9/11 : World Trade Center, Building 7 (Video)

Copenhagen Professor Dr Niels Harrit is interviewed here by Age of Truth TV. The video is long (1hr. 39 mins) but extremely fascinating once you get into it.  Our advice is to make an effort to watch the first 10 minutes. If this grips your attention, then continue watching . . .  

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  1. Poor darkmooners. I guess during Uncle’s long Dictatorial Reign here at Darkmoon , he managed to brainwash you Darkmooners, none of you have the attention span to watch a LONG video. No comments, Darkmooners can’t handle anything that’s not a sound byte. NOT ONE DARKMOONER COMMENTING ON THE LONG VIDEO, lol. Uncle got all of you brainwashed to communicate ONLY in sound bytes, very tee-vee-ish way of communicating, lol. NO comments, the video is TOO LONG, none of the Darkmooners can be bothered with the video, it’s TOO LONG, “and ‘WE’ Darkmooners got the attention span of gnats”, LMFAO!!!

    If the video was 3 minutes in length, there’d be 666 comments here already, 🙂 .

  2. I think there’s a video about Building 7 at Youtube that’s a minute in length, you Darkmooners may look into that, a 60 second video is more you DM speed, LMFAO!!!

  3. There are two parts to any discussion concerning the events of nine-11. One part is what really happened, the other part is who is responsible for it. It is extremely disturbing once you realize and understand what really happened that day. Extremely disturbing. And made even more so to realize who would have the capability to do what they did.

  4. It is sad to see that Dr. NIELS HARRIT denied that Giuliani’s ‘command center’ in Bldg 7 controlled the explosions and events on that day. Giuliani was in on it for years in planning. He and Chertoff are buddies from 1985 taking down the “Commission” of mafia leaders in NY, Philly and NJ..!!

    –Barry Jennings – 9/11 Early Afternoon ABC7 Interview(2 min)

    This was taken from Dylan Avery’s just released FULL and UNCUT interview with Barry Jennings:

    Barry was in WTC7 on the morning of 9/11 and speaks to ABC7 shortly after escaping from WTC7 with the assistance of the FDNY, time is approx 1pm on 9/11.

    Dylan has blogged about this interview, more can be found at:


    –Top 10 Witnesses Who Died Suddenly(many from 911)

  5. We’ve watched hours and hours of documentaries about 9/11(I personally did) . That was the big blow and since, we’re been subjected to booster shots here and there, in London, in Paris, in Frankfurt and elsewhere. It isn’t that the video is too long but the subject is too old though we are still enduring its devastating aftermath.

    1. @ Sean

      Building 7 is the obvious fly in the ointment of the 9/11 lie. Just like the lies about the Holohoax, it should remain in view.

      The only way to negate a lie is with the truth. When the truth is not kept out front, jewish lies take over. The jews have the illusion of power only because of lies all the way from the Old Testament to 9/11 and finance.

      1. PAT,Ungenius
        The Twin Towers sank to the floor out of shame because they were slapped in the face by Bedouins, and Building 7 collapsed in solidarity with its bigger sisters.
        It’s that naive TPTB believe we are.

  6. I’ve gone through several of the “conspiracy blogs”, videos, articles, and now this one. This one smells right out of the box. The moderator looks like a greasy weasel, Demonic demeanor, the questions asked, the comments made are made for the technically and scientifically uneducated and shallow audience, which is reflected in the comments here.

    I have found no convincing evidence of a “controlled demolition” or “insider job” on the Twin Towers. I watched the footage, I listened to the “alternative”, explanations and found them to come up short or to be explained by the engineering and physical principles of accepted disciplines.

    Nothing I have read here rises above Koffee Klatch and wimpy bar talk. Sorry. (Not really. I feel no compunction or need to be kind)

    1. “…..the comments made are made for the technically and scientifically uneducated and shallow audience, which is reflected in the comments here.”

      You really do know how to win friends and influence people don’t you?

      “I’ve gone through several of the “conspiracy blogs”, videos, articles, and now thisone………. I have found no convincing evidence of a “controlled demolition” or “insider job” on the Twin Towers.”

      How anyone, especially with your ‘academic history’ clearly proving that you aren’t stupid, can come up with this conclusion, is utterly beyond me. It beggars belief that you are completely unable to differentiate between a controlled demolition and a natural building collapse.
      Anyone who has done the slightest research, into the conclusions presented, by the official story on 9/11 smells a rat.
      So this really leaves only one of two conclusions as to just what you are Mr Poupon Marx:

      1. You are either a government plant, here to cause discord and sway public opinion.
      2. You are a paid, sayanim, troll.

      So Mr Poupon Marx, which is it to be? What side of the fence are you on? Actually, that’s not quite correct. Are you a Jew Zionist, or a Shabbos goyim Zionist?

      You obviously believe that controlled planes were flown into the towers, by Muslim hijackers, with minimal flight training, who just happened to be able to fly into one of the world’s most protected air spaces and crash their planes, on the day that every air force pilot, so it seems, assigned to protecting New York airspace, was off having a barbecue somewhere. And then there’s the Pentagon, that somehow, managed to not notice, a 230 foot long, lump of metal, travelling at some 450mph, straight for them. This is somewhat odd, because if they wanted to, they could zoom into your apartment, from a satellite and watch you dancing with joy while singing hava nagila and eating a salt, beef bagel.

