Why They Hate us

. . . by Fred Reed


Lynndie England, Abu Ghraib torturer: “Why does everyone hate us?” 

A frequent theme nowadays is “Why do they hate us?” meaning why does so much of the world detest the United States.

The reasons given are usually absurd: They hate our freedom or democracy. They hate us for our cultural superiority. They hate us because we are wonderful.

No. Actually the reason is simple if unpalatable. They hate us because we meddle, and have meddled. They hate us because we are the most murderous nation on the planet. They hate our insufferable smugness.

People remember slights. They may not remember them as they actually happened, but they remember them. The Civil War ended in 1865, the Federal occupation in 1877. Yet today many Southerners are still bitter, to the point that their emotional loyalty is to the South, not to Washington.

Silly? Yes, if you are from the North. Grievances matter more to those aggrieved than to the aggrievers.

In Guadalajara, near my home in Mexico, a towering monument in a traffic circle honors Los Niños Héroes, the Heroic Children. These are the little boys who, when the invading American armies attacked Chapultepec in 1847, went out to fight for their country. Avenues are named Niños Héroes all over Mexico. Few Americans even know that there was a war.

Wounds to national pride gall people, and endure. Exactly why, I don’t know, but it happens. Consider China. How many have heard of the Opium Wars of 1839 and 1856? Or understand that the United States and the European powers simply occupied such parts of China as they chose, forced opium sales on China, imposed extraterritoriality, and bloodily suppressed the Boxers? How many people have even heard of the Boxers?

Over a billion Chinese.

My point is not that China is morally superior to the United States. It isn’t. However, if you want to understand why so many countries loathe us, you have to understand how they see us. Whether you agree is irrelevant. Nor does it matter whether their grievances are factual. For example, many South Americans believe their countries to be poor because of exploitation by America. This isn’t true, which doesn’t matter at all.

A few years back I was in Laos and chatted with a young Lao woman. She mentioned in passing the death of her father. What happened to him, I asked? Oh, she said, he died fighting the Americans. A war that many Americans saw as a meritorious crusade against communism was, to the countries involved, an inexplicable attack that killed their fathers and brothers and children. They didn’t see why the internal affairs of their country were America’s business.

Agree with them or don’t, but that’s why they hate us.

Countries usually see their own virtues and the warts of others. Americans, perhaps because they do not much travel, carry this to an extreme and regard their country as superior to all others. The attitude is highly annoying. Consider the US from the point of view of others:

America is both a rogue state and a bully, constantly attacking countries hopelessly inferior in military strength — Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Panama, Cuba, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc. Civil rights? The US has more people in prison than any other country. Many of our cities are festering slums. The world saw the victims of Katrina. Morality? The country is rife with drugs, crime, sex. Culture? In education, American students are annually shown to be inferior to those of Thailand, Hungary, Singapore, and so on. America is tasteless and sordid. Look at the movies….

Yes, yes, some of that isn’t fair, and an American might ask, for example, how an Arab country, practicing female circumcision and not allowing girls to study, can lecture anyone on morality. I agree. But how they see things determines their attitudes.

In Google Images, search on “Abu Ghraib.” You will see American Army women grinning as they torture and humiliate Arab men. They are having a wonderful time, and the whole world can see those pictures.  This was American policy — low-ranking girl soldiers do not undertake this kind of thing without approval from command.  The general in charge was a woman. Torture is still American policy.




Stalin did this sort of thing. So did Adolf. So did Pol Pot. And so does the United States. Other countries know it. (Google recently pulled its ads from Antiwar.com because the site posted an Abu Ghraib photo. Does Google support torture, or did the Feds threaten….? Nah. Impossible. Not our government.) When I think how other countries react, I cringe.

Below the Rio Bravo? The first rule of American hemispheric diplomacy south of Texas should be “Don’t get into Latin faces unless you have to.” The US has a long history, of which most Americans aren’t aware, of meddling to the south. At least three invasions of Mexico depending on whether Veracruz counts as an invastion or just a bombardment), at least one of Panama, the installation of Pinochet in Chile and of support for various Central American dictators, United Fruit, the Canal Zone, the Bay of Pigs, on and on and on. These things are remembered.

A couple of examples of abjectly stupid, obnoxious meddling: First, many decades back, Mexico had a comic-book character called Memin Pinguin, a caricature black kid with exaggerated lips and so on who had adventures with white friends. In 2005, Mexico issued postage stamps with Memin’s picture, as we might of Elvis. To Mexicans it was innocent nostalgia. Yet in America outrage erupted. Jesse Jackson attacked the Mexican government and George Bush denounced the stamps as racism. People here were furious: Mexico couldn’t even issue postage stamps without approval from Washington.

Second: In 2006 , some Cuban businessmen took a room in the Sheraton in Mexico City. Washington got wind of it and forced Sheraton, an American company, to eject them. Childish, pointless, it enraged Mexicans who see Cuba as yet another small country being bullied by the US, and regarded the ejection as meddling with national sovereignty. The effect of course was to fan sympathy for Cuba.

Further, we tend to see things through lenses of moralistic abstractions: Democracy is good, and freedom is good, and therefore if we bomb Iraq and kill many thousands of soldiers who are someone’s husbands, brothers, children, and fathers, the survivors will throw flowers and turn into Fifth Century Athens. It’s all right to destroy cities because we say we have good intentions.

People detest condescension. Yet we lecture Russia and China condescendingly on human rights, and speak openly of committing “regime change” in various countries as if we had a divine right to determine their form of government. It smells of armed mommyism, which no one can stand.

It is even worth reflecting that our “democracy” and “freedom” do not look as resplendent as we might think to the people of a more collective-minded and well-run country. Try Singapore. Neither democratic nor free in our sense, it is prosperous, free of crime, without a drug problem (a country that executes drug dealers has few of them), enjoys schools far better than ours; lacks graffiti, vandalism, and trash in the streets, and has a high degree of technological advancement. Its people quietly regard themselves as civilizationally superior to a degraded America in decline. (Humility is not a besetting sin of the Chinese.)

Why do we not behave more sensibly? Americans obviously are not stupid people. Dummies don’t build Mars rovers. Yet we seem to have a wanton, almost genetic non-grasp of how others think — which means that we can’t predict what they will do. Often Americans just don’t care what others think. This of course plays into the hands of Hugo Chavez and bin Laden.

That’s why they hate us. We meddle.





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  1. “No. Actually the reason is simple if unpalatable. They hate us because we meddle, and have meddled. They hate us because we are the most murderous nation on the planet. They hate our insufferable smugness.”

    Can We please stop using the collective ‘we’ when it comes to describing why the people and nations, outside of the west hate us please? It’s not doing anyone any favours, other than of course, those causing the trouble in the first place.

    Firstly I don’t vote. I voted once in my life, when I was 18 back at the end of the 80’s and never will again. In not voting I am NOT responsible whatsoever for the decisions of politicians, whom I disagree vehemently with in being where they are in the first place.

    “Ah, but you pay taxes so you are paying for the western war machine”. Secondly I may pay taxes but I have no control over where they go. I did call Her Majesty’s revenue and collections one day to ask for a full breakdown of where my taxes went. The assistant refused. I complained stating that were she to have her car fixed and received a bill for work, which consisted of a figure and nothing more, with no breakdown of repair, she’d ask to see one, or would refuse to pay. She said “Ah but this is different it’s taxes” to which I corrected her and even went onto say that taxes are not only illegal but unlawful, starting off with the King stealing from the public to fund his wars and continuing today no differently.

    Thirdly, I take no part, nor pleasure, in the invasion of foreign lands, plundering of their lands, destruction of their civilizations, displacement of and murder of their peoples.

    Therefore I AM NOT responsible, whatsoever for any death abroad, on foreign soil, of inhabitants defending their lands, from western politicians assassination orders.

    If you’re going to say they hate us, tell us WHOM they hate. Start naming some names. I can already think of many off the top of my head. We signifies a whole people, the majority of which are 100% against what’s happening, always have been and always will be. There is no more a charitable civilization than the western one. It easily trumps any other.

    1. Just hate ’em right back, Harbinger. 🙂 No good reason for any of it, anyway, when it’s dissected rationally. There is no way to assimilate the diverse colors and cultures into peaceful, productive “societies”. It is an exercise in futility.

      1. Gilbert,

        You know that as well as I and the majority of poster on this forum, as well as the Jew. They’re not expecting to unite the peoples. On the contrary, the more conflict, the more protection for them as the eye isn’t fixed on them as it was constantly in the past, by the indigenous majority.

    2. Spot on! Jews use such generalities to hide their atrocities. Therefore do not continue with these generalities, e.g. “big business”, “the government”, “we”, “the rich.” Instead demand names! Who in the government? What rich men? Which big business? Who owns the business? Name the names! For in those names lies the true culpability for the actions carried out.

    3. Ah yes, Fred Reed. It has been a few years since I corresponded with Mr. Reed. Sometimes I miss his conversations with Uncle Hant, a character some failed to realize was actually a literary foil invented by Fred.

      Whatever one might say about Fred, his literary excellence cannot be denied. We shared a tenuous connection during our enlistment in the form of being in the same place same time. Many times, I pointed out who the real culprits are, but Fred simply refuses to put the glasses on, no matter how hard one fights to show him the aliens among us.

      “In Guadalajara, near my home in Mexico, a towering monument in a traffic circle honors Los Niños Héroes, the Heroic Children. These are the little boys who, when the invading American armies attacked Chapultepec in 1847, went out to fight for their country. Avenues are named Niños Héroes all over Mexico. Few Americans even know that there was a war.”

      Fred fails to note the personal irony found in his example. Marine Corps tradition holds that during the Battle of Chapultepec, they sustained a high casualty rate during the battle. The “blood stripe”, a scarlet stripe worn down the outside leg seams of trousers of the dress blue uniform, commemorates that battle. Hard to believe Fred would have missed such a detail.

      There is yet more irony. “Wounds to national pride gall people, and endure. Exactly why, I don’t know, but it happens. Consider China. How many have heard of the Opium Wars of 1839 and 1856? Or understand that the United States and the European powers simply occupied such parts of China as they chose, forced opium sales on China, imposed extraterritoriality, and bloodily suppressed the Boxers? How many people have even heard of the Boxers?”

