enough – it is racism. It has nothing to do with irrational hatred of other races.
    Peace to all suffering beings. May justice pave the way. May we not have to fight one another but may good people unite and identify those who disturbed peace in the first place and get them behind bars. They are guilty of treason against the human race. Victory to true humans with heart and loving souls.

    1. “Peace to all suffering beings. May justice pave the way. May we not have to fight one another but may good people unite and identify those who disturbed peace in the first place and get them behind bars. They are guilty of treason against the human race. Victory to true humans with heart and loving souls.” : I second that emotion..

      1. “I second that emotion…”

        And an emotion it surely is. Women don’t think with their mind, they “think” with their emotions. That makes them unfit to make thoughtful decisions. A return to patriarchy in our society would mean a return to sanity.

        Muslims no passaran!

      2. look, listen and read, everybody – the false dichotomy in arguments between ingrid and the rest and you will see the wonderful jew recipe for conflict and how successful it is.

        Because, everyone is inspecting the same elephant but from different angles and ending up in a mortal combat when they should be in the complete agreement.


        Jew goads goy imbeciles into attacking an innocent society of different religious persuasion, by whatever means, usually thru false flag attacks.
        Goy goes over there, bombs, kills, destroys, all on his dime, makes the place utterly unlivable.
        Jew then says,
        “must take care of the poor displaced persons, look how they suffer, accept them into your own country, pay their way, their education and adapt to their ways because your own are racist and islamophobic”.

        Recipe for further disaster, enmity, bitterness among people that are Jew’s natural adversaries and that should unite to get rid of the disease in unison.

        So stop arguing like a bunch of retards – for shame.
        Recognize the one and only Enemy, spread the word of underlying truth.

      3. @ Lobro

        I agree. The real jewish culprits and their stooges must be kept in the forefront.

        “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” — Henry David Thoreau

        Darkmoon is part of the “one.”

  5. “Knockout attack on hijab-wearing girl in Britain” : video on Press TV.. way to go islamophobes? trouble is, the attacker was African..

      1. Franklin –

        That seems to be the case with most air-headed, western females these days. Either that – or they are susceptible to any trendy wind which blows. (I am dealing with this in my own life, now, with someone very close to me.)

        I truly fear for them and their well-being, but have gotten to the point where I must let them have their way and either sink or swim. Society has become so confused and polluted that it needs a big douche! Prophecies being fulfilled before our very eyes…

      2. @ Ryckaert, it is troublesome, because, until muslims became the preferred target, blacks were..

    1. @ Ingrid B

      @ Ryckaert, of course, silly me, if women got to decide, there would be no f-ing wars.

      Ingrid, we all love you and know your heart is in the right place, but with all due respect this is rather a silly comment. All men are not nasty warmongers, as your comment implies, nor are all women superduper peace makers!

      The nasty Victorian Nuland and Barbara Spectre belong to the nice female sex, don’t they? And didn’t the peace-loving Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha belong to the horrible patriarchal male sex?

      Most sensible people want peace, dear Ingrid, and we’re not getting it. And meanwhile our White Western countries are being turned into powder kegs, into future civil war zones, by out-of-control immigration policies invented by the Jews and their shabbos goyim toe suckers.

      Rule Number One: know who your Enemy is.

  6. This is the media offensive the EU and the USA were planning to counter the RT media truth based campaign against the industry of lie that are western mass media. Because they can’t fight Russia without our consent, and they know they have lost the information war, they are fighting us first with our greatest fears. The neo Bolsheviks are using “political correctness” for a full spectrum dominance against us.
    It is a war against the western civilization and as they know we are easily feeling guilty for anything they are using it against us. Evil Jews at work. Their weapons are massive immigration, mass medias and the target is what is left of white Christendom. The communist revolution in another of his multiple forms. And look at the people who only think in marxist terms, stuck in emotional state, unable to think correctly, saying that it is the fault of white people if everything is wrong in the world….brainwashed people, are the most dangerous, because they think they are on the good people. Typical inversion of all the values and the puppeteers are….Luciferian degenerate stooges : Evil Jews…

    1. @Arc. “This is the media offensive the EU and the USA were planning to counter the RT media truth based campaign against the industry of lie that are western mass media.”

      RT play both sides of the media matrix. Just like Jews do. RT sometimes highlight the crimes of Israel, but Max Keiser, George Galloway, Abby Martin … a LGBT activist who buys into the Climate Change Scam NEVER EVER SAY THE BANKS/CORPORATIONS ARE JEWISH. Isn’t Abby Martin a Jew? George Galloway despises Holocaust deniers and says the official version of 9/11 is true. RT often show on prime-time news the VERY FEW acts of anti-semitism in Europe.

      1. RT gives the halve truth. For the full truth you had better watch the Iranian Press TV (especially their program “The Debate”). On Press TV they name the Jew and people talk openly about 9/11 as a Mossad job, ISIS as an Israeli creation, fraudulent Jewish banking etc. etc.

  7. Hitchens: ”Can we stop this transformation of all we have and are? I doubt it.”

    I say: There are too many enablers at the top. One more just showed himself in Rome, when whites already have less than sufficient reproduction numbers.

    It is obvious the plan is to reduce whites. Pope helps with that right NOW:

    The Roman Catholic Church will grant priests the right to forgive the “sin of abortion” for women who are contrite (and white… in particular):

  8. A refugee is not an economic migrant. Not only did Hitchens correctly state that the boy and his family were safe in Turkey and had no need to leave, but so to did a UKIP politician and ridiculed for saying so. The ‘boy in the sand’ story shows not only how controlled society is by the msm, but how easily Britons today disrespect the lives of their ancestors who shed blood to give them the land they live in. Ask yourself a question, how many non Anglo countries would welcome westerners into their lands should the situation be reversed?

    Like Hitchens, the dead boy picture didn’t move me anymore than the dead Palestinian children I sadly see regularly. It seems to me that unless the msm tells the ignorant indigenous children are dying, somewhere in this world, they would remain oblivious to the stark reality.

    The dole queues are rising as more companies move abroad for cheap labour. I believe all people should work for benefits, unless incapable of doing so, but sadly the unemployed are now stigmatised as criminals having to now do 30 hours a week community service or lose all benefits. After you take off benefit costs these people are £60 or so out of pocket. Along with net migration of 300,000 yearly to Britain, plus refugees, where are the jobs going to miraculously appear from? People seem to forget that every incomer to the UK is taking a job away from the indigenous who works. If they’re not working its costing the indigenous. As Hitchens points out, how many will accommodate the incomers, not just the Syrians but all the rest? Would they give up their jobs as well? I doubt it. Their reality and liberal stance would drastically change.

    This is the push for quicker white genocide along with faster world government. The people don’t see this because they’re kept dumb with celebrity worship from the film, tv, music and sports industries, along with being told how to think and behave bu the msm.

    Europeans are giving away their uniqueness, freedom, culture, race and lands. The Jews are having multiple orgasms at the realisation, their plans are succeeding. I’ll always remain a thorn in the side of the system. There will be many battles fought by those who oppose the NWO, but the war has been lost. That happened 50 years ago

    1. Harbinger,

      Welcome back! I commend your common sense and the calm objectivity you bring to this discussion. Unfortunately, you will be perceived by many as a “racist” and “White supremacist” — the usual terms of abuse applied to brilliant writers like Kevin MacDonald and to other astute pragmatists like Franklin Ryckaert and yourself.

      Best to keep calm under attack.

    2. “but how easily Britons today disrespect the lives of their ancestors who shed blood to give them the land they live in.” :
      Usually other people`s blood..

  9. Lots of excerpts coming from the Jewish Daily Mail. Not sure why this site keeps quoting from them.

    Peter Hitchens says “But it is interesting that this week sees the publication in English of a rather dangerous book, which came out in France just before the Charlie Hebdo murders. Submission, by Michel Houellebecq, prophesies a Muslim-dominated government in France about seven years from now, ushered into power by the French Tory and Labour parties.”

    Do people really think Muslims will run France or any other country? Maybe Muslim Zionists in co-hoots with Jews and others. Has Peter Hitchens never heard of Jewish Noahide Law? Is the Jewdiciary/Freemasonry/Police/Institutions of State/Banks/EU Council in Europe overly represented by Muslims?

    Alex Brummer, CITY Editor of the Daily Mail and ex Vice President of the Jewish Board of Deputies wrote.

    “One of my favourite statistics about surging British-Israel trade is that one out of every seven prescriptions filled by the NHS is sourced from Israeli pharmaceutical companies.

    The high dependence of the NHS on Israeli ethical drugs is just one of the symbols of deepening economic relationship between the UK and Israel which with the passage of time has the power to OVERCOME THE FOCUS OF DIPLOMACY on settlements and Gaza and to reset the dial around commercial relationships.”

    1. @red onions, I agree with most of what you say, there are many who are stirring up Islamophobia.. With regard to your suggestion of giving foreign aid to Turkey, on the grounds that Turkey is harbouring refugees I would say, Turkey is also responsible for creating the refugee problem. Not only does the Turkish government hold an unreasonable hatred for the Kurdish PKK, but they also hate the legitimate, sovereign government of Bashar al- Assad.. A worthier recipient of foreign aid, would, in my opinion, be Lebanon, which now has as many refugees as Lebanese citizens.. A close ally of Turkey, the usurping entity occupying Palestine, is building yet another wall, why? to keep out Syrian refugees of course..

  10. And now we have a UK Parliament Petition to stop immigration. Isn’t this all to deflect from the NETANYAHU PETITION, which until yesterday had NO COVERAGE from the British Press, but still gained 107,000 signatures. The new immigration petition states “Many (migrants) are trying to change the UK into a Muslim country!”
    REALLY, how do impoverished migrants do that?

    1. @ Red Onions

      You should stand for Parliament. It would be an interesting situation! Where are you on Jeremy Corbyn? For him or against him? Just asking out of interest…

      1. How would you solve the migrant crisis? Any concrete suggestions? I would like to ask Ingrid the same question.

      2. @Sardonicus. Re-direct Foreign Aid. “Since it was founded in 1948, Israel has become the largest single recipient of U.S foreign assistance — a total of $121 billion, almost all of which has been in the form of military assistance.”

        Instead of giving “Foreign Aid” to countries who don’t need it, the West should re-direct this aid to countries like Turkey who are taking in refugees. Debt forgiveness for the poorest Nations should be debated. Pipe Dreams.

        Most important of all, “nothing will change fundamentally until we educate ourselves about psychopathy and political ponerology and how it affects all of us. The virus of psychopathy will infect any new system, community or change in power until it is brought to awareness and looked at for what it is. Then the solutions will present themselves based on the knowledge and understanding we have gained. Educating ourselves and others about it is the best we can do for ourselves and future generations.”

  11. >> There is no positive word for ‘safety’ in Russian. Their word for security is ‘bezopasnost’ – ‘without danger’.

