Will Americans be enslaved by their government?

. . . by Ungenius

A comment in refutation of the many misconceptions
put forward by the previous article, “America’s Self-Destruction.” 


Misinformation seems to being running rampant on this topic.

The author of the previous article doesn’t really know what “fragging” means. It is not shooting your commanding officer, it is rolling a fragmentation grenade into his sleeping quarters which means you usually get more than one at a time. Training people to kill without remorse has always resulted in the occasional shooting of a commanding officer for as long as there has been guns. It has happened in all wars.

“Fragging” was particularly prevalent during the Vietnam War. That war ended in what was essentially a troop revolt — leading to the withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam.

“Fragging” also resulted in the elimination of the military draft and the establishment of the all volunteer military. The government learned their lesson and have not forgotten it, which is why there has not been a draft since the Vietnam War.

The author has apparently not kept up with the record number of arms and ammo acquisitions by the American public during the past 8 to 9 years. The American public is far from being an unarmed civilian population as the author seems to think. Instead, the American population is the most heavily armed population in the history of mankind, replacing Russia prior to the Jewish-led Russian Revolution.

The Jews conned the Russian out of their guns before they commenced the mass slaughter of Russians between 1917 and 1953.

Americans have proven more than once just recently, that they will not give up their weapons because of some horrific false flag operation. Instead, they buy even more and more guns and ammo. The Jewish money power and their stooge government would already have declared martial law and begun taking up weapons if they thought they could get away with it.

As for the fear mongering about Jade Helm, the last place that the idiots in charge would consider taking up weapons and rounding up people would be in the southern USA which is where most of the operations are to take place. Way too many heavily armed Southerners still remember the Civil War and would not just lie down and take it like portions of the northeastern USA would do.

According to reliable sources, to remain nameless, you could lump about 75% of the police forces into that same category of Southerners, contrary to what the author indicates. Most of the police forces, in other words, would desert the police and join the people they were told to shoot.

For those that think that the Chinese or Russians would help the USA conquer the population, you are in booga-booga fantasy land. They are way smarter that that. Both these countries know that it is not the American people that they have to worry about, it’s the government that reigns over the American people.

If the Chinese were really about acquisition of additional territory, they would invade a neighbor rather than a country an ocean away. The Chinese have enough troops to conquer Korea, North and South, with sticks if they wanted to.

If the Chinese or Russians are involved, they will supply arms to the American people. They would help to arm and finance the revolutionaries, not help the American government to enslave and oppress its own people.

As for being afraid of the US military, the number of man-on-man rapes during the past few years within the US military is staggering. Men more concerned about putting their members into other men’s orifices are unfit to fight wars and would stand no chance  against the men and women of this country defending their children and homes,  their relatives and community.

Based on the number of pink guns sold lately, there are lots of women out there who would be every bit as deadly as men when it comes to resisting. Even if a small fraction of the civilian population actively resists the US military, the military is way outnumbered and, consequently, out gunned. And that is considering only the arms that the government knows about.

The author of the article also incorrectly assumes that civilian resistance will be organized. He is incorrect. Which is why the government will lose. Playing a man by his own rules by organizing ensures defeat.

Guerrilla warfare, which is the way to resist efficiently, is not organized. It  lasts until the organized force is exterminated. This is because there is no one for the organized aggressor — in this case the American government — to negotiate with. By its own nature, guerilla warfare is a war to the death — the death of the aggressor.  This is the reason why Iraq was neutralized but why Afghanistan has not been.

Apparently the author does not realize that the Ferguson and Baltimore events were Soros funded and fueled unrests. The great racial hatred that the author describes is more propaganda than factual. Race baiting by the media and the government, both under Jewish control, proves it — or they would not be promoting it. There are lots of integrated neighborhoods in the USA where people of different ethnic backgrounds get along quite well together.

America, contrary to the thesis of this mistaken author, will not be “destructed”. Rather, the regime that runs America will be destroyed.

If pushed too far, America will be reborn — free of the Jewish money power. Americans will not be enslaved. They will not be defeated by their own Jewish-run government.

It will be the Jews, and the government lackeys who serve the Jews, who will be swept away by the tides of history. 

58 thoughts to “Will Americans be enslaved by their government?”

    1. So let’s see if I got this straight

      This is a gift from mother nature in the form of an asteroid patriot that’s gonna run interference for the gun-totin human patriots in the South?

      We’ll name it Stonewall

      Rebel yell!!

      1. South — in my comment was Mexico and Central America…. refugees… ‘camping in’ at the Walmarts.

    2. I guess I felt the need for some yucks.

      Chalk it up to being so weary of it all, eh?

    3. “America, contrary to the thesis of this mistaken author, will not be “destructed”. Rather, the regime that runs America will be destroyed. If pushed too far, America will be reborn — free of the Jewish money power. Americans will not be enslaved. They will not be defeated by their own Jewish-run government. It will be the Jews, and the government lackeys who serve the Jews, who will be swept away by the tides of history.”

      Be still my beating heart! How magnificent – if only this were true.

      However, what Ungenius states about the south is exactly why the ZAG would be staging exercises in that area. The ZAG has no need to deal with the namby-pamby Yankee mushrooms who gave up their second amendment rights long ago. Instead they need to deal with the portion of the population most likely to resist their assault. The ZAG needs to familiarize its troops with the various locales, terrain, customs and general attitudes and outlook of the most likely potential enemy. This is exactly why events like Jade Helm have been staged in these various Southern locations. Check out the Soviet familiarization class in the movie the “9th Company”. (Along with the soviet produced “Ballad of a Soldier”, this is perhaps one of the best antiwar movies ever made. Leave it to the Russians to paint the stark reality of war in all its horrible details.)

      Waco was just such a test and the Texans came through with flying colors – for the Jews. Everyone I heard at the time stood four square behind the government’s assault on Waco. The phrase “YEE HA! We’re gonna have us a Bar-B-Q!” is forever burned into my memory. There were few, very few, voices (mine among them) saying at the time that Waco was an utter travesty of justice along with everything America once stood for. It should have been corrected immediately with a general uprising and attack on the government forces in defense of American citizenry. One interesting point is when the FBI contacted the Texas Rangers, they refused to have anything to do with the carnage. These men are (or were) a tribute to what American men once stood for that made America great.

      At the time I said to many people, “This is not about Koresh or the Branch Davidians. It is not about drugs, illegal machine guns or child molesting, (the lies media liars were hammering home at the time) this is not about them, this is about you! This is about your freedom, your constitutional rights, your right to due process. This is about a direct violation of the Posse Comatatus act that was passed to prevent this very kind of atrocity. This is far bigger than any religious wac(k)o, this is about your right to be free of murderous government oppression. Once a precedent like this has been set, it opens the door for ever greater government oppression.” Was I wrong?

      I take this very same stance on gun ownership. The second Amendment is not about the right to hunt or to protect your life and property. While those points are fine and good, they are at best secondary. The right to keep and bear arms is about the ability to resist government oppression – period. The minute one begins arguing points about hunting rights and self protection, the Jews have led them down the primrose path, for it is easy enough for the government to claim that while you may have a right and a need to hunt and protect yourself and your family, the government must regulate and restrict all firearms so as to ensure the safety of the general populace.

      The one and only position that cannot be argued is the right and the need for the population to protect itself from murderous government oppression like the Russians suffered under the Jew’s Soviet occupation. Lets see a government lackey, Jew or sycophant, make the absurd argument that firearms need to be restricted and regulated to ensure the safety of the population in the event of a revolution or civil war.

      In summation, Ungenius I hope you’re right – but I fear you are mistaken.

      1. Former USAG Eric Holder helped cover up the Waco massacre.

        Americans could have another 5 million guns, but what good are they if they just set in the closet?

        What does it take to get people off their fat asses, away from their 50″ HDTV where they mainline a daily diet of sports, sex and gossip?

