Britain’s Jewish Communist Traitors

. . . by Francis Carr Begbie

Sourced from the Occidental Observer
with notes and comments by Lasha Darkmoon

LD: Our American readers are intelligent enough to know that Britain is in many ways America’s 51st state and that both our countries are now firmly under Jewish control, as is the European Union (EU).

Americans are also aware that the US has had more Jewish spies undermining America’s security than spies from any other ethnic group. What is little known is that Britain, too, has had an enormous number of Jewish spies—many of them Jewesses—eating way at the foundations of Britain like rats under the floorboards.

This article by Francis Carr Begbie throws light on this murky subject, explaining how the Jew-dominated British establishment has done its best to suppress these facts and even glamorize the Jewish traitors in their midst.  


“Up until recently this subject has been overshadowed by the Cambridge non-Jewish spies—like Kim Philby, Guy Burgess and Donald MacLean—who all defected to Moscow. They lived upper-class, raffish lifestyles and their bohemian milieu lent the story a kind of perverted glamour.  But they were not even the most important spies in an enormous communist network which reached into many institutions—a network of Russian and German exiles who seem to have been overwhelmingly Jewish.” 

— Francis Carr Begbie

In his plea for Britain to take in thousands more “Syrian refugees”  Lord Alf Dubs tearfully recalls how he was brought to Britain, aged six, from Prague, as a Kindertransport Jewish refugee.  His former parliamentary colleague, wealthy publisher Lord George Weidenfeld too, was fond of recalling how he found sanctuary in Britain after fleeing Austria just before the war. He said it was the main factor in his decision to help pay for the transport of thousands of Syrian refugees into the west.

The Kindertransport has been exposed as a confection of distortions, myths and omissions previously in TOO, but there is another little awkward fact about the Jewish refugees taken in by Britain before the war. And that is the remarkably high proportion of them who chose to actively betray the country which gave them sanctuary by acting as spies for Britain’s deadly enemy, the Soviet Union.

They not only ensured that many British agents were sent to their deaths or capture, torture and long periods of imprisonment, but played a crucial part in stealing the atomic bomb secrets that allowed the Soviet Union to catch up and have its own atomic bomb by 1949. Their treachery compromised the security of Britain and the West and probably extended the length of the Cold War and the enslavement of the subject peoples of Eastern Europe.

What is more astonishing is that in many cases the British authorities took no action against them to avoid official embarrassment. As a result some of Britain’s foulest traitors were left free to enjoy their retirements in comfort and security.

It is well-known that Jews were prominently involved in the left throughout the twentieth century, including communism, that leftist politics was mainstream within Jewish communities during much of that period, and that leftist Jews typically continued to have a strong Jewish identity. Information on Jewish involvement in communist spying increased greatly in the last 20+ years because in 1995 the USA began to open up its Venona Soviet code decryption archive. Another eye-opening tranche of incriminating material came via the publication of the Mitrokhin Archive spirited to the West by a KGB archivist defector in 1992. Finally, in a spirit of damage control, in 2001, the British intelligence services began to open up some of their older files for inspection in the National Archive. This led to the launch of something of a cottage industry for authors who found an eager audience for true-life stories about wartime espionage and derring-do.

Despite the seriousness of their crimes the media has chosen to portray these traitors as colourful romantics and their actions as the understandable acts of misguided conscience. This murderous stab in the back by many Jewish refugees towards the people who took them in, has gone completely unremarked.

Up until recently this subject has been overshadowed by the Cambridge non-Jewish spies of Kim PhilbyGuy Burgess and Donald MacLean who all defected to Moscow. They lived upper-class, raffish lifestyles and their bohemian milieu lent the story a kind of perverted glamour.  But they were not even the most important spies in an enormous communist network which reached into many institutions — a network of Russian and German exiles who seem to have been overwhelmingly Jewish.

One of MI5’s most embarrassing lapses concerned its failure to catch Edith Tudor-Hart. She was born Edith Suschitzky in Vienna and on her first visit to Britain was deported from Britain for suspicious communist activities but she returned in 1933 as a political refugee after marrying an English doctor. From the moment she arrived she was working as a Soviet agent and set up as a professional photographer in an apartment opposite Abbey Road recording studio in north London.

