Are the Jews secretly backing Donald Trump … while pretending to hate him as ‘the new Hitler’?

greenblatt16e-1-webSIMULATED  OUTRAGE in the Daily News

LD :  Arch Stanton makes a highly controversial claim in this article: that the Jews are going flat out to give the impression they hold Trump in total detestation, portraying him as the ‘New Hitler’ who will unleash Armageddon if elected. However, the same Jews are deliberately (in their controlled media) making Hillary Clinton look increasingly unelectable, Stanton claims, and they are doing their best to whip up a tremendous enthusiasm for Trump among the masses . In other words, Trump is their man of choice — but they need to pretend they hate him.

When Trump enters the White House and starts acting like ‘the New Hitler’, the Jews will then throw up their hands in horror and cry, “See, we warned you against this maniac! Oy veh, why didn’t you take our advice and vote for Hillary?” Meanwhile, Stanton suggests, everything will be going according to the covert Jewish plan. Trump will be doing exactly what the Jews secretly want, but to a background of simulated Jewish horror.

Read the article and make up your own minds: is this the shape of things to come? or is Arch Stanton cooking up a new, wild-eyed conspiracy theory? [LD]

ARCH  STANTON :  From my point of view, it appears Jews are staging vociferous opposition to Trump while surreptitiously backing his candidacy. At the same time, while publicly endorsing Hillary full tilt, I see a suspicious number of media articles and opinions that paint her as an unmistakable, mentally deranged and totally corrupt hack politician.

Take for example the camera angle shot of her name that, by omission, spells out “I lie”. Jews recently tested public reaction to their efforts by indicating Trump was going to quit the election. The outcry over this announcement would definitely give a clear indication of how much support is behind his candidacy while generating even more support for it from his present following.

What do the American people see on their political stage? A corrupt, psychopathic, hack politician pitted against a strong, stable, successful, male multi-billionaire businessman with the usual business shenanigans to his minor discredit, none of course that would be a deal breaker for his candidacy. Consider for a moment how Jews destroyed Richard Nixon’s sitting presidency over a minor break in during an attempt to spy on his political opponent.

GASP! A politician using underhanded tactics to spy on his political opponents? How much more corrupt, how much more evil can one be? Until Nixon, such evil was unheard of! No politician before Nixon would have ever thought to do such a thing – eh? (Ok, there was that Hitler feller, but let’s move on). So tell me Jews couldn’t come up with a candidacy breaker for Trump were they of a mind to do so?

None will deny that Hillary will, at the very least, stay the present course which of course was promised to be changed by the lying golden Negro who also happens to be a democrat. In carefully contrived photo ops and op-ed pieces, Hillary is cast by the media as an inept fool who laughs at killing people (only an idiot in her position would be so visibly undiplomatic) is married to a former washed-up, coke-sniffing president who was disliked by many Democrats.

Is it not obvious this all reflects on her suitability for the office? This of course is no great challenge as all they need do is tell the truth about her. As I pointed out previously, the only thing Jews have yet to do is pass out white hats for the Trumpsters and black hats for the Clidiots.

I suspect the idea is to use Trump as a neuvo Hitler to lead America into another global war as Jews exclaim, (while shedding copious quantities of crocodile tears) “See we told you Trump was dangerous. We warned you he would be another Nhaaadzee war monger.” Thus exculpating them from any part in fomenting the conflict.

The Jews’ overwhelming presence in events leading to Iraq war was unmistakable, and led to the term “neocon” which most understand is a code word for “Jew” government administrator. I think they greatly fear being implicated as the primary agent provocateur in a new global conflict.

As the immense destruction resulting from this conflict will devastate America, people will be looking for someone to blame. Who better than Trump? No doubt he will be well reimbursed for taking the fall for the Jews – that is if the American people don’t get to him first.

Such is the duplicity of the Jew.

I am led to think they perform these “reverse” psychological acts out of sheer spite or glee in knowing they can pull their woolly lies over the stupid goyims’ eyes.

Perhaps the most famous act of this nature occurred at the opening of the twentieth century when Jew bankers bewailed the terrible dangers the Federal Reserve Act presented to the banks.

The stupid goyim masses predictably fell for the notion that “if it’s bad for the banks, it will be good for us” and gave their support for the act. Such actions have led to my conclusion that Br’er Rabbit was in fact a Jew.

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  1. I don’t think Arch has been smoking too much weed. His thesis makes sense to me. It would explain much. The demonization of Hillary in the Jew media, for example, makes no sense at all if the Jews are supposed to be 100 per cent for Hillary. It doesn’t add up.

    Who except a loonie is going to vote for a woman who behaves like a total fruit basket (as in the last video)?

    Thanks, Arch. A well-written article, lucid and not a word wasted. If this is a “conspiracy theory”, it’s a damn plausible one.

    1. Sard –
      “It doesn’t add up.”….. unless using the opposing values to your logical math, exacted from the invented talmudic logarithmic and exponential value tables. 🙂

      1. @ Pat

        Not quite sure what you’re saying, Pat. You need to spell it out! Your language is a bit too obscure for a bear with a small brain like me. 🙂

        All I’m saying is this: Arch’s theory sounds pretty plausible to me, though I don’t rule out alternative theories.

        Personally, I’m backing neither of these two candidates. As far as I’m concerned, both suck. Hillary I hold in absolute horror and would like to see her executed pronto. Trump I don’t trust one inch. I’d prefer to see YOU or Gilbert at the White House rather than Trumpo.

        If ever you decide to sit for Prezzy, let me know … and you’ll have my vote! 🙂

  2. Apart from what Trump actually WOULD do if elected, how could they warn anyone about Trump’s intentions for a global war if his whole campaign consists of the exact opposite?

    1. I agree, 1138. Moreover, I believe it is a mistake to always assume “the Jews” means ALL Jews, large or small, or that successful businesses are necessarily enhanced by war. Sometimes (believe it or not!) situations are just as they appear. My senses tell me Mr. Trump is one of them. Yes, he is no choirboy, but that certainly doesn’t disqualify him for the office of President. (In fact, such is necessary, in my opinion.) Smart Jews, like everyone else, will adjust themselves accordingly.

  3. Trump is not willing to go to war with Russia or China, but Hillary Clinton might be deranged enough to take such an insane step.

    Arch Stanton’s idea belongs to the same class of conspiracy theories which say that :

    1) Hitler was a Jew (a “Rothschild”) who deliberately destroyed Germany and caused the Jews to flee to Palestine.

    2) Ahmadinejad is a Jew who deliberately tried to lead Iran to destruction in a war with the West.

    3) Putin is a Jew and his support for Iran and Syria is all a ruse.

    4) Russia and China are completely under Jewish control and their conflict with the West is all a scam.

    5) David Duke “works for the Jews”, etc. etc.

    The mental source of all these far fetched conspiracy theories is an out of all proportions grown suspicion of Jewish duplicity and power.
    Jews are not all powerful and sometimes their fears are genuine.

    While Hillary Clinton is corrupt enough to be willing to implement the nefarious agenda of her Jewish masters, Trump is a direct danger to that agenda, because he proposes :

    1) Good relations with Russia and eventually with China.

    2) Impartiality in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

    3) Building a wall with Mexico and stopping and reversing all illegal immigration.

    4) Ending free trade and outsourcing of manufacture.

    5) Ending “political correctness”, one of the major ingredients of Jewish psychological power.

    6) Trump is what Kevin McDonald calls “implicitly pro-White”, and his so-called “denunciation” of David Duke was not sincere.

    The Jewish hysteria of Trump being the “new Hitler” is obviously genuine. For the Jewish hostile elite populism is always a danger and Trump is a genuine (white) populist.

      1. Trump openly said to the Republican Jewish Coalition that they can’t control him because he doesn’t accept their money. And this man would be a “puppet of the Jews”?

        (Another point that goes against the Jewish agenda is Trump’s proposal to stop all Muslim immigration. That goes straight against the Jewish idea of “inclusiveness”.)

    1. Franklin,

      “Trump is not willing to go to war with Russia or China, but Hillary Clinton might be deranged enough to take such an insane step.”

      Has the Darkmoon forum lost their minds of late?
      Tell me ONE politician/political candidate who has KEPT THEIR PRE ELECTION PROMISES?
      What about all the change from Obama he continually talked about and did nothing but continue the previous Bush administration international policy?
      This is politics! Politicians are elected into power as puppets of banking and big business. They are lobbyists and nothing more, whom, once kicked out of Parliament or Congress, go onto a high paying job as a member of a multinational, global corporation.

      Trump is controlled opposition. All opposition is controlled.

      1. You forget one thing : Trump is a BILLIONAIRE, therefore he is impervious to bribery, whether from banks or big business (or rich Jews).

      2. Harbinger,

        I agree that Trump, as anyone who is using the jew’s vehicle ( an established political party ) to run for office only CAN be, is part of it. But that is not what this article is focused on.

      3. Franklin,

        That means nothing at all, whatsoever. Trump (if you’ve watched the video) is a confirmed Zionist. He may speak of not going to war against Russia and China, but what if Zionism tells him too? He’s a billionaire – and? He’s not impervious to any Mossad assassination and they’ll most certainly have told him that they’re in charge. His lauding of Netanyahu is sickening to the extreme.