  1. Ungenius makes sense about guns in America.

    This might be a good place to let people know that in America….
    there are 50 to 100… and more – GUN SHOWS – every weekend. Some have multiple thousands of buyers in attendance. Really big ones in Texas… especially Houston and Dallas.

    Just one list:

  2. What a staggering contention. A vision and hope. Another Ungenius cut-through and proclomation. I’m not convinced Jade Helm is without relevance and threat. It serves plenty tactics. That commentary is divided, not a problem. The loyalty of JH participants is a neccessery tester, we should pray for the many good women and men in US and related ‘authorities’ that take a stand in amongst the corrupt and rogue.

  3. Revolt by the people in the US will consist of raiding supermarkets for goodies. Food deliveries will instantly stop. The wealthy will abandon ship and leave for Russia or China taking their money with them. A nation of stupid or unskilled workers will have no recourse but to lie down and die. Years later the elite will return to start up oil wells and fund the food exporting business.

  4. Mel –

    You have described exactly what already happened in Russia… with one exception.
    NO exporting food.
    Russia imports most of its food.

    1. To be figured into the food picture, Pat, is how Russians still grow a large part of their food themselves at home, (aka) gardens, local farms big and small, off the wagon/cart, etc. Barter for butter, hand pumps, bathrooms with cresent moons carved into the door. A lot of that sorta stuff. Nothing wrong with it, a lot right with it.

      Here in the French Creek Valley, it’s topsoil heaven.
      Worms and nightcrawlers galore. A generation ago 80% of families and individuals had a garden. Now maybe 15% do.

      A generation ago, like the Russians, Romanians, Bulgarians, Bosnians and many more right now, we had cellars full of canned tomatoes, beets, wax beans, carrots, peas, corn, cherries, grapes, peaches, plums, pears, apples and lots of jam, honey, nuts, apple and rhubarb sauce, relishes, sauerkraut, horse radish, wine, cider, brandy, beer… all home made and preserved. And of course the hunting and fishing..

      Something to consider which possibly enhances the food reality considerably. At least for the rural folks.

      1. I understand you, HP –

        You know that Moscow is 1000 miles north of FCV. Very cold there.

        If the Ruskies could figure out how to increase the temperature, to increase the growing season…. the comparison would be valid. And their lifespans might increase to equal those in FCV.
        Then, the Russian men wouldn’t have to get drunk on homemade vodka to bear the pain of the COLD hard life and low employment.

        In most places in America, we can simply… eat from – God’s Garden – the yard and roadside and forests, year-round. I do that. No need to mow what can be harvested. No planting and manicuring needed either. Birds sow the seeds.
        I even wilt and freeze pokeweed for winter. Poke is my favorite ‘free-for-the-picking’ veggie. I eat roses and dandelion also. And dozens of other plants. White oak acorns are good.

        I am NOT a slave of the supermarket shelves. No need to be a slave when I know how not to.
        Hint: Indians never mowed a yard.

      2. @HP

        Based on what I have come across on the net, HP is correct about what rural Russians are doing about growing their own food. Their growing season may be short, but they have one long enough to grow crops. Most of Russia is not like Siberia.

        A friend of mine went to Russia as a tourist several years ago. He commented that they have humongous greenhouse farms all over the place that produce crops year round.

        In the comment from Red Onions just below, obviously Russia can produce more wheat than they need or they would not be exporting it via Glencore.

        Also, the US gets most of its honeybees from Russia each year because the US pesticides and GMO’s are killing off the hives of American honeybees. Honeybees do not thrive in no growing season cold climates.

        Pat, you must not be from the USA South or you would not be eating poke weed. You would be eating poke salad. 🙂

      3. Want to drop a few (40) pounds?
        Want to feel and be healthier?
        Want to experience nature at her best?

        Besides the from the garden canning, freezing and cellar storage there’s this guy who really is one of the all time great Americans.
        He has some of the best advise/instructions you’ll ever find.
        For men, women and children.

        Already this year the fiddleheads, leeks and delicious wild asparagus are ready..

        Euell Gibbons: Stalking the Wild Asparagus

      4. Ungenius –

        As I have stated many times… all of us are guessing about any of the attributes of the commenters here. That guess was incorrect. No harm done. Especially since I have traveled and moved around so much. You would be very surprised at my background.

        My use of ‘pokeweed’ in lieu of ‘poke salad’ provokes comments, like yours, and leads to more discussions… my intention. Ulterior motives.
        I want all my neighbors to learn to eat for free NOW… so they can forage for themselves rather than my having to shoot them for stealing mine.

        I have been trying for over 50 years to educate my Southern family and friends to use the term ‘pokeweed’ instead of ‘poke salad’…. for clarity….. since ‘poke salad’ was not found in dictionaries back then, but ‘pokeweed’ was. (My engineering was showing.)

        The word ‘poke’ is derived from the Indian word for ‘blood’ – poccan – because the berries were used as a ‘blood-red’ dye.

        ‘Pokeweed’ is my favorite green vegetable. I bottle the ‘pot-liquor’ and use it for soup stock and for cooking other greens, like dandelion, plantain and chickweed… also FREE. I dry and crush ‘pokeweed’ leaves and use it as if it were oregano or basil… for flavoring.
        My mom even made cobblers with the berries from her ‘poke salad’ “pickins.”

        Everyone should learn to eat their yards…. to reduce potential SLAVERY, rather than killing their FREE food with Roundup. The ads show dandelions as the enemy. HA!! …. Enemy to grocery stores.

        BTW – ‘Adirondack’ is the Iroquois/Mohawk word for ‘tree-eaters’… Adirondacks ate the inner bark of elm as a staple. Made flour and baked with it.

      5. Euell Gibbons – my man

        Supermarkets? We don’t need no stinkin’ supermarkets!

    2. Glencore, run by the South African Jew Ivan Glasenburg (pals with heir apparent Nat Rothschild) buys wheat from Russia. In fac,t Glencore is storing up loads of grain in warehouses. Glencore was formerly Marc Rich AG … Marc Rich the Jew CIA/Mossad Agent who sold Iranian oil to Israel. Marc Rich US tax evader, who would do a deal with the devil, but Billy Clinton pardoned him.

      “As the Linda Leah unloaded in a corner of Rotterdam’s 35km long port last week, only a circling flock of hungry seagulls suggested that the ship contained anything other than another haul of iron ore or coal. The two days it took to unload the ship marked just a fragment of a huge, largely- unseen process which we rely upon to feed the world. Behind it? Glencore. It’s said that children today do not know where the food on their plate comes from. But the chances are most adults are also unaware of the role the Swiss commodities giant has played in the food chain.

      Glencore was the biggest company you had never heard of until its record-breaking float last May saw it catapulted into the wider consciousness. Since then, much of the attention it has drawn to itself has focused on its huge coal and oil businesses. Yet its Rotterdam-based agricultural arm, producing and trading commodities such as grain, oils and sugar, accounted for 7pc of its $145bn (£93bn) revenues in 2010. Glencore is Russia’s biggest grain exporter; handles around a tenth of the world’s seaborne trade in grains; and expects its new seed-crushing plant in Argentina to be the biggest in the world. The 1,100 wagons its agribusiness owns or leases in the EU, rival the German state railway’s agrifleet for size. So should we be concerned that the trading giant – no other company comes close to doing what Glencore does, on the same scale – has such a reach over our food supply?


      1. Great info, RO – Thanks.

        I never heard of Glencore. I am glad I provoked this response from you.

  5. Yes, I’m back, back for a moment, I’m back to kick some common sense into whoever wrote this crap. Not that it’s all crap but when dealing in the reality of reality today its not wise to let poppycock cloud the heads of the easily swayed, self proclaimed “wise”, who in all truth are just awakening. We need you. We need you knowing the full scale of what is coming your way VERY SOON and this so you’re not caught off guard when the SHTF.

    What is coming is the PERFECT STORM all courtesy of the “Jew” in order to EXTERMINATE you– if they can.

    Allow me to address this article point by point.