      Does Fred mention this particular aspect of that conflict? http://www.archives.gov/publications/prologue/1999/winter/boxer-rebellion-1.html

      The boxer rebellion resulted from pernicious foreign intervention in a sovereign country. In China’s case, it was U.S. Marines protecting British and American drug smuggling policies that allowed opium to be moved into China. It is much the same today with American protection of the current Afghan heroin trade!

      As another Marine, Smedly Darlington Butler, wrote in his book “War is a Racket”: “I spent 33 years and 4 months in active service as a member of our country’s most agile military force–the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General. And during that period I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism. I suspected I was part of a racket all the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all members of the military profession I never had an original thought until I left the service.”

      Obviously, many others who left the service still refuse to entertain original thoughts.

      I have another friend who is Fred’s chronological, physical and intellectual doppelganger, in fact both hail from the same state! We three shared military enlistment during the same period, serving at the same duty stations. Like his clone, my friend refuses to accept any mention of the Jew’s involvement in the subversion process. Many times, he has “tut-tutted” the ideas I put forth, stating; “Jews are just smarter than everyone else and therefore deserve all they have” (‘have stolen’ would be technically accurate).

      It is odd how the Marines attract two kinds of people, those of lesser intelligence, prone to slavish, unquestioning obedience, and those exhibiting a much higher intelligence. We had a Pfc in basic electronic school who held a Phd from MIT in astrophysics; imagine a Pfc with a Phd from MIT! Oh the acronym of it all! For him, basic electronics must have been like sitting in a kindergarten class. However, the intelligent Marine clearly maintains a minority position within the Corps, probably constituting much less than one percent of the total. They donts call ’em “jar haids” for nuttin’ ya know. Those of a higher intelligence typically question the government and its military involvement in global conflict.

      Yet, among these intelligent men a portion insists on slavishly supporting the government’s official party line, even as they point out its immense failings. Perhaps men such as Fred and his doppelganger simply cannot face the facts to admit they made a wrong choice. Such admissions are perhaps the most difficult thing with which the male ego must grapple. After all, if one is wrong about something as fundamental as their choice in joining the U.S. Marines, with what other mistaken beliefs might they have to contend? It’s a Pandora’s box, best left unopened.

      I find it alarming that no one seems outraged or repulsed by the fact that the Jews are turning young white women into murderous shiksas who take obvious delight in torturing their enemies. How sick, how twisted; Americans have become murderously psychopathic in the hands of their Jewish slave masters. However, such behavior is not unusual in third world countries. A French Legionnaires greatest fear was to be captured by their Algerian enemies, not because of the men they faced, but because they knew they would be turned over to their women for torture. This fear induced Legionnaires to saves a last bullet for themselves. Perhaps they were further comforted by the thought they would never have to marry. The African Dahomey were likewise much feared by their enemies for their murderously coldblooded nature. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dahomey_Amazons

      The formerly civilized European woman of the Victorian era has been reduced to the rutting savagery of a primitive tribal nature, yet no one seems to notice and even fewer seem to care. This is perhaps the ultimate example of the Jew’s corruption of women. Perhaps if these grinning she-jackals were dropped into the hands of Jewish slave traders or Muslim radicals, they might better appreciate their delight in torture.

      Ultimately, the question is what kind of mother and children might result when these she-jackals reproduce? What kind of empathy, love and compassion would such women exhibit towards their children? What kind of child could cope with the idea their mother was a cruel, compassionless, murdering torturess? One need not conjecture long on this matter. All one needs do is examine the Jewish race to see the insane psychopathy developed under the neurotic tutelage of such women.

      I suppose this is a prime example of becoming the very monsters we abhor. Yet there are those left gasping at the mere thought of using Jewish tactics.

    4. Fred Reed is probably a Jew. That doesn’t bother me, but I am concerned that this site puts forth (and I know there is a disclaimer) someone who obviously “has a dog in the fight”. Too much of this going on. How about an article from Michael Hoffman? I’m sure he’d be happy to give you one.

      From 2004, Fred Reed says: ” Most of the things Jews are supposed to be doing, on examination, they aren’t. Is globalization a Jewish plot (as I’m told), or the inevitable result of advancing technology? Is destructive feminism a Jewish plot, or the result of sweeping social changes in which women have found themselves thrown into unaccustomed and unsettling roles? Is the decline of education a Jewish plot, or the consequence of having teaching in the hands of intellectual dregs, of pandering by politicians for racial votes, and of the fact that Americans don’t really care about schooling? Etc. That’s why I don’t gnaw at myself about Jews.”


      1. Fred’s views are a product of the secular human/materialist thought process. It’z all a big accident waiting to happen. The watchmaker argument is absurd; just because it looks like it was designed by an intelligent source doesn’t mean it was.

        Yep it’z truly amazing what a few atoms can do when they accidentally collide in space and what a few molecules can achieve when they accidentally combine. Whammo! Next thing you know, there’s a full blown cosmos and complex organisms crawling all over a few planetary dirt balls over in the corner of a forgotten solar system. Yet this fails to answer the question, if accidents happen on this scale, then why don’t we find televisions growing on trees?

        While I am no longer surprised at anyone who’s a Jew, (I’m still waiting for John Wayne to be outed as a member of the tribe) I seriously doubt Fred is in that corner. I think like he’s like most people who believe the old meme, ya gotta go along to get along. Then there are those who simply cannot accept any individual or group could actually design and carry out a plan evolving over the centuries into the scale seen today. It just has to be an accident. Since they are incapable of doing it, obliviously no one else can either. This is merely a reflection of an ego unable to fit through the doors of perception.

    5. @ Harbinger

      Do not take this comment as supporting Fred’s position. I gave up reading Fred over 10-years ago.

      I am with you on voting. I don’t vote because it would make me an accessory to the crimes of the jewish system.

      The “we” perspective is valid only because we are judged by the company that we keep. Those people in foreign lands that have had their relatives killed by US troops may only see the troops committing the act so it is quite natural to believe that the troops are indicative of the people in the country they represent. This perception may not be the correct perception, but it is a natural perception.

      People even practice this “we/group” perception within countries. As an example, if New York City jews are the only people that a person has encountered from New York, the perception is that all people from New York are arrogant, rude assholes. This perception continues until rather normal, decent people from New York are encountered.

      That being said, Fred should have made mention of your point that the jewish controlled government does not represent the majority of the inhabitants of the USA, but based on my past exposure to Fred’s writings, Fred will never make such a statement.

    6. In a nutshell you are guilty by association.
      Let me ask you something. Have you ever served on a Jury?
      Have you ever refused to serve on a jury? What was the outcome as a result?

  2. I got as far as the Adolph smear. When people are uninformed in a world where there is so much knowledge at their fingertips, they lose credibility. The “we” the author is talking about is the Americans who are totally controlled by jews, but apparently he has no clue, or is another one of their worshippers. Comparing Hitler to Stalin or Pol Pot is sheer ignorance.

    1. “The “we” the author is talking about is the Americans who are totally controlled by jews”

      I know the author was referring to the Americans, but the Americans are not alone with the majority of Rothschild owned countries complicit also. While there are many incredibly ignorant, asleep Americans, there are equally the opposite. Therefore millions upon millions of ‘Americans’ are not responsible for why the rest of the world hates them. The collective use of the world ‘we’ is not only lazy writing, but ignorance also.

    2. @ John Dicarlo

      Yes, you have a point about Hitler’s demonization by the Jews. But the article is sourced from an otherwise excellent website, Information Clearing House. Note also that the administrators of this website have said repeatedly that they are not responsible for the views of the article writers, still less are they responsible for the views of the commenters. They accept responsibility only for Lasha Darkmoon’s views.


      1. This website accepts no responsibility for the opinions expressed in its Comments section; nor does it accept responsibility for the views expressed by any of its article writers, with the single exception of Lasha Darkmoon.


      1. This guy http://fredoneverything.org/p26/ does not strike me as someone who is about to commit hara-kiri because “they hate us”. He looks more like a pimp.

        1. This website accepts no responsibility for the venereal diseases you may eventually catch as the consequence of our pimps services.
        2. Circassian comments on the importance of practicing physical hygiene, maintaining moral cleanliness, and exercising mental discipline are the sole responsibility of this raving lunatic.

      2. Circassion. Ditto. It’s rather like this disclaimer from “World Daily News Report”

        “World News Daily Report is an American Jewish Zionist newspaper based in Tel Aviv and dedicated on covering biblical archeology news and other mysteries around the Globe.”

        “Our News Team is composed of award winning christian, muslim and jewish journalists, retired Mossad agents and veterans of the Israeli Armed Forces.”

        “We are based in Tel Aviv since 1988 where are published more then 200,000 copies of our Daily Report paper edition everyday.”

        “WNDR assumes however all responsibility for the satirical nature of its articles and for the fictional nature of their content. All characters appearing in the articles in this website – even those based on real people – are entirely fictional and any resemblance between them and any persons, living, dead, or undead is purely a miracle.”


    3. Even if we deny the Jewish Holocaust and don’t count the 3 million missing Polish Jews, then that still leaves about 3 million non-Jewish Polish deads due to Adolf the Great’s “peace initiative” into his neighbor country. That is about the same number Pol Pot killed (I know the circumstances and percentages were different) and we are talking about only one country Adolf the Great tried to “liberate” (or was it an act of “self defence”?).

      1. Those who Adolph Hitler attempted to liberate were the German people held captive by the Poles in Danzig. Hitler spared no effort in trying to reach some agreement, any agreement, with the Poles. Every German proposal was ignored and the Polish Government answered his repeated pleadings, first with silence, then derision, and then the murder of 10s of thousands of German Nationals entrapped in the disputed territories. Hitler invaded to put that violence to an end, never expecting Britain and France would declare war on Germany. Yes, it is entirely regrettable and a pity the ALL-LIED conspirators, led by anti-White European, supremacist jews, were hellbent on bringing war to the whole of Europe, thus causing these deaths you mention. But, how anyone can see Hitler as the blame escapes me. Should any leader of any people, who has exhausted all avenues of diplomacy, stand by and allow the murder of thousands of his countrymen and not act?

