48 thoughts to “Your Children Will – Les Visible video”

  1. ms darkbloom, thanks for this prose poem from the mystical les visible. i really enjoyed listening to it, its a change from all the jew bashing that forms the staple of this very strange and unsettling website which I have only just discovered. patrick willis’s voice is totally spellbinding and i could listen to him all day.

    not quite sure what the poem is about but it soothes and tranquilizes my mind and its a welcome change from all the nasty and bigoted things i have read in the comments elsewhere. these people are sick, i know that for sure.

    i wish you would conduct a general purge of your excellent website ms darkbloom and get rid of roughly 95% of your horroble bigoted posters, as they are bringing your website into disrepute. these people are bad for your karma ms darkbloom, that’s all i can say, i know evil when i see it.

    1. LMFAO…………you have obviously never been to Les’s sites….Smoking Mirrors, Reflections in a Petri Dish and Visible Oragami. Try it….you might enjoy Les’s sites….

    2. @ janet o’mara:
      Demons gather slowly around this city of hell
      The zombies are dancing in the moonlight
      A feast for all you sinners of joy and blasphemy
      The evil armies attack to night

      We’ll come for you
      We’ll come for you
      We’ll come for you
      Ain’t nothing you can do

      A morbid angel signs with demented voice
      The orchs are pounding the drums of doom and night
      Men and ghouls with blackened eyes and faces deranged
      The evil armies attack to night

      We’ll come for you
      We’ll come for you
      We’ll come for you
      Ain’t nothing you can do
      We’ll come for you
      We’ll come for you
      We’ll come for you

      (from one of the horroble bigoted posters)


      I Viewed many of Snordster video’s the last of couple years, Great poetry. As long as the mass feels comforteble in the ZIO trap society of excessieve consumption it still remains in deaf ears.


      May your noses always be cold and wet.

      1. Gilbert –

        I see we share the same name (though ‘Gilbert Huntly’ is a ‘sock puppet’ name). You know hounds?? Cold noses, and all? (For y’all of the unlearned, a ‘cold nose’ dog is the best at discerning a scent.)

      2. A cold, wet nose is the sign of a healthy dog

        When spoken symbolically to other humans, “May your nose be always cold and wet” is to afford great blessings 😉

      3. I read his/her articles on The Truthseeker, and have saved some dog related snippets :

        “If there are no dogs in Heaven then, when I die, I want to go where they went”

        “The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.”

        May you be the person your dog thinks you are.

        You know you are in the Kali Yuga when a dog is man’s best friend.

        “You can tell by the kindness of a dog how a human should be.”

        “No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as much as the dog does.”

        Just read an article on The Truthseeker entitled “The Illuminati strategy of tension, and release”, which suggests that the sheeple are being “programmed”, by the press, to vote a certain way, here is a paragraph :

        “It seems to be the globalists’ hope that the coming “Fed-created” economic tsunami will sweep Ron Paul into the US presidency in 2016, Marine LePen into the French presidency in 2017, and an as-yet-unidentified Mises Mafia candidate into the Brazilian presidency in 2018 (to name but a few nations). This gives us some idea as to the time scale with which the globalists are working.”..

    3. Janet O’Mara
      We are indeed a horrid, diseased lot of bigots and racists. However this is only because our eyes and minds have been opened to the machinations and schemes of International Jewry and their Gentile catspaws. Take a close look at the people who run the banks, the real rulers of the world. Almost all of them are Jewish or crypto-jewish. Don’t allow yourself to be emotionally blackmailed. Take a look at Political Correctness. Do honestly think the West earns respect from following this odious, cowardly and patronising practice? The Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese and Indians all KNOW they are superior to Westerners and regard with contempt westerners who patronise them. The same goes for the Zulus, Shangaan, Xhosa. Tswana, Lozi, Kikuyu and Ibo in Africa. None of these proud races respect a mewling, puling, politically correct Caucasian. I get along very well with all the aforementioned, because I joke about our differences and we laugh together at our different racial and cultural foibles. Many years ago I had a Zulu colleague and I would joke about kicking his lazy, black arse. He in turn would tell me he’d rip my white guts out with his ilkwe( assegai). When the shit hit the fan we could rely on and trust each other to the hilt.
      So please, Janet, let go your conditioning, and free yourself from the cloud cuckoo land hell in which you now reside.

