Berlin Prosecutor Dismisses Rape of Russian-Speaking Girl by Migrants

The story we published last week about the 13-year-old Russian girl Liza needs to be re-evaluated in the light of new evidence that Liza was lying and that no such rape took place. Here is an article from Sputnik News which now contradicts the facts presented in the article published on the Russian site Fort Russ, here, which we had previously run in the sincere belief that it was accurate and that Liza had actually been raped by migrants, as she was still claiming at the time. (JSM)

 A 13-year-old girl from a Russian-speaking community in Berlin was not kidnapped and sexually assaulted by immigrant men as previously reported, but simply spent the night with an acquaintance, a spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office in Berlin said on Friday

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The prosecutor’s office has reconstructed data from a cell phone and obtained admissions made by the 19-year-old acquaintance of the girl, with whom she says she stayed on the night of January 12, according to DPA.

The investigation has also found that the girl’s acquaintance was in possession of her belongings.

No evidence of a sexual offense or any sexual contact with the girl has been found, the spokesperson said.

The girl went missing for 30 hours, with reports suggesting she had been kidnapped and raped by a group of migrant men.

Almost immediately following news of the incident being circulated in Russian-language media, Berlin police said there was no evidence of sexual assault.

With tensions high after the reports of hundreds of assaults on women in Cologne at New Year’s Eve, hundreds of Russian-speaking Germans protested last week over what they believed to be a police cover-up of the case.

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  1. We have been falsely accused by angry Muslims of fabricating the story of Liza’s rape. We did not “fabricate” this story. We simply copy-pasted it from the Fort Russ website. If anyone fabricated this rape story, it was the Russian schoolgirl Liza.

    We have also been falsely accused by a Zionist troll who has recently taken up residence on our site (and has yet to be evicted) that we “failed to check our facts”.

    We reject this criticism. There were no “facts” to check when we published our original article.

    Even the Russian government believed Liza’s lies.

    It was only after Liza confessed that the facts became fully known.

    1. @ Montecristo

      We have also been falsely accused by a Zionist troll who has recently taken up residence on our site (and has yet to be evicted) that we “failed to check our facts”.

      I have managed to figure out who this Zionist troll is but I’m not going to mention his name. He will soon, I assure you, be evicted. He’s asking for trouble.

      Has he been banned before? No, he has not. To the best of my knowledge, he has never been in Spamblinka.

      But he soon will be, the rate he’s going. 🙂

      1. Sardonicous “from Osaka, Japan” shouldn’t you apologize to 1.5 billion muslims for pushing, pushing and Pushing that this story was true when as it turned was but a stupid lie by a stupid girl? You almost went out “Muslim hunting” didn’t ya?
        Shame on you

      2. Leave Sardo alone you!
        He’s been under tremendous stress lately, as a result of having multiple duties – and roles – to play here. Any ordinary person would have already broken down under that workload. Watch your step… or your comments may be zykloned!

    2. Congratulations on catching out the ‘zionist troll!’

      Those low life scum are everywhere – including where we goys try to collect together to find a way to fight back against their nefarious agenda. I’ve gotten pretty good myself at sniffing them out –

      but I’ve been beavering away last couple of days over on the “WHY I AM NOT AN ISLAMOPHOBE” thread, trying to figure out a nuanced way of retrieving this site’s reputation from harm. It’s painstaking and detailed work – this nuanced approach – but well worth the effort I believe. So far none have joined me in the effort to re-mediate the damage done to Darkmoon’s reputation among her audience of Muslim friends and the community at large. Working together, I am confident we can achieve that goal!

      Honest and open dialogue is always the best way to resolve problems stemming from misunderstandings, wouldn’t you agree?

