AMERICA STUNNED! — Mein Trumpf Storms into the White House

Political analyst of the Daily Mail

Introduced by Lasha Darkmoon with additional comments
(includes historic 20-minute video)



“Most European leaders can barely bring themselves to look at him.”
— Dominic Sandbrook

LASHA DARKMOON’S INTRODUCTION :  Only yesterday an esteemed political commentator on my site had these prophetic words to say: “Whoever wins, it’s going to be a shock to end all shocks. Half of America will be shocked by jubilant rapture, the other half by black despair. I’ve never known any other election like this.”

Like so any others who have ended up with egg on their faces, the same commentator had confidently predicted a victory for Hillary Clinton. These false prophets, among whom we can number the author of this present article, Dominic Sandbrook, were convinced that Hillary Clinton would soon be installed in the White House. Here is what our esteemed commentator told us yesterday. How hollow and even ridiculous his words sound today! I quote them only because they are so typical.

Listen buddies, you are my online friends and I hope you’re all gonna be made very happy tomorrow morning as Trump becomes the new Augustus of Pax Americana. But I have this sinking feeling in my gut that it ain’t gonna happen. Hillary is gonna win because all the cards are stacked in her favor.

Remember this, even if 70% of Americans vote for Trump, those Diebold voting machines are gonna turn real nasty and start spitting out fire and devil smoke.

And it’s gonna be Crazy Hillary and rapist Hubby Bill waltzing into the White House and up the gallery stairs into the hot tub on the top floor, with assorted nymphettes simpering among the bubbles and going “Oooh! . . . Ahhh! . . . take it easy sir, I’m only a Girl Scout!”

Ya can’t make this up. 🙂

Silly words? Obviously. If I’d said them myself, I’d now be blushing with shame for making such a fool of myself.

The fact is, we have all made fools of ourselves, not least the Republican Party that took the unprecedented step of disowning their own candidate, Donald Trump, and giving their support to his Democratic competitor Hillary Clinton. Here was a man, they alleged shamefully, who was was in the pocket of Vladimir Putin and took orders from the Kremlin. He was closer to the Kremlin than he was to Nato. If America elected this man, they spluttered, the trump of doom—no pun intended—would soon be reverberating from Washington to Vladivostok.

The man they spat upon and denigrated so treacherously is now their boss. Let’s hope he punishes them. Let’s hope he puts Hillary behind bars, as he promised.

If he now does a U-turn and cuddles up to the Establishment, and if his first trip abroad is to Tel Aviv, his millions of supporters will know they have been cruelly betrayed. Just as Tony Blair betrayed Britain, turning into one of the greatest liars and war criminals in British history, it remains to be seen if Trump is not going to do a similar U-turn by cuddling up to the enemies of America: to the Rothschilds and Soroses and Adelsons  and the neoconservative warmongers who put Israel before America and pay regular visits to the Wailing Wall.

And so we come now to this “prophetic” article by Dominic Sandbrook, political sage of the Daily Mail. I wish it were satire. It is not. It is written, three days before the election on November 5, with a straight face. Fasten your seat belts, dear readers, and get ready for a good laugh. Here is the mainstream media at its most fatuous and farcical, spewing forth imbecilities for the semi-moronic masses. Oh, how sad! and how deeply sobering.  [LD]


by Dominic Sandbrook 

The 45th President of the United States reached his 1,000th day in office yesterday, and he marked it in characteristic style.

Rising shortly before lunch, the most powerful man in the world took a congratulatory phone call from his closest ally, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, before strolling into the White House Rose Garden, where a group of swimwear models were waiting with an enormous white and gold cake.

‘Thank you, Mr President,’ they chorused, ‘for making America great again!’

If the impromptu party was overshadowed by the chanting of thousands of protesters outside the perimeter, the President showed no sign of being particularly worried.

‘Take care of them,’ he told the head of his Russian bodyguard, who had replaced the Secret Service a few months ago. Then he nodded meaningfully at the models: ‘I’ll see you girls later . . .’

According to his spokesman, the President spent the afternoon closeted with his advisers in a private suite at his wife Melania’s $1,000-an-hour spa (formerly the White House’s East Wing), discussing the opening of his Senate impeachment trial in a few days’ time. Then he retired for the evening with some of his closest confidants, among them the actor Charlie Sheen, the former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and the ex-wrestler Hulk Hogan.

To look at the President’s beaming, orange-skinned face, you would hardly know that Washington is in meltdown, that he faces multiple congressional investigations into his finances and that, every day, rival mobs of demonstrators do battle only steps from the White House.

Nor would you know that the American economy is in deep recession, its cities are ablaze after months of race riots, an undeclared war is raging on the Mexican border and a nuclear conflict now seems inevitable in the Pacific.

Never has the gap between image and reality been greater. Never has the world’s greatest republic plunged to such depths.

But then what did you expect from President Donald Trump?

The trouble started within moments of Mr Trump’s unexpected comeback victory in the election of Tuesday, November 8, 2016, when riots broke out in several cities, including Chicago, Boston, Miami and Los Angeles.

Thousands of buildings were burned, but the new president-elect nevertheless maintained that it had been the ‘greatest night’ in American history: ‘The greatest. Period.’

In his victory speech he broke with the traditional courtesies by openly pouring scorn on his defeated opponent, Hillary Clinton (‘a major-league loser’), and promising his supporters that ‘Crooked Hillary’ would shortly be facing a ‘long stretch in jail’.

LD : Wrong! See the 20-minute video below in which Trump, doing his first apparent U-turn, lavishes words of praise on Hillary and tells Americans how grateful they should be to her for all her hard work and dedication. So what happened to all that talk of putting her behind bars? 

In fact, Mrs Clinton remains very much at large.

Even though President Trump insisted that her criminal conviction would be one of his chief priorities, and immediately appointed a special prosecutor with a brief to investigate her activities dating back to the Seventies, the FBI are reportedly still trawling through thousands of emails, having unearthed yet another tranche last month.

There were more signs of the new era, meanwhile, at his inauguration ceremony in January 2017, when Mr Trump appeared on the stage waving his ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball cap, in front of a mock-classical façade in which his own surname was spelled out in gigantic, diamond-studded letters.

Unusually, the 45th President broke with precedent by refusing to deliver a prepared speech, preferring to ‘speak from the heart’, as he put it.

Returning to some familiar themes, he told his audience that his predecessor, Barack Obama, was a ‘terrorist’ and a ‘Muslim’, that most Mexicans were ‘rapists’ and ‘murderers’, that China was ‘in for a shock’ and that Nato was ‘a complete waste of time and money’.

Most foreign leaders were appalled. But one man who clearly approved was Vladimir Putin, who had been the first head of state to telephone his congratulations to the new president-elect.

