Anti-Semitism through Jewish Eyes: Hating the Jews makes them stronger and more united

LD:  This article is published in response to a recent article on our site, We Know Who They Are, which was openly and unabashedly anti-Semitic. It has been sent to us with the challenge that we provide our readers “with a more balanced perspective, allowing them the opportunity to view the subject of Jewish persecution through Jewish eyes.”
We accept this challenge.
This 4800-word article, penned by a scholarly Jewish writer, argues that anti-Semitism is good for the Jews in that it makes them stronger. Solidarity, unity, and an increased sense of Jewish identity and cohesiveness are the beneficial byproducts of centuries of cruel persecution culminating in the Holocaust. So  it is argued here.


A medieval depiction of Jews being executed

—  “Whenever, in the course of history the Jew loses consciousness of his heritage and mission in life, it becomes necessary that his enemies rouse him and restore him to the possession of his faculties.” — Rabbi Wasserman, quoted below

—  “Continuous persecution of the Jews has been one of the major forces that not only shaped the stance and content of Judaism, but made Jewish survival possible. ‘Without persecution,’ it has been said, ‘Jews would have assimilated and disappeared as a people, a religion and an ethos.’ This has meant that perpetual anti-Semitism has achieved the opposite aim: Jewish survival.”

European Jewry Prior to 1939:
Intellectual Roots of Cultural Conflict

It is the “unsettlement of Europe” that must be studied in order to understand the cultural origins of American Jewry as well as the European cataclysm of 1939-1945. Paul E. Grosser and Edwin G. Halperin in Anti Semitism: The Causes and Effects of a Prejudice (1976), have written that “today there is a tendency to assume that the problem of Jewish security and the attitudes of Jews toward their survival grow from the experience of the Holocaust alone”. Why? Simply because “the actions of the Nazis and their collaborators are of such a scale and horror as to obscure the long history of anti-Semitism.” What has transpired is that “often lost in appraisals of anti-Semitism is the fact that the underlying spirit of the Holocaust is almost 2,000 years old. The genocide carried out by a civilized and cultured nation in the mid-twentieth century was an extreme manifestation of this spirit, but not an isolated one.” 1 Jewish history before 1939 certainly attests to these assertions.

The migrations of Jews from Europe to America, and certainly within Europe itself, is dark tribute to the power of anti-Semitism. Jews have also moved voluntarily when motivated by new opportunities or hope for a fresh start and a better life:

The normal migratory behavior of populations, the refusal of Jews to convert or completely acculturate, outbursts of anti-Semitic violence and the condition of statelessness have combined to make Jews the most mobile people in history. . . .

However , . . . most of this migration was caused by Jews refusing to become non-Jews, their alien status, and anti-Semitism. . . . As outbursts of anti-Semitism occurred in a region or a country, Jews residing there sought refuge in other areas. Another cause of migration was the anti-Semitic practice of expulsion. 2

Anti-Semitism has had two ironic consequences that are worth noting: Firstly, some have argued that continuous persecution of the Jews has been one of the major forces that not only shaped the stance and content of Judaism, but made Jewish survival possible. “Without persecution Jews would have assimilated and disappeared as a people, a religion and an ethos.”

Secondly, anti-Semitism has a life of its own whereby “anti-Semitism causes anti-Semitism”. Grosser and Halperin assert that Western history created and nurtured a symbiotic, interacting prejudice against the Jews. It was “deep-rooted, obsessive, cumulative, self-perpetuating, the old sustaining the new, and effect often becoming new cause.” 3 This has meant that perpetual anti-Semitism has achieved the opposite aim: Jewish survival, whether it be by migration or as a cumulative human response.

Grosser and Halperin list the reactions of Jews to anti-Semitism, noting that during both ancient and modern times there were numerous reactions which “justified” or encouraged more anti-Semitism and which in turn caused more reaction, “setting in motion a vicious circle.” They qualify that although these reactions are not “prime causes” of anti-Semitism, they are contributing factors. These reactions fall into three categories:

  1. Defenses:(i) The attainment of success and position to counter insecurity resulting from persecution. (ii) A further strengthening of the family and community, inter-communal as well as local, “which caused more distrust and resentment which engendered more persecution, which further strengthened the family . . . “. (iii) The acceptance of stereotypes imposed by their Christian neighbours, “occasionally, as a result, they literally fled their original identity.” (iv) Other Jews, out of fear and a desire to escape the stigma placed on them by society sought to respect and join that society. (v) Infrequently the Jews counter-attacked their persecutors physically. “They were then accused of being vicious, or clannish.”
  2. Attitudes:(i) Fear of Christianity owing to the villainous roles into which it had cast them and the offensive characteristics it had assigned to them. (ii) Resentment against the Christian for his persistent efforts to convert them..(iii) Over-reaction, over-sensitivity, and paranoia, which were encouraged by “persecutions, the Western tendency to minimize it, to attribute its cause to Jewish character, to ignore its danger signals and to fail to acknowledge it in history,” and by “the subtle ubiquity of anti-Semitic attitudes in Western culture, seen even in its models and heroes, in its literature and saints.”
  3. Characteristics and Customs:Jewish “characteristics” and customs were affected to some degree by anti-Semitism, but these “were exaggerated by the non-Jew and many of them were presented as ‘further’ proof of the ancient theological slander that Jews hated Christians.” 4

The reactions of Jews to anti-Semitism in the modern era were similar to those when they had been the victims of earlier persecutions, but at much greater cost. For a time it seemed that anti-Semitism would disappear as nations became more secular. But,

The new models for ordering and making sense of the world still needed an explanatory devil. Writers of such divergent persuasions as social Darwinism, capitalism, socialism, conservatism and philosophy of history in turn embraced the old Devil of Christianity–the Jew. A new term, a new justification for hating and persecuting Jews developed in the scientific and secular age of the 19th century–anti-Semitism. The term anti-Semitism was coined by the German, Wilhelm Marr in the 1870s to label anti-Jewish attitudes and behaviors based on racial and pseudo-scientific theories of history and economics. 5

The twentieth century may be dubbed “the century of anti-Semitism”. Grosser and Halperin maintain that anti-Semitism correlates in its incidents and savagery with social dislocation, tension and change. The economic, social, and political patterns of the world were wrecked and swept away. Crown, church, and family were replaced by nationalism, science, and psychology. The works of Freud, Darwin, Marx, Einstein, Lenin, and Nietzsche, “undercut virtually all that had previously passed as natural, the truth or civilization”. Thus was born the century of nationalism and total war. The two are symbiotic, feeding and nourishing each other. “The two world wars drew and redrew the political geography of the globe. Nationalism continues the job of cartography.” 6


The readjustments and changes that followed World War I created tremendous insecurity and anxiety. One of the attractions of fascism is its promise of order and stability within a revolutionary framework. Fascist movements thrived and succeeded during this period and, its most insane manifestation, Nazism, came to dominate as the Nazis gained control of Germany and later most of Europe either by alliance or conquest. While all fascism includes romantic blood and soil and racial myths, for Nazism this was the dominant feature. The concept of the Aryan uber mensche … Nazi anti-Semitism combined pell-mell the religious and racial varieties and came to overshadow all other features, policies and goals of the Third Reich. This is evidenced by the sacrifice of rational military needs, while losing a major war, to the requirements of the Final Solution.

The twelve-year period of Nazi power, especially the last six years of their regime, was the most precarious period in Jewish history. In contrast to other periods of anti-Semitic excesses, such as the Crusades and the Black Death, no havens were available and virtually no escape was possible for Jews under Nazi control. The very survival of Jews was never more seriously threatened than during this period. If the Axis powers had been successful in their push for world domination, as appeared quite likely in 1942, the Final Solution would have been more final and horrible than it was.” 7

The origin of Hitler’s “war against the Jews” during 1939-1945 is traced by Lucy S. Davidowicz. Starting with the Jews in Hitler’s “mental world”, Davidowicz asks if the idea of the Final Solution originated in passages of Mein Kampf, germinating in Hitler’s subconscious for some fifteen years before it was to sprout into practical reality. Those fifteen years were in turn connected to a two thousand year legacy of antipathy to Jews. What is of concern to us, is Davidowicz’s grappling with the bridge between idea and act:

The idea of a mass annihilation of the Jews had already been adumbrated by apocalyptic-minded anti-Semites during the nineteenth century. . . . Hitler . . . succeeded in transforming the apocalyptic idea into concrete political action. The mass murder of the Jews was the consummation of his fundamental beliefs and ideological conviction. 8

Thus, the “nexus between idea and act has seldom been so evident in human history with such manifest consistency as in the history of anti-Semitism”. It was Hitler’s ideas about the Jews that would be a “starting place for the elaboration of a monstrous racial ideology that would justify mass murder whose like history had not seen before.” 9

What of the Jews’ “mental world”? What of Hitler and anti-Semitism in the mental world of the Jew? How did Jewish thinkers interpret the “nexus” between the idea and act of anti-Semitism? How did Jewish scholars deal with the challenges of the modern era? If we are to gain a meaningful insight into the “habits of mind” of the thinkers and educators of Orthodox Jewry, we must appreciate their attitudes and reactions to secularity in general, and the modern Enlightenment in particular.

Bruria Hutner David, in “The Dual Role of Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Chajes: Traditionalist and Maskil” (1971), states that the end of the eighteenth century marked the beginning of a new era in European history. European Jewry was directly affected by contemporary events. Jewish history often paralleled European history. In the political realm the authority of absolute monarchs was crushed with governmental control passing to the people. Similarly, “the Jewish world, too, was swept by the revolutionary quake which shook western Europe. The new motto of ‘liberty, equality and fraternity’ spelled the downfall of economic and social barriers between Jew and non-Jew. . . ghetto walls came tumbling down it became the life ambition of many Jews to be accepted by the ‘outside’ world.” 10 It was within this framework that the haskalah movement was born and nurtured. The literature of the period called for “change and enlightenment” in Jewish life. David quotes Salo W. Baron who defines haskalah as “a pre-emancipation rapprochement with the environment”. Rapprochement, and a union, with the outside world constituted the core of the movement. 11

The seeds of the successes gained in Jewish education after the Second World War were already sown in Europe two hundred years earlier by the leading Rabbinic and Talmudic figures. Haskalah had called for a “drastic change in the curriculum of the Jewish school in Germany and Eastern Europe, where secular studies were completely disregarded.” In striving to “normalize” Jewish life, it proclaimed “the ideal of . . . agricultural pursuit . . . as….. cure for the sorely tired Ghetto Jewry”. It “sought….. to shatter ancient forms and patterns of thought and behavior. In short, Haskala aspired to reform Jewish life socially, religiously and aesthetically.” 12

Opposed to this tendency towards “reform” were the rabbis and traditional leaders of European Jewry. Haskalah was confronted with the representatives of halachah. The halachah had literally been “the way” in which Jews had lived, and haskalah was its antithesis. In Western Europe the Enlightenment prevailed, in Eastern Europe its Hebraized progeny, haskalah, met a formidable foe: halachah. David’s description of the confrontation between Orthodoxy (as the embodiment of halachah, and haskalah in Europe, touches at the root struggle between Orthodoxy and its opponents not only in Europe, but in the re-established Jewish communities of America:

The tendency to turn towards the outside world and the resultant attempt to reform Jewish life led the Orthodox camp to a bitter battle against haskalah. Hasidim and mitnagdim, although opposed to each other, joined hands and closed ranks against their common maskilim enemies. The essence of the Jewish spirit would be jeopardized by the assimilatory tendencies of haskalah. The inner urge to be accepted by the non-Jewish world would wreak havoc in Jewish life. The unique nature of Judaism as a religious entity of its own and its structure of communal life would be challenged. Thus the translation of the Pentateuch into German by Moses Mendelssohn (1729-1786), the first fruit of haskalah in Germany, was banned by the leading rabbinic figures of the age. The battle extended from Germany and Austria, where it was headed by Rabbis Pinhas Horowitz and Ezekiel Landau, to Hungary, under the leadership of Rabbi Moses Schreiber, and eastwards to Russia. It was indeed an age of storm and strife with far-reaching effects on the course of Jewish history. 13

The “storm and strife” was no mere gentlemanly encounter between opposing camps. Jewish maskilim working in tandem with anti-Semitic governments conspired to impose their notions of Jewish education by force. The best known example of this trend in the history of yeshivah education is the forced closing of the Volozhin Yeshivah in 1892 by the Russian authorities. Volozhin, known as the “mother of yeshivas” had been founded by Reb Chaim Volozhiner (1749-1821) a close talmid (student) and disciple of Rabbi Eliyahu of Vilna, “The Vilner Gaon”, (1720-1797). It was the prototype of the Lithuanian style yeshivahs of the modern era. The main issue involved the compulsory introduction of secular studies into the yeshivah curriculum. Rabbi Naftoli Tzvi Yehuda Berlin, “The Netziv”, (1816-1893), as the rosh yeshiva (dean) of Volozhin refused to accept the government’s demands, which resulted in closure.

