Afghan Rapist Knocked Out After Attacking Female Martial Arts Expert In Vienna

Sourced from Rapefugee Attacks Guard in Vienna 

One of the three “teenage asylum seekers” accused of the brutal rape of a young student in Vienna was floored in jail after attacking a female warden who was a martial arts expert.

According to a report by Central European News, the 16-year-old nonwhite invader—one of three who had earlier confessed to gang rape at the world-famous Prater park in the city—attacked a female prison warden.

However, the non-white migrant chose the wrong victim this time, because the Austrian woman is an experienced martial arts expert and swiftly beat the invader to the ground. The would-be rapist had to be carried back to his cell.

Prison officials have refused to discuss the details of the attack on the female prison warden, including the motivation for the attack, but would only confirm that she had managed to beat the non-white off and pin him to the floor.

LD: Motivation? I don’t think it requires a rocket scientist to figure out why a man who pounces on a woman to have sex with her is driven to do so! Isn’t it obvious?

They also confirmed that the teenager was facing charges over that attack, and has also been moved to a more secure jail.

The non-white migrant is one of a gang who carried out the planned sex attack in a public toilet in Vienna’s Praterstern station.

The trio were arrested after they had followed a 21-year-old white woman student into the female toilets and then used a coin to open the door lock while she was inside. They then pinned her down and raped her.

After she raised the alarm immediately following the incident, 100 police officers were drafted in and the non-whites migrants were arrested not far from the station.

All three of the non0whites—Afghan “asylum seekers” supposedly aged between 16- and 17-years-old—initially denied involvement, but have since all admitted to taking part. They were also positively identified by the victim.

Police believe however they had lied to their carers to get an excuse to travel to Vienna together and suspect the attack may have been planned.

According to a police statement, the student had her head bashed against the toilet and was held down and raped by two of the teenagers while her mouth was covered so she could not call for help.

“When the friend of the student looked in on her shortly after, she found the young woman lying on the floor of the toilet,” said police spokesperson Roman Hahslinger.

The attack followed a series of similar incidents in the Praterstern area, all committed by non-white invaders who arrived with the fake refugee invasion of 2015.

In January, there was another brutal rape by a non-white along the Hauptalle road that runs through the park and, in March, another “asylum seeker” carried out an attempted rape in the area.

It is not only in Vienna where the non-white rape plague has struck: most recently, a 17-year-old Afghan “refugee” assaulted an Austrian woman in the city of Graz while she was on her way home.

Police said the invader had tried to kiss the 20-year-old and after she resisted, pulled her by her hair and tried to push her down on the floor in what police say was an attempted rape.

The woman was able to get free and her screams alerted passers-by who also came to her aid. The invader was arrested by police and charged with attempted rape.

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  1. Very sad to read this, and tons of similar reports. The saddest part of it is the lack of local outrage and lynch mobs (seriously intended) to kill the perpetrators. Which is a clear indication of the sorry domesticated state our society has fallen into, when it apparantly allows foreign filth to rape its women.

  2. Things are changing. Europe has been invaded, and now can see it.

    Watch this space.

  3. this story make no sense ,it stinks just like moshe and tizi livni put together and LD wasted no time to chip in…breath deep and think before you comment ,it seems that you believe everything you hear ….no kisses for you ,,no more .emwahhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Too bad there is not a video of the incident. There is nothing more entertaining than watching a criminal get their immediate just reward.

    Just last evening, I came across an elevator monitor video of one of these assholes putting the move on a young woman in Germany. They were in the elevator alone together. The culprit made two attempts with unwanted fondling and the woman lowered the boom on the guy after the second fondling. First she hit him in the face with her fist almost round house style which stunned the guy long enough for her to give him a tremendously fierce kick to the balls followed immediately by a good uppercut to the jaw. The perp fell unconscious to the floor in the corner of the elevator. It was so entertaining that I watched it three times. I would provide the link, but I have no idea where I came across it during my web surfing.