    1. Good name by the way UN-Genius. Accurate, which is a perfect mind control technique to allow one to open the backdoor to one’s subconscious so as to program the vacuums in understanding.
    2. Misinfo is indeed everywhere today and your article is proof positive of it.
    3. “Troop revolt” did not end Vietnam. fragging did not end Vietnam. Vietnam was a Jew Zio operation from start to finish to incrementally push forth the Jewish counter culture war against traditional white/Christian America. The Jewish counter culture war at home is what forced Nixon into a withdraw with honor. Later the “Jews” framed him doing what all politicians do via Watergate so as to capitalize on the fact that America’s people wouldn’t allow his successor to come back to the South Vietnamese rescue (as per our agreement) once the North invaded breaking all of the agreements on our the treaty with them. Vietnam could have been won in 8 months had not all of our plans been secretly given to the secretary general of the UN for approval who was a Soviet Jewish General from it’s founding to 1991. In short, the “Jews” controlled both sides of it like they have done in all wars this century.
    4. It is true America is the most heavily armed people on the planet but we have always been.
    5. We have been under Martial Law since 1860. Check the Lieber Code which is part of the Lincoln’s Corporation Government that is to be a service Corporation, not our organic which he lost and couldn’t re-seat per his plans due to his assassination.
    6. The SW and Texas is being targeted because the invasion of America will come from Mexico. The people in the SW etc will put up a fight but the US/DC Corp must first condition them with the yearly Jade Helm exorcises to accept this treason as normal and then when the time comes (when the Jews crash the dollar) it will go LIVE as they round up major leaders, then organizers and then regular folks- mostly all whites/Europeans- believers. This is to pave the way for the foreign military invasion force to follow after their shock troops in the guise of “drug runners” who are nothing less than Marxist Paramilitary Forces trained by the DC/US Corp out of Fort Benning hit us first. Why do you think the southern air defenses have been turned off for some 2-3 years? why do you think the entire southern border is wide open? Why do you think we have uncovered many stashes of military grade weapons hidden all over the SW? Why do you think the Mexican Military has infiltrated our land hundreds of time in just the last couple years; a Mexican Helicopter recently firing on US border patrol on our side of the border? Why do you think whole border counties are in the hands of these Marxist Paramilitary forces where the local Sheriffs can’t even get in without risking death (which has already happened to many)? Why do you think the US border patrol and US military is purging whites/Christians patriots and filling their ranks with illegal foreigners? Why do you think the Mexicans and South Americans worst of the worst are being allowed to flood into America by the many 10s of millions? For God’s sake, wake the F-CK UP PEOPLE AND SMELL THE BURNT TOAST! This is f-cking embarrassing if you can’t connect these easily assembled dots.
    7. The Chinese have been flooding their people into South and Central America since the 1990s. They own both entrances to the Panama Canal via Hutchinson Wampoa (Chinese front company). They have their own Chinese news paper down there. They also own 7 of the 8 ports in the west coast of the United States. They, for God’s sakes, marched in the last years Cinco De Mayo Parade in Mexico City along side Mexican Military personnel for all to see but the “Jew” has been hiding that from you too!
    8. China, Russia Corp and US/DC Corp are all controlled by the Jews of the City of London Corp, Vatican City Corp. They don’t want to destroy DC/US Corp, not as long as it’s in the hands of the “Jews” and not the white man and this because WW3 is being designed to destroy the last vestiges of white people and their power from Russia to Europe to the UK, Colonies to their ultimate prize, America.
    9. Russia has Spetsnaz in America that Obama (trained by the old KGB) brought in. This is easily confirmed on the US Government official homepages. They are supposed to be here to help FEMA in case of “emergencies”. Russia also has fighter bombers in Central, South America, soon to re-open their bases in Cuba. Can you say “air support” for ground troops?
    10. The police forces in America are being purged of whites/ patriots, just like the Military and filled with minorities and soon illegal aliens.
    11. The US military is NOT outnumbered and outgunned. Why? Because even though numbers wise they are less than the approximately 150 million armed mostly white Americans, they have the tech advantage which if employed against the populaces would destroy us. This is why the purges must stop as well as “affirmative action” and the unlawful invasion of foreign races, cultures, belief systems. The US/DC Corp is counting on the minority and illegal invaders to do a large portion of their job so they don’t have to go full bore and possibly lose the propaganda battle.
    12. Guerrilla warfare is exactly what will take place as patriotic elements within US/DC Jew control Corp “Governments” work to get the bad guys from the inside. First however, I’m sure after the SHTF, a Coup D’ Tat will take place which must succeed if we are to stave off the organize foreign military invasion mostly consisting of Mexican, South and Central American forces (including Cuba wink wink) and some Chinese/Russian personnel.
    13. America IS ENSLAVED. Blacks in totality since the 14th Amendment and whites in America since the advent of Social Security which changed their citizenship to US SLAVE of the Corp from free man on the land under Common/Natural/Christian law. It’s all fraud, but none the less.
    14. ALL SCIENCE proves that multi-ethnic/cultural societies breed strife, war, chaos. It is the number one factor for those horrible things this entire the world over. It destroys natural identity and trust between neighbors- FACT! Whites/European Americans MUST racially awaken to their BIRTHRIGHTS AND TRUE ETHNIC AND SPIRITUAL IDENTITY BESTOWED ON THEM FROM Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. If we don’t, if you don’t, you will NEVER, EVER, OVERCOME THE IMPOSTOR, THE FRAUD, THE CRIMINAL, THE SATANIC “Jew”- end of story.

    1. “We have been under Martial Law since 1860. Check the Lieber Code which is part of the Lincoln’s Corporation Government that is to be a service Corporation, not our organic which he lost and couldn’t re-seat per his plans due to his assassination.”

      That is a fact, Ty. It’s style is Martial Law Proper….. and no public declaration is necessary for it to be in effect.

      Three Types of Military Jurisdiction: 
      “The three kinds of military jurisdiction are ‘military law’, found in acts of Congress prescribing rules and articles of war and providing for government of the national forces and exercised both in peace and war;
      ‘military government’, which supersedes, as far as expedient, local law, and is exercised by military commander under the direction of President in time of foreign war without the boundaries of the United States, or in time of rebellion within states or districts occupied by rebels;
      and ‘MARTIAL LAW PROPER’, which is called into action in times of insurrection or invasion or of civil or foreign war within districts within the limits of the United States where ordinary law (common law) is no longer adequate (for corporations).
      Hammond v Squier 1943:
      1-    Military Law
      2-    Military Government
      3-    Martial Law Proper (in America from 1860)

      Martial Law Defined by Chase in 1866. Decided Tuesday, April 3, 1866:
      CHASE, C.J., Separate Opinion

      71 U.S. 2
      Ex parte Milligan

      Argued: — Decided:

  6. “If pushed too far, America will be reborn — free of the Jewish money power. Americans will not be enslaved. They will not be defeated by their own Jewish-run government.

    It will be the Jews, and the government lackeys who serve the Jews, who will be swept away by the tides of history.”

    I’m sorry Mr. but you’re deluded. With a society so hopelessly soaked with mainstream media brainwashing, there ain’t no chance Americans are ever gonna rise up against their Jewish opressors. They don’t even realize they’re being enslaved, let alone breaking the shackles. They don’t know (the predominant majority anyway) who the enemy is. How then are they supposed to overthrow the talmudic supremacists? Sorry, mate, but the image of the future you envisage is a utopian lallaland.

    1. Magnus Dux Polonorum

      All it takes is a tireless minority of us. Say, about 12% of the population and we are quickly reaching that number. When the “Jews” crash the dollar we will reach the critical awakening point. When the whole perfect storm hit’s our numbers will grow exponentially over night and you want to know why? Because they plan and will be EXTERMINATING US REAL TIME, based on our race and traditional belief system (belief in Jesus) and all of this will be IMPOSSIBLE to hide no matter who controls the MSM.

      Here is your choice white man, white women- believer.

      You can fight them, you can oppose them, you can dissent and they will EXTERMINATE YOU.


