What Would Prophet Mohammad Do To Trump?

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph
December 15, 2015

donald-trump-banning-muslims-immigration-statement-twitter__oPtLeading GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump calling for “Total and Complete Ban on Muslims Entering US” is the worst public insult directed against Muslims I have ever heard in 40 years living in America.

He has even suggested that American Muslims be required to register in a database and having their mosques be put under surveillance or completely shut down. The proposal will affect US citizens visiting abroad and US Muslim soldiers returning back home from tours of duty and risking their lives.

If Trump gets his way, Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) will not be allowed to enter the US as he was born in Palestine and recent forensic science revealed that Jesus (pbuh) was not white, blond and blue eyed.

Donald Trump is a fascist man who insulted Mexicans, attacked refugees, disparaged Muslims, maligned Arabs, defamed women, called a former POW a traitor, and yes he even mocked a disabled reporter. No other public office seeker in recent history would have been able to get away with it.

This man’s views and remarks add insult, subtract pleasure, divide attention and multiply ignorance. His outrageous remarks have been condemned universally and he has become an embarrassment not just to his party but also the whole United States. As long as the media caters to him and his fans by giving unlimited airtime and newspaper space he will continue to act and bark as a junkyard dog.

It was a slap in the face for this veteran writer to endure such insult coming from a US presidential candidate. I am an American citizen who also wore the uniform with pride and served for 20 years with honor in our armed forces. While Mr. Trump dodged the draft 5 times during the Vietnam War, yours truly was willing and ready to die for America if need be. When America called Trump, he did not answer the call of duty. Then he had the nerves to question the loyalty and patriotism of Muslim Americans like me. I find it quite preposterous.

I was reflecting and pondering over the last few days about what to do and say about Trump’s vicious attack and how best to respond to it. First thing that went through my mind was to dare him a duel at Weehawken, New Jersey, the same place where the former secretary of the treasury, Alexander Hamilton and the sitting vice president have their famous duel 111 years ago. Then I dismissed the idea as illegal.


“I was thinking of challenging Trump to a duel . . . then I dismissed the idea as illegal.”

Finally I asked myself the question, ” what would prophet Mohammad do to Trump?” Two stories kept popping through my head which took place during the life of Prophet (pbuh). Base on the Prophet’s response to the woman and man in those stories, I feel the Prophet will not treat Trump any differently. Americans and especially Muslims can take heed from those two stories. First,

The Bedouin who urinated in the mosque

Anas Bin Maalik narrated:

While we were in the “masjid” mosque with the Messenger of “Allah” God, a Bedouin came; he then urinated in the masjid. The Companions of the Messenger of God were furious and severely scolded the Bedouin. The prophet said, “Do not put a halt to his urinating, but instead leave him.” They left him alone until he finished urinating.

The prophet then called him over and said to him, “Any kind of urine or filth is not suitable for these masjids. Instead they are only [appropriate] for the remembrance of “Allah” God, the Prayer, and the recitation of the Qur’aan,” or this is near to what the Messenger of Allah said.

Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) issued an order to a man from the people, who then came with a bucket of water, which he poured over the [effected] area [of the masjid]. Secondly,

The woman who threw trash at the Prophet

This story of this woman is very similar to Donald Trump’s treatments of America’s Muslims:

The woman always picked up a basket full of trash, stood up on the roof of her house and waited till the Prophet (pbuh) passed by her house and threw all the garbage on him as he passed by. Much to the woman’s disappointment, he did not say anything and continued on his way. She did the same the following day thinking, “Maybe this time I will be able to annoy him.”

But he was too gentle to shout at a woman. She misinterpreted his attitude as fear and decided to repeat the same mischief everyday in order to keep him frightened, so that he might stop preaching the Oneness of God.

The Prophet did not want to disappoint the woman and so he continued to walk down the street everyday, instead of picking an alternate route, and prayed for the woman to recognise the Truth.

One day, the Prophet (pbuh) did not see the woman to be on the roof of her house.This worried him, because he thought something must have happened to her for not being over there. So he knocked at the door to inquire if she was ill. When she opened the door, she was pleased by the affectionate tone of the Prophet’s (pbuh) voice and his kind attitude inspired her into recognition of the truth, and his prayers were answered in the form of her embracing Islam.

Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Retired USAF Veteran
Feedback: [email protected]


1- https://theauthenticbase.wordpress.com/2010/03/04/ther-bedouin-who-urinated-in-the-masjid/rew


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  1. Mahmoud,

    I loved your article.

    Including the picture of your duel with Trump.

    Boy, you got him there! Yep, you came up trumps!

  2. Hi Mahmoud!

    Long time no speak? How are you?

    You don’t need to worry. Trump is just a big noise. He has no chance of being elected despite his populist appeal. His only function — his part in the stage play — is to hand the election to Hillary Clinton and her cabal of Jews.

    Nothing will change. America will continue on its downward path. And in the vanguard, leading the lemmings, will be the Jews and their gentile bootlickers like Hillary Clinton.

    1. Hey Ruthie, glad you are still around and kicking. I have learned today from son about of Trumps 15 bad habits. He is a germophoeb and does not shake hand with other people.

      I will be more than happy to answer legitimate questions about Islam, Muslims and the refugee crisis, but I will not answer question and respond to hate speech and antiMuslim propaganda that has been copy, cut and paste here.

      1. Who cares whether you respond? It is typical of Muslims not to respond or delete comments against Islam. Typical intolerance against the infidel. This site and its contents ideally should be under surveillance. For obvious reasons, of course.

        ADMIN: What “obvious reasons”? Didn’t we give you a platform to attack us? Shouldn’t you be grateful to be allowed to come here and spit in our faces?

        1. This idiot has his comment held up for a few minutes for automatic first-post monitoring and thinks he is being “censored.” He is the type of aggressive moron who thinks “free speech” means being allowed to go onto someone else’s website and vomit his hatred all over you.

      2. Toby,

        “He is the type of aggressive moron who thinks “free speech” means being allowed to go onto someone else’s website and vomit his hatred all over you.”

        With all due respect Toby, this is precisely what freedom of speech promotes. It is however up to the website moderator to allow another to speak (o should I say write) freely or not.
        There was a debate on some BBC program, between two men. One started the debate with “I believe in freedom of speech, but (and here was where he contradicted himself) freedom of speech does not allow one to shout fire in a theatre”. To which the other replied “On the contrary, freedom of speech give one that exact right”.

        Toby, the very purpose of immigration into the UK (for example) was to not only benefit corporations and promote white genocide but it was also to destroy free speech. A woman I knew went into a shop and her friend called her on her mobile phone. Upon asking where she was she replied “In the Pakis getting some milk”. The man behind the counter screamed “Are you calling me a Paki?” at which point he called the police, she was arrested and subsequently given 150 hours of community service all for hot air with noise from her mouth.
        Remember Voltaire; “I may disagree with what you have to say but will defend your very right to say it”. One is either a proponent of freedom of speech or they are not. You either let everything go or you don’t. If you don’t, you do not believe in freedom of speech, for in restricting one from speaking freely you prove my point.

      3. With all due respect to you, Harb, what works in theory may kill you in practice.

        Ever heard of a hacking maneuver called Denial of Service?
        A website is torpedoed and sunk by a massive bombardment through requests whereby the servers cannot cope with traffic and the site folds under pressure.

        What would happen if dozens of malicious posters and trolls jammed the threads with attacks on Toby, Lasha and Monty, of the vilest kind, drowning out the regular discourse and not giving other posters a chance to correspond normally?
        And it went on for days on end, with the hosts generously standing by with friendly smiles plastered on … the regulars, you, me and others, including readers would drift off in search of saner venues.

        Operation “Free Speech” successful, patient dead.

        So there’s gotta be some transparent rules, firmly adhered to.

        If someone is free to take away my freedom, where’s the gain?

        There is freedom indeed, such agitprop artists are free to inflict themselves upon other sites or open their own blogs.

        1. @ Lobro

          What would happen if dozens of malicious posters and trolls jammed the threads with attacks on Toby, Lasha and Monty, of the vilest kind, drowning out the regular discourse and not giving other posters a chance to correspond normally? And it went on for days on end, with the hosts generously standing by with friendly smiles plastered on … the regulars, you, me and others, including readers would drift off in search of saner venues.

          This happened to Kevin MacDonald on the Occidental Observer. An all-out assault on his website, with thousands of posts flooding in at once, bringing the site to its knees. All this was traced back to Tel Aviv.

          Take this issue of free speech. One of our rules is: “No incitement to violence, no call for the mass extermination of the Jews.” Is this a curtailment of free speech? Yes, it is. So let’s say we decide to allow it. What then? Sooner or later our website is shut down. We can even be fined and put in prison for breaking the law. Result of allowing total freedom of speech on the Darkmoon site? A complete cessation of freedom of speech on the Darkmoon site! Nothing deader than a dead site.

          Common sense also dictates that we cannot allow every spam post to be published — thousands of spam flooding in advertising viagra and shouting about penis enlargement! Needless to say, we can’t open our Comment section to the pornographers and pedophiles.

      4. Any freedom of the type exercised in public should be subject to normative behavior, such as varies from one location to the next.
        Isn’t this what you are fighting for in order to protect the indigenous culture of Scotland?

        Think of Darkmoon.me as a miniature Scotland with its own particular and peculiar culture that demands a modicum of consideration and respect, we are the natives who enjoy our single malt antisemitism, rowdy behavior tolerated up to a point when bouncer Toby sends malcontents crashing out on the pavement outside.

      5. Lobro,

        With all due respect (as always) I try to live my life without being a hypocrite. If I stated that I believed in freedom of speech yet restricted one’s right, I of course would be going against my life principle.

        Websites are tricky business and I see very much the problems caused by trolls and spammers on web forums. Yes, it’s very much annoying and it is a surefire way of stopping debate. It would most certainly be the ploy of Mossad, to hijack an honest debate on what’s really going on within this world. However, that stated Lobro, if you say you believe in freedom of speech then you must adhere to the principle that free means with no restriction. If you don’t then you cannot say you are an advocate of free speech, even if you allow 99.9% of speech to be free.

        So what I would say in the case of a web forum would be; “I disagree in freedom of speech, but only if that freedom seeks to hijack honest debate”. In real life, anything goes. The same for web forums would also be given for an open debate. If people in the audience/panel continued to disrupt another’s speech then they should be told that they would get their turn and that they should allow others to have their say. If they continued to disrupt then they would be warned that should they persist, they will be removed.

        Total freedom is chaotic. It has no restriction. However in civilized society I do believe that respect should be shown to both sides in order for debate to flow uninterrupted. One simply finds the trolls and debate disruptors and removes them.
        Here on Lasha’s forum, we have our logins, of which after a certain number of posts our comments pass freely onto the comments. Others, such as TROJ are continuously monitored. He has still not quite learned of respect to Lasha and admin, hence why he’s monitored.

        So I agree with you Lobro and Toby. I was merely pointing out that freedom of speech is unrestricted and therefore not to be a hypocrite in stating you believe the free speech.

        1. @ Harbinger

          “Others, such as TROJ are continuously monitored. He has still not quite learned of respect to Lasha and admin, hence why he’s monitored.”

          That’s true, up to a point. But it’s not true to say that the only reason he is monitored is because he is saying bad things about us on a regular basis. He’s doing that only part of the time. The reason he is monitored is because of the sheer volume and length of his posts, most of them going on for thousands of words all stuck in one huge chunk of a paragraph. Added to which, 90% of his posts are repititious and off-topic. If we published everything he wrote, he would be having TEN long posts to ever short post made by Lobro. Or any other poster. He would be crowding everyone else out and become the top volume poster. Result: we would soon have an exodus of posters and TROJ would be the only poster left! 🙂

      6. Freedom of speech disappears in my privately owned house.
        Freedom of speech disappears in any privately owned business.
        Freedom of speech disappears in any privately owned website.

        That’s the way it is. It is the right way. Deal with it.

        Visitors to my house are tossed when abusive in any respect to me or family or property.

        My rules, in my house, must be obeyed.

        DM’s rules are to be obeyed on this privately owned site.

      7. Toby –

        Thanks… BUT….. I am not a masochist.

        Just reading 200 million words a day from Joe would be my undoing..! 🙂

        You are doing just fine. You are a champion.