      2. Franklin, your standing up for poor, 3 million missing Polish Jews + another

        3 million non-Jewish Polish deads due to Adolf the Great’s “peace initiative”

        (would you say they were murdered by psychotic Adolf and his ugly Germans?) is very laudable.
        Maybe you can search for them here, courtesy of
        American Jewish Committee, Jews worldwide and in Europe
        1939 world 15,748,091, Europe 8,039,608
        1948 world 15,753,638, Europe 9,372,668

        So, are you saying that there should have been 21,753,638 Jews available for our daily worship by 1948?
        Or are the professional Jew demographers whose full time job is to count Jews lying in order to save the justly hated Adolf and the Germans?
        Curious about what you will come up with this time.
        And then we can return to the regular issue of terrorist Hamas and self-defending Israel.

      3. @LOBRO

        That is the famous “Jewish Almanac” case. The year was 1948, when the full extent of the disaster was not yet known to American Jews and a population estimation would be based simply on extrapolations. (hence a “growth” of the population). I don’t think in the first years after the war there were regular countings of people in the chaotic conditions of eastern Europe.

        I can’t speak for eastern Europe however since I don’t know much about it. I know however that in my country, the Netherlands, there lived 140,000 Jews before the war. Most of them were deported to Poland of whom 104,000 – 110,000 “did not return”. No revisionist has ever come up with an alternative explanation how those Jews “disappeared”.

        We can practise Holocaust revisionism as much as we want, fact remains that a great number of Jews were deported and most of them “did not return”. Their whereabouts needs to be explained.

      4. “Famous Jewish Almanac” … so how do you explain the EXTRA 1 million in Europe, if they were simply extrapolating?
        It means that they actually moved (or in truth, reflected true migration) of carpetbagging Jews from America and elsewhere to Europe to pick the bones of the dead unJews.
        Now, why would they have done that, Linfield is a statistician with a doctorate.
        And 3 years after “liberation” of the camps, he was still clueless that alleged millions were killed?
        Talk about stretch, when, as per the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

        Nuremberg, Germany, was chosen as a site for trials that took place in 1945 and 1946 [Hello, Franklin, tell us how the American Jewish Committee and its professional crew of statisticians was unaware of these trials 3 years earlier]. Judges from the Allied powers — Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, and the United States — presided over the hearings of twenty-two major Nazi criminals.

        Twelve prominent Nazis were sentenced to death. Most of the defendants admitted to the crimes of which they were accused, although most claimed that they were simply following the orders of a higher authority. Those individuals directly involved in the KILLING received the most severe sentences.

        KILLING, KILLING, KILLING – how many KILLED, Dr Linfield, do you ever read papers, especially Jew papers or do you skip to Jew sports pages?
        (popular Olympic disciplines: usury, swindles, pimping, …)
        Tell us Franklin, how many of the Nuremberg-certified, KILLED Jews were accepted and accounted by Dr Linfield and crew into the Jewish Almanac 3 years later?
        3? 10? 100? Surely not more than that (which is closer to the actual number)
        And this

        The testimony of hundreds of witnesses, many of them survivors, WAS FOLLOWED ALL OVER THE WORLD.

        Yeah, followed by everyone except those responsible for tallying up Jews worldwide and in Europe in particular.

        Well, Franklin, you sure have your work cut out for you, while we wait to be convinced that the only time in history, Jews lied about their numbers (or any numbers).
        Otherwise, Jew only speaks the truth (because it shall make him free and Jew yearns to breathe free (free air, oy vey!), give that schnozzola a workout)

        And another interesting aside: after they were caught with their pants down in 1948 (pull up their pants and give them a wedgie, Frank), they never published the Almanac until 20 years later and the numbers were back up to 15 million, same as today.

      5. So, we are to accept it on your assurance that the professional Jew demographers simply assumed the exact Jew numbers in 1948 as in 1938, while (maybe, probably) dimly aware that there was such a thing as World War II that finished in 1945, with Bolshevik Jews touring the US Congress and showing the flabbergasted Senate mongoloids RIF soap and tales of cosmic Jew woe, 6 million killed over and over again, starting in 1900, published repeatedly in the JNew York Times.

        No, they had no clue, they just assumed that no Jews died in WW2 that would affect the overall count.
        Did they know that Jews were interned in the camps?
        Tell us, did they or didn’t they?

        Maybe you can also elucidate the following:

        Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, wartime head of both the World Jewish Congress and the AMERICAN JEWISH CONGRESS [Linfield’s boss, the same ones who published the Almanac], publicly charged in November 1942 that Jewish corpses were being “processed into such war-vital commodities as soap, fats and fertilizer” by the Germans. He further announced that the Germans were “even exhuming the dead for the value of the corpses,” and were paying fifty marks for each body.

        Lookit here:

        During June and July 1943, two prominent representatives of the Moscow-based “Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee” toured the United States and raised more than two million dollars for the Soviet war effort at a series of mass meetings. At each of these rallies, Soviet Jewish leader Solomon Mikhoels showed the crowd a bar of soap that he said was made from Jewish corpses

        So, what the inquiring minds want to know is how were the AMERICAN JEWISH CONGRESS demographers unaware of the implications of these soap operas to their hooknose count.
        Any idea, Franklin?
        Maybe they simply figured that the evil, evil Nazis cooked just 2-3 Jews into soap and let the rest of go, no impact on the Jew census.

      6. Lobro –

        I bought the actual book with that same chart in early 1960s at a used book store. It was well worn then.
        So, I had one in my possession way before the 20 year mark later, 1968, as you mentioned.

        It was the “World Almanac of 1941.”
        I coped the front page and the chart page and sent it to Pete Peters in the 80s. It my have made the rounds. 😉

        Front cover page, blue and white stripes:

        The World Almanac

        (picture of globe)


        Book of Facts

        56 th YEAR OF ISSUE – 1941

        New York World – Telegram



        BUT… your linked page has a typo… it can be seen if you look closely.

        Should read … 8,939,608 instead of 8,039,608.

        No biggie… Just that mine is very clear.

      7. Thanks Pat, this strengthens the revisionists’ hand.
        “World Almanac of 1941
        So, even 6 years later, they haven’t caught onto the need to network the scam tentacles to keep the Lie afloat.
        Even Jews can be stupid it seems, caught the goy disease?
        Of course, little did they anticipate the rise of internet.

      8. Lobro –

        Glad to help… disprove the lies. They are stupid to be soooo ‘chosen’..!!

        I know… I know… Rense needs glasses….

        You thought he could see…

        “See” what I mean about transcriptions.. 🙂

      9. @ LOBRO

        There are improbabilities anyway :

        1) The Holocaust happened, but the Almanac Jews didn’t know it yet and made an estimation based on extrapolations, as I suggested.

        But that entails the improbability of their ignorance while knowledge about it was already widely disseminated in the US, as you say.

        2) The Holocaust happened and the Almanac Jews did know about it, but decided to lie about it and pretend as if no Jews were killed.

        But that entails the improbability of an important Jewish organization going against an important Jewish interest.

        3) The Holocaust didn’t happen, the Almanac Jews knew that and decided to be honest about it.

        But that too entails the improbability of an important Jewish organization going against an important Jewish interest and that while all other American Jewish organizations and prominent Jews were telling fantastic stories about the alledged “Holocaust”.

        You see, there is no probable solution to this riddle anyway.

        I wouldn’t attach too much importance to that Almanac anyway ( who conducted a serious census of all Jews in Europe in 1948?).

        Holocaust deniers still have to explain where the deported Jews if they “didn’t return” went. I have had a discussion with famous Holocaust revisionist Carolyn Yeager about that and she could give me no answer.

        We cannot see the Holocaust separately from the notorious Nazi Euthanasia program. An estimated 200,000 people were killed in that program, on order of the Great Führer Himself. As far as I know no “Euthanasia Revisionist” movement does exist.

      10. Franklin –
        Lobro –

        My dad had an old newspaper that showed the original story was 12 million…. but they backed off that. Knew it was too big to be accepted.

        If I recall…. it stated 10 – 12 million Jews perish in concentration camps.

      11. The following gives a possible explanation for the missing jews. Missing does mean they were killed, at least to me.

        I looked up about this on CODOH, a well known revisionist site.

        The thread


        and a specific post


        QUOTE – I just tried to acces the PDF offered by Haldan but could not. If the following information is already in the PDF feel free to delete this message:

        The following quotes are from a document entitled The ADL and its use in the World Communist Offensive by Robert Williams, which can be accessed here: http://archive.org/details/TheAnti-defamationLeagueAndItsUseInTheWorldCommunistOffensive.1947

        The first is to provide background on the source of the second quote.

        Let Louis Levine, national chairman of the Jewish Council of Russian
        Relief, tell you. Levine paid an extended visit to Russia last summer and
        came back hysterical in his enthusiasm for the Soviet regime. He reported
        before an audience provided by, and I believe sponsored by, leading
        Jewish organizations and publicists of Chicago. The heart of these group
        gatherings appears to be the A D L . In an article in the November, 1946,
        issue of Soviet Russia Today, Levine (billed as “Outstanding leader of
        American Jewry”) wrote: “Special concern for the Jewish people has
        characterized the Soviet Union since its birth in the 1917 Revolution. A
        week after tsarism was overthrown, the infant Socialist government, headed
        by Lenin, legally abolished national oppression, making it the first country
        in the world to declare anti-Semitism a crime. . . . Every manifestation of
        anti-Semitism was fought openly and sternly.”

        Levine then goes on to make the following observation

        “And at the outset of the war, as we all know, Jews were
        among the first evacuated from the western regions threatened by the
        Hitlerite invaders, and shipped to safety east of the Urals.” Thus Levine
        tells us the privileged persons saved from the Nazis were Jewish. He said
        2,000,000 of them were thus saved. (Were the privileged class of whom
        Kravchenko wrote among these?)

        Another observer writes of seeing Jews vacationing in luxury at resorts
        on the Black Sea, while Gentiles starved in Russian mills. This was just
        before the War.

        So we have another account of some 2 million people being evacuated into soviet territory. ENDQUOTE.

        In addition see


        Hope it is of use.

