Why I am not a Feminist

by Tamara Cohen

We have decided to publish this short email to Lasha Darkmoon as a feature article. It arrived in her inbox this morning. What do you make of it?  (JSM)


Dear Dr Darkmoon,

I hate you because you are a woman. If you were a man, I might love you. But because you are a woman I can only regard you with unutterable contempt.

Women are abnormal. Our  psychology is abnormal. I myself am abnormal. I am unfit to vote. I am unfit for equality. I hate feminism because, basically, I have a very low opinion of my own sex. I have no idea why God should take a rib out of Adam’s side and make a woman out of it. Big mistake.

I have just finished seeing the movie about the life of the sadistic serial killer Ted Bundy who sometimes had sex with the decomposing corpses of his victims. He is reputed to have killed as many as 100 women.The movie ends with these chilling words in a final caption:

“In the months leading to his execution, Bundy received more than 200 letters a day from women who claimed they loved him.”

This is what I mean by female abnormal psychology.

If you were to argue that not all women are like this, that women who enter into passionate correspondence with serial killers are hardly representative of their sex, I would concede that you had a point. But not a very good point. At best, a superficial one. Why? For the simple reason that you would be unable to find 200 passionate love letters coming every day from men to female serial killers.

Here lies the crucial difference: women in staggeringly large numbers write to serial killers every day, proposing marriage and declaring eternal love, but you don’t get men doing this. Men are on the right side of rationality, it seems to me, more rational than irrational. Women have crossed the red line into Unreason.

That is my point, and why I maintain that any claim by feminists that women are equal to men is a dubious if not bogus claim. I deeply regret having to say this, being a woman myself. But the truth needs to be stated, however unpalatable it may seem.

Women who find serial killers so irresistibly adorable are clearly unfit to vote, yet vote they do. They are not only unfit to vote, they are unfit for public office. They are unfit to assume a superior position to men in the workplace. This is not just a question of unfitness; it’s a question of right and wrong. Women are obviously wrong to oppress and humiliate men in the workplace with irrational orders stemming from their misandry.

In a word, women as a whole are unfit for equality.

Here lies the root of the problem: that women, who erroneously claim to be equal to men, should then go on to usurp superior positions. This is not only a crime against nature, it is a crime against reason—like letting the patients run the asylum. Nefas quia absurdum. It is wrong because it is absurd.

Yours truly,

Tamara Cohen

P.S. Feel free to publish this statement as an article, but do not write back to me. I hate you on principle and do not wish to enter into further correspondence with you.

160 thoughts to “Why I am not a Feminist”

  1. I quite like this character and LOL’d through the letter.
    Tamara: no sense feeling bad about it, since you exhibit immovable and uncompromising sense of logic.

    One remark, I would add: does it not appear that those thousands of women writing love letters to serial killers with proven track record do it because they share your opinion?

    Anyway, thanks for a refreshing and funny piece.

    1. @Lobro

      … like this character?
      … immovable and uncompromising sense of logic?
      … refreshing and funny piece?

      Wtf? You don’t even smell something is wrong with the publication of “this short email to Lasha Darkmoon”?!

      Something is really rotten in the state of Denmark!

      1. Is she Danish?

        My thoughts on reading this were, the tribe have really done a number on their women, if this one is an example..

  2. Both Tamara and Cohen are very common Jewish names. So the question is “which Tamara Cohen?” if you surf the Internet and find more than one. This one ? :

    “…Tamara Cohen is a Jewish feminist writer, activist and educator. She currently works as the Director of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Affairs at the University of Florida and the once-a-month Spiritual Leader of the Greater Washington Connecticut Coalition for Jewish Life. In 2004, Cohen directed a national study of Jewish women and feminism for Ma’yan…”

    Who is obviously the same as this one :

    “…Rabbi Tamara Cohen, Director of Innovation, steers Moving Traditions’ training and curriculum development, and is a key contributor to the strategic planning process. Previously, Cohen worked for Ma’yan, Hadassah, the Jewish Women’s Archive, Kolot, and Project Kesher. She served as Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Multicultural and Diversity Affairs at the University of Florida, Associate Dean of Students at Gratz College, and was the Spiritual Leader of the Greater Washington Coalition for Jewish Life. Cohen is a graduate of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College…”

    Then there is a Tamara Cohen who writes for the Daily Mail and there is a Tamara Cohen who is professor in the Markets Department of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

    I have given up to investigate all the 1,440,000 other entries you find if you google “Tamara Cohen”, but the question remains : “who is Tamara Cohen? ”

    Whoever Tamara Cohen is, she has a point : women are far more emotional and irrational than men and thus are on average less fit for functions that require rationality. Everyone with common sense, both man and woman, knows that already, but in our age of the hegemony of Cultural Marxism (mainly a Jewish creation, Tamara are you listening?) it is not “politically correct” to say so.

    So if our dear Tamara is so courageous as to make “politically incorrect” statements, will she also be “Semitically incorrect” to state that Cultural Marxism (the “Frankfurt School”) is nearly for 100% a Jewish creation with the aim to subvert Western society?

    If so, we will count Tamara Cohen among the few “Righteous among the Jews” that exist on our planet and we promise to plant a tree in her commemoration.

    So dear Tamara, accept the challenge and send Lasha another E-mail in which you denounce the nefarious Jewish plot (nefas quia absurdum!) to subvert Western civilization by Cultural Marxism!

  3. Tamara certainly writes beautifully, but she has made me very angry with this anti-feminist article of hers.

    The idea that I should be regarded as “irrational” and unfit to vote or hold public office, simply because I am a woman, is deeply offensive to me as a radical feminist. I happen to lecture at a minor university, having majored in Sociology and obtained a Master’s degree in Gender and Women’s Studies, and this I can say for sure: this anti-feminist diatribe has all the hallmarks of anti-Semitism behind it and there is no way this woman’s real name is “Tamara Cohen.” That’s a made-up name, I am 100% certain.

    I earnestly request the administrators of this website to delete this offensive article. It is an intolerable insult to the female sex.

    1. Eunice,

      I agree. This article is a disgrace and demeans this website. It is an insult to my wife, my mother, my daughter! It suggests that all the lovely women I know — all the nuns and nurses and valiant female warriors on life’s battlefield — are a bunch of loonies who keep writing love letters to serial killers.

      I can understand your anger, dear Eunice. You have my full sympathy. You certainly don’t sound “irrational” to me. If anyone sounds irrational here, it’s this Franklin Ryckaert guy with his condescending comments about women being a hopeless bunch or irrational nitwits who don’t deserve to vote or hold public office. This man is an anti-Semitic chauvinist of the worst kind. His views are dangerous, if not poisonous.

      To tell you the truth, this website gives me the creeps. The only reason I came on here is by chance. I was hunting for a translation of a Baudelaire poem and found just wanted I wanted, a Baudelaire poem called “The Vampire” translated by Lasha Darkmoon. the woman who runs this crazy site. Not a bad translation, but hell! how can she agree to publish such anti-Semitic garbage on her site? Not only articles knocking Jews, but going even further into offensive madness by publishing hateful material against women who make up half the world’s population!

      Conclusion: very offensive article, very offensive website, very offensive commenters. Nuff said. I’m outa here.

      1. @ Gravitas. ” If anyone sounds irrational here, it’s this Franklin Ryckaert guy with his condescending comments about women being a hopeless bunch or irrational nitwits who don’t deserve to vote or hold public office. This man is an anti-Semitic chauvinist of the worst kind. His views are dangerous, if not poisonous.”

        You obviously haven’t read previous articles and Franklin’s views of Palestine and Deir Yassin.

        “Conclusion: very offensive article, very offensive website, very offensive commenters. Nuff said. I’m outa here.” ………….. THAT’S GREAT.

        It’s not an offensive website, only to jews and their lackeys.

      2. @red onions, exactly, only offensive to jews, which indicates which tribe Gravitas belongs to..

    2. @ Eunice Fischlippe


      “…I happen to lecture at a minor university, having majored in Sociology and obtained a Master’s degree in Gender and Women’s Studies…”

      You have been thoroughly indoctrinated in the pseudo-scientific Cultural Marxist “Gender and Women’s Studies” and obtained a degree in that garbage which is not worth a single hair in the beard of Karl Marx !


      “…The idea that I should be regarded as “irrational” and unfit to vote or hold public office, simply because I am a woman, is deeply offensive to me as a radical feminist…”


      Feeling “offended” as an argument is typical for the modus operandi of the Cultural Marxists. Rational people don’t use emotion-as-an-argument but discuss facts.


      “…this anti-feminist diatribe has all the hallmarks of anti-Semitism behind it and there is no way this woman’s real name is “Tamara Cohen.” That’s a made-up name, I am 100% certain…”

      You must be Jewish yourself. This immediately suspecting “anti-Semitism” if the Jewish agenda is even remotely threatened is typically Jewish. Also Jewish is your certainty that the writer of that letter therefore cannot be Jewish (because all Jews take part in the Jewish agenda).

      You have been outed as a typical subversive Jew, and you are hereby summoned to leave our Lebensraum.

      1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        Under normal circumstances, your letter would have made me apoplectic with rage. However, I am now inured to the slings and arrows of outrageous anti-Semites. You have no way of knowing whether I am Jewish or not, but if I were, I think I would have every reason to hold my head up high and be proud of it.

      2. @Eunice Fischlippe

        “…Under normal circumstances, your letter would have made me apoplectic with rage…”

        Which only confirms my idea that women are more emotional and irrational than men…

        If you are not Jewish yourself, you have sufficiently been judaized to appear like one.

        Yours patriarchically,


    3. “……. a Master’s degree in Gender and Women’s Studies..”

      “What the hell is that?” Some may ask.

      Well, there’s an answer to that too. It’s just some made up cultural Marxist bullshite.

      a Master’s degree in Gender and Women’s Studies, get a grip on reality.

  4. Oh Lasha. This is a ridiculous article. I’m not a feminist, but come on now! She is tainting the whole of womankind with the same brush.

    “I hate you because you are a woman. If you were a man, I might love you. But because you are a woman I can only regard you with unutterable contempt.

    Women are abnormal. Our psychology is abnormal. I myself am abnormal. Maybe more women are unfit to vote. I am unfit for equality.”

    Maybe there are more narcissistic women than men. Yes, women become more emotional instead of rational in debates over important issues, but to say women are unfit to have a voice on matters of importance is ludicrous.

    Unfit to vote …. either gender who votes for more death, destruction, DEBT (for Pat, and I agree) and delusion is MAD .. men and women.

      1. I assume you are a lady because of your valiant defence of the female sex, though of course it is possible you answer to the masculine gender. Apologies if I have misconstrued your sex.

    1. @ Red Onions

      “Oh Lasha. This is a ridiculous article. I’m not a feminist, but come on now!”

      You are wrong, Red Onions. It is not a ridiculous article. It is much more. It is a deeply subversive article that insults the female sex by stating that all women are irrational and unfit to vote or play a part in public life. In the interests of humanitarian sanity, I have called for the article’s removal from this site. My reasonable request has been denied. I feel strongly that my human rights have been trampled upon.

      I wrote to Lasha Darkmoon outlining my complaint in detail, explaining my anguish at the publication of this viciously misogynistic article. Thinking she would understand and sympathize with me. No such luck. She did not even bother to apologize or spend a single line commiserating with me for the trauma I had sustainted in reading this disgusting article. All she sent me back was a smiley face. Unbelievable.