      You can ignore it, you can agree with them, you can help them and convert or you can run and hide and they will EXTERMINATE YOU.

      Now I ask you, what are you planning on doing?

      If you want to be effective. If you want to be successful. If you have even stand a chance of being among those of us whites/Europeans- believers who will surely win this war against the Satanic “Jew” and their criminal cohorts, you MUST BE WILLING to DIE! You must be willing to lay down your life and DIE for your people, your race, for your country, for your neighbor for your family or kids.

      If you’re unwilling to do that you will DIE in VAIN!

      1. Well, hell, Ty – there are a LOT of us who just like to fight, anyway, and know how to do it. We’re not all ‘white boys’, either. In fact, I am well-acquainted with various nationalities of Latinos who’re very good men with fist and blade and who really appreciate what they have, here, in America. They have families. They are tough. They are hard workers, AND they are CHRISTIAN. Nearer the metropolitan areas here in Maryland and Virginia and Carolina there are now a profuse number of Mexican, Honduran, Salvadoran, and Guatemalan churches, too. When I go to the northern Piedmont of Virginia, I see some of the friends I’ve made among them – and we often discuss current affairs in the same contexts in which they’re discussed on this site. They’re nobody’s fools. Same with more blacks than you might guess (although most blacks and Latinos do not get along well – so it might take a good white man to gather fighting cadres together).

        Also, as Ungenius says, the sheriffs and state police departments are FULL of men who will fight – as is our own military. All most of you see is what’s presented on MSM – and you already know the reliability of THAT source. No doubt things might get bloody; but no pain, no gain. The trash has to be taken out, from time to time.

      2. AND, as far as Chinese go, you’ll have to go far to find people any more polite or capable than the ones I’ve met, here. Yes, we have become a multicultural country – but I am beginning to see more positive aspects on behalf of the ones I’ve just mentioned, Americanized Koreans included (most of whom have become Christian, too).

      3. Tyron, although his heart is in the right place, is on his whitey rant again. I agree with Gilbert, unity of all those with the same goal, is important, whitey cannot do it alone..

      4. Gilbert

        Gilby, I know blacks and Hispanics and Asians who appreciate what they have in America and who like to fight too but what in the hell does that have to do with the FACT that the Jews are actively, covertly, exterminating “white boys” already based on our race? What does this have to do with the fact that they are about to up the ante to go full blown, overt extermination?

        Answer, nothing.

        Furthermore, if those Hispanics etc you know don’t appreciate what the white man has done for them AND if they are not willing to stand up for the Native white man to save him from EXTERMINATION– then who cares if they are willing to fight? Fight for whom while believing what narrative is the question. Will they believe the truth or the lie?

        Can you imagine if you were in Mexico and the “Jews” were on the verge of their final assault to murder all Mexicans based on their race and traditional belief system (Catholic) so that invading whites. Asians and Blacks (some who happen to be “Christian”) could inhabit Mexico?

        Furthermore, can you imagine one of those targeted Mexicans saying to the other “hey honcho, I know some of the invading whites and blacks and Asians and they appreciate everything here and they like to fight; as if that is a legitimate retort to the first Mexicans warning to the other that the “Jews” will not only use the invaders and minorities but also the Government to exterminate them?

        Can you imagine that retort having any legitimacy when Mexicans based on their race are being replaced in every single sector of the work force, in the Mexican Military, in the Mexican border patrol by invading whites and blacks and Asians?

        Can you imagine that retort having any weight what-so-ever as they both watched the Police Forces in Mexico being purged so illegal invaders could take their place?

        How about as Mexicans are being murdered by the invaders and other minorities whole sale while the Mexican Jew controlled Media falsely portrays the exact opposite?

        Tell me, would it have any merit when Mexico’s northern air defenses were turned off by the “Jews”?

        How about as whites in America’s military were infiltrating their border, shooting at their border patrol?

        Would it have any merit as foreign forces from white nations were being poised, north of the border for an all out invasion of Mexico?

        How about as the newly feminized, homosexuality ethnically and religiously cleansed Military of Mexico was being organized to round up Mexican citizens based on their race so they could mass murder them in camps least they took your view of the matter? (and then they would murder him later anyway).

        Not me. Not any sane person could imagine those things and nor would this conversation happen in any majority non white nation which goes DIRECTLY to the root of so many people’s Jew brainwashing problem that they simply won’t or can’t get out of their head.

        Here is the bottom line. If you’re a minority in any white nation and you don’t either voluntarily leave or choose to fight and possibly die to preserve that white majority from extermination by the “Jew”, then you are an enemy. You are an enemy who’s time will come because you are a thief, a traitor to your host and you’re siding with the mass murdering “Jews” genocide plan against that host and his family and all of this simply by your continued presence in a land that isn’t yours.

        Ingrid is on another of her fantasy-land retorts that always falls apart as the female emotion based drivel is tested with the metal of reason, logic and truth.

      5. GH,

        A few years ago a police chief and fire arms training instructor stated to me personally that should the powers that be attempt to confiscate guns he knows people that will get rid of the lists. This is just one LE officer in one area I can only imagine the others out there as well (e.g. ex military, ex. SWAT, CIA, FBI, Secret Service, etc.) that are fed up with the lies and government sponsored terrorism.

  7. Interesting perspective. I take comfort in the rugged and independent mind set of the South and Southwest. If the US has any hope these folks will play a major role in the defense against tyranny should it come down to that. To a lesser degree, the small towns that stretch across the Midwest have such ” red neck” people as well. I’m sure the plutocrats know this. The outcome would not be good for anyone – this would be worse than the aftermath of The Civil War. The hunger for revenge would also be great for the planners and minions of such a massive debacle wherever they might flee to. Such Americans will find fewer safe havens as “The Ugly Americanism” is re- emerging world wide.

    As far as fire arms are concerned there is no way to control them. There are many weapons floating around the US for which there is no record. The current strategy is to control bullets. Again, this will just drive that industry underground as some will make their own ammo for personal use, trade, etc.

  8. Dear Ungenius/Darkmooners:
    I believe that America will self-destruct by a controlled demolition concept by the end of December 2016, by int’l jewry machinations. Thus making Obama the last necessary American president and perhaps the dictator of the North American Union. To learn more about this in relation to Jade Helm 15, go to a website like Dave Hodges’ TheCommonSenseShow.com . Dave Hodges’ understanding and intel sources make for a probable scenario of America’s destruction to go ahead full in September/October 2015. The full scenario involves civil unrest, false flag terror by ISIS, cyber-attacks on major banks, martial law, FEMA camps and Russian and Chinese troops already on American soil. Then don’t forget the TPP and TPIP agreements being passed so as to convert America into a Corporatocracy where the remainder of living American’s will be vassel slaves of multi/trans-national corporations. Obama besides being a puppet of int’l jewry is also their communist in chief giving control over to them and the UN. Obama has signed over America’s rights to small arms by signing the UN’s small weapons treaty where the UN takes the guns away. Since 9/11 everything that has happened globally was a beta-test of strategies to see how the sheeple will respond. And thus far the globalists have succeded with each test to refine their control mechanisms. The whole setup in America will be so complete that before Americans realize what has happened, it will be too late. And wake up, Putin/Russia/China/BRICS are not the solution: they are just an altered form of the same old controllers – int’l jewry. And of course, even Dave Hodges’ never mentions int’l jewry directly, though some of his readers do, but those comments are downplayed. Now we have news that Chicago is in as bad as shape as Detroit. Thus American municipalities are all really financially insolvent. When American cities, states and then the federal government can not pay their bills and obligations to pensions, services and utilities, etc. , you know the end is near by the pre-planned designed controlled demolition of America and the world. I urge you all to check out Dave Hodges’ and his TheCommonSenseShoe.com . He is not a fear-monger. If you want a more religious view of it all, check out Steve Quayle . Lastly, all the right type of leaders are in power except in Europe, but Germany specifically. You have Obama, Putin, Jinping, Pope Francis, Netanyahu and Juncker. If it wasn’t interesting by now, it will be a barn-burner pretty soon! America’s destruction is guaranteed and is a matter of when not if. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. We’ll see how many guns they get, Norbert

      Depends on how many turn ’em in for food, etc. I suppose

      I like Tyron’s optimism of “exponentially growing” to 12% though. Or whatever the figure will be.

