Why the US is Finally Talking to Russia

 . . . by Pepe Escobar

VICTORIA NULAND The Jewess who is in charge of American foreign policy
The Jewess who is in charge of American foreign policy

“So a woman walks into a room…” —  That’s how quite a few jokes usually start. In our case, self-appointed Queen of Nulandistan Victoria “F**k the EU” walks into a room in Moscow to talk to Russian deputy foreign ministers Sergei Ryabkov and Grigory Karasin.

A joke? Oh no; that really happened. Why?

Let’s start with the official reactions. Karasin qualified the talks as “fruitful”, while stressing Moscow does not approve of Washington becoming part of the Normandy-style (Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France) negotiations on Ukraine. Not after the relentless demonization not only of the Kremlin but also of Russia as a whole since the Maidan coup.

Ryabkov, for his part, made it known the current state of the US-Russia relationship remains, well, corrosive.

It’s crucial to remember the Queen of Nulandistan went to Moscow only after meeting with certified Washington vassal President Poroshenko and her own, hand-picked Prime Minister, “Yats”; and that was before accompanying Secretary of State John Kerry on the full regalia State Department trip to Sochi on May 12.

The Minsk-2 agreement – the actual product of the Normandy-style negotiations – directly involved Berlin and Paris, who finally saw the realpolitik on the wall and were compelled to divert from Washington’s monomaniac antagonistic approach.

Inside the EU, chaos remains on the key subject of sanctions. The Baltics and Poland toe the “Russians are coming!” Cold War 2.0 hysteria line, while the adults in Brussels are represented by Italy, Greece, Spain and Hungary.

So Germany and France are already in deep trouble keeping the messy EU house in order. At the same time Berlin and Paris know nothing the self-described “Don’t Do Stupid Stuff” Obama administration pulls off will mollify Moscow to abandon its precise red lines.

Watch Those Red Lines

It’s crucial to notice that Crimea does not seem to be on the table anymore; it’s a fait accompli. But then there are those U.S. “military trainers” who have been deployed to western Ukraine only for a “six-month mission” (historical reminder; this is how the Vietnam war started). For Moscow, expansion of this “mission” is an absolute red line.

And then there’s the ultimate red line; NATO expansion, which remains unabated in the Baltics, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. That won’t stop; it’s part of NATO’s obsession in solidifying a new Iron Curtain from the Baltics to the Black Sea.

Thus, beyond all the talking, the next step to watch is whether the Obama administration will really refrain from weaponizing Kiev.

Ukraine for all practical purposes is now a massively indebted failed state turned into an IMF colony. The EU does not want it – although NATO does. For Moscow, the – ghastly – show will only be over when Ukraine, with or without the people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, is neutral, and not part of a NATO strategic threat.

I have examined here the possibility that the Obama administration’s strategic shift towards talking instead of cursing/threatening may signify that the real Masters of the Universe have finally understood the emerging New (Silk) World Order is bound to leave them behind.

President Putin knew that he was heading towards a major confrontation with the US after the dismemberment of Yugoslavia, the Georgian adventure, and NATO’s ceaseless expansion violating all those empty promises to Gorbachev.

The difference is that now—and the Pentagon knows it—Moscow has amassed up to 10,000 tactical nuclear weapons. In the apocalyptic event of a war between Russia with NATO, the wet dream of many a US neo-con, these tactical nuclear weapons would knock out every commercial and military airfield of every NATO country in twenty minutes. That would leave no airfield for NATO combined air operations.

And then there’s the S-500 missile defense system, which can protect Russia against any form of Pentagon/NATO nuclear missile retaliation. No US offensive weapon, including Stealth bombers, could get through the S-500 maze, and the Pentagon also knows it.

Strategy? What Strategy?

The Dr. Zbig “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski-style strategy has always been to lure Russia into another Afghanistan in Ukraine, leading to a collapse of the Russian economy with the Big Prize being a Western takeover of Russia’s oil and natural gas wealth, and by extension Central Asia’s. Ukrainians would be used as cannon fodder, as were Afghans since the 1980s Arab-Afghan jihad.

Yet the Obama administration overplayed its hand, and realpolitik now spells out the deepening of the Russia-China strategic partnership across the entire Eurasian land mass; Eurasia as a prospective, massive commercial emporium stretching from Beijing to Berlin, or from Shanghai to St. Petersburg and beyond towards Rotterdam and Duisburg.

Without the exceptionalist obsession of some key Beltway factions, none of the elements of Cold War 2.0 would be in play, as Russia is a natural ally of the US in many fronts. That in itself reveals the state of “strategic thinking” by the current US administration.

Moscow, anyway, won’t be caught off-guard by the current, barely disguised, charm offensive, because Russian intelligence knows that may well veil a “Grand Chessboard”-style tactic of two steps back to regroup for a massive advance later.

Moreover, nothing has basically changed other than the original, dissuasive Cold War era MAD – Mutually Assured Destruction – doctrine being over.

The US still retains PGS (Prompt Global Strike) capability. Ukraine is just a detail. The real game-changer will happen when Russia is able to seal its whole territory, via the S-500s, against PGS. That will happen sooner than anyone thinks. And that’s why the real Masters of the Universe – via their emissaries – feel compelled to talk.


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  1. key to the puzzle

    The Dr. Zbig “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski-style strategy has always been to lure Russia into another Afghanistan in Ukraine, leading to a collapse of the Russian economy with the Big Prize being a Western takeover of Russia’s oil and natural gas wealth, and by extension Central Asia’s. Ukrainians would be used as cannon fodder, as were Afghans since the 1980s Arab-Afghan jihad.

    so, as pat will no doubt confirm, what would a judo-wrestler (excellent phrase from that idiocracy video) do?
    why, let the momentum of their aggression drive them into the pit they dug for the russians.

    and now the jew is crying uncle, rabbi lazar tearfully recalls how li’l vlad scored some free matzo balls and opened a jew school in leningrad, haven’t we always been friends and all hail victorious red army that saved the jew’s anal organs (apart from some skin tags that got fried in the failed warsaw ghetto uprising while russkies drank vodka and partied across the river)

    russians spent no resources, be it military or political, got crimea free of charge, donbass will likely follow, ukraine found out just who their friends are, the best and the most profound move america can do is “don’t do stupid stuff”, ie, freeze and stfu, europe in complete disarray and bleeding on all fronts and just looking for a chance to jump the slave ship and join the winners axis (“of evil”, didn’t a jew, david frum coin that term? so proud that he is a canajun jew).

    beware the bear, not as stupid as it looks.

    the protocols laid out the steps, all so neat and logical, it’s a marvel.
    but i read it carefully and nowhere is there plan “B” in the contingency way.
    because in their chosen arrogance, they couldn’t conceive that a goy could ever outsmart a jew (“can’t outshrood the jood”, according to plutonik).

    i think their thinking went like this: russia is a flea ridden bush, chinks are snorting our dope, the enemy is the white man, ie, european and we’ll grind him down by establishing a scary golem, as dumb as he is powerful in north america and then we’ll enjoy the full ownership of the planet of the slaves.

    1. @Lobro

      Concerning the lack of Protocols Plan B, I agree completely which is why things are not working as they desire. They are out of control and do not know what to do next. I came to the conclusion that the year 2,005 was probably the year that they planned to claim complete victory over the world, but China caused a delay, and then (Putin) Russia extended the delay. The power of the jewish banking cartel has been diminishing at an increasing rate for the past 25-years.

      Some think that the Chinese are just part of the jewish banking cartel because there are so many high level bankster stooges roaming around inside China with the Chinese government providing free security for them as part of their red carpet treatment. Chairman Mao’s son is a very low level officer in the Chinese military so that should be the clue that the Chinese government is not what it was under jewish communism. When the Chinese are ready to totally undo the jewish banksters’ system, that free Chinese security will be conveniently located to bring them in for a speedy trial and quick execution. You can almost read the minds of the Chinese officials being so polite, smiling with heads agreeably bobbling thinking to themselves, “We will get you assholes for what you have done to us.”

      1. lobro, ungenius, et al

        Let’s stop kidding ourselves here. The downfall of Int’l Jewry won’t come about through upsetting the protocolian applecart. It shows how much we are thrown off track by jousting at THOSE windmills.

        The reason you don’t see a contingency plan in the protocols is because there is none to be SEEN. BRICS getting the upper hand is simply part of the plan. One that’s been in the works for over 500 years and has come too far to be undercut this late in the game. A game THEY OWN, and essentially the only one in town. How ya gonna beat ’em at it when they control all the markers through all the global banking entities, ESPECIALLY the B.I.S. which at the very heart of the Beast?

        The B.I.S. is the House, and at some point the markers will be called in and all the accounts settled. We can’t be bringin eggs to market in baskets like THESE and expect to get an adequate return. Landin on a Boardwalk that’s not ours with nuthin in the till. A losing proposition playin with a fool’s loaded pairadice rollin snake eyes.

