Americans: A Conquered People: The New Serfs

By Paul Craig Roberts



As readers know, I have seen some optimism in voters support for Trump and Sanders as neither are members of the corrupt Republican and Democratic political establishments. Members of both political establishments enrich themselves by betraying the American people and serving only the interest of the One Percent. The American people are being driven into the ground purely for the sake of more mega-billions for a handful of super-rich people.

Neither political party is capable of doing anything whatsoever about it, and neither will.

The optimism that I see is that the public’s support of outsiders is an indication that the insouciant public is waking up. But Americans will have to do more than wake up, as they cannot rescue themselves via the voting booth. In my opinion, the American people will remain serfs until they wake up to Revolution.

Today Americans exist as a conquered people. They have lost the Bill of Rights, the amendments to the Constitution that protect their liberty. Anyone, other than the One Percent and their political and legal servants, can be picked up without charges and detained indefinitely as during the Dark Ages, when government was unaccountable and no one had any rights. Only those with power were safe.

In America today anyone not politically protected can be declared “associated with terrorism” and taken out by a Hellfire missile from a drone on the basis of a list of human targets drawn up by the president’s advisers. Due process, guaranteed by the US Constitution, no longer exists in the United States of America. Neither does the constitutional prohibition against the government spying on citizens without just cause and a court warrant.

The First Amendment itself, whose importance was emphasized by our Founding Fathers by making it the First Amendment, is no longer protected by the corrupt Supreme Court. The Nine who comprise the Supreme Court, like the rest of the bought-and-paid-for-government, serve only the One Percent. Truth-tellers have become “an enemy of the state.” Whisteblowers are imprisoned despite their legal protection in US law.

The United States government has unaccountable power. Its power is not accountable to US statutory law, to international law, to the Congress, to the judiciary, to the American people, or to moral conscience.

In the 21st century the war criminal US government has murdered, maimed, and dislocated millions of people based on lies and propaganda. Washington has destroyed seven countries in whole or part in order to enrich the American elite and comply with the neoconservative drive for US world hegemony.

Americans live in a propaganda-fabricated world in which a brutal police state is cloaked in nice words like “freedom and democracy.” “Freedom and democracy” is what Washington’s war machine brings with sanctions, bombs, no-fly zones, troops, and drones to countries that dare to cling to their independence from Washington’s hegemony.

Only two countries armed with strong military capability and nuclear weapons—Russia and China—stand between Washington and Washington’s goal of hegemony over the entire world.

If Russia or China falter, the evil ensconced in Washington will rule the world. America will be the Anti-Christ. The predictions of the Christian Evangelicals preaching “end times” will take on new meaning.

Russia is vulnerable to becoming a vassal state of Washington. Despite a legion of betrayals by Washington, the Russian government has just proposed a joint US/Russia cooperation against terrorists. One wonders if the Russian government will ever learn from experience.

—  §  —

Has Washington cooperated with the agreement concerning Ukraine? Of course not. Has Washington cooperated in the investigation of MH-17? Of course not. Has Washington ceased its propaganda about a Russian invasion of Crimea and Ukraine? Of course not. Has Washington kept any agreement previous US governments made with Russia? Of course not.

So why does the Russian government think Washington would keep any agreement about a joint effort against terrorism?

The Russian government and the Russian people are so unaware of the danger that they face from Washington that they let foreigners control 20 percent of their media! Is Russia unaware that Washington has Russia slated for vassalage or destruction?

China is even more absurd.

According to the Chinese government itself, China has 7,000 foreign-financed NGOs operating in China! Foreign financed NGOs are what Washington used to destabilize Ukraine and overthrow the elected government.

What does the Chinese government think these NGOs are doing other than destabilizing China?

Both Russia and China are infected with Western worship that creates a vulnerability that Washington can exploit. Delusions can result in inadequate response to threat.

—  §  —

All of Europe, both western, eastern and southern, the British Pacific such as Australia and New Zealand, Japan and other parts of Asia are vassal states of Washington’s Empire.