        Trump is a money man, who cares only for making it. When trouble hits, he’ll just get on a plane and fly to another part of the world. He has no loyalties to America. He is a globalist. His back garden is the world.

        When will people realise that POLITICIANS will never, ever, ever save them. They will merely take them further into the matrix of the Jewish world order, a totalitarian, socialist, dystopian, world state and nothing more.

        This is smoke and mirrors. It’s one big game; more lies to the people of the USA, who ignorantly believe that Trump will be the man to save America. If Israel is an important ally, why did they murder all those Americans on the USS Liberty, that Trump hasn’t stated a peep about, on a par with Theresa May (here in the UK) praising Israeli’s struggle to create their nation and in doing so pissing all over the graves of some 800 British servicemen, murdered by the Stern and Irgun.

        I’m just amazed that anyone on this forum ACTUALLY believes that a saviour will come from the Whitehouse. The only time that will ever happen is if a presidential candidate actually promotes that he/she will “launch a war against Israel, give the land of Palestine back to the Palestinians and arrest Jews in all positions of power in the USA, from Hollywood to the MSM, banking to sport”. That will never happen, for if it did, they’d be dead within a week of saying so.

      4. 1138,

        I know what the article is about. I know Arch believes that Jews are backing Trump, in order to say to people they warned them that Trump was a nazi……But he isn’t. Tell me how many nazis love the Jews, who will protect Israel at all costs and that their daughters are married to Jews, about to give birth to them?

        Trump, if elected (because Hilary is too ill, which is looking more prominent every day), will merely do as he’s told and that is whatever his Zionist handlers tell him to do. Either way, I guarantee whether Trump or Clinton in power, the USA will get involved in Syria and the Ukraine, bringing about a war with Russia, China and Iran.
        Mass immigration is bringing about chaos in Europe. Wages are staying static, cost of living is rising and a huge depression is on its way – this signals war. And war will come.

      5. Harb –

        “Politicians are elected into power as puppets of banking and big business.”

        I agree. Even the wealthiest people on the planet want more…. and can be compromised and bribed and put in danger in ways which will never meet the public eye.

        Trump has already been bribed with Pharisee-Jew judges and lawyers and government allowing his 4 bankruptcies. That’s the minimum.

        Pharisee-Jew Bankers allowing his bonds and loans amount to dozens more bribes.

        Then there are permissions from the authorities, such as Pharisee-Jew controlled licensing boards and inspectors and guarantors.

        No major buildings and hotels and casinos are built in NY or NJ or NV or FL … all of US…. without quid pro quo.

        He owes them already…. and he’s not even in any elected political office. 🙂

      6. Ye Pat,

        We are in agreement, again 🙂
        Why oh why oh why oh why do people (especially, people I’ve come to accept as intelligent and wise on this forum) think that Trump is going to be any different to Obama, or to Bush, or Clinton, or Bush and so on? For all their talk of understanding smoke and mirrors, they fail to see that NO politician/presidential candidate has ever kept to their pre election promises.
        Trump is merely telling the many Americans what they want to hear – close borders and not let in Muslims; build a wall to stop illegal immigrants coming in from Mexico to lower wages and take their jobs; peace with Russia and China and of course being a friend to Israel. And when it comes to ISIS, he is merely prolonging the game, that he is very much part of and protected. Until ISIS starts whacking the elites, they will always be bulldogs of the Zionist controlled west.

      7. @Harbinger

        All your objections are based on the idea that Jews are all-powerful and that nobody can do anything about it.

        1) The Jews wanted Obama to go to war against Iran. Obama refused. Instead he made a deal with the Iranians, much to the displeasure of Israel and the Jewish lobby. Last time I checked, Obama has still not been murdered by the Mossad.

        2) Trump’s lauding of Israel and Netanyahu (“terrific guy”) is only tactical, just like Putin’s “friendship” with Israel and the Jews. Putin has effectually neutralized the gang of Jewish oligarchs in Russia and supports Iran and Syria, against the wishes of Israel.

        3) Trump may be a “moneyman”, but if making money were his only motive he wouldn’t go into politics.

        4) It would be the height of stupidity to go openly against all Jewish interests. A tactical approach is indicated (like Putin does).

        5) Though I cannot predict what Trump will do as president, I have good hope that he will be not the “Messiah” of America but its Putin.

      8. Franklin,

        “All your objections are based on the idea that Jews are all-powerful and that nobody can do anything about it.”

        You think they aren’t and people can do something about it?
        Arts & Entertainment?
        Minority & majority organizations?
        Hell they now have their Trojan horses in the alternative media!

        The Jews DON’T control the above?

        1. Obama never went to war with Iran because in doing so would have brought a war with the USA and China, hence why they’re not too actively involved in Syria, because even the American people know a war with Russia will be end of the USA and massive loss of life. They are merely biding their time for the next president to come into power, while pushing mass immigration into Europe and the USA, that will actively change the current distrustful mood of Muslims to one of extreme hate. This is the ‘boiling frog’ scenario. They are gradually changing the perception of Americans, towards Muslims, such as Orlando which will bring about the end of the 2nd amendment and later the 1st. Yes, Zionists want a war with Iran, but they also realise the time and the place. 30,000 Jews left Europe last year for Israel. This will continue to increase as anti semitism grows and the Zionists succeed in bringing all Jews to Israel, for the creation of a greater one.

        2.How do you know that Trump’s lauding of Israel is only tactical? Do you have inside information? Is his daughter not married to a Zionist Jew? Is she not pregnant? Does she not want to build hotels in Israel?

        3. Ronald Reagan had money and he went into politics did he not? What is the difference between these two celebrities? What better choice for president than someone, who’s on TV and a household name? What better choice of Zionists having even more control?

        4. Do you seriously think that Trump is playing a tactical approach against the Jews, but agreeing with everything they want and promoting his love for Israel at every given opportuinity? And if so, how on earth do you expect Trump to survive a Mossad hit? Has history taught you nothing of what happens to people who go against Jewry? Jfk? Hitler? Lincoln?

        5. You put far too much faith in politics and politicians Franklin. There has never been a saviour of the people, in politics, for well over a hundred years, because the Council of Foreign Relations decides who runs the country in the USA and the Royal Institute for International Affairs in the UK.
        All politicians are groomed from university. They are selected then and there for the positions they’ll attain in the future.

        The system is the system. It is corrupt. It is heavily controlled. And I’ll tell you this that the minute Trump, if elected, reneges on his pre election promises; that is being a dogsbody to Zionism, they’ll kill him. I don’t think there is anyone, in politics, stupid enough quite frankly to do so.

      9. FR –

        “ISIS is of course a creation of the CIA to destroy Syria (and Iraq) for the sake of Israel.”

        You admitted that Trump did not state this.

        Rather… He blamed Hillary as “founder of ISIS”…. A LIE…
        …..which will fall on deaf ears….. as just more mud-slinging. 🙂

        ‘True-Man’ Trump did not point a finger at CIA…!!

      10. A valid point, Franklin, about Iran. I couldn’t help but notice the same thing.
        And this saving grace, as it were, being delivered by noone less than the man who droned the Nobel Peace Prize to dearth, if not cold death..
        Evidence for the old broken clock, trick.

        But Pat, also like clockwork, will no doubt claim ‘Just Bidness As Usual,’
        and also be valid, if not more so. Certainly more provable (aka) more convincing.

        Nonetheless, Iran remains the Islamic Republic,
        time being.

      11. Franklin,

        And what will people say to Trump and his supporters? “He’s a tin-foil-hat-wearing-conspiratard” The question is, did he say it because he means it, or simply because, as Pat states, he knows it will fall on deaf ears? Or is this simply more division of between republican and democrat, something that the supporters can continue to battle it out on the streets about?
        I know that they pulled the speech when he stated so, on the new’s network, but is this not all part of the grand plan?
        Like I’ve already stated, Clinton and Trump are both controlled agents of Zionism and it really doesn’t matter if Trump has his own billions or not. That means absolutely nothing, whatsoever. The Jews, if they wanted to could ruin Trump, quicker that it takes to shout salt beef bagel.

      12. @ Harbinger

        People need hope, Harbinger. And Franklin and lots of other White Nationalists (especially readers of the Occidental Observer) are keeping their fingers crossed that Trump is going to make a big difference and do something “to make America great again.” By which they mean, of course, advance the interests of White Americans. You are of the opinion that they are in for a big disappointment.

        In order to please his most ardent supporters, Trump will have to have a magic wand. He will have to smash the power of the Jews, rewrite America’s immigration laws, and refuse to fight Israel’s wars any longer.

        You never know what’s round the corner! By which I mean that Trump is an unknown quantity. He could be far better … or he could be far worse. The proof will be in the pudding.

        The idea that Trump is the lesser of two evils — for no one can be worse than Hillary! — is obviously not accepted by Arch Stanton. Arch honestly believes that Trump could actually turn out far worse than anyone dreamed possible or imaginable — far, far worse than Hillary … plunging America and the world into a catastrophic world war, much to the delight of the Jews.

