Assassination of Russian Ambassador in Turkey: Is the CIA behind this?

The CIA Strikes Again?


Were the CIA’s Dirty Hands behind
the assassination of Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey?

by Stephen Lendman

Russia’s investigation will get to the bottom of what happened, why and who was responsible.

Though unknown at this point, it has the earmarks of a CIA plot to undermine growing Russian/Turkish ties, notably their cooperation in Syria, adversely affecting Washington’s regional imperial agenda.

The assassination happened in the wake of Aleppo’s liberation, a major defeat for Washington, NATO, Israel and other rogue Middle East states.

It came on the eve of Russian, Turkish and Iranian foreign ministers meeting in Moscow (America, Britain and France excluded) “to discuss in trilateral format the situation in and around Syria first and foremost,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov explained.

On Tuesday, they’ll meet in Moscow “to try to reach an agreement on lasting ceasefire, on resolution of some humanitarian issues with eye of reaching political settlement.”

“We have the basis for that and it is United Nations Security Council resolution 2254,” he added. Cessation of hostilities and conflict resolution would be a major step toward defeating Washington’s regional imperial agenda.

If Trump normalizes ties with Russia, both countries cooperating in combating terrorism, it’ll represent a major change of US foreign policy for as long as it lasts. Deep state dark forces in Washington want it prevented.

According to Tass, Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov “was assassinated on Monday in the country’s capital of Ankara by former special task police force officer Mevlut Mert Altintas,” citing Turkey’s interior minister Suleyman Soylu.

Karlov was killed during the opening ceremony of a photo exhibition called “Russia through Turks’ eyes,” dedicated to normalized bilateral relations between both countries.

He died later at an Ankara hospital, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova explained.

Putin commented on his assassination, calling it “undeniably a provocation aimed at derailing the normalisation of Russian-Turkish relations and the peace process in Syria, which is actively promoted by Russia, Turkey, Iran and other countries interested in the settlement of the internal conflict in Syria.”

“There can be only one response – stepping up the fight against terrorism – which the criminals will find out firsthand.”

“Russia’s Investigative Committee has already opened a case on the murder, and has been tasked with forming a working group which will promptly leave for Ankara to take part in the investigation of this crime together with Turkish partners.”

“This was just agreed during a telephone conversation with the President of Turkey. We must find out who directed the killer’s hand.”

Separately, Turkish President Erdogan said “(w)e are determined to maintain our ties with Russia.”

Karlov’s strategically timed assassination was likely aimed at undermining Russian/Turkish relations – especially after Aleppo’s liberation and US electors confirming Trump’s triumph.

The provocative scheme seems destined to fail as decisively as the campaign to deny America’s president-elect the office he won.


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  1. It was only a few days ago that Obama threatened to retaliate against Russia for fixing the elections. It appears Obama carried out on his threat.

      1. Mevashir –

        Putin IS…. “Cool” – as the ‘chosen’ Paul Newman – reciting his script in Cool Hand Luke… 🙂

        Staged. Paid for acting. Good job..!!

      2. РАТ
        December 20, 2016 at 9:43 pm
        “Staged. Paid for acting. Good job..!!”

        – Much said in few words. It is your best comment. Congratulation!

      3. MEVASHIR
        “Note how cool Putin remains against these provocations.”

        Oh…yes.This shows courage and integrity. And self-possession also. 15 years ago, while crew-members of the doomed submarine “KURSK” were suffocating in compartments, scribbling on scraps of paper farewell notes for their families, Supreme Commander-in-Chief enjoyed sunbath on the sea shore in the South. Couple of days later. when he returned to Moscow, in answer to the question on press-conference “What happened to submarine” he replied with a bit confused smile”She drowned”. And there are a lot of other examples. It is not for nothing that FORBES declared him “most influential man of the year” 4-th time in running.

