Arch Stanton Despairs

By Arch Stanton


“It won’t be long now. The end is near,
probably arriving before the close of 2018.” — Arch Stanton

“It is frightening to think that three feminist female leaders, all stooges of international Jewry, will be at the helm of their respective countries by Christmas time: Theresa May in Britain, Angela Merkel in Germany, and Hillary Clinton in America.”
— Lasha Darkmoon

A chilling thought indeed, the Jews’ troika of death for western civilization.

“There are numerous examples of Mrs May’s cowardice,” this recent article on Theresa May says, “but most recently she showed a lamentable talent for failing to give leadership when the situation most called for it during the EU referendum debate. Instead of defending her position in the Remain camp she kept her head down and was invisible during the campaign. A gross dereliction of duty by any standard.”

Tell me this wasn’t planned. Go ahead, I won’t believe it, but tell me anyway.

I envision Streicher’s demonic Jew whispering in May’s ear: “Keep your head down and mouth shut when the Brexit issue comes up and you will be prime minister when we finish.”

The snowball has arrived at the precipice.

Every sign of “hope” is naught but an illusion to placate the restless among the goyim herds. They have full and complete control. Ya still don’t get it do ya? There ain’t no countries anymore, no more good guys or bad guys. They’re running the whole show, they own everything, the whole goddamned planet, they can do whatever they want!

Note some of these headlines for future reference. Here’s a story from The New York Times: Too Old for Sex? Not at This Nursing Home.

Recognizing that some residents have intimate relationships well into their 70s and 80s, the Hebrew Home at Riverdale now offers a happy hour, a senior prom and a dating service.

One’s age used to provide them with a certain amount of protection from the travails of more youthful pursuits, but not any more. Today one cannot even grow old gracefully any longer. The Jews drive the goyim herds insane in the pursuit of sex — no matter how old they are.


“How about it, honey? Your room or mine?”

Another story from The New York Times. Title:  “For Whites Sensing Decline, Donald Trump Unleashes Words of Resistance.”

Breaching boundaries on discussions of race, Mr. Trump has stoked antagonism among whites who feel disempowered and attracted college students tired of having to watch their words.

“Trump will save us! Trump will save us!”

Of course. Look at how Brexit saved Britain from the EU.

Trump is nothing more than another safety valve designed to release the rapidly mounting pressure now experienced by American whites. Some frogs in the pressure cooker realize the water is becoming uncomfortably warm. (See here)

And here’s more sad news from Germany:

DETMOLD, Germany — A 94-year-old former SS sergeant who served as a guard at Auschwitz has been found guilty of more than 170,000 counts of accessory to murder on allegations he helped the Nazi death camp kill 1.1 million Jews and others.

A 94-year-old guy . .  and he has been sentenced to five years in jail for being an accessory to murder at Auschwitz . . . involving the death of over a million Jews.

Surprisingly, he admits he could have made more of an effort to do the right thing.

“It disturbs me deeply that I was part of such a criminal organization,” he told the court in April. “I am ashamed that I saw injustice and never did anything about it and I apologize for my actions.”

LD: Since the latest official figures for Jews allegedly gassed at Auschwitz amount to just under one million, it is hard to see how this 94-year-old German could have been guilty in helping to kill OVER one million (1.1 million). For the precise breakdown of figures, see my article Torture and Testicle Crushing at Nuremberg.

Do we hear any call for “tolerance” or “understanding” for this beleaguered old man? No. What’s heard is not the Jew’s bullshit propaganda “memes,” but the unceasing call of their true nature echoing from the lofty legal ramparts: “Neffer Forget! Neffer Forgive!

Such heinous tortures carried out against the elderly have become standard fare in these Judeaized western states. The court clowns supporting this last gasp of the mythical hallowedhoax need not worry however; Jews won’t need to pursue this lie much longer as soon it will be a given – Refuse to bow in fealty at their sacred alter of the Hallowedhoax and a Jewish star chamber will soon put you to the question.

It won’t be long now. The end is near, probably arriving before the close of 2018.

The Jews’ celebratory event will no doubt mark the hundredth anniversary of the first major war successfully waged against the white man and the civilization he created.

45 thoughts to “Arch Stanton Despairs”

  1. This is Pessimism. Defeatism. These thoughts are not worthy of you, Arch Stanton.
    These are the thoughts of a tired old man, soul-tired…. regardless his chronological age.
    Europe has faced disaster before, and emerged victorious.

    1. @ S.W.

      Rubbish! Optimism is not compulsory! Cut Arch some slack. He is entitled to his occasional melancholy mood music.