        It’s only when the whole shithouse of cards comes tumblin down that the winning move will be made from the tall weeds

      2. b-hawk,
        like i said somewhere around here, bluffing is very much part of his game.

        if we are apt to think that the protocols are coming apart at the seams because jew in his superhuman wisdom has planned it so, then it is like a boxer knocking himself out with own hook – autokayo, as it were.
        either jew will be undone by his arrogant overconfidence and exaggerated contempt for the goyums or
        goyums will be undone by craven intimidation and exaggerated awe of the jew.
        everyone take their pick, i choose the former, despite flyingcossack linking to that sunshine sisters video, i could have just as easily chosen something by king crimson like the epitaph or 21st century schizoid man by way of answer.

        and in direct answer to your theory, isn’t it precisely what sino-rus is doing, namely an end run around b.i.s., by setting up their own, brics-internal clearing house for inter-bank transactions and credit rating?

        it’s like american motors threatening to stop exporting cars to japan.

      3. “to bring them in for a speedy trial and quick execution” : plenty of organs to sell..

      4. lobro

        Why do I have a hard time seeing a successful end-around of the B.I.S.? That even a razzle-dazzle play behind the line of scrimmage won’t prevent a lateral pursuit by sharp linebackers from stopping them for no-gain. To me there has to be a more plausible scenario of how things will play out in the gray areas between the rocks and the hard places, with “gray” suggesting fog obscuring the view.

        Keeping in mind that Rothschild started this whole nasty business long before Hector’s ancestors were pups, to have brought it along this far suggests there can be no BRICS equivalent to a BIS. It took them 350 or so years for the reach of their bank to become international with what is to be “settled”, but I’m open to any input anyone would have on this take of mine. Getting a true measure of the dynamics of this B.I.S. seems like a tough nut to crack.

        While I see Russia playin a role in contributing to the demise of Int’l jewry, the question is what will it be, given the premise of BRICS proving to have been nothing more than a utilitarian sandcastle to be washed into the all-consuming, yet short-lived “World Financial Market Sea” (euphemism for agenda-21)*

        Perhaps Russia will be in the tall weeds layin in wait to pick up the pieces after the parasitic scourge has run its course, and holding their own militarily until the time is right. And at the Bear’s side, the character of essential friendship will show their true colors – the pairing with the swooping hawk (Iran)

        For the longest time I’ve wondered about my special attraction to those lands. Past lives in ancient days? And on a lighter side, this might explain that Iranian belly dancer I hooked up with years ago in those halcyon days of the 1970’s – talk about living in interesting times! (Max would have lerved her)

        *Let ’em have their precious little world order. When the parasite is done with the host because there’s nuthin left for it to eat, whither the host? It is precisely at this point where those who would resist for the duration of the parasite’s run are therefore to be defined as never having been a PART of the host – the men and women of true honor whose cream will rise to the top.

        Here lies wisdom

      5. “It’s like American Motors threatening to stop exporting cars to Japan”

        Or so it would seem?

        Something tells me that your simile can be shot down with a different one, or maybe a metaphor. Something to do with the B.I.S. being innocuously placed within the confines of the FSB? Like a ravenous wolf hiding behind a euphemistic sheep’s clothing?

        Maybe Pat would care to join in with a little simile/metaphor wordplay of his own? And I know it won’t be anything like “judo-wrestler” or “karate-boxer” 🙂

    2. lobro –

      As a judo and jiujitsu instructor, I would never use that antagonistic phrase…. “judo-wrestler.” The user is ignorant. And you know better than that. That would be akin to ‘karate-boxer’ and everyone gets insulted and fight each other. Putin would ‘ogoshi’ your ass for that, then break your arm ‘juji gatame,’ or worse…. choke you with ‘hadaka jime.’

      Here is some economic judo at play by a woman. Have a peek at insight to several Rothschild plans in three of BRICS nations. Speaking in China, she states that her husband’s Rothschild bank has been in China since the 70s. So, we can put that one to rest.

      Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, CEO of E.L. Rothschild LLC, a private family investment company, speaks on investing in China, Africa and India:

      “….. My husband (Sir Evelyn) with Rothschild bank was here(China) very early. He came after the cultural revolution ended, and he was the first major bank to come see the government in the 1970s. We at E.L. Rothschild, missed a few boats, regrettably, in China. We invested in India pretty early, and we are looking at infrastructure in Africa right now, to add to your list. Where we find the management team, we’ll make the investment.”

      See video and transcript: (may need to refresh to come up)

      Her Pic:

      1. pat, i used the phrase because it is yank-speech at it purest and the most likable.

        of course i know,
        i remember when they tried to sell football (soccer) to americans as “kick in the grass”.
        aficionados of this manly poetry were naturally up in arms.

        no point getting pissed over it …

      2. it don’t mean nothing, pat.
        so they have a bank there. so what.
        of course they do, wherever there is human blood to be sucked by humanoid bloodsuckers, it doesn’t mean they won the war by any means.

        as you perfectly well know, jews have been in misery business in china since the days of sassoons-rothschilds (sassoons were so expertly sadistic in creating + cashing in on misery that they married into rothschilds because they left an excellent impression as truly talented servants of the satan).

        but the game is not over, which is my point.
        don’t think everybody is ready to roll over for them.
        you served in the navy, maybe on some carrier named lemnitzer, made in some shipyard that produced a windfall for jew defense contractor.
        does that make you a jew servant?

        you posted on myopic thinking versus far-sighted thinking, i suggest the far focus, not printed leaflets and handed out on city of london corners.

      3. lobro –

        “no point getting pissed over it …”

        Not pissed….
        I don’t drink enough for that.. 🙂

  2. Sounds of war drums is music to 20 million American workers. They are getting a slice of the trillion dollar Defense Department annual budget. My schlock store would go out of business if those keeping America safe lost their jobs. Most of my customers work for Lockheed the largest maker of war planes. Of cause I love threats of war.

  3. Why??? ORDERS from HQ in London.

    Russia and America may be meeting to show Putin how to increase revenues – TAXES – for the Socialist Security System worldwide…. Into Rothschilds’ bank in London. When he is President of world.

    ALL BRICS countries work for Rothschild… Over 170 countries total in the INTERNATIONAL SS Program. – DEBT umbrella…..

    BRICS Countries’ Social Security Programs

    This publication highlights the principal features of social security programs in more than 170 countries. Published in collaboration with the International Social Security Association, one of four regional volumes is issued every six months.

    International Social Security Association founded 1927:


    The social insurance system covers individuals in old age, those with disabilities and survivors. In addition, it provides maternity coverage, involuntary unemployment protection and also protection for the dependants of insured people who are detained.


    Regulatory Framework
    First law: 1922.

    Current laws: 2013 (Federal Law No. 422 -FZ of 28.12.2013 «Guaranteeing the rights of insured persons in the mandatory pension insurance system of the Russian Federation in the formation and investment of pension funds , the establishment and implementation of payments by pension funds ),implemented on 1 January 2015.


    Regulatory Framework
    First and current laws: 1952 (Act No. 19 of 4 March, on the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions), with amendments; 1972 (Payment of Gratuity Act No. 39); 1976 (Employees’ Deposit-Linked Insurance Scheme G.S.R. 488(E) of 28 July); 1995 (Employees’ Pension Scheme G.S.R. 748(E) of 16 November); 1995 (national social assistance program); 2008 (Unorganized Workers’ Social Security Act, No. 33); and 2013 (The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Act, No 23).

    Type of program: Provident fund, social insurance, employer-liability, and social assistance system.


    In China, social security is organized by scheme, by region and by groups of population. In general, the formal system is composed of five formal social insurance schemes and a social assistance program, which is complemented by supplementary schemes, such as occupational pensions, trade-union-run programs, commercial insurance, etc.


    The South African Constitution enshrines the right to social security. Consequently, the government identified a three-pillar approach to the provision of social security: the non-contributory (tax-financed), the contributory and the private voluntary pillars. The non-contributory schemes include social assistance programmes.

  4. Like Harbinger, I don’t know where Putin stands with the International Talmudic banking cabal. In my view, he can’t be independent. I hope I’m wrong. Nathaniel Rothschild made a fortune in the Ukraine, according to the New York Times. (2007)
    The Man Who May Become the Richest Rothschild.
    “In five short years, the man in line to be the fifth Baron Rothschild is close to becoming a billionaire through a web of private equity investments in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and most significant, his partnership stake in Atticus Capital, the fast-growing $14 billion hedge fund. Mr. Rothschild is a principal adviser to Oleg Deripaska, one of the richest oligarchs in Russia and the owner of the aluminum giant Rusal, which recently merged with two other companies to create the world’s largest aluminum company. Mr. Rothschild received no public credit despite having played a crucial role in getting the deal done.” What were these private equity agreements and who else benefited?

    1. @Red Onions

      Concerning Rusal, if my memory serves me correctly, back in 2008(?) a Russian bank, VEB(?), bailed out Rusal for several billion dollars. At the time, I thought that meant that Putin was working on the same side as the jewish mafia oligarchs and I was quite disappointed. Later, I found out that Deripaska gave up control of the company as part of the deal and that Putin had put his guys on the board of directors which basically nationalized Rasal sort of like it was before the Yeltsin give away years.

      Last week, Russia asked for Cambodia to review their request for extradition of jewish mafia oligarch Polonsky so that he can be tried for embezzlement. I think Cambodia and Russia now has a treaty which might allow it to happen.

      If Putin is part of the jewish banking scam, he sure is treating their tribal mafia strangely. It appears to me that Putin is acting like a real Russian that wants his country back from the jewish thieves. It’s that judging by the fruit aspect.

