Always Attack the Wrong Country

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There are numerous tactics available to those who aim to make problems worse while pretending to solve them, but misdirection is always a favorite. The reason to want to make problems worse is that problems are profitable—for someone. And the reason to pretend to be solving them is that causing problems, then making them worse, makes those who profit from them look bad.

In the international arena, this type of misdirection tends to take on a farcical aspect.

The ones profiting from the world’s problems are the members of the US foreign policy and military establishments, the defense contractors and the politicians around the world, and especially in the EU, who have been bought off by them. Their tactic of misdirection is conditioned by a certain quirk of the American public, which is that it doesn’t concern itself too much with the rest of the world.

The average member of the American public has no idea where various countries are, can’t tell Sweden from Switzerland, thinks that Iran is full of Arabs and can’t distinguish any of the countries that end with the suffix —’stan’.

And so a handy trick has evolved, which amounts to the following dictum: “Always attack the wrong country.”

Need some examples?

(1)  After 9/11, which, according to the official story (which is probably nonsense) was carried out by “suicide bombers” (some of them, amusingly, still alive today) who were mostly from Saudi Arabia, the US chose to retaliate by attacking Saudi Arabia Afghanistan and Iraq.

(2)  When Arab Spring erupted (because a heat wave in Russia drove up wheat prices) the obvious place to concentrate efforts, to avoid a seriously bad outcome for the region, was Egypt—the most populous Arab country and an anchor for the entire region. And so the US and NATO decided to attack Egypt Libya.

(3)  When things went south in the Ukraine, whose vacillating government couldn’t make up its mind whether it wanted to remain within the Customs Union with Russia, its traditional trading partner, or to gamble on signing an agreement with the EU based on vague (and since then broken) promises of economic cooperation, the obvious place to go and try to fix things was the Ukraine. And so the US and the EU decided fix the Ukraine Russia, even though Russia is not particularly broken. Russia was not amused; nor is it a country to be trifled with, and so in response the Russians inflicted some serious pain on the Washington establishmentfarmers within the EU.

(4)  Who was at fault exceedingly clear once the Ukrainians that managed to get into power (including some very nasty neo-Nazis) started to violate the rights of Ukraine’s Russian-speaking majority, including staging some massacres, in turn causing a large chunk of it to hold referendums and vote to secede. (Perhaps you didn’t know this, but the majority of the people in the Ukraine are Russian-speakers, and there is just one city of any size—Lvov—that is mostly Ukrainian-speaking. Mind you, I find Ukrainian to be very cute and it makes me smile whenever I hear it. I don’t bother speaking it, though, because any Ukrainian with an IQ above bathwater temperature understands Russian.) And so the US and the EU decided to fix things by continuing to put pressure on the Ukraine Russia.

(5)  When Russia started insisting on a political rather than a military resolution to the crisis in the Ukraine, and helped negotiate the Minsk agreements together with the Ukraine, France and Germany, a similar thing happened. These agreements obligated the Ukrainian government to pass constitutional reforms to grant autonomy to its Russian regions in the east. The Ukrainian government refused to abide by these agreements. As a result, the US and the EU decided to put pressure on the Ukrainian Russian government.

(6)  When a nasty terrorist group calling itself ISIS and composed of Islamic Salafi/Takfiri extremists started to seize power in large parts of Iraq, and then spread to Syria, something had to be done about it. These extremists were being financed by Turkey (which is still buying oil from them and sheltering them on its territory) and Saudi Arabia. And so the US and NATO decided to put some pressure on Turkey and Saudi Arabia Syria.

—  §  —

In response to all this foolishness, Russia up and decided to actually go and fix something that was broken: Syria. And now Syria is on the mend, and members of the misdirectorate in Washington are left scratching their heads.

So far so good. But this method of pretending to be solving problems by making them worse has some definite downsides.

For one thing, eventually even the dimmest, most geographically challenged bulbs in the general population start to get a clue, and then they start refusing to vote for the establishment candidates. Then it becomes hard to continue with the misdirecting because the people doing the misdirecting are voted out, and (horror of horrors!) somebody who might actually try to fix a problem or two might get voted in.

For another thing, continually making problems worse by attacking the wrong country tends to eventually make the sheer number of problems get completely out of hand.

Take the recent massive terror attack in Brussels, down the road from NATO headquarters, for which ISIS took credit.

Recently, Europe has been experiencing a large-scale influx of people from the Middle East and North Africa, who have been forced to flee their native lands because of all the previous acts of misdirection, and a fair number of these people are ISIS terrorists. And so, to protect itself, NATO is planning to fight ISIS in Europe Syria.