Aharon Surasky in Giants of Jewry (1982), states that the Jewish maskilim in Russia constantly sought ways to close down the yeshivah. They attempted to destroy it internally by seducing small numbers of students away from their talmudic learning and undertake university studies. External assaults on the yeshivah included informing government circles about the yeshivah’s opposition to secular studies. In 1858 the yeshivah was officially closed but remained functionally open as Rabbi Berlin attempted to negotiate with government authorities. 14

By 1880, writes Surasky, the situation had grown worse:

The maskilim grew more persistent, and an editorial in Hameilitz openly demanded changes. Netziv, as Rosh Yeshiva, remained firm in his position to guard at all costs the purity of his sacred trust. In a private letter to the editor of Hameilitz, Netziv writes, “you must understand that we appreciate the value of our sacred Talmud more than you, and we know that just as undefiled chulin defiles kodesh through contact, so do secular studies, even when there is no impurity in them, disturb the sanctity of the Talmud and the success of its study when they come together.” 15

The struggle grew more vicious as the Tsarist education ministry, egged on by the petitions of maskilim, began to attack the yeshivah in new ways. There were decrees that the number of students be reduced, and orders that special courses in the study of Russian language and literature be included in the curriculum. It was insisted that all students be taught secular studies no fewer than two hours per day. The coup de grace came on January 22, 1892, when the yeshivah was surrounded by “hundreds of peasants commanded by dozens of policemen . . . . Some government officials stepped into the beis hamidrosh and ordered the students to stop learning, while a police captain read out to Netziv the government order closing the yeshivah. . . . The officials demanded that the students leave the building immediately. Their job was not only to close the institution but also to lock the building and seal its doors.” 16

In a general overview of Europe, David has stated that although the haskalah campaign ranged over the entire European front throughout the nineteenth century, the form it assumed varied from country to country. “In this respect, too, Jewish development echoed and followed the pattern of the general enlightenment.” Quoting Carlton J. H. Hayes’ A Political and Social History of Modern Europe (1929), David says that as a general rule, “‘the further west one went . . . the larger proportion of liberals one found, and conversely, the further east one went . . . the larger proportion of conservatives one encountered.’ The same holds true for the haskalah movement, except that Germany should be substituted for France.” 17

David observes that it was in Germany that the greatest number of Jews were swayed by the forceful trends of haskalah, only to be followed by the greatest number of conversions. The haskalah ideology gradually moved across Europe. At first to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, then to Lithuania, and finally to Russia. However, “when it did penetrate the more eastern sections, it did not receive as hearty a welcome as in western Europe. It encountered strong resistance of the traditional orthodox masses of Jewry.” 18

The significance of the “unsettlement” of Jewish life in Europe cannot be over-emphasized. The tenor of Jewish life in America was set by the cultural wars in Europe between haskalah and halachah, modernity and tradition. At the centre of this struggle lay the domain of education. Each side conducted deliberate, systematic, and sustained efforts to transmit, acquire, or evoke its point of view. We have already noted that haskalah called for a drastic change in the curriculum of the Jewish school. This call varied in content from country to country, but its aim was always the same: rapprochement with the secular environment.

Western and eastern European Jewry reacted differently to enlightenment reforms. Educational reform was a reliable litmus test of how far enlightenment had penetrated Jewish minds. Thus, when in 1782, Emperor Joseph II of Austria issued the Patent of Tolerance, ordering the abolition of an offensive body tax, and granted permission to Jews to engage in commerce and send their children to public schools, there were two main responses:

The Jews of Trieste, then under Austrian rule, responded with joy to the revolution in education introduced by the law. In Galicia, on the other hand, there was anger and consternation. This section was geographically part of Poland, a center of pulsating orthodox life. While the Partitions of Poland brought the greater part of that country under Russian rule, Galicia was annexed by Austria. These Polish Jews reacted with fury at the mere thought of abandoning the traditional setup of hadarim. The abolition of this system was the dream of the maskilim, but was viewed as a great catastrophe by the masses of Galician Jews. 19

Thus, an image of Europe at peace with itself as it marched towards two world wars is as fallacious as that of European Jewry sitting idly as catastrophe beckoned. Jewry was afflicted by internal resistance against those who would change its traditional character. Externally there arose particularly vengeful and anti-Semitic European regimes that threatened Jews throughout Europe. The relationship between internal turmoil and external threats was complicated and not easy to define. The scholar and observer had to reach into his philosophy of life and weltanschauung to define the “nexus between idea and act”, between body and mind or between the metaphysical and the tangible. The traditional Jewish thinkers, chazal or the talmidei chachomim, the Talmudic sages, did not shirk from interpreting, however cautiously, the unfolding patterns of history.

One such personality was Rabbi Elchonon Bunim Wasserman (1874-1941), one of Jewry’s greatest scholars and leaders before his execution by Nazi forces in Lithuania. Popularly known as “Reb Elchonon”, he was an active force among the millions of Jews in eastern Europe and was among those “who achieved first rank in the Torah empire of Poland and Lithuania.” 20

In an essay entitled “An Analysis of the Jewish Tragedy–Its Causes and Solution”, Rabbi Wasserman writes that “in our approach to a solution of the Jewish problem we must attempt to discover the cause which, in so short a period of time, has brought upon the great majority of world Jewry untold miseries which have not had their like since the destruction of the Temple.” He states openly that to seek natural causes for this phenomenon would be futile because “all the events of contemporary Jewish history are beyond the laws of the natural course of human history.” As proof of this, he points out that “Hitler’s phenomenal rise from paperhanger to the position of the all powerful master of the destinies of nations is inexplicable by the normal course of human history.” His conclusion is that “our only recourse is to turn to the Torah. There we shall find both the explanation of and the cure for our malady.” 21 At the heart of this “cure” lay the domain of Jewish education.

Jewish Education and Jewish Survival
at the Edge of the Abyss


“The Renaissance of Torah must start with the small child, for youth is the foundation of a nation…. It is essential that we organize elementary schools to instruct the young in the study of Chumash and the commentary of Rashi which brilliantly links the Written Law with the Oral Law of the Talmud. Such a course cannot fail to instill in their hearts faith in the knowledge of the rudiments and fundamentals of Torah, and an adequate preparation for the study of Mishna and Talmud. “— Rabbi Wasserman

Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman, reflecting rabbinic thinking, draws on Talmudic and Rabbinical sources when he states that:

Whenever, in the course of history the Jew loses consciousness of his heritage and mission in life, it becomes necessary that his enemies rouse him and restore him to the possession of his faculties. The magnitude of his enemies and the severity of the methods they employ in awakening the Jew depend entirely on the intensity of the latter’s lethargy. 22

According to Rabbi Wasserman then, the upshot of haskalah and the enlightenment movement was to bring about a national “lethargy” amongst Jews. This brought them face to face with myriads of enemies. “When the Jew completely ignores the covenant which God made with his ancestors and desires to live like other peoples of the earth, then hordes of beastly anti-Semites swoop down upon him with terrific force and fury, as is the case in our own day.” The major problem, as perceived by Rabbi Wasserman, was the denial of faith, and it was impossible to reach faith except through the study of Torah.


Since the Torah is forsaken by a great portion of our people, faith is also weakened accordingly. It becomes apparent in the final analysis, that the reason for our present plight, unparalleled in Jewish history, must be attributed to the abandonment of the study of Torah. . . . If this prime cause of all our ills shall be removed, we shall, of ourselves, become cured . . . . It is but for us to seek this salvation, by attempting to spread Torah in Israel . . . . No other method can, therefore, avail us. 23

What emerges is that Torah study is viewed, as the raison d’etre of Jewish survival and existence. Abandonment of Torah by Jewry becomes an invitation to anti-Semitic reprisal, claimed the rabbis. The sharper the turn away from Torah, the deeper the potential backlash against Jews. The thinking of the traditional Jewish sages was that only by strengthening Torah study as the primary element of Jewish education, can Jews feel secure about their existence. There is no other way to ensure Jewish survival. There was a clear sense of “unsettlement” and there was alarm that a catastrophe was approaching. Once the catastrophe arrived, there were those who believed that they knew why it was the latest in a long chain of persecutions.

Irving J. Rosenbaum in The Holocaust and Halakhah (1976) declares that the mistaken assumption that the Holocaust was without precedent in Jewish experience has not only spawned an entire literature of “Holocaust theology”, but also has been responsible “for an almost total unawareness of the role played by the Halakhah in the lives and deaths of the Holocaust’s victims.” No matter how great the inroads of haskalah, when the executioners appeared, the Jews were still able to draw on the legacy of Torah and halachic education. Indeed, “it has been estimated that more than half of the millions of Jews caught up in the Holocaust observed the mitzvot, the commandments of the Torah, in their daily lives prior to the advent of the Nazis.” 24

Rosenbaum asks whether this commitment to halachah crumbled and disintegrated under the pressures of the “final solution”. or, did it continue to bring not only some semblance of order, but of meaning, sanity, and even sanctity into the lives of the victims? Raul Hilberg in The Destruction of the European Jews (1961) has stated that the reaction pattern of the Jews was characterized by almost complete lack of resistance. “In marked contrast to German propaganda, the documentary evidence of Jewish resistance, overt or submerged is very slight. On a European-wide scale the Jews had no resistance organization, no blueprint for armed action, no plan even for psychological warfare. They were completely unprepared.” Hilberg lists compliance as one of five ways a group can react when confronted by force. In a tone of wonderment he notes that the supreme test of the compliance reaction came in front of the grave “yet here, too, the Jews managed to console themselves.” 25

What kind of paideia was it that helped Jews to cushion the blows against them and placed events into a framework of acceptance? Where lay the strength of the teachings that brought scholars and children alike to accept the horrifying decree with a faith that “all will not be in vain”?

Rosenbaum asserts that “long, long before the Holocaust, the Halakhah had developed its theoretical ‘theology’ and its practical course of action when confronted with such tragic events.” The conclusion is that the halachah was uniquely equipped to adjust to death and suffering: “… In the face of events which would make Job’s trials seem trivial, Jews retained their confident belief in a just creator, whose secret purposes they might not be able to fathom, but whose revealed and clear dictates in the Halakhah they were bound to observe.” 26

When Rabbi Wasserman made his call for strengthening the study of Torah he was in fact calling for the direct strengthening of the observance of halachah. For Rabbi Wasserman, the greater the threat of holocaust, the greater the need for a more vigorous Torah education. It would undo the dangers to Judaism which threaten destruction of Jewry. Thus, he declared that whoever works in the cause of spreading and propagating Torah “promotes the salvation of Israel”. Those who seek to stand from afar should bear in mind the precept “Thou shalt not be indifferent to the blood of thy fellow Jew.” In sum: “Those who are engaged in spreading a denial of Torah in Israel must be considered fully responsible for the Jewish blood being shed in our day.” 27

Rabbi Wasserman asks: “How must this sacred work of spreading Torah be organized?” He then provides an educational outline for what he fervently believes to be the “salvation of Israel”:

The Renaissance of Torah must start with the small child, for youth is the foundation of a nation, particularly in these days, when parents are influenced by their children, rather than children being influenced by their parents. . . . It is essential that we organize elementary schools to instruct the young in the study of Chumash and the commentary of Rashi which brilliantly links the Written Law with the Oral Law of the Talmud. Such a course cannot fail to instill in their hearts faith in the knowledge of the rudiments and fundamentals of Torah, and an adequate preparation for the study of Mishna and Talmud.

The prime prerequisite in such schools is that the teachers in these schools be God fearing and that they practice and live that which they preach.

. . . A good competent staff will attract a great number of pupils for in the innermost recesses of every Jewish heart there is an inextinguishable spark of love for Torah. It needs only to be blown into a bright flame. 28

Rabbi Wasserman’s confidence in the “inextinguishable spark of love for Torah” in the heart of every Jew was not unique, it was shared by those who survived and rebuilt the Torah way of life in America.

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  4. Moreover, it is precisely the nations that were the most tolerant of Juden, to say, America, Britain and germany that suffered the worst from jew depredations, so don’t tell me about “antisemitism is good for jews”.
    Spain and Byzantium did just fine.

    i am starting to suspect that Jews are liars … could there be something to that, hmm?

    Not sure if antisemitism is good for jews but it definitely seems to be good for antisemites.

