Brexit: The Battle Now Begins (2 videos, 10 mins)

Well done, Britain! But your troubles are just beginning. Because it seems the political elite are unhappy with the results of the referendum and would like to declare it null and void. The will of the people, it is being argued, must be ignored if it is the “wrong opinion” and is in conflict with the will of the political elite who know better.

The big question is: is Brexit “good for the Jews”?

Quite obviously, it is not. Because the United States of Europe, with its multicultural agenda of mass immigration, mongrelization, and White genocide is above all a Jewish project—as these oft-quoted words of Barbara Spectre make only too clear.

It can therefore be argued that Britain’s rejection of Europe is not only “racist”—as has already been stated on countless occasions—but also profoundly “anti-Semitic”. To reject a Europe run by Jews and their gentile lackeys is to reject the Jews; and that, of course, simply cannot be permitted. [LD]

VIDEO 1 : 5.49 mins

VIDEO 2 : 4.22 mins

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  1. Reasonable videos, but no mention of the Jews. Also I didn’t like the visage of the Arch-Demon Churchill appearing in a positive light. He more than any Englishman before, or since, did more to bankrupt and destroy Britain and to enslave her to the Jewnited States. Until Britain and the USA address the Jewish problem there will be no peace, no material, intellectual or spiritual progress, only a regression to a Talmudic Hell on earth, where the Jews rule us with a rod of Iron. A good solution would be to send them all to the Kerguelen Archipelago in the Southern Ocean.

    1. If there’s one lesson the political elite will learn from Brexit, it’s this: never offer your people referendums.They may actually make the right choice.

      1. Well said, Lasha. That’s why there has never been a referendum on all the most important questions, because our rulers know damn well that most people will choose the opposite of what they want.

        How about a referendum on mass immigration? Do you think most people are likely to vote for mass immigration? I don’t think so!

        How about a referendum on gay marriage and the adoption of children by homosexuals? I don’t think most people would vote for that either.

        There will never be referendums on the Holocaust or 9/11. Too risky! People might actually disagree with the court historians and their mainstream indoctrinators in the mass media.

      2. Having said that, however, I admit to an error in my thinking: and that is, the stupid assumption that the truth can be ascertained by a majority vote. Is the existence of God, for example, to be decided by a bunch of ignorant voters? I should hope not. 🙂

        1. Lolicia :

          Have a cup of green tea, honey, and clean out the GMO sludge in your brain cells. You’re all over the place jumping around like a Mexican jumping bean. Sounds like you had TOO much coffee this morning. Drink Green Tea, babe, it’s much healthier for you than coffee and it’s a lot more conducive to Clearer thinking, it cleans out the sludge blocking articulate thoughts , dare I say green tea also breaks up and washes out of your system the NWO GMO sludge build-up which reeks havoc on consistent thinking. Pat drinks Green Tea all the time and his thinking is always consistent. At least Pat is consistent. And NO, Pat is NOT a hobglobin. Based on his premises, he is at least consistent. You’re not, honey, Get a grip. Grip the handle of a cup of Green Tea, bring the tea cup up to your mouth, open your big mouth, start sipping The Tea, get that Tea into your system, and start washing out the sludge in your brain and start Integrating those thought patterns into an intelligent wholeness of Unity, a mind In Oneness with The Universal Intelligence. Coffee ain’t doing it for you, babe.

      3. Well said! Lasha. Reading through the Economist and Guardian today was a particularly nauseating read. BTW, I wouldn’t actually dream of buying a copy of the Economist, I download it for free. I have just seen Hollande, the Jew deny La Pen’s request for a Frexit referendum. Let’s see what the morrow will bring.
        I am extremely worried about the vengeance the Jews will wreak on the British people. It won’t be pleasant.
        Unfortunately, the Brits have short memories. I remember my mother telling me about the Jewish American Hecht, having a little holiday in his heart whenever Jewish terrorists killed British soldiers in Palestine just after WW2, before the formation of the Zionist Entity. Lovely people, aren’t they?

      4. “..the stupid assumption that the truth can be ascertained by a majority vote..”

        “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”
        – H. L. Mencken

      5. LD –

        The powers should always offer referendums…. using secret ballots…. and pencils.

        That way they can steal their own decisions with public approval, which would cause riots if implemented otherwise. It is done that way in USA all the time….. especially for prez.

        “The majority must have wanted it.”

        ‘Touch-screen’ voting guarantees the cheating.