None of these allegedly “sovereign” countries have an independent voice or an independent foreign or economic policy. All of Latin America is subject to Washington’s control. No reformist government in Latin America has ever survived Washington’s disapproval of putting the interests of the domestic populations ahead of American corporate and financial profits. Already this year Washington has overthrown the female presidents of Argentina and Brazil. Washington is currently in the process of overthrowing the government in Venezuela, with Ecuador and Bolivia waiting in the wings. In 2009 Killary Clinton and Obama overthrew the government of Honduras, an old Washington habit.

As Washington pays the UN’s bills, the UN is compliant. No hand is ever raised against Washington. So why does anyone on the face of the earth think that an American election can change anything or mean anything?

We know that Killary is a liar, a crook, an agent for the One Percent, and a warmonger. Let’s now look at Trump.

Are there grounds for optimism about Trump?

In the West “news reporting” is propaganda, so it is difficult to know. Moreover, we do know that, at least initially, the response of the Republican Establishment to Trump is to demonize him, so we do not know the veracity of the news reports about Trump.

Without belaboring the issue, two news reports struck me. One is the Washington Post report that the Zionist multi-billionaire US casino owner Sheldon Adelson has endorsed Donald Trump for President.

Other reports say that Adelson has mentioned as much as $100 million as his political campaign contribution to Trump.

Anyone who gives a political campaign $100 million dollars expect something in exchange, and the recipient is obligated to provide whatever is desired. So are we witnessing the purchase of Donald Trump? The initial Republican response to Trump, encouraged by the crazed neoconservatives, was to abandon the Republican candidate and to vote for Killary.

Is Adelson’s endorsement a signal that Trump can be bought and brought into the establishment?

Additional evidence that Trump has sold out his naive supporters is his latest statement that Wall Street should be deregulated.

It is extraordinary that Trump’s advisers have not told him that Wall Street was deregulated back in the 20th century during the Clinton regime. The repeal of Glass-Steagall deregulated Wall Street. One source of the 2008 financial crisis is the deregulated derivative market. When Brooksly Born attempted to fulfil the responsibility of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and regulate over-the-counter derivatives, she was blocked by the Federal Reserve, the US Treasury, the SEC, and the US Congress.

Nothing has been done to correct the massive mistake of financial deregulation. The Dodd-Frank legislation did not correct the massive financial concentration that produced banks too big to fail, and the legislation did not stop Wall Street’s reckless casino gambling with the US economy. Yet Trump says he will dismantle even the weak Dodd-Frank restrictions.

The American print and TV media are so corrupt that these reports could be false stories, the purpose of which is to demoralize Trump’s supporters. On the other hand, should we be surprised if a billionaire aligns with the One Percent?

Elections are an unlikely means of restoring government that is accountable to the people rather than to the One Percent. Even if Trump is legitimate, he does not have the experience in foreign and economic affairs to know who to appoint to his government in order to implement change. Moreover, even if he knew, unless Trump candidates also replace the Senate, Trump could not get his choices confirmed by a Senate accountable only to the One Percent.

Americans are a conquered people. We see this in the appeal from RootsAction to the rest of the world to come to the aid of the American people. Unable to stop the lawlessness of their own “democratic” government, Americans plea for help from abroad.

The plea from RootsAction indicates that committed activists now acknowledge that:

“Change in America
cannot be produced by elections
or achieved internally through peaceful means.”


39 thoughts to “Americans: A Conquered People: The New Serfs”


    “I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them my enemies.”
    — Ps. 139:22

    Watch out, Darkmoon! You’ll end up in a FEMA camp at this rate. Incitement to violence is against the law, remember?

    1. PC Roberts never advocated violence in his original article. He only indicated vaguely that peaceful means were unlikely to bring change. That’s not the same as actually preaching violence, is it? As YOU are doing with your inflammatory pictures and quotes from the Old Testament about hating certain people with a “perfect hatred.”

      You are obviously referring to the “One Percent”, right? Or the Jews. Or both.

      I’d like to remind you, in case you forgot, that saying a thing like “I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them my enemies” amounts to HATE SPEECH pure and simple.

      You are guilty of hate speech and incitement to violence!

    2. Who knows, should developments pick up speed in the right direction, you’ll end up in a camp.

      Heil Hitler.

