America: The World’s Leading Killer

The thin line between sanity and savagery: once you cross it, you can’t come back. There are disturbing similarities between heroes and psychos. This is the reward anybody who joins the American military can expect from following orders without consulting their consciences: to be murdered by your superiors for some crime they are trying to cover up.

By John Kaminski
[email protected]


“Around the world America is known as the world’s leading killer, a force known not only for killing without reason and always lying about what it does, but also killing its own operatives when they no longer fit into the plan.” — John Kaminski

They make beating up the world sound like a fun event.

This is the world turned upside down. There’s this ad for the U.S. Navy on TV, with the rich resonant voice of actor Keith David exhorts young men to serve in “a global force for good.”

Millions of faces of murdered innocents forever serve as a silent rejection of this lie.

In a furnished room far from home, the memory of raping and killing terrified women and children confronts the former recruit and now battle-hardened veteran . . . now reduced to unquenchable tears. The excuse of “just following orders” has always been the last refuge of a soldier who knows he’s guilty.

So many kids who were tricked into killing got rewarded for it, but no reward is big enough to anesthetize the gaping sense of horror at the thought you murdered innocent people.

These thoughts come back at night and all too often kill the recipient of them.

Unless you’re a politician who doesn’t give these things a second thought.

We’ve lost our way

Who was it we are trying to defeat? What was it we are trying to accomplish? What do we do when we know our government deliberately creates the enemies it pretends to fight?

And the most wrenching question of all: What does an act of genuine heroism in service to criminal aggression actually mean? Actually, it means nothing, except for the futile waste of the precious gift of life.

I wonder what was on the minds of Seal Team 6 when their helicopter was going down for the last time. I wonder if they knew they were being eliminated because they couldn’t be trusted to maintain the fraudulent story told by Barack Obama about how these Seals murdered Osama bin Laden and dumped his body in the Indian Ocean.

This is the reward anybody who joins the American military can expect from following orders without consulting their consciences, to be murdered by your superiors for some crime they are trying to cover up.

Around the world America is known as the world’s leading killer, a force known not only for killing without reason and always lying about what it does, but also killing its own operatives when they no longer fit into the plan. Google Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods for further details.

It’s a new twist on the curdled Vietnam legend that we had to destroy the village in order to save it. Now that it’s the operating philosophy of Jade Helm, the NDAA Act and the American military, the theorem has evolved into ‘we must kill them in order to protect them.’

Journalism has never reached the goal it professes to aspire to, but it has never been further away from the goal of editorial objectivity because it remains a smug slave to the financial compromises it must endure to survive. This deal with the devil makes it an unreliable source in most situations.

Jewish-inspired American crimes are camouflaged by compliant media that dare not challenge the lies they are told for fear they will lose their access to the politicians who mislead us. Such is the demented condition of the world today. Vampires feeding on corruption.

We invent our enemies

When the United States ran out of national enemies in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall, it began to invent its own terrorists, first by mobilizing Arabs in Afghanistan into the mujaheddin, then turning them into Al-Qaeda to be impossibly blamed for 9/11, and lately turning this well-funded group into ISIS and the “moderate rebels” of Syria who are indirectly supported by Washington through the stooge states of Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

All this political prattle inevitably leads to Russia, one of two major white nation combatants scheduled for annihilation by the Jewish masterminds who seek the destruction of all nations, to the creation of a permanent worldwide prison they will call Jewish Peace.

It will be the ultimate abnegation of humanity, which in its former state used to value conscience and morality, but by now has devolved into a kind of pragmatic treason in all relationships, meaning the chances for cultural cohesion in a society are greatly reduced. Lack of friends makes it easier to turn to Big Brother for help.

Generated by the Jewish psychopaths who run the publishing industry, the lockstep newspaper version is that Russia is always evil and this unfortunate condition may be rectified by bombing them.

Somehow all the newspapers in the country have the same opinion. All news is skewed against Russia, much in the way it was skewed against Germany prior to both World Wars.

It’s amazing. But it is no longer a mystery when you realize one or two people own all the newspapers. Same with TV stations. They all have the same opinion — bomb Russia. And now you know why. All these mainstream media outlets are owned by the same rich white criminals. Well, not exactly white. Jewish. There’s a big difference.

And then there are these heroes we venerate for their bravery and for throwing away their lives after the lies that led them to their deaths. The unctuous words of the people who sent them to hell resonate at the funerals of those who followed orders and gave their lives while murdering people who never needed to die.