        1. So does Ellie. But I mean this in a nice way. People who are driven like this need a platform of their own.

        2. If I ever do decide to have my own website — I am currently thinking about having my own blog — having my own website will NOT preclude me from sending off posts to Uncle and Lasha. One can have one’s own website and still send off, as I always do and always have since the very first day I web-surfed into your Darkmoon, FACT-BASED, TRUTHFUL, posts complete with solid source references to your Darkmoon. Noor, for example, has her own website and she sends Darkmoon her posts with her opinions. Same with Dublinsmick.

      8. Pat,

        “Freedom of speech disappears in my privately owned house.
        Freedom of speech disapp……”

        And that is entirely your prerogative to do so. My point is a simple one in that you either believe in freedom of speech or you don’t. By restricting the speech of another, whether it be in your house, on forum, in a private company, whatever, you are proving, by action, you are NOT an advocate of free speech.

      9. Harbinger,

        You are splitting hairs. Just change your definition of free speech and you will have no problem. Why should freedom of speech be defined as TOTAL freedom of speech, huh? Because there’s no such thing, sunshine!

        Redefine free speech as “freedom to speak to the maximum of social tolerability”.

        No further problem.

      10. I think this is what this site is trying its best to do: to allow free speech to the maximum of tolerability. You can say things here which would never be allowed on many other similar anti-Zionist sites. Sometimes it gets a bit like a madhouse. And Toby, let’s face it, makes a good madhouse keeper. I guess it’s because he’s a bit off his rocker himself. (No offense meant).

      11. Darlington,

        Respectfully, I’m not ‘splitting hairs’.
        Freedom means without restriction. Ergo there is no freedom of speech within society. Therefore one should not speak of promoting freedom of speech unless that is they impose no restrictions upon it. It’s really simple to understand.

        This site, or anyone has every right to do what they will, but you either agree in freedom of speech or you don’t (as explained). This is my point. You choose your stance and move on from there. You are not an advocate of free speech. I accept that. That is your prerogative.

        I’ll stop here as I don’t want to disrupt the OP any further.

      12. Harbinger,
        You’re talking about the free speech with a side order of knuckle sandwich, philosophy. Extant for some 200 million years now.
        Hard to improve on Mother nature.
        Free speech(among other things); discrimination is required..

  3. Junkyard dogs are refreshingly and marvelously Loyal creatures, and not any kind of animal one would want to rile-up, poke, annoy, or in any way antagonize, unless one wants to be ripped apart, so I’m all for the “junkyard dog” Trump.

    1. darkmoon.me is a lot more like donmeh Turkey writ-large on the “alternative” media then a “miniature Scotland”, I would say. Mohammed would say the same thing I’m saying also, if only Mohammed didn’t LERV Mohammed’s “taqiyya” so reverently so much. How much Mohammed’s “sacred” “taqiyya” has IN COMMON with the jew’s “sacred” “kol nidre”. Is that not so, lobro? It’s Saturday, lobro. I guess you’ll be going out on the town tonight, Saturday night is Partay Night, going out drinking with your best friends, takfiri Muslims. “takfiri Muslims” are Jews pretending to be “Muslims” and committing Jew terrorism under the guise of being “Muslims”, these are your best friends you go out drinking and partying with all the time, is that not so, lobro? You already said it was so, lobro. So no, darkmoon.me ain’t no “miniature Scotland”, lobro. It’s donmeh Turkey writ-large on the “alternative” media, lobro — but you already knew that before you spewed out your hydra-head snake shit outta your two-faced lobro mouth.

      1. your two-faced lobro mouth.

        A two-faced mouth … TROJ’s intellect in overdrive.

        Wow, TROJ, you just showcased a newly picked up skill, I am sure no outside help, including the dog – counting to TWO!, thereby doubling the previous achievement.
        I am sure you didn’t copy dog’s homework while he was licking his TWO balls, did you? You didn’t leave the poor mutt in the lurch so that he had to resort to the old, hackneyed excuse at the obedience school, TROJ ate my homework, did you.

        So tell you what next, TROJ.
        See that plunger behind the open bathroom door?
        To enable the flow through again, use it, not once but TWICE, give it the old Heave (1), Ho (2).
        Still stuck? Afraid you’ll have to call in help, someone who can count to three.

        In the meantime, with bated breath and holding noses, the commentariat awaits whatever other pearls of timeless wisdom you pull out of your two-faced ass.

      2. Lobro –

        “…whatever other pearls of timeless wisdom you pull out of your two-faced ass.”

        TROJ can’t….

        TROJ can’t find his ass…. nowadays…. TROJ misplaced it.

        TROJ lost his ass..
        … when TROJ laughed it off TROJ’s own shoulders..!! 🙂 🙂

  4. Hillary as Prez is a Good Thing/Bad Thing type situation :

    The Bad Thing : She will start World War Three.

    The GOOD Thing : She will revive The Draft, She will draft women, and she will put all the bitches on The World war Three Front Lines. Enjoy things while you can Ruthie, you’re going on The Front Lines baby!

    1. If I ever do decide to have my own website — I am currently thinking about having my own blog — having my own website will NOT preclude me from sending off posts to Uncle and Lasha. One can have one’s own website and still send off, as I always do and always have since the very first day I web-surfed into your Darkmoon, FACT-BASED, TRUTHFUL, posts complete with solid source references to your Darkmoon. Noor, for example, has her own website and she sends Darkmoon her posts with her opinions. Same with Dublinsmick.

  5. Hillary will start World War III, or at least finish what she started in the Ukraine with the coup orchestrated by Victoria Nuland. The idea really depresses me… I have to say. I think something is wrong there as well because it doesn’t seem they are having any Democratic debates. And Hillary showed up two hours late again for an event. Trump says Hillary has no energy and there were those falls caught on camera, plus the head injury–whatever that was. Are they keeping Hillary out of the public eye because she is sick or talking in word salad speak.

    I don’t blame Muslims for hating Trump because he made the Muslim ban and I don’t blame Mexicans either because he threatens the wall. Still, I would vote for him in a minute partly because I don’t think he is that dangerous and Hillary is…that is, she takes her orders from the globalists. And she is ahead in the polls so it’s probably time to buy into the military industrial complex because the rest of the country is headed for the junkyard.

  6. Mahmoud El-Yousseph,

    I cannot speak for Americans on this subject simply because I am not American, however what I can state is that those who feel the biggest threat from Islam are of course the European Americans and with good reason. The Ottoman Empire almost conquered Europe. I won’t deny that one can also discuss the Crusades, but when one looks at the bigger picture here, migration is pretty much 99% Islamic to the West and 1% West to islamic.

    So playing devil’s advocate here, why would Muslims wish to come to the west? Why would they wish to settle in non Islamic lands? You see, to me there are two reasons that a Muslim, or anyone would come to another land to live and they are:

    1. To live as those do in the foreign land and be part of their culture and people
    2. To colonize and conquer, whether directly or indirectly by subversion.

    Now, point one is not a possibility. You are either of the people and their collective tribes, belonging to that nation or you are not. You will always be an outsider, just as a whiteman/blackman would be in China. So that would therefore leave point 2.

    I would never dream of going to another land and impose my cultural beliefs upon them. I would also never expect to force my culture upon one in my land, whose culture it isn’t nor ever will be. So why is it that Islam comes? Why does Islam not remain within Islamic lands? Are they not large enough to hold you all within? Why must you come to another’s land, especially when its laws and beliefs may directly oppose yours?

    This is my main gripe with Islam. I have many Muslims whom I speak to, but I simply can’t understand why they would wish to leave their lands and come to an alien one. All of the Muslims I know live by their Islamic way of life.

    Polygamy is allowed within Islam. We do not have it in the west within Christian culture. It therefore makes even more visible the fact that through procreation alone, Islam will out populate the west from its indigenous peoples. Surely you see this as wrong? Surely you also realise that in becoming the majority you will then see it fit to impose Islamic way of life over that of the indigenous peoples? Are there not umpteen videos of Imams speaking of colonizing the west and conquering through the womb?

    Mahmoud El-Yousseph, this is what goes through my mind when I think of Islam and its migration into the west. I do not think of the false flag attacks such as the ludicrous 19 hijacker story on 9/11, or the 5 suicide bombers in London on 7/7. I am not one easily brainwashed by the msm, which of course I do not watch, but having read the Qur’an and hadith, I do know that Muslims do wish to spread the teachings of Muhammad, (just as Christians with Christianity) and their ideal world would be one under a global caliphate.

    I do not wish to become part of Islamic culture, as I enjoy my Scottish culture too much. The taste of pork washed down with a good beer. I have nothing against Muslims and Islam but I wish my people to remain as the majority in my land and all peoples, wherever they may be in theirs. i also look at migration as the damaging principle for employment that it is and the resentment that results because of it. Like it or not, for every immigrant that works in an alien land, it is taking a job from the indigenous. Surely you must see this as selfishness on the part of the migrant? Surely you must see that this will eventually lead to anger, the more jobs are taken? Surely you must see that this is a ploy to have peoples at one another’s throats?

    It is for these reasons that I would restrict Islamic immigration, not because Trump promotes the violent, ISIS jihadi coming in, although that said, I’m sure many will slip through the net, as they are currently doing in Europe.
    If it’s any consolation I would restrict ALL non European migration into European lands PERIOD and start an active program of repatriation.

    As I said, I’m speaking from a European viewpoint. America is a land that was created to be multicultural. It is not like Europe with its own unique peoples, culture and history. I love all world peoples and their cultures, just as I love all kinds of food. That said, when I go to a restaurant, I prefer to have my dishes separately and not all mixed together in one bowl.

    1. You said: “Polygamy is allowed within Islam. We do not have it in the west within Christian culture.”

      The last legally recognized plural marriage in the United States occurred with a Christian family in 1904, in Utah. The US has been a one-man, one-woman marriage country for only a little more than 100-years. Prior to that the only polygamists in the U.S. were Christians.

      This year, a judge in Utah commented the recent Supreme Court decision that the US Constitution protects gay marriage also means that a ban on polygamy is now unconstitutional. Coming soon to America — the return of plural marriages.

      1. Gilroy,

        Your reply is but a minor point when comparing the rise of Islam within the west. It will be done through procreation, due to the simple fact that since the rise of 2nd wave feminism in the 60’s and even more so with 3rd wave today, European women (of which I also include white women in the USA) are choosing career over a family and marriage. And among those women who are having children we have a birthrate of around 1.4 in the west, well below the 2 needed to stop population reduction. The return of polygamy in the west will do nothing whatsoever to change the mindset of the feminists and I hardly think those women who want a husband and a family would wish to share their partner with another woman. Polygamy maybe coming back to the USA, as to not allow it is unconstitutional, but what man in his right mind today would marry one woman, let alone two with the horrendous state of the judicial system when it comes to fairness in divorce?

        Take Pakistan for example. It became an Islamic republic in 1956 with a population of around 38.6million people. Today, 60 years later its size is 205.8million. It’s population increase is over 500% in that time.
        Now take the population of the UK in 1956 – 51.4 million. Today it is around 60million people. The population increase has been as a result of mass immigration since WW2. The indigenous population is well below the required growth rate, simply meaning that the indigenous will be a minority by 2060. They already are in the largest and capital city of England being London and the second, being Birmingham which is a Muslim majority population. Most other cities are headed the same way.
        75% of all births in the UK will be attributed to all those who have come to the UK since 1997.

      2. Harbinger,

        I am aware of the Imam in England that said “we will conquer you through the wombs of our women.” He also said, “We do not integrate into Christianity. We will ensure that one day you will integrate into the Sharia Islamic law.” He is of the impression England will become an Islamic state in the not too distant future as Muslims procreate themselves into the majority there.

        Fwiw, Trump did not say stop Muslim immigration – he said stop Muslim immigration UNTIL we can properly screen the people immigrating as not terrorists. Trump’s comment came after Homeland Security had said they currently cannot properly screen the influx of Muslim immigrants. Obama has quietly brought over 100,000 Syrians into the U.S. and gave them residency status. Less than 1/2 of 1% of the Syrians are Christian — the Syrians most in need of sanctuary. Homeland Security said they cannot find more than 1400 Syrian Muslims they believe may have links to terrorist organizations.

        Mahmoud El-Yousseph commentary impresses me as disingenuous as he suggests Trump wants a complete and total ban on Muslim immigration. That could not be further from the truth. Trump’s comment was not about immigration – it was about security. And to that end Mahmoud El-Yousseph says nothing.