    The positive word for ‘safety’ in Russian is сохранность , Mr. Hitchens. The root of the word сохранность is охрана meaning security. There are many other positive synonyms for ‘safety’ in Russian, like защита for example. The root of the word защита is щит meaning shield. Mr. Hitchens may have lived in the USSR but it would be a slight exaggeration to say that he has mastered the Russian language to the level that would allow him to make such unsafe (pardon the pun) statement.

    1. Literary license allows him to do that. He is a writer – not a linguist – and he is rightfully concerned about his OWN country.

      We have a spooky situation here, in USA, wherein Russian soldiers are traveling around to small, rural communities offering to purchase land and houses from common, unawares folk, especially in the western states. I can’t imagine what has prompted the strategy(?), or from whence comes the financing, but it is so. For me, I am getting more and more of the old Marine/Ranger slogan ‘Kill ’em ALL and let God sort ’em out!’

      1. >> For me, I am getting more and more of the old Marine/Ranger slogan ‘Kill ’em ALL and let God sort ’em out!’

        Well, you have done that in the past, didn’t you … literaly ALL ’em if we exclude half-bloods like our good friend BROWNHAWK and few others.

      2. We’re being driven to it, all-the-while condemned FOR it. I know it is probably by design – but there seems to be no other way to contend. 🙁

      3. >> We’re being driven to it, all-the-while condemned FOR it.

        I guess you would rather have a medal FOR that. Don’t forget – it was their land. It’s pay back time.

      4. Take all the gutless positions and stands you want. We are NOW what our ancestors carved out for us. It is our duty to defend it. Wherever you call home, you would improve yourself by trying to defend it. ALL lands have been conquered, at one time or another, by some tribe/people or another. I’ll wager you never knew that, once, there were over 500 different tribes of Indians in America. Do you really
        suppose they were all friendly with each other??? Stick to linguistics.

      5. True enough, Gil

        Before the Iroquois Hiawatha and Degandawidah restored sanity to the nations by creating the Great League of Peace, Indians were killing each other just like everyone everywhere else throughout history.

        A sorry lot are we all

  12. “I am amazed at how relaxed we are about giving this away.” This outlines the crux of the problem, people believe they are “sharing their wealth”, they have no clue they’re giving their heritage away.

    As for the little boy I am still stumped at how two boys, 3 and 5 years of age, could wash up on a beach while their family is safe in Turkey. Were the boys kidnapped? Were they sold to another family by human traffickers? How many responsible parents have two of their children wash up dead and unattended on a far away beach? This story resembles something one sees in a fun house mirror. As usual something stinks about this story and the foul odor emanating from it makes me think it crawled out of the Jew’s propaganda cesspool. Come on Arch, where else could such touchy-freely emotional claptrap spring from?

    1. >> As usual something stinks about this story and the foul odor emanating from it makes me think it crawled out of the Jew’s propaganda cesspool.

      Good point, Arch.

    2. Turkey refused to allow refugees permission to travel through Turkey, which left them only one alternative, the sea route. To suggest that the father of these two little boys, put them in danger for no reason, is one of the sickest things I`ve read. The children`s aunt lives in Canada, and had applied for asylum for the family in Canada. Her account says that the request was turned down, whilst the Canadian government say they never received the request. After the boys father lost his family, the Canadian government offered him asylum, he turned it down, since his reason for applying in the first place, taking his kids to a place of safety, was no longer the issue..

  13. >> I am amazed at how relaxed we are about giving this away.

    You are not giving away anything, Mr. Hitchens – it’s being taking away from you by the same devil that gave it to you.


    [boy:] “I don’t mind about the war, that’s one of the things I like to watch, if it’s a war going on, ’cause then I know if our side’s winning, if our side’s losing…”
    (switch channels)
    What God wants God gets God help us all
    What God wants God gets (repeated)
    The kid in the corner looked at the priest
    And fingered his pale blue Japanese guitar
    The priest said:

    God wants goodness
    God wants light
    God wants mayhem
    God wants a clean fight

    What God wants God gets
    Don’t look so surprised
    It’s only dogma
    The alien prophet cried
    The beetle and the springbok
    Took the Bible from its hook
    The monkey in the corner
    Wrote the lesson in his book
    What God wants God gets God help us all

    God wants peace
    God wants war
    God wants famine
    God wants chain stores

    What God wants God gets

    God wants sedition
    God wants sex
    God wants freedom
    God wants semtex

    What God wants God gets
    Don’t ok so surprised
    I’m only joking
    The alien comic lied
    The jackass and hyena
    Took the feather from its hook
    The monkey in the corner
    Wrote the joke down in his book
    What God wants God gets

    God wants borders
    God wants crack
    God wants rainfall
    God wants wetbacks

    What God wants God gets

    God wants voodoo
    God wants shrines
    God wants law
    God wants organised crime
    God wants crusade
    God wants jihad
    God wants good
    God wants bad

    What God wants God Gets

    1. What “God” is this?
      lower case “g” please…and then pluralized (“gods”), which would imply a falseness

      1. Precisely. But I would put it a bit differently: there is a devilish force in the world that deems itself as the God, so everywhere in the verse God –> devil except in the “God help us all” where God≡God.

  14. Sardonicus,

    You of all people know that which needs to be said, must, regardless of how many people it will offend.

    The Syrian refugee crisis is minimal compared to the mass immigration that’s been ongoing since the end of World War 2.
    Statistics prove that all births, up to the year 2050, at least 75% of them will be solely attributed to the immigration from 1997 onwards.

    Those speaking out about the crisis are instantly silenced by the mainstream media.
    There’s only one way to stop the inevitable genocide of the European people’s and that is simply to repatriate all immigrants (and their families) who’ve arrived here since the end of WW2.

    There is not such a thing as a black or an Asian Briton. There is simply the word indigenous to define the people of the United Kingdom. You are either indigenous and therefore British or you are not British at all. The mainstream media of course continually parrots this stupid belief that one born in the United Kingdom is British. We know that a watermelon is from the same family of fruit as a cantaloupe. However were it to grow in a patch of land amongst other cantaloupe melons it would certainly not turn into one, nor be defined as one, yet the msm wants us to believe so when it comes to humans.

    Destroy race culture and individuality for without doing so there can be no one world government, banking system and authoritarian totalitarian state. You know this, others may not.

    1. @ Harbinger

      For every alien you deport—HOW? by changing the jewish laws? lol. Or by a goyish coup d’état? LOL!—the Evil Christ Killing Jews will send a dozen more aliens back into your country to replace them.

      In order to finally and effectively expel the aliens you must first expel, with extreme prejudice and finality, the Original Aliens.

      From the minute they arrived on your shores, the EVIL JEWS have worked tirelessly to undermine and to destroy your country from within, financially, culturally, and now racially by flooding Europe with these phony refugees.

      Unless you solve the “Jewish Problem” FIRST and FOREMOST, any talk about deporting the aliens is PURE NONSENSE. Both tactically and strategically, it is a NON-STARTER!

      How does one battle and eliminate 10s of millions of aliens from Europe? Wouldn’t it be much easier and simpler to battle and eliminate the 10 top jew families who rule and control Europe?

      By eliminating the 100 or so top jews in Europe, you not only solve the alien invasion of Europe, but just about everything that is wrong with the Zionist West: phony wars against phony terrorists; phony paper inflationary money; porn; drugs, both illicit and the doctor-prescribed poisons; militant homosexuality; pedophilia; and the most sickening of all, the kidnapping and murder of tens of thousands of children each year for jewish ritual blood sacrifices.

      Don’t be cross, but I’m afraid as a leader of men or even as a credible Nationalist you are not, no siree, Harb! But you can still be a martyr: simply find the head of the Snake in London and cut it off!

      Do it! Be a Hero to your Country and a Martyr to your Race! (I assume you are a GOY of course.)

      1. JftC

        I speak of what must be done even though I know it won’t be. I offer a solution to reality in order to avert the inevitable.

        I have never had any desire whatsoever to be a leader of men. I have however always wanted men to be leaders of themselves. Through education and understanding of the situation one can then do what needs to be done instead of waiting for someone to say so. I have never wanted to be a shepherd leading sheep. I would rather be a shepherd walking amongst other shepherds. I never wanted an independent Scotland. I have always wanted a land of independent Scots.

        I understand everything that you write of regarding the Jews. However as people on this website know my problem is not so much with the Jews but with the goyim/gentiles. What is the population of Europe regarding gentiles? And what is the population of Europe regarding Jews? Do the Jews not make up some 1% of the overall gentile population? And yet this tail clearly wags the dog does it not?

        The gentiles in the West will only ever be free of Jewish perfidy when they understand just what Jewish perfidy is. They certainly won’t understand it by reading the newspapers, watching tv and gaining degrees in academia. Therefore if they are prepared to be willing slaves in a Jewish totalitarian dystopia, through their own wilful ignorance, let them be so.
        How many times have they been warned and yet still choose to remain silent? How many more times will it take for them to realize just what reality is?

        Lopping off the head of one of the snakes would be no different to removing the head of a hydra in that more heads would simply grow back? And doing so would be nothing but an act of futility in that the mainstream media would play me down as a terrorist and society would go back to sleep.

        I have no desire whatsoever of becoming a martyr for a society who would do nothing but castigate and pillory me for committing acts such as you describe

  15. Hello ESP,

    Back-to-school time for the European Charlies after one month of carelessness, tanning on the sunny French beaches watching the kids, with the tragic faith of Aylan and his moronic father, an heartbreaking global story staged for the European audience guilty conscience, so that they can accept the arrival of “war refugees”. In reality, they are young males economic migrants from pretty much everywhere, attracted by the sweet siren voice of Frau Merkel, in desperate need for new young industrial low wage slaves, before distributing and allocating the migrants in all European countries. I hope we won’t get too many ISIS exfiltrated lunatics.

    Amazing once again how the same vultures responsible for the chaos are cynically dancing around the body of this kid, with a palme d’or for BHL, playing on emotions to weaken our judgment, so that everybody forget the dismemberment of Syria and all the secular state of middle East. But as you say payback is a bitch and we are being invaded in return, call it an inverted Kuwaiti Incubator Baby Hoax.
    Everything is said in this speech by this young Syrian lady in Belgrade, Rym Dariouch.

    BTW, good article but I don’t think the author has read Submission, it’s way more subtle and complex than the title makes it appear. “A Muslim-dominated government”, that’s a good one.

    1. @Phil. “BTW, good article but I don’t think the author has read Submission, it’s way more subtle and complex than the title makes it appear. “A Muslim-dominated government”, that’s a good one.”

      The author, Peter Hitchens is biased. He has Polish Jewish ancestry. Last year he wrote:

      “Israel exists only because quite a lot of people hate Jews for being Jews, and sometimes that hate turns into murder.