      I’m sure that Pat will be jumping on a search engine, hopefully not jewish Google, providing links proving that everything that I have said is just the opposite. 🙂

  5. From RealJewNews. “WHEN PUTIN WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT of Russia in 2000, Russia was bankrupt. The nation owed $16.6 billion to the Rothschild-run International Monetary Fund while its foreign debt to the Rothschild-controlled Paris & London Club Of Creditors was over 36 billion dollars. But Putin took advantage of the current boom in world oil prices by redirecting a portion of the profits of Russia’s largest oil producer Gazprom so as to pay off the country’s debt. The continual surge in oil prices greatly accelerated Russia’s capacity to restore financial sovereignty. By 2006 Putin had paid off Russia’s debt to the Rothschilds. Russia’s financial dependence on the Jewish financiers was now over.” Looks as though Putin is borrowing again from the Jew IMF. International Monetary Fund website 9 April 2015.

    IMF Standing Borrowing Arrangements
    (SDR million) Special Drawing Right
    Russian Federation 8,740.82

    Transcript of a Press Conference on Ukraine by Managing Director Christine Lagarde
    QUESTIONER: How long will Ukraine have to get energy prices to market levels? What was your assessment of Ukraine’s financing gap for 2015? Is Russia one of those countries that is making some kind of contribution?

    MS. LAGARDE: You are getting into such technical details that I might have to refer you to the staff press conference (in Kiev) where they will give very special and technical details of all that. But on the price increase, it was, as you can imagine, a difficult discussion and the result is, in our view, satisfactory over the course of the next two years.

    QUESTIONER: Can you answer the Russian question, Madame Lagarde?

    MS. LAGARDE: I’m telling you that there is a package of bilateral lenders, of multilateral institutions and I am not going into the details of that.

    QUESTIONER: The $40 billion, does that include a Russia contribution?

    MS. LAGARDE: It includes bilateral and multilateral contributions of different sorts.

    1. Looks as though Putin is borrowing again from the Jew IMF

      from what you quoted, it seems to be the exact opposite, namely, russia is lending, not borrowing

      MS. LAGARDE: I’m telling you that there is a package of bilateral lenders, of multilateral institutions and I am not going into the details of that.

      QUESTIONER: The $40 billion, does that include a Russia CONTRIBUTION?

      MS. LAGARDE: It includes bilateral and multilateral contributions of different sorts.

      i think it is very clear, namely the only question is whether the bailout package for ukraine includes a loan from russia

      1. Red Onions
        That link only states the credit line of the countries concerned. It doesn’t mean they have actually borrowed
        any money. China is also on the list and with nearly 2.5 trillion dollars in reserves, why would they need to borrow?

      2. @Felix. Thank you for the clarification. I truly want Putin to be against the Jewish Banking Cabal who is at the forefront of the World’s misery, but I don’t want to be duped. History shows Talmudic Jews nearly always “play both sides” through deception. Mossad’s motto “By way of deception, thou shalt do WAR” What kind of religion sanctions deception and immorality for the sake of political goals? Talmudic Judaism. The Babylonian Talmud encourages Jews to cheat and deceive Gentiles whenever necessary.

    2. Greece, which is where Russia was in 2000, has been meeting with Russian officials..

  6. Darkmooners:
    I read this article from its source days ago. Pepe Escobar, along with a handful of other writers, telegraph to the world that the world’s power is shifting east. That power will be the Eurasian landmass with its multiple extensions of the old/New Silk Road mainly from Beijing-Moscow-Berlin, with many branches to India, the Middle East/landistans, Balkans and western Europe. Thus a land-based power will win over the sea-based power of Great Britain and America or more aptly the Anglo-American-Israeli alliance. Israel maybe with one but is geographically with the other. In the same way, the Rothschild Banking Cartel is on both sides, but now is the time to remove America and even Britain, from its perch in their uni-polar world. From this perspective, now you can see how Ursula Haverbeck and her “Seismic Event” puts Germany on the cusp of removing America from Europe and looking east to Russia. The German people are waking up! Too bad the American people are still asleep. The Silk Road analogy shows you why: future growth of Europe is in Russia/China/BRICS. But again int’l jewry and the Rothschild’s are involved. The Rothschild Banking emperor is transferring his clothes from America to Russia/China. That is the dialectic they want you to believe, when in fact all the control will be centred around the Mediterranean Sea. The main controllers around the Mediterranean Sea would be the Pope/Vatican, the Swiss BIS (Bank of Int’l Settlements – the Central Bankers Central Bank) and a revived Roman Empire, as called by some the 4th REICH. I can say these things because even Wall Street, but the NYSE in particular, is now owned by Germany and its Boerse. Of course we are supposed to believe these fronts, but the ultimate controller is int’l jewry no doubt. Remember that all aspects of world control are setup as factions to factionalize all events to the point of confusion and obfuscation. Thus the divide and conquer strategy is in play as always. This is why the Pope, Putin, the UN, etc. are shown as fronts and factions to have the controllers hide behind. Eventually, int’l jewry will present their frontman, the Antichrist, as the saviour of humanity and the solver of the world’s problems. From our recent debate concerning Ursula Haverbeck, WW2 from all sides can be seen for what it was; theater where people were killed to achieve the goals that bring us to today. This article by Pepe Escobar shows how the theater is continuing for an endgame goal and int’l jewry is probably at the apex of it, with every other faction just a sideshow of destraction. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Yes, Norbet….

      UN Agenda 21 organizations tell the world their GOAL is an economic shift from West to East…. Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission was dedicate to that since it was formed c. 1972.

      For any doubters who may not believe that CORE is a “UN AGENDA 21” program… WORLDWIDE… see page 3:


      The GLOBAL AGENDA of the 21ST CENTURY is set around ECONOMY and TRADE with manufacturing shifting from the WEST to the EAST…. In order to SUSTAIN their economic growth…. Nations across the WORLD are INVESTING in EDUCATION… (for) development of HUMAN CAPITAL…


      I doubt if control of Rothschild will leave London… ‘City.’ On an island. Big moat. Atlantic, North Sea and English channel.

  7. Not sure about the ‘S-500s’ (is anyone?), but I do know that satellite/laser technology has just about put-to-rest any ICBM fantasies. Anyhow – if we think along the ‘global’ lines of our enemies, we must consider the importance of Ukraine as a ‘bread basket’ for Mother Russia.
    Russia can be more easily ‘checked’ without Ukraine. It isn’t about the oil so much as it is about the FOOD, in my opinion.

    In the global corporatoctacy, Monsanto, General Mills, Swift, Post, Nestlé,
    Archer Daniel Midland, Nabisco, Cargill, et.al., control many lobbies and alliances throughout the world. I believe the ‘Plan’ is to attempt to
    deprive Russia the ability to impact those markets so much (and
    monopolize the politik of FOOD). Money is certainly a controlling
    instrument – but food is even MORE a controlling instrument. Consider
    it. Certainly, Mr. Putin has considered it.

      1. Man does not live by bread alone…

        …but of wheat, about 70M of the 700Mtons produced worldwide comes from the United States. The EU produces the largest quantity worldwide. Archer Daniel Midland (ADM) already is the largest grain land owner in Romania, for example, with, I believe, Cargill and General Mills following. Seems to figure that the NATO elements would very much benefit, strategically, by controlling Ukraine. Although Australia produces a huge quantity, itself, maritime accommodations almost exclusively dictate their market. (Wonder ‘who’ has most influence over that??)

        To illustrate how important one major player is in the world markets, consider last year’s Cargill misdirection of 200M tons of corn (GMO) to China. They KNEW China had banned import of GMO corn – but tried it, anyway. Some astute Chinese ag men caught it in port, and rejected the shipments. Cargill had to dispense of it in bits, globally, elsewhere – and the price of corn dropped by about 35% (not that I am at all sorry, because I definitely OPPOSE the GMO/Monsanto strain).

        To show how insidious the hold is in America, farmers were lured into ‘innovative’ farming practices by bits and pieces, e.g., crop insurance incentives for planting GMO (all of which holds Monsanto’s patent). It occurred incrementally, like Harvestore silos coupled with farm credit to ‘upgrade’ tractors. The Harvestores turned out to be not-so-good after all, and it is hard to scrap them because they’re lined with a poly liner.

        All day, yesterday, from about 9AM to 7PM, I was culti-paking land for planting soybeans (which I will do today, too). They are GMO. There are NO available non-GMO soybean seed in this country – but milk cows and consumers have been groomed to demand it. (Both can do without, but general and large-scale farm ops have become too accustomed to the rotation to quit cold-turkey without huge expense – which is how Monsanto and Hymie-the-banker hooked them.)

        This year, we have planted open-pollenated corn on an isolated farm because otherwise, Monsanto can sue for ‘patent infringement’ should it be planted within sight distance of ‘their’ crops. No shit. Round-Up has, already, decimated the honeybee and whippoorwill and bat populations – and God knows what else! It is a true crime against humanity and the world. But consider this, every time you climb aboard a John Deere, Massey-Ferguson, or New Holland piece of machinery: Their CEOs are all members of the CFR – as are the CEOs of every fuel and parts components servicing their ag machines. As are the CEOs of Monsanto, ADM, et.al. Of COURSE they are in collusion with the Money Powers.

        We live in a corporatoctacy. However, I, for one, can survive without oil for longer than I can survive without FOOD. Food is a major, strategic factor. The concentration on ‘Oil’ diverts our attention from it, because we take its availability too much for granted.