      13. Hillary, Trump, Trump, Hillary, it doesn’t matter. Whoever wins in November, the erstwhile good ole USA country is inexorably going to turn into Pizza Nation, so all Hope is Lost. And there’s no good reason to vote…

      14. Arch Stanton :

        The thing is : The mainstream media presents Hillary in a Good Light all the time. You’re mixing-up the alternative media and the jew Communsit-Zionist-Establishment mainstream media. Are you sure you’re not doing anything besides 420, or are you doing real hard core shit? Or, are you you OFF your legal prescribed meds by your psychiatrist who specializes in the most uncurable schizoid nut cases?

        Your theory is based on what the mainstream media says, yet you insert what the alternative media is saying about Hillary, negative things about Hillary, and then try to pass that off as if the mainstream media is saying negative things about Hillary. But it’s not the mainstream media saying negative things about Hillary, it’s the alternative media pointing out Hillary’s faults, the mainstream media is working every second to COVER UP Hillary’s faults and present her in THE BEST OF ALL LIGHTS. You’re mixing-up the two medias totally undermines your theory and renders your theory totally useless and for sh*t.

        Go home, Arch, go home back to your drawing board, and try again. Maybe another tack, another diagram, another paradigm, another trope, will work next time, we never know unless we try.

      15. @Pat

        Correct, but accusing Hillary is an accusation-by-proxy of the CIA, which would be an accusation-by-proxy of Israel.

        That this accusation is not baseless mudslinging is proved by WikiLeaks :

        And Hillary admits that ISIS was created by the US government “to help Israel” :

        From which the following quotes :

        “…”A newly-released Hillary Clinton email confirms that the Obama administration has deliberately provoked the civil war in Syria as the ‘best way to help Israel’…”

        “…In the email, released by Wikileaks, then Secretary of State Clinton says that the ‘best way to help Israel’ is to ‘use force’ in Syria to overthrow the government…”

        So if Trump is a puppet of the Jews, why would he disclose their most embarrassing secret?

      16. “So if Trump is a puppet of the Jews, why would he disclose their most embarrassing secret?”

        You will have to ask his Pharisee-Jew Banker ‘handlers’ in London. They did not consult me there.

        I would guess that it was NOT what you claim is “their most embarrassing secret.” Those secrets remain secreted away.
        It is mentioned too much to be important.

      17. Impervious to bribery but not to blackmail or outright death threats. They could have set up a honey trap many years ago and saved their material for later use. Howeber, it is highly unlikely we will find out the truth about such matters. But it is well worth contemplating if nothing else.

      18. Toby,

        I know people need hope, but why are they putting their hope in the system, which is there to control them?

        If people want hope then they have to look OUTWITH the system and to their own, not to globalist billionaires to sort their country out. They have to look to their own, just as they did in the past, such as the American War of Independence and fight tooth and nail for their freedom, for that is the only hope they ever will have.

        Putting hope in politicians to save your country, is like putting hope on your average Joe, to win the 100m at the Olympics, who gets out of breath, running twenty yards to catch the bus.

        I’m being realistic Toby and so do others. You don’t get top grades in an exam by not studying, but instead crossing your fingers and ‘hoping for the best’ do you?

        Politicians are there as nothing more than puppets of the bankers and corporations. Trump is no different.

    2. “Perhaps the most famous act of this nature occurred at the opening of the twentieth century when Jew bankers bewailed the terrible dangers the Federal Reserve Act presented to the banks. The stupid goyim masses predictably fell for the notion that “if it’s bad for the banks, it will be good for us” and gave their support for the act.”

      This was not a wild conspiracy but documented historical fact.

      This is a common Jewish disinformation M/O. What about the attack on the King David Hotel by Jews dressed as Arabs? The technique of dressing something in the opposite guise of what is expected, in various forms, goes all the way back to the Trojan horse.

      I am relying on history to construct my analysis of the present situation and the exceptionally odd fact that the Jews are painting them selves as powerless to stop Trump. Ya Sure! You Betcha! Jews controlling the entire American economy, through the auspices of the Federal Reserve, are powerless to stop a billionaire like Trump. This is the same logic Jews would use to sell the Brooklyn Bridge to rubes visiting Jew York.

      Again, look at what Jews did to Nixon for what wouldn’t have shown up as the tiniest blip on the screen during Bill Clinton’s administration. Imagine what might have been possible had they discovered Vince Foster’s skeleton in Nixon’s closet or Mena, Arkansas up his nose.

      1. Arch –

        “This was not a wild conspiracy but documented historical fact.”

        EXACTLY…!! All the publications scared hell out of people.

        The purpose of the Pujo Committee was JUST THAT.. had to have it…!!

        Money Trust Investigation: Investigation of Financial and Monetary Conditions in the United States Under House Resolutions Nos. 429 and 504 : 1912-1913

        For those who wish to understand the true nature of our current financial system, the Pujo Committee’s 1912-1913 investigation of the “Money Trust” is essential reading.  The Committee identified a concentrated group of Wall Street bankers who operated a sophisticated financial network unified by 341 interlocking directorships held in 112 corporations valued at more than $22 billion in resources and capitalization exerting significant control and influence over the U.S. economy and monetary system.  The companies and individuals comprising this network were primarily agents of the Morgan and Rockefeller banking empires which dominated U.S. finance following the “Industrial Revolution”.  The Committee names a number of prominent banking institutions as participating in this system including J.P. Morgan & Co., First National Bank of New York, Kuhn Loeb & Co. and individuals such as Paul Warburg, Jacob H. Schiff, Felix M. Warburg, Frank E. Peabody, William Rockefeller and Benjamin Strong, Jr.  Understanding this system of overlapping financial networks and how those networks were used to dominate utilities, railroads, banking and the U.S. financial infrastructure throughout much of the twentieth century is key to the proper analysis of our current economic situation and the influence that the “Money Power” wields over global politics.


        PUJO, Arsène Paulin, a Representative from Louisiana; born near Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, La., December 16, 1861; attended public and private schools; studied law; was admitted to the bar in 1886 and commenced practice in Lake Charles, La.; delegate to the State constitutional convention in 1898; elected as a Democrat to the Fifty-eighth and to the four succeeding Congresses (March 4, 1903-March 3, 1913); chairman, Committee on Banking and Currency (Sixty-second Congress); was not a candidate for renomination in 1912; resumed the practice of law in Lake Charles, La.; died in New Orleans, La., December 31, 1939, WHILE ON A VISIT FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT; interment in Orange Grove Cemetery, Lake Charles, La.


        Morgan’s testimony to the sham Pujo Committee is very interesting.

        He was denying the factors of power and control, lying, but was admitting that credit is based on nothing at all, no collateral needed. In his denial of the major premise, control, he admitted the true nature of credit and debt….. mainly faith in character…. uhhh… thin air. 🙂

        He also told the committee that he did not pressure Ryan for the sale of Equitable.

        The committee’s true function was to actually support the Fed Reserve Act.


        Pujo Committee (p.136 start):



        FEBRUARY 28, 1913 —Referred to the House Calendar and ordered to be printed, with illustrations


        (excerpts from pages 136-138)

        That a rapid concentration of the sources of credit in the forms we have described has taken place in this country in very recent years was admitted by witnesses of the highest qualifications. Mr. Morgan, however, was not one of these. He said (R., 1051,1052):

        Q. There is no way one man can get a monopoly of money?
        A. Or control of it.
        Q He can make a try at it?
        A. No, sir; he can not. He may have all the money in Christendom, but he can not do it.
        Q. Let us go on. If you owned all the banks of New York, with all their resources, would you not come pretty near having a control of credit?
        A. No, sir; not at all.
        * * * What I mean to say is this – allow me: The question of control, in this country, at least, is personal; that is, in money.
        Q. How about credit?
        A. In credit also.
        Q. Personal to whom – to the man who controls?
        A. No, no; he never has it; he can not buy it.
        Q. No: but he gets
        A. All the money in Christendom and all the banks in Christendom can not control it.
        Q. That is what you wanted to say, is it not?
        A. Yes, sir.

        And again (R., 1082, 1083, 1084, 1085):
        Q. If you had the control of all that represents the assets in the banks of New York, you would have the control of money – of all that money?
        A. No; you would not.
        * * *But money can not be controlled.
        Q. Is not the credit based upon the money?
        A. No, sir.
        Q. It has no relation?
        A. No, sir.
        Q. None whatever?
        A. No, sir; none whatever. * * *
        Q. Commercial credits are based upon the possession of money or property?
        A. What?
        Q. Commercial credits?
        A. Money or property or character.
        Q. Is not commercial credit based primarily upon money or property?
        A. No, sir; the first thing is character.
        Q. Before money or property?
        A. Before money or anything else. Money can not buy it.
        Q. So that a man with character, without anything at all behind it can get all the credit he wants, and a man with the property can not set it?
        A. That is very often the case.
        Q. But that is the rule of business?
        A. That is the rule of business, sir. * * *
        Q. Do you mean to say that when people lend, as when loans are made on stock-exchange collateral, to the extent of hundreds of millions of dollars, they look to anything except the collateral?
        A. Yes; they do.
        Q. They do?
        A. Yes. Right on that point, what I did, what I used to do – and I think it is
        pretty generally done now – is this: If I see there is a loan to Mr. Smith, I say,
        “You call that loan right away.” I would not have that loan in the box. I would not have that loan.
        Q. That is not the way money is loaned on the stock exchange?
        A. That is the way I loan it.
        Q. So matter what collateral a man has on the stock exchange
        A. If he is not satisfactory to me, I call the loan at once, personally.
        Q. I am not talking about you, personally.
        A. I call that loan personally. I am not talking of anybody else’s way of doing business, but I tell you what I think is the basis of business.