      It is a place where Jews can go when other people want to kill them for being what they are, not for what they do, and when nobody else will take them in.

      But it also exists because we in Britain set up a Jewish ‘national home’ in what was then our colony of Palestine, though we spent the next 30 years trying to go back on our word.” !!


      1. thanks for the precision RO.
        It’s funny when the book came out, the authorized “critics” all claimed it was an islamophobic book, i had the same feeling when i read the part of the article about it. In reality it’s quite the opposite, it’s about french people electing a muslim patriotic president with his “soft” version of Islam. I would trade one of those against Hollande everyday.
        Do you imply this is a well disguised “clash against muslim” propaganda ?

        I put the text of the speech here since the sound is bad in the video. I like this little lady.

        “Dear friends I am here today infront of you as a proud syrian citizen, to tell you about situation in my contury, that is also important to Serbia. We used to be loved and respected people. Before this war our biggest issue was Palestine . We wanted to solve our small problems compared to what we have today ( Bureaucracy and Corruption in some sectors. ) we didn’t know injustice, terrorism or criminality. We worked hard the last 10 years before this war and we made big steps. The most important thing that before this war we didn’t have syrian refugees.

        We had strong national identity. Those who you see out in the streets of belgrade on their way to germany or holand , they are not the real syrian. Don’t miss understand me , i love my people , but my people those who are fighting for Syria for our homelands.

        Yes those refugees suffered but who didn’t suffer through this war? Why the rest of the syrian are staying and resisting? If they are really refugees they would choose for the first safe place that they can reach and not fight with the Hungarian police cause they want to reach germany. Let me ask you if the west doesn’t want those refugees or doesn’t want them to die in the sea, why it doesn’t stop the sanctions on syrian people? That already costed syria 143 billion dollars?

        If it is not the west agenda why it doesn’t help those syrian to stay by supporting the syrian army to get rid of the terrorist and make syria safe again? Why they don’t help to rebuild the destroyed houses of the people with the money that they spend on refugee? They took away the people who can rebuild this country. They want to break syria and the syrian people. They want to steal Syrian doctors and their best students on one hand. This will cause a braindrain. On the other hand multinationals want cheap labours so they can lower the wages.

        We lost 100.000 soldiers fighting against extremists till now, I don’t hear the west crying on them , those who gave their souls to defend a nation leaving behind them proud families deserve to be helped, on the other side they cry on person died trying to run away and leave there country, many of them are jihadists, and even more they are paid thousands of euros for this.

        Let me tell you that the money a family of 5 persons will pay to reach Europe is enough to buy a house in a safe area of Sirya, start a new job and live good. They are not refugees they are economicaly motivated immigrants. After 5 years of war our navy still for-filling its international duties. Our coast is well guarded and not a single boat with immigrants leaves from there. Another trend those days is to take christians out of Syria . Emptying one of the first Christian lands from Christians…What we have today in Syria is similar to what you had in Serbia before. They target our identity our unity and our sovereignty.

        I want to underline that the Syrian nation and Serbian nation were always friends, we have big and respected orthodox community, Syria didin`t recognize independence of Kosovo and we have many mutual enemies. You should know that as you fight against politicians who promote new world order, USA interests and mass imigration, at the same time you are saving many peoples lives and there future. We are more then connected, same Albanian terrorists that were fighting in Kosovo, are today killing civilians in Syria, and this is allowed by same corrupted politicians in the USA, there alies in EU, and there falowers here in Serbia, and be aware that wave of migration will return to Serbia.

        Dear friends all i ask you today is to stand by us as a people defending you in the same time as we defend our selves. Stand by our army by our right cause, because if we lost this war jihadists won’t stop in Syria. Together we will ressist until victory.”

      2. I read Christopher Hitchen’s book, Why Orwell Matters about 10 years ago… it was OK but, as a literary critic, he never impressed me as much as did, say, a stodgy old conservative like Edmund Wilson, whom I first read when I was in my late teens.

        Of course, Hitchens made a name for himself not as a witty literary critic but as a WIT or what passes as one these days. The revelation that Hitchens is/was Jewish or identified with his mother’s Jewish heritage makes perfect sense now. No one gets to the top without either being a jew or professing their love of jews.

        As for being your brother’s keeper, the subject of this article, the lesser brother of Christopher has given us the closest thing we will ever get to an anti-immigrant “right-wing” article at the populist Daily [Jewish] Times.

        To paraphrase Charles Dickens: It was the best of Hitchens, and it was the worst of times.

  16. Top ten reasons for the uprising in Syria
    By Primoz Manfreda
    Middle East Issues Expert
    (HE SURE IS)
    1. Political repression
    President Bashar al-Assad assumed power in 2000 after the death of his father Hafez who had ruled Syria since 1970. Assad quickly dashed hopes of reform, as power remained concentrated in the ruling family, and the one-party system left few channels for political dissent. With no peaceful transfer of power since the 1950s, change can seemingly happen only through a military coup or a popular uprising.( TOLD YA!)
    2,3,,4,5, ETC

    1. and from no other but the great mark glenn at the ugly truth comes the great article
      “New hasbara booklet for kids: ‘There’s no such thing as Palestine’”
      ideal for white supremacists like rickaert and sardonicous who calls the former an erudite and who like the good jew, also denies the existence of palestine while quoting his favorite senator (mr gingritch)
      (.. answer plz …who is worse .. a white supremacist or a jew?)

  17. To those who disapprove of Peter Hitchens and the fact that we sometimes publish articles not everyone approves of:

    Please bear in mind our openly stated policy in regard to the choice of articles published on this site:

    “Though we tend to agree with the broad assumptions of most of the writers we publish, we occasionally publish articles we disagree with strongly. Such articles are published to stimulate discussion and in the interests of free speech, not because we approve of them.”


    On the whole, we approve of the Hitchens article but we certainly do not approve of the newspaper for which he writes, the Daily Mail. This is most definitely, as one of our commenters has pointed out, an organ of Jewish propaganda. Everything it says about Israel and the Middle East must be taken with a pinch of salt. The same applies to all other mainstream newspapers, both British and American.

    Please note that Lasha Darkmoon has already said this in a recent article:

    “Avoid the mainstream media like a plague. Believe nothing you see on television or read in the newspapers. Stop watching Hollywood movies if you don’t want your mind to be invaded by black propaganda, false memes and subliminal advertising. Better still, don’t watch TV at all. And don’t buy the newspapers and magazines you see for sale in supermarkets or high street newsagents.”


    Lasha of course does read the newspapers occasionally, against her own advice not to do so. There’s nothing wrong with this site republishing an occasional article from the Daily Mail or even Ha’aretz. It’s up to you to make up your own mind about the article.

    1. @ Toby

      Do I have your permission to return to this site? I feel strongly that I have been unfairly banned. My posts were far less offensive than the disgusting posts of TheRealOriginalJoe. I was already banned and Joe was still posting his horror obscenities. That makes no sense to me, Toby. It’s a clear case of double standards.

      Please approve this post for publication.

      If anyone wants me to come back, please give me a vote of approval. I promise to be good. And if anyone hates me and wants me to go away and jump over a cliff, this is your chance to say so.

      1. Always count on mine, Mme Butterfly.

        Heck, I was even supporting TROJ, all in interest of healthy anarchy

      2. @ Madame Butterfly

        You have my vote of approval. I miss your wit even though your wit was sometimes an attack. If it was your vocabulary selection that got you banned, you might want to alter it a bit to be more acceptable to the moderators.

      3. Sure MB –

        “Come on down”…. from your perch.

        You attract attention to this old asshole’s comments. 🙂

    2. Toby:

      Such articles are published to stimulate discussion and in the interests of free speech, not because we approve of them.

      Unfortunately, in this day & age, there’s no such thing as discussion except flame-throwing between the supremacists & pacifists, as evidenced on this board.

      Carry on folks, you’re doing a great job demonstrating your contempt & compassion.

      May the best side win!

      Wait! I just realized the winner. The elephant in the room. Credits to the one & only Lobro.

      P.S.: Would it be too much to ask people to tone down their profanity or is that (also) governed by free speech, et al. Just asking!


    Having watched the movie “Wag the Dog” years ago, I was distressed to see similar tactics employed relative to the (alleged) death of a family of Syrian refugees and its use to justify a war on Syria AND flood Europe with refugees at a time when its economy is in shambles.

    Germany, which will take in 800,000 this year, is expected to be burdened with 500,000 every year thereafter. This is tantamount to genocide of the German population by attrition and, as Germany is still an essentially occupied country operating under an armistice with the Allies, the blame falls squarely on them…and brings to mind the infamous 1939 exterminationist tract Germany Must Perish and the equally infamous Morganthau Plan for the deindustrialization and depopulation of Germany.

    (It’s worth noting here that a Canadian, Arthur Topham, is now being tried as a hate criminal in Canada for simply republishing”Germany Must Perish”–authored by a Jewish person–with the word “Jew” substituted for “German”. It’s also worth remembering that World War II started when war was declared on Germany in 1932 by Felix Untemeyer and the World Jewish Congress on behalf of “all Jews in the world.” Some 100-million non Jews perished in this war for world dominance.)

    With “little Aylan” we have the usual photoshopped images. Feet in sand that leave no footprints, store-fresh clothing and the like. In a 0-to-60 move, the refugees went from mostly Africans swarming the port of Calais to poor Syrian families drowning at sea. There’s a slight problem with this narrative.

    All of these refugees–mostly young Sunni Muslim males–are coming from refugee camps in Turkey, which has been funding and supplying ISIS.

    The people in Syria ISIS will kill: Christians, Zoroastrians, Kurds and Shites.

    The “refugees” in Europe: young SUNNI males that would be accepted by ISIS because they are a branch of the Sunni–aka Wahhabists (funded and promoted by Saudi Arabia, also a backer of ISIS.) These young Sunni males are refugees because they were opposed to Bashar Assad.

    Israel has been treating wounded ISIS fighters in Israeli hospitals and providing ISIS with air and artillery support.

    A picture is emerging of media spin designed to allow the conquest of Syria and further destabilize Europe at the same time.


    European nations have a right to arrest or even fire on these ships and torpedo them, as this is an act of war and the military has a right to repel the invasion, under the same doctrine. The reason they are not doing that is because the politicians are being bribed by the Judaists.

    What Angela Merkel is doing, allowing these invaders to settle in Germany, is criminal. It is very well known that she is owned and operated by her Jewish masters. They have given her numerous awards for her servitude of her Jewish masters.

    People need to protest in all these countries, demand a total ban on immigration, vote for rightist parties that promise to ban immigration and deport these aliens and reverse this criminal act of permitting the invaders to stay, institute binding superseding national referenda, get out of EU and use their armies to repel these invasions. They need to do this soon, as death is at the door.

