You Should Be Concerned


Concern yourself with the fact that there are no presidential candidates presently known who are willing to tell you the truth about our present condition, our recent past, or the dire forecast for our immediate future. And as usual, there is no shortage of willing liars queued up for this jackpot job who are eager to continue the cynical policies that have destroyed our country and are now enthusiastically aimed at busting up and enslaving the rest of the world, and generally shortening everyone’s lifespan. 

All these presidential pretenders represent an elite class of simpering sycophants conspiring to exploit and if necessary eliminate the vast majority of the population in order to receive a vast reward of riches from the criminals who have stolen the wealth of the world.

What this means is that we can expect that none of our present problems will ever be solved because all the candidates deemed eligible to be our next president are incubated by the same criminals who have created the difficulties that confront us today. All of them are on the record as vowing to continue the same suicidal policies based on historical misrepresentations that have created our present dilemmas, which are more or less listed here in their probable order of importance

  1. The imposition of hopelessness. How long has it been since an average citizen could take a complaint to the government and, without a colossal bribe, receive just and concerned treatment? How long has it been since we could point out a terrible wrong perceived by everyone and have it redressed by our elected leaders? (OK, maybe that right never existed, but if so, then we have never actually had a responsive republic.)

The population is paralyzed about what to do to neutralize the cabal that has imprisoned the world mind in a jumble of insincere invective and devastating warfare.

The Freedom of Information Act is dead, and you don’t have enough money to buy what you need to know. The police are now generally regarded as our enemies and the number of innocent people wrongly killed is simply an epidemic. The crimes against the people that each president commits are always concealed by spin and the inability of the deliberately undereducated populace to distinguish fact from fiction. Suffice it to say that any president who has served during the 20th century could be charged with uncountable counts of mass murder were there a court with enough clout to indict him, but like those cops who killed your neighbor or your pet, these runaway megalomaniacs are never punished for their blatant criminality.

What candidate do you know of today with the courage to grasp the truth by the horns and get to the bottom of the 9/11 charade? By doing that, a candidate would also have to shine a spotlight on this unending series of irresponsible invasions of other countries, and admit to the American electorate that the current behavior of the USA is much worse than anything ever alleged about the evil Soviet Union or the Third Reich.

Let that sink in: what our country is doing today is much worse than anything ever attributed to Stalin or Hitler, neither of whom ever butchered large numbers of innocent people halfway around the world, in multiple countries simultaneously, as today, the USA is doing on a daily basis. This is not hyperbole; if anything, it is an understatement.

How foolish to think that any letter you could write or any petition you could sign might have any effect on these twisted narcissists whose minds are greased with millions of dollars to get them to forget that real people are being murdered in large numbers so that incomprehensibly rich men can buy larger yachts and pursue forbidden perversions that normal people would never consider doing.

  1. The poisoning of our children. The final nail in the extinction of the nuclear family, which will trigger the most profound social changes in human history, is the demand by power-mad government officials to vaccinate children with inadequately tested medicines over the objections of their highly educated parents.

Disagree with the medical mafia and the feds will snatch your kids. The law has the power to kidnap children by claiming that your unvaccinated offspring threaten the health of their peers who have been inoculated, even though present day news stories seem to indicate those who receive the shots are in far greater danger of incurring lifelong diseases or even dying after bad reactions to these improperly tested concoctions that profit-oriented doctors and pharmaceutical manufacturers insist are safe, but aren’t.

In addition, the social indoctrination (and frequent kidnapping) of school children into bizarre sexual practices — often practiced by the rich and powerful who are untouchable legally — is creating a population that will betray their own families to defend the teachings of the state, thereby easing the transition toward an army of malleable human drones unable to distinguish their own healthy needs from what the soulless state commands them to do, or what manipulative social media convince them is fashionable. Pedophilia, anyone?

  1. Ignorance of Jewish influence. The first two categories of concern, as well as practically every other one that follows, are a result of the multifaceted Jewish takeover of all the disparate realms of society, from entertainment to medicine, from the law to religion. The melting down of the educational system into training for slaves and the knee-jerk ecumenism of the emerging one world religion are all strategies created by Jews to standardize humanity into one subclass of worker bees, controlled by an elite class of Jews that cares only for the profit it can derive from the control of everyone else.

The domination of the U.S. government by Jews has been the downfall of the whole world, as it has been the formula for wrecking each individual country and subsuming them into a slave relationship with world banking scams and the coercive corruption that goes with it.

Jewish dominance in media and education has created a world population that thinks like Jews, looks for other people to exploit, and has completely forgotten the ancient principles of neighborliness and compassion that brings out the best in human interactions. More importantly than that, decent people not pressured by the Jewish philosophy of ripping people off produce healthy and compassionate children who seek justice and truthfulness in every act of their lives. Instead we now have addled sex and drug addicts occupying powerful offices who are totally controlled by the rich psychos who made them famous and dictate their every move.

This trend of ruthless Jewish influence has made honesty obsolete and cynical manipulation of language and deception of intent have become the desired traits of a totally untrustworthy populace.

The fact that each one of the major political parties in the United States is totally dominated by Jewish advisers guarantees that Americans will never again know true freedom until these parasitic and conscienceless psychopaths are banished from participating in the American political process.

From music dominated by African rhythms that foment social discord to cosmology with its false concepts that channel exploration into senseless formulas for social miseducation, the Jews have polluted all areas of human endeavor on their insane mission to either control or destroy every living organism on this planet.

The Jewish nation of Israel poses as America’s best ally in the Middle East, but it is really a succubus draining the life out of a formerly vibrant country which has turned everyone who endorses its scurrilous and demonic tenets into untrustworthy scumbags.

  1. The creation of terrorists as false excuses for wars. The original story the U.S. government floated about 9/11 was that al-Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan hijacked four airliners to crash into American landmarks. A decade later the whole world knows Zbigniew Brzezinski invented Al-Qaeda to harass the Russians out of Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden, who also posed as a CIA agent named Tim Osman, died ten years before an American president said he was killed by Seal Team 6 in Pakistan.

Today we have the creation of a group of psychopathic killers called ISIL that is funded by the United States as the latest Islamic terror threat, but somehow it never manages to threaten Israel, only other Muslims and targets of Israeli-American terror.

Once the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989, the U.S. had no enemy on which to squander its military expenditures, so it invented one — the perfect enemy — that it blamed for 9/11 and every other provocation it could think of throughout the world. Although these permutations of a magical terror group keep popping up all over the world, they always seem to serve the purposes of the Western powers, first as a convenient patsy to take the blame for some false flag atrocity, then as convenient allies to overthrow some foreign leader who refuses to suck up to the American mass murderers.

Currently these fabricated terror groups are issuing blatant threats about various venues in the United States, so it is logical to expect further terror attacks conducted by secret agents of the U.S. government on the false flag formula of 9/11, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon Massacre in order to impose new totalitarian restrictions on the brain damaged American public.

  1. The blatant theft of the private banking system and the crashing of the currency. Jewish bankers took complete control of the U.S. Treasury in 1913, and ever since the world has been wracked by depressions followed by wars in an endless cycle of carnage and deception that shows no signs of ending.