Also, it is well known that the influx into Europe has been orchestrated by Turkey. In response, the EU has decided to put pressure on  give billions of euros to Turkey and tell Turkey that it is welcome to join the EU.

This pattern of attacking the wrong countries and systematically creating new problems has an overall momentum that, over time, becomes harder and harder to break.

It starts out as just one group of plutocrats doing incredibly vile, underhanded but profitable things; later on, an even bigger group of plutocrats is doing equally vile but now completely idiotic, self-defeating, embarrassing things; and right near the end, a really huge group of plutocrats is doing things that are absolutely suicidal—but they can’t stop themselves.

You should be able to decide for yourselves when that point in time arrives.

It won’t be long now.

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  1. Good article.

    “The ones profiting from the world’s problems are the members of the US foreign policy and military establishments, the defense contractors and the politicians around the world, and especially in the EU, who have been bought off by them.”

    That is quite correct… and the rebuilding contractors will make even more..!!

    Just look at the picture of that beautiful architecture destroyed…!!! It was destroyed to make way for that society to enter the high-speed tech of the 21st century. It was not “internet ready” nor computer “user friendly” enough for the likes of the global Pharisee-Jew bankers and their global stock traders.

    New building bring new control mechanisms…. for the 21st century.

    1. We all like Trump’s campaign promises, but we can NOT be sure if he’ll keep his campaign promises — maybe he will but GIANT chance he will NOT keep his promises, and Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo… if Trump wins and does NOT keep his campaign promises we’ll be rendered totally disillusioned and eternally disappointed and our hearts just simply can’t bear to suffer the agonizing pain of Trump reneging on his campaign promises — we would be totally without HOPE then — So DON’T VOTE FOR TRUMP!!! — Let us not take any chances we will be left disappointed and totally totally entirely disillusioned!!!

      Our hearts can’t bear it!! Don’t set yourself up to be rendered disappointed, disillusioned, despairing, just DON’T VOTE FOR TRUMP then you don’t have to worry anymore if he’s going to keep his campaign promises or NOT! Why worry? That’s what the pharisees want you do, to worry! So DON’T VOTE FOR TRUMP then you won’t spend any time worrying if he’s going to keep his campaign promises or NOT! Defeat the pharisees!! DON’T VOTE FOR TRUMP which is the very same as voting for Hillary, then the pharisee’s FAVORITE candidate Hillary will WIN!!! That’s how you outsmart and defeat the pharisees!!! Be very afraid of being severely disappointed and deeply and profoundly disillusioned by possible Trump broken campaign promises, don’t vote for Trump — the same thing as voting for Hillary — and let Hillary the pharisees FAVORITE WIN THE ELECTION!!!! That’s how you out-fox the joos!!! The ONLY way to out-fox the joos is to sit back, kick-back, RELAX, don’t have to worry anymore about Trump maybe breaking his campaign promises, what a relief not to have to worry about that anymore, Stay Home, DO NOT VOTE [ the same as voting for Hillary] and let the jew communist pharisee’s FAVORITE candidate die-hard intense COMMUNIST Hillary WIN THE PRESIDENCY !!!!

      1. @ Troj

        Nothing wrong with Sufism. I note you provide not the slightest evidence that Sufism is a bad thing. You think your opinion makes it a fact.

    2. @ Crisscross
      Thanks for that. It’s always worthwhile to keep the Protocols in mind when studying current affairs. THEY use so many “isms” to subvert society and denigrate spiritual beliefs. Not only Christianity, but other religions as well. They have been very successful in setting Muslim against Christian, Muslim against Buddhist, Muslim against Hindu, and vice versa. One must also be on the lookout for the propagation of crackpot theories or irrelevancies which waste time and divert attention from the main enemies, Jews, Bankers, Freemasons and Christian Zionists. As a Buddhist I know THEY will never win, because their goal is complete dominion over the earth and the enslavement of humanity. This is impossible because the earth is impermanent and humanity comprises spiritual entities, all of whom are potential enlightened beings. For a short time they may claim victory, as they did in the communist bloc. Look at Russia today, the rise in spirituality and interest in religion is incredible and completely ignored by the Western Media. The same applies to China, where there is a growing thirst for things religious and spiritual. It’s only in the West, where the majority are zombified by materialism and the maunderings of that Viennese, Jewish cokehead, Sigmund Freud that things look so bleak on the spiritual front.