    3. It certainly would be inconsiderate of someone to suggest that you “failed to check [y]our facts”.

      That’s why I prefer my more nuanced approach to breaking this scenario down and analyzing it carefully. So that no mistakes are added onto mistakes…

      “It is a part of the [now forgotten]journalistic ethos that there never can be TOO MUCH fact-checking, backgrounding, or contextualizing of source material – a story only prints when an editor is confident enough to stake their reputation on it….The story titled “Muslim migrants in Germany rape Russian child for 30 hours” has now been proven a work of fiction, created from the imagination of a girl whose mother calls her very troubled, and who apparently needed to coverup for a dalliance with some foreign men whom she choose to spend a night with.”

      While took a lot more words – and a lot more thought – to sum the situation up that way… as opposed to a one liner that a dastardly Zionist troll might throw out like a bomb in a theatre…

      it avoids careless name calling or assumptions which are unprovable. That kind of constructive engagement and care with words is something that we can never have too much of in these kind of situations!

      1. “It certainly would be inconsiderate of someone to suggest that you “failed to check [y]our facts”.

        ” yes, well, red onions tried that, and look where it got her..

  2. This is why I never pay too much attention to rape stories in any media because as a rule they are unverified and/or unverifiable.
    Some are underreported, some overreported, a yellow press free for all hasbara-fest eagerly exploited by the usual manipulators that understand very well how the human mind works and use it to their own political ends.
    Add to that how some of the mentally disturbed women seek attention or revenge for perceved wrongs, lucrative blackmail, etc, and the truth gets raped the most.

    Pharisees, hypocrites!
    When that which is privately craved is the same that is publicly denounced, it is a recipe for maximum hypocrisy – and guess who thrives the best in this swamp?

    Out here in the farm country, there are lots of semi-feral mongrels hanging around.
    A bitch went into heat and was persistently chased and mounted by every male for several nights you could hear her squealing like a banshee, the males yapping, My Turn, My Turn!
    Once the hots were over, she was just another member of the pack, sleeping in the sun or scavenging for food like all the rest.
    Dogs are not known for hypocrisy.

  3. I told ya the little bitch was probably just partying with a few guys who then went and took her to a hotel; they all got high on heroin and then, they got horny and well, you know the rest…
    Shit like this starts wars and innocent people (who got babies in their arms) gets cursed in the middle of the street because some Russian moron (whose sister sold her babies for dope) wanted to do the charlie hebdo thing; people gets shot too and mosques incinerated but who cares? the saudi royals get truck loads of french youngsters when “stressed” … Boy youngsters, that is ..
    why are Russians Doing this? well, hell, we are at war. The mujahedeen brought down a whole plane full of russian pimps and whores by using a can of coca cola (which is, by the way, a jew owned company). So The russians are bombing the 90 percent of the 30 million syrian population (who are sunnis) whom they consider terrorists. The whole fucking country is terrorist then. What did Russia get from europe in return? They got six more months of sanctions over Ukraine because europe knew their “let’s play hero by killing Muslims and they will lift the sanctions” little game..very intelligent thinking by the creators of the chernobyl disaster..
    Hey! There is a good idea! Isis should go into chernobyl and blow the fucker up see how it feels to bomb people lining up at bakeries, hospitals and schools!
    “President assad asked us to do so”
    Says small head, smelly feet Putin.
    “Oh okey, ”
    the Chechnias asked us to do so”. Let’s get it on!
    Seriously, Patton should’ve kept going to moscow..
    The fareed zakaria story calling on muslims to rape his own white wife and daughter at the same time in the same bed as he looks on?:
    a lie …
    The 13 years little Russian punk getting raped by six hundred bearded muslims? :
    a lie …
    And the story about the israeli brigadier general caught in iraq and whose military I.d. no. is:
    Another lie … Because..if Israel has killed so many iranian generals in the last few months… wouldn’t the Iranians just show his judeanite sorry ass on tv so it can lift their army’s morale? Why won’t they do it? Because he exist only on their hash convoulsionated brains.
    But its ok I aint mad at darkmoon because darkmoon clearly says “we explained that we are only showing what its written somewhere else.”
    grammar fiend would you check my spelling, but plz remember its my third language and I got Zika

    1. Avatar, I for one am starting to give you credit for honesty and integrity, if not for brains, you ain’t no troll.
      But you gotta fish or cut bait, I already told you that.

