Bad Jewish Losers Lament Trump’s Victory on BBC Newsnight

Reaction to Trump’s election:
Pride, narcissism, and (over)privilege at the BBC

By Francis Carr Begbie


ERIC CANTOR , Republican politician, and LISSA MUSCATINE, Hillary Clinton’s former speech writer, were two of the many Jews given free rein to reflect on Donald Trump a few days ago  before millions of BBC viewers. 

“In the end one could not help noticing one interesting if rather awkward fact about that edition of BBC Newsnight.  The editor, two out of three of the main presenters, and all seven of the main interviewees in Washington and London were JEWISH. Not bad for a group said to represent less than 0.4% of the British population.” — Francis Carr Begbie

 You might think that after a disaster as humiliating as the election of Donald Trump that our anointed elites would take this opportunity for a bit of humility — that this would be an opportunity for introspection and some soul-searching self-reflection.

Well, the good news is that you would be wrong. For this would involve a level of self-awareness far beyond our narcissistic elites.  All around they are demonstrating a complete inability to understand the forces behind their humiliation at the hands of a man they dismissed as a joke from day one and whose demise they predicted every inch of the way.

This self-deception was wonderfully on display in an immediate post-election edition of the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme Newsnight, broadcast to the nation the day after and including a number of American interviewees. In a specially extended version of the show, programme editor Ian Katz dispatched Emily MaitlisMark Urban and David Grossman to find answers on the day after the result.

In both London and Washington a stellar line up of the finest brains from the media and the academy were assembled to help them chew it over.

Entertainingly, the vanity, narcissism and entitlement of the BBC presenter-ocracy was fully on view, proud and undented. To the accompaniment of the Beatles tune “Fool on the Hill” anchor Emily Maitlis could barely contain her rage and sputtered about how “a game show host and someone who owned a beauty pageant” could become president.

Populism, uprising, nationalism versus globalism; as with former President Bush’s puzzlement over “the vision thing,” they seemed to be able to mouth the words but comprehension was lacking.

With every guest, Emily Maitlis showed that old habits die hard or not at all. She dripped condescension from the outset, snapping at immigration traitorpro-Israel fanatic former US Congressman Eric Cantor who was perhaps trying to redeem himself given the new winds in the Republican Party: “We talked about the vulgarity of this man … This is a man who talked of grabbing women by the pussy. Is that a man you are proud [of]?” An angry school teacher furious with the behaviour of her immature, irresponsible charges.

Easily the funniest moment in the programme came during a virtuoso splenetic performance from historian Simon Schama who seemed to think it was Germany in 1933 all over again. Race, he said, was more important factor in the election than the economic arguments.

2014 Winter TCA Tour - Day 13


Wriggling in his seat, as if it was subjected to regular electric shocks, he said.

“It is really weird to me how we pussyfoot around the toxic malodorous element of race which has played an important part of this.  Anti-semitism has long been part of populism… [beginning] in the early twentieth century. Even today there were sinister references by the likes of senator Jeff Sessions to George Soros who was singled out as a particularly odious figure in this international banking conspiracy.”

(To which many people in the Alt Right might have replied: “couldn’t have put it better myself.”)

Schama almost lost it completely when co-interviewee and neocon stalwart Melanie Phillips told him to calm down a bit.

“It is not a moment for calm, it is not a moment for calm.” he screeched.



Melanie knows very well what these anti-semitic dog whistles are like. This too is part of populism. We are facing a cataclysmic moment. Melanie is right to say it is a populist revolt. It is nothing to do with conservative republican politics. It amuses me to hear that Eric Cantor imagines that things are going to go on as they always did in the Republican party …  [that they] will restrain Donald Trump. They won’t. George Washington warned about despotism and that is what we are facing.

Melanie Phillips, for her part, agreed the most important problem was anti-Semitism, but she saw it coming from a completely different quarter.

There are noxious elements around. … Clearly some of the people supporting Trump are anti-semitic and racists but that is also true of people on the left.  There is no sign that he (Trump) personally is anti-semitic or racist. People call people racist when they want to restrict as he does, legal immigration.  Anti-semitism is now at record levels at liberal universities overseen by liberal professors and liberal vice chancellors.

Studio presenter Evan Davies muttered about how they had to give up something to people worried about the loss of their traditional societies and really act on illegal immigration. But Schama wasn’t listening. He was worried about David Duke.

Donald Trump re-tweeted a neo-Nazi tweet. It is not a coincidence that David Duke, KKK Imperial Wizard, is exhilarated and rejoicing with the advent of Trump who is his man. We will see race crimes, hate crimes explode now. We will have a far-right supreme court which will reverse Roe [v.] Wade.

As a glimpse into the fevered imagination of at least one strongly identifying Jew, it could not have been more revealing. Before Schama actually self-detonated on air, the programme moved on to more heavyweights.

Neoconservative think tanker Danielle Pletka, senior vice president of foreign and defense policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, complained she had no idea what Trump’s policies were. Which was not very helpful.

Mary Kaldor, professor of global governance at the London School of Economics, complained that Trump was “wildly unpredictable” in his stated foreign policies. “He says ‘I love Israel,’ then he says he wants to be neutral between Israel and Palestine.”  For her the real danger seemed to be peace. Or as she framed it, Trump getting friendly with Putin to create an “alliance of authoritarian right wing leaders.”

But it was the Pulitzer prize-winning historian of communism Anne Applebaum who painted the most apocalyptic scenario. Applebaum, who has never seen a “Deep State” she didn’t like, said that Trump had been disdainful for NATO and cannot understand why America needs to be in Europe. His admiration for Vladimir Putin as an ideal was very worrying.



Europeans need to start from the assumption that United States is not a reliable partner. We need to keep repeating that until it sinks into people’s brains.

She really said that.

Applebaum said Trump sees no need for a relationship with the UK. He said that Trump, who has spent millions developing his two golf courses, which include Turnberry, is, apparently, “not an anglophile and has no interest in Britain. Hillary Clinton does.” Surely, asked presenter Grossman, the Brexit referendum puts Britain and the USA on the same page? Applebaum: “No, no, no.”

Both these women think it makes the election of Marie le pen more likely. Likely correct, and thank god for that!

Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Fed, was wheeled on to say that he, a lifelong Republican had not voted. He also explained that Trump would not be able to get rid of the current Federal Reserve Bank chair Janet Yellenwithout a complicated impeachment process.

Earlier in the show, Maitlis tried to get Republican Eric Cantor to condemn Trump but got no change. Cantor responded lamely about Trump’s promise to build a border wall. “I’m not so sure that is going to happen” — showing (not surprisingly) that he remains an immigration traitor at heart. And he continues to show his allegiance to Israel.  Cantor said he was less interested in Trump’s immigration policies than his Middle East policies, including his intention to get rid of ISIS.

