A Glimpse into Jewish Guilt and Aggression

By Gilad Atzmon

Some Jews were not delighted by Donald Trump’s recent reference to ‘International Bankers”. Trump declared this week that his rival Hillary Clinton is somehow “an instrument of a vast conspiracy involving scads of money and international banks.”

You may note that Trump didn’t refer to Jews nor did he point out any ethnicity or religious group.

However, Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, was quick to react using the twitter platform. “Trump should avoid rhetoric and tropes that historically have been used against Jews and still spur antisemitism,” Greenblatt said and then added “Let’s keep hate out of campaign.”

One may wonder at this stage why a leading American Jew sees ‘hatred’ in Trump’s critical reference to ‘International Banking’?

Is it because Greenblatt knows that the International Bankers who fund Clinton’s presidential affair belong to one particular ethnic group? Is it possible that Greenblatt believes that the bankers at Goldman Sachs, along with individuals like Haim Saban and George Soros, may have one or two things in common apart from being filthy rich?

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency was also alarmed by Trump’s true observation that “This election will determine if we are a free nation or whether we have only the illusion of democracy, but are in fact controlled by a small handful of global special interests rigging the system.”

Once again Trump didn’t refer specifically to Jews, yet the JTA must have gathered that he had Jews in mind.

The JTA probably knows something many of us may have gathered but prefer to suppress.

I guess the good news is the sudden appearance of Jewish guilt. Greenblatt and the JTA act out of guilt. They do know that international banking is a Jewish territory and that makes them feel uncomfortable.

But the tragic news is that Jewish guilt hardly leads to ethical reflection, and too often it is quick to transform into aggression.

If Greenblatt was genuinely concerned with defamation and the safety of American Jews he should have lobbied the herd of Jewish international bankers to remove themselves from American politics.  But for Greenblatt and others within his tribal milieu, Jewish power is the power to silence the very discussion of Jewish power!

In practice, Greenblatt, an American Jewish leader, is telling the Republican presidential candidate which topics to avoid.

I would like to tell Greenblatt and his acolytes that this development is very dangerous to American people and to American Jews, in particular.

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  1. Gilad Atzmon wrote:

    I guess the good news is the sudden appearance of Jewish guilt. Greenblatt and the JTA act out of guilt. They do know that international banking is a Jewish territory and that makes them feel uncomfortable. But the tragic news is that Jewish guilt hardly leads to ethical reflection, and too often it is quick to transform into aggression.

    Speaking of tragic news and banking, it appears this same block just demonstrated its aggression to essentially censor Russian news in UK. RT (Russia Today) news agency in UK had its bank accounts frozen 4 days ago.

    UK freezes bank account of Russian news agency, gives no reason

    Barclay’s bank froze a Rossiya Segodnya news agency account without explaining its reasons. The agency’s head Dmitry Kiselyov has called it “censorship.”

    “To close the account of one of the world’s leading news agencies is censorship, the direct obstruction of journalists’ work,” Dmitry Kiselyov said. “What kind of press freedom and democracy can Britain claim to have if it prevents one of the world’s largest news agencies from working in the country?”

    No formal notification of the move or justification for it was immediately provided. A source in the banking sector told the agency the Exchequer has put Dmitry Kiselyov on an anti-Russian sanctions list, which could have led to the news agency’s account being frozen.

    1. My apologies, reading through several articles at the same time. The above announcement regarded the Rossiya Segodnya Russian news agency. Here is RT’s: RT bank accounts blocked in UK – editor-in-chief

      RT UK’s bank accounts have been blocked, RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan reported. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova reacted, saying it seems that in leaving the EU, London also left any freedom of speech obligations behind there.

      “Our accounts in Britain have been blocked. All of them. ‘Decision not to be discussed’. Hail to freedom of speech!” RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan said on her Twitter account.

      The National Westminster Bank has informed RT UK that it will no longer have the broadcaster among its clients. The bank provided no explanation for the decision.

      Personally, I have found the Russian news agencies to be more truthful about the events in the world, than I have found with western news agencies. It is tragic that the oligarchy intends to shut down all news not favourable to their agendas of world conquest.

      1. “Personally, I have found the Russian news agencies to be more truthful about the events in the world, than I have found with western news agencies.”