      1. @ felix

        “So please, Janet, let go your conditioning, and free yourself from the cloud cuckoo land hell in which you now reside.”

        felix, your a fool. i resent the condescending tone of your comment. are you suggesting i’m your intellectual inferiour cause i’m a woman?

        i’d have you know felix i’m a much better writer and deeper thinker than lasha darkmoon whose articles are totally ridiculous and anti-jewish. she doesn’t have a single good word to say about jews and slyly tries to make out the jews are ok by saying the old testament is not that bad and has a few good things in it. big deal! this is called “damning with faint praise”, and its sly and cunning, and it won’t do, sorry.

        i think lasha may be a good person, or THINKS she is a good person, but she is a very sly person and i don’t trust her.

        i hope my comment is allowed, this being a so-called “free-speech site.”

      2. @Janet O’Mara
        Where did I expressly or implicitly infer that as a woman you were my intellectual inferior? I was merely stating some facts from my observations and experience to perhaps alter your perspective on the pernicious and evil nature of international Jewry, which, by the way, has corrupted and destroyed Western countries. This has been achieved by the nauseating and patronising doctrine of political correctness in academia, which has now permeated into the mainstream. Also their control of the banking system has impoverished or made debt slaves of millions throughout the world. May I suggest you read the Talmud in its entirety to understand the visceral hatred that Jews have for Gentiles. Witness too, their despicable treatment of Palestinians. Their control of the US government, which instigates hatred, persecution and murder of Christians throughout the Middle Eastern Lands.
        Also you didn’t respond to the other points which I raised and will now reiterate. Do you believe the West earns the respect of the Asian and African races by the introduction of hate speech laws and patronising them by saying we are equal?
        Any person, nowadays, who believes in the benevolence or expects any clemency from Israel or its satrapy states, such as the US or UK, is indeed living in cloud cuckoo land!

      3. @ felix

        hmm, i find it hard to accept your basic assumption that the jews are a horroble race that deserves to be holocausted. you saying 6 million jews put to death in gas ovens aren’t enough? you want more jews killed? more jews made into soap and lamp shades? wow, your a nazi! is this a nazi site or what? someone told me this was a poetry site, now i see its all about jew bashing, i’ve been conned…

      4. @Janet O’Mara
        First of all I made no assumption that the Jews should be “holocausted”! Did the “holocaust” of 6 million Jews occur? In many countries it is a criminal offence to question the 6 million figure. Why? In Europe and elsewhere one can deny that Mao killed 77,000,000 Chinese or that Jews in Bolshevik Russia were responsible for the death of 66,000,000 Christians. Yes, about 85% of the early Bolsheviks in Russia were Jews and committed absolutely bestial atrocities on the Russian people! The Belgian government is particularly hypocritical, it has holocaust denial laws, but refuses to publish its documents on the massive genocide that occurred in the Belgian Congo between 1897 and 1908 of about 10,000,000 people. So my question is why the huge palaver over the “Holocaust”? By our inordinate focus on the alleged event we are denying massive genocide.
        Now, let’s examine the evidence, or lack thereof, of the “holocaust”! Yes, jews were killed in Europe in WW2 but certainly not 6 million. Even the deeply flawed Nuremberg trials adjudged that 5.7 million jews died. However this was predicated on 4 million dying in Auschwitz. The number in Auschwitz has since been reduced to 1million. So do the math, 5.7 million minus 3 million leaves 2.7 million. However the International Red Cross puts the figure at 500,000 dying in the camps, mostly from disease. As for the gas chambers even the polish Government admits that they were constructed after the war. Soap bars have long been disproved. Why would anyone make soap out of something they hate? Now the gassing. Germany had tons of tabun and Sarin, which could have been used to stop D-Day in its tracks. It could also have killed Jews for more efficiently than Zyklon-B. Why wasn’t Sarin used? Perhaps because Hitler was gassed in WW2 and forbade its use.
        No I am not a Nazi, however my father fought for Germany in WW2, my mother served in the British army. Her sister’s brother was in the South African army and my uncle and father were both at the Battle of El Alamein.
        As to my religious beliefs I am Buddhist. One of the Suttas of the Buddha is the Kalama Sutta which enjoins one to question everything. Google it. So the majority of posters on this site are sceptics. We believe in questioning everything, including the shibboleths of Jewish benevolence and their being God’s Chosen People.
        If the Master Racism of the Nazis is regarded as evil why not the Chosen Racism of the Jews?