    1. Obama according to insiders, spends his days lounging about in a track suit watching the sports channel and is incapable even of ad libbing, reading his speeches from teleprompters. The man is a monkey on a chain without a thought of his own. What we are seeing is the surface ripples of a battle deeper than even the most intelligent and savvy of us can fully grasp.

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        1. @ TROJ

          If I was forced to choose between the One State solution and the Two State solution to the Arab-Israeli problem, I would choose the One State solution. This would naturally include the ‘Right to Return’ for all Palestinians living in exile. However, I doubt this will ever occur.

          I hope this answers your question.

      2. Aye, a place called Palestine — always was; always will be.

        Herodotus writes about Palestine; mentions nothing about Israel.

    1. Yes, and for “Washington’s regional imperial agenda” read : “Israel’s regional imperial agenda”.

    2. Thanks, Sister, now I understand where you stand on the One State/Two State debate. Though, if there were two states, the Palestinians would still have the “Right To Return”. They would return to a Palestinian country, that’s all. I bet more Palestinians would return to an ALL Palestinian country than a country they have to share with the jews. So saying a One State solution is the best solution because the Palestinians would have the “Right of Return” doesn’t make for a substantial/viable reason to have One State, as the Palestinians would also have the “Right to Return” if there were two states. So that undermines your reason for One State. Try to find another reason or reasons, Sister, to back up your claim a One State solution is the best solution. The reason you give doesn’t hold water, as the Palestinians would also have a “Right to Return” if there were two states and the Palestinians had their own country.


      1. @ TROJ

        Unfortunately, I don’t have any more time to pursue this subject with you, firstly because of your inability to understand the rules of simple logic, and secondly because you seem to be totally unaware that the subject you wish to draw me into (and distract everyone else with) is totally off-topic. Try and understand that we are now discussing the assassination of the Russian ambassador in Turkey — not the solution to the Arab-Israeli problem or the finer points of the Heliocentric theory. 🙂

  3. al
    December 20, 2016 at 3:44 am

    this is a hoax no one died
    watch and see no blood

    assassin’s police ID numb. 380092 = 22
    T.C. number 20900449952 = 44
    Assassin’s age 22 years

    If what “AL” says is true, then Erdogan and Putin have just out jewed the jews… the plot and chicken soup thickens as they say.

    I must add that the above lead photo is a shoo in for a (((Pulitzer Prize))) … however, having said that, the absence of any blood and the almost spread eagle (i.e. play dead) pose of the ambassador (we are told he later died in the hospital in the above article) [He should have died instantly with 3 or 4 bullets pumped into him!] makes me just a little bit, hmmm, skeptical… but it’s skepticism worth celebrating because it means no WWIII. Oy Vey!

  4. What if the “assassination” of the Russian Ambassador was a joint Russian-Turkish psyop intended to frame the CIA in retaliation to the accusation of Putin’s alleged interference in the Presidential election? Russia and Turkey would carry out the investigation and conclude, with some true or fabricated evidence, the responsibility of the CIA.
    The Russian Ambassador would retire in some small town, taking a new identity and starting a new life.
    “The assassin” seems to say: “Hey! Come on, catch me!” and nobody seems eager to stop him.
    We know when an important diplomat shows up in public, most of the people surrounding him are either cops or intelligence officers, in civil wear or otherwise. They could have controlled the aggressor in no time.
    It just looks like a staged operation.

    1. PS.
      The video posted by Al on the previous thread: “” matches the classical false-flag characteristics: 1) theatrical gestures, 2) delayed intervention of the police, 3) to let the aggressor do some preaching, 4) without forgetting the famous “Allahu Akbar” pointing out to the eternal enemies: Islam and Muslims.
      After all, if the sponsors point out to Muslims, they can’t avoid the mirror effect of the pointer: If the compass points to the North you can’t miss where the South is. Who could hold a grudge against Muslims more than Israel and the [dʒu:z] ?

      1. sean,
        don’t forget that
        no shells , no smoke . after firing 8 rounds at ambassador , the floor still looked like a mirror .