  5. “….a scholarly Jewish writer, argues that anti-Semitism is good for the Jews in that it makes them stronger.”

    The Pharisee-Jew writer was remembering the kol nidre chant when that was written. If he wasn’t…. he was not kosher.

    Remembering kol nidre…. means the statement is a lie. The opposite is correct. It really means your words and exposures are working… stop being critical of Pharisee-Jews..!! Stop shining the light on our evil works…!!

    The rest of the 4788 words(+ or – a few)… are used to support a lie.

    I am not anti-Semitic, anyway…. I am anti-Pharisee-Jew. 🙂

  6. I did actually read this turgid and “psycho-babblese” article. Like the Jewish religion in its essence it talks only about the Jews. Nothing about love of God. The only reference is to a just creator God who let them down by allowing to be supposedly holocausted. Thus a religion that began as vehicle for the Hebrews ( twelve tribes) to worship the one God millenia ago has become a hateful cult of one tribe, the sons of Judah, that exults in the slaughter of its enemies e.g. Passover celebrates the murder of the Egyptian first born and Purim the slaughter of Persians. We can see the Jewish obsession with impermanence in their desire to dwell in the supposedly eternal holy land of Israel for the utter and asinine nonsense it is. The fault line for the African Rift Valley begins at the Golan Heights, proceeds down the Jordan Valley and so on. In 50,000 years or so it will be one big ocean, but the Jews will still be paying off the adverse Karma they have accrued for their bestial policies of genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and other horrific mass murders perpetrated in furthering the goals of their race.
    Contrast this with the beauty and universal love of God and humanity expressed in The Sermon on the Mount or Jesus exhorting his disciples to be perfect as their Father in Heaven is perfect. Contrast the pernicious Christ hating filth of the Talmud with soaring and uplifting spiritual beauty of the Bhagavad Gita (literally Song of God)
    Chapter 18 Translation Juan Mascaro.
    Verse 50. Hear now how he then reaches Brahman, the highest vision of Light.
    Verse 51. When the vision is clear, and in steadiness the soul is in harmony; when the world of sound and other senses is gone, and the spirit has risen above passion and hate;
    Verse 52. When a man dwells in the solitude of silence, and meditation and contemplation are ever with him; when too much food does not disturb his health, and his thoughts and words and body are in peace; when freedom from passion is his constant will;
    Verse 53. And his selfishness and violence and pride are gone; when lust and anger and greediness are no more, and he is free from the thought ‘this is mine’; then this man has risen on the mountain of the Highest; he is worthy to be one with Brahman, with God.

    1. [OFF-TOPIC]


      Thanks for those verses from the Bhagavad-Gita. They are truly stunning! I’ve never read Mascaro’s translation and must make a point of doing so. My own version of the Gita is by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood. Isherwood translates the sublimest bits of the book into free verse.

      The verses you have quoted above from Chapter 18 are translated by Isherwood thus:

      Learn from me now
      O son of Kunti,
      How man made perfect
      Is one with Brahman,
      The goal of wisdom.

      When the mind and the heart
      Are freed from delusion,
      United with Brahman,
      When steady will
      Has subdued the senses,
      When sight and taste
      And sound are abandoned
      Without regretting,
      Without aversion;

      When man seeks solitude,
      Eats but little,
      Curbing his speech,
      His mind and his body,
      Ever engaged
      In his meditation
      On Brahman the truth,
      And full of compassion;

      When he casts from him
      Vanity, violence,
      Pride, lust, anger
      And all his possessions,
      Totally free
      From the sense of ego
      And tranquil of heart:
      That man is ready
      For oneness with Brahman.

      1. Lasha,
        I have Isherwood’s version of the Gita. In fact I have 5 different translations of the Gita, including a massive two volume set by Yogananda in which he explains the deeper hidden meanings. However, for the “music” Mascaro is my favourite. Must be his Majorcan blood.

      2. Felix,

        This seems to be the best English translation. I got one by Winthrop Sargeant. The same place:

        Learn from Me briefly, Arjuna,
        How one who has attained perfection
        Also attains Brahman,
        Which is the highest state of

        You can get it here for free. But I couldn’t find Mascaro.

      3. Rousso.
        I’d love to send you a copy of Juan Mascaro’s Gita, but alas I only have it in a hard copy. Like yourself I’ve been trying to obtain a pdf copy for years. However, I think you could obtain a Russian translation from
        Boom Shankar?! I think you have at some stage of your life, paid homage to Lord Shiva by placing a chillum to your forehead? Yes, consorting with Sadhus, who follow Shivaji, on the Konkan or Kerala coast can be a most edifying experience indeed. Achaa! Achaa!

  7. I read the article, slowly and carefully, and humbly suggest that it is only worth reading if you are ignorant of Jewish propaganda regarding WW2, and take a keen interest in the historical details of inter-tribal religious squabbling in what amounts to a very tiny percentage of the worlds population who as this article demonstrates, view themselves as the centre of the world.

  8. “‘Without persecution,’ it has been said, ‘Jews would have assimilated and disappeared as a people, a religion and an ethos.’ ”
    Blatant Lie.
    They were not persecuted in ancient Rome; on the contrary they were coddled yet they never assimilated. The Roman state gave a measure of free grain to each family in Rome on a given day of the month. They petitioned for theirs to be given separately, on days of their choosing to avoid being inconvenienced by having to pick it up on days that happened to be Jewish holidays. Nice not to have to sand in line with the Goyim too. Caesar allowed it. Special arrangements were made.
    They petitioned to be excused form military service– it interfered with their religion. They were excused.
    “Sorcery” in the form of divination for profit was banned and punished. It had become a racket used to induce credulous Roman matrons to give their wealth to the sorcerer. The Jews petitioned to be excluded from the ban as it interfered with their religion. Several Roman emperors granted them the exclusion, including Augustus.
    Not only no persecution but special privileges. Did they assimilate? Far from it.
    What Jews always mean by persecution — in between the popular outbursts of “we’ve had enough” ire (i.e., pogroms) — is being refused special rights. That is why they view their history as an unbroken suffering under dire and irrational persecution.
    It’s Judaism, stupid.
    Anti-semitism is not only an intra-tribal propaganda weapon to keep the Jews scared of the bad Goyim and unable to liberate themselves (“assimilate”) but also to intimidate the Goyim, to induce guilt, to extract reparations and more special rights.
    The removal of legal restrictions against them always emboldened them to act more decisively as a monolith in their anti-national, anti-Christian campaign to undermine the nations that sheltered them. They certainly showed their gratitude to the Romanovs for emancipating them, didn’t they? See also Lobro’s examples of America, Britain and Germany.
    Jews don’t assimilate, they only dissimulate.
    Despite their professions of ethnicity being the essential requirement for Jewish identity, they never hesitate to annihilate the ethnic Jew who strayed out of Judaism. In ancient Rome they were active in encouraging the slaughter of Christians by spying and denouncing them even though back then the majority of Christians were ethnic Jews.
    Mother, lineage, amputation on day 8 to donate to the big Prepuce Collector called Yahweh are secondary to membership in the Tribe. Look at Vanunu.
    It’s Judaism, stupid.

    1. Love what you say, Ariadna! You speak like the Delphic Oracle. But calm down, dear lady, or you will burst a blood vessel! 🙂

      1. What specifically in my diction gives you the impression I am not calm, Sardonicus?
        I am so calm I am sleepy and was just thinking of taking an early siesta.
        One can speak FORCEFULLY while being very calm, believe me. I am a long-distance swimmer, my breathing never becomes irregular just because I am talking/writing about Jews. But I appreciate your concern.

        1. Tut tut, Ariadna, methinks the lady doth protest too much! 🙂

          I think I may have been wrong to give the impression that you had “lost your cool.” That’s not what I meant to suggest. I guess I was a bit impressed by your emotional intensity. I’d like to assure you that, in the circles in which I move, emotional intensity is not necessarily frowned upon or regarded as an unacceptable anomaly. 🙂

    2. It is what they do……

      There landed yesterday at Southampton from the transport Cheshire over 600 so-called refugees, their passages having been paid out of the Lord Mayor’s Fund. . .There was scarce a hundred of them that had, by right, deserved such help, and these were the Englishmen of the party. The rest were Jews. . . . When the Relief Committee passed by they hid their gold and fawned and whined, and, in broken English, asked for money for their train fare.”Daily Mail, February 3, 1900

  9. We do not care if Jews live or die, we just don’t want them living with us. Why is it so important for Jews to live among an alien people when Israel a country filled with warm, friendly, like minded Jews is only a short trip away? Israel was created to end this kind of kyke sophistry and still they persist in their persecution bullshit.

  10. ” a scholarly Jewish writer, argues that anti-Semitism is good for the Jews in that it makes them stronger.”
    In that case Jews should gratefully worship anti-semites, not hound and jail them. Worship all those they brand as “anti-semites,” like the “deniers”. Erect a statue to David irving in Tel Aviv, for example.

    1. Ariadna,

      The writer means that anti-Semitism is indirectly good for the Jews. It keeps them on the qui vive, ever on the alert, and it sharpens their survival instincts. I forget who it was who said, “If anti-Semitism didn’t exist, the Jews would have to invent it.”

      Whenever there is a lull in anti-Semitism and things begin to look a bit too rosy for the Jews, the Big Jews get worried and say to themselves, “What can we do to stir up some more anti-Semitism?”

      Reflect: many Jewish cemeteries have been violated by Jews pretending to be anti-Semites. As for swastikas scrawled on walls, Jews are often behind that. Of course anti-Semitism is good for the Jews! — or they wouldn’t go out of their way to scrawl swastikas on walls, whipping up anti-Semitism deliberately.

      Take a look at this guy:×920.jpg

      1. ariadnatheo & Sard (fine explanation by the way).

        ” a scholarly Jewish writer, argues that anti-Semitism is good for the Jews in that it makes them stronger.”

        Maybe the “scholarly Jewish writer” is trying to instill a kind of antisemitism vaccine into Darkmoon’s by discouraging critics from posters : “you’re wasting your time and we’re benefiting from it, hi hi!” [suggesting we’d better stop being an ass and give up fueling Jewry].

  11. Considering that the Holocaust is now a mystical subject that is legally protected from historical inquiry, then it is pointless bringing it to this debate. Consequently, the opening paragraph is a distraction.

    The next seven paragraphs are a tautology — Jews behave as they do because of anti-semitism which is a reaction to Jewish behaviour. So which came first?

    “The twentieth century may be dubbed “the century of anti-Semitism”.

    No it may not. Not even close. The 20th Century has been labelled the Jewish Century and for good reason: both World Wars were fought on behalf of Jewish supremacists. These cultural and financial behemoths can easily be identified.

    Which brings us to the solution of that tautology — if the 20th Century is actually the Jewish Century then how can it be the century of anti-Semitism? If Jewish power reached its current zenith in the previous 100 years, then the anti-semitism must be a reaction to that power.

    Of course, the writer is telling us a fundamental truth but hiding it behind deliberate cognitive dissonance. Jews know full well that anti-semitism is exploited by Jews to increase their power. I noticed he doesn’t quote Theodor Herzl who explicitly states that anti-semitism is a Jewish tool to power.

    So if Jews encourage anti-semitism, what is the source of anti-semitism? Given Jewish statements on their use of anti-semitism and their ascension to complete power in the 20th Century, I think we we can dismiss anti-semitism as a free agent in this matter. It is a reaction to Jewish power and it is exploited to further Jewish power.

    Now, onwards to the Talmud. Reading through these paragraphs, all I can discern is adulation and worship of the Talmud. Apparently it is the well-spring of Jewish identity and success. Therefore educating the young in Torah study and reverence is essential in preserving that identity.

    “What kind of paideia was it that helped Jews to cushion the blows against them and placed events into a framework of acceptance?”

    Ah, now I understand the point the writer is making in these paragraphs: it is study of the Torah that provides consolation for the Jew in times of persecution. This is a another tautology once you realize that the writer does not describe what lies within the Talmud.

    Could it be that the Talmud is the well-spring of the Jewish supremacist mindset that triggers anti-semitism; that deliberately encourages anti-semitism? I also note the use of the word “paideia” — intentionally provokative? There is no similarity between the Talmud and Classical Western education.

    It was an interesting read, if only to experience the circular reasoning, sly digs and the manufacture of cognitive dissonance. Of course I learned absolutely nothing.

    1. @ Flopot

      Thanks for your critique.

      “Of course I learned absolutely nothing.”

      Which is why I am not going to read the article. Liars lie. Jews are liars. I already know that. The title gives it away.

