Zionist-controlled media seeking to destroy religions

The Zionist-controlled media in the United States is seeking to “destroy” Islam and Christianity while promoting a “clash of civilizations,” American scholar and journalist Dr Kevin Barrett argues.

Sourced from PressTV

Dr Kevin Barrett
Dr Kevin Barrett

Radical secularists want to create a new world order in which religions are mocked and freedom of speech is considered sacred, said Dr. Kevin Barrett (pictured) , a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance.

“The Zionist-dominated media here in the United states is helping foment a clash of civilizations against Islam, but which is secretly designed not only to destroy Islam, but also Christianity,” Barrett told Press TV on Wednesday.

A new survey suggests that a relative majority of Americans believe it is acceptable to ridicule Islam, highlighting the depth of anti-Islamic sentiment and widespread Islamophobia in the United States.

According to the HuffPost/YouGov survey, 46 percent of Americans thought it was acceptable to mock Islam, while 44 percent said it was unacceptable to mock Christianity, a consequence of the “Islamophobia project” promoted by US media outlets.

Moreover, 63 percent of Americans said it is more important to protect the freedom of speech than to protect the sanctity of religious beliefs. Only 19 percent said the sanctity of religious beliefs was more important than free speech and 18 percent were not sure.

The survey was taken shortly after 12 people were killed in an attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. The French magazine has repeatedly provoked Muslim anger by publishing cartoons of the Prophet of Islam.

The Western media is “spinning this Charlie Hebdo affair, which actually appears to have been a false flag event created to unleash all this propaganda,” Barrett said.

“They’re doing this in order to try to get rid of the sacred from society and to put new sacred values in place of the traditional sacred values of traditional religions,” he noted.

The media is trying to replace sacred religious values in Western societies with immorality, homosexuality, incest, blasphemy and destructive free speech, Barrett concluded.


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  1. “Radical secularists want to create a new world order in which religions are mocked and freedom of speech is considered sacred”

    The only thing is there won’t be freedom of speech as certain topics will be off limits for ridicule and revision – Judaism & Holocaustianity.

    “The media is trying to replace sacred religious values in Western societies with immorality, homosexuality, incest, blasphemy and destructive free speech”

    Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely. This includes destructive speech. Limit free speech and it’s no longer free speech – case in point Charlie Hebdo; ok to take the piss out of Christianity & Islam but not Judaism.

    We don’t have free speech in the west. We have restricted speech. People who say “I believe in freedom of speech but that doesn’t mean you can shout fire in an open theatre…” are deluded ignoramuses. Freedom of speech IS the freedom to shout fire in an open theatre.

    We have reached a time whre morals have been destroyed courtesy of msm, academia and government, brainwashing. You won’t reverse it as society’s been ‘contaminated’. The chain of respect from parent to child was broken 20 years ago. The future generations will get progressively more disrespectful as comics and sci-fi, led by Jew Stan Lee will condition children (and adults) to progress to a future with an ‘Earthgov’, a homogeneous one world race, an Earth Defence Force and an ‘Alien Threat’.

    This won’t be stopped. It’s not negative thinking, just realism. To change this you’d literally have to turn the world upside down and re-program society back to how it was pre WW2. That won’t happen. It’s not only impossible but any attempt would instantly be slandered as extreme right wing. The youth would be the first on the offensive.

    Either pack up and leave society or learn to live in this new world of “immorality, homosexuality, incest and blasphemy.” Don’t get me wrong, there will be those fighting back but they’ll be a tiny minority comparable to where paedophilia is in public acceptance today, moving to oblivion.

    You won’t stop the new world order for it’s already here. If the bible is true, then prepare for the anti Christ, hell, tyranny but ultimately salvation through the second coming of Christ.

  2. With freedom comes moral responsibility if it is to work at all. Without that element, you have anarchy and degradation ( e.g. look around). It was Christianity in America among the people that generally gave freedom its form. Not saying all in the US were Christians (or even good ones), but at one time everyone or at least most Americans agreed, in general, that there were “right” behaviors and “Wrong” behaviors. Without this form, you no longer have liberty, but Libertinism – again look around. Francis Schaeffer wrote about this extensively decades ago.

    Charlie Hebdo is an example of Libertinism. It is not satire. Satire takes intelligence, talent, and more often then not, moral purpose. The crass “rag” in question goes beyond cynicism and embraces cruelty. It provokes for the sake of provoking or inciting anger and violence. I would not be surprised if it was a front for Mossad or the CIA to incite Muslims to react violently ( not news I know). The “fact” that the Zionist agitators had to resort to a Gladio event shows how violent and out of control they are, and not the Muslim community.

    Only an ignoramus would proudly chant “I am Charlie” and even hold a sign to prove it.

  3. Let’s keep on killing, ignoring that our nation is falling apart; just look at the highways, bridges, out of date schools, the overloaded electrical grid and our inability to provide medical and psychological care for veterans already damaged in these Judaic wars.

    Let’s just spend out money fighting ‘Wars for Wall Street and Israel.’

    1. Heard today that IOF thugs are suffering, pangs of regret, there must be a few with some sort of conscience.. Personally, I don`t believe there was a massacre, could be the “victims” are undergoing a transformation in the parasitic entity.. and who can possibly know who it was who supposedly carried out the massacres, since the perps were hooded. Someone calling in to Galloway`s “comment” suggested that one of the perps had blue eyes, but Galloway, defender of the jews, cut him off at the knees.. Good news: Iran, and Hezbollah, are opening a new “front” with Israel in the West Bank. about time..

      1. From this mornings papers…
        The ‘apparent recording’ of an ‘apparent killing’ of a Japanese journalist.
        “I am left speechless”, said Shinzo Abe, Japan’s Prime Minister. “We strongly and totally criticise such acts.”
        “Such an act of terrorism is outrageous and impermissible, which causes me nothing but strong indignation.”
        Abe thinks that the chances of the recording being athentic are high.
        But why wait for authentication, whatever that means? The Americans never do. Apparently they consider their existential enemies entirely honest and believable. Anyway, who needs proof, when you have given yourself the right to execute mere suspects (and their extended families), without presenting any evidence explaining how they are even suspects. Anyway, what can the Japanese actually do about it?

      2. Independent – This morning…
        Jozed Paczynski recalls the “welcome” speech the deputy commandant of Auschwitz gave on his arrival, in 1940, down to the last chilling word.
        “He said to us: ‘This is not a sanitorium, this is a German concentration camp and you can expect to live three months… there is only one way out of here and that’s through the crematorium chimney.'”
        Paczynski… was spared the chimney, unlike 1.1 million others.
        …he watched hundreds being ordered to strip naked and guards herding them into the gas chambers: “The door slammed shut – there were loud screams, but they got less and less until there were just whimpers and then just silence…”
        Tadeusz Smreczynski still sees ditches in the camp piled high with burning bodies during the NAZI attempt in 1944 to exterminate all Hungarian Jews…
        “The crematorium couldn’t keep up, so they burned bodies in the open.”
        The NAZIs commited war crimes according to many eye-witnesses. Are these eye-witnesses mistaken? Are they lying? Have they been paid off? What do the ‘holocaust deniers’ have to say about this?

      3. Sardonicus. 🙂 There was reply here from you now its gone… ???

        I thought you knew me a bit better than that! Of course I believe nothing in the papers. My question is where do they get these people? I don’t know what the truth is. One of the reasons I read this site is to get more information and considered opinions. Something happened that people are arguing about. Obviously making laws against an idea makes me very suspicious about the intents of the lawmakers. But here is an ‘apparent’ eye-witness claiming to have seen the ‘gas chambers’ in action. Surely, if there is any substance to the claim of ‘holocaust deniers’ then they will be able to at least give some sort of reason why people like this say what they have said. I think it right and proper to question claims made by both sides of the debate.

      4. Here’s a bit more masonic info, Pat. Odeda Rosenthal wrote in ‘Not Strictly Kosher’ –

        “A great celebration took place in Auckland at the Masonic Hall in 1857, when the Jewish community hosted a celebration in honour of the fact that, at long last, Lionel Nathan Rothschild would take his rightful seat in the House of Commons in London. He had been elected to the post some ten years earlier and even re-elected. But he refused to take an oath on the Christian Bible, and was therefore not allowed to take the seat. He did so only after the language of the oath was amended.”