After only two weeks in office, Mr Trump rewarded his new friend by making his first overseas trip to Moscow, where he assured the press that Mr Putin ‘couldn’t have been nicer’ and promised that under his administration, the Russians would be ‘our number one ally. Number One. I mean that’.

LD : It remains to be seen whether Trump’s first trip abroad is to Moscow or Tel Aviv. That would be the litmus test.

His European tour later in 2017, however, was a disaster.

After Mr Trump was recorded making remarks about Germany’s Angela Merkel that cannot be repeated in a family newspaper, he moved on to London, where he told Theresa May that she had a ‘massive Muslim problem’ and urged her to redevelop Chequers as a high-end golf course.

Today, the American republic’s reputation in the world has never been lower. Even at the United Nations it has become a laughing stock, especially after Mr Trump’s UN ambassador, Sarah Palin, gave a speech in which she confused Iraq and Iran, suggested Africa was a single country and joked about dropping a nuclear bomb on Saudi Arabia.

On the U.S.-Mexican border, however, things have gone well beyond a joke.

Work on what Mr Trump calls his ‘Great Wall’ began within days of his inauguration, though it is unlikely to be finished before he leaves office and will reportedly cost at least $25 billion.

After a series of sabotage attacks by Mexican protesters in mid-2018, Mr Trump abruptly lost patience and ordered the U.S. Marines to cross the border and occupy a strip some ten miles deep — which prompted the Mexican government to move its own troops to within a mile or two of the U.S. incursion.

As yet, the two sides have merely skirmished, though the death toll currently stands at almost 400 — a figure that would have been unthinkable three years ago.

It would take only one incident, one clash that gets completely out of hand, to trigger a full-scale war.

At home, meanwhile, Mr Trump’s authoritarian measures, such as his shambolic and callous attempt to deport 11 million undocumented migrants, have provoked outrage.

The summer of 2018 was marked by weeks of rioting in many major cities, while the President’s insistence on declaring the Left-wing activist group Black Lives Matter a ‘terrorist organisation’ sparked huge protests on campuses across the nation.

It was at this point that Congress, already enraged by Mr Trump’s reliance on high-handed and arguably unconstitutional executive orders, began discussing impeachment proceedings against the President.

But of course, this only enraged his loyal supporters, who maintain that he is the innocent victim of a conspiracy masterminded by Barack Obama, the Clintons and the American media.

Mr Trump himself remains remarkably unruffled by the prospect of impeachment, though some experts claim his famously unearthly hair is a lot thinner than it used to be.

He maintains his Congressional critics are ‘crooks’ and ‘liars’, and has made extraordinarily insulting remarks about the potency and masculinity of both the Democratic leader of the Senate, Harry Reid, and the Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.

Recently, Mr Trump’s attacks on Congress have reached new heights. He now appears to believe that many leading politicians, both Democratic and Republican, have secretly converted to Islam.

‘How do we know that the Bushes aren’t Muslims?’ he demanded last week. ‘Why else were they so keen on going to Iraq?’

Genuine Muslims, however, have no place in Mr Trump’s America. He made that very clear within hours of taking the oath of office, when he signed an emergency executive order banning any Muslims from entering the United States.

Since he became President 1,000 days ago, attacks on Muslim Americans, including men and women who have worn their nation’s uniform, have reportedly increased tenfold.

There have been arson attacks on mosques in Boston, New York, Chicago and Detroit, all of which Mr Trump refused point-blank to visit afterwards.

All of this has naturally put him at odds with America’s traditional Nato allies. But Mr Trump’s disregard for Nato was well-known even before he took office.

Most European leaders can barely bring themselves to look at him.

Theresa May has reportedly not even said a word to him for more than a year. But as Mr Trump is fond of reminding people, ‘small-time’ countries such as Britain and Germany are ‘finished’.


‘My friend Vladimir,’ he says smugly,
‘is the strongest man in the world.
Apart from myself, obviously.’

As it happens, the Russian President is scheduled to fly into Washington next week to express his solidarity at the beginning of his friend’s formal trial in the Senate. As usual, Putin is likely to arrive with a large military entourage, many of whom are expected to stay on in the U.S. capital as additional ‘security’ for his beleaguered ally.

As Mr Trump remarked last week, he has already arranged a suitable welcoming committee of young American female interns for his Russian counterpart.

‘All gorgeous,’ he said proudly. ‘I just start kissing them . . . and when you’re a president, they let you do it, you can do anything.’


“I can’t stop kissing them.
When you’re a president, you can do anything!”

Those last words have been something of a motto for Mr Trump. Since his election as President, he has indeed done anything he wants.

The result, however, has not merely tarnished forever the image of the Presidency, driven the American economy into recession and destroyed relations between religions and races. It has shattered the Western alliance, allowed Vladimir Putin to rebuild the Soviet empire and left the United States on the brink of nuclear war with the world’s most populous country.

Yet even as American cities burn and Congress attempts to drive him from office, Mr Trump remains undaunted.

VIDEO : 20 mins

109 thoughts to “AMERICA STUNNED! — Mein Trumpf Storms into the White House”

  1. Sandbrook shows off invariably in his frequent propaganda pieces in the Daily Mail his egregiously odious, smarmy, arrogant, shilling for zio-cons and ZATO and the Holocaustianity and ‘anti-semitic’ rackest.

    Any sapient being who is independent thinker and researcher and knows their history (rather than the half truths and dissemblings of our history ‘masters’ and academia) and whose brain is not made mushy-peas from over-exposure to the Sandbrook diet of wriggly worms, may need to vomit at the non-stop foetid diatribes and propaganda efflucting from this consummate master of deceit.

    Totally stomach churning everything he plasters in his Saturday ravings.

    1. Well put Sir ! Bravo ! Very erudite, but he really is just a turd. Nice to know that there is someone else in the UK who knows which way is up. The really good thing about Trump is that he’s not a lawyer….Check out how many assholes are ….

      1. Pat, I’d bet a few someones made a pile of money yesterday. (;>) If i were to bet..
        (“half the lies they tell about me ain’t true”)

  2. I really do wish that Trump is what he appears to be, but I’m pretty sure he’s a sellout to the elite. How could he not be and be where he is? And look at his history of schmoozing with them. If this is true, then we’re in for four more years of the same old shit. But at least we won’t have to look at Hillary’s depressing mug anymore. Hopefully the Clintons will leave the US and never come back. And even better if they take Soros and Obama and the rest of their libtard cohorts with them… especially, especially the big-mouthed Hollywood libtards.

    1. I do not think Trump is a sellout. I see he has positioned to play the long game … planning 2 terms in office followed by a Pence presidency, 12-16 years total. Trump knows he cannot fix everything with just his 2 terms in office. Pence is further to the right than Trump, and Trump knows it. Trump will lay the foundation, and in 8 years Pence will step in and built upon it.