      Accusations of pessimism are often used as a device to silence legitimate criticism. Some of the greatest philosophers have been pessimists — Heraclitus among the Ancient Greeks and Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and Camus among the moderns.

      One must distinguish sharply between pessimism and defeatism (not the same thing) and pessimism and nihilism (not the same thing either).

      Haven’t you ever heard of the happy pessimist and the unhappy optimist?

      1. Both Buddhism and Stoicism are essentially pessimistic world views.

        It is only by accepting things as they are in their grim reality that one can make true progress.

        If you have cancer, I think you will agree that it’s best if you face up to the gloomy fact and learn to live with it rather than pretend everything’s rosy in the garden.

    2. While I might be considered old, I am neither tired, nor optimistic, pessimistic, or defeatist. I am a realist. I study history and then compare that with current trends and find they are very much aligned. This is how I draw my conclusions. People used to say “Arch, you’re always seeing the glass as half empty, why not try looking at it as if it is half full?” My reply was “I don’t see a glass.”

      Human nature does not change, those in the past reacted much the same as people today to the various social and environmental stimuli surrounding their existence. People, past and present, had/have their hopes and fears. They experience the same emotions as their ancestors and history shows how they react to those hopes and fears – in spite of evidence that might be contrary.

      When I see how toughened, stalwart groups like the Dutch Afrikaners and the Australians reacted to Jewish policies terribly detrimental to their future, how am I to expect Americans, softened by years of media programing and fast foods, to suddenly stand and fight?

      Jews don’t expect it will happen and neither do I and for good reason. Jews have spent generations programming the white race to meekly submit to its slaughter. In fact many have been programmed to not only participate in the slaughter, but revel in it in much the same manner as the psychopathic Jew. Jews are pulling all the strings, they have spent millennium perfecting their control over host nations. They have learned well from their mistakes.

      Jews are a people who celebrate the Passover as if it happened yesterday. Whites do not know what happened two administrations ago. How can such shortsightedness compete with a world view that goes back three millennium? It cannot. These are just a few reasons I have written the piece posted above.

      Not too many generations ago, the elderly were respected and even revered for the wisdom gained from their life experience. While this was not always the case, it was proven enough to become a social standard. That changed radically with my generation whose slogan was, “never trust anyone over thirty.” We foolishly cut ourselves off from the very source that might have warned us of the perils we faced. Instead we turned to television, a medium that only confirmed our idea of how stupid our elders were.

      Because we refused to listen to our elders, they in turn gave up trying to communicate with us. What we then suffered was a failure to com-mun-i-cate. Cool Hand Luke and the rebel without a cause became our idols. Marlon Brando’s character Johnny summed up our attitude in a single sentence in the movie The Wild One (10 second video)

      That was it in a nut shell, mindless rebellion against everything our parents stood for. We were going to change the world and to the Jews’ great delight, we did it listening to their advice instead of our parents.

      Not long ago people spoke of those who indulged in credit purchases in the same hushed tones they spoke of a homosexual or retarded relative. Credit was almost a taboo topic. Our parents knew credit turned one into a debt slave. We fixed that; in less than a generation we were living beyond our means with “easy credit.” Look at the situation today. Were our parents correct in their stodgy, “square” views or were we with our easy credit?

      The only advice I can offer is look at the facts and make an objective assessment. Do not let your emotions get in the way. How one feels about a situation will not change the situation, but it may well affect one’s ability to make the best decision.

      A few years back, I had a friend in his late fifties who always “looked on the bright side of things,” a necessity for him because his entire life was a continuing series of disasters. He was diabetic, a condition that undoubtedly came about because of his diet.

      The man would not eat a vegetable (he didn’t like them). His diet consisted almost solely of fried, fast foods. His decline in health first began with a condition of diminished kidney function and a series of infections. The doctor’s solution was to provide a drug that would atrophy his kidneys thereby preventing possible further infection.

      Several of his friends, myself included, implored him not to allow it, as kidney function might always return, but only if they existed. Going on his “hunch” he insisted the doctors were correct and so wound up on permanent dialysis. Within a few years that decision led to a gangrenous infection in his foot and that is where his slide to oblivion really began.

      The doctor said he would have to amputate at least part of his foot, if not the entire foot. My friend lashed out saying, “Not my foot! That’s my best buddy, you’re not cutting my foot off!”

      So the doctor said, “OK, I’m going on vacation I’ll be back in two weeks. We’ll see how you feel then.” The infection got worse and that two-week delay cost my friend, not only his foot, but his lower leg as well. His emotions led from one wrong decision to another.