    1. Bob,

      You really have to ask yourself a question; is it a good article by Peter Hitchens?
      I don’t actually think it is.
      What values does Peter Hitchens really expect immigrant’s to adopt?
      Does he want them to embrace gay marriage and gay lifestyles?
      Does he want them to drop their culture and ancestry and accept ours?
      Does he want them to drop their national identity and embrace ours which ironically no longer exists?
      Does he want them to stop eating their traditional foods and tuck into a roast pork, a roast chicken or a roast lamb on a Sunday?

      Bob, Peter Hitchens believes that one born in the UK is British regardless of ancestry. He believes that having stayed in the UK for a certain amount of years one can become British by applying for British citizenship. He believes British to be a multitude of races and cultures of this world. In other words Bob, Peter Hitchens believes in the post World War 2 society just as all the other globalist Jews believe.

      Peter Hitchens is really playing good cop in the good cop/bad cop scenario. I have never known of any Jew living in the West who disagrees with multiculturalism and multiracial society, Unless that is they are Zionists and referring to Israel.

  20. IMHO, This entire crisis is what the old KGB used to call an “active measure” by the various intelligence services of the west, for the purpose of manufacturing consent for an invasion of Syria. Let’s not forget many countries in Europe are under American military occupation, and have been so since the end of WW2. The UK and Germany are perhaps the most ubiquitous. So while I agree with the sentiments of the article, the real crux of the matter is if Europeans want to preserve their independence and way of life, they must remove foreign troops from their soil, disband NATO and the EU. The EU is just a vehicle for the Jewish NWOists to turn each and every European into a horrid, plastic “McEuropean”!

    1. It is far worse than that, they want us to turn into “McThirdWorld”, hence their effort to impose mass immigration from the Third World on us (but not on Israel of course).

    2. That Felix, and the tie-in to this “nuclear pact” with Iran.

      The potential for a false narrative is so predictable:

      “see, we were reasonable with Iran and then they turn around behind our backs and build nuclear bombs after all. Of COURSE we are thus justified in attacking them”

      wait for it?

      1. One guess is that Iran is being set up to be the fall guy upon the arrangement of this nuclear “pact”. Eventually it will be “discovered” that they are making bombs with the “obvious” intent of dropping them on Israel. Israel is then made to feel justified in launching a “preemptive strike”.

        The fuse reaches its long-awaited detonation

        This will prompt the hawk (Iran) to make various lateral movements per its strategic design, but not directly AT Israel in retaliation.

        “When” is always hard to say. Probably at least a few years away.

      2. Brownhawk, my American brother –

        Do not second guess the enemy. ALL are enemy who is against us! We cannot help the designs of what our federal guvmint has become… Be strong, mon ami. Ride your wonderful horses, and TO HELL WITH THEM.

  21. Not only with refugees… destroying our own countries by other means…. is happening without a whimper.

    One of the greatest physical acts of destruction to any country is murdering the unborn and newborn babies. (China kills the girls.)

    The most traitorous person to all humanity today is the Pharisee-Jesuit pope.

    While attention is being ‘focused’ on refugees, as misdirection… he just told ALL Christian white women last week that it is now alright with God to murder their unborn babies.

    Jew-Pharisee-Jesuit-Mason-Pope…. all the same.

    One world one religion is the goal.

    Come out of the ‘herd.’ Expose and throw out the ‘stooges.’ There are way more than 3 of them. 🙂

    1. @ Pat

      Well said, Pat. Fire away! I sincerely doubt though that the Pope is Satan’s second-in-command on earth. A Useful Idiot maybe, but surely not the most powerful force for evil in the world. There are far greater villains around. You know who they are. The Nameless Ones.

      If the Pope is a villain, I really do believe he is not aware of his villainy, i.e., that he is a villain who really believes he is God’s representative on earth.

      1. This is first Jesuit Pope. He knows. He knows villainy. He is trained very well to know. The Black Pope reassures him.

        Although…. since he is a Jesuit, there may not be a need for the Black Pope, the The Superior General of the Society of Jesus is the official title of the leader of the Society of Jesus—the Roman Catholic religious order, also known as the Jesuits. He is generally addressed as Father General.

        Today it is… the Very Rev. Adolfo Nicolás Pachón, S.J., S.T.D. (born 29 April 1936) is a Spanish priest of the Roman Catholic Church. He is the thirtieth and current Superior General of the Society of Jesus, the largest religious order in the Roman Catholic Church.

        There is no greater danger to a country, and inhumane crime, than parents murdering their children… especially mothers doing so.

        Any preacher who does not know villainy is a fool. Pope ain’t a fool.

      2. Pat, tho i subscribe to the same plan of individual responsibility for one’s thoughts, actions, attitudes and morality, just as Jesus advocated in simple words, this may not be the path for everyone, like climbing mt Everest w/o sherpas – only a few can even attempt it.

        Going back to stuff Christ said, he did grant the same worth to every living thing, mice, birds and the ignorant masses out there alike.

        What are the chances of each one of them catching onto the solitary program?

        therefore, he did prescribe a certain amount of shepherding for those of limited consciousness and introspection and appointed st Peter as his vicar.

        Which is not to say that numerous, if not most, if not ALL popes themselves blundered in all sorts of ways, unable to think clearly and independently, caught up inside Devil’s power matrix.

        But if jesuits teach one thing, it is the facility for logic and were thus able to gainfully educated many leaders who combined analytical ability with patriotism and humanitarian sense.
        Don’t The Protocols say explicitly that their greatest potential opponents, the ones able to read their hidden agenda were the Jesuits?

        and the Protocols are almost as valuable a read as the New testament because they reveal the mind of the Enemy in plain words, rather than the obtuse mumble of Torah.
        The genius behind the Protocols is not to be taken lightly, dismiss it at giant peril.

        the pope may well have erred in allowing the abortion of badly needed births to replenish the fast fading stock but i think that he also thought deeply on the subject, which is multifaceted and i don’t pretend to understand it fully.

        the problem is not so much the shortage of bodies as moral degeneration that turns kids into mindless automatons, so bereft of thought and empathy that they are burden rather than asset to the society and the world.

        pope Frank has said some powerfully challenging words to the evil elites and has banished rabbis from the catholic altar, maybe symbolic but symbols carry secret power.

        Like i said, he may have erred because he is human after all, but cut him some slack, there were worse ones.
        I like him much better than wojtila and am reserving the judgment until i see more.
        Some of my Stalin arguments may well apply to Frank.

      3. Lobro –

        No one gets slack from me for advocating murdering children.. Jesuit or any other type of Pharisee or Chinaman or Indian advocating such today.

        My solitary program and belief system disallows and condemns those murders.

        I believe this pope is worse than any before him to allow murder to be acceptable. He is destroying whole cultures with that.

      4. It is quite true that Jews take the program of vice and evil much more seriously and thoroughly than we gentiles take the program of good and virtue.

        the (mis)eductaion starts early and it shows on all the fronts.

        imagine one of those stadium display monitors that shows the score in giant lettering:
        VISITORS 15,000,000 – HOME 0.

      5. No one gets slack from me for advocating murdering children

        I second this, Pat and as HP is my witness, no one gets slack from me for murdering.

        But also consider that consigning the newborns to life of penury, misery, illiteracy, sickness, exploitation by gangs, pimps, drug pushers and jew plantation masters likewise amounts to murder, only more cruel, brutal and protracted.

        Which is why advocate an enforced control on just how much of pharisaic evil should be permitted for anyone to pursue and the fact is plain that phariseic evil is the master of the world, where truly,

        … the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which it is said that when the messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands

        Not sure that born into this Jewtopia, just to be served up on the pesach menu at age 4 is worth it …

        Abortion is just another noisemaker on rattlesnake’s tail to attract attention, while the head goes unobserved.
        Gotta swing the machete at that fork-tongued head … about the only creature undeserving of Christ’s mercy.


          All the crocodile tears in the whole history of the world can’t cover up the happiness and joy and the glee each and every one of you Darkmooners are that White Europe is being overrun with Mohammedans. Don’t bother debating that, I already know I’m 100% RIGHT in my assertions. So do you all you Darkmooners know I’m 100% right in my assertions. End of discussion.

          I did notice, by the way, I did notice that clue that lobro and lasha are really one and the same person. I’m not surprised because in the qabalah hermaphroditism is an “important” part of your putrid jew qabalah “religion”. Of course the talmud approves of the qabalah. Thx for the clue, but I didn’t really need it. Lobro and Lasha are the same person. I suspected it before, now I know it for certain. The game is up.

      6. @ Joe

        A few weeks ago you said Lasha was Lobro’s mom. Now you say they’re the same person. Lobro’s gonna end up with identity problems! 🙂

      7. So .. What will the Euro-eunuchs do, do you suppose?
        Grow a pair? (haha) Shout “WE DON’T BELIEVE IT!”
        It’s about that time.

        I’ve always had faith in the Germans. From ‘way back when’
        We’ll see what happens soon, but I can’t imagine all the Euro-men not defending their families and neighbors from criminals. From low down cotton picking shysters(they come in every color of the rainbow and then some), like the guy with the sign.

        A lot of those German soldiers have German families..

    2. True as can be, Pat. 110% hugely sinful bad karma repercussions far beyond murder alone. Demons by any every name.
      Abortion is their calling card.
      When it comes to being born, it’s not really our business to even discuss much less decide who will be born.
      Some things are bigger than us pip squeaks and that’s one of them.
      Yes, especially a human life.

      Because even as we all now know(not a guess) who and what we’re dealing with here, the skeeeered massses will reflexively grasp for pizza and beer.
      American society has fallen So low So fast it’s hard to grok.

      This isn’t some Hollywood sadistic gore porn movie, but THE REAL THING.
      Shoved right in our faces.

      Who you gonna call, indeed..