      This is so insulting. I would have preferred no answer at all. But a smiley face in response to a legitimate complaint takes discourtesy to a new level. I’ve never been so ill-treated in my life.

      1. @ Eunice. Are you for real? As Circassian says “there is something rotten is the State of Denmark” with this article and some of the responses from new posters.

      2. ” explaining my anguish at the publication of this viciously misogynistic article” :

        Sound familiar? no anguish beats jew anguish..

  5. Women can do anything men can do —-> and women can do it Better!! That’s why I don’t understand why Lasha wastes her time doing belly dance performances for her beloved Master she dotes on and worships as a “god”, the serial killer Jew Sultan of Turkey Erdogan. Lasha is wasting her Lilith-Given female talents and abilities [ any low IQ gypsy girl can do belly dance performances for the Sultan of Turkey. The Sultan of Turkey doesn’t need Lasha the Mega-Intelligent-Intellectual PhD to do belly dance performances in reverent obsequious honor to Him.] Lasha would serve her beloved serial killer Master Sultan of Turkey Erdogan more-better if Lasha would only go to Syria and fight in her Master’s ISIS for the Glory of The Caliphate!!! Lasha’s real smart and I know she would soon be commanding the ISIS troops. A Moozlum version of the medieval Catholic St. Joan of Arc, Commander and Chief of Catholic Crusaders. Heck, maybe Lasha will take Pat and “avatar” with her to Syria and teach the two how to be real men! The “Holy Trinity” of seraglio girls, Lasha, Pat, “avatar”, will rip apart the Russian Bear for the Glory of their Master the Jew serial killer Sultan of Turkey Erdogan and His Caliphate!!! You Go Girls!!!!

  6. On rare occasion, sometimes even men feel the deep emotional need to correspond with female serial killers. Like “avatar” writes LERV letters to Saja al-Dulaimi!!! I do believe the female serial killer Saja and the Jew pretending to be a “Muslim”, the leader of jew owned and controlled ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi [ The jew’s real name : Simon Elliot ] are separated now, “avatar”. The two are not married anymore, I don’t think. Saja’s ALL yours, “avatar”, Go for IT!!!

    Search Term for more information about Saja :

    “Scheming Bride of ISIS”

  7. At least the Mohammedans/Muslims have the brains to throw their women in burqas, which effectively shuts the bitches up. Unfortunately, Lasha doesn’t really wear a burqa. I have NO idea why Lasha presents herself to the readers of Darkmoon wearing a burqa. I can only speculate, but I won’t speculate. To speculate would require a long post, and Uncle doesn’t want me sending in long posts to DM. Only Lasha’s and Uncle’s pets are at “liberty” to send in long posts. I’m only “allowed” sound-bytes [ every once in awhile ] . Like one can truly explain complicated, involved subject matter in sound bytes, lol. Maybe when the Mohammedans/Muslims take over The West for good, they’ll throw Lasha into a burqa for Real.

  8. Dear Lasha,

    Was “this short email to Lasha Darkmoon” was published by the Admin of this site with your full knowledge and your approval? If the answer is yes, what are we supposed to make of this fact?

    My Dear Ladies,

    You do not have to get emotional to prove that the best half of humanity is no less intelligent and worthy than the worst half of it. All you need to do is point the assholes to Marilyn vos Savant who is more intelligent than 99%, or perhaps even more, of the entire male population of the world: The math problem that stumped thousands of mansplainers

    1. Marilyn just happened to be a rational human being.
      Nothing to do with gender.
      Less than 1 percent of the total human population are rational human beings.
      For any rational person the answer to the math problem is elementary, self evident.

      The faithful one

      1. exactly, it would often be hard to guess, which posters here are male, or female.. I think a lot of “males” feel threatened by clever women..

      2. @Gravitas

        Are there any?

        O sure, Gravitas! For example, Harbinger obviously feels threatened by clever Ingrid B. Otherwise he wouldn’t put her on his punishing ignore list ( 🙂 ), and then follow her around like a bulldog.

        On second thought – let me take it back: it is highly unlikely that Harbinger is a man.

      3. Agreed. It seems that humans, irrespective of sex or race, are on a downward slide. Men are more infantile, women spoiled brats, blacks irresponsible and demanding, jews more narcissistic. All downhill folks and the end result will be a dunghill of squabbling easily controlled infantile savages, just as planned.

  9. Nikola Tesla, I’m sure, was a brilliant scientist and inventor, but he was way Off-Target when it came to women. Schopenhauer, I’m sure, was not a scientist and inventor, but he was totally On-Target when it came to women.

  10. This from 1918
    I reckon it’s Americana, now..

    “The woman who is not pursued sets up the doctrine that pursuit is offensive to her sex, and wants to make it a felony. No genuinely attractive woman has any such desire. She likes masculine admiration, however violently expressed, and is quite able to take care of herself. More, she is well aware that very few men are bold enough to offer it without a plain invitation, and this awareness makes her extremely cynical of all women who complain of being harassed, beset, storied, and seduced. All the more intelligent women that I know, indeed, are unanimously of the opinion that no girl in her right senses has ever been actually seduced since the world began;”
    ― H.L. Mencken, In Defense Of Women

    1. HP –

      Mencken used ‘sex’ rather than ‘gender’…. and very correct to do so.

      “….offensive to her sex…”

      In languages, nouns have ‘gender’ differences.
      Humans have ‘sex’ differences.

      The huge prevalence of misuse is just more ‘Pharisee-speak-creep’ into our lives…. languages.

      A rabbi stated many years back… “Jew is too harsh a word. I prefer you use Jewish..”

      1. True that, Pat.

        We must regain use of our language, which Jew stole and turned into a major weapon against us.

        What good is freedom of speech to those who can only grunt?

  11. How refreshing to hear a woman who has some self-awareness… Thanks for publishing it Lasha.

    Women in general have poor moral judgement because they’re genetically programmed to be attracted to psychopathic ‘alpha’ male, but then they have to hide this nature, and pretend the opposite to the ‘beta’ males who will actually provide for them. So they want sex from alphas, and stuff from betas, and the duplicity required for this immoral behaviour makes them irrational.

    To know what women are really like, you just have to look at what books / story-lines they like / get excited by. Mills and Boon, and 50 Shades of Gray… The reason why women’s judgement cannot be trusted can be summarised in two words: Rape Fantasies. That’s why women fantasise about psychopaths like Bundy. This is not controversial, it’s well known.

    Women are attracted to psychopaths, criminals, and dangerous men, and they lie about it – even to themselves. This is why they shouldn’t be allowed to vote. The author is correct.

    1. @ VERITO: “Women are attracted to psychopaths . . .”

      So how is it I’m not attracted to you?

  12. Feminism is NOT that ugly if you look outside the communist/Zionist prism.

    Since Zionists’ 9/11 operation, the Judeo-Christian West has spent over $3 trillion to liberate Muslim women by invading and occupying Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Egypt, Bosnia, Chechnya and several other Muslim-majority countries. Ironically, while women are being liberated from anti-Feminist Islam – four out of every five converts to Islam in the West have been women.

    I know, it would be an act of “anti-Semitism” to suggest that Jewish woman should be liberated in Israel where she is discriminated at eight places.

    I will leave the explanation of gender equality and women rights in Islam to Christian converts like professor Ingrid Mattson (here) and Myriam Francois Cerrah (here).

    Annie Besant in her 1932 book, ‘The Life and Teachings of Mohammad’, said: “It is only in the last 20 years that Christian England has recognized the right of woman to property, while Islam has allowed this right from all times. It is a slander to say that Islam preaches that woman has no soul.”


    1. In Islam women have half the right to inheritance than men, in courts her witness is half worth of that of a man, a man can divorce his wife/wives by simply saying three times “I divorce you” while women cannot and in case of rape the woman is punished instead of the rapist !

      Surely, Allah is most great!

      1. read somewhere that jew is permitted to rape a little girl, after which the little girl will be killed, because she tempted jew..

  13. maxim – Women are excluded from all civil and public
    charges or offices . go away tamara

  14. Good ole feminism………

    This is a huge argument.
    HP’s post on Mencken was spot on.
    The woman looks to the man to support her and he family. There never really is any love between them, as what love there was automatically passes onto the child. Men, today, are waking up to this blatant fact, hence the rise of the MGTOW movement (Men Going Their Own Way) to counter radical feminism.

    If you are lucky, as a heterosexual male, to find a traditional woman, then your life is set. The only problem is that these women are few and far between.
    Society has been conditioned to look at women as ‘rent a vagina’ objects, where both profit, the male for sex, the female the same, but the added bonus of financial security. She doesn’t, today, need a male in her life, should she desire a child. One trip to the sperm bank and she can easily become a single mother. Men, as far as many women are concerned with, are defunct within society. It is the latest preach of the feminist movement who advocate now that any coitus between a man and a woman is rape.

    While this debacle continues we have the growth of the sex industry. Women present themselves as porn stars, not just in dress but in attitude. Of course, I am no stigmatizing all women, but most under the age of 40 are bisexual. They seek the pleasure of the flesh, the constant orgasm and go out at nights, behaving like men to pick up penis or vagina. They don’t care. It’s their own satisfaction that matters.

    The world today is corrupted. We shun marriage as any man with half a brain realizes that it’s nothing more than a contract to take the earnings of a male when the female decides that ‘the cock’ is no longer the one she wants and moves onto another who can please her more. Again, I do not label all women, as there are many who look for a good man to create a loving family, being very traditional in their outlook, but there are those who see men as nothing more than walking dildo, retirement funds.

    Women wish to be desired. This is none more so exemplified in the growth of the superficial plastic surgery phenomena where they happily butcher their bodies to get the most out of male fantasy. They’ll enhance their breasts, buttocks and lips to look like the archetypal cartoon Jessica Rabbit in order for men to part with their cash, while they dance naked in front of them. Men who enact this ridiculous fantasy deserve getting ‘taken to the cleaners’ quite frankly.

    Tradition is dead, as was planned. You can’t change what is now, as I said, the west is what the Russian communists used to say, contaminated. We now have this ridiculous rape culture in the west where should two drunk people go back to a flat have sex, the man is guilty of rape.
    We are creating misogyny through the growth of radical feminism or should I say rampant misandry.

    Is it about ugly women who know they can’t get a man with sour grapes?
    Is it about these women hating on the male while deciding I want love (or should I say desire) and so I’ll go and lie with woman to be pleased?

    What I can say is that the globalist plan for wiping out 95% of the population is certainly going as planned. If you create the reality of women hating men and men hating women then the chances for procreation are very slim aren’t they?

    What angers me is that women have what they have in life through the will of man. Call me a sexist and every other liberal slur word under the sun you wish, but it’s 100% fact.
    Women are now not just taking from the domain of man, but challenging it. We have the likes of Rhonda Rousey, believing that she can beat ANYONE ‘on the cobbles’ in a fight. This is the globalist agenda to destroy the differences of the sexes and create androgyny.

    I despise feminism.
    The instance a woman says she is a feminist I leave the company. I have no desire whatsoever in engaging in futile misandrist debate about girl power.

    And finally, no, women should haven’t the vote. In fact, if people had any common sense NO ONE should vote, because all it does is vote in banker puppets to further impose anti liberty legislation control on life and wage world war.
    I won’t deny the fact that women have lost their way and I do my utmost to keep my distance, but sadly, that which created me, programmed me to desire coitus with woman and continue the human race and it’s an incredibly hard thing to resist.