      If Palestine is your primary concern, to whom you owe the oath of fealty, then DO SO.
      That means, support those who fight for Palestine and who fight Palestinian enemies.

      Jews and Wahhabi/Salafi Daesh taqfiris are enemies of Palestine, both groups indistinguishable in their unrestrained killing of Palestinians, Christians who predate Muslims by several centuries.
      Arabs never so much as adjusted their scrotum to help or support the Palestine.
      Russia and Iran, through Hezbollah have been supportive of the Palestinian cause, hostile to Saudi/Qatari dens of iniquity and perversion.

      So, if it’s too complicated, just see who the Jews hate the most, this is your friend.
      Who they like is your enemy.

      Got that?
      Jew, wahhabi – enemy
      Shia, Rus – friend.

      Assad? Jury out but consider that for decades under his father, Palestinian refugees survived without mass slaughter, could live and work in Syria without hassle.
      Compare it to “Jewish State”.

      1. Hi, Lo-bro

        Avatar, I for one am starting to give you credit for honesty and integrity

        honesty and integrity?

        Lobro is flashing new lows of his low-rich personality faster than our honest Palestinian bro with integrity, known as The Avatar aka Palestinian Warrior aka Lunatic, can juggle his monikers. That’s a shame.

        After Rowan caught Lobro red-handed in low activity of pontificating about him behind his back, he is quick to show another low of his character and start squirming like a worm. This man, if we can call him that, is spineless – he has absolutely no spine.

        The literary onanist Ormanci is the embodiment of honesty and integrity compared to this lowbrow character.

        1. @ Circassian

          “The literary onanist Ormanci is the embodiment of honesty and integrity compared to this lowbrow character [LOBRO]”

          Your comment borders on the absurd.

          While it is true that Ormanci is a “literary onanist”, you do him too much honor by placing the word “literary” in front of the word “onanist”, thereby giving the impression that this scoundrel’s onanistic activities are confined to the literary realm. Leave out the word “literary” and just refer to him by the single word “onanist”. 🙂

          As for your vitriolic abuse of Lobro, they simply mark you out as a troll — though admittedly a troll twenty times more intelligent than the pompous and boring Ormanci. Lobro happens to be my favorite poster on this site, second to none in his psychological acumen and his vast knowledge of all things Jewish. His talents as an accomplished wordsmith are also quite obvious to anyone who appreciates robust and vividly expressed English.

      2. Avatar just happens to be my choice of a Great American Muslim, as real Muslims, e.g., Palestinian Warrior and a few others (I can look them up, a growing list, insha’allah 😉 ) confirm, Circassian, unlike the fake Jew-ass licking taqfiri ones, not that I can think of two here, I’d say one at most.
        Surely you as a “Muslim” of one kind or another, can you let us know which, can appreciate this?
        I mean, all of us here support Palestinians in their struggle for freedom, self-determination and decent life, against Jew who would deny them every one of these rights, right?
        Or maybe I got something wrong, in which case, please correct me.

        So yes, until you provide evidence to the contrary, I maintain that Avatar is every bit as Great Muslim as TROJ is a Great American.

        And as for you trying to maggotize into every little faultline and try to exploit it as only someone conceived between the pews of the Synagogue of Satan could dream of, Rowan and I have been friends for many years, if you tried that sugar coated poison on him, he’d hand you your ass in zero time flat.

        Just saying, brother, know what I mean? 😉

      3. Hi, Lo-bro

        I mean, all of us here support Palestinians in their struggle for freedom, self-determination and decent life, against Jew who would deny them every one of these rights, right?
        Or maybe I got something wrong, in which case, please correct me.

        You got everything wrong, bro, so I am correcting you: You couldn’t care less for Palestinians, Arabs, or Muslims in general. Do you remember the time, not so long ago, when you were kicking in the ass your “choice of a Great Muslim” as the paragon of evil simply because you were stupid enough to identify him as a Jew?