      2. Al,
        Take a careful look at the floor in the above picture. I count 5 spent cartridge cases around the the feet of the alleged gunman. Judging from the size the weapon it is small calibre, low velocity. This would explain the absence of blood. When the Ambassador was shot he flinched, another indication of the low velocity of the weapon. I don’t know if you have ever shot anyone or anything. I have, both animals and people. Once, as a cop I wounded someone with a S & M .38 in the leg, very little blood and the round did not go through the body. I’ve also shot people dead with an FN 7.62. In every instance the round went through the subject, as it’s a high velocity weapon, and copious amounts of blood were observed. Sometimes, the subject will flop around, from the nerves.
        Gilbert, being a hunter will no doubt have seen a similar reaction in animals he has shot.

      3. @ Felix

        I’m glad you commented on this thread because I know you were once a cop. Perhaps you, or someone else with first-hand knowledge of guns or killing could answer some questions, only 4 at this time, on my mind?

        1. The Ambassador was shot from behind. Shouldn’t he collapse forward or at the very least fall face down?

        2. The gun looks like a 9mm to me. I found this link that confirms my guess: “The firearm used by the gunman was a compact model of the Canik TP9, although the photos released to the public are not clear enough to identify exactly which variant. Due to the contour of the slide near the muzzle, the most likely version is the 9mm TP9 55 Compact, which still uses the Walther-style SA decocking button on the top of the slide, in front of the rear sight.” Is 9mm considered a light gauge or light grain bullet? Was the gun used a low velocity weapon?

        3. If the assassin was professional or was a professional cop, like you were, he would have known to use a heavy gauge or the right type of bullet to do the job, right? So why do you think the assassin used a light gauge or non-lethal bullets?

        4. Here is a video (in real time) of a heavy-set man like the ambassador who was shot 3 times by the Dallas police and he died within 5 minutes. So how did the ambassador make it all the way to the hospital before he died? The most unbelievable part of this story is that the ambassador was still alive when he arrived at the hospital, which I am guessing took what, 30-45 minutes top speed or probably much longer because the SOP (standard operating procedure) for paramedics is to stand down until the coast is clear (i.e. until the assassin was neutralized). And how long did that take, I wonder?

      4. JFC.
        To answer you first question. Yes, he should have a least fallen forward, but he might he might have been conscious, fell to his knees and then on to his back. It’s difficult with gunshot wounds. Some people will survive an incredible wound, another may die from a “light” one. It all depends upon where the bullet(s) entered and the internal damage. Also if the bullet moves or changes position inside after entering the body.
        Your second question. Yes, it is a 9mm pistol, most definitely a light, low velocity weapon. Depending on the gr. with a muzzle velocity of between 1,200 to 1,400 fps. Slooow! Not much of a punch! A .44 magnum has a muzzle velocity of about 4,000 fps.
        Yes, he was a professional, but in a police bureaucracy, it’s sometimes difficult to obtain a heavy non-issue weapon without attracting unwanted attention as to why one needs it. Hence his approach from behind and using a police ID etc.
        As to him dying at the hospital. There are a number of reasons; massive internal bleeding being the most likely.
        I am only surmising from afar. One would have to see the autopsy report to make a definitive conclusion. Above all, why no attempt to capture the assassin alive?

      5. @JFC

        “Is 9mm considered a light gauge or light grain bullet? Was the gun used a low velocity weapon?”

        Gun folks have been, and will be, arguing about caliber and stopping power forever. Ballistic gelatin results show very little difference in penetration between 9mm, 40cal and 45acp. Larger calibers result in larger expansion and wound channels. But if you’re going to pump 8 rounds into the center of mass how much difference would a 45 make over a 9?