      1. Are we talking about this Poupon Marx ?

        About Poupon Marx

        Mr. Marx has 5 years as a professional university student and 3+ years in Engineering School. He spent over 30 years in the U.S. Merchant Marine as an Engineer Officer. Mr. Marx is an independent Consultant, Marine Surveyor, Energy Consultant and Brokering Agent. Mr. Marx is politically and socially between Barry Goldwater and Genghis Khan.

        Source : drrichswier.com/author/pmarx

        Anyway, if you watch the collapse of Building 7 on video you see a classic controlled demolition, which could never happen due to some irregular small fires or some debris fallen on its roof. Any layman can see that, but apparently not “engineer” Poupon Marx.

      2. Possibly so. But it’s clear from his comments that he’s a gatekeeping troll. How anyone can dismiss the obvious controlled demolition of not just WTC building 7, but the WTC itself, is completely beyond all common sense ability. The facts overwhelmingly destroy the lies, surrounding 9/11, lies, that Poupon seems to side with as truth for some utterly bizarre reason.

        You don’t need any qualifications whatsoever to see that these buildings most certainly didn’t fall of their own accord and following the laws of physics in doing so.

      3. My real name is Hyman Lipschitz and I hate gefilthy fish and support Brother Nathaniel. We Jews have made a pact with the Devil, Lucifer, to be given powers for in order to destroy the World. We are the Chosen People, alright.


        Give generously and start as an initiate into Eastern Orthodoxy, the one real Christian Church. All the others are poppy fakes and imitations. Show up for the Divine Liturgy and talk to the Priest.

        Most of you who post here do not seem to want or enjoy reading, referencing videos and short blurb, burp-like comments. Get off your asses and move, you slugs.

    2. Pouponmarx,

      Some ideas are so dumb that only a higher ‘educated’ person is able to believe them. There are many of such ideas circulating, for instance that there is a man made global warming going on, or that there is only one human race, or that all modern humans originated in Africa. And the notion that the 3 WTC buildings were NOT brought down by controlled demolition belongs to the same category.

      There is no need for any expertise whatsoever to know that these ideas are idiotic.

      Although the first thing that I noticed in this video was the extraordinary peculiar appearance of the interviewer. What a creep.

      1. One must use the higher functions of the cerebral cortex, i.e., logic, reasoning, analogy/relationship analysis, and never let go of the animal instinct or “gut” feelings. I constantly am reminded on the effectiveness of using our entire faculties by observing my cats-proof that God exists, that made such a creature of wonder.

      1. “One must use the higher functions of the cerebral cortex, i.e., logic, reasoning, analogy/relationship analysis, and never let go of the animal instinct or “gut” feelings. I constantly am reminded on the effectiveness of using our entire faculties by observing my cats-proof that God exists, that made such a creature of wonder.”

        I give up, this guy is nuts

  7. Al, The New York Slimes is hardly the source you want to bolster a claim or opinion. This rag, founded by Ashkenazim Marxist Jews before the turn of the 20th Century, has been a propaganda organ for the Marxist One World, Social Justice, Secularism obsessive/compulsive war waged on America. See William Duranty, their reporter in the Soviet Union in the 1930s, who wrote in paper that there was no famine in the Ukraine, that Kulaks were not being starved as was widespread reported through many sources. For this, he won a Pulitzer Prize. The New York times is the Pravda and Izvestia of the New York Intellectuals and Jewish mass psychosis. No further comment on its reputation or reliability should be necessary.

    The article you cited is worthless. First, it is poorly written, disorganized and extremely shallow. Their is no depth, no support, no reliable citation, or any attempt to build a case for anything. That this effort is supported by the National Science Foundation, an arm of the Federal Government, and PROFESSORS from Berkeley UC is a cause for suspicion. You did not find the coincidence of the Muslim professor who “looked out from his hotel room” a bit odd?

    The sheer imprecision of terms and phrases in the article render it a dud, a non-starter.
    “The beam, so named because its cross-section looks like a capital I, had clearly endured searing temperatures. Parts of the flat top of the I, once five-eighths of an inch thick, had vaporized.” [“searing temperatures”-meaningless, without any connection to science or engineering, either qualitatively or quantitatively.][“…..had vaporized”-meaningless. Profound ignorance and stupidity. What does “vaporized” mean, what caused it? At what temperature does steel actually BURN, i.e., combine with Oxygen and then go on to be a gas? Vaporized, from the shockwave of explosion?]
    “”This tells me it buckled while it was attached to the column,” not as it fell, Dr. Astaneh-Asl said, adding, ”It had burned first, then buckled.”[Dr……said, “It had burned first, then buckled”. [This is either a misquote, or the Professor should be disqualified from ever commenting on cause and antecedent of the WTCs collapse. Steel burns at 1500F, ONLY IN A 99% OXYGEN ATMOSPHERE. Anyone using an foxy-acetylene torch knows that you had heat the steel all you want, but nothing will happen until you provide the EXCESS OXGEN from the lever/button on the on the apparatus; Otherwise, it will melt in a puddle.]

    Here is a video link of this very unimpressive Muslim professor from the foreign country known as Berkeley, California: https://vid.me/1S2G

    This explains what I am talking about:


    Sorry, Al, but the 9/11 Truthers are all out of blanks. Be very suspicious of pure academics and college professors, unless they are professional and working engineers that actually did something out of the lab and are out from under pressure of having to provide conclusions and results to get grant money.