        RT is the only ‘msm’ news outlet that I view. I will agree that it is far more truthful than anything within the west, which is dreadfully sad, but more importantly showing that the US and Europe are now under communism, while Russia, a democracy. People in the UK, really haven’t a clue that they are under Marxist control. They still think of western values, which are as good as dog poo today. Their political parties are all banker owned, not forgetting, unless they swear allegiance to Israel, it’s as good as committing career suicide. And the msm reflects this, again, nothing but a tentacle of the controlling Jewish cabal, in complete charge of the west.

        However, that stated, it can only be a good thing as the more semitism, the rise in anti semitism and the greater the rebound to Jews when TSHTF. And yet, they never learn. The more semitism and resultant antisemitism, the more the Jew shouts out about how badly they’re being persecuted.

      2. You’ve been fooled a bit by most of the press, of course with intent by using deliberate ommisions. The date of closing business connections with RT in UK with it’s current bank is exactly the 12. of Dezember.

        So, this is undeniable a precise threat, but nevertheless no money is lost and business will go on with others. In case of further difficulties rising up, the Russians will know with whom and from where to handle the business affairs of the RT people in UK.

    2. Putin should respond by freezing high profiled british accounts in Russian banks and block all british newsoutlets on the russian internet.

    3. This whole RT scenario falls right in line with Russian banks needing more deposits, but made to look otherwise by blog-sites trolling for clicks(not here).

      The Royal Bank of Scotland is a major bank in BIS.

      17 Oct – UK bank to close RT accounts, ‘long live freedom of speech!’ – editor-in-chief

      The UK bank servicing RT has given notice that it will close the broadcaster’s accounts, without explanation. The UK government has denied any involvement in the bank’s decision.


      This was the most important part of the statement:

      “She added that RT’s assets were not frozen and can still be withdrawn from the accounts.”

      “The bank said that the entire Royal Bank of Scotland Group, of which NatWest is part, would refuse to service RT.”


      Since we all know that the Royal Bank of Scotland is BIS member and so are banks in Russia… it will be easy to transfer the debt-money to Russian owned banks… members of Central Bank of Russia.

      This is another move to bring deposits back into the Russian system, rather than make deposits in the banks in the West.

      Russia needs THOSE deposits from ALL Russian companies, into Russian owned banks, not foreign owned banks….. to keep their RATINGS high to sell bonds….. The ‘good’ debt.

      Bond sales are important to Russia right now….. and doing well:

      “Euroclear, as well as the Moscow Exchange’s National Settlement Depository, agreed to settle the latest bond issue, which was organized by Russia’s VTB Capital bank.”



      JP Morgan Russia would be glad to help with the details. For a fee. 🙂


      CB “J.P. Morgan Bank International” (LLC) is registered with the Bank of Russia under No. 2629.
      The bank offers a broad range of financial and banking services to legal entities, including treasury services, currency conversion operations, money market transactions, securities and derivatives trading, custody services and trade finance.

      1. Moving on ruble-based debt —- Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London… “Can’t wait…!!”

        Moscow and the BRICS New Development Bank are in talks on issuing ruble-based bonds in Russia.

        VLADIVOSTOK (Sputnik) — BRICS’ New Development Bank and the Russian government are in talks on issuing ruble-based bonds in the Russian market, the bank’s vice president told Sputnik on Thursday.


        Russian bonds would allow the BRICS New Development Bank to boost its operations in Russia.

        New Development Bank, Moscow Discussing Ruble-Based Bonds

        MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Russian ruble-denominated bonds would allow the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) to boost its operations in Russia, contributing to a greener economy and **sustainable development, NDB President Kundapur Vaman Kamath told Sputnik.


    4. Remember the British SKY ban on Iranian PRESS TV, since 2010. For a country that prides itself on free speech Britain has stained its own reputation. We need to hear both sides of the argument but at present the westrn media are demonizing the enemies of Israel.

      1984 gets closer

  2. I was actually going to post this link to Lasha and admin as it shows, overwhelmingly, that Jews control everything and are desperately trying to shut down debate and a fight back against their tyranny.
    Excellent synopsis, as usual, by Gilad.

    “Is it because Greenblatt knows that the International Bankers who fund Clinton’s presidential affair belong to one particular ethnic group? Is it possible that Greenblatt believes that the bankers at Goldman Sachs, along with individuals like Haim Saban and George Soros, may have one or two things in common apart from being filthy rich?”