She was really working for another Jewish refugee — and Soviet spy controller — Arnold Deutsch, and she couriered for the  Soviet Union’s most successful spy in Britain, the senior MI5 officer Kim Philby. As early as May, 1934 the three were meeting on park benches in Regents Park. By the time of the Cambridge ring defections in 1952 she was strongly under suspicion but under interrogation denied everything. Soon after she was admitted to psychiatric hospital after suffering a nervous breakdown which MI5 interrogators took as an indication of guilt.

An old MI5 file, released for view last year, said “From such evidence as is on record (letters, observations etc.) she would appear to be a rather typical, emotional, introspective and somewhat intellectual Viennese Jewess …. (L)ike so many leftwing intellectuals of her generation, she displayed an unhealthy interest in psychology and psychiatry”.

No further action was taken against her despite the strong suspicions including her photographic equipment being found in possession of another group of Jewish communist spies. She ended her days running an antique shop in Brighton. A major exhibition of her photography took place at the Scottish National Gallery in 2013 and a sympathetic Guardian article said her files not only confirmed MI5’s suspicions “they also betray a degree of anti-semitism and xenophobia within the agency.” (!) A Telegraph article described her as “the spy with a conscience.”

The most important Jewish spy was Melita Norwood who was born in England as Melita Stedman to Latvian immigrant parents who were committed bolshevik revolutionaries and spies themselves. She joined the Party in the thirties and got a secretarial job at the offices of the innocuous-sounding British Non-Ferrous Metals Association. This was to be her gateway into the heart of the atomic bomb research establishment because she became secretary to Dr G. L. Bailey, the head of Britain’s atom bomb project throughout the war, with access to both his home and office safe. For decades she passed documents and secrets to both the KGB and the Red Army’s GRU. She was identified as a security risk in 1965 but no action was taken and she retired to leafy suburbia. Her spying was confirmed by the Mitrokhin archive in 1992 but she was never prosecuted. More recent files show she was more highly valued than the Cambridge spies and was secretly awarded the Order of the Red Banner by the KGB. She never hid her left-wing sympathies and when she leafleted her neighbourhood she was tolerated as just another harmless English eccentric.  Throughout her spying days she was helped by her husband Hilary Nussbaum, who was also a committed communist and who took her surname.

Because of her treachery the Soviets were able to create a copy of the British atom bomb within a year, and to catch up with the underlying technology within two years. She ended her days comfortably in a sheltered housing complex in south London while the Mail ran a breezy article about the “jam-making granny” spy who tended a garden allotment. Like all the unmasked Jewish spies she expressed no regrets for spying for Stalin.

Another important Jewish refugee spy who inexplicably escaped prosecution was Ursula Kuczynski, also known as Ruth Werner though she had at least three other names. Born in Berlin to a wealthy Jewish family she enjoyed an expensive schooling and rich lifestyle but rejected it all to become a communist revolutionary and spy. After working for the Soviets in China and Switzerland throughout the war, she and her second husband Leonard Breurton came to live in Oxfordshire where she worked as a courier for the Atom bomb secrets of yet another Jewish refugee spy, the traitor scientist Klaus Fuchs who was caught by the Venona interceptions and jailed in 1950 for passing atomic secrets.  The file on Fuchs, who had joined the Communist Party in his youth in Berlin, suggests he was helped in his endeavours by a host of Jewish women including his sister, his mistress and many others.  Kuczynski also received eager help from her sister and brother who were also communists.

Some Jewish communist women were married to non-Jewish traitors and acted as “handlers” for the various Soviet intelligence agencies.  A good example was Kim Philby’s wife Litzi Friedmann who was born Alice Kohlmann in Vienna. She initially fled to Britain as a refugee in 1933 and in fact married Philby to get a British passport.

Philby rose to become head of the anti-Soviet section of the Secret Intelligence Service as MI5 is formally known and until recently was thought to be the KGB’s most successful agent.  Because of him, probably hundreds of agents who were sent into the Ukraine and Albania, were caught and executed. After a long career of helping Philby and betraying the country that gave her sanctuary and after Philby’s defection, Friedmann was allowed to return to East Germany.

There were many other Jewish women communist spies. In 1939 one of the Cambridge spies, Donald MacLean, was working at the British embassy in Paris where the Soviet spy overseeing him was Kitty Harris, a Jewess from the East End of London, with whom he was having an affair.  Her real NKVD courier role was not revealed until 2001 via the Venona files. (She eventually married Earl Browder, chairman of the CPUSA, the American Communist Party). She fled to the Soviet Union and died of alcoholism in Gorky in 1966.