      1. Uncle :

        Just checking in to see if you got my post which includes a link to a source reference concerning Sufism, whereby I also included a Search Term suggestion as well. Just want to make sure you got the post and it didn’t mysteriously disappear into cyber universe for the rest of eternity. You may consider checking the Spam folder for new mail, though, before we jump to conclusions and conclude the post got lost in the vast expanse of ever expanding cyber-cosmos. Do please try to be at least somewhat diligent in fulfilling your duties as The Spam Man!

          1. Here is one link about Sufism, Uncle. There’s a plethora of information online about Sufism.

            From a former Muslim, more about Sufism,


            Main Page :


            Sufism, like Hinduism, is very pantheistic. The Sufis pay lip service to “Allah”, but they really worship a whole array of “gods”, just as the Hindus do. That’s why ALL the alternative media types who LERV Hinduism they also LERV Sufism. And there’s a lot in Sufism which also fits in perfectly well with the jew’s kabbalah “religion” — the main book of satanism, the kabbalah. There’s quite a bit of kabbalah hocus-pocus in Sufism. Quite a few things in the main book of satanism, the kabbalah, was originally from ancient Hinduism. Sufism has many kabbalah overtones. The kabbalh was very much influenced by Hindusim, the main book of satanists, and then the kabbalah influenced this dynamic in Islam, “Sufism”. Many learned and erudite and sincere and very intelligent and devout Muslims throughout history never accepted Sufism as being truly Islam. They were/are right, as the Sufis really worship a whole array of “gods”. Sufism undermined and usurped Islam in many ways. AND the honest Muslims, like Sheikh Imam Hosein, would concur with me. I’m reporting what I’ve learned in my readings on Islam and Sufism and the connections between Islam and Sufism. There is a connection, but in that connection, the Sufis went about to undermine and usurp Islam. I stand by what I said : Sufism has done much harm to Islam and the world of Islam.

            Like Judaism was usurped a very long time ago, and Christianity was usurped awhile back now, Islam has also been usurped, and the Sufis play a substantial role in usurping Islam. Like the 60s Cultural Revolution overthrew [ what was left ] of traditional Western culture , Sufism overthrew traditional Islamic culture.

            Search Term :

            “Sufism and the 60s Cultural Revolution”

      2. You may have hit upon something quite valuable there, Felix.

        Namely, that brute force, no matter how overwhelming, will always produce a spiritual reaction of even more profound intensity as seems to be the strengthening phenomenon in China and Russia, where the doors to Jew are progressively closing shut, and Jew, having realized this, works his witchcraft upon population anesthetized by materialism, ie, Americas and Europe.

        This implies a resignation on part of the Jewish ancestral program of world dominion and recognition that it will never work against free humans but only on those drugged into a torpor of apathy, the semi-beasts.

    3. Good site, CC…. Thanks.

      I liked this one exposing more control from London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers, and why they will never give up Palestine….. but WILL take it ALL, including Golan:

      Netanyahu Grants Oil Rights Inside Illegally Occupied Golan Heights Syria: To Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch And Jacob Rothschild.

      The Rothschild zionists along with their coconspirators, The British government, and British royalty confiscated Palestine for Rothschild, and the Georgian Khazars who are no more Hebrew Jewish than the man in the moon.

      1. Israel Has Lots Of Oil ~ Washington Times!
      2. Israel Richest Oil Country In The World ~ Omega Letter
      3. Israel’s Giant Off-Shore Oil and Gas Field Israel National News!
      4. USGS identifies potential giant oil and gas fields in Israel/Palestine

  2. For one thing, eventually even the dimmest, most geographically challenged bulbs in the general population start to get a clue, and then they start refusing to vote for the establishment candidates.

    This is most certainly true however the obvious reaction by government, who see people waking up, would be to eventually institute legislation making it against the law to NOT vote! Common sense decrees that should the number of voters drop to below 50%, the whole concept of voting and government is no longer needed as the people, through not voting, show that they have no faith in politics and government whatsoever. However, this would never happen, because the controllers wouldn’t be able to control. Obviously!

    The whole legal system is A SHAM! And countless number of solicitors profit from it. Put it this way; there are no drug laws here in the UK. There are however drug ACTS, which are used to steal from and/or imprison those who take drugs that some people don’t want being taken. It’s ok for people to take paracetamol, a drug created in a laboratory, but it’s not ok to break leaves off of a certain plant and smoke it. And if people do and are caught by the police, they’re taken to a police station, where they instantly sign a contract to be under their jurisdiction, by giving their name. They then go into a court and accept the jurisdiction of the court by agreeing to the orders given by the clerk, right at the start by standing in the ‘dock’ and rising when the judge comes in.