        Sourced from ‘The Great Secret’, Phil Young, 1990

  4. https://dublinsmick.wordpress.com/2015/01/23/the-background-of-archbishop-pacelli-stalin-and-hitler-all-converge-in-rome/

    All roads lead to Rome

    “In the book, Hitler’s Pope, John Cornwall’s chronicles the life of Eugenio Pacelli, Pope Pius XII. Pacellli was arguably the most dangerous churchman in modern history. As Pontiff during World War II, not only did he fail to speak out against Hitler’s Final Solution, but he personally made the Final Solution possible!

    In the first decade of the twentieth century, Pacelli was a brilliant Vatican lawyer who helped shape a new ideology of unprecedented papal power. As papal nuncio in Munich and Berlin in the 1920’s, he used cunning and moral blackmail to impose Rome’s power on Germany. In 1933, he negotiated a treaty with Hitler, the Reich Concordat, which ensured that the Nazis would rise unopposed by the most powerful Catholic community in the world-sealing, by Hitler’s own admission, the fate of the Jews in Europe.

    How could Eugenio Pacelli possibly have gotten away with such cunning, especially since we know that he was in personal contact with the Rothschilds. Guy de Rothschild was his pen pal eight years before he became Pope. But wait… if Pacelli was Hitler’s Pope, and Hitler was a Rothschild… then he was Rothschild’s Pope!

    How did Eugenio Pacelli become Rothschild’s Pope?
    Eugenio Pacelli was described routinely, during his pontificate and after his death, as a member of the Black Nobility. The Black Nobility were a small group of aristocratic families of Rome who had stood by the popes following the seizure of their dominions in the bitter struggle for the creation of the nation-state of Italy… Pacelli’s father and grandfather before him owed their distinction to membership of the caste of lay Vatican lawyers in the service of the papacy.


    the Pope did authorize the release of approximately 60 cases of Gold (over 1,000 gold bars) representing approximately $80 to $100 million (2006 US equivalent dollars) to travel with Archbishop Pacelli under the pretence of “60 cases of special foods for his delicate stomach”. However, that these funds, originally themselves obtained through crime were to never intended for the support of failing German government and military, but as funds to support anti-Communist political movements and sympathizers. Of establishing an unlawful enterprise for the purpose of crime (1920 – 1945): That Archbishop Pacelli later Pope Pius XII and the Jesuit order under the control of Superior General Wlodimir Ledochowski did help form the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (German Workers’ Party), abbreviated DAP, into the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP), also known as the Nazi Party as instructed to Adolf Hitler.

    That Archbishop Pacelli (later Pope Pius XII) did mentor Hitler to join the DAP, did arrange form him to report to him regularly (at least each month, sometimes weekly) until Pacelli appointment of Vatican Cardinal Secretary of State in 1929 and did provide all the financial support and means for Hitler’s rise to Chairman of the NSDAP in 28 July 1921. Furthermore, that Archbishop Pacelli did use the gold brought in to Germany in 1917 to help fund the rapid expansion of the Nazi Party, including its first reform as a paramilitary organization in 1921.


    Hitler attended several of these courses organized by Education and Propaganda Department (Dept Ib/P) of the Bavarian Reichswehr Group, Headquarters 4 under Captain Karl Mayr. It was here that he was singled out as a talented organizer and orator. It is also how he came to the attention of Archbishop Pacelli (later Pope Pius XII).

    After being received personally by Archbishop Pacelli, Hitler became one of his protege from mid 1919 onwards, encouraging his promotion within the ranks of the Intelligence Unit of the Bavarian Reichswehr and his mission to infiltrate and report on the activities of the German Workers’ Party (DAP).

    From late 1919 until he moved to Berlin in 1925, Hitler would meet with his mentor Pacelli every few weeks and update the Archbishop on the progress of his role and influence. Testimony as a “matter of fact” to the regular and clockwork meetings of Hitler and Pacelli were given by the housekeeper and friend of Pacelli for 41 years, Sister Pascalina Lehnert.

    With the influence and direction of the powerful Pacelli, the influence and mission of Hitler changed dramatically from one of low-grade spy to the 55th fully fledged member of the German Workers’ Party (DAP), having been discharged from military intelligence service by March 1920.

    In 1921, Pacelli ordered Hitler to convince the party to change its name to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP), also known as the Nazi Party with him as Führer – a role to which he was confirmed on 28 July 1921. Later, the Jesuits wrote the lie in Mein Kampf that this strategic decision to change the party was made by erratic alcoholic and drug addict Dietrich Eckart. What is never mentioned is that Hitler came bearing millions of dollars seemingly out of “thin air” to turn a small eccletic band into a political movement.

    Now with his protege in charge, Pacelli pushed for the Nazi Party to accelerate its transformation. Soon after being appointed Führer, Superior General Wlodimir Ledochowski provided Jesuit priests to Adolf Hitler in 1921 to establish a paramilitary wing to the NSDAP to be known as the Sturmabteilung (SA) also known as Storm Troopers first headed by Ernst Röhm.

    Using the gold provided by Pacelli, the Nazis secured the first recruits of the SA who were then trained by the Jesuits in espionage, counter intelligence, assassination and propaganda.

    In 1923, Hitler was ordered by Pacelli to emulate Mussolini and “march on Berlin” to overthrow the Government, starting with Munich. However, the Nazis were less organized and met stronger opposition than the Italians and never made it out of Munich.

    Hitler hid for a time at the home of his Press agent and friend Ernst Hanfstaengl, also a close friend of the Roosevelts and William Randolph Hearst. He was eventually found, arrested, convicted and sent to Lansberg prison for five years.

    While at Lansberg, the book Mein Kempf was written for Hitler by Bernhardt Staempfle S.J. with its release coordinated by Ernst Hanfstaengl. He was released in December 1924, having served less than one year of his sentence.

    Most Evil Crimes


    Josef was born to influential Catholic parents Vissarion “Beso” Dzhugashvili and Ekaterina “Keke” Geladze. His father Beso was a successful and relatively wealthy local businessman. However, in later biographies, he is variously described as poor, dirt poor and a violent alcoholic.

    Whatever the real truth, Josef was accepted into the Catholic Cappuchin run school at Gori. He graduated in 1892 first in his class and at the age of 14 he was accepted to enter the “Orthodox” Seminary of Tiflis (Tbilisi, Georgia), a Jesuit institution to be trained as a Jesuit priest.

    Whatever the real truth, Josef was accepted into the Catholic Cappuchin run school at Gori. He graduated in 1892 first in his class and at the age of 14 he was accepted to enter the “Orthodox” Seminary of Tiflis (Tbilisi, Georgia), a Jesuit institution to be trained as a Jesuit priest.

    In spite of contrary history written about the Jesuit run Seminary, the Jesuits remained in Russian territory after the order was banned by Alexander I in 1820, maintaining control of several institutions, including the Seminary of Tiflis.

    Stalin himself openly admitted the Jesuit control of the institution in his famous interview with Jewish Journalist Emil Ludwig (Cohen):

    While accounts of his time at Tiflis have been changed many times, it is universally accepted that Stalin was the star pupils of the Seminary. As a result, the events of 1899 remain shrouded in mystery.

    The more credible and controversial conclusion is that Stalin did graduate from the Jesuit Seminary as a proper Jesuit priest, with his first assignment being to infiltrate and manage the Georgian underground against the Russian Tsarist Government.

    Again, the fact that Stalin was awarded an academic position at the Tiflis Observatory gives credence to his Jesuit credentials and completed study. His double life as a secret leader of the May day uprising of 1901 less than 2 years from graduating from the Jesuit seminary attests to his skill as a key Jesuit agent.

    After avoiding capture by the Tsarist Secret Police (Okhrana), Stalin fled to Batumi where he was hidden in safety by the Rothschild’s via one of their oil refineries located there. In 1902, when authorities learnt of his hiding place, the local Cossacks were ordered to capture him. However, the oil workers rallied behind Stalin with a number killed and arrested along with Stalin. Later this whole event was turned into Stalin rather than remaining in hiding, organizing a strike and arson against the oil refinery- all of which defies common sense of his circumstances.

    In 1903, Stalin was exiled to Siberia for three years. However, a few months later the Jesuits managed to get false papers to the prison camp and free Stalin, who returned to Tiflis on January 4, 1904.

    His new orders from the Jesuits was to start an underground paper called Credo, denouncing international Marxist ideology of Lenin in favour of the Facist Social-Democratic model of Roman Catholicism. Once the Russo-Japanese War started in February 1904, Stalin was active across Georgia in organizing resistance and focused attacks against the Mensheivik breakaway faction of the communists.