      5. Felix, I sense that the “lady?” is jewish, which would explain her obtuse replies to your informative posts. I, too, had relatives who, sadly, fought, and died, in the jew instigated wars..

  2. Possibly it’s this I-Pad, but I could NOT open the link to hear the poem recited. (Too bad you did not display the written word… But maybe it’s one of those things best LISTENED to??)

  3. i just posted my take on the goy (cattle) here, expressing both frustration at their suicidal ignorance and hope that the numbers are changing in favor of awareness and therefore, resistance and liberation from this 2000+ year nightmare that is simultaneously getting worse just as humanity slowly awakens.

    but not janet o’mara, a case in point that i had referred to.
    she would probably feel more at home here, to keep her comfortable during the bouncy boxcar ride to the final destination, the agroprocessors soylent green plant.
    not for here going to the original documents published by jews (for jews), not pablum for goys, although there is no quicker wakeup call than digging a bit into the original source, eg, leviticus or deutoronomy or the near shutout support all jews, in israel and worldwide voted for each of the gaza slaughters – except don’t call them slaughters, call them “israel’s legitimate right to self-defense”, pretty much the argument ted bundy might have used against the murdered rape victims.

    1. Lobro –

      Maybe Janet O’Mara has never read The Protocols, or known those we have known, or of whom we’ve heard. You are right (as most always), but, remember, many have not the background or education of yourself (I know I don’t). Being ‘Jew-wise’ in this day and age requires the ability to indulge CRITICAL THINKING. Many have lost it. 🙁

      I hope she continues to read, here. Please encourage her. She seems very decent.

      1. gilby, i don’t put great stock by what passes for education nowadays, when someone tosses a “dr” or “phd” at me, i remain distinctly unimpressed, no more than “aa” (alcoholics anonymous).

        in the past, education was not a ticket to higher paying job but exactly to critical thinking that you refer to and this ideal is quite purposely obstructed to recent generations of financially endangered pointdexters, desperate to offer quick (rather than critical) problem solving skills to the highest bidder – they care nothing for far vision, being myopically concentrated on dogfood dish pushed in front of them – precisely what george carlin referred to.
        do carlin, mullins or kaminski bother with academic titles and does the lack of them lower their esteem? carlin is outrageously funny because he speaks the outrageous truth in a way that everyone instantly recognizes it.

        in the past, education was reserved for those with time and means available, in addition to willing brains, be it the free men of athens, florence or victorian europe, people who weren’t dependent on the goodwill of someone ideologically (and maybe genetically) incapable of goodwill.

        critical thinking is earned, not instilled from a higher authority, it is the recognition that there is no higher authority, secular or ecclesiastical.
        o’mara is a long, long ways from this lofty skill, this site is no more geared to her than stradivarius to a lobster.

        sorry if the truth offends, i only deliver the obvious response.