      2. Laser technology can already be used to misdirect or self-destruct any guided missiles. It is developing rapidly, according to my source (who is inferential, due to the ‘classified’ nature of the subject). I can deduce, despite my low IQ.

      3. Gilbert,
        A poet like yourself does not have a low IQ. Yes, the Jewish Monsanto is the most evil company on the planet and perpetrate the most abominable crimes against God and nature. Quite frankly, I would make it a mandatory death penalty to patent or manipulate genes in any way. Thailand, for example, does not allow the patenting of any living organism, hence the extreme pressure being exerted on it to sign trade agreements such as TIPS. The Jewish NWO uses many instruments to impose its control. What’s going to happen when all the honeybees are gone? Another unmentioned matter is Fukushima. Apparently the radiation has now impacted the West Coast of the US.

      4. Felix –

        You asked:
        “What’s going to happen when all the honeybees are gone?”

        I say, “Not much..!!” Wind still there… and…. corn was flourishing before the honeybee got here. Honeybees do not pollinate ‘night-shade’ plants and many vegetables.

        However, Round-Up and GMO are very bad for all life.

        Prior to the arrival of the Old World settlers, honey bees were unknown to Native Americans. In fact, several early American writers, including Thomas Jefferson, reported that honey bees were called “white man’s flies.” The name was recognition that the appearance of honey bees in America was associated with the arrival of the Europeans.

        These bees probably came from England and arrived in Virginia in 1622. By 1639 colonies of honey bees were found throughout the woods in Massachusetts. Some of the colonists who arrived at Plymouth likely brought bees, as well as sheep, cows and chickens on the trip across the Atlantic.

        Native bees are an unappreciated treasure, with 4,000 species from tiny Perdita to large carpenter bees, they can be found anywhere in North America where flowers bloom. Most people don’t realize that there were no honey bees in America until the white settlers brought hives from Europe. These resourceful insects promptly managed to escape domestication, forming swarms and setting up housekeeping in hollow trees, other cavities or even exposed to the elements just as they had been doing in their native lands. Native pollinators, in particular bees, had been doing all the pollination in this continent before the arrival of that import from the Old World. They continue to do a great deal of it, especially when it comes to native plants.

        The honey bee, remarkable as it is, doesn’t know how to pollinate a tomato or an eggplant flower, while some native bees are masters at this. The same thing happens with a number of native plants, such as pumpkins and watermelons, blueberries and cranberries, which are more efficiently pollinated by native bees than by honey bees.

      5. Pat,
        Very interesting, thank you! But it’s the fruit trees in California and elsewhere that need bees. Also mango trees need bees to pollinate. We have bees around our house when the trees are in blossom. BTW, it’s the mango season here, we even have mango icecream on sale. It’s delicious.

    1. And don’t forget the Rothschild affiliated Glencore (previously Marc Rich) From 2012. “The head of Glencore’s food trading business has said the worst drought to hit the US since the 1930s will be “good for Glencore” because it will lead to opportunities to exploit soaring prices. Chris Mahoney, the trader’s director of agricultural products, who owns about £500m of Glencore shares, said the devastating US drought had created an opportunity for the company to make much more money.”Mahoney said Glencore, which reported pre-tax profits of $2.2bn (£1.4bn), would be able to exploit the drought to its advantage, especially after its takeover of Canadian grain trader Viterra. “I think we will both be able to provide the world with solutions, getting stuff to where it’s needed quickly and timely, and that should be good for Glencore. The blistering heat in the US has destroyed 45% of the corn and 35% of the soya bean crop, pushing the price of the commodities to record highs. Overall global food prices rose by 6% in July, according to the UN.”

      And are these droughts nutural occurrences? I doubt it in many instances. Geo-engineering is creating drought and Monsanto et al persuade farmers to buy their drought-resistance GMO seeds. At a conference on Climate Change organized by the UN, ROSALIND PETERSON, California President and Co-Founder, Agriculture Defense Coalition (ADC) claimed NASA and the US Air Force used canisters of chemicals to experiment with the ionosphere repeatedly with no oversight . This increased pollution and affected drinking water purity, for example, water testing conducted by the State Department of Health in California and Arizona showed unusual traces of chemicals such as aluminium and barium . The use of aluminium in such experiments also caused the destruction of plants and trees in the region as they could not absorb water or necessary nutrients . Finally, she concluded by adding that increased jet fuel emissions released nitric acid into the atmosphere and depleted the ozone layer . Ms . Peterson believed it was time to concentrate on reducing pollution at its source and not invest in geo-engineering schemes, which could bring about yet more damage “.

      1. You of course are alluding to chemtrails, Red Onions. Which reminds me,

        In keeping with methods of intent used by the Rainmakers of native legend, when you see chemtrails marring a beautiful blue sky, with your focused power of intent you can summon the sylphs and direct them to neutralize the harmful effects of the chemicals and preserve the natural energy of the skies.

        Different schools of thought about sylphs. One is that they are Divine Beings from different planets in this solar system who are here to help fight the spiritual war we are in the midst of, and I encourage everyone to use their Creator-given powers and engage yourselves with this

        And you don’t need to be some advanced shaman to effect this sort of thing. Sincere belief and focused intent are all the tools you will need.

        “We perform the Snake Dance for rain to fall to water the earth; that planted things may ripen and grow large; that the male element of the Above, the Yei, may impregnate the female earth virgin below, Naasun.”

        Hopi man, 16th century

      2. @Red Onions

        I have heard claims about the government controlling weather with chem-trails for about 20-years. Of course they have tried, but there is no way that they are successful at it.

        No one knows precisely how the weather on planet earth really works. If they did, weather forecasters would not be wrong most of the time. In order to control something, how it works must be known.

        Most of the pictures presented as evidence of chem-trails is nothing more than con-trails taken in areas with significant high altitude air traffic.

        It would take a tremendous amount of spraying to affect the weather significantly. When a major volcanic eruption occurs blasting billions of tons of ash, dust, and gases into the atmosphere, it rarely is enough to cause weather change except in the rather immediate downwind area. There are not enough aircraft in the world to come close to competing with a single moderate volcano eruption.

        The presence of barium and aluminum in the atmosphere can easily be attributed to the efforts of the Chinese seeding clouds in attempts to get more rain for their food crops which they admit to doing. Once sprayed into the clouds, it spreads around the world via wind especially if the seeded clouds do not respond by producing rain.

        The biggest clue that the government is not controlling weather is simple. Anytime that the government has attempted to control nature to any significant degree, they have totally screwed it up. Consequently, if the government was actually affecting weather in an attempt to control it, there would be hail stones the size of school buses and rain drops the size of watermelons.

        I could be wrong, but I do not give a government owned and operated by the jews credit for being smart enough to pull off weather control even if it were possible. The US government is too consumed with the jewish traits of fraud and theft. The F-35 is a good example along with being 10-years behind Russia in missile technology.

      3. @ Ungenius. I disagree. Where I live in Europe, which is not on a busy flight-path, we are constantly being sprayed….. they are not contrails. Sometimes two or three planes following on from each other. I am surprised that you are unaware of the Rothschild involvement in the weather. “Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and his wife Lynn Forester de Rothschild have taken a 70 per cent stake in Weather Central, seeing strong growth prospects for selling its weather data to insurers, commodity traders, energy companies and emerging market broadcasters.” This site is well informed about chemtrails……..

      4. Good link Red Onions

        And I urge readers to watch the sky and see these beautiful sylphs. They are not mere clouds, as most people who give only cursory glances would conclude

      5. Ungenius –

        ‘Chemtrails’ with metal particles are being sprayed in jet fuel as part of GEOENGINEERING plans to increase albedo, the reflection of radiation from the sun.

        Even the CFR has held seminars and symposiums on GEOENGINEERING. Here is one from 2010:

        —Developing an International Framework for Geoengineering (Video)—

        “As the international community continues to work toward emissions reductions, some climate scientists are turning to the concept of geoengineering—the deliberate manipulation of the Earth’s climate—to offset the effects of climate change. The concept, however, raises scientific, political, and ethical questions. Join M. Granger Morgan and John D. Steinbruner to discuss the development of an international framework for geoengineering and the implications of these technologies for U.S. foreign policy.”

        Speakers: M. Granger Morgan, Head, Department of Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University
        John D. Steinbruner, Director, Center for International and Security Studies, University of Maryland

        PRESIDER: Ruth Greenspan Bell, Acting U.S. Climate Policy Director, World Resources Institute
        March 10, 2010


        Hughes Aircraft retained a patent in 1991 for aerial dispersal of metal in jet fuel. They have been spraying aluminum oxide since the early 1990s.

        “One proposed solution to the problem of global warming involves the seeding of the atmosphere with metallic particles. One technique proposed to seed the metallic particles was to add the tiny particles to the fuel of jet airliners, so that the particles would be emitted from the jet engine exhaust while the airliner was at its cruising altitude.”

        US Patent 5003186:
        Inventors: Chang; David B. (Tustin, CA), Shih; I-Fu (Los Alamitos, CA)
        Assignee: Hughes Aircraft Company (Los Angeles, CA)

        —Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming—


    2. S-500 is still in development. They are still rolling out the S-400. So all this talk about the S-500 is baloney. Also there is no such thing as perfect defence.

      WWIII will take out all major powers. I just hope the Zionists state gets. Not sure if the survivors would be the lucky ones.