  15. So! Where is all this heading. Please take a close look at deagel.com for what may be in store for the remnant of what will be left of the European/White race by 2025. And then extrapolate this out to say 2050 and 2100. The Jews are doing a number on what’s left of Western Civilization. Feminism, hookups, Cultural Marxism, the whole nine yards are nothing but an agenda to convince White people to exterminate themselves.


  16. I am a serial rat killer. I have poisoned , trapped & shot close to 200 rats. They will strip out every single leaf on a bush or tree . The barn owls are gone and the rat population has exploded , so if any hot babes out want my address just ask for it.

    Norway Rat Berserker,

      1. Ingrid, I am relating about the town of Saratoga , Ca. , U.S.A. , where the redwood mountains begin and extend from there all the way to the pacific coast. This is where my parents still live since 1965. After midnight, the yard turns into a three ring rat circus where they emaciate the landscape until dawn. They are norwegian roof rats. Imagine you just moved into a 5 million dollar house on Peach Hill Rd. where you quickly discover there is a big rat problem the real estate agent failed to disclose ? Now you call Stan, the rat undertaker man.

      2. Stan, I have a cousin who shoots grey squirrels, because they pose a threat to red squirrels. Personally, I think there should be a better way of dealing with the problem, like putting down some sort of birth control substance in the yard..

        Here in Norway, there isn`t a problem with seagulls, as there is in some British seaside towns, because the Norwegians gather the eggs, always leaving one in the nest..

  17. The best argument against women being in politics: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img903/4483/I7ybMh.gif

    Some believe Michelle is a tranny (transvestite), which, if true, only goes to prove how sick the jews are and why they, JEWS, more anyone else should be banned from politics.

    Quite frankly, jews should be banned from all decent and civilized societies and countries.

    If jews don’t like antisemitism, they should simply hightail it back to PALESTINE.

  18. Another good argument against women being in politics is Ingrid. Ingrid is such a ditz she can’t even figure out if she lives in Scotland, Norway, or Minnesota, USA. Who knows. Ingrid could be living in the Northern section of da Bronx and not even know it. We must be patient with Ingrid, she’s very geography-challenged.

    They said, back in the 60s, that it’s important for women to be liberated. That woman are all about “peace, love, and understanding” and “nurturance” : If only women had a role in government, things would be much better, there’d be a lot less war, a lot less killing. The voice of women is a “voice of peace”. That’s what the 60’s women libbers kept shouting at everyone.

    Now that women are liberated, women are gung-ho for abortion [ doesn’t sound too nurturing to me, abortion being a violent procedure ] and lots and lots of women trip over themselves to join Uncle Sam’s military, and the women in Washington, overwhelmingly, are MEGA War Mongers and War Hawks.

    It’s not that I’m against women in politics necessarily, it’s that it really doesn’t matter if women are in politics or not. Their participation in politics, and in other important institutions in our society, hasn’t changed anything for the better. Not really. I don’t blame them for all the problems of course. It’s just that women aren’t as wonderful as the radical women libbers in the 60’s kept shouting at everyone, women aren’t that much for peace and women aren’t as nurturing as women libbers say.

    There’s not much evidence to back up what great contributions women have made since they’ve become completed liberated. The great contributions to world peace the women libbers of the 60s claimed women would make if only they were allowed to participate as equals in society has not materialized , nor are there any signs the promises of the women libbers are going to materialize any time soon.

    Maybe after the soon-to-be World War Three is over will women finally start using their equality to work for “peace, love, and understanding” “nurturance” and “peace in the world”, because they sure aren’t doing it now.

    Right now, they’re using their liberated status to get as much power as they can, lots of power grabs on the part of women going on, and after they get power, they’re just as lousy, if not even more lousy, then the men they just replaced. Hillary for example, if she wins, will be even more of a warmonger and murderer and liar then Bill, and that’s saying a lot.

    I think Nikola Tesla totally missed the mark when it came to women. Schopenhauer had women pegged, he was totally On-Target.

    1. If Ingrid was in politics she’d be pushing for the end of all borders and unlimited immigration all over this world. She’d push for the end of nationality and anyone choosing to be different. Anyone who used any disparaging names against those of different races would be imprisoned for life as Ingrid continued the battle charge against indigenous people and their cultures all over this land.
      This would be the reality if she got into power. The kikes would love her stating to one another “she’s doing what we want yet none of us asked her to.” It really wouldn’t surprise me to that when she pops over to Sweden she meets up with old Barbara Spectre and has tea, discussing how us Europeans must learn to be multicultural and rid ourselves of our monoculture.

      1. always putting words into others mouths, and second guessing their thoughts H. You have no idea who I would have tea with, or what I would talk about, you just THINK you do..

        btw, wasn`t I on your famous ignore list????

  19. There was a tamara stand up comedian who said things like
    -“I love you more than bears love honey,
    I love you more than Jews love money

    If my boyfriend and I ever have a kid, we’ll just be honest with it. We’ll say that mommy is one of God’s chosen people, and daddy believes that Jesus is magic!

    ▪ I love you more than bears love honey,
    I love you more than Jews love money,
    I love you more than Asians are good at math.
    I love you even if it’s not hip,
    I love you more than black guys don’t tip,
    I love you like Puerto Ricans need baths.

    ▪ A couple nights ago, I was licking jelly off my boyfriend’s penis. And I thought, “Oh my God — I’m turning into my mother!”

    ▪ I dated a guy who was half-black, but he dumped me because I’m such a loser. Wow, I shouldn’t say things like that, I’m such a pessimist … he’s actually half-white.

    ▪ I don’t care if you think I’m racist. I just want you to think I’m thin.

    ▪ I saw my father’s penis once. But it was okay, because I was soooo young … and sooo drunk.

    ▪ I want to get an abortion. But my boyfriend and I are having trouble conceiving.

    ▪ I’ve sued my manager for sexual harassment. And it’s real hard, and a big strain on me. Because he hasn’t done anything.

    ▪ I was raped by a doctor … which is so bittersweet for a Jewish girl.

    ▪ I wear this Saint Christopher medal sometimes because — I’m Jewish — but my boyfriend is Catholic. It was cute, the way he gave it to me. He said if it doesn’t burn through my skin, it will protect me. Who cares? Different religions.
    The only time it’s an issue, I suppose, would be like if you’re having a baby and you’ve got to figure out how you want to raise it. Which still wouldn’t be an issue for us, because we’d be … honest, and just say, you know, like, “Mommy is one of the chosen people … and daddy believes that Jesus is magic!”

    ▪ The writers of “Sanford and Son” were so brave in bringing their program to television. I mean, working with all those black people!

    ▪ When God gives you AIDS — and God does give you AIDS — make lemon-AIDS!

    ▪ I buy water at the liquor store across the street from where I live. So I’m walking into the door, and standing, loitering, outside the door is a man. And I walk by him to go in, and he says, [in a gruff male voice] “I want pussy!” Now, I don’t want to seem conceited or anything, but [flattered smile] he was talking about me!

    ▪ People are always introducing me as “Sarah Silverman, Jewish comedienne.” I hate that! I wish people would see me for who I really am — I’m white!

    ▪ On the law that requires women to wait twenty-four hours before they are permitted to have an abortion: I think it’s a good law. The other day I wanted to go get an abortion. I really wanted an abortion, but then I thought about it and it turned out I was just thirsty.

    ▪ The Holocaust would never have happened if black people lived in Germany in the 1930s and 40s … well, it wouldn’t have happened to Jews.”
    Funny woman; is that you, Tamara

  20. I don’t think I’ve ever written this… but,
    This Jewess actually makes sense.
    In my opinion, women are made for the home, hearth and child rearing… period. This is NOT a denigrating nor insulting comment. It is made with the utmost respect. In fact, there is no higher “job” or “duty” than motherhood, for it carries with it the responsibility of bearing upon the world the next generation of hopefully, sane citizens. (Sanity can only come about if the laws of nature are maintained and espoused in the home by two loving parents.) Women should not vote, nor should any “feminized” men. This is only because of inherent illogical tendencies of the gender… i.e. undue empathy, compassion, altruism, etc… exhibited where it ought not be. True judiciousness can only spring from masculine brains… that is, minds that weigh facts and data and come to the best logical conclusions for the health and well-being of society based on them. There is no room nor place for touchy-feely sentimentalism where laws and justice are concerned.

    1. @ Joe

      I can agree with you concerning women through to “loving parents” except for the term “sane citizens” which should be sane humans. Being a citizen means that a government considers a person as something to be oppressed in various ways. A voting citizen is a person that accepts being oppressed by validating the system that oppresses. If women want to play in the illusion of control game by voting, there is plenty of room in the asylum with the men that buy into the same illusion.

      It has been my observation over many years that the happiest people are those who make their highest priority the natural inherent duties of their gender.

  21. This article, and especially all the wasted verbiage from these bloggers, is proof positive that the stupidest, most vapid absurd topic, gets attention. Other than that, I’m speechless.

      1. Perhaps by “speechless’ she just has no logical retort for any of the facts of nature presented. Truth is often unpleasant and some people simply ignore, suppress of deny it for the sake of their own comfort.

  22. I shall not elaborate any further but I think the sole purpose of this excessive letter is to destroy the credibility of this website and to create unnecessary tensions between posters, even if there is some truth to it, like the impossible fight for equality. What about complementarity?

    Since Gravitas is looking for some Baudelaire translation.,My heart laid bare.

    I understand by progress the progressive diminution of the soul and the progressive domination of matter.
    Woman doesn’t know how to separate the soul from the body. She is simplistic as the animals.

    The sanctity of womanhood is incompatible with social liberty and social claims ; and for a woman emancipation means corruption.

    Women readily accept new ideas, because they are ignorant; they easily spread it, because they are light-hearted; they support it for long, because they are stubborn.

    Rockefeller foundation for twice as many consumers, dumb voters, wage slaves and tax payers.

    As for Kinsey, also on Rockefeller payroll, he has nothing to do with feminism but with sexual revolution and pedophilia.
    Significant hearts to abstain from.

    A real poster boy for Gender, Women’s Studies and penis envy. They even made a movie about him with Russel Crowe, oy oy oy.

  23. Circassian and others, like-minded.

    Instead of quoting Shakes on something rotten in Denmark, which we all know is cheese, how about looking up some seldom used and much misused terms like satire, irony, sarcasm, tongue-in-cheek?

    Let Tamara Cohen, a Jewess, teach you some forgotten or never learned English.

    Most of the above posts tossed out 50,000 words and not one landed near the bullseye.

    1. Let Tamara Cohen, a Jewess, teach you some forgotten or never learned English.


      Could you explain, please, why do you think that “Tamara Cohen” is a Jewess, unless calling “Tamara Cohen” a Jewess is what you call satire, irony, sarcasm, tongue-in-cheek that is. Is Ruth Bernstein a Jewess? Why do you think that “Tamara Cohen” is she, to begin with? Does calling a spoon “Tamara Cohen” make the spoon Jewess? Does fabricating a letter and subscribing it “by Tamara Cohen” make “Tamara Cohen” a Jewess.

      You still don’t get it, do you?

      Something is really rotten in the state of Denmark!

      1. I`d say that asking “Is she Danish”? is just as toungue in cheek as asking “Is she jewish”? who knows, who cares..

      2. Does it … does it … does it … MATTER?

        Show me why you think that if she wasn’t a Jewess, eg, Ruth Bernstein, would have resulted in me writing a different post.