        Mahmoud El-Yousseph mentions Alexander Hamilton but he does not mention what Alexander Hamilton wrote about immigration. Hamilton wrote about the indigenous American Indians welcoming the Europeans to the New World … and how well that worked out for the American Indians. The founding fathers of the United States were wary of immigration, in particular of people with culture backgrounds significantly different from their own. The United States was not founded to be multicultural. But it is like that today.

      3. Gilroy –
        Harb –

        Whites in America will suffer the same fate as the indigenous Americans… ‘Indians’….
        ….. 50 years following what is happening to eradicate whites in Europe.

        It seems Putin is resisting the hordes coming into Russia. Needs another wall to keep heritage intact.

    2. @Harbinger

      Same thing can be said about the West. The West has been installing and messing with much of the world for the last few hundred years. Do you know how of the countries in the MENA region we control through puppets. How many we destroyed. The number of terrorist we sponsored of the years both in Africa, Asia and South America. This includes the Lords Christian Army and the Genocide in Rwanda (Proxy war between France and USA, where the USA won and got rid of the French vassal and installed an Anglo-Saxon vassal).

      The USA and the UK did a genocide sanctions on Iraq for over a decade with continues unreported bombing, using DU. That country has been utterly destroyed by the West. How much do we owe them? Our leaders see it fit to give the European Jews a land they do not own, but nothing to a land whom they destroyed.

      They come because it is safer place, assuming you aren’t going to be set up a pasty in a false flag. Their lands have been utterly destroyed by a more powerful Western nations. Other times they install puppets. Right now we are attacking several Muslim countries directly or through proxies like Saudi, all on false pretext of fighting terror: Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan.

      Have you been abroad? In many countries the expats have their own sub-culture in their host nations. Example go to UAE (Dubai).

      Anyway the whole jest of the post it’s all because in the West we cannot help but stick our fingers in every pie. We are led by greedy SOB that want to rule the world, this include breaking the Muslims and finally the Russians and Chinese.

      The question to you would be why do you want to install puppets and kill our children and do false flags on our nations? Of course is a silly question. Syrians did not want to be refugees and neither did Iraqis and I am sure Afghanistan never heard of USA or 911 or Europe, not until we brought them democracy.

      1. @ Adam, very well put. I could not have said it any better!

        The 1,800 Syrian refugees who were allowed to enter the U.S. so far are a small token in comparison to what Lebanon took in. Lebanon is a country of 4 million people who have welcomed over one million Syrian refugees. That is more than what the US, Russia, Iran, the Arab Gulf states and Israel took combined.

        If Trump doesn’t like refugees coming to our country, or for that matter any of his fans, they should ask our President to quit bombing the daylight out of other Muslim countries. It is the US, NATO and Russia plus ISIS is what creating the refugee crisis. People should quit being so naïve and use the refugees to promote racism and fear mongering against Muslims.

      2. @Mahmoud

        Russia is bombing the FSA and the Proxy army of the West and it has every right to be there. If it wasn’t there the West would have won and made another Iraq. The only thing that is holding Syria together is the Syrian government. One may not like the Syrian government but they should fix their own country on their own without outside interference of mercenaries. It also attracts the same idiots that helped destroy Libya. Idealistic idiots that are scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of intelligence, who think the West is some benevolent force that wants democracy in their lands.

        Russia came into Syria with the consent of the government. And as far as I know it is not attacking any Muslim lands, unlike those twerps who rule Suadi who are currently destroying Yemen. Russia is defending itself from proxy CIA Islamic terrorists groups.


        Quotes from the articles:
        “They regularly steal our salaries,” said Salabeh, who came to this city in northern Jordan after being wounded in battle and now intends to stay here. “We’re supposed to get $400 a month, but we only actually receive $100.” (They fight for money)

        The situation has gotten so bad, Salabeh said, that some FSA fighters are questioning the reason for continuing the conflict. He said a growing number believe the time has come for a ceasefire even it means cooperating with Assad.

        “After all, Bashar isn’t all that bad,” Salabeh said. (And that sums up their conviction)

    3. Muslims and Jews are the same satanic people. Or do you think the sand nigger Muhammad wrote the Koran himself? Jewish Pharisees did it for him and it was intended to begin a mass persecution and slaughter against all Christians.
      With their ass up high and face towards Mecca they are the perfect tool for the jew.
      Long ago I read the book “Through the land of the bible” by HVMorton, this book tells the whole story about the massacres of Christians by the “peace loving” Muslims.

      Jews have full control in all Muslim countries, the house of Saud, are not Muslims but Jews. Morocco which is responsible for the mass Muslim invasion of Europe is not ruled by a king but by jews Erdogan is a disguised jew.


      Jews want to destroy us, they dream of rule a world populated by race mixed slaves. That is why things are the way we are experiencing today.


      Next to a cousin of mine lives a Muslim, he is from Egypt … Last month, the bastard married for the fifth time he is already father of nine children and they are all born here in Belgium … Some of his wives live with their children back in Egypt, the Belgian social security pay child benefits and unemployment benefits to his wives living in Egypt. Two women of that bastard live here and got a social housing with family allowance, he lives by himself and have never worked one single day in this country, travels every month to Egypt to visit his wives or to collect money?

      The knife cuts on both sides for the jew LAWMAKERS because with the Muslim invasion imposed on Christian people a is resentment is created, maintenance and care of millions of foreign profiteers costs a lot of money and the Jewish banker lends it gladly against interest.

      In the following video (after three minutes), you should listen carefully to what the Mossad agent, former president, mass murderer (Libya), thief and fraudster says.


      1. Amazing hordes… like Cecil Demille’s movies…

        Trump called Merckel “insane” in the video at 13:50.

        He should have called her a Pharisee-Jew enabler.

        The UK is “insane” also…. damn..!!

  7. Thank You for your service Mahmoud El-Yousseph
    the best response to the islamophobic is ignoring him and his nazi fans
    remember this ,don’t feed the trolls ,he is basically a troll.
    and his popularity comes from charlatans whom they think the universe revolve around them and are in essence simpletons whom they lack the basic knowledge about world affairs ,they need a bogey man to blame their empty void meaningless spiritually bankrupt lives on someones ,as cowards and bullies they pick on the weakest and defenseless ,these days it’s the Muslims.
    it remind me of my people in the 1930’s in Germany and Poland.
    islamophobia is the same as antisemitism, a mental disease
    Lets stand together Muslims and Jews together united as brothers and sisters against hate-mongering

    1. @ THE J, thanks for the sound advice. It is easier said than then, especially when your 12 years old ask if we could move to Canada in the event Trump win the presidency! prejudice is toxic and harmful not just to Muslims but to all of us.

      1. Mahmoud :

        Trump once again very publicly reiterated that he will NOT run as a third party candidate if he doesn’t get the Republican nomination — “Bing IT” — so all the ones claiming Trump is about dividing the Republican Party in order to hand the election over to Hillary are WRONG. The ones who are constantly encouraging us NOT to support Trump are the ones trying to hand the election over to Hillary. If anything, it’s Trump who is unifying the Republican Party and presenting a strong front to America and who is providing us Americans with a viable option to Hillary and also to the type of Republicans who are no different from the Leftist warmongers. The Left and certain ZOG types on the Right : They want to wage endless war against the Muslim world while simultaneously allowing Muslims from countries ZOG is waging war in to immigrate into the USA. Pure treasonous agenda.

        When Trump wins The Election, all you gung-ho Muslim immigration aficionados can go move to Canada and go live with Henry Makow and Northern Truthseeker. Please take your “brother”, your vaudeville krapping monkey jew “priest” up on top of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado — “god’s country” — with you when you all high-tail it North to the Yukon. I always thought monkeys don’t like cold, frigid weather, but I was wrong.

        I’m still waiting for you, Mahmoud, to answer the questions I pose to you in all of my posts on this thread of commentary and respond to all the points I make here. So far, you’re avoiding the points I make and avoiding to answer the questions I pose to you. Thank You, TROJ [ Yeah, thanks for nothing ].

  8. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d much rather have a tough junkyard dog protecting the junkyard then a namby pamby wimpy Paris Hilton type lap dog, like the kind of presidents and US Congress men and women we usually have, harmless, pretty much useless, wimpy namby pamby lap dogs “protecting” “the junkyard”.

  9. @ Mahmoud :

    Now that you complained about Trump not wanting Muslims in the USA, are you going to spend any time complaining about what your fellow Muslims in Europe are doing, the massive Islamic Muslim Rape Jihads, the gangs of Muslims in Europe going around attacking Europeans, the Muslims in Europe who curse at and throw rocks at Christians entering and leaving Christian churches, the Muslims vandalizing Christian churches, the Muslims going on riots all the time, massive riots, arson riots, the Muslims who are always going around torching cars, sometimes 100’s at a time, the sheer amount of violence the Muslims are committing Europe against Europeans. Got any time to discuss that aspect of Muslim immigration? Also : What do you think that Washington is NOT going to vet the Muslim immigrants coming into the USA. Do you think it’s okay and acceptable ZOG is NOT going to try to weed out the Muslims who are Islamic Jihadists? Do you think that’s a good thing for the USA that die-hard murderous Islamic Jihadists like the kind of murderous Islamic Jihadists in Syria and Iraq will be entering into the USA in large numbers? The USA does not have as many Muslims per capita as in Europe, but still, the Muslims who are here in the USA are already starting-up Islamic Muslim Rape Jihad here in the USA and Muslim immigration into the USA just started, and your fellow Muslims in the U.S. are already waging Islamic Muslim Rape Jihad. Do ever spend any time complaining about the Islamic Muslim Rape Jihad in Europe or the Rape Jihad your fellow Muslims in the USA are starting to wage, or do you only spend your time complaining about Trump who doesn’t want your fellow Muslims in the USA because your fellow Muslims are waging Islamic Muslim Rape Jihad in the United States of America?

  10. @Mahmoud El-Yousseph

    1) Trump’s proposal is only meant for new Muslim immigrants (or “refugees”) and not for American citizens of the Muslim faith, whether civilians or soldiers. He has clearly said that.

    2) Trump’s proposal is meant to prevent Muslim terrorists to enter the US, and is not meant to exclude people who are “not white, blond or blue eyed” (that is your projection).

    3) “Trump called a former POW a traitor”.
    John McCain was (and still is) a traitor. Do your research. McCain is one of the most despicable American politicians of this age.

    4) “…I am an American citizen who also wore the uniform with pride and served for 20 years with honor in our armed forces. While Mr. Trump dodged the draft 5 times during the Vietnam War, yours truly was willing and ready to die for America if need be…”

    All American wars were unnecessary and injust, especially in Viet Nam. To “serve with honor” in those wars is being accessory to crime for empire, for the military-industrial complex and ultimately for Jewish bankers.

    5) You may cite two episodes from the life of Muhammad where he showed his “gentle” face, there are however several episodes described in his biography where he ordered the murder of his opponents, especially when they mocked his prophethood.

    For information read List of Killings Ordered or Supported by Muhammad at wikislam.net .

  11. Donald Trump – the great white hope – don’t make me laugh.

    His son has shacked up with a Jewess. His daughter is married to a Jew and she has converted to Judaism. Trump thinks Israel is the best place on earth – our gallant democratic ally in the middle-east.

    And who is behind the flooding of the west with hopping mad Muslims, hopping mad because we in the west have totally destroyed their homes – well the Jews of course. Who was ‘really’ responsible for destabilizing Iraq and Afghanistan? Jews of course! And who considers all the land between the Nile and the Euphrates to be theirs – well Jews of course. And what will the Jews do with all the non-Jews currently occupying this land? Send them to the west of course – where else? Trump knows this – and this is why I consider him to be a piece of filth – more filthy than the others. He is giving false hope to the voters packaged in a “I do care” wrapping.

    Trump is doing what his Jewish handlers want – to offer the lemmings a supposedly valid alternative to the other Presidential nominees when in fact he can do nothing to address the real problem facing the west which is the Jew.

    There are many other things I could say about Trump and his policies, but let’s just focus on one. Let’s look at his policy on Mexican immigrants (legal and illegal) and US industries operating out of Mexico. Pure baloney!


    To reverse both trends he would have to abolish NAFTA – and this will not happen – and Trump knows it. He is simply telling the lemmings what they want to hear – nothing more – nothing less!! He has always been a salesman and many Americans are falling for his ‘snake-oil’ sales pitch again!!