      I really want to see how Trump handles issues involving Israel. I followed his comments regarding Israel and Palestine since the beginning of his campaign. He has morphed from a 2-state solution, to it all belongs to Israel. Benny Nut-job-yeehaw called Trump to congratulate him and called him a “true friend” of Israel. Israel’s Education Minister said of Trump’s victory, “it marked the end of a Palestinian state”. I am not so sure. Trump started his campaign saying Israel needs to pull back to the 1967 line and Jerusalem needs to stay autonomous. Towards the end of his campaign Trump’s Jewish advisor on the Middle East was saying it is Israel’s decision to make if there will be a Palestinian state or not – effectively recognizing all of Palestine as Israel. I think Trump did what he needed to be elected. But there is nothing about him that causes me to believe he has abandoned a Palestinian state. Let us wait and see how this unfolds now that he is elected. We will know soon enough … if he really moves the US embassy to Jerusalem, making the US the first nation in the world to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

      Regardless, the absolute best thing to come from a Trump presidency is the Supreme Court nominees he will put forward. He has already listed 20 possible, constitutionally conservative, justices he will select from. They will have an impact on the US for 2 or 3 generations to come.

  3. Lol. I would like to see your faces when Trump announces his first war. Our Western leaders are always chomping at the bit to please their masters with a war.

    Yes, I am that convinced he’s another shill.

    Conversely, if he starts shutting down the US Empire (albeit still a scion of Zion) I’ll post a picture of me in shock. And I’ll buy everybody a round of drinks at Lobro’s local.

    1. Nobody cares to see your picture. Just show us your backside, hauling-ass out of our country along with those Hollywood scumbags who promised to do likewise if Trump becomes POTUS. We need patriots, here – not more who just sit on their butts complaining and whining about “what ifs”.

      1. @Gilbert Huntly

        Please accept my apologies for not agreeing with you. I take it you’re on a high because your man got into the White House? I think he is another Zionist Shill — yes, that’s right, I think he is another whore for the Jews. Does that make you angry because you disagree with those sentiments? Apologies.

      2. Calm down, Brother Flo! The thermostat needs lowering. The only difference between you and Gilbert is the difference between the devout believer (Gilbert) and the devout skeptic (you).

        Each is entitled to his view.

        Some need hope to keep going. Others have given up hoping because they have seen their hopes dashed once too often.

  4. DJT is walking it back… craw-fishing on Hillary’s crimes…. already.

    In the video DJT immediately stated “We all owe a debt of gratitude to Hillary for her long service to the US.” Maybe he meant long list of private e-mail ‘service’.

    He also stated he will be “putting everyone back to work, fix all infrastructures in Detroit(pandering)…building the biggest and best economy in the world” and “dreaming big and bold and daring”… Those are the same actions which led to four – 4 – business bankruptcies.

    To the delight of Pharisee-Jew Bankers, he will increase the debt unless he pulls out his own gold bullion and finances the HUGE growth as he boasted…. 🙂

    1. And what was he supposed to do in his victory speech, pull a citizen’s arrest on her, slap handcuffs on her?
      Still 2 months to go, ok?
      It would be the job of the next attorney general to announce full investigation, not his.
      you’re up to your old tricks pat, misreading willfully or not but misreading heavily wide of the mark.

      and just for the record and our education here, how does FULL EMPLOYMENT, EVERYONE PUT TO WORK to rebuild the decomposing infrastructure create debt?
      exactly what Hitler did, germany rebuilt everything, cities, roads, bridges, trains, army, universities – and eliminated the world’s greatest debtload and inflation
      hmm about that … look at my beard that i am stroking, it is sooo long …

      so just because hillary is not swinging from the nearest poplar tree, you grandly pronounce
      dead, buried, run a stake thru just in case …

      1. Lobro –

        “you’re up to your old tricks pat, misreading willfully or not but misreading heavily wide of the mark.”

        And that’s just the way I like it. That’s how I roll….

        ALL national leaders are liars…. including DJT and VVP…!! I am very wide of their marks..!! 🙂

        You might do better to stop following their Pharisee-Jew controlled leads… Time for you to break out the Protocols… and pull wide and ahead.

      2. @ Lobro

        Concerning Killery, Trump has said the proper thing if he intends to put her in jail. If Trump starts out trying to incriminate Killery, Obomber will simply pardon her for all past, present, and future crimes like Ford did for Nixon. Trump would not be able to put her in jail. If Trump makes a move to have Killery investigated, it will be after he is sworn in as President.

    2. oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…butt, butt, butt!!! butt drumpf was supposed to throw The Election to hellary… that was the pharisee’s plan….it was drumpf’s joo job TO LOSE!!! ? what happened!!!??? ? how did the plan go all wrong!!???
      ? what went wrong!!??? ? where did it go wrong!!??? ? why did it ALL go wrong for us!!??

      Oh, how could it go so ? wrong for us!!!??? oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo… ? feeling your pain ? patsy Oh patsy poor patsy ? … oh boo hoo hoo hoo…..


      1. TROJ –
        JFC –

        I have been laughing all morning.. 🙂 🙂

        I hate when this happens…. Something big is going to shut us up…

      2. I’ve been up since 3 a.m, and have giggling like an imbecile for hours. Haven’t felt this giddy since Christmas eve at 7 years old, the last year I believed in Santa Claus, but Trump unlike Santa is real.

    3. “DJT is walking it back… craw-fishing on Hillary’s crimes…. already.”

      As for Trump’s speech last night, I watched it live and immediately thought there was some kind of an agreement made between Trump and hilLIARy. hilLIARy will accept defeat without questioning the election results and quietly slide under a rock. In exchange, Trump will not pursue criminal charges against her. Just a feeling because Trump spoke of hilLIARy as if she is just going to go away.

      In her concession speech today, hilLIARy strongly reaffirm Trump’s victory, beyond any doubt, and everyone needs to work with him. Yep, me thinks there is an agreement between the two.

      1. Oi Vey! Just like Obama did with Bush?

        So what is the difference?

        On the otherhand, I did read reports that a Trump insider stated that prosecution was still on the cards.

  5. dominic sandbrook … dominic sandbrook … chosen by the chosen for proper anglo name, proper oxonian honeyed lisp and properly shaved and shellacked ass.
    obviously written in full sycophantic anticipation of the almighty jew infallibly working the levers behind scenes to ensure rabid hillary’s occupancy in the white house instead of big house.

    But watch what happens to psychopathic psychophant next, as the bonfire of vanities consumes the cheapest of shabbos first and works its way up, through the central europe’s bohunks in poland, baltic fishing outports, ukrainian and georgian palookas, all the way to hollande and merkel.
    will they be linking arms, Je Suis Charlie Shabbo!

    between american rock and russian hard place, they’ll be crying themselves to sleep tonight, while Netanyahu congratulates himself on having had foresight to suck up to them both in time.