        And because I feel particularly dense today, do my hurting brain a favor and tell me what precisely is rotten in the state of Denmark, which i always believed to be a monarchy.

        Something along these lines,
        because T. C. who I believe to be XX in reality, said ABC, which I find not only factually erroneous but a criminal act of fomenting discord/disease/recession by way of carefully laid down malicious plans aiming for long term blahblahblah …

        Ok? Much thankful for doing my neglected thinking for me.

      3. And because I feel particularly dense today, do my hurting brain a favor and tell me what precisely is rotten in the state of Denmark

        Cheese. Just following your advice and letting Tamara Cohen, a Jewess, teach me some forgotten or never learned English.

      4. Following your line of inquiry, ask me why I think that Circassian is a Circassian.

        Because my life is such a blank void that I have no business more pressing than wondering whether a Cohen is Jewish or Circassin is a Circassian, it totally determines my thinking and future posts at Darkmoon.

        I am at mystical crossroads, lost in impenetrable fog of existential angst, is Tamara Cohen a real or a fake Jewess, the fate of this one among many parallel worlds hangs on this very serious, unsatirical thread.

        When all I said that I found her letter to Lasha funny in a satirical way.
        And if she is not Jewish, well that changes everything, don’t it.
        She may be Danish, in which case we are inhaling overpowering stink of rotten cheese.
        Or she may be Circassian, in which case we are inhaling laughing gas.

      5. @ Circassian

        I don’t think you understand, Circassian. You are obviously lacking in the irony department. Lobro is simply suggesting that the above article is a “satirical spoof”.

        I think Lobro is correct.

        If you can accept this simple hypothesis — that the article is a satirical spoof by an obviously very accomplished writer who even knows Latin — you will then be able to accept the idea that there is nothing particularly rotten in the state of Denmark! 🙂

      6. In other words, Circassian, a joke is a joke — not a sinister conspiracy theory. No need to talk about something being “rotten in the state of Denmark.” 🙂

      7. @ Darlington. “You are obviously lacking in the irony department. Lobro is simply suggesting that the above article is a “satirical spoof.”

        Darlington, you seem to be in the know about Lasha and this site. Why has Darkmoon posted a “satirical spoof”, when there are far more important issues. This is not a “hissy fit”, but a genuine question. And believe me I have a very good sense of humour, but this ain’t funny!

      8. @ Red Onions

        Darlington, you seem to be in the know about Lasha and this site. Why has Darkmoon posted a “satirical spoof”, when there are far more important issues. This is not a “hissy fit”, but a genuine question. And believe me I have a very good sense of humour, but this ain’t funny!

        Red Onions, greetings!

        Firstly, I am a relatively new poster here and have no hotline to the inner circle responsible for running this website, so your guess as to why this article was published is as good as mine!

        Secondly, I am only guessing when I say this article is a “satirical spoof.” I imagine that Lobro is making the same guess. For all I know, the article could be serious. And the woman writing it, the Jewess Tamara Cohen, could be dead serious. Maybe she is genuinely pissed off with her female sex and wants to make the transition into a male body. You know, a Jewess in process of transgendering.

        Thirdly, you may not find the article funny. This does not mean it is NOT funny. It is simply a reflection on your sense of humor. I am not saying you are one of those earnest, utterly humorless women who I have the misfortune to meet in the elevator of my apartment complex every day. For all I know, you have an exquisite sense of humor. However, it is not the same sense of humor as Lobro’s sense of humor. He finds it funny, doesn’t he? And so do I, Red Onions, so do I. I found it hilarious. Neither Lobro nor I are therefore prepared to accept your diktat that the article is “not funny.” 🙂

        Fourthly and lastly, your glib assumption that this website is under some sort of moral obligation to concentrate on publishing only serious and portentous articles that meet with your full approval — and never lighten up by publishing something lighthearted, flippant, and off-topic, is an assumption I would call into question.

        Why, pray tell, dear Red Onions, should this website publish articles that you approve of? Is it not entitled to publish articles you DISAPPROVE of?

        I have noticed, dear lady, that you have voiced your displeasure at several articles posted on this website. I urge you not to go on doing this. You don’t own this website. Remember that! You remind me of someone who is a dinner guest in someone else’s house and keeps turning her nose up at every item on the menu.

        Please don’t take offence at my words. They are kindly meant. Please do stop scolding the management for the dishes on the menu! You don’t own the restaurant! 🙂

      9. @Darlington. “Fourthly and lastly, your glib assumption that this website is under some sort of moral obligation to concentrate on publishing only serious and portentous articles that meet with your full approval — and never lighten up by publishing something lighthearted, flippant, and off-topic, is an assumption I would call into question.”

        So sorry Darlington, I was under the impression that this website publishes intelligent articles. Now I know, and you know, I will bear that in mind. In future, just BUGGER OFF to any of my comments.

      10. Darlington –

        This site has a great menu. It has patrons from all over the globe.

        I am actually surprised that so many DO agree at times.
        I learn more through disagreement.
        Argument is healthy.

        I skip the items not in line with my taste. Good to go, here. 🙂

      11. Once upon a time Red Onions came to visit London. On the Trafalgar Square she sees Darlington shitting on the spot. Red Onions, not surprisingly, is outraged at the Darlington’s way of expressing his (her) sense of humor. But Darlington has other high qualities apart from his(her) rich sense of humor – he(she) knows well his(her) rights. So, he(she) unloads another pile of steamy on poor Red Onions:

        I have noticed, dear lady, that you have voiced your displeasure at several other squares I shit in this City. I urge you not to go on doing this. You don’t own this City. Remember that! You remind me of someone who is a dinner guest in someone else’s house and keeps turning her nose up and plugging her ears at every fart produced by the host. Please do stop scolding the management for the way I relieve myself from the waste products! You don’t own the streets of London!


        Please don’t take offence at my words. They are kindly meant.

      12. @ Red Onions

        Your little hissy fit makes no impression on me. The article you objected to so with such snooty disdain is known as a bagatelle. An amusing trifle. It offers a rest pause from more serious material. The fact that you are unable to appreciate a lighthearted satirical spoof is a reflection on you personally, not on the article itself. You are essentially humorless.

      13. @ Pat

        Thanks for not ganging up against me and trying to make me feel bad, like Circassian and Red Onions. What is my crime? My crime is calling Tamara Cohen’s article a “satirical spoof” and saying I found it amusing.

        For saying this, I am told by the humorless bossyboots Red Onions to “bugger off” and compared to “shit” by the mad Russian Circassian.

        All I can say is this: thank God for posters like you, Lobro, Harbinger, Felix, Ungenius and a few other male posters of exceptional ability. Without you lot to hold the fort, this site would be a barren wasteland of futility. I think the female posters here are a severe disappointment. Always quetching and complaining about something and indulging in spiteful tittle-tattle and ad hominem attacks. There is much to be said for ‘Male Only’ clubs.

        I foresee the day when highly intelligent robot sex dolls will replace women.

        Truly, Eve was God’s first mistake.

      14. Darlington –

        No problem. Your lament is not unusual here.

        You are fairly new here… but it is not MY first rodeo.

        Here is a blast of ‘CRAP’ from the past… directed at me by the ‘rude Rus’ with a fecal fetish: 🙂

        November 11, 2014 at 4:31 pm

        Trying to reason with Pat makes as much sense as shaming a dog that shits around the place; still, he can be used as a useful idiot – as a stepping stone to make a point.
        Would you mind telling us who is going put on trial the perpetrators of 911, moron? Maybe Putin, who is working his ass off for the Jews? It’s like calling for Nuremberg in 1941. What a fucking idiot!


      15. Pat,

        Please don’t take offence at my words. They are kindly meant – if I may borrow Darlington’s English sense of humor.

      16. Lobro, I once tasted a cheese, which was on offer at the local COOP, I think IT might have been called gravitas, or some such, it was putrid, almost made me puke..

      17. Maybe Darlington should suggest to admin a male only, and female only comments section, since he has such a poor opinion of female posters..

      18. Circ –

        “Please don’t take offence at my words.”

        I never did. I did not reply in like fashion.. I have usually even laughed it off. Which made you reply that I “disgusted” you for doing so… MANY times.

        I was showing Darlington not to be offended either. Stay out of the rubble…
        …. Laugh it off….. Just a spoof to me….. 🙂

      19. Maybe Darlington should suggest to admin a male only, and female only comments section

        This beautiful suggestion could come from a Muslim mind only 🙂 . Ingrid B, could you, please, for the love of Allah stop pushing you evil Caliphate agenda unto Franklin Ryckaert and our English brothers, emasculated by the Jews. You are really a dangerous woman – now I feel threatened.

      20. @ Ingrid B

        “Maybe Darlington should suggest to admin a male only, and female only comments section, since he has such a poor opinion of female posters..?”

        Dear Lady of the Fjords,

        You should try to get things in proportion! Nothing would delight me more than to invite you and the incorrigible Red Onions to visit me in my suite at the Dorchester Hotel in London for dinner and drinks. All these cyber animosities would then be forgotten in gentle camaraderie as you sipped your drinks and I, meanwhile, lit up a Cohiba Behike cigar … assuming you ladies were to allow me the honor of smoking in your genteel presence.

        I have nothing against you personally, dear Ingrid. Your comments never fail to excite my admiration and (dare I say it?) occasional jealousy. As for the feisty and volatile Red Onions, if I rapped her on the knuckles recently, it was for her own good — to teach her humility and female modesty. It was she, after all, who supplied that marvelous link to Andrew Anglin’s article on feminism and suggested to this site a beautiful video featuring Spanish guitar music. That proves to me, if nothing else does, that this delicious Englishwoman, this belle dame san merci, has a “soul’. 🙂

        Like Harbinger, I am weary (and wary) of women in general because of the damage they have done me. If I am a misogynst, it is because of the way I have been treated by my ex-wives who have taken me to the cleaners and deprived me of my ancestral estates in France and even of the companionship of my two beloved children.

        I am thus a lonely and embittered man living in hotel rooms, smoking my cigars for consolation. In the dining room, I sit opposite a mysterious haughty lady of uncertain years, longing to enter into conversation with her. But I dare not. I fear rejection. Her eyes are fathomless pools. If I could drown in them, I would do so. Alas, dear lady of the fjords! if only you knew how much pain you have given me, you and the cruel Red Onions with her aristocratic English hauteur….

        Enough said. Time for another cigar . . . and evening sighs in the blue twilight.

      21. Nothing would delight me more than to invite you and the incorrigible Red Onions to visit me in my suite at the Dorchester Hotel in London for dinner and drinks. All these cyber animosities would then be forgotten in gentle camaraderie as you sipped your drinks and I, meanwhile, lit up a Cohiba Behike cigar … assuming you ladies were to allow me the honor of smoking in your genteel presence.

        Darling Darlington,

        Are you sure you are a male? I could swear that I was hearing … what’s her name? … Ellie something?

        … perhaps, I should take a break – staying on this site for too long does not seem too healthy. On the other hand, I would hate to upset the good people around here by leaving 🙂

      22. Darlington,

        “If I am a misogynst, it is because of the way I have been treated by my ex-wives who have taken me to the cleaners and deprived me of my ancestral estates in France and even of the companionship of my two beloved children. “

        Do not be ashamed to classify yourself as a misogynist. Let us look at the reality here, a misogynist is one who not only mistrusts women but also hates them as well. Therefore, this definition doesn’t give us much of a chance does it? We either love and trust women or we mistrust and hate them, as this definition proposes.

