34 thoughts to “Anti-White Race Traitor Angela Merkel is guilty of White Genocide (Video, 5.28 mins)”

  1. How interesting. When Markel gave four nuclear submarines to Israel for murdering Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian Muslims and Christians – no German called her “traitor”. When she told Netanyahu that Germany will defend Israel if attacked by Iran – she was hailed as anti-Hitler and “savior” of Jewish people.

    The problem the German White racists and pro-Israel filth is why she is opening up to Iran for trade and German Muslim community for 4 million votes.

    In July, 2015, Ronald Lauder, president of World Jewish Congress accused Germany’s vice-Chancellor and economy minister Sigmar Gabriel of throwing Israel under bus over latter’s 3-day trip to Tehran to meet Iranian president Sheikh Rouhani….


    1. “When Markel gave four nuclear submarines to Israel for murdering Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian Muslims and Christians – no German called her “traitor”.”

      Das ist nicht wahr. Was soll das? Was hier gerade in Europa abläuft hat eine ganz andere Qualität.Sie verhetzten gerade alle gegeneinander.


    Thanks foryour great website, Madam.

    Angela Merkel is truly the face of Jewish evil, and she is a Shabbat goy implementing the Jewish hate embodied in books like “Germany must perish” to exterminate the white race, in retaliation for the Jewish delusion called the holohoax and other Torah myths (even though the Holohoax never happened as claimed and the current German people had nothing to do with it). Besides slavish support for Israel, she has unleashed a war against her own people by allowing hundred of thousands of 3rd world invaders (which the Jewish media is calling “migrants” and “refugees” to con the public) to invade Germany.

    This ethnic cleansing of whites is a crime against humanity.

    But she is not acting alone—the German parliament must approve her actions for it to become law. Germany is not a monarchy, so who gave one person so much authority to import millions? If the parliament did, that authority must be revoked and never allowed. So where is the Parliament?

    Germany was turned into a Jewish controlled police by USA (another Jewish controlled banana republic) after WW2. Both major political parties in Germany are left-wing. In Germany, they criminally prosecute anybody speaking out against immigration, and ban conservative parties once they become popular, and so the poor Germans have a choice only between the ultra left (SPD) and the very left party of Merkel (CDU), both of whom are on a war path against the white German people.

    After WW2, USA basically took over Germany, and illegally had them pass a temporary framework called the “Basic Law” which gives all power to a “Federal Constitution Court” and installed a sham democracy.


    Even the German site below admits that theirs is a govt. under “Judicial control”.


    This Basic Law is NOT the constitution, was never ratified by the people, was temporary and has already expired. This Basic law and this “Federal Constitutional Court” are therefore unconstitutional and therefore illegal and null and void:


    Since the Basic Law is null and void, all of Angela Merkel’s decisions, such as allowing tens of thousands of 3rd world “refugees” and “migrants” to settle her country, her persecution of holocaust scholars, etc. are all ultra vires and therefore null and void.

    This illegal court*, is stuffed with Judges from the 2 main left wing parties, and these crooks then ban almost all right wing parties that are against immigration, etc. (often at the behest of the Judaists who file these cases, just like in other countries) so their left wing Jewish puppets like Angela Merkel remain in power.

    *In fact, even according to the liberal wikipedia, the appointment of Judges there is unconstitutional:


    Germany is still US occupied territory with Angela Merkel as the puppet of a sham democracy.

    Germany has criminalized debating the holocaust. Its Kangaroo courts were able to frame Ernst Zundel and Demjanjuk—a man cleared for the same allegations even by Israel’s Supreme Court. There are no transcripts in Germany. Even the lawyer defending your case can be imprisoned–for defending your case, as it happened to Zundel’s lawyer!!

    SOLUTION: However, there are a few options for the German/European people to save themselves from this reign of terror and ethnic cleansing unleashed by the Judaists.

    First of all, we must reach out to the German people through German language websites, etc. and make them aware that the holocaust is a hoax (such as through books like “Hoax of the Century” by Butz, “The Holocaust Industry” by Finkelstein, etc.), that Israel is a criminal state, and the Judaism is a barbaric criminal mentally deranged cult, etc.

    Secondly, the Germans can amend the constitution to allow binding superseding national referenda.

    See National Citizens Initiative For Democracy, ncid.us

    This can also be done by supporting parties that just focus on this one issue first—amending the constitution to allow binding superseding national referenda, whereby people can pass laws themselves. The PEOPLE must decide if they want more “refugees” or not, not corrupt German (or other) politicians and their puppets in the Federal Constitutional Court.