  9. Babylonian the whore the harlot, mother of all repugnant things on earth’ Indeed , there is no high tech weapon that can defeat human resistance and oppression’ humanity will resist with all their will brutal lies ‘ because lies have no foundation as the truth ‘ This is something Babylonians don’t understand and deeply hated! humanity will resist’ these losers seem not to read history of resistance’ Xicotencalt, Che Guevara, The Trung Sisters who led the first uprising against the Chinese conquerors in 40AD’

    Humanity will resist with all their will because consciousness an there is no high tech weapon that can defeat HUMAN CONCIOUSNESS IN THE WORLD!

    1. @ Flor

      C’mon Flor, admit it! You’re either a Zionist troll or you’re off your rocker! Even Crazy Joe made more sense. 🙂

      1. Madame,

        Firstly how on earth, by what Flor writes, can you even begin to comprehend she’s a Zionist troll?
        Secondly, although this is 2015, the only think that’s changed since 2015BC is technology. The deviousness, depravity, degeneracy, deceit, maliciousness, empathy-less, psychopathy and supremacist beliefs still resides in the bloodlines of the evil that was in Sumer, who are very much in charge of this world today,
        Babylon may have been millennia ago but it still very much exists in the minds of the evil ones.

        As much as I despised Churchill, he did say a few good quotes. “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” The answers to our future lie in the past.

    2. @Flor

      You are correct. If not, evil would have completely consumed the world long ago.

      You call it conscious. I call it God given liberty known as free will driven by the Kingdom of God that Jesus said was in us. Evil only has power when we give our God given power to it. That is why evil relies on deception to acquire power over people.

  10. Darkmooners:
    I suspect only truthers and the awake will be the only ones that will fight and resist, Darkmooners being mostly awake. Everyone else, the sheeple are so brainwashed and caught in the MSM, int’l jewry delusion, that they will not realize their fate until it is too late. The other problem in this area of the controlled demolition of America and the world is that governments and corporations of the world are infiltrating the alternative media to destroy and discredit the valuable and truthful information that the alternative media provide. Thus the sheeple and even truthers will be so confused as to be neutered and easily manipulated to our own death. Remember former CIA Director William Casey once said that we’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false. Despite this, I am glad to see other and different names here at Darkmoon, even if they are neophytes on Darkmoon’s favorite topics. We here will gladly awken you, one mind at a time. At least then we/I can say we tried to help fight int’l jewry in the spirit of Jesus Christ or Gandhi or William Wilberforce. For in todays struggle against int’l jewry, to change one mind is an accomplishment due to the extent of the delusion/Matrix they have dipped us in. Newcomers – spread the word about Darkmoon and the truth that be spoken here. Darkmooners – united we stand, divided we fall. Thanks, Norbert.

  11. I agree with ungenius, guerilla warfare is the only way, no organised, out in the open uprising would stand a chance against dum dum bullets, and microwave weapons..

    Does madam b have an inferiority complex, might explain her compulsion to pick on Joe and Flor..

  12. @Tyron Parsons

    Item by item response to your response.

    1. The truth does not need a backdoor to anyone’s mind. Most of the people at Darkmoon are far more intelligent than to fall for such a technique, but apparently you think not.

    3. Since you display yourself as an expert on what occurred in Vietnam, what years were you in-country? Where in-country were you? Were you a draftee or volunteer? Of course both sides were jew funded, ran, and coordinated just like Korea. Tell us something we do not know. When troops stop obeying orders with force (fragging), a war is over. Any other excuse is just that, an excuse to cover the real cause.

    4. We have been under jewish control since adoption of the Constitution in 1789. The Civil War proved it. Their control has merely matured to the mess we have today. Marshall law is meaningless without weapon confiscation.

    6 & 7. If the Latinos are the invasion force as you desribe, the Chinese will have to conquer them before taking on “Americans.” Plenty of warning time for preparation by “Americans.”

    8 & 9. Since everyone, USA, China, Russia, the Vatican, etc., etc., are controlled by the jews, why wouldn’t the jews just cut to the chase and declare themselves rulers of the world? They seem to be going to a lot of trouble for something they already have. No one ever seems to want to answer that question.

    10. You apparently have not talked to as many police as I have and are not familiar with what it takes to become one. I have yet to meet any police that are illegal aliens and have not heard any police speak of their existence. You may be falling for the jewish propaganda on the net designed to place a wedge between the people and the police. As with any group of people, there are some bad apples called police, but most are not.

    11 & 12. The big bad US military with all their advanced technology cannot even defeat a bunch of goat herders in Afghanistan that refuse to submit to foreign control. The population of Afghanistan is far less than the number of known gun owners in the USA. The military would have to concentrate more on fighting than sodomy which is apparently quite distracting based on their performance against guerrillas in Afghanistan.

    14. Do you know that the science of psychology is a jewish invention designed to mislead goyim? I notice that you have given the jews a pass on causing inter-racial and social strife around the globe. Are you a troll? You speak as if you could be a Zionist “Christian.” I would recommend detailed study and analysis of the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels as a cure for your obsession with the bloodlines in the Old Testament. When SHTF, you will probably be dumb enough to shoot an ally because you don’t like the color of their skin just like the jews would like for you to do. Let’s you and him fight is a strong jewish trait.

    1. “4. We have been under jewish control since adoption of the Constitution in 1789.”

      Yep. George Washington and Alex Hamilton led the cheering for the central bank.