        None of the other witnesses who were interrogated on this subject were able to agree with Mr. Morgan as to the factors that enter into the current business of loaning money on collateral.


        Mr. Morgan further stated that he was not conscious that he had the slightest power (R., 1061):
        Q. Your power in any direction is entirely unconscious to you, is it not?
        A. It is, sir; if that is the case.
        Q. You do not think you have any power in any department of industry in this country, do you?
        A. I do not.
        Q. Not the slightest?
        A. Not the slightest.

        This again illustrates that Mr. Morgan’s conception of what constitutes power and control in the financial world is so peculiar as to invalidate all his conclusions based upon it.

        It seems to your committee that among other things his testimony as to the circumstances under which he obtained control of the Equitable Life Assurance Co. from Mr. Ryan demonstrates his possession of power in the fullest sense, and also that he knows how to exercise it.

        He said (R., 1069, 1070):
        Q. * * * Did Mr. Ryan offer this stock to you?
        A. I asked him to sell it to me.
        Q. You asked him to sell it to you?
        A. Yes.
        Q. Did you tell him why you wanted it?
        A. No; I told him I thought it was a good thing for me to have.
        Q. Did he tell you that he wanted to sell it?
        A. No; but he sold it.
        Q. He did not want to sell it; but when you said you wanted it, he sold it?
        A. He did not say that he did not want to sell it.
        Q. What did he say when you told him you would like to have it and thought you ought to have it?
        A. He hesitated about it, and finally sold it.

        It will be noted that the only reason that Mr. Morgan gave for Mr. Ryan’s surrender of the stock was that he told Mr. Ryan that he “thought it was a good thing”‘ for him (Mr. Morgan) to have. (R.,1069.)

        It may be that behind the reluctance of Mr. Morgan to furnish a business or other reason for this transaction lies a hidden motive, based on a high disinterested sense of public duty. If so, we have been unable to discover it. The incident is cited here primarily to show that however he may feel about it himself the dominating power of Mr. Morgan is so universally recognized in the financial world that even the leaders humbly bow to it.

      2. @ Arch Stanton
        @ Admin

        FYI, last evening I visited Henry Makow’s site and noticed that he linked to this article in his sidebar.

    3. For information on agent Hitler read: Conjuring up Hitler – How Britain and America Made the Third Reich


    4. I wrote: “I suspect the idea is to use Trump as a neuvo Hitler to lead America into another global war [. . . ] As the immense destruction resulting from this conflict will devastate America, people will be looking for someone to blame. Who better than Trump?”

      “From the devastation wrought by the atomic raids of 1965, three great police state rose to divide the world. Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia. Atomic weapons were abolished, but not war itself.”

      Watch the segment 2 to 2.5 minutes from the 1956 version of 1984

      You see, Trump is part of a plan developed before you were born.

  4. The only thing that can stop Hilary from becoming president is her health, which has very much been questioned of late, such as this recent showing. That stated though, I’ve always believed that whether republican or democrat, conservative or labour, Zionism owns both.
    This video on Trump is particularly damning when it comes to understanding which side of the fence he sits on regarding Zionism and Jewry.

    Just as Jewry now controls a large part of the alternative news media, with its own brand of phony truth seekers, like negative market traders, they are capitalizing on doom and gloom financially. such as Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, AMTV, Rebel Media, Lauren Southern, Milo Yiannopolous etc etc, they control politics. What better way to win an election by controlling both sides? “But Trump has said this…….Trump has said that…..” and when, in your life time has any politician, kept his word and if they have been whacked for doing so, especially if it impacts on Israel?

    Reading this forum I’m amazed that people truly do believe that Trump is going to save America, if Clinton that is, loses because of ill health? Watch the video again, especially Trump stating “my daughter is about to give birth to a beautiful Jewish baby” (pass the vomit bucket)!

    This election is merely more understanding of Americans, as they are being viewed and understood as the rats in the laboratory. The Jews create a situation and they want to see how Americans will react, so they put in the globalist Clinton and the nationalist Trump, sit back and laugh watching the fireworks, such as democrat supporters having physical confrontations with Trump ones. I never thought I’d see that day, but it does sum up the gross moronity, prevalent within the American populous.

    1. Harbinger,

      I really don’t see any difference between Americans and Europeans (except maybe a few mid- and eastern European countries) in that respect.

      1. 1138,

        The only difference between Americans and Europeans is dialect (in regards to the UK) and language for the rest of Europe. Most Europeans today are, as David Bowie sang, ‘Young Americans’.

        They now accept the American definition of nationality, for their own land – that is, one born in that country is American. While speaking with a friend the other day he said to me “If a child of Pakistani parents is born in Scotland, he’s Scottish”. It didn’t matter that he agreed if two Labradors, who gave birth in the land of the German Shepherds, their offspring would still be a Labrador, or if a cantaloupe melon grew up in a patch of watermelons, would still be a cantaloupe; he was adamant that the same did not follow with humans. I simply concluded the argument that he had now, successfully proved, why I no longer classify myself as Scottish, because the definition no longer exists, when people think like him. He still didn’t understand.

        This is the reality. There technically are no longer any nations, yet people still wave their stupid flags at sporting events, cheering on the negro, playing for England, or running for Spain, who just happens to be running against the negro from Ethiopia, or playing against the negro from Nigeria at football. It’s all completely screwed up.

        I hate to say it 1138, but I actually welcome all out war. It would mean the utter obliteration of most of the young who think as they do. They won’t survive war. It’s the strong who do and the fairies, fruitcakes, SJWs, politically correct, cultural Marxists and feminists, to name a few will all end up as brown bread. I won’t feel sorry for any of their deaths, because they’re the ones who will have brought war about.

      2. Harbinger,

        “I hate to say it 1138, but I actually welcome all out war.”

        I absolutely agree with that. Given the current situation and dito trends war is the only thing that can save the white man.

        Harbinger, and all present actually, I don’t know if you are familiar with the book “Erectus walks amongst us”. If you’re not, then please do yourself a huge favour and start reading it. This author makes an INCREDIBLE COMPELLING case with this really INCREDIBLE FASCINATING read and I promise you, you won’t be able to stop reading until the last dot. It confirmed my view on human origins and evolution. All of you, please start reading now!

      3. “I hate to say it 1138, but I actually welcome all out war. It would mean the utter obliteration of most of the young who think as they do. They won’t survive war.”

        World war one and world war two did not help the white race. While these wars most assuredly obliterated the young, they only benefited the Jews’ interests by decimating much of the white gene pool of its the best and brightest. The remaining intellects from a third world war will probably be on par with ghetto Negroes and monkeys.

      4. Arch,

        My rather hasty comment deserves some elaboration.

        There is already a war going on. A war on the white race in their own home lands facilitated by the jews and their kosher goim who import huge numbers of hostile races. So it would be better if whites would wake up and no longer irrationally rationalise the differences in achievements and crime rates between us and them due to Frankfurt School nonsense like white racism. This is a very real, serious war. In fact this is the most serious war of all wars ever fought. Don’t underestimate the gravity of the situation. Our gene pool is at stake here. If – the majority of – whites would wake up and start behaving normally, that means see to it that white women only mate with white males (race mixing should be outlawed like it used to be) and drive non East Asian non-whites out of our home lands. Whites are being stabbed, shot, raped and kiled on a daily basis by non East Asian non whites. White are feeding, providing medical aid to more primitive species at our own expense. They are receiving hundreds of billions from us at the expense of the survival and reproduction of our own genes due to taxation to pay for all this help. This has to stop.
        So whites need to wake up. Some whites will not join the majority and even turn on us, like you see a lot even now. So the likes of antifa & co should be killed as well. Good riddance to them.

        That’s what I mean by a full blown war, not some banker war.

        You notice I make an exception for East Asians non whites. It’s not that I would like to replace ourselves with them but we are close related to East Asians, something you can tell by the way they behave them selves, intelligent and civilised, like us.

        But we need to exclude more primitive races like Africans and negrified north Africans from our societies and outlaw interbreeding with them.

        To summarise, if we would act normal as a (mentally) healthy species we would be invincible, unstoppable and untouchable.

      5. Arch,

        “World war one and world war two did not help the white race. While these wars most assuredly obliterated the young, they only benefited the Jews’ interests by decimating much of the white gene pool of its the best and brightest.”

        No they certainly did not help the white race, but look at that white race today?

        Have you seen the state of affairs within the young today Arch? How many people are there who are not only social justice warriors (SJW) but also gender confused with 50 or so different gender definitions they give themselves? How many of our young are sodomites? How many of our young not only openly support abortions, but also post birth abortions up to five years old? How many of our young are so ignorant about life, that most can’t even locate countries on a map or famous events as well as recognise people from history?

        WW1 & WW2 lost the best and the brightest. WW3 would simply be removing the bacteria that is infecting the human race. Our society is one filled with degenerates, ignoramuses, liberty haters, new world order supporters, not forgetting a growing number of satanists.

        Up until the end of WW2, most generations had followed the path of their previous ones, but not today. The disease began in the beginning of the 20th century when Freud brought his psychoanalysis to the USA and in the 1930’s when the cultural Marxists fled Germany’s School of Frankfurt and attained top positions in universities with which to promote their destruction of the USA. And the same was happening in the UK too.