Reading about how Nelson Rockefeller ran every U.S. president from Herbert Hoover to Gerry Ford and every change in monetary policy was aimed at further fleecing the U.S. population, it’s easy to regard all of American history as an evil progression toward bankruptcy and starvation.

The American economy actually died in 2007 but rather than admit defeat, the Federal Reserve just kept printing money. It has taken eight long years for the rest of the world to realize it, and when they do, Americans will learn the hardest lesson of all, as the Indians did, about trusting a government that speaks with forked tongue.

  1. Medical falsehoods that kill rather than cure. We pretty much know that all these new exotic diseases they tell us about are not natural occurrences. From the bird flu to ebola, they are all deliberately demonic concoctions developed in some government lab tailored to facilitate population “control”, especially in Africa.

The same situation pertains with the creation of new medicines, as the revelations about cancer in the polio vaccines attest. Today we have these Frankenstein concoctions such as Gardasil sabotaging the fertility of future generations and substances like statins robbing the public of billions and actually increasing the risk of heart attacks.

Needless operations like coronary bypasses and fake cures like chemotherapy and radiation are stressed while genuinely healthful maneuvers such as vitamins C, E, and hemp oil are discouraged all make us ask the question are doctors really here to kill us, much like the firemen in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 were employed to start fires and not put them out.

When you rely on mainstream medical opinions, you put your life at risk, which is the same situation with mainstream news and mainstream politics. The general principles used by mainstream anything have become utterly cannibalistic, and the deterioration of the world in general, both environmentally and interpersonally, reflects this disgusting lack of integrity.

Among other reasons to be concerned about your hopeless future, sorry I had to leave out nuclear war started in eastern Ukraine, mass poisoning of the population caused by Monsanto’s glyphosate, massive cancers from leaking U.S. nuclear plants, and several other such potentially fatal items as chemtrails and electromagnetic pollution.

But if you REALLY want to be concerned about your hopeless future, try to comprehend this.

  1. Rumors of an imminent apocalypse. I don’t know whether they say all these things to keep us depressed and demoralized, but an awful lot of people believe a giant methane bomb is going to come hurtling out of the Arctic Ocean and trigger fires all over the planet, raising the temperature so fast and so far that all the vegetation on Earth is going to dry up and blow away, resulting in the extinction of all life on Earth.

Only twenty or thirty years down the road, the leading spokesmen say. Near-term human extinction, they call it.

In fact, the hysteria over this contention has become so far advanced that the leading website of the genre — Nature Bats Last — has posted a special announcement for those who are contemplating suicide in anticipation of this social phenomenon called near-term human extinction.

No one can argue that something isn’t wrong the weather, that a messed up Gulfstream initially caused by a deliberate Gulf oil spill caused an unprecedented deluge of snow in Boston while Alaska and the Arctic region were bathed in unseasonably and disturbingly warm temperatures.

But this is a long way from saying conditions for life on this planet will no longer be available in ten to 20 years.

Extinction theory advocate Guy McPherson’s titles — “Going Dark” and “Extinction Dialogues: How to live with death in mind” — pretty much describe what he thinks about the human future, namely short and deadly. Other scientists say this devastating methane process is real but will take a lot longer, maybe a couple of hundred years. In either instance, without a much higher level of consciousness at work in the world, human activity will one day lead to human extinction.

The only occupations now open to you are prison guard, assault team member, or prostitute, and it seems that right now, this is what the American population has accepted as its fate. The one positive aspect of all this apocalyptic negativity might just be that given your inability to change the conditions of your life into something more genuinely humane, you aren’t likely to be employed at any of these jobs for very much longer.

Bummed out? Don’t just sit there and genuflect. Find your nearest elected officials who still defend the official lies of 9/11 and throw them down a flight of stairs, at the very least. Then pretend to live as if there is no tomorrow, because on one tomorrow very soon, there very likely might not be one.


John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

80 thoughts to “You Should Be Concerned”

  1. Yep, concern is due.
    I see the need for TPTB to shorten lifespans more than rid the total population. Population rotation, akin to crop rotation. Vaccines, GMO, MSG…etc.

    They still need people to support the debt. But, old people are not so gullible as the ‘text’ generation…and now the ‘app’ generations.

    Rotate young ones in…no matter the race. BUT…make sure they are already programmed to FEAR a god or two.

    The poisons also require more med $$$$… A ‘TWO-fer’..!! 2-4-1.

    1. Glad you’re on this site! Tell the younger generation what it was like when you were growing up! Pat! If we had been in Cambodia in the mid 70’s we would have been shot by the Khmer Rouge for “memory sickness”!

      1. Thanks, Felix –

        It has been my experience through my children(not so much anymore) and grand-children that they don’t really want to know from me. The teachers are the experts.

        I used to make furniture and paint for a hobby, and could repair anything around the house….and some light commercial works. Especially electrical and plumbing. So…when something broke I was called to help. But… I don’t know anything else in their eyes. Even though they have trouble with ladders and light bulbs. But, so do I, these days. Too shakey.

      2. @ Felix

        “Glad you’re on this site! . . . Pat!”

        May I ask you why you are glad Pat is on this site?

        Is it because he keeps mocking and jeering and sneering at our best poster, Lobro?

        Or it because he keeps mocking and jeering and sneering at the Administrators of this Christian website by spitting in the face of Jesus Christ whenever he gets an opportunity?

      3. Not bad…

        Kaminki wrote a great article…
        Yet, I have been mentioned 6 times already…and Kaminski none – 0 – in 4 comments.

        Amazing. Not bad…for an old man. Thanks.

  2. Excellent article! We see the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion coming true before our eyes! I can’t recall where I read it but I believe the then US War department determined that they were true in 1919. I will do some research and see if I can find a link to share with everyone on this site. Certainly with regards to theft I can see with my own eyes the impoverishment of the people since 1971, when the US government under Nixon perpetrated the largest theft in history, by uncoupling the dollar from gold. Even William Simon, the US Treasury Secretary, called it that!
    Pat, will probably remember how cheap everything was in the 50’s and 60’s. Travel books such as, Europe on 50 cents or $1 a day! I knew people in South Africa who spent a year traveling the world on $1,000! No political correctness, no “holocaust”. That word meant to consume by fire! That word came into use as the result of TV Program of the same name in 1977! Gay meant happy! I first heard the term gay used to denote homosexuality in
    1969! One could make ethnic jokes without any fear of being censured. The first time I flew in a plane was in 1961 from London to Melbourne. No security checks, one could go up to cockpit and see the pilots at work.
    I know some of you may think this is the maunderings of an old man, but I think people of my generation have a duty to speak up and tell younger people that the current situation is totally unacceptable! Look at the levels of student debt! Kids leaving university starting their working careers as debt slaves! “Kids” in their 30’s unable to afford homes. Watch out Americans! Will you be able to draw your social security? Remember it makes a profit, but the ratbags in Congress have been looting it for years!
    I know

    1. And you and Pat are spot-on about that, Felix! Although I am not as old as you two, I remember when I would go with my parents to Dulles Airport (it was new n’ pristeen n’ beautiful in the sixties!) to convey family or friends, coming and going from various parts of the world, and they were almost ALL well-dressed, groomed, and had an air of PURPOSE. Nowadays, it looks like a herd of scrubbys converging. Dad and friends kept their own little planes on a flat grass field at home, and we could just take off and ‘go somewhere’ without hindrance, ground control, or ‘flight plans’. Everybody was friendly and polite (or, at least, polite), and there was no ‘texting’. Life was good, even though I, myself, did not have a long, drawn-out ‘childhood’ (by the time I went to college, it was, for all intents and purposes, an immature waste of time).