Then there was Hildegard Pauline Ruth Gerwig, of German Jewish extraction, who married two non-Jewish scientist traitors in turn and is thought to have “run” both for the Soviets. First was Engelbert Broda, and the second wasAlan Nunn May who worked deep within the British atomic bomb project.  Long suspected, Broda was only named as a spy in 2009.

The wartime BBC may have been a hive of communist fellow travellers but the groupthink leftism was not shared by every employee, and one in particular was patriotic and independent-minded enough to take his suspicions further. Eric Blair, who wrote under the pen name George Orwell, may have been a socialist but he detested Stalinism. (See explanatory note below). Orwell listed those he thought too untrustworthy to be allowed to work in propaganda and sent it to his bosses; they included those who  “in my opinion are crypto-communists, fellow-travellers or inclined that way and should not be trusted as propagandists”.


LD (sidenote) : George Orwell based his novel “Animal Farm” on Stalin’s Soviet Union which he detested. He had started, like so many others dupes, in believing that socialism and communism were pretty much the same thing. He was to be cruelly disillusioned as he came to realize that communism was a Jewish plot to co-opt socialism, i.e., that it was in fact Jewish capitalism by the back door.

First you nationalized everything, in effect confiscating the property of the goyim by turning it into state property; then you started “privatizing” everything, letting property pass into the hands of private Jewish corporations. Communism was simply a cunning device for transferring property from non-Jews to Jews. Note how well this took place in the time of Boris Yeltsin when much of the Soviet Union’s state property fell into the rapacious hands of a few Jewish oligarchs. 

Understand this: if nationalization is the theft of private property, privatization is the theft of state property belonging in theory to everyone.  

“Each character in Animal Farm,” it has been noted correctly,represents a figure in the Russian Revolution, the main pig Napoleon representing the powerful and evil Joseph Stalin.” [LD]

When, in 2004, George Orwell’s list of unreliables and potential traitors was revealed it was met with outrage in left-wing circles. The list is not perfect. But as time has passed more and more of Orwell’s judgements have proved to be spot on. One of those he suspected was a Jewish political asylum seeker who became one of the most important spies in Britain. Peter Smollet was the name of a Daily Express correspondent who was born Hans Peter Smolka to a wealthy Jewish family in Vienna. He was already an NKVD agent when he hurriedly left Austria for Britain in the early thirties to escape a crackdown on communists. He arrived in Britain ostensibly working as a journalist, but MI5 already had a file on him because he was expelled from France for photographing a French armaments factory.

Nevertheless, well-connected, he soon landed plum jobs with the Daily Express, The Times and eventually BBC as roving European correspondent while at the same time being an agent for the Comintern (Communist International).

He covered the German entry into Prague at the behest of his boss at the BBC, Soviet mole Guy Burgess, and was also reporting to the other Soviet master spy Kim Philby. In 1961 Smollett was interrogated but was released through lack of evidence. He eventually fled, not to the Eastern bloc, but to the family landed estate in Austria and died, wealthy and comfortable, in 1980. He was finally confirmed as a Soviet agent by the Mitrokhin archive in 2003. Smollett, incidentally, got his revenge on George Orwell by persuading several publishers not to publish his allegorical novel Animal Farm, a seminal work of anti-totalitarianism.

In its coverage the BBC prefers to portray these wartime spy investigations as hysterical “Red Scares.” But in 1953 there was concern about the Jewish emigre head of the BBC’s Russian service who seemed to be bending over backwards to portray the Soviet Union in a positive light. He is said to have made the BBC Russian service as left-wing as the New Statesman and Nation. The name of this man Anatol Goldberg  was on a list of suspected fellow-travellers — or worse — submitted by a worried Conservative MP. Goldberg was initially defended but later discreetly shunted sideways and removed from this post, although he stayed as a commentator. In retirement Goldberg wrote an admiring biography of Stalin’s notorious genocidal propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg which was so one-sided even the New York Times found it hard to take. So what was the truth about Anatol Goldberg? The answer presumably lies in the archives of the KGB or MI5.

And what of Lord Victor Rothschild who, like his friend Kim Philby, was a wartime MI5 officer.  He owned an apartment at 5 Bentinck Street in Marylebone. At various times this raucous establishment hosted soirees that included at least three of the Cambridge spies as well as the notorious Zionist traitor John Strachey who became a Labour MP.