    Secondly, all other Europeans must vote for rightist parties and they must all ban immigration first and get out of the EU. They must decriminalize speech so people can freely criticize immigration and debate the holohoax. By getting out of the EU, it would weaken Angela Merkel and the left-wing German govt. German citizens can then set up websites, radio stations and other media or political parties just outside Germany whereby they could consider appropriate forms of rebellion/revolt/revolution (as permitted under the laws of the jurisdiction) against the German govt. These conservative govts. outside Germany can then put pressure on left-wing German politicians like Merkel to ban immigration, mock them, put sanctions on them and even try them for crimes against humanity, which alienism and though control (such as criminalizing political speech, such as criticism of 3rd world immigration, Muslims, Judaists, holohoax, etc.) are.

    For such crimes against humanity, like alienism, there is no immunity, no statute of limitations and any govt. can assert extra-territorial jurisdiction over crimes committed even outside its borders.

  3. I’m not surprised Merkel is a traitor to Germany, after all, the German-descendent American family, the Lindbergh’s, were total traitors to America. See DUBIOUS dubby for details [ Thank you, Lobro, for Lobro is the one to give dubby the nickname “DUBIOUS” for dubby. And a very fitting nickname it is! ]. If dubby is not TOO busy playing with his dubby dick he might explain in more detail how treasonous how insidious how perfidious how traitorous how satanic was that **&&^^%%%%###@@!!!! German-American Lindbergh family!!!

    1. Lindbergh a traitor to America? You’re being sarcastic, right? Talmudic revenge in all it’s ugliness was demonstrated when they murdered his infant son.

    1. 1138,
      i need no convincing.
      the problem i see, and it may well be THE PROBLEM, ie, the biggest problem, has the shortest name: “we“.
      just who is this “we”.

      if we, the present subset of a universal “we” can figure out who exactly qualifies as this operationally capable, convinced and determined “we”, the satanic bondage that imprisons us would be broken in no time at all.

      and antichrist knows this well and manipulates the illusion accordingly, ensuring that “we” is broken down into a bunch of cowed “I”‘s, each skulking behind some mickey mouse screen, yet each perfectly visible to this dark power of anti-consciousness.
      It may well be that many of us are not so much frightened for our own safety as that of children and relatives who may suffer without having volunteered for it, and once again, it is an unspoken, yet well understood threat also skillfully manipulated by the Enemy.

      Consider that the most outspoken and valiant of those who spoke the truth and revealed their own names were people without immediate families (read: children) to worry about, Mullins, Kaminski and so on.

      so, to summarize, figure out who comprises “we” and how to liberate the component fragments (“I”‘s) to stand up and be counted free of fear.
      at some point, once the ball gets rolling and everyone starts jumping on the bandwagon, it will be like queers coming out of closet, except it will be those who clearly see the nature of destruction – the Antisemite Pride Day.

      1. Lobro,

        Well, ‘we’ are not those in the video illegaly and violently entering our space. And it is them, not refugees, not even immigrants, but common low life criminal scum which is begging to be machine gunned to hell. I mean it, for such filth I neither have sympathy nor patience because clearly they ride with the devil. Of course I’m dreaming if I think this logical solution to this major problem is actually going to be used. But it’s what needs to be done in order to stop them. Very effective, very quick, very cheap, very good and lasting results.

        I’m not frightened for my own safety. And truthfully, for the majority of west European Jew worshippers I couldn’t care less. (yes I know, indifference, another desired side effect the Jew craves for I suppose) I only care about the ones willing to recognise the truth. The rest can go, and good riddance to them, because without them we would have a better chance turning the tide.

        This is the most frustrating for me. In the past all civilisations and peoples that have been overpowered all experienced a major depression which lasted centuries. But at least they were simply incapable of repelling the invading scumbags because the latter were technologically far more advanced or had larger numbers. But for sure if they could have stopped them they damn well would have. You see? In a logical world nobody could ever dream of even remotely touching us, not in a millions years. It is ónly because a tiny fraction of traitors (which BTW appaer ABOVE the Jew on my hitlist) and the majority of following Jew worshippers, watching football and soaps in between the holohoax commerorations while in a consumering stupor, who refuse to accept the truth that a bunch of primitive baboons can get away with it. I believe this is bugging me the most, the total lack of logic of it all. O, I’m just rambling away I suppose.

      2. I believe this is bugging me the most, the total lack of logic of it all.

        As you may have figured by now, 1138, my main goal is to drill down on issues in as basic form as possible, stripped of all extraneous distractions, in order to bring the action and results closer to reality.