      6. @ TheRealOriginalJoe

        There has to be a reason why you are a permanent resident in Spamblinka. Wonder what it could be? Any idea?

      7. I remember the Jews hanging British Soldiers and airmen, and blowing up the King David Hotel because they couldn’t get their own way about allowing Jews into Palestine. It is NEVER mentioned in the Jew-controlled media, but the Zionists were the first terrorists in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

        I had never heard of Mrs Spectre before but her statement is unbelievably arrogant. I am sick of the Jewish Lobby. In Britain Jews are about 1 in 220. In the USA they are about 1 in 50. They are a small minority but because of their stranglehold on the media and the money we are made to act in their interests

      8. Regarding immigrants/racism; most Brits are not racists, and so long as an immigrant is decent, hard-working and pays his taxes he will not find hostility. I have more in common with a conservative hard-working Pakistani than with some of the leftie politicians who seem to be determined to undermine the ordinary British people.

        What most Brits do not want is MORE IMMIGRANTS. The past 20 years have seen far too many foreigners in our cities. I like the Poles, the Indians, the Jamaicans, the Italians, the Spanish, the Greeks etc, but we have just had TOO MANY of them.

      9. There may be something to what you say — no more referendums if this is successful:

        “European SUPERSTATE to be unveiled: EU nations ‘to be morphed into one’ post-Brexit
        EUROPEAN political chiefs are to take advantage of Brexit by unveiling their long-held plan to morph the continent’s countries into one GIANT SUPERSTATE, it has emerged today. ”

    2. That is because UKIP, while maybe good for the UK in some ways, is totally averse to any criticism of the Jews. The head of UKIP expelled a leading UKIP candidate for parliament for questioning the loyalty to Britain of a Jewish MP. Like the National Front in France (whose leader expelled her father and founder of the party for calling the holocaust a “detail of history”) Trump and others, these people, while totally despised by Jewish leaders (and many or most followers) will not criticize the Jews.

      1. I don’t wonder why I’m a permanent resident of Spamblinka, I already know why and have known why since the very day I was first thown into a boxcar and shipped off to The Camp. No point wondering about something you already know. I’ve been a permanent resident of Spamblinka ever since My Poetry started to OUTSHINE Gilby’s poetry. I think I mentioned something about Gilbert running around from one Hallmark Gift Card store to another to gather up lines of poems he liked from various cards, then at home putting all the plagarized bits and pieces of Hallmark Gift Card poems he had gathered into “his” poem and trying to pass it off as if he could compose a poem to save his life, lol, that’s when it all started going downhill for me . I blasphemed against THE GIRLFRIEND, “Sacred” ISIS, a SIN unforgivable! A man NEVER slanders another’s man’s girlfriend, it’s UNMANLY!!!!! BAN HIM!!!! I’m banned, I must be a joo. I’ll get a blood test. I’ll get back to you on that.

      2. why I’m a permanent resident of Spamblinka

        because it’s a work camp, Troj, not a death camp, if you read the sign it says
        “Arbeit Macht Frei, Nicht Fry, Okay?”

        Posts unter den 10,000 vorrds are rejected, so you must write harder if not better, quality doesn’t count.
        Just because wir sind marchink nach nuklear Holokaust doesn’t mean you are allowed to slack off and write kwalitaten poetry and stuff, we want Rausputt!

      3. i don’t remember LD, either on my grandmother’s left knee or with my drinking imam buddies, ask TROJ, he keeps track in the file he has on me.

  2. The EU was conceived in the eighties by French socialists as an arrangement to entangle Germany in a conjugal economy – viz., to buffer itself against Germany’s superior production and martial capabilities. The establishment of the Euro is the driving impetus behind the USA invasion of Iraq. Prior (1973), there was an agreement between OPEC and USA that the ME oil would be sold ONLY in Dollar units (thus creating the “petro-dollar”). Saddam Hussain violated the agreement and was selling direct to France for Euros. America’s partner in developing the ME oil fields was British Petroleum. If for no other reason, their reservation of the British Pound may have for such been predicated. Just good business sense, but the morphing has blurred the historic perspective.