    Lenin like most of the Bolsheviks regarded Stalin as a double agent of the Jesuits. Their most visible proof was the fact that Stalin had escaped death in prison and the extraordinary and unprecedented leniency given to him by the Tsarist Government – when agitators found guilty of a fraction of the actions of Stalin had been brutally tortured and killed. While the escapes and “near misses” are recorded about the life of Stalin, the fact that he was apparently the “luckiest revolutionary” of the 20th Century is not discussed.

    By 1922, the Bolsheviks had won the Civil War, but left the whole country broke. The Rothschilds and the American Jesuit Bankers on Wall Street made a simple offer – they would help fund and bail out new new Soviet Union, providing Stalin was given a key role. Thus on April 3, 1922, Stalin was made General Secretary of the Central Commitee, a post hew subsequently grew to become the most powerful.

    In spite of his position, Lenin still sought to thwart the influence of Stalin and in December 1923 it came to a head with Lenin planning to have Stalin finally eliminated. In January 1924, Jesuit Superior General Wlodimir Ledochowski gave the order to Stalin allowing him to kill Lenin and on January 21, 1924, Lenin was poisoned to death at the age of 53.

    One of the earliest acts of Stalin was to begin the outlawing of the Russian Orthodox Church, allowing seized thousands of churches and schools to be handed over to the Catholic Church- a highly controversal program that has largely been unreported even to this day. By 1939, the Russian Orthodox Church was all but extinct.

    There is a further and most disturbing note to this Catholic connection concerning the nature of the atrocities of Siberia. While it has been admitted by some historians that a number of concentration camps in Siberia had ovens to burn dead bodies, the lack of sufficient mass graves, even with the use of quick lime to destroy evidence has been found.

    This implies that the use of ovens for body disposal must have been in frequent use across the thousands of camps. Furthermore, that people were not dead when fed into the furnaces. Unlike the Nazis who at least used a nerve agent to render people unconscious but living before being fed into the furnaces of the death camps, it appears Stalin and Catholic Cardinal Agagianian had no need for such sensitivity.

    Tens of millions of people burnt alive under Satanic Vatican rituals in Siberia – at least three times those of Catholic Dictator Hitler, and not a single book accounting for these major anomolies has made the light of day.

    Towards the end of his life, there appears a major falling out between Stalin and the Catholic Church, with Stalin ordering extraordinary suppression orders against the Catholic Church in his final year, including the execution of Lubyanka General Alexander Poskrebyshev—who oversaw the hanging of Vlasov in the Lubyanka—and NKVD General Nicolai Vlasik.

    Shortly thereafter, Stalin was poisoned and died on March 5, 1953.

    That at the death of Fr. Joseph Stalin S. J. the leader of the Soviet Union in 1953, there was sufficient evidence both that Fr. Stalin was Catholic and had ordered some of the greatest atrocities of human history including reputedly the death of over 60,000,000 innocent people. That at no time since the end of Word War II until the present day has any Pope ever sought to excommunicate Fr. Stalin S. J. That such inaction, and deliberate concealement of his status even until his death of being a fully empowered Catholic priest and of even being Catholic by itself implies the tacit support of Stalin’s actions, regardless of any public statement by the Vatican to the contrary.”

    1. all clear now:
      stalin was born into catholicism, became ordained jesuit priest, received orders from father superior to infiltrate orthodox church in order to destroy it and the russian empire, institute a reign of terror resulting in 60 million orthodox christians and then, got into a fight with jesuit order and pope, uprooted them from soviet union.

      however, pope still loves him like native son.
      they never officially, publicly defrocked him from priesthood, never turfed him out of catholic church, meaning he is still posthumously a jesuit priest.

      all clear, poor jews, murdered by another jesuit puppet, adolph hitler, have nothing to do with it, they are just cutouts to fool us into antisemitism.

      ok, let’s fold shop and all go home.

    2. @Dublinmick: You must be a protestant Orangist from Dublin full of hatred of everything catholic. According to your nonsense comment the Catholic Church must be the absolute depht of evil: Nazism, Stalinism, The Solution…. Sorry for you but your story is so chockfull with lies and callumnies that I can’t even tell where to start.

      But for your very personal re-education: ‘The Myth of Hitler’s Pope’ would be a good starter to debunk this book of Cornwell – I read Cromwell.

      Stalin was born into a Greek Orthodox family, but there are numerous observers who tell you he was actually jewish.

      The authentic Catholic Church has been always very clear about jews: you never hurt a jew, but we must keep them out of positions of power.

      You are right when you say that the Church is been controlled by the jews. This tragedy – thanks also to many protestant freemasonic infiltrators – has been unfolded in the last 70 to 80 years. With Vaticanum II the Church became another denomination of protestantism.

      And without the real authentic Church we will never resolve the terrifying problems the world faces at this moment. Humans alone will never overcome the dire straits we are in. We need God, we need Jesus Christ.

    1. Yeah sure Dublinsmick, and the Jews in Charleston had nothing to do with fomenting The War Between The States, the damn Yankees started the whole thing. I know that’s true because I read that other great historian Hunter Wallace also.

      If Pacelli was Hitler’s Pope, why then do all the Nazis hate the Catholic Church so much? One would think the Nazis would like Pacelli and the Catholic Church if Pacelli had been Hitler’s Pope, but NO, quite the opposite, the Nazis do NOT like Pacelli, do NOT like the Catholic Church. Why did the Jews in Israel name an Israeli National Park after Pacelli if he was Hitler’s Pope? Why did Hitler close all Catholic schools in Germany if the Catholic Pope was backing Hitler?

      Something is missing from your account of the Third Reich, Dublinsmick. The pieces are not adding up. Ditto for your account of the Catholic Church vis-à-vis Communist Soviet Union. Something is missing in both accounts. Well really, I would say a lot is missing from both accounts.

  5. Surveys, statistics and the like…

    “46 percent of Americans thought it was acceptable to mock Islam, while 44 percent said it was unacceptable to mock Christianity…”

    So, can I assume then that 54 percent think it unacceptable to mock Islam? And that 56 percent think it acceptable to mock Christianity? We have not been told anything about the people making up those percentages. What if they were all athiests? Or Muslims? Or Christians? Or Jews? What if no-one that was sampled is over 40 years old? Why would their opinions matter? They don’t, I know. It’s all statistics and bell curves and whatever. You may get information about groups with that sort of tactic, but never about individuals. Usually, any time statistics come up it’s because someone wants us to believe something, then they go and find some numbers that might, on the surface, appear to back up the argument. For the sake of argument then, presuming a fair sample, it looks like the Christian virtue of tolerance still plays a big role in the psyche of Americans, if for no other reason than the numbers are close to 50-50. My guess is that SPQR isn’t to happy with that analysis. Everyone knows how touchy Muslims get about that sort of thing (it’s on the TV all the time), so it’s not really a surprise if some of us choose to be a bit tactful around them. If they can’t take a joke, though… There’s no point in intentionally annoying people. Unless, of course, you wish to play on their emotions to exploit their weaknesses, or strengths, for your own ends. Like the zionists, apparently. Oh, then yes, I do agree with the point of the article! What was it again? Yeah, the media controls what you think about religions, and they are destroying Christianity with immorality and Islam with explosives. Appreciate the update, Dr. Barrett. Hopefully someones learned something.


      Pat is such a spineless pussy. He is such a pussy he now always waits to make sure I can’t respond as he attacks my character. What a intellectual weakling. Why you keep that wuss around is beyond me. All one has to do is research the Nazi anti gravity program to realize they had this technology before all out war broke out. In fact, all the big boys do today.

      You see, when I was 10 I saw with my own eyes an anti gravity machine. It hovered about 30 feet over my beautiful cousin’s and my head as we walked in a clearing close to my house in 1978. It shot a bean of light on us that paralyzed us, knocking us unconscious. When we awakened we were standing in the exact spot when we encountered it as it condensed its light and shot out of our atmosphere like lightning in reverse. So I am not speculating about the tech and the evidence to suggest interplantary travel is even contained inside of Snowden’s revelations.

      If one checks the microfiche copies of the papers of that exact period they would see thousands of people in the twin cities in Minnesota saw a whole armada of UFOs on that day- my brother being one of them about 20 miles from my experience.

      To think the PTB have technology only limited to what we have in daily use is the height of hubris and stupidity for a self described “intellectual” that Pat fashions himself as.

      Hundreds of ex military personnel have backed my contention of Nazis and their anti gravity technology, many being murdered outright as thoroughly documented and this obviously due to their disclosure.

      1. Ty-RANTER –

        You ARE a demented and pathetic liar!!
        I put you down hundreds of times over the months as you woefully attempted to have me removed here dozens of times…. just for disagreeing with you.