Lissa Muscatine, Hillary’s former speech writer, assured Maitlis that her old college friend had bounced back as strong as ever.

Elsewhere David Grossman did a breakdown of the vote to show that women and Hispanics had leaned to Trump in far greater numbers that anyone thought possible. (In fact, a solid majority of White women voted for Trump, proving Schama right: Trump voters are racists.)

In the end one could not help noticing one interesting if rather awkward fact about that edition of BBC Newsnight.  The editor, two out of three of the main presenters, and all seven of the main interviewees in Washington and London were Jewish. Not bad for a group said to represent less than 0.4% of the British population.

I should note, however, that there were a smattering of Vox pop style three-second sound-bite interviewees of men in baseball hats celebrating in bars and so on. There was also an abortive panel of a Hispanic man, black woman and Jewish New York Times reporter, and there was a Latvian politician down the line. But otherwise it was an extremely Kosher programme.

The BBC operates one of the most aggressive affirmative action policies in the Western world. In keeping with its position as the Vatican of political correctness, a finger is kept on the scales of employment opportunity to ensure that jobs are skewed heavily for favoured groups.

But given that self-awareness is one area where the elites are notably deficient, it might be s good idea to remind them of the massive Jewish overrepresentation on display here.  This is one very privileged group indeed. Overrepresented and overprivileged, one might say.

102 thoughts to “Bad Jewish Losers Lament Trump’s Victory on BBC Newsnight”

  1. Melanie Phillips pointed out the biggest problem:

    “There is no sign that he (Trump) personally is anti-semitic or racist.”

    I say it is time for a racist and anti-semitic(sic) President..!!

      1. 1138 –

        Trump picked Stephen K. Bannon as his chief strategist and senior adviser

        Many commenters here dismissed Breitbart News as a disinfo source…. when I used it. Now it is the best place ever to get advice and strategists advisors…!! 🙂

        Steve Bannon, a former Wall Street investment banker who also worked in Hollywood movie production, became executive chairman of Breitbart News in 2012, where he served until joining Trump’s campaign for the White House in August.

      2. Everyone, just heard that the new appointed advisor of domestic policy is a Ken Blackwell, apparantly known for his anti LGBTQ viewpoints. O boy, this is getting better by the minute.

    1. I disagree. Not only because you don’t catch many flies with vinegar (and I don’t advocate honey). But because I consider it WRONG. It is time, not for racism but for RACIALISM (see Kevin McDonald).
      Time to end the lethal cultural marxist lying paradox that:
      (a) race is just a social construct and there are no differences between people (as an average, not individually) that are genetically based on race.
      (b) that whites are an abominable race responsible for mankind’s ills and must be destroyed.
      Time to remove the gag on free discourse over the reality of Jewish ownership of global finances and Western governments and media and its demonstrable disastrous effects on the modern world.
      Time to remove the Jewish-imposed stigma on nationalism. and restore pride in and focus on traditional national values, culture and interests.
      Time for a fearless, outspoken nationalist president — a real patriot.

      1. The above was in response to Pat’s “I say it is time for a racist and anti-semitic(sic) President..!!”

      2. Ariadna –

        I did not write that for the purpose of catching flies. Bad analogy to attempt to explain my thoughts.

        But, if you are catching a lot of flies.. have fun. 🙂

      3. Ok, got it: no metaphors; they don’t have the precision of accounting. Don’t let the flies distract you. Do you really believe a racist president is what’s needed? It would lead to the kind of civil war to the liking of the Chosen. America is not the Germany of yesteryear; it is a multi-racial country. Whom would such a president have behind him? A fraction of the 50% Americans of white European extraction.

  2. “Simon Schama who seemed to think it was Germany in 1933 all over again”

    He is not the only one saying that over and over. Oh, why are the Jews teasing us like that? Promises, promises, promises.

    1. I love his history programs, but Mr Sharma shows the victimhood and sense of entitlement that really causes antisemitism. I find most Jews are fine, but resent the Jewish Lobby, especially in the USA.

      Also we should be allowed to discuss what I see as a lot of holes in the official holocaust story which is he main source of that Jewish sense of being a special case. The truth is that in 1933, six years before WW2, international Jewry declared economic war on Germany. It is not surprising that Germany regarded German Jews as the enemy within. So when war came the Germans interred Jews in camps, where many (most of the deaths?) died of typhus. Tragic but not deliberate genocide.

      1. “I find most Jews are fine, but resent the Jewish Lobby, especially in the USA.”

        True. Individual Jews* compared to organized Jewry are like sea water: colorless separate droplets, but deep blue sea.
        * Carefully selected

      2. The role of Jews in Germany in the 1918-1939 inter-war period is never exposed in the mainstream media. People nowadays are frightened of even using the word “Jew” in conversation, much less saying anything that may impugn the saintly media-made reputation of Jews. If there is one taboo that needs to be broken (by comedians?) it is this.

        Jews in the 1920s and 1930s dominated Germany. During the hyperinflation they bought up vast chunks of Germany, and the German people grew to hate them. Not right, but understandable.

      3. I grew with many Jewish friends. Most of Them were good guys; but even my closest Jewish friends were paranoid. I remember one who got up and walked out of an interview when a gentile job applicant just used the word “Jew” when talking favorably about a previous employer.

  3. Oh, how I loathe these self-entitled, lying Jewish slime-bags. And the fact that they NEVER will acknowledge that the true cause of “antisemitism” is Jewish behavior… is so freaking infuriating!!

    “The Jews claim all the virtues for themselves without further ado, and count the rest of the world their opposites; a profound sign of a vulgar soul.” — Nietzsche

  4. I see it’s time to go all Max Bilney…

    Let’s be specific, shall we?

    These lower minion jews are upset about Trump’s victory, Eh?

    Well so f***ing what! All jews are not equal!

    Can people please wrap this around their puny little brains and realize that we’re all just spinnin around on the Kali Yuga windmill? Jews and gentiles alike!!

    Poor Donald Trump. He means well enough, of that I am certain. But it’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN he gets swallowed up in the passion play of history to be inevitably swept into it’s massive dustbin like all the rest!

    The Donald is the quintessential establishment man who made his many millions by THRIVING in the Fed system that JFK wanted to put the kibosh on and got himself killed for his troubles. Trump truly believes in the totally manipulated market economy and thinks he can leverage deals to make the right things happen, when the harsh reality is that they’re gonna play him like a cheap fiddle. He’ll be CRUSHED under the weight of a system he so believes in, not realizing that you can’t treat symptoms and expect to find a cure when the cure lies in total repudiation of the disease that the system REFLECTS!