      It was ‘another world’. 🙂

      1. Yes, Gilbert. I teach students from from 18 to 23 in the undergraduate classes. They are only interested in texting. Some girl students will give their hobbies as shopping! My post graduate students are more mature and when I give courses on the Christian mystics, they will tell me that their experiences are similar when undertaking certain types of meditation. However, they are actually monks and are serious about their religion.
        For me, the rot became apparent in the mid-seventies. The early 70’s were spent in a South African Police, Counter- Insurgency unit in what is now Namibia. My first serious education was in 1969 with the best pedagogical instrument known to man. Sarge’s boot applied to the posterior!

    2. It isn`t much better here in Norway Felix, I returned here from Scotland a number of years ago, and was shocked at the number of high school/college students who were driving fast cars, and drinking every weekend. I asked a colleague where they got the money, she said they take out loans, so much of the debt accumulated by youth, has little to do with education. Compare that with the difficulties faced by kids in Gaza, who really want an education..

  3. @Madame Butterfly. I am glad everyone is on this site. Surely, your Christian beliefs are strong enough to withstand some mockery and scepticism. The Buddha taught that we learn from our greatest enemies. And I gather the good Doctor Lasha reads the Upanishads and the Koran. So I wasn’t aware that it was an exclusively Christian site.
    If I may be so bold as to suggest some books for you to read!
    Dame Julian of Norwich, The Motherhood of God
    St. John of the Cross, Dark Night of the Soul.
    Anything by St. Theresa of Avila, but Interior Castle is an edifying read.
    St. John of the Cross is famous for his “nadas”
    That thou mayest have pleasure in everything,
    seek pleasure in nothing.
    That thou mayest know all things,
    seek to nothing.
    That thou mayest possess all things,
    seek to possess nothing.
    That thou mayest be everything,
    seek to be nothing.
    I gather you are obviously a devout Christian and most probably a Catholic. A novel for your edification is “The Keys to the Kingdom”, by A. J. Cronin. It posits the idea that even an atheist can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That is not against Catholic doctrine by the way. Remember Baptism of Desire?

  4. you are all a bunch of white supremacists
    and virulent anti-semites…

    but really throwing a ratfink down the stairs
    is in fact encouraging a violation of the Law…

    just tell a “JEW” or a “JEW” worshipper the TRUTH
    and bid them farewell…
    {parenthetically –
    Like Annette from West Virginia told the infamous

    they are the THEY…!!!}

    for the overwhelming majority
    it will be a swift journey into the OVENS of TRUTH !!!

    Thank Jesus

    1. Anthony, I’m sure you didn’t post any links on purpose this time. But, how about this one: I love the word ‘busted’. Or this one:

      Some people still think the 9/11 so-called truther movement is an honest, coherent group trying to expose the establishment. They fail to realize it also has been co-opted by our friends.

      The doors to the ovens of truth have not yet been fully opened. Singularly and collectively. ‘Cause you need discernment to wade through all of it. Otherwise, JK would not have to keep doing what he is doing. Namely open the double doors to the Mozart ballroom so all can see the ancient party in progress with all their beautiful gowns hiding the skeletons.

      Loose translation from my Lutheran Bible:

      “Then will I give people pure lips, so all shall call on the name of God and serve him harmoniously.”
      Zephanja 3.9

  5. sardonicus, mme butterfly …
    1st of all i have as of lately been far from “the best poster” on this site or any other, i really haven’t had much to contribute apart from my “virulent antisemitism”.
    just feeling generally played out, hopefully temporarily.

    lasha kicked over a hornet’s nest with the 2 part offering on the old testament which quickly took a life of its own and embroiled the new one as well.
    if this shakes the faith, it was meant to be and is a good thing in itself, because no faith is better than a shaky and safely mollycoddled one.
    if i had a sure fire proof of validity of my view, i wouldn’t tell anyone, to do so does no one a favor.
    either find it on your own or keep searching, even at risk of losing your way and giving up.

    at any rate, john kaminski is strangled by the same feeling of doom that oppresses the entire world today but only a few of sufficient powers of perception see it as clearly as he does.

    i cannot in all honesty say, “look and you shall find it”, so the best i can truthfully come up with is a partial double-negation: “if you don’t look, for sure you won’t find it”.
    in other words: keep looking.

    btw, pat’s intentions are honorable despite the seemingly corrosive effect.

    what no one has been able to shake a tiniest bit is the general revulsion towards the jew (a real, self-declared, known by his works, bar mitzvaed one), so in absence of anything stronger and more immutable, let that be our faith.
    i find that what gets my goat above all is when someone tries to deflect the righteous rage away from jew and onto minor, irrelevant or imaginary targets like illuminati, freemasons, stalin, hitler, popes, jesuits always by citing bullshit sources as rock solid evidence.
    then i do see jew’s mug leering at me behind the poster’s id.

    maybe this is what gets me all nervous and restless when there is attempt to bring old testament into the light of respectability (eg, “parts of it are quite nice, really” or “jesus was a jew and taught in synagogues, his teaching was aimed squarely at jews”, and so on … in particular, the second one is very aggravating because if so, i don’t qualify, not being a jew and wanting nothing to do with them).

    so, bring it on pat, swing that bat, maybe you connect with an occasional piñata 🙂

    1. @lobro.
      I think yourself, Pat and Gilbert are excellent posters. I find Sardonicus, Franklin to be good posters, but I would like to see more. Madame Butterfly should also post more often. In the short time posting on this board I haven’t seen any real malice. Crackpot, conpiracy theorist, anti-semite, nut job etc are an accolade in my opinion. Although arguments can sometimes be heated I haven’t found any real discourtesy. Allenby is obviously up on Vedanta. More from him, please
      So I enjoy following the discussions on this site. Remember we hone are skills on strong opponents.
      I for one am glad I found this site. So I hope to see more verbal fisticuffs from both you and Pat.

    2. lobro –

      Hey there… I thought you were on vacation….slumin’ in Merida.(Wish I were there…great Pompano.)

      I knew you weren’t as thin-skinned as some others here believe. You and I have worked that out over the times. And had fun with it. I remember you even warned another that I might kick back, softly. (I would have put a smiley there…but I was accused of Jewishness for doing it.)….OH…WHAT THE HELL. 😉
      Jews be damned!!
      I’ll take a swing at the candy bag…. later. You know it.