    1. The kind of stuff you hear on CNN or Euronews. What about Rome treaty in 1957.
      Here is your European founding fathers that we celebrate in school.
      All European traitors and CIA bitches, Monnet Spaak Retinger Adenauer. My favourite is Robert Schuman, who is famous for the Schuman declaration of May 1950 which was written in reality by US State Secretary Acheson and transmitted by Monnet, the booze smuggler advisor of Roosvelt. He was a german soldier desertor in WWI hidden in France and a willingfull German collaborator in WWII in Vichy government. He spent the last year of WWII hidden in a nunnery. Convicted for national indignity he was saved by the Pope, he was Christian Democrat after all. The federal EU was obviously conceived by USA recycling Hallstein plan for a federal Europe regionalized like Yougoslavia.

      It’s declassified Gilbert, but strangely there is a taboo about this, too many Schuman and Monnet highschools or streets.

      1. Thanks for the better perspective, Phil. It certainly fits with the circumstances. The great thing about this site is the encountering of knowledgeable participants who don’t hesitate to inform! 🙂 :). (Sorting through the bullshit is the trick!)

      2. Phil –
        Good article.

        “Wild Bill” Donovan, Allen Dulles and Paul Hoffman were not only pushing for a United Europe, they were some of the prime movers behind the formation of the UN and its placement on Rockefeller land in Manhattan. Nelson Rockefeller obliged and donated it.

        Same old bunch out front…. doing Rothschild’s and agents’ bidding. We called them criminal “One Worlders” and “Internationalists” back then.

      3. “The United Nations represents not a final stage in the development of world order, but only a primitive stage. Therefore its primary task is to create the conditions which will make possible a more highly developed organization.”
        —War or Peace (1950) John Foster Dulles – US Sec of State 1953-59 (Allen’s brother)

        Jackie has worked tirelessly on these US and EU issues for decades. A real trooper.

  3. PENCILS ONLY..!!!

    I would not believe the voting results. The small margin indicates votes could have been erased and changed.

    And exit polling was not made public.

    It was reported that voters were being told they could not use their own pens and must use a pencil to vote, although the Electoral Reform Society has said that voters can bring their own pen.

    Police were even called when one woman offered to lend her pen to other voters…. See video of police writing a ticket to the lady for handing out pens:

    1. Pat,

      Good find.
      What other reason is there to give out pencil to vote, other than to fudge the votes?
      The filth, shows precisely that she does not work for the people in the slightest, but is nothing more than a policy enforcer of the bankers.
      What annoys me about this video is how people are so polite to these bastards. Notice how sharp the filth woman was when asked about here vote?
      Had I been there and the police officer approached me, I’d have simply stated the following:

      “Are you arresting me?” Upon the filth would say “no”
      “Are you charging me?” Upon the filth would say “no”
      “I am therefore free to go?” Upon the filth would say “yes”

      There is absolutely no need whatsoever to give any details out should the above happen. The police have approached this woman in order to continue the promotion of fear and authority upon them. NEVER back down to a policeman. NEVER state that you understand them (stand under their authority) and always realise that whatever the police say to you, there is always an alternate meaning. They are speaking to you, most of the time in legalese. There are very few constables left in society who uphold the common law of the land first and foremost.

  4. I believe you make mistake. You think that voting “LEAVE” was against Anglozionist establishment.
    This is more sophisticated game. You should know that even a fly or bee needs a permit from “reptilians” in order to live or die. “LEAVE” won not against establishment. They wanted so. This is the only reason for such outcome.
    Nikolai Starikov:
    I have to time to translate his speech. Starikov says that EU was simply thrown away from the stability zone. Wars, social unrest, etc. will come to continental Europe. They want to save Britain from this fate so organized “LEAVE”.

    1. Sasha –

      Fixing the vote to show “LEAVE” was done to move financial markets.

      Pound fell… they made $$$.
      Pound will rise… they make $$$.

      Very simple.

      Markets run on greed and fear…. that’s it. And fear of a loss is akin to greed.

      The $$$$ tsunami waves travel around the globe…. even to Ecuador:


      QUITO, June 25 (Reuters) – Ecuadorean President Rafael
      Correa said on Saturday that Britain’s vote to leave the
      European Union has “spoiled” a bond issue that had been planned
      for next week to help shore up the cash-strapped oil-exporter’s
      Thursday’s “Brexit” vote spooked global markets and spurred
      a plunge in stock and commodities prices as investors flocked
      toward safer investments and steered away from riskier
      securities such as emerging market bonds.
      “We were going to launch an issue next week, an issue which
      was meant to finance the budget,” Correa said during his weekly
      talkshow. “All this was spoiled by the Eurosceptics’ victory in
      the referendum in Britain, but we will move forward,” he said,
      without specifying the amount in question or whether the issue
      would be rescheduled.
      The finance ministry declined to comment.
      Authorities have said they planned to issue some $1 billion
      in bonds this year.
      Ecuador, OPEC’s smallest member, is suffering from the
      effects of low oil prices and a devastating earthquake in April,
      causing delays in the payment of debts to suppliers and forcing
      it to slash state spending and investment.
      This year, Ecuador expects to sign a trade agreement with
      the European Union to expand its traditional non-oil products
      such as bananas, cocoa and flowers into European markets.