        All your thinking, if we can call it thinking, is determined by navel gazing – your sight is fixed on the ass of the Jew. You have to look around, brother: the world is bigger that the ass of the Jew.

        Broaden your worldview, butt-head.

      4. Calm yourself Sardo – you’re just going to hurt yourself getting tied up in knots about somebody failing to keep on script with the attempted defamation campaign! Circo is a contrarian’s contrarian – if you say ‘go right’ he’s sure to go left!

        Besides, there are much more important things to be concerned about here. Like the ‘tens of thousands’ of readers who will be shaking their heads after reading all the pointless and wasted efforts put into attempting to vilify me because I’ve managed to stay on topic and provide constructive advice for dealing with your serious image problems. What if they are contrarians too?

        oh oh!

  4. @ Montecristo, Lasha, Toby, Dr. Z, etc.

    Let’s see how many angry Muslim accusers give you folks credit for having enough integrity to post an article of correction to set the record straight. If they post a comment, will they say thanks for the correction, gloat while twisting the knife, or stay silent in fear of revealing the kind of person they really are?

  5. it takes integrity to right a wrong , I might be a lunatic as sardo the Japanese ,the silver dagger keeper once wrote
    but sardo lately shown his or her true colors when it comes to Muslims
    hey it’s freedom of expressions ,I for one never gave or will give a damn about any insults about my my believe In God and My faith so deep and so strong

    will never ever make me feel mad or sad ,my Muslim skin is so thick 🙂
    Here I want to thank John the editor and Lasha for their integrity in righting a wrong by publishing this article
    many Thanks to Ingrid B for her steadfastness in supporting and believing in the goodness in the human spirits regardless of religion or race
    Many Thanks To Lobro whose comments by itself is superb mind’s food 🙂
    Ormancy ,whoever you are thank you ,if you are a cousin thank you again
    Circassian ……………………………………..
    Pat Thank you
    Avatar Salute

  6. Yes, a handful of crimes reported turned out to be false.
    Hell, let’s say 100 were false.
    This nullifies the other 700?
    And the excusing of such depravity? Priceless, as a lesson..

    Nonsense is the new original thought.

  7. The most trustworthy and meaningful in this “love story” is Liza’s age – “13”, and this betrays its inventors. As well as “all roads lead to Rome” all traces here lead to Odessa (Ukraine). Very similar story occured one day in Odessa’s tram (in Soviet times): imagine a tram in rush-hours packed so that some passengers dangling like grapes outside, lady-conducter collects 3 kopecks fee elbowing her way and with harsh voice demanding payment.
    One passenger in far corner so pressed from all sides that cannot move and lady-conductor repeated her demands several times, each time raising voice. At last passenger reached into the pocket and got the coin… – “Here is your three kopecks, stop barking!” – “Me-e…barking? Aha, if me barking, that means me dog? And if me dog, that means me bitch?… Good folk, all heard as he called me prostitute?!”
    For more detail helpful to understand where from “legs grow” see


    Thanks for the interesting article, Madam.
    Prosecutors work for the govt. and they have an ulterior motive to make their boss, the govt. look good, so they are unlikely to prosecute cases in which the govt. looks bad.

    The entire alien invasion is due to Jewish control of Germany and USA. It is part of what is called by scholars as “the Jewish problem.”

    It is due to the fact that Judaists misunderstand the Torah (OT 1-5) as they take it literally, even though it is obvious fiction.

    They worship “Moses” as their prophet–except Moses never really existed!

    For proof, see:

  9. These communist German faggots are lying. The rape probably did happen and they’re covering it up to prevent backlash. Remember how the British government covered up Roterham for a decade and how the German government covered up the fact that the rapes in Germany did not start on New Year’s Eve, they started on day one when the kebabs invaded their country. We should know better than to trust these jew-owned liars.

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