    As the marching Kali Yuga machine continues apace to it’s appointed rounds

    1. Brownhawk,

      Certain things you mention about Trump are 100% true. But couldn’t it be that Donald Trump is not the same man as Donald Trump 30 years ago? So he thrived in the filthy jew’s debt money system. But he could have seen the light. I’m not saying he did, but isn’t that possible? I know I am definitely not the same man I was in 1986, so why couldn’t he? Were you always jew wise in your life, or anyone here?

      Understand that I am not making any predictions here. What follows could be as far from the actual future as possible. But just consider this.

      Imagine, an extremely accomplished man like Trump, who personally has nothing left to wish for. He’s 70 years of age. I mean he’s been everywhere, did everything a person could possibly go to or do in this earthly life. Maybe a man like that is dreaming of eternal name and fame. He’s not going to acquire that following the same path of jewish slime like his predecessors. Only by being genuine and doing what’s right he can. Even at the risk of being assassinated. A few more years of life on earth is nothing compared to have your name on that extremely short list of truly great men from history.

      1. @ 1138

        Couldn’t it be that Donald Trump is not the same man as Donald Trump 30 years ago? So he thrived in the filthy jew’s debt money system. But he could have seen the light. I’m not saying he did, but isn’t that possible? I know I am definitely not the same man I was in 1986, so why couldn’t he? Were you always jew wise in your life, or anyone here?

        Excellent comment! Wish I’d said that. Time changes most men. And I wouldn’t be surprised if changes most women too!

        I forget who said, “No one can stand in the same river twice.”

      2. 1138

        I don’t doubt any of what you say. Like with JFK, I think Trump very well could have had an epiphany, but I just think that he’s up against it, ESPECIALLY because the veil which is cloaked over everything concerns the biggest bugaboo of them all – ISRAEL!

        The whole damned world is stupefied by the spell it casts. Who gets around it?

      3. “Then out spake brave Horatius! the Captain of the gate,
        to every man upon this earth death cometh soon or late,

        How can a man die better, than facing fearful odds,
        for the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his gods

    2. “The two points of view, respectively benefic and malefic are spoken of as if they were in some way symmetrical; but they are nothing of the kind, and the second signifies something that is unstable and transitory, whereas the first has a positive and permanent character, so that the benefic aspect cannot but prevail in the end, while the malefic vanishes completely because it was in reality only an illusion inherent in separativity.” Rene Guenon

      1. “Gods Chosen People…There resides the whole meaning of the rise and temporary victory and world-wide rule of the Jews as a ‘sign of the times’; It is based on a lie; it is the most logical feature of the advance Dark Age, the Kali Yuga.” Savitri Devi

    3. Here’s a little ditty…

      Embrace repudiation
      prepare for trepidation
      endure the tribulation
      Creator’s jubilation

      1. The prophecy of Jesus Christ reflects the end of the pernicious cycle of time known as the kali yuga. This presupposes that events which occur along the way are incidental to the cycle running its course, in that nothing Man does can stop its inexorable march. Certain actions may succeed in mitigating its deleterious effects, but that’s all mortal man can do while stuck in this “meantime” (e.g.; that which would upset the protocolian applecart)

        My sense is that a kali yuga – like cycle will restart elsewhere in an infinite existence, and that those who are here now and haven’t amended their ways will go with it. Those who resist its pull will move on. We are at the crossroad.

        Run with the devil
        revisit its hell
        stay on the level
        and in that land dwell

  5. If you are curious as to what is going on, I provided Darkmooners a good explanation here with continued explanation here. Equally applied both at an individual and a national level, It is a phenomena called, Self Victimisation.

    1. Gyorgy –

      From the article:

      What TO do

      -Try to be as unemotional as possible. Try to judge based on facts rather than feelings.

      -Acknowledge that everyone, even a self-victimizer, is entitled to believe what they want without validation or judgment.

      -Surround yourself with friends who are not self-victimizers and who can help you figure out what is real and what is not.

      -Keep doing what you know is right – regardless of what a self-victimizer tells you.

      Thanks for the article. The rules are what I go by. This is why I am called ‘mule-headed’ by Lobro. 🙂

      Being ‘mule-headed’ enough to keep those aspects in the list above…. works when operating submarines and engineering plants…. and taking final exams… conducting sales meetings…. and leading political parties. I have succeeded in all of those.

      Trump is of the same personality. Not easily swayed…

      He hollers… “You’re FIRED..!!” 🙂

      1. As I have written in the past: If you want to defeat Jewish programming, simply do the opposite of what you feel like doing. Turn 180 degrees away from “gut feelings” on most any social or political issue and you will be successful at doing so about 95% of the time.

        Jews are practiced masters at manipulating emotions of the individual. The emotional state welling up from the subconscious is where Jews make their largest gains in manipulating people to follow their demands.

        This is why Jews dominate the porn industry. When people become mired in sexual lust, they can be persuaded to do almost anything to assuage their urge, even at the expense of their own good.

        Why do you think all America once had censors monitoring the media smut line. These censors were the first to go during the Jews’ “sexual revolution” of the 60s.

        I used to tell my clients , if you want to avoid almost all those nasty computer viruses, stay away from sports, porn and gaming websites that involve money. Jews know when they key certain emotional states, people will do and say things they might otherwise abhor.

        This is why it is also good form to avoid those Jewish social networking venues that are so popular right now. These networking platforms serve as Jewish data mining resources to collect potential evidence used to blackmail and destroy lives.

        How many times in the past have we seen someone’s life or career destroyed because they “tweeted” or “Facebooked” some nasty tidbit about themselves? These sources double as bullhorn platforms that once again manipulate and create yet more divisiveness among the goyim herds.

        One also finds this to be a primary function of sports. Games get people worked up over “their” teams to the point of violence. This is why Jews have moved into sports in a big way to dominate that activity at all levels.

        If people can be induced to physically attack each other over a stupid game of Negro ball, then how difficult will it be to manipulate an election between Clinton and Trump?

        Wasn’t this plainly evident in this last election where emotional levels went off the chart? The entire election was all about “feelings.” It even got me involved, as I could not imagine four years of looking at that ugly, washed-up, jew-cock-sucking, hag to be reminded of that bastard, slimy, son-of- a-bitch husband of hers, (words fail here) who presided over the Waco Holocaust murders of innocent men, women and children, American citizens all.

        Yeah, the Waco debacle still makes my blood boil. At the time it was enough to make me, Arch Stanton move out of Texas to Alaska. As far as I could tell, I was the only one to make such a move. But then my reaction went against media programming that successfully evoked massive support for the government’s criminal actions. Like the trade tower holocaust, the entire fabric of the Waco story was spun from media lies.