      The reason the jews use the term “anti-semite” is because the true terms of “anti-liar” and “anti-evil” for jews are too revealing.

  12. Hello Sister Monica, just to show what an assiduous disciple i am, let me do a miniessay on the following (see i am still 14 hours later, laboring over the jew reading material)

    In the face of events which would make Job’s trials seem trivial, Jews retained their confident belief in a just creator, whose secret purposes they might not be able to fathom, but whose revealed and clear dictates in the Halakhah they were bound to observe.”

    It is indeed an illuminating article and contrary to some, well worth a careful read, because in the dark corners ignored and unswept are the gems of insight into the jew mentality.

    This shows you that Jews accept that they are some sinister deity’s mindless machines, they don’t understand its goals and motives but are content to obey the letter of the Law.
    it not only releases them from any moral obligations, acting as an overarching umbrella (is this why they wear the broad brimmed hats, so god cannot recognize their individual evil?), it actually prohibits them from ever considering a good, kind deed on their own – the lesson of king Saul told at Purim (I think, or is it Yom Kippur).

    But they get caught in the trap of their own making: given that they are clueless about what their god is up to, how do they tell him apart from the multitude of other, equally incomprehensible deities, whence their “confident belief in a JUST creator“?
    (Just? what does this word mean to a jew?)
    Only one way: blind allegiance to their rabbis, the learned elders of Talmud.
    Whatever they say, goes, don’t ask questions, because it is their job to know, yours to follow their wicked dictates and enjoy the perversions that license gives you as well as the material gains denied to every other people – this is the proof of the powerful pudding of Talmud.

  13. The article is so boring, and so pointless regarding anti-semitism that I think the post shouldn’t be called like that. It is in fact an excerpt from a book about Jewish education in America. This topic is interesting, and indeed anti-semitism is important for the Jews as a crucial factor in the process of formation of their self-identification and outlook. But this article does not expose it.

  14. Rabbi Wasserman is a righteous man . a wise scholar ,he spoke the truth
    which part of what he wrote you didn’t like ?
    or are you just a typical anti Semites , you hate Jews just for the hick of it.
    The Jewish people are going no where ,and by the way , I say this to you
    you miserable people ,hate is consuming your brains and fact
    you are soulless zombies.
    this site is trying to be balanced and fair , but it’s too little and too late
    your stench reached the high heavens.

    1. @ Monk

      “…your stench reached the high heavens.”

      Funny, I didn’t smell anything until you posted.

  15. It is ludicrous to deny that jews have great power in America, and that has led to America being the most hated country in the world. This is tragic because Americans are the most kind, generous people on the planet. I am old enough and well-travelled enough to be able to say that. Jewish control of finance, the media and government is the main reason Jews are resented. They control Congress and make sure that foreign policy is approved by Tel Aviv.

    Jews should look to the Jewish Lobby to see why anti-semitism is rising. It is the Jews’ worst enemy.

  16. To understand how antisemitism makes the Jews stronger and more united, watch this short interview of Israeli singer that I posted in another topic for Lobro. Just look at her, listen to her and think what she might feel if she came here and spent a couple of weeks reading the comments.

    Mor Karbasi

      1. She might become scared of such hateful people, and begin to feel that she is not safe outside her tribe. Because this hatred she might find baseless and preposterous. Taking into consideration that she is a normal and likeable person, and also intelligent, nice and talented, I guess that she might be right if she thought like that. You, for example, are much less intelligent, if at all, and for sure not likeable.

      2. Rousso,
        I would very much like her to come on this website. As you say she seems intelligent and personable. I would ask if she knew anyone from the Sharaf or Awad families. I do, and I am extremely proud to call them friends. The Sharafs are Palestinian Muslims and the Awads, Palestinian Christians. They were, like the Husseini and the Habash families, very prominent in Palestine prior to the genocide and ethnic cleansing that commenced in the forties with the establishment of the barbaric and atavistic Zionist Entity. They are true semites, not pseudo-semites from Khazaria. See how our Jewish friends have corrupted the English language. They’ve even had the effrontery to steal the racial identity from the true Semitic Palestinians.
        Imagine if you will, the Iceni, led by a latter day Boudicca, landing in England and saying to the English, “Go back to Germany, Denmark and France. This is our land. God gave it to us!” See how absurd the concept of Israel truly is!

      3. And the point is, Felix?

        She is about 30. Is she responsible for the expulsion of the Palestinians? Come on, man. You reckon, she is responsible for the Deir Yassin massacre? For the terrorist attacks of the Irgun?

        I am not talking about Israel, Felix. I am talking about people.

        But to comment on the statements regarding their origins, I can reference some articles and books on this topic. For example, The Invention of the Jewish People. In this book professor Sand quotes a passage from another book. The first prime minister of Israel expresses his opinion about the Palestinians, making it clear that he considers them to be the former Jews.

        That assumption has been confirmed by genetic studies.

        High-resolution Y chromosome haplotypes of Israeli and Palestinian Arabs reveal geographic substructure and substantial overlap with haplotypes of Jews

        You perhaps are not as informed about Israel as I am, because I know that most of the Israeli Jews are Sephardi or Mizrahi. I know that Ashkenazi Jews comprise about 45% of them all.

        Also, one research estimates that Ashkenazi Jews descend from 350 people that migrated to Europe 8 centuries ago, and that their genome is at least 50% European as a result of of mixing.

        That supports professor Sand’s opinion that most Jews are successors of converted people, but so are the Palestinians too.

      4. And the point is, Rousso, my learned friend. Is no, she is 30 and had nothing to do with the expulsion and Genocide, however is she AWARE, that when she walks down the streets of Jerusalem, it used to be Arab? Palestinian for millenia. Does the average citizen of the Zionist Entity even think of the people they have murdered and dispossessed? The Arab villages they have erased from the maps? Look at the ongoing horrors being perpetrated against the unfortunate Gazans! Go to youtube and check out the plethora of videos showing Israelis exulting in the deaths of Arabs. No, Zionism and its religious vehicle of Judaism is an atavistic cult (a big one, mind you) that enslaves its members at birth. Some have managed to break free e.g Gilad Atzmon, Victor Ostrovsky, Vanunu et al. To be quite frank, I put Jews on a par with the Moonies, Scientologists and the Mormons. A super combination of all three. It reminds me of the remark by King Mongkut of Thailand about Christianity. “What the Christians are taught to do is good! What they are taught to believe is stupid!” He was of course referring to the corruption and theology of Christianity that came about at the Council of Nicea and later in the 6th Century when they banned the teaching of rebirth. BTW, The vote at Nicea was extremely close, the losers having to flee for their lives. My take on Judaism is what they are taught to do is evil! What they believe is both evil and stupid! The goal of any religion should the enlightenment and freedom, real spiritual freedom of its followers. Sorry, but Judaism doesn’t cut the mustard. As I’ve stated in previous posts look at the Passover and Purim, both these festivals celebrate the murder of perceived enemies of the Jews.
        Lastly are Jews exhorted to practice this sort of thing towards all beings? From the Dhammapada, translation Juan Mascaro
        Chapter 1
        Verse 2 What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: our life is the creation of our mind.
        If a man speaks or acts with a pure mind, joy follows him as his own shadow.
        Verse 3. ‘He insulted me, he hurt me, he defeated me, he robbed me’ Those who think such thoughts will not be free from hate.
        Verse 4. ‘He insulted me, he hurt me, he defeated me, he robbed me.’ Those who think not such thoughts will be free from hate.
        Verse 5. For hate is not conquered by hate: hate is conquered by love. This law is eternal.
        Jesus also forgave and taught his followers to forgive. I don’t see anything like that taught by the Jewish religion. It’s all about the Law and Vengeance and we can see this in the actions of the Jews running the IMF and the banking system. It’s all very well saying it isn’t ordinary Jews, but when are they going to speak out and denounce their compatriots? They continually demand this of Muslims. Look at the abuse heaped on Bishop Tutu when he suggested it was time to forgive the Germans!
        So let’s not get casuistic here, I have two questions. Do Jews have any compassion or remorse for the Palestinians? Is it in the nature of Jews to forgive?

      5. Rousso –

        “You perhaps are not as informed about Israel as I am, because”…… you live and work in Haifa..!! 🙂

        All of what you wrote that you know has been posted on this site dozens of times… some even hundreds of times.

        You are not more informed about every issue than everyone here. You keep repeating that lie.

        Now, you attempt to discredit another who has helped you… AGAIN..!!

        You seem to have the disease affecting many Pharisee-Jews – Amaurotic family idiocy.

        And since you know all about all you should know all ther is to know about it already, having spoken to your Pharisee-Jew doctor about it. Company provided for you in Haifa. 🙂

        Lancet report on Amaurotic family idiocy:

  17. I’m probably one of those who Poupon was probably referencing in his comments. I write off the top of my head, make spelling errors, and grammar errors. Sometimes I rant. I do think there are some scholars who write for Darkmoon, though, and generally the commenters are knowledgeable. It is a forum for free speech, and that can mean half formed ideas. In the dark of the moon not everything is so clear. When we write from the heart freely then we open up to hidden truths. As oppression grows and our freedoms are taken away, we need places where it’s possible to still speak. I appreciate Darkmoon and the Admin. Thank you.

    1. kapoore
      I can’t understand you ,really
      how come someone like you post in this site ,an anti Semite one .
      you are betraying your Jewish husband trust ,your in-laws and your children
      where is your conscious ?,how can you sleep at night.?
      where is your morals.,your self esteem ?
      how can you be like that , a patron and friendly to such deplorables
      and morally sick people ,oh I mean animals
      yes these anti Semites are animals ,are you an animal?

  18. Having grown up in rural Virginia, I did not experience contact with the odius behaviors of Jewry so much as some of my contemporaries experienced growing up in more urban places farther north. The ethnic (Sephardic) Jews with whom I was acquainted were well-acclimated among us, had beautiful girls in their families, and were seemingly diligent in their work habits. It took until my college years (there was a Jewish fraternity among the others at my school) and my business life to experience any brush with the negatives, so anti-judism was not part of my repertoire of childhood. That being said, it is understandable how many Jews – having been taught FROM CHILDHOOD that the rest of us despise them – are so ready to recoil at the slightest inference of questioning their integrity. However, the Jews I encountered in New York and New Jersey gave a bad representation of their tribe compared to the ones of my youth. Consideration of the filthy Talmud aside, I believe their ideas of persecution are TAUGHT them from childhood, as was my ignorance fostered by my own sheltered young life. Reading the articles and comments in Darkmoon has certainly been edifying and enlightening! However, if I were a Jew like those with whom I was acquainted as a child, I can understand how they’d (the articles and comments) would be divisive and seem to be inciteful of “hate”. Nowadays, there is no Jew I do not hold “suspect” – but I still like to afford each one the benefit of doubt. 🙂

    1. Hi Gilbert,
      On a personal level I find that most Jews I meet are decent and funny people. This was particularly so when I was young. Later in life (Mainly in America) I have met some Jews who have been so obnoxius that they must leave a trail of anti-semitic gentiles behind them.

      Like you, I like to take people as individuals, but I am now wary of Jews, and that is not blind prejudice, but the result of experience. I think there are many like us who will not admit it

      1. Like the rest of us – Jews are not necessarily a monolithic people. Some of the challenges they encounter due to their ethnicity are the main instigators of their peculiarities. I’ve had many girlfriends, and a Jewess I remember to be a wonderful lover and stunningly beautiful. (Maybe it’s because the girls don’t have to endure “bar mitzvah”!)

      2. Hi Gilbert,
        I harbor no hatred against individual Jews if they are decent people, but I do not accept Jewish Power. Jewish control of finance, the media and the government is blatant in America but less so in Europe. If I say that nowadays I am accused of being anti-semitic, so I am resigned to saying that if resisting Jewish Power is anti-semitic then you can call me an anti-semite.

        Jews in America 1 in 60, in Britain 1 in 200, in the world 1 in 500

        Our best weapon is the truth.

      3. Gil –

        Your mistake exonerates you…. a good thing…. a great thing. 🙂

        Girls – bat – come of age at 12.
        Boys – bar – come of age at 13.
        No ceremony is required for either.


        Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah

        “Bar Mitzvah” literally means “son of the commandment.” “Bar” is “son” in Aramaic, which used to be the vernacular of the Jewish people. “Mitzvah” is “commandment” in both Hebrew and Aramaic.

        “Bat” is daughter in Hebrew and Aramaic. (The Ashkenazic pronunciation is “bas”). Technically, the term refers to the child who is coming of age, and it is strictly correct to refer to someone as “becoming a bar (or bat) mitzvah.” However, the term is more commonly used to refer to the coming of age ceremony itself, and you are more likely to hear that someone is “having a bar mitzvah” or “invited to a bar mitzvah.”