        All you have to is look at how terrible our future generations will be, courtesy of our youngest.

  5. “The Jews” are not monolithic!

    There may well be a significant self-preservationist faction among them which is supporting Trump — possibly as part of a strategy to relax the attack on the White race, which has been devastatingly effective so far. Their greatest obstacle now is the resistance centered in Russia and based upon racially unclear Eurasianism.

    This has been broached recently, and Russia will be a prime topic this coming Sunday.

  6. “Israel works all the ropes.” (Israel Shamir)

    Maybe the Jews are just swimming with the tide now that Hillary is derailing. They’d be prepared to “work” Trump in any case. He’s just not as easy to work as Hillary.

    1. MM –

      Actually Trump is easier to work than Hillary. He owes THEM favors..!!

      IT IS Hillary who has ALL of the hundreds of skeletons numbered from their Mena drug running complicity…. when Clinton(S) were Governor of Arkansas. Some are still at the Pentagon and Justice Dept and CIA.

      The Mena Connection – Exposing the CIA, Bush, Clinton, Iran Contra, And Drug Running
      See Sarah… 🙂

      No accident:


      1. MM-

        I have been following both of them since the mid 70s.

        You may not understand the full implications of my comment.

        High placed people in government are compromised by Hillary’s knowledge of their complicity in many under-handed deals. She helped lead the way.

        She was a way more powerful influence to the Governor than Billy’s mother, Virginia.

        I did not intend to be argumentative…. just informative. 🙂

      2. Pat, she’s one banana peel away from eternal infamy.
        One slip in the tub.
        One fall down the stairs.
        Hell, we’ve all seen pics and vids of her falling down (and up) the stairs, lately.
        They’re plastered all over everywhere this week.

        Not to mention the anomalous stray lightening bolt..

  7. Mr. Stanton asks a valid question given the track record of organizations like Bilderberg as well as common practice among many billionaires – essentially, to own both sides. The comments and observations are particularly useful, my own view is given the particular savagery of the primary (not uncommon, but this one was more of a “anyone but him” affair, candidates like Ron Paul can be condescendingly dismissed as a very long shot indeed, but Mr. Trump represents a real threat to the status quo) the vehement opposition still evident in the GOP in a post primary process where money interests usually stimulate closing ranks, and above all the almost universal antipathy of the billionaire boys club to Mr. Trump’s candidacy including the increasingly degenerate Mr. Buffet; these are creatures with massive egos who would be the most unlikely animals to agree to ‘play act’ a part dictated by someone else – they are used to dictating. It is more of an indication on the part of the billionaires that the fix is in, as well as the expectation that Mrs. Clinton will cater to their whims, more business as usual. It’s appalling that Mrs. Clinton is being promoted as a serious candidate. Americans have a strong parochial streak as well as an egomania shared with and fueled by zionist criminals that they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want. The appropriate response is what happened to Mossad agent-fake journalist Daniel Pearl, or, the to this day officially unacknowledged Israeli experience in Southern Lebanon. Weak minds in the electorate aside, many of whom crave a woman in the White House to assuage their own inadequacies, the Clinton-retread candidacy represents a major failure in intellect and craft on the part of the khazarian mafia. Viewing Mr. Putin and Mr. Erdogan having their meeting in St. Petersburg today, we can appreciate the fact there is a strong void in the minds of the khazarian mafia, a sense they are increasingly out of their depth, plainly demonstrated by brazenly promoting an endless habitual liar, thief, and murderess as a serious or sober candidate for office. The understated gravitas in a leader like Mr. Putin can’t be found in Mrs. Clinton’s persona – her public face varies from a clownish inappropriate and phony exuberance (which admittedly plays well with the mindless contingent of supporters) to a defensive self assertion, and a common venal and hostile response or mock innocence when caught out in the latest unending scandals. If I was looking for a conspiracy along the lines Mr. Stanton has pursued, it would probably be more like the scenario of Mrs. Clinton being eliminated from running due to “natural causes”, with Mr. Clinton taking her place to “nobly” fulfill her “ideals” (his pockets and pecker) in a theatrical emergency primary. American politics has been degraded to a dangerous new level. There is no excuse possible, particularly from the most wealthy. Avoiding a fall of major and permanent destruction is paramount, but given the decadence and immaturity of intellect of the zionist mafia, a fall virtually destined (taking Israel with it) unless they are either obviated by the National Security State (like Mr. Cheney’s attempt at attacking Iran) or a very long shot – that the zionists “grow up”.

    1. This is the way I see it playing out when one is called into the exalted presence of Lord Rothschild. Put the favorite personality of your choice in the chair.

      However, that was a Hollywood movie about Talmudvision. This is how the dialogue might go when a top political choice is given an audience with a top Rothschild agent.

      You know Mr. Blanc, We’ve been salesmen for our entire existence, We sell dreams dressed in reality and realities that never were; we sell lies as truth and truths as lies, from the deepest misery and suffering to the highest pinnacles of joy and exaltation, we sell him everything . . . they say we can sell knishes to Arabs. We shall see, we shall see. Come in, Mr. Blanc, come in and sit down. I’m glad we’re having this talk today as we need to clarify much of what you think you know about the global power structure. It really is quite different than you might imagine.

      Mr. Blanc, there is a dark dimension, one beyond that which is known to the common man. It is a dimension of power as vast as space and timeless as infinity. It lies in a middle ground, between light and darkness, between science and superstition. It lies somewhere between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. It is a dark dimension we, and we alone, control.

      People have called us various names throughout history. Once we were called “Lord God of Eden,” others referred to us as “Melchizedek.” You know, some even say we are Yahweh and Satan in the same breath, but names are not important; what is important is that you understand we are the power on this planet! Allow me to reiterate, WE ARE THE POWER on this planet.

      We began our journey in ancient Egypt. Joseph was our man on the inside. Through our guidance, he became Pharaohs’ top administrator and with that power, he impoverished and enslaved all Egypt and delivered their gold to us. Later, using our plan, Moshe divided Egypt asunder, inverting the culture to lead his division of people out of Egypt under our legal guidance. From there we moved these people to a forsaken piece of land called Judea, and chosen by us, they became the core of our power. They worship us because it is we alone who sustain them.

      Our Star of David is the symbol of that victory. You’ll notice the star is not a star at all, but two interlinked triangles. The upright triangle is the symbol of Egypt, the inverted triangle is the symbol of our successful cultural inversion, the method we invented to destroy Egypt. It’s been that way ever since. Did you know we hung Jesus on the cross? We did you know. The Temple was our base of power then. From there we branched out across Europe, steadily gaining power though religion and finance.

      Throughout history, we have destroyed nations and peoples. No one stands in our way. From pharaohs to presidents we have been the invisible force behind the visible faces of power. We have long ruled the kings and queens whose administrations we controlled through our financial wizardry – and we destroyed them at our pleasure. We created Napoleon through revolution and then destroyed him through war.

      For a thousand years, we created the vast panoply of European wars that fomented the rise and fall of Europe’s greatest names. We created the slave trade and then used it to bring about the civil war. When Lincoln tried to go against our economic interest, we killed him. This was later the case for Adolf Hitler and JFK – and you know we never lose – never. People speculate how we are worth trillions of dollars, but in truth we are those trillions of dollars. What you see standing before you is money incarnate a living breathing dollar, pound, euro, shekel, dinar, yen, ruble, yuan renbi – name a currency and you say our name. We are the money, the mover, the shaker behind all civilization.

      Our plan, the one you are now being made privy to, is simple – you bow to us, worship our global presence and follow our every command and we in turn will make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. You cannot begin to imagine the pleasures, or the pain, we can provide. All the power, all the money, women, drugs, sexual perversions – you name it, the limits of your imagination will be at your beck and call – but be warned! Double cross us and you die.

      It’s really that simple; an all or nothing proposition with no alternative. History is littered with the corpses of those who thought they could outwit or out maneuver us – and failed. We’ve come a long way since one of our authorities tried to buy Jesus off while standing on top of our Temple. But when Jesus denied us, we nailed him to a cross to let him bleed out. Not a pretty sight I assure you, but our modern methods of punishment are far more excruciating. One of our instructional torture chambers is open for your inspection should you feel the inclination for more information.

      There is no need for your personal assurances, as we know we can expect the very best effort on your part. We know, because this is the way it has worked throughout the millennia. I’m glad we could have this time together for this talk; it has been very important to both of us. In closing I would like to say, Welcome Aboard! Your ship just sailed with you in command! Just be careful to stay clear of those reefs of personal power, for it takes more than just a captain to run this ship.


      People like Gates, Trump, Clinton, Obama, and the rest of what is thought to be the upper tier, cannot shine Rothschild shoes. They bought up England over two hundred years ago and implemented the Federal Reserve one hundred years ago. They are ancient money. To the Rothschild’s, Trump is a new kid on the block waiting to buy his first pair of new shoes in their global department store.