      The issues he had with his prosthetic limb are beyond the scope of this writing. Suffice to say, they were legion. About two years after surgery, complications from his amputation led to a heart attack that cost him his life.

      Instead of studying and researching the facts and making rational decisions, he reacted emotionally to every critical decision along the way to his grave. His attachment to his leg was more then flesh and bone and it cost him dearly.

      I used to try talking to him about what I knew was a rapidly approaching death. Of course he was in complete denial of his critical health condition, and he would tut tut me saying “I have my faith.” I often wonder if his Christian faith disappointed him at the end.

  2. this idea that whites created everything that is good implied in Stanton’s closing remarks:
    “The Jews’ celebratory event will no doubt mark the hundredth anniversary of the first major war successfully waged against the white man and the civilization he created.”
    really amounts to a successful divide and conquer Jewish strategy. From the 14th century on, little was done in white civilization without the Jews directing the funds and often running the show.

    Do you really believe we would have planes and automobiles without Jewish direction of cash flow priorities? I think the answer is clearly in doubt. As far as the great history of BC Europe, was it so much higher than non-European culture in many other places?

    However this, “we are the greatest race of all time (even though we live in trailer parks now) attitude totally makes us an enemy of every other person not considered white not to mention the delusion in the claim and self-serving interpretation.

    This isn’t that big a deal but it is an attitude I see over and over when whites pine for what should be and it is, bottom line, counter-productive.

    It’s not about race guys, it’s about awareness. The only reason that this isn’t obvious is because of the heavy effort to make it about the much more superficial race question done in all the media, alternative and MSM. Again, a big fat win by the Jews since they have been orchestrating the various psyops (yes they have, with goyim treading softly and hiding behind fake names so as not to offend. Jews are different. They use fake names to subvert)
    I’ll add this, counterproductive immigration policies and flooding natives with slave like cheap labor provide no measuring tools for determining whether people of different backgrounds coming together in intelligent ways can or can not become one volk. My example on this is a non-white that talks in fluent European dialect and has adopted the customs of the locals , clearly, is close to being one volk with the culture he is in.
    It is the Jew’s psyop to promote a counterproductive mixing of various groups that promotes division. Bottomline, intelligent assimilation of foreigners has never been tried
    Try to tell a white nationalist that who has been a racist all his life. They don’t want to hear it and only look for negative stories to post about others, just what the Jews want, the impression of a white race that hates everyone else. That’s what they are selling and segregationists that post nothing to their timelines, not race oriented sell the same message.
    White people hate everyone so the Jew walks quietly over to all the non-whites and says, I am your friend. I will protect you.” He’s told everyone that at one time or another

    1. “From the 14th century on little was done in White Civilization without the Jews directing the funds and often running the show”…..the point being?

      1. How true, how true. Point well taken, especially when considering wars, social upheaval and weaponry development. While a white man was developing the chronometer without Jewish funding, other white men were destroying Europe with wars guided by the auspices of carefully fielded Jewish funding.

        While the Wright brothers invented the airplane without Jewish funding, it was Jewish funding that turned aviation into the advanced weapon system it is today. Of course, virtually all our modern technologies are offshoots of military weapons development.

        While Samuel Colt was expanding on Eli Whitney’s idea of interchangeable parts to mass produce firearms without Jewish funding, it was Jewish funding that created the war that made the Colt Army 1860 one of the the most popular and potent killing weapons of its day.

        While Charles Babbage was inventing the programmable analog computer called the Analytical Engine without Jewish funding, it was Jewish funding that later turned it into a machine to effectively calculate battleship gun trajectories.

        While Henry Ford invented the mass produced automobile without Jewish funding, it was Jewish funding that turned it into that mobile boom box blaring outside your window. No doubt that although the Negro (re)invented the spear, it was Jewish funding that replaced it with full auto.

        Without Jewish money funding such military developments and the ensuing wars they bring, we might still be marveling over a new development in the plow and I might be going out to check the crops and slop the hogs instead of typing merrily away on my keyboard. (I’m on a roll now, so I’m using both fingers.)

        And let us neffer forget, it was Jewish funding and direction that gave us the nuclear nightmare we presently live under. Without the Jews’ money and wars we would undoubtedly be living in the past with a far more agrarian lifestyle, somewhat like the late 18th century and how horrible would that be?

        These then are the Jew funded programs that lead them to believe they are “a light unto the world” and why their financial Tikkun Olam is to our detriment. Oy Vey! Nuclear weapons? Zo vats not to like, bubi?