      If any detractors would meet me for game of pool and a case of beer…they would have a different thought. I swing a mean cue.
      Madam might even appreciate the Texas 2 step……and slide….after a margarita or two. (Not to be confused with the Mexican 2 step.)

      1. not wishing to be an easy piñata, i change time zones with some regularity.
        right now, i am exactly 12 hours apart from the east coast, so our clocks show the same time, only switching night for day.

        didn’t see ellie anywhere within 5 blocks of where i am trying to acclimatize to new surroundings.

      1. Perhaps Lasha has already found the key to open the door of truth, as reflected in her very last words of this missive..?

        Finding the truth is not difficult at all. Opening the door is.
        Recognizing, accepting, accommodating and surrendering to the truth ARE difficult because these require not an impossible obliteration of human ego and human desire, rather the transformation of illusioned false ego and material false desire into their REAL spiritual counterparts, their realized source … God, The Supreme Person.

        All the many time failed exercises in pursuit of the spiritual via the material imagined as spiritual are doomed before they even commence. (AKA) ‘chewing the chewed’

        Jesus gave the answer in such a way as even the little children might not merely endure their journey back to their real home, but celebrate this journey as a labor of love.

        As an obscure monk once said, in so many words – “perhaps it is left to the little ones clutching their rosaries with tears in their eyes and love in their hearts to hold the truth.”

        These ‘little ones’ who cry for Jesus and God the Father transcend even the greatest impersonalist religionists, philanthropists, philosophers and poets as they are raised by the grace of Love.

        True love is not to be found via any magnificent cosmic imperium, mystic siddhi mantras, meditation on the creation or via the conjurings of imagination.

        True Love requires the conscious free will of personal reciprocation..

        Like the journey of a thousand miles, a change of direction also starts with the first step.

  6. Since when did government ever accept just grievances? Even my grandmother, who would have been 107 now, told me long ago that “you can’t fight city hall”. Just because Kaminski is hopeless doesn’t mean I have to be. I have plenty of hope. But to have true hope, you also must have faith and charity. There may be truth that certain poisons are entering the water supply etc. But while I get ripped off by the Global Debt management system, I also have a pretty good chance of living to a ripe old age. And I don’t have to worry about contracting things like diphtheria or cholera. Although I may have to take measures to not have myself and my family exposed to an overdose of estrogen in the city water supply. We really must get these women off birth control and in real control by having many little children to raise and teach while father goes to work. How long do you think you ought to live if you are not producing children? Funny that birth control in the water supply doesn’t capture the attention of conspiracy fear mongers. Oh but an old goat without children wants to live forever. How selfish.

    Psalm 126: [1] Unless the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it. Unless the Lord keep the city, he watcheth in vain that keepeth it. [2] It is vain for you to rise before light, rise ye after you have sitten, you that eat the bread of sorrow. When he shall give sleep to his beloved, [3] Behold the inheritance of the Lord are children: the reward, the fruit of the womb. [4] As arrows in the hand of the mighty, so the children of them that have been shaken. [5] Blessed is the man that hath filled the desire with them; he shall not be confounded when he shall speak to his enemies in the gate.

    And while it may be true that the Jew has consulted the actuaries and decided that a shortened life span is to be valued now and in the immediate future, it is worthy to note that the current longevity rates have only recently expanded. Not only that, but this increase in life expectancy only just occurred in this very same era. So the Jew giveth and the Jew taketh. Such is what you get when you put your trust in man and in government to fight the perfidious Jew, Freemason and banker.

    Kaminski, is an ally of sorts. We see a lot of things the same way. However, he also seems to have his underwear in a knot because he has lost faith in politicians. Come on, John. How stupid must you be to think they were ever deserving of your “faith”. Or perhaps you never really had any faith to lose to begin with. Hey Bob Dylan, a righteous Jew in m book, said something like that.

    Psalm 145 according to Traditional Catholic numbering system:

    [2] Praise the Lord, O my soul, in my life I will praise the Lord: I will sing to my God as long as I shall be. Put not your trust in princes: [3] In the children of men, in whom there is no salvation. [4] His spirit shall go forth, and he shall return into his earth: in that day all their thoughts shall perish. [5] Blessed is he who hath the God of Jacob for his helper, whose hope is in the Lord his God:

    [6] Who made heaven and earth, the sea, and all things that are in them. [7] Who keepeth truth for ever: who executeth judgment for them that suffer wrong: who giveth food to the hungry. The Lord looseth them that are fettered: [8] The Lord enlighteneth the blind. The Lord lifteth up them that are cast down: the Lord loveth the just. [9] The Lord keepeth the strangers, he will support the fatherless and the widow: and the ways of sinners he will destroy. [10] The Lord shall reign for ever: thy God, O Sion, unto generation and generation.

    By the way, I did not know if it would be healthy for me to read the articles and responses on the Old Testament. Perhaps I will do so at a later time. But its Lent, so I have to fast, pray and give alms. Oh and before I depart, let me confirm you in your despair, John. You have every right to feel it and have to have no hope. You are whack, however, to assume you could ever have hope in politicians or the secular system of usury. You have two options; go to confession and go back to Mass, or find a Bob Jones type character and drink the Kool-Aid. I hear it is very easy going down. Spoonful of sugar and all that. Because there are only two cures for despair, and they are faith and death. If you can’t do one or the other, how about just shutting up?

  7. now i am curious, both sard and ruth deleted their own replies to my comment.
    of interest is whether the originals were disparaging and they had a change of mind or were they favorable and they changed their minds.

    either way, they hit both sides of emotional fence.
    maybe i need to downshift the curiosity, it can be a killer.

    either (another) way, don’t ever think that i would cast aspersions on lasha, we’ve been over that ground already.

    1. @ Lobro

      I can only speculate as to Ruth’s reason for deleting her comment. Since it consisted almost entirely of an attack on Pat, I guess she regretted her intemperate speech toward a man who in all honesty is a pretty good poster and totally sincere in all he says — though he sometimes rubs people up the wrong way.

      As for me, the reason I asked for my posts to be deleted were that they were written under the influence of a certain drug. On recovering my sobriety (i.e., normal consciousness) I blinked my eyes in disbelief at the crap I had written and asked for it to be deleted. Unfortunately, Admin (Toby) has left undeleted a long post in which I attacked Pat for saying Christ was a “fictional character”.

      I interpreted Pat’s comment, wrongly, as “a veiled attack on Lasha”. I thought she might be distressed to hear that Christ was a fictional character and maybe go hang herself. I then went on to make a few mildly critical points about you for supporting Pat by this comment of yours:

      “. . . so, bring it on pat, swing that bat, maybe you connect with an occasional piñata :)”

      I suggested that Lasha had “put your nose out of joint” by her article defending the Old Testament, saying things you found deeply upsetting (e.g., “Christ was a Jew”) and that your sudden “cuddling up to Pat” was a sneaky way of getting back at Lasha for causing you cognitive dissonance.

      Ruth Bernstein, incidentally, agreed with me on this point: She said something to the effect that your sudden endorsement of Pat’s views was simply “Lobro’s way of sticking a hat pin in Lasha’s eye.”