        Now, you get your son to be a proxy for you and Toby is your messenger. LOL!!!

        Come back and take your medicine….YOU WIMP!!

        Quit hiding behind your son!!

  6. Tyron –

    The thing that causes ME to doubt that Hitler & Co. had such technology is consideration of the TIME and CIRCUMSTANCES under which it might have been acquired. Hitler was not chancellor until 1933 (?), and from thence, until 1945, Germany was in a constant state of preparedness and/or training for CONVENTIONAL conflict. The requisite leisure and safety of such high-tech research would certainly have been forfeit to a large degree…

    I do not doubt your ‘UFO’ experience. It doesn’t necessarily correlate, though, that residents of THIS planet could duplicate such anytime soon – or within the last 75 years.

  7. If the Nazis have this astounding technology, how come they’re not using it on the Jews and blacks and other debris? What’s the point of having Mega Space Age weapon technology if you don’t use it against your enemies?

    Why would the Nazis attack Minnesota’s White population? One would think the Nazis would have attacked jew New York City or jew Washington D.C. or jew Boca Raton, not Minnesota.

  8. If Darkmoon is in London, England , and there’s an 8 hour difference in time between London, England and California, how come as per the Darkmoon clock, the Darkmoon clock registers a 9 hour difference ?

    1. TOBY: Because we keep changing in England from summer time to winter time. In winter the clocks are all turned one hour back to give us an hour’s extra sleep, in summer the clocks are all turned forward so that we have an hour of extra daylight.

      I guess this creates some confusion. Right now (winter) there is a difference of EIGHT hours between London and Los Angeles. AS YOU CAN SEE FROM THE WORLD CLOCK I SENT YOU. In summer, the world clock will probably register a NINE hour difference. It’s more complicated than you think, Joe.


      1. No, it’s not “more” complicated, it’s not even complicated period. It’s actually very simple. I shan’t annoy you anymore as to bring up the Darkmoon location issue…

        TOBY: I’m glad you brought up this issue, because I think I’ve figured out the discrepancy that you note. The World Clock has to be right: there is an EIGHT HOUR difference between Los Angeles and London — as you can see by looking at the World Clock:


        However, you keep talking about a NINE hour difference by examining your posts. The answer is this, I think: The WORDPRESS time is perhaps INACCURATE by one hour because it doesn’t bother to allow for changes in summer and winter time. Either WordPress is at fault or THIS WEBSITE IS AT FAULT for not adjusting the time so that posting time corresponds with World Clock time.


      2. toby, another possibility.

        darkmoon.me is registered in the country of montenegro, whose timezone is UTC+1, ergo, lmontenegro (UTC+1) to los angeles (UTC-8) is a 9 hour difference, if the “home” time is taken as the system baseline in the way the site was setup in wordpress.

        1. @ lobro

          I am no expert in these matters and you are probably right. The suffix “me” in darkmoon.me does indeed stand for montenegro. But Joe is absolutely determined to locate us on the west coast of Africa. Something to do with “lilypads”, I believe. 🙂

  9. All these postulations about Pacelli and Hitler are interesting however they do not address the issue at hand. If one reads the Bhagavad Gita (the song of God) it makes mention that whenever there is a time of irreligion, Krishna’s (God) spirit will arise to punish the evil doers and bring people back to religion. Ostensibly the Gita is an account of the the battle of Kurukshetra, however it is in fact an allegory, an instruction manual on how one can love God thereby coming to him. When we consider eternity and that we will exist for eternity we must not waste this short time on earth consorting with evil doers or running away from God, no matter what form one worships him/her. Some people say that Buddhism is an atheistic religion, he never said there was no god. He just said it was not necessary to know. He did say, “there is that which is unborn, unoriginated, uncreated and unformed, otherwise there would be no escape from the born, the originated, the created and the formed.” Whatever, one’s religion now is the time to realise that evil is triumphant or winning, but it won’t for much longer. Whenever I feel depressed at the triumph of evil I consider that evil doers die and will face the consequences of their misdeeds. As they say in Spanish, VIVA LA MUERTA!

    1. TOBY: I am about to release SEVEN of Crazy Joe’s posts. These posts will demonstrate beyond all doubt that Joe is a low-quality poster who is bringing this site into serious disrepute. From tomorrow he will no longer be able to post on this site.

      Enjoy these, his seven lasts posts.

      These posts would be disallowed on any other website. In fact, Joe has been banned from posting on every other website he has ever posted on. For some reason that escapes me, Joe is now clearly BEGGING to be banned.

      Doesn’t really matter where the Darkmoon is located and it doesn’t really matter what “me” stands for : Darkmoon is blatantly and obviously a jew hebe Israeli snake shit pit website, wherever it is you all may be. That Darkmoon is a hebe website is very palpable, and the stink and the stench from your hydra-headed snake pit filters out throughout the world of the alternative media — a giant jew snake shit stain on the alternative media, wherever your fetid snake shit pit may be located. I’m like totally over the “controversy”. Darkmoon is a hebe snake pit website, that’s all one needs to know : There’s nothing controversial about it for it’s the Objective Truth of the matter concerning your hebe snake pit in the dark Moon-less night when all the snakes come crawling and slithering out from under the rocks and out of your pits and dens of jew snake shit from the sewers of hell itself.

  10. Religion is not as complicated as people make it out to be. Regardless of which particular religion one has been imprinted with, there is still only one God. But what is she? We are not talking about a concept here but a practical reality. How does one get closer to the creative mind and how do we translate that into practical reality? Well you honor the laws of nature, the two most powerful forces in the universe, cause lightning in the sky, they divide the cell, form a baby in the womb etc etc. Unknown to most, Jesus per the Essene scrolls not only referred to his father in heaven (positive energy) but his earthly mother (negative energy) describing her to be found in the bubbling brook, the rocks, the azur of the mountains and the food we eat. One who forms our blood and bones, the earthly mother. Constantine (Brit warlord) and their man on the scene left that out when he plagiarized the bible) from old manuscripts he studied while in India.

    The majority of the articles here are good, it is the cadre of posters who if not shilling for Rome, pimp Hitler as something other than just another red shield puppet that makes reading the comments almost unbearable. Some of these jokers must have a high tech office in the vatican.


    You will never get the crowd to cry Hosanna until you ride into town on an ass …. Nietztsche

    For some no explanation is needed, for some no explanation is possible.

      1. Or say, it’s not about being quantitative. “One God” could infer an absolutism of mis-identification, suggesting a disengagement with the Divine. And more than one would have to assign the word a lower case “g” in pluralizing it (gods)

        Whereas say, “zero God” removes an authoritarian notion of Creator making its mystery more engaging and empowering and from which comes the “one” – the Divinity of Man.

        Not “under the rule of God”, but more, say, Man as an expression of God and always a work in progress in sustaining itself

    1. it is the cadre of posters who if not shilling for Rome, pimp Hitler as something other than just another red shield puppet that makes reading the comments almost unbearable. Some of these jokers must have a high tech office in the vatican.

      let’s compare our offices, shall we.
      i want everyone to read the following carefully, then go back to Dublinmick’s posts, the one above and even more, this one (“All roads lead to Rome”).

      Protocol 5

      4. Moreover, the art of directing masses and individuals by means of cleverly manipulated theory and verbiage, by regulations of life in common and all sorts of other quirks, in all which the GOYIM understand nothing, belongs likewise to the specialists of our administrative brain. Reared on analysis, observation, on delicacies of fine calculation, in this species of skill we have no rivals, any more than we have either in the drawing up of plans of political actions and solidarity. IN THIS RESPECT THE JESUITS ALONE MIGHT HAVE COMPARED WITH US, BUT WE HAVE CONTRIVED TO DISCREDIT THEM IN THE EYES OF THE UNTHINKING MOB as an overt organization, while we ourselves all the while have kept our secret organization in the shade. However, it is probably all the same to the world who is its sovereign lord, whether the head of Catholicism or our despot of the blood of Zion! But to us, the Chosen People, it is very far from being a matter of indifference.

      well, good job you are doing dublin(?)mick(?).
      so, come out of the shadows, take a day off on the beach, back to your high tech office (definitely not in vatican) tomorrow for some more impeccably true and researched links that show that all evil comes out of vatican, pay no attention to these forged protocols (published in 1905).

      your presence here is not a matter of indifference to the Chosen People nor should it be a matter of indifference to us.

    2. “…there is still only one God…”

      In the Bible the word “God” is usually a translation of the the Hebrew word Elohim, which is the plural form of the root word which gives meaning to the Arabic “Allah”. The issue is complicated because although Elohim is plural, it is typically used in a singular sense, indicating a common purpose or identity.