      12. Since my previous comment was obliterated and never seen again (I imagine it will reappear the minute this is posted), I will address the subject of euthanasia again because I consider it important in the truth uncovering effort.
        Franklin’s claim that it is a precursor to mass extermination of Jews and a strong indicator that Holocaust did indeed happen because it was personally approved by Hitler and ended up extinguishing over 200,000 of these unfortunates must be answered.
        So, let Prof Faurisson deal with this issue

        The Germans’ euthanasia program was back-dated to begin on the very same day (1 September 1939) [note that it commenced after the start of war] on which broke out a terrible conflict that was going to cause horrible physical wounds. Therefore, perhaps it was an acute remembrance of the horrible spectacle of certain seriously wounded men from the First World War deprived of hospital beds that caused Hitler and his men to establish the possibility of putting an end to the intolerable or incurable sufferings not only of those who, just for a vegetable existence or worse, were taking up the valuable hospital space, but in some cases of the most severely, hopelessly wounded returning soldiers themselves.
        In any event, the matter was serious enough for Hitler personally to sign such an order. Certainly no secret about that could be maintained.
        The churches protested and the program was abandoned under their pressure and that of German public opinion.
        This is enough to let us say that when there was a decision of that kind to make, Hitler did not leave the responsibility to others, but took it himself. Moreover, he did so in writing — he signed a document which then served as a point of reference for a mass of orders and measures to be taken as a result.
        I would add that when decisions were made, after a demanding medical and bureaucratic investigatory process, to put an incurable person out of his misery, the means of death was lethal injection.

        In summation:
        1. It was well grounded morally and often requested by the sufferers themselves,
        2. Hitler had no qualms signing it into effect because he believed in its correctitude – how is it possible that not a tiniest scrap of official paper was ever discovered related to the alleged mass extermination program?
        3. Hitler rescinded it after strong and vocal opposition by the German public, utterly belying the common perception of a cruel and ruthless dictator, why didn’t the same public protest the much more massive presumed “Holocaust”?
        4. Each instance of the euthanastic execution had to be vetted by an exhaustive review by an ethics panel of bureaucrats and physicians,
        5. Because of the short duration of the program and the clearing process, there is absolutely no way 200,000 or more patients were put down.

        So, in what way does this prove the existence of a totally undocumented mass extermination of Jews for which there is not a shred of physical evidence, no bodies, DNA material, hundreds upon hundreds of glaring, inexplicable inconsistencies?
        Bonus point:

        Writing of this in 1975, Goldmann wrote: “Direktor Kareski [Zionist Jew] recommended the introduction of the Jewish star, which was introduced by Admiral [Wilhelm] Canaris AGAINST THE PROTESTS OF MOST OF THE NATIONAL SOCIALIST LEADERSHIP, INCLUDING GOEBBELS.”

        Explain that one.

      13. @Lobro

        I’m sure we could have had a much more accurate accounting of jews if only such countings of jews were not forbidden by jewish law. In the Torah there is a prohibition against directly counting Jews and a warning that doing so can lead to a plague. Heaven forbid! If that were not the case, we can all be quite confident jews would have given an accurate WW2 body count, something like 47 million gassed. 😀

        Rabbi Eliezer Waldenberg (contemporary Halachic authority in Jerusalem) wrote an essay that appears in his work Tzitz Eliezer (vol. 7), discussing the permissibility of the Israeli census. In this essay Waldenberg establishes several rules governing the procedure for counting Jews. He writes that counting actual bodies is forbidden under all circumstances, even for the purpose of a Mitzva.

        Now, not to be outdone, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein (Russia-New York, 1895-1986), adds that placing numbers on tombstones amounts to counting the deceased people buried in the cemetery, and Halacha forbids acting towards the dead in a manner that is forbidden for live people.

        So, to be clear: First – One may not conduct a headcount of Jews under any circumstances. For purposes of a Mitzva, one may count Jews indirectly, without actually counting bodies. And secondly: Cemeteries may not place numbers on tombstones, as this amounts to “counting” Jews, as well. And three: Disregarding rules one and two will result in a plague!


      Britain, France, the US (and the Jews behind them) and even Poland itself are certainly to blame for much of the horrors of WW II, but Hitler’s plan was not only to liberate (persecuted) Germans cut off from Germany by the unjust Versailles Treaty. Nor was his Operation Barbarossa merely a preventive strike against an impending Russian invasion.

      Hitler’s plan was to establish a Great Germanic Reich in the East at the cost of the Slavs, deemed by him racially inferior. That becomes clear enough from his Table Talk. His curious behavior in refusing help from Vlasov and his army of anti-Communist Russians can only be explained by his disdain for Slavs. Had Hitler considerd the Slavs as equals he could have received help from all peoples of Eastern Europe ( including many Russians) who wanted to liberate themselves from Communism. But that was never the real motive of Hitler’s war against Russia. We can practise “historical revisionism” as much as we want, but that will make Hitler not innocent.

      1. His curious behavior in refusing help from Vlasov and his army of anti-Communist Russians can only be explained by his disdain for Slavs. Had Hitler considerd the Slavs as equals he could have received help from all peoples of Eastern Europe ( including many Russians) who wanted to liberate themselves from Communism. But that was never the real motive of Hitler’s war against Russia.

        Hodgepodge of nonsense. Hitler Inc. was designed and implemented by the Brits for one purpose and one purpose only: To attack and destroy the USSR blowing up itself in the process. With the rise of Stalin – especially after Trotsky was kicked out of the country – it became painfully obvious that the takeover of Russia, orchestrated by the Brits with the leverage of Jewish Bolsheviks, went south. The unmistakable correlation between the fall of Trotsky and the rise of Hitler during the 16 years long period of power struggle of Stalin against the Jewish fifth column (successfully finalized on 20 August 1940 when Mercader delivered a fatal blow to Trotsky on the head with an ice axe) is uncanny. With Trotsky firmly in charge of Russia there would be no need for Hitler Inc., and the name of Hitler would be completely unknown to us today.

        Suicide mission of Hitler’s Germany was successful but only partially for it failed to accomplish its main objective – the destruction of the USSR. The USSR came out of the war stronger than ever before notwithstanding the opening of the second front by the “allies” was delayed deliberately almost to the end of the fight. It took another 47 years of hard work of subversion to finish the job Hitler Inc. failed to accomplish, and the USSR was finally dissolved in 1992.

        But pesky Russia refuses to die. The troublemaker must be finished off once and for all. But how? Convulsive and disorganized search for an answer to that existential question is the key to understanding everything that is happening today on the world stage – starting with Chechen wars and on to Iraq war, to Arab spring, to the rose revolution in Georgia, to orange revolution and Maidan in Ukraine, to the unfolding as we speak stampede to Europe of the future foot-soldiers of the remake of Hitler Inc. – Islamic fundamentalism with ISIS as its point of condensation.

      2. Britain, France, the US and Poland — the jews, are to blame for for “much” of the horrors? There would have been no World War 2 if not for them, so therefore, the conspirators are responsible for ALL of it. Of course, you’re talking about, Adolph Hitler, the most lied about and demonized man in history. Yes, yes, the communist Stalin, a good and trustworthy man, fresh from starving millions of Ukranians, had amassed Soviet offensive weaponry within striking distance of Germany because he feared the Hitler demon.

        Hitler did want to Germanize Eastern Europe land (living space for the Germans – Lebensraum) but had no plans or intention to exterminate the native populations, in fact many Slavs including Poles, Ukrainians, Russians and so on were on the German side against the jew Bolsheviks. There is no documentation that proves Hitler ever intended to exterminate even the filthy jews, but we’re to believe he had a plan to exterminate non-German Whites?

        Hitler’s plan for Lebensraum was meant for all Whites and only the jews were to be deported or relocated. The problem with the relocation of worthless jews is that no country would take the parasitic scumbags. So even the ALL-LIES are to blame because they would not help the poor jews. Ultimately, the ALL-LIES carpet bombed food and medical supply lines, so many jews starved all because of the ALL-LIES, not because of the Germans.

        The fact that 70 years after the fact, there is no concrete, tangible , documentary evidence to support your allegations, that Hitler planned for wholesale murder of Slavs or others, as is suggested Lebensraum is, is all based on assumption propagated by jew lies.

        Now if I check with the everpopular Wikipedia, I can “learn”: In Mein Kampf (1928), the ideology of Nazism justified Lebensraum as a natural law, by way of which a healthy and vigorous people of superior race, possessed a mystical, inherent right to displace unhealthy and feeble peoples of inferior races; especially when the people of superior race faced overpopulation in their native territories.[4]

        In practice, the Nazi policy of Lebensraum was to kill, deport, or enslave the Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, and other Slavic populations considered racially inferior to the Germans, and to repopulate said lands of Eastern Europe with Germanic people. The populations of cities were to be exterminated by starvation, thus creating an agricultural surplus that would feed Germany, and thereby allow political replacement by and re-population with a German upper class.[5] The eugenics of Lebensraum explicitly assumed the racial superiority of Germans, because they are an Aryan race; a master race (Herrenvolk), who, by virtue of their superiority (physical, mental, genetic) had the right to displace any people they deemed to be of an inferior race (Untermenschen).[8] Sociologically, the Nazis insisted that the Lebensraum lands be developed as racially-homogeneous societies, to be realised by avoiding miscegenation, the intermixing of Germans with native peoples of an inferior race.[6]

        And blah, blah, blah …….. I don’t think so.

      3. Hitler’s plan for Lebensraum was meant for all Whites and only the jews were to be deported or relocated.

        This is the most idiotic statement I have encountered on this website so far, and I have seen plenty of that here – more than a sane person can withstand. The Russians are whites, moron. So Lebensraum was meant for the Russians? Obviously the crux of Hitler’s plan was to take vast Jewish lands and give them to the white residents of Leningrad https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siege_of_Leningrad

        Truly there are no bounds to man’s stupidity.

      4. Stop counting how many Jews have been killed, or not been killed in Hitler’s Germany, idiots. It’s like arguing back and forth endlessly, foaming at the mouth, whether the serial killer killed a particular girl by the name Ruth or not while completely ignoring his other deeds.

        It is irrelevant – is it so hard to understand?!

      5. @ Circassian

        Franklin Ryckaert is winning this argument with you. Hands down. This is because he is always polite and keeps his cool.

        Does it ever occur to you that your ideas might carry greater weight if you were capable of refraining from personal abuse?

      6. @Sardonicus

        Does it ever occur to you that your ideas might carry greater weight if you were capable of refraining from personal abuse?