No conclusive proof of betrayal by Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild has ever emerged, but rumours continue to swirl around his name. He denied any wrongdoing to the end of his life, but an Australian author and espionage expert Roland Perry was not convinced and accused him of being a spy in a book called The Fifth Man. Perhaps more time will tell.

Incidentally, what was the wealthy publisher, Viennese-born Lord Weidenfeld, doing among that nest of traitors in Bentinck Street? When he died last month he was lauded for his work in flying thousands of “Syrian refugees” into Poland and said it was the least he could do, having been a wartime refugee into Britain himself. What did he have in common with Philby, Burgess and MacLean?

It would be appropriate here to mention the well-known case of George Blake, who was born in Egypt to a Jewish father and English mother.  As a communist schoolboy he fled from wartime Netherlands to Britain and returned the country’s generosity by spying for the Soviets. He was caught, sentenced to 42 years in prison, but then escaped and was spirited behind the Iron Curtain by British peace campaigners. He is still alive at 93 and the unusual circumstances of his escape created a mini book and film industry which invariably treats him and his co-conspirators with great affection.

How sad so few of these authors and film makers sought to spare a thought for Blake’s victims.

Britain’s failure to prosecute wartime spies has become impossible to hide in recent years thanks to the opening of these archives. But there seems to be a silent consensus that there is one aspect of these failures which should not be probed too hard, and that is the ethnic dimension. As glaringly obvious as the predominant Jewishness of these spies, it is totally off limits as regards scrutiny or even comment.

This is a very brief survey but there are many other cases in the archives and many more questions than answers. What is in the unpublished files on notorious Stalinist apologist Eric Hobsbawm who was honoured by Tony Blair but kept under close wartime surveillance by MI5? Was the friendship between this fanatical wartime communist historian and Cambridge spy Guy Burgess entirely innocent?

And what of another Cambridge friend of the gregarious Guy Burgess and an open supporter of the Soviet Union, the Marxist physicist don J. D. Bernal? Today university buildings  are named after Bernal, a pioneer of crystallography, but in 1931 he organised two trips to Moscow where Cambridge scientists were politely grilled by their Soviet counterparts, much to the alarm of many.  Mysteriously, Bernal’s post-war scientific reputation has survived his espousal of the bogus Stalinist science of “Lysenkoism.” It also survived his receipt of the Stalin Peace Prize and his membership in the notorious communist-front World Peace Council. There are also worries about Churchill’s chief scientific adviser Lord Zuckerman, some of whose files remain closed.

And MI5 built a huge file on science popularizer Jacob Bronowski who became famous through his 1970’s television series The Ascent of Man. Bronowski, who worked in military research, was so loud and abrasive about his Soviet sympathies that he alarmed his colleagues, and MI5 labelled him a security risk. The BBC has since portrayed him as the victim of a monstrous injustice. But why was he blocked from working in atomic research?

The few of the proven Jewish traitors who have sought to exculpate themselves have explained that they were doing it for world peace, that in passing the secrets of the Atom Bomb to the Soviets that they helped create a fairer, more equal world.  How sad that in doing so it involved such a murderous stab in the back to the people who so generously took them in.

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  1. A good article. Just one minor point, Kim Philby was MI6, not MI5. MI6 is the external spy service of the UK, charged with spying abroad. MI5 is the internal service and is responsible for counter-espionage in the UK. However they have no powers of arrest. Special Branch make arrests in the UK for espionage and offences under the Official Secrets Act.

    1. I studied Engineering at Trinity College, Cambridge, and the five spies had been there earlier. It was a source of sorrow in the College, which is a golden place, staffed by clever, kind people. In those days that one college had about 500 undergraduates, yet it had more Nobel Prize winners than France, and if it had been a country it would have been third in the world listings, after the USA and Britain. It is also the college of Isaac Newton and James Clark Maxwell.

      I spoke to people who had met Burgess and MaClean. They seem to have been quite open about their left wing views and sympathy for the Soviet Union, so you wonder how they could have been recruited by MI6? I have always felt that there is a lot more to the story than we have been told. I expect all will be revealed eventually, after all the participents have been dead for 50 years.

      1. Hi John,
        Some of those secret files are on the hundred year list. Perhaps one reason for the ease of penetration by KGB and GRU agents was the old boy network operating in the UK at that time. Positive vetting was only introduced after the spy scandals, prior to that it was negative vetting, which is basically a check of police records to ascertain one has no criminal record. Positive vetting is an exhaustive check of one’s background, interviewing friends, neighbours and schools attended. When I applied to join the police in South Africa I had to give every address I had lived at for the previous 10 years. I was 17 at the time. The vetting process took about 4 months. They were particularly interested in any communist or socialist affiliations.