        Just yesterday I went to a dinner where a young man manning the serving line spoke very loudly “January 20th, I’m outta’ here!” Telling everyone he’s moving to Canada because Trump won the election. This is no mean threat, because Canada is only a couple of hours drive away.

        This is the type of foolish, non-productive, self-defeating reaction Jews engender in the stupid goyim herds with their clever programming. So how many idiots have made this bold statement?

        While one can bet the rich elite promising such dramatic action will stay firmly planted in the Jew’s “Golden Honeycomb,” stupid broke-dick young white men will overturn their life to make good on their promise. It always returns to the same old Semitic question: Just how stupid can the goyim be?

      2. You’re big enough to find one point of commonality with Trump! Pat, I am impressed.
        Listen, let me see that list again. I can take it. Seriously. I’m just not a morning person, not before the NSAIDs kick in..

  6. More intellectual poseurs from the seemingly bottomless jewish well of mediocrity. Mr. Schama is one of the funniest, attacking Populism as traditionally anti-semitic, defending George Soros from well founded criticism – the creature who has an arrest warrant over his head in Russia and a criminal record to go with it. Mr. Schama may consider himself lucky that he wasn’t selected by young Georgiy Schwartz for labor in a different time and place. According to “Profile of a Liberal Sociopath : Billionaire George Soros” by Vicki McClure Davidson – Sept 7 2010, young Georgi got his start working for the Nazi Judenrat, the jewish council set up to allow jews to round up their fellow jews for deportation to Himmler’s SS empire labor camps (where the food and medicine transported to support them was deliberately bombed at the suggestion of Victor Rothschild to PM Winston Churchill, infamously saying: “There will be no room for schnorrers in the new country”). Moving up with the help of his father, Georgi went to live with an official with the Agriculture Ministry where he assisted the official confiscating property from fellow jews. The shameless Mr. Soros, in an interview with “60 Minutes” expressed no remorse for his collaboration, not the slightest feeling of guilt or regret. “If I wasn’t doing it, somebody else would be taking it away anyhow…so I had no sense of guilt.” In Mr. Schama’s logic, that’s acceptable as a defense – but criticizing Mr. Soros for his recent destructive influence to both Asian and Western Civilization is “anti-semitic”. The jews are very sick, sick creatures, time they took notice of this glaring fact of life and quit trying to scapegoat everyone else for their myriad self created problems.

    1. Another perspective…

      China not laughing anymore… as Trump’s win hurts Chinese currency.

      China’s yuan fell to its lowest level in nearly eight years and on Tuesday as the dollar climbed on expectations of higher interest rates under President-elect Donald Trump.

      The yuan broke through 6.86 per dollar in morning trade, its weakest since December 2008 and taking its losses so far this year to more than 5 percent.

      1. Eric Cantor (see Darkmoon article) was Virginia 7th District Representative, and voted for bank ‘bail out’ in 2008. He was quite smug in his attitude of security in his position – but, for the most part otherwise – was a decent Congressman. However, we Tea Party type deplorables ran Dave Bratt against him, and won. The people of the 7th District were fed-up with the smug Republcan establishment. Dave Bratt voices many of the same concerns some of you here voice, even though he started out his work with the World Bank. (Sometimes one has to walk a distance in ‘the other man’s shoes’ to be effective in opposition, later.)(He was, after all, fresh out of college, and the job was attractive.)

        Congressman Bratt says Speaker Paul Ryan is trying to rush the House to a vote for Speaker of The House in order to breeze over questions that need be asked and answered. Here is where we will get a sooner-than-later assessment of the value of Mr. Trump’s diversity of choices for close advisors – by the way Ryan is handled. Ryan is a sneaky little worm, IMO, and is no friend of the
        upcoming Administration. The ‘shabbots’ are even sneakier than “bad Jewish losers”.

      2. pardon me for being mule headed, but to me it seems like the very OPPOSITE.
        Trump’s and everyone’s beef with China is that its currency was unfairly UNDERvalued in order to artificially boost its exports.
        So it seems that this result plays in the hands of Chinese industrial economy.
        Grab your HWUAEI cellphone while it’s cheap Pat, otherwise you’ll be stuck with American Standard, iron-clad porcelain with backstraps included for easy portability. 😀
        But it’s the start, things will get better by slow degrees as America learns how to do useful work again, a long lost art: “okay ladies, remember: horse before the plow, you are in the back pushing down, next to learn how to steer the horse”.

      3. Lobro,

        You do realise that now of course he’s going to say “told you so, Trump is part of the oligarchy that is destroying America by helping China”, right ? I can see that one coming.

      4. Lobro –

        You have written here that you do not understand economics.
        When you wrote “OPPOSITE”…. it showed. 🙂

        China’s yuan is going down even more now.


        1138 –

        You got it wrong again. 🙂

      5. Pat,

        What do you mean, wrong?

        I think that Yellen and Draghi, who are continuously working in overtime to lower the dollar and the euro, are jealous, while accusing China round the clock of artificially apprreciating their currency much too low. 🙂

      6. 1138 –

        You were wrong when you wrote that I would write “I told you so.”

        Here is what you wrote….. in error:


        You do realise that now of course he’s going to say “told you so, Trump is part of the oligarchy that is destroying America by helping China”, right ? I can see that one coming.


        BTW – glad you are back.. 🙂

        The best here today just tell me not to use lists…. others waffle a lot… as they like sarcasm better.

      7. Pat,

        Ok, understood.

        Thanks. Been busy lately. And really, Darkmoon is like those TV soap operas, if you tune in after a few months it’s just like when yesterday was the last time. And it’s just as addictive as well 🙂

      8. Pat: “China not laughing anymore… as Trump’s win hurts Chinese currency.
        China’s yuan fell to its lowest level in nearly eight years and on Tuesday as the dollar climbed on expectations of higher interest rates under President-elect Donald Trump “

        “Buy low, sell high.” — Chinese Proverb

        I might add, and you should know this, the Anglo-Zionist stock and currency exchanges are 100% rigged. There are no losses, only the transfer of wealth from one account to another.

      9. JFC –

        “…the Anglo-Zionist stock and currency exchanges are 100% rigged. There are no losses, only the transfer of wealth from one account to another.”

        Correcto, Andy.

        That is one of the purposes of Federal Reserve and fiat Turkey stuffing.. 🙂 and.. 🙁

      10. Lobro is exactly correct. The beef Trump brought up about the Chinese was the devaluing of their currency. It’s the first thing that occurred to me as well after reading Pat’s post. A strong dollar means weak exports, not that we have anything to export now anyway, and a War economy. As in we wage it on the Shiite Muslims. You know, the ones who actually respect Christianity.