        Now, consider this problem of evading logic: Jews have basically shorn us of the right to employ logic whenever their occult “correctness” is threatened by it, namely, it gets moral precedence over logic and factual truth.

        Our first order of business is therefore, to fight tooth and nail to usurp this unnatural, diabolical order and reprioritize the only acceptable one, viz, TRUTH AND LOGIC above all.

        without this, we cannot enter the fight with any chance of favorable outcome, better to stay home and obey seven laws.

        my belief is that if we dare them at every turn to clearly and loudly proclaim truth and logic illegal and subservient to jew interests, we can carry the fight into open.
        Once this is established, holofable falls, the first of the giant Lie dominoes, the bulwarks of satanism.

      3. Lobro,

        But this is precisely the frustrating part. You would think that every reasonably intelligent person is susceptible for the truth, right? You would think that convincing them, armed with disclosed information, should be easy. Then why is it that in all my time I’ve encountered exactly one person offline who agrees with us on WWII, for instance. Almost the entire Western civilisation is suffering a mass neurosis. It’s like living on the planet of the morons. Like their house, located on a lakeshore is on fire, and see them standing outside with buckets in their hands saying, “oh well, there’s nothing we can do about it”
        I know I’m sounding very pessimistic, while I am an optimist by nature.

    2. 1138,
      Brings to mind the poem by Hilaire Belloc.
      “Whatever happens, we have got.
      The Maxim gun, and they have not!”
      Yes, using a machine gun is fun. Particularly at night with tracer. I’ve used the 7.62 mm. LMG, the Bren and also the Browning .50 cal. However these weapons are relatively slow for the work you have in mind. A German MG 42 would probably be more utile. The cyclical rate is about 1,400 rounds per minute, twice as fast as the “modern” machine guns. But you’d need a lot of replacement barrels as they get bloody hot after using a couple of belts of ammo. You can actually see the heat waves shimmering off them. I still have dreams about using them. Go to youtube and make a few comparisons.

      1. Felix,

        I am familiar with those weapons. Shot the 7.62 LMG and FAL, the 9mm Browning and UZI in the army. At one time or another they were all my personal weapon.

        But kids toys compare to the MG42, or better the legendary MG34. It came with 3 barrels which could be replaced quickly in a flash. Wish I could get my hands on one of those babies. Fenomenal weapon! Way ahead of its time. It would do the job guaranteed.

    3. @1138. I’ll try again…my last comment was “disappeared” courtesy of Satan’s Chosen. So, as you suggest we man the machine guns and mow down the endless waves of invading Third Worlders. Then we think…hmmm…it is the politicians, Merkel and her ilk who decree this invasion take place. So a few well practiced snipers snuff such obvious traitors. But then we note our parliaments and congresses are filled virtually without exception with similar shite….so more Gatling guns, AK47’s and Uzis are put to use. Further patient observation, coupled with endless theft, deception and abuse experienced personally , reveal that Jews are behind what ails humanity. Notably re. the current invasion George Soros is funding these black and Muslim hordes, is even covertly training them in subversive technique, and providing them with arms, munitions. So “we” whack Soros…and a litany of other obvious Jewish behind the scenes lead subversives. Then we understand that it is not merely these “big” Jews who seek to rule the world and destroy mercilessly, genocidally the white race, in fact All races other than their own, it is the stated purpose of each and every Jew on the planet to bring forward the teachings of the Talmud, and reveal to the world that God’s Chosen people are no longer waiting for a Messiah to return…They ARE collectively the Messiah. Thus miraculously on Saturday, worldwide, simultaneously, every Synagogue is firebombed at just the right time, and any escaping are picked off by alert Goy snipers. Stepping back from the global carnage, as the wave of victorious relief settles, one becomes aware that worldwide Masonry is intimately involved in this very same plot against humanity. Thus Masonic Lodges and other similar “secret societies” meetings are handled worldwide in similar manner as that meted out at the Synagogues. Yet…research and experience reveal Rotary International is “entirely in the hands of the Freemasons”. The movement was founded by Freemason Paul Harris in Chicago in 1905, to serve international Jewry. The same is true of the Lions Club…founded in 1917 by Melvin Jones, a member of B’nai B’rith. Surely at least the leadership aware of their subversive purpose should be executed. Along with the Shriners who are 32nd degree Masons, and leaders of the other “animal clubs” similarly beholden to the Jewish subversive plot against mankind. And what of the Christian Zionists….easily 50,000,000 strong fervent Fundamentalist Christians staunchly supporting the terrorist nation of Israel, and all international Jewry stands for. Yet not many of them truly understand what they claim to support. As Bibi Netanyahu says, “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum, but don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now!” So only the pastors, and executive boards are whacked. What of other millennialists, the Jehova’s Witnesses, founded by 32nd degree Freemason Charles Russell in 1879 to, “manipulate those who are outside the lodges, but do not mind playing the part of useful idiots.” And the Mormons, The Church of Latter Day Saints, founded in 1830 by high ranking Freemasons Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Mormon ceremonies are filled with Masonic and Illuminati symbols…the ceremonial white gowns are adorned with a square on the right side and a pair of compasses on the left. Both churches serve Masonry and ultimately satanic Jewry.
      The Roman Catholic Church, filled with homosexuality, child abuse, child trafficking and the ownership of an arms manufacturing company…they for centuries stood as a bulwark protecting Christian society from international Jewry. What should be done with them, with their leadership? Research reveals the Jesuits, the administrative and educational core of the Roman Catholic Church were actually founded by a subversive, duplicitous Jew, Ignatius Loyola. “Why do you think the Pope, the Cardinals and all the Bishops wear yarlmulkahs? The white race never figures this out.”
      Pausing to consider this carefully plotted tactical carnage, it becomes apparent that perhaps Pogo was right in that 1950’s cartoon, declaring, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” What is to be done?
      I ask those 120 rabbis in the Kehillah, and the handful far smaller in number in the Sanhedrin come quickly to acknowledge Pogo’s wisdom, and cease their insane Talmudic imposition on their lesser Jewish fellows, on mankind, on Life itself. For as they have the opportunity to see, as have any who have closely examined human history, multigenerationally for millennia, once they have destroyed the Goyim, they will destroy one another…and as a result, I ask, at this zenith of human history, will this sacred planet even be allowed to remain?