    Rat Rules: when king rat heads out of the ship along the belaying cables, time for the lesser, stupider rats to follow, don’t listen to mellow words of reassurance.

    1. Brilliant! You eloquently express all my thoughts!

      I was obviously a purblind fool to predict a victory for Hillary yesterday, but Harbinger and Pat were in the same boat with me. So I wasn’t alone in ending up with egg on my face!

      Having said that, I am as delighted as Harbinger is at the Donald’s stunning victory. I woke up this morning expecting disaster but got the pleasantest surprise in my life when I turned on the TV and heard the good news. Like Homer (Hp) says, it’s like having Christmas to celebrate early.

      However, please note LD’s most perceptive caveat:

      Let’s hope he [Trump] puts Hillary behind bars, as he promised.

      If he now does a U-turn and cuddles up to the Establishment, and if his first trip abroad is to Tel Aviv, his millions of supporters will know they have been cruelly betrayed.

      Just as Tony Blair betrayed Britain, turning into one of the greatest liars and war criminals in British history, it remains to be seen if Trump is not going to do a similar U-turn by cuddling up to the enemies of America: to the Rothschilds and Soroses and Adelsons and the neoconservative warmongers who put Israel before America and pay regular visits to the Wailing Wall.

      Later in the article, LD points out in a brief comment that Trump had already done his first U-turn in being exceptionally nice to Hillary. Yep, he’d kept saying earlier on that he wanted to throw her in jail. And here he was in his victory speech congratulating Hillary on her “hard work” and “dedication”, like Hillary was his best friend.

      This does not bode well.

      LD adds astutely:

      It remains to be seen whether Trump’s first trip abroad is to Moscow or Tel Aviv. That would be the litmus test.

      I think Pat is perfectly justified in his cynicism. He is a realist and is not letting wishful thinking cloud his brain. That’s good. He is not a Trump hater. He is just a political cynic who doesn’t trust any politician.

      Flopot, too, has views which ought to be given serious consideration. It’s all “kabuki”, he thinks. Trump’s victory was all orchestrated in advance by the (((Masters of Discourse))).

      The little Jews may be crying “Oi veh!” and throwing up their hands in anguish, but the Big Jews are not. They know the score exactly. The Donald was their man from the beginning … and they’ve taken us all for a ride. They have led us by the noses. And we haven’t even been aware of the (((Master Puppeteers))) pulling our strings.

      This is the “Flopot Hypothesis”. This is a hypothesis I myself take very seriously. If Flopot is right, we will know soon enough as hope turns to despair.

      1. And if I’m wrong, you can hang me high. At least I’ll be smiling, “I was wrong all along…uggggh”.

        I like your “Masters of Discourse” expression — they reign supreme in Western culture. That is why I now suspect ’em of inventing the entire discipline of sociology, i.e. to promote the study and overthrow of the host culture.

      2. Sard –
        Flopot –
        All –

        Since ISIS is a Clinton-Soros invention…. it stands to reason that in January it will be broken and scattered to the winds without their funding… and Putin can remove bases from Syria.. 🙂

        US-UK-EU can relax…. No more threats..!!


      3. Thanks, Flopot. The catchy phrase (((‘Masters of Discourse’))) is not my own. This is the title of a book by Israel Shamir.

      4. Pat, If it actually does become US + Russia vs ISIS (or anyone else) for real, well, what more can be said besides, place your bets! If I were a betting man .. I know who I’d be betting on!

        Yeah, a big If, but after recent events, it somehow doesn’t seem quite so big..

      5. @ Pat

        Well said! If it’s true, as everyone claims, that “ISIS is a Clinton-Soros invention…. it stands to reason that in January it will be broken and scattered to the winds without their funding… and Putin can remove bases from Syria.”

        Precisely. So that is Trump’s first test: to break ISIS by cutting off their funding.

        Result: Syria returns to peace under Assad. And illegal immigrants fleeing Syrian carnage and claiming refugee status in Europe can all go back to Syria then and do their patriotic duty: build Syria up again and fight their arch-enemy, Israel, wresting back the Golan Heights from the Jewish land grabbers.

        Can’t see Trump allowing that, can you? Not with his Jewish family connections.

  6. Hoping he’s not a shill or the Jew bankers’ and their Judas Class don’t “Kennedy” his ass – I’ll just implement a “wait and see” line of thought. What has been done to this nation by Jews and their “Christian” toadies will take an ENORMOUS amount of resources/courage to correct. Perhaps the Pentagram, once disinfected can be used to come up with and disperse a fatal virus which can differentiate between Kosher DNA, kosher sycophant DNA and human DNA? Can you even BEGIN to imagine the orgasmic joy? Especially in Palestine! Why hell, this old man would run the risk of a fatal coronary brought on by uncontrollable glee!

    1. @ Paschn

      “wait and see”

      Your position is a sound and reasonable position. Everyone should take Jesus’ advice and judge by the fruit. Since Trump has not been sworn in as President, he has no fruit to judge yet.

      1. We have been manipulated into thinking Trump is genuine. No-one else was allowed to be a conduit for our hatred of the system; only Trump was allowed to be hated by the MSM. If manipulation was a key element of democracy for influential Jewish “thinkers” back in 1928 (see “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays, nephew of Freud), then we are still being manipulated.

        Anodyne predictions: Trump will select Jewish banksters, 9/11 war criminals and neoconservative warmongers to his cabinet. Paul Craig Roberts, a Master of Discourse, will wring his hands and lament Trump’s naivety (you have to be a dumb f**k to fall for that one) and the show will go on.

      2. We have been manipulated into thinking Trump is genuine.

        Read the next article. Kevin MacDonald is in no doubt that Trump is genuine. And MacDonald can hardly be accused of being one of the gullible brainwashed masses.

        See my comment (No. 1) on MacDonald’s compelling and persuasive article.

      3. As Ungenius says above, “Wait and see.” The proof is in the pudding. By their fruits ye shall know them.

      4. @Sardonicus

        Being genuine (I agree) and being able to be your own man (difficult in the extreme) are of course two entirely different things

  7. This is of course satire (and at times really funny), but it contains about all the prejudices of the Liberal Mind, heavily indoctrinated by the (Jewish) MSM. Most prominent is Putin-as-boogeyman (a wholly artificial creation by the same media). Let us hope Trump turns out to be the Putin of America, that would be a blessing for all humanity (minus the Jews of course, but are they even part of humanity ?).

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      This is of course satire (and at times really funny), but it contains about all the prejudices of the Liberal Mind, heavily indoctrinated by the (Jewish) MSM.