  22. Peter Hitchens: the unassuming prophet. Increasingly ringing bells, difficult to miss or dismiss, an upsetter – too measured and mannered to mute, too prominent to sideline – someone who grew up, and through, the career censor’s net. An unmistakable voice of reason. The Guardian (7/9/15) put out their brightly likeable centre-forward Owen Jones to see if he could pop a goal or two in. Owen comes out running, “I’m very optimistic because hope drives what I believe in”. Although Hitchens backtracks a touch, initially he responds with compassion at this use of the H word. From there he quantifies and dissects socialism, exacting more instinctive laughs as Owen grapples with his simple but formidable returns. The prophecy is unqualified “the UK is finished” – the boat’s taking in water – bankrupt, broken, the indigenous people and culture, of at least the twentieth century, now under a decade or so of a more brazen concerted and contrived demolition. Sure the 60’s trendy tradition killing policy, a sure marker but today’s pace can’t continue to easily marginalise this kind of talk, the symptoms alternative media have been screaming about for years. Peter admits theoretical possibilities otherwise might exist but the systemic lockdown makes any possible route out a dilemma without a plan.
    In the Bible, prophecy comes in these hopeless and desperate times. The word goes out that ‘…is finished’ but for the most part it’s conditional because; repentance, faith and prayer – doing what God says do – can be a way out of what’s proclaimed: seemingly inevitable destruction. The mountain moves. The impossible possible.
    Hitchens drops the ‘rule of China’ to come in the interview, conceding to a more mainstream line but speaks of Cameron, obtaining office/working for “sons of gentleman”. And so who might these be and what must, (surely not might), he know but of course, not be at liberty to publicly expand too deeply upon?
    So, how do these commentators cope with that which is hidden in plain view? How do the best of them handle knowing the conspiracy scams? Sure, some don’t believe/refuse to look too closely and/or have a personal philosophy that justifies silence. Of course there’s survival and loved ones to consider but at the top end, and combine this with those most discerning and honest – the carers, the romantic for life and the children. How they must struggle in their position and the web of lies they inhabit. Peter – and Owen – did good in those six minutes and the piece above deserving its alternative acknowledgement.
    Hope’s back

    1. It seems so, Mark. Yes. (Actually, though, it never was ‘gone’ – though it takes good writers to bring it to public scrutiny.) 🙂

  23. Again Ingrid you launch straight into the attack. For your information Ingrid I was not speaking about the assassin’s under the control of the British imperialists. I was in fact referring to the many Scots who died in Culloden Moor in 1745 fighting against the oppressive Crown. I’m also referring to the Scots who died fighting against the English the Norse and the Romans pre 1745.

    I am not Darlington. It appears that whomever speaks out against mass immigration into the west, you automatically assume that it is I under another name. I can assure you that it most certainly is not and if you want confirmation ask admin.

    The more you write Ingrid the more it seems that you are nothing more than a Scottish version of Barbara Spectre. I can picture you sitting, sipping coffee while discussing how the west, more importantly the UK, has to remove itself from its monoculture and embrace multiculture and the swathes of immigrants from outside the anglophile.

    You instantly attack anybody who has a different opinion to you on immigration and multiculturalism in the West. This is clear for all to see.

    You lack prescience Ingrid and that is your greatest downfall in life. Your love for multiculturalism and the mass migration into the west, only proves you’re continuing advocacy for white genocide. The more I read this website the more I see people attacking your views. I am still utterly perplexed at why Lasha, Toby and the rest of admin defend your policies which promote multiculturalism and multiracial societies.
    While I sympathise with the Palestinians, Iraqi’s, Libyans, Syrians and many of the other Islamic peoples, along with other third worlders, Their continued exodus into the west will only make matters worse. And this is exactly what the new world order tyrants want to happen.
    How on earth do you propose to stop western governments from bombing the Middle East when we have no control over them whatsoever? Even though David Cameron specifically stated that the West would not get involved in Syria, We now know that the government has gone behind the peoples back and is in fact actively engaging I.S. in Syria, with air strikes.
    How on earth do you propose to stop the Rothschild banking cabal from installing it’s bank in the Middle Eastern countries that don’t have them?
    I was on the march against the Iraq war in 2003 in London. Around 2,000,000 people were there and yet the government still went ahead with its intervention into Iraq.

    Ingrid when are you going to wake up and smell the bloody coffee for crying out loud?

    1. @ Harbinger

      I am still utterly perplexed at why Lasha, Toby and the rest of admin defend your policies which promote multiculturalism and multiracial societies.

      But we don’t defend Ingrid’s views on multiculturalism and multiracial societies! We advocate the very OPPOSITE!!! We couldn’t have made it clearer that we are against multiculturalism and uncontrolled mass immigration.

      Lasha is a follower of Kevin MacDonald and, like KMD, totally rejects the silly slogan: “INDIA FOR THE INDIANS, CHINA FOR THE CHINESE, EUROPE FOR EVERYONE!” If Lasha had been a supporter of multicuturalism and multiracial societies, Kevin MacDonald would never have published her work on his website.

      The reason you misunderstood Lasha is that she defended Ingrid’s right to make her views known on this website. Ingrid’s views, however, are NOT Lasha’s views. Lasha is most emphatically against multiculturalism and mass immigration and couldn’t have made that clearer in article after article after article.

    2. No worries Harbinger, and Ruth, you win, I`m leaving.. I`ve been accused of “driving away “good” posters”, of aggression, of lying plus plus, so I`ll remove my evil presence, however, one last thought, Harbinger, the lilly white UK, and europe are far, far better off with the jews, and their control of the power elite, than the “diseased” (your description, not mine) brown skinned hordes, right!

      1. Ingrid,

        You would happily see the Uk and Europe become overpopulated with non whites, resulting in the indigenous becoming a minority in their own lands. You are the only one here who advocates this. Why do you complain about Jews when you are clearly a proponent of their plans?

        Your Congonese neighbours, are no different to the family of the Syrian boy in that they hop, skipped and jumped over safe havens to make a beeline for the UK. The house they live in could be housing an indigenous family. The jobs they have could be given to indigenous.

        Charity begins at home Ingrid, but when it comes to non whites, it’s a case of ‘charity begins in the UK & Europe’. You advocate the mass migration of these people here, harping on about how it’s my fault, even though I’ve never bombed or shot anyone.

        You shout anyone down as a white supremacist who opposes your views, castigating anyone who wishes only for the survival of their species, that is only white people.
        The best solution for people like you is to go to non white lands and live with them. I have and realised I preferred living amongst my own.

        Admin support you Ingrid. They will attack me for opposing your views, telling me to “lay off Ingrid” but enough’s enough and your radical views don’t just need to be challenged but buried forever. Join Amnesty International. You’ll be at home there helping ‘brown’ people.

        I have always opposed your views Ingrid and we’ve never seen eye to eye. Its not just me you disagree with but quite a few from what I can see on this thread.

      2. @ Ingrid B

        I hope I didn’t drive you away, dear Ingrid. I for one will be very sorry to see you go. Don’t let a few idiots drive you away! You must stay and fight! Fight for your views!

      3. Gilbert is right, Ingrid. Your comments deserve consideration. Heck, my wife takes the same line as you and I adore her!

      4. No worries Harbinger, and Ruth, you win, I`m leaving.. I`ve been accused of “driving away “good” posters”, of aggression, of lying plus plus, so I`ll remove my evil presence…

        Ingrid, you are overreacting. Please don’t go! I would be stricken. Truly stricken and devastated to see you driven away by Little Me!

        You said I had “friends in high places.” That was a silly thing to say, Ingrid. I’ve just heard from Admin and they have rejected the 1500-word Comment I sent them for publication. I’ve never had such a rude rejection in my life! A crisp one-liner from Montecristo: “Sorry Ruth, we can’t publish this crap.”

        Some “friends”, huh?

      5. Ingrid –

        Just don’t read the comments from those who beat you up…..
        …. like the ‘monitoring’ Bernstein doesn’t read mine, but parrots back everything I say… which is not agreeable with that ‘entity.’ 🙂
        (with some embellishing errors tossed in for controversy)

        Learn the game. Have fun. Monitor us.

      6. @ Pat

        I think you have a point about outsider people “monitoring” the website, but I don’t think they are necessarily doing this on behalf of the website or indeed doing the website any favors. I think there are two types of posters:

        (1) Regulars like yourself who are spending a lot of time commenting on the actual issues of the day.

        (2) Irregulars like myself who are best described as “silent readers” who don’t have time to comment on actual issues but only step in occasionally to object to the views of some other poster. You call this “monitoring”. I call it “unsolicited quality control”. In other words, they are trying to take on the role of self-appointed monitors.

        I find myself doing this quite a lot nowadays. No time for posting. Just time for butting in and telling some other poster to shut up! Mind you, we also butt in to say, ‘Well done!” if someone writes a particularly good post. You can call this “outside monitoring” or “unsolicited quality control.” It’s an attempt to offer extra assistance to Toby.

      7. RB –

        I’m glad you agree you are a monitor…. by another name. 🙂

        You said:
        “I call it “unsolicited quality control”. In other words, they are …. MONITORS.”

        This site is monitored all across the globe… hooked to web..!! See Alexa.

      8. A very nice lady asked me to reconsider leaving, which gives me the chance to say thankyou, to Gilbert, Darlington, Pat, and Ruth. No Darlington, you didn`t drive me away, we had heated exchanges, and I was rude to you, I apologise. I apologise to all those I have been rude to. I get so angry sometimes, not with anyone here, I get angry about the needless wars, the senseless killing, and attacks on those who are forced to flee. Hopefully it will be a temporary thing, and one day soon, everyone can return to their homes, and their lands, Insh`allah. Yes, Pat, it is probably best to ignore Harbingers rants, I know he hates me, he said so, and I wish he would stop telling me what to do. I seldom drink coffee, and my Congolese neighbours are doing OK. One guy sang in a concert recently, and he, and his wife have just had a second child, it was our privilege to travel home on the bus, the day they took their baby home, and no-one can deny the horrors which are being inflicted on the Congo, as well as other parts of the African continent, not least Libya. As Lobro said, we all want the same thing..

      9. I don’t hate you Ingrid I pity you.
        We constantly disagree with one another because you are simply an advocate for the genocide of your own people. This is what disgusts me about your policies.

        You ignorantly believe that because I want to protect the Caucasian peoples I want to see the destruction of others. You couldn’t be more wrong. Unlike you I understand how politics works in this country. There is nothing, I repeat nothing, you or I or anyone can do to stop the war in the Middle East and Africa.

        There is no sense with you Ingrid like most women you think with your heart instead of your head. You automatically assume one who chooses to protect their own people is ultimately a supremacist.

        I’m quite frankly sick and tired of reading your diatribes against the Jews when you advocate their policies. You’re condoning of multicultural and multiracial societies in the west will do for more harm to the white peoples than anything the Israeli’s could ever do to the Palestinians.

        I don’t tell you what to do Ingrid, I tell you HOW IT IS and that’s the difference. Like Pat, I pretty much ignore everything you have to write.

        Admin love you Ingrid, yet like to attack me when I criticize your pro Jewish, ethnic cleansing of whites, even though Toby tells me they’re against multicultarilism and multiracial societies. We’ll let people decide upon their hypocrisy. I think your comments are about as useful as tits on a bull. I don’t write what I do to make friends. I call myself as I do because I have points to make which I know will certainly offend many people. If the truth offends then it’s time to start offending.

        The only thing I can ever recall telling you in what to do is to leave the UK and go live with your brown people. Maybe I should start calling you Rachel Dolezal from now on as it’s clear you have an intense hatred for whites?

        Do what you will Ingrid because I couldn’t give a flying rat’s poo whatever you choose to do. Your comments are far more at home in the Guardian newspaper. Admin dislike my stance I take with you because others on here may scrape your nerve on reality whereas I’ll sever it without hesitation. Your pro multicultural, multiracial, genocidal views don’t just have to be challenged, but utterly obliterated. There is nothing remotely Scottish about you. You are a liberal, left socialist who would damn the European peoples to hell to save your beloved ‘brown’ peoples. That makes you far worse than any white supremacist in my book.