      1. @ David Thatcher

        Excellent post with a wonderful thumbnail history lesson.

        The only tidbit I would add to explain what happened to the Catholic Church would be the Great Schism of 1049AD when the Roman Catholic Church split from the Orthodox Christian Church or, more appropriately, was ejected from the Orthodox Christian Church because of a difference of doctrine. After about 600 years, the Roman branch of the Orthodox Christian Church started changing their doctrine about 950AD and they continued changing it all the way to today. The Schism with the subsequent changes is at the core of what you addressed concerning the Roman Catholic Church.

        The answer to your question is yes or Jesus was lying when he said that the meek (not weak) shall inherit the earth. I personally have not found any of the teaching of Jesus to be untrue after years of analysis and experience.

      2. David,


        And that’s why I’m getting depressed every time I’m being reminded of it.

      3. @David

        Everything is interconnected and is influenced by everything else in society & in nature as a whole. You’ll have experiences of ‘subtler’ levels of reality. I am busy rationally archiving a recent intense period of such events, experiences. I am not into channeling or anything of that kind you referred to.

        The article of northerntruthseeker struck me by his clear take on Putin, since I had very clear esp encounters with P. that match exactly what happens what I see as his treacherous ‘assist of Assad’. What is your take on P.?

      4. Perhaps Jesus meant meek as in unable to accept and fulfill his instructions, for whatever reason(s).
        Meek of character, meek in faith, meek in resolve, meek in behaving as a human being should/must behave. That kind of meek.

        The karma/reward/reaping for such meekness is to again (how many times?) “inherit the earth” (aka) denied entry into heaven due to “unfit”
        “Worship Govinda, Worship Govinda, Worship Govinda. Oh fool! Rules of Grammar will not save you at the time of your death.”

        Is it ironic this was spoken by none other than Adi Shankaracharya, the foremost proponent and compiler of Advaita Vedanta?
        Hardly. He was simply reminding everyone who will listen, as Jesus and Krishna did, of how not to be meek.