      11. Actually, if what Trump says is true, the Chinese are laughing their heads off. Trump claims China has artificially devalued its currency and that accounts for their huge trade surplus against the US. By electing Trump, so far we’ve made things worse.

        Contrary to everything the Jews had our journalists write in the press, the stock market has made huge gains, the US currency has gone up and all indications are the business world thinks Trump will be good for the economy. Although its did its best, the Jewish Lügenpresse couldn’t convince the business world that Trump’s election would crash the stock market and ruin the economy. Of course the business world liking Trump makes sense. Why would anyone think millions of low wage, low skilled, uneducated workers would help an economy?

      12. Pat,

        You and I, and maybe Mr. Huntly very shortly, are the only NO HOLOCAUST, NO NUKES and NO DEFICIT conspiracy theorists here. The Holy Trinity of Conspiracy Theories. LOL

        Did you say you helped a friend find 10 million dollars vis a vis CAFRs?

        Sorry buddy, I’m not bragging or anything, but I just found 30 billion dollars in accumulated surpluses (that’s cash in hand for joe blows who’ve never read a Consolidated Financial Statement) for the 22 municipalities that make up Metro Vancouver and I haven’t even started to look at the provincial crown corporations. The first one I looked at was the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and its investment portfolio is valued at 14.7 Billion Dollars!

        It’s all beginning to make perfect sense now…. I never did quite understand why the kikes were back in China, why they propped it up. Now I do.

        By the way, Standard & Poors has given America and Red China (lol) the same “AA+” credit rating.

        We’ve come a long way since Mao, who, when he found out he had been used as a Jew tool to bring capitalism to China, went hard core Communist. Little Deng, no pun intended, was the willing ROTchild stooge and capitalist.

        For those who don’t get my insider bantering with Pat, here’s a hint: Try getting a loan from a bank if you don’t have any assets or collateral. You can’t.

        Newsflash: America ain’t broke.

      13. JFC –

        Yep… I have found hundreds of $Billions in CAFR reports. Huge ‘Fund Accounting’ set up.

        Borrowing from the bank is similar to asking a neighbor to borrow a rake, and he tells you.. “Go get me a rake and I’ll loan it to you.” THEN… he tells you.. “When you bring it back…. you have to give me 5 more rakes with it.” 🙂

  7. To me, the following line said it all:

    The editor, two out of three of the main presenters, and all seven of the main interviewees in Washington and London were Jewish. Not bad for a group said to represent less than 0.4% of the British population.

    What are the odds of this occurring randomly given the underlying distribution characteristics.
    Somewhere around four-hundreds of a trillion percent, or numerically, 0.0000000000000444%, give or take a few quadrillionths (use binomial distribution with probability of success at 0.04%, 11 trials of which 10 are successful (Jews “just happened” to end up together on the show).

    Let’s put them zeros in perspective: “here” (while i am there) in Ontario there is a popular provincial lottery (when staying with my aunt, I had to run out every day and buy one of them and a bottle of homegrown plonk) called “6/49”.
    what you do is pick 6 numbers between 1 and 49 and figure, hey, it’s about time, i played this long enough.
    The odds of picking correctly are about 1 in 14 million.
    the odds of 10 jews out of 11 participants in the BRITISH broadcasting corporation talk show, given that jews are less than 1/2 of 1% in UK are … ready? Ten times LESS than winning “6/49” TWICE IN A ROW.

    Like you go out, pick your six, the next day a crazy street party as you pick up that $30 million payout but then say, you know what, I want more and strike for another 30 mil in the next draw.
    When that happens, you are entitled to call yourself a Jew. Oops, one tenth of a Jew.

    “CHOSEN” indeed.

    1. Not sure what Jerry Springer do (sic 🙂 ), Gil, my TV exposure is so scant that what my aunt didn’t have on regularly simply didn’t exist for me.

      But with the promised antitrust legislation deployed against mass media monopoly, these astronomical phenomena and Talmudic miracles will hopefully become a thing of the past.
      note the italics.
      Let’s reserve the judgment until whichever truth emerges.

      1. Lobro –

        “Let’s reserve the judgment until whichever truth emerges.”

        RESERVE the JUDGEMENT????? Coming from you..??

        There would be no comments here, especially from you about joos…. if that were to happen..!! 🙂

      2. Pat, all you need is read your own post, no need to bother with mine.
        here it is again:

        “Let’s reserve the judgment until whichever truth emerges.”

        RESERVE the JUDGEMENT????? Coming from you..??

        There would be no comments here, especially from you about joos …. if that were to happen..!! ?

        UNTIL WHICHEVER TRUTH EMERGES … is this visible to you?
        Are you saying that no truth about joos emerged yet … like none, so lobro should reserve judgment or else he is a hypocrite?
        Interesting, please continue … or maybe the cheap shots come in handy when nothing else is available, hoping some of them will stick.
        Desperation setting in … 😉

      3. Lobro –

        I want lots of judgement..!!

        You wrote to STOP judgement.

        More waffles.. Triple order, please.. 🙂

      4. Lobro, it’s hard to imagine how you stay so up on ‘real Jew news’ when you don’t watch real Jew views on TV (their main vehicle of lie-bomb satuaration)! (It is a Protocol mandate for them!) Quite entertaining and mesmerizing, it is faaar more interesting when the viewer has an inkling of understanding just what is happening. 🙂

        I’ve benefitted much from y’all’s revelations, here, on Darkmoon – and I think I’m getting better at ‘reading the news’ (which is FULL of clues if one knows for what to pay attention). Likewise, raunchy talk shows.

  8. It’s not only BBC Newsnight which pedals Jewish propaganda.
    Virtually all BBC prime-time broadcasts are conducted by employees, contestants and audiences who are predominantly Jewish. For example, take the most popular show on BBC; Strictly Come Dancing, the two presenters, the four judges, the contestants and the audience are predominantly Jews. Not surprising really given that the BBC have a Jewish Board of Governors; who were appointed by the Jewish Establishment.
    However, It’s not just the BBC who have been infiltrated and are controlled by Jews; the other main broadcasters ITV & Channel 4 are also either churning out Jewish propaganda or enriching themselves on the back of TV License Fees or advertisers.


    I apologize for this off-topic comment, folks, but this is huge … I mean huge! Many at this site announced, erroneously and prematurely, that Putin has kicked out already the Rothschild/Rockefeller banking system from Russia. Wrong! It is a long process that was maturing (invisible for the untrained eyes) for quite some time now, but it is coming into the open view now, like a whale surfacing from underneath the deep ocean.

    We are living in interesting times, indeed, my dear brothers and sisters. It is one of those rare moments in history when one is not afraid to die, and yet the desire to live is overwhelming.