    1. @ Poupon Marx

      (No idea why it went into our spam folder)

      1. Thank you. On another forum (I am and have been on so many, I have lost count), a very extended and lengthy discussion was held regarding 9/11 “Truthers”, their claims, their “evidence”, and conclusions. None of them can withstand rigorous, empirical examination. Many “professor” and other “professionals” are just money trolling whores, exactly like all the “scientists” who, all the time, endorse, CO2 “forced” Antropomorphic Global Warming, aka “Climate Change, aka Global Swarming.

        On an issue totally in the physical realm, that obeyed natural laws, I am ALWAYS suspicious of “scholars”, “professors”, or those of academic credentials whose narrow and deep but not wide fields are only tangentially related to the subject.

        Let us count the number of economists at prestigious universities that assured us that the wave of invasion of illiterate, low low IQ, zero aptitude, undesirable genetic content of a permanent underclass, would (get this) PROVIDE THE COUNTRY WITH A GREAT BOOST OF GDP AND ADD TO THE COFFERS OF THE GOVERNMENTS, THUS PROVIDING FUNDING FOR SOCIAL SECURITY AND OTHER SOCIAL AND WELFARE PROGRAMS. Angela Merkel, emissary and lap pooch of the Devil, made the very same straight faced lie.

  8. “But it’s a very bad career move, within the university system even to mention 9/11 at the lunch table”

    The government took control of the universities and sacks professors who tell the truth. We are truly living in times of incredible deceit.

  9. @Har-binger: There you go again. Hippy-hoppity, down the bunny trail. The burden of proof is upon the “Deniers” and conspiracy mongers. You apparently have little or no knowledge of material science, physics, mechanical engineering, and yet you go on. I’m putting you in the penalty box for Double Drivel.

    Does anybody here have a grounding in the sciences, or is this an echo chamber for subjectivity and bubbles and speculation based on third hand opinions? Or do we remain on the Rosie O’Donnell level of certitude.

    Pul-eeeeze, say it ain’t so, Joe……. Copenhagen Professor????

      1. Goddamned, Pat,

        This is no laughing matter. What a disgusting display. If there is a hell then Edison is surely burning there forever. I’m surprised nobody gutted him for what he did to that animal.

      2. 1138 –

        I was mocking my intended pun, not laughing at the horrible event.

        I was intending to show that even very successful scientists and engineers are idiots in many ways.

        Edison put on hundreds of show like this…. but with dogs and other animals to show that Tesla’s alternating current would kill people. He did not want AC accepted. He did it for $$$$$. Tesla was ruining him…. and did so….. as we all know. AC replaced DC, as it excelled in transmission across country.

        I also wanted to show that even when presented with facts, in attendance, live event….. the public can be deceived as with WTC-7…. on 9-11-01. 100 years later..

        Follow the $$$.

      3. Pat,

        Yes, of course. Your intention was clear and you made a very good point.

        I was just ………. I cannot believe anyone is so evil, so sadistic, so AAAARRGH……. to do this. I don’t understand how the care takers of that poor animal could have cooperated with that. And that there was no one in society who stood up, from high to low, to prevent this unspeakable evil act. This is really UNbelievable. This should be on TV.

    1. Poupon Marx,

      “There you go again. Hippy-hoppity, down the bunny trail. The burden of proof is upon the “Deniers” and conspiracy mongers. You apparently have little or no knowledge of material science, physics, mechanical engineering, and yet you go on.”

      I know the basic laws of physics which you clearly don’t, unable to tell the difference between controlled demolition and a building falling in freefall.
      Prove to me that the WTC never came down with controlled demolition along with WTC Building 7 please?

      Building falling during an earthquake naturally
      Buildings falling under controlled demolitions


      WTC Collapse
      WTC 7 Collapse

      And you are SERIOUSLY telling me, as an ENGINEER, that WTC & WTC Building 7 weren’t controlled demolition but fell naturally?

      As I’ve stated – you’re either a government plant, here to cause discord on this site, or your a hasbarat troll.

      1. I do not believe Building 7 was a controlled demolition with explosives. You may think it was because you were told to think that. I am just looking at facts.

        There were people, including police and firefighters, near WTC-7 (World Trade Center) that said they heard small pops come from that building before it came down. No one described them as explosions. Regardless, using explosives to bring down any of the buildings (WTC-1, 2 and 7) would not account for their free-fall timings. Neither will the use of thermite. All of those buildings came down at free-fall speeds. The top of building 7 hit the ground in less than 7-seconds, without any resistance, as if the 47 floors under it were never there … as if it fell in a vacuum without any resistance from air.

        The rubble pile for the towers, WTC-1 and WTC-2, was only about 20% of the material used to build them. Hundreds of thousands of tons of building materials to erect a 110-floor building that comes straight down at free-fall speed into a debris pile less than 1-floor tall. As heavy as they were and fast as they came down they would have had the inertia to easily punch right though the ground floor into their basements, but neither tower did that. Neither did WTC-7.

        I believe WTC-7 was closer to 90% missing. It came down with such perfection there was virtually no debris from it across the street.

        There is also the issue of the seismic signatures of the 3 building coming down being inconsistent with the seismic signatures of controlled demolition of other buildings. The WTC buildings were way too quiet for classic controlled demolitions. They came down very fast and very “soft”.

        As I said above, once you know what really happened that day it becomes extremely disturbing. I am not drawing any conclusions as to what did bring the buildings down. That I do not know.

  10. “The government took control of the universities and sacks professors who tell the truth.”

    Once again we find a Sovietized situation here. At 58 minutes the professor talks about “total surveillance”, everything you write, everything is being monitored.”