      No, believe me, this is NOT satire, for one good reason: what you refer to as “all the prejudices of the liberal mind, heavily indoctrinated by the Jewish MSM” are trotted out in every article by Dominic Sandbrook that he writes for the Daily Mail.

      The same fawning before the feet of the Jews, the same virulent hostility to Putin, the same political correctness, the same Frankfurt School assumptions — you get them week after week in the writings of this political hack called Dominic Sandbrook.

      Of course he is exaggerating and extrapolating, but this doesn’t make it a “satire”. This is more a look into the crystal ball, showing a dystopian America under the heel of the “Hitlerian” Trump.

      1. What is galling is that all the future-crimes that President Trump is supposed to commit have already been inflicted on the West by the Jews. This makes the article an example of their predilection for letting us know their plans. It is the negative-karma meme: we cannot say they never warned us. So this might suggest Trump’s role as the selected fall guy.

        Never forget that a prime Jewish goal is to destroy Christian culture and the US is (or was) a Christian Empire. Yes, it did the evil bidding of its Jewish masters but that has never saved a host nation from destruction.

  8. TRiUMPh Of The Will!!!

    The comparison to Hitler only goes so far. Yes, both were political outsiders on a self-driven mission to change their respective countries, but it is yet to be seen whether Trump will go after the true enemies of mankind or not. If monetary reform isn’t on the table during his tenure, then nothing truly substantial will change. Hitler’s great economic miracle was driven by taking the usury out of the mark and how it was issued. Trump needs to do the same – wearing full-body Kevlar during the process.

    1. What I would really like to see from a Trump presidency:

      Donald Trump come out and say the six million/holocaust was a lie, complete fiction, never happened.

      The Notsee salute taken up. Every time the commander in chief appears, everybody present raises their arm in stiff salute while chanting “Hail Trump!” Like a continual reminder, “fuck you Jew”.

      Every goddamned, son of Satan, Jew in America make “Aliyah” to Israel.

      But that’s just me. What would you like to see?

      1. I’d like to see the same, but it isn’t going to happen. Successful poker players keep a straight face and never show their hand. Poor Mr. Hitler was too honest, straightforward and sincere, an easy target. Political intrigue is so filthy and dishonest the card shark comes out like a saint in comparison to the politico, so all that’s left is shadow play, a definite advantage for the jew who’s most comfortable and works best away from the light but at least Mr. Hitler taught the jews’ adversaries, and there are many more than one could imagine, how to play to their advantage.

      2. Arch, I’d like to see him leading the choir at church, and mean it! Boy howdy that’d be grand!
        Might even become a fad..

    2. Careful what you wish for, Joe. Should that happen, most of you who look for your monthly “entitlement” cheques would be shocked by a cold dose of reality. The mailbox might be EMPTY.

  9. Funny thing, I awoke to find this message. Guess it ain’t over ’til the fat Jew squeals.

    Our Neo-Con master speaks:
    “Charles Krauthammer: Hillary Clinton Wins the Presidency”, in Fox News, November 8, 2016.
    (9:30 p.m. EST) Charles Krauthammer stated that with 88% of the voted counted, Trump has lost Florida, and has lost the election. Hillary Clinton has been elected president.

    When co-commentator Bill O’Reilly was skeptical, Krauthammer told him that he [O’Reilly] simply did not have the facts like he [Krauthammer] did. Krauthammer emphasized that none of the issues Trump relied upon are popular with the American people: The most recent polls find that most people support mass immigration and most people support the trade deals.

    BTW, CBS News declared the election for Hillary Clinton on October 10.

  10. what MAY happen, what is LIKELY to happen is that in the 2 month window of remaining opportunity, the Nobel Peacenik may crank up the war machine to its full revs, create a situation so hostile that Trump will have a hard time bringing it to a stop, especially if direct fire is exchanged with Sino-Rus forces.

    basically, it means 2 months of Hillary’s presidency, the chiefs of staff hillary lookalikes, same hysterical laughter in the war room, facial contortions, cartoonish protruding eyeballs, “we came, we saw, everybody died”, tee-hee-haw.

    1. He never cranked up anything; he just read speeches and played golf. We’re just witnessing a change in spokesman…spokesperson, I mean 😉

      1. Flopot, it must be nice to be right, even when you’re wrong..
        How do you pull that off?
        (please don’t tell me)

    2. “… create a situation so hostile that Trump will have a hard time bringing it to a stop, especially if direct fire is exchanged with Sino-Rus forces.”

      Trump said yesterday afternoon, in a call in to a talk show, that if he wins he will immediately start working to make America a better place, not wait until a January 2017 inauguration. A few weeks ago he said if elected he would go to Russia to meet with Putin, before his inauguration, to cool the tension between the US and Russia.

      I think what we will see different going forward, over the next few months, is some kind of UN resolution from the Security Council that will make Israel extremely uncomfortable, and it will be binding on Israel. Kerry has repeatedly refused to assure Israel the US will continue to veto any resolution against Israel.

      1. President Putin is going to absolutely LERV ‘hanging out’ with a real live All-American Hero as is President Donald (J for Juggernaut) Trump!
        I hear laughter all the way from Moscow!

        As opposed to the bunch of sawed off little neo-commies runts Putin has been treading water with, all these years.. Those guys should be waiting tables or driving cabs.

  11. some basics on “thinking straight”.

    most (just about all) elected politicians are through and through, by universal recognition.
    why do they enter politics? because they are driven by venality, greed, avarice – choose your term – and see an office as a giant ATM that keeps no track, doesn’t issue receipts and moreover they expect a huge payback once OUT of the office, lucrative postings, corporate boards, golden ass deadbeat jobs, speaking engagements as they await another greasy government job, the satanic revolving door processing the happily damned.

    okay, so where does that place Trump?
    does he need extra money? he spent a billion out of his own pocket, what’s he gonna do, get two back by hitting the speaker’s circuit?
    none of you “Trump-wants-to-get-rich” guys are making much sense, sorry to say.

    Honest politicians nowadays either have money to burn, like Trump does (currently the only one of his kind on Earth) or are patriotic dictators who got in through some power play, like Putin, saddam and Gaddafi or inherited the throne from father like Assad or are part of a hard-assed cabal like the ones in Iran and China.
    Anyone and I do mean anyone who through as a media sweetheart is a shabbo whore, by definition.

  12. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Now let’s make the rest of the world’s nations “great” again, beginning with Zionist Occupied Canada and Germany and France.

    1. No surrender Arthur!
      Keep strong against the wiles of the Kanadian Khazarian mafia with compliant establishment to silence you

    2. Arthur, you know it takes a long while. More time than impatient ones can endure. That is the very reason The Tribe has become so successful over us – PATIENCE.