  2. Paul Craig Roberts is right to warn Russia and China. Victoria Nuland was even allowed recently to visit Russia. Madness.
    What kind of game is going on? And Adelson funding Trump? Meet the new boss.

    It is inevitable that real change will come. It comes in increments, obviously, and it comes quickly from unexpected quarters too. Too bad it has not been lately the kind of change we want.
    It would foster peace and orderly transition if we Whites had an ideology-based disciplined party.
    (The alternative is something like this…
    But the problems we face in this are obvious. A current massive prison/police state with it’s concomitant brutality, a corrupt ‘justice’ system, assassination, pervasive surveillance the likes of which the world has never seen, a state/media effort to foster hatred between the races. Etc.
    If the ‘deep state’ continues to foster divide-and-conquer race hate it will be increasingly reminded it does not ‘own’ violence, nor does it exclusively control it.

    1. yeah, he said it over 230 years ago, and there has not been such an occasion even ONCE!

      As the lobster pot is slowly coming to a boil


      1. BROWNHAWK,
        You forget the war for Southern Independence. The Confederacy was brutally crushed by scorched earth policies and targeting of civilians.
        You are good to say Sic Semper Tyrannis. John Wilkes Booth did also.

    2. Nothing happens without Jewish permission, and that includes war. The neocon movement is almost entirely Jewish and it has led America into disaster. The founding Fathers had it right. George Washington specifically advised the Republic to avoid foreign entanglements.

      Paul Craig Roberts is brave up to a point, when he is too scared of Jewish Power to state the obvious.

  3. The problem is that most Westerners until they travel to the non PC free world, outside the US and Europe, actually believe they are free. The vast majority are hopelessly brainwashed by Fox, CNN, the Rothschild Economist, the Mossad Guardian, the Jew York Times, BBC (Brits Buggering Children) et al, into boasting that they live in bastions of democracy and free speech. Many Americans, stupidly believe that their economy with its 23% unemployment, millions of homeless, another 50 million on food stamps, crumbling infrastructure, department stores closing down, and the worst and most expensive medical system in the Western world is a veritable paradise. Yes, I suppose it is, a Monkey’s paradise and most of Europe are its Baboon Colonies.

  4. PCR stated:

    “The American people are being driven into the ground purely for the sake of more mega-billions for a handful of super-rich people.”

    He could surely name all of them since he knows there is a “handful.”

    Most here have required me and others to show proof. PCR needs to show proof. Name them….. ALL of the few he knows.

  5. PCR is correct to state:

    “China is even more absurd.

    “According to the Chinese government itself, China has 7,000 foreign-financed NGOs operating in China! ***Foreign financed NGOs are what Washington used to destabilize Ukraine and overthrow the elected government.

    “What does the Chinese government think these NGOs are doing other than destabilizing China?

    “Both Russia and China are infected with Western worship that creates a vulnerability that Washington can exploit. Delusions can result in inadequate response to threat.”


    I claimed the exact same thing about Russia’s NGOs. But… I named many of them.
    Here are over 30 of the 7,000 NGOs in China…. Financed by NED, From the 2015 NED Annual Report:
    NED in China – 2015

    Here are some Pharisee-Jew borne titles/functions of the NGOs which sound soooo good….

    -Advancing Citizen Priorities through Civil Society and Accountable Governance… with International Republican Institute (IRI) Chaired by John McCain aided by Brent Scowcroft and Joseph Schmuckler.

    -Fostering Interethnic and Interfaith Solidarity
    -Monitoring Media Freedom
    -Democracy and Independent Filmmaking
    -Strengthening Public Interest Law
    -Strategic Support for Human Rights Lawyers

      1. JFC –

        I meant to state it earlier…. You are exactly right.

        The template of the FED System is used in Russia and China….. and all BRICS nations. Non-elected governance by criminals such as Scowcroft and McCain in foreign countries:

        “According to the Chinese government itself, China has 7,000 foreign-financed NGOs operating in China! Foreign financed NGOs are what Washington used to destabilize Ukraine and overthrow the elected government.