      2. It is interesting how loose the vetting was at SIS and MI-5. You are right about “there is a lot more to the story”. The late author, John Costello (“Mask of Treachery”, etc.), was preparing to publish a book about the Oxford Spy Ring, when he died rather suddenly (poisoned) while on a flight, after a meal at a certain restaurant. The trail from “The Fifth Man” is a very, very good start. It’s painstaking, but worthwhile – if you want to know what most will very likely never know let alone care to know. Rothschild’s treason is further noted independently in “Gestapo Chief” (the postwar interrogation of Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller). The list of traitors provided to the CIC interrogator in Switzerland (America won the bidding war for Muller’s files, though given the situation in the UK at the time it’s highly unlikely Muller would have worked for MI-6 at any price) includes Eugen Spier (brazen author of “The Focus” detailing some of the less serious activities of the outer members of the group from the standpoint of phony humanitarian horsesh.t, conveniently not mentioning that International Jews declared war on Germany first, as per the NY Times headline in the mid 1930’s). One of the ones mentioned well worth researching is Mr. Seif. There are some very high ranking names on Muller’s list – he made a mark (not published) next to certain names who were dual agents of both Russia and Mossad Aliyeh Bet, which was formed before there was an “Israel”. Guess where the first allegiance would have been, not unlike the MP’s and Congressmen in government today.

      3. Wasn’t the Fifth Man John Cairncross? He was a Trinity Engineer, but I found that the Engineers were usually Conservatives; even those, like myself, from a Northern council estate. The Socialists were usually studying Liberal Arts.

        There was a saying :- “If it smells it’s Chemistry, if it wriggles it’s Biology, if it doesn’t work it’s Physics and if takes all night it’s Engineering”

    2. Felix
      these people have no idea what you’re talking about
      the bitch and her crew are insane Israelis mental patients
      in Haifa ,Israel

      1. Dee Poo,

        We know you’ve been posting her under several different names.


        (1) choose one name and stick to it.
        (2) Try harder to produce an interesting and original thought.

  2. “An idealist is one who on noticing that a rose smells better than a cabbage, concludes that it makes a better soup.” – H.L. Mencken
    George Orwell, like Whittaker Chambers, Max Eastman and John D.Passos sipped the Rose Broth and gagged. John D. Passos “Adventures Of A Young Man (1939) was greeted with outrage by the critics. James T. Farrell (Studs Lonigan- A Trilogy (one of my fave girlhood books) neatly summed it up when he wrote “A warning to writers not to stray off the reservation of the Stalinist controlled League of American Writers to which the critics belong,” demonstrating the mindlock Jews have had on us for almost 100 years.

    1. Curious, I googled Studs Lonigan and discovered that it had been made into a tv miniseries in 1979. According to Wikipedia….
      Similarly, the only Jewish child in the gang, Davey Cohen, is treated badly by
      Studs in the novel, while in the mini-series the two remain loyal comrades to
      the very end. This heightens the tragedy, as Studs dies of pneumonia just after
      Davey has promised to hire him at his new factory. Watching the dying Studs sink
      slowly into the gutter, still holding aloft the dollar bill Davey has loaned
      him, is one of the most emotional moments of the mini-series. In the book Studs’
      collapse is less poignant, since no one was trying to help him and he had less
      reason to keep struggling.
      In the novel, Davey Cohen is treated badly not only because he is Jewish rather than Irish, it is an Irish gang afterall, but because he is an embittered mooch who feels superior to the “pig Irish” he loathes yet attempts to ingratiate himself with. “Holding aloft the dollar bill…” Hahaha. Leave it to the Jews to put the Noble and Successful Jew Aiding the Hapless Goy spin on it. Now I’m gagging.

      1. Checked my beat up old copy and Davey Cohen ends up a panhandler, not a factory owner.
        I apologize for going off topic but the mention of Orwell sent my mind wandering. Mr. Begbie has never written a dishonest or less than excellent essay and this one, previously read on TOO, is one of his best, the facts are irrefutable.

  3. Another article that completely distorts the facts of history. I don’t know why anyone bothers to read this crap. This is the last time I will dignify this disgusting website by casting my pearls before swine.