    1. Pat
      That link doesn’t prove anything. Bismarck’s Germany introduced social security in the 19th Century to preempt the socialists. I would think nearly every poster on this board, yourself included, is a recipient of some form of social security. In the States every American has a Social Security number entitling them to some form of pension when they retire. Of course, in Europe, Social Security is abused leading to hordes of bums, stiffs and illegal immigrants claiming benefits. In Australia, they use the term dole bludger to define a work-shy person, who refuses to look for a job and lives on the dole. Which brings me to another point. In the US, Social Security is actually in the black, but the corrupt politicians have been milking it for years to cover up holes in the budget and now they are telling the American people it is bankrupt. To be quite frank this is a failure of the baby boomer generation in allowing themselves to be swindled by the Judeo-Masonic politicians. You no doubt are receiving Social Security, but how many people will get it when the majority of baby boomers retire? My guess is zero!

      1. Felix –
        Thanks for the reply… and platform.

        Correct. Links never ‘prove’ anything. They are changed on a whim. But, I’ll continue to use the ones I ‘cherry pick’ no matter what your ‘guess’ is. People scream at me…”PROVE IT!!”

        I like your misdirection, though, counselor. Only after just one sentence, you deflected away from the point of my comment, and started guessing about me and other posters here. And about Bismark’s actions which are moot today.
        No system is ‘in the black’ when they use debt notes, no matter what is in the ledger. They OWE an entity.

        Just so you are clear on my major premise. Over 170 countries are depositing money(debt) into banks with their SS programs. It is a Global Cash Flow from the people to the banks.. of many names… Rothschild is leading the way.

        I am glad to see you are not certain of others’ actions, when you stated, “My guess is zero!”

        We are all guessing on the subject of SS, at all levels… and most other actions we did not perform, ourselves.
        SO, “MY guess is something other than zero.!!”

      2. No Pat,
        There was no misdirection. Do you or do you not receive social security? If so, why are you such a critic of it?
        That was my point, which was perhaps too subtle for you to grasp.

      3. Yes, Felix…

        Thanks, again, for the chance to show that over 170 countries give money to Pharisee bankers by SS contract… S Africa even has it is their constitution. Here is another ‘prove nothing’ link:


        The South African Constitution enshrines the right to social security. Consequently, the government identified a three-pillar approach to the provision of social security: the non-contributory (tax-financed), the contributory and the private voluntary pillars. The non-contributory schemes include social assistance programmes.

        International Social Security Association founded 1927:

        Whether I receive social security or not… was not in the link. I was not the subject of my comment. You attempted to redirect it to be about me. Nice try.

        My point, which you missed, has nothing to do with those who receive SS benefits, but with the banks getting the peoples’ production from over 170 countries.

        I made my point. You missed it. You can have fun guessing. 🙂

        BTW – My sources of income are not something you have a need to know.
        All I will say is… Trusts which own LLCs do not pay SS taxes.

      4. No Pat,
        Read your link carefully, it says 157 member countries, not 170. Also it makes no mention of any banking arrangements. It’s an online prospectus and only states that it provides technical advice and the like. Where’s the beef, as you say in America? No mention of the Rothschild’s either.

      5. Yes, Felix –

        Thanks again…. ONLY 157. Damn..!! JUST 157..?? Paltry number. No big deal. Just a couple of bucks, then. Might make changes from $8 trillion to $7.5 trillion.

        This is GREAT!! It gives me a chance to highlight the link to the SSA publication which stated “MORE THAN 170 countries.” That’s where I found the ISSA:

        “This publication highlights the principal features of social security programs in – more than 170 – countries. Published in collaboration with the International Social Security Association, one of four regional volumes is issued every six months.”

        See??? You are correct. Links are no good. All have different info on same subject.
        But here in cyber-land…. its all we got, because what you and I claim… is ALL hearsay to the jury.

        You can do your own ‘Sheparding’ and research on Rothschild involvement in banking, in case you haven’t heard of NMR&Sons. Countries put money there.

        Fun, yet?? 🙂

      6. Felix. What if the jobs are just not there? Sure I swept streets and emptied bins when jobs in my line were scarce, but even those outlets are not available anymore due to Eastern European immigration. Thankfully I am retired, but my son of 25 years is not so lucky.

      7. Wiggins
        I have nothing against social security. But I was just trying to ascertain from Pat as to where he arrived at his conclusions regarding social security and how one can infer from his link that the Rothschilds control SS funding around the world. Most SS is funded by taxes not by contributions.
        You obviously live in the UK, and I am appalled at how Thatcher destroyed British education( it used to be free) and British industry. As I said in my post to Pat nearly everyone posting on this board receives some form of SS benefit, be it free medical or old age pension.
        If your son is 25 he could get a working visa for Australia and after that explore the possibility of working in Asia for a couple of years. There are hordes of young Westerners doing just that; Americans, Brits, South Africans, Aussies and Canadians. Of course, many Westerners are retiring here as well as it’s much cheaper than Europe or North America. Many Americans are renouncing their citizenship and some have taken out Singaporean citizenship.

      8. Felix –

        Thanks for reminding me about “CONTRIBUTIONS.” It has different meanings in statutes and laws than in common usage, as you just did. Those barristers can be tricky devils… Things are not always as they appear. In fact, the opposite is the case many times.

        Federal Insurance ‘Contributions’ Act (FICA) set up Social Security Trust Funds.

        What is ‘contributions’..?? It is derived from maritime law. Common safety and recovery.

        Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th ed, p. 297:
        “Contribution. Under principle of “contribution,” a tort-feasor (law-breaker) against whom a judgment is rendered is entitled to recover proportional shares of judgment fro other joint tort-feasors whose negligence “contributed” to the injury and who were also liable to the plaintiff.”

        Also… “The sharing of a loss or (sharing)payment among several.”

        From Black’s 2nd Ed:
        “In common law. The sharing of a loss or (sharing)payment among several.

        “The act of any one or several of a number of co-debtors, co-sureties, etc., in reimbursing one of their number who has paid the whole debt or suffered the whole liability, each to the extent of his proportionate share.”
        Canosia Tp. v. Grand Lake Tp., SO Minn. 357, S3 N. W. 340; Dysart v. Crow, 170 Mo. 275, 70 S. W. 0S9; Aspinwall v. Sacchi. 57 N. Y. 330; Vandiver v. Pollak, 107 Ala. 547, 19 South. 180; 54 Am. St. Rep. 11S

      9. Get a job in the USA and then tell your new employer you don’t want him to take out Social Security taxes because you’re opposed to the Social Security system — then stick to your guns, don’t back down — see how quick you lose your new job. Good luck finding an employer who will work with you on that, lol.

        Good luck opening a business and then telling your employees , lol , you will not be taking out SS taxes ’cause you’re opposed to the Social Security system. Good luck holding on to your employees. And good luck, lol, with the govt. when you tell the govt. types you will not be taking out SS taxes from your employees ’cause you’re opposed to the Social Security system.

        Lots of darkmooners , lol , have their heads up their assess.

    2. Pat,
      SS in the States is supposedly funded by contributions from working people. That is not necessarily the case in the rest of the world. In Thailand for example, SS is not funded by contributions, but by taxpayers. It’s the same in many other countries.
      With all due respect, you are making the mistake of projecting the American mindset, culture and way of doing things on the rest of the world.

      1. Felix –

        Damn that American mindset..!! I don’t know how I’ve made it this far.

        I notice that you keep telling me what I am thinking. Whereas I never tell anyone what they are thinking. I would never be that presumptuous. I might disagree, but would never tell anyone of their mindset. I might ask them, not tell them. I do have a minor in psychology, but still cannot read minds on the internet.
        You stated you know my mindset. So, I can expect no more questions from you. You know the answers already.

        You can just keep guessing at what I think…. I guess…. FWIW. 🙂

        BTW – Who do you guess pays into SS in America??

      2. Pat,
        No, if you read my email correctly you will see I didn’t presume to understand your mindset. I said you were PROJECTING the American mindset into your answers. And that is readily apparent from reading your posts.

      3. Felix –

        You are really confused. You did not send me an email.
        You have opened the door for people to guess you and I are staging this conversation.
        They might quote you verbatim a few months from now in their attacks on you.
        That’s how it works here.
        Get some rest.

        Meanwhile, I shall ‘project’… what Darkmoon ‘raglers’ know, and visitors can find out by study….
        ….this part of Norbert’s ‘right-on’ comments last week, worth repeating 1000+ times:

        “…int’l jewry or the specific factional version that describes the octopusses tentacles: Rothschild Zionist Nazi Talmudic Kabballistic Pharisaical Jesuit Illuminati Khazarian Mafia Banksters OR Jewish Money Power. To the sheeple the term int’l jewry is only the tip of the iceberg and is offensive by being racist and antisemitic, but is a term sheeple understand better due to lack of comprehension compared to all the tentacles exposed by the specific factional version, which implies those jews (and crypto-jews) are everywhere and have their fingers in many pots like too many cooks in the kitchen. And this Darkmooners know to be true.”

        “And wake up, Putin/Russia/China/BRICS are not the solution: they are just an altered form of the same old controllers – int’l jewry.”