    We should all know by now that a democratic solution to our problems is no solution at all. Democracy is a failure and always has been! It has been used by the Jews to control the levers of government, the banking system and the war machine. Just take a look at that other piece of filth who wants to be President – Hilary Clinton – the self-professed champion of women’s rights. She conveniently ignores the fact that Israel is the world centre of the white slave trade in gentile women from Eastern Europe. How I despise politicians – let me count the ways!!!!

  12. @Mahmoud El-Yousseph
    don’t feel bad ,life goes on
    this is life and new world order adjust to it and be happy
    remember whatever you say or write will not change people minds or attitudes towards your religion simply because the cabals of organized khazarian crime syndicate international brainwashed the sheeple ,just read a few comments from franky ,that bloody patsy is just one of many in just one blog ,islamophobia is alive and well from sea to sea my friend .
    by the way my friend take it from me ,these stories will not resonate with western minds

  13. Mahmoud, it’s been too long … let the others who call themselves Muslims or Palestinians (or for that matter Christians and Americans) look up to you.

    Don’t worry about what Trump says, it’s a very convenient stick to beat his way into the office, because he is basically pulling a venerable judoka stunt of using the opponent’s over-aggressive momentum (recall who invented the term islamofascism and Muslim terror, so how can they now complain without exposing their vulnerability) to pull him into a game ending toss.

    Pay attention what happens below radar, friendly overtures to the real “enemy”, Russia and Iran, which got Jew so hysterical.
    That’s where the war is fought, not the Muslim straw man.

    In many ways, there hasn’t been a better option in the US since Nixon, even Paul is a bit suspect, talking very nice and sweet but I question whether he has the strength, the courage and the will to go head-to-head with Jew.
    Trump seems to me the type of beast that can pull it off.

    1. @Lobro

      Trump seems to me the type of beast that can pull it off.

      I am sorry, but this strikes me as another Hitlerjugend-style fantasy which has no base in reality.

  14. Mahmoud,
    Sorry, I get caught up in the politics of the moment and missed my cue. We do need to get to higher ground, to find that peace that our religions offer us, so we can be open to new solutions, more creative ways of living together in mutual respect.

  15. This new maneuver, borrowed from Asian martial artforms and chess gambits of converting the enemy’s headlong rush into a balance-usurping torque, perfected by Putin and hopefully others, exploits the theoretical weakness of the Protocols invention of the owned and controlled opposition, whereby one pretends to be in partnership with Jew and enthusiastically destroys the fake opposition and thus pulls the rug from under Jew’s short and long range plans, all the while smiling and congratulating Jew on the job well done.

  16. @ Mahmoud

    You said, “I was reflecting and pondering over the last few days about what to do and say about Trump’s vicious attack and how best to respond to it.”

    The best thing to do is ignore the situation. There is no point letting an illusion control how you feel. Trump is the “Third Party Illusion” trick that the jewish owners of the USA run by the public about every 25 years to make the gullible think that they have some peaceful input to control of the government when they really do not.

    National politics in the Western world can be summed up quite easily. The owners are never on the ballot, just their stooges. When 5% to 10% of the people get totally fed up with the owners, change will occur and the change will not happen at the ballot box.

    Refocus on things that really matter like your spiritual life, family, friends, etc., and ignore the stage show.

    1. “National politics in the Western world can be summed up quite easily. The owners are never on the ballot, just their stooges.”

      Indeed, it’s not more complicated than that. And anything other than a stooge isn’t allowed to get elected. True, that has happened, but my estimation is that this is no longer possible. Never before was their control this extensive. Breaking them is theoretically possible, but not by ‘asking’ them to leave office.

  17. What will Rothschild do to Trump is the more pertinent question.

    The smart money and analysis is that Trump will go off on his own with a new 3rd Party, thus splitting the Republican vote and thereby ensuring another Democrat win with Hillary Clinton in the White House. But insofar as they are all kosher, I wondered if it wasn’t Trump’s role to kick-start the Clash of Civilizations…

    but then again, in order to have a Race War you need at least enough of the population willing to fight a Race War. But I don’t see it happening not with everyone looking like zombies, even the cops are fat and the veterans are too doped up to be a threat to anyone else but themselves.

    I read somewhere that about 30 vets off themselves each day. What a pity they don’t even have a clue they fought for ZOG and who is ultimately responsible for their troubles.

    The MSM is actually attacking Trump as the next Hitler and siding with the Muslims which makes no sense at all if the jews are pushing for a Race War. Only the Daily Stormer is calling for a Race War but it’s more satirical than serious; it’s actually quite hilarious.

    Moreover, you don’t have enough Muslims in the JewSA for a viable Race War… whilst in the meantime, Whites are silently being raped and killed by the hundreds each day by the black beasts aka African-Americans. How brilliant is that for MISDIRECTION!

  18. The Donald…a not invited guest at the party claims attention by every mean. Day after day he is loosing all restraint, and people like it. He can do what he wants,because he fear no harm, beeing an old playboy like Berlusconi he had his huge share of fun and pleasure and now he can risk the rest of his life. Putting muslims in the crosshair is now a popular game ,very silly indeed, but it pays back for a politician. Trump wants to win, and starts roaring around because he realize that he needs to put his supporters in the fight mode. He shouts at muslims but the real target are jews, and if you heard his lately words about ” you know who they are” or his straight posture in his last meeting with them, you could see he is playing serious. Many call him a buffoon, an extremist, a racist, and muslims american are obviously upset, but white americans see the Donald as the last hope. Berlusconi has beeing ridiculized and demonized all over the world because he was an addicted to “bunga bunga” and a spoiled billionaire, but no one owned him. Like the Donald who does not give a damn of political etiquette, he could tell what the people felt was right , with no filters.
    Silvio was loved by the people. Now we have a waiter to represent Italy, and Usa risk to have a witch at the Whitw house.

    1. You have well tuned political antennas, Roman.

      Berlusconi was the people’s man, despite his Freemason rank, which is why they took him down by all means possible, bungabunga, tax evasion (the old Al Capone standby), brushing teeth the wrong way … i always say, let the Jew help you figure out the way to truth, like the weathervane that points every which way EXCEPT from where it blows.

      Another thought occurs … could it be that goy countercurrents exist within Masonic orders that oppose the Judaic, B’nai Brith command?
      A secret society within secret society as it were.

    2. @ Roman

      You are the voice of sanity here. Thank you for your perceptive and thought-provoking comments. I hope you are right in your suggestion that the “real” target of Trump’s populist rhetoric is not Muslims but Jews — in his own words, “you know who they are.” That in itself is a pretty daring statement.

    3. The Donald…a not invited guest at the party claims attention by every mean.
      Very well put, as usual.

      Silvio Berlusconi defending Mussolini’s regime on holocaust memorial day.

      Two days later, uninvited sleepy Silvio during Shoah memorial inauguration in Milan.

      I miss Berlusconi. He was a misunderstood feminist, like Mussolini.

      And AC Milan…

      1. @Phil

        I miss Berlusconi. He was a misunderstood feminist, like Mussolini.

        Only the French can beat the Italian sense of humor. Just compare one of the best Italian stand-up comedians of all time Duce Mussolini to my favorite French comedian Louis de Funès

      2. Circassian.

        Well De Funès is not my cup of tea. Try some Desproges, the racist trial of Lepen, when we still have freedom of speech. There’s one for Stalin.

        As for Zidane, he is from the second generation of French, let’s call them cultural Muslims, although he is a Kabyle, not an Arab, it must be noted, complex context Algeria. I don’t know if you notice, Algeria is not in the BS Muslim countries coalition against ISIS.

        Now we have the third generation. Let see the most notorious successors of Zidane.

        Karim B. has been recently suspended from France team, les bleus, due to his involvement with street connection in a blackmail case over a sex tape about Valbuena, who played in Russia last year for Gazprom. Never mind, he never hide that he prefers Algeria, that’s fine with me, I won’t miss his lazy ass on the field. But the French selection gives more media exposure, you know. Karim is a good Muslim, he prays before the game and recently gave 3 million to build a mosque in Lyon. But don’t worry for him, he has a good lawyer, maître Jakubowiczzzz, the president of Licra, the French ADL, who once declared: ”Islamophobia is a Right”. Maybe Zidane will set him straight in Real Madrid.

        Franck.R, scarface, is also a good Muslim, who prays before the game and avoids pork, tough with all those delicious sausages in Munich and because he was once a Ch’ti. He is famous for organizing a billionaire strike during the world cup in South Africa, for his illiteracy, for bullying poor Gourcuff and also for his multiple prostitution scandals, last time involving under aged girls.
        The strike was caused by Nicolas A, the West Indies Muslim, after he called the coach a son of b++++. But Nicolas is under bad influence.

        Samir N., is also banned from French team for the foul words he had against the coach, in English. Too bad, he was such a great hope, le petit prince, he could have been the next Zizou. Samir never misses his prayer, but he is surrounded by friends in Manchester Cityslamic with fat checks/sheiks.

        Hatem B A, the purest talent ever, got lost in translation. I have hope for him; he just came back in France where he shines again. England is bad for Muslims.

        Those guys are not Zidane, they are islamo-scums from the third generation. The problem is, unlike Zidane, they claim and assume a spiritual religious enthusiasm while they are poor models. And they are not isolated, I grew up around them, this is a substantive phenomenon in society.

        What would prophet mohammad do to all those French muslims? 🙂

        But Zidane was no saint, very hot blooded. Remember his last game.
        Materazzi got it coming.

  19. I was reflecting and pondering over the last few days about what to do and say about Trump’s vicious attack and how best to respond to it. First thing that went through my mind was to dare him a duel at Weehawken, New Jersey, the same place where the former secretary of the treasury, Alexander Hamilton and the sitting vice president have their famous duel 111 years ago. Then I dismissed the idea as illegal.

    Go to his rally and throw a shoe at him. If you have been contemplating the buffoonish idea of dueling with Trump, I suppose you do have the courage to do that. Do you? Or you just bubbling?

    An interesting side note: In the above video, Bush sounds like a reasonable man, way more dignified in comparison to the moron Trump.

    1. @ CIRCASSIAN, there many ways for me express my displeasure with Trump beside throw a shoe at him. Regardless of Trump bigotry and twisted views, the man have not used violence. Why are you so adamant about it? Do you like to see Muslim act violent and in uncivilized way?

      1. This is what Muslims have done through the ages – Screw the world’s civilizations. A Muslim ceases to be one if he does not commit violent deeds or incites violence. Terrorist state of Turkey has been accused of supporting or colluding with ISIL, especially by Syrian Kurds.[87][88] Syrian Kurds and the Turkey’s main Kurdish party, HDP, accused Turkey of allowing ISIL soldiers to cross its border and attack the Kurdish town of Kobanî. They also claimed that Islamic State snipers were hiding among grain depots on the Turkish side of the border and firing on the town.[89][90] In addition. the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the vehicle which is used in a car bombing attack at Kobanî had come from Turkey.[90] According to journalist Patrick Cockburn, there is “strong evidence for a degree of collaboration” between the Turkish intelligence services and ISIL, although the “exact nature of the relationship … remains cloudy”.[91] David L. Phillips of Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights, who compiled a list of allegations and claims accusing Turkey of assisting ISIL, writes that these allegations “range from military cooperation and weapons transfers to logistical support, financial assistance, and the provision of medical services”.[92] Several ISIL fighters and commanders have claimed Turkey supports ISIL.[93][94][95] Within Turkey itself, ISIL is believed to have caused increasing political polarisation between secularists and Islamists.[96] A video taken in October 2014 shows Turkish soldiers fraternising with Isis fighters near Kobane.[97]

        Turkey has been further criticized for allowing individuals from outside the region to enter its territory and join ISIL in Syria.[98][99] With many Islamist fighters passing through Turkey to fight in Syria, Turkey has been accused of becoming a transit country for such fighters and has been labeled the “Gateway to Jihad”.[100] Turkish border patrol officers are reported to have deliberately overlooked those entering Syria upon the payment of a small bribe.[100] A report by Sky News exposed documents showing that passports of foreign Islamists wanting to join ISIL by crossing into Syria had been stamped by the Turkish government.[101] American website Al-Monitor stated in June 2014 that Turkey, during the Syrian Civil War, by “ignoring its own border security”, had allowed its Syrian border to become a “jihadist highway” for ISIL to let thousands of international jihadists, and other supplies, reach Syria.[102][103] British newspaper The Guardian stated that Turkey late 2014 “for many months did little to stop foreign recruits crossing its border to Isis”.[104] An ISIL commander stated that “most of the fighters who joined us in the beginning of the war came via Turkey, and so did our equipment and supplies”,[95] adding that ISIL fighters received treatment in Turkish hospitals.[95]