      5. Ungenius, 1138, Zen. Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Rare is the opportunity for open, intelligent consideration. Thanks to Lasha and Montecristo for this forum. Long before the Great Schism, Christianity was invaded by the Jews. Not only was Christ required to be crucified by the Sanhedrin, by the Levitical scribes and Pharisees that Jesus the Christ squared off with on several occasions, all the disciples were similarly pursued, tortured and killed by order of the Sanhedrin.
        “What of the remaining eleven disciples who had spent over three years in close relationship with Jesus? John was banished to the Isle of Patmos where he wrote the Book of Revelation. It is recorded he was thrown into boiling oil, but survived and returned to Ephesus, Turkey, where he either died an old man, or was murdered. The records are unclear. All the rest were pursued and murdered under the direction of powerful Jewish leaders in Jerusalem who deemed the disciples guilty “by association”.
        Historical records reveal Bartholomew was skinned alive and beheaded; James, the Lesser was stoned and clubbed-to-death; Andrew was crucified upside down on an X-shaped cross; Simon Peter was crucified upside down under Nero’s direction; Thomas was impaled on a spear; James, the Great was beheaded; Phillip was crucified; Matthew was burned-to-death; Jude Thaddeus was sawed or axed to death; Simon the Zealot was sawed or axed-to-death. http://scannedthoughts.wordpress.com/2010/03/29/the-12-apostles-skinned-stoned-crucified-and-beheaded/ and http://www.ichthus.info/Disciples/intro.html .”
        With Jesus and those who had more awareness than any others of what He presented to mankind to provide a way out of our self-created Hell, assassinated, along comes Saul, a Jew who vigorously opposed Christ, feigning “conversion” to Jesus’ teachings…37 years after Jesus had been crucified.
        “Who then was the famed Apostle Paul, (formerly Saul…sounded too Jewish) who became a primary source for what has become “Christianity”? From Christianity’s Great Mistake, Lloyd Meeker, Emissaries of Divine Light, pgs. 5-17 “… Jesus Christ Himself trained and instructed twelve disciples, through more than three years of ministry. These disciples were the men whom He ordained to carry on the work which He had begun, … Nevertheless, as we … consider Christianity as it is at this time widely known, believed and practised, not one of these eleven men whom Jesus Christ Himself instructed is conceived to have been the instrument through whom the practical application of the teaching of Jesus Christ in the world was made manifest. … Practically all of the doctrines of Christianity, practically all the ideas concerning the organization and function of the church, practically all the precepts to be found in the creeds and doctrines of all Christian churches come, not from Jesus Himself, and not from any one of the eleven disciples whom He taught and trained, but from the Apostle Paul. … it is NOT sensible to believe that, when Jesus Christ Himself was on earth and took three years to train and instruct eleven men in relationship to his own ministry, one man, who experienced ‘spectacular’ conversion at a later time should be permitted to completely overshadow the expression of Christianity as revealed by Jesus and his eleven disciples, and that what they had to say should become virtually overlooked. … Christians have been inclined to see Jesus and the apostles He trained through Paul and his writings, instead of seeing Paul and his writings through Jesus and that which His personally trained representatives did, said and wrote. … It is not until we see Paul in the right proportionate relationship to the whole picture that we can begin to understand Christianity as it actually is. … If it is conceived, as many church leaders and Biblical scholars have stated, that the real revelation of Christianity was made through Paul, we should not call ourselves Christians but, rather, ‘Paulists’.”
        From the Scofield Bible, “It was inevitable that a trained intellect like that of Paul, a convinced believer in Mosaism and, until his conversion on the Damascus road, an eager opposer of Christianity, must seek the underlying principles of the Gospel… Immediately after his conversion he preached Jesus as the Messiah; but the relation of the Gospel to the Law (as taught by the scribes and Pharisees) and in a lesser degree to the great Jewish promises, needed clear adjustment (!) if Christianity was to be a reasonable faith, and not a mere dogma. … Paul went to Arabia to seek and to find the adjustment of questions that were present… (thus) … Through Paul alone we know that the church is not an organization, but an organism, the ‘body of Christ’ , instinct with His life, and heavenly in calling, promise and destiny. Through him alone we know the nature, purpose and form of organization of local churches, and the right conduct of such gatherings. Through him alone we do know that ‘we shall not all sleep’, that ‘the dead in Christ shall rise first’, and that living saints shall be ‘changed’ and caught up to meet the Lord in the air at His return.”
        A few centuries passed… “At the Council of Nicaea early in the fourth century AD, Emperor Constantine united all religious factions in the Roman Empire under one composite deity, and ordered the compilation of new and old writings into a uniform collection that became the New Testament.
        In an account of the proceedings of the conclave of presbyters gathered at Nicaea, Sabinius, Bishop of Hereclea, who was in attendance, said, “ Excepting Constantine himself and Eusibius Pamphilius, they were a set of illiterate, simple creatures who understood nothing.” Secrets of the Christian Fathers, Bishop J.W.Sergerus, 1685, reprinted 1897.
        It was subsequently decreed by the Roman Catholic Church that the Old Testament should be united with this “adjusted” New Testament, the contents of both books to be given equal weight as “the word of God.” Thus the horrors of murder, of genocide, of endless bloody slaughter as expressed in Old Testament books such as Deuteronomy were sanctified by a duplicitous church leadership and placed in confusing equal position at the deceptively crafted core of what has become “Christianity”. This laid the foundation for, and made it relatively easy to further brainwash gullible Christians of current time to support Zionism believing impending, satanically crafted Armageddon serves to fulfill prophecy, in preparation for the supposed “second coming” of Christ. Here we see satanic skullduggery at its finest, gobbled up by innocent, somnolent, thoroughly misled human beings eager to pin hope on a superhero, all the while adamantly refusing to wake up, grow up and accept the mantle of personal responsibility as revealed by Jesus Christ.”
        It is apparent the teachings of Christ devolved virtually immediately on His passing into a Judaised psyop. The Great Schism mentioned by Ungenius around 1000 AD, then as Europeans wakened to the Jewish problem in the 1100’s onward culminating in the Reformation…which was attacked by the Jew who founded the Jesuit Order in the middle of the 16th century, Ignatius Loyola…onward and culminating in Vatican Two in 1965 when “the Church states clearly that ‘spiritual bonds and historical links binding the Church and Judaism condemn all forms of anti-Semitism and discrimination’…”
        Thought you’d appreciate the above bits and pieces gathered through a lifetime of research.
        Another valuable quote comes from Martin Luther, “Luther connects the Jews with those who betrayed Moses: ‘Of such are the remaining dregs of the Jews, of whom Moses knows nothing: they also know nothing of him, for they do not keep one passage in Moses. This reminds one of the constantly recurring charges of Christ that the Pharisees violated and nullified the laws of Moses, such as: ‘The Scribes and Pharisees sit in Moses seat. (Matt:23:2) In other words, they occupy his throne giving forth as Mosaic Law, their own foul permissions which they attribute to ‘Oral’ laws Moses handed down to their group, unknown to the rest of the world.’ ” – The Plot Against Christianity, Elizabeth Dilling.
        Both Christianity and Judaism have been debased, distorted, destroyed as True teachings. This comment is becoming too long…but I’d like to shed some light on the depraved darkness at the core of what is presented as Judaism, as being the teaching of Moses, but is quite the antithesis. The following quote is at the hideous core of why Jews believe only they are human beings, are God’s Chosen, and the rest of humanity are merely animals…and worse.
        “These who bring this shadow to focus are NOT and have never been separate from the One We Are. The rest of humanity are not “animals” different from them as they declare in their Talmud. Rather, in their catatonic state of spiritual blindness and denial they are driven to impose, through extreme manipulation, their hideously distorted version of Life’s innate design. Because of the satanist’s ancient and continuing refusal to flow within the embrace of spirit, they attempt to place themselves as God, and imprison the rest of humanity to serve them as slaves. This duplicitous insanity is clearly expressed in the Zohar, where the goyim are denied human attributes by the satanic Jewish leadership. In the Zohar the Jew is brainwashed to interpret the Biblical scripture “Jehova Elohim made man” to mean He made Israel! (the Jews) “The seventeenth century Rabinnical treatise Emek ha Melek observes: ‘Our Rabbis of blessed memory have said: ‘Ye Jews are men because of the soul ye have from the Supreme Man (ie. God). But the nations of the world are not styled men because they have not, from the Holy and Supreme Man, the Neschama (or glorious soul), but they have the Nephesch (soul) from Adam Belial, that is the malicious and unnecessary man, called Sammael, the Supreme Devil’.” – Secret Societies and Subversive Movements, Nesta Webster, pg. 13.
        Enough for now. Time for breakfast!

