Artificial intelligence ‘robot’ says Trump will win

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that correctly predicted the last three US elections says Donald Trump will win


“If Trump loses, it will defy the data trend for the first time in the last 12 years since internet engagement began in full earnest.” — Sanjav Rai, Indian inventor of the MogIA artificial intelligence system in 2004 

According to a report in the International Business Times (IBT), the artificial intelligence (AI) system that accurately predicted the outcomes of the last three U.S. presidential elections has put Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House.

The AI system called MogIA was created in 2004 by Sanjiv Rai, founder of Indian IT company

The system works by processing 20 million data points from public platforms including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, the IBT explained.

It then analyzes the information to generate predictions, taking into account data such as engagement with tweets and viewership of Facebook Live videos.

“If Trump loses, it will defy the data trend for the first time in the last 12 years,” developer Rai was quoted as saying.

Having already correctly predicted the winners of the Democratic and Republican primaries, the system found that people are 25 percent more engaged with Trump than they were with Barack Obama at his peak in 2008—the year he was elected president.

“While most algorithms suffer from programmers/developer’s biases, MogIA aims at learning from her environment, developing her own rules at the policy layer and develop expert systems without discarding any data,” Rai said.

In September this year, Professor Allan Lichtman from Washington D.C.’s American Universitytold the Washington Post that Trump is most likely to win based on a system of true/false statement that he calls “Keys to the White House.”

Professor Lichtman, who, the newspaper added, had correctly predicted the winner of every presidential election since 1984, said he based his predictions on “13 true/false questions, where an answer of ‘true’ always favors the reelection of the party holding the White House.”

“If six or more of the 13 keys are false — that is, they go against the party in power — they lose. If fewer than six are false, the party in power gets four more years,” he said.

These “keys” include questions about who holds the most seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, the lack of a significant third party campaign, the economy, the extent of a real policy change should a challenger win, the level of social unrest, foreign, and military policies.

“The keys have nothing to do with presidential approval polls or horse-race polls,” Professor Lichtman said, going on to make it evident that he personally dislikes Trump a great deal. However, on his system the Democratic party has definitely “lost” five of the “keys,” and is well on course to lose a sixth, which, he said, would give the election to Trump by default.

The New Observer has long predicted that Trump can only win if at least 70 percent of whites turn out to vote, and that he takes at least two-thirds of the white vote. Anything less than that will see a liberal minority white vote team up with the block nonwhite vote to grant Clinton victory—which was exactly how Obama was twice elected.

Trump’s only hope therefore, lies in previous non-voters turning out, a fact to which he alluded in a recent speech, where he mentioned that reports coming in from the early voting figures revealed a massive surge in people who had never voted before.

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  1. Let’s see…
    “Looks like some Goyim, most of them actually, are all stirred up now and won’t settle for anything less than what they call a revolution, so let’s give them one. Henry, your thoughts?”
    “Vell, history provides the French model and luckily we have our Marie Antoinette made to order, amassing billions while ze poor starved. Zey are baying for her blood already.”
    “Yes, Henry, but she is not a foreigner, as the original was, and she still has her supporters.”
    “By ze time it is vell understood she vos a Chinese agent and also a bribed enabler of Islamic terrorism srough ze Saudis she vil be vorse than a foreigner.
    But careful wiz ze foreign angle, keep it vel defined, I don’t need to spell out vhy for you.
    Put the cherry on ze torte: Satanism. Bill it as ‘ze most explosive Wikileaks revelation. Whiz blood in it, goat’s blood. Zey love zat.
    For ze scientifically minded get a robot prediction. Ze one vee used before zat has credibility.”

  2. “Trump’s only hope therefore, lies in previous non-voters turning out, a fact to which he alluded in a recent speech, where he mentioned that reports coming in from the early voting figures revealed a massive surge in people who had never voted before.”

    That is not correct.

    His “ONLY HOPE” is that he can pay Diebold and ES&S more than anyone else. 🙂

    1. Whether you like it or not, Pat, my politically-connected friends tell me of a HUGE surge in renewed voter registrations this year. I seriously doubt that surge is inspired by any devotion to Killary so much as a serious dred of the downside of a Clinton presidency. Though most often accurate, your smug cynicism isn’t infallible. 🙂

      1. Gil –

        Smug?? Smug???