        According to Vladimir Putin, Russia has for a long time been aware of oil going from Syria under the control of terrorists to Turkey, Putin said. The money finances terrorist groups. “IS has big money, hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars, from selling oil. In addition they are protected by the military of an entire nation. One can understand why they are acting so boldly and blatantly. Why they kill people in such atrocious ways. Why they commit terrorist acts across the world, including in the heart of Europe,” the Russian leader said.[105] The Russian president also said that current Turkish government is purposely leading the country toward Islamization.[106] Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said “Turkey’s actions are de facto protection of Islamic State,” Medvedev said, calling the group formerly known as ISIS by its new name. “This is no surprise, considering the information we have about direct financial interest of some Turkish officials relating to the supply of oil products refined by plants controlled by ISIS.”[107]

        Turkey reported that between 1957 and 1998, Turkish forces laid 615,419 antipersonnel mines along the Syrian border “to prevent illegal border crossings,” These mines are killing Syrians stuck on the border or trying to cross near Kobani. Turkey is required under the Mine Ban Treaty, to destroy all antipersonnel mines, but has missed deadlines. Human Rights Watch claims in its report that as of November 18 over 2,000 civilians were still in the Tel Shair corridor section of the mine belt due to the fact that Turkey had been refusing entry for cars or livestock, and the refugees did not want to leave behind their belongings.[108]

        Also, authorities in Turkey have confirmed social media reports that an injured ISIL commander is being treated in a Denizli hospital, saying the militant has every right to receive medical care as he is a Turkish citizen.[109]

        Eren Erdem, member of the main opposition at Turkey, CHP, accused the Turkish Government that it failed to investigate Turkish supply routes used to provide ISIL with toxic Sarin gas ingredients.[110] Because of this statement, he faces treason charges at Turkey.[111]

        Russian anti-drug chief mentioned that ISIS is using Turkey for trafficking heroin to Europe. He, also, believes that ISIS makes about $1 billion from Afghan heroin trade.[112][113]

        Turkey’s state intelligence agency, MIT, has been accused that it helped deliver arms to parts of Syria under Islamist rebel control.[114] Turkish journalists who exposed it have charged with spying and “divulging state secrets” from the Turkish court.[115][116] One of the journalists claimed:”Those who sent the convoy from Turkey knew that the weapons were “heading to end [up] in ISIS hands”.[116] Also, Turkish officers, who intercepted some of the intelligence agency’s weapons-filled trucks have faced spying charges.[116] In addition, Turkish newspaper, Cumhuriyet, published a video footage which it said showed security forces discovering weapons parts being sent to Syria on trucks belonging to the MIT state intelligence agency.

  20. a funny god (pbuh) indeed that would save the theiving child molesting child murdering scumbsg moses (pbuh) the god(pbuh)who favours moses(pbuh) most certainly is no god of mine joecortina(pbuh) calls it right on this

  21. Preface : For the sake of Brevity, we all LERV Brevity : Mohammed in this here post shall be referred to as “M”.

    Mohammed would do what Mohammed has already done and Mohammed continues to do : M would strike a Deal with the Big-Shots in the West whereby M willingly, gladly, gleefully, Sacrifices the Palestinian people/Palestine to the Jews so the Jews can turn Palestine into Jew Israel, and in-turn M’s Mohammedan hordes get Europe and the United States. M’s Muslims all around the world are deeply pained they lost some orchards and some dusty type Muslim villages in Palestine one can find all over the Muslim world in all 50 of their Muslim countries around the world, and got in exchange for impoverished Palestine the riches of Europe and the United States. For giving up some dusty Muslim villages in Palestine , M and M’s hordes got Paris and London and New York and Los Angeles.

    M would join In-Alliance with the Jews and wage War against Muslim countries, and M’s Jihadists would go around the Middle East and Kill Christians, Palestinian war refugees living in Iraq and in Syria, and Kill the Muslims here and there who are opposed to Mohammedan Jihad. M’s Jihadists would Kill Christians in the Middle East and Kill Palestinian war refugees in the Middle East, while M throws a keffiyah on his M head, then M would travel around Europe and the United States, crying and complaining about the horrible jews killing Palestinians as M plays on Christian namby pamby sentiments , encouraging what little is left of the Christian West to lovingly accept the poor Muslim war refugees into the West in massive numbers no less [ and this is while the Muslims themselves treat the Palestinian war refugees in Syria and in Iraq like camel shit and target them for DEATH and Kill them. M’s keffiyah heads in the West NEVER cry and complain about Muslims killing Palestinian war refugees as the keffiyah heads scream at us Christians in the West we’re murderers and do everything they can to make us feel guilty about something the Muslims are doing to fellow Muslims it’s ALL our White Christian fault somehow, and we “must” accept ALL the Muslim war refugees many Muslims themselves were deeply involved in making homeless/country-less. M’s hordes are Totally innocent of any war-waging : See The Hadith, Chapter 69 : “Taqiyya” ] But M demands us Christians in the West have Mercy upon M’s Muslim war refugees, even though M himself does a fuck of a lot producing shitload of Muslim war refugees.

    M, after throwing a keffiyah on his M head, and then traveling throughout Europe and the United States crying and complaining about Jews, would simultaneously be an angry shill pushing and promoting the Jew NWO Communist agenda, Jew Communist goals down everyone’s throats. Under the guise of being concerned about the Palestinian people/Palestine M himself handed over to the Jews so In Exchange M would get Europe and the United States. M is very pained he lost dusty Palestine and got Europe and hopefully Trump will lose and M also gets the United States for Sacrificing dusty ole Palestine and the Palestinian people to the Jews, for the Jews to do what they want to the Palestinians as long as M’s Muslim hordes get Europe and the USA in The Bargain. Itz a bargain Itz!!! How do U say “Itz a Bargain Itz” in Arabic? M cries in pain while taking over Europe and the United States, no wonder the jews want so many of M’s Muslims in the West, how very similar is M and M’s Muslims to the Jews. How much the TWO cousins in-the-blood have in common. The Jews have their jew Kol Nidre “prayer”, their cousins in-the-blood, M’s Muslims have “taqiyya”. How the Muslims cry about so many things and blame us Whites in the West even though they themselves play such a Giant Role in creating all the things they cry about, how they pretend to be “innocent”, and how they insist we take their Muslim war refugees they themselves played such a Giant Role making homeless/country-less, and how M, in his homeland of Saudi Arabia won’t even take in any of the war refugees M himself played such a fucking Giant Role making homeless/country-less. M even insists we take in Muslim “war” “refugees” from ALL 50 Muslim countries, even though most of those 50 Muslim countries, there’s NO wars going on. The wars are in a few Muslim countries, NOT ALL the Muslim countries [ and Muslims themselves have a Giant Role in bringing war to those Muslim countries that now know war ]. But M says it’s all the fault of us Whites in the West. As M plays on our Christian notions of fairness and Christian notions of making amends, M’s Muslim hordes are KILLING Christians in the Middle East and M’s allies in Washington, the jews, cousins-in-the-blood to M, have a BAN on Middle Eastern Christian war refugees, they’re NOT allowed into the USA. Yet another example of the historical alliance of the TWO cousins with shared blood, the TWO that have so much in common. That’s exactly what M would do. I certainly do hope I answered your question to your satisfaction, Mahmoody. Yes, moozlums are also as moody as the hebes.

  22. I always get the heebie jeebies everytime I’m around Muslims. I get the heebie jeebies around Muslims sometimes even worse then when I’m around jews. There’s something about Muslims that’s very phony, not real, as if they’re putting on a masquerade, a show, the masquerade meant to hide their true nature and their goals, until it’s too late, then they take off their masks and reveal their true nature. To those Americans who do support Muslim immigration into the USA. Be Forewarned : The Muslims do NOT have a tradition of “Separation of Religion from Government”. They will NOT separate their Mosque from the U.S. government. They will agitate that the U.S, government, on ALL levels, turn Islamic. Including the schools. They want the public schools to teach and to promote and proselytize Islam [ and so do the Jew Commies want the same ].

  23. LOBRO
    Massonery in Italy was like a wagon in which many jumped in, just in order to get the right connections and therefore achieve economical advantage. P2 lodge was even more, and many high ranks were actively pursuing a policy of national interest. Italians are more used to intrigues than other europeans, and jews have a harder time to fool them. Berlusconi reached power even though all the media, included the ones he owned were opposing “the populist menace”. It has been hard to oust him. They could finally reach their goal with the help of Germany, which throw italian bonds out the window and the unaware investors in panick,giving the corrupted italian elite the opportunity to remove him. A GREY revolution that has been possible for the collusion of Italian president Napolitano who sold Italy and obtain in change international honour and consolidated internally the priviledge of his nears and relatives,which have been untouched ever since by any spending review. Look at Romania,a minor player in which something similar just happened ,when Ponta had to resign under pression of the presidency. They have many tools nowadays , grey,colour or violent revolutions, but the goal is always the same. Vicktor Orban exposed it publicly in a speech he gave at the the Hungarian tv, so far he is the last man standing. Trump is very much like Berlusconi, the same was Bernard Tapie in France. Tapie was easily destroyed because the french whit their “je ne sais quais” feel so enlightened by their jewish masters who make them like or dislike whatever they want. The Americans are more solid thinkers so maybe they will stay with the Donald even though is not chic, and not kosher. They are grown up enough to ask themselves : Who decide what is good or bad,and why ?

    1. Yes, it looks like the Italians profited through their lengthy history of intriguing, when all those city-states, Venice, Genoa, Florence, Pisa, Urbino, Naples, Milan, Bologna, to name a few were in perpetual conflict with every other, shifting alliances and betrayals, for and against bigger players, the papal states, Spain, Turkey, France, Austria, it was a madhouse that only the best strategists could survive.

      Those guys were worthy of respect and I hope that this mentality survives to this day.
      Italians always make me laugh and are among my favorite groups.

      What other nation would name one of its rulers Piero the Unfortunate?

    2. Ah Bernard Tapie, the self-made man myth, the liberal socialist billionaire defending the workers and the immigrants, Mitterand’s marionette to be opposed to LePen as nobody had the nerve to debate with him. After 1995, he would become an embarrassment and denied by banks, he would sell Adidas to Robert Louis Dreyfus.

      I used to like Bernard, Munich93, and despised LePen. Now, I think Jean-Marie was an honest patriot.

      He lost another trial last week, he must reimburse 400 million euros, butt naked like the day he was born. Not enough networks for Bernard. Tiens, Licio Gelli is dead.

  24. The Leftists in the U.S. complaining because Trump is “not dignified” NEVER complained about the VERY UNDIGNIFIED Bill Clinton who had sex in the Oval Office. The Thing Is : He had sex in the Oval Office when he was “on duty” and was supposed to be working, lol, he had sex in the Oval Office with a Mossad Jewess and he knew Monica was a Mossad Jewess and he know that there would be a very good chance that their sessions in the Oval Office would be made public — either via Monica or some other Mossad operatives making their Oval Office sexcapades public. He knew he was setting himself up for blackmail when he was having sex with Monica in the Oval Office. Bill knew by setting himself for blackmail he was putting the USA into a position of weakness, into a dangerous situation for all Americans : To the Leftists, that’s not undignified. Never mind Bill wouldn’t pay for the dry cleaning after he came on Monica’s blue dress. [There’s that color “blue” again, lol ] How scuzzy and how undignified is it for a President of the USA to cum all over the dress of his mistress in the Oval Office and then watch her walk out of the Oval Office with his cum all over her dress and not give a s*t at all she has to walk out of the White House with his cum all over her dress, so dirty, NO class NO nothing. No wonder the Mossad made their sexcapades public, LOL. That’s all very “dignified” as per the Leftists. Trump calling us to a little vigilance to make sure NO Islamic Jihadists enter the USA [ after 14 years of being told Islamic Jihadists are our mortal enemies ] is “undignified” .

    The Leftists have NO leg to stand on to call Trump, or anyone else for that matter, “undignified”. The Leftists have done everything they could to make the scuzziest behavior acceptable and even superior to dignified behavior. We saw that clearly during Bill’s watch, as he watched himself cum all over a Mossad Blue dress, and the Leftists LERVED Bill for IT.