    2. UN-genius

      A point by point retort to your rebuttal

      1. The truth? So you spoke the “truth” huh? I suppose the full truth and nothing but the truth? We’ll see about that. By your criteria when I believed years ago as many here do today I was “unintelligent” (evidently by my own standards) and the fact that I continued and continue to awaken to a higher levels of truth conscious is only proof that I am falling for old brainwashing techniques. When did I say or even remotely promote such an idea? Do you care to quote me to back up your claims?
      3. I never claimed to be an “expert” on Vietnam, only pointing out that you are incorrect in your analysis. By your assuming that I am less of an “expert” on Vietnam than you, and since you seem to have built this claim solely on the foundation that you had previously been in country during that period, that this means that Vietnam Vets who were also in country and whom agree with me must be wrong also; based of course on the fact that they had Vietnamese soil on their boots too. Is that your logic? Really?
      4. No, we have not been under Jewish control since 1789 although I will concede that the adoption of the 1789 Constitution and the central bank did give them a toe hold. Why? Because the Articles are our lawful Governments and Andrew Jackson broke that toe hold returning full control of both the service Corporation 1789 “Government” created by Franklyn in 1754 and the central bank back to the inhabitors of America. This facilitate the quickest rise to wealth and the fastest rise to power that any nation on the globe has ever experienced in the history of mankind. Also, the fact that almost all monies issued across America were issued in gold or silver and because almost all exchanges of money were controlled by local community, county and state script based on their own completely independent criteria insured that during the periods of the Revolution to the adoption of the “Federal Reserve” bank of 1913, the majority of wealth and power always stayed in the hands of white American nationals/sovereigns and not the Gov or the central bank controlled by the “Jews”. I will agree with you that Marshall law is ALMOST meaningless without gun confiscation but it is VERY meaningful in that our law (Common/Natural/Christian Law which is the law of the land) isn’t being used in the everyday life of the average America and that sir, is a HUGE thing because that is where our law source from our creator comes from. That is our ultimate power!
      6 and 7. The Chinese will not have to conquer Lations as I described because I described how the Mexican Government as well as many central and south American Governments are training to fight along their side.
      8 and 9. The Jews rule the world but they don’t have total control. This is why they need a new false dialectic in the form of “east vs west” in their manufactured WW3 to exterminate whites-Christians power the globe over in order to finish their world Government out of “Israel”. Only then can they claim they rule the entire planet based on their race without risking total revolt by the planet. So there, I answered it for you
      10. I said the police forces (not to mention the “Governments”) are being purged of whites/Europeans-believers with minorities and SOON to come illegal aliens. Illegal aliens are already filling the vacuum in both the border patrol and the military.
      11 and 12. The American Military did not go to Afgan to defeat “goat herders”. They were set up to intentionally “lose” (window dressing) but in reality they are there (still today) to maintain a base presence because the real aim is to spread out American forces throughout the world as to encircle both Russia and China while making it virtually impossible for our troops to return home and fight for American citizens once the SHTF. Once the SHTF, those forces will be sacrificed to give more rise to the eastern block nations also controlled by the “Jews”.
      14. I am fully aware of the “Jews” Soviet Political-Psychobabble. Exactly what did I say that gave you the impression otherwise? Where have I given the “Jews a pass” as to NOT being the cause of global ethnic/cultural conflict? Maybe it was when I pinned it directly on them, claiming they rule the world saying in point 14 that “ALL SCIENCE proves that multi-ethnic/cultural societies breed strife, war, chaos. It is the number one factor for those horrible things this entire the world over. It destroys natural identity and trust between neighbors- FACT!”??? This makes me a “Jew Troll’? hehehehe. Really? Sorry to laugh but I think that that might get a chuckle too out of those who know me here. To answer your other question, YES, YES, I am a “Zionist” but not of the apostate Judaized “Christian” Zionist brand. No, I’m not that. I am a REAL Zionist; one who believes in both Obediah (you might want to read it) http://www.ellopos.net/elpenor/greek-texts/septuagint/chapter.asp?book=35 and also Revelation (where the the Greek OT and Greek NT are married together) http://www.ellopos.net/elpenor/greek-texts/new-testament/revelation/7.asp that both proclaim that whites/Europeans- believers (real ethnic-spiritual Israelite/Judaites of the authentic 12 tribes of Jacob/Israel) will take over the impostor “Jews” (of Esau) JWO deposing their “messiah” (really Satan) as that Kingdom then becomes the Lord’s (I AM/Jesus’). I suggest you take the cure you wrongly proscribed to me. I also advise you to take your own advise to purge yourself of your Jewish installed egalitarianism and humanism that will likely get you murdered due to your silly insistence that race isn’t a factor in human traits, behaviors and loyalties.


      1. @ Tyron Parson

        “6 and 7. The Chinese will not have to conquer Lations as I described because I described how the Mexican Government as well as many central and south American Governments are training to fight along their side.”

        This is news to me. I am cognizant that the Chinese and Russian military have been training together in preparation for the looming WW3 (either a fake Marxist dialectical one or real one; the jury is still hung for me, or I’m not sure yet)…are you suggesting that Mexico will be on Russia + China +BRICS side versus Jew-S.A. and NATO’s side? If that’s your ‘guess’ then it’s a ludicrous one. My guess is that Mexico will side with Jew-S.A. and, if I’m right, how could enemy Chinese troops be allowed into the Mexican military when the SHTF?

        Don’t get me wrong, bro, I tend to believe everything else you have said as opposed to the rosy-picture painted by UNGENIUS. As for the Chinese in Jew-S.A., my guess is that they will flee back en mass back to China and Taiwan when the SHTF. So you don’t have to worry about shooting them. Like joos, the Chinese don’t like guns and don’t send their children into the military and those that do are considered low-class and stupid. The Chinese have an aversion for wars, civil or otherwise.

        Peace be with you,

      2. Justice for Chinese

        See, now this is one of the reasons I hate posting here. Why don’t you post my words that said “The Chinese Military will be allowed to enter into the Mexican Military when the SHTF”?

        I SAID PLAINLY that the Chinese are training to fight along side Mexican troops. You know, like how American troops fought along side British troops during WW2? American troops didn’t enter into the British Military nor visa versa, but they did fight along side one another and that is EXACTLY what Americans will face soon.

        Tell me, why do the Chinese control both entrances to the panama canal? Why have Chinese forces been spotted crossing the American Southern Border only to be turned away in the desert as they moved back to whatever undisclosed based they are operating from? Why do they own and control 7 of the 8 ports in California?

        Do you not know that Mexico has always been a hotbed of Marxist sentiment? Didn’t you know that Hispanics have been being brainwashed for decades by the “Jews” into thinking that the “white man” screwed them out of the SW and that we are evil based on our race? Have you ever heard of the term “gringo”? It’s a derogatory term used by them all the time for whites. And then in true hypocritical fashion they will claim there is no such thing as race while finishing up with “North America is the brown mans and we will exterminate the whites off of it”. Have you ever heard of La Raza (The race)? Yes, this Marxist Hispanic group is calling for the extermination of whites while standing INSIDE OF AMERICA for crying our loud. Are you familiar with their Marxist paramilitary groups that control the America/Mexican border? Tell me “Justice for Chinese” why did the Chinese military march with the Mexican Military in Mexico City to celebrate cinco de mayo if they don’t plan on fighting along side them? Are we to believe the host of eatern nations marching in Moscow resently along side of Russian troops isn’t a clear sign that the eastern Brics nations plan on fighting on the same side against the west?

        Why do central American nations have competing Chinese news papers if the Chinese don’t have a presence? Why have the Chinese made major inroad to Brazil? Why is one central and south American Government after another adopting Marxist, Communistic Governments?

        Here is the FACT. From Mexico to the tip of Argentina there is no more hated nation than America and no more hated race than whites/Europeans. And you think they will fight for whom they perceive as the white man’s west when the SHTF? Well,, now that sir, that is a pipe dream that only the disingenuous or the not well informed would believe.

        I’m not trying to be mean or rude but I know very well what the Chinese plans are. They including fighting with the Mexicans, South and Central American nations against America proper while also, when the time is right, making a massive move to take over the ME. Why? Because the Communist Chinese are controlled by the Marxist “Jews” and always have been but the elite Chinese also know that unless they make a bid to take over the ME (meaning Israel) then they will end up being a slave of the “Jew” or in their mind, whomever ends up controlling that future site of World Government.

        Besides, do you know how much the US/DC Corp owes China? Trillions. Well, US/DC Corp has pledged America’s land as collateral to that debt, and this is land that the US/DC Corp doesn’t even own because mainland America is a separate jurisdiction to US/DC Corp, it’s a different Sovereign and US/DC Corp has unlawfully extended their jurisdiction over this separate Sovereign as they have defrauded us (by way of the City of London and Vatican City Corp) of over 800 trillion dollars since at least 1860. But believe me, the Chinese won’t see it that way.

        And finally, I’ll tell you what is ludicrous. What’s ludicrous are those who cannot see what’s staring them right in their f-cking face, willing to deny self evident reality for fear of contemplating the ramifications. Equally ludicrous are those who think that Mexico won’t side with BRICS in a heart beat once the “Jews” intentionally crash the US Corporation’s fiat dollar. That’s the plan that everyone will see happen in the very short future….wait and watch.

      3. @ Tyron Parson,

        Thanks for the intel, though I believe everything you have said is correct, I still believe your guess about Mexico joining BRICS is wrong, if not ludicrous. C’est la vie.

        Those who will be coming for you this summer will not be the Chinese troops, or Mexican troops for that matter; it will be someone who looks like you and someone who you will fatally trust…deception has always been the joo’s classic modus operandi. WW3 will be the mop up operation or cover-up of the real genocides that have already happened.

        Despite not being 100% white European, I am a fan of Pastor James Wickstrom and Pastor Bob Jones and I am also Facebook friends with John de Nugent…so I am 110% aware of the joos wicked plans to genocide the Whites. I have also written an essay about White Genocide on my Justice For Chinese site to warn my brain-dead white Canuck friends and compatriots about the joos’ plans for their demise… I am on your side.

        Make a list like Scott Roberts and God’s speed.