        I hate no one in this life. I never have. I am however wary of many. As you have become wary of women through your experiences so to have I. I have a wonderful mother, who hails from pre war era and is one of the few ladies (original definition not the American one for a woman) alive, whom upon marrying my father, as a Christian woman, honoured her vows and stayed with him until the end. He wasn’t good to her when I was very young. It was a hard time. I heard stories but she, unlike man women today, loved him and cared for him. I know he did too.

        How many women alive today are fit to lick my mother’s shoes? Very, very few is all I’ll say.

        RO, means well. She’s a good lass. I would like to think that feminism a disease of the young, but I pretty much think all women, under the age of 70 are infected.
        I don’t need a woman. I’m 100% self sustainable, having procreated already no longer needing the downfall of man and gold mine for women – sex. Once men can ease that desire out of their mind, the control that women has instantly disappears. I’m polite to women, always have been but let them know that I’m not interested in any relationship other than a platonic one should conversation veer down that road.
        I would certainly say that I proscribe to MGTOW ethos. I choose to remain single and out of the way of any female charm and temptation. I no longer need it. I see where it ultimately leads through personal and friend experience. I’m not going there again and most certainly not ever prepared to cast caution to the wind ever again.

        We become wary through experience. A white man/woman won’t walk through a gang of black youths anywhere in the west. Ironically a black man/woman won’t do the same.
        Do not feel bad about being a misogynist. I don’t. I don’t go about my life looking to make woman’s life hard. I just ignore them and let get on with their feminist, promoting BS. In company with any woman, who proclaims to be a feminist, I get up and move on explaining I have no time for feminists and feminism. Some sad males most certainly will. They think that if they lick their feet enough and play doormat, they might get a whiff of poontang.

      23. Red Onions,

        You can be really nice when you want. I am sure, if push came to shove, I would rather have dinner and drinks with you than with that Cigar Vixen lady. She had a hard, worldly look about her and I can’t say I liked the way she handled that cigar.

        Like they say, a woman is only a woman but a good cigar is a smoke! 🙂

      24. “Darling Darlington,

        Are you sure you are a male? I could swear that I was hearing … what’s her name? … Ellie something? ” :

        Circassian, funny you should say that, I got a similar sense, of either Ellie K, or Sardonicus..

      1. Not bad, Red Onions. Not bad at all. I have a strong suspicion that you are good at cue sports – English billiards, in particular 🙂

    2. @ Lobro

      Re: “Circassian and others, like-minded. Instead of quoting Shakes on something rotten in Denmark, which we all know is cheese, how about looking up some seldom used and much misused terms like satire, irony, sarcasm, tongue-in-cheek? Let Tamara Cohen, a Jewess, teach you some forgotten or never learned English. Most of the above posts tossed out 50,000 words and not one landed near the bullseye.”

      Here’s a double bullseye 4 ya: http://pa1.narvii.com/5728/7b796b9cd6a6f44ef6b0aabee0d28d1351fdc7be_hq.gif

      PS and on a serious note:
      Pat, I know you’re a Ronda Rousey fan, but I prefer women combat sports only in anime. I love women too much to see their beautiful faces beaten to a bloody pulp in a boxing ring or UFC octagon/cage. You’re a smart guy and should be able to comprehend the larger and sinister conspiracy of promoting women in the military and in combat sports. The kikes want to destroy Western Christian Civilization and they have targeted the family unit for destruction by emasculating White men. The kikes did this first by promoting the negroes as hyper-masculine vis a vis their ownership and control of sport teams and Hollywood (i.e., TV & MTV and popular culture), and now the they are doing it with all women vis a vis Feminism. That should be a no-brainer for you.

      1. JFC –

        I am a proponent of women in sports to the degree that they can be better able to fend off attackers.

        Holly Holm – a female pro boxing title holder – beat the snot out of Ronda two weeks ago. Knocked her out. Ronda lacks boxing skills. It showed. Wading in, chin too high. That should be proof that Ronda would never beat Mayweather…. neither could Holm… or any woman. No men have either.

        I believe women should stay home….ONLY… if they want to do so. If they choose to fight…let them do it. It is good training.

        You could not, should not, convince a female not to fight for her life or family. In the animal kingdom she is the only one to do it. Males even eat the offspring.

        Teaching women to use weapons also…. is very good to me.

    3. …. Laugh it off….. Just a spoof to me…..

      Good for you, Pat. That’s the American spirit!

      But you have to work on your rancor, brother. That’s not American.

    4. Jews have long been busy undermining our Western Christian society. Pornography is one of the most dangerous means by which those bastards try to achieve their goal. That filth undermines the ancient beautiful man woman relationship.

      Police and army are full of women, in politics they are overrepresented and greater cheaters than their male colleagues.

      Let me tell you three true stories about me and women police cops:

      I live in Flanders, Belgium and have already had for my whole life problems with police and corrupt “authority”.
      All my life I have always had old cars, Buick Skylark and had four in total. in the nineties, you could buy them very cheap, as they were old timers so you have to pay minimum taxes to the corrupt cheaters. Had placed a gas installation and the tension to control the gas supply valve connected to the signal lights tension supply … Every time I which them on it turned off the gas supply … ( Ohm’s law)
      One evening, a police car with two female cops came up behind me, at no bend did I put my directional pointers and they came after me … In front of my door I parked and they got out of their police car … “why don’t you use the directional pointers, you committed four offenses less than a kilometer. ” I stayed calm and said: If I turn them on my engine stops, let’s see which she replied and I started the engine… when I switched the direction pointer the motor fell after a few seconds. They stood there with their mouths open and did not know what to say, after time the smartest of them said: You must agree to go to a garage to fix that problem.

      I have two lovely dogs and always go walking with them without a leash. For several times paid a fine but lately they leave me alone. One day I went out for a walk with my dogs, across the street to a park, coincidentally I was seen by two policewomen who came after me …
      Sir one said you should hold your dogs on a leash, and I asked why is that? Police regulations she answered and I said that’s the first thing I hear about that…She walked back to the police car and came down with a letter, I took him and stared at it up close because I did not have my reading glasses on, the officer asked me: you can’t read it? I said sorry but I cannot read … (I’m already 68). The two police women looked at each other, I said I never learned because I never went to school …. She asked, and didn’t you work sir, who do all your papers? I said all of my life lived on welfare and my wife is the household manager. ( I have worked all of my life ) They spoke no more about the leash … One of them suggested to come to the social service of the police, went back to her car to pick up a paper and when she came back I told her, it makes no sense because I still cannot read it, send it to my wife and pointed with my finger to the house where I live.

      Where I live it’s weekly Tuesday market … There is a police women on a busy road to help pedestrians to cross the road .I was in a bad mood that day and came up to cross street, there were some people both sides wait for a sign from the officer to go on …as only one I ignored the policewoman’s hand and crossed the street, people followed me like a flock of sheep around me …. the policewoman became angry and started shout at me, I answered her that pedestrians had priority according to the law in a crosswalk. She literally stood there for fool and did not know how to deal with this situation.

      I can tell so many stories of how I deal with the politically correct bastards, men and women.

  24. If the unawakened do finally shake off their cognitive dissonance and rebel against this tyranny the world is facing, which is led by disproportionately jewish psychopaths, who are financial terrorists with a Talmudic superiority, then there will be a bloody revolution. Women will need men to help them FIGHT. A man will want to protect his woman and family, but if women shun men, JEWS WIN the war.

    1. RO,

      I think Lasha has posted this article because it lightens up the atmosphere somewhat. It also shows some woman’s disgust for feminism and the stupidity of women, especially in the Bundy case.

      The rise of feminism was created as an attack on the traditional family. Now whether this was or wasn’t a Jewish plot is unclear, simply because 1st wave feminism, courtesy of the Suffragettes, wasn’t Jewish, well not directly that is. Fabian Socialism was behind it, yet their plans are pretty much on a par with the Jewish globalist one.

      The younger generations of women are pretty much lost. I am speaking of the western majority. Most are heavily into feminism and I’m speaking of the 40 and under category here. Although in my 40’s I really am in my 60’s as when younger I always associated with far older people and never with my own age group. They’re not just into feminism but ‘open minded’ when it comes to sexual relationships. As the threat to western indigenous culture was sewn when the immigrants started piling over after WW2, so to was the threat to the family and the female sex when feminism was created, but more so, 2nd wave feminism all the way from American, lesbian, misandrist Jewesses.

      As for families they’re a dieing breed. As written in my reply above, many feminists are pushing for the act of coitus as rape of women. Yes, I know they’re deadhead morons, but this is a reality that’s happening and something that cannot be ignored. The feminist movement is gaining a lot of support, especially as with all controlling establishments, they seek the youngsters in society to indoctrinate first as they are far more malleable and open to persuasion.

      I’m sorry to say but more and more women are shunning men RO. That said, more and more men are shunning women and marriage, seeing it rightfully as a no win situation for them. Divorce is 75% initiated by women and the courts in the majority of cases always find favour with the women. Men see marriage as a very sexist establishment and are choosing to bypass it and worse, children. The western birthrate is plummeting.

      1. Yes Harb. I know all of this, but why didn’t this site post something you have explained so well. It is an important matter and the issue should be brought forward intelligently and not with an article that “should lighten the atmosphere”.

      2. RO,

        Maybe Lasha isn’t up to date on 2nd/3rd wave feminism/has no passion for it, I don’t know so I can’t really answer your queries.

      3. It seems that some of the commenters enjoy feeling offended for its own sake, like masked pro wrestlers endlessly puffing out in grotesque outrage, presuming to find faults as an affront to their sensibilities.
        The worst of it is that they will make the death-defying leap to grand indictment without providing a shred of evidence that led to the conclusion, then working bloviatingly backwards from the said indictment, exactly like the Holocaust algorithm, state the claim, then attack anyone who disputes it as Deniers.

        In what way precisely does the above article manifest exceptionally low IQ or the mere fact of its publication creates a reek of nefarious intent and origin of Darkmoon ensemble?
        Is there evidence that Lasha did not receive the published email?
        Please provide the proof or at least coherent reasoning why something stinks in Darkmoon office Denmark.

        Because it all started with that, no need to debate purely subjective notions of humor, where I have just as much right to laugh as you to sourgrape.

      4. The ugly thing about the Guantanamo method of innuendo and insinuations is absence of clear list of charges and supporting evidence, so that the victim cannot defend herself … what can Lasha say, No I am not unintelligent?
        Or, Yes, I insist that it is funny and topical to at least 51% of readers, both the silent ones, vocal ones and the extremely loud ones?
        The easiest thing in the world is NOT to read something.
        I practice it on a massive scale all day long, every day.

        There are more nooks that I haven’t read than books that Ellie has read and that’s a tall order.
        So why is skipping a small, inconsequential offering like the above one, especially the one that in your well-advertised opinion is neither intelligent nor entertaining such an insurmountable mountain to cross?

        Tamara Cohen, Jewess, is probably taking this thread back to the tribe as a hilarious proof of the goyums futility and ease of distraction, “Here let me show you, toss couple of colored glass marbles and watch them go into hysterics”.