        So what does it mean to become a bar mitzvah? Under Jewish Law, children are not obligated to observe the commandments, although they are encouraged to do so as much as possible to learn the obligations they will have as adults. At the age of 13 (12 for girls), children become obligated to observe the commandments. The bar mitzvah ceremony formally, publicly marks the assumption of that obligation, along with the corresponding right to take part in leading religious services, to count in a minyan (the minimum number of people needed to perform certain parts of religious services), to form binding contracts, to testify before religious courts and to marry.

        A Jewish boy automatically becomes a bar mitzvah upon reaching the age of 13 years, and a girl upon reaching the age of 12 years. No ceremony is needed to confer these rights and obligations. The popular bar mitzvah ceremony is not required, and does not fulfill any commandment. It is certainly not, as one episode of the Simpsons would have you believe, necessary to have a bar mitzvah in order to be considered a Jew! The bar or bat mitzvah is a relatively modern innovation, not mentioned in the Talmud, and the elaborate ceremonies and receptions that are commonplace today were unheard of as recently as a century ago.

      4. But the Yanks, Arabs, Russians, French, Poles, Turks and Brits that I met, and all sorts of peoples from Caucasus region could be also as obnoxious as Israelis that I met, and at the same time, some Israelis that I met left a pleasant impression on me. In all cases, most people that I met had something sickening about them, being either stupid or insolent, rude or cunning, arrogant or tiresome, et cetera. Nice and interesting people are on all occasions a rare species. Regardless of their origin.

  19. the holohoax is the first lie in this article…

    all other lies proceed from this lie…

    infinitely so…

  20. Jews have no interest in truth, in fact since they profess worship of lie (see Kol Nidre), the truth is treated like a hostile concept, (almost) never mentioned in Talmud.
    Therefore, a Jew only enters a discussion with a gentile in order to manipulate gentile’s convictions, and this requires perverting the truth and establishing a lie.
    This is accomplished by ignoring the holistic body of interest but chopping it down into ever smaller segments that can be attacked separated from the rest in order to avoid getting caught in internal contradictions, conflicts of interest and to derail the discussion away from the contiguous issue and confuse the naïve and earnest gentile who is unaware of this tactics. This is the rabbinical method perfected in Talmudic discourse and it is taught to Jews from the earliest days, which is why Jews seemingly prevail in many debates by constantly changing subject to non-sequitur issues where they can ambush the interlocutor with unrelated traps and shifting focus to the ground of their choice, where they can act as accuser rather than defender, eg, a question of Palestinian massacres quickly devolves to some mythical pogroms in Russia or “burning of thousands of Jews by Jesuits”.
    Yet they will refuse to delve into the real question of why is the hatred and intolerance of Jews so universally widespread from Scotland to Urals, from Estonia to Egypt and the entire European landmass in between – the answer if any is “because Goy is evil or Christianity is evil or Islam is evil”, end of discussion or the focus rapidly shifts elsewhere, eg, 6 million Holocausted Jews, the Super Mario power card.
    But my basic argument is as follows:
    Jews have from their prehistoric days insisted on separation from every single human (or cattle-human, Goy, Akum to use their terminology), as seen in abundance of their texts, such as

    “Behold! It is a nation that will dwell in solitude and not be reckoned among the nations.”(Num. 23:9)

    G-d’s decree that the Jewish People must remain apart, separate from the nations, so as to be cut off from their abominations, and their alien culture.

    Yet, on the other hand, eg, RABBI RABINOVICH’S SPEECH before a special meeting of the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, January 12, 1952, Jew wants to be in the center of Gentile policy making, in the driver’s seat of power where he can wreak maximum structural damage upon the host while ensuring the ability to live parasitically off it

    As you know, we had hoped to have twenty years between wars to consolidate the great gains which we made from World War II, but our increasing numbers in certain vital areas is arousing opposition to us, and we must now work with every means at our disposal to precipitate World War III within five years.

    The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach, and because its fulfillment is so apparent, it behooves us to increase our efforts and our caution tenfold. I can safely promise you that before ten years have passed, our race will take its rightful place in the world, with every Jew a king and every Gentile a slave (Applause from the gathering).

    You remember the success of our propaganda campaign during the 1930’s, which aroused anti-American passions in Germany at the same time we were arousing anti-German passions in America, a campaign which culminated in the Second World War. A similar propaganda campaign is now being waged intensively throughout the world. A war fever is being worked up in Russia by an incessant anti-American barrage while a nation-wide anti-Communist scare is sweeping America.

    So what happens at this juncture, must we hear more on the putative evils of the Inquisition?

    Let me reiterate facts beyond dispute:
    Jews want to jealously maintain their separateness, it is central to their ideology and worldview.
    Gentiles would wish nothing more than to grant them their wish and get rid of their presence in their midst once and for all.
    So what is preventing this from happening?
    The simple fact that Jew also wants to subvert the gentile societies to his complete dominance as the slaveowner who can live in luxury off the labor of those he hates and despises.

    This is the crux of the problem that MUST BE SOLVED.

    The Russians, as well as the Asiatic peoples, are well under control and offer no objections to war, but we must wait to secure the Americans. This we hope to do with the issue of Anti-Semitism, which worked so well in uniting the Americans against Germany. We are counting heavily on reports of anti-Semitic outrages in Russia to whip up indignation in the United States and produce a front of solidarity against the Soviet power.

    Simultaneously, to demonstrate to Americans the reality of anti-Semitism, we will advance through new sources large sums of money to outspokenly anti-Semitic elements in America to increase their effectiveness, and we shall stage Anti-Semitic outbreaks in several of their largest cities. This will serve the double purpose of exposing reactionary sectors in America, which then can be silenced, and of welding the United States into a devoted anti-Russian unit.

    Within five years, this program will achieve its objective, the Third World War, which will surpass in destruction all previous contests. Israel, of course, will remain neutral, and when both sides are devastated and exhausted, we will arbitrate, sending our Control Commissions into all wrecked countries. This war will end for all time our struggle against the Gentiles.

    We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter- racial tensions.

    Is Jew white?
    Again, the old story.
    He most certainly does not consider himself white, seeing that it is his stated goal to exterminate the white race.
    Yet, being in appearance white serves his purpose of concealment and being able to blame the whites for his own crimes, using this to stir up hatred, intolerance and violence among gentile races and nations.
    Light unto nations, indeed.
    Moreover, consider the following aspect of his “debating” arsenal.
    Uniquely among hundreds of the world’s languages, Hebrew has a special term for Jew communicating with (or rather “to”, since he couldn’t care less what the Gentile says) gentiles.
    It is HASBARA.
    Let’s not worry overmuch about what he claims to us to be the meaning, no need for further obfuscation.
    If Jew-Jew dialogue is something other than hasbara, it stands to reason that in general Jew-Jew is truthful, otherwise no point of communicating anything at all.
    Therefore, hasbara has nothing to do with truth, it is lying pernicious to Gentile, any time Jew opens his mouth to talk to gentile, just as Kol Nidre would have it, Jew’s holiest statement, his compact with his deity, annually renewed in all the pomp and solemnity.

    Because of all this, when someone says he is a Jew or I get a strong sense that he is a Jew, discourse is over for me, I know that to ever consider him friend or ally is the exact analogy to the fable of the man picking up a viper and giving it succor inside his coat.
    Same end result, invariably.
    Jew can cry piteously about the injustice of such an attitude but after fully reasoned conclusion, it is totally futile, as far as I am concerned.
    So yeah, call me anti-Semite all you wish, just the same as if you called me rational.

    1. Lobro,
      A very cogent and comprehensive post. Remember the statements of Menachem Begin about ruling us gullible goyim with a rod of iron? Ariel Sharon, “We the Jews control America, and the Americans know it.” And we, the non-Jews are the haters!

    2. @Lobro

      The term hasbara is only used in Israel to defend Israeli politics and not for general communication of Jews with Gentiles (no matter how mendacious, which it mostly is as we all here understand). The term could perhaps be best translated with “propaganda”.

      This is what Wikipedia says :

      Public diplomacy in Israel (also hasbara, Hebrew: הַסְבָּרָה‎‎ hasbará, “explaining”) refers to public relations efforts to disseminate abroad positive information or propaganda about the State of Israel and its actions.[1][2] The term is used by the Israeli government and its supporters to describe efforts to explain government policies and promote Israel in the face of negative press, and to counter what they see as delegitimisation of Israel around the world. Hasbara means “explanation”, and is also a euphemism for propaganda.[3]

      The speech of Rabbi Rabinovich that you quote is of dubious origin to say the least. Its only source is Eustace Mullins. For a critical analysis, go to :

      Semitic controversies : Eustace Mullins and the story of the 1952 speech of Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich.

      Semitic controversies : Analysing the text of the 1952 speech of Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich.

      Eustace Mullins claimed also to have found in the Library of Congress the text of “A Racial Programme for the Twentieth Century” by Israel Cohen, which is critically examined in :

      Semitic controversies : Israel Cohen’s ‘A Racial Programme for the Twentieth Century’.

      After reading these critiques, you will not consider Eustace Mullins as a reliable source anymore.

      For the rest, your description of the Jewish dishonest debating technique (learned in centuries of Talmud education) is correct.

      1. Thanks for clarification, Franklin. That is useful.

        I once said I did not know what hasbara meant. I said that because it has been used by so many to mean something they were were trying to portray negatively. That person thought I was really uninformed, if I did not know that word.

        I am sure some use it to be ‘cool.’

        When I want to mean Pharisee-Jew propaganda… I write that.
        When I want to mean Pharisee-Jew lies…. I write that.

        I leave less to interpretation by others of what I mean to express. They may not know the definition and will not ask.

        I will never use “hasbara” when writing. I am not in Israel’s government. 🙂

      2. thanks, Franklin and I will have something to say on the subject of wikipedia’s reliability when it comes to subjects intrinsic to judaic interests.
        Edward Said was my first source as to the meaning of the word ‘hasbara’. Said was universally acknowledged as a scholar whose erudition and integrity was above reproach by all sides and he was a palestinian American.

        Israel has already poured hundreds of millions of dollars into what in Hebrew is called hasbara, or information for the outside world (hence, propaganda). This has included an entire range of efforts: lunches and free trips for influential journalists; seminars for Jewish university students who over a week in a secluded country estate can be primed to “defend” Israel on the campus; bombarding congressmen and -women with invitations and visits; pamphlets and, most important, money for election campaigns; directing (or, as the case requires, harassing) photographers and writers of the current Intifada into producing certain images and not others; lecture and concert tours by prominent Israelis; training commentators to make frequent references to the Holocaust and Israel’s predicament today; many advertisements in the newspapers attacking Arabs and praising Israel; and on and on.

        Though it doesn’t negate what you quoted from wikipedia, it expands its range of action at least, somewhat.

        Now, as to wikipedia.
        Consider the treatment they give the 100% proven (hasbaritic) liar irene Zissblatt whose ass is a veritable diamond mine, entered through the mouth:

        Before leaving, her mother gave her four diamonds to purchase bread. However, not wanting to accept the soldiers’ request to put valuables inside bags, Zisblatt swallowed the diamonds. She later stated that she then recovered the diamonds from her feces.[citation needed]

        With the help of another prisoner, she was able to escape Auschwitz by getting on a train traveling across tracks running near the No. 3 gas chamber. The train took her to the Neuengamme concentration camp in Germany where shortly after she was forced to go on a “death march” as the war wound down. After marching for days upon days Zisblatt states that she and her friend escaped during a dark night as they stood between two forests. The next day, they were found by American soldiers. Her friend later died from disease the following day. She was adopted to an American family two years later.

        Zisblatt was one of five Hungarian Holocaust survivors whose story was featured in the 1999 Academy Award winning documentary movie, The Last Days directed by Steven Spielberg.[2] The documentary follows Zisblatt as she and her daughter travel back to sites of memory, including Zisblatt’s childhood town, which she had not seen since her deportation in 1944. Zisblatt also visited the ghetto she was formerly placed in, before she was deported to Auschwitz.
        Personal life
        Zisblatt now lives in Florida. She has a son Mark (born circa 1957), a daughter, Robin (born circa 1963) and five grandchildren, She frequently makes visits to American schools to talk about her personal Holocaust experiences.