    This says it all really. Jews are terrified of the people putting one and one together.
    It must be dreadful, knowing that, any minute, your house of cards could come crashing down and your head would be on a pole.

    1. Putting one and one together became a lot easier with the internet. The (((mainstream media))) is no longer necessary. Because it is not necessary, (((they))) no longer control the narrative. The internet allows us to share our information faster and wider than ever before in history. (((They))) need control of the internet in order to control the narrative, going forward.

      1. Exactly Gilroy.

        The msm is singing its swan song. It’s a dying duck in water. People are leaving it in their drove, preferring the internet to the bias propaganda on TV, radio and print media. They are, however, doing their best to hijack and control the ‘alternative media’ though, through the likes of Milo Yiannopolous, Gavin McInnes, Stephen Crowder, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson et all.

      2. the jew-alt sites is the manipulators in the survival mode, they throw out a bunch of partial truths and non-sequiturs, outlandish fabrications to discredit the truth movement, espouse animosity to some unnamed “establishment”, huffington post was an early semi-indpendent success that sold out to msm and lost its audience, a mistake they are not repeating with alex jones as the most successful gatekeeper because he is the closest to truth and max blumenthal’s alternet whose jew loyalties are crystal clear through its hyperventilated hatred of donald Trump (as per my method©, i consider this a highly significant endorsement of the Donald).

        but their grip on the ownership of opposition is slipping fast, msm only taken seriously by the moldering leftovers in the jurassic park – still not an insignificant minority, unfortunately.

      3. Here’s the thing Lobro,

        One channel that’s doing incredibly well, promoting the true alternative media is Red Ice Creations who correctly state that the alternative media on the internet, sprang up because of concerns about white genocide. And of course, all the other reasons causing it and who’s behind it.
        They have some excellent radio show interviews, with various peoples on all topics, calling out the Jews and the new world order.


        With the likes of the names mentioned in my previous reply, such as Yiannopolous, McInnes, Jones etc, they’re still promoting much of the agenda, albeit, speaking out against other parts of the agenda.
        We have Alex Jones who speaks out against the dismantling of the American constitution.
        His puppet in the UK, Paul Joseph Watson, speaks out against political correctness, SJW’s, immigration, feminism and the LGBT agenda.
        Milo Yiannopolous, a self confessed ‘chooser’ of being homosexual, who now thinks he’ll become heterosexual, because they’re now being persecuted, is a Zionist Jew, who claims to be Christian and speaks out against political correctness, SJW’s, feminism and Islam.
        Then we have Gavin McInnes, founder of Vice who speaks out against feminism, SJW’s, immigration and Islam
        And there are others…

        What all of them have in common is not only are they all Zionists but they ‘accept’ homosexuality and promote it. So, what’s going on here is, they’re calling out wrongs and promoting one of the major wrongs as perfectly acceptable. They are classic disinformation agents, all of them, as they are programming the public to accept evils while combating others. Of course, that will change. They’ll then change to one their previous ‘no-no’s’ and promote that. It’s classic brainwashing, while they maintain they are the conservative, alternative right. And all the while the viewer has no idea that they’re programming them to accept, Jews, Judaism and Zionism.

  3. “I guess the good news is the sudden appearance of Jewish guilt. Greenblatt and the JTA act out of guilt. They do know that international banking is a Jewish territory and that makes them feel uncomfortable.

    But the tragic news is that Jewish guilt hardly leads to ethical reflection, and too often it is quick to transform into aggression.”

    The thing is, Jews as typical criminal psychopaths don’t feel any “guilt” at all. What passes for that moral sense in Jews is the fear of being caught. They are alarmed and will take counter measures, which will be as immoral as their original acts.

    It is however amusing to see them immediately relate the term “international bankers” to themselves, thus blowing their cover without the need for us to do that. Somehow their paranoia overrides their legendary intelligence!

    1. Spot on Frank, Jews never feel guilty. Gilad- a “palatable” Jew- is trying to stick a human feeling on dirty alien.
      If Jews were able to feel guilty they’d feel it for the Prophets they killed or attempted to kill.

    2. It’s quite funny how they take an attack against the criminal (((banksters))) as an attack on themselves. It has happened to myself several times through the latest months alone. Whether it has been dropping a written comment or published some meme. It mostly happens on counter jihadi sites. It exposes them not only as counter jihadists but also as (((chosen ones))). It’s like a genetic trigger. Even if we see the banksters as the scum of the earth, for them it is a sign of Antisemitism™.