War is our default mechanism

We raped Gaddafi in the street and stole his oil and gold, then destroyed his Miracle in the Desert water system. He provided free housing and college to Libyan children, and like Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, what benefits these dictators provided to their people put to shame how little the governments of the West actually provide for their own citizens.


raped and sodomized with a knife moments before his death


The powers that be don’t like this kind of news getting around: that people outside the control of the Jewish banks live better quality lives than those who pay most of their earnings to shysters who don’t lift a finger. Hitler proved that point before he was destroyed by the Jews that plague all countries with their usury.

The new war that we never hear about is going on in Yemen. Like the U.S. invasion of Syria, it’s all about the Saudis trying to reinstall their puppet who was ousted in the last election. The death toll keeps climbing, Yemeni civil society has been destroyed, and the Saudis use American weapons to resubjugate this geographically strategic country.

I learned a long time ago that the core of America’s profitability has always been armaments. We always had the best weapons, and still do, maybe. But for more than a century now, the crown jewel of American industry has been the manufacture of the tools of war.

The entire economy hinges on ability to make war. The educational system is geared to discovering new military applications. America defends dictatorships, and destroys countries that try to be free and independent.

War is our default mechanism. Warmongers trumpet the virtues of war with no consciousness that most of the victims of war are mothers and their children. Smedley Butler outlined our basic problem 80 years ago. Stifled by corrupt newspapers, the message never reached the general public, or if it did, it was ignored and eventually overwhelmed by the Jewish quest for vengeance that started World War II.

Thinking people all over the world had many hours of their attention consumed by the recent U.S. presidential election. History shows their focus was misplaced, because judging by history it doesn’t really matter who is president or who is not. America the machine keeps rolling on no matter who is president. Presidents who disagree with the powerbrokers who own him are efficiently eliminated by a lone nut with a bonafide mental health history.

The border of madness

Skewered by the conceptual daggers of Jewry, America has crossed the line into madness. No longer do we hear the cherished words freedom and liberty. The powers that be are flooding the civilized world with savages from the wilds of the world to further degrade systems that worked well before this concerted attack on the stability of white nations.

The wars, you know, these are not exhibitions of our bravery or defenses of our liberty. They are brutal onslaughts on victims who are given the bleak choice of obey or die.

The Jews, you must remember, are sworn to kill or enslave everyone in the world, a goal toward which they have made tremendous progress.

You can’t believe what the U.S. government says. One hundred and three treaties signed with the American Indians. The U.S. never kept a single one. The whole world knows this, but America just keeps lying and the world continues to accept those lies because the U.S. has the muscle and the money to castrate any other country.

A country that has that reputation deserves to be destroyed.

It’s the outright lying that gets me the most. The celebrated bloodbaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, all for lies, all for nothing except oil and heroin, the two biggest cash crops in the world. The obliteration of Syria is about an oil pipeline that Israel wants to build. The U.S. policy is to make all of Israel’s neighbors disaster areas, people living in rubble with no hope for freedom.

The deluded populace has yet to realize this is the Jewish plan for the whole world.

Our government would rather kill you than tell you the truth. Just ask an oncologist, or someone who tried to tell you the truth about your government and was forced to leave the country to save his own life.


“Our government would rather kill you
than tell you the truth.”

John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

37 thoughts to “America: The World’s Leading Killer”

    1. There are THOSE who COMMIT the Psychopathic Criminal actions and THOSE who look the other way, out of FEAR, Ignorance or Greed

      I have been fighting this fight since the late 1960’s and NAMING the people at the TOP of the Pyramid, such as, BUT not limited to, “The House of Rothschild” who need to be arrested and what is the “RESULT”…………….

      MOST people look the other way, call me anti-Semitic or just like the individual SOLDIERS do when they participate in INVASIONS of other countries resulting in the DEATHS of MILLIONS of people and DESTRUCTION of Billions of Dollars of Infrastructure, ALL based on lies by the people at the TOP who benefit from the lies.

      The NEWEST lie is Muslims are Terrorists,Russia is our enemy and, once again, Americans are falling for it,……….. like TRUMP is, with regards Muslims.

      Are or do you? AND…..
      ………Does that answer your “What do you mean WE” ?

  1. Sometimes it is hard to refer to “we Americans” when one of us is confronted with how America may be perceived by the rest of the world. However, many of us having been raised as patriotic nephews of Uncle Sam requires our attention to our faults which have not been discussed among us. I think the issues might be swept under the rug because most of us DON’T KNOW WHAT CAN BE DONE FOR IT, and we’re frustrated and weary of critics who remind us of our foibles. Kaminski, a fellow American, is brave enough to say some things which need be said – no matter how distasteful. He writes well!