        In the end, no matter who funded the process, good or bad, it was white mans’ intellect and drive that created what is known today as western civilization.

    2. Your comment about civilizations advancement and bankers, well, maybe Bill Cooper was right when he claimed that the bankers, the top of the pyramid hidden away in Switzerland gnomes, not the kikish Federal Reserve cons, were the direct descendents of the Knights Templers. Yup, takes a White man to get things done.

    3. Bottomline, intelligent assimilation of foreigners has never been tried

      Joe, it has been tried; but in China. The Jews used the Mongols — their (((ISIS))) in the 12th Century — to invade China, but the subsequent dynasty it spawned known as the Yuan Dynasty happily ended in only 97 years, one of the shortest-lived dynasties in Chinese history.

      The grandson of Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan founded the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368), but he was a far cry from his barbarian ancestors. He was, for all intents and purposes, Chinese, and the Yuan Dynasty was quintessentially Chinese. In other words, the barbarians were assimilated and became Chinese!

      The Chinese of the Middle Kingdom had tremendous pride in their own civilization and a great belief that they could subdue the barbarians not by conquest but by assimilation. They proved this even when they had been conquered by the Mongols and the Yuan Dynasty is the one most often cited by Chinese historians as being a prime example.

      To this very day, a foreigner in China who does not condescend and put on airs, especially one who can speak Chinese fluently, will be accorded with great respect and much admiration. Sir Edmund Trelawny Backhouse, 2nd Baronet (20 October 1873 – 8 January 1944) was one such foreigner. Seventy-two years after his death, and among the younger generation of sinologists, especially those with a literary bent, Backhouse is still highly regarded and has a cult following…. just sharing


      Do you really believe we would have planes and automobiles without Jewish direction of cash flow priorities? I think the answer is clearly in doubt. As far as the great history of BC Europe, was it so much higher than non-European culture in many other places?

      Of course, you are correct. If one accepts the premise that Jews have had control over our banks and capital for the last 300 years in the West, then it follows that they controlled who got the money and who didn’t, and what inventions or technology got developed or didn’t in the last 300 years in the West. That’s a no-brainer.

      Ostensibly, all the science and technology — namely transportation and communications — that were developed in the West in the last 300 years have really only benefited and advanced the Jews in their 2 favorite pursuits: Commerce and War, though they treat War as a commercial enterprise, if not their greatest profit-making (i.e. debt-generating) enterprise.

      In the 18th Century, Jews financed and developed maritime engineering and canal systems; then in the 19th Century, Jews financed and developed the railways and the telegraph; and then in the 20th Century, Jews financed and developed the automobile and highways and the airplane industry, television and bio-engineering and germ warfare; and now today, their telecommunications and vaccines and poisons and GMOs are highly developed. Arguably, the development of the Internet and Social Media was only to better control goyim — the cattle — in virtual real time, if not instantly.

      But their greatest invention of them all is the computer and electronic commerce. No, I don’t mean buying something on Amazon with your credit card via your personal computer. I mean the kikes can now make money electronically and remotely by typing numbers into a computer! They don’t even print it anymore, they can create TRILLIONS of dollars simply by typing 000000000s into a computer, whenever they feel like it and they feel like it all the time!

      If I’m not mistaken, the general consensus among cultural theorists and academics is that Western Civilization died in the trenches of World War One (WWI) or over 100 years ago already. WWI was the watershed event that not only ended the Old World Order but also the West’s moral right to rule, or so I was told, when I was in university back in the early 1980s.

      For the longest time, or at least since the 1960s and throughout my teens and adult life, the West was associated with America (i.e. with sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.) The “West” was famous if not infamous for being “Decadent” with a capital “D” for the past 50-years or more.

      Arch, I feel your pain, honestly, I do, but I’m puzzled by your timing. Should I Send in the Clowns?

      Inarguably, Western Civilization, if we can even call it that today, means endless wars for the kikes, and now add pornography and buggery — and did I forget USURY!? So what’s to like? Or should I say Good Riddance!

      Again, just sharing… this is not an anti-White post. Some of my best friends and ex-wives are White. 🙂

    4. Joe Sigur,

      Rubbish I’m afraid. The white man is not interchangeable regarding brilliance and creativity. Saying that, the obvious truth, always stirs up the already present envy. Would there be all this technology without the Jew? Yes, of course there would. The only difference is that it would be facilitated for the well being of people instead of being abused by the Jew.

      Or perhaps you believe that if only the jews had settled in Africa, the negroes would have invented everything and created the entire modern world? I don’t think so.