      1. Jews have an unnatural tribal bond. What concerns one Jew concerns all Jews. When one Jew is victimized, all Jews are victimized. Personally, I find it all entertaining.

  4. Ouch! Mr Atzmon delivers a punch to the nose and a knee to the groin of International Jewry. Thanks for linking.

  5. I agree with Franklin. No “guilt” is involved.
    Gilad must have meant “awareness of culpability,” which is entirely different from guilt. Also, clearly “fear of being caught.”
    Don’t forgive them, Father, for they do know what they do.
    Instantly reacting in the attack mode to the mention of “international bankers” reminds me of their attacking Soral, Dieudonne and others in France for criticizing “the Establishment.” Stop, Goyim, the Establishment, c’est moi!

    1. Yes, Franklin has hit the nail on the head again. Jews feel no guilt for the simple reason that the Talmud tells them they can do what they want and steal what they want from the goyim. Because the goyim are no more than cattle, there to be exploited.

      And then of course there’s Kol Nidre, blanket forgiveness once they’ve broken their solemn promises and all contracts become null and void.

      Being found out, that’s the only “crime” in the Jew’s book — he kicks himself for being caught redhanded.

    2. Don’t forgive them, Father, for they do know what they do

      Father knows that they know, but they don’t know that He knows.
      Because they have a different Father.

    3. “…Gilad must have meant “awareness of culpability,” which is entirely different from guilt…”

      Never forget Gilad is a Jew too. His criticism of the psychopathic Jews is not for our benefit. It’s to rein the psychopathic Jews in so they don’t all get their heads on a pike.

      1. And to be fair to Gilad Atzmon he explicitly states that part of his purpose is to warn his fellow (or ex-fellow) Jews to rein in their predilections before it is too late.

  6. Jews constantly decry how they were tossed into diaspora by the brutal romans and it was the start of their tortuous journey through the ages, the persecution, expulsions, pogroms, bias, in a word, antisemitism©.
    i disagree entirely.
    the diaspora was entirely planned and voluntary, it was the start of the worldwide usury system, the INTERNATIONAL money changers bankers.

    The scam was to get people with gold, mostly traveling traders and merchants to park their gold, silver and gems with jew bankers who would issue trustworthy chits and vouchers that could be remedied by other jews in far off locations.
    the system worked well because of their diabolic networks but there were always scams and bernie madoffs whose exploits were windowdressed by “other ripped off jews” 😉 crying and lamenting their losses insured by the Grand sanhedrin that quarterbacked these periodic financial crashes.
    Moreover, the loot was kept when the rightful owners were killed, assassinated or lost in wars and upheavals, eg, the Romanovs.

    i also think that jews were behind the brutal takedown of the militant monastic order of Templars, who established a parallel and much more honest and trustworthy system with their chain of forts throughout the Middle east, central and western Europe.
    my suspicion is that the hofjuden whispered poison into ears of the Pope boniface 8 and the French king philippe 4 to destroy their rivaling wealth and political power accumulation.

    The whole thing was so professionally arranged that only the highly trained Pharisee siccarii with centuries of experience in individual assassination and organized subversion (color revolutions) could design and direct it.

    1. There is also the theory that only those in Jerusalem were scattered — the rest of the Jews in Palestine stayed on and converted to Christianity and then Islam. And let us not forget the Khazar thesis, i.e. those Europeans currently colonizing Palestine have nothing at all to do with the ancient Judeans. The diaspora story is probably another lie or exaggeration.

      1. The “Palestinian Talmud” is not called the “Diaspora Talmud” 😉 Twas written in Palestine by Jews during the late Roman or Early Byzantine Period. I think 😛 So okay, not all the Jews remaining in Palestine converted — my main suggestion is that I think the diaspora story is a misdirection from the numerous expulsions of the so-called Khazarian Jews.

        Anyway, whether they’re Palestinian, Babylonian or Khazarian Jews — their warped thinking is encoded in those fecking unholy books and their Rabbi gatekeepers.