        (in fact, apart from glaring tribal patronage and nepotism, the distribution of scholarly credentials and award favors jews for the above reason, comfortable sloth pushes the brightest among them into some quality (eg, virtuoso violinists yet never a composition of passing quality, let alone durability), though strictly limited thinking, o’mara is free to applaud orgasmically in the rapt audience)

  4. When you get back to your log cabin later today, Gilbert, after feeding the chickens, milking the cows, bailing the hay, repairing the fence, painting the barn, cleaning out the turkey house, chopping wood, plowing the lower 40, and various sundry other farm chores, just sit down at your desk top, Gilbert, and listen to the video/poem on your desk top, that’s all. It’s not difficult to figure out, Gilbert. Unless of course one falls apart if one can’t have instant gratification.

  5. We’ve got Brownhawk being called “Brownback” and now this insipid, naive creature, Janet O’Mara, is calling Lasha “ms darkbloom.” …. And she uses no punctuation, like someone else we know!
    And then she shows both her total ignorance and disrespect for those of us who know some of the TRUTHS of the “Jews’ Rule” situation by calling us evil! To quote: “not quite sure what the poem is about but it soothes and tranquilizes my mind and its a welcome change from all the nasty and bigoted things i have read in the comments elsewhere. these people are sick, i know that for sure.” She is an air-head for sure! She is calling me “sick”!
    And then, the hapless, easily lerv-smitten, Gilby Huntly, tells us what a lervly woman she must be: “Please encourage her. She seems very decent.” …. Gilby, isn’t it about time you realized this is, as Ruth Bernstein said, “a serious political site” and NOT a DATING site?

    1. Max –

      I KNOW it is not a ‘dating site’, stupid. I simply try to be affable and polite. If you really KNEW me, you would understand ‘why’ I attempt polity. FYI, I am your worst nightmare, fool. If I wanted to kill you, you would be DEAD, some way, somehow. No kidding.

      Because I get a kick out of reading, here, I visit. I try to be polite. You and others do not – but I understand your frustrations. You are ‘cabbages’, as Miss Ellie terms it. (She called ‘Pat’ that same name – yet he is anything BUT a ‘cabbage’…)

      Get somewhat REAL, Maxy. I like your posts – and you are very intelligent and well-informed – but get REAL. 🙂

      1. Gilby, I hope you realize that most of the time I am using you as a chameleon; and someone I can express my humor towards. …. Imagine yourself making love on a tractor, or in a haystack, to some old broad!
        I am really a very serious, studious man, most of the time; but many descriptions on this site are plain, downright funny. Take Pat and his “there are no nuclear weapons” and people labeling ALL modern Jews, highly mixed-race as they are, “SEMITES”! They have lost the plot and are comical in their constant repetition! And failure to accept the truth!
        You can express a lot of dead serious stuff via comedy/parody. Even the Jewish hegemony utilizes humor, as in their sickening, sex and innuendo filled, canned-laughter TV sitcoms, disaster movies and “tell them a little bit of the truth”, matrix-type mysteries.
        And the fact that we Goyim have buckled so easily to the lies and perversions of the Jews, is rather funny; when you consider good Christians pay to watch Sarah Silverstein doing her thing with dogs!
        The whole image of the zombified, bubba, sheepie is the sort of thing Jonathon Swift would love. I think ye Goyim are FUNNY!

  6. Gilby, I can help you out of your current woman-less status! … Fact is you don’t need ’em! … Now you can stop offering out accommodation to the likes of Ellie K, etc, and do it all yourself.
    The fella Richards on Henry Makow.com explained the solution to your unrequited problem:
    “The Illuminati’s agenda to separate sex from reproduction, and break down the family unit, is the introduction of virtual sex. The use of virtual reality headsets combined with robotic devices will make a limitless number and variety of sexual experiences possible. People will explore the side streets of sexuality but they will do it intellectually. Sex won’t take place in the bed necessarily; it’ll take place in the head.” …
    So Gilby, get yourself a headset and a robotic device you’ll be able to imagine and live through any scenario you like; which I believe will be you making lerv in lots of haystacks, barns and on rusty, old tractors; with a bottle of moon-shine by your side in order to give you Dutch courage!