      6. @ HP

        Jesus referred to himself as meek so obviously your definitions of meek are not what Jesus was saying. He was certainly qualified to enter into heaven so meek must not have had a negative meaning when he used it.

        @ David Thatcher

        Your post contains far too much for me to address specifically so I will just make three general comments. You obviously are more adept at typing than I.

        Yes, Paul/Saul’s writings certainly undermined the simple, but empowering teachings of Jesus. I am not a Paulist and consider most everything past the Gospel of John a distraction, especially Revelations, and subversive to the teachings of Jesus with numerous basic conflicts. I got that way primarily because of a most unique encounter with what I can only say must have been a messenger who simply told me that, “The answer to all questions are contained in the Gospels.” Since then, I have proven to myself that the messenger was correct by analysis and subsequent action.

        To add to what you said about the Old Testament, everyone should keep in mind that the record was in the hands of liars and murderers. To believe that the Mosaic Law contained in the Old Testament was the actual Law given to Moses by Jesus (no one has seen the face of God, also see chapter 1 of John) is simply under estimating the cleverness of evil using liars seeking control over humanity as the devil’s disciples. This point is evident due to the number of times that Jesus contradicted the supposed Mosaic Law. Jew Song should be chiming in after this comment. 🙂

        Your statement about the Roman Catholic Church attaching the Old Testament to the New Testament and claiming it to be the “devine word of God” is telling about later jewish accomplishments.