        Plenty of human sized animals (deer, bore) are dispatched every year using 22cal ammo, and even out of air rifles shooting at 30 foot pounds of energy or less. Average 22 long rifle fires at 120 fpe. It doesn’t take much to penetrate a human to vital organs, maybe 14 fpe, which is why any air gun shooting 12 fpe or more requires a firearms certificate in many countries like Canada and England. Regular 9mm hits with about 380 fpe; 40cal – 430; 45acp – 420; 44 magnum – 1,000+.

        If it was a 9mm, the gun could have been a 357 Sig, which is essentially a 9mm bullet in a necked-down 40 cal casing, sometimes referred to as ‘the 9mm from hell’, since its velocity comes close to that of a .357 magnum. 357 Sig has about 500fpe; 357 mag about 560 fpe.

        If you were trying to kill a bear with a 9 you might have some trouble penetrating all the hair, skin and fat to reach vitals which is where the 357 magnum comes in handy, for small bears, big ones will just get pissed off at you.

        IMHO, 9mm has more than enough stopping power, and besides, usually, more important than caliber is shot placement.

      6. @Felix

        “A .44 magnum has a muzzle velocity of about 4,000 fps.”

        I disagree, and think that a hot 44mag might reach 1,600 fps, but I could be wrong.

      7. Rebar,
        You’re correct! I checked. I was misinformed. The FN FAL 7.62 I used in Africa had a muzzle velocity of 2, 750 fps, a beautiful weapon. The right arm of the free world it was called. I had it as my personal issue for 5 years. It was my first true love. I still dream about firing it.
        One point, if the gunman was using blanks there’d be a lot more smoke. For small calibre weapons the smoke is barely perceptible.

      8. Felix –

        I have never shot a man or woman. I hunted deer until age 40. That’s when I stopped being mad at the deer and rabbits and used meat market beef ever since. Cheaper, too. 🙂

        I have shot numerous deer over those years. Some ran off and died later and I tracked the blood to retrieve them. Others dropped like a bag of dirt, dead instantly.

        I shot a deer in Arkansas in 1958 which was being chased by our dogs and it just looked at me when I shot it..!! I shot it in the front right should with my 30 caliber Model 94 Winchester, using a 150 grain slug. It was lever action, so when I cocked it to shoot again, the deer jumped the dirt road completely and I shot again and hit him in the side and he dropped, out of my sight on the ground. So, I waited to let the deer die before approaching. When I got to the deer it jumped up and tried to run, but could not get its front legs to work. I had broken both shoulders with the first shot and it was scooting around in figure 8 fashion still trying to get away… so I waited another 15 minutes and it bled out. It did all of that Jumping, running and moving after being shot twice in vital locations. Even the lungs were pierced.

        In Vermont in 1967 I shot the same sized deer in the exact same spot, but in the left shoulder, with the exact same rifle while ‘still-hunting’ without dogs…. and the deer dropped dead instantly right where it stood…!!

        The reason the first deer ran off after being shot in a deadly location was adrenaline from being chased by our dogs. The other was not scared at all, and no adrenaline throughout its system. There was snow on the ground in both locations. Over a foot deep in Vermont.

        I learned that all conditions and placements matter.

        I have also killed numerous hogs. Head-shots. Die quickly. I shot one boar with a 44-40, 180 grain slug, at 50 meters or so, and it made a small entry hole but blew out the whole right side of the head where it exited. Done deal.

      9. Yes, Pat.
        Gun deaths can be strange. I once heard New Zealand expert on gun shot wounds testify in court to an actual suicide attempt where the subject shot himself 8 times in the head with a .303 and lived, admittedly as a human vegetable. A police colleague of mine shot himself 5 times in the chest before dying. Whatever you do, don’t attempt to shoot yourself in the temple. There’s a good chance you’ll live but will end up blind as the bullet will sever the optic nerve. I’ve seen a couple of idiots do that. In the mouth up into the medulla will do the trick. Use hollow nose ammo. The medulla will be a bloody mess. BTW, a piece of useless trivia, so called dum dum bullets were “invented” by the British in India at the military barracks at Dum Dum, no doubt to keep the “savage tribes” on the North-West Frontier under control. Guns are a fascinating subject, but like yourself, I haven’t hunted since I left Africa in 1973. It’s all karma to be repaid one way or another!