      Reporting by Alexandra Valencia

      Keywords: ECUADOR BREXIT/


      London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers and agents around the globe will scoop up more countries for cheap.

      1. True, Pat! Moreover, and as a plus (for “them”), they have further guaranteed their allegiance with the American and Russian (and Chinese?) commercial entanglements. I believe there will be NO hot war between those entities, for it would be “bad business”. The smaller players (like Ecaudor, and the resultant factions of what was once the EU) will have to comply with their agenda – or suffer the consequences. Akin to that scenario is the historic invitation to Winston Churchill when he was beckoned to the gallery of the NYSE to observe the Crash of ’29…

      1. Rothschild’s UK can do business without EU approval now.

        No ‘WW10’ with Turkey and Israel. They want Mediterranean gas deals.

        Sooooo.. They meet with two Crypto-Jews…
        ….. Kerry and Pope to ask for permission. 🙂


        (Updates with comment from Turkish official)

        JERUSALEM/ISTANBUL, June 26 (Reuters) – Israel and Turkey on
        Sunday reached agreement to normalise ties, senior officials
        from both countries said…

        A formal announcement on the restoration of ties and the
        details of the agreement were expected on Monday at 1000 GMT by
        Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in Rome, and Turkish Prime
        Minister Binali Yildirim in Ankara.

        “We reached an agreement with Israel to normalise bilateral
        relations on Sunday in Rome,” a senior Turkish official said…..

        Netanyahu travelled to Rome on Sunday to meet U.S.
        Secretary of State John Kerry and Israeli and Turkish officials were
        also in the Italian capital to finalise the deal.

        Israel, which had already offered its apologies – one of
        Ankara’s three conditions for a deal – for its lethal raid on
        the Mavi Marmara activist ship, agreed to pay out $20 million to
        the bereaved and injured, the Israeli official said in a
        briefing to Israeli reporters travelling with Netanyahu.
        Under the deal, Turkey will deliver humanitarian aid and
        other non-military products to Gaza and carry out infrastructure
        projects including residential buildings and a hospital in the
        area, the senior Turkish official said. Concrete steps will be
        taken to address the water and power crisis in the city.
        A senior Israeli official said senior foreign ministry
        diplomats from both countries would separately sign parallel
        agreements on Tuesday.

        The deal, politically touchy for both countries, could pave
        the way for lucrative Mediterranean gas deals…

      2. “Poison the well, payback is a bitch”
        Indeed it is, Phil. Most people are incredibly naive. when it comes to the fomenting of civil unrest. May I suggest you read “Spain: The Vital Years” by Luis Bolin. He was very close to Franco and the book details all the manouevring prior to and during the Spanish Civil War.
        Judging from the acrimony between the Brexiteers and remain, a good agitprop agent would have no difficulty in igniting a Second English Civil War. An assassination here, an assassination there, a bomb or two, three, four or more and Bob’s your uncle, we have our Civil War.
        Of course being an old fascist myself and holding democracy in contempt, my suggestion to the British Armed Forces would be to have a coup d’etat, shoot all the politicians, Brexit and Remain. Britain would then be ejected from the EU immediately. Judging from the current mess in Spain and Portugal, I’ll bet more than a few of the older generation wish they had a Franco or a Salazar in charge.

      3. my suggestion to the British Armed Forces would be to have a coup d’etat, shoot all the politicians, Brexit and Remain

        my suggestion to the British Armed Forces would be to modify the above sentence after having read between and behind the lines.

      4. Thanks for the reminder, Lobro. It goes without saying enforce the expulsion edict of King Edward I. Remember it was on pain of death if they returned.

  5. It is absolutely essential (when fighting evil) to actually ‘DO’ something as in take action and not limit oneself to only talking about what T.H.E.Y. are doing because T.H.E.Y. are ‘doing’ evil. T.H.E.Y. are The Hierarchy Enslaving You. Shame on those who do not support / promote humble ‘Doers’ in the world fighting against the Hierarchy.