    1. Spokeswoman Svetlana Petrenko told RIA Novosti news agency: “This is about extortion of a bribe from Rosneft representatives accompanied by threats.”
      “Ulyukayev was caught red-handed as he received a bribe,” she said.
      She said that “the acquisition of the Bashneft shares was carried out on a legal basis and is not the subject of the criminal investigation.”

      ok, so he got nailed for blackmail and graft as part of a sting operation.
      Neither Sechin nor Putin had anything to do with it.
      By the looks, Ulyukayev pressed Sechin for dough in order to ensure approval and Sechin alerted FSB who taped the cash handover.

      1. CIRCASSIAN:

        Lobro said: Neither Sechin nor Putin had anything to do with it.

        Lobro, no offence, but I am afraid that you do not quite understand what I am talking about. When I say: “Many at this site announced, erroneously and prematurely, that Putin has kicked out already the Rothschild/Rockefeller banking system from Russia” that does not mean that Putin will not kick them out ultimately. Quite the contrary – I have no doubt in my mind that he will. What I am trying to make you understand is that it is not so easy as many think.

        I was just listening the announcement of this event on TV. Their assessment is the same as mine – this is huge. What’s more, they said that this operation was in the making for almost one year (!) under direct supervision of Putin. Everybody in Russia knows that the whole system is corrupt. But what people do not understand is that Russia is half-occupied country, and corruption is a MUNDATORY thing for every high ranking official in the occupational government. All of them can be put to jail right now. But Putin cannot put the whole government to jail. Not because he cannot, or does not want to, but because then the country will be left without government, period.

        The meaning of Ulyukayev’s charge is not that he is corrupt. All of them are corrupt, and like I said, corruption is mandatory for all members of the occupational government. Putin is just warning others: it is time to switch your loyalties from the occupier to the country… while you can.

        Do you understand?

      2. Do you understand?

        And i understood it all along, that there is an undercover “civil” war in Russia, with natives against alien elite that has ran the plantation ever since gorbachev and are under pressure from Putin, yielding inch by grudging inch – the so called “Atlanticists”, the code name for the international Kabbal and their shabbo gremlins of whom Ulyukayev was a minor pawn.
        but, the additional and very important observation is that there is a good chance that with Trump, this civil war becomes bilateral, ie, gets underway in the States, along similar lines (with strong factions in the CIA and other agencies involved) because these very same (((Atlanticists))) are even more powerful here, much more deeply embedded in the guts of the system.
        Of course, they are fully in control of limp-wrist faggot western Europe, practically no resistance … well maybe, Hungary, Greece, Le Pen, Farage … insha’allah.
        Moreover, the two native pushbacks could provisionally collaborate and synchronize, just like Russia and Iran on the Syrian battlefields.

        For the first time since the magical plague rat crawled out of its sinkhole in Frankfurt 250 years ago, there could be a serious renewal and regeneration of anti-judaic awareness and required action to cure the system.

        Ok, so i may be projecting my wishful thinking (according to some), so what?
        Any fight must have some goal in mind and until the final victory it is just wishful thinking.

      3. I wouldn’t say it’s the first time in 250 years. In 70 years perhaps. Like I said, ‘he’ will never go away again. They can repress him or their lies about him only for so long. This is just the beginning. The first one still has billions of followers after 2000 years, albeit many are not quite on the same page as he was. Imagine the persuavive power of the clear texts and footage (with sound) of the second one. Perhaps we will not witness a judenfrei world since a mortal person’s life is rather short. But I believe future generations will.

      4. yes 1138, couple memory holes, hopefully temporary.
        of course, JC and AH.
        and Tsar Nicholas to somewhat lesser extent.

        You are quite right.

        the important thing is future generations, hopefully not mythical.
        The knowledge and the truth we uncovered must be kept fresh in the teaching of future history, lest the historical history repeat itself.
        Because as bleak as the times are, i also believe that never before in history were so many people jew-wise and so many more getting up to speed, coming aboard the bandwagon.

        The dawning of the Golden Age of Jew-Wisdom, it is no joke.

        internet was incredibly providential, almost the Hand Of God, to paraphrase diego maradonna.
        no way did The Protocols see that one coming, totally blindsided them.

      5. it is indeed an interesting development and a lot bigger than appears at first:
        Russian Ruble, Stocks Soar Higher After Economy Minister Arrest
        So they all seem to know something that we out here in the media sticks don’t, wonder why (I thought that Bloomberg/NYT/WaPo/USA Today/WSJ would keep us abreast or at least one of them … oops, forgot there is in fact just ONE).

        In July, Ulyukayev opposed the deal, saying state-owned company Rosneft should not participate in the takeover. Apparently, he changed his mind by October, when the $5.3 billion deal was sealed.

        even though roseneft offered the highest buyout payment.

        So what i see is that ulyukayev being a rothschild gofer stalled on the deal, blocking roseneft while the shark moved in from outside to grab control and everyone in russia knew the score but couldn’t do much about it, sort of like the clintons in Haiti.
        But they nabbed ulyukayev and now the atlanticist dam may be ready to bust, it was the opening Putin sought, especially if ulukaev flips subject to offer of a minor plea.

    2. Circassian on November 15, 2016 at 9:18 am: Many at this site announced, erroneously and prematurely, that Putin has kicked out already the Rothschild/Rockefeller banking system from Russia. Wrong! It is a long process that was maturing (invisible for the untrained eyes) for quite some time now, but it is coming into the open view now, like a whale surfacing from underneath the deep ocean.

      Russia has not a strong counter intelligence agency for naught. It took almost 100 years, for Russia to awake from the insidious Bolshevik reign within. In similar manner, it has taken about the same amount of time to bring America to its knees, also, through introduction of the oligarchy banking system through the Federal Reserve and assassinations of Presidents Lincoln, Harding and Kennedy, not to also mention Gaddafi and Hussein, etc., who attempted to affect their systematic monetary ownership. We can also include Tsar Alexander (1881), whom they murdered.

      To root out evil will take a while, and it will be an ongoing process. Human greed is a very powerful element. We see that through the various so-called philanthropy cloaks, most recent being the Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation, all to further the New World Order.

      To orchestrate all this does seem to enter into a spiritual realm. We see that this oligarchy elite is given over to Satanism through secret societies. Their intent is to subvert and destroy nations with Christianity as a major part of its heritage.

      1. György
        the last paragraph shows you are on their trail in earnest.
        limiting focus on tertiary issues like interest rates and such is like giving cancer patients a shampoo treatment.

        it is good to see people awake to this point which is again a big, simple truth yet invisible in plain sight.
        to use circassian’s analogy of a whale, it is like some disney cartoon where pinocchio is camping out on a small island that turns out to be the whale’s hump.