    Before Bill, at least the presidents had the class to put their mistresses up in apartments on Park Ave and the broads were always dressed to the nines, with clothes that radiated beauty and charm, that’s dignified. NOT a president who cums on the dress of his mistress in the Oval Office and doesn’t care she has to walk out of the White House with his cum all over her dress. And has the nerve to insist that oral sex is somehow not a sexual act. Oral sex has nothing to do with sex, LMFAO!!! The Leftists look up to Bill as a “hero” for breaking down “barriers”, Now that the barriers are down, the Leftists saw to it the barriers would come down, they don’t have a leg to stand on to call anyone “undignified”, NO, Not even Trump.

    May Trump and Putin Prevail On Earth!

  25. Mahmoud –

    Fine words – and worthy sentiments. However, I’d wager you’re smart enough to realize that the opportunity to express such thoughts is ONLY incited by the Mr. Trumps, voicing notions which need discussion. Agree or not, his bravado is necessary to somewhat awaken the self-inspection of the American public – without which we’d likely continue on as mute muts, fearful of provocative dialogue due to PC. The role of President is best-suited to such design, and Mr. Trump seems to fit-the-bill well. Until recently, I, as a typical American, was hardly ever exposed to the Muslim perspective to the degree to which I am, now. Trump is a catalyst for thoughtful consideration and self-examination. Moreover, most of his opinions are purely pragmatic and to-the-point, which has to frighten mainly those whose agendas are best served by deceit – the Pharisees.

    1. Gil

      To further your point…
      Thomas Jefferson obtained a copy of the koran so he could understand the musselmen attacking American ships and taking men as slaves. His copy exists today.

      Once he knew the enemy… Jefferson sent Marines “…to the shores of Tripoli.”

      1. Hi Pat, President Thomas Jefferson knowledge of Islam came from his study of natural law. He did purchased a two-valume English translation of the Quran in 1765. While speaking of Jefferson, piracy and the siege of Tripoli during that time, It worth mentioning: 1) President Jefferson was the first US president to own a copy of the Quran, 2) He was also the first president to host “iftar” break fast during Ramadan at the White House. His first quest to the collective “iftar” was the first Muslim ambassador to the US- the Tunisian ambassador. 3) When Keith Allison, the first Muslim to be elected to US Congress, he used Jefferson’s copy of the Quran to take his oath to office.


  26. Mahmoud :

    How come NONE of the 50 Muslim countries in the world are taking in any Muslim war refugees? How come so many Muslims from all over the Muslim world travel to Syria and Iraq and proceed to KILL their fellow Muslims, the Christians, and the Palestinians who live in Syria and Iraq?

    Considering the Muslim Jihadists who travel to Syria and Iraq from all the 50 Muslim countries all over the world and then proceed to kill the Palestinians who took refuge in Syria and Iraq to escape from the Jews in Israel, why do you and so many others always encourage us to hate the Jews who treat the Palestinians like garbage but you and your ilk NEVER encourage anyone to hate the Muslims who travel from all over the world and go to Syria and Iraq and then proceed to treat to also treat the Palestinians like garbage and do to the Palestinians the very same things the Jews are doing to the Palestinians?

    Why does the USA have to take in Muslim so-called war refugees and immigrants when NO Muslim countries are taking in their fellow Muslims who are war refugees [ and so many Muslims are involved in causing the Muslim war refugee problem ]. Also, considering how much Muslims LERV to immigrate, how come NO Muslims want to immigrate from one Muslim country to another Muslim country?

    What branch of Islam do you belong to, Mahmoud ? Sunni? Shia? Sufi? Wahabbi? Salafist? Assasin?

    Why do the advocates of the Palestinian people never get incensed, they don’t even mention it, that the Muslims also treat the Palestinians like garbage? The Palestinians who escaped Israel/Palestine to take refuge in Muslim countries are treated by garbage, and the Muslim Islamic Jihadists target them for death and kill them : The advocates of the Palestinian people NEVER even mention that in their “narrative”, let alone get angry about it. Why is that, Mahmoud? You still haven’t replied to any of the points I make about your Muslim people in my other posts, why not? Why exactly should us Americans take in Muslims who are killing Palestinians, Christians, and the Muslims here and there who opposed to Jihad? How exactly does this benefit us Americans. If you think we should get rid of the Jews in the U.S. because the Jews treat the Palestinians like garbage, then why exactly should we flood the USA with Muslims who treat the Palestinians like garbage? Why should we risk so much turmoil here in the U.S. trying to get rid of the Jews who treat the Palestinians like garbage, and after all the great turmoil AND BLOODSHED and war here in America we manage to get rid of the Jews, only to turn-around to let in yet another group of habirus who treat the Palestinians like garbage? Why is better to have a country, the USA, full of Muslims who treat the Palestinians like garbage then a country, the USA, full of Jews who treat the Palestinians like garbage? What’s the point of going through so much upheaval and turmoil to get rid of the Jews in the USA only to replace the Jews with Muslims who are not very different then the Jews, who, in many ways, are exactly the same as Jews? And barring get rid of the Jews in the USA, why exactly should we fill up the USA with Muslims who are not very different then Jews, who, in many ways, are exactly the same as Jews? Why should we double our trouble? Do you ever write any articles for Muslim-geared websites pointing out to your fellow Muslims in the 50 Muslim countries in the world that they should really allow Muslim immigration, it’s the Right Thing to do, and really should have a heart, it’s the Right Thing to have a heart and compassion and mercy, and take in at least some Muslim war refugees? Thank you, TROJ.

    1. @TRO, first of all, you must have a lot of time on your hand. secondly, you lack the etiquette in asking question, thirdly, you ask too many questions at the same time. Why don’t you get wet behind your ears and educate yourself first and for change stay away from antiMuslim website and Isalmopheobs and supremacist groups. Why do you care what kind of Muslim I am? I am Muslim period. If you intend to write a book about my life story, you can skip that chapter. Have a good life, TRO! Hope that make you happy that I respond to your comment.

  27. @ LD, thank for giving me a forum. I was happy to learn that your website has been ranked upon top 1% of websites worldwide. Wow! When we met on The Ugly Truth seven years ago, I know you poses a unique quality and stimulating style in writing. The award speaks volume about you and you subscribers/fans. Congrats!

    BTW, where is Ingrid and Felix? Are they banned?

    1. They’re saying Ingrid drowned in the Great Floods in Norway. She drowned trying to save some recent Muslim immigrants in Norway from drowning. She did manage, Blessings Unto Ali Baba, to save the precious dear Muslims, then she herself succumbed to the rising waters. Who cares about what happened to Felix. Pretty much nobody.

      1. Joe, I`m OK, not drowned at all.. Been doing what I can, for the victims of the NWO..

        Our two Congolese families have been integrated, and now our efforts are being utilated, to integrate two Syrian families, one of which is composed of a Syrian woman, with four children. Her husband went missing two years ago, no-one knows what became of him. My daughter agreed to the families integration, but was not sure of the womans`attitude, until an event a few days ago, when, upon my daughter`s entrance, the Syrian woman ran over, and gave her a hug.. Is this not the way we should all treat one another ????`?????

        btw Joe, I like Felix, and hope he is OK..

      2. Isn`t it telling, that the only person to express concern about my well being was Joe.. Thankyou Joe..

    2. Mahmoud and Ingrid,
      Thank you both for your concern. No, I haven’t been banned but I’ve been busy reconnecting with a relative I last saw 48 years ago!
      Regarding Trump and his aversion to Muslims, I would expect that from an unlettered, ignorant moron who obviously hasn’t travelled very much and has a Judeo-American world view. The 2 most populous Muslim countries in the world, Indonesia and India are nowhere near the Middle East. Even Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok, has over 1 million muslims and in, perhaps the most important Royal Buddhist Temple in Bangkok, one can hear at times the gentle call of the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer, from the mosque nearby. It’s a common sight to see a muslim girl in a headscarf chatting with a group of her Buddhist friends. This anti-muslim hysteria is a creation of the Jews to play Christian against Muslim and benefits the one and only Zionist entity! Why aren’t there any objections to the unsightly, unkempt appearance of the amulatory eyesore, the orthodox Jew? I refuse to join this Jewish concocted campaign against Muslims.

  28. Anyone want to be $1 USD that the President of the USA come January 20, 2017, if we make it through 2016 which is a very very BIG maybe, will be . . .

    The Great Whore Herself and the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse . . .

    And who are the Four Horsewomen???

  29. Ummm could Hillary be the Great Whore of the apocalypse? Very clever. I hadn’t even thought about that but there is something in Hillary that is definitely like the great whore of Revelations. She arrives oblivious to all else. She is untouchable no matter the amount of blood on her hands. It’s not just in Syria, Libya, and Ukraine that the blood has been split for Hillary. She also had blood on her hands with anyone who got or gets in the way of her agenda to be rich and well dressed and coifed and hanging out with the super rich. That is what Hillary wants it seems to me, to be very rich and surrounded by very rich people all the time and she does not care one little bit how many bodies pile up in the wake of her achieving her goal. She is the Great Whore, so maybe when she arrives to lead the army of neo-liberals in the great war that will probably obliterate vast reaches of the planet, it will be
    Armageddon…How will I keep myself at that point from going practically insane. What will the compensation be after there is nothing left. Something to ponder as we move toward that climax. At least it will end the New World Order (or zionist domination) because everything will end…oh I forgot they have dug themselves a shelter in Morocco or was it Argentina or Bolivia–can’t keep track. We’ll be toast. What a bitch!.

  30. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would have said the same thing to Donald Trump as Jesus (as) would have said: “Stop being a moron and stop listening to anti-Christ Jewish Lobby and study poet and historian Tamam Kahn’s book, “UNTOLD: A History of the Wives of Prophet Muhammad”.

    Tamam in an interview said that she wrote the book to debunk the anti-Islam and anti-women stereotype found in the West. In the book Tamam demystifies some of the most inflencial women present at the dawn of Islam (610 CE). These women among the wives of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), known as ‘Mothers of the Believers’ and his daughters, which included a businesswoman (Khadija), a scholar and military commander (Ai’sha), two Jewish war booty, a Christian diplomat from Egypt and a First Lady (Fatima).


  31. Trump’s win or loss is already known…. to Pharisees..!!
    (the same in Russia… like Stalin said)
    Mohammed could do nothing..!!


    (and every country where their machines are used)

    Vote Fraud – Diebold Whistleblower, Chris Hood, Speaks Out


    Main points:
    1-Malicious co-workers can insert unauthorized software into voting machines.

    2-Thousands of votes were lost when tabulation cards were ‘erased’ and never recovered.

    3-Problems with machines are kept away from press.

    4-People with no experience are temporarily hired as technicians for election day.

    5-Diebold’s workers took the jobs that state workers should have done. Many were temporary, hired off internet hiring sites.


    Diebold was sold to ES&S in 2009:

    (SOURCE: Diebold, Incorporated Press Release)
    Diebold Sells U.S. Elections Systems Business to ES&S
    03 September 2009

    NORTH CANTON, Ohio, Sept. 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD) announced today that it has sold its U.S. election systems business, primarily consisting of its Allen, Texas-based subsidiary, Premier Election Solutions, Inc., to Election Systems & Software, Inc. (ES&S), a leading company in the election systems industry.



    Princeton University Exposes Diebold Flaws

    1. –Diebold controls BRICS country’s elections..!!–

      Have for over 15 years…. 🙁

      Procomp adopts Diebold name
      July 4, 2002
      SAO PAULO, Brazil — Diebold has changed the name of Procomp Amazonia Industria Electronica, the Brazilian ATM manufacturer it acquired in 1999, to Diebold Procomp. The name change is part of what a South American Business Information report calls a bid to take advantage of the strength of both the Procomp and Diebold brands.

      Procomp had income of 638 million Brazil reals (approximately $222 million U.S.) in 2001, according to the SABI.

      Procomp in 2000 won a deal to supply Brazil with more than 186,000 voting terminals in a deal worth more than $105 million U.S., which was the single largest order in Diebold’s history.

      In 2001, Diebold built a $3 million plant in Manaus to produce safes and also implemented a line for cash dispensers, according to the SABI.


    2. Diebold stealing elections in ALL – BRICS – countries.
      (Syria coming soon after new infrastructure built there.)

      Diebold’s Global Locations


      Latin America – Diebold LATAM

      Diebold’s Latin American team includes over 6,000 employees present across Latin America and the Caribbean, including a team of more than 3,000 engineers and technicians that support our customers in the region. Diebold LATAM has manufacturing in Sao Paulo, Brazil and our recently opened GAS Software Innovations Center in Curitiba, Brazil.