        You have a point here, Sardonicus. But this is not merely about who wins and who loses the argument. This is about bringing people to their freaking senses. If that takes shouting at them, cursing them, whipping them, so be it.

      7. Circassian,

        “This is about bringing people to their freaking senses. If that takes shouting at them, cursing them, whipping them so be it.”

        “There are none more blind than those who will not see”.

        You cannot change another’s opinion. You can give them facts galore but it’s up to them to believe them or not. Shouting at, cursing at and abusing them physically will do nothing in this case. As the saying goes: “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”. After all, why are the public still fast asleep? Have they not been warned many times throughout history?

    5. Thanks John, I saw that smear against Adolf and thought the same thing. The author of that piece is still a little brainwashed as to what WW2 was all about. I encourage the author to read the book by M.S. King “The Bad War – The truth never taught about World War 2.

    6. Comparing Hitler to Stalin … is sheer ignorance.

      Indeed, it is. The only problem with that is: you have no freaking idea why a parallel should never be drawn between the two.

      1. The bottom line here is that the jews cackled and screamed about their alleged “holocaust” to smear Hitler and the Germans, when in fact there is no physical evidence to present to prove that it happened. The jews cackled and screamed relentlessly, and still do, that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are a forgery, and yet they provided no proof that it is. And likewise, the jews cackled and screamed that Lebensraum was a program designed to exterminate Slavs, Ukranians, and Russians, when in fact there is no evidence that is the case. Perhaps you didn’t notice that I pointed out in my comment that many Slavs, Ukranians, and Russians, in fact, were on the German side against the jew bolsheviks. So, if you misunderstood what I was saying that’s not my problem, you rude little shit. An though Stalin and Hitler were both dictators, obviously, they were nothing alike, asshole.

      2. John, you are clueless. I am sorry, brother, but that’s the truth.

        I brought you to the creek, but I can’t make you drink, as has been pointed out earlier by wise Harbinger.

  3. Cameron et al like the “WE” word.
    Excerpt from his address to the UN in 2014. My words in brackets

    “As evidence emerges about the backgrounds of those convicted of terrorist offences, (DECEPTION puppet Governments and Jew Bankers are the TERROISTS) it is clear that many of them were initially influenced by preachers who claim not to encourage violence, but whose world view can be used as a justification for it. WE know this world view.” (It’s all Talmudic deception at play)

    “The peddling of lies: that 9/11 was a JEWISH PLOT
    or that the 7/7 London attacks were staged. The idea that Muslims are persecuted all over the world as a deliberate act of Western policy. The concept of an inevitable clash of civilisations.” (How many innocents died in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria, King fucking David?)

    “WE must be clear: to defeat the ideology of extremism we need to deal with all forms of extremism – not just violent extremism.

    For governments, there are some obvious ways we can do this. WE must ban preachers of hate from coming to our countries. WE must proscribe organisations that incite terrorism against people at home and abroad. WE must work together to take down illegal online material like the recent videos of ISIL murdering hostages. And WE must stop the so called non-violent extremists from inciting hatred and intolerance in our schools, our universities and yes, even our prisons.”

    “Of course there are some who will argue that this is not compatible with free speech and intellectual inquiry.”
    (Damned fucking right … this website for a start would be banned).

    Ken O’Keefe responds to Cameron’s UN Speech. Excellent retort.

    911 False Flag – American Traitors & Mossad – Where are the Oath Keepers? – Ken O’Keefe


    1. An all too transparent trick to install censorship on the internet, where all their lies and false flag operations are exposed. Call anything you don’t like “terrorism” and then forbid it.

    1. @ REHMAT

      1) Khamenei can accuse the US of many things but not of causing “poverty and backwardness and ethnic and religious differences” in the region.

      2) Palestine is not a “country” but a geographical designation. There has never existed a “country” called Palestine.

      3) The Iranians are only Muslims because their ancestors were converted by the sword by invading Arabs.

      4) The “holy” Qur’ān contains terrorist surahs. One example :

      “[Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.”

      Qur’ān, Surah al-Anfāl : 12.

      This is a call to chop off the heads and fingers of “unbelievers” in order to “cast terror into their hearts”.
      Surely Islam is a religion of peace !

      BTW, “Anfāl” means “war-booty”. How come a “religion of peace” has a chapter in its holy book called “war-booty”?

    2. Rehmat,

      In my time on this earth I have met good and bad Muslims. I have also met the same with Christians and other faiths.
      However, when it comes to Islam, please and I state again, please don’t try and make Islam into being a peaceful religion. The reason why Islam gets such a bad press is because all one has to do is open up the pages of the Qu’ran and hadith. Islam is one founded on bloodshed. Muhammad, was getting nowhere with the peaceful Christian way of converting people to his faith. The whole story changed when he started forcing his beliefs on others by the sword. It was a case of convert to Islam or we’ll kill you. Not much of a choice there eh?
      While Islam has many qualities, it has many inequalities as well. Unlike Christianity, which most certainly is a religion founded entirely on peace, Islam is a religion that seeks to dominate the lands it moves into, either through peaceful ways (increase in population) or violent ones. What’s ironic about wahabism, is that it’s possibly the truest form of Islam, as it mirrors the Islam at the time of Muhammad. The very fact that Muslims seek to kill the infidels who question their faith, leave their faith, draw pictures of Muhammad, etc etc, proves that you’re dealing with intolerance. I do not condone disrespectful behaviour, it’s wrong, but to want to end someone’s life because of it is bat sh*t crazy, totalitarianism. I will automatically side against Islam, always on this.

      The best scenario for Islam is simple – keep it in its lands and don’t let it out. If you do there will be trouble and the migration of yet more Muslims into Europe will answer my point perfectly. Islam is a violent, bloodthirsty, ethnocentric, dominating religion. This however does not mean that Muslims who follow it are. They have a choice, that is until the call for Jihad comes about.
      Sure, Islam is being set up by Zionism, but stupid is he who forgets what Islam is all about, its conquering and its desire for the ummah and global, Islamic dominance. Jews want to rule, but so to does Islam. Piggy in the middle is Christianity which just wants peace, liberty and freedom.

      1. Yes, I suppose the warmongering followers of Islam should be eternally grateful to peace loving christians like Bush, and Blair, for bringing eternal stability to their warring nations, making their lands as heaven on earth, ensuring that they would never wish to leave.. and the Islamist Palestinians should be eternally grateful to American christians, for allowing their jewish friends to bring peace, and stability to warmongering Palestine..

      2. @wiggins, “kosherizing the White House”, and the talmud under the arm, certainly indicate his true leanings..

        Did you hear about the Iranian guy in Mcr, who walked into a cop shop, and asked to be deported back to Iran? Said he was sick of the racist attitude of the Brits..

  4. Heeeeer’s Freddie…!!
    Typical ‘Red-Neck’ in Virginia.
    Fred Reed states this about himself:

    Fred, a keyboard mercenary with a disorganized past, has worked on staff for Army Times, The Washingtonian, Soldier of Fortune, Federal Computer Week, and The Washington Times.

    He has been published in Playboy, Soldier of Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Harper’s, National Review, Signal, Air&Space, and suchlike. He has worked as a police writer, technology editor, military specialist, and authority on mercenary soldiers. He is by all accounts as looney as a tune.

    I went to high school in King George County, Virginia, while living on Dahlgren Naval Weapons Laboratory (my father was always a weapons-development sort of mathematician, although civilian by this time), where I was the kid other kids weren’t supposed to play with. My time was spent canoeing, shooting, drinking unwise but memorable amounts of beer with the local country boys, attempting to be a French rake with only indifferent success, and driving in a manner that, if you are a country boy, I don’t have to describe, and if you aren’t, you wouldn’t believe anyway. I remember trying to explain to my father why his station wagon was upside down at three in the morning after flipping it at seventy on a hairpin turn that would have intimidated an Alpine goat.

    See his pic:

    1. He is a typical adventurer. Highly intelligent writer of witty articles. He denies however that Jews are in any way a problem. His Mexican wife is (partly?) Jewish as far as I remember.

    1. Yeah…. Hundreds who look and act just like him can be spotted at American Legion Posts’ bars all over Guadalajara, and Lake Chapala. They have the largest Am Legion membership outside US. I considered it 20 years ago.

      Retirement in Mexico is a tough job…. Soakin’ up suds and keeping up with maids and housekeepers.

      Learnin’ Spanish is even harder….. by sleepin’ with the records… 🙂

  5. “They Hate Us” because 9/11 was a lie. They hate the West because they used depleted uranium in Fallujah, Iraq and some infants since then are born with grotesque defects. They hate the West because Israel is allowed to “Holocaust” the people of Gaza with white phosphorous which is an illegal act in an urban area. They hate us because the West carpet-bombed Afghanistan with cluster bombs, the remnants of which will remain on the land for decades maiming and killing civilians. They hate us because the West wants perpetual war and Islam is now their target. They hate us because there is never any justice with the jewdiciary or the Junited Nations. They hate us because the prostitutes in the media are Jews and distort EVERYTHING.

    It is astonishing, (but I am thankful) there hasn’t more retaliation for these atrocities.

    If I was a Muslim mother whose child had been killed by this evil force, I WOULD HATE TOO. Wouldn’t you? Same apples to fathers.

  6. I’m going to “look up” Fred Reed because this sentence is utter BOLLOCKS.

    “For example, many South Americans believe their countries to be poor because of exploitation by America. This isn’t true, which doesn’t matter at all.”

    No doubt South American Governments are corrupt also, but the Godfather is in the Federal Reserve.

    Why Did the US Government and Big Oil Hate Chavez?


    1. Once again, Smedley Darlington Butler, twice medal of honor winner and twice commandant of the Marine Corps.

      “I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested. During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”

      So who ya gonna believe? Fred or Smed?

      Semper Fidelis – Always Faithful – is the motto of the United States Marine Corps. Faithful like a dog to its master; even when itz master is a perfidious, lying, murderous, psychopathic mamzer.

      1. Semper Fidelis – Always Faithful – is the motto of the United States Marine Corps. Faithful like a dog to its master

        This applies perfectly to majority of Americans in their doglike devotion to the Judaic cause.

        Jesus said you can’t serve two masters and Semper Fidelis most assuredly doesn’t invoke his name.
        In fact, the exact opposite, the US armed forces have in every single action served the interests of the Devil.
        Smedley Butler confirmed that clearly enough.