  13. Yeah, reads all of the above: Norbert stands out as the great TRUTH-sayer!
    I know, from my aristocratic European family connections, that what Norbert says is well and truly within the Illuminati’s draft plans. I.e. “America will self-destruct by a controlled demolition concept by the end of December 2016, by int’l jewry machinations. Thus making Obama the last necessary American president.”
    This has been the plan all along! Most of you will start to be imprisoned later this year and by April 2016, many of you will be dead. People like Gilby and Pat will be water-boarded and face long, painful deaths! Your cities and highways will be bulldozed and in 10 short years the USA will be a beautiful oasis of green, with birds chirping and elk and grizzly bears roaming freely. The rich, such as yours truly, will love the recapturing of the American wilderness of magnificent rivers, mountains and nature resplendent – indeed “YHWH’s own country”! ….. The Sodom & Gomorrah of the USA will be obliterated forever! Wiped out as if by God’s own hand!
    And now that things are TOO LATE for you dumbed-down, already enslaved Yankee idiots, I can reveal the most surprising of ultimate TRUTH: It will NOT be Israel that will conquer over all, but, rather, the richest, fittest, smartest nation on this planet – and the one that is REALLY loved by the international Jewish politburo – AUSTRALIA! Yes, AUSTRALIA! ,,,, Hence Australia currently has the highest wages and the highest living standards on the planet. Average wage (May 2015) $1,597 per week! We are uncrowded, building the world’s largest domestic dwellings, and have $$$$$’s falling out of our money belts. What you do not know is that the whole island continent of Australia is protected by major air bases, completely nuclear armed and ready to go. We have many Americans working in our land installations who will fight on the side of Australia, with over 6,000 US troops recently placed in the Darwin area. I have been to several air bases and seen fighters manned with weapons that are better than any on your fighters, even though most have “Made in the USA” printed upon them.
    It is Australia that is truly THE LUCKY COUNTRY. Our leading Jews, known locally as the Zionist lobby, are not as all-intrusive as they are in the doomed USA, and genuinely love the basically WHITE Australian people. We have allowed very few nigrahs in to f*** things up, with their rappa criminality and sexual excesses. Our Asians are beautiful people, seen by us as no different to the mainstream whites. They are smart too, and love Australia! They are Aussies. Even Muslims soon throw in their Ramadan rubbish and eat meat pies and barrack for Aussie footy teams. Some of my drinkin’ mates are ex-Muslims. Many really cool. good-looking blokes and chick magnets like me! My Nordic blondeness and rugged bearing gives me the winning edge with the sheilas, though!
    So get ready for great turmoils and much blood-shed and if you survive, get ready for lots of Russian, Australian and Chinese tourists who will love the new green. au naturale USA – a bubba, gun free, USA!
    So ye Yankees, get ready to face YHWH’s vengeance and the many nations of the world who are about to rape and pillage you, just like a hot rapier slicing through dairy butter! Get ready for Mad Max and his boys! … WE HATE YANKEES! … They have been the planet’s destroyers for too long!

    1. “People like Gilby and Pat will be water-boarded and face long, painful deaths!”

      Speaking for myself… they better ‘hurry it up’ and catch me soon. I’ll be a few ashes in a shoe-box if they ‘dilly-dally’ as much as they have already. And ashes plus water equals a very caustic lye mixture…. good soap material… or ‘soil mix’ to raise pH. 🙂

    2. @ Max
      Thanks Max for the endorsement, but Australia is in the same situation as Great Britain thanks to Tony Abbott and his being a puppet of the Israel/Jewish money power lobby. Maybe Aussies as people are rebellious and have a right to hate Americans, but I think that Germans hate the Americans the most since the time of WW2. Germans call Americans, because of their military pressence in Germany, “Ameisen”, which is German for ants. Apt description! Since WW2 and especially since the balkanization of former Yugoslavia, Germany has tried many ways to get the American monkey off of the Europeans back. Now with Ukraine and the American hegemony there due to Assistant Secretary of State Victoria “Nudelman” Nuland, a Neocon jew married to fellow jew Kagan and her machinations there, and the risk of WW3, has Germany along with Russia and China, tried to remove American influence and hegemony from the Eurasian landmass. Once America is taken down, world power will be centered in Eurasia and specifically around the Mediterranean Sea. China is a distraction to keep people from the globalists/int’l jewry real goals. Remember, that despite all the MSM news about China great this and that, that all nations of the globe have weaknesses that will make America’s collapse a global affair. Which nations does int’l jewry want to come out on top after the global controlled demolition? My assertion is those around the Mediterranean Sea that were part of previous empires, especially the Roman Empire which would correlate to Europe and the EU today. Of course Pope Francis/Vatican with his endorsement and soon to sign agreement with the Palestinian Authority to recognize a Palestinian State is part of the plan. Again is Pope Francis a great guy or does he have a jewish money power puppet goal of transferring the control of world religion from Rome to Jerusalem. Remember that by the time this happens, the world religion will be that of worshipping the AntiChrist at his global HQ of Jerusalem. Do not discount this, because it is biblical, especially in the books of Daniel and Revelation. Also remember, int’l jewry that is elitist, hate common regular jews throughout the world and even in Israel. Every religion is a tool used by int’l jewry, because int’l jewry religion is based on a Satanic cult version of preverted Judaism known as Khazarian Talmudic Kaballistic Pharisaism and the Rothschilds and their descendants and agents as part of the satanic 13 bloodlines are at the top. Thanks, Norbert.

    3. Why is it every time I read your comments, I’m reminded of: The Adventures of Priscilla , Queen of the Desert.

  14. When the SHTF and the dollar collapses, the only thing we’ll be using our gun arsenal for is fighting each other for food.
    And many will turn in their guns in order to get a piece of paper saying they can shop at the store and have their lights turned back on, to support their family.

    Take a look around at many gun owners, they’re obese or the elderly. You truly think they can put up a decent fight against a military that has been getting OJT training in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, dealing with bombed out buildings holding ‘insurgents?’
    Shooting at someone firing back with backup is a far cry from blasting ducks out of the sky.

    And let’s not forget the helicopter gunships and armed drones, plus the occasional tactical nuke.

    The Jew has been craftily pitting the Christian world against the Muslim one while they sit on the sidelines, chuckling about our stupidity and regularly feeding us Holocaust™ programming.

    Ask a typical American how many Jews died during WWII and before you can finish the question, they’ll respond in rote-like manner, mouthing the lies about the six million.
    Then ask them how many US troops died during WWII and they’ll mumble something, then say, “I don’t know.”

    We’ve been getting poisoned by the fluoridated water, the massive number of chemicals in our food, the doc prescribed meds with numerous side-effects and if you believe in it, the chem-trails that regularly obscure the sky.
    Poisoning designed to turn us into submissive oafs, filled with stupidity and only knowledgeable about last night’s ‘Big Game’ or what Kim K said.

    We’ll get our ‘freedom’ when the blood-sucking parasitical Jew realizes we have no more wealth to steal, then we’ll get tossed aside like a used condom.