        “Both Russia and China are infected with Western worship that creates a vulnerability that Washington can exploit. Delusions can result in inadequate response to threat.”

      2. JFC –

        How the Global Elite Re-colonized China

        Princeling Families’ Power Reach – Stewards of Chinese Economy.

        America and Western capital is very evident there.

        The Tsinghua Global Business Journalism Program is supported by Bloomberg.

        The facilities at Tsinghua include a laboratory of ten Bloomberg terminals, the largest of its kind in the world, where students can access an unparalleled database of financial information normally available only to sophisticated professionals.

        The journalism school has added in 2012 a virtual television studio, where computer-generated and real objects can be merged seamlessly, and a media-convergence laboratory offering students the latest tools to develop skills needed by digital journalists.

  6. American slavery would be an American problem, except that jew harnessed them to enforce slavery on the rest of the world, given their (former) economic and (present) military strength, like border collies herding the sheep into pens, both species enslaved by the same herder.

    Without trained and willing dogs, lots of sheep would get away into freedom, therefore the American slavery is a global disaster.

    1. Correct, Lobro –

      Lincoln did not free any slaves…. He enslaved the free, both, North and South.

    2. (aka) The old, when the good times roll, anything goes, syndrome.
      The choicest operative words being .. cheap and pendehos.
      Given a choice, their (haha) choice will invariably be … more gruel, please!

    3. Lobro,

      And that’s exactly what I mean. Without gentile traitors the Jew is nothing and could only dream of enslaving anyone. The Jew rides the white gentile like a stampeding horse to trample the rest. Masses of people(s) are just dumb cattle. Not only in the eyes of the Jew, but actually, in the biological sense, and they need to be led by a leader, like horses do. So it’s up to the leadership. The problem is, the bigger the masses are , the dumber the whole is. The current situation is so deterioated beyong belief that the sports and Idols watching masses of imbeciles will attack anyone who tries to warn them they’re being led to the slaughterhouse.

      Will there be a new era of great leaders?

  7. “The First Amendment itself, whose importance was emphasized by our Founding Fathers by making it the First Amendment, is no longer protected by the corrupt Supreme Court.”

    Free speech has now been trumped by hate speech. And why? Could it be that they will soon make it law that criticism of Israel is criticism of Jews and therefore incitement of hatred to a people? No mention of Jews, yet again by PCR.

    “Washington has destroyed seven countries in whole or part in order to enrich the American elite and comply with the neoconservative drive for US world hegemony.”

    No mention then of taking out these lands for the sake of the protection of Israel then? Even though he mentions Jewish created neoconservatism, STILL no mention of the Jew?

    “So why does the Russian government think Washington would keep any agreement about a joint effort against terrorism?”

    Because it knows that this is a war about convincing the people of the west that Russia IS NOT their enemy and it’s doing the best it can to stop radical Islam. By continuing what may seem to some as pointless dialogue with the US and the west, I’m sure Putin is trying to make the west see that the danger of conflict with Russia and China is solely within their very own, US & European governments.

    I do like PCR’s articles, but his failure to admit Jewish perfidy within this whole debacle annoys me intensely.

    1. Yeah, Harb…. I agree.

      PCR writes well, but has a retirement to protect…. controlled… stifled. “I get it.”
      At least he is up to calling Adelson a zionist.

      Putin should know that the war on terror is a “business model” invented by Bush and Blair as described by Bob Steele and Stacy Herbert on Pharisee-Jew Max Keiser’s show….. who has moved from Paris to London.

      I got this the other day:

      Published on May 20, 2016 (orig Mar 2015)

      Robert Steele – former us marine, CIA Officer and
      co-creator of Marine Corps Intelligence Center

      Full clip: Steele comes on at 12:22

      Published on Mar 14, 2015
      In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the business model of the war on terror in which the droning of wedding parties is nothing personal just business. In the second half, Max interviews former CIA agent and open source advocate, Robert David Steele, about false flags and moral hazard.