      1. You bet! Nonetheless, it was nice to see a de Rothschild indicted for fraud and under criminal investigation (David de Rothschild) in France…but we’ll see how far this goes. I hope the French don’t sell out too cheaply if they quash the case, have the sob’s pay for refugees, damages to French citizens and property, the cost of repatriating hundreds of thousands when the nation finally admits the obvious – a failed policy and true threat to the security and well being of the French nation. There is plenty more the de Rothschilds could contribute as a Civic duty. A villa and Cayman Island account or two thrown in for the quashers might be worth overlooking if it’s linked to fixing the refugee problem. Of course, some of us, including yours truly, would go ‘a little’ farther… it certainly wouldn’t be the case that got quashed, and quashed would not fully describe the desired results some of us would pursue – politicians would not be excluded.

  8. I think you can say that when A. Jones decided to back Trump, it signaled that the Jews had their claws into him., Jews cover all dissent but for extremely rare cases. Also, Jews argue from all angles and often with genuine concern. Trump has always been within acceptable bounds of dissent proved by the fact he got on the stage.
    Jews tried to takeover Germany via bolsheviks all through the 20’s. When that didn’t work and Hitler formed alliances, they gave us a world war. One of the few uncoopted goy

  9. PAT: “High placed people in government are compromised by Hillary’s knowledge of their complicity in many under-handed deals. She helped lead the way.”

    If JFK could be taken out, so could Hillary…in fact that might be in process as we watch her derail.

    I understand you are very confident in your considerable knowledge and power of analysis, but think it through a little – perhaps it would be a good idea to pay more attention to how others view Trump as well. For example, read what Kevin MacDonald has to say about Trump.

    1. MM-

      I have thought it though a lot over the decades. Even the small things. Maybe more than Kevin has.

      1. Thanks. I am on ZH mailing list.

        He said what I have said:
        “Few would dispute that Hillary Clinton is the Establishment’s candidate.”

        After that is was full of ‘mights’ – ‘maybes’ – ‘possiblys’ – ‘coulds’ and followed by some guesses at answering his own question…. using ‘could’ again.

        That testimony ‘would not’ hold up in court…. hearsay.

  10. PAT: He takes the position that “the deep state” may actually want change that puts America’s interests first because of Neocon so-called “mistakes”/”failures” (doubtful, but possible) and prefers Trump, at least for now — he doesn’t claim Trump is easier to manipulate than Hillary. He doesn’t claim either that she has power over “the deep state” because of what she knows.

    “Israel works all the ropes.” The bigger agenda is world domination. Trump would serve the deep state’s purposes better at this point perhaps. The deep state thrives on chaos too.

    1. “MAY”….. actually want change. You and I can guess like that too. Without ads…. or clicks for $$$$ 🙂

      1. Yes, “may” (actually want change), as opposed to merely using it as a strategy for the moment. Either is possible but speculating is more deliberate than guessing. And those managing foreign policy aren’t changing their dominant agenda in any case.

      2. All any of us is doing is guessing. If Trump says something I like, it’s a helluvalot more palatable than something I DON’T like! That’s all we (ignorant) ‘Mercans have to go on. It’d certainly be refreshing if all you ‘intellectuals’ understood your importance, or what it takes to run a business… It appears to me that Mr. Trump is playing the game well, considering the hand he has been dealt! If it suits his needs to keep his enemies close, I believe he knows how to play that hand, too!

  11. GILBERT: “I believe he knows how to play that hand, too!” I hope you’re right and not just guessing. If you state a few reasons why you think that you may be said to be “speculating” – and we’d appreciate that. I would anyway. But maybe it’s just a heart felt belief, which is okay too.

    1. MM –

      Consider that the man has, obviously, done quite well in a very unforgiving environment. (I have ‘done business’ in New York, too, and encountered it!). He understands “the system”, and SAYS he wants to put that understanding to work on behalf of us regular Americans (for whatever that means) and it sounds good and OK to ME. I recall my first meeting with the mafia don who happened to like me, and liked my southern accent. (He liked me because I always paid his packers on time, and sent-in trucks when I SAID I would.). He warned me to “never let the ‘mics’ I was doing business with to know of the Jews I was doing business with, or the Italians know about either of them! Haha! (And we thought we Southerners had a monopoly on ethnic discrimination! Whew!). Anyhow, a New Yorker like Mr. Trump is so schooled in understanding that I have to guess that he knows what he’s doing. So far, my guesses seem to gyve well with the common sense Americans.

      1. Thanks, and I agree with you. I’ve lived in NYC too and am also impressed with how well he has survived given the hand he has been dealt. I hope he wins and pulls off putting America First.

        Kevin MacDonald thinks he knows a lot more than he’s given credit for…he would have to, wouldn’t he?

  12. Arch’s hypothesis (that Jews are building an alibi against popular wrath in case of all-out conflagration by getting trump into the office) is eminently plausible and in fact the only serious alternative to what i see, namely that Trump is a very sly player in Putin’s mold and working as an exponent of “deep-state” America that sees it as the last chance to stop the final stage of Torah Satan’s insane messianic project from full activation.

    On the balance and accounted for my bias toward the optimistic scenario, what gives the “optimist” version extra weight is the guardedly positive appraisal by Putin and his top cadres.
    Of course they can’t go all out cheerleading because that would scare the American public and turn them toward Hellary’s camp.

    And another point.
    jews are pure satanists and as such not overly worried about the wrath of goyim, they figure that despite all the age old hatred, disgust and contempt the goyim have kept them in, everything so far has worked out exactly as per the blueprint from hell, their faith in it is quite unyielding, so that fine maneuvering at this point is irrelevant.
    To hell in the handcart suits them fine, no need for Trump to insulate them from comeuppance.

    To repeat, I am just weighing the still murky probabilities.
    Putin is the Trump, is the ace up the sleeve real or imagined, because everything pivots on him.

    If he is real, he can order the complete elimination of the underlying threat so whatever irradiated 3-headed future generations have to put up with, it won’t be that anymore.

  13. I agree with Mr. Stanton 100 %. Hillary and Trump are only puppets. This is a show and the Jews are the puppeteers. Sorry if some of you are so enthusiastic about Trump. You will be very sad and disappointed. You only need some time, maybe four or eight years…

  14. ROBERTO: You may be right, or not, but for certain you have surrendered to the Jews. I hope you’re not sad and disappointed if it turns out they lose in the next four or eight years — maybe sooner.

      1. MM –


        It’s not about my being right…. I just want to get you ‘riled up’ enough to comment.

        It worked. 🙂

  15. PAT: I’m glad you think you’re right whatever – not being so would be a tragedy, a first for you?

    And you are a kind of fun in your PAT way… 🙂

    1. Yeah…. I took a page out of Trump’s playbook. His fans should like my style there.

      ‘Trump-like’ tactics…. gettin’ people ‘riled up’ when given the opportunity…. He’ll ‘Trump-Thump’ anyone handy. 🙂

      He ‘Trump-Thumped’ a Purple Heart recipient and a crying baby on the same stage…

  16. A hot WWIII is not going to happen unless it is a nuclear war. US/NATO does not have the manufacturing base to support a conventional war unless Facebook can be considered a weapon. Neither Killery or Donald will commence a nuclear war. As dumb as the jews are, they are not that stupid. Jews fear dying more than anyone else which is why they avoid hot zones. WWIII is not an issue.

    Off topic sort of: Trump’s daughter is not having a jewish baby unless being jewish is merely associating with a religious cult. Since genetically jewish females are the bearer of jewishness in the genetic scenario according to the jewish lies, Trump’s daughter in incapable of producing a jewish baby. You can’t have it both ways.

    Even if Trump and Clinton are both jewish stooges, Trump should still be the proper course. Maybe Trump will provide new lies instead of the same old tired lies of Clinton. There is no reason to reward Clinton for her past crimes.

    1. You don’t know Jewish law in this respect : a person is Jewish if he is born from a Jewish mother or has converted to Judaism. Trump’s daughter has converted to Judaism, therefore she is a Jew. Her children therefore are automatically Jewish at birth.

      1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        I agree with you. It is merely a religious cult that changes its rules as it benefits them. There are many that believe jews to be strictly genetic.

  17. this particular thread has some of the best discussion ever because trump is such an enigma.

    personally, i think that he is a grandmaster of deceit, just like putin and just like putin, he may have the natural smarts to whip the jew at his game.
    Honesty points the gun at your own head in today’s world, if Jesus showed up, he’d end up in Chatanooky (? forgot spelling) hospital within days because today’s world is that insane, so that anyone swimming against tide is declared crazy instead.
    whereas Putin got his schooling in Kgb academy of mental judo, Trump got it swimming with piranhas right from his birth in jew york, where his father owned a bunch of apartments and the donald was rent collecting goon in the slums.
    that’s ivy school education.
    watching jews and hanging out with them taught him the art of creative bankruptcy, long range careful planning to get your deceit in using the ever increasing edge of the wedge, doing something outrageous then going Oops! pulling a clown face, beating tactical retreat when necessary and having followed his campaign so far confirms it in spades.

    Additionally, i haven’t spoken with the Lady of fatima recently (been busy) but i do believe that she had the same idea way back – Russia will put that firecracker up jew’s backside.

  18. the vast success of the Jewish Century may have doomed the jew by infecting him with a fatal weakness borne of comfort of easy victories.
    Jews are now in the cheap gloating stage, wallowing in their hubris, basically mistaking goy’s present state of stupefaction for their own genius.

    the Protocols, as wise as they were evil, recognized clearly the danger of lone brilliant opposition figures, they did not fear the bovine masses but if such men of genius can insert themselves into the pivotal positions before caught, they can wreak great harm and destruction to the Judaic system of controls.