        Why admin and others protect your deluded ramblings is beyond me.

      10. Harb –

        (I saw my name mentioned)

        No need to worry about Ingrid’s immigration ‘policy’… or anyone else’s who comments here.

        Ireland’s Peter Sutherland does that in every country…. for ALL of the Pharisee bankers:

        Peter Sutherland was appointed Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on International MIGRATION and Development on 23 January 2006.

      11. “I was in fact referring to the many Scots who died in Culloden Moor in 1745 fighting against the oppressive Crown. I’m also referring to the Scots who died fighting against the English the Norse and the Romans pre 1745.” : Hate to break it to you Harbinger, but the sassenachs the Scots were fighting, as well as the Norske, and Romans, were WHITE.. so much for keeping Scotland WHITE. Also, Mary, queen of “Scots” was FRENCH. How about that? Asshole.. Oh! and how many refugees are there in Paisley???

      12. Ingrid do you just have a fit over the keyboard every time you go to your computer? It is clear from your rabid response that you are incapable of understanding anything I write.

        When I referred to ancestors shedding blood, I was of course referring to the fact that these people died to give their descendants a culture and a land. I said nothing about brown people whatsoever. To you Ingrid, it will always be about white and brown.

        Your reply continues to emphasize your total ignorance and lack of debate grasping. If I were to make a comparison of the posters’ intelligence, wisdom and ability to understand reality here to tree life, everyone would pretty much be a fully grown oak or sequoia, whereas you would be a seed whose stalk hasn’t yet broken through the topsoil.

        Understanding the points being put across in any debate is basic. You haven’t even managed to grasp that.
        So Ingrid, if you really do desire to reply to me, although I wish you wouldn’t, at least make an attempt into understanding what I’m implying.

      13. Ingrid,

        There’s nothing sanctimonious about me whatsoever. You simply are unable to accept the truths I state, not only about reality but you too. You live in a bubble of wilful ignorance, wrapped up in a dense fog of emotional rhetoric. You can call me names, until the cows come home an beyond, but it wont detract from the simple reality that you are clearly bereft of common sense and a hypocrite who attacks Jewry yet promotes their genocidal policies.

        I suggest less of the puerile name calling and more educating yourself on why things are the way they are. Thinking with your head instead of your heart would also help your journey into the realms of wisdom acquiring greatly as well.

        I’m not here to win your friendship Ingrid. I couldn’t care less what you do but just for once, at least, it would be nice to read something intelligible from you for a change.

      14. “Me, Harbinger, perfect, you, Ingrid, not in the least like perfect me”.. As I said Harbinger, you are a sanctimonious pain in the rear end. Bet you`re a hoot down the pub..

      15. No Ingrid.

        I am not perfect, but compared to you it would seem so. You are a walking hypocrisy who has about as much grasp on reality as a Thalidomide has on a rope ladder.
        When you wake up and stop writing stupid things all bundled together in a bag of emotion, I may start taking you seriously, but until then I’ll continue looking upon you as the regular dunce in the corner, away from the rest of the class so as to not contaminate them with your gross stupidity. ?

      16. I agree Harbinger, you are far from perfect, you seem to derive some sort of pleasure from making me look bad, you get some sort of “high” if you think people here prefer you to me. I refuse Harbinger, to be a foil for your particular brand of narcissistic self righteousness.. If you dislike me so much, just leave me be, please..

  24. “The child is not dead because advanced countries have immigration laws. The child is dead because criminal traffickers cynically risked the lives of their victims in pursuit of money.”

    That boy on the beach could easily be YOU or someone you love. Unfortunately, it seems altogether likely that we’re going to witness many more horrific scenes like this one for as long as we continue to live under the thumb of a ruling class that’s bent on wiping out “goyim” by waging a deceptive campaign of military bombardment against creatures of its own creation (which go by the various names of “isis” and “al qaeda” etc etc.), and when they finally get around to bombing the rest of us in the name of fighting some contrived boogey man of their own creation, that’s when we’re finally going to understand what life is like from the vantage point of “migrants.” So what’s the solution ?? The only viable solution is to get these monstrous criminals out of power somehow. If we don’t ship them off to the island of Madagascar or to the South Pole or some such place, they will continue with “business as usual” until there is nothing left for them to kill.

    1. @stg,

      how many clues does one need to see that this is a photoshop job

      body did not bloat in hot sun,

      clothes in pristine shape, although bodies washed up on beach get rolled in sand,

      just how did the kid end up feet above surf action, head pointed down, hands straight on the sides,

      no footprints, so the beach cop just happens to be walking up before the scene is secured by the forensic squad and the photographer just happens to be walking behind the cop, just like Iwo Jima flag shot.

      To me, this is absurdly clear photoshop example, jew saying Hey goyim, look what you done by rejecting refugees from Assad whom we need to kill just like Saddam and Gaddafi, luckily ISIS is on the job, support them and don’t get in their way as they go liberating Syria, Russia and all the places that resist the Jew ownership.

      1. Lobro –

        Pharisees have the public where they want them… using ‘flash-card’ learning techniques we remember from grade school math class.

        “See the pic… that shows it is really a fact.” We EAT it up… and have for over a century:

        This child’s pic is akin to picture of General Alexander M. Cook on a horse and then superimposed over a picture of Confederate prisons.

        See three photos which were combined to show what looks like Grant in front of his troops at City Point, Virginia. Grant’s head was first planted atop a picture of General Alexander M. Cook on a horse and then superimposed over a picture of Confederate prisons held captive at Fisher’s Hill, Virginia after losing to Union troops.

        Lincoln’s head was placed atop South Carolina politician John Calhoun’s body in the 1860 photo here:

        Can the Pharisees do it better in Hollywood today…??


        It used to be “half of what you see”…. today it is zero there too.
        Now… it is… “half of what you can actually touch.”
        Only half.. ‘Cause the lead may be painted gold.

      2. Good points, Lobro. I’ve seen quite a few “floaters” in my time. A dead give away, of course, is that most cadavers after spending some time in the sea, usually have the eyes eaten away by fish – soft, succulent tissue to a minnow. I remember once seeing a minnow emerge from an eye-socket after pulling a corpse from the water.
        Having created this crisis, the war-mongering baboons will be using it as an excuse to establish “safe havens” in Syria and invade. It’s going to be “fun” watching to see what happens when NATO meets the Russians in Syria. Meanwhile the creatures in the Zionist entity will sitting back rubbing their hands with glee, to see “Goy eat Goy”!

      3. Such simple ruses a six year old could see through certainly is a slap in the face, eh?

        Another in a long long long line of collective cream pies. Smmoooosh!
        You’ll take it and like it, fools!

        I don’t like it at all.

  25. Latest on Netanyahu’s visit to London.

    “Police clashed with around 300 angry protesters in Whitehall who demanded the UK authorities arrest Mr Netanyahu over his government’s handling of the continuing eight year blockade of Gaza and Israel’s overall policy towards the Palestinians. In a controversial analysis not expected to be toned down for his meeting with Mr Cameron, Mr Netanyahu said Europe and Israel were being jointly challenged by “violent Islam”.

    He called for a co-operative effort, also involving AFRICA!, which would take on militant Islam which he branded a “barbaric medievalism” that was “primitive, savage and murderous.

    (Isn’t that the Talmudic State of Israel and their cronies in the West he’s referring to)

    The schedule is being kept private for security reasons.” You bet it is.


  26. Harbinger
    September 9, 2015 at 6:32 pm
    “I am still utterly perplexed at why Lasha, Toby and the rest of admin defend your policies which promote multiculturalism and multiracial societies.”

    LD was defending the old testament with the same kind of blind and rabid vehemence, in previous threads.

    Could this be another possible indication of her jewish leanings ?

    1. I’m not aware of Lasha Darkmoon defending multiculturalism or multiracialism for the West and she defends only a few selective parts of the Old Testament that have high literary quality. For the rest, she is so much critical of Jewish misbehavior that it is ridiculous to accuse her of “Jewish leanings”.

      1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        Thank you for this defense of my niece Lasha Darkmoon. You at least know that Lasha is an admirer of Kevin MacDonald, just as you are, and that Kevin would never have published Lasha’s work on the Occidental Observer if Lasha had shown “Jewish leanings” or been an advocate of multiculturalism, race mixing and mass immigration.

        Yes, Lasha admires bits of the Old Testament. She freely admits to this vice. But most of the OT she hasn’t read and will probably never read. She admirers the OT for its philosophical bits (especially Ecclesiastes and Job) and thinks rhere is no finer prose in the English language than the King James version of the Bible.

  27. Jewish congregations the world over tend to regard the old testament with such a high degree of reverence that they read from it every Friday and Saturday in their synagogues. The Talmud – by way of contrast – is nowhere to be found, although you just MAY find a copy of that volume tucked away on a shelf inside the rabbi’s private study. So …… it follows that the jewish faith is predicated on the Talmud ?? REALLY ??

    1. There are Jewish Schools in Golders Green, Hackney, Stamford Hill and I’m sure other places in London which teach the Talmud and I would imagine in other cities too.

      “Most of the Talmud Torah Tiferes Shlomoh’s 219 pupils go on to secure places at Jewish religious colleges, known as yeshivas, which focus on the study of the TALMUD and Torah.

      Ofsted said the school does not teach pupils basic skills such as spelling, grammar and punctuation. Pupils mostly learn to read in Hebrew and lack fluency in reading English as a result, the inspector said.”



        To the average Christian the word “Talmud” is just another word associated by them with the form of religious worship practiced in their synagogues by so-called or self-styled “Jews”.
        Many Christians have never heard of the Talmud. Very few Christians are informed on the contents of the Talmud. Some may believe the Talmud to be an integral part of the religious worship known to them as “Judaism”. It suggests a sort of bible or religious text book. It is classed as a spiritual manual. But otherwise few if any Christians have an understanding of the contents of the Talmud and what it means in the daily lives of so-called or self-styled “Jews”. As an illustration, my dear Dr. Goldstein, how many Christians have any conception of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer recited in synagogues on the Day of Atonement?

        In Volume VIII of the Jewish Encyclopedia on page 539 found in the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library and libraries of all leading cities, will be found the official translation into English of the prayer known as the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer. It is the prologue of the Day of Atonement services in the synagogues. IT is recited three times by the standing congregation in concert with chanting rabbis at the alter. After the recital of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer the Day of Atonement religious ceremonies follow immediately. The Day of Atonement religious observances are the highest holy days of the so-called or self-styled “Jews” and are celebrated as such throughout the world. The official translation into English of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer follows”


        The implications, inferences and innuendoes of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer are referred to in the Talmud in the Book of Nedarim, 23a-23b as follows:


        “This may have provided a support for the custom of reciting Kol Nidre (a formula for dispensation of vows) prior to the Evening Service of the Day of Atonement (Ran)…Though the beginning of the year (New Year) is mentioned here, the Day of Atonement was probably chosen on account of its great solemnity. But Kol Nidre as part of the ritual IS LATER THAN THE TALMUD, and, as seen from the following statement of R. Huna b. Hinene, THE LAW OF REVOCATION IN ADVANCE WAS NOT MADE PUBLIC. (emphasis supplied and in original text, Ed.)