    2. Come on Lobro, once again you give the Jews too much credit.

      The militant monastic order of Templars,
      From soldiering monks to first European banking network, lending money to princes and popes, plus all the necessary services to carry money around safely in the middle ages. From The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ to the Temple of Solomon. I always wondered where they got this sudden financial wisdom and brand new business plan. 8 founders of the order came from Troyes, like Rachi of Troyes, the famous 11th century Jewish winemaker and scholar who according to BHL’s last book invented the French language. What those people haven’t done, we owe them big time.

      “my suspicion is that the hofjuden whispered poison into ears of the Pope boniface 8 and the French king philippe 4”

      Jacques de Molay was burnt on l’ile aux Juifs, Jewish Island when he accursed the kings. But the order of Solomon bounced back i suspect, in Spain and Portugal.

      Philippe and Boniface couldn’t stand each other because of a financial disagreement over the taxation of the clergy that degenerated, the nomadic Templars siding with the Pope. I mean, Philippe had him abducted and Boniface was street-dragged into the mud before dying a couple of days later. He should not have interfered with such earthly matters if you ask me. Philippe 4 is not the most popular king amongst Catholic.

      “The whole thing was so professionally arranged that only the highly trained Pharisee siccarii with centuries of experience in individual assassination and organized subversion (color revolutions) could design and direct it.”

      That’s funny. Or maybe a highly trained Frank who thought he was the descendant of Charlemagne and Cesar. One year before the Friday 13 arrest of the Templars, the 100000 jews of the kingdoms were evicted, a lot of them tortured and their assets confiscated. The Iron king didn’t discriminate as he also dispossessed and molested his Lombard bankers. He just physically erased its creditors to finance the expansion of the realm, the administration and the wars. At that time, it was easier than taxing the rebellious population who were not passive cash cow.
      The arbitrary decision of one man, what you gonna do, luckily for us we have democracy now and we equally democratically repaid the debt in fraternity, but i disgress.

  7. contrary to stereo types ,The International Banking Industry is not dominated by Jews
    but you intellectually zombies thinks so.
    international banking in the Arab world owned and operated by Arabs
    in south east Asia is owned by Asians
    the Chinese and the Japanese own theirs and so on.
    quit blaming Jews for your stupidity and ignorance.
    that self hating writer is high on drugs

    1. @Panopticon…sorry I mean Observer

      How does it feel to be superior to the Goyim? I am fascinated as to how a supremacist actually thinks? Do you really feel your soul fills up more with God’s light than non-Jews? Do you think God now resides within the Jewish people and so people must worship Jews as God? Do you think those fellow Jews of yours that dominate the Porn industry are vessels of light? How does it feel to be the greatest conspirators in the history of mankind?

      1. FLOPOT
        Allow me a one-letter-correction, will you?
        ” Do you really feel your soul fills up more with Gold’s light than non-Jews?”

    2. @ (((Observer)))

      Most “stereotypes” about Jews are simply true. Jews do control banking in the Western world, and via the power and influence of the Western world they control to a large extent the rest of the world, especially by means of such international institutions as the IMF, WB, WTO, and BIS that are established in the Western world. Countries that try to escape such financial control have been destroyed (Iraq, Libya), are in the process of being destroyed (Syria) or are on the list of being destroyed (Iran, North Korea).

      I understand that it must be kind of frustrating for Jews to see more and more Goyim awakening to the their true nature as manipulative, destructive parasites, but in this age of the Internet that is an unstoppable process. We need only a critical mass of 10% “awakened” to turn things around. On a global population of 7 billion that is still a whopping 700 million. Against a paltry 14 million Jews, in spite of their alleged “superior intelligence” , who wins this battle is a foregone conclusion.

  8. It is ludicrous to deny that Jews have enormous power and influence in the USA, not just in the financia/banking sector but in government, the media, education, business, in fact all activities. This is mainly in America, but less so in Europe, and scarcely at all in the rest of the world.

  9. Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ aggression has taken over Islamic Financing.

    “Sukuk bonds” are designed to get around religious laws banning the payment of interest for money lending.

    The Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London have just recently (20 years) corralled the Islamic banks globally…. With their own ‘new deal’ …. SUKUK…. The plural of SAKK = contract.

    Sukuk is contracts and is the plural of sakk meaning contract.

    Taking off in 2011…. the SUKUK MARKET is getting big. Over $4 Trillion USD by some estimates.