        Watched Pope’s address to the Congress and his closing statement is well worth repeating:
        If we fight among ourselves, we will be divided by the Outsider“.
        Just who could he have been referring to?

      2. Speaking of Pope…

        Tom DiLorenzo:

        . . . as mentioned in his speech to Congress today is the man who, in his first inaugural address, pledged his support for a constitutional amendment that would have enshrined slavery explicitly in the Constitution (the Corwin Amendment).

        The man who made dozens of speeches in favor of deporting all the black people out of America and worked on plans to accomplish it to his dying day.

        The man who threatened “invasion” and “bloodshed” in his first inaugural address in any state that refused to collect the newly-doubled federal tariff tax.

        The man who waged total war for four years on his own countrymen, causing as many as 850,000 deaths according to the latest research, with about double that number maimed for life.

        The man who illegally suspended Habeas Corpus and mass arrested tens of thousands of political critics, including local elected officials, newspapers editors and a congressman.

        The man who shut down hundreds of opposition newspapers and imprisoned their editors and owners.

        The man who rewarded generals like Grant, Sherman and Sheridan for mass murdering Southern citizens and plundering tens millions of dollars of private property.

        The man who said nothing while entire regiments of soldiers gang raped Southern women. The lifelong crony capitalist who spent his entire career shilling for the big business interests of the North who sought to plunder their fellow citizens with protectionist tariffs, corporate welfare, and a national bank run by politicians to fund it all.

        The man who showered the railroad corporations who got him elected with millions of dollars worth of taxpayer-funded subsidies.

        The man who destroyed the voluntary union of the American founding fathers and along with it the system of federalism that was its hallmark and replaced it with a Soviet-style, centralized, bureaucratic, compulsory union held together at gunpoint.

        The man who obsessively experimented with bigger and bigger weapons of mass destruction to be used on his fellow American citizens, including women and children. The atheist who peppered his speeches with religious rhetoric to fool the public he looked down on as ignorant fools.

        Pope Francis made no mention of Jesus Christ in his speech to Congress; he reserved his praise for the real “god” of the American state, “Father” Abraham Lincoln.

      3. right Pat, i don’t dispute a word there, especially since the only thing I know about (maybe sometimes) Honest Abe (not that historically the 2 words commonly go together) is what i read on postage stamps, namely that he was born in log cabin with a pointy diablo beard, was tall and skinny and “liberated nigras from abject slavery”.
        Why should Pope Frank be any better versed than Sam Cooke in the shady regional histree?
        He had other fish to fry before he earned his shoes of the fisherman.
        And as the presidents go, even with all the stuff you heaped on him, he is probably still above average.

        I agree that he never once mentioned Jesus Christ in his address but consider that he made his pitch to the entire world where Christians, especially the decent, Christ-followers are in minority.
        His speech, if you listened to it, was of a decidedly anti-talmudic bent, even though he never referred to the Synagogue of Satan directly either.
        He railed repeatedly against exceptionalism, elitism and contempt for the materially less fortunate, against usury and debt slavery – what could be more anti-semitic?

        If at my backyard bbq party I served you “burnt chunks of a cow corpse” instead of “wing steak” (same stuff), would you have rejected it in disgust?
        What’s in the name …

  7. OH, now i see, Franklin boy is a HOlohoax believer!!

    I had sensed that and even directly asked him but he declined to provide and answer.
    But now it is clear. This is the reason Franklin also believes Hitler wanted to exterminate tens of millions of Slavs for living space, wipe out entire cities in Russia and all that. Now it all makes good sense. He even does the usual holo believer Euthanasia connection to the jewish holohoax. All this crap has been debunked already.

    Frankie boy, Carolyn never wrote one revisionist book that I’m aware of; She is not a prominent revisionist researcher. Plus we do not even know what she replied to u anyway.
    You r lazy Frank, instead of reading a few of the more than a dozen books that the revisionists have puplished in the past 15 years, you go ask Carolyn about it.

    I bet you never read even one revisionist book in your life. The revisionists have addressed the “demographic” issue, but of course what really matters is that they have proven the gas chamber story to be a huge war propaganda hoax. The Einsatzgruppen shootings are also greatly exagerated and taken out of context.
    BTW, the figures of dead poles you attribute to the Germans, as in the germans having murdered them or something, are a joke as well.
    But heck, you even said the german soldiers raped 10 millions russian women or some such crap!
    At least now I know where u r coming from.

  8. I’m a relative “newbie” here. Has there been an absence of Jewish posters during the last couple of days because of Yom Kippur? 2015 …… 22 & 23 September. It’s important to out the “cryptos” and shabbos goy.

    Yom Kippur
    The Day of Atonement is the most solemn of Holy Days in the Jewish calendar. It is devoted to fasting and prayer as Jews strive to reaffirm their faith so it may be a guiding force in their daily lives and a reminder to engage in the pursuit of justice, acts of kindness for others, and study. Traditionally observant Jews do not work, attend school, answer the telephone, drive, or use the COMPUTER on Yom Kippur.

  9. Franklin goes:
    “Khamenei can accuse the US of many things but not of causing “poverty and backwardness and ethnic and religious differences” in the region.”

    Really?? The fact of the matter is that he can.
    First, bc the US and its allies and local stooges have been working day and night to make the sectarian differences, which do exist, much worse, more virulent and violent.
    This is all very well documented.
    Also, of course that the US IS greatly helping to impoverish the MENA region.
    Destroying stable and relatively prosperous and secular governments, bringing war and extremism to the region, such as in Lybia, Iraq, Syria. The sanctions against Iran.
    Not to mention the anglo-american coup d’état in 53 in Iran, which destroyed the nascent iranian democracy, just bc the iranian prime minister was a nationalist and not a puppet.(operation ajax).
    Putting Iran under years of sanctions, same for Iraq, unconditionally supporting your israeli heroes stranggle palestinian economy, i could go on.

    Palestine was not a country but it was a Nation. Stop lying about them.
    I take you would not dispute that Germans are the indigenous people of Germany and Italians of Italy. The Palestinians are the indigenous people of Palestine.
    The Palestinians are, for the most part, the indigenous population of the region, not descendents from Muslim arab conquerors.
    I’ve told you this already and you keep ignoring it, even if your precious wikipedia has this to say on them: “Genetic research studies suggests that some or perhaps MOST of the present-day Palestinians have roots that go back to before the 7th century, maybe even ancient inhabitants of the area.[100]
    Nebel et al. (2000). “High-resolution Y chromosome haplotypes of Israeli and Palestinian Arabs reveal geographic substructure and substantial overlap with haplotypes of Jews” 107. Human Genetics. pp. 630–641.”According to historical records part, or perhaps the majority, of the Muslim Arabs in this country descended from local inhabitants, mainly Christians and Jews, who had converted after the Islamic conquest in the seventh century AD (Shaban 1971; Mc Graw Donner 1981). These local inhabitants, in turn, were descendants of the core population that had lived in the area for several centuries, some even since prehistorical times (Gil 1992)… Thus, our findings are in good agreement with the historical record…”

    Stop with the zio propaganda, Franklin. It’s starting to stink up the place.

    Let’s be clear: There was NO expulsion of the indigenous population of Palestine by the arab muslim invaders. What jewish propagandists generally claim instead, is that, at the end of the 66-70 CE war against the Romans, they were expelled by them, starting the diaspora. That would have been the Europeans first major crime against the poor things, Except it NEVER HAPPENED either. All of this is covered in detail in a book by Israeli historian Shlomo Sand.

  10. “No. Actually the reason is simple if unpalatable. They hate us because we meddle, and have meddled. They hate us because we are the most murderous nation on the planet. They hate our insufferable smugness.”

    Bullshit. I’ve traveled the world over with Médecins Sans Frontières. Most foreigners don’t know or care about America at all unless America is directly occupying their entire country (as opposed to just one or two military bases). Americans are not hated at all. They aren’t that important to the world. Most countries are second or third world. They don’t have a news media 24/7 bombarding them with American propaganda and have limited exposure to the American Zio-Government. They don’t care about politics or the UN or the Jewish Question.

    “People remember slights.”

    Another lie. HBO did a documentary about the atomic bombings in Japan (White Light, Black Rain) and they showed that most young Japanese have no idea about the end of WWII. Why? Because they would rather focus on arcade games and socializing with their friends. Not worrying about century or millennium old war grudges or dead soldiers.

    Most American don’t even care about 9/11 anymore and are so jaded by the War on Terror that they don’t care about our troops coming home and getting medical care. And now that the boogeyman of Bin Laden is gone……there isn’t anyone to really demonize. The media is working on building up it’s “next Hitler” for sure. But the “slight” of 9/11 has already run out of steam. The government can’t say “we need to invade Iran…because of 9/11”.

    Will 9/11 ever justify another war again? I doubt it. The government will need a new 9/11 for a new war. Another false flag to justify more war. The author of this piece is clueless about foreign action and the American taxpayer’s appetite for war. We were tired of the War on Terror before Bush’s second term was over. The fact is that the majority of Americans were against Vietnam, WWII, and WWI while those wars were going on. But the Jewish media makes it like EVERYONE had a victory garden in WWII. And that people were not sympathetic to our “poor soldiers” coming back from Vietnam. And that WWI was some huge success story back home.

    How do most pathetic WWII veterans, if any are even alive, justify their genocidal campaign? “Hey….we were fighting against Hitler and his Holocaust”. Our government had to manufacture a huge lie to justify their war. No different than 9/11 or Tonkin and so on. And if the media didn’t BOMBARD us with Holocaust books, movies, TV shows, video games, action figures, comics, and documentaries about the Holocaust then NO ONE would care.

    “Stalin did this sort of thing. So did Adolf. So did Pol Pot.”

    What? Citation needed. Is he referring to Adolf Hitler? The mastermind behind the Holohoa….I mean Holocaust. The author is yet another clueless Zio-stooge. So far he’s blamed America on everything without naming Jews or the Synagogue of Satan once. Sounds like another Alex Jones type liar. Let’s read on and see if the Jewish Question is answered.

    “People detest condescension.”

    Is he speaking about his writing style?

    “Americans obviously are not stupid people.”