        I’m about as “smug” as Yosemite Sam…!! 🙂

        All fact-tellers are cynical to Pharisee-Jews. Please continue to call me “Cynical !!”

        BTW – – –
        Voter registration allowed the citizenry to be changed during Civil War Reconstruction.. Still does. More citizen-subjects now…. Go Trump. !!

      2. Pat, you’re a bad man, once again infringing on TheJoe’s stomping grounds like that!
        Expect a letter from Rabinowitz, Rabinowitz, Rabinowitz, and Jones.
        As to Mr. T and the Juggernaut Express, well, it sorta shouts for itself, and c’mon man, there really is hint of the uber-natural in the air. Very superstitious, and if America has anything, it’s a whole lotta superstitious folks..
        Hell, even Mencken, charitable fellow that he was, only gave you expert cynics
        8 of 10. Since I’m even nicer than him, I’ll go ahead and give you 9 of 10.
        But you don’t get all 10!
        No way, Jose..

    2. And why, Pat, why would Trump want to pay Diebold and ES&S to throw The Win to him, Pat, when the pharisees put Trump on the campaign trail to throw The Win to Hillary, Pat? Remember, Pat?

    3. Pat, don’t you think they would be taking into consideration the drawbacks and possible repercussions of rigging an election where it’s pretty plain to see, for many at least, that Trump has the popular vote?

      1. LSPM –

        They will likely blame the Electoral College scam as they always have.

        SCOTUS may be called on to get involved and everything will be pushed away from voters’ wishes…. and accepted..

        There are dozens of scenarios. We may see a ruling from 1800 or 1900 come into play. A new twist to old procedures.

        Hell, there was a time when there were NO ‘running mates’ and the VP was (S)elected according to the rules in the US Constitution. That gave President of one party and VP of another…. as it did with Lincoln and Johnson.

        Whatever happens…. it has already been planned, for their entertainment.. and our expense..!! 🙂


        TROJ –

        I remember. This was my very poor sarcasm. 🙂

    1. Artificial Intelligence ‘robot’ says Trump will win.

      yeah sure , robot intelligence for robot readers on robot darkmoon site.. all you guys are robots here, did ya know that? i guess not , you robots think your real , doncha?

      hillary’s gonna win , you better beleive it. f**kin robots.

      1. the only guys who know the score here and are not f***in robots are seymour zak and crazy joe. why are you censoring crazy joe’s comments, you robot dicks in admin?

        listen, i’ve had it with this site. i’m outa here quick before i get infected . this is my last post.

      2. this is my last post

        yeah, maybe so but not the last, last post.
        and even that one wouldn’t be your last, last, last post.
        not by a long shot.

        not by a long, long shot, like those Victorian operas when the star crossed heroine stabs the dude and then drinks the poison and they both go off staggering in different directions belting out arias, the last arias, clutching onto drapes and pulling them down only to find more drapes behind drapes … life is so full of mystery and last posts, isn’t it.

      3. Lobro –

        Or just as ‘last’ as EK entity’s…. ‘never again last posts’….
        ….which just means the wait between each ‘last post’ is lengthened…. slightly.

  3. It’s the GOP’s candidate’s turn anyway

    Since 1952 the same party’s candidate has won a 3rd consecutive term in office only once, in 1988 when Bush succeeded Reagan. This was probably an unusual circumstance having to do with the fact that they didn’t want to change horses in mid-stream during the time of the dismantlement of the old Soviet system.

    I see no such circumstance this time around

    1. ADMIN TOBY : Banned poster Circassian wishes to speak again because these are exceptional times and we must therefore make exceptions. OK, fair enough. We will make an exception.

      CIRCASSIAN: Thank you, Toby, for letting my last comment to pass through, notwithstanding my banned status. For exceptional times exceptional decisions, I suppose, can and will be made, so thank you again.

      At the risk of wearing my welcome out I’ll submit another one.

      Brownhawk has made a very interesting observation, here it is again:

      It’s the GOP’s candidate’s turn anyway.

      Since 1952 the same party’s candidate has won a 3rd consecutive term in office only once, in 1988 when Bush succeeded Reagan. This was probably an unusual circumstance having to do with the fact that they didn’t want to change horses in mid-stream during the time of the dismantlement of the old Soviet system.