  2. “Around the world America is known as the world’s leading killer, a force known not only for killing without reason and always lying about what it does, but also killing its own operatives when they no longer fit into the plan.” — John Kaminski

    And senior officers are not immune.

    General George Patton found that out… first-hand.. when they murdered him..!!

    He was a victim of America.

    1. Before they killed him, Patton concluded that “we” fought the wrong side. When I tell my 92-year old father this, for whom Patton was his commanding general, he goes into a state of denial and starts getting sleepy like that’s a hint telling me it’s time for him to take a nap. Nothing against naps, btw, 15 or 20 minutes and I’m good to go the rest of the day. But his timing isn’t fooling me.

      whaddya gonna do


      You may not be hearing from me too much in 2017.
      I’m seriously thinking about starting my own blog/website,
      “Geocentrism for Dummies”.

      1. I’d like to be your first subscriber, but I don’t think I’d qualify,
        not being a dummy. 🙂

      2. @TROJ

        When you go for a walk, don’t go too far, lest you fall from the disc of the flat earth into the abyss.
        Buy the Hiking Guide for Geocentrists, then you never can go wrong.
        Success !

      3. Thank you Mr. Kaminski for yet another provocative and cuttingly honest essay .
        Real Original Joes’ theory of geocentrism, THE view of the universe for two thousand years up until Copernicus and the modern/scientific era frowned upon by traditionalist ‘anti-semetic’ luminaries like Evola and Guenon could be true. Who knows? I’m currently reading Michio Kaku, the author of many “Physics For Dummies” and am even more confused, but then again, unlike Lobro I’m not a genius. Maybe it’s all just a dream, profoundly said in that fabulous ( I still weep when reading it) poem by Frankln Spriggs, Days Of Wine And Roses. It’s all we really need to know, and all Mooners should read it.

      4. Too lazy to look it up?…… They are not long, the weeping and the laughter,
        Love and desire and hate:
        I think they have no portion in us after
        We pass the gate.

        They are not long, the days of wine and roses:
        Out of a misty dream
        Our path emerges for a while, then closes
        Within a dream.

      5. I’m ashamed of myself. I’ve always looked askance at Darkmoon commentors for evading issues brought up in the essays, which presumably are posted to provoke discussion of issues in the essays, but who instead diverge into one upmanship, narcissistic show-offiness and navel gazing, the last of which I was guilty of with the Days of Wine and Roses poem, still ,though guilty, I think it beautiful and a balance to John Kaminskis essay.

      6. No need to apologize for posting that splendid poem, Karen … but I’m a bit confused because it’s not by Franklin Spriggs who is a modern poet who has written nothing as brilliant as that.

        The 8-line poem you quote is a famous poem by the Victorian poet Ernest Dowson (1867-1900). It’s not called “The Days of Wine and Roses” but has a Latin title “Vitae Summa Brevis Spem Nos Vetat Incohare Longam”, but is sometimes titled in anthologies as “They Are Not Long”.

        Here it is on YouTube with its correct Latin title:

      7. OK, it’s sometimes popularly known under the title “Days of Wine and Roses” but I’m not going to lose any sleep about what the correct title is! (That’s irrelevant). In the poetry book anthology I have in my library, it’s known by its Latin title, as in the Tom O’Bedlam YouTube video.

  3. All our lives we heard how terrible Muslims are spreading Islam by the sword , and we still do . America is doing the same , only they call it democracy . The end result , however , is different Islam spread , where as I cannot name one country which became like America after we delivered democracy to them via tomahawk missiles among other methods . It was wrong to force Islam on others , just like it is wrong to impose democracy on others . How would we feel in America if the USSR at one time decided to spread Communism in our country ? It was said democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner .

    1. @ Al Jazareh

      What gave you the strange idea that America is trying to spread “democracy” in foreign lands?

      It would be a good start if America tried a bit harder to spread democracy in America.

    2. Well, they HAVE – and ARE – “trying to spread communism” in our country, except it really isn’t “the Russians”, because the Russians were raped same as us – just harder. Commies are everywhere, and there should be no compunction suffered for their slaughter – anywhere. Islam and America should put aside our differences long enough to band together and wipe out the vermin.

      1. America began as a confederation of states under The Articles of Confederation. Later, it became a “republic” via The Constitution. This idea of “democracy” is mis-guided, and forced.

      2. Well put . Alas , I feel every cell of humanity’s body is compromised . At this point , only divine vaccine is the only cure for our viral infection , and I believe it is coming .