    1. New Song –

      Trying to understand what T.H.E.Y. are doing is essential to alleviating fears about what W.E. do. Fears control us. T.H.E.Y. understand this, and have had centuries to finesse their art of overseeing the plantation. They were being taught how to manipulate the grubby and sweaty masses while we were learning our ABCs. 🙂 A lot of us are just now beginning to see it.

      1. Fear is THE biggest motivator, no matter what organism is being terrorized. Deliver a slight electric shock and the paramecium will move quickly to the other side of the Petridish.

        That is why the Soviet Union was a terrorist state staffed and administrated in secret. It is the only way a tiny minority can control the masses whom they murder.

        Secrecy has two major components. First it creates fear in those outside the state secrets, as they remain forever uncertain as to if or when the state terror will impact them. Second, secrecy keeps the enemy from knowing the individuals involved and their preparations, tactics, times and locations of the attack.

        America has become a mirror image of the old Soviet terror state. A state where no one feels safe any longer. A state where there are few friends and anyone might be an enemy. Whether it is a mad, near-east terrorist or homeland security agents; rogue cops or violent, unpredictable minorities, America has become a state of fear, the likes of which it has never experienced.

        Like the Soviet Union one never knows who they may be talking to, one never knows who might turn them in, in the see something, say something terror state. We have become a nation of craven squealers, the likes of which once shamed pre-schoolers. We are a nation of volunteer cops as if there aren’t enough police already, but then with terror all about, we need every one of them don’t we? I posted this chilling quote earlier, but it bears repeating here. Note the mention of “spies” in the quote.

        “It was night, and the white faces and the scarlet banners were luridly floodlit. The square was packed with several thousand people, including a block of about a thousand schoolchildren in the uniform of the Spies. On a scarlet-draped platform an orator of the Inner Party, a small lean man with disproportionately long arms and a large bald skull over which a few lank locks straggled, was haranguing the crowd. A little Rumpelstiltskin figure, contorted with hatred, he gripped the neck of the microphone with one hand while the other, enormous at the end of a bony arm, clawed the air menacingly above his head. His voice, made metallic by the amplifiers, boomed forth an endless catalogue of atrocities, massacres, deportations, lootings, rapings, torture of prisoners, bombing of civilians, lying propaganda, unjust aggressions, broken treaties. It was almost impossible to listen to him without being first convinced and then maddened. At every few moments the fury of the crowd boiled over and the voice of the speaker was drowned by a wild beast-like roaring that rose uncontrollably from thousands of throats. The most savage yells of all came from the schoolchildren. The speech had been proceeding for perhaps twenty minutes when a messenger hurried on to the platform and a scrap of paper was slipped into the speaker’s hand. He unrolled and read it without pausing in his speech. Nothing altered in his voice or manner, or in the content of what he was saying, but suddenly the names were different. Without words said, a wave of understanding rippled through the crowd. Oceania was at war with Eastasia!” – 1984.

        This was not fiction, this was a fictional narration of a very real plan. Yes indeed – Fear is the biggest motivator, as Winston Smith found out.

      2. Fear rules.

        More ‘fear’ has crept in with ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) at banks. And….”See something-say something” policy…. tattle-tales.

        India: The Reserve Bank of India introduced KYC guidelines for all banks in 2002. In 2004, RBI directed all banks to ensure that they are fully compliant with the KYC provisions before December 31, 2005.

        New Zealand: Updated KYC laws were enacted in late 2009 and entered into force in 2010. KYC is mandatory for all registered banks and financial institutions (the latter has an extremely wide meaning).

        South Africa: The Financial Intelligence Centre Act 38 of 2001 (FICA)

        United Kingdom: The Money Laundering Regulations 2007 are the underlying rules that govern KYC in the UK. Many UK businesses use the guidance provided by the European Joint Money Laundering Steering Group as a guide to compliance.

        United States: Pursuant to the USA Patriot Act of 2001, the Secretary of the Treasury was required to finalize regulations before October 26, 2002 making KYC mandatory for all US banks. The related processes are required to conform to a customer identification program (CIP)

    2. Boy, that Felix is really skating on thin ice, how dare he utter the name “Franco” here!!!! WE blotted out THAT NAME out of the Book of Life ages ago. Keep it up, Felix, and WE will blot out your name from the Akashic Records Book of Life next, do you hear US!!!!???? You have been warned!