    In this one hears the unmistakable imprint of the Jewish communist. Here is a book about the East German Stasi, perhaps the most intense and overblown surveillance agency in history that was headed by the Jew Markus Wolf. This book should chill one’s blood knowing how far surveillance technology has gone and the fact Michael Chertoff hired Wolf to set up the same surveillance apparatus in America.

    As a criminal race, Jews are perpetually terrified they might be discovered and this fear drives their phobic penchant for intelligence gathering on EVERYONE. It also enables their efforts to use such knowledge to blackmail key figures.

    This penchant for information gathering is evident all the way back to the Bible story of Abram’s extortion of Pharaoh and Abimelech. Somehow the lord god knows that these ancient political figures were “sporting” with Abram’s seester/wife. So where did god get his information? Wait, I know, he’s god, he knows everything. Except for minor points, like why Adam is hiding in the bushes.

    Thus in the video’s reference to total surveillance and the takeover of academia, one sees unmistakable evidence of the Jewish hand everywhere.

    I find it utterly amazing this issue is still being danced about. I knew it was a lie the minute I heard someone relating the news of the Muslim attack. At that moment, I said “bullshit! The story is pure bullshit.” Later, when I saw the video it was so clear that it was a controlled demolition, I was certain the Jews had overplayed their hand in this event.

    The story became more grotesque and ludicrous as it went on with evil Muslims hiding out in holes in the desert masterminding and coordinating “the most devastating attack on America since Pearl Harbor.”

    Of course no one seems to remember it took an entire nation with a fleet of aircraft carriers that even then were a tad more technologically advanced then the Muslim’s highly sophisticated terror weapon of choice – THE BOXCUTTER? Then came the claim that jet fuel burned hot enough to melt the steel structure. Pul-eeeeze!

    Do Jews really think we are that that stupid, that gullible?? Apparently so because Americans are that stupid and gullible. It figures; this bullshit story oozes from the orifices of those same city denizens that once sold gullible hayseeds the Brooklyn Bridge.

    I am truly amazed there is still any discussion going on about the event as the story has even more holes in it than the Hallowedhoax. If the Hallowedhoax was “the hoax of the twentieth century”, then September 11th is the hoax of the 21st century.

    What I cannot come to grips with is the sheer stupidity and gullibility of the goyim. The entire story is a lie, a boldfaced lie, start to finish and its about time that people start saying it’s a lie – period. Forget about discussing details – IT’S A LIE! The attack was a false flag attack by the Zionist American Government that is being lied about.

    And who are the liars who can pull off a lie of this scale? The same psychopaths that have lied about their mythical Hallowedhoax for more than seventy years. The same parasites that wormed their way into every corner of the government to the point they had the power to pull this hoax off! And who held the lease that led to the claim that resulted in the restructuring of the insurance industry? Cui bono? Cui bono” CUI BONO! Who the hell benefited at every turn?

    Those who cannot see this by now need to return to their ball game or TV show. The rest of us need to say its was psychopathic Jews who were the force behind this attack and its is the psychopathic Jews that continue to lie about this event and move on. By now you either know and accept this or you are a gullible ignoramus for whom their is no hope.

  11. I stand by Dr. Judy Wood and the arguments she put forth in her book, “Where Did The Towers Go?”. As far as Building 7, which is a much smaller building in comparison to the Twin Towers, it looked like plain demolition. Why was it necessary to “pull it” down?

    1. Dr. Judy Wood is looking at the big picture, just the facts of what happened that day. She is not drawing any conclusions, either. I think she is on the right track. She says she knows of only one thing that completely explains all of the events and abnormalities of that day, in NYC, but there is no known source for it.

  12. The quality of comments here is in dire need of upgrading and infusion of some personages of a scientific and natural science background. What is obvious is not obvious to the echo chamber of submissions, typically one stating that the collapse of Tower 7 was “obviously a demolition”, by examining one video at a certain angle at a certain time, without any further knowledge or the least skepticism.

    You all are making fools of yourselves, you are displaying incredible lack of basis, background or due diligence in carping and making unintelligible noises about a PHYSICAL phenomena. These comments are of such low intellectual, scientific, technical quality-and proffered with such faux confidence and brouhaha-that only humor and derision make them worth a second’s glance. To opine so strongly on such little or no knowledge is a form of lying, a lie of omission and commission, where what you DON”T say is the deception.

    I see sloth, arrogance (based on a vacuum), childish pouting, and a motley assortment of non STEM harpies and conformers. Here’s something for you all to chew on. Oh wait, so many have no teeth.




    What lazy, low octane, bilious, hog slop I read here. This site needs an upgrade to those with inquiring minds, intelligent skepticism, and knowledge of the physical world, introduction of intellectual/logical rigor, and Reason. Sloppy comments, with some exceptions of coherence, depth, and reference. You know who I’m talking about.

    I have to say that for many here, this functions as a fantasy bubble, as “safe spaces”, and the tender hooks behavior is right out of American jewniversity students vapid “trigger warnings”. What a bunch of pussies! Are there any strong women here?

      1. Your comment is an obvious virtual fetal position retrogression. What not preface it by a “Duh”?

      2. HARB,
        “This site needs an upgrade” and you know we’ve been queuing for it for quite a while . so be nice and don’t spoil a long-awaited, sought for occasion. You know, we may not have it again !