      5. Lobro –


        I got dibs on the ‘peerie’ and ‘cat’s eye’… I don’t need the ‘log roller.’ 🙂

  25. I wish I had a better sense of humor. Women might be better people when they occupy the unequal position. When they get the upper hand they get snippy and bitchy. I guess women bosses can be nightmares. Unfortunately I am fated to live among the neo-liberals who have been telling me for over a year now that I should vote for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman. She is exactly the kind of woman that fits into the category of why men are superior. News reporters lament that Hillary isn’t Billy; she has no charisma. I agree because Bill was a charming and hugely destructive bad boy. Hillary as a naughty girl turns my stomach. Probably because I don’t have a very good sense of humor I hate when women are really oppressed–the kind of suffering that almost never is acknowledged by the masculinized pushy women–things like wife abuse, husbands abandoning families when kids are sick, women in poverty who have to work and raise kids, etc. Women are more self-sacrificing. Their lives are cluttered with all the little chores that make life possible for other people like cooking, cleaning, gardening, remembering birthdays. When women are beautiful they blow me away–I love beautiful women. I even like women who try to be beautiful but aren’t–you know the plastic surgery addicts. It’s all so pathetic. So I guess I agree in the long run, we women have to bow down to men who generally create greatness while we keep the home fires burning. Different destinies.

  26. I know some will think that I am living back in the turn of the Century when women cooked, cleaned, and kept the home fires burning. No… I am in the thick of the modern era with an adult daughter who is living life as a modern women: that is, working ten hour days plus cooking, cleaning, taking care of a child. And the husband? He is (dare I say) addicted to prescription drugs as so many aging athletes are and so far is incapable of doing any women’s work and a minimum of men’s work. So just because women work doesn’t mean they don’t have to still do the double shift and that is where their hearts are because no matter how much of the wage earner women become their children and home come first.

    1. @ Kapoore

      I agree with everything you say. I deeply sympathize with the overworked women who need to juggle their careers with domestic duties and so on. As a passionate anti-feminist, however, I can only say that women have brought this fate on themselves (collectively) by letting themselves by duped into accepting the feminist ethos which was essentially a creation of cultural Marxism — a Jewish trick to drive a wedge between man and woman and weaken both of them in the process. If women are hopelessly miserable with their allotted role today, they have feminism to thank for this.

      I am indebted to Red Onions for this link to an article by Andrew Anglin. I know absolutely nothing about Anglin, but these words of his make a lot of sense to me:

      I am not arguing against feminine strength. I am not claiming that every single woman should be doing nothing but cooking and making babies. I am simply saying that the vast majority of women have a deep-rooted desire to be protected by men so that they are free to focus on producing and raising children. This does not mean that some special individual females won’t decide to engage in intellectual pursuits, and certainly doesn’t mean that women are incapable of engaging in intellectual pursuits. The reality is that women do very well working in a lot of different fields, as long as they are not placed in positions of authority, but the fact remains that this is not generally what women would choose for themselves if they were given the choice, as it leaves them either absolutely emotionally and physically drained as they attempt to do careering along with raising children, or leaves them hollow and unfulfilled if they forgo raising children in favor of pursuing a career.

      We should also be thinking about the children themselves – could any of this possibly be good for them?

      It is my contention that women should be able to choose for themselves what kind of life they want to live, but the default position of society should be to provide a climate where women are encouraged to birth and raise children. All throughout history we have had scenarios where exceptionally strong women have played major roles in the larger whole of public society. However, for most powerful, intelligent and passionate women, the old saying that “behind every great man, there is a great woman” has held the truth of the matter. Women, as wives and mothers, provide the home environment within which men are capable of becoming successful in their endeavors.

      The hard reality is that the feminist movement is not a product of Western civilization; it is, like every other major change our society has underwent in the last 100 years, a creation of the Jew. It is impossible that, without the Jewish influence, White society would have embraced these radical changes to the social order.

      If men are to become men again, and rise up with strength and fury and take back their society, it must follow that women also become women again, resuming their role as the backbone of our society, taking care of the home, raising healthy children and providing emotional respite for their husbands.”

      Who could possibly disagree with that?


      1. I suppose there are those who might call me a doormat, but, I don`t see it that way. For the past ten years, it has been my privilege, to contribute in every way I can, to our family unit. Neither my daughter, nor my son-in-law, have 100% jobs, and have to take any work offered. After three workplaces went bust, my son in law, rather than be jobless, took my advice, and is getting enough work doing menial jobs. It`s the way things used to be, gran helped out, and everyone pulled together..

      2. Yes..yes..yes.. Women are victims of feminists like that disgusting “bitch” Hillary. Sorry LD I don’t want you to get in trouble here with a bad word, but my sentiments. Andrew Anglin certain does summarize the problem. Personally I don’t think it is sustainable and I do think the children lose out, whether it is in lack of siblings because the woman can’t be giving birth, nursing a child, working, and raising a child. They are maxed out. And then there is daycare which in addition to being a petri dish of diseases is also too regimented. I pick my grandchild up once a week at daycare and she seems so relieved to see me, and if I watch her without her being aware she seems sort of lost and adrift wandering around the playground.

      3. @kapoore, you shouldn`t have to apologise for telling the truth, the Clinton “female” is a disgusting bitch..

        I wanted to say that I feel so sad regarding your little granddaughter. I remember the feeling of wandering alone in the playground, but, unlike your little granddaughter, I didn`t receive much comfort at home either..

        I wish you could have sent her to our little nursery school, which is like a second home for the kids. Most kids go early, and they eat breakfast together. They all get on really well, are allowed to be themselves. They come home happy, and tired. I think a lot of long term relationships are formed there. My son in law cleans there week day evenings, so he cleans up after his kids, both at home and at work. A friend in England said her two grandchildren are unhappy where they are now, but her daughter has found a nursery school where they are living now, so they get to go there Monday afternoons, until they begin full time next year. I hope things improve for your little granddaughter, but, as I say, she has your support, and her Mum`s..

    2. Speaking of patterns and profiles…. Billy’s mom was as rough as a cob, and had four husbands.
      He never knew his real dad.
      He married a tough woman.
      Second stepdad Dwire was a hairdresser and an ex-convict.

      Virginia Dell Blythe Clinton Dwire Kelley (née Cassidy; June 6, 1923 – January 6, 1994) was a nurse anesthetist and the mother of former United States President Bill Clinton.

      Virginia was the only child of James Eldridge Cassidy (1898–1957), the town iceman (later a grocer), and Edith (née Grisham) Cassidy (1901–1968), a nurse anesthetist. During her high school years, she worked as a waitress at a local restaurant. Following her graduation from high school, Virginia moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, to study to be a nurse anesthetist like her mother. During her training in Shreveport, she met her first husband, William Jefferson Blythe, Jr., whom she married in a civil ceremony in 1943, just before he shipped out for World War II military duty. Upon completion of her training, she returned to Hope, Arkansas. When her husband was discharged, he picked her up and they moved for four months to Chicago, Illinois.

      She moved back to her parents while she and William were in the process of getting a new home in the Hope area. While William was on his way back to Hope, he was killed in an automobile accident, ….

      …… three months before Billy Clinton’s birth.

      She died of cancer less than a year after Billy became President.


  27. Funny, but early on in the article, I found the reason for irrational tone of its content. The author states, “I have no idea why God should take a rib out of Adam’s side and make a woman out of it. Big mistake.”

    Bingo! This individual has obviously been hornswoggled by the Jewish Book of Fables. The rest, as they say, is ‘history’; A jaded, ignorant, duped history, but history nonetheless.

  28. Woman is neither high-minded nor low-minded, strong-minded nor weak-minded. She is the opposite of all these.

    Mind cannot be predicated of her at all; she is mindless.

    A woman is never so stupid as a man can be.

    Woman’s mission in the world is nothing more nor less than the phenomenon of match-making

  29. There are many interesting similarities between women and Jewish culture. So this article is very relevant to the site & it’s theme. Feminised men and psychopaths also bear the same traits.

    ** Women / Jews / Feminised Men / Psychopaths

    1) ** are never wrong. They cannot bear any criticism, even constructive, and either attack or cry if criticised.
    2) ** always support each other. They will always stick up for others in their group against criticism.
    3) ** never take responsibility for their actions, and always blame the ‘other’: Men, Gentiles, etc.
    4) ** view themselves as being better than the ‘other’. They have a supremacist culture, and delusions of grandeur. Often putting the ‘other’ down in conversation to make themselves feel good.
    5) ** have totally unrealistic views on everything, especially their own ability. They think they’re far more capable than they are.
    6) ** are self-obsessed, narcissistic, and selfish. They only do things only for their own personal benefit, and have no reservations about acting immorally, if it will profit them.
    7) ** prefer being told easy lies to hard truth.
    8) ** are obsessed with sex.
    9) ** are attracted to domineering personalities. Like being told what to think. I.e. are proponents of tyranny.
    10) ** have long memories, and bear a grudge. Easily angered. Have no sense of humour concerning themselves.
    11) ** have a vampire-like inability to see themselves (in a mirror etc) as they truly are.

    I’m sure we could go on to add more…

    This is the ‘Jezebel’ spirit in action. Only, ‘Jezebel’ is Lucifer. The spirit of evil is obviously a female spirit. Not male as is commonly portrayed… And we live in a patriarchy? No. This is why all ‘world leaders’ are usually homosexual men.

    The god of the Cabalists & the Jews is Lucifer. The god of women and psychopaths is nature, “red in tooth and claw”. Lucifer is the spirit of nature. Lucifer is Kali. Lucifer is female. Matter is Mater is Mother… This is simple…

    The ego is the selfish lower animal mind based on physical needs and emotion, which is Yin, female.
    The spiritual higher-mind of will & reason is Yang, male.
    This is why women are irrational, and driven by urges (short-term thinking), while men are rational and driven by will (long-term thinking), generally speaking.

    The natural pattern for a woman’s life should be family first, then business after family has grown up. This fits her archetypes, her biology, and her mind. It’s is inverted in today’s Luciferian cult… Perhaps Lucifer hates women even more than she hates men.

    1. The demise of western culture, at the hands of the Jews with help from their Shabbos, could never have been achieved were it not for the abandonment, by women of their men and their cultures. They achieved this by waging wars to kill the male workforce, thus bringing in the women and giving them the vote (more votes = more chance of politicians getting elected and they always pander to women and minorities) and then bringing them into the workforce. The bankers then put the mortgages and house prices up. This then put pressure on the family as where does junior go, so he went straight into the state brain laundries, to become a comrade within society to preach political correctness. The women then, found their feminism and the mantra of any man who has sex with them, is a rapist.

      I’m sad to say that without the control of women, which increased the power of the state, now predominantly staffed by them, the west would not be the shit hole it is today. Women see immigrants as more cock to please them with. The overwhelming majority of women have no loyalty to indigenous culture and tradition. The woman will simply see all men as merely a stop gap until something better comes along. It is just like the animal kingdom with the pride of lionesses. They will stay with the male until his power is usurped and when it is, they’ll stay with the new one when he overpowers the old. There is very little loyalty from western woman to her male and culture. And it’s even more so today, with the groups of fat, sugar plum feminists, who roam the streets, in their stupid platform shoes, looking like they’ve just stepped off a porn set, hunting for whatever man (and woman), from wherever. to please them for the evening. It’s truly a sad sight to see.

      1. If you also look at the porn industry it’s full of goyim women pleasing Jew men. The overwhelming number of male porn actors are Jews. And those who own the porn industries are Jews also.
        As I said, a woman has no loyalty to her culture and the men within it. She would gladly run off with any black or Asian man, after all, the brainwashing is A girl always wants a tall, dark, handsome man isn’t it?
        And here’s the result of some interracial relationships:

        Afghan Migrant Brutally Raped And Burnt To Death Young European Because She Wanted To Break Up

        and another to a blue eyed blonde from a negro in London. I have no sympathy for this moron as she was warned this man had a violent history with women.