    This is how they created the game of control for much of every day living and they will do the same for voting, when people realise it’s a con. And yes, the people will rebel, but the police will be there to stop them and of course the legislation makers will make more legislation, under ‘anti terrorism’ to deal with those who decide they don’t want to vote. There will be an even bigger push within schools to indoctrinate children into being good citizens and voting.

    Those who control us will NEVER relinquish their power. Society is their golden goose who lays their golden eggs. The Labour party, for example, was infiltrated almost as soon as it started by Jews, who utterly destroyed the very concept of socialism in order to control society even more. The Royal Institute for International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations has been putting in leaders in the UK & USA, respectively, for well over a century. And people are still playing the political game, thinking that their vote will change their lives for the better. Here in the UK it’s either Jew controlled Corbyn, or Jew Cameron (Farage of the UKIP is a fringe politician). In the USA it’s either Jew controlled Clinton or Jew controlled Trump. Whomever wins, it’s good news for Jews and Israel and bad news for everyone else.

  3. The Pharisee-Jew Bankers are happy that tability to “attack the wrong country” gets a boost as global military spending has begun rising in real terms again, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Even while decreasing, the US still spends more than the rest of the world each year, by a long shot….. 35% of the total….. more than double the totals of China and Russia combined.

    The US – IS – a war economy… Has to have war…!!

    –World military spending resumes upward course–

    World military expenditure totaled almost $1.7 trillion in 2015, an increase of 1 per cent in real terms from 2014, according to new figures from SIPRI. The data is being released to coincide with the start of the Stockholm Forum on Security and Development.

    The United States remained by far the world’s biggest spender in 2015, despite its expenditure falling by 2.4 per cent to $596 billion.

    Among the other top spenders, China’s expenditure rose by 7.4 per cent to $215 billion, Saudi Arabia’s grew by 5.7 per cent to $87.2 billion—making it the world’s third-largest spender—and Russia’s increased by 7.5 per cent to $66.4 billion.

    –Falling oil prices signal cuts to military expenditure–

    A combination of high oil prices and new oil discoveries and exploitation has contributed to a surge in military spending in many countries around the world in the past decade. However, the crash in oil prices that started in 2014 has begun to reverse this trend in many oil revenue-dependent countries. Further cuts in spending are expected in 2016.

    The most dramatic oil revenue-related reductions in spending in 2015 were in Venezuela (–64 per cent) and Angola (–42 per cent). Decreases were also recorded in, among others, Bahrain, Brunei, Chad, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Oman and South Sudan.

    Despite declining oil revenues, several other oil-exporting countries continued to increase military spending in 2015. Many of these countries—notably Algeria, Azerbaijan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Viet Nam—were involved in conflict or faced with heightening regional tensions.

    However, Russia’s expenditure was lower than projected in its budget, and Saudi Arabia’s spending would have fallen but for the additional $5.3 billion cost of its military intervention in Yemen.

    Russia and Saudi Arabia are planning cuts in 2016.

  4. Sufism (if that is the proper term) is adogmatic. For the Sufis, god is not the anthropomorphized version(s) provided by most all religions. The Sufi idea that god is closer than one’s jugular vein speaks of the true relationship between “god” and man. As a drop of water is but a tiny reflection of the ocean, each individual is but a tiny reflection of the vast, all encompassing, entity of which they are a part. Therefore, man is not separate from god, but separates himself from god. (God, how I dislike the word “god”)

    The Sufis view religion as a steppingstone to enlightenment, not as an end unto itself. There are Sufis in every religion and every walk of life. Among the Sufis, one finds people like Sir Richard Burton the explorer and Omar Khayyam the mathematician philosopher, along with more obvious examples such as the 13th century poet Rumi. In fact, Sufis say that following religious dogma eventually results in a dead end for those seeking spiritual enlightenment.

    Another clue about Sufis is that they very, very, rarely apply the title to themselves. One is hard pressed to find examples where a Sufi lays claim to the title. Moreover, they invariably refuse to accept the label when applied by non-Sufis, often denying they are Sufis in the process. In effect they will say: “Me? A Sufi? Oh no, I’m not a Sufi. If you want to find a Sufi, then go see so and so, I have heard he is a real Sufi.” Yet when one goes to the individual referred to, they often receive much the same reply.