      3. Sean,

        Does it need an upgrade? An upgrade into what? A mouthpiece for the official story of 9/11, the holohoax and every other official Jewish lie story out there? Or are we talking about a ‘technical’ upgrade here? Either way, what this site doesn’t need is more trolls. Every time one goes away, along comes another….

      4. Very true Harbinger.
        I have noticed a parade of trolls on this site for the past several years. Cass Sunstein must have an especial interest in Darkmoon. What ever happened to Seymour Zak? Is that clown still posting here or has he changed his nom-de-plume to “Poop-on Marx”?
        I guess we’ll never know for certain, will we?

        By the way, I am not the other “George” posting here. List me as: The Other George, if you will please, Mr. Moderator

        1. Uncle did such a great job during his tenure as Our monitor, they’re going to make a movie about Uncle, they even got a trailer out already about Uncle’s monitor days,


          If link doesn’t work, use YouTube Search Term to see Uncle in Top Form, see Uncle In Action for Real! :

          “Hall Monitor ( Offensive) “

          1. “Good” “Sister” Monica :

            And the post I sent you with links to rememberbuiding7 website should be CENSORED because?

            A : My post with said link doesn’t conform to ZOG’s “narrative” concerning building 7?

            B : The website is TOO “radical”, TOO “subversive”, TOO “dissident”

            C : The website doesn’t contain any “truthful” info?

            D : Because it’s obvious you’re an obscurant censorious cunt no different than than TBTB you always cry your crocodile tears about even though you’re just like the ilk you feign to be “opposed’ to, you lying dissimulating two-faced hydra-headed sanke cunt. I guess hydra head snakes have two cunts to match your two snake heads which makes U TWICE as much a fuckin’ cunt than your average bitch cunt which is saying A FUCK A FUCK of A LOT.

        2. @ ‘George’

          By the way, I am not the other “George” posting here. List me as: The Other George, if you will please, Mr. Moderator.

          You have two options: (1) Let your next post be submitted under the new user name “The Other George” and stick to this new name in future. Or (2) Exercise imagination and originality and invent a new name without the word “George” in it! 🙂

      5. @George. Zak had a rant a few threads back. I don’t recall exactly which one. But he wanted us all rounded up, put in concentration camps and whacked. Have fun scrolling around until you find it.

      6. @ Harbinger

        Yep. His arrogance and keyboard diarrhea, typical jewish traits, says it all.

    1. Poupon –

      When I served as a nuclear engineering supervisor on two submarines for several years, we would get a kick out of the new officers in training. They held numerous and varying degrees in advanced nuclear engineering. The first thing they invariably said was, “OK. I’m in charge. What do I do.??”
      My answer was, “Go back to the ward room. Get a ‘Flip’ to nurse and feed ya. I’ll call ya when I need ya. And study for the ‘qual’ test I’m going to give ya on the reactor compartment components.” They were educated dummies then.

      I feel your pain(not). 🙂 🙂

      1. Here is the link for a discussion and some reference material: http://www.ambrosekane.com/2015/12/18/demolishing-the-911-truth-jet-fuel-argument/#comments

        Pat, what you say about the Navy seagoing engineering departments is a scandal and stupidity that has hobbled the US Navy for decades. In short, UNLIKE EVERY OTHER NAVY IN THE WORLD, they have NO dedicated engineer officers that serve as REAL engineers for a career. Rather, they have some degrees, wear a uniform and hardly venture in the machinery spaces, and HAVE TO ASK THE CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS, WARRANT OFFICERS AND ENLISTED PERSONNEL WHAT THEY THINK THE PROBLEM IS, AND WHAT TO DO.

        This commissioned study lays it out: https://www.cna.org

        I don’t mind someone who doesn’t know and wants to know and asks in order to edify his understanding and gain some knowledge, BUT I really resent know-nothings POSING, POSEURS, FRAUDS exhibiting and forcefully putting forth opinions they know are shallow, specious, and unsupported. Disgusting, dishonest (not revealing that one’s knowledge of a phenomenon is limited, refusing to acknowledge correction and abridgment), and I just cannot tolerate it. I hate bullshit.

      2. Let’s see now, we just took over a country surreptitiously though means of deception and subversion and now we want to destroy, not only their advanced military power, but the entire country.

        How then are we to accomplish that daunting task? Hmmmm. I know, we’ll follow the example of what Jews have done to America and it’s military! Let’s begin with their Torah lesson of the Tower of Babel.

        We begin by constructing a “cosmopolitan” empire, repopulating it with the most backward people extracted from other countries. Not only will the people be intellectually inferior to the indigenous population, more importantly they will be inferior to our own intellectual capabilities. We’ll use the indigenous populations’ economic resources, along with pretty words, to induce these inferior peoples to voluntarily immigrate from their savage, native lands.

        We’ll then encourage these inferiors to introduce and maintain whatever culture they embraced in their native lands. Simultaneously, we’ll mercilessly brow beat the indigenous population with guilt over their lack of acceptance for these dregs of humanity. Soon our host country will begin to resemble their backward, native lands.

        Next we’ll fill the military ranks with all the flotsam and jetsam found among these dregs. Remember how Nimrod’s culture is destroyed by the “confusion of languages”? That is exactly what will happen with our immigration policies. It won’t be long after we have them pressing various buttons on their phones in the attempt to find the right language with which to communicate.

        Now we’ll take the already advanced technology and have the remaining intelligence among the indigenous population advance it to the point of absurdity. A point where it not only fails regularly, but is well beyond the capabilities for the imported dregs to operate and maintain properly.