      4. Pat
        “And wake up, Putin/Russia/China/BRICS are not the solution: they are just an altered form of the same old controllers – int’l Jewry”
        Pat you can assert all you like, but so far you have not offered a scintilla of proof, apart from vague assertions and speculation e.g. Rothschilds having branches in China. I could say that the States is under Chinese control because Chinese banks have offices in the US.
        Sorry Pat, but you are going to have to produce better “evidence” than mere assertions or speculation based on your reading of crackpot websites compiled by ignoramuses.

      5. Felix –

        “Sorry Pat, but you are going to have to produce better “evidence” than mere assertions or speculation based on your reading of crackpot websites compiled by ignoramuses.”

        You need some reading lessons.

        As I stated… that was Norbert’s assertions… last week… here, with which I agree.

        Now you have labeled this site as “a crackpot website.”
        And you call yourself an ignoramus..!! 🙂

        Seems as if you need even more rest.

      6. No Pat,
        You are now putting words in my mouth because you are being deliberately obtuse and your opinions are contrary to the position of this website, which has consistently posited that PUTIN SHOULD BE JUDGED ON HIS FRUITS. Also please take note of the recent amendment to comment policy of this website, which states that the site does not agree with some of the raving loons that post on this site. I am now of the opinion that you are an agent provocateur because of your expression of lunatic theories denying the existence of nuclear weapons. I happen to have spoken to an Australian POW of the Japanese who was held about 25 kms outside of Hiroshima and saw the the flash of bright light and felt the shock wave. You also posted a link stating that Otto Skorzeny murdered Tesla from some crazy who alleged that he made a death bed confession to that effect. I believe you are a troll and are not who you purport to be.

      7. Felix –
        “I believe you are a troll and are not who you purport to be.”

        I shall not take the bait.
        BUT, I can say you never spoke to a Jap POW, or you were never in Africa.

        I believe you are not Felix either. So, there..!! 🙂

        Guessing is fun…. ain’t it??

      8. Hahaha Pat

        Making it this far has gotta be a minor miracle. For me it’s that thing about God lookin after fools and lil chillins

        For Felix I’ll say to be careful of the wolf in SS clothing originally promoted in the good ol’ USA by Ruseveldt twangin his jew’s harp. Me, I’d be promotin good oral hygiene instead.

        We never needed no stinkin nannies in the first place, let alone being snookered* with dependency from cradle to grave.

        *snooker: to snook, or sneak, as in sneakin through the Social Security Act of 1935 like the thieves in the night they are.

        Damned rocks and hard places…..I think I need to grow a mango tree, but it would have to be in a greenhouse this far north

      9. Brownhawk,
        I don’t have any social security but you do because you live in the States. You are obliged to have it, even Pat has it as a US citizen. BTW, Social Security was first introduced in Germany by Bismarck in the 19th century.

      10. B-Hawk —

        Lots of mangoes could be bought with this.

        On page 2 of the Social Security financial report it shows a total income of $855 billion in 2013, that was deposited in Pharisee banks….. or stuffed in mattress(not). The total reserves was $2.764 Trillion… not in mattresses or brown bags either.

        King Rothschild wrings his hands with this one. Mucho derivatives to be constructed with that bit of change to be handled by Rothschild Group Investments in Paris.

        Then, there are over 170 other countries making deposits. WOW!!

        US is 15% from employees wages, and employer matches it. Total is 30% effectively. Employers charge more for products. So people actually pay for it thru purchases.
        Russia is 22% by employer,and none from employees. Employer still has to raise prices to cover it. People still pay there also thru purchases.

        Good game for Pharisee bankers.

  8. yet another article that carries on under the assumption that russia and usa are ruled by different entities … but never tries to demonstrate this assumption true

    this video includes all the evidence lendman, dean, duff, roberts, lobro, icke, rense, and brother nathanael, have produced that gentiles run russia now


    1. Mangoe man Pat was doing okay until I mentioned THE TRUTH that the jews used NUKES to bring down the World Trade Center Towers on their jew War Crime Attack upon the USA on 9/11, then mangoe man Pat went off the deep end. Before I mentioned THE TRUTH that the jews used NUKES on 9/11, I thought Pat was really a NON jew ; But since I mentioned THE TRUTH that the jews used NUKES on their jew 9/11 War Crime Attack upon the USA, mangoe man Pat’s reaction to THE TRUTH proves clearly beyond a doubt mangoe man Pat is just another online sheenie hebe. Probably lives in Boca RATon, Florida with all the jew mishpucka mobsters. Pat says he lives in Florida.

  9. 90% of zionism exists outside of usa … yet 90% of alternative hasbara articles are about zionism in usa

    even writers from england, italy, germany, russia, australia, spain, portugal, argentina, india write about zionism in usa … but will not write about international jewry’s control over their own country

    russians have murdered 3 times as many gentiles as americans have, yet alternative hasbara trumpets them as the leaders of christianity

    this east v west war is a fraud … we do not need war, just a lot of arrests

  10. yet another article that carries on under the assumption that russia and usa are ruled by different entities … but never tries to demonstrate this assumption true

    first, it is not an assumption but reflects external facts, one of which is precisely the subject of the article: yid queen of maidan victoria nuland comes crawling to kremlin and talks to 3rd rate officials.
    i won’t go into others because i am tired of endlessly repeating myself, the posts are out there to be read and challenged one at a time, provided it is a new and unanswered challenge.

    secondly, it is about weighing the evidence pro and con TWO “assumptions” (the proper term is “arguments”, btw):
    1. usa and russia are ruled by the same entity,
    2. usa and russia are not ruled by the same entity.

    the supporting evidence is out there and the reader is free to decide which package wins the argument.

    next, how is it that the opposite “assumption” is declared to be incontestably true?
    i am reminded of the holocaust debate.
    one side says: IT HAPPENED, and the sum total of their conviction rests on the fact that some kangaroo court said it happened, a bunch of cruelly tortured defendants admitted even physically impossible misdeeds, raving judaic morons ranted out their sick fantasies and that’s it.
    and then the revisionist side is attacked for not proving conclusively that bodies don’t exist in 5th dimension.

    so, in this case, the evidence that russia is ruled by the same bunch as the (j)united states goes like this:

    dozens of jew oligarchs plundered russia at will and the fact that putin took over and threw them out means nothing because there are still 3 left,

    rothschilds and chabad have community outreach offices in 170 countries, including russia, which proves they own these countries,

    in the diplomatically immune city of london, rothschilds office prints brochures detailing the plan for worldwide education and vaccination campaign, again proving they own the world, including russia, lock, stock and barrel,

    any military, diplomatic, economic or political victory by russia is just window dressing and to be disregarded because it is a controlled opposition show, nothing more (basically saying that there is no possible argument, no matter how forcefully affirmative that will ever carry weight for the con side).

    one application of such mulishly blind logic is to say that third reich won ww2, 100-yr old hitler, a rothschild bastard really, is sitting in his a) antarctic nazi submarine base or b) martian nazi ufo base and runs the world according to his whim (or in combination with vatican … and some shit disturbing cia asset is printing leaflets in brussels to prove this).
    and in fact, there is a whole subculture of loonies and trolls out there peddling precisely these theories ahem, “facts”.
    so, welcome to the club (or use somewhat more grounded logic).

    i am not saying that it is 100% clinched that putin is an independent, powerful antagonist to the jew cabal.
    but on the balance of known evidence, especially the recent and ongoing developments, it seems to me this way, let’s say i am at least 80% sure, keeping in mind that yes, jew knows his 3-card monty.
    but if i say, yes, jew is smarter than me and will trick me every time, i might as well pack up and head for a drink in the next door pub.

    1. yes, it is very similar to holocaust … it is not debated, it is assumed

      that is why you never see anyone argue that gentiles run russia, nor even mention that gentiles run russia

      1. Heaven forfend….that would never do in the great scheme of things, especially to god’s chosen.

  11. I obviously do not buy into the anti-Russian hysteria. One could compare the hard anti-Russian course of Obummer administration to mental asylum patient on the loose. Poland, as a US subordinate, is of course hardly an exception to the rule. However, I do not think the author’s describing of Greece, Italy and Hungary as “adults” is entitled. It is EASY to be “adult” when your country is located THOUSANDS OF MILES away from the Russian border… After all, Russians DO have their missiles in the Kaliningrad Oblast’ pointing at Warsaw and the Baltics (can’t blame them, it’s simply a countermeasure directed at neutralising Poland’s and Baltics’ Ballistic Missile Defense facilities). That’s no conspiracy theory.

  12. The most important thing in all of the above is the caption: “VICTORIA NULAND:The Jewess who is in charge of American foreign policy.”
    There you have it: A woman, liberated, empowered and a perfect puppet-whore for the Jewish males who really run the show! … And then there is the other whore Jewess and CEO of the Jewish FED-eration of big banks – Janet Yellen – who the JEW males have put in place as an “empowered” woman. And then there is the other all-powerful, puppet-head Jewess, Dianne Feinstein. They are second in POWER to their husbands, you Yankee idiots! This reflects Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati ambitions of setting up “a community of women” – dangerous, twisted, vile, murderous whores with “a vengeance far worse than the worst of men.” (Nesta Webster) Can you morons connect the dots? No, I don’t think you can! … JEWS RULE IN YANKEELAND, more so than in any other nation of the world! They RULE because you Yankees just LOVE ya JEWS! … As long as Putin lives and Russia has those supposed “10,000 tactical nuclear weapons”, you Yankees and your beloved Jews and your rotten, stinking culture and ways will NOT establish a beach-head in Russia. …. I really hope Russia gets in the first strike and turns the filthy USA into a desert of nothingness; which it really is anyway: Pornographic cultural filth and moronic, bubba-monsters masturbating in front of their televiewers. …. Really you filthy Yankees are the joke of the planet and I’m sick of reading most of you beloved patriots and your anally-induced crap! … Get out of the USA for a while and take a look back at your mindless, twisted selves! You represent your own twisted Jewish sitcom. …. 3 weeks in the USA last year and all I wanted to do was to escape as quickly as I could!!!! ….You are worth no more to God than the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah! You are a Jewish nation of perverts, murderers, thieves and fornicators!