    Ask the average American if they believe in the Holocaust. Then ask them to name ten NFL players. Then give you ten quotes from The King James Bible. You’ll see what the priorities are for Americans. Deny God. Deny Christ. Worship the NFL. Believe in Global Warming, Evolution, the Big Bang, the Holocaust. Worship Hollywood. People probably reading this comment. thinking that they are not fooled by Jews will think “Wait, what? Evolution is a lie like the Holocaust?”. Yes it is.

    “Often Americans just don’t care what others think. This of course plays into the hands of Hugo Chavez and bin Laden.”

    Is this the same Bin Laden who was magically disappeared into the ocean? Who claimed to have nothing to do with 9/11 on tape? Who was once a CIA asset helping to fight against Russians in another costly proxy war? That Bin Laden? Bin Laden played no one. He lived and died as a CIA pawn and his dead body was dragged out by Obama for more political theater.


    I thought this website was supposed to avoid Zio-propaganda? I guess this piece fell through the cracks?

    1. @ Dr Parker

      “I thought this website was supposed to avoid Zio-propaganda? I guess this piece fell through the cracks.”

      You are assuming that we are under obligation to publish only articles whose ideas we all agree with and which demonstrate our undeviating, collective anti-Zionism. Why do you assume this?

      We reserve the right to publish articles that contradict our own viewpoint and the commonly held viewpoints of most of our readers. 99% of us here do not believe in 9/11 or the Holocaust. This does NOT mean that every article we publish here must be by a writer who takes a similarly skeptical view of 9/11 and the Holocaust. Are you guys telling us we must never publish Israel Shamir because he happens to be a Jew? A Jew who believes in the Holocaust and that the Arabs did 9/11?

      Frankly, our commenters have every right to object to some of the articles we publish because they don’t like those writers or the ideas they promote. But they have no right to attack the administrators of this website for publishing those same objectionable articles, falsely assuming we admire those writers and approve of their objectionable ideas.

      We have already published a short article entitled, “Why I am an anti-Semite”. (By Franklin Ryckaert). This doesn’t mean we are guilty of wrongdoing if we publish an article putting the opposite viewpoint, an article with the title: “Why I Back Israel And Love The Jews.”

      We would be quite willing to publish such a pro-Jewish article. No problem! But anyone who thinks that by publishing such an article we reveal ourselves as crypto-Jews running a Zionist website is sadly mistaken.

    2. Dr Parker,

      “I thought this website was supposed to avoid Zio-propaganda? I guess this piece fell through the cracks?”

      I think you’ll find that what this article has done is allowed constructive criticism within the Darkmoon forum. The best way to defeat a way of thinking is to openly challenge it and this website does just that. Your reply epitomises this way of thinking. It’s just a pity that Lasha’s website and all like it aren’t readily advertised for the majority to see. It would drastically change their way of thinking and greatly help in defeating the drive for world government, a world banking system and of course, the globalist, totalitarian, socialist state.

      Could you imagine, for instance, if there were and article that the majority of westerners had access to, that smashed the myth of the holocaust, with both sides putting their views across? The msm, hides the truth. It promotes constant mind numbing, celebrity, whether it be from the worlds of film, pop music, sports or reality TV, in order to keep the public constantly chasing their tails. They know that were the truth exposed, the Jewish population would drastically decrease along with politicians and other public figures, being hanged from lamposts, after being disemboweled by a very angry public.

      At least, for the time being, we have the freedom to discuss and prove the lies of history with solid facts with sites such as Lasha’s. I realised a long time ago that Lasha puts up articles that are very much against her stance in life. We need this in order to see and destroy the falsehoods, continually being promoted to indoctrinate an already heavily indoctrinated public.

      1. @ Harbinger

        I realised a long time ago that Lasha puts up articles that are very much against her stance in life….

        Thanks, Harbie. You’ve hit the nail on the head. You are very clever and perceptive to see this. But others lack your acumen. The only articles they think we should publish are articles that echo their own viewpoints. Otherwise we are “crypto-Jews” spreading “Zionist propaganda”! 🙂

    3. Doc –

      You are correct. Very few people outside of the military action areas hate Americans. And even there, some run by the hundreds to surrender for MREs and a pillow.

      My wife spent the last month in France and experienced no hate. We have relatives living in Annecy, who work in Geneva. She did not care for being searched at the Louie Vuitton Shop in Paris, but they searched all who entered.

      Fred is using ‘hot-button’ points… to gather eyeballs… to sell his books.

      We know it is ‘booze bluster’ best suited for use at the American Legion Hall’s pub on the bank of Lake Chapala.


      Even 70 yr old clowns can be funny… 🙂

      1. @ Pat

        Very few people outside of the military action areas hate Americans….My wife spent the last month in France and experienced no hate.

        How nice for you and your wife to feel so loved! The fact is, Pat, most people are nice and don’t go up to American tourists in Paris and spit in their faces! But they are perfectly capable of holding the “typical”, loud-mouthed, arrogant, the-world-belongs-to-me type of American sonofabitch in TOTAL contempt!!!

        In the academic circles in which I move, America and Israel are equated, and America is hated because of its incestuous support for Israel.

        You are a great one for quoting polls. So why don’t you face up to reality? Here is a poll that puts the US at the top of the list of the world’s most hated nations!

        Israel comes in a close second.


      2. You are hilarious Sard —-
        …..always making things up…. 🙂 🙂

        I know polls are manufactured and phony inventions of Pharisees. I do not reference them at all.

        Sooooo you still have no clue about what I think or know…. While I see you support and believe lying Pharisee crap….. from Eisner’s ABC..!!

        Have some green tea with your Abbot… or maybe Costello…. while YOU read the Pharisee polls together in Osaka. 🙂

        (You just had to butt in..and I had to swipe.)

      3. @ Pat

        I’ve nothing against you personally, Pat, and have complimented you several times on your informative and fascinating comments, but you know damn well that Americans are almost universally detested. It’s not only every poll one comes across, it’s the people I speak to everywhere.

        Last time I was in Canada I asked some Canadians what they thought of guys across the border. Without exception, they told me that individual yanks could be found who were okay but by and large you were all the worst people they’d ever come across. I’m talking en masse, Pat. I’m willing to concede that you and your wife may be the nicest people under the sun, but unfortunately you and your wife do not represent the American people as they are perceived in the minds of the rest of the world.

        Take yourself, for example. A pretty nice guy. Far above average intelligence. But have you ever conceded a point to me or anyone else on this website? Have you ever been been able to admit you were wrong? To give ground? No, dear Pat, not once! Yep, NOT ONCE! 🙂

        I regard this as an American trait which all your American leaders take in foreign affairs. You are all hated because you cannot admit you are fallible and capable of screwing up big time. You screwed up in Vietnam big time, didn’t you? How many innocent Vietnamese women and children did you personally kill, Pat? How much napalm did you help to drop on helpless civilians? You and your My Lai buddies on March 16, 1968?

        No tears of remorse from Pat, are there, for the war crimes of his people? Oh no, that would expecting too much! Because this is how Americans are known to behave everywhere they go: as remorseless bullies who are always, ALWAYS in the right!

        So you followed the dictates of your Jewish master Henry Kissinger in Vietnam. You Yanks kissed the feet of the Jew Kissinger and went to war for the Jewish tribe. And you can’t admit it, Pat, can you? You can’t say, “I’m sorry.” 🙂

        And you’re still at it , Pat— in Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria and Libya and Palestine, helping to fight the Jews’ wars and pretending you are never in the wrong, always in the right, as you murder you way through life!

        Not YOU personally, Pat, but your people who have lost the way and fallen under the Jewish yolk.

      4. Sard –

        Your “Academic Circle” members would never stand for your using ‘yolk’ instead of ‘yoke.’
        Back to the books for you.. 🙂

        I am not surprised at your comments. You are still confused.

        I know what… You have become too intoxicated with the elixir of the mesmerizing abundance of alphabet letters behind the proper names in your “Academic Circles” to actually read and learn something yourself. You just like to be seen at the ‘back-patters’ club. “That’s the ticket.”

        And your “Academic Circle” buddies are always ready to compromise at the first sign of confrontation or conflict. Academia-types give up too easily out of the classroom, in real life…. Get shedda dat crap..

        I rarely compromise since I turned 70…. most have agreed with me anyway a few decades after they told me I was wrong. I have come out way ahead when I err on my side of the arguments. Time on earth counts very heavily.

        Like I stated before.. YOU make things up.

        So… to help you there with facts… I shall present to you numerous example of my agreements with other commenters here…just…. This week..!!!

        I even told JFC I didn’t know. Imagine that..!

        AND… I DID finally compromise with Lobro on Putin’s ONE plan… Imagine how bitter THAT pill was for me.. 🙁

        Now…. Go turn that Sardonic smile into a ‘big ole grin’ for us… since we are engaging in confrontation you seem to adore so much. 🙂

        You just like to argue. Get the Abbott-n-Costello guys to let you get on back to your wife and run her boyfriend ‘outta yo crib….’ Find out “Who’s on First.”

        We gotz dis heah thang cuvvud, bro…


        September 23, 2015 at 2:42 pm
        Ungenius –
        Sharon owned Hamas.
        This may help from almost 15 years back:

        September 23, 2015 at 1:02 pm
        Ungenius –
        You are correct.

        September 22, 2015 at 11:17 pm
        Carl –
        The head Jesuit is visiting the US Plantation as I write this. He just came from the Jesuit trained Castro Camp in Cuba.

        September 24, 2015 at 4:06 pm
        JFC –
        I cannot refute or support the claims of the counters of populations.


        September 19, 2015 at 4:57 pm
        AG –
        Correct. Khazars are not semites.

        September 19, 2015 at 11:34 pm
        AG –
        Thanks for the follow-up.
        You are correct.

        September 19, 2015 at 5:04 pm
        Correct, Harb –
        “NATION” comes from the same word as did ‘nascent’…. “new born.”

        September 19, 2015 at 6:20 pm
        “REQUIRING Russian companies that have Western loans to DEFAULT.”

        I like it..!! This IS a plan. Thanks, lobro.

        The best way to be free of Pharisee control is remove the chains of THEIR debt-laden systems.

        I’ll give credit to my Russian (distant)cousins when it’s due.


        “Not once..!!” was correct, I gave ground numerous times.