        The greatest study of the “Kol Nidre” (all Vows) prayer was made by the eminent psycho-analyst Professor Theodor Reik, the celebrated pupil of the famous Dr. Sigmund Freud. The analysis of the historic, religious and psychological background of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer by Professor Reik presents the Talmud in its true perspective.
        This important study is contained in Professor Reik’s “The Ritual, Psycho-Analytical Studies”. In the chapter on the Talmud, on page 168, Professor Reik states:


      2. Another VERY important paragraph hooking Talmud and Kol Nidre in series, using BOTH as a method for Pharisees to obtain world domination:

        “With a complete and accurate knowledge of the origin and history of the so-called or self-styled “Jews” in eastern Europe, my dear Dr. Goldstein, it is quite impossible for yourself or for anybody to intelligently understand the harmful influence the Talmud has exerted for ten centuries , and the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer for seven centuries upon the course of world history. These two little known factors are the hub and the spokes of the “big wheel” rolling merrily along the road to complete world domination in the not distant future, without arousing suspicion, and wearing the innocent disguise of an alleged religious belief as their only defense mechanism. This insidious intrigue creates a most effective camouflage for the conspirators. The virility of their plot presents a problem in the defense of the political, economic, social and cultural ideologies developed under a Christian civilization.”


    2. In their religious schools (“yeshivas”) Jews study and debate mainly the Talmud and not the Torah.
      The Talmud is the main source of Jewish identity :

      “The Talmud was created by the Jewish people and the Talmud has, in turn, molded them as a nation. So many aspects of Jewish culture are somehow connected to, based on, or inspired by the Talmud: Halakhic literature, Jewish philosophy, Biblical exegesis, and even works that have no ostensible connection with Talmudic literature, like poetry or prayers. The Talmud also has far-reaching socio-historical implications, as no Jewish community that has been deprived of the ability to study Talmud has been able to endure.”

      From : What is Jewish Learning, The Talmud’s Importance for the Jewish People.

      1. What is going to happen is the break-up of the EU. National boundaries will be reestablished one-by-one due to pressure of inhabitants. Is this really in synch with world domination by Jewry?? I wonder… Timing is EVERYTHING, and just maybe TPTB are running out of TIME. Most of you on here (including Madame Butterfly and Ruth and Ellie) (I can’t forget the girls!) are smarter than myself. What thinkest thou?

  28. FELIX wrote:

    IMHO, This entire crisis is what the old KGB used to call an “active measure” by the various intelligence services of the west, for the purpose of manufacturing consent for an invasion of Syria. Let’s not forget many countries in Europe are under American military occupation, and have been so since the end of WW2. The UK and Germany are perhaps the most ubiquitous. So while I agree with the sentiments of the article, the real crux of the matter is if Europeans want to preserve their independence and way of life, they must remove foreign troops from their soil, disband NATO and the EU. The EU is just a vehicle for the Jewish NWOists to turn each and every European into a horrid, plastic “McEuropean”!

    Very good comment, Felix. I have had the same feeling… i.e, that this whole sudden mass migration coming from Turkey is orchestrated and probably, at least a key aspect of it, aims to elicit support from desperate europeans for a more direct military operation against Syria, probably under the false pretext of fighting ISIS(which ZUSA and its allies* pretty much created).
    Before the US led coalition began training, funding, providing intel and safe havens to a variety of Wahaabi bandit groups, under the guise of bringing “Democracy” to Syria, what a bloody joke, Syria was a stable and even relatively prosperous secular country.
    There certainly was no mass migration of Syrians into Europe before the US led and zio inspired proxy war on Syria started.
    *coalition of the killing destroying Syria is basically formed by Zusa and the following allies and clients( Israel, ZUK, France, Turkey, KSA, Catar, Jordan, lebanese ‘The March 14 Alliance’ and a few other Gulf Arab countries).
    You are also right on the money that NATO IS merely an instrument through which ZUSA controls Europe.
    NATO IS basicaly ZUSA, and if the corrupt, traitorous and weak European polititians were not the stooges that they are, they would give zusa the finger, and exit NATO, a tool of US imperialism.
    The other day I saw reports about italian companies losing business, some downsizing, etc, bc of the idiotic and provocative neocon led sanctions against Russia, hurting the Italian economy in the process. The same is true for Germany and others.
    who does that? Vassals do.

    1. Oligarchs do. There are agreements. EVERYONE is a ‘vassal’, now. The Men-At-The-Table are about to have the entre cleaned up, and are preparing for dessert. Their only concern is keeping the staff obedient and in service (which may prove more difficult and require more draconian discipline, soon).

      1. No one should fall for the ‘sanctions’ baloney….

        Alexis Rodzianko, is the president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.

        There are over 600 member companies. Here are some:

        Royal Bank of Scotland
        VTB Bank
        Bank Credit Suisse
        Goldman Sachs
        Coca Cola
        Estee Lauder
        Met Life
        And even the ‘Beanie-Baby start-up owned’…. PayPal


      2. ZRussia looks like ZRoyal Bank of Scotland… and ZBP…

        American Chamber of Commerce in Russia

        Membership List
        (includes General Nutrition Centers-GNC)