    1. Thanks, Max – but to your disappointment (I’m almost certain), I prefer a bathed-and-well-scented darling to the ‘haystack’ variety. 🙂

    2. Wow, Maxy! Having just revisited this site (just as I replied to you, above), I ventured to click-on Les Visible’s poetic dissertation, and – voila! I listened. It is a very good ‘cyber-production’ (which would be compatible with your/his/everyone’s idea of cyber/robotic ‘sex’). Go for it, dude! 🙂

      The trouble with all this ‘cyber’ production is that it cannot be related in person. Are we striving for reality – or virtuosity? As for myself, I prefer the ‘real thing’. I have enjoyed numerous occasions of recitation by a fireside, with a ‘sweet thang’ cuddled-up against me – almost begging me to bed her (FYI, I do it whenever I take the notion – but am prone to solitude, more often)(which is the name of my ‘log cabin’ in these mountains). I enjoy confab with y’all because I get STARVED for intelligent parlance and extemporaneous confab without face time. You, mon ami, are a good matey, and I thoroughly enjoy your cyber demeanor and diatribe. 🙂

      1. Gilby, taken in good spirit my mate, and I wish you, at all times, all the best! I envy your life in your log cabin. My life is too busy and I must slow down.

  7. Here is somthing to reflect on my dear ESP. Especially the last sentence.

    Yesterday, across the crowd of the boulevard, I found myself touched by a mysterious Being I had always desired to know, and whom I recognized immediately, in spite of the fact that I had never seen him. He had, I imagined, in himself, relatively as to me, a similar desire, for he gave me, in passing, so significant a sign in his eyes that I hastened to obey him. I followed him attentively, and soon I descended behind him into a subterranean dwelling, astonishing to me as a vision, where shone a luxury of which none of the actual houses in Paris could give me an approximate example. It seemed to me singular that I had passed so often that prodigious retreat without having discovered the entrance. There reigned an exquisite, an almost stifling atmosphere, which made one forget almost instantaneously all the fastidious horrors of life; there I breathed a somber sensuality, like that of opium smokers when, set on the shore of an enchanted island over which shone an eternal afternoon, they felt born in them, to the soothing sounds of melodious cascades, the desire of never again seeing their households, their women, their children, and of never again being tossed on the decks of ships by storms.

    There were there strange faces of men and women, gifted with so fatal a beauty that I seemed to have seen them years ago and in countries which I failed to remember and which inspired in me that curious sympathy and that equally curious sense of fear that I usually discover in unknown aspects. If I wanted to define in some fashion or other the singular expression of their eyes, I would say that never had I seen such magic radiance more energetically expressing the horror of ennui and of desire–of the immortal desire of feeling themselves alive.

    As for mine host and myself, we were already, as we sat down, as perfect friends as if we had always known each other. We drank immeasurably of all sorts of extraordinary wines, and–a thing not less bizarre–it seemed to me, after several hours, that I was no more intoxicated than he was.

    However, gambling, this superhuman pleasure, had cut, at various intervals, our copious libations, and I ought to say that I had gained and lost my soul, as we were playing, with a heroic carelessness and lightheartedness. The soul is so invisible a thing, often useless and sometimes so troublesome, that I did not experience, as to this loss, more than that kind of emotion I might have, had I lost my visiting card in the street.

    We spent hours in smoking cigars, whose incomparable savor and perfume give to the soul the nostalgia of unknown delights and sights, and, intoxicated by all these spiced sauces, I dared, in an access of familiarity which did not seem to displease him, to cry, as I lifted a glass filled to the brim with wine: “To your immortal health, old hegoat!”

    We talked of the universe, of its creation and of its future destruction; of the leading ideas of the century–that is to say, of progress and perfectibility–and, in general, of all kinds of human infatuations. On this subject His Highness was inexhaustible in his irrefutable jests, and he expressed himself with a splendor of diction and with a magnificence in drollery such as I have never found in any of the most famous conversationalists of our age. He explained to me the absurdity of different philosophies that had so far taken possession of men’s brains, and deigned even to take me in confidence in regard to certain fundamental principles, which I am not inclined to share with anyone.