        Upgrade your guesses, Sard…. while you have some tea. 🙂

      5. Been wondering how to apologise to Pat, since he doesn`t like me apologising, but, I have to say that I`ve been feeling bad, thinking that I alienated Pat, who has always been supportive..

      6. Ingrid –

        Don’t feel that way. You surely may have your opinions about me…
        ….and I shall not be offended.

        Here’s the deal:
        I rebuked personal character attacks on you….. although, I do not agree with much in your social stances.

        I stand NOT alienated… by you, at least for a few minutes. 🙂

        BTW… Sard just had to make up for taking heat for supporting me. No biggie. Life in DM forests.

      7. @Pat, I agree with many of your social stances, but drew the line when you labeled ME Muslims as wife beaters, and cowards, just as I dislike Islam being compared unfavorably to Christianity.. btw, I am neither Christian, or a follower of Islam..

  11. Reading these comments ,I am more and more positive about an American renaissance. There is knowledge, there is awareness and love of truth. Sometimes looking at what has became the once beatiful America, you could feel hopeless, the same as we do in Europe ourselves, but nothing is lost,. The world does not hate americans, since they are not in control of theyr nation, and there is not an anglo american empire , but a satanic deceitful jewish domination. The all world is looking forward to us , waiting for the moment we break free from these demons. The struggle starts in our hearts, The faith in truth and justice demand action, and the example of the bravest among us will lead the best forces of our nations to freedom. Cultural bolshevism won’t prevail, money can’t buy everything. God bless America , European America and Europe , Let’s get them back from the jews. We must do it. For our children and for our ancestors. God bless you all .

    1. @ Roman

      Yes, there is an awakening in progress in the USA. Still not many know the true origin of the problems, but they know that way too many things are not right. Distrust of the government is at an all time high. The jews are losing their propaganda/brainwashing assets, TV and newsprint. Newsprint is dead and TV viewing is dropping at about 10% per year. The full time news channels do not have enough viewers to maintain themselves and would totally collapse if they were not being subsidized by cable and satellite companies. The internet is becoming the place to go to get news, so people are getting exposed to more truth. Government false flags aimed at gaining more gun control are having the reverse effect. Each false flag generates surges in weapon and ammo purchases, the exact opposite of what is desired by the government.

      The world is not waiting for America to rebel against their jewish masters. Most of the world, about 120 nations, have pledged to evacuate the jewish financial system. China has been steadily undercutting the jewish financial system over the past 25 years. Russia has joined with China rather aggressively during the past 2 years. The jewish financial system is currently experiencing some very stressful conditions as a result. Their only solution is to flood the markets with vast amounts of worthless money trying to buy time before their control completely evaporates which will result in their well deserved end as history repeats itself.

      Big changes are on the near horizon and it will not be good for the jews anywhere in the world. They wanted globalization so they will not have anywhere to hide, unintended consequences.

  12. All in ALL… I see more jealousy of US than hate….. mostly from leaders, not the people.

    THE other countries want to make money like Americans. They chase and dream of the US successes…
    …. for themselves..!!

    Pravda reveals why Russia lags behind the US in technology and manufacturing and has so many failures:


    In 2012, Nikolai Panichev, Minister for the Machine-Building industry of the USSR in 1986-1991, gave some EXTRAORDINARY reasons for Russia being so far behind the US in Technology, Electronics and Machinery.

    Panichev stated that in 1990 the leaders were so eager to concentrate on export sales of oil and gas for profits… they neglected ALL of those important industries.(3:50)

    At (3:30) he stated a Controls Manufacturing plant in St Petersburg, which was brand new in 1990, was converted to a CIGARETTE manufacturing company…!!

    At (4:05) he stated that the Russian reformers stopped making jets for military at one plant and started making Chinese BICYCLES..!!

    Now… oil prices are down… Russian profits are down…

    What a bunch of dummies… in Russia… the ‘paper bear.’

  13. Pat replies to Sardonicus:
    “You are hilarious Sard —-…..always making things up…”

    Really, Pat? From my observations of your writings, you seem to be projecting your own tendencies upon Sardonicus.
    You do make up a lot of stuff. Not to mention some of the mickey mouse stuff you post belong in la la land, and I’m being very nice when i say that.

    Pat, American manufacturing has largely disappeared and with it the US Middle class is also slowly going the way of the Mohicans. If the world were to reject to Dollar scam, your glorious zamerica would turn into a 3rd world banana republic in no time. Us infrastructure is also experiencing for some time a sharp decline.
    Dr.Roberts, who was assistant secretary of the Treasury during President Reagan’s first term, tells it like it is in his book ‘How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds’

    As for Russia, despite indeed many serious mistakes in terms of its economy, I must say their military industries are turning out excellent weapon systems, some of which are, in fact, better than their zamerican counterparts.

    Actually, some US weapon systems are hugely expensive turkeys. Think the F-35.
    Pierrey Sprey explains https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxDSiwqM2nw

    Imagine all the corruption that goes on re the Industrial military complex, the financial system, etc. It’s mind mind boggling. In fact, ZUSA is one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

    1. Luca goes:
      “You do make up a lot of stuff. Not to mention some of the mickey mouse stuff you post belong in la la land, and I’m being very nice when i say that.”

      Stop being so nice to me, Luca. I win when you display a lack of control and resort to name-calling and belittling me…. Like you do with so many here. Cuss and scream ‘a blue streak’ for me. 🙂

      I like MY rumors and guesses waaay better than your rumors and guesses.

      You use too much MSM info and their references.

      BUT… thanks for inviting me.


      Here is a good one….. (Circassian provided us this video a year or so ago.)

      Russia cannot even afford their own military….!!

      In the video below from Pravda, at the (5:00) mark they admit that the owners of the Russian nuclear submarine plant were a New Zealand company. They could not locate the owners for a year…!! So much for Russia’s naval weapons capabilities..!!
      “Please New Zealand..
      ….build Mr Putin a new submarine…on the cheap..!” 🙂

      Here is another example… as told by a Russian Nobel Prize winner. You can claim to know more than he does. Russia cannot afford nuclear weapons… and that’s before oil prices depressions of today:

      Atomic bomb capability of Russia in 2012

      Pravda.Ru presents Part II of “The Unknown Putin” documentary made by Russian journalist Andrei Karaulov. “So you think you know Putin?”

      At the (9:50) mark of the 3rd segment of the 4 part interview on YouTube, Pravda’s Russian journalist Andrei Karaulov(AK), interviews Russia’s Physics Nobel Prize Winner in 2000, Zhores Ivanovich Alfyorov (ZA).


      “I’d like to ask a question to Nobel Prize winner, Zhores Alfyorov.”
      “If the Russian Federation had a goal today to build the A-bomb… would we be able to do that, as Stalin did after the war?”

      “NO. Of course NOT.”


      Oh, well. Fear the ‘Paper Bear’… y’all.

      1. There are no nuclear bombs whatsoever; no country has none… another zio hoax.!

        Enough to list the names of who “worked” on “nuclear bomb” during WWII – all one Jew name after another…

      1. @Ingrid

        Poor Norway! But Zusa, in complicity with their euro nato stooges, will push this mega-expensive Lemon on the air forces of as many euro stupids as they can!
        Most of the cost has been shouldered by the dumb zamerican taxpayers… but they want the europeans to pay for some of it too.

  14. We read in the Fred Reed article:
    “For example, many South Americans believe their countries to be poor because of exploitation by America. This isn’t true, which doesn’t matter at all.”

    As Red Onions, Wiggins and Arch Stanton have noted, this is not entirely correct.
    US interventionism against nationalist/progressive leaders in South America – and all over the World – have hurt many countries in various ways, including economically.
    If we look, for instance, at Brazil, which is South Americas largest economy and the world’s 7th largest, and study its history during the 20/21 centuries, we find the US meddling badly hurting the country. Brazils nationalist and progressive president, Getúlio Vargas, seen as the best the country ever had, was brought down twice in 1945 and 1954(when he killed himself) by anglo/american coups. It would happen again, under the pretext of fighting Communism, in 1964, when the Goulart government(which was not communist at all) was removed by a military coup. Again, behind the Brazilian civilian and military ring leaders, stood the US, acting from behind.
    While I’m not suggesting Brazil would be a Germany or a Japan, it’s likely it could be doing better, if it had not been so badly disrupted.
    The key is to see that direct US military intervention is but the tip of the iceberg.
    The US elite generally works to promote the traitors in every corner of the globe, so these people can serve it as stooges, while obviously getting rich in the process.
    This kind of infiltration can be seen everywhere, including in Russia and China, to say nothing of pathetic, emasculated Europe.
    The way forward for Europe, and for the European ethnic groups to survive, is to realize their interests do not lie with Washington.
    Europe must break with US/Jew dominance, exit useless(for Europe) NATO(a tool through which zusa controls europe and white-washes its many crimes) and look East, towards Eurasia.
    Also it is necessary to review the whole EU thing.
    European countries, cooperating but keeping their national identities and working towards integration(in the economic sense ) with Eurasia, that would work for Europe.
    And that, folks, is precisely what the Jewnited States do not want to see unfold.
    So far, Zusa has been successful. Will Europe go to hell at the altar of zamerican exceptionalism and the Wolfowitz doctrine?

    – Marcus Tullius Cicero stated:
    A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.
    But it cannot survive treason from within.
    An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

    This infiltration model – which the joos are so good at – is a key weapon in Zusas arsenal, much more dangerous than its war planes, navy, etc.

    1. Saw footage yesterday, of the Brazilian president, standing with Merkel, and others, who want changes in the UNSC. re. the EU, I agree. I thought it was a bad idea from the start. Member countries can no longer make their own rules. A number of years ago, I was traveling by bus in Scotland, and the driver pointed out a spot where a lorry transporting cattle had left the road, and ploughed into a house. The EU was to blame. They restricted the number of cattle allowed, and when those on the upper level all moved to one side, the driver lost control. Just one little tragic tale out of many..

  15. Please, nobody speak bad of American people 🙂
    They are the mixture of the best immigrants from all around Europe, they are good quality people!
    But they are the 1st victims of pharisee mafia, also… they don’t give them proper education and proper value system through what is supposed to be the arts…
    So, no, we don’t hate America, but those usurpators who usurped that good quality nation!

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