    Immediate justice is always good which how it used to be. Immediate justice is also the reason why there was less crime in the old days before a Criminal Justice System that means what it says, criminal justice, not victim justice. The more law enforcement there is, the more repeat offenders there are resulting in more crime.

    1. Ungenius,

      Here you go, good description, kick him the nuts.

      Another video of German minister of Justice. “Heiko Maas is considered one of the biggest proponents of expanding censorship laws, demanding persecution, fines and jail-time for everybody posting “hate speech” on social media.
      He also does not acknowledge the existence of the German people, backing his party, the Social Democrats, in the opinion that Europe was always made up of immigrants and Germany’s only chance of redemption for the eternal guilt of World War 2 is inviting as many Muslim immigrants as possible.”

      It’s not immediate justice but still.

      1. @ Phil

        You found it! That is the one except that the one I viewed was in German, not English. I enjoyed watching it again. 🙂

        The Maas video is a good one. Thanks for posting the link. Maas obviously left before the crowd quit chanting at him. Maas said he would not let them ruin Labor Day, but they did. Gotta love it.

  5. ADMIN TOBY: This comment went into our trash folder for some reason. Why I don’t know. I post it without reading it in the hope that it has something to do with the subject matter of this article.


    Jew: From where you are?
    Russian Peasant: From Ekaterinburg.
    J: A-ha, from Ekaterinburg. And, why are you here?
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    J: Food, I see. But that, near to you, what is?
    RP: This? This is my son, Alexei. He is eleve…
    J: Very well, then. Eat Alexei.

    Evil Jews,

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    1. Ellie, I am sorry to hear that things are not going well, at least in your estimation and would therefore ask Toby to lay off further disparagement, not only because it is not right to kick someone who is down already but its redundancy offends principles of economy.

      Ellie, your brains are seething inside a pressure cooker, warning vent whistling at a high pitch, ready to blow the gasket.
      You need to settle down a bit, you are most definitely not the worst person on Earth, there are billions worse. And worse off. So sit back, take stock of the situation and see yourself within a bigger frame of reference.
      Then you could separate the outer world from the inner one and only you can do that, as you see, no one can and cares to help – this is the unfortunate fact of life, especially one as reclusive as yours – you are the little rich girl analogue of that “Eat Alexei” joke you just told (and it is a very telling one, the best jokes are funny and tragic in equal measure), basically the world is telling you, “Eat Ellie”.

      Ok? Be strong and besides, Lobro likes you, I really do, you have a fundamentally sweet character that just needs a good washing, drying, some spit and polish – and best of all, it is a do-it-yourself project.

      Otherwise you go around saying, look at me, I am bad, evil, bitch, whore, no good Ellie – now love me! stomping that dainty foot of yours in rage.
      That’s not how it works 🙂

      And your external knowledge of Jew history is excellent, now to subject it to internal synthesis, you must bring the inner devils to heel because they interfere to no end.

    2. ‘EK Entity’ –

      “How do Jews attain power? By what means do they keep it?”

      Two questions…. Two(2) easy short answers which “shall consist of no supernumerary syllables or sentences” at all:

      1-Power is attained by financing both sides of wars.

      2-Power is kept by establishing central banks and stock markets in the defeated lands.

      1. Pat,

        “1-Power is attained by financing both sides of wars.

        2-Power is kept by establishing central banks and stock markets in the defeated lands.”

        Would you cared to elaborate on those two? How does that work?

        Because my in view the power they obtain to control, warp and demolish societies or whatever is handed to them served on a silver platter by gentile traitors. It really is that simple. Ellie is absolutely correct in that the Jews alone are nothing and could not even squash a fly. Financing both sides has nothing to do with it. For example should the victor of a double dealt war decide to stiff their jewish backers there’s not a damn thing they can do about it. And why wouldn’t he do that? Because he’s a traitor. Same thing with the exclusive right to issue money. Only with the fiat of gentile aristocracy who have chosen to sell their own down the river to get a piece of the action. And now they live in symbioses.