        We’ll develop ideas like “planned obsolescence” and cry for the desperate need for “progress” that will drive these technological pursuits to ever dizzying heights. At the same time we’ll claim the need for more third world dregs as the labor necessary to feed our chimera of progress.

        Then we’ll will tear away the country’s original cultural and moral underpinnings, replacing them with heavily propagandized, empty slogans and carefully staged flag waving events designed to tug at the heartstrings of the masses. The military, like politics and sporting events, will be reduced to brain dead masses chanting furiously and waving meaningless flags while chanting: “Our team, our team, Rah! Rah! Rah!” With our propaganda sanitizing all the horror and bloodshed, war will soon be reduced to a more or less harmless competitive sporting event in the minds of the people.

        As the mindless chanting proceeds, we’ll embroil the country in endless wars that will sap the country’s economic resources while heavily dividing the people within its borders into “opposing team” mentalities. We’ll then use propaganda to fan the flames of these divisions, further dividing the country on issues concerning military involvement. Such divisions will serve to further dissolve not only the military, but the country’s foundational glue.

        Of course our propaganda programming will prevent the brain-dead, flag-waving, chanting masses from ever asking basic questions like: “Is this war really necessary to preserve the nation? Why are we fighting (fill in the blank), what have they done to us in real terms? Are these people really a threat to our nation or its sovereignty? If so, what are the details of this alleged threat? Will this war benefit the country or our people? What will the ultimate cost be in terms of manpower and resources? Are sufficient resources available to continue these wars without damaging the country’s economic stability and infrastructure?”

        We’ll then whirl these policies ’round and ’round ever faster until the forces inherent in such policies begin to disintegrate the country. Portions critical to the functioning of the society will soon begin to fly off and piece by piece, the country will come apart at the seams.

        It won’t be long before the country dries up and blows away, in the same manner as Nimrod’s advanced culture of ancient times. Of course we couldn’t give a damn about the country and its people. For all we care, once we have squeezed all we can out of our host country, it can dry up and blow away when we are finished.

        All that remains now is to steal a country from another people, “genocide” them out of existence, and then set up a global criminal organization that will continue serving these same aims across the planet. Like termites, our criminal organization will then slowly eat out the substance from all humanity.

        This has required quite a bit of effort. Since we have been at it for six days now, I think we’ll take the seventh off as our day of rest.

    2. @ Poupon Marx

      What a bunch of pussies! Are there any strong women here?

      Actually, yes. Quite a few. We have been biding our time, sharpening our castration knives.

      Any minute now we will attack in a phalanx, wreaking devastation on the presumptuous trolls who have dared to raise their heads above the parapet.

      1. @MD: Whatever. I’m trying to elevate the discourse here above the somnambulant. These lazy opinions based on mere MINUTES of investigation, exploration are put forth in manner that oozes collectivism-security in the collective dissonance of the marginal and rebellious. It is no stretch that today’s “revolutionaries” are those Constitutionalists and Traditionalists that seek to preserve and restore the USA to its real “revolutionary” roots, derived from the Declaration and Constitution. These documents reflect the entire written wisdom of Mankind and God’s Word, but certainly they were necessarily crafted from the Protestant European Christian Theological Cosmos. Catholicism and the Roped Pope had absolutely nothing to do with the most revolutionary social, political, and economic document in history-and the most important.

  13. Very impressive testimony, thanks for posting this video, Admin.
    The man is a true scientist, theorizing, speculating and, wherever possible, drawing conclusions only where (a) the data support them, and (b) only in matters that pertain to his expertise.
    He deserves a better interviewer, but to his credit did not lose his patience either with some of the tabloid-level questions nor with the repeated attempts to draw him into making statements contrary to his training and temperament (see a and b).
    One thing that is not as widely understood as it should be is that it is not the business of scientists to provide proof of who was responsible or even how exactly it was done.
    It is sufficient for them to demonstrate that the official version is a huge pack of blatant lies. It is the people’s business to demand an independent investigation and call to account all those who collaborated in the lie. For starters.
    I hope he can continue to give talks to as many audiences as possible.

    1. Right. This washed-up drunk is just as authoritative as the “97% of all Climate Scientists say Global Climate Change is real”. Take a powder and a shower,

      1. Poupon –

        Since you know more about the WTC attacks than all of us put together….

        Who was behind it?

        Who should be arrested and jailed?

      2. Pat,

        Now now, do you really need to ask?
        It was the Muslims that dunnit innit? Nineteen terrorists, hijacked four planes with box cutters and flew them into the WTC and the Pentagon, all under the instructions of Osama Bin Laden in a cave in Afghanistan…..

  14. @Harbinger exhorts me to “prove” that the WTC Buildings were not brought down by “controlled demolition”. Anyone who is familiar with the Scientific Method knows that “proving” is not in the lexicon. That is because the SM is an inductive form of reasoning. For the scientific illiterati that expectorate strong opinions of physical phenomena using the verbal opinions of “experts”, or short videos used in argumentative and biased fashion, is weak and a manifestation of hysteria and personality defect. Predictably, NOT ONE presents physical, technical or engineering evidence. And why is this? Sloth, laziness, low aptitude, and likely inadequate native intelligence. Tell me, Har Har Binger, do you frequently find great succor in joining street protests, waving signs and shouting in unison and repetition?