  15. Hello ESP,

    They are two types of people in this world, a Global Oligarchy-From evil Rothschild to conflicted Max- and the workers/people of the world. The first one rule the others by chaos and are playing us with Social Engineering SE, if they want to preserve the obscene amount of wealth they have extracted form financial capitalism.
    There is a positive SE/coagulation and a negative SE/dissolution. Coagulation denominates a phenomenon of convergence and unification of popular forces in a common front against Power. The Power strategy, on the other hand, is dissolution of the people, by increasing entropy and disorder within them, both mentally and physically, in order to enslave them, genocide them or changing them in shade lamps/soaps, even is the last option might seem irrational, just like Woody Allen’s last movie. Can’t wait to see Son of Saul! The festival of Cannes is NSE as it spreads the Globalist multicultural transgender ideology.
    The NSE definition is simple: Controlled Demolition/CD. CD of the peoples and their identities is to simply put up triangulated conflict within them. From the apex of the triangle, NSE implements mimetic rivalries and identity clashes.
    “The war of all against all” is the objective, chaos, but under output like in this fascinating Baltimore’s riot. “Highschool kids”, we have been told in France. They sure like their precious Hobbes in Belsize Park. Was Hobbes a “Demonic Jew”?
    The goal of NSE is the induced unnatural death of societies, in their national forms to implement NWO, by increasing systematically its complexity by boosting the number of the codes of human social and communicative behavior, namely the number of subcultures, in other words, the promotion of multiculturalism. I am not talking about natural moderated multiculturalism but the artificial, destructive, accelerated type like Syrians war refugees in Hungary. That gives you the level of malfeasance of the globalists.
    A weapon : Everything that accelerates the entropy of the target. Society is the target, whose entropy, disorder and fragmentation are artificially accelerated with centrifugal multiculturalism.
    We live in untraditional post-modern hyper-complex societies, namely the stage where the numbers of codes are unlimited. Anyone who protests or who tries to regulate the number of codes is labelled as a reactionary…
    Mass immigrations is NSE, of course, for both countries of departure and arrival, since the first can’t absorb such a flux of people especially with mass unemployment/indebtness, wherever they come from, and the other is emptied from its living strength.

    For me, the Nations are the targets of NSE and globalists, since they are the last scale in which people could potentially coagulate. For USA, considering its enormous territory, lack of historical background, level of entropy and racial communitarianism, the coagulation will happen on a local scale, helped with guns, except it might be easier in Vermont, Indiana or Kentucky than in City of Angels, Motor city or New Amsterdam/York. USA, as a corporation and battering ram of globalism, will soon be declared bankrupt by the Banking Crown and will be dissolved in chaos. After that, micro states will be created like Kosovo or Bosnia or Bantustans and will be recolonized. The balkanization of both Europe and USA is in motion with little enclaves, as the nation state is the only authority who could say no to globalism. And in Middle East of course, where the Oded Yinon plan is in motion for Arabic-Muslims nation states.
    By the wat, the separatist or regionalists movements are always promoted by globalism like positive discrimination of minorities by supporting their identity rootednesses.

    They are two types of State Nations: The ones who promote forced multiculturalism/support Zionism and the ones who don’t. I think the first ones will soon change sides or will be dissolved. Putin is trying to coagulate; I remember a speech about minorities in Russia, which was PSE. England is also trying to coagulate. This is a bad omen for peace. You should see this Kingsmen movie. England is saving the world of chaos from a lunatic Afro American, helped by an Arab lady, supported by the White House and Sweden. God saves the Queen, Lord Balfour and Tavistock for all this good Zionism/SE/cybernetics/transhumanism. It is time to repatriate capital and profits, isn’t it? I start to feel the Anti-American global resentment propaganda in the MSM.

    Gilbert is right on the racial aspect of the issue. “Let’s stay between us” wouldn’t allow us to recover genuine sovereignty even if it may seem a good idea at first. In France, I know we must to try to coagulate with Muslims since after being positively discriminated, they are now diabolized. We have much in common since we speak the same language and we live in the same land.
    There were Black soldiers in the confederate army treated as equals, with the same uniforms. Could there be a US Southern patriotism that might surpass the ethnic affiliation?
    That was from my national perspective, of course, where, Lobro , a vast majority of people still think USA is a postive force for the World. I let you guess the ones who don’t.
    But it might change soon, when the money and the life insurances will disappear.

    I wish you all well. Thanks LCER.

  16. This article lacks objectivity and reveals an ignorance of the history of Revolution and Guerrilla warfare.
    Firstly, NO DISORGANIZED UPRISING OR REVOLUTION HAS EVER SUCCEEDED! Secondly, the argument is based on the myth of the gun owning rural American. However, over 250 million Americans out of a population of about 325 million dwell in urban areas. Also the rural population in the South and South West, despite their professed rugged individualism live in “welfare queen” states i.e. they get more in federal funding than they contribute
    As Mao said, “Revolution is not a dinner party!” Would the adipose gun owning population have the ruthlessness to actually organize and get fit enough to revolt. I have visited SOF conventions and gun sales in the US and the average buyer is usually an overweight “wannabe”.
    A guerrilla war is in the main waged in 3 phases.
    Firstly, assassinations of police and government officials in order to instil fear and to demoralize the government.
    Secondly, hit and run operations against government forces.
    Thirdly, full scale military operations which gain control of the country.
    A very important factor, is any guerrilla war must have the support of the local population. Difficult to envisage with 60 million Christian Zionists in the US.
    In examining the instruments of oppression in the US one must pick a “popular” target, a target detested by everyone. I can identify three; the banksters, congressmen and mainstream media. So if I was in charge I would first target the banking system. Assassination of bankers, bombing Federal Reserve facilities, bombing credit storage facilities, like TRW in California and of course cyberwar against the same. As the overall indebtness of the the US is 351% of GDP this would be a very popular move. Where would the US military be in all of this?
    I read this article many years ago and had an email correspondence with the author prior to his death. He was Colonel David Hackworth, one of America’s most decorated soldiers. Read the article and judge for yourself. When I first read it, I was appalled.

    1. yes felix, the writer though well meaning, reveals his ignorance of the revolutionary process, like a bunch of drunk pub patrons deciding to take on a professional football team.

      i can confirm everything you said, from the perspective of the cuban revolution, explained to me by one of the key participants and this is exactly how it went.
      castro, beside being a mastermind also had access to funds as his family of gallegos was one of the wealthiest in all of cuba, nor was che born in a soup line.

      but they definitely had a huge following in the masses and they likewise started out with hit+run actions against the corrupt and cruel batista regime, the first attacks against police and military forts in the santiago province (poor and black) to grab weapons caches and cause mass desertions of disaffected soldiers.
      the base of their rank and file were tough machete wielding campesinos used to slogging it for endless hours in the tropical heat and humidity in the sugar cane fields, plagued by stinging bugs.

      i don’t see fat-encased bubbas that don’t know how to drive a pickup with a gear shifter but can quote all the baseball stats over the last 50 years, as doing much other than belly-flopping.
      nor would it ever occur to them that there is anything wrong worth fighting against.

      kaminski is a good philosopher but a bad strategist.
      which was also hitler’s downfall, although he knew how to energize masses, must grant him that.
      i keep saying, if anything at all happens in the states, it will come from within military.
      either that or it’s lights out.

    2. Just seen a headline on Press TV, the UK is being urged to re introduce conscription..

  17. Yes, Lobro, Ungenius is one of the good guys posting on this board. During my youth, studying Mao, Che, Ho Chi Minh et al was required. Of course all these guys studied Michael Collins. He pioneered the concept of going after the police. Even Menachem Begin, of the Irgun Zvai Leumi, the Jewish Terrorist group, learnt a few things from the
    “Big Fella” as he was known in the IRA.
    BTW, the Hackworth article I linked doesn’t inspire any confidence in the US army. From what I have heard the situation has worsened since it was written. It’s murder sending such ill trained soldiers into combat.

    1. I doubt very much that the Special Forces commandos who just snuffed the ISIS leader were cut of that Ft. Jackson/Snoopy cloth. These ‘new’ Army are nothing but cannon fodder (every field commander needs ’em!) and a show-pool for numbers. Many are just young-uns who can’t find jobs – and believe all that shit vended by recruiters. A few years ago, it was talked of to ‘do away’ with the Marines (because they did not ‘fit-in’ with the image sought to be portrayed). THAT was a deception. Remember: Deception is a foremost strategy in conflict, recorded since Sun-Tsu. Don’t be deceived. These are cannon-fodder and a potential body-politic for our mutual Enemy. Don’t be deceived by Putin, either. Neither he nor the U.S. military are as big and bad or soft and stupid as some would like for everyone to believe.

  18. Sane Caucasians would not dare move into a crime filled black ghetto. Narco cops are on the lookout for white teens searching for drugs in darky town, they are soon busted and sodomized in black infested prisons.

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