      I am a white person, and just being aware of that doesn’t mean I automatically hate non whites. I hate people who hate me for being aware of being white. I hate people who come to my country and start making demands and complain about it being too white. Well, fuck off then, who invited you over? I just want to live in my own culture instead of negro culture or in an islamic country. I like to visit other parts of the world very much and I often do, but I don’t need the whole world in my country. You’re forgetting the biological differences between races. We are not all the same. If we were then every nation would be the same. Mixing up the races and cultures and values is exactly what the jew wants to destroy them and with it all original identities.

      And the non whites are only too happy to assist the jew in his efforts to destroy white civilisation. So while it is certainly true that the white race has done and is guilty of an awful lot of dirty heavy lifting for the jew, which no one here will deny BTW, it is just as true that the non whites are eager to please the jew by flooding white civilisation. The ONLY real option is to stay home and create pure ethnostates according to National Socialism on all continents, the absolute nightmare of the filthy jew. Not the opposite, what is happening now, mostly in white countries.

      That doesn’t mean that foreingers are not allowed, on the contrary. It means that foreigners cannot become citizens of another nation simply because they are not part of it. Just like a Grizzly bear is not a polar bear and just as a giraffe will thrive a lot better in Africa’s savanna than on Antarctica and vice versa for a pinguin.


      I am sure the Chinese people will admire foreigners who behave accordingly and adapt, it’s only normal, I do too, but don’t try to convince anyone the Chinese regard a white man or a black man as a Chinese man no matter how much they like them. And that is perfectly sane, because they aren’t Chinese, are they? In other words, those Chinese you are referring to are thinking precisely like me.

  3. Arch Stanton deserves immediate execution. I have passed over his details to Mossad. Such men are dangerous in more ways than we can imagine and need to be closely watched.

    1. “Anyone who picks up a Jewish newspaper in the morning and does not see himself slandered in it has not made profitable use of the previous day…” ~ Adolf Hitler

      Be careful watching me, the last guy assigned to that task committed suicide out of boredom.

  4. Arch Stanton, I admire you. With the greatest of ease, you put into words what I and hopefully many others know to be true.
    Today Jacques Brel is sobbing in Folkvang.

  5. Don’t know if it will be as early as 2018, Arch. But no matter what, never despair. The World is gonna need many good and righteous people in an aftermath to all this to carry on.Will war be the event to win the day for those who would endure and inherit the Earth?

    Consider a common theme in the following passages….

    Matthew 24:29
    Mark 13:24-25
    Luke 21:25

    ….and tell me this is not an indication of the Cosmic Divine releasing its wrath on a world gone berserk!

    And then tie in Mattew 5:5 with Matthew 24:37-39 and see…

    “…as the days of Noah were…” and “…until the flood came, and took them all away…” as metaphorical inferences to a scenario whereby the enduring ones prevail

    1. according to a Muslim scholar’s calculations from the Quran , the end of Israel shall be in 2022 .It is also worth mentioning that Henry Kissinger in 2012 stated that Israel will cease to exist in 10 years .

      1. It’s almost like I hope the old bloke lives another 6 years more to see Israhell get annihilated once and for all. After that he can go meet Moloch for all I care.

  6. Quotation of the day from movie actor Peter Firth, aka Harry Pierce in “MI5”: “My career would have been a short one if I quit once I knew I was on the losing side”. Look at the slowly failing Coup d’Etat in Turkey (I really hope I’m wrong). When Erdogan calls for crowds on the streets, shoot over their heads and CLEAR the streets immediately – shoot lower if necessary. As Clausewitz said – in matters of War errors of benevolence are by far the worst. The Thais never make these elementary mistakes, their most recent coup achieved the most positive results.

      1. My (seemingly) dashed hopes exactly. Anyone who still doubts the necessity for new leadership in Turkey need only look at Erdogan’s reaction when he realized he was still in power – remove 3,000 judges he doesn’t like. It’s appalling that some grossly misinformed sectors of the EU would contemplate EU membership for a country with so little regard for judicial procedure. Maybe they’re hoping that as an EU member, Turkey would be forced to accept refugees – from Europe. Naturally, Erdogan’s wrath will fall on the military as well; if things get too uncomfortable, perhaps the next General will ‘start at the top’. Look at the bright side of all this Mr. Stanton, as Mike Rivero put it on WRH when Erdogan initially tried to flee and sought asylum in Germany but was rejected – “FINALLY a refugee Germany refuses”. Now we can add Greece to the list, as the coup Generals will be repatriated to Turkey for likely torture and execution – what about their human rights? They should have gone down fighting, however, that way there is always a chance, no matter how small.