      I see no such circumstance this time around

      I beg to differ – I see precisely such circumstance this time around: My brother Brownhawk has simply failed to notice the dismantlement of the old American system that has been going on under his very nose for the last 8 years (at the very least) on Barak Schwarz Nigger’s watch. The dismantlement will, most assuredly, continue unabated. The only question is: Which model of dismantlement is preferable – chaotic and rapid (Hillary Clinton), or orderly and gradually (Donald Trump)?

      So, make up your minds Brownhawk, Pat, and the rest of my fellow Americans … and don’t forget to hedge your bets.

      As a dual American/Russian citizen, I have made mine long ago – I prefer to go down with Donald and go up with Vlad.

      1. Circassian is accurate about the dismantlement parallel, but my point takes into consideration that Bush Sr. was the de facto president the whole time he was Reagan’s VP. Ronnie was the perfect satrap* for that Era, whose figurehead popularity served most useful for the players behind the curtain. I see Trump being in a similar position of “useful idiocy”.

        In this instance, Hilary is no George Bush, who was (is) a much higher authority in the SWO scheme. By comparison, IMO she is essentially a foil in this whole sordid passion play, and I would be wary of taking Assange’s explanation at face value.

        * satrap: a subordinate ruler [<OPers – khshathrapavan "protector of the country"]

      2. The way satanists see it, Is-ra-el is to be a “burnt offering” sacrifice to their sun god (the “ra” in the esoteric equation; “is” being short for “isis” – the godess of the “hidden veil”) The plan is for Israel’s destruction to set off “WW3”

        Netanyahoo and the Israeli leadership are being used by the REAL masters at the top. Whatever and whomever it is deemed necessary to sacrifice for the “greater cause”, will be

        Hitler and the NS’s genuinely wanted to get the jews out of Europe, and the satanic high command controlling events played him AND their “lower brethren” jews KNOWING they would be fommenting a war where the German war effort would be sabotaged. In doing so they would WIN the war and concoct the holocaust lie to put the finishing touches on creating the sham that was “built up to be blown up”, and swept into the dustbin of “his story”. This is central to Satan’s modus operandi. No loyalties, all glory to his bad self.

        Boil bubble
        toil and trouble
        a witches brew
        of cursed jew

  4. So lemme get this straight; the intelligence of the MogIA system is considered ‘artificial’, a-a-as opposed to the intelligence of the MSM polls? Maybe I’m missing something here.

    1. Rebar –

      Yep…. you got it.

      “The system works by processing 20 million data points from public platforms including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, the IBT explained.”

      No one there would EVER put in millions of bogus numbers from an anonymous “public platform..!!”

      NO WAY..!! Not enough money or hookers in the world for THAT..!! 🙂

      1. 🙂
        And on the other hand, everyone knows that there’s nothing at all artificial about the intelligence of the MSM.

  5. Let’s hope the assessment is correct. By the way, does anyone ever ask themselves what exactly the US government is talking about when we hear the designation SAP (Special Access Programs)? That is said to be the highest security classification, beyond Top Secret. The specific question to ask is what might they be doing (unlike many, I have no problem with secrecy that keeps certain tech and discoveries out of the hands of the Israelis, and to do that you simply must include the general public). Not being privy myself or I wouldn’t even be discussing this, I’m left with research and speculation. It’s really fascinating, in certain instances it makes Sci-Fi look almost elementary, though some imaginative work in the field is much like the work of Jules Verne – somewhat prescient. But one doesn’t research by reading fiction, and there are unquestionably false trails deliberately planted. We briefly discussed one of the nightmare aspects of this work on this forum involving genetic research, but that is by no means the only category. If Mrs. Clinton had SAP programs on her home computer or was sharing them in any way she should be toast, so to speak. Even if a deception operation was involved they’d still have to throw the book at her – just to make it look good.

  6. I’ve always stated that Clinton will be the next president for reasons such as being a puppet of the Jews and of course a woman – first was the spectacle of the first black president with Obama (even though he’s mixed race) and now, especially with all the feminist rubbish going around and the transgender stupidity of late.
    That said, she has to lose, or else if she wins, other than the obvious of more wars and horrific loss of life, as well as more totalitarianism, it will expose the American justice system for the joke it is.
    In the last video on Huma Abedin and her ties to radical Islam, it proves that the judicial, law and political systems in the USA are incredibly corrupt. They are most certainly NOT inept, that’s for sure.