      1. Pat,

        The first video with Robert Steele is incredibly good, however, have you seen this video by Geroid O’Colemain on RT, discussing the Paris attacks? Again, this is RT, exposing the truth of what’s really going on, which in my book is certainly a thumbs up for Putin. As for the second video I’ll have a watch. By the way, when it goes to the Max and his co-host image and we see Tower Bridge behind, I used to see a rather delightful young woman, who had a Penthouse flat just to the bottom left of the screen at the end of Tower Bridge, back in the late 90’s. 🙂

  8. The New Serfs 🙂

    They wish they were. PCR seeing history with his masonic Benji Franklin inverted glasses.

    Serfdom, a contract between the peasants and the lords for protection after Charlemagne dead, has been progressively abolished during the middle ages, starting in 1315, and definitely abolished under Louis XV. What the Revolution abolished was the last remaining feudal rights and privileges.

    Serfs didn’t go to war, the nobles did, that changed after the revolution which sent thousands of free peasants between four walls to teach them how to kill foreigners so they would see nothing wrong using their arms against their fellow citizens. Now US marines risk their lives so that the CIA could deliver heroine in US Ghetto.

    200 serfs armed with pitchforks could create a real mess and threaten any lords. After the shameful sack of Constantinople revolted peasants created quite a mess and would be received by the regent Blanche de Castille. A serf could have an entrevue with the King if he wished so, or at least approach him every two weeks. Try to approach Obama or Merkel now. By the way, for obvious reasons of good neighbourliness, there have never been no right of the first night, droit de cuissage à la Voltaire, no chastity belt, no serfs chasing frogs at night so that the Lord and the Bishop could sleep peacefully…

    Serfs and nobles shared the “profit” of the production after the harvest depending on the result, not before like today… Serfs have a tough, famine wars diseases, but decent life with an awful lot of religious holidays where they could take care of the communal land.

    All this change after the Revolution and every technical progress we have made ever since just enslaved us more and left us at the mercy of an always decreasing number of people steering production with private funding to enslave us always more, call it the cost of comfort, or progress as they say. What we need is an inverted French revolution as the slaves are becoming obsolete by the day. Another difference, the Lords needed the serfs.

    But hey, as Chateaubriand said, the viler the oppressor, the more infamous the slave is.
    We are definitely viler than serfs, them at least didn’t think they were free.
    Don’t worry folks, Skynet GoogleNasa and the governator will take care of the rebellious and useless slaves.

    1. Thanks for yet another historical correction and clarification, Phil, quite valuable.

      The reason it is valuable is two-fold:
      first, to reiterate what The Protocols already hinted at: feudalist-church combination was the greatest protection against judaic plague and the greatest barrier to jew’s infiltration and subversion of european societies.

      secondly, it highlights to what extent our thinking processes have been contaminated by quite deliberate linguistic subversion, where a term becomes uncritically subsumed into a historically unjustified meaning, eg, “SERF”.
      Not only is this uncritical usage unjustly debasing the notion and understanding of a feudal, catholic society that jew overthrew causing enormous damage to former participants but moreover, it glorifies jew’s role as a “revolutionary liberator” of formerly oppressed goyim, because jew elevated this cattle to recipient of human rights, beneficiary of political correctness, “all goyim are equal” kind of thing.

      Our thoughts are buzzing around like flies, unaware of nearly invisible spider webs strung across the psychic range, they become entrapped without even realizing the loss of thinking freedom when the neurolinguistic poison is injected to liquify them into useless, uncritical psycho-compost, nowadays referred to as the “Matrix”.
      Witness for example the the running joke of Seinfeld’s “soup nazi”, where “nazi” is a reflexoid term connoting moronic, unthinking brutality – as opposed to Jew’s lively libertarianism.
      All part of the same system of spider webs capable of entrapping even those who like me, accept that everything they hear in common discourse is a deliberate lie.

      Serf, huh? Thanks Phil, keep ’em coming.

      1. Daily French soup of n’importe quoi, we are going completely nuts, Cantona has called Deschamps a racist in the Guardian because he didn’t select the scumbag Benzema, fuck off Eric. Euro might be bloody, Israel and Turkey are not qualified.

        Here is some Christians ethics by Irish CS Lewis 1940 for my US gnostic cousins. Such a promising country USA, too bad they meet an iceberg that killed any opposition to the Federal Reserve system and Tesla electric car, now we are sinking with it stuck in the vessel’s bilge.