  7. Lolicia,
    Everything is not rosy.
    Stanton wrote,
    “It won’t be long now. The end is near,…”. That is defeatism. That is lying down in the ditch and dying.
    Said many times, many places. Screw that.
    I will not stand for it.

  8. Do not take his words at face value. He in 94 years old and his only chance for leniency and to avoid jail is to plead guilty and show remorse, regardless if he is guilty or has anything to show remorse for. If his lawyer fights, his client will be persecuted and go to jail and his lawyer might go to jail too (see Sylvia Stolz video below). Keep in mind these people have been known about for fifty years or longer and they were never prosecuted because the authorities felt they had not done anything that called for prosecution. Only now, after all these years are they prosecuting. Persecuting is a better description. There is nobody even in his own country that stands up for him and if they do, they will be vilified at a minimum and fined, lose their job or go to jail in the worst case scenario.

    To paraphrase the judges words Sylvia Stolz repeats in her speech as reported in a mainstream German newspaper, “It is completely irrelevant if the holocaust happened or not. In Germany it is against the law to say it didn’t happen”. Hopefully this explains why he’ll be say yes and amen to anything they want him to. It’s a show trial, similar to Nuremberg in that there is no question of guilt or innocence. As historian David Irving said of Nuremberg, the defendants knew they were not going to receive a fair trial. From the moment the trials started, the only question was how long the rope would be that they would hang the men from. And hanging them was another deliberate insult to the defendants and the German people. I still recall my German mother saying how Germans felt it was unfair to hang these men instead of shooting them, which is the military way and letting someone die with some honor and dignity. But the Americans were in charge and they have neither, not that things would have been better if the Russians were running things.

    Sylvia Stolz – lawyer dragged out of court for presenting evidence in defense of her client and refuting claims about the holocaust. And now in jail again, for the last year for delivering this speech about the case.

  9. @ Arch Stanton

    As I have said a few times during the past year or so, it appears to me that the jews have less control now than they had in 1985 and the trend is less control as time passes.

    Just last evening, I came across an article that gives a different perspective on the jews not acquiring their world conquest. The author does not use the word jew, he uses the word globalist instead, but the principles he addresses are still valid.

    “The Reasons Why The Globalists Are Destined To Lose”

    1. Ungenous –

      The author, Brandon Smith, set up the battle between two paradigms. He wrote, “It is defined by two sides which could not be more philosophically or spiritually separate.”

      Here are the two, as he described:

      #1- On one side is a pervasive network of corporate moguls and elites, banking entities, international financial consortiums, think tanks and political puppets.

      #2- On the other side is a movement that has developed organically and instinctively, growing without direct top-down “leadership,” but still guided through example by various teachers and activists, driven by a concrete set of principles based in natural law. He calls them the “Liberty Movement.”

      I see a huge flaw in this presentation.

      Everyone in group #2 (Liberty Movement) uses some portion in group #1. Banking and internet and debt are the most conspicuous. Then there is the Social Security Systems in most of the world, over 170 countries… run by London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers and their agents.

      However, NONE in group #1 uses anything driven by Natural Law as in group #2.

      Group 1 cannot lose as long as that is the case.

      I will state here that group #1 – Globalists – cannot lose with Social Security in place, in 170 countries..!!

      When no one in the US has a SSN there may be a chance. Until then, the “Liberty Movement” is just useless effort of a few who live in isolation in cardboard boxes under the bridge or in the woods.

      The author has a computer and is hooked into the internet. He has had to use his SSN to get to his present status. He, himself is not in the “Liberty Movement.” 🙂

      This publication highlights the principal features of social security programs….. in more than 170 countries:

  10. Archie, Despair Not!

    Military coup against Donmeh sultan Erdogan is
    Not Good For Jews.
    I can anticipate Imram Hosein’s analysis here:
    definitely an anti-Jew coup, therefore very dangerous to already shaky NATO, rapidly disintegrating pyramid of intimidation and control from Washington thinktankland, frees up a lot of maneuvering room for Russia – in fact, I have no doubt that Russia was heavily involved with the military coup planners, this may well be a spectacular payback for the Ukrainian color revolution
    And what about Assad, he too can start planning a bit of revenge.
    What about ISIS goons, where do they run now, EU gets a breather from Turkey’s migrant factory, Merkel lost, dazed and confused, might have repercussions?
    What about KSA (Kosher Saudi Arabia).

    Let’s face it, even if Putin never had a finger in this, does anyone think that it would have happened without Russian intervention in Syria, if Syria had gone the way of Libya?