    1. holy crapola, maxy, this is some 140 proof moonshine, my head swims already.

      much that is true but it is like a dentist taking a sledgehammer to your mouth to straighten out a crooked tooth.

      no, individually, there are tons of good hearted yanks back there, couple of them from chicago are maybe the most loyal friends i have in the entire world, so let’s not nuke their neighborhood and i presume there are many such neighborhoods (where do jews live, lincoln heights? or something … kosher nukes welcome).

      it is those who adamantly refuse to accept anything to penetrate the 2 inches of earwax that get me fuming, but consider that even among the august collection here, there are some who are selectively deaf to logic, so it is quite a common disease, especially if caught in childhood, polio victims generally don’t win too many medals in the track and field olympics.

      and the last time i was lined up at the airport immigration and war on homeland security at atlanta hartsfield, there were long lineups segregated by whether passengers were furriners, domesticks or felons shuffled between prisons! they had teheir own lineup, since for a sizable majminority, home is where the chains are.
      and the principal thing i observed was that the native americans seemed much more cowed and intimidated by the tsn officials waving taser sticks having no doubt felt their sting at some point.
      so much for the land of the free and they know it.
      they know they are owned and they accept it.

      well, the russians don’t and they are dying to prove it.
      i am not a nationalist, unless i can say that the hopefully exponentially growing tribe of jew-haters is my nationality.
      all the other narrowly defined chauvinists and faux-patriots are just dinosaurs who in the doomsday of their extinction sniff each others asses for comfort.

      1. actually here is an interesting thing to ponder.
        especially all those usaians who wear their yank exceptionalism proudly, shining city on the hill, not realizing they are wearing a talmudic hand-me-down from elder brothers.

        look at any professional sports event, those bubba fantasies, the pregame and intermission shows and nauseating displays of gaudy chauvinistic paraphernalia, unending flag acreage, fighter jest screaming and pirouetting overhead, dudes with cowcatcher jaws from nat guard, firemen, marines, first responders and trained seals, crotch grabbing, horking nigras perverting anthem in ebonics.
        what gives, considering that the sneering israeli owns every single pro team tighter than an eskimo owns his sled pulling huskies?
        does the jew merely suffer these displays of “patriotism” or nurture them and if so, why?

        be sure that he has learned the frankfurt school manual by rote.

      2. For someone from a foreign country who wants nothing to do with the USA, lobro sure does travel a lot in the USA.

        lobro : ” Gee, I detest the USA and don’t want anything to do with it, so I think I’ll spend my whole life traveling all over the USA I detest and want no part of it”.

        lobro’s a hoot!

        And what country exactly are you from, lobro, what country do you live in? Is the country you live in now different from the country of your birth, or do you live in the same country you were born into? What country are you from, lobro, that makes you so smart, so very smart? What do you do for a living, lobro, in that foreign country you live in?

      3. I have a number of friends in and around Cicero and Aurora… West Chicago… they all hate Jews. Most are Catholic and affiliated with ‘The Outfit’…. Last names like Covelli and Fatigati. Bad people disappear there.

    2. Before I go out, I have to say ‘We GET IT, Maxy!’

      America has been used as a vehicle to spread the infection worldwide. It probobly would not have occurred to me for a longer time (except through our own miseries imposed by The Fed and their IRS lackeys) but for this site. (If we could rescind the Seventeenth Amendment, the Sixteenth and the Fed Act could soon follow…)

      Big Jewry has ‘bought’ our Congress by way of the Seventeenth Amendment, bringing about corporate lobbying and bankster meddling through popular vote. We are, now, just about WHOLLY OWNED by the mechanisms of the Money Powers – which also include their minions of goy pimps and whores, working for TPTB. Adam Weishaupt was not too far off…

      Anyhow, Maxy, we still have PLENTY of land and PLENTY of Caterpillar and Deere excavators around here. Feel free to come over and rid us of this pest. You may bury them, here, and use one of those new, fine machines to do it – without getting your hands the least bit dirty! 🙂

      1. Point taken my friend Gilby! … I don’t hate Americans, but think it is a pity you have allowed the Jews so much POWER over you. I did meet some lovely American people who were very concerned about the loss of their republic. You somehow need to get POWER orientated and wrest POWER from the Jews; but that is the million dollar question. …. And don’t you worry, the Americanized bubbas of Australia are nearly as bad; but we have a little bit more open, grass-roots political system – there being only 23 million of us and you don’t have to sign pro-Israel oaths to get into Parliament. ….. We still have rebel independents and effective grass routes resistance groups. .. We also don’t have boom-box nigrahs f****8 up our nation, with their 83% unmarried mothers, rappa-crime, drugs and shit! Heaven forbid! … I’m currrently on an extended stay on our beautiful, white-surf Gold Coast. … Playing the field, as usual with the sheilas and got 3 on the go at the moment. At night the main shopping street of the Gold Coast is full of rich Saudi/Arabs Emirate Muslims; and I’ve seen the most expensive navy blue burqas I’ve ever seen. These burqas only allow the women limited vision out of a very tiny eye aperture. Why do they submit to this?; especially when there menfolk look like urban cowboys/lover-boys, covered in gold bangles, watches and the finest Versace clothing; and love leering at our women?????. … Jews abound as store proprietors and run the “GIRLS NAKED ALL THE TIME” strip and peep joints. I went into several accompanied by my blonde bimbo and we enjoyed the show put on by Madame Lash. She uses her whip handle as a large dildo. She looked Jewish with her wide wrap-around mouth and extended nasal bone and had huge boobs, which she could rotate in operate directions.

    3. I still think Max is the most fun of all of “Fr. John” hydra heads, Max is the most fun of all “Fr. John’s” handles/names/characters/personas. And that’s saying a lot, for “Fr. John” has about, OH, I don’t know, about 24 [?] hydra heads, maybe more. Who the F knows? Well, lasha knows but she ain’t sayin’. That’s cause lasha is soooooooooooooo truthful and honest and straight-forward. With “Fr. John’s” character “Max” we see clearly that “Fr. John” actually does some kind of sense of humor and isn’t always an old pilpul fart. Remarkable!

  13. @ red onions

    consider this line:
    Mossad’s motto “By way of deception, thou shalt do WAR”
    very true, jew’s sole magnificent talent is for lying and deception, a parasite par exellence a plague bearing rat can only stand back and admire the maestro underneath him.

    History shows Talmudic Jews nearly always “play both sides” through deception.
    partially true, as per above.
    meaning, when he has a worthless hand, he will bluff, so if he did not have a controlling stake in russia’s affairs, he would still pretend that he does, if it suits his game, if for no other reason but to discourage pitchfork waving peasantry in front of home castle.

    analogous to equally fake samson/mad dog option, which they assert as steadfastly as holocaust and that alone tells you it is false.
    when the gloves are off, jew hides under the thongs of femen shiksas – this is what history shows aplenty.

    i still laugh at maxy’s phrase, irrelevant whether it actually happened or not
    “I raised my fist to pump him and tears welled up in his lizard eyes”


  14. reading giby’s posts and exchange with felix, more or less around here.

    horror show worse than any cemetery disgorging its zombie apocalypse in hot pursuit of screaming shiksas and brave denzel washingtons defending them.

    if things are truly as bad, another reason why america doesn’t stand a chance, why its population is hopelessly retrogressed to a lower evolutionary stage, poisoned through ether, through the mind and alimentary tract and quite uncomprehending as to what befell it.
    monsanto and its derivatives, cargill, archer daniels, root/kellogg rule the food chain of americas as brutally as b.i.s., goldman sachs and imf rule the financial chain.
    as gilby says, you can live without money but you cannot live without food, what with the nestle ceo opining that human beings have no automatic right to drinking water.

    i choose to fight the beast of talmud from non-gmo outside, not inside its defecated kennel, so i will stake my physical turf outside the global pale of settlement and if that fails, well, so what, all things must pass, me included.

  15. apropos of nothing much, well maybe just a bit …

    in my balkan neck of the woods, i eat seasonally, something that takes getting used to as opposed to n. america where everything is available all the time, imported through time warps from galaxies far, far away.
    except that everything tastes like nothing, like multiplying infinite by zero …

    never liked strawberries because they tasted like ping pong balls dipped in red color number two, but here it is a different story, in season right now and i cannot get enough, especially given my vegetarian leanings.

    so this morn i roll downhill to my neighborly tiny grocery store and to my disappointment see only one box of strawbs (about 2.5 euros/kilogram) and ask the proprietor what’s up, is the season done.

    he goes, no way, there’ll be lots more, just that yesterday it rained and people didn’t feel like sloshing out in the fields picking them.
    tell that to monsanto’s chilean slave plantations.

    if trees on my street are any indication, it will rain cherries by weekend.