    He complained in no way of the evil reputation under which he lived, indeed, all over the world, and he assured me that he himself was of all living beings the most interested in the destruction of Superstition, and he avowed to me that he had been afraid, relatively as to his proper power, once only, and that was on the day when he had heard a preacher, more subtle than the rest of the human herd, cry in his pulpit: “My dear brethren, do not ever forget, when you hear the progress of lights praised, that the loveliest trick of the Devil is to persuade you that he does not exist!”

    The memory of this famous orator brought us naturally on the subject of academies, and my strange host declared to me that he didn’t disdain, in many cases, to inspire the pens, the words, and the consciences of pedagogues, and that he almost always assisted in person, in spite of being invisible, at all the scientific meetings.

    Encouraged by so much kindness, I asked him if he had any news of God–who has not his hours of impiety?–especially as the old friend of the Devil. He said to me, with a shade of unconcern united with a deeper shade of sadness: “We salute each other when we meet.” But, for the rest, he spoke in Hebrew.

    It is uncertain if His Highness has ever given so long an audience to a simple mortal, and I feared to abuse it.

    Finally, as the dark approached shivering, this famous personage, sung by so many poets and served by so many philosophers who work for his glory’s sake without being aware of it, said to me: “I want you to remember me always, and to prove to you that I–of whom one says so much evil–am often enough bon diable, to make use of one of your vulgar locutions. So as to make up for the irremediable loss that you have made of your soul, I shall give you back the stake you ought to have gained, if your fate had been fortunate–that is to say, the possibility of solacing and of conquering, during your whole life, this bizarre affection of ennui, which is the source of all your maladies and of all your miseries. Never a desire shall be formed by you that I will not aid you to realize; you will reign over your vulgar equals; money and gold and diamonds, fairy palaces, shall come to seek you and shall ask you to accept them without your having made the least effort to obtain them; you can change your abode as often as you like; you shall have in your power all sensualities without lassitude, in lands where the climate is always hot and where the women are as scented as the flowers.” With this he rose and said good-by to me with a charming smile.

    If it had not been for the shame of humiliating myself before so immense an assembly, I might have voluntarily fallen at the feet of this generous gambler, to thank him for his unheard-of munificence. But little by little, after I had left him, an incurable defiance entered into me; I dared no longer believe in so prodigious a happiness, and as I went to bed, making over again my nightly prayer by means of all that remained in me in the matter of faith, I repeated in my slumber: “My God, my Lord, my God! Do let the Devil keep his word with me!”

    The generous gambler. Baudelaire.

    I hope this comment will be tolerated by the admin.

  8. Phil!
    That’s one author I have never read. He’s next on my list and this old parrot has much to learn. So many books, so little time!

  9. damn if it don’t sound like ellie hesself, felix.

    i will take the virtual one over virtuous any time.

    unalloyed virtue breeds ennui that phil spoke of even quicker than the old diavolo could ever hope to.

    funnily enough, it takes a gentile depth to catch up to devil, his handmade creations simply cannot comprehend him since the quality of his work must be inferior to his own.

    1. I agree, Lobro, evil has to exist! How else are we to judge good? Imagine a world in which there was no evil. We would have nothing to strive for, our novels would be boring and our lives insipid. It’s only by fighting, both our inner and outer enemies, that we can learn and evolve. God and anti-God!

      1. i am of the opinion (temporary, it is an ongoing investigation), that the existence of devil, the mischief maker, the evil one, is forced by the randomness designed into the universe, which is also what enables us to have free will, to be erratic and be able to seek freedom, beyond ability of god or devil to force the issue.

    1. Its a good thing Les showed up. Les has his Third Eye open. Les has three eyes, which makes up for Lasha having one eye. The Cosmos is in harmonic balance now, 🙂 .