    Game on 😀

    1. Jolly good show! 🙂

      There’s a good chance your view is spot on. I understand they have not succeeded. Yet. But this is encouraging.

      1. @ Toby

        After looking at sseveral videos of the coup, it appears that the coup was staged by the existing government as an excuse for Erdogon to officially become a true dictator.

        1. The mainstream media immediately referred to the coup as an “attempted coup.” Obviously the media had inside info.

        2. Every video that I watched showed civilians encouraging the military to the point of even jumping on the tanks in celebration. There was no civilian resistance.

        3. Who ever heard of a military coup that was without a leader? The head of the Turkish military says he is not in favor of the coup so all the military just stops the coup. If the head dude was not the leader, someone else would have been.

        4. Soldiers with military weapons surrender to police with hand guns by laying face down in the middle of the street even though they would be in serious trouble later for participation in the coup.

        5. High ranking officers rather calmly surrender to police even though their lives are in danger for heading the coup when they are later tried and convicted of rebellion.

        6. All the military personnel involved in the fake coup are escorted by two police or civilians on each side of them with no resistance. Some even appear to be holding hands. How romantic.

        7. Tanks just stop in the middle of streets instead of going back to base. Good show, but obviously phony.

        8. One jet buzzes the capital at low altitude which is obviously just for show.

        9. One helicopter shoots his guns once at some “target” Good show, but there had to be more than one target available for blasting.

        10. Erdogon is silent for six days prior to the supposed coup. Obviously he was involved in the planning of the false flag coup.

        Apparently the Turkish government had CIA help setting up and executing the false flag coup. They are no better at it n Turkey than they are in the USA.

        Who benefits from the false flag coup? Erdogon becomes official dictator for whatever is next to come from the West. I doubt we will have to wait long for the other shoe to drop.

  11. I believe The Coup against Erdogan FAILED, Arch, and HE’S back in CONTROL in MachtNicht’s beloved land of Nexus Points, Turkey, so, *yawn* , you can stop despairing now, Stanton.

  12. Don’t mention Putin’s Intervention in Syria, lobro, please, it opens old wounds for Pat and makes Pat despair something very discouraging to behold, TOO sad for just mere words to assauge the pain of The Intervention. Plus, The Intervention was like a biblical plague of swarming boll weevils descending on The South’s cotton fields for Gilby.

  13. Please don’t despair, Arch. Remember the Soothing Healing words of The Great Seer, Al-Ghazali :

    “The happiness of the drop is to die in the river”

    In Noo Yawk we have a similiar expression expressing the same profound Sufi Spiritual concept : why don’t you take a long walk off a short pier. End of despair. Easy Peasy.

    1. you got that quote wrong, Joe. there’s a letter missin’.

      The drop’s happiness is to take that long walk and DIVE into the river.

      soothing healing words of Brownhawk ;>}

  14. We fall into despair waiting for Lasha to Strip-Off her BLUE BURQA BLUE plastic shower curtain on her head and show us her true way SIZZLIN’ RED HOT Sexy Yo Mama! gypsy turkish belly dancing bod! We watch re-runs of I DREAM OF JEANIE in the meantime waiting for Lasha to emerge in a puff of ethereal other-wordly smoke from Aladdin’s Lamp.

  15. Boil bubble, toil and trouble – a witches brew indeed!

    Voting is the injury; jumpin into the toilet after the flush. Voting for Hilary Clinton is the added insult that clogs up the pipe!

    But to all I say, stop yer kvetchin’! Like this shouldn’t have been expected? Any “victory” for the jews will be too pyrrhic to be sustained anyway.

    what’s earmarked for hell
    will go down pell mell
    arrives soon enough
    removal of slough
    new saplings shall rise
    from fires demise
    dead tissue is culled
    its spiders annulled
    the cobwebs are cleaned
    right sustenance gleaned
    great leveler high
    Gods son beckons nigh

  16. I am a 78 year old optimist. The world is not getting worse. It is a lot better now than when I was young. There is less war, starvation and disease; AND the environment is a LOT better. In my home town in England we were shocked when our black town hall was cleaned to show honey-colored stone. We had always assumed it was made of coal.

    The main problems now are Israel’s arrogance and what I see as a consequential Islamic resurgence. Israeli Zionists seem to want to take over the world, but Jews are leaving, which is not the behaviour of ardent Zionists. Islam has become more exteme, but 50% of Moslems are women and they want their freedom, and who would dare stand up against millions of women? I would run for cover.

    Cheer up Arch.