  11. @ Pat

    I know you won’t agree with either Hitler of Rabbi Stephen Wise:

    “Hitler was right in one thing: He calls the jewish people a race… and we are a race.”
    — Rabbi Stephen Wise, N.Y. Herald-Tribune, June 13, 1938

    1. Dr Dave –

      You guessed correctly.
      Both were looking for a reason to force the Pharisees to Israel, at the insistence and payment of ‘Red-Signers’ false claims. Not nearly so many Pharisees would have ever gone to the desolate land on their own….leaving beautiful Europe.

  12. “there is still only one God”…is a guess.
    No one ‘knows’ that!!”

    No Pat it is not a guess, it is something that anyone with the power of discernment already knows and that includes billions of Hindus and Buddhists who have moved on past Billy Graham and Francis.
    It is not worthwhile to debate there is more than one force keeping the planets in orbit. Believing there are several competing forces in competition over this would be absurd.

    We live in an electromagnetic , electrical Universe. It is otherwise sometimes referred to as the life force. It is what leaves the body when you die. And yes machines measure this. It is the light you see when the atom is split, it is what makes of the electromagnetic color spectrum you see when you watch a crystal dance in the sun light. This force is in everything even the rocks and it is what the Native American referred to as the great white spirit.

    This force can also be heard as the Rishis discovered perhaps millions of years ago, how long ago nobody knows. It is called the Shruti sounds of the cosmos. You can hear it also, place a sea shell near your ear. You will hear the sound of the universe or life force that has always been here and always will be here even after man annihilates himself. Some advanced Rishis can even hear musical tones. It is there whether you believe it or not, it doesn’t matter to the force what you believe. And it is not what you believe, it is what you know that counts.

    For some, no explanation is needed, for some no explanation is possible.

    1. Mick –
      When you stated:
      “It is the light you see when the atom is split, it is what makes of the electromagnetic color spectrum you see when you watch a crystal dance in the sun light. This force is in everything even the rocks and it is what the Native American referred to as the great white spirit.”

      Now….you are not only guessing, but you have resorted to making things up in areas where you cannot comprehend the facts.

    2. May the Force be with you, Mickey!

      By the way did George Lucas fashion Darth Vader off of the Black Pope? At least we can vouch for your accuracy concerning the time frame for the Rishis discovery of the Force, “perhaps millions of years ago, how long ago nobody knows”. That certainly nails it down. Could it be less than a million years ago? And did they document it? Now while I will concur with you that hearing the sound of the Force in a sea shell placed over my ear is certainly more exotic, I can also hear it by placing my coffee cup next to my ear canal. Hey did you know that if you are walking through something like a tunnel you can yell and hear an echo? Try it. It’s the Force.

      You are deep, Brother. Thanks for the screed. Fortune cookies always seem to end much too abruptly and I end up cracking too many.

  13. dr kevin barret I am a Palestinian and I love isis and there is nothing you can say or write that will make us change our minds
    long live isis

    1. The Avatar! In my youth I actually served in a counter-insurgency unit for about 3 years, so I have a modicum of experience in that field. A good counter-insurgent studies history e.g. Michael Collins, Mao, the British in Palestine, Malaya and so on. However, there is little known aspect of COIN that receives very little attention nowadays and that is the pseudo-gang. An example of this comes from Kenya during the Mau Mau years. The police used a pseudo-gang of former, turned Mau Mau to successfully track down and capture Dedan Kimati the leader of the Mau Mau. Let’s examine ISIS. If they were a genuine guerrilla group they would be attacking Israel and not other Arabs.
      Look at a genuine guerrilla group, like the IRA. It was only when they started bombing the city of London, the banking centre that the Brits began serious negotiations. Prior to that the IRA bombed pubs and Joe and Jane Public and got nowhere. If these groups like Al Qaeda and the like were the genuine article they would be committing skillful and daring attacks on the banksters. If they did so, I’m sure most of the public would cheer them on! I know I would!

      1. how can they attack Israel when the Syrian regime- who has been protecting Israel for 34 years-is on the way.? open a map for god’s sake.

  14. Thanks to all like Dr. Barrett who help us to think critically about the media. Imagine them trying to put over that half the people in the U.S. think it’s ok to mock religious beliefs.

  15. Lobro you are one of the biggest shills on the net. You rave on about the jews but don’t seem to realize they are the jesuits and control the vatican, Hitler was their puppet, so was Stalin a Jesuit priest, and now so Kolomoisky, Yats and the rest of your nazi friends in Ukraine.

    Hitler was a Rothschild, it is simple, he and Stalin played chess together at Tavistock. Frankly although I like the Darkmoon articles but I left them off my blog because they tolerate your ilk. You give the impression they actually subscribe to the high school curriculum you espouse.

    1. @Dublinmick

      What is it with you? Maybe you’re a good example of what happens to those of us interested in uncovering the truth, how It can do strange things to people. Just when you THINK you’ve nailed it down, yet another pernicious layer rears its ugly sediment. Ever talk to an archaeologist?

      Anyway, have you checked out my Ellie K./Hitler/Rothschild theory on the R. Faurisson thread?

      Like Pat says, these guessing games can be fun 😉

    2. let readers decide who is who.

      i quote direct from the protocols – go ahead, question their validity in any way you can, including the impeccable logic of their evil, question the success they had in owning the planet, question their power of prediction.
      i challenge you.

      in particular, i quoted directly from the protocols where they said that the only organization they feared as having like intelligence and analytical powerst o theirs and therefore capable of long term planning and countering the talmudic moves were the jesuits but “fortunately”, they got thoroughly discredited in the public eye and are no longer the threat, the jew’s road to power is clear.
      because this is the sum total of what you do here, with every word blackening the jesuits, vatican, pope and catholicism and now hitler, of course, the protocols got an update that wasn’t published – wonder why.

      meanwhile you come at us here with these hallucinations pulled out of jew hasbara ass as if they were the gospel truth.
      prove any of your mind boggling, befuddling claims, show us a trail of evidence, got photos of hitler playing chess with lenin?
      i call bullshit on just about everything you claim, just as i did on gabreal jones, your sorry disciple.
      every single claim you make helps the jew by deflecting guilt and anger away from him, by throwing sand in the eyes of the unwary.

      why is that?

      1. Readers can decide…

        Some protest too much….as they ‘guess’ about the past.
        No one has eve validated the authorship of the Protocols either.

        Lookie here. Some ‘guess’ that Jesuits run Europe:

        The Jesuit Order that continued the Reign of the Holy Roman Empire is an almost 500-year old covert operations, geo-political, male-only organization, structured as a secret military operation…

        …demanding secret oaths and complete obedience to each direct superior, which is ultimately the Superior General (often nicknamed as the Black Pope, since he dresses in black and ‘stands in the shadow’ of the white Pope).

      2. by that logic all guesses are worth the same pat, including nazi submarine bases under the antarctica as well as nazi cities flourishing on mars.

        but two guesses are mutually exclusive, either jews run the world and the protocols are the a true fact or no, jesuits run the world and they invented the protocols in order to fool everybody into hating jews.
        moreover, both hitler and stalin were catholic clergymen.
        and because vatican runs the world, hitler won the war, right?

        people say he lost it and jews won but that is only further guessing …

      3. anyway, from now on i will keep my guesses about the protocols to myself because clearly, lots of people around here doubt their validity.

      4. lobro –

        “but two guesses are mutually exclusive, either jews run the world and the protocols are the a true fact or no, jesuits run the world and they invented the protocols in order to fool everybody into hating jews.”

        They are NOT mutually exclusive if the same bankers back both sides….exactly like they do when financing one army against another.

        The possible guesses are endless.

        Readers can think for themselves.

      5. The Jewish Encyclopedia (Vol. 2, p. 497) admits that:
        “It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are the guardians of the papal treasure.”

        If this latter statement is true the Rothschilds control in addition to their own fortune the immense liquid resource of the Catholic Church, which is second only to the Rothschilds’ in wealth and power.


      6. Pat, if the Vatican is just another Rothschilds plantation, then they don’t control absolutely anything, not even themselves, so how could they be the secret dark power behind the world? This is precisely the point I keep making. I am no friend of Vatican and the latest batch of popes and consider them traitors of Christ.
        But they are a bunch of impotent wimps, sold out cowards.
        Possibly some hope remains that the Jesuits and SSPX may retain some resistance – we shall see yet.