  16. Wanted to leave a link to a very interesting interview conducted by English/Canadian Josh Blakeney. The interviewee is a lady called Veronica Clark, who specializes in the Third Reich. This interview touches on many things which have been discussed here on Darkmoon, ie. race/nation, (Pat), Nationalism, (Harbinger, and SPQR). I was unable to copy, and paste the links from the e-mail, but anyone interested could e-mail Josh:
    “Josh Blakeney”

  17. on the subject of nulandia and the native khazars trying to burrow into russia, here are some interesting biographical links, i remember reading once that ukry parliament, verkhovna rada has something like 360 deputies who qualify under israel’s right of return (360 out of 360, most likely, like those religious thingamajig sellers at st peter’s square – 100% gommorrahites, there used to be one goy with peddler’s license but they banded together under flag of holocaust and antisemitism and appealed to pope to rescind his certification)


  18. Darkmooners:
    Victoria Nuland (nee Nudelman), jewess married to fellow Khazar Robert Kagan, is a 2-faced schemer. We should not trust her and I suspect Putin and company do not trust her and John Kerry either. Nuland is sucking up for show while she and the likes of George Soros create problems in Georgia, the other landistans, and now Macedonia to make Energy policy difficult and increase the destabilization threat to Russia. Putin will hold the line against American (jewish power) hegemony. The question is will Germany and France, as part of the Normandy 4, finally decide to dump America/NATO and when, before it is too late. I suspect that Russia will help Greece and Turkey to do this. Greece as EU and NATO member and Turkey because Turkey has the largest NATO force. Remove one or both and America/NATO is finished in Europe. Then Germany will follow suit and look to Russia, while telling the evil Nuland jewess to get lost. That day can not arrive fast enough!
    Thanks, Norbert.

  19. Pat is Pat and Lobro is Lobro, just as Lasha is Lasha and Ellie is Ellie and the twain(s) shall never meet…where have I heard that or said that myself before?

    Pat is of the opinion that we are all guessing and Lobro is of the opinion that not all guessers are created equal; meaning some guesses or better than others. Indeed. I myself tend to favor Lobro’s guesses because they are similar to my own guesses…great minds think alike… and all that; no, not cognitive dissonance but more like cognitive resonance.

    In rebuttal to the video submitted by Mr. Flyingcossack, I would like to share the following and much more up-to-date and so much more hopeful and upbeat video from the former U.S.S.R. Operative word being FORMER. A video in rebuttal to the U.S.S.A. from the former U.S.S.R. now called Russia. This is Hegelian/Marxist Dialectics turned upside down and inside out.

    Please note that at the 1:26 minute mark of this “patriotic” (and therefore government approved, if not government produced) video depicting Russian multi-Cult-ural-ism (a joo invention/cult/propaganda as we all know) one religion/cult/people was (were) conspicuously, (as in Oy my freaking Vey!) NOT chosen.

    Pat, I have said this before to you and I will now say it to all Russia-hating and ‘Putin-is-a-prick’ Darkmooners: Shalom me once, shame on you; Shalom me twice, shame on me.


    Shalom me thrice, and Bob’s (Ben’s) your uncle, Ben Shalom Bernake that is. No joke; former FED joo dick HEAD’s middle name is SHALOM.

    1. JFC –

      You have mistaken the dialogue…

      Lobro hopes Putin is good. I hope Putin is good.
      Lobro believes Putin has controlled the oligarchs. And is independent of US today.
      I believe the oligarchs have controlled Putin. And Russia still depends on US.
      Both of us have said many times..”we’ll see.”
      On almost all other matters…. mostly agree… or ignore.

      No biggie.. Hell, just words…

      NO Shalomi for me…

      I wish I were in Mexico, eating those fresh small yellow mangoes… wash & eat… skin and all. Too messy to peel when fresh ripe.

      1. Hey Pat

        I sheepishly admit to getting those Mexican mangoes you speak of when I make an occasional foray down from the boondocks to of all places – Walmart!

        $.64 a pop. I make meals of them and gorge to my heart’s (and stomach’s) content

      2. well, india’s mango season is just about starting, i figure (or is it in full swing).

        and they are in a class of their own, over 300 recognized varieties, alfonso being at the top, expensive over there even by western standards, but man, worth it.

        it almost justifies the unbearable pre-monsoon heat.

        and as felix will probably confirm, the southeast asia is coming into durian season, another blast of sensory wealth (olfactory too, but on the minus side of the scale)

      3. Yes indeed, Lobro, the durian season is in full swing. On my way home today there was a pickup truck full of them parked outside my house. Regarding mangoes, we have a couple of trees in our yard and of course papaya and bananas. My wife owns about 8 rai of land, which is equivalent to one hectare which she has just had planted with mango trees. They should be ready in about 5 years. In Thailand, they normally eat ripe mangoes with sticky rice and condensed milk. Green mangoes are also eaten, but are dipped into chilli paste. They are not too bad. BTW, if you eat a mouthful of burning chilli, take some honey or sugar, not water as it makes matters worse.

      4. We also wish you were in Mexico, Pat, too busy having fun to have the time to send off your comments to DM. Mangoes grow well enough in Florida, Pat, so you don’t have to daydream about mangoes. Just go to your local Florida nursery, but some baby mango trees, bring ’em home to your backyard, plant ’em, water ’em, baby ’em, and make THE DREAM come true ! Perhaps you’ll be so busy with your new mangoe babies you won’t have the time to be bothered with DM. We wish. We can only wish.

    2. Justice for Chinese,
      I had a look at your website and noticed that you posed a question as to why the Star of David is on the Chinese Yuan. FYI, that is a Taoist hexagram and is meant to ward off bad luck. If you visit China you will see many people have a hexagram shaped mirror in front of their houses to reflect bad luck or evil spirits. If you don’t believe me google Taoist hexagram.

      1. One man’s Star of David is another’s Taoist hexagram is another’s…..and so on and so on

        Inversion diversion

      2. Brownhawk,
        The Taoist hexagram is much older than the Star of David. Taoism originated about 300 years B.C.E. The Star of David is believed to have originated in about the 12th Century. Maybe the Jews stole the symbol from the Chinese?

  20. an excellent expose at niqnaq of the origin of the “ukrainian nation” (looks yandexed but quite understandable, maybe rowan polished it up a bit).
    (always nice to see solid evidence that all these people are really jewish)

    it seems that stepan bandera started out as lev mihailovitch rebet, originally arrested by germans and locked up at auschwitz but then released to pursue anti-soviet activities as the deputy head of the newly proclaimed ukrainian state in ’41.

    straight quote:

    From 1945 to 1948, he was the chief judge of the OUN(b) abroad (to rule the death penalty and gave direct instructions to the militants in Krivko how and against whom to commit atrocities, barbarities and monstrous penalties). …
    The author of numerous works on the theory and history of the Ukrainian nation, in particular, the “Theory of the nation”, “State and nation”, “the Formation of the Ukrainian nation”, “Light and shadow OUN”[10], “the Origin of Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians in the light of modern Soviet theories,” savage works of purely anti-Russian orientation. He pushed and implemented the purely Nazi component in the separatist nationalism of the OUN (b), under the name and authority of Stepan Bandera.

    who says history doesn’t repeat itself? and it is trickier than the tic-tac-toe version we’ve been taught.
    jew doesn’t need ingenuity to succeed, only our ignorance.

    1. this is disinformation, like all the lies that oun fought against poles, hungarians, russians … the goal was a free ukraine, free from jewish bolshevism … bandera was in germany in the mid 1930s and exchanged information about zionism … that is why jews hate him … the oun only targeted international jewry, it never invaded any country

      you jews are good liars … but you don’t need to chameleon or run and hide … only telling the truth will separate you from your evil history

      lobro, if you were smart you would tell the truth and leave quarantine … you have so much more to tell us … don’t worry, god prefers the devil with his mask on too … all that matters is that they are not in the same world

  21. The read trouble started when these harpies were let loose from the back of the synagogue.

  22. Could it be that Kerry and company have gone to the Kremlin with hat in hand when Putin threatened to expose with hard proof who was really behind 9/11?
    Can you imagine what that would cause?

  23. We got Separation of Church and State but we don’t got Separation of Synagogue and State. In the meantime, all the Whites from the time of the Protestant Reformation to today, all of ’em pat themselves on the back for Separation of Church and State, and the dumb asses NEVER considered to separate the Synagogue from the State — go tell ’em we have Separation of Church and State but we don’t have Separation of Synagogue and State and watch ’em look at you with a retarded look on their faces.

    Whites tripped over themselves to separate their White governments from any kind of Christian religious authority, while never considering — not even for a second — that there other religious authorities in the world that would — and have already — step in to fill the authority void left by Separation of Church and State.

    Now we don’t have any Christian religious authority. Now we have jew “religious” authority. Jew “religious” authority with increasing Islamic “religious” authority in the wings. The jews and the mohammedans have a long standing historical alliance. THE ALLIANCE is still in effect.

    The major reason I’m not a Nazi is because us Whites aren’t as smart as the Nazis say we are. I don’t care for compliments, especially if the compliments are undeserved. [ though I never get any compliments here at DM, so the compliment thing is moot, as far as me and DM goes. Oh sure, sometimes Ingrid gives me a half-ass compliment. I pay her no mind ].

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