        And we can of course include the rape capital of Europe and 2nd in the world overall – Sweden.

        This is one of the reasons I mistrust women is because the majority have no loyalty to their culture and men within it. Excuse my language, but they’d fuck anyone if it’s going to benefit them. As I said, the indigenous men don’t want many women today, not just because they’re feminists, but because they’re overweight, lard asses who have no respect for themselves and immigrants will happily please them if it means citizenship in the long run. The marriages never last. I wonder why?

    1. “I believe women and girls are the chief victims and casualties of the cultural and sexual revolution”

      Are you serious?
      This statement is no different to the one about the Jew who “cries out in pain as he strikes you”.

      Women have chosen this path that they walk upon today. They choose to attack men physically and verbally. They choose to call all men rapists. They choose to marry and then divorce their partners, taking their income, house and children from them. They choose to vote in the moronic politicians who make society worse.
      They are no different to the men who join the armed forces and go abroad to foreign lands and kill for the bankers. They are no different to the men who implement military strategy in the police force upon civilians. They are no different to the men who also vote in moronic politicians…..

      Everything we do in life is OUR OWN CHOICE.
      I’m sick fed up and tired of people complaining that it’s the Jews who are responsible. It’s the assholes who implement Jewish talmudism upon society and who impose Jewish authoritarianism. It is the assholes in the msm who lie through their teeth for their 30 pieces of silver.

      You know if something is right or wrong. There are no half rights or half wrongs. You choose to either do right or do wrong. Women and men today, choose to do wrong. They choose to do it because it very probably gives them a better income, but regardless, they choose.

      Don’t defend people who dig their own holes in life. Let them fall head first into them and suffer the consequences of their actions. The world will come to war. Many people will inevitably die and suffer because of it. Do not defend them for the truth has been out there for a long time; truth they chose to purposefully ignore, and/or ridicule those who tried to educate and thus warn them. Do not suffer fools gladly, for that is what the majority are.

      The victims of the cultural and sexual revolutions are those who have chosen to remain to the truth, to their morals and their convictions, not the idiots who are wallowing in wrong, depraved and degenerate behaviour.

      1. “Don’t defend people who dig their own holes in life. Let them fall head first into them and suffer the consequences of their actions.”

        The numerous ‘safety-nets’ like welfare…. have destroyed individual responsibility, and weakened society in Western countries. It is spreading to other areas…. just like debt is. Attractive unrecognized control mechanisms.

      2. Pat,

        The only problem now is that it’s getting far worse. People, in jobs are being deliberately laid off into having to work below the minimum wage. Ian Duncan Smith, one of the most hated tories in the UK, instituted the ‘Community Payback for the Unemployed’ scheme here in the UK. It is criminals who normally are put on Community Payback, so now the unemployed are viewed no differently. He proposed that all unemployed must work for their benefits. I agree, but the situation is that they must work 30 hours a week in order to receive their benefits.
        When you look at the situation for example here in Scotland; where I live average weekly rent for a one bedroom flat is around £80. Job Seekers Allowance, the benefit scheme people seeking work are paid on is around £70 a week. Minimum wage in the UK is £6.50ph. Therefore people work under minimum wage. But why don’t the government simply take people off benefits and put them in the volunteering job they do for 30hours a week and pay them a wage? Think about the youth who live with their parents, who get even less benefits and don’t pay rent? They’re working 30 hours a week while getting around £40 to live on meaning they’re losing around £150 a week in minimum wage pay!

        We also now have the situation where people are being laid off by companies, who are employing cheaper labour and those sacked lose severance pay unless they train those taking their jobs.
        We also have the situation where people lose their jobs through redundancy, sign on the brew (dole/benefits), get their money and have to do the community payback volunteering, IN THE PLACES THEY USED TO WORK!!!!

        If people who are put on the Community Payback volunteering refuse to do it, their benefits are stopped – housing and JSA.

        How do people survive if there is no welfare state or they’re benefits are taken away?
        There is only one choice – crime. People in the UK very rarely pay cash in hand work. All people now who work need a bank account. The government can check bank accounts when you go to claim benefits and will ask where the money came from while you weren’t working. If you are sacked from a job you can’t get benefits for 6 months, regardless whether you were simply the result of a horrible boss who didn’t like you.

        If people cannot find work, what do they do Pat? I have friends who are unemployed who apply for 80 jobs a month and they’re lucky if they get one reply back from employers, to tell them they’ve not been successful. We have crazy situations where there are thousands of people all chasing the same job. Add to that the constant stream of immigrants coming in looking for work as well.

        There simply aren’t enough jobs here in the UK to accommodate the growing numbers of jobless. It is not their fault that they can’t get a job. The working class are finding it harder and harder because students coming out of university are taking their jobs, as they can’t get employment in their fields of expertise. I should imagine the work houses will be brought back soon. The situation here in the UK is really grim. It’s not just African and Asians who are piling into the UK but Spanish and Greeks whose economies have gone through the floor, with 30% of their under 21’s unemployed and it’s not that much better with the aboves.

  30. I think it’s wrong to blame a woman for being a woman.
    After all, she’d been that way for couple million years, no?

    It is a nearly universal observation that females bunch into herds while males are more likely to be solitary, I saw that in many examples, eg, elephants.
    Even their body language is different, I remember the guides in India pointing out tiger sex at distance, easily distinguishable by behavior, though visually similar. Whereas a male will face you head-on, unconcerned, the female slinks sideways, lip curled in sneer.
    It’s the family math, they must band together for protection and guarding the offspring and how are our recent cave ancestors different?

    It is the Jew, always the same destructive Jew who understood the architecture of family and society, whereby by removing one brick from the arch, the structure loses internal and mutual support and collapses.
    So who does the serpent go after, whispering sweet nothings in victim’s ears while proferring the poisoned apple of “freedom, equality”?
    To those with more accessible mind, the herd mentality, easily influenced and emotionally manipulated – ever seen an Oprah show where the entire audience dissolves in tears on cue?
    That’s how they are, always been and will be, and should be, because nature does not err in its designs – until an impostor from outside arrives and that ladies, is the Jew deceiver.

    So stop blaming the woman any more than blaming the kid for accepting candy from the stranger.
    They need to be streetproofed by those who should know better.

    By the way, by the exact same process of diabolical seduction, Jew destroyed the traditional feudal structures, promising freedoms and equality to serfs – yeah, by reducing the former overseers to serfdom.
    So today, we got Jew Lord Rothschild and Jew Porno Stud, while men slave for the former, women open up for the latter and in the end, the two sexes blame each other for their misery.

    I should program a keyboard shortcut that puts out It is JEW, JEW, JEW and only JEW.

    1. I should program a keyboard shortcut that puts out It is JEW, JEW, JEW and only JEW.

      This hysterical quote tells more about the emotional stability, or rather instability, of its author than anything about the proverbial Jew.

      1. I stand by my quote.

        As to your position, the readers can judge by themselves, a poster who thinks nothing of smearing without any corroborating evidence, eg, Topham, the pimp and ignoramus, a brave 68 year father of 4 who for years told the truth openly and fearlessly or making underhanded insinuations about Lasha whose blog provides your views with platform.
        Not to mention another martyr for truth, Solzhenitsyn, who stood up to liars (can you spell “Jews”? I guess not) in both Bolshistans, the Soviet and American ones.

        But hey, what would be martyrs without jeering crowds?
        I guess I am unstable for refusing to join them and doggedly revealing the figure lurking behind the curtain.

        Gut feeling?
        Well, show some guts.

        Yes, I blame Jews for just about everything.

        Meanwhile, all I see from you is seeding doubt and hostility not by open attack because that requires hard facts but by mumbled and baseless accusations.

        So, maybe as the first step toward credibility, explain how the Jew is not behind the feminism.
        Because I say, it’s JEW, JEW, JEW.
        But I am unstable, you know, so here is your chance to prove yourself.

    2. “They need to be streetproofed by those who should know better.” : yes, well, they`re not going to be “streetproofed” are they, if all guys are like you H, who call them sluts, and whores, and turn your back and walk away.. Yes, it`s soooo easy, to blame the jew..

      1. Got some links to where I call them whores, sluts …

        Harbinger simply walked away, had enough, maybe he did call them that but to tell you the truth, I jave no such recollection.

        As for him giving up on women, that is his personal choice and right and shouldn’t be part of discussion.

        Some women are sluts, some aren’t.
        Some men are lowlifes, weaklings and cowards, some aren’t.
        The question is about proportions, not sweeping generalizations.

        What I do know (because Circassian is itching to jump in with snide comment at this point) is that over 96% of Jews are inhuman abominations of nature.

        And that they started every war from the Crusades onward for their vampirical profit, causing unimaginable suffering and destruction and that their plans are for even more on even grander scale.
        And I don’t need the gut instinct to tell me that.
        It is JEWS, JEWS, JEWS for those not interested in the 3 card mony.

      2. @Ingrid B

        Yes, it`s soooo easy, to blame the jew..

        Ingrid B, I want to be very clear about this for it is extremely important.

        Jews are the most treacherous, the most ignorant, and at the same time the least attractive on all counts, the least trustworthy tribe the world has ever seen.

        But that is not the point. The point is that Jews are not the umbilical cord of the Earth. They are not the masters of the universe, never were, and never will. They are the disgusting bitches of the masters of the universe. I see that every day on the Russian TV. They live in Russia and they shit on Russia.

        Why Russia does allow this? Why Russia tolerate the dictate of the dollar? Why Russia does not introduce its own currency outside the dollar domain? Because Russia does not have full sovereignty – not yet. The “Russian elites” are the worst and the most dangerous enemies of Russia. We are not afraid of the Jews, or Americans, or Turks, or anyone else in the world.

        Our biggest problem is the so-called “Russian elites” who are making money selling our country to the victors – the Anglo-Americans. “Russian elites” are not all Jews – most of them are proper Russians who have no selfrespect – they are willing to bitch for the occupiers – the Anglo-Americans – just to live good. They are the real mother f****rs. That is were our biggest problem is, that’s where the real frontline of the fight is.

        Jews are SOB’s, but they are not our SOBs. They are not Russia’s SOBs, they are SOBs of the English dominated world.

        The fight is between the two complete different concepts of human life on the planet Earth – between the English and between the Russian.

        Unfortunately the English conception of the world still dominates over the Russian – hugely so. Russia is not strong enough to challenge openly this powerful and disgusting setup that prevailed in the world today.

        But time is on the side of the growing Russian conception of the world governed by spirituality and not by money and universal deceit. Time on the side of English dominated world – this world is going down the tubes.

      3. Lobro,

        Always polite to women in conversation but when I don’t like people I let them know instantly, as I have to Ingrid. She’s in the bin of history as far as I’m concerned. I don’t go around calling women sluts and whores (looked at what Ingrid had to say for the first time in a while, due to trying to understand your reply). What I did say was that the majority of younger women look like they’ve walked out of a porn set. And I think the reference to whores is quite a simple one in that in today’s day and age it’s safer for young males to pay a whore as he’ll be wearing a condom and will get what he paid for. Sleeping around means a higher chance of an STD and a rape charge, when the women decides that drunken shag the night before wasn’t with the man she really wanted and doesn’t want to be called a slut by workmates.