        But the reality is that the Sanhedrin cabal is the ultimate ruler of the world and the enemy of mankind.
        On this point I recognize no guesswork and anybody trying to obscure it is immediately targeted for suspicion.
        You and everyone is free to argue otherwise but please use logic, observation and inference, not comic strip tales of the supernatural Jesuit inquisitors directing Hitler and Stalin into global genocides and mutual destruction independently of Jews.

        Anyone has right to knock themselves out with guesswork but not at the expense of my gullibility.

      7. lobro –

        Only you can change your gullibility. Those are you cards.

        If you ‘know’ all the answers…then…you are one of ‘THEM.’

        If not…you are guessing with the rest of us outside the inner circle.

      8. yeah well, in that case, my guess that the dolphins padres will win super bowl XLIX is as good as anyone else’s.

        and woody allen will be the unified heavyweight champion of the world.

        all guesses are equally valid.

      9. The only thing that matters that ISN’T a guess is that people are not free in the TRUEST sense of the word to run their own lives because we have allowed OTHERS to run it to the point where there’s no avoiding either the irresistible force or the immovable object being the one left standing when the coming storm is followed by the settling dust.

        Complete servitude or complete freedom. The ‘in-between’ is gone and the chips will fall where they may.

      10. I hope you don’t mean it lobro, when you say you’re gonna keep your guesses about the protocols to yourself. They’re just too damn important and your insights on them help to keep this site from sinking too low, which it seems to have done lately with too many insipid posters lurking about.

        I know I won’t and here’s something in the interest of trying to tie things together:

        So-called “private” bankers (banksters) control the money, and that a system of money is private establishes an immoral ground defined by its arbitrariness in being private. Any honest system of money puts it in the secured keeping of public domain, yet all the money is controlled by those who produce NOTHING of value that ALL money represents in a proper and MORAL definition of it. That it

      11. whoops – continued below

        ….IS arbitrary infers an intent to control it deceptively which in turn suggests the nature of its control is to designate it as a weapon to be used AGAINST said Public.

        The gist of this is all spelled out in the protocols for the purpose of herding the masses into an end-game in the form of a ‘totalitarian corral’, whose construction is progressing AS STATED, SET FORTH, AND EVIDENCED BY SAID PROTOCOLS.

        So I ask

        How then can they be unreal? What else is to be considered than these mechanics in manipulating society?

      12. B-Hawk –

        The Protocols reflect conditions of control…. and might have originated from the Knights of Malta.

        The Council on Foreign Relations was created by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta back in 1921 after their creation of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in 1919. Both of these control the 1868 corporation known as the United States. Both are arms of the SMOM via their inner cores within ‘The City’ known as Pilgrim Society, Order of the Garter and Committee of 300. The CFR created the United Nations. Now notice how the SMOM have PERMANENT OBSERVER STATUS within the United Nations.

      13. Pat

        Good guess about the Knights of Malta, although my guess is that it didn’t originate with them, but very well could have been formulated THROUGH them.

        Suffice it to say, the condition of the control is on the brink of being a ‘big squeeze play’.

      14. B-Hawk –

        I like to divulge the structures of control and name the people in charge…and the mechanisms under the radar. Keep in mind the drunken Freemasons with the red Fezs parade around on motorcycles as Shriners…. in order to help burned children worldwide. They are so good. They take an oath on the Quran!!

        The Sovereign Military Order of Malta has had Permanent Observer status at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City since 1994.


        The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta – founded 950 years ago.

        Permanent Observer: HE Ambassador Robert L. Shafer; June 8, 2004 – Present

        Mr. Shafer was a employed at Pfizer for over 30 years and was Vice-president of Public Affairs and Government Relations of the corporation when he retired in 1996. As a representative of Pfizer, he lobbied the U.S. Congress and the governments of other countries where Pfizer had subsidiary corporations.

        Pfizer is VERY ‘Big Pharma’ and makes vaccines and drugs for the 13,000 Hospitaler member corporatioins to take worldwide… 120 countries.

        The Order relies on the involvement of its 13,000 members, as well as approximately 80,000 trained volunteers and 20,000 employees, the majority of whom are medical personnel. The Order’s organisations worldwide (Grand Priories, National Associations, relief organisations and foundations) are responsible for carrying out its activities, both in its the permanent institutions – such as hospitals, outpatient medical centres and old peoples’ homes – and with its….
        …… socio-medical and humanitarian programmes.

      15. No doubt Pat

        I remember those guys puttin’ around in their little go-carts with those fez hats bouncin up and down in summer parades I went to when I was a kid. My favorite part of the parade, that, and the ear-piercing sirens from dozens of fire trucks and police cars. Americana in all its glory.

        My father is a mason, my mother Mohawk Iroquois
        Land of the freemasons, home of the slaughtered braves

        Love is blind
        Go figure

    3. Dublinmick,

      It was Lenin, I believe, who stated that the best way to defeat your enemy is to control them. We see in the west, installation of services that have, as Lenin also said, “(will) become authorities”. Lenin was a Jew and understood that one could not attack a civilisation from the front gates, but through deceit as a fifth column within.

      I know of another on the internet who has exactly the same views. His name is WASP. I don’t know if it’s to signify the acronym of white, anglo-saxon protestant or merely that he ‘stings’, but he also believes that the Jesuits and Vatican are controlling all. He also says that they control the Rothschilds, as they bank for the Vatican. Are you the same individual per chance?

      The Jesuit order is merely another tentacle on the octopus that is Phariseeism. The Jews are Jesuits and the Jesuits are Jews. It’s why they choose ‘Daddy Israel’, the Rothschilds to be their bankers.
      To quote the Grand Sanhedrin of Constantinople in his reply to the Chief Rabbi of Spain of Chemor in 1492, after receiving his letter about worry of yet another exile of ‘the tribe’ from European lands:

      ” Beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as yourselves. The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:

      1. As for what you say that the King of Spain obliges you to become Christians: do it, since you cannot do otherwise.
      2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your property: make your sons merchants that they may despoil, little by little, the Christians of theirs.
      3. As for what you say about making attempts on your lives: make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christians’ lives.
      4. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.
      5. As for the many other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix in affairs of State, that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.
      6. Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.”

      Note points 1&4 more importantly. It is interesting for what should happen a mere 40+ years later (1540) but the founding of the Society of Jesus by none other than crypto-Jew Ignatius of Loyola. This order was a safety net for Jews, who instead of exile under the Inquisition chose to convert to Christianity, yet still remaining crypto-Jews and faithful to their cabala.

      So the Jesuit order was yet more Jewish perfidy and deceit. They knew that exile meant they wouldn’t be able to parasite off of the goyim and exile would result in poor, miserable lives, starved of feeding off of Christians and their labour.
      Interesting to note that Torquemada was on the ball and one who understood the Jew and seed of Cain very well. He knew that they would lie through their teeth and infiltrate the Christian order with which to further advance their plans for global domination, for the Jewish fight is not a fair one. It never has been and never will.

  16. @The Avatar.
    It’s not as simple as that. As the cliche goes, “follow the money”! The money to fund ISIS comes from Saudi Arabia, with training provided by the US/UK. These countries are all running dogs of the Zionists. Take a lesson from history. Feliks Derzhinsky was the head of the CHEKA, forerunner to the KGB. He established the TRUST which acted as controlled opposition to the early Bolsheviks. He used this to entrap and distract the opposition. Who treats injured ISIS fighters? The Israelis. Who gains from the overthrow of Assad? The Israelis. The only credible opponent to the Zionist entity at the moment is Hezbollah. Remember ISIS stands for Israel Secret Intelligence Services. True Assad is a secularist, so were Saddam and Gaddafi. This is why they had to go! Only a credulous and unlearned fool would support ISIS or Al Qaeda, they are pseudo-gangs and not a real guerrilla group like the IRA. They are stupid attacking worthless targets like aeroplanes and ratbag magazines. If you want to be a real guerrilla go for the money i.e. the banks; that includes the Central banks as well as the private ones. Believe that would scare the bejasus out of the west.

    1. Correcto, Felix. Spoken like true ‘Dean’ of guerrilla economics.

      Here’s the real deal. Not only do the Al Qaeda ‘rebels’ NOT attack the IMF banks…. they set up their own IMF banks within 20 minutes of capturing a location. That’s only 10 minutes after they establish their own oil companies!!!

      Libyan Rebel Council Forms Oil Company to Replace Qaddafi’s (established bank)

      By Bill Varner Mar 22, 2011 4:17 AM CT

      Libyan rebels in Benghazi said they have created a NEW national oil company to replace the corporation controlled by leader Muammar Qaddafi whose assets were frozen by the United Nations Security Council.