        A.M.G. Group
        A.T. Kearney
        AB Services
        Abbott Laboratories
        ABD Architects
        Access Business Group International
        Access Industries
        Accountancy Tuition Centre (International)
        ADM Trading
        Advocates Bureau Yug
        Air Charter Service
        Air Products
        Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP
        Alabuga, SEZ P&I type, JSC
        Albemarle Chemicals, Representative Office
        Alcoa SMZ (ALCOA RUSSIA)
        ALD Automotive
        Alinga Consulting Group
        ALPE consulting
        Altai Advisors
        American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS
        American Express Russia & CIS
        American Institute of Business and Economics
        AmeRussia St. Petersburg, Russia
        AMMA Development
        Amsted Rail Company
        Amway Russia
        AN-Security Holding
        ANCOR Holding
        Anglo-American School of Moscow
        Antal Russia
        Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow
        Ariston Thermo Rus
        Armstrong World Industries
        ARVAL, BNP Paribas Group
        Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM)
        AstraZeneca UK Limited, Representative Office in Moscow
        Atlantic Ro-Ro
        Atlantic Ro-Ro Carriers
        Auto Partners
        AVANPOST Smart Security Group
        AVIELEN A.G. (Crowne Plaza St.Petersburg Airport)
        AVIS Russia
        Avon Beauty Products Company
        AZIMUT Hotel Saint Petersburg
        AZIMUT Hotels
        Azimut Moscow Olympic Hotel
        Azul Systems
        Baker & McKenzie
        Baker Botts L.L.P. (USA), Branch in Moscow, Russian Federation
        Baker Hughes
        Balashova Legal Consultants
        Bank IBA-Moscow
        Bank of Settlements
        Baring Vostok Capital Partners
        Belmond Grand Hotel Europe
        Big Brothers Big Sisters of Russia
        Black & Decker, Moscow Representative Office
        Black & Veatch
        Boeing Russia
        BP Russia
        BPC Banking Technologies
        BPS International
        Brigham Young University
        Bristol-Myers Squibb
        British American Tobacco-SPb (BAT-SPb) CJSC
        Brown-Forman Russia
        BRP Saint Petersburg
        BSH Bytowije Pribory
        Bunge CIS
        Business Craft Consult
        Calsonic Kansei RUS
        Capital Equipment and Trading Corporation (CETCO)
        Capital Legal Services, Moscow Office
        Capital Legal Services, St. Petersburg Office
        CARBO Ceramics (Eurasia)
        Caterpillar Eurasia
        Caterpillar Tosno
        CBSD / Thunderbird Russia
        Celgene Corporation
        Center for Creative Leadership
        Center for Entrepreneurship
        Central properties
        CH Toro International
        Chadbourne & Parke
        Check 6
        Chemours Chemicals Rus
        CHEP Rus
        Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Europe East Representative Office
        Cisco Systems
        Citi Russia
        Citibank, Saint-Petersburg Branch
        Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton
        Clifford Chance CIS
        Coca-Cola Hellenic in Russia
        Coca-Cola System in Russia
        COMPLETE Company
        Compressor Controls Corporation
        Confederation of Danish Industry
        Confidence Group
        ConocoPhillips Russia
        Continuous education
        Cooper’s Management
        CopyMax (Copy Center)
        Corinthia Hotel St. Petersburg
        Corporate Health
        Covidien Eurasia
        Cummins Incorporated
        Cushman & Wakefield
        DC BARS
        Debevoise & Plimpton
        Dechert Russia Moscow Branch
        DeGolyer and MacNaughton
        DELCREDERE Attorneys-at-Law
        Delta Air Lines
        Denis’ School
        Deseret International Charities
        deVere Group
        DHL Global Forwarding
        DHL International
        DIAGEO (D Distribution)
        Digital Design
        Direct INFO
        DLA Piper
        Domina Prestige Hotel St. Petersburg
        DoubleTree by Hilton Moscow – Marina
        Dow Corning
        Dow Europe
        Duke University, The Fuqua School of Business
        DuPont Science and Technologies
        Duvernoix Legal
        East Office of Finnish Industries
        EDAS Law Bureau
        Edwar International
        Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners
        EKE Group (St. Petersburg)
        ElaN Languages
        Eli Lilly Vostok S.A.
        Elite Security
        EM Russia
        Embarcadero Technologies, Inc (St-Petersburg Branch)
        EMC Corporation
        EMC St. Petersburg Development Center
        Emerging Markets Group
        Enkata Technologies St.Petersburg
        ESN Group
        European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
        European Pension Fund, Non-State Pension Fund, CJSC
        European Space Agency – Permanent Mission in RF
        European University at St. Petersburg
        Fazer Russia
        First Line Software
        First Solar
        Fives Russia & CIS
        Fluor Enterprises Group
        FMC Corporation
        Ford Sollers Holding
        Formtrust Holding (Newform International, Formtrust Consultants, IMTV, Captivate Media, Space Vision)
        Four Seasons Hotel Moscow
        GATX Rail Vostok
        General Motors Auto
        General Motors Russia & CIS
        Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories
        Geran & Partners Consulting Practice
        GfK Rus, Russia
        Gilbarco Veeder-Root of Danaher UK Industries
        Global Security
        Globalink Logistics
        Goldman Sachs ——————–***
        Goltsblat BLP
        Gowlings International
        Greif Russia & CIS
        Grid Dynamics
        Guardian Steklo Ryazan
        Hannes Snellman
        Helen Yarmak
        Herbalife International RS
        Hilton Russia
        Hilton St. Petersburg ExpoForum and Hampton by Hilton St. Petersburg ExpoForum
        Hines International
        Hogan Lovells (CIS)
        Holding Company United Elements Group, CJSC
        Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya & Suschevsky
        Hotel Astoria, Rocco Forte Hotels Angleterre Hotel
        Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow
        Huntsman CIS
        Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus
        IBM East Europe / Asia (NW Region Branch)
        IBM East Europe/Asia
        IE Business School
        IHS Global Limited
        IKEA Industry Tikhvin
        Ilim Group, OJSC
        Innovative Pharma
        Intel Technologies
        Interatletika dba Gold’s Gym Russia
        InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya
        Intermark Relocation
        International Law and Tax Services Association Co. (I.L.T.S.)
        International Paper
        International Paper Russia, Moscow Branch
        International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX)
        Interstate Management Services
        IWM Group
        Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
        JAVAD GNSS
        Jensen Group
        Jet Infosystems
        John Deere Agricultural Holdings (JDR), Russian Branch
        Johnson & Johnson
        Johnson Controls International
        JP Morgan ——————————-***
        JTI Marketing & Sales CJSC
        KBR East
        Kellogg Rus
        Kelly Services CIS
        Kelly Services CIS, St. Petersburg
        Kesarev Consulting
        Keysight Technologies
        Kidsave International
        King & Spalding
        Kinross Gold Corporation, Moscow Representative Office
        KOHLER RUS
        Language Link
        Latham & Watkins
        Leaf Trading Company Limited
        Leo Burnett Moscow
        Levi Strauss Moscow
        Liberty Insurance
        Limco Logistics
        Lingvo Expert (foreign languages center)
        Lotte Hotel Moscow
        Loyd’s Group of Companies
        Lummus Technology
        MAN Truck and Bus Production RUS
        Marriott Moscow Hotel Novy Arbat
        Marriott Moscow Royal Aurora, Marriott Moscow Grand and Marriott Moscow Tverskaya
        Mary Kay Closed Joint Stock Company
        MasterCard International
        McDonald’s Russia
        Merrill Lynch Securities
        Microsoft RUS
        Microsoft Rus (North-West District)
        Mid-Atlantic – Eurasia Business Council (MAEBC/MARBC)
        Mirantis IT
        Mitsubishi Corporation (Russia)
        MM Polygrafoformlenie Packaging
        Mobile TeleSystems
        Mon’delez Rus
        Mon’delez Rus, Saint-Petersburg branch
        Mongol Altai
        Morgan Lewis
        Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy
        Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
        Moskva – Krasnye Holmy
        Motorola Solutions, CJSC
        Motorola Solutions, St. Petersburg Software Design Center
        MSD Pharmaceuticals
        MSR Global
        Multiservice Payment System
        NCC Housing (Russia)
        NCH Capital Russia (AgroTerra)
        NCI / PondMobile
        Nestle Russia
        NetCracker Technology
        NF Rus (Nathan’s Famous Russia)
        Nissan Manufacturing RUS
        Nokian Tyres
        Novartis Neva
        Novartis Pharma
        Novotel St. Petersburg Centre
        Nuplex Resins
        OCV Steklovolokno (Owens Corning)
        Office Solutions
        Oil&Gas Eurasia Media & Marketing Solutions
        One! International School
        Operation Smile Russia
        Oracle Development SPB
        Orrick (CIS)
        OTIS Lift
        Paladyne Systems Rus
        Parallels Holdings
        Pax Company (Kompania “Mir”)
        PBN Hill+Knowlton Strategies
        Pepeliaev Group
        Pepeliaev Group, St. Petersburg office
        PepsiCo Holdings, St. Petersburg Branch
        Pericles Center for International Legal Education
        Petro, JTI
        PH International (Project Harmony Inc.)
        Philip Morris Izhora
        Philip Morris Sales & Marketing
        Philips Russia and Central Asia
        PM Group East
        PPG Industries
        Praxair Rus
        Preformed Line Products Company
        Prime Advice HLB Consulting Group
        Procter & Gamble
        R.I.M. Porter Novelli
        Radisson Resort, Zavidovo
        Radius Group
        Regus Business Centre
        Resinex Rus
        Retail Profile
        Return on Intelligence
        ROY International Consultancy
        RT Group
        Russia Partners
        Russian Translation Company
        Ryder Scott Co. LP
        Sankt-Peterburgskij klub legendarnyh motociklov, Non-commercial Partnership
        SAP CIS
        Sberbank CIB
        SC Johnson
        Scania Peter
        Schlumberger Russia
        Sealed Air
        Silgan Metal Packaging Stupino
        Sirota & Partners
        Smiths Heimann Rus
        Software Technologies
        Sokotel St. Petersburg
        Solar Management
        Solntse Mexico
        SPN Communications
        Squire Patton Boggs
        Standard & Poor’s Credit Market Services Europe Limited
        Starlite Diner
        STERH Corporation
        Stockholm School of Economics, Russia
        Storm Properties
        Stupino 1 Industrial Park
        Subway Russia
        SUN Group
        Swissotel Krasnye Holmy Moscow
        Symantec (Ireland), Representative office in Moscow
        Synovate Comcon
        T-Systems CIS
        Technical Security Systems
        Telenor Russia AS
        Tenneco Automotive Volga
        TEREX Corporation
        TerraLink Technologies Corp.
        The Estee Lauder Companies
        The Harbor – St. Petersburg Charity Organization
        The Moscow Times (Independent Media Sanoma Magazines)
        The Risk Advisory Group
        The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow (“Hotel Management Company”)
        The Royal Bank of Scotland ————————————-***
        The Salvation Army
        The St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya
        The U.S. Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law (USA) in the RF
        The Walt Disney Company, CIS
        Thermo Fisher Scientific
        Thomson Reuters (Markets) SA Moscow Branch
        TIM Services
        Timken-Rus Service Company
        Topcon Positioning Systems
        Toyota Motor, Branch in Saint-Petersburg
        TRANSEARCH International St Petersburg
        Tristar Investment Holdings
        Troika Relocations
        U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation
        U.S.- Russia Business Council
        UBS ————————————-***
        UHY Yans-Audit
        Unison Technologies
        United Technologies International Operations
        United Way of Russia ———————————***
        Unix Education Center
        URSA Eurasia
        US Dental Care
        Volga-Dnepr Group
        VTB Bank
        VTB Capital
        W St. Petersburg Hotel (Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide)
        W.R. Grace & Co.-Conn.
        Wabtec Rus
        Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing
        Western Union
        White & Case
        Worldwide Clinical Trials
        Wrigley, A Subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated – St Petersburg Branch
        WWPass Corporation
        YE International
        YIT Saint Petersburg
        YK Consulting
        YRIR (YUM! Restaurants International Russia and CIS)
        Yusen Logistics Rus
        YUST Law Firm, Moscow Region Bar Association

  29. Golly, Pat!
    The Big Bosses have come a looong way since the beginnings of their East India Company! They’re just managing their global plantation, now, I reckon. Corporate heads come, corporate heads go – but the Corporation is forever (a la the dire warnings of the brilliant Thomas Jefferson). Uncle Remus tells me ”Back in de day, honey, it used ter be dat Massa say he have too many niggas ter feed, an’ he gwine ter hafter sell sum un ’em off. DAT when ever’body better LOOK OUT!” 🙂

    1. Gil –

      Of the DOW 30 Industrial Stocks… I saw only FIVE which are not members of American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.

      They took sanctions more seriously than Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan and Exxon and 3M and VISA and AMEX and GE…. etc.

      Home Depot

      Not ‘flipping’ houses in Russia.

  30. It’s awfully quiet under the black dark moon today. Not too many comments today. Gee, I hope Lasha didn’t drive Ingrid to the vet and have it put down. woebro suffers enough from weltzshmerz as it is. I hope Lasha didn’t add to woebro’s woes.

  31. Pat –

    Uncle Remus will be happy – and AMAZED – to hear that! He has often expressed his wishes that everyone could live in Zion like we do. (I told him we live in Disneyland, anyway – and he thought THAT was just about good enough!)

    I think I am going to show him how to use this I-Pad. He said he’d like to use the name ‘Darkee Moonie’, if that’s ok with Uncle Toby, and tell everyone what they’re missing out on when they’re bellyaching about ‘Zusa’ (I told him that name had something to do with Jews and old Massa, but he couldn’t figure WHY anybody would want to bother with them). He said he thought it should be a GOOD thing to have all those darkees in Europe so they wouldn’t have to work those white folks so hard building that transcontinental railroad from Beijing to London. He’s also worried about those poor coolies being worked so hard, too; but he said, also, that steel prices should go SKY HIGH – and that we should invest accordingly. Stupid, he isn’t… 🙂

  32. Pat goes:
    “No one should fall for the ‘sanctions’ baloney….”

    Sure, sure, the sanctions on Iran, Syria and Russia, and the ones that destroyed Iraq even before Zusas criminal invasion in 03, are all ‘baloney’…
    They r baloney just like them nukes, right Pat?
    Pat knows it best….

      1. MB –

        Relax. Put down your net.

        I was simply following the site policy of politeness… by agreeing with Luca’s claim of adoration for me, even though the policy states I am not required to do so. I’m ‘all in’.. even ‘down wit id.’ 🙂

        6. Politeness to Admin and to other posters on this website, while desirable, is not essential.

        I am even being in a “desirable” mode. 🙂

  33. Pat
    September 9, 2015 at 11:51 pm


    It is accurate to point out that the Torah is both the mother and the father of the Talmud, and that the Talmud is simply an elaboration of the principles that were originally conceived in the Torah. Ergo, to say that the modern jew is a product of the Talmud is no different from saying that the monstrous ideology of ‘jewishness’ actually stems from the true source of all Jewish thinking, which is the torah and its bloodthirsty legalistic exclusionism. A jewish infiltrator would much rather see you attacking the Talmud because the Talmud is considered far less “sacred” than the Torah. It’s sort of like sacrificing something that you don’t really care very much about and using it for the purpose of protecting something that you REALLY DO care about. It’s rather like putting on a glove to protect your hand.

    1. STG – –

      Since you referenced my comment.. You have my permission to…
      …. attack them both… and ALSO…expose Kol Nidre..!!

  34. Dear redaktion,
    your documentation about victims of 2. world war, especially in German is very good and really breaks thr Hearts óf the Young Generation. Please let this site translate in german. Now is possible with aitomatical translate
    to publish one copy of texts in german language. You can see my compare the gulag with “Holocaust” .
    This ist my link http://www.jubeljron.de in german.
    Greeting from Frankfurt on Main, Germany
    Sincerely yours
    Jurij Below

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