        “Man’s conquest of nature, if the dreams of some scientific planners are realized, means the rule of a few hundreds of men over billions upon billions of men. There neither is nor can be nay simple increase of power on man’s side. Each new power won by man is a power over man as well. Each advantage leaves him weaker as stronger. In every victory, besides being the general who triumphs, he is also the prisoner who follows the triumphal car.”

        I won’t bother you with Ellul’s technological bluff , nor the poltical illusion, but this is the main cause of our enslavement.
        What do we produce? How do we produce it? How do we share it? Is this scientific progress really a good thing?
        The Christian social organization used to have “what would Jesus do” answer to all those questions, even if sometimes imperfect, we are dumb easily tempted men after all. Well it’s up to bankers, shareholders, Executive Board and their industrial buddies now, deciding with their calculators as numbers can’t lie, they are God language after all.

        Mercedes is building cars without driver for Uber as the google car is doing just fine, a truck convey just did Rotterdam Hamburg without truckers, robots are building cars and amazon is about to fire all warehousemen, accountants are about to be replaced along with cashiers and others, even financial traders can compete with algorithms and the list goes on and on while we are asked to work longer to preserve our precious purchasing power.

        According to Lewis, science is the successful twin sister of magic that was reintroduced in the late 16th century in Europe. It makes sense, Kabbalah was introduced with Simon the Wizard gnose and the speculative masonry would gradually replace the operative Cathedral masonry, trying to play God by manipulating physical matter and flesh in their secret underground temples, the hidden Jimmy Saville brotherhoods of light.
        Bayer and Monsanto want to merge, scary thought, Monster would be a good name for the new company.

        Funny thing, French workers are striking against European directive disguised in a dumb Arab woman and some of them are blocking oil terminals and refineries creating panic in the population cause of huge ripple effect on the economic oily dependent activity. One century ago the Republic would have sent the troop to shoot the miners, now the pressure of the population will take care of them, or maybe not, will see. We definitely need more migrants Mr. Sutherland, we are not competitive enough, the more competitive humanoide on the planet being currently a six years old Sri Lankan.
        They do that a whole month and everybody in cities starve. Cut off the electricity and we are back to the stone ages and then serfdom would sound like paradise.

        Blame it on the Jewbots protocol.

        Bernanos warned us agaisnt robots, now his grandson is a leftist antifascist burning police cars. George must be turning in his grave.
        We have gone completely nuts.

        Now let’s see if the OKC robots Westbrook and Durant close the serie.

      2. I like the Seinfeld reference. The telling one I remember comes from the George Costanza character when talking to his jew buddy, Jerry, when discussing taking a lie detector test

        “remember Jerry, it isn’t a lie if YOU believe it.”

  9. Deregulating Wall Street is a good idea. Wall Street has always done as they please anyway since they are owned by the same jews as the government. With complete deregulation, the jewish unbridled greed will result in them eating each other – problem solved. Buy popcorn and watch the show.

    1. Good reasoning, Ungenius! It amounts to “leaderless resistance” inverted. Out of the ashes, there might actually emerge a better way… 🙂

    1. sorry for the delay, Karen

      yeah, those birds of a feather certainly flock together

      a funny synchronicity just occurred while I was looking at your picture – a blue jay and catbird squabbling with each other outside my back door. They are ancient rivals who are always fighting over food. The blue jays are here year-round, and the catbirds return in the Spring to start the whole contentious ball rollin all over again. But you can’t tell ’em that there’s plenty around for everybody

      it all gets back to the fear that upsets the whole applecart

  10. Lovely stuff…

    First, we are presented with yet another of Paul Craig Roberts’ ruminant-worthy shill-masterworks. Yes… the same PCR who hails from the “Institute for Political Economy”. I would have thought by now that most of the denizens of this venue would immediately recognize such cheesy, candy-coated organizational namesakes as the massive red flags that they are; that is, if his insistence that Saudi Arabia is responsible for the 9/11 attacks isn’t enough of a red flag for anyone.