      Having said this, I still think you are the best poster on this site and I have no doubt about your integrity. If I was looking for Zionist trolls or crypto-Jews under the bed, your name is the last name I would come up with. I believe that Ruth is very well-disposed toward you also, so pay no attention to her hat pin comment.

      Let’s face it, you were annoyed with Lasha for writing her defense of the Old Testament and made this clear (to me at any rate) by one or two of your strange comments. For example, you compared the prophet Ecclesiastes to Hannibal Lecter, saying both were pretty “cool” guys. A dig at Lasha, in my honest opinion.

      Then there was your odd question: “Who was it who said, ‘I believe because I am scared'” I took this, rightly or wrongly, to be another jab at Lasha — that you were hinting that her religious faith was based on fear and spiritual cowardice. Maybe I’m wrong, but this is how I interpreted both these comments of yours: as a covert attack on Lasha.

      I know you hold Lasha in highest regard, but this doesn’t stop me from thinking that you were getting at her indirectly by comparing Ecclesiastes to Hannibal Lecter and wondering if religious people were basically cowards driven by fear.

      1. Sard –

        Since I was the actual target here…let me jump in and say…I was the most surprised person here about your comments, since you and I have disagreed, but never attacked each other. I KNEW something was amiss. That’s what prompted my melatonin and green tea suggestion……not being a smart-ass at all, but wanting to really help you. What is amusing is that Dr Green beat me up over that remark. 🙂 BUT, out of character for me….I just let it go. (I have a bad habit of responding.)

        For the record… I hate – NO ONE – on this site. I can’t even hate Jews here, because they are likely spoofs. I know some of the authors and commenters who have visited and posted, but none are Jews. (I don’t even believe SZ is a Jew.)

        My personal views on religion imitate Thomas Paine’s, a great and honest man. So…I do not hate Christ….I just do not believe the documents either for or against his existence. I join a cast of billions there. I put Mohammed in the same picture.

        I never did see where this is a Christian ONLY website, as several have claimed.

        I was never mad at you at all Sard. I hope you are not mad at me. Green tea is still good for both of us. I’m having some now. 😉

      2. @ Pat

        I was never mad at you at all Sard. I hope you are not mad at me. Green tea is still good for both of us. I’m having some now.

        Pat, pay no attention to my occasional outbursts. Ignore them! You are too nice a guy. Maybe you need to hit back a bit harder at idiots like me who occasionally go off the rails.

        I am just the same with my wife, my son, my daughter. They just shrug and pay no attention. It’s soon forgotten. We’re all hugs and kisses ten minutes later. C’est la vie.

        I have to be careful in this monastery though. The Abbot has looked at me askance several times, probably wondering what the hell I am doing here in the first place. I wonder myself sometimes. 🙂

        BTW, what does green tea do for you? Is it any good…?

        Osaka, Japan

      3. you were getting at her indirectly by comparing Ecclesiastes to Hannibal Lecter and wondering if religious people were basically cowards driven by fear

        you must pay closer attention, sard.
        it is all well and proper to strike out when in defence of lasha but not blindly.
        whether i am the best poster or the worst is neither here nor there.
        my aim is to seek the truth and tell it in unvarnished terms and this alone is the measure of my success.
        but note that my arguments are at times both subtler and better qualified than you give them credit for.
        i am not at present nor was in the past angry at lasha or bitter that she doesn’t share each of my opinions.
        i want her to have her own and to stick up for her beliefs.

        if you go back to lasha’s article (defense of o/t), you come across this:
        By the time my father had reached the final words of the great book, words which burned into my young brain like a blowtorch, I was in tears:

        “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: FEAR GOD, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.”

        it being precisely the passage i quoted in the post that so offended you (and maybe ruth).

        would you say that lasha was in tears due to her overwhelming fear?

        lasha is maybe the finest person i know but if i think she is in error, whether of commission or omission, i will not hold back my criticism, as if that would be doing her a favor.
        what are friends for if they hesitate to steer you to what they consider the right path, would you prefer that they let you walk on? the edge of the cliff may be nearer than you think.

        i would certainly lose respect for a friend that was too lazy or comfortable to warn me.

        bottom line: unlike the magical ecclesiastes, i do not believe in fear, i do not believe because of fear and most definitely do not hold the two interchangeable.
        whether to you or to anyone else this translates into my malice toward lasha is your free interpretation, it certainly isn’t mine.

        stick a hatpin into her eye!? if i weren’t laughing, i’d be growling.

        ruth, as a penance i command you to hold the downward dog asana for 90 minutes while chanting: “i will not rage at lobro ever again without first clearing up possible misunderstandings with him”.

      4. @ Lobro

        “You must pay closer attention, sard. it is all well and proper to strike out when in defence of lasha but not blindly.”

        I stand corrected. But you must understand that when one is under the influence of a certain drug while writing one’s post, one tends to go off the rails a bit. No excuse though! I admit to being a thoroughly bad lot and will prescribe 50 lashes for myself. Trouble is, this is a Buddhist monastery. So I doubt if the Abbot or any of the other merry-eyed monks here will be willing to roll up their sleeves and administer justice! 🙂

        “Ruth, as a penance i command you to hold the downward dog asana for 90 minutes while chanting: “i will not rage at lobro ever again without first clearing up possible misunderstandings with him”.”

        Ruth’s “hat pin” comment was accompanied by an exclamation mark and smiley face, if I remember correctly. Here tone was lighthearted. It was more a jokey comment than an attacky one.

  8. Mr. K is spot on. We are in dire straights, but then everyone on this site already knows this. The corruption is deep at all levels of society and has been for a LONG TIME. You always have to beware of the evil three B’s (big government, big Business, and big Religion). They all promote the American Illusion.

    A temporal answer might be for the United States to break apart peacefully (secession). Each state going its own way, making its own treaties with the other states and countries. Just simply walk away from WDC and not look back. History has proven that centralized governments (like in WDC) do not work. Too corruptible. At least at the state level, the citizens would have a better chance to hold the government accountable. But it could be too late at least here in the Land of the Naive and Home of the Slave. Many still actually believe in the integrity of the “voting process” and that their vote counts (choke)! They haven’t figured out the dialectic which is astounding in the Age of the Internet where actual information is available and at the moment still free (but not for long).


    1. Yes, Leo secession is a good idea. But look what happened the last time that was tried! There is a lot of sentimentality about Lincoln freeing the slaves, but how many non-slave owning Southerners were butchered in Sherman’s march? I hope you are right and the States can secede in peace, however the Feds have an appalling chokehold over the country.

      1. Felix,

        Not trying to be naive, but I don’t think the general public in the US have it in them to fight another Civil War (500,000 dead, the South burned to the ground as you describe). War is fine “over there” effecting other people and our sacrificial lambs – soldiers, but not in the suburbs. I think the powers that be can get by with massive war casualties anywhere, but here. Very sad indictment on Americans.

        But who knows? They sold us another Vietnam – actually worse- a Vietnam without end (i.e. in our lifetime). Now that was quite the flimflam job!