        To summarise, gentile power has put the Jew in position.

      2. Power is attained by financing both sides of wars.

        Well said, Pat. Spot on! This is how the House of Rothschild rose to power.

      3. 1138 –

        “Would you cared to elaborate on those two?” YES.
        “How does that work?” JUST FINE.

        Explaining #1 briefly….
        For both sides of a war to be loaned money from the same privately owned Central Bank is not unusual. Nothing generates debt like war. A Nation will borrow any amount to win. So… if the loser is kept going to the last straw in a vain hope of winning, then…. the more resources will be used up by the winning side before their victory is obtained…. More resources used, more loans taken out, more money made by the bankers. WIN-WIN-WIN..!!

        Maybe even more amazing, the loans are usually given on condition that the victor pays the debts left by the loser. Then, there are rebuilding contracts…. More borrowing…. on and on.

        Then… greed and fear allow #2 to work very well in the defeated country. Since the ‘fear’ is usually fear of a loss… it is actually a form of ‘greed’ also…. Runs ALL markets…

        SO greed controls… AND…. Pharisee-Jew Bankers KNOW IT!!


        “Ellie is absolutely correct in that the Jews alone are nothing and could not even squash a fly.”
        That is very wrong. Not street smart…… $5,000 will get anyone killed on short notice.
        Greed…. Again…. Rules…


        Thanks, Toby… They surely did. War IS their big fixed casino game.

      4. Absolutmon…..After the Battle of Waterloo, the Rothshites never looked back…………

      5. Pat,

        “Greed…. Again…. Rules…”

        Exactly. Thanks for confirming my view.

        It’s treacherous greedy gentiles who are mor ethan happy to let alien Jews destroy their own civilisations. It’s the muscle these greedy gentiles provide to set them up that is the Nr1 key element. Without greedy gentiles Jews couldn’t squash a fly. And that is VERY true.

        Gentiles on earth; currently give or take 7,000,000,000
        Jews on earth; how many? let’s say between 14,000,000 and 20,000,000.
        And it is a fact that in many parts of the world Jews are hated, and rightly so. And yet they, a tiny obscure people, manage to rule. Now, either they are absolutely brilliant and rightfully call themselves ‘the chosen people”. OR (!) they get a helping hand from mighty, but greedy, gentiles, powerful enough to take on anybody, including their own. Which one is true?
        Is there anyone on this forum that isn’t too dense to grasp this simple fact? Without gentiles the Jew is literally NOTHING. An obscure little people.

        Adolf Hitler wasn’t greedy so under his rule his shattered country quickly rose from the poorest to the richest European country while the rest of the Jew controlled gentile world remained in a state of deep depression up until the war. The likes of Roosevelt, Churchill on the other hand were greedy and more than happy to designate their nation’s industrial capacity and their GENTILE armies to do jew’s heavy work. See the difference? Who allowed the Jews their central banks and exclusive right to issue money?You’re WITH this evil or you oppose it. It really is THAT simple.

        So you are willing to kill anyone for the sum of $5,000?

        I don’t. But I’m not greedy.

      6. I describe Jewish power in the world in this way. Societies are ruled by elites (this is true even for “democratic” societies). Jews control those elites by bribery and blackmail. Success in bribery of course depends on greed, but success in blackmail depends on the fear of scandal. The greatest fear of scandal is the fear of sexual scandal, therefore the Jews engage the elite in shameful sexual conduct, film that and then use that in blackmail. This is what the Jew Jeffrey Epstein with his “sex-island” in the Caribbean was engaged in. There is a vast network of paedophile-rings in the world to entrap and blackmail the elites.These networks are controlled by Jews. To weaken the masses morally the Jews use their control of the news and entertainment media. Thus a very small criminal tribe can control most of the world.