    Next, we are shown, a rather unsettling image (particularly within its utilized context), with a caption below it that reads, “Time for another French Revolution — In America!” Really??? Now, I would think that any REAL human, possessing any modicum of factual historical knowledge, would take that as a thinly-veiled, even mocking, CHEAP SHOT at its intended audience. Are we to believe that the purveyors of this site are actually unaware of who actually bankrolled and engineered that vile, nation-damning coup d’etat in France? Not a chance. Do the names Benjamin Goldsmid, Abraham Goldsmid, Moses Montifiore, Moses Mocatta, or David Friedlander ring any bells to anyone? Sure they do. Go ahead — tell us how the French gained ANYTHING from that unbelievably reprobate, vile travesty. And then tell us how America (or ANY nation) would benefit from a similar one. Only the parasites ever benefit. As always, “Cui bono?”

    “Liberty! Equality! Fraternity!”

    What an unmitigated crock of $hit. It seems The Real Original Joe was right about this place. Say “Hi” to Morris and Abe for me, will ya?

    1. @ Luddite Joe

      FYI, Lasha is totally aware that the French Revolution was engineered by Jews, as she has repeatedly made clear in her essays. By advocating another “French Revolution” she was NOT suggesting that she approved of the French Revolution. She is aware that Jews have been behind several revolutions: the English Revolution, the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, and the Spanish Civil War. Perhaps it was a mistake to select this particular picture to make the general point that a coup is necessary, a revolution of SOME kind.

      In her most recent article, Lasha refers to the French Revolution. If you take the trouble to read what she says, you will see that her ideas are EXACTLY the same as YOUR ideas and that she is TOTALLY aware that the French Revolution was a bad thing planned and carried out by Jews in order to topple the ancien regime and usher in a new era of Jewish domination.


      “It’s not surprising that the people who escaped from their ghetto prisons [i.e., the Jews] should become the spiritual nobility of Europe. Thus, the compassionate care given by Europe created a new breed of aristocrats. This happened when the European feudal aristocracy crashed because of the emancipation of the Jews due to the actions taken by the French Revolution.”

      LASHA DARKMOON comments: In other words, he is saying that the ancien regime that prevailed before the French Revolution (1789-1799), consisting of an aristocracy of kings, nobles and Catholic clerics, was swept away as a result of Jewish machinations and replaced by a new aristocracy of Jews. Indeed, one of the first results of the French Revolution was the total emancipation of the Jews in France, in 1791, France being the first European nation to buckle under Jewish demands and surrender to Jewish pressures. The process of Jewish “emancipation” — a euphemism for Jewish takeover — was a long and steady one over the next 132 years, until by 1923 the Jews had achieved full emancipation or superior status in every European country. Note that the average Jew, even before full Jewish emancipation in Germany in 1871, was three times richer than the average German.

      If your point is that Lasha made a huge mistake in choosing this particular picture and in referring to the French Revolution in such as way as to give the impression that it was a “good” revolution she approved of, you would be correct! She would be quite ready to say, “Sorry, I boobed.” 🙂

      1. @ Luddite Joe

        You are too quick to condemn Lasha Darkmoon for her views on the French Revolution. This is because you have a superficial knowledge of her work. Here is what she says elsewhere about the French Revolution. Please note that everything she says here about the French Revolution is something you would agree with wholeheartedly and endorse to the letter:

        The Jews received their first emancipation in France. This was in 1791 after the French Revolution, a catastrophic event engineered by Masonic secret societies in which the Jews featured predominantly and wielded the most influence. Several other revolutions were to follow in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. All of these, without exception, were masterminded by Jews.

        Are you satisfied? . . . . . She continues:

        “At the front of every one of these revolutionary movements for the destruction of authority, nationhood and religion,” noted an eminent elder statesman, “you find a Jew.”

        These inflammatory words were written by Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister of England, himself a Jew who had converted to Christianity.

        1. @ Luddite Joe

          You are right to express concern about the picture I posted on the French Revolution at the end of this article. The picture has been deleted and this comment put in its place:



  11. The American citizens will never revolt because it would take up too much of their TV and movie watching time

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