  17. All I know is, If Trump doesn’t figure out a hair-do that compliments his facial bone structure mo’ betta he’ll never be able to figure out how to bring manufacturing back to Ameruca, wouldn’t you agree, Pat?

  18. Here ya go Arch – No relief – – – –

    Why they run for High Office….

    When they LOSE they WIN!!

    Sanders campaign millions go to mystery firm

    Nestled near the end of a suburban cul-de-sac in Alexandria, Virginia, is one of the most profitable media buying agencies in the 2016 primary race for the White House.

    The unassuming two-story, single family home at 4507 Penwood Drive, is the registered address for Old Towne Media LLC — the media buying company that purchased more than $82 million in TV ad time for Bernie Sanders’ Democratic presidential campaign, Federal Election Commission reports through May show.

    Old Towne’s income from the Sanders campaign has not been disclosed, but the industry standard for ad buy commissions is 15 percent. Based on that formula, the firm could have made $12 million.

    The ad agency, established in 2014, has almost exclusively served the Sanders campaign, and the company keeps a low profile. It has no website and no listed phone number. A full list of principals isn’t publicly available.

  19. My “despair” was assigned by the Darkmoon administrators. Apparently this was their view on my comment, however it is not my view. Please read my comment fourth from the top for a better understanding of my viewpoint.

  20. It may be Mossad was involved in the Turkish Coup attempt (see: Thanks to WRH. If so, maybe Mr. Erdogan is the lesser of two weevils.

  21. I agree with the dismal outlook. I watched Sybil Edmunds on the Turkish coup and she said it was staged by the CIA (and certain think tanks), that the response of the public was genuine and heroic, and that there would be another attempt probably by the fall. The creepy part is that Turkey has been a NATO ally and now there are nukes that could fall into the hands of a terrorist organization like ISIS. Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish cleric living in the U.S. who just happens to be a close associate of Hillary Clinton is named as the mastermind although he is apparently too old and on the verge of death. The news is a lot to keep up with for sure.

    The question of course is who is in charge. Well, no doubt about it the Jewish oligarchy are in charge of the Democratic Party and that includes bankers, media, and the bureaucracy. They love Hillary and are going to crown her queen–some call her queen of chaos, and I agree. She won’t tell anyone what she is doing until we wake up at war with Russia or some other incredibly tragic turn of events. For some strange reason a lot of people voting for her who don’t like her think they are going to be able to control her. Once a politician is elected they control you and you don’t control them, that.

    But…I do believe the Jewish oligarchy will not survive long either, not twenty years, maybe not ten. They made the fatal mistake of trusting in modern medicine. I live in a Jewish neighborhood (no oligarchs of course, just plain old Jews and some young Jews). Nearly everyone has either cancer or an autistic child. In one family both parents have cancer (bad cancers), and two of their children cannot work due to disabilities. I think of the neighbor next to them and they have two children on the autism spectrum, one very severe. The father has some kind of strange autoimmune condition. It’s doubtful if either of his boys will work. Down the block is a young doctor and her two boys. I saw the older boy yesterday and he has a vague look in his face. He looks limp, placid. Across the street from me is a young family with two kids. The boy is on the autism spectrum with extremely low energy. He might not work. There is another family with four kids and the oldest son drifts around the block all day in like a stupor. I don’t know what is wrong with him.

    The Jews were able to take over partly because there was an army of smart, well educated, and vigorous young men who became doctors, lawyers, newspaper owners judges, movie producers. This won’t be the case in the future. There won’t be so many who survive the epidemic that is growing by the day. And the irony of course is that it is the Jews in charge that are doing it to their own.

    When I was youngish gentile woman married to a Jewish man I broke the hearts of the older generation who saw me as the new holocaust. Now we have a medical catastrophe that will wipe out a generation of Jews and no one is noticing. So… Arch…. the future is closing in on us and I don’t know who will steer the ship of state through the gathering storm. The current generation is poisoned by aluminum, an estrogen, and they are simply too “low T” to take charge.

    1. Kapoore

      I’d rephrase that to say, “once a politician is steered into office through a manipulation of the phony election process, they quickly come to know who’s really in charge.”

      And I’d say Hilary is already well-versed and doesn’t have to be told twice.

      Reminds me of the comedy skit of the late Bill Hicks, an American comedian from Texas. In it, the newly elected President, upon taking the oath their first act in office is to be taken into a darkened room of the White House and told to take a seat. A movie projector clicks on, and on the screen plays the Zapruder home movie of the JFK assassination. After it runs, a voice from the back asks the newly inaugurated President, “any questions?”

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