  9. @Leo
    Yes, I mourn for the US that was. I first visited in 1976 and used a Greyhound Ameripass to travel all over the country. It was during the big freeze of 76/77 so I got out of NY and moved south to Florida and then west through Texas and then on to California, Hawaii and then Japan. I met some very decent people but there was
    the occasional weirdo! I visited again in 1980, then 86. I haven’t been back since. I have a lot of American friends and they now face the prospect of FATCA. I suggest you search that on the internet. It is an absolutely evil piece
    of legislation. Foreign banks will no longer accept US customers as a result. Last year nearly 4,000 Americans renounced their citizenship.
    Poor America, is being destroyed by the Jews. That group of people are the anti-midas! Every country in history that has given them sanctuary turns to sh#t!

    1. Thanks Felix,

      I will look up FATCA. The only Americans with foreign bank accounts these days are the super rich, and the “bought off” federal government officials. I have heard, but haven’t been able to confirm that the Vatican Bank is used to hide the money ( also the Cayman Islands).

      Congress is irrelevant as the executive branch has taken on a legislative role by executive action. Congress and the Supreme Joke just sit idly by and do nothing, but act for the cameras. The US Constitution is impotent, just a piece of public furniture, like the Liberty Bell. It rings hollow.

      The US is a puppet dictatorship which is why I refuse to vote. Every 4 or 8 years a new tyrant sits on the throne. The qualifications for office are : adequate reading skills with the ability to keep up with a teleprompter, okay speaking voice, and an above average liar.

      1. @Leo!
        I have quite a few American friends here in Thailand and they are definitely not super rich. Academics mostly. Many tell me they have escaped, but they are still dogged by the IRS. Only Eritrea and the US tax their citizens living abroad. Even non-US spouses of Americans are liable under FATCA. It is ironic how things have changed. The US government forgives the banks for fraud and mismanagement, but the banks cannot forgive the homeowners and continue to evict them from their homes. Reminds me of the parable in Matthew where a debtor is brought before a king and forgiven a debt of 100 talents. He then goes out and seizes a guy who owes him 1 talent. I notice there is nothing in the mainstream news about the shutting down of ports on the west coast due to the strike. Apparently, ships are backed up for miles. Have you heard anything about it?

  10. First I have heard about the ports. I will look into it. I never listen to the establishment media anymore.

    Our office manager just told me about the strike apparently it’s a mess out there as you state. The Unions haven’t budged and wont until they get what they want she says.

    Yeah, this country is run by banksters, pedophiles, and other perverts like Zionists. I caught the ending of an Obama speech on the internet a few days ago where he said “…. and God bless America.”

    I wanted to throw up.

    Where are you from (if you care to reveal it that is)?

    1. @Leo.
      I was born in Ireland. However my father was German, my mother Irish, but had South African relatives. I left Ireland in 61 and have lived all over since then; Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Japan, India and Thailand. My wife is Thai and I’ve been living here for the last 28 years.

      1. @ Felix

        I am looking for a cheap country to live in that has sunshine and easy access to medical services and dentistry. How many dollars per month would I need to live in Thailand with my wife? A comfortable middle-class life but without any extravagant luxuries: just rent, food, transportation, basic amenities, a few treats. Could a couple live there on $1000 a month?

      2. sard: short answer is yes.
        you can rent a 1-bedroom apartment in a nice place like chiang mai for less than $500/mth, food is excellent and cheap, so is transportation.
        it would not be the life of carefree luxury but decent, nevertheless.

        felix: are you in bangkok? you must have seen some amazing changes in those 28 years.

        1. @ Lobro
          @ Felix

          Thanks for the advice on Thailand. Maybe I’ll make it out there one day! Good to know it’s cheaper outside the big cities and tourist areas.

      3. First Leo,
        I don’t really have any favourite country. Africa for nature and spectacular scenery. India for its culture and delightful people. Hong Kong for its fast pace. Japan for being totally different. Of course Thailand where I live is obviously my favourite.
        @Sardonicus and Lobro!
        Yes, Lobro is correct, one can decently on $1,000 per month, but not in Bangkok or the major resorts like Phuket or Pattaya. I live outside Bangkok in Nakhon Chaisi, which is about 30 kms from BKK. My wife and I have a house there. However I also have a house I rent in Thonburi for 6,000 Baht per month in Thonburi which is on the West Bank of the Chao Phraya River. The exchange rate is about $1 = 32 baht! I noticed in a previous post you confess to use of a certain condiment. You might like to take a look at Cambodia, where one can purchase “happy pizzas” quite freely without let or hindrance. One may also purchase the aforesaid condiment as well.
        Lobro, I first visited Thailand in 1975, just before Saigon fell in April. However in those days, being a young man in my 20’s and HIV being unknown, I would frequent the dens of vice known to have ladies of lighter virtue. The Bangkok of 1975 was very different to now; no skyscrapers, no fast food outlets and of course was much cheaper.
        Yes, I have a container ship of skeletons in my past and I have broken every Buddhist precept.

      4. @Sardonicus.
        A website for expats is It gives info on visas and the like. Some of the chatrooms are full of complainers or what the the Australians call “whinging poms”, but you have people who wiil never be happy anywhere.

      5. thanks, felix, as the case may be, i may decide to spend a bit of time (couple of months at first) in thailand and then further on, the winter from mid-october to may over in those parts.

        if so, it would be nice to get together of couple of singhas.
        maybe even sard joins us if he gives up on monkhood.

      6. @Lobro.
        Yes, indeed! When you do come here contact through this site! I hereby give permission for them to give you my email address. Unfortunately, regarding the Singha I will have to abstain for medical reasons. I had a heart attack a few years and have to control my hypertension. I will have a moderate glass of wine with you! It’s like the movie”The Bucket List”! When you get to a certain age one must never:
        1. Pass a restroom!
        2. Waste a hard on.
        3. Never trust a fart.
        BTW. The photo on my email is me exactly 40 years ago. Now I am balding with white hair. I have to shave my ears as well!

      7. well, it looks to have potential.
        west side of chao praya is where all the lux hotels are, right? mandarin, etc.
        i only saw it from the boat and it looks pretty tony.

        at any rate, ojala! that i pass by, it will be with a bottle of red under my arm and then we can work up some jihad blueprint.

      8. Lobro
        The Mandarin, Oriental are on the east bank. Opposite it they have the Peninsula. My house is about 45 minutes upriver from there. Northernmost district of Bangplaad! Next district up is Nonthaburi!
        So in Bangkok I live amongst ordinary Thais!

      9. Felix,
        Thanks for the interesting information.

        If you are having a few issues of aging you should consider purchasing a Rife machine. You may be pleasantly surprised at the healing effects of sound waves for various medical conditions including very serious ones that Western Medicine just cannot seem to conquer (shamless profit motive as usual is the culprit here in the Land of the Naive).
        All you need is a source of energy, like a computer hook up, electrical out let, or small batteries. The other health benefits include better sleep, calming effect, more energy, less doctor bills (actually…I don’t go to the doctor…for health reasons ;).