      10. @ Felix
        With high velocity handgun ammo over-penetration is a concern, and there have been instances where the round passes through an intruder and then the wall beyond to take out an innocent in the apartment/room next door. Not good.

        As for the amount of smoke, you could be right about blanks, depending on the amount and type of propellant used. I just threw that idea out there as a possibility, in the event no one was actually shot. The spent casings on the floor of the pic had to get there somehow and either way, it’s not like there’d be billows of smoke, but I could be wrong.

        If you still dream of shooting the old FN, do yourself a favor – DON’T BUY ONE! You’ll be cracking the ice, and before you know it, you’ll be in over your head. To men, guns can be as addictive as shoes are to some women. Just enjoy it in your dreams.

        I agree about the strangeness of gun deaths and that adrenaline can keep a dead person running for another 30 meters before they get the hint and keel over.

      11. @ Felix et al.

        Thanks for your input(s), though I remain somewhat skeptical that a man could survive 3 or 4 bullets pumped into his toro (despite a 9mm used; but at close range, almost point blank range) for more than 5 minutes without immediate medical attention, and that’s with the proviso that none of the bullets hit any vital organs.

        Speaking of close range or almost “point blank” range, it is inexplicable to me that a trained police officer-cum-assassin (if he did not have access to lethal bullets, lol) would not simply walk up to the Russian ambassador and put the gun next to his head and fire away point blank or why he didn’t pump a few more bullets into the fallen ambassador laying on the ground for good measure if not for good theatrics.

        Mad neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer has curiously if not irreverently noted that the assassin was dressed like a character straight out of deplorable Jew lover if not deplorable Jew himself Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs.

      12. @ JFC
        Just a minor side note: technically, the term ‘point blank range’ does not mean what the media has led the public to think it means.

  5. It looks staged to me.

    (sorry,breaking my word as usual — I am supposed to be silent until Trump’s inauguration and first Zionist war 😉 )

    1. Flopot : Why don’t you go to Lapland and visit Uncle for the holidays and come back on January 21st. Maybe the Beauty of the Northern Lights will distract you from America’s politics and you won’t feel the need to shoot your mouth off and make yourself look like an idiot. Give yourself a break from making yourself look like an idiot, at least until January 21st. No?

        1. @ Pat

          Drumpf is NOT going to do anything to defeat the joos . . . and he’s NOT going to do anything to defeat the Science Mafia either, the Science Mafia which has a strangle-hold on us and will NEVER allow any free and open inquiry and scrutinizing and questioning of their Heliocentric theory.

          So Drumpf ain’t all that bad, right Pat?

  6. @The Original Idiot

    It looks staged. That’s all I’m saying. I would feel like a coward if I didn’t state this opinion.

    “you won’t feel the need to shoot your mouth off and make yourself look like an idiot. ”

    PS You really, really, really should follow your own advice. Seriously. History is on my side here: primary sources; living witnesses et al.

    1. @ Flopot:
      – Indeed, the spread eagle pose is curious, and he was shot several times, but I did see the ambassador move his right arm a little in one YouTube video. There should have been a lot of blood evident since he was shot several times along with the interpreter, and the shooter was walking around the ambassador whilst shouting in Turkish and one could see the ambassador lying on the floor while this was going on- yet still no pool of blood. The other odd thing was that, although the room was full of “foreigners” ( many non Muslims), THEY were not targeted. Usually Isis operatives like to take out as many bystanders as possible. Apparently only the ambassador and his interpreter was shot.
      Also, if you watch the original video closely, you will see that the shooter (policeman, if you will) showed impeccable trigger finger discipline- his finger always off the trigger even though raging and obviously under stress while shouting and pointing his gun at the audience. And then, later he was supposedly shot (how convenient ! ) by the Turkish equivalent of a SWAT team. One would think that taking him alive would be very important in order to interrogate him. As others have said; possibly a Manchurian Candidate?