  10. LMAO…..

    Chomsky: Trump’s win puts government in the hands of the ‘most dangerous organization in world history’…Oy vey, what can he mean?

  11. Trump helps Putin.

    Great news..!!! Putin is emboldened by Trump’s victory and proceeds to increase demolition of Syria’s old infrastructure to remodel and pull the backwards places into the 21st century..!! Now Syrians are closer to joining the $5TRILLION a day volume of FOREX trading on the internet. 🙂

    Russian carrier takes part in massive strikes on terrorists

    The Russian military has launched a large-scale operation against terrorists stationed in Homs and Idlib provinces of Syria, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on Tuesday.

  12. The Jew is an equal opportunity liar; Russia Today, is just as Khazar infested as the BBC. They must sell an awful amount chicken soup in their respective canteens.

    1. Correct, Paul –

      I did quite a bit of research on RT a few years ago. Here is some of it:

      RT is part of the hidden hand of controlled opposition.

      The Pharisee-Jews like to work with opposites. Peace is war, prosperity is inflation, etc.

      RT cost $30 million to establish in 2005 and $30 million for its first year of operation. About half of the network’s budget came from the state and the other half from banks and companies friendly to the government. Its budget in dollars was approximately $80 million in 2007, $120 million in 2008, $380 million in 2011 and $300 million in 2012.

      In 2009 Russia Today rebranded itself to the more neutral RT. Margarita Simonyan denied it was an attempt to hide its Russian origins, saying the corporate logo was changed to attract more viewers and commenting “Who is interested in watching news from Russia all day long?”

      One RT newscaster even did a ‘PROMO’ for the new Pharisee-Jew paper opposing her… Pharisee-Jews are smart and they know our weaknesses…they give us RT….and ALSO their new Pharisee-Jew paper on RT…

      The classic ‘double-speak’ is used when RT admits private investment used, but claims money comes from ‘Federal Budget of Russia’ and list all of Murdock’s SKY NEWS OUTLETS carrying it.

      About half of the network’s budget came from the state and the other half from banks and companies friendly to the government.

      RT broadcast through 22 satellite and 230 cable operators to 430 million people in over 100 countries, 22 percent of all cable subscribers worldwide. RT has over 2 million viewers in the United Kingdom and has rivaled Al Jazeera as the most popular English-speaking foreign channel in Britain.

      RT America states it is available to 85 million people in the United States. It is the second most-watched foreign news channel after BBC News. It is the number one foreign station in five U.S. urban areas. According to Pew Research, RT is the number one source for the most popular news videos on YouTube…..

      ….money-money-money-money….. still ‘the’ game…!!!

      See the classic ‘double-speak’ here also:
      State-owned Ria Novosti news agency, which founded RT in 2005, is one of the largest in Russia. Its Chair is Svetlana Mironyuk, who has modernized the agency since her appointment in 2003.

      RIA Novosti has stated it HELPED ESTABLISH RT but is “neither a sponsor nor a backer of Russia Today.”


      –Is Russia Today (RT) Part of the Controlled Media Matrix and the Imposition of Global Government?–
      by Anthony Wile

      December 13, 2012

      This article is about the KIND of world government they are creating.

      I became aware of this while doing research on Russia Today (RT), rapidly emerging to join the world’s leading TV and ‘Net-based TV networks. I’ve appeared on RT but scaled back my appearances over the past year – despite very kind requests for interviews – because I was vaguely uncomfortable.

      What I discovered is that RT is part of a Hegelian Dialectic to implement a certain kind of world government. Top leaders of Russian-based media moguls affiliated with RT behind the scenes appear to come from the former KGB (along with Vladamir Putin).

      Additionally, they are members of,
      the Council on Foreign Relations
      the World Economic Forum
      Chatham House,
      …and other elite facilities.

      And lately RT has begun using the language of Occupy Wall Street, apparently a George Soros-funded and controlled false-flag operation.

      RT supports programs by Julian Assange, a former writer for the British Round Table (Rothschild) controlled Economist magazine, which used to award him prizes. WikiLeaks is probably another false flag, in our view.

      RT, one of the fastest growing media conglomerates in the world, is a Russian Intel operation that puts libertarian faces on their channel for purposes of credibility, in my humble opinion. But it is not a free-market channel.

      Yes, dear reader, I believe it is part of a pincer movement to create a certain kind of world government and simply another cog in the international media matrix – right up there with the CNNs and Fox News networks of the world.

      They are just playing at the margins – closest in appearance to free-market biased news reporting. I am not going to appear on RT anymore. Libertarians and freedom-loving types in the alternative media should think hard before participating in RT programs, as well.

    2. Pat, to make a long story short (and exciting), what/who isn’t ‘part of the hidden hand of controlled opposition.’
      Do you have a list?

      1. Pat, and baby makes three! (the exciting part)
        I somehow knew I’d only need a matchbook cover to make a copy of that list..

      2. Pat has made a great discovery :


        Only problem for Pat : to convince that same world of that shocking truth.

      3. Franklin –

        My greatest discovery is…..
        ….. the whole world is working for the Federal Reserve..!! 🙂

        —India’s War On Cash Soon To Arrive In The US—

        The elimination of cash is being pushed globally in a bid to make bankers even more powerful.
        The “war on cash” as it is sometimes called has been going on for some time in nearly every country with a privately-owned central bank. This “war” seeks to eliminate all cash, forcing the populace of a particular country or economic zone (in the case of the European Union) to depend on bank cards and online banking transfers for any and all purchases. No economic expertise is necessary to see that this move would give banks even more power over the world’s populace, allowing banks to track all purchases and have complete control over a person’s access to their own money. Physical cash is much harder for banks and governments to steal via taxes, bail-outs, and negative interest rates. The plan is a nightmare for impoverished countries or countries where wealth inequality is particularly pronounced. In these nations, many stores and vendors do not accept bank cards and many citizens do not have or use bank accounts, essentially alienating them from economic activity. However, the elimination of cash is exactly what is taking place right now in India.

      4. Pat, India, via the population, has more gold than any other nation on earth and it isn’t even close.
        The government has been trying to get them to part with it, in earnest, for the last decade. All kinds of schemes and brilliant exchange ideas have come and gone. No go.
        For thousands of years gold has been literally woven into their societies. Every aspect of it. Rich and poor.
        Pretty sure a significant % of India’s poor population also barters because they barely have two rupees to rub together. Also for thousands of years..

        “Simple math says that if fractional banking and rampant money printing were to be abandoned in favour of currency backed with gold (like in the good ol’ days) India will be the richest country in the world and Indians will have the highest buying power by a huge factor.”