      10. Leo.
        Thanks for that advice. I actually practise Anapanasati which consists of just focusing on the breath going in and out of the nose. It’s actually better than smoking hash or grass and leaves you clear headed, and good for relieving hypertension. No, my health problems are my own fault. A very, very decadent and sybaritic youth! It’s my Karma, all my own fault. In Buddhism they have various meditations on death in which one visualises one’s own dead body. I always visualise myself on a mortuary slab and the pathologist saying as he dictates his report “A well nourished Caucasian male.” I have already signed the forms to donate my body to a medical school for dissection. So as long as I don’t die of cancer, medical colleges don’t want a cadaver if it has cancer.
        However, you are most definitely correct about doctors, or most of them. I have heard hemp oil cures cancer and one man used it to cure the cancer of his son in Australia. He has now been charged and faces a lengthy prison sentence. Look at the Gulag you have in the States! It has the largest prison population on earth, even more than China, with 4 times the population. And the prisoners are used as slave labour!
        I will look into this machine, as it is known that vibrations, sounds, can move mountains. Look at Tesla using resonance to nearly bring down a building in NY. He had to smash the device to stop it.
        Thanks again, Leo

  11. Her is another example of where “You (Americans) Should Be Concerned.”

    How one the tax scams operate:

    Michigan lawmakers want a tax bill this year for $2 Billion for roads. But the CAFRs show a $7 Billion increase in the State’s investments. Go figger…..

    Michigan CAFRs 2013 v 2014:
    When you go to the PDFs, use the page number shown at the bottom left corner of the actual document. It may differ from the PDF page number shown (top of your screen). Included are the 2014 and 2013 links to the respective CAFRs. Look for the Table called PRIMARY GOVERNMENT TOTAL INVESTMENTS (In millions) in both CAFRs and compare the TOTAL INVESTMENTS shown.

    Increase of $74,696,000(-)$67,426,000 = approximately …
    …….$7 Billion increase in 2014 over 2013.

    For 2014 and 2013 the sites are: (page 76) (page 73)

    1. Add three 0s to each of the figures in the math. I was in a hurry. $74 Billion and $67 Billion is approximate.

      1. So Pat,
        I have often wondered where the extra tax $$$$ ends up?

        I live in a small city, a few years ago a public elected official was pushing hard to bring into the community a tire recycling company to be housed near the Landfill. The company put tremendous pressure on signing it quickly ( contract was for 20 years!!!!). Some concerned citizens opposed it, the Landfill people opposed it, and were very vocal about it. Since the facility was to be shared with other local cities, it had to be decided by mayoral vote. It all came down to the vote of one mayor, a thoughtful young man. He, was put on the spot and under pressure. He bravely voted it down.

        It turned out that the company’s past was a bit dubious to say the least. I have often wondered what the “back room deals” were (if there were any…that is). Our town is surrounded by farms ( largely monsanto corn fields and soy bean), add the fumes of burned rubber to that and shifting winds, and you’d have a disaster.

      2. Leo, the easy answer is… it is everywhere. Much is accounted for and much is not. Finding it is not that difficult when you know where to look.

        You will find most of what is accounted for in the CAFR under Proprietary Funds, Enterprise Funds, Component Units and Special Governmental Funds…. and, of course, ‘Deposits and Investments’…which is the charts I pointed to in my previous example.

        Michigan could sell some mutual funds, stocks, bonds and/or foreign currency investments and have the $2 Billion…with $$$ left over…..and keep taxes the same. I showed a $7 Billion – INCREASE – and they ONLY need $2 Billion. That would STILL leave a $5 Billion increase..!!
        Tax proposals are mostly for ‘busy work’ and distractions and ‘poor-mouthing.’ The governments at all levels do not want anyone to know how wealthy they really are.

        The CAFR is required for rating the bonds of each government. They are required to be published publicly.

        BTW… While reading the Michigan CAFR for a friend running for office there, I found out that the Univ. of Mich is a separate government. MSU is a separate government. Each have their own CAFR.

        A great explanation is here:

        The nuts and bolts is here:

        Burien told me Colonel Klatt died mysteriously.
        Burien’s site is: You can call him for help. He answers.

      3. BTW…always start reading the “NOTES’ section of the CAFR for your state, county or city first.

        Here is what I found for three schools in Michigan in the NOTES…page 60… reports they are Special-Purpose Governments, themselves…legally separate(your state also has these):

        “Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, and Wayne State University are not included in the State’s reporting entity because they have separately elected governing boards and are legally separate. The State provides significant funding to support these institutions; however, under GASB criteria, they are considered fiscally independent, special-purpose governments.”

      4. Pat,
        You really need to have a web site as you are a figures guy which most of us ( Amerikans) are not. The only problem you’d be a target for government swine. They can be a dangerous lot when the trough is attacked. Child Protection Services are one such government entity that has left not a few dead. They protect the money machine not the children.

      5. Leo –
        Thanks for support.
        Burien’s site does enough. It is
        and, set up by Burien’s great friend. Deceased USAF Colonel.

        Funny you should mention the CPS. Burien had to keep on the run with his son when he first exposed this 20 years ago. CPS agents were after him. Tried to arrest him. Son is grown now.

        Sad to know… Most high school grads of my era could follow it. Not the case today.

  12. I think we can learn a lot from all the posters here, regardless of their pro, anti, positive and negative views on various subjects. How do we expect to teach those with opposing viewpoints outside of here, if all we ever do is agree with one another in here?
    There is a wealth of knowledge on these forums and I enjoy, although not always agreeing with, all of them.
    I think it’s good that some play devil’s advocate and question others’ beliefs. It makes for interesting and healthy debate.


    As for the OP, well, JK says it how it is again and I will always say, stop voting for others to govern you when you’re old enough to look after yourself. People really need full, frontal lobotomies if they’re still voting for the political dichotomy of left and right conservative/republican or socialist/democrat. I always liked Alan Watt’s definition of “Left wing and right wing are connected to the same body which controls both.”
    You won’t beat the system by using it to beat the system. The inner cloister, so to speak, is so heavily guarded that you’ve more chance of winning the lottery jackpot every Saturday for a month. You beat the system by ostracizing it from your life. You have to simply starve the beast.

    1. Harbinger,

      So true. I was such an (mind numbed) ideologue, and if my eyes were opened, there is no excuse for anyone else. The problem is you have to really take the time to investigate. Most Americans are busy with work, families, other distractions, AND THEY ARE KNEE JERK PATRIOTS ( a dangerous lot to the world and their own children) But, if you have time for Facebook, you have time to investigate.

      The answer is to “starve the beast”. The ways to do it:

      Stop consuming (or reduce dramatically):

      corporate brand products ( soft drinks, candy, fast food joints, restaurants, movies, etc) – bad for your health
      unnecessary medicines and doctor visits (over the counter s***T) – bad for your health
      stop watching establishment news – bad for your brain health
      stop voting (protest non vote) – embarrass the political system
      refuse to attend public- patriotic celebrations ( refuse to fly the polyester cloth)
      refuse to attend political “town Hall” theater
      refuse to accept politicians “News Letters”
      refuse to financially support political candidates
      cancel local establishment newspapers

      Hit them hard in the pocket book any time you can.
      Do not cooperate with the system as much as you can.