  13. The uninvited guest , took over the party. What is a leader if not a daring challenger ? How great is the power of bravery, and moreover how a call for action can get powerful response. The Donald is not the Wolf, in these unglorious time, men of the western world cannot have the honor and priviledge to be represented by a man of the stature of any of the leader of the past, any comparison serves only the purpose by the corrupters to demonize him and constrain his actions. Trump is the leader that America has been able to produce , and the same way Russia could save herself from the deadly grip of the jewish oligarchs, America can free herself from the Trotskysts neocons and the nefaurious Soros operatives. It is a tremendous task, and maybe won’ t be enough , but if Trump will at least try, he will enter history as one of the greatests POTUS .

  14. A more likely scenario is for Trump to die in office. He is seventy. While Trump was giving his victory speech I kept my eyes on Pence, his VP elect. Apparently Pence was an “apprentice”, and close friend, of none other than Cheney when both were congressmen. Take a close look at the man; cold, fish eyed with a whiff of Lucifer about him. LBJ to JFK. Let’s wait and see!
    I wonder if Trump will make Guiliani his Attorney General to do the deed on both Obama and Hillary. We are indeed living in very interesting times! Trump can afford to give magnanimous speeches.

  15. This is,the story of true love of money : mayor rudy jewliani was behind trump & christie .Gov. of NJ. WHY ?
    A quick study of the LOWER MANHATTAN DEVELOPMENT CORP . can tell you the story of 911.
    First , i will go to the planners of 911 ; Yale U. = bush 43, Gov of Texas , Roland Betts , Chelsea Piers ( and bush partner in the Texas Rangers , MLB. ) Gov, Pataki ,NY. : classmates at Yale . Pataki helped Betts rebuild Chelsea Piers ( 3 partners from Yale . GHWB , ” skull & bones .”secret society that spawned about 30 CIA agents .

  16. Those who hasten to berate Dominic Sandbrook may give him his due and consider the possibility that the outcome of the election may be, at least in part, the unintended consequence of Sandbrook’s (and his packs’) repeatedly calling Trump “Hitler” or not so subtly suggesting (“Trumpf”/Mein Kampf) that Trump would be unleashing National Socialism upon us.
    The “deplorables” found it a lot more enticing than Hillary’s dystopia.

  17. Let’s hope President Trump can stop America’s involvement in the wars. Let’s hope he can stop the Neocons doing Israel’s bidding. Surely that has been treason, by dual US/Israel citizens. How could they ever have been allowed to gain such power?

  18. Let us judge the man on actions.

    Regarding “Trump had already done his first U-turn in being exceptionally nice to Hillary”: Rumour has it the Clinton’s transferred 2 billion USD to Dubai and Washington house renting Obonga
    purchased a 400 million mansion in Qatar, both countries without
    extradition treaties with the US. I’m hoping the compliments were a
    Trump ruse to keep Killary from fleeing the hangman’s noose.

  19. Trump isn’t perfect, but he heard the voice of those who were voiceless in our society. I don’t think the first day out Clinton will be behind bars. That will be the job of the Justice Department. But under the Obama the Justice Department stopped doing its job, it was basically bought. Now hopefully with new appointments the wheels of justice will turn again. Look at the bureaucracy under Obama and Bush, it had become filled with industry insiders. Hillary said during the campaign in a speech to the bankers that she really thinks they are the ones to fix the economy–right, those same folks who gave themselves bonuses while Americans were losing their houses. Some commenter on the mainstream said that this is the end of political ideology. It probably isn’t the end of political ideology for all time, but the pendulum has swung in that other direction. Neoliberalism is a religious belief system–I know because I am surrounded by them. Just like fundamentalists of all types of religions, the Neoliberals have been saved so to speak by their conversion, and they have cult like book clubs, cult like allegiance to the New York Times and the New Yorker, CNN, and Rachel Maddow. The cult took over California and notice how the rest of the country does not want to become California. Obviously the religious cult is powerfully installed in Europe as well from the sound of this article. There is no way to argue with someone over his/her religious belief…sigh. People that do not belong to the Church of Neoliberalism have kept their mouths shut for a long time. Who would dare express an opinion openly among those fanatics? We are mute but vote our opinion. In the meantime the Neoliberals still have each other to bitterly weep and moan over how the stupids have taken over. Hmmm. They are missing something, though. No mention in the mainstream media about the Clinton Crime Family–you see, they shun all information that doesn’t fit into their ideological point of view. That’s not reality.

  20. Congratulation! And glad that the Diebold machinists cowered before the determination of Trump folks.
    Trump may not like Muslims (no need then for a false-flag demo to set him against them) but I still respect him for the love he has for his country and the love Americans I sympathize with have for him.

    “America first” would be a good motto for the next four years.

  21. Trump’s Triumph might very well mean the end of the apex of the jew satanic money control/ jew satanic mind control/ jew satanic media control/ jew satanic mundo control.

    A cleaner tone in world politics…?

    The abortion of the wish of the jew….Eating safely at Mac Donald……from now on…..?…….

    1. Towards the beginning of the campaign, before the primaries, Trump spoke before a conservative Jewish organization. I do not remember which one. Trump said he knew they (the Jews) would not vote for him … because he would not accept their money. He would not be beholding to the Jewish interests. He went on to say he was concerned about the disproportionate influence the Jewish interest has on American policy and politics. I think this is where the powerful anti-Trump Jewish sentiment started. I also think this is why he had his Jewish son-in-law write the pro-Israel, pro-Jewish speech he gave at AIPAC, the only speech Trump gave during his campaign using a teleprompter.

      I think Trump did and said what was needed to get elected. I do not think Trump has unlearned or has abandoned his concern for disproportionate Jewish influence. It will be interesting to see how it plays out going forward.

  22. Trump’s triumph over the child stealing/fucking/killing/eating…. spirit cooking….did not hear that one yet but it is a occult less direct way of describing these hobbies of the Clintons and consorts.

    Of course Donald T. is not free of pedo stains but he is apparently at least no goat (did you see the strange dress of Baphomet btw ? ) worshipper.

  23. Deplorably (and you knew that was coming) the Bitch hates those who are not ‘the best.’

    May she die soon. May Trump and the insurgency of white working and middle class folks demand her head: Jail Billary!

    If Trump pardons her and her gangsters, he will lose support from his base. That would be stupid. Politics is a blood sport. Our Enemies must be punished, jailed, and spurned in the sharpest terms. Also ridiculed…as damn fools, as children, and as grifters

    This is not a single individual who has been convicted of normal crimes and has been remorseful. Hillary has beens a systematic political operation of many crimes against the country, not least being the agent of White Race displacement and dispossession. She is the chief Race Traitor of America.

    I note that the Dems say that they won the popular vote. That is true, because of the voters, legal and illegal , who are mexican and the nigras who hate White people.