    And yes, as Lobro switched off after 2 mins with terrorists and 9/11, promoting the BS official narrative, I agree, but let us not forget that Saudi Arabia is very heavily involved in all of this and quite frankly, if the Jews want to throw these Shabbos under the bus, I really couldn’t care less. I know, I know…. “but the real culprits, the kikels behind all of this, remain hidden and will get away” – yes, but that’s just the way it is. You can’t expect a willfully ignorant public, to wake up all at once can you? We know that the msm, academia and politics first have to be wrestled from the hands of the Jews, back to the indigenous before any serious education of the public can begin en masse that is. So in the meantime, we just have to watch this play unfold.

  7. I think Hillary was the oligarchy’s pick. They chose her way back when (5 years ago??) to play the vagina card. What they didn’t anticipate was that she is old, boring, shrill, and sick. (People, especially men, can’t stand the thought of her vagina.) The oligarchs thought they could prop her up by getting all the newspapers, celebrities, and TV networks behind her. “We’re for her!, etc. Yet these people, they trillion dollar control freaks, don’t really understand REALITY. There is no such thing as absolute control. Remember Murphy’s Law. If anything can go wrong it will. Also reality has unpredictable dynamics. Who could have predicted Wiki-leaks, or Project Veritas, or even Trump. I realize that many on this site think Trump is part of the evil plan and that is their opinion. You either believe he is for real or you don’t. Of course, I could be influenced by my desperation, which is very real. I am not neutral. I have one grandchild and more to come and I do not want them living under the rule of perverts or under corporate fascism. I think it’s uncanny that Weiner had to go sexting just right before the election and then he contained all those 650,000 e-mails….how could they be so stupid as to put the entire treasure horde on the laptop of a known pedophile. Wasn’t he ripe to get busted sooner or later. No.. I think Hillary was a case where the oligarchy got it wrong time and again.

    What amazes me is that so many people are into the Hillary cult come hell or high water. The DNC is going to go down when more people become aware of what went on at the highest levels of the Hillary campaign. Watch out Republican Party because the criminals are beginning to eye your constituency. I hope at least Donald Trump gets in there to reverse a batch or two of executive orders. Will Hillary escape to an island paradise…I mean utterly disappear suddenly as one astrologer predicted. Right now the spotlight is on her says this astrologer because her moon is in something or other, but wait he warns her sun is going to transit through on election day and then for some inexplicable reason she disappears off the chart.

    1. @Kapoore; “Who could have predicted Wiki-leaks, or Project Veritas, or even Trump.”
      I think Wikileaks and Veritas have been “reserve” devices, just in case.
      I think Trump was MISpredicted. They wanted him to be her opponent because they were sure she would destroy him in a whirlwind of ridicule. They gave him plenty of rope to hang himself, giving him monumental FREE exposure and baiting him daily with questions that were meant to elicit Trump-like responses, which–they thought — were sure to cause wide popular indignation: “oy, the xenophobe, the misogynist, the racist, oy he hates the muslims whom we love so much..”.
      Surprise, surprise…. The deplorables LIKED his responses a lot. The Masters were stunned. Amazement gave way to worry and worry turned into panic. So… change of plans.

      1. Surprise, surprise…. The deplorables LIKED his responses a lot. The Masters were stunned. Amazement gave way to worry and worry turned into panic. So… change of plans.

        Yep, I think you’re on to something there. Seems the Jews are very bad psychologists. They thought Trump would be a pushover and he turned out to be unpredictably more dangerous that they had imagined. They made the same mistake with Putin.

        This recent article by the Saker made the same comparison between Putin and Trump, but it concluded by stating that the challenges facing Trump in the US (if he won) would be far more difficult than the challenges facing Putin in Russia in 1991 after he replaced Yeltsin.

        In both cases, the Jews underestimated their man. They never dreamed for a moment that he would rise to challenge them.

    2. @ Kapoore

      I think Hillary was the oligarchy’s pick. They chose her way back when (5 years ago??) to play the vagina card. What they didn’t anticipate was that she is old, boring, shrill, and sick. (People, especially men, can’t stand the thought of her vagina.)

      I beg to differ on that last point. Hillary strikes me as being quite attractive in her own way. Challenging between the sheets, so to speak. A tigress in the boudoir. In much the same way as Salome, Messalina, Lucretzia Borgia, Countess Bathory, and Lady Dracula.