    Hitler, though prime example, was isolated and his power base too narrow, he was also too much of a pure idealist and was undone by his lack of understanding of the mechanics of betrayal, how the liar’s mind works.

    Those failings may have found their remedy in today’s great game, we shall see.

    Akin to resistant metastases arising silently after a nasty series of chemotherapy sessions pronounced success, so Jew may be celebrating too early and ye old pissed off poet strikes again:

    “So in the Libyan fable it is told
    That once an eagle, stricken with a dart,
    Said, when he saw the fashion of the shaft,
    With our own feathers, not by others’ hands,
    Are we now smitten.”

    (Of course, regarding Libyan fables, Hillary had her own poetic moment on TV)

    1. Hitler reportedly underwent MK Ultra mind control training at Tavistock before being carefully manipulated into power, which is why even his own German generals turned against him when they started to realize he was DELIBERATELY LOSING the war. He and Eva Braun reportedly faked their own deaths and were spirited out of Germany by their secret Tribal pals the Stalinists, who helped them escape to Argentina, home, incidentally, of the secret new country of “ANDINIA”, where the NWO Globalists intend to slip away after starting WW3 and their Fake Apocalypse, watching the destruction unfold from the safety and comfort of their vast estates, purchased decades ago after depopulating the Argentinian hinterland by engineering the economic collapse.

  19. I don’t like it, nor do I like to say it but heads they win, tails you lose. They are centuries ahead in the matter of conspiring.

  20. Trump continues to sabotage his election success. He helps Hillary at least once every day.

    The most successful ‘deal-maker’ in history – “ART OF THE DEAL” – is laying the groundwork for giving numerous reasons for the election fraud which will put Hillary in place.

    Trump is following the script.

    Donald Trump hints at assassination of Hillary Clinton by gun rights supporters

    Republican presidential nominee says ‘second amendment people’ could stop Democrat choosing undesirable supreme court justices if she is elected.

    1. I heard it and thought nothing of it. Only the presstitutes saw an opportunity to spin it that way. What I heard was no more than a common sense insinuation that it may be difficult to disarm an armed populace.

      1. Gil –

        I saw it also. I thought he was alluding to gun supporters taking action….. but with sarcasm… as a joke.

        My main point is that “Mr Deal-Maker” knows that inserting the word “vote” into the statement would have been the smarter thing to do. That would leave ONLY ONE interpretation. He knows better.

        He would have told an ‘Apprentice’ choosing to use those words…

        ………….. “YOU’RE FIRED..” 🙂

      2. @ Gilbert Huntly

        Trump knows how to play the media like a harp and he does it. The only people disturbed by the media spin are those that would not vote for Trump anyway. Trump received lots of free and intense airtime from his adversaries.

    2. @Pat

      His words were rather vague and could be interpreted in many ways :

      “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the second amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know. But I’ll tell you what, that will be a horrible day.”

      It could mean the “second amendment people” could stage mass demonstrations.
      “That will be a horrible day” could refer to the appointment of such a judge, not his murder.

      If “that will be a horrible day” refers to the murder of such a judge, then that is contradicted by his doubt that such a thing could ever happen : “…maybe there is. I don’t know…”

      Besides, can a supreme judge really abolish an amendment to the Constitution?

      1. FR –

        Like I stated for Gil….

        “Mr Deal-Maker” knows that inserting the word “vote” into the statement would have been the smarter thing to do. That would leave ONLY ONE interpretation. He knows better.

        “Besides, can a supreme judge really abolish an amendment to the Constitution?”

        Not abolish…. but can change or delete portions of it as Justice O’Connor mentioned happened to the 5th Amendment in Kelo:

        “Any property may now be taken for the benefit of another private party, but the fallout from this decision will not be random. The beneficiaries are likely to be those citizens with disproportionate influence and power in the political process, including large corporations and development firms.”

        O’Connor argued that the decision eliminates “any distinction between private and public use of property — and thereby effectively – DELETED – the words ‘for public use’ from the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment.” 125 S.Ct. 2655, 2671.


        Trump is trying hard to lose to Hillary..!!!

      2. @Pat

        “…Trump is trying hard to lose to Hillary..!!!”

        And why would he do that? For money? He is a BILLIONAIRE.
        Losing the election would also harm his reputation as a “deal-maker”.
        There is no motive he could possibly have to pretend to run.

      3. @Pat

        You just hinted at the motive of the people behind Hillary Clinton, not at the motive of Donald Trump, which remains as elusive as before if it is not sincere.

    3. a typical Trumpesque statement, excellently played, just look at that patented cat-swallowed-canary smirk on him.

      He said exactly what he said.

      WHO is he talking to? the disaffected, rapidly disenfranchised whites and quite possibly the decent, conservative blacks (don’t underestimate their numbers), people who caught onto the old Diebold sham and MSM spin, the civilizational decay and are sick of it, the people who do take the Amendments seriously.
      They will understand exactly what he said: defend your rights by whatever means necessary, fair or foul as empowered by the Constitution.

      Then he (typically) walks back (that smirk) from it

      … that will be a horrible day

      h☺rrible, just h☺rrible, I’m tellin’ ya.
      So, he is not talking to alternative navel lint pickers, he is talking to his growing power base, neither they nor Jews are fooled but he is now too far gone, out of Jew’s reach, surfing the inexorable landslide and they are freaking.
      And the more and the louder they are freaking, so what? extra free press for him.
      The principle of quicksand is the more you struggle, the tighter it grabs you and the shorter the breathing time you got and Jews are NOT used to it, normally, it is the goyosaurus caught in the tar pit.

      I am beginning to think that maybe this dude is a serious demagogue genius behind the boorish facade.
      Won’t be long before we know for sure …

      1. Lobro –

        I’m glad the scum are making so much hoopla out of Trump’s benign statement, because, maybe, the scum will finally arrive at the conclusion that A LOT OF PEOPLE WILL DIE BEFORE THE PRIVATE FIREARMS ARE COLLECTED IN AMERICA. That’s what the guns are for, after all. No point in having them if they aren’t for repulsion of intrusive government. (Not that I can really take-on a platoon – but I CAN eliminate at least one member thereof!)

        There are a lot of determined individuals like me – and MANY of them are in local sheriff’s departments and other constabularies. Moreover, I can assure you that the mortality rate of suspected infiltrators and agents provacateur is HIGH. The goons of guvmint are very leery.

      2. Gil –

        They don’t have to collect firearms… just stop ammunition manufacturing, which is not as plentiful anymore.

        Even re-loaders need powder and primers and brass casings.

        The powder made today has a limited shelf life. Not like the old stuff.

        I recommend honing skills with compound bow or crossbow…. and slingshot.

      3. Trump stands out like the White Knight amid wormy snake-like two bit shysters and pansy bureaucrats galore.
        He certainly shows some hellacious stamina, easy intellectual prowess, personal strength, wit and even down home humor. Especially does not abide liars.
        All good stuff. The stuff of an all American.
        And I’d imagine Vlad can relate to the .357, among other business..

        Of course the majority (75%) boobousie love him. He’s not an abject in our face thief, liar, killer, sex pervert and/or cross addicted drug addict, much less a psychopath. Speaks volumes these days!

        He’s a smart ass, yeah. LOL. What a shocker! About as un-American as a Cadillac!
        He, his team and his fans have more talent, skill and genius then do the rest of the competition combined and the sissies know it.
        (aka) The truth as terrorism.

        The ever loving demons, relentless and much stronger(passion) by default, are out in force versus Donald (Juggernaut) Trump and BadVlad Putin!
        Helluva show, init?

        Pat, no spoiling the ending, please!

      4. HP –

        OK…. I won’t. I’ll let ‘THE Donald’ do that..!! 🙂

        He should be hammering the $400 million ransom paid to Iran…. and the fact that more hostages from several countries have been taken as a result…. two more from US…. for more money…!!

        He should be hammering the $1 Billion pledge to Clinton Global Initiative for State Department favors from Hillary…
        In addition to his donations to the Clinton Foundation, Chagoury in 2009 pledged $1 billion to the Clinton Global Initiative, an offshoot of the Clinton Foundation.

        And he should hammer home… the fact that Billy was paid 5 to 10 times as much for his speeches while she was Sec of State…. in return for introductions to ambassadors abroad. Only she could accomplish.
        He made over 200 speeches while she was there….. paid to their Foundation.


        I could show him how to win. I have helped run several successful campaigns over the years. I even won one for myself in 1974.

  21. I’ve had the same misgivings as Arch Stanton, great minds think alike, but passed it off as pot-smoking induced paranoia.

    1. Uncle :

      You allow inane comments on the board, comments we don’t learn anything from, but my post in which I link to Michael Hoffman and to Very Truthful Fact-Based information, you CENSOR…. What am I to make of that, that you CENSOR that?

      1. @ TROJ

        Posts in our Spam folder are not “censored”. They are unread. Spot the difference?

        No one has time to read 1000 spam posts every week, understand? Spam posts are usually deleted periodically when they pile up. Your posts belong in this category. They are classified as SPAM.