    The Dems hate White people and especially working class whites. The Dems want to destroy white workers and replace them with mexicans, third worlders, in general, who they think are docile enough for super exploitation by International Globalism. The white upper middle class has also disgraced themselves by endorsing the genocidal program of race replacement….and all just for Money and Insane Ideas of racial equality.

    This is not over. If white women continue to vote for nigras and spics over whites (20 points more for Billary than white men) we are not going to survive. These bitches are feeding their children to the cannibals, assuming that they have any, and interestingly enough, married white women voted for Trump largely, while the singles and freaks voted for race mixing and White genocide.

    This is not over.

  24. Where have all the Red Skins gone / Wo sind sie geblieben? A ‘cleaner’ America means more land for the Natives of this ‘New’ – it is a jew satanic label – continent. A cleaner more free America also for the white new comers means a definite bye bye if not total ban on the masons….the socalled free masons. Freemasonry another dress of the jew. Masons behind bars.

  25. Obviously America isn’t stunned (as the author put it) as it was America that decided the outcome. And the comparison to Hitler? Well if he gets ride of the Jew money and Jew influence, perhaps, and that is as it should be, but that graphic just smaks of whining jews and their phony holohoax scam.

    Who knows what will happen, but at least the c*n’t isn’t in the oval office any more. Maybe she’ll have the stroke we’re all hoping for and fade into oblivion. Now she has plenty of time on her hands to give fellatio to Kissinger or Rothschilds uninterrupted.

  26. BREAKING! . . .

    Trump has already thanked “criminal” Hillary for her “service” to the country!

    My view on the election results (and “Brexit”) expressed some time ago on Renegade Tribune:

    Boris Johnson (UK Foreign Secretary) has congratulated Trump on his victory. This surprised many in the UK because Johnson had made some very anti-Trump statements!

    BTW, It may be that some kind of deal was reached by Trump and the military with the Hillary people and that was why Comey dropped the ball.

    Interestingly enough, the Clinton Foundation transferred $1.5-billion of their “assets” to Quatar at about the same time.

    Note that Hillary and Podesta also had their goons stand down and the vote rigging set up in PA and TX was “counteracted”.

    This might be what Trump calls “the art of the deal.”

    — Tom Mysiewicz

  27. Why did Trump win????
    Trump’s success was due mainly to superior MODERN DIGITAL ACTIVISM. You heard it here first. Donald Trump’s campaign is using the same app the ‘Leave’ campaign used during Brexit to spur voter turnout.

    1. “Trump’s success was due mainly to superior MODERN DIGITAL ACTIVISM. ”

      Same with Obama? As far as I recall.

      1. Hillary also used an app that tracked voters but it was not nearly as useful or effective as uCampaign is. The Leave camp used the same app but only had it for 2.5 weeks.
        Trump will do exactly what Hitler did.
        1) Get rid of the International Jewish bankers choking the government.
        2) Get rid of the Jewish arse covering the press.
        3) Set up their own banking system
        4) Tell the world they are open for business.
        5) Give law enforcement and border patrol the tools to work with
        6) Fumigate the Whitehouse
        7) Cancel the Obama Phone giveaway
        8) Tell Industry they better come home and set up shop in America or be prepared to pay 35% tariff.
        Just for starters.

  28. i’ve suspected lasha is a female, and probably some kind of intel troll, finding out what people know.
    the way she slapped hitler up alongside the donald now pretty much convinces me of the gender.
    too bad about the fear and victimization thing. get over it.
    we don’t know that we can rejoice at trump’s election.
    it remains to be seen what he’ll really do.
    but we can be overjoyed that the egocentric cackling witch with the ice cold smile is out of our gaddam faces now.
    she didn’t address her followers in nyc at the close, because she never had any heart for them in the first place.
    everybody around here is just a pawn in her power game.
    and i hope all those stupid idiot pc females and their sycophant husbands understand how they were played.
    i was hoping for the “lock her up” chant at trump’s acceptance speech. didn’t hear it.
    trump talked like an insider politician instead, for the first time, and he’s not even sworn in yet.
    but his promises could still happen.
    he could investigate everything back to the 9-11 hit and beyond.
    to make it right, a trainload of all kinds of traitors should go to prison.
    let’s not give up hope.
    but even of all he does is close the border with mexico it will have been an improvement. and a big one.
    go bigger and sweep out all the illegals. that’s why the people elected you donald.
    then kill the dual citizenship deal with yizrayhell.
    as far as the ziocons go – we’ll see what kind of “advisors” he surrounds himself with. if we get another bunch of mazaltavers then i guess we shouldn’t expect too much progress in palestine, much less washington dc.
    was his promise about jerusalem just a chicken soup sop? let’s hope so.
    i had to ask myself, which among the retinue of close associates on the victory state is holding the dagger?
    i’d watch guliani.
    i can’t peg pence as a vulture in waiting. standing by to assume the throne at the assassin’s bullet or poison vial. not like teddy r., and lbj.
    now that he’s been elected trump’s life is in more danger than ever.

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      i’ve suspected lasha is a female, and probably some kind of intel troll, finding out what people know.
      the way she slapped hitler up alongside the donald now pretty much convinces me of the gender.

      Funny you should say that! I’ve had the same suspicion that Lasha was a female for the past 17 years, ever since I first met her when she was an art student in Florence in the summer of 1999. She didn’t seem transgender to me, but you never know with these “intel agents”! 🙂

      I won’t tell you what I was doing at the Academia d’Arte Firenze — the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence — in June 1999, but that’s where I set eyes on Lasha for the first time. She was taking a Visual Arts course in the art school there. I guess she was 21 years old at the time.

      I didn’t get to know her very well, just enough to become a casual acquaintance who would keep in touch with her after we had left Italy and returned to our respective countries. She would always be taking the train into Venice for some reason — to paint the Grand Canal I think — and at other times she could be found strolling in the Boboli Gardens with her Italian boyfriend or reading a book in the Cafe San Marco, a great meeting place for writers and artists.

      Ah, those were the days! Florence has now changed beyond all recognition, what with the migrant invasion. But in the summer of 1999 Florence was still paradise on earth. I had the good fortune to be relatively young and healthy and deeply in love with life.

      The less said the better. Maybe I have already said too much. I hope this comment is not deleted.

  29. Alas comment, a question before I go .. walking on air to my chores.
    Did Mr. Trump ever go to Israel, to don the beanie and wail for votes, pats, or no? Hmmm. Smart move, eh?

    P.S. LD, great job with the photos! Especially smug Trump and buddy Vlad! This article is super!

    1. No. Trump said he would visit Israel before the general election but instead sent his advisor on all things Israel, David Friedman, in his place. The Trump campaign had an office in Jerusalem to court Jews with dual US/Israel citizenship living in Israel to vote for Trump.