      1. 1. There was no “lady Dracula.”
        2. With her current fainting spells and “naps” of 12 hrs a day, Hillary may appeal to the necrophiliac segment of her constituency, whose size in the Jewish community is unknown but likely to be higher than among the unchosen. No other cult has a story like that of King Herod who, upon the death of his beloved, placed her in a barrel of honey, from where he would take her out whenever he felt amorous. They say she “kept” in usable shape for 7 years.
        Isn’t honey amazing? Bactericidal and preservative.
        Back to Hillary, yes, I can see why you would find her attractive.

      2. I think Seymour got a bit confused. You are correct, there was no Lady Dracula, although there were many Hammer House of Horror depictions of her. There was however a Lady MacBeth whom I believe Seymour was thinking of.

      3. There was no “lady Dracula.”

        Of course there was, once you enter that intoxicating mental landscape where fact and fiction coalesce and life becomes a dream.

        Besides, the real Countess Bathory was a foreshadowing of the fictional Lady Dracula. She even came from Transylvania.

        She [Countess Bathory] has been described as the most vicious female serial killer in all recorded history. Where fact ends and fiction begins in her horrible story is now impossible to determine, but in her fame as a legendary vampire she is outrivalled only by Count[ess] Dracula. Born in 1560, she was endowed with looks, wealth, an excellent education and a stellar social position as one of the Bathory family, who ruled Transylvania as a virtually independent principality within the kingdom of Hungary.

      4. Basically, I make no distinction between “real people” and fictional characters. We could all be fictional characters, living in a virtual reality without knowing it.

      5. @Seymour:
        “Foreshadowing,” foreshmadowing…. Can’t your lot ever admit you were wrong about anything? There was no “lady Dracula.” Period.
        As for the “intoxicating mental landscape where fact and fiction coalesce,” I leave that to you. I am no good at Jewish history. Can’t even memorize basic facts, like the name of the heroine who ate diamonds from her feces and later defecated videos, or when ballpoint pens were invented in Holland, or even what God said when he set Moses’ pubic hair on fire and spoke to him through the smoke.

    3. @ Kapoore

      I agree with you except about the 5 years ago indication. According to knowledgeable persons that I knew in the past (all deceased now), the jewish bankers pick Presidents about 20 years prior which would be about right for Killery. By 1996, Killery had proven that she was adequately morally deficient, ruthless without remorse, and greedy enough to be a good jewish stooge.

      In politics, the way to ensure that the proper pick gains the desired position is ensure that the picked person’s opposition is as lack luster as reasonably possible. When an opposition candidate appears that is not lackluster enough like Trump, they will flood the primaries with candidates which splits the votes adequately enough for the undesired candidate to lose to anyone of the other lacklusters available. Oops, Trump beat out 14 lackluster opposition candidates.

      Thanks for pointing out that Murphy’s Law does not just work against good plans and actions as many people seem to assume. Some people seem to thank that Murphy’s Law does not work against jewish planners because the jews are absolutely the most intelligent and effective planners that have ever existed which is not true.

      If Killery disappears off the charts as you indicate, it will be because she knows too much about the evil of the system and will be a unnecessary liability. She is such a dimwit that she thinks that murder, extortion, and bribery yields some allegiance among criminals of the most evil ilk. Killery, Bill, Huma, Wiener, Podesta, etc. could all disappear off the charts even if she “wins” the Presidency. The international pedophile ring associated with the Clinton Foundation could easily be what causes several chart vacancies to protect the most evil on the planet.

      1. Good development of thought, all, Kapoore, Harb, Ung and others.
        Jew may be unhuman but by no means superhuman.
        just very, very focused with singleminded intent and unwavering devotion to his organizing principle, what his acolytes call The Daring One.
        the Intelligence that stepped outside Creation.

  8. “If Trump loses, it will defy the data trend for the first time in the last 12 years,”

    Good news ? If the data trend hasn’t been defied for 12 years, why should it be defied in the 13th?