      1. Saludos TROJ (pronounced “TROH”) muchacho, mi cabron, hay una canción muy linda, espacialmente para ti.
        Aqui tiene, Cara al Sol:

        Cara al sol con la camisa nueva
        que tú bordaste en rojo ayer,
        me hallará la muerte si me lleva
        y no te vuelvo a ver.
        Formaré junto a mis compañeros
        que hacen guardia sobre los luceros,
        impasible el ademán,
        y están presentes en nuestro afán.

        Si te dicen que caí,
        me fui al puesto que tengo allí.

        Volverán banderas victoriosas
        al paso alegre de la paz
        y traerán prendidas cinco rosas:
        las flechas de mi haz.

        Volverá a reír la primavera,
        que por cielo, tierra y mar se espera.

        Arriba escuadras a vencer
        que en España empieza a amanecer

        I always sing it with my drunken imam brothers.

    1. Hah, Wiggins.
      Reminds me of the book by Dennis Wheatley, The Secret War. He was a very popular author about 50 years ago. The story is about a group of wealthy individuals that form a secret organisation called the Millers of God (The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small). Their purpose was to rid the world of those who profit off human misery, arms dealers and the like. It takes place during the invasion of Abyssinia in 1936. Before he took up writing he used to be a wine merchant so his regales his readers with asides about wine and fine cigars.

      1. I found a box of old DW books in a charity shop years ago; good reading. I enjoyed the Gregory Sallust stories.

  6. Something is wrong. Very – very – wrong. Riders are changing horses too quick and too pat. Suddenly, the shoe is on the other foot after being hobbled and withered for too many years. I feel as if I’m standing on the beach watching an approaching tidal wave. Beware of Jews bearing gifts.


    Macy Jenkins

    “Nazi Rally Brawl: Violent Clashes At California White Supremacist Rally; Multiple Stabbings At White Power Rally”, in CBS News, June 26, 2016.

    Video from Sacramento shows a violent brawl between white supremacist group[s] (Traditionalist Worker Party?) and unnamed counter-demonstrators. Police are investigating the incident, which sent at least 6 people to the hospital. Macy Jenkins from CBS Sacramento, KOVR-TV, joins CBSN to discuss the details. Video show a small group of “White Power advocates” [ten?] under massive attack by crowds of black masked [anarchists]. The attacks led to the cancellation of the event. One independent journalist was attacked and driven away by anarchists who attacked him chanting “Nazi go home”. The “Whites” said they have “free speech”, anarchists chanted “hate speech is not free speech”. Police did nothing to halt the anarchist attacks: Police guarded the Capitol building and the Capitol steps, and said they were assessing the situation. Video shows police sitting in the shade watching the fighting.

    At least five people were stabbed and at least six people were hospitalized, but no one knows who they were. One video segment shows a protester attacked and beaten to the group by a crowd of anarchists and then is mercilessly attacked while unconscious. The reporter noted it was hard to film the [massive anarchist] attacks because the [anarchists] are excited and attacking everyone. There were no arrests

    African-American reporter Jenkins said the area is “diverse and accepting” so the existence of a white group is a shock.

    [Video showed various signs and banners: Counter-protesters have Gay Liberation flags and banners: “We Are Orlando”, Bash Back banners, Party for Liberation & Socialist signs, Palestine t-shirts , red flags. The reporters filmed the signs and banners but did not read them.]

    “African-American reporter Jenkins said the area is “diverse and accepting” so the existence of a white group is a shock.” – Typical inverted, nonsensical, media verbiage. The race wars commith! There will be blood, Jews have decreed it so. “Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands; let them drown themselves in their own blood. For the blood of Lenin and Uritzky, Zinoviev and Vólodarsky, let there be floods of the blood of the bourgeoisie–more blood! As much as possible!” (Grigory Zinoviev, Jewish founder and one of the seven members of the first Soviet Politburo of 1917 as quoted by the Krasnaya Gazeta, Sept. 1, 1918).

    1. Condensed version of the attack on the legal protesters:
      American nationalists, protesting legally with permit, were attacked by commies of various ethnicities and colors..
      Final score … Nationalists 7, Commies 0

    2. I watched this video and couldn’t help but laugh. Cops sitting in front of the Capitol while what looks like a Benny Hill ending takes place across the street and they do nothing to intervene.