  10. Yeah Phil, lobro, Felix and the artsy-fartsy literary crew, you sound like first year honors’ students out to prove how smart-arse you can all be!
    Please STOP quoting this subversive French stuff! It is like reading the Protocols or Talmud! EVIL SHIT! …. At least Ellie K handles it in context and tells us truth about the Jews! …. You don’t!
    Anyways, France was where the evil Jew of modern times started his latest satanic quest to rule the planet.
    You are obviously not rational, objective, pragmatic mathematicians like my great and much honored self. I used to see students just like your silly selves sitting in smoky, on-campus coffee shops; rattling on about nothingness.
    Tell me what relevance is all this crap to this “serious political site”?
    And do you have enough brains to know who, where and what the libertine, syphilis-suffering Baudelaire had stumbled into when he entered the “subterranean dwelling, astonishing to me as a vision, where shone a luxury…”? … ANSWER = He had entered the Parisian hideout of the Illuminati!
    Yeah, the Illuminati surround their aged, ugly selves with plenty of vacuous human beauty (prostitutes, gay-boys and such), and in their smoke-filled coke holes they make themselves seem full of a “magic radiance” and “the immortal desire of feeling themselves alive.” It is all like the average Hollywood party. Coke and rough-shod, trampled beauty everywhere. You might even meet the Illuminati’s Paris Hilton! She wasn’t named “Paris” for nothing! My kind of party gal!
    THEY ARE REALLY OF THE DEAD! Their good time is strictly ephemeral. Whereas, if you are a good boy or girl you could get “eternal life.” Just like Betty Friedan saying: “Good girls go to Heaven, but bad girls go everywhere.” Would you really want to “go everywhere” but Heaven?
    But I must admit the Illuminati put on great parties in the Palace of Versailles; and I have slept in the green room overlooking the main courtyard; with a lovely occult maiden of course! Gee the walls are thin though and have too many peep holes for my liking!

    1. Max,
      That’s my boy! Tell these drooling and driveling drongos to put a sock in it and and start exercising their one eyed trouser snakes!

  11. maxy, you forget who you are talking to.

    lobro is not some galley rower chained to his oar but the navigator, if his own ship in need be but will never follow someone else’s lead.

    in the tale of the argonauts passing the rocks of the sirens, the crew had their ears waxed to escape their deadly allure but ulysses had himself strapped to the mast so that he could both listen and be safe from perdition.
    that’s me, i am the anti-jew commissar, the ideologue who needs to deal with these creatures from the standpoint of understanding rather than fear.

    however, i grant you the right to call me arrogant if it improves regularity.

  12. Les asked a very good question…the one I have posed numerous times:

    Who’s selling you fear about people you don’t even know?

  13. Pat
    As an former navy man you’ll understand who sells fear the JULIET ECHO WHISKEY SIERRA!

    1. Felix –

      I understand. They are a given. Add PAPA CHARLIE ROMEO to the list. The one with NO solutions, just fear.

  14. Heavy stuff. They’re just so sneaky. And clever. And rich. No, I’m not jealous. Just a little bit, maybe… Bastards!

  15. @Gilbert Huntley

    Gilby I know all about wet noses because I am the happy owner of two Scottish shepherds; Daisy and Sara, adopted from an animal shelter. All their lives they always run loose when I go out walking with them. Elegant, loyal and affectionate.

    It is difficult to expres but they give me a pleasant feeling, really a true delight to the heart.
    A short film on You tube:


    Another very enjoyable movie and I think you’ve seen anything never before?


    1. “they always run loose when I go out walking with them.” : That`s why I usually walk our dogs in the early hours, before people, and traffic, limit their freedom to run, up through the trees, or down to the little beach..

  16. Ah my old friend Les. We have been on the same cosmic wavelength for some time, he’s just more poetic about these matters. Did anyone catch his small insight made poetically large: “You’ve made the men in the shadows powerful because your fears are the Viagra that inspires their abuse.” Les has poetically captured the very essence that drives the Jew’s terror state. What the goyim fail to understand is how Jews are sexually excited by fear, terror, suffering, torture and misery. They like to hear the screams, it makes them wet with pleasure. That is why S&M has such a large presence in the porn scene.