    1. Ariadnatheo,

      Robert De Niro, is your archetypal champagne socialist. He will always be a socialist, regardless. Now he’s made (and still making) his millions, he’ll do everything to promote the will of the Jew, for without the Jew, he’d be a nobody. They made him and gave him his film roles, resulting in his millions.
      There are very few conservatives within the music, film and arts industries. It’s pretty much career suicide if you are anti immigration, Islam, multiculturalism, multiracialism, political correctness, LGBT and all the other stupid modern sexual definitions.
      The artist, regardless what field, is essentially a egotistical narcissist. They need to be constantly admired, hence the name ‘luvee’ for anyone associated with theatre.
      Living in London for as long as I did, in music , knowing loads of people from different fields within, I can safely say that I had to leave because I couldn’t put up with the hypocrisy and loathing for the indigenous whites, of which I am one. Many of these buffoons, would sit in company with non whites, who would rip the collective white peoples to pieces, in racist rants and worse than doing anything about it, agree.
      You also find that the arts industry is full to the brim of not just Jews, whether it be as actors, directors, producers, screenwriters etc, but crammed to the brim with homosexuals. I came to realise why so much the latter, as the former was obvious, because the homosexual is constantly striving for acceptance for his or her’s perversions in life. They want to be accepted as normal people, when they aren’t.

      The arts industry is a cesspit. But what’s worse is that the faeces within, are the role models and idols of the overall public, who will watch them on TV, the big screen, at concerts, on stage and listen to them on the radio. The public’s very opinion, very much comes from what these narcissists believe and have to say. The cult of celebrity is now the world’s number one religion, or should I say the umbrella religion for all the many sub cults within.

  9. Uncle :

    You like to Gamble. Let’s make A Deal :

    If Hillary wins IT [ whether, lol, she wins IT fairly, or if Soros manages to steal the election for her ], I won’t bother you anymore, I won’t send Darkmoon any more posts, if Hillary wins, which will save you alot of aggravation. You always seem aggravated when I send in a post to your Darkmoon.

    BUT :


    Is it A Deal? Or, are you TOO much of a chickenshit to take a gamble on this Deal?

    1. No deal, Joe. You know you wouldn’t be able to honor your promise and go away if Hillary won. And if Trump wins, there’s absolutely no way I’m going to let you make 20-30 long posts every day full of obscenities, off-topic trivia, and unmitigated garbage. Inmates of loony bins don’t win entry to the Darkmoon commentariat just by winning bets, sorry.

      Another thing, sunshine. I’m not “censoring” you. I’m just rationing your posts, allowing you to speak in your more lucid moments. 🙂

  10. Oy Vey! China’s ‘Monkey King’ predicts Donald Trump WILL WIN the US presidential election!

    Also known as Geda, the mystic monkey shot to fame for correctly tipping Portugal to win the Euro 2016 football championship last summer!

    More fun reading at Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer

  11. I had a vision ,a dream or whatever you wanna call it
    that Trump will win by a landslide .
    usually i seldom change my mind but after this vision I am at peace with myself
    with clear conscience .

  12. oh, please ;Hillary and the FBI ? Where was the FBI after and during 911 ? no WHERE ,MAN .
    Monte Belger , Deputy Director of the FAA on 911 , said,”protocol during a hijack plane on 911 , and before ,was
    FAA , WOULD NOTIFY THE FBI ; they would take over ?( Take the lead .) over what ? Show me one interview by the FBI .

    911 Commission Staff were the only ones to interview FAA & DOD which are used inter changeably in the transcripts l;;The NORAD TAPES tell a different story than 911 Report & transcripts , that’s why some people were never interviewed ; especially Linda Schuessler , Facilty Manager ; John White , another Facility Manager , were ignored for the post of ( NOM ) on 911 . They both were more qualified then Ben Sliney , first day on the job . ( NOM = National Operations Manager ) . The man who hired Sliney , was listed as the duty officer ( NOM ) that day . He ,Jock Kies , went to the Boston Center , Nashua ., N.H. to lecture a group of Canadian ATCs.
    Linda Schuessler told her secretary to follow Sliney all day and take notes ; She did . Sliney asked for the notes , but told the 911 Staff , she would not turn them over to anyone . They have never seen the light of day .
    Sliney told the commissioners “, i did not meet with any of them for the remainder of the day .

    The man in charge of everything does not do an ” AFTER ACTION REPORT “. Nor did the Pentagon . If you want to see the “after action report of the Arlington County Commission . < put these three words in your search engine . HARVARD , YALE , MIT , STANFORD , GEORGETOWN U , ARE ALL INVOLVED IN THE PLANNING . FAA EXECUTED 911 , WITH METRON AVAITION ,

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