      Diebold Brazil site:

      (Brazil)-Fábrica de Equipamentos
      R. Desembargador Filismino Soares,
      1 Colônia Oliveira Machado
      Manaus, AM 69070-620
      Tel.: +92 2125 3000


      Europe-Midle East-Africa(EMEA):
      Headquartered in London, U.K., Diebold’s EMEA team is comprised of over 1,300 associates, including over 900 services staff in more than 55 countries.  Diebold’s presence in EMEA includes manufacturing in Hungary, service logistics in the Netherlands, solutions and data Centre in Poland, and a Centre of Innovation and EMEA Solutions Centre in Belgium.


      Diebold Russia
      Russian Federation
      12, bld.1, Dvintsev str.
      Moscow, 127018
      Tel.: +7 495 544 5656


      Asia Pacific- APAC

      Headquartered in Singapore and Shanghai, Diebold’s APAC team is comprised of over 3,400 associates, including over 2,500 services staff in more than 11 countries. Diebold’s presence in APAC includes:
      A Global Delivery Center located in India providing services to customers around the world
      Regional Managed Services delivery centers in Philippines and China
      Global Manufacturing located in China and India
      Research and development centers in China, India and Thailand
      Asia Pacific Solutions Centers in Thailand and Indonesia


      (India)-Diebold Systems Private Limited
      Unit No. 201/A, 2nd Floor
      Silver Metropolis, Jay Coach Compound
      Off. Western Express Highway
      Tel.: +91 22 6677 4900

      (China)-Diebold Pacific Limited
      Unit 2506, 25th Floor, AIA Tower
      183 Electric Road, North Point
      Hong Kong
      Tel.: +852 2970 9888

      Diebold South Africa
      Meadowbrook Business Estate
      972 Jacaranda Avenue
      Olivedale Extension 18
      Tel.: +27 1 1348 2900


      Diebold Turkey
      Diebold ATM Cihazlari Ticaret A.S.
      Serifali Mahallesi
      Kiz Kalesi Sokak No:20
      34775 Ümraniye/ İstanbul
      Tel.: +90 216 600 07 40

      (Israel)-AFCON Holdings LTD
      4 Hatavor St.
      Petah Tikva
      Tel.: +972 3 9262646

    3. New World Order 3 step ‘control method’ today….

      1-Battles to gain control
      2-Banks and stock markets to keep control
      3-Elections to allow the controlled to reinforce their own control

      NWO is here.

      Mohammed would be envious.

  32. I received this forwarded email from a 95 year old acquaintance of my family yesterday. It’s was circulating in 2014, maybe before, written by Sebastion Vilar Rodrigez … perhaps not word for word, but almost.

    My God, this is what the Goyim are up against. We must stand together to expose these lies. QUOTE:

    ” What really died at Auschwitz ?”

    “Here’s an interesting viewpoint:

    The following is a copy of an article written by Spanish writer Sebastian Vilar Rodrigez and published in a Spanish newspaper on Jan. 15 2011. It doesn’t take much imagination to extrapolate the message to the rest of Europe – and possibly to the rest of the world.

    “I walked down the street in Barcelona and suddenly discovered a terrible truth – Europe died in Auschwitz … We killed six million Jews and replaced them with 20 million Muslims. In Auschwitz we burned a culture, thought, creativity, talent. We destroyed the chosen people, truly chosen, because they produced great and wonderful people who changed the world.

    The contribution of this people is felt in all areas of life: science, art, international trade, and above all, as the conscience of the world. These are the people we burned.

    And under the pretence of tolerance, and because we wanted to prove to ourselves that we were cured of the disease of racism, we opened our gates to 20 million Muslims , who brought us stupidity and ignorance, religious extremism and lack of tolerance, crime and poverty, due to an unwillingness to work and support their families with pride.

    They have blown up our trains and turned our beautiful Spanish cities into the third world, drowning in filth and crime. Shut up in the apartments they receive free from the government, they plan the murder and destruction of their naive hosts.

    What a terrible mistake was made by miserable Europe.

    A lot of Americans have become so insulated from reality that they imagine America can suffer defeat without any inconvenience to themselves. Recently, the UK debated whether to remove The Holocaust from its school curriculum because it ‘offends’ the Muslim population which claims it never occurred. It is not removed as yet. However, this is a frightening portent of the fear that is gripping the world and how easily each country is giving in to it.
    It is now more than sixty years after the Second World War in Europe ended. This e-mail is being sent as a memorial chain, in memory of the six million Jews, twenty million Russians, ten million Christians, and nineteen-hundred Catholic priests who were ‘murdered, raped, burned, starved, beaten, experimented on and humiliated.’ Now, more than ever, with Iran, among others, claiming the Holocaust to be ‘a myth,’ it is imperative to make sure the world never forgets.

    This e-mail is intended to reach 400 million people. Be a link in the memorial chain and help distribute this around the world.

    How many years will it be before the attack on the World Trade Centre ‘NEVER HAPPENED’ because it offends some Muslim in the United States? If our Judeo-Christian heritage is offensive to Muslims, they should pack up and move to Iran, Iraq or some other Muslim country.

    Please do not just delete this message; it will take only a minute to pass this along. We must wake up before it’s too late.”


    1. RO,

      I believe this was the email that was pasted on Facebook, that my brother in law brought to my attention, as he showed me his phone over dinner stating “Muslims want to remove the holocaust from history”. My initial reply was “I don’t want to discuss, because regardless what facts I tell you, you never accept them because of your cognitive dissonance.”

      I then went onto tell him, after he showed me pictures of dead bodies piled up in a camp, that firstly, these emaciated corpses, were a direct result of allied bombing campaigns on supply lines to the camps. They were responsible for the mass starvations within. Secondly, how do we know all of those people are Jews? I told him that the lies about the holocaust started after Jewish torture of Germans at Nuremberg, smashing their testicles with hammers and threatening to send their families to Russia. I also told him that in the collective war memoirs of Eisenhower, de Gaulle and Churchill, some 7,550 pages in total length, there was not one mention of ‘Auschwitz, holocaust and gas chambers’. Something this important, why would they leave it out of their memoirs of WWII, if it were true?

      I could have gone on with facts but he refuses to believe that there was no holocaust. 70+ years of indoctrination, of telling the lie over and over and over again has made people believe it, just as Goebbels had stated. I end up saying to him I don’t want to discuss it because you’re not prepared to accept facts, to which he always replies “your facts, not the real facts”. I always laugh to myself when he says that. I ask him how much research he has done, other than listen to, watch and read what comes from the msm? He of course says none. This is what we’re dealing with, people who promote what the msm says and who aren’t prepared to do any independent research. I keep telling him to read Orwell’s 1984. I even told him to read Bernays’ Propaganda.

      Smash the myth that is the holocaust and you smash Jewry and its grip on society. It’s why it’s so heavily protected.

      1. Today’s Pharisee-Jews have changed the definitions…. everywhere..!!

        If the victims were gassed…. they were not burned. Pics show the unknown bodies were buried in trenches.

        What ‘holocaust’ once meant:


        2 Kings 16:15 King Ahaz then gave these orders to Uriah the priest …
        … And king Achaz commanded Urias the priest saying: Upon the great altar offer the
        morning holocaust, and the evening sacrifice, and the king’s holocaust, and …

        1 Samuel 13:9 So he said, “Bring me the burnt offering and the …
        … Then Saul said: Bring me the holocaust, and the peace
        offerings. And he offered the holocaust. …

        Exodus 40:29 He set the altar of burnt offering near the entrance …
        … And the altar of holocaust of the entry of the testimony, offering the holocaust,
        and the sacrifices upon it, as the Lord had commanded. …

        Numbers 29:6 These are in addition to the monthly and daily burnt …
        … Besides the holocaust of the first day of the month with the sacrifices thereof,
        and the perpetual holocaust with the accustomed libations. …

        Ezekiel 45:17 It will be the duty of the prince to provide the …
        … And the prince shall give the holocaust, and the sacrifice, and the libations on
        the feasts, and on the new moons, and on the sabbaths, and on all the …

        Ezekiel 46:12 “‘When the prince provides a freewill offering to …
        … But when the prince shall offer a voluntary holocaust, or voluntary peace offerings
        to the Lord : the gate that looketh towards the east shall be opened to him …

        1 Kings 8:64 On that same day the king consecrated the middle part …
        … In that day the king sanctified the middle of the court that was before the house
        of the Lord: for there he offered the holocaust, and sacrifice, and fat of …

        Ezra 3:5 After that, they presented the regular burnt offerings …
        … And afterwards the continual holocaust, both on the new moons, and on all the
        solemnities of the Lord, that were consecrated, and on all in which a freewill …

        Ezra 3:4 Then in accordance with what is written, they celebrated …
        … And they kept the feast of tabernacles, as it is written, and offered the holocaust
        every day orderly according to the commandment, the duty of the day in its …

        Ezra 8:35 Then the exiles who had returned from captivity …
        … the God of Israel, twelve calves for all the people of Israel, ninety-six rams,
        seventy- seven lambs, and twelve he goats for sin: all for a holocaust to the …

        Ezra 3:3 Despite their fear of the peoples around them, they built …
        … And they set the altar of God upon its bases, while the people of the lands round
        about put them in fear, and they offered upon it a holocaust to the Lord …

        Nehemiah 10:33 for the bread set out on the table; for the regular …
        … For the leaves of proposition, and for the continual sacrifice, and for a continual
        holocaust on the sabbaths, on the new moons, on the set feasts, and for the …

        Judges 6:26 Then build a proper kind of altar to the LORD your God …
        … Lord thy God in the top of this rock, whereupon thou didst lay the sacrifice before:
        and thou shalt take the second bullock, and shalt offer a holocaust upon a …

        Judges 13:16 The angel of the LORD replied, “Even though you …
        … And the angel answered him: If thou press me, I will not eat of thy bread:
        but if thou wilt offer a holocaust, offer it to the Lord. …

        Judges 11:31 whatever comes out of the door of my house to meet me …
        … first come forth out of the doors of my house, and shall meet me when I return in
        peace from the children of Ammon, the same will I offer a holocaust to the …

      2. Pat,

        There was no Holocaust: Kevin Myers

        The closest the msm has got to denouncing the myth. Although he doesn’t refute the genocide of Jews, he does state that there was no ‘whole fire’ from the Greek holo-caust. As you well know Pat, all those who study the holocaust end up becoming revisionists/deniers because they see the official story has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. As with my brother, I drop the odd fact here and there and hopefully it will sink in….eventually. 🙂

        1. I don’t like chihuahua dogs, they’re taking over the local dog park here in my hometown USA , I LERV German Shepherds, so I got me my shotgun and I went to my local dog park in my hometown, USA and I by-passed the section of the dog park fenced off for the small dogs like the chihuahuas I don’t like because they’re taking over and you see the little mutts everywhere you go in my hometown, USA, you hardly see German Shepherds around anymore, so I by-passed all the chihuahuas in the small dog section of the dog park and I went straight to the section of dog park reserved for big dogs and I shot me down dead 7 German Shepherds dawgs, the last 7 German Shepherd dogs in my local hometown, USA and I finally solved the problem of the little bastard chihuahuas taking over the dog park!! I know it was a Great Victory for the German Shepherd dogs I LERV so much because I studied Breivik’s Manifesto on how to solve the problem of the moozlums taking over White Europe and I just LERV mein chechar fuhrercito!! The FBI is after me now but I’m on a plane headed to Chechar Province Algeria, The place in the world with the most White Blonde Aryans per capita then anywhere else in the Universe!!! And the G-men can’t catch me now, I’m like so outta of the USA!! We got the joos and we got the moozlums on the run!!

      3. Joe,

        I have a good laugh reading you about Islam, the Trump is not so dumb playing the fear card. We have 10 percent of cultural Muslims in France on a rather small territory. Don’t worry, everything will be fine as the sarrazins can’t come by foot or pneumatic boat in US like they do in Europe guided by US NGO instructions.
        Do you know about the US ambassador Rivkin’s minority engagement strategy for France?
        Americanization by islamization. Great.


    2. @red onions, what the hell are you talking about? I recieved this e-mail from Mahmoud, hot off the press, a few days ago.. My response:

      Mahmoud, Trump is an ignorant big mouth, trying to please his jewish masters. Unfortunately, he is just a symptom of the disease which infects the US political system..