    3. “It was said democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner”

      Aye; it all depends on what you mean by democracy. It is precisely because of its insidious ambiguity that Orson Welles…sorry I mean Oscar Wilde…no wait…George Orwell! George Orwell. Phew. Anyway, that is why Orwell dismissed “democracy” as a meaningless word.

      Personally, I like (((Edward Bernay’s))) understanding of democracy as being the intelligent manipulation of the people. Thanks for the honesty, Eddie, you dead w**ker. I mean you wrote that in a text book; published it; and no doubt toasted its success. Are you a psychopath, Eddie?

      He cannot answer; he’s a dead psychopath. But the chutzpah of the dead still has consequences.

  4. There’s something that begs attention here – the role of the wirepullers. Broadly speaking, the British created an Empire beating out the Spanish and French over several hundred years of conflict; various issues were involved, the first jewish assault on Royalty (Dutch jews and Cromwell) the issue of Roman Catholic (the Spanish Inquisitors loaded with Marranos and crypto jews) versus The Protestant movement. Next, Robespierre the jew from S. France and the assault predicted by John Robson on the Church, Royalty, and Middle class. Then, somebody gained money, power, and influence in early Victorian England and decided they had to have the mineral wealth of S. Africa and impose the Opium trade on China, guess who primarily (Oppenheimers, Joels, Barnato, Rothschild; Sassoons in Persia, India and China etc.). Author Niall Ferguson describes German Colonial atrocities in Africa but ignores British brutality (and French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Belgian) in Africa and elsewhere while this inherently foreign element was hijacking power, all the while posing as British loyalists as it suited them. In America, certain parties paid for train passengers to slaughter buffalo, the primary food source of the plains Indian. Later, as these parties gained influence they made massive loans (Rothschild in law Jacob Schiff) to finance Japan’s assault on Russia (and China) then financed Lev Bronstein to finish the job after conning Europeans into a horrific slaughter. Remember Briey, the “French” captured steel works that were left untouched again and again and in German hands until Wars end, which both Germany and France later admitted destruction or re-possession of would have ended the war in weeks. Basil Zacharoff, “Greek” arms dealer and Rothschild agent (who spoke Russian like a native, though from the Pale, but not Greek according to a French diplomat) argued that Briey must be “left intact for job creation” at wars end, though of course everything else was fair game. Hitler, with his many faults, never wanted a second conflict in Europe but somebody didn’t like the fact that he and the German people, having seen the jewish bolshevik assault on humanity in Russia, Ukraine, and Hungary decided sensibly that they didn’t want them in Germany. Then, the Cold War with theater wars and jewish atomic treason. Vietnam, where number 2 under Military General (occupier) of Japan MacArthur, namely one Lawrance Rockefeller, fully aware of H. Hoovers secret 1930’s oil surveys all along coastal Vietnam ordered the massive stockpiled munitions in case invasion of Japan was necessary, to be given to one anti-French nationalist named Ho Chi Minh for the sum of one dollar and “good will”. During the Vietnam War, US aircraft were directed to dump their un-exploded ordinance at designated coastal locations as sonic testing was performed, coincidentally ending when the US withdrew. Indonesia, where a bloodbath followed nationalist threats to Rockefeller owned Grasberg mine, still the richest gold mine in the world. All the while certain hopeful parties keeping the Soviet Union going until it all collapsed after Afghanistan, where the majority share of US aid went not to the most effective (Ahmed Shah Massoud) but the most radical and fractious, and easily manipulated. The USA is merely the new proxy for these animals, just as Mr. Netanyahu told Jonathan Pollard – “we’ll throw them away as soon as we’ve bled them dry”. Americans and others capable of studying the Historic record impartially can reach no other rational conclusion.

  5. The “Royal” pain in the ass Saudis are kissing cousins to the Jews, if not actually old time Iraqi Jews themselves.
    Kaminski outlines all the goodness that Israel, the Zionists and their bootlickers have done for America, Europe and the rest of the world in general for all the billions upon billions upon billions of monies and in weapons lavished upon these sweethearts of all humanity. Toejam is thinking about all the good that the commie-Zionist-Israeli Jews have done for rest of mankind while using American boys and girls in the US military as it’s cat’s paw. Now be patient. Toejam is thinking. Wait a minute I’m still thinking. Oh I know, these benefactors of all mankind have given us the religion of give, give, give. While theirs is the religion of take, take, take. However, there seems to be another taker in the woodpile that has learned it’s lesson well at the knee of the master including taking a little White pussy as their third world Muslim shock troops invade Europe and America.

  6. When I read John’s words it just makes me feel like SCREAMING. The truth hurts but the feeling of helplessness is what is truly crippling. Day in – day out they appear to become stronger and more brazen and the little guy keeps paying and still losing it all.