      1. @DMR

        I am backtracking now on my initial impressions — Karlov looks genuinely distressed before he collapses and I would be a monster to ignore that. Yes the whole incident stinks (e.g. no protection, the killer is killed so no investigation) but just look at Karlov as he falls.

      2. It’s a hoax . no shells , no smoke . after firing 8 rounds at ambassador , the floor still looked like a mirror .

      3. @ AL

        “…no shells…”

        Looks to me like about 5 casings on the floor, which may or may not have held blanks.

      4. @ AL

        …”no shells”…

        Looks to me like about 5-7 casings on the floor, which may or may not have held blanks.

      5. Where was the Ambassador’s Protection Squad…….Russians bigwigs don’t go around unprotected. This jerk would have been offed pdq…………D’oh!

      6. Wiggins –

        He was given the same type of squad, Acme Rent-A-Squad, that Hillary used for Stevens…. Same results, just quicker. No torture.

  7. Karlov’s reaction does seem disturbingly real; very distressing to watch.

    Alright; I am being a callous moron — I’ll keep my mouth shut in this case. For the man’s family and my own sake, before I taint myself any further.

    1. Yes, the online Turkish-English dictionary gives as meaning for altintas “golden stone”.

  8. gentlemen,
    the first thing that gave it a way as a hoax for me and that the assassin is not a religious man or belongs to isis was the following:

    NO TRUE MUSLIM MENTIONS THE NAME OF THE PROPHIT MUHAMMAD WITHOUT FOLLOWING IT BY “PEACE BE UPON HIM”. Thus immediately I knew this guy was not a devout muslim , but an a crisis actor . no more analyses thus are necessary .

    1. So he is a man pretending to be a Muslim — that reminds me of every globalist false flag perpetrated on the people of this planet. Fake Muslim does not equate to a fake attack. It is the same old story — using a pretend Muslim to manipulate the people (remember that is the globalist definition of democracy) via terror. The murder was real but everything else is smoke and mirrors; especially the identity and motivation of the assassin. We will never know what bulls**t he was told.

    2. by the way the dead body they showed is different from the assassin’s .compare their side burns and the belt buckles . You have one narrow and one wide side burns .

      1. interesting info – most Turks can’t recite Qur’an…

        I was never aware of that though

        maybe those were the older Turks?

        I met Hizb-ut-Tahrir Turkish activists in Canada so I thought at least half to 70% of the society was religious to some degree considering their support for Sultan Erdogan

        I do know that Turks are very nationalist and they will not concede an inch of territory to the Kurds

      2. Lobro, while familiar with the Turkish crypto-Jews, I’ve never heard of the Grey Wolves or Goldstein. Please, I would appreciate it if you could summarize the Brevik-McVeigh-Goldstein piece, as I’m not risking another $125 repair job on my computer and it sounds very interesting. Thanks.

      3. Baruch Goldstein who mass murdered the worshippers in Hebron and became a folk hero to many Jews, o.k. Grey Wolves, the Turkish far-right organization, o.k. Still, Brevik and Goldstein seems a comfortable fit and the article interesting.

    1. Salman,

      Good info.

      Seems a pretty straightforward case to me.

      These jews get dumber and more desperate every day. They probably ran out of gentile traitor/patsies.

    2. Salman –

      Aksel Erbahar(?) wrote the piece you provided:

      “Filthy Zionist Jews Plot to Provoke World War III by Murdering Russian Ambassador”

      That is REALLY funny…. Coming from a “NO DISINFO” site. 🙂

      “Plot to Provoke WWIII” is DISINFO… a GUESS at best…!!!


      From the site:

      –-Purpose & Goals—

      “Our mission is to provide information that isn’t twisted. To provide PURE FACTS.”