      1. Damn! I had hoped Reinhard Heydrich would become our Secy of State…..Was ol’ Rein aquiline or what??

  30. We do not know who Trump will select to serve in his government. It is likely that Trump is unfamiliar with the various possibilities and their positions on issues. It really depends on who is advising Trump and what advice they give him. Once we see his government, we will know whether we can be hopeful for the changes that now have a chance.

    Nope. Sorry Paul Craig Roberts but you cannot get away with such sloppy excuses. If Trump appoints JEWISH banksters and “thinkers” into positions of power, he will know exactly what he is doing. And any such appointments will be used by the likes of me when whining about Trump.

    Ahem. The Trumpers on Darkmoon will like the rest of the article. I used to slavishly follow PCR but I now think he is a canny disinformation agent.

    1. Yes, but you consider anyone differing from your world view as disinfo, that’s why you think PCR is tainted. I bet you can’t show or quote lines that would cinch your paranoid delusions regarding a great American patriot as indicative of his being a traitor. Why would a sentient person be slavish about “following” anybody? One must retain objectivity and not go all in with the adoration gig. ‘
      You should be very lucky, some day, to find yourself as a patriot in PCR’s league……that is, you can dream about his life in politics, economics, and the integration of both. Your body of work is a 97 pound weakling, his is not….big difference.

  31. Israeli Prime Minister has congratulated Trump, calling him “a true friend of Israel and that the two leaders will continue to strengthen the unique alliance between our two countries and bring it to ever greater heights asserting that the idea of a Palestinian state is now dead”; Mr. Trump has invited Netanyahu to visit the US at the very first opportunity.

    1. Will Trump ask Netanyahu why he said that 9/11 was “good for Israel”, or does he still not know that 9/11 was an Israeli false flag ? Anyway, here is some homework for Trump to do before Netanyahu comes :

      1) Video : “Missing Links” :

      2) Article : “Israel did 9/11 – All the proof in the world” : 6, 2009

      3) Book : Christopher Bollyn : “Solving 9/11, The Deception that Changed the World” :…/Solving_9-11_-_The_Deception_That_Changed_Th...

      And what about Rudy Giuliani, destined by Trump to become AG or head of the FBI ? Giuliani, son of a mafioso, was mayor of NYC at the time of 9/11 and clearly part of the plot.

      And what about “lucky” Larry Silverstein, whom Trump calls his friend ?

      Is Trump really that ignorant or has he decided to “work with reality” ?

  32. Again, thank God. Some marvelous comments. Rationally speaking, there is a clear opportunity to scale back the neo-feudalism (Socialism) of the Globalist agenda, which is why so many comfortably established career politicians and business people went irrationally ballistic spending so much money attempting to defeat Mr. Trump. Mr. Obama lost no time when taking office squandering huge political capital attempting to bring socialized medicine, the inoperable and ugly unrealistic elements of which helped Mr. Trump’s victory. Mr. Trump, despite his huge potential political capital, still faces these creatures at home and abroad. His instincts and experience as a businessman seem promising. Border security, commitment to rebuilding infrastructure, rational trade, rebuilding manufacturing are desirable, with a more balanced Supreme Court. Foreign military adventurism is not helpful or productive in furthering these goals in any way. Besides his instincts, Mr. Trump possesses energy rarely seen in many his age, and as a wealthy man doesn’t need to sell the office or country for relative peanuts to hostile interests. While being gracious and unifying, the above suggestion of Mr. Guliani as Attorney General is excellent, the pursuit of certain criminals is vital – they should be exposed and prosecuted for the world to see. I wish France, the Netherlands, Germany and other EU nations success in their own exits.

      1. Agreed. Though not an engineer, but definitely an accomplice. However, he did something with Mr. Milken. Speaking of persons of interest, Trump campaign advisor and Clinton CIA director appointed neo-con chickenhawk James Woolsey wasted no time today suggesting that under Mr. Obama, Israel felt like it had no friend in Washington, and that Mr. Trump should kiss you know where like Mr. Woolsey does daily. This despite Obama’s $38 billion aid package (the all time largest) to the rotten International pariah who’s standard of living surpassed $20 trillion indebted America long ago. Now that the election is over, Mr. Woolsey should be excised from any official business at the very least, the USA has far more important repairs to perform. If not, I’d send him to Nigeria or someplace like it, preferably with a one way ticket.

  33. Trump might go to Israel, but I doubt he’ll do more than shake a bunch of hands and get some photos. He is NOT going to fight Israel’s wars, and I doubt he is going to try to negotiate peace (one of the most useless rituals any president elect can do, other than just walking into quicksand). I do think Trump likes Israel basically, but I think Israel gets that they are going to have to start fighting their own wars. The super glum look on the faces of the Neocons has to do with the new reality. I couldn’t believe how bleak everyone was last night over at PBS. David Brooks looked crushed….boo hoo what about the Golan Heights. Now that Wikileaks has outed Hillary’s connections to the Saudi’s and Qatar who in turn created and funded ISIS, which Trump and Putin are going to crush for Assad, the subterfuge and shadow play may be coming to an end. I say, so what, go and shake that big old shoe salesman’s hand, make nice, and go home. We aren’t going to fight World War III over the Golan Heights. Whew… Actually I can’t say if that was the might have been the pipeline, it might have been the Eurasian great game (whatever that is..I think you have to have a PhD in political science to figure it out). But probably it was as stupid as Israel wanting the Golan Heights and in order to get it for our good friend and ally we would have had to go to war with Assad, Russia, China, and Iran. What nonsense. Thank God we don’t have Hillary as president to once again ignore us, while working hard to do what George Soros and those “you know whats” want.

  34. If only it were so simple,
    but the trumpets blacken the countryside,
    and we seen crushed beneath their boots.
    Dreams sustain us through the madness;
    we gave them the finish line to our race.
    Yet they change with every turn, around every wall,
    and remain elusive throughout the night.
    to glimpse the road ahead before darkness descends.
    Love is bitter, yet it is the bread that keeps us.
    people we love shape our destinies and our strengths,
    yet leave us cold and alone in the darkness.
    Alone is not a bad way to be;
    it clears your head and way.
    Cherish the defeat but be prepared to walk again .

  35. I Let the first real tear fall
    For all I’ve lost
    For all I’ve found
    For all I couldn’t lose now but fear I would
    I cry for me
    For everything that isn’t what it seems
    For everyone that isn’t what they should be or what they appear to be
    For not always getting to choose who we give our time to.
    Is it crazy if I say 98 percent of people I’ve met are judgemental assholes
    hiding behind good deeds and fake smiles?
    Is it crazy if I say I expect nothing from this godless world
    that’s ripped me apart at every fucking turn?

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