  33. Just because the jews lie about the number of jews killed in WW2 doesn’t necessarily follow it’s a good thing to flood the USA with Muslims. 6 million jews did not die during WW2, the missing 6 million jews from Europe went to Israel and other countries after WW2.

    @ Mahmoud :

    How come the die-hard Communists in the United State are the ones who push for Muslim immigration into the USA the most? What exactly is it about your precious Islam, your darling Muslim people, that is so attractive to the die-hard jew COMMIES? If Muslims are opposed to jews and to jew Communism, then why would jew commies in the West agitate so hard to bring over so many millions of Muslims into the West? The jew commies only want immigrants into the USA who serve the interests of jew commies. So how exactly do your “sweet’ “innocent” fellow Muslims serve jew commies so much the jew Commies want Muslims here in the millions? Thank you, TROJ. [ Thanks for NOTHING ].

  34. @ Mahmood :

    Qua Muslim you are, you must be exceedingly proud of all the contributions your fellow Muslims have made to the world of astrology, astronomy , map-making, etc., etc.. So I’m naturally curious to hear your thoughts concerning THE Fact the Great Minds of the Islamic World you LERV so much always knew that the Universe is GEOCENTRIC. What is your Muslim opinion qua Muslim you are on your fellow Muslim The Great Abu al-Rayhan Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Biruni The Father of Geodesy! Your fellow Muslim and Great Father of Geodesy was associated with The Court of King MAHMOOD Ghaznawi and Abu al-Rayhan Muhammad ibn Ahmad al- Biruni knew THE SCIENTIFIC TRUTH that the Universe is GEOCENTRIC, along with many other Great Muslim learned and erudite and brilliant scholars. Were you named after the Muslim King MAHMOOD Ghaznawi? Don’t U just LERV Al-Biruni! I know I do, what about U?

  35. “What Would Prophet Mohammad Do To Trump”?
    Lets see now, the Prophet died 1500 years ago give or take.
    So I don’t think the Prophet would do anything to Trump. Now we will not get into a discussion that the Prophet was originally a Catholic prelate and a Jew, that is, if ever existed at all.
    Now, what would these modern day followers of his nibs do to Trump if they could get their hands on him?
    1. He would be beheaded after experiencing the sexual delights of Muslim maleness.
    2. These stone age democrats would rape his wife and daughter or worse.
    3. His sons would get a real good lesson of what was experienced by daddy.
    4. If Omama gets his way all these newly minted democrats will get to vote of Hillary, who should see the inside of a jail house before she can get to the White House. She is America’s worse nightmare from the pits of hell.

    1. They will get to vote FOR Hillary. In fact Hillary is America’s version of Caligula on steroids.

  36. What would Trump do? He wouldn’t endorse this video.

    Jon Snow is a veteran UK journalist. I used to admire him 20 years ago, but like almost all the rest he sold out for his monthly cheque and pension. He is about to retire.

    Nevertheless this video broadcast last year, I think comes from his heart. But why does he have to go there to see it himself to believe it? I’ve never been to Gaza, and neither have millions of other people, but we KNOW THEY SUFFER.


    1. Peter Oborne, the Political Editor of the Daily Telegraph didn’t stand a hope in hell when the Daily Telegraph appointed the jew Jason Seiken as the Editor-in-Chief. After all, Peter Oborne produced the outstanding Dispatches Documentary “Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby 2009”. Dispatches also made a documentary about paedophila (mainly pederasty) within the Jewish community in London and other parts of the UK.

      Open Democracy UK

      ‘You don’t know what you are fucking talking about’

      “Circulation was falling fast when I joined the paper in September 2010, and I suspect this panicked the owners. Waves of sackings started, and the management made it plain that it believed the future of the British press to be digital. Murdoch MacLennan, the chief executive, invited me to lunch at the Goring Hotel near Buckingham Palace, where Telegraph executives like to do their business. I urged him not to take the newspaper itself for granted, pointing out that it still had a very healthy circulation of more than half a million. I added that our readers were loyal, that the paper was still very profitable and that the owners had no right to destroy it.

      The sackings continued. A little while later I met Mr MacLennan by chance in the queue of mourners outside Margaret Thatcher’s funeral and once again urged him not to take Telegraph readers for granted. He replied: “You don’t know what you are fucking talking about.”

      Note from me: At Thatcher’s funeral, it was the only time a 21 gun salute was fired DIRECTLY AT THE COFFIN.

      Late last year I set to work on a story about the international banking giant HSBC. Well-known British Muslims had received letters out of the blue from HSBC informing them that their accounts had been closed. No reason was given, and it was made plain that there was no possibility of appeal. “It’s like having your water cut off,” one victim told me.

      When I submitted it for publication on the Telegraph website, I was at first told there would be no problem. When it was not published I made enquiries. I was fobbed off with excuses, then told there was a legal problem. When I asked the legal department, the lawyers were unaware of any difficulty. When I pushed the point, an executive took me aside and said that “there is a bit of an issue” with HSBC. Eventually I gave up in despair and offered the article to OpenDemocracy.”

      It can be read here:


      1. RO –


        Osborne: ” A free press is essential to a healthy democracy.”

        There is no such animal as a ‘free press’…
        …..It costs lots of debt notes and many lives to control it.

        London Pharisee-Jew Bankers, controlling HSBC, controlling Hollinger’s Pharisees… now known as Telegraph_Media_Group have the notes and the muscles.

        “Follow the DEBT NOTES.”

  37. Yeah well, it won’t be the persecuted Palestinians from Gaza who will immigrating to the USA. ZOG doesn’t want them. And it won’t be the persecuted Christians in Syria and in Iraq who will immigrating here. ZOG doesn’t want them. It will be the most Muslim Supremacist types who will immigrating here. That’s what ZOG wants immigrating here. AND many of them, if not most of the Muslim Supremacist types immigrating here aren’t even from Muslim countries where’s there’s any wars going on. They’re called “war refugees’ but that is a lie. And the Muslim Supremacist types, by the way, couldn’t care less about the Palestinians. The Sunni world, the Muslim Supremacists, is on Jihad against their fellow Muslims, including Jihad against the Palestinians. The Sunnis also kill Palestinians [ the Palestinian refugees in Syria and Iraq]. It will be the type of Sunnis who kill Palestinians [ AND Christians ] who will immigrating here. That’s what ZOG wants to bring in to the USA. I greatly, greatly, highly suspect “red onions” knows exactly what type of Muslims ZOG is planning to bring in to the USA.

  38. Trump v Mohammed..??

    “How ’bout dat Putin..!!”

    Donald Trump said he was honoured to receive praise from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – US Republican Party presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said he was honored to receive praise from Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday.

    The Russian president welcomed Trump’s call for better US-Russia relations during the annual press conference, which was held on Thursday.

    “He is a very bright person, talented without any doubt. It is not our business to assess his worthiness, but he is the absolute leader of the presidential race. He says he wants to move to a different level of relations — a fuller, deeper [level] — with Russia, how can we not welcome this? Of course we welcome this,” Putin said.


    Muhammed would be furious.. after someone read it FOR him..!!

    He would have his scribes send ‘tweets’ and post FB and Youtubes FOR him immediately… 🙂

  39. Ya Just Gotta LERV Putin :

    Putin’s appearance in Syria has also had a great impact on BOTH the Republican Party and the Democratic Party here in the USA. Now, Bernie Sanders is threatening to sue the Democratic Party, lol, as the Republican Lindsey Graham has neurotic melt-downs things aren’t going so smoothly for ZOG anymore, now that Putin is On The Scene. Both Parties are in disarray, turmoil, and confusion, and it’s due to an extremely large degree to Putin. Ya just gotta LERV that Putin! The Democratic Big-Wigs want Hillary. Sanders wants to sue the Democratic Big-Wigs who want Hillary, lol. Just wait until the campaign heats up, Trump is going to reveal all the crimes Hillary committed as Secretary of State, and then we’ll see whose Boss around here! And The Boss will be The One who likes and supports Putin, and we all know who that is, just you wait and see.

  40. @ Uncle :

    How many more posts do you want me to send you before you decide which 3 of my posts you like the most? I mean really. Or, are you not going to keep your word today and not feature any of my posts? Are you still sulking because I won a Resounding Victory over your pet Mahmoud and all of your other pet Muslim immigration advocates, your “anti-jew/anti-jew-NWO” pets who advocate for the very same thing jew Washington and the jew Commies advocate for, massive Muslim immigration into the USA . How long are you going to sulk for? 40 days and 40 nights?

    1. @ TROJ,

      In future post no more than FIVE posts a day. Maximum. And then STOP. No more posts! I will then approve the best ones. Some days all five, other days maybe 1, 2, 3 or 4 posts. Get it? I am not going to read through TWENTY long spam posts just to pick out 3 posts. Ridiculous!

      OK, I’ll now give you your three posts. Maybe more. But you’re wasting your time expecting me to read THOUSANDS of words in Samblinka every day. I’m not going to do it.

    2. TROJ –

      “Jew Washington” and “Jew Commies” advocate more voting…

      …….so do YOU..!!

      Wise up… 🙂 🙂

      Vote Fraud – Diebold Whistleblower Speaks


      Bob Urosevich, the first CEO of Diebold Election Systems was also the founder of ES&S, a competing voting machine company now owned by the McCarthy Group. Together these two companies are responsible for tallying around 80% of votes cast in the United States.

      The vice-president of Diebold and the president of ES&S are brothers.


      The McCarthy Group is a financial “partner” of ES&S, the most prominent election systems vendor.



      Election Systems and Software website



      Data Information Management Systems, LLC (DIMS) is a ES&S company best known for its voter registration system, DIMS.net.

      The DIMS.net suite of election management software runs entirely on Microsoft operating systems and products. DIMS offers integrated election management, optical voting, scanning, imaging, ICR, GIS, bar code recognition, report writing, office automation, and much more. The systems run on the latest hardware from many manufacturer leaders.

      More than 200 counties are supported by DIMS.


    3. OK TROJ, that’s it. I’ve approved FIVE of your posts today. More than you expected. Please do NOT post more than FIVE posts a day in future. STOP AT FIVE. I will then approve (or try to approve) of the best ones. The shorter the better!

    4. @ TROJ, you nauseate with your self praise. You won a resounding victory over my aunt Jane! The only victory you scored here is to litter the message board with you ignorance and bigotry. Other websites would have banned you long time ago for your frequent use of vulgar language and hate speech.

  41. Mahmoud,

    Sorry I will copy paste about Islam but I think it’s serious work, and it’s late, even if Muslims are shocked by this thesis: the Koranic text and the Islamic biography of Muhammad are progressive fabrications during centuries following the first conquests of the Arabs of Syria; the first 50 years of the reign of Omar played a key role in the first and the first 50 years after Abd al-Malik in the latter.There has never been a divine revelation given to Muhammad: Islam is the fruit of a very long and complex process of rewriting of history for political purpose, rooted in a Judaeo-Christian deviant faith, maddened by the expectations of Messianists.

    A doctoral thesis in theology and religious history was done in 2004 at the University of Strasbourg II by a researcher, Edouard-Marie Father Gallez, student and follower of the work of Father Antoine Moussalli.
    – “Classic” Islamology: discoveries were made by Regis Blachere, Alfred-Louis de Prémare, Patricia Crone, Michael Cook, Maria Theresa Urvoy Gerd Puin, Manfred Kropp, William Dye, Robert Kerr, and Christoph Günter Lüling Luxenberg;
    – More or less scattered intellectual studies, historians, archaeologists, geographers, linguists, scientists and religious;
    – Historical and religious Traditions – starting of course with the traditions and Muslim texts – and also the Jewish traditions and those of the Eastern Churches;
    – New approach of origins of Christianity, notably by analysis of the Dead Sea scrolls.
    By linking the various aspects addressed separately by each of these subjects, the author assembles the different pieces of the puzzle as part of a comprehensive approach, supported by facts, testimonials, a multitude of evidence and consistent indications that are abundantly found listed and referenced in his works. It offers a scientific explanation to the appearance of Islam, documenting its real origins and different historical vicissitudes that have enabled it to constitute itself as religion. And thus, it helps to understand what Islam truly is.
    A synthesis/vulgarization of his work, Le Messie et son Prophète, has been made and I found a translation in progress called the great secret of Islam, relating the birth of Islam. You should check this out or anybody interested about Islam exegesis. It’s not a theological approach, only political, historical and factual.

    English. Start by the graphs page 12 for the lazy ones.

    French version soon to be translated in English and in Arab.

    What say you?

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