    Slick Pharisee-Jew Bankers and agents write that interest is referred to as rent.. 🙂


    The debut of sukuk began in 1990 with the issuance of RM125 million (USD 30 million) Al Bai’ Bithaman Ajil sukuk by Shell MDS Malaysia (Pharisee-Jew owned).

    [Shell MDS (Malaysia) Sendirian Berhad operates as a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc….. Pharisee-Jew trick from the start.]

    In September 2001, the State of Bahrain issued the world’s first sovereign sukuk for USD 250 million. This Sukuk Al Ijarah carried a fixed lease payment for 5 years

    In December 2001, Kumpulan Guthrie, a Malaysian government linked company issued a USD 150 million Sukuk Al Ijarah with a floating rate of return

    In 2002, the Federation of Malaysia issued a USD600 million Sukuk al Ijarah that was listed in Luxembourg Stock Exchange and rated by Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s.

    This is a landmark sukuk as it is the first global sukuk that complied with the US Regulation S and Rule 144A and meets conventional bond practices such as listing, ratings, dematerialized scripts and centralized clearance (Rafe Haneef, 2009)

    Sukuk Market and Its Recent Developments – IRTI



    Islamic banks’ debt structures use LIBOR and Moody’s and Standard & Poors just like Pharisee-Jew bankers instruments and contracts do….. to be traded on London Pharisee-Jew stock exchanges..!!

    In the classical period of Islam, Sakk (sukuk)—which is cognate with the European root “cheque” —meant any document representing a contract or conveyance of rights, obligations or monies done in conformity with the Shariah. Sukuk were extensively used during medieval Islam for the transferring of financial obligations originating from trade and other commercial activities.

    In 2000, the government of Sudan issued domestic sovereign short-term sukuk worth 77 million Sudanese pounds on the basis of musharaka. In 2001, the sukuk market went international with the issuance of the first US-dollar-denominated ijara sukuk, worth $100 million by the Central Bank of Bahrain. Since then many sovereign and corporate sukuk issues have been offered in various jurisdictions.

    In 2004, Euromoney published the first book exclusively on sukuk investments, Islamic Bonds: Your Issuing, Structuring and Investing in Sukuk. It was co-authored by the Islamic banking specialist Nathif Jama Adam.

    While a conventional bond is a promise to repay a loan, Sukuk constitute partial ownership in a debt (Sukuk Murabaha), asset (Sukuk Al Ijara), project (Sukuk Al Istisna), business (Sukuk Al Musharaka), or investment (Sukuk Al Istithmar).

    The most commonly used Sukuk structures replicate the cash flows of conventional bonds. Such structures are listed on exchanges, commonly the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange in Europe, and made tradable through conventional organisations like Euroclear or Clearstream. A key technique to achieve capital protection without amounting to a loan is a binding promise to repurchase certain assets; e.g. in the case of Sukuk Al Ijara, by the issuer. In the meantime a rent is being paid, which is often benchmarked to an interest rate like LIBOR.

    The most accepted structure, which is tradable, is thereafter the Sukuk Al Ijara. Debt certificates can only be bought before the finance occurs and then held to maturity, from an Islamic perspective. This is critical for debt trading at market value without incurring the prohibited Riba (interest on money).

    One of the characteristics that distinguish sukuk from other Islamic instruments of other investment vehicles and which have contributed to its widespread prevalence is that it is….

    Based on the principle of participation in profit and loss:
    The appropriate posts underlying principle of Sukuk issuance in terms of the relationship between the participants is to participate in the profit and loss regardless of the investment formula in place, which gives the owner a share of the profit, not the proportion of predefined nominal value, and the share of bondholders of the profits from the project or activity which is funded by a percentage determines when hiring, Fmakouha captured from participating in the agreement as set out in the prospectus, and bear Grmha by owned by each of them, according to the base of profits and losses sharing.

    Bottom line:
    The musselmen are hooked by greed and fear….. as much as the Westerners… 🙂

  10. I realize, that a great deal of arguments are only focussed on jews. It’s insofar totally correct, as their business models are “normally” crocket from top to bottom and anyone dealing with them has to take care of his back any time. I would sum up our current situation as follows:

    – London City continues to be the operational center of financial affairs (say stealing).
    – Washington serves as the fist through their mighty military which has been fully willing to do any wet work the Israeli criminals ordered them to do. Many others (first is France nad UK) have helped in any possible way.
    – Israel is now ruled by a gang of criminals, no one in his right mind would support them all around the world. They did everything to undermine political opposition (see Norway: Brevik, Sweden: many occurences …), but it didn’t help and it will get worse for the croocks of the Frankist/Sabbathean crime chiefs there.