      It reminds me of the Chicago Trump rally, even though things did not get that out of hand.

      I am laughing at the sheer absurdity of it all. Not that I actually think it is funny in any real way.

    3. Charming fellow, that Zinoviev.
      If the Christian belief is true, that individual souls are immortal, or if indeed there is a Karmic balance in a succession of lives, one may only wonder at Mr. Zinoviev’s current state.

      “But what I do know is that belief in survival after death—the individual survival of John Smith, still conscious of himself as John Smith—is enormously less widespread than it was. Even among professing Christians it is probably decaying: other people, as a rule, don’t even entertain the possibility that it might be true. But our forefathers, so far as we know, did believe in it. Unless all that they wrote about it was intended to mislead us, they believed it in an exceedingly literal, concrete way. Life on earth, as they saw it, was simply a short period of preparation for an infinitely more important life beyond the grave. But that notion has disappeared, or is disappearing, and the consequences have not really been faced.
      -George Orwell

  7. the breakup of UKslavia … and all the kingdom’s horses and all the kingdom’s men couldn’t put what_jew_destroyed together again.
    oops, did i mention the word “jew”? Oh no, and now twice 🙁 sincere apologies and restitution every time anyone mentions the word “jew” in a negative, to say islamofascist context.
    I should take the unspoken hint from the videomakers and abstain from the dread word … we are British …

    And there shall be the gnashing of teeth for some and joyous hora dancing on sniper-friendly rooftops for the chosensome, “Oy vey, torah hora! We are israelis, we are not your problem …”

    1. Paul Watson denies Zionism control and denies that the media is Jewish, just like Alex Jones. So I would be surprised if he links anything with them.

    2. No fears on using the word “Jew”. However I have noticed a phenomenon beginning on comment boards that is indeed taking off.

      What the poster does is insert a word inside three parentheses. For instance, after the Brexit vote, Farage uses the words Merchant Banks in a disparaging way. This is followed by a commenter who simply writes, (((Merchant))) Banks.

      Then he gets many thumbs up.

      Lots of folks are waking up. Not many are bold enough to take actions that would be equivalent to posting here, but they are becoming aware.

      Has anyone else noticed this taking place?

      1. Didn’t it start with some app that gave jewish names three brackets? If I’m not mistaken, the app was as quickly banned as that bot on Twitter who went “nazi” some months ago. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the practice of adding the brackets manually also will result in people getting banned in the not too distant future. The (((TROJ)))’s of this world doesn’t like attention like that.

      2. RICH,
        Couldn’t these brackets ((())) hint to Holocaust 6 million… or 666 the mark of the Beast?
        Anyway, we are not far away from pig sties.

    1. JFC –

      I thought of a plan to destroy and collapse the holohoax myth…. especially among the youngers…

      Tell them it did not happen because there were no ‘selfies’ to validate it. And never ‘trended’ on Twitter. 🙂

      Started now….. it could be gone…. evacuated… in a couple of generations.

      1. LOL…. “in a couple of generations” is too damn long. The young ems… the twatters or twats, they want it done and gone yesterday!… is the only good thing I can say about ’em as far as the HollowHoax is concerned.

  8. The administering of movements to and from public institutions are behind the scenes movements that are so historically arcane as to have one perpetually guessing if your adversaries have everyone moving from the proverbial frying pan to the fire. No one who believes in true democratic principles will deny the right of the masses to have a say in their own destiny is a good thing. The problem is the implicit system of adulteration that is in place in the process along the lines of administering the tally of the vote and marshaling the fine print to enact it. Just ‘who’ in terms of a self-professed group does one suppose handles these things. Doors are generally locked from the inside and outside of burning building down. Another alternative of abandoning them completely has these middlemen starving to death awaiting the masses that will never come to subjugate themselves. All the good solutions of tight knit ground level solutions have long been demonized in the media analogies enraged populace taking vigilante style revenge on those who are forever deemed as perpetually innocent and singled out by the unfairness of circumstance.

    Now there are legions of ‘innocents’ being marshaled to invade and conquer the default society of out last remnants of Western civilization as imagined int he legacies of Northern Europe. This WILL be a struggle to the literal death of same. The facilitators come from an internationally interconnected Hebrew tradition who are Hell bent on killing their Dragon of Christian moral outlooks and replacing them with a Talmudic re imagination that places their group as stewards of an endless divisions of warring minorities. The thing that they fear the most is to be assimilated into those groups. This is why I suspect that the vote to leave is an implicit double sword. Leave the tyranny of an oligarch driven super state. Come back to a bureaucracy that has deep historical roots in managing offsite world populations through directing commerce. The same old perpetual issues of mankind come to bear. Who owns the land! And who is willing to risk their lives to defend it?