        See any hint of skepticism, to say the least? this diamond story stinks worse than irene’s diamond studded shit at every level of disbelief, yet they report it straight up, in abject, pious reverence as the gospel truth. not a word aboute even possible controversies, the legal challenges, the physical and physiological impossibility – nothing.
        This tells you all you need to ever know about Wikipedia.
        To summarize: wikipedia will report on subjects neutral to judaism neutrally and thus win a degree of credibility but on the subjects impacting on the Jew project, it will steadfastly defend the home turf from the trenches, avoid any mention of controversy whatsoever.
        This should guide anyone who may use wikipedia – and does indeed has it use within strictly recognizable domain.
        Irene Zissblatt, Simon Wiesenthal, Elie Wiesel, they are all within the enchanted Kol Nidre circle of divine invulnerability.

        To repeat: a Jew has no need to ever contact a gentile except as a roving ambassador of Talmud, including Israel.
        As for the creditworthiness of the Semitic controversies, notice that they place Eustace Mullins report on the same level of “forgery” as the The Protocols;

        This then allowed us to conclude that the back story was in all likelihood fraudulent, but that doesn’t itself mean the text itself is not of jewish origin: as I have previously demonstrated in relation to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

        Why is it that all these forgeries are so eerily prophetic of future developments?
        100% fake, 100% on target … weird that, don’t you think?
        The CIA reports are 100% wrong, despite billions poured into obtaining information, the cheap forgeries by doddering librarians like Mullins are 100% right – time and again.

        I can see how 50-100 years from now, the idea that jews may have been behind 9/11 or Iraq or Libya will similarly be dismissed out of hands as “blood libel”, “the age-old antisemitic canard”, PNAC, Yinon Plan, Clean Break, forgeries, one and all.

        It sure doesn’t compute unless we start basing our valuation on results rather than jew derived literature.

      3. Lobro –

        When you have to go to these lengths to prove or dismiss the meaning of the word… any word…. a simpler one should be used.

        Even ‘propaganda’ infers a lie.
        Just use ‘lie’ and be done with it.
        No PC euphemisms necessary. And easier to spell. 🙂

      4. Pat, i don’t use “hasbara” for my purposes, only highlight it as a “special need” term for jews.
        They have a specific use for it.
        When a Jew lies to another Jew, it is a Lie – not good, sanhedrin gets upset, damages must be paid.
        when a Jew lies to Goy, it is Hasbara, Jew just doing his job, par for the course.

        Yes, in our world a lie is a lie and in jew world a different metrics hold, this is what I wanted to point out.

    3. Lobro,

      In this line of reasoning one error is placed in the beginning of it and thus all of the arguments that follow from that one presupposition are false. Most Jews, at no time in the past or present read the Talmud. Most Jews are unaware of its content and feel no suspicion about it, and seeing that except a few factions no one studies it most Jews don’t understand the reason of such attention to it from secular people on the Internet. You, for instance. You perhaps read a couple of quotes on some sites, but not the real thing.

      I read it. I read almost all of it. I compiled a brochure, 60 pages of Talmud. You can trust me or not but most of these quotations that can be found around the Net are either fake or misreported. I am not proposing to consider all of them an absolute lie, but indeed this book is not such as most people think it is. Much more ominous, in fact. But not in a fashion that people are inclined to imagine.

      1. @ Rousso

        [TO LOBRO] : “You perhaps read a couple of quotes [from the Talmud] on some sites, but not the real thing. I read it. I read almost all of it. I compiled a brochure, 60 pages of Talmud. You can trust me or not but most of these quotations that can be found around the Net are either fake or misreported.”

        At my request, Lobro visited Toronto Central Library a couple of years ago and put in a request for the Soncino Edition of the Talmud in 30 volumes. This was to verify internet quotations. He spent several hours poring over the volumes and even photographed several pages. So I don’t think this comment of yours would appeal to Lobro: “You perhaps read a couple of [Talmud] quotes on some sites, but not the real thing … You can trust me or not but most of these quotations that can be found around the Net are either fake or misreported.”

        Ask Pat to tell you what Elizabeth Dilling did during a court case in which she wheeled a trolley into the courthouse containing 20-30 volumes of the Talmud. She would hardly have done this if all the quotes in the volumes had been fakes, as you say they are.

        Here are some verified Talmud quotations. Please let us know if you think these are are all fakes. They are all apparently found in the Soncino Edition:

        (1) “It is permitted for Jews to cheat Gentiles. All lies are good.” (2) “If a Jew has stolen something from a Gentile and the Gentile discovers it and demands it back, the Jew should simply deny it all. The Jewish court will stand by the Jew.” (3) “A Jew need not pay a gentile the wages owed him for work.” (4) “When a Jew murders a gentile, there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.” (5) “Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth. Gentiles prefer sex with cows.” (6) “Adam had sexual intercourse with all the animals in the Garden of Eden.” (7) “A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old … When a grown-up man has intercourse with a litte girl it is nothing.” (8) “A Gentile girl who is three years old can be violated … A Jew may violate but not marry a non-Jewish girl.” (9) “A Jewish man is obligated to say the following prayer every day: Thank you God for not making me a gentile, a woman or a slave.” (10) “When the Messiah comes, every Jew will have 2800 slaves.” (11) “Jesus is in hell, being boiled in hot excrement.” (12) “If a Jew is tempted to do evil, he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there.”

        (For all these quotes and more, see Elizabeth Dilling’s The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today. (Formerly titled “The Plot Against Christianity”). See also Michael Hoffman’s monumental 1100-page Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit.)

      2. Millions of Jews did not and do not read the Talmud themselves. Its venom is nevertheless inculcated in them from early childhood. They have the same Judaic worldview, the same mentality, the same behavior: a hive abuzz in solidary purpose.

      3. LD,

        You don’t need to go to libraries to read the Talmud. It is accessible on the Internet. Full Soncino Edition. The commentaries are omitted, but all tractates are complete.

        Perhaps Lobro spent several hours poring over the volumes, and even photographed several pages. But I spent several hundred hours poring over the text, and even compared the translation with the original.

        So I don’t know if this will appeal to Lobro, but I corroborate the assertion that these quotations are for the most part bullshit. False or exaggerated statements made to impress the reader rather than inform.

        Elizabeth Dilling was a liar, a fascist and a crackpot bitch. I open her book on a random page and I am reading a lie. She was a monomaniac, a propaganda artist and a trickster, albeit a talented one. But a fraud it is.

        I can expand this comment and refute all these fake quotations.

        1. @ Rousso


          You don’t need to go to libraries to read the Talmud. It is accessible on the Internet. Full Soncino Edition. The commentaries are omitted, but all tractates are complete.

          You fail to understand me. I am well aware that the Talmud exists in an online edition. If I asked Lobro to check out the Soncino edition in a major reference library, it is precisely because the internet is an unreliable source of information and mistrusted by many. It is for this reason that an online edition of the Talmud — produced by Jews whose veracity cannot always be trusted — needs to be checked for accuracy by consulting the actual volumes of the Talmud that are available for inspection in a public library.

          All the Talmud quotations I provided in my previous long post are to be found in the actual Soncino edition of the Talmud. That’s all that matters. These quotations are not mistranslations or fabrications, as you astonishingly assert.

          If you say that these quotations are mistranslations or fabrications, you simply have to be lying.

        2. @ Rousso

          Elizabeth Dilling was a liar, a fascist and a crackpot bitch. I open her book on a random page and I am reading a lie. She was a monomaniac, a propaganda artist and a trickster, albeit a talented one. But a fraud it is.

          I can expand this comment and refute all these fake quotations.

          If Elizabeth Dilling is a liar, a fraud, a trickster, a crackpot, and a monomaniacal propagandist who has deliberately mistranslated or fabricated quotations from the Talmud in order to disparage the Talmud and demonize the Jews, then the same charges would obviously apply to Dr Michael Hoffman who has followed in Elizabeth Dilling’s footsteps and written a magisterial 1100-page expose of the Talmud and its evils Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit.

          Please confirm that the 12 Talmud quotes provided in my comment above, all to be found in the voluminous writings of Elizabeth Dilling and Michael Hoffman, are fakes, fabrications and frauds. Are we to mistrust our own eyes if we have actually checked out the quotations in a public library, as Lobro has, and seen for ourselves that the damning quotations are all there?

          Are these two infamous quotations from the Talmud “fake quotations” or are they actually to be found in the Talmud:

          (1) “Jesus is in hell, being boiled in hot excrement.” (2) “If a Jew is tempted to do evil, he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there.”

          You say, “I can expand this comment and refute all these fake quotations.” I invite you to do so.

      4. well, you are remarkably busy for a young guy, is all i can say, whether or not you can read the original hebrew and the reference edition, such as Soncino, many others, especially in English have been sanitized.

        What do you mean by MISREPORTED?
        I read it as if you actually read them in the original Hebrew and can attest that the translation is wrong?
        Can you provide one such example, say from the Dilling set.

        The one i saw had translation (Cohen et al) side by side with hebe.
        I thought the librarian to whom i made the request might get suspicious but he didn’t care, quite clueless actually and just wheeled out a multilevel cart packed with Soncino.
        Apparently, there is an original, only in hebe at the Rare Books tower of the Robarts library (U of T) where only specialists get in who were previously vetted.

        It is true that I didn’t find most of the quotations but I forgot to bring the list of the interesting ones and was thus left to aimlessly poke around, though I did catch a few, took a snap with my phone camera and sent a few to Lasha.

        In addition to Lasha’s comment, there is another to me priceless video where an excellent quality (former) Jew, Yossi Gurvitz talks about the concepts of “When Israel Is Mighty” and Darkei Shalom.
        That too is ominous stuff, so ominous that while most people don’t get it and I posted the link at Niqnaq, the resident scholarly Jew commenter there freaked out: “He was not supposed to divulge that!“, because Gurvitz is a real deal, an ex-rabbi or yeshiva adept.

        I guess that in the end, regarding the disputed quotes, please give us a few with the original text and dual translations, one by Dilling and another by you, so i can dig further.
        All I want is the truth.

      5. Lobro –

        You wrote to Rousso:
        “well, you are remarkably busy for a young guy, is all i can say,”

        Rousso is a parrot. This is his first job right out of high school. Spoon-fed the info.

        He is part of a ‘boiler-room’ group for the internet….. financed by the government.

        He is BUSY sitting in his cubicle on the second floor of the HASBARA CENTER in Haifa, where he is paid to go to sites on the internet and attempt to discredit facts in the comment sections… as told to do so by his superiors. His superiors select the sites.. He is paid on commission – by the word – and gets bonuses when he viciously attacks other commenters.

        His cubicle is one of 30 on that floor. Their actions and words are monitored and recorded for pay purposes. Their works are reviewed daily and reported to the managers.

        Reference teams do the heavy lifting by providing rebuttal lies…. many in real-time. They give him other useful information to get close to some people for deception.

        Rousso barely gets by, so he brings a ‘baloney-n-cheese’ sandwich in his briefcase every day. The company provides the bottled water in the lunch room. He get 2 breaks and 30 minutes for lunch. 🙂

      6. Lobro,

        This is going to be time-consuming, but I’ll do that.

        First, the Soncino translation of the Talmud was indeed redacted, but not a single passage of the text is omitted. Some terms had to be replaced on request of the censors, in such situations instead of “gentiles”, for example, “heathens” is used. Yet the same text remains intact, as long as the reader understands that a correction was made. In order to publish this book, that sort of censorship was needed.

        I mean by misreported the same condition that is described in dictionaries as “a false or inaccurate account of something”, that is, misrepresented. The original Talmud is in Aramaic, not Hebrew. Yes, I can attest that the translation of the aforementioned quotations is not a translation at all, but for the most part a plain fabrication. Just a bunch of lies. Propaganda bullshit.

        Trust me, Lobro, the full, uncensored and unaltered text of the original Talmud is on the Net, and I am looking at it at this moment. You need not go to some Lord of the Rings’ tower to get it. You couldn’t find most of the quotations because there are no such sentences in this book, or the references were incorrect, or the phrases were so distorted that became hard to recognize.

        Yossi is a honest man and his explanation of Darchei Shalom is impeccable. That is true apropos of the remark some commenter made that he was not supposed to broadcast it and make it public, this is recorded in the rules of communication. But at the same time all of that can be found and read, and learned about. It is not hidden in some secret place but is out in the open.

        Now, apropos of those quotations, as far as I understand Dilling pretends to cite them from the Soncino Edition, not translate from the original. So I am going to start from asking to add the references, if the list contains them, and if not I’ll get along too.


      7. LD,

        Internet is not a source of information. It is a communication channel and a storage place. All sorts of information can be found in it.

        The actual volumes of the Talmud are the same as those that I referenced, not counting the omitted commentaries called Tosafot. These commentaries, added to the text are in essence instructions on how to expand one’s understanding of the text, using cross-references pointing to some fragments of other tractates and explanations of particular connections between them.