      Pure Facts???? WWIII…??? 🙂

      Besides that… Turkey even shot down Putin’s military jets and planes and blocks his ships and nothing happened. NO WWIII..!! 🙂

      1. lolol

        I don’t get your logic – the last name Aksel used which matches the killer’s is Goldstein or Goldstone in Turkish.

        How many Muslims you know will name themselves Gold Diamond and/or Silver?

        You know that the Jews in China also used names like Gold Diamond and Silver when translated from Chinese?

        Yes – Chinese Jews do exist but their real numbers are obviously censored as usual.

        Are you aware of these facts?

      2. Salman –

        I am aware of all those facts.

        I made people mad at me when I wrote this a year and a half ago to Norbert… about what I posted in 2014:

        March 29, 2015 at 7:14 pm

        Norbert –
        I agree. I wrote this last year:

        Who da Jews in China – – – –

        It is too late for China to be wary of Jews. They have been there for many centuries. They brought their drugs and international trade deals already. They caused the Opium Wars.

        The Jews are in the Chinese government.

        The Chinese banks, the largest in thee world, are members of global banking organizations controlled by Jews from London and Ireland. HSBC is controlled from London.

        Zionism is praised there!! The Chinese founder felt a connection to the plight(?) of Jews.

        Dr. Sun Yat-sen, founder of the Republic of China, held admirations for the Jewish people and Zionism, and saw parallels between the persecution of Jews and the domination of China by the Western powers. He stated, “Though their country was destroyed, the Jewish nation has existed to this day… [Zionism] is one of the greatest movements of the present time. All lovers of democracy cannot help but support wholeheartedly and welcome with enthusiasm the movement to restore your wonderful and historic nation, which has contributed so much to the civilization of the world and which rightfully deserve [sic] an honorable place in the family of nations.

        Various Jewish Chinese individuals worked in government service and owned big properties in China in the 17th century.

        Shanghai’s first wave of Jews came in the second half of the 19th century, many being Mizrahi Jews from Iraq. The first Jew who arrived there was Elias David Sassoon, who, about the year 1850, opened a branch in connection with his father’s Bombay house. Since that period Jews gradually migrated from India to Shanghai, most of them being engaged from Bombay as clerks by the firm of David Sassoon & Co. The community was composed mainly of “Asian,” (Sephardi) German, and Russian Jews, though there were a few of Austrian, French, and Italian origin among them. Jews took a considerable part in developing trade in China, and several served on the municipal councils, among them being Silas Aaron Hardoon, partner in the firm of E. D. Sassoon & Co., who served on the French and English councils at the same time. During the early days of Jewish settlement in Shanghai the trade in opium and Bombay cotton yarn was mainly in Jewish hands.

        Sinofication of yehudi names:

        During the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), a Ming emperor conferred seven surnames upon the Jews, by which they are identifiable today: Ai (艾), Shi (石), Gao (高), Jin (金), Li (李), Zhang (張), and Zhao (趙); sinofications of the original seven Jewish clans’ family names: Ezra, Shimon, Cohen, Gilbert, Levy, Joshua, and Jonathan, respectively. Interestingly, two of these, Jin and Shi, are the equivalent of common Jewish names in the west: Gold and Stone.

        Jewish life in Shanghai had really taken off with the arrival of the British. Mizrahi Jews from the Middle East came as traders via India and Hong Kong and established some of the leading trading companies in the second half of the 19th century.

  9. Many of the comments on this thread are so ridiculously obvious in their attempts to muddy the waters regarding the assassination of Andrey Karlov, that one can rightfully conclude that RT is correct in their assumption that the (((U.S.))) was involved. Hubris spirals into hysteria and backfires. It’s occured 109 times in the past.

  10. CIA behind? Who else? It’s all a big hoax, Turkey, Berlin, you name it. They want war.
    And especially Turkey is a strong sign that they all in the same boat, inclusive Russia! Why would Russia accept such a hoax if it is not part of the game?

    More and more Youtube videos documenting the shit.

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