      The Transitional National Council released a statement announcing the decision made at a March 19 meeting to establish the “Libyan Oil Company as supervisory authority on oil production and policies in the country, based temporarily in Benghazi, and the appointment of an interim director general” of the company.

      The Council also said it “designated the Central Bank of Benghazi as a monetary authority competent in monetary policies in Libya and the appointment of a governor to the Central Bank of Libya, with a temporary headquarters in Benghazi.”

      The Security Council adopted a resolution on March 17 that froze the foreign assets of the Libyan National Oil Corp. and the Central Bank of Libya, both described in the text as “a potential source of funding” for Qaddafi’s regime.

      1. Meanwhile, Pat, ALL the facilities are now in place to accommodate the perpetrators should things get out-of-hand. Listening to the CEO of Caterpillar Tractor this morning, it occurred to me how easily financial catastrophe could beset us: IF the Fed decides (how many will decide, and who/what will ‘decide’ them?) to move a point upward on interest rates, most commerce in America will CEASE, given present circumstances. What happens thereafter is anyone’s guess (but I can make a few unpleasant ones).

        A Plan B and C have been well-thought-out by whomever inherited the legacy of The Protocols. (but, of course, that is a GUESS!)

      2. Oh – I suppose I should add that AMERICA is somewhat well-entwined with the rest of the world’s commerce(??), before some of the numbskulls on here voice their pleasure in the prospect…?

  17. TOBY: I am about to release SEVEN of Crazy Joe’s posts. These posts will demonstrate beyond all doubt that Joe is a low-quality poster who is bringing this site into serious disrepute. From tomorrow he will no longer be able to post on this site.

    Enjoy these, his seven lasts posts.

    These posts would be disallowed on any other website. In fact, Joe has been banned from posting on every other website he has ever posted on. For some reason that escapes me, Joe is now clearly BEGGING to be banned.

    @ lobro

    What does lobro do for a living? He obviously doesn’t have a job, he’s here at Darkmoon every second of every day. If anything, Darkmoon is lobro’s job. Is lobro related to Lasha? Is lobro independently wealthy that he can spend every second of every day of his lobro life sending off posts to Darkmoon?

    I don’t mean to be disrespectful to lobro. I spell lobro with a lower case “l” because that’s how lobro spelled his name for the longest time. I’m sentimental that way. I remember lobro when lobro was lower case. That’s how I’ll always remember him, as being low case. But I see now lobro must be Upper Case, being independently wealthy enough to spend every second of his lobro life here at Darkmoon and all. Still, for sentimental reasons, I just can’t get myself to use an upper case “l” when I spell lobro. He’ll always be low case lobro to me!

    1. What does lobro do for a living? He obviously doesn’t have a job, he’s here at Darkmoon every second of every day. If anything, Darkmoon is lobro’s job. Is lobro related to Lasha? Is lobro independently wealthy that he can spend every second of every day of his lobro life sending off posts to Darkmoon?

      or maybe lobro is independently poor but his ditch is close enough to starbucks to pick up some wifi bandwidth.
      i will let you speculate every second of every day of the rest of your life.
      have a long one, joe.

  18. TOBY: I am about to release SEVEN of Crazy Joe’s posts. These posts will demonstrate beyond all doubt that Joe is a low-quality poster who is bringing this site into serious disrepute. From tomorrow he will no longer be able to post on this site.

    Enjoy these, his seven lasts posts.

    These posts would be disallowed on any other website. In fact, Joe has been banned from posting on every other website he has ever posted on. For some reason that escapes me, Joe is now clearly BEGGING to be banned.

    Why does the alternative, or “alternative” media, constantly feature the nigger bantu as being somehow Anti-Jew-NWO when the nigger bantu fully and ardently supports the Jew NWO agenda of flooding White Europe with Mohammedans, niggers, more nigger Mohammedans? Yes, I know, he questions the holocaust and makes some noises about Palestine, but ultimately the nigger fully supports the Jew agenda of turning White Europe Islamic for the benefit and the fruition of the Jew Commie Zionist NWO. Communism and Zionism are synonyms, of course.

    Why does the alternative, or “alternative” media, downplay the Mohammedan riots in Sweden and downplays PEGIDA — just like the Jews in the mainstream media downplay both– while focusing on the “god given” nigger so much, just like the mainstream Jews focus on the bantu nigger? Oh sure, the mainstream media doesn’t like the bantu, the alternative media does. Still, both medias focus on the “god given” nigger almost to the exclusion of everything else going on in White Europe, especially vis-à-vis the Islamic jihad the Mohammedans are waging in White Europe. Why does the alternative, or so-called “alternative” media, the alternative media which claims to be ANTI Jew/ANTI Jew NWO incessantly encourages us Whites to look up to a nigger who fully supports the Jew Communist-Zionist goal of flooding White Europe with Mohammedans and niggers, and more nigger Mohammedans, for the benefit of and the fruition of the Jew Communist-Zionist NWO ?

    Why is there NO mention in either the Jew mainstream media, or the alternative, or so-called “alternative” media, as to who EXACTLY is the “show business” agent/handler of this “god given” nigger bantu? The nigger is a real smoke-and-mirrors game alright. I’d bet the , if I only had one, the nigger bantu’s handler/”show” business agent is an arab jew. “g-d given” is more like it. filthy bantu nigger, I hate the nigger’s guts.

    Why does the alternative, or so-called “alternative” ,” media try to goad us on to support and even look up to as a hero, a nigger who supports turning White Europe Mohammedan and African? Ultimately, that’s EXACTLY what the mainstream Jews want us to support. The alternative, or so-called “alternative” media, directs us to the very same end result the mainstream Jew media wants as a result — the flooding of White Europe with Mohammedans and niggers and more nigger Mohammedans, exactly as the Jew mainstream media does exactly the same — the “alternative” media just goes about it a different way, a different tack, that’s all. Actually, the mainstream media turns out to be more honest than your “alternative” media. At least the mainstream Jews don’t pretend to be opposed to the Jew NWO, as your “alternative” media does, as your “alternative” media leads us down a path which leads to the very same exact outcome the mainstream Zionist Communist mainstream Jews are drooling for.

    Why does the “alternative” media downplay PEGIDA and downplays the Mohammedan riots in Sweden as it focuses so much on the “g-d given” nigger bantu, very similar though not exactly like the Jew mainstream press, yet in both the mainstream Jew media and the “alternative” media we are led down the path which leads to turning White Europe into a Mohammedan/African state for the benefit of and the fruition of the Jew Zionist-Communist NWO? What exactly is “alternative” about the so-called alternative media where we are incessantly encouraged to go Islamic worshipping, to either convert to Islam or at least have the highest highest respect and admiration for Islam, when that’s EXACTLY what the JEW COMMIE ZIONIST NWO is ALL ABOUT? When that’s EXACTLY what the nigger jew Communist Obama ,and his nigger jew handler from Iran, Communist jew Valerie Jarrett, and what the nigger bantu Dieudonne, want us to do EXACTLY so the Jew Communist NWO can come to fruition? And you call Darkmoon an “alternative”. I don’t think so. In fact, I know so — Darkmoon is not an “alternative”. Darkmoon leads down the path the mainstream Jews in Washington in Chicago in Brussels in Jerusalem want. How blatantly obvious. Darkmoon Jews are bigger liars than the Jews in the mainstream media — and that’s saying a fuck of a lot. And you’re ALL jews, that’s for damn sure.

  19. Lobro you really make a lot of assumptions and twist every morsel of information into your lowbrow explanations which you in no way have the horsepower to explain. You must be a software program and should really change your nick to lowbrow.

    I don’t doubt the protocols were authentic. The problem you have is realizing they are constructs of the vatican jesuits who, well are the hidden hand of zionism. You are the most boring drone like shill I have ever encountered on the web. Software programs cannot reason and we all see this in you. Facts, analysis and details have no meaning to you, they all seem to be the wrong link dude type response.

    The most amusing smack directed at me I encounter on the net is you “jew agent” lawdy son, you are twisted, momma come get your baby boy.

    “THE UNTHINKING MOB “, says dublinmick.
    well, good job you are doing dublin(?)mick(?).
    so, come out of the shadows, take a day off on the beach, back to your high tech office (definitely not in vatican) tomorrow for some more impeccably true and researched links that show that all evil comes out of vatican, pay no attention to these forged protocols (published in 1905).

    because this is the sum total of what you do here, with every word blackening the jesuits, vatican, pope and catholicism and now hitler, of course, the protocols got an update that wasn’t published – wonder why.”