        Yes I walked away. No need for a partner for reasons explained. I suppose I just realised that I no longer needed a woman, moreso because although amongst the younger generations, not all women are contaminated (corrupted to political correctness, feminism, love of LGBT etc etc), having procreated I no longer need a woman for that purpose. The hell of losing a family is something that won’t happen again.

        Ingrid thinks I hate women because I pretty much ignore them. I’d rather keep company with my male friends. That said there are many times when my male friends bring their girlfriends and their friends and I get on perfectly well. I just don’t take it to the next level.
        More ironically, Ingrid thinks I blame the Jew for the demise of woman, when out of all the posters on this forum, I’m one of the few who blames the goyim for allowing themselves to be the slave of the Jew. Goyim are the problem in my opinion, not Jews.
        Women are easily tempted. Materialism and superficiality is the bane of woman.

      4. Correction: Time is not on the side of the English dominated world – this world is going down the tubes.

      5. @ Harbinger

        I have enjoyed reading your comments on this site. By your own admission, you are a misogynist, though a polite one who in the company of women makes every effort to be sociable and non-confrotational.

        At the same time, you confess to be wary of women and avoid all unnecessary entanglements with them. This is because you think they are a sad lot, deficient in the brain department and hopelessly infected with all the false ideas of feminism. Most young women, you assert, resembles whores in the way they dress, prancing around in platform heels and short skirts — brassy, meretricious, loud, superficial, and totally unworthy of your regard.

        I congratulate you on the consistency of your views. To me, you are the ultimate anti-feminist misogynist. And, which is even more fascinating, you make no bones about admitting it. You get full marks for frankness.

        However, dear fellow-misogynist and comrade in contempt for the inferior sex, I have a few questions for you which I hope you will be frank enough to answer! 🙂

        Firstly, you admit that not all women resemble the stereotype we have outlined above. Not all women go cavorting round the streets in platform heels and miniskirts. Not all women are whores. Many women are only too willing to reject the baneful fruits of feminism, preferring to be homemakers and child nurturers and making life happy for their husbands and children. They don’t want careers or to boss men around in the workplace. They don’t want to be Angela Merkel or Hillary Clinton. They just want to be women: the Perfect Mother, the Perfect Wife, the Perfect Daughter.

        So tell me, Harbinger, why don’t you find a traditional woman like that? Such women exist. They may be hard to find, but they do exist. You already admit that. So why on earth don’t you scour the streets and alleys, the highways and byways, and find such a gem of a woman? It’s not as if you were a queer. You already admit to heterosexual longings for intimacy with female flesh.

        Here are your own words, and they touched me deeply:

        “I won’t deny the fact that women have lost their way and I do my utmost to keep my distance, but sadly, that which created me, programmed me to desire coitus with woman and continue the human race and it’s an incredibly hard thing to resist.”

        Okay, dear comrade in erotic longings for luscious female flesh, what do you DO to satisfy these basic urges for intimate contact with Eve? Heroic self-restraint? Prostitutes? Pornography? How do you cope with unsatisfied longings for female flesh?

        Not all of us are monks. Chastity is not easy. Even the great St Augustine found it incredibly difficult. “Lord, lord!” he exclaimed. “Make me chaste — but not yet!

        The ball is in your court, Harbinger. Please answer my two questions:

        1. Why don’t you find a traditional woman and forget about the feminist whores?

        2. What do you DO to satisfy your basic sexual urges?

      6. @Circassian, who was it who sang, “time is on our side” yes it is? Who the hell gives a shit what H thinks? I bet the women in Paisley just love his “masculine”?? “protective”?? attitude..

      7. Darlington,

        I promote being a misogynist only because of my distrust for women. I do not hate them whatsoever which sadly, the definition of misogynist very much is.

        Finding a traditional woman Darlington is an incredibly hard thing to do in today’s age. But more to the point, “Once bitten twice shy” as the saying goes. After my last relationship I made the choice of no longer having relations with women anymore. I stay by my choice. My last breakup very nearly destroyed me and that’s an experience I’ll never ever have again.

        As for sexual urges, well, I don’t really get many as the more I distance myself, the less frequent they become. Martial arts, long walks, reading, writing….all things to occupy the mind help me in my resistance. Moreso, the logical side of coitus makes me no longer need it, as I’ve already procreated. I do strongly believe that intercourse, that is the act of lovemaking is very much a societal construct. The sex industry starting off with prostitution and then into porn has been greatly helped by this. I see sexual intercourse for what it is – procreation, which I no longer need to do.

        The most important thing I believe in any relationship whether it be with a mate or good friend is trust. Love always takes secondary place as far as I’m concerned. Seeing as I do not, nor ever will trust woman again, it is why I remain single.

        Reading more and more about MGTOW and the experiences of other men, also helps greatly Darlington. This movement is a natural reaction to the radical feminist movement and many young men today are shunning marriage, relations and procreation. They see marriage today for what it really is, an incredibly biased institution that favours the woman. They realise that marriage is madness as it will eventually mean giving up your home, your children and a large percentage of your finances when your wife decides she no longer loves you and wishes to move on with another in her life.

        To each their own Darlington.

  31. nice piece I enjoyed reading it
    it’s like a psychology diagnosis for the state of mind of a rebellious Tamara
    I don’t know why I have a strong gut feeling that someone sent them-self an imaginary mail 🙂

    1. I don’t know why I have a strong gut feeling that someone sent them-self an imaginary mail

      Always trust your gut – it won’t let you down.

      The question is: Who and why “sent an imaginary mail”? Obviously it wasn’t “Tamara Cohen, a Jewess”. Why the fabricator of “this short email to Lasha Darkmoon” wanted the name of “the author” sound Jewish?

      Any got feelings about that, brother?

  32. If it is the ethnic Russian oligarchs who pose the greatest danger to Russia, why doesn’t Putin eliminate them, a relatively simple job since they don’t have protection of Jew diaspora, US State Dept, DoD, NATO, EU, City of London, 100% of world’s MSM screaming like banshees about pogroms, persecution, holohoax, Israel home turf that dictates every single nation’s outside the BRICS bloc, and Pat will have a possibly relevant remark here, foreign and domestic policy, the western world’s academia and banking … Jew oligarchs have all of that behind them and yet, Putin took down a good half dozen of the most powerful and dangerous ones, Gusinsky, Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky, Nevzhlin and others, the first and only such feat in history.

    So how come he is scared of the home grown ones that have no such protection, when even Hitler was forced to release the thieving Julius Rothschild from Vienna jail after a year, probably was guaranteed lasting peace by the Brits.

    What about that Jew Mogilnovitch, said to be the most dangerous criminal on Earth, are the Rus oligarchs a tougher nut to crack?

    In every country, not just Russia, Jew oligarchs are the biggest, ugliest tumors, the most pressing, immediate threat to survival of that country.
    And there is always Rothschild’s roving ambassador, Soros to speed things along when the local Jews get stuck.

    Putin should be able to clean out goy oligarchs overnight, he’d have giant popular support.
    Is Oleg Deripaska a Jew? Can’t figure that one out.

    1. “Pat will have a possibly relevant remark here, foreign and domestic policy, the western world’s academia and banking … Jew oligarchs have all of that behind them and yet, Putin took down a good half dozen of the most powerful and dangerous ones, Gusinsky, Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky, Nevzhlin and others, the first and only such feat in history.”

      Easy answer from the smoke filled ‘backroom’ dealing table…

      He was paid to remove the competition of his favorite Pharisee oligarchs. Plenty left to go around.
      Like his Jew buddies who profited in Sochi.

      It has been known…
      “Control is the key word when it comes to Sochi, but also when it comes to the games of power and money that take place in Moscow back rooms, in ministry corridors and in the top floors of large companies. In these competitions, there are no medals at stake. Rather, the prize is a place among the Russian power elite.”

  33. USrael has been state-sponsors of terrorism for a very long time. USrael is doing everything USrael can to bring about World War Three. Looks the third world war is going to start in 2016 the way things are going. One good thing about World War Three, and they’re already talking about doing it in Washington : Uncle Sam is going to need to revive The Draft in order to fight a WW3 and this time women will be drafted into the armed services and put on the front lines. Women don’t have a leg to stand on in opposing women getting drafted and put on the front lines, as women spent the last 50-60 years demanding equality in ALL things, in EVERY aspect of life, in society, in government, in the military. I just might vote for Hillary. If Hillary wins The Presidency, the b*tches will definitely get drafted and put on the front lines, 🙂 . I think its a hoot! [ Sure, the USA is going to win the third world war, lol ].

  34. This is a very stupid email and article.

    The premise of this person’s email is that because lots of females write love letters to serial killers, therefore females are irrational and stupid and whatever.

    Let me ask everyone here one simply question:

    How many FEMALE serial killers are out there? That you can name?

    1. @ David Chu

      “This is a very stupid email and article. The premise of this person’s email is that because lots of females write love letters to serial killers, therefore females are irrational and stupid and whatever.”

      On the contrary, the article is the very opposite of stupid. The premise is meant to be absurd. It is just the type of article that would cause considerable amusement if published in the British satirical magazine “Private Eye.” The article belongs in a special genre of its own which you are probably unfamiliar with: it is known as a “literary spoof.”

      In order to appreciate the article, a sense of humor is required. Serious, unsmiling people who are deficient in the irony department will be outraged by the article. As they were probably meant to be by the practical joker (or “piss taker”) who wrote the article. 🙂

      I doubt that this hilariously funny article was written by a Jew. “Tamara Cohen” is almost certainly a made-up name.

      1. Lasha probably had a laugh when she read it while breakfasting on her toast and marmite! 🙂

    2. @ David Chu

      Re: “How many FEMALE serial killers are out there? That you can name?”

      1. Madeline Albright, JEWESS, here in this video saying without any remorse whatsoever that the Jew-S economic and medical sanctions on Iraq which caused the deaths of 500,000. children was worth it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbIX1CP9qr4

      2. Victoria Nuland, JEWESS, famous for her “Fuck the EU” comment, is the woman responsible for at least 3,000 deaths thus far in the Ukrainian “Civil War”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL_GShyGv3o

      3. Golda Meir, JEWESS, former Prime Minister of Israel who said Palestinians didn’t exist and probably responsible for the deaths of over 10,000 people from Palestine whom she refused to acknowledge as “Palestinians.”

      There are more women serial killers… but I’m don’t quite follow your logic and complaint?

      The article is, as Darlington well explained on at least 3 earlier posts, a SPOOF. I understood that almost immediately when I first read it.

      1. I now recall an article here at DM from last summer about a Russian granny (probably another Jewess) serial killer who ate her victims. Sorry, don’t remember her name but you can look it up in the DM archives.

        The women politicians I listed above are the real mass murderers. As for your garden variety women serial killers, who could forget Myra Hindley?

        Hindley was the most infamous woman serial killer in the late 1960s. She was dubbed the Moors Murderess and also “the most hated woman in Britain.” Have a good look at her big nose and tell me it isn’t kosher: http://www.biography.com/people/myra-hindley-229551

        Joanna Dennely, Rose West, and Myra Hindley are Britain’s most infamous women serial killers and they all look kosher. Joanna Dennely even has a fucking jew star of Rothschild tattooed on her face! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/10668336/Britains-three-female-serial-killers-Dennehy-West-and-Hindley.html

      2. I meant “serial killers” of the kind that the sheeple understand and acknowledge, the garden variety. Not the War Ciminals and Pyschopaths that rule this world.

        If you carefully re-read this email farce or spoof, she is NOT talking about the Hillary Clintons of this world. Her argument would make more sense if she did argue thusly.

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