    Communism is already around the corner, just a play on words. Look at Agenda 21 and its definition of ‘free space’. Unfortunately this younger generation is brought up in a state of dependence on its ‘caregiver’ the government; they have no real understanding of liberty and that government only gives you what it has already taken from you.
    When you look at the prospects for our children coming out of University, the situation is bleak. Money is more readily found in the systems that are there to enslave us in the first place. Few of us are able to get out of the reaches of the larcenous arms of the giant corporations and be independent. There are already many degrees centered on ‘sustainable development’ and once you start eating from the beast, all is lost. The voice of liberty is the one left in the wilderness.

    1. SEEB
      December 27, 2016 at 9:28 pm
      “…makes me feel like SCREAMING… the feeling of helplessness is what is truly crippling.”

      -This makes you look like rabbit in front of an open mouth boa, or screaming frog caught by grass-snake. This way you stimulate the appetite.
      Better if you stand up fearless (not helpless!) like Achilles before the lines of trojans and follow Lasha’s advice – last bullit for yourself.

  7. From 1776 to 2016 US has only been at peace for 20 years or something like that. Both US and Illuminati was founded the same year. Must be a real cohencidence.

  8. Mr. Kaminski, your view of reality is both mind-bending and bloodcurdling – and that is exactly how it should be. Keep up the outstanding work. Waking up is never easy.

    1. “mind-bending and bloodcurdling ”

      That is a brilliant description of the effect.

      When I was handed a copy of “New Pearl Harbor”, and quickly flicked through it, I was dumbfounded. And then the mind races back through all the stories we’re told about history and they’re all set alight; a raging furnace.

      PTSD. Seriously.

  9. The US Government – America – controls more than what is told in the media. Killing is always available.

    “One China” issues are big in the news today. Fighting may result as China drives its aircraft carrier by Japan for show today.

    See the items at the link:

    (43) At the present time, **Taiwan is an occupied territory of the United States.

    Neither the SFPT [San Francisco Peace Treaty], the Treaty of Taipei nor any other subsequent legal instruments after 1952 changed the status of Taiwan.

    Being still under military occupation, Taiwan has not yet reached a “final political status.”

    (44) Military government continues till legally supplanted. The US as the principal occupying power has never transferred the sovereignty over Taiwan or title to its territory to any other government.

    **Conclusion: today, the Taiwanese people are entitled to enjoy “fundamental rights” under the US Constitution, similar to the residents of other US overseas territories.

    On October 25, 2004, United States Secretary of State Colin Powell confirmed the United States’ continuing policy towards Taiwan.

    Powell stated, “Taiwan is not independent. It does not enjoy sovereignty as a nation, and that remains our policy, our firm policy.”

  10. What more proof do Americans need, in order to REALIZE they are SLAVES ?

    Help Patriot, THOMAS LACOVARA-STEWART of Independent Media site “Resurrect the Republic” :
    ….. who has been arrested on TRUMPED-UP UNCONSTITUTIONAL NON-charges for ( he hasn’t been charged) , in actuality, helping the Bundy Family in their court proceedings. He is being held, for almost a month now, in Nevada, so if you and your friends can call Corrections to support and inquire, it should help- DETENTION CENTER : 503-988-3051 , SHERIFF: 503-988-3714, TOM’S ID NUMBER: 801727

  11. It’s nice to find Mr. Kaminski’s excellent articles at Darkmoon once again.

    “Our government would rather kill you than tell you the truth.” — John Kaminski

    How sad but how true?

    No doubt, if we knew the truth we would kill our government.

  12. Mr.Kaminski
    Much of what you have written is absolutely correct, but, regretfully, not everything.
    “We’ve lost our way…………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    Such is the demented condition of the world today. Vampires feeding on corruption.”
    -If you loose your way and realize it, it’s quite logical to trace back to find the point where you went astray.
    I did not find such attempt in your article. It is strange.
    You are against bombing Russia – it is good. You do not know that Russia betrayed Gaddafi – it is bad. Not a single “Russian expert” which are numerous here, interfered to correct you – it is even worse.
    “A country that has that reputation deserves to be destroyed.” Unforgivable delusion. Young Arabs among ruins with poster “Bombs do not destroy ideology, but strengthen it” look more mature.
    “Vladimir Lenin invented The Big Lie” -sorry, but without Madame Butterfly’s approval it is not valid.
    I beg your pardon, it is not my discovery or invention, but “If someone defends strange position – religious, scientific, political – look attentively and you will see – he defends his own position.”

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