    A growing number of countries (mostly Brics, but not solely) have decided to leave this game for self destruction, the inner conflicts in their countries would not be manageable any more and they have all been looted several times.

    The position of Israel as a total paria state of criminals (sorry for this generalization, I precisely mean the heds) will go on undisturbed, but diplomacy has it’s own way to bring forward this subject.

    The hawks – the center of the Frankist revolutionaries – have decided to go out and let their hell hounds openly declare war to the opposing majority of states on the earth. Nobody is frightened any more, because the dog has bad teeth and they already sharpened their own teeth to withstand. No fourth looting of Russia in only 150 years will be allowed, no future war will be fought on Russian ground any more. Tht’s precisely what high up generals said in public. It could not be clearer, the hawks already failed and now they are going wild because the inner differences also come up more and more.

    I have three grown up children and grandchildren and a lovely wife, but I’m not afraid of dying. That’s, what they want: Go to war, because you are afraid of some other people. The propaganda is already tumbling big style, don’t be fooled by the media. The reality of a multipolar world and not a one world government is already in practise on many fronts and its growing, but our press will never tell you.

    Some countries fell back via coups recently (Brazil and now South Africa is on focus of the Frankists), but thats only temporarily because people learned too much about their real enemies.

    I is never a good advice to get frightened. Even in case of real danger stay clear in your mind and let them never fool you again.


    1. Good advice, DR –

      B-R-I-C-S countries all need, want and welcome foreign investment… especially from the US.

      And… all BRICS countries are going ‘green’ … UN Agenda 21 – – Sustainable Development.

      B – Brazilian President seeks foreign investment.

      R – Russia – Putin said that Russia seeks to attract foreign investors as part of its economic strategy.


      I – India Expected to Lure More Foreign Investment in Defense Industry

      C – China Seeks U.S. Investment.

      S – South Africa still leads on foreign investment.

      1. BRICS is under control of London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers and UN.

        BRICS does business in US Dollars, as stated in the CHARTER:
        Art 7 – a) …… The dollar wherever referred to in this Agreement shall be understood as being the official currency of payment of the United States of America.

        BRICS Charter/Constitution: http://ndbbrics.org/agreement.html


        BRICS Bank will follow UN Agenda 21 and ‘Sustainable Development’ which conforms to the methods of people growth management. Even US and UK could join BRICS…. since it was formed by Goldman Sachs.

        The BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) will not be limited to developing countries and could allow – OTHER UN MEMBER STATES – to join, Brazilian Minister of External Relations Mauro Vieira told Sputnik.

        UFA (Sputnik) – The agreement on the creation of the BRICS New Development Bank was signed on July 15, 2014 at the BRICS summit in Fortaleza, Brazil.

        “The bank, as it is known, will finance infrastructure and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT projects in BRICS states and other developing countries. Over time, it could allow other UN member countries to join,” Vieira said.


        Goldman Sachs brought the BRIC concept to the investing world in 2001, it was more than a catchy acronym for the world’s largest developing economies – Brazil, Russia, India and China.

        Jim O’Neill, then Goldman’s chief global economist and creator of the idea (and name), was attempting to highlight an important theme that many investors were missing: the rapid growth of major emerging economies with the potential to surpass the West and dominate the global economic tables by the middle of this century.

        But the BRICS have been fading for several years as an investment story and united political voice on the world stage. Mr. O’Neill, now a British life peer and a minister in the Cameron government, suggested last year that recession-ravaged Brazil and Russia no longer belong in the club with India and China.

        Here’s a look at how each of the BRICS have been faring in these tumultuous times:


        BRICS needs the US and UK to hurry up and join…. and bring MORE debt-money with them..!! 🙂

  11. RT employs far too many Jewish journalists, interviewees and pundits for my liking. John Kaminski is right, the Jew filters out all that is not in their collective interest. Orthodox Jews do not protest outside Hollywood University Studios, nor their gutter TV Stations, and their junk newspapers ; complaining of their incessant attack on the morality of the decent masses. All Jews know which side their bread is buttered on. They keep schtum.

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