  6. “The peddler now speaks to the countess who’s pretending to care for him
    Saying, “Name me someone that’s not a parasite and I’ll go out and say a prayer for him.”
    But like Louise always says “Ya can’t look at much, can ya man.”
    As she, herself prepares for him

    And Madonna, she still has not showed
    We see this empty cage now corrode
    Where her cape of the stage once had flowed
    The fiddler, he now steps to the road
    He writes everything’s been returned which was owed
    On the back of the fish truck that loads
    While my conscience explodes

    The harmonicas play the skeleton keys and the rain
    And these visions of Johanna are now all that remain.”
    (Bob Dylan)

  7. Umm, the choice of muay thai female kickboxer picture is debatable.
    She is clearly a demonic dyke brimming with testosterone, while I don’t doubt that she could knock me out, the idea of me forcing myself upon her is even further out of question, any sexual assault is more likely to come from the other direction.

    Wouldn’t want to share an elevator alone with her … and women like that are the other side of the temple moneychanger’s coin.

    Where the men are men, the women are women, because they don’t have to be men, as in Eastern Europe, for example Russia, Crimean state prosecutor, who doesn’t have to worry about some creepy mud attacking her while assorted Cochinitas paint their toenails.
    Notice the classic Aryan purity of that face, almost totally absent from North American landscape where women undergo lip-and-booty-enlargement surgery to make themselves even more skanky than they already are.

  8. To summarise, gentile power has put the Jew in position

    1138, in my view, it is a loopback of ancient vintage, like HIV that started with someone buggering a monkey and it replicated by individual acts of infamy until it reached catastrophic proportions, except that Jew is a much older and worse disease, I would say going back to 500BC or so.
    Some intelligence, human or alien, as highly developed as it is malevolent saw the potential of corruption that if properly channeled would step by patient step lead to conquest of the world, by always attacking the key social organs, the highest authorities, by graft, subversion, blackmail, intimidation and outright assassination using whenever possible society’s own strength against itself.

    It seems that they were already a major power in Rome even at the time of Christ, wielding economic, ie, financial clout, lending to expansion oriented emperors like Nero.
    And expansionism is already a disease, always thirsting for something that belongs to someone else, something otherwise unearned and undeserved, the seed of iniquity, vice, weakness and moral rot.

    Always corrupting the centralized hierarchical top layer, the ones supposed to be moral guardians and enforcers, the society’s immune system – precisely like HIV, except that now the monkey has grown horns and cleft hoof.

    I guess the weakness and propensity to be corrupted has always been innate to humans, it just took a malignant genius to pollinate it.
    These are the fleurs du mal whose inescapable global stink we now inhale deeply with every breath, man cascading from Eden to Earth to where next?
    The Protocols propose to answer that.

    Whether the gentile power put the Jew in the driver’s seat or not is a moot question, like asking whether the positive or negative magnetic pole came first.

  9. To return to the shabbo question, I suspect that one major route of infiltration and control are the numerous non-Lutheran branches of Protestantism.
    It is a shabbo pipeline where one enters innocent and exits imbecile, “to serve and protect” the Jew, moral cadaver mechanically animated like Zion-worshiping Frankenstein golem, devoid of free will or independent thought, heedless of Christ (Ellie, pay attention here), subject only to blind compliance with Noahide Law.

    It is not accidental that the anglo (read, protestant) nations are the most affected, if the historical developments that led to Calvin, Cromwell and freemasonry are taken into consideration, the colonial expansions, internecine wars where the only winner was the Jew, the wholesale destruction of independent, thriving states of the Mideast and so on, all of that was a direct result of these perverted forms of erstwhile Christianity gone cancerous.

    Nor is it accidental that the English language and the vile Hollywood product spearhead the invasion by cultural marxism worldwide, obliterating traditions, languages, mores, families and social order, the final push now against what few pockets of resistance remain.

    Picking on a few highly visible shabbos like the Clintons and Bushes does not address the essence of the problem because it is systemic.

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