        One thing that should be mentioned about the Orthodox Christian Church in the Byzantine Empire is that they were able to do what no one else had done before or since, adequately suppress the jews with the Justinian Code in the 7th century. Briefly, usury was punishable by death, no new synagogues could be constructed, and jews could hold no political office office unless no one else wanted it and it had to be at the lowest level. Obviously, Emperor Justine had a valid reason for establishing the code, jews doing what they always do. The Justinian Code must have worked because it allowed the Byzantine Empire to last for about 1,200 years until the “Islamics” ignored Mohammed’s teachings concerning Christians and almost wiped it out forcing the core of the Orthodox Christian Church to retreat to Russia. Since the jews never forgive and never forget, Russia has been on their short list for destruction ever since and still is.

  4. This was all laid out in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. At that time Europe was the centre of World Power, together with North America. The Jews have since the end of World War 2 used the US and EU as a vehicle to assert hegemony over the rest of humanity by using the “threat” of Communism to force countries into line. When the USSR broke up the Jews thought they had won. Thus we had in the early 90s, talk of a New World Order.
    Somewhat prematurely as it turned out, as anti-jewish forces are coalescing in East and Northern Asia. It’s a variation of the old cliche, the Jew proposeth, but God disposeth!
    Another factor is the declining birth rate of whites. Sorry, but this is a moral and spiritual failure of the so-called baby boomer generation. Generally, as societies, the US and Europe have failed their children. Firstly, by making them pay extortionate fees for what has become a mickey mouse education. Student debt is an outrageous concept. Education should be free. Secondly, young Americans and Europeans have no hope or opportunity, hence young Whites with any gumption emigrate. Those that remain in Europe are, on the main, pathetic and cowardly creatures living out their lives on welfare or benefits. There is far too much talk of rights. It’s now time to talk of duties. My vision of society mirrors that of Robert Heinlein in his book, “Starship Troopers”, Until someone completes a minimum of 5 years voluntary service to their country; they remain a resident, not a citizen. No service, no vote. Just like ancient Sparta. One only received the vote upon completion of one’s military service at the age of thirty.

    1. @ Felix

      I certainly agree with your first two paragraphs. Additionally, it is apparent that the jewish plan is falling apart, bit by bit, in numerous ways. The jews keep trying to draw our attention away from their obvious plan failures with repeated bogus “crises.” Their fear tactic works for some, not for others, and some could care less.

      Once the jewish lie of genetics is replaced by the truth that being jewish is a mental disorder anchored in an fractured spiritual state, the view becomes easier to understand. The lie of jews versus non-jews disappears. All those that value materialism and power over their fellowman more than the love of their fellowman are mentally ill, just jewish with destruction part of their makeup whether they are aware of it or not.

      With this in mind, the current condition of “jewish” control has its own demise built in. Materialism and greed go hand in hand. Since there is no limit to greed, it cannot be satisfied, there will be contests and battles within the greedy, mentally ill “jewish” cult participants. Given enough rope, they will hang one another which is what has been going on and what is increasingly going on now.

      Well armed defensive patience and efforts to develop individual spiritual empowerment is the best position. Knowing that a person’s voice backed up by confidence in the spiritual world to produce a physical reality is the ultimate defense against evil and its “jewish” minions. Jesus repeatedly demonstrated this use of spiritual power and he said that we would do greater than he. Jesus demonstrated the truth based on my own experience.

      As for serving a person’s country, I have definite reservations about that. Had you said serving the Heavenly Father by helping your fellowman instead of a government, I would agree with you. Servicing the desires of an organization known as government dedicated to thievery, taxes on those governed, does not seem to be a good idea to me. Been there, done that, asked for forgiveness, and now know I should have done something else like defending my fellowman instead of assisting in their destruction.

      1. Ungenius,
        I take your point regarding the 3rd paragraph. However, national service doesn’t have to be military. There are a plethora of jobs; medical, social etc, where one can serve people. Heinlein actually makes mention of this in his book. I don’t know about the situation in the US, but in countries where I grew up, Australia and South Africa, one joined the military or police to get a free education. Although in the 60s until the end of Apartheid, the South African Police were para-military, in addition to your personal issue revolver one was also issued with an FN 7.62 rifle. So I would regard National Service as means of further education.