      The next step would be to limit or stop the use of cellphones – if at all possible. Most of us cannot. But this would really send a message to them I think.

      1. Leo,

        I used the time when I became unemployed to really utilise my time and I spent most of my day researching the internet and writing blogs. It helped me greatly. I think that’s the real reason that the governments don’t want high unemployment because they eventually start asking too many questions and have to go looking for the answers themselves. I would imagine there’s a hell of a lot of people in the truth movement.

        As for your points, I wrote a similar post a couple of posts back. You are correct. We beat the system by starving it. The only thing I do on your list is consume. I don’t shop in any brand supermarkets. I avoid as much wrapped foods as possible. I also, believe it or not don’t use a cellphone (we call them mobile phones in the UK).

        I voted once in my life when I was 18, back in 1989. I stopped watching TV and buying print media in 2007. I’m an anarchist and therefore see no point in attending any rally or local council meetings. I don’t go to restaurants as I can cook well and it saves a hell of a lot of money. I stopped drinking fizzy drinks and eating processed foods before the turn of the millennium. And as for doctors, well, I’ve been three times since I left school and that was 25 years ago!

        So yup, I pretty much am doing what I can to starve the beast. I also have very little money in the bank, enough to cover electric and rent etc etc.

      2. Harbinger –

        Good for you! I am in total agreement! We need to do all we can to help in that strategy. Some are more able than others – but each can do at least ONE small act…
        I notice that DHS is sqwauking for ‘funding’, now, here in America. They and their commie congressional comrades are beginning to pour-on the ‘fear’ tactics among the sheeple. Like a pneumatic tire – INFLATE IT ‘TIL it BUSTS!!! (or deflate it until it goes flat).

    2. According to a news report on Press TV, Brits are being urged to register to vote, since if they are not registered, they “do not exist”..

  13. Yes Gilbert,

    You really need to start reaching out to family and friends in the DHS because:

    1.6 Billion Rounds Of Ammo For Homeland Security? It’s Time For A National Conversation

    Most Americans should realise that the DHS deals ONLY with internal problems and 1.6billion rounds of hollow point ammunition (illegal in modern warfare, but not home worryingly) works out to be about 5 shots for every American. I don’t think they’ll bring about total civilian disarmament and security forces will hit you lot at the same time as we will with our own.

    I think we should always continue to seek a peaceful solution, before the proverbial hits the fan.

    1. Well, I think us ‘rednecks’ here, at home, have some surprises of our own. ‘Hollow points’ or not – THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE for a WELL-PLACED SHOT. 🙂

  14. I read all the stuff about living in Thailand, etc, above.
    Ironically, prior to this reading I commented in a past article how we only talk about the West and the Middle East and forget the generally top of the IQ tests, Asians. Yes over 35% of the planet’s population to the immediate north of my Australia.
    I said how all my Oz mates have given up on the Ellen Degeneres/Miley Cyrus clones that walk Western streets, and have gone to Asia for the best, submissive, house-trained, good mannered chicks.
    Me, I like the beauty of Thai women, but I concentrate on the eastern European blondes and the beautiful, red-haired Celtic women of western Ireland.
    But I have old money, which most of you do not seem to have.
    I can buy a wife, or another wife, anywhere I choose!

    1. @Max Bilney
      I have been married for 25 years to my wife and although she appears submissive in public, behind closed doors she is the boss. When I met her, she had a dress making business in BKK. Thailand is one of the few countries on earth where there are more females than males. 60% the small businesses are run by women. I know many westerners have this fantasy of the submissive oriental female. Nowadays, it isn’t true. Admittedly they are still polite and loving, but one must pursue them with great caution. To many old western men come here and get taken to the cleaners by the first pretty young thing they meet in a bar! Of course the converse is also true? Many Thai women have this fantasy that western men are “knights in shining armour” and have been horribly deceived and even swindle out of their money by glib westerners. You also have western women marrying Thais. In fact one of the best Vipassana(insight meditation) teachers here is an English woman by the name of Helen Jandamit. Although our paths have never crossed I heard glowing reports about here from others.
      BTW, sorry to hear about your loss to the Kiwis in the world cup! Good luck, mate

      1. Thank-you Felix, I am happy to hear of your happiness!
        Used to play cricket, but it was boring. Better at athletics and Australian football.
        I played in the famous Collingwood jumper with the number 69 on the back. This was the coach’s innuendo directed at my role in after-match discos and partying.
        Still have my famous jumper!
        These days its bedroom sports for me!

  15. Harbinger, I appreciate your heartfelt message to us: “So yup, I pretty much am doing what I can to starve the beast. I also have very little money in the bank, enough to cover electric and rent etc etc.”
    I am trying hard to identify with your lifestyle of willing self-deprivation, but, in all truth cannot.
    Could I live the life of an ascetic, celibate monk in a cave? NO!!!!
    As I have said, I am an “old money dilettante” who uses the system to support my lifestyle. And do I have fun!
    But my WARNING to you all is: The satanic forces of the Illuminati have nearly achieved TOTAL control of this planet! The JEWS/IAOUDEA have always been a big part of this! No one covers this better than Henry Makow; and what a great TRUE JEW he is!
    Modern Israel, New York, Tel Aviv, Brussels, and THE CITY (LONDON) are the control points.
    They obviously have to be nuked by the Resistance in order to wrest the CONTROL/POWER structure: “Leave none breathing … kill them all! …. “Kill or be killed!”

  16. G’day Pilgrims,
    Be of good cheer, the Jews have made life on Earth sooo bad it’s all gonna be made good, and soon. Maduro and his government has just foiled yet another bloody US coup in Venezuela and the Novorussians have just given the Jews’ Kiev Junta military a hiding at Debaltsevo The USraelis and their cohorts are about to launch their final assault on al Assad and the Syrian people which should cause Russia and Iran to stop pussy footing about and finally give the Judaic Empire of Chaos the military hiding that it sorely needs. In Britain, 700 artists, including many household names, pledged a cultural boycott of Israel, and a leader of the Board of Deputies, the representative body of UK Jews, quit, saying he could no longer abide by its ban on criticising Israel.
    The student body of Stanford University, voted to withdraw investments from companies implicated in Israel’s occupation, giving a significant boost to the growing international boycott (BDS) movement. A CNN poll found that two-thirds of Americans, and three-quarters of those under 50, believed that US foreign policy should be neutral between Israel and Palestine.
    But the big news is that Christ Michael Aton, the owner of this planet, is fed up with the Jews and the mess they have made here, and he’s coming to take the planet back. Look for it later this month. It wlll be preceeded by a burst of energy that will enlighten those who want it, and shake the bejabbers out of those who don’t. See

    1. @ Ron Chapman

      Ron, I look forward to reading the article on your excellent website. I sincerely hope big changes are on the way — including apocalyptic ones! 🙂

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