    Here are some TECHNICAL and ENGINEERING presentations which entail D-E-T-A-I-L:



    Very frequently, what the inadequately trained, educated, and low energy expounder of a portion uses is a DEDUCTIVE SOURCE, a specific, finite “authority” from which flows all evidence and fact, and is the FILTER and prism from which interpretation and meaning flow.

    That is why repetition takes the place of proof. It’s “controlled demolition” over and over. Simplex, for simpletons. And then, like Climate Change, the very limited, low information, low detail mantras are repeated over and over again.

    It isn’t the opinion which is so distasteful, it is that the basis for the hubris is so weak, unscientific, of low analytic quantity and quality.

    1. I’ve broken my promise. I stated not to feed the trolls, but if you really, for one minute, think I’m going to entertain any of your ‘official’ government BS on how WTC Building 7 fell, you have another thing coming. I watched videos such as these in the past, which ironically led me into the ‘truth’ movement. And what did they tell me? They told me that the people in these videos, are sellouts to the truth and/or Zionist neocons and/or people fearing for their jobs/lives.

      You are a troll. That is you are most certainly a government troll, or a sayanim and your purpose here, on the Lasha Darkmoon site is to divert people from the truth into believing the official story on 9/11 and that it was ‘Muslims’ who dunnit.

      I think you are a vile, obnoxious, arrogant, disrespecting, argumentative, arsehole. Hopefully, admin will spot what you are and kick you off, as they have previous trolls, who did just what you are attempting too. I’ve always been incredibly good at smelling a rat.

      1. Awwww. Gee Whiz, Har Har Bringer. You watched a lot of videos, and came up with the “inevitable, invincible, ineluctable, and incapable conclusions you so now proclaim your certainty. You are obviously compensating, like a really bad rock and roll band that plays loud to get people interested and does lewd things to mask their lack of finesse and artistic quality.

        I know you are butt hurt now and reaching for the salve. And you want the bad man who points out your infantile autism, unsupported opinions, jabberwocky yammerings, etc, etc. Life is tough, isn’t it, when you don’t know what you are talking about, and everybody nods alone with you, UNTIL and outsider comes and points out your absurd, preposterous, and wet and wrinkled oracle of the One Truth. “I saw the video”!. ” I am somebody”!

        Sorry, Chum “You ain’t caught a rabbit, and you ain’t no friend of mine”.

      2. FR –

        Poupon stated he is not concerned about who did it…. and that is very surprising to me. That’s usually the first thing everyone wants to know.

        We might be putting out too many facts here on DM. Alexa is up over 90,000 per today’s reporting.

        People are reading here. Dis-info agents will call.

        Poupon has not answered any questions…. just told us how shallow and ignorant we “expounders” all are. 🙂

      3. Franklin,

        Good link and thanks.
        As if we’re supposed to believe that WTC building 7 just collapsed due to fire from the World Trade Centre? They really must think we were born yesterday.
        Here’s a Daily Mail article trying to brainwash the public with more BS about Building & falling naturally. It was an attempt to destroy the ‘conspiracy theory’ that had grown surrounding Building 7. Read the best rated comments below the article. The people completely destroy the article, as have many others. What is also forgotten about WTC 7 is that the BBC news mentioned its collapse 20 minutes before it actually happened. As one of the commenters stated of the fire in the WTC Building 7:

        “For those who complain that opponents of the official 9/11 story just “cry about melted steel and stuff”, I’ll explain the significance. The laws of probability, thermodynamics and thermochemistry dictate that military-grade unreacted nano-thermite does not form spontaneously, and office fires of hydrocarbons burning in air of up to 21% oxygen cannot melt iron or steel. The time evolution of a spontaneous process will be in the direction of increasing entropy; thus, a sophisticated, highly energetic, nano-engineered accelerant comprising 40 nm-thick aluminum plates and 100 nm iron oxide grains requires a ‘creator’ – e.g., the U.S. military”

        Moron Marx, has done his best to cause friction with his belittling of commenters here on Lasha Darkmoon. A new arrival, with absolutely no respect for anyone else, speculating about people he’s never met, nor read any of their previous comments, continues with his air of arrogance and constant put downs, expressing inferiority of commenters.
        Lasha’s site is a popular one, whose commenters have a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and prescience as you know. His behaviour is classic trolling. I should know as I’ve met many on my time on internet forums.

      4. In the New Devil’s Dictionary, below a photo of Cass Sunstein, reads the caption..
        “Neo-Bolshevik snake in the grass”

      5. Pat,

        “Poupon stated he is not concerned about who did it…. and that is very surprising to me. That’s usually the first thing everyone wants to know.”

        Well, this question is really the killer though isn’t it?

        If he states that it was Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden and 19 Muslim hijackers behind it, not only will it prove, he’s overwhelmingly a neocon hawk, but he’ll be laughed off of the site. And if he states that it was an inside job, then he’ll be made to look the fool (he is) and his theories of no controlled demolition, will be made obsolete, as an inside job, would mean a planned attack by the US administration and most certain building tampering.

        So, in a nutshell, the silly troll has not only dug himself a huge hole, but has fallen head first into it, unable to get out. Trolls tend to do stupid things like that you know. 🙂

      6. Exactly, Harb – –

        You caught the reason for my questions…. Still unanswered.

        It’s his move. I have played some chess. 🙂

      7. Pat,

        I’ve no doubt that you do, but many reading this certainly don’t and won’t be ‘catching your drift’. 🙂

  15. @Pat: Poupon –

    “Since you know more about the WTC attacks than all of us put together….Who was behind it?
    Who should be arrested and jailed?”