  20. Honestly does darkmoon subscribe to lobro’s hysteria? If not why do you put up with it? It seriously diminishes the quality of the site and portrays the impression of …………….. Rome under fascism still lives, down with the Ukraine next after Syria, Iran, Yemen and others.

    I mean come on, on the US dollar there is the fascist bundle.

    1. @ Dublinmick

      “Honestly does darkmoon subscribe to lobro’s hysteria? If not why do you put up with it? It seriously diminishes the quality of the site…”

      I suggest you concern yourself with the quality of your own site rather than the quality of ours. If you don’t like the freedom of speech we allow our posters — and that includes Lobro as well as you — you are always free to slink back to barren wasteland of your own site where you rule the roost over your handful of Hitler loonies, like a medieval feudal lord cracking his whip over the peasants.

      BTW, how is Gabreal Jones? Is he still touching his forelock to you and stroking your over-inflated ego? 🙂

      1. @ Dublinmick

        Let me give it to you straight, Dublinmick. You don’t fit in here. This is a responsible site of genuine truth seekers, unlike your site which specializes in disinfo and Hitler conspiracy theories.

        You are seen here by most of our posters as no more than a crank and crackpot — at the best, a rather slimy ideological infiltrator trying to hawk your absurd conspiracy theories demonizing Hitler. We are not obsessed with Hitler here, nor do we wish to be told how he fled to Argentina and got Eva Braun to shit on his chest!

        Go peddle your silly conspiracy theories elsewhere.

  21. @Gilbert Huntley.
    I think you are right about something horrible afoot. Since 2008 the Fed have practised Quantitive Easing. Maybe I am stupid, but I fail to see any difference between QE and the Robert Mugabe school of economics. I remember in the late sixties visiting Rhodesia, the exchange rate was $1 = 50 cents Rhodesian. Now it is in the stratosphere!
    Everybody is on the QE bandwagon except for the Swiss. I smell another Grand Theft is on way, ala Roosevelt in the 30’s, Nixon in the 70’s and of course the Bush/Obama Heist in 2008, still ongoing. If you will forgive the alliteration, the world economic system stands on the shifting sands of shifty shysterism. Of course one is not allowed to mention that the majority of Fed Chairmen or women are, or have been Jewish!

    1. Felix –

      Something has been ‘afoot’ for awhile, indeed, Felix. Whatever it is (your guess is as good as mine), will create a paradigm shift in the way we’re accustomed to operate. Discussing this with a friend, yesterday, he said he thought it wouldn’t be nearly so catastrophic as the ‘Armageddon’ experience the American South had in 1861-65. (I hope he’s right – but I really wouldn’t bet-the-farm on it!)

      Whenever we assess enemies, we must qualify them by their circumstances and their means. The circumstances of this generation of TPTB is likely ‘boredom’ with the status quo. Their means (financial and material) are almost incalculable. It’s a volatile combination. When one thinks he’s ‘Superman’, he gets too confident – and makes BIG mistakes. 🙁

      1. Which begs the question, Gil

        How do you arm a geddon?

        By supplying yourself with whatever arms it takes

        When the sleddin’ geds tough
        Tough geddons geds sleddin’! 😉

  22. No I certainly don’t fit here as most commenters with an above I.Q. of 70 have fled the joint in a never ending cascade of Hitler/vatican uber alles.

    Posters here cannot be that immune to real information without being plants. It is simply not possible.

    Don’t worry about my blog, in fact it is in the top 5% and I rarely attend to it anymore, older posts draw much of the respondents.

    Now why don’t you all form a straight line and march in a top heavy iron cross formation

    1. @ Dublinmick

      “Posters here cannot be that immune to real information without being plants. It is simply not possible.”

      TOBY: Who are the plants? Name a few.

      Let me guess, They are the people you don’t like, the posters who have contradicted you and accused you of being a Zionist troll. Or, at the best, a Useful Idiot for the Jews.

      Your demonization of Hitler is just what the Jews want; it is what the Jews themselves have been busy doing for the last 70 years. You are either in the pay of the Jews or doing their job for free.

    2. @ Dublinmick

      “Don’t worry about my blog, in fact it is in the top 5% . . . “

      Congratulations. The Darkmoon blog, I am told, is in the top 1%. In fact, it has recently burst into the first 0.05%. How it ever got there is a mystery to me. It won’t stay there long, but will inevitably slip back in the Alexa ratings. Sad fact is, we are amateurs operating on a shoestring.

      BTW, I am no longer the official monitor here but am just posting as an ordinary individual. I resigned last week. I am now holding the fort until they can find a suitable replacement.

      1. @Toby

        All you darkmoon monitors do a fine job. So it’s ‘next man’ up (or woman) in contributing to that top 0.05% cream of the crop, that rises to the top.

        As for Dublinmick? Spot on. A useful idiot in giving him benefit of the doubt, his fundamental flaw being that he has chosen to suspend logic by deciding that he has already found that “AHA!” lightbulb moment of finding the truth yet underestimating the seemingly endless layers of lying sediment burying it. Given the premise of giving the benefit would confirm the effectiveness of the protocols in undermining the ability to think critically.

        Not giving him the benefit would HAVE to indict him as a zionist-type troll who knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. But even THIS would make him a useful idiot. No posters commenting on ANYONE’S website would be that high up the synagogue food chain

      2. yeah toby, i second that opinion by bhawk.
        you do a fine job, so hang around if you can spare time.

        1. @ lobro

          yeah toby, i second that opinion by bhawk.
          you do a fine job, so hang around if you can spare time.

          Thanks for the vote of confidence, but this is a thankless job and I am just waiting for a suitable replacement. Today, believe it or not, we have just received an unsolicited and most unexpected application for the vacant job of Darkmoon monitor. He promises to be fair and impartial, crack down on “nonsensical drivel”, and get rid in one massive sweep of all “Zio trolls, Jews incognito, closet feminists, Marxists, man haters and goat f-cking Moslems.”

          I must say, a tempting offer! He writes to Lasha:

          “I see Toby quit and you’re looking for someone new. Well look no further. Imagine, you put me out front and all of your Zio trolls, Jews incognito, closet feminists, Marxists, man haters and goat f-cking Moslems who’re in league with them would have a freakin brain anurism 🙂 Their heads would literally explode! Ha Ha.

          Picture the TOTAL shock and awe as an unashamed white-Christian American Israelite rightist- the mass butcher of bullshit on the boards takes the helm. Why the enemies of truth would have a sh-t conniption permanently exposing themselves as the shills they are. The most persecuted enemy of the “Jews” would suddenly have a position of influence where we might not only show our metal, but also our innate fairness by enforcing un-hypocritical rules impartially.

          I know this if you did so, you would draw from an ever growing pool of anti Jew rightists securing your position as a highly ranked blog and seriously shake-up the anti Zio left-wing from their never ending nonsensical drivel that they spew that actually facilities the Jews end game.

          Hey, even if you decide not to, you ought to tell everyone I’m in contention . . . Think about it.”

          — Tyron Parsons

          Thanks, Tyron. We’ll give your application serious consideration. However, we don’t went to rush things and are now waiting for Crazy Joe to apply. Choosing between you and Joe is gonna be a tough decision! 🙂

      3. Thirded Toby.
        Now you can get more involved in debate and even out the balance with those across the pond.

  23. I wouldn’t take the job for all the money in the world, for I notice only those related to the jew Lasha can be Administrators — some sort of habiru family tradition –which means anyone not related to Lasha would have to at least marry into her hebe kabbalah family of hydra-head snakes from some sewer somewhere, wherever it is your Darkmoon is located [ I’m totally over the location issue, as I already know where Darkmoon really is and how you all operate]. I don’t want to marry a snake. Who can be bothered. The world is going to go the way the world is going to go whoever the Administrator of Darkmoon is, whatever relative Lasha puts in “power” next [ whatever it is your real agenda is] . Your Darkmoon ain’t that important, it ain’t all that.

    ” I don’t like spiders and snakes.. and that ain’t what it takes… if you want to be loved by me..”

    1. You really are a weak troll, Joe. At least with Dublinmick the jury is still out. Maybe he’s just plain obtuse. But you? You have your moments I suppose in carrying it off to some readers, but then you also can be so transparent as to be labeled an OBTUSE troll.

      What does it say about your bosses that they haven’t reassigned you by now. Like maybe you could take a trip to NYC and look up Ed Norton. I’m sure he could use some help in cleanin’ up THAT cesspool.

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