        The main text is considered canonical, and no such commentaries exist that might in some form or fashion change the meaning of it, or add something else to it that is not included in the text, speaking of its meaning. The Tosafot supplement no more than implications and entanglement, and consist of allusions stimulating engagement and train of thought.

        Look at this photo of the original Talmud’s page. The larger font in the middle is the main text, and the smaller font is the commentaries and Tosafot. In the smallest font on the outer edges of the page are the footnotes. And here is the same page in the Soncino translation. You can see the main text and the footnotes, but no commentaries.

        You provided in the long post not the Talmud quotations but perhaps conclusions of Dilling’s infected mind animated by her sick imagination. Talmud is a poisonous book, and should be kept out of reach of children, mean cunning bitches, morons and cuckoos. I assume that she was a mental case.

        Speaking of which, at the present moment I am inspecting Dr Michael Hoffman’s magnum opus and it seems indeed that he is following in Dilling’s footsteps. He is getting there, albeit in a less ferocious manner but he is on the same road. Though I must note that his technique is much more elegant and refined and his approach is more sophisticated.

        But alas, he is a liar too.

        Now, a problem that I am facing is that in the list from the long comment no references are given. How am I supposed to substantiate that these expressions are not to be found in the text, if we do not determine first on which folio the quoted expression is supposed to be found? For example, I can announce that a particular statement is a lie, or is misinterpreted or is a perverted reflection of a statement that is to be found but not in the same form. You are not going to trust me on that.

        This allegation, for instance: “All lies are good”, is an outright lie!

        It is easier to refute Hoffman’s bullshit because he references the sources. Just as an illustration, on page 382 he pretends to quote from the tractate ‘Abodah Zarah, 17a. His fake citation is, “Christians are allied with Hell and Christian religion is worse that incest, going to prostitutes is the same as becoming a Christian.” I am calling him a liar.

        You can open the source in this case, check it out and see that indeed this is a pure fabrication.

        1. Rousso is alright I guess, he’s just distraught and can’t think clearly right now because of the great intense stress Hellary’s collapse has had on him, he’ll be back to being his usual “Honest self” once the mental and emotional and pyschic trauma of seeing his beloved MEGA-COMMUNIST MOBSTER MASS-MURDERER MEGA-UBER WARMONNGER LIAR THIEF FOR THE JEWS HELLARY COLLAPSE LIKE THE WORLD TRADE CENTER BUILDINGS COLLAPSED ON 9/11 IT CAN FUCK UP YOUR HEAD TO SEE DEAR SWEET DINDU NUFFIN ALWAYS INNOCENT MEGA COMMUNIST MEGA-UBER NEW WORLD ORDER HELLARY COLLAPSE AND PRETTY MUCH THE COLLAPSE RUINED HER CHANCES OF WINNING IN NOVEMBER AND MAKES YOU SAY THINGS YOU NORMALLY WOULDN’T SAY, poor Rousso, ROUSSO’S TOO DISTRAUGHT TO SAY ANYTHING HONEST RIGHT NOW, LMFAO!!! Maybe if HELLARY EVER RE-covers from THE COLLAPSE, Rousso will go back to being his usual “Honest self”, LMFAO!!!

      8. Rousso (even your name is designed to confuse), your central argument has always been that we are liars and you are right, without presenting any evidence. Jewish power and the atrocities that flow from it are real. If we just deal with the first 15 years of this century alone, the evidence is overwhelming that most major conflicts are the result of Jewish machinations.

        The ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians is a fact (this is not the BBC were you can ignore the truth and pretend the Israelis are victims). The War on Terror as an Israeli-firster creation is a fact — it is a neoconservative wet-dream. Jews are all over the 9/11 planning, implementation and cover-up. The destruction of the middle east is entirely in line with the Oded Yinon plan and its successors (New Middle East, Joe Biden plan etc.).

        It is Jewish control of the West that enabled all these conflicts; that allowed Israel to break international law in Palestine for 70 years; that is spreading fake-ISIS terror all over the world. Jewish power is undeniable. It is foolish to keep denying it. You even have laws written for you in the West to protect your version of history. You have Western leaders that keep popping up and vowing loyalty to Israel instead of their own country.

        Anyway, your insults and accusations are manifestations of the crippling psychology that warps Jewish minds…

        Start admitting Jewish power, otherwise you’re just trolling with walls of text.

      9. Rousso –

        You wrote: “The actual volumes of the Talmud are the same as those that I referenced, not counting the omitted commentaries called Tosafot. These commentaries, added to the text are in essence instructions on how to expand one’s understanding of the text, using cross-references pointing to some fragments of other tractates and explanations of particular connections between them.”


        Connect the dots any way you desire. The ‘Fink’ trumps the ‘Russ’ on Talmud. 🙂

        “Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But, throughout these changes of name, inevitable adaption of custom, and adjustment of Law, the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered.

        “When the Jew reads his prayer, he is reciting formulae prepared by pre-Maccabean scholars; when he dons the cloak prescribed for the Day of Atonement and Passover Eve, he is wearing the festival garment of ancient Jerusalem; when he studies the Talmud he is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian academies.”

        Rabbi Louis Finklestein, President and Professor of Theology, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, The Pharisees, Vol. I, page xxi.

        This is why I use “Pharisee-Jew” to describe the evil ones.

    4. @ Lobro

      re: “Jews have no interest in the truth…”

      An excellent post, however, something is wrong with the embedded link to Henry Makow’s site in your post. Clicking on it gives a 404 error. The quote is on Makow’s site at this link:

      The quote is revealing in that Rabbi(t) Rabinovich said that WWIII would be five years away, 1952 + 5 = 1957. Oops, another illustration that the jews do not have the control they would like for us to believe that they have.

      1. good point, Ung, I noticed that too.
        Just like they talked about the rapid string of consecutive takedowns of a bunch of secular islamic countries couple days after 9/11/2011, as told by Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld and it succeeded only partly – sorry, no Syria for Jew, nor Iran – forget it.

        I think that there were some remarkable men in various levels of the US and Soviet governments whose opposition slammed the brakes on the jew project, eg, Fulbright, McCarthy, JFK, Nixon and others under the radar but nevertheless effective.
        And Putin provided the rudest shock of all a giant monkey wrench in the Yinon wheel.

        One aspect of the Rabinovich speech strikes me as important and relevant to today’s situation is that prior to the outbreak of violence, jews go into hiding, rubbing their grimy paws in gleeful anticipation of the vulture harvest.
        It is happening today, i said it several times and say it again: watch Israel, they are quiet, Netanyahu trying to convince Putin that they got nothing to do with it, to leave their kike sanctuary alone, poor little david holy of shmolies did nothing wrong.

        Israel, of course, will remain neutral, and when both sides are devastated and exhausted, we will arbitrate, sending our Control Commissions into all wrecked countries.


      2. Ungenius –
        Lobro –

        “The quote is revealing in that Rabbi(t) Rabinovich said that WWIII would be five years away, 1952 + 5 = 1957. Oops, another illustration that the jews do not have the control they would like for us to believe that they have.”

        Doom-sayers – then and now – know that impending, short-term doom and the fears generated by that…. bring huge debt-money flows. Especially military spending…. and Pharisee-Jews are the major arms dealers and weapons brokers.

        One small example of the hidden brokerage business is RD Amross in Florida, brokering engines from Russia to US.

  21. Look at this Franklin, wikipedia doesn’t miss a beat:

    she was forced to go on a “death march” as the war wound down. After marching for days upon days Zisblatt states that she and her friend escaped during a dark night as they stood between two forests. The next day, they were found by American soldiers. Her friend later died from disease the following day.

    “Death march” means you walk under close supervision, encouraged by bayonets and gun butts and jackboots until you drop dead.
    But “for days upon days Zisblatt” shat diamonds, never missed retrieving even one of them, ate them, excreted them again like clockwork, without discovery, (because g-d decreed that jew shit is a life giving substance as any shabbo goy will readily confirm) never an infection and then, after liberation by “American soldiers”, her friend the only witness conveniently dies on the very next day.
    Fine by wikipedia, eyes piously lifted heavenward as they communaly relive her tearful trauma.

    If she can shit diamonds she can fart the Ninth Symphony, Ode To Joy (Jew Joy).

    1. Lobro, you have managed to prove that wikipedia is, if anything, unfair to Jews, minimizing their amazing survival. Wikipedia says:

      “She later stated that she then recovered the diamonds from her feces.[citation needed]”

      This leaves you with the impression that she did this ONCE when in fact, and everything Irene relates is FACT, she defecated and ingested her diamonds (which she says she used to rinse in mud) again and again and again (because… “Diamonds are a girls’a best friends”.) Why does wikipedia minimize her astounding gastrointestinal heroism?

      1. Ariadna –

        “Putin on Cultural Self-Preservation of Tradition, Religion and Race.”

        That video has been posted here before. It is full of the propaganda which was placed in (parentheses).

        (Christian) was placed in parentheses, when Putin mentioned Christianity…and “OTHER world religions.”

        AND…”other world religions” includes Judaism and Islam.

        Then (of the USA) was placed in parentheses when Putin did not mention USA, but “a unipolar world.”

        Islam and Judaism are about as “unipolar” as it gets.

        The author inserted (=become brutes) when “losing human dignity” can mean the opposite.

        The author inserted (Putin speaks about US imperialism) when he did not do so.

        Also (in the West) was inserted… when it was not stated by Putin.

        I have written many times that there has never been an objective translation anywhere, any time. Words not spoken are inserted on purpose, or by mistake.

        In this instance… the words in (parentheses) are there on purpose.

      2. I must say that Veronica Moser earned her diamonds … one of few jews that work for living.
        Ugh, with that mouth created by two-handed swing of the axe, she can handle the logjams.

  22. to get a fuller comprehension of HASBARA as practiced by venerable Wikipedia, contrast the reverential treatment Irene “Diamondass” Zissblatt gets as opposed to say, Edgar steele or David Irving:

    Edgar James Steele (July 5, 1945 – September 4, 2014)[2] was an American author and disbarred trial attorney from northern Idaho, best known for serving as the defense attorney for Richard G. Butler, the founder of the white supremacist group Aryan Nations. He was a graduate of UCLA Law School and the University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business.

    On June 11, 2010, Steele and another man were arrested and charged in connection with an alleged murder-for-hire plot to kill Steele’s wife Cyndi and her mother. He was found guilty and sentenced to a 50-year prison sentence. Steele died in prison in September 2014, three years into his sentence.

    Irving comes off even worse:

    David John Cawdell Irving (born 24 March 1938) is an English Holocaust denier[2] and author who has written on the military and political history of World War II, with a focus on Nazi Germany. His works include The Destruction of Dresden (1963), Hitler’s War (1977), Churchill’s War (1987), and Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich (1996). Though Irving’s revisionist views of World War II were never taken seriously by mainstream historians, he was once recognized for his knowledge of Nazi Germany. Irving marginalized himself in 1988 when, based on his reading of the pseudoscientific[3] Leuchter report, he began to espouse Holocaust denial.[4]

    Irving’s reputation as a historian was discredited[5] when, in the course of an unsuccessful libel case he filed against the American historian Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin Books, he was shown to have deliberately misrepresented historical evidence to promote Holocaust denial.[6] The English court found that Irving was an active Holocaust denier, antisemite, and racist,[7] who “for his own ideological reasons persistently and deliberately misrepresented and manipulated historical evidence”.[7][8] In addition, the court found that Irving’s books had distorted the history of Adolf Hitler’s role in the Holocaust to depict Hitler in a favourable light.

    I guess that unlike Zissblatt they just didn’t strike the right notes …

    1. My rule of thumb with Wikipedia is very simple: the article cannot be trusted if written by a Jew about Jewish concerns, especially on subjects like the Holocaust. But even subjects which seem to be unrelated to Jews (e.g. art, music, literature, cinema) cannot be trusted if the author is a Jew.

      What Jew can be trusted to write impartially about Hollywood movies? LD’s 2-part article, “The Plot Against Art”, proves conclusively that the entire art market today is dominated by Jews, so it follows that no Wikipedia article on art can be trusted if the author of the article is Jewish.

      All other articles on Wikipedia, however, can be trusted if the subject matter has no remote connection with Jews and their concerns and if the article writer is a non-Jew who is an expert in his/her field. Like, for example, an article on Indian philosophy written by an Indian. Or an article on the Confucius written by a Chinese professor.