    I’m not concerned with that, but since you asked, I think it was the Mennonites and Amish Farmers.

    1. Poupon –

      I suspected them immediately…!!!

      Thanks for providing proof of your serious analyses…

      You seem to be caught up in global warming, when no one else here is.

      1. @Pat: Pobrecito, it is not “proof” and doesn’t stand up to being a notion. Push the circuit breaker in, Pat, and put the offline brain cells on the grid.

        Pat, please explain how using an analogy, i.e., AGW is “caught up”. Really, Pat. Such carelessness with language. Language is a manifestation of thought, I’ve been told. Tsk, Tsk.

      2. My circuit breakers are too large to be “pushed” in…. I have to ‘rack’ them in….. similar to the guy in this video…. BUT with fewer sparks:

        BTW My only living uncle, 96 yrs old, lives at the very elegant Mennonite Home just outside Lancaster, PA. There are three restaurants there, on site.

        I’ll see what he can ‘dig up’ on it. He is almost as comical as you are. 🙂

    2. @Poupon Marx

      “…I think it was the Mennonites and Amish Farmers…”

      For us that is code for “Jews”.

  16. Thank you for posting, I enjoyed listening to the full hour and 39 minutes of Copenhagen Professor Dr Niels Harrit’s discussion of the topic. He makes a point of Building 7, which was apart from the towers, which received little damage from the planes striking and subsequent downing the towers. Yet for reasons defying common sense, geology and physics, Building 7 fell.

    I think this late Russian general expresses a profound realization as to what actually happened.


    1. @George: ” Yet for reasons defying common sense, geology and physics, Building 7 fell.” No, for reasons of lack of further investigation, exploration, and curiosity. His nano-thermite explanation has been completely discredited, and you, instead of saying and thinking, “Hmm, there might be other explanations”, or, “Hmm, is there some QUANTIFIABLE AND QUALIFIABLE evidence of some empirical nature, concrete, sensible, observable? Huh? Do you believe every video you see which just gives you opinions and sensational droppings or croppings? What dat? Who dat? What dat is?


      Maybe this is the result of too much sports television.

      1. Poupon Marx: What dat? Who dat? What dat is? [….] Maybe this is the result of too much sports television.

        There is not a reason to reply to you, as you are incapable of intelligent discussion, preferring to attack the messenger than participate in the discussion. You fulfill:

        There is no good way to answer fools when they say something stupid. If you answer them, then you, too, will look like a fool. If you don’t answer them, they will think they are smart. Proverbs 26:4,5 ERV

  17. @Pat. Save some “Shoo Fly Pie” for me.

    @ George. I have added more to this discussion, deeper and wider than anybody else, in case you might trouble yourself to notice. Why don’t you address some of the points I have made there? Why doesn’t anybody? Is everyone here a polisci and sociology-education major?? Except for a few, that’s what it seems like.

  18. @Pat: Ah, how I understand you you open brain circuit breaker problema. ACB, Air Circuit Breakers are designed to connect electrically to the Main Bus by mechanical contacts. It is a complicated device, with sensors, safety features, a motor, spring. When in position, it is connected to the Main Bus but not to the downstream load. I have “racked out” dozens of these. Usually they are 450 volts.

    Since your off line brain cells are connected via an ACB, that just indicates that you have a LARGE percentage that are standing by, off line. Do, by all means close the contacts, Old Boy, and energize them so that we here can benefit from the surge electrifying intelligenced velocity and bandwidth.

    I await with bated breath, and evaporated vodka.

    1. Poupon Marx –

      Uncle Remus know a ‘laborate bullshitter when he see one! Dat be YOO! He say he ain’t neber heerd nobody go on ‘n blow so little wif so much wind in all his born days! Tell us ‘zactly who YOO think done it – n’ HOW, effin’ yoo be dat smart as yoo PRETENDS yoo is!! 🙂

      1. Ah dun toe yu who I tink dat be. day be dem Amish ma’fuggers an dem memo whites-or sumpin. An y’ll say dem is jooz an shit. Mebbe you be a joo too, smellin eva buddies ass and sane yo smell sum shit. time fa yu ta bend over, bro, an git checked out, dawg.

      2. Dat don’t s’plain nuffin ’bout HOW dey done it, fool! (Ain’t no ahmishmans or minnernites in Noo Yawk, no way…)

  19. @ Giblet Huntly: Dey be der, homey. dey is jes lak you, mofo.

    Wuza matta wit chew, man? You trippin?

  20. Harbinger,
    I’m afraid you didn’t get it. I was Just kidding Harb. Do you think we’ve really been queuing for this “downgrade” ? I have read and watched a great deal of material about 9/11 and I’m not gonna watch any more of it. It’s just wasting time, diverting and attempting to cast doubt about a self-evident criminal act of war perpetrated by traitors against America.
    If someone doesn’t care who did it , he doesn’t care who the victims are- alien to them in a way or another.

    1. All is good Sean. I didn’t get it, sorry. But you’re right, 9/11 took the west into the war of terror on Islam and anyone with half a brain knows it wasn’t started by Muslims. All those dead, because of it is simply disgusting, collectively those abroad and at home, although our loss is minor compared to those poor bastards in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.
      However, Pat’s clearly got DeadheadMarx on the end of his hook. He’s dug a hole for himself and I should imagine will soon be laughed off the website for the troll he is.

      1. One thing about ol’ Poop: He’s a pretty good writer. Fanciful and misleading – but well-written!

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