    1. Good analysis, ART –

      “Who owns the land!”


      ‘THE bureaucracy’….. that has deep historical roots in managing offsite world populations through directing commerce.

      Control is kept as the Pharisee-Jew Bankers and agents throw $$$ like chicken-feed…. through the exchanges… and it is chased by the populations, like chickens chasing the hand-tossed feed in the barnyards on the plantations.

  9. Sometimes, by skinning lies, truth emerges, what is Brexit really all about?
    From a Trotskyte mag:

    With European and American stock markets continuing to tumble, Hollande cited the danger of a financial panic to justify a rapid separation of the EU from Britain. “Our responsibility is not to lose time in dealing with the issue of the British exit from the EU,” he said

    It goes beyond the mere “financial” instability

    EU calls for harsh treatment of Britain are exposing not only the breakdown of relations within Europe, but also a growth of tensions between Europe and the United States.

    The big Jew mouthpiece says it as well:

    In an article on Monday titled “With Brexit, Washington’s Direct Line to the Continent Suddenly Frays,” the New York Times aired concerns of US officials that Brexit has undermined the US-European alliance.
    Compared to Britain, the Times wrote, “few nations were as willing to put a thumb as firmly on the scales of European debates in ways that benefit the United States Jew.

    Warning that “Germany still harbors deep SUSPICIONS [ 🙂 sic] of the United States Jew,” and that “Paris often goes its own way,” the Times wrote that what made the US-UK relationship “special in an era of global diplomacy was Britain’s ability to act for Washington with the Europeans, to bridge the gap.”

    Right, read between the lines when the top Jew says “Germany harbors deep suspicions of the USA”, what exactly does it mean?

    The Mogherini paper calls for “structured cooperation,” in which EU countries pool military equipment, units and their chains of command—essentially laying the basis for forming a common European army. “The EU will systematically encourage defense cooperation and strive to create a solid European defense industry, which is critical for Europe’s autonomy of decision and action,” the paper states.

    The document reportedly indicates that Brexit will help repair the EU’s political and economic relations with Russia, which nosedived after Washington demanded that the EU impose punishing sanctions against Moscow. It says that the EU and Russia are “interdependent,” and pledges closer ties: “We will therefore engage Russia to discuss disagreements and to cooperate if and when our interests overlap.”

    “2+2” moment here:
    “2” … EU wants to greatly strengthen its military punch,
    “2” … EU wants to get nice and cooperative with Russia,
    “4” … why, if not to jump ship and join the Eurasian landmass project, woo-hoo …
    Interesting times, indeed.

    1. YES!!! Very interesting times, Lobro – –

      Putin is concerned over Baltic Union:

      Germany, Poland Make ‘Historically Unique’ Deal to Combine Submarine Fleets
      In a push to modernize their navies, Germany and Poland have agreed to work together, establishing a joint submarine operating authority.

      The memorandum signed by both countries will establish a joint operational control center in Glucksberg, Germany. The Polish Navy also intends to connect its submarine fleet to the German military’s broadcast control system.

      Combined, the two countries operate 11 submersibles, with six class 212A vessels in the German fleet, and five U-boats in the Polish Navy.

      Two Polish naval officers will be permanently stationed in the city.

      “It’s a very special step, to pass the control of an important national strategic asset like a submarine in common hands,” said Vice Admiral Andreas Krause, inspector of the German Navy, according to Defense News.

      The Rostock center could, theoretically, include representation from all NATO members along the Baltic.

      This would be the latest example of the alliance’s eastward expansion. NATO already intends to boost its troop presence along Russia’s borders, and will open a new Aegis Ashore missile defense system in Poland in 2018.

      Moscow has condemned these moves as an unnecessary provocation.

      “The military-political situation along [Russia’s] western borders remains unstable. The United States and other NATO members continue to build up military capabilities, primarily in countries neighboring Russia,” Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday.

      “These actions by Western colleagues tend to undermine strategic stability in Europe and force us to take a retaliatory measures, primarily in the Western strategic direction.”

      A spokesman for the German Navy called the arrangement “historically unique.”

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