      5. hp on November 17, 2016 at 4:59 am: “Simple math says that if fractional banking and rampant money printing were to be abandoned in favour of currency backed with gold (like in the good ol’ days) India will be the richest country in the world and Indians will have the highest buying power by a huge factor.”

        The oligarchy banking system would never permit that. It would go against Rabbi Emmanuel Rabinovich’s elite Zionist ruling class achieving their “glorious destiny as the Light of the World.”.

      6. totally right, hp.
        contradicting the popular wisdom, india has another “trump” card in their favor: high rate of illiteracy.
        meaning they are less likely to be snowed by liars … and how do you explain to them the cashless society?
        a tough sell, i would warrant.

        but every one of them knows the value of gold and silver, daily spot prices per gram.

        (hint: never tell a cab or rickshaw driver in india the final destination, work it out on google or tomtom and just tell them left, right, straight … two reasons, they will scam you and they can’t read street signs, which in a 10 million city can get pretty ludicrous. A-cha! + ubiquitous head wag 😀
        or better: get an app on your cellphone called ALO which works kind of like uber)

      7. HP –

        “Pat, India, via the population, has more gold than any other nation on earth and it isn’t even close.”

        I have been aware of that for many years. It is the gold ‘jewelry-wearing’ center. Newly wed brides are given enough jewellery to break their necks.

        They would rather starve to death than part with their gold jewelry or cows in the streets. They would never trade either of them.

      8. HP –

        Now addressing this:
        “Simple math says that if fractional banking and rampant money printing were to be abandoned in favour of currency backed with gold (like in the good ol’ days) India will be the richest country in the world and Indians will have the highest buying power by a huge factor.”

        When gold was currency it was not “the good ‘ol days” for me. For all it was a time where there were no utility services to be paid and no cars or gas to buy. There were no indoor toilets and no electricity and no refrigerators. There were no radios or mail services other than horseback. Many died from diseases now wiped out. Orthopedic surgeries were nonexistent.

        I like it better today…. since very little of the necessities and conveniences would be possible with 100% gold backed currency. Everyone would trade the paper for gold, keep it home, hoard it, and the bank reserves would be gone. Especially priced at $500,000 per ounce needed to keep up. It doesn’t grow on trees… and everyone can’t have gold mines in their yards.

        Today… we can have our currency and gold as well.(cake and eat)

      9. Pat, a simple explanation sometimes suffices..

        Srila Prabhupada.. The way of Vedic civilization is that whatever was used in household affairs had to be valuable. In case of need, such items of value could be exchanged immediately. Thus one’s broken and unwanted furniture and paraphernalia would never be without value. This system is still followed by Indians in household affairs. They keep metal utensils and golden ornaments or silver plates and valuable silk garments with gold embroidery, and in case of need, they can have some money in exchange immediately. There are exchanges for the moneylenders and the householders.
        SB 3.33.17

      10. HP –

        “Pat, a simple explanation sometimes suffices..”

        I like simple.

        How many used sofas and end tables would it take to purchase a modern 3br/2ba home?? No garage needed… 🙂

      11. Pat, you’re doing that diversion thing you do. The furniture, of course, was referencing India’s ancient (good ole’) days. Let’s chat about today.
        Because if you’re really interested, I have a three bedroom 1 1/2 bath home right here in the (good ole’) USA that I’ll let you have for $50K OR two gold cups, three silver plates and a half dozen gold embroidered silk saris.
        I’ll throw in the sofa, end tables and even a refrigerator!
        Yes of course the price is negotiable!

      12. HP –

        “Because if you’re really interested, I have a three bedroom 1 1/2 bath home right here in the (good ole’) USA..”


        I have plenty of them now.

    3. @ PM
      With most large, powerful, industrial machines, to prevent damage to the overall structure, they often install one or more pressure relief valves. Democracy Now was started to comfort delusional leftists. RT, Info Wars, etc., are here to comfort delusional rightists. Guess who all these media companies need to deal with in order to make payroll. The internet’s a bit of a wildcard though. But now, everyone’s pacified. Ain’t life grand?

      1. Rebar – (is that 1/2″ or 5/8″ or 3/4″ rebar..?? 🙂 )

        I agree. And “everyone’s pacified” while using the absolutely greatest ID-scraping-tool ever invented…. the internet. It is the first time in the history of mankind that all people around the world can be tracked with pocket devices they want close to them more than their family members…. their phones. The governments give them away free to those who cannot afford them…. as if they were helping people.

        Most of the political and public paradigms of the 20th century are gone…. the methods do not apply.

      2. All of the above, at times, and to prevent corrosion, it’s coated 🙂

        I agree. If people are brainwashed, how would they know it?

  13. from the turkish hurriyet: The story of Mike Flynn, in charge of assembling trump’s national security team.
    canned by Obama’s Clapper for not only correct analysis but being upfront about it, he is back, which means – payback.

    Now, Ankara is very happy, but his opinion on the factors that foster the growth of ISIL in Syria and Iraq has never changed. Now a completely new era begins in Washington. The real story will be the revenge that Flynn will take from this city.

    what (((factors)))?
    Just as trump blitzed the occult rulers and beltway with his unorthodox, asymmetrical tactics, i predict that more surprises are on the way for those with heavy mental astigmatism unable to read beyond the superficial banalities.

  14. Tila Tequila, lovely lady and alt-right sex symbol says Ben Shapiro should be gassed – LOL. There’s more.

    The scum that wrote this article posts something completely unrelated to what the article is about, a video of Israel’s annual remembrance of their phony holocaust. Apparently it hasn’t sunk into these propagandizing liars that people are fed up with their hate and they are being mocked even by celebrities (lets hope her star rises). Thank you, Tila Tequila. International Jewry brought WW II about. It carried out assassinations, it promoted and pushed for war with intense hate propaganda and lies (witness their recent Lugenpresse in regards to Trump), they paid politicians huge sums of money to attack Germany and much, much more. There should be a memorial to the 15 or 20 million Germans the Jews murdered and an annual remembrance of what those mass murderers did.

    This 5 part article by Dr. Andrew Joyce should be read by every schoolchild in the world, but in particular every German schoolchild. It helps explain the leading role World Jewry played in bringing WW II about.

  15. Getting back to the Jewish/state controlled BBC; around ten years ago, I was in the audience of Radio 4 ‘ Any Questions’, David Milliband was there. Three of the four panelists were the Jew. It seemed to me, that I was the only person present who was aware of the pitiful situation. Why cannot media Jews wear the Star of David; in order, that the goyim might recognise them? Larry King and COhen may not like democratic openness but I certainly do. We do not elect their media. I want to elect ours.

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