    There is evidence that the Essene were a Sufi sect long before the label was adopted. Therefore, Jesus would have been among the Sufis as well. In fact there are Sufis who have said, “Jesus was among our numbers.” Jesus taught in sometimes confusing parables, just as Sufis commonly use sometimes confusing stories to teach. “One Thousand and one Arabian Nights” is just such a case. While on the surface this collection of stories may seem but charming bedtime tales for children, these are in fact Sufi teaching stories pertaining to certain aspects of spiritual advancement. However, one must have reached a certain level of advancement on the path before the teaching aspect of these stories will be recognized. This would explain why so many of Jesus parables are confusing or incomprehensible to the outsider. Moreover the description of Jesus and his small following of disciples, with their seeming lack of organization or structure, are typical of a Sufi school.

    The Sufis point out that many imposters have taken the title of “Sufi” because people respond favorably to the message of spirtiual advancement. However, instead of truth many come seeking the magical and mystical aspects ascribed to Sufism. In response, Sufis say that if this is primarily what one seeks, then they will not be able to avail themselves of a Sufi teacher, but will instead find an imposter, a false teacher, who will deliver exactly what they seek. The Sufi path is antithetical to the average individual, as they are typically searching not for truth, but what they believe is “the path.” They do this with a total lack of knowledge about themselves or the path they are seeking. The real path is often rejected by such individuals as it fails to fit the preconceived notions of the applicant.

    Therefore, one must be wary when examining those claiming to be Sufis and their teachings. The only authority that can positively identify a Sufi is another Sufi, as one must be at a level of advancement greater than, or equal to, those being identified. Many who claim to be Sufis are no more a Sufi than many self-proclaimed Muslims are actually Muslim or many self-proclaimed Christians are actually Christian. Consider for a moment John Hagee or the multitude of other televangelist; would Jesus say of them “these men follow my teachings”? There are many false teachers quite adept at talking the talk without walking the walk, and “walking” or experiencing the Sufi path is required, as after a certain point, words fail and only experience will suffice to continue one’s spiritual journey.

    False adherents comprise the vast majority among the religions. This is largely due to the fact there are substantial profits to be made from fleecing gullible believers who desire miracles and to be part of a group. Such people take the name and they follow outward appearances, but they are imposters using the identity to meet their own self serving ends. The followers of these imposters support their “master” not because they are searching for truth that brings enlightenment, but because they are searching for something that fills a self perceived need, often their own personal enrichment.

    There are many stories that allude to this condition. One is about a man seeking the light of enlightenment. He travels around various villages asking where he might find a master. Eventually he is told about a master who lives in the mountains and can be found by seeking a bright light there. The man travels to the mountains and spends years searching, but never sees a light. Finally, just as he is about to give up his search, he sees a light far away on the side of a distant mountain.

    For days the man travels towards the light, waiting until after dark so he can keep his goal in sight. The journey is not too difficult and he eventually finds a well established path leading to the light. As the man approaches the light, he finds it glowing brighter and brighter. Finally, he walks up to find the light so dazzling, he can scarcely look at it. When his eyes finally adjust to the brilliant light, the man looks around to find no one there, only a very brought light with millions of moths fluttering around it.

    Again the man decides to give up his search and begins his journey home, but as he descends from the light, he once again spots another light on the side of a distant mountain. This time the light is very dim, so dim the man can hardly make it out. As he has come this far in his search, he figures that although its not much of a light, he will investigate anyway.

    Once again he travels for days toward the dim light. At times the light disappears from sight, making the journey all the more difficult. Finally, when he comes near enough, he finds the light is located at the top of a sheer cliff with almost no way to reach it. However, the man perseveres, climbing to the top of the cliff inch by inch. Unlike the relatively smooth path to the other light, this time his ascent is fraught with danger and his fingers bleed from trying to grasp the rock face.

    At times he almost falls to his death, but at last he arrives to find the dim light of a single flickering candle with a very old man sitting next to it. The man asks the sage sitting by the candle if he is in fact the master he was told of. The sage replies that he is. Then the man relates how he found the first dazzling bright light to find nothing there but a massive cloud of moths circling it. The sage replies, “oh that light, it helps keep the moths away from me.”

    Speaking of dazzling lights, I have a faux-leather bound copy of the Zohar, the entire collection of 23 volumes, that I can let go for cheap. I’ll take thirty silver shekels or a blood offering of a paschal lamb for the lot. It’s funny, while Jews have successfully programmed the goyim’s attention span to a point where anything more than a soundbite takes too long for their brains to process, Jews themselves are the most verbacious creatures on the planet.

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