        Be grateful I approve posts of yours on a regular basis and stop quetching and complaining about “censorship”. Remember you are banned from every other website for a darn good reason. Your output is almost 100% off-topic trivia and repetitious ranting.

        Pat thinks you’re a nutcase posting from some loonie bin in Florida and I think Pat is right! 🙂

      2. Uncle :

        It’s not my fault, really, I compose BETTER poetry, mo’ poetry, Mo’ Betta poetry than Pat’s lover boi Gilby, it really isn’t. I never stopped Gilby from going around to all his local Hallmark Gift Card stores and plagiarizing lines from their cards. I like Hallmark also, but really, palgiarizing is not kewl. Did Pat’s lover boi lose his Muse because pooteen interfered in Syria and bombed the shit outta Gilby’s beloved “Sacred’ ISIS, or did Pat’s Gilby get caught plagiarizing Hallmak’s cards and the company took him to court and sued Gilby? Or, BOTH? It’s not my fault, it really isn’t, I still ? have My Muse and Pat’s Gilby is totally bereft ? of any imagination whatsoever.

  22. you guys may not know this – but I saw a dream last night in which Putin ordered nuclear missiles to strike America…

    he was informing me of it…

    and for some reason i had vodka in my hand…

    we were all celebrating and cheering…

    i didn’t see any violent destruction but its weird that i was holding a glass of vodka and my mouth tasted like vodka…

    it was bitter…and putin was reminding me that the countdown is already here…it will be in a few hours…any moment from now kinda thing…

    woke up to find noise outside the door…

    so I couldn’t see all the carnage I was hoping to see….

    my dreams are ALWAYS accurate when I see these types of things…

    so expect nuclear war soon!!!

    1. salmon –

      If it was bitter you were not with Putin…. but some guy in a cardboard box unda da brij…. guzzlin rot gut or piss…. in the cold.

      Putin would not put bitter vodka in a glass with anyone…. nothing less than high grade Magnum Grey Goose…. very cold from the freezer….. and sweet.

      1. Pat, how do u know what Putin likes to drink?

        did u drink his holy orthodox piss to find out yourself?

    2. Salman Hossain –

      It will be fun, and great sport, to catch the likes of you roaming around out here in the country. Your ISIS boys will look like Sunday school teachers compared to what we have in store for YOUR kind, here in the American South. Just stay away.

      1. don’t worry Gilbert Huntley…

        even if they are rank amateurs…

        they can always engage in the kamekaze option…

        kamekaze operations put fear into the hearts of the enemy….

        ask the Israelis, ask Bashar, ask the governments of Iraq post Saddam…

        ask even the Iranian revolutionary guards…

        the kamekaze can take out 10 of your best snipers…

        and we all know that u Yanks are cowards…

        u can only go on shooting at little kids throwing rocks and stones like your

        Israeli/Jewish boyfriends…

        at least Dae’sh can engage in martyrdom operations…for the cause…

        what can your sissy redneck hillbilly “militia” squad do besides raping their cousins, daughters, mommas, and sisters?

        They have lost 100 000 – 200 000 of their best men in the Afghan and Iraq war anyways…

        they will lose 1000 times more that when a full blown military invasion strikes the USA

      2. Gilbert, “MY” Kind is not gonna be in your turf…

        but my friends in the Chinese Russian and Latino Armies will be in your turf one day…

        and of course my Chinese friends will be eating YOUR people out…

        after raping and killing them…

        women and children included…


    3. @ Salman Hossain

      There is a problem with your dream assuming my sources are correct that have been to Russia and actually had some of their real vodka. To be celebrating with Putin you would have had to have been in Russia having real Russian vodka that is not bitter.

      It is possible that your dream was not about nuclear war at all, but about your deep subconscious desire to have really good Russian vodka even though, as a Muslim, you are not suppose to be drinking alcohol. So, your subconscious mind may have been protecting your conscience religious beliefs by embellishing your dream with Putin and nuclear war as a cover. 🙂

  23. Trump needs to follow stories like this….. instead of setting himself on fire. If he would do that…. I might lean towards a belief that he is not controlled.

    The REAL “Art of The Deal” author should stand up…!!

    Another body on the list…. Seth Rich shot down in DC streets last month. His watch, phone and wallet were left on him… motive was not robbery.

    Assange implies murdered DNC staffer was WikiLeaks’ source

    Speaking to Dutch television program Nieuswsuur Tuesday after earlier announcing a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Seth Rich’s killer, Assange said the July 10 murder of Rich in Northwest Washington was an example of the risk leakers undertake.

    Trump down more.

    1. How come you want to talk about Victor Thorn and not about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Holocaust revisionism, 9/11, Hitler, Stalin, the Bolshevik Revolution, the migrant crisis in Europe, Putin, Russia, China, Iran, the Syrian situation, and a thousand other relevant topics that we do our best to cover? 🙂

      The death of Victor Thorn is certainly important, but we just haven’t had time to get round to it.

      We can’t cover every single news item in the world.

    2. Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks

      Victor Thorn.
      Shawn Lucas.
      John Ashe.
      Seth Rich.
      Joe Montano…. and counting.

      These suspicious deaths will not stop unless or until the candidate is stopped and put behind bars.

      Hillary will stop at nothing to claw her way into the White House; unfortunately, people are dropping dead left and right in her path and, in the case of the last two found dead earlier this week(Aug 5, 2016), the mainstream media is pretending not to even notice they are gone…..


  24. I completely agree with Arch Stanton and Harbinger, and would go further in pointing out that there are two world leaders, both of whom bear names meaning “World Ruler”, both of whom have captured the people’s hearts as “saviours”, both of whom are of Tribal descent with close links to the Tribe, and both of whom have reportedly engaged in paedophilia. Both claim to be Christian, yet one has been involved with pornography and both his children have married into the Tribe, while the other reportedly imprisoned his wife in a KGB-controlled monastery to prevent protests over his secret “marriage” with, and two sons by, a Muslim who pretended to convert to Christianity. Remember what the Bible says about the AntiChrists, for there are at least two: “even the elect will be deceived”.

  25. Elections are always rigged. If Trump was a real populist going for the angry white man vote the republican party would have gotten rid of him. By creating a Trump clone to steal his ideas and taking away enough votes to force a second ballot.

    Instead the republicans did the exact opposite and unanimously attacked Trump from the very start of the campaign. Establishing Trump as the populist hero voters want.

    The democrats could not find a more disagreeable candidate if they tried. Having Bernie Sanders promise free tuition and higher minimum wage also did irreperable damage to Hillary’s campaign because many disappointed Bernie supporters refuse to vote for her. If democrats really cared about beating Trump they would nominate Bernie

    There’s no doubt Hillary or Obama would invade Iran or Syria and do whatever else the Jews demand. Jewish political influence is absolute. But this would make Jews vulnerable to criticism from the left.

    Hillary’s Dilemma is that liberals are morally obliged to oppose war and Jewish racism. And starting a war in the middle east could destroy the controlled opposition and divide the left into factions hostile to Zionism and Jewish power. That is why Jews are so worried about the BDS movement but let David Duke appear on television. Liberal animosity to Jewish racism is the Achilles heel of Jewish power.

    By pretending to be a white racist Trump shifts the future blame from Zionism to white racism. Whatever wars he starts for Jews will be blamed on the fact he is a white racist who hates Muslims.

    There will still be some liberals who recognize the Zionist influence in Trump’s administration. But they won’t be alienated from other liberals who hate Trump and oppose war on general principle.

    The only real consideration enforcing Trump’s presidency is concealing Jewish power. Trump is concealing Jewish racism behind a facade of white racism.

    1. can’t deny the solid plausibility quotient of this and to some lesser extent even Bramble’s above.

      fair is fair and i am not in this to win but to dig out the truth.

      though the putin “reportedlies” seem tenuous at best.
      i think that he is a nationalist russian and a political christian in henry viii mold, ie, christianity is subservient to his nationalism.
      which is fine by me, whatever gets the wheels moving.

      as for the

      even the elect will be deceived

      that’s a loose cannon firing every which way, eg., “you believe some scenario, therefore you are deceived”.
      Like the proverbial pistol that fires backward at the holder.

  26. Well, speaking of “believing some scenario”, both my comments daring to point out unsavoury elements of Islam have been censored. Yes, I know the new word for censored is supposed to be “moderated”, but it is censorship all the same. Apparently this website is obeying the new UN “law” making all criticism of Islam “illegal”. Not Christianity, though—feel free to criticize that as much as you like. This comment will no doubt also be censored.

    1. @ Bramble

      You haven’t been on this website long enough to know that comments like yours are two a penny and that if your future comments are blocked, it’s not because of your outspokenness or originality. It’s because, quite simply, you are an ASSHOLE.

      And why are you an asshole? Because you haven’t got the basic intelligence to realize that your comments are not going to be posted here if you start out by being rude and aggressive to Admin on this website and address them in hectoring tones, ticking them for “censoring” you when they haven’t!

      You know what, mister? You need your teeth smashed in.

      I’d invite you take a hike, moron. Nothing you’ve said so far is worth saying. You are trash. You are low IQ. You suck. You suffer from verbal halitosis, asshole.

      Two words for your, creepo: PISS OFF!!!

  27. Problem, Reaction, Solution.

    Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis.

    Hegelian Dialectic

    Feint right, duck under and, BAM! Left hook knock out!

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