  5. Merkel race traitor. What does it mean in nowadays world ? In a world where globalism thrives In a world with common thinking and compulsive consumerism are the expressions of legitimate citizenship, the mere achieving of a purchase power will make a “german” , out of every living being. That’s the way it works. The european soviet union is fevershily working in creating the kalergic ” homo europeus” and its de facto leader is doing her job.
    “European values” are exactly these that those kommissars are imposing on astonished populations. The values imposed by the jewish masters. Le metre a penseir Henry Levy style.
    Traitors? Definitely yes in the ethical concept , but realistically they are just doing what they promised to do.
    Germans are waking up to their destiny , like all the europeans, but only those who really experienced the communist domination are reacting to the coming menace. We slept too much in Europe, we liked the euphoria of being in the rich part of the world, and gave up easily our traditional values for the jewish values of selfishness and materialism. Now we are entrapped in the jewish web , with all their minions in full swing for high paid positions and all of our rights thrown in the garbage can. There is only one answer : revolution.

  6. It might be because this video originated in Europe, I don’t know, but both Gregor Gysi and Barbara Spectre shown in the video are Jews. In Europe they might put the video maker in jail if they pointed this out, but It’s important because Jews are the biggest force behind multi-culturalism while those racists only allow Jews to become citizens of Israel.

  7. “As above, so below. As yesterday, so today. Communism then, Multiculturalism now. Everything the jews touch and promote is soaked with piss and shit and blood.” — Fuk Yu Ju

  8. This is informative video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvhOoSWFzJA

    There is video description in German. Improved computer translation below:

    ANGELA MERKEL is the first child of Horst Kasner, born KAZMIERCZAK and Herlind Kasner, born JENTZSCH, (according to unconfirmed sources in the U.S.A.) born in 1954 in Hamburg and given the name ANGELA DOROTHEA Kasner. She has (allegedly) two siblings, brother Marcus and sister Irene.

    Her father, an illegitimate child of ANNA RYCHLICKA KAZMIERCZAK and LUDWIK WOJCIECHOWSKI, was a Protestant minister; the mother, a Polish Jew from Galicia was a teacher.
    Her maternal grandfather was LUDWIK KAZMIERCZAK, he came from Poznan/Posen and fought in World War I against Germany.

    There is a picture of her cousin of the second degree, her father’s cousins and nephews of her grandfather, the 79-year olds retired bookkeeper ZYGMUNT Rychlicki, in the Polish newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza”. The picture shows her grandfather in the uniform of the so-called Haller Army, a unit of Poland, who fought in the French army against German.

    There was no such country as Poland before WW1. Poland, Czechoslovakia and other countries were established as a result of Versailles Treaty on former territories of German, Russian and Austro-Hungarian Empire. There was huge mess during the war and Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, etc were fighting against each other. (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/26/Map_Europe_alliances_1914-en.svg, http://users.humboldt.edu/ogayle/hist111/Europe1922.jpg). Posen, Poznan before WW1 was in Eastern Germany and after the War in Western Poland.

    This Haller Army was actually fighting with Germans and was supported by France. Was Zygmunt Rychlicki Polish then? Well, Poles are/were Roman Catholics.
    There were several waves of mass conversions of Jews to Christianity in the 19th century in Eastern Germany (eg. Posen/Poznan). I believe that even Alexandr Solzhenitsyn mentions this fact in his great book “Two Hundred Years Together”. Jews almost always converted to Protestantism as a ruling religion in Prussia. Roman Catholicism was not popular there, there were not many benefits from such conversion.
    In Germany there was permanent tendency of Jews to migrate to the West. Originally majority of them were living in very Judeophilic Polish Kingdom (finally liquidated in 1795) and in the 19th century they were migrating to more urbanised Western German territories. Poles were not migrating to the West.

    Before WW1 Galicia (main city Lemberg or now Lviv and Cracow) belonged to Austro-Hungarian Empire, later it became part of Poland. Galicia enjoyed enormous concentration of Jewish population. Former Jewish pope Wojtyla (JP2) came from Galicia. This map shows that phenomenon: http://blogimg.goo.ne.jp/user_image/34/5c/e0226657a11f6a1e24c42642cdc4ac32.png

    Names “Kazmierczak” and “Wojciechowski” suggest (this is not evidence!) Jewish origin.

  9. Merkel is a Polish kike, not White.

    I would be really surprised if she wasn’t. You will know them by their rotten kike fruits.

    “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” (Mathew 7:18-20, KJV)

    The Most Interesting Man in The World says: “I don’t always quote the Bible, but when I do, I prefer the King James Version.” Stay thirsty [for The Truth] my friends.” 😉

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