    I have a .jpg image of a painting depicting Yeshu’s crucifixion on the Mount of Olives overlooking the Temple. The three crosses face the East Gate where he rode the donkey into the Temple to fulfill one of Isaiah’s prophecies. When one knows the Jews, this location makes perfect sense as opposed to the obscure location of Golgotha.

    The Jews crowed their infamous “blood liable” at his sentencing – “His blood be upon us and our children!” This is the kind of hate that would have prompted the priests to have him crucified overlooking the Temple he was attacking and destroying. In their vengeful hatred, the priests would have wanted Yeshu’s dying view of this world to be of their Temple, a structure he openly threatened to destroy. They would have laughed with glee at the thought of this as they celebrated their victory over this rebel priest.

    The Romans were but bit players in this historical play. As with later Jew infested cultures, the Romans were naught but manipulated proxies doing the bidding of the people holding the real power over the people in the region; the same went for Herod Antipas. The real power lay in the Temple and it was the priests who ran the Temple and its sacrificial system. These priests were the central bankers of first century Judea and the Temple was literally their bank. If this seems a stretch, note their is historical evidence the Romans actually borrowed money from the Temple to fund some of their architectural projects.

    Again and again I say, read the Jew’s holy book the Old Testament and if you can stomach it, their Talmud. If you still have a stomach after that, try watching their horror movies. When one looks at their horror movies, they are viewing the inner workings of the Jewish mind. Knowing these things, how long can it be reckoned it will be until they finally go over the top on creating the ultimate horror, terror and suffering with their nuclear power?

    This is an alien race that is as far removed from humanity as the fictitious space beings they create in their movies. And therein lies the problem, the mind of the Jew so fundamentally different from the non-Jew that the ignorant Goyim cannot even begin to comprehend how twisted these people are, how different and distant their minds are from every other race on the planet.

    Thus, the Jews only hope for survival is to remain totally hidden from the masses they control. Only their chameleon ability to disguise themselves allows them the latitude to continue their predations on other cultures. If just a small percentage of the globe were even half aware of half of what I know about these people, there would not be a Jew on the planet by the end of the week.

    Note this is not my call for any real or fictitious Holocaust for these poor, persecuted, victims of antisemitism. I am simply saying the average person would not have the self control I maintain over the emotional states that would drive the actions of the goyim masses were they to become aware of even a small part of what I have learned about these parasitical predators.

    There would soon be a Jew dangling from every lamppost. The Jews know exactly what I am talking about, that is why they stay hidden. This is exactly the fear Jews feel; they know how long they would be for this world if the goyim ever awakens to their true nature. The evil Nadzee’s final solution wouldn’t even come close to the real solution, should the gyoim ever wake up to the Jew.

  17. sez omara, whuz a very good ryter, here she goes writing the english good:

    felix, your a fool. i resent the condescending tone of your comment. are you suggesting i’m your intellectual inferiour cause i’m a woman?

    i’d have you know felix i’m a much better writer and deeper thinker than lasha darkmoon

    good start, omara, you ain’t inferioor to nobody whuz wors than you.
    especially the ones more horroble (said it not once but twice, damn the torpedoes spellchecker, full speed ahead) than you.
    looking good, we the horroble ones are awed.

    see everybody what i mean by not banning the obvious trolls?
    bring back elleeee … unless the majority enjoy omara’s writing style better, short, to the point, amazingly retarded (not coz she be woman).

  18. As always, Les nails it when citing the fear factor. All of Mankind’s woes pivot around this, and what it pivots AROUND is the illusion of this material world.

    For me the ‘pivot-point’ stems directly back to Christ in the wilderness, when he met up with fear’s greatest progenitor, the devil his bad self, and stood toe-to-cloven hoof with the great impostor, repudiating every last lie that came across its snarling lips.

    “Get behind thee, Satan”, all the while seeing through the false projections of this ugly little toad* with its illusive presentation of physical matter.

    *and my sincere apologies to innocent little toads everywhere. Why, some of my best FRIENDS are amphibians 😉

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