  23. @Pat,
    @Gilbert Huntly,
    you both have met Eustace Mullins more than once and a chance to talk to him at some length.
    Does he strike you as a liar or a man of integrity?
    Why would he invent the Rabinovitch speech out of the whole cloth and thereby jeopardize not only his reputation but also cast aspersions on his illustrious mentor, Ezra Pound?

    As if he was running out of research material and getting bored, got into magic mushroom storytelling.

    1. Lobro –


      Mullins was fired from his job as a researcher at the Library of Congress because he helped Pound and McCarthy.

      While employed there he dug up and found many articles hidden which he exposed. He was scorned by all the ‘alphabet-boys’ in DC.

      He had enough dirt on the Pharisee-Jews that he did not have to invent anything.

      He had so much integrity that he told me he saw his book, Secrets of Federal Reserve, in the bookcase behind the chairman’s desk at the Federal Reserve in DC. 🙂

      1. Every commentator at Darkmoon has been known to use the word “hasbara”. Does that mean we’re all stupid? Or, does it mean we all work for the Israeli government? Or what, Pat? Can we use the variant of “hasbara” “HasbaRAT” and not come under suspicion? Or what, Pat?

      2. There you go: that 1952 Rabinovitch speech really did happen, was recorded, Mullins came across it in his searches and transcribed it for wider exposure that otherwise wouldn’t have happened.
        Because Jews have their own tier in the library system – for their eyes only.

      3. @Lobro

        Nice research. Tis like a plot from a horror movie.

        Re: hasbara — I use it to mean “Jewish lies”, not its formal use specifically regarding Israeli lies about the Righteous Slaughterers of the Levant. Maybe I should be more precise when I bandy it about. We’ll see.

  24. And stormfront makes no mention of Mullins but attributes it to Canadian spook agency

    The following appeared in the Nov/Dec 2000 issue of Americas Bulletin

    The Canadian Intelligence Service – Excerpt from September 1952 issue – submitted by James Moorhouse. – The following speech was given by Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich before a special meeting of the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, January 12, 1952

    Tried to get to the bottom of whether or not the speech is a fake, i came across this German site
    Who can translate the following batch, Peter or, hm, Ellie?

    Deutsche Übersetzung des Originals aus „History of the Jews“ von Eustace Mullins, ehemaliges Mitglied des Beamtenstabes der Library of Congress, Washington DC. Mullins ist Verfasser des Buches „Federal reserve Conspiracy“, dessen deutsche Ausgabe auf Befehl von Dr. Otto John

    beschlagnahmt und eingestampft wurde, einige Tage bevor dieser sich in die DDR absetzte. Seit einigen Jahren ist dieses Buch jedoch wieder erhältlich und zwar in der Bearbeitung von Roland Bohlinger, Viöl / Nordfriesland (Eustace Mullins – Roland Bohlinger: „Die Bankierverschwörung – Die Machtergreifung der Hochfinanz und ihre Folgen“, ISBN 3-922314-67-8)

    Das Originaldokument befindet sich im Besitz der CIA.
    [The original is in possession of CIA?]

    Ein Doppelagent, dem es gelang in den inneren Kreis der Anti-Defamation League der B’nai B’rith Loge einzudringen, berichtete, daß die Veröffentlichung und Verbreitung der Ansprache Rabbi Rabinovichs den jüdischen Weltkahal veranlaßt habe, alle ihre Pläne aufzuschieben. Nun, nach 50 Jahren, meint man wohl, es sei genug Gras darüber gewachsen.

  25. For real ,after reading your comments , I couldn’t even finish reading it
    you make me sick ,all of you ,each and every one of you.
    who have time to read 30 books to prove a point.
    I have never read the Talmud .,or any book for that matter
    I am an ignorant person , it’s better that way to be ignorant
    than being a hater ,if books and intellectualism ,literature expertise and scholarly skiils
    make the brain short circuit and transform people to be without a soul or compassion
    then the hell with your books.

    1. @The Watcher
      Thank you for posting a link to your site; very interesting and amusing. Wow! Meg Ryan “soul scalped” and is now a reptile! I’m really disappointed. She used to be one of my wife’s favourite stars. Fine Irish name and all! A lovely colleen! Out of interest, how many soul scalped people are running loose out there?

  26. Rousso, I am starting on that comparison you suggested, to see whether

    Elizabeth Dilling was a liar, a fascist and a crackpot bitch. I open her book on a random page and I am reading a lie. She was a monomaniac, a propaganda artist and a trickster, albeit a talented one. But a fraud it is.

    I can expand this comment and refute all these fake quotations.

    So, by way of start, you provided a link to Full Soncino Edition.
    And guess what.
    Elizabeth Dilling, in her “Come And Hear” also gives a link to the full Soncino, see here in Pat’s post, directly above yours, where you call her a lying bitch and a fraud.
    It is the SAME link.
    Then I open one of Dilling’s excerpted statements and not only does she provide the statement but also a sworn photocopy of the original document as a court exhibit, see example here (“Cheating Gentiles is permissible”).

    Articles Lost By Gentiles

    According to the Talmud book of Baba Kamma, a lost article need not be restored to a heathen (non-Jew)

    Before I duplicate your labor, I would ask how is it possible for her to lie while presenting photostats as court evidence?
    Don’t you think that the lawyers of the prosecuting team would catch onto this?

    What Dilling does is a very thorough, meticulous task of multiply cross-referencing her statements by underlining relevant passages and accompanying discussion by rabbinical interpreters along with photostats of the originals – a Herculean task.
    Not typical behavior for “a liar, a fascist and a crackpot bitch“.
    With this you reveal some deep seated antagonism unexplained by known evidence.

    Not to mention that fascism is fine by me, regardless of whether or not she was one.
    Fascism as a cure for judaist tyranny, genocide, corruption, looting and enslavement is to be heartily applauded.

    1. Lobro –


      The judge at the sedition trial would not have allowed that evidence. He had to, because she wheeled in the complete Talmud every day for almost a year. She knew she would need it. Mullins told me he helped her with the dolly at times.

      Judge Edward C. Eicher was tossing evidence and fining the defense lawyers at every turn. The defendants prevailed because the judge DIED during the trial. The judge who replaced him threw the case out due to lack of evidence. Declared a MISTRIAL.

      All but four of the twenty-four lawyers who represented the defendants were court appointed and unpaid. A few of the defendants wanted to act as their own lawyers. The trial became a chaotic farce with defense lawyers competing among themselves with objections. The judge denied about five hundred motions for a mistrial. Seven defense lawyers were fined over one thousand dollars for contempt and two lawyers were thrown out of court.

      The defense lawyers put their lives and livelihoods on the line when they took the case of their clients. Attorneys St.George and Little were fired upon when a bullet passed through the windshield of their car.
      Attorney Powers was beaten by five thugs and placed an hospital for four days.

      Attorney Henry Klein removed himself from the case a few months into the trial after receiving a number of death threats from fellow Jews.

      Other attorneys saw their legal practice begin to fade away.

      During the trial and its aftermath the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)–which at the time was essentially a Communist front organization–did nothing to aid the defendants. Ironically, one of the defendants, Ellis Jones, was an Executive Committee member of the southern California chapter of the ACLU.

      The presiding judge, former Iowa Congressman Edward C. Eicher, died suddenly of a heart attack on November 29, 1944.

      Bolitha Laws, a federal judge in the District of Columbia, took over and asked the prosecutor, O. John Rogge, if he wanted to start a new trial. Realizing the prosecutor had no real evidence to prove sedition, Judge Laws declared a mistrial on December 7, 1944.


      Rousso has been caught lying more than once on DM.
      Rousso has invented stories all along.
      It is clear to me that Rousso’s purpose here is to distort the truth….. and promote lies.

      1. Pat,
        as i think about things, specifically and in general, i find that i am still learning.
        Thank providence for that.

        for example, just considering this one example, I see how the truth is never weakened by attacks on it but STRENGTHENED, therefore attacks should be welcome.
        every truth in the universe, whether known or unknown is inextricably, inviolably linked to every other truth.
        because the universe is nothing but the body of truth, everything that does not exist and cannot exist because it violates this powerfully linked network is a lie and cannot be worked into the universal fabric.

        jew is too stupid to comprehend this, because as i said, he thinks in tiny chunks of talmudically chopped up data.
        because he thinks to master the truth by this process, essentially an intellectual and moral application of Divide And Rule, which though it may yield quick and dirty victories that last as long as a gefilte fish left in the sun, ultimately are guaranteed to fail miserably, just as he will ultimately fail miserably.
        He and his Master.

        Like I said, he is too stupid to see what is plainly before his eyes if only he bothered to open them.

        So I don’t worry, who, me worry? A happy antisemite.

        (forgot: blame attention deficit/dyslexia, what the old timers called being scatter brained, i still have my first Grade 1 report … this is the point of the post: Rabinovich speech is verily true)

      2. Lobro –


        If you will remember… I kept telling Circassian that….. but he kept providing me his videos where I learned the opposite of his main points. He hated me for that.

        And I thanked him for allowing my launch points. He hated me even more…!! 🙂

        I have also stated that argument is a great learning tool. Ben Franklin used it…. even formed his debating club to enhance it… the Junta. He controlled the whole of society with the results. He bragged about it in his autobiography. He also “thanked providence for that.” 🙂

      3. Of course, Pat, becoming crystal clear with each passing day.

        Man Jesus said it so powerfully in its stark simplicity.

        Jew/Lie/Devil/Darkness/Nothingness versus Jesus/Truth/Light/Life.

        If people only understood this, they would stop being needlessly afraid and it would all be over in an instant.

    2. Lobro, please. Relax. Don’t rush me.

      And let’s not cheat. The link that I referenced isn’t the same as Pat’s. His link is to a site that has not the full text but just a part of it and not in PDF. This is not the same link.

      I said that it is going to take time. You can’t wait a little bit for a proper response? The same I’d like to ask LD. I can’t compose these comments in such a tempo. Please, be patient.

      Now, remember how it started and what I said. I said, “most of these quotations that can be found around the Net are either fake or misreported.” I am not talking about all of them. I hope it is clear. Some of them, about 25% or so are real. But most are, as I said, misrepresented. Some are non-existent. Some are twisted. Some are complete fabrications. This is what I said.

      Let’s now look at this quotation. Lasha posted it, it consists of two expressions. “It is permitted for Jews to cheat Gentiles. All lies are good.”

      In Baba Kamma 113b it is indeed stated that a Jew can benefit from mistakes of gentiles, and some examples are given that can be described as cheating. You for some reason missed it and posted instead something else. A permission to keep an item lost by a gentile cannot be described as cheating.

      The second part of the quotation, “all lies are good” that is crucial here, because it makes an impression that Judaism praises lies is not to be found. It was fabricated by Elizabeth Dilling and added for a more dramatic effect to the real quotation, which is “It is permissible to benefit by his mistake as in the case when Samuel once bought of a heathen a golden bowl under the assumption of it being of copper for four zuz, and also left him minus one zuz.”

      So, this can be a basis to confirm that one statement of that quotation is true. But the other is false. It is 50% true and 50% untrue. This is, Lobro how people lie. All lies contain a modicum of truth. But as a lie is added, the whole statement becomes a lie. Because “It is permitted for Jews to cheat” is one thing, and “It is permitted for Jews to cheat, all lies are good” is another, a much stronger statement. Exaggerated, false or inaccurate account.

      Isn’t it?

      Elizabeth Dilling was a fascist. Read her bio. And she is a liar. She is a trickster. Like I said, she is a propaganda artist. Her book is like a propaganda poster. A crude caricature. This is the definition of a caricature: “a picture, description, or imitation of a person in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect.”

      I hope that explains that I am not in a state of antagonism here. I remind again, “I am not proposing to consider all of them an absolute lie, but indeed this book is not such as most people think it is. Much more ominous, in fact. But not in a fashion that people are inclined to imagine.” This is a statement that I made in the beginning and I uphold it.

  27. The association between internment in German labor camps and longevity is in evidence again:

    I find it deplorable though that this man found time for everything after starting a new life in Israel — impregnating his wife twice, making candy, etc — except getting himself properly bar-mitzvahed. I cannot help thinking that this will count against him with the Divine Prepuce Collector, who hates nothing more than being dissed.

  28. Evil muslim states allow thinly veiled truth to be published and by its very nature the truth being anti-lie, it is antisemitic.
    Says Jew MEMRI: Egyptian Columnist: Just Like 9/11, ISIS Attacks In Europe Are A Western Plot

    They hate our freedoms, don’t they?
    Muslims don’t have our freedom to grovel in dirt before the mighty, 5′-6″, 200 lb jew, he of lustreless protrusive eye, our beloved national sport, we have hundreds of virtuoso shabbos for each Muslim one.

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