    1. Both the Rosenbergs and Jonathan Pollard were driven by the noblest motives. America misunderstood the forces at play here. All these so-called Jewish “spies” were doing was to help achieve a balance of power in the interests of world peace. America was too powerful for its own good and badly needed an enemy which was strong enough to prevent America acting with recklessness and stupidity. The Soviet Union was to be its nemesis.

      If America has learned caution and circumspection, it is precisely because the Rosenbergs and Pollard taught it those virtues by strengthening the Soviet Union.

      This fact is completely overlooked by the anti-Semitic types who bedevil this website

      1. The Jewish spies, both in the UK and the US, who betrayed their countries to the Soviet Union, did that because at that time Communist Russia was still seen by them as a Jewish project to achieve world domination. After Stalin became less Jew-friendly and Jewish emigration to Israel became blocked, the Jews suddenly started to complain about “anti-Semitism” in the Soviet Union. Most former enthusiast Jewish communists now have become “neo-conservatives”, their newest tactic to screw the world. Keep in mind that, unlike Gentiles, Jews have no sincere convictions or loyalties. Everything is tactic to them. The aim is always exploitation, control and ultimate destruction of the despised Goyim.

    2. @ Angry Jewish woman

      When will be the real “last time” you will cast Jewish swine before Gentile pearls?

      1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        Your comment has been noted and may be sent to the relevant authorities as an example of hate speech. It’s time someone took action against this badly monitored website.

      2. @ Angry Jewish woman, threats, smear tactic and blackmail is not healthy for democracy. If you truly intend sent to the relevant authorities (ADL & JDL), the name of Franklin Rychaert for example of hate speech, please add my name to your list.

        Thank Allah we live in America and not in Europe, where you would have a better luck.

      3. @ Mahmoud El-Yousseph

        If you truly intend sent to the relevant authorities (ADL & JDL), the name of Franklin Rychaert for example of hate speech, please add my name to your list.

        Your name is already on our list. We have placed this note beside your name:

        Mahmoud El-Yousseph: Retired USAF officer, antisemitic Muslim dissident writer suspected of terrorist connections, Hamas and Hezbollah supporter, potential suicide bomber, this dangerous individual needs careful surveillance.

      4. @ Mahmoud El-Yousseph

        In the interests of honesty, I must tell you that I sent the above note to the ADL several months ago and received no reply until my 6th email. Their response to me, I confess, was a bit disappointing. They wrote:

        We have checked out the individual you mention and find that he does not pose a threat to anyone. Few of the details you provide can be verified. Please stop communicating with our organization or we may have to block your further emails.

        I’ve never felt so humiliated in my life.

      5. @Angry Jewish Woman. Feel free to add mine as well. Exposing your tribes lies, manipulation, infiltration and genocide of goyim, especially those of the white kind, is our mission number one. I am proud to be an anti-semite and wear it as a badge of honor.

      6. DENUNCIATION! As in 1920s Bolshevik Russia.

        “Your comment has been noted and may be sent to the relevant authorities as an example of hate speech”.

        Send them my name too. If we now live in such a totalitarian society that free speech must be reported to the authorities then we are in serious trouble. Nobody dare say a word against the Jews.


        If you read the book….. ‘Ireland Land Of The Pharaohs’….by ….Andrew Power….you might find that the “Gentile pearls” are IN FACT Hebrew pearls and Jewish swine are Goyim !
        Available on pdf at the following link.

        1275… UK …Statute of Jewry. Issued by Edward I to curtail the extortionate usury of the “joos”.
        1290…UK….Edict of Expulsion. The Edict banned “joos” from England forever.
        The Edict still stands, it has never been revoked.
        The Edict will never be lawfully revoked as TRUE TITLE to the lands of Britain sits in the hands of its Indigenous Sovereigns.
        Britains Indigenous Sovereigns will never consent to the ingress of “joos” into these islands, once fully au fait with their heinous genocidal thieving practices.,7340,L-3302296,00.html

        There was an UNLAWFUL joo-WISH entry into the UK a few hundred years ago caused by the traitor Cromwell. It resulted in …..
        1) A “colour revolution” known as the English Civil War.
        2) The execution of King Charles 1.
        3) The Fire of the City of London thought to be the work of “emissaries” of the “joos” in league with “his heinous in Rome”.
        4) The 1666 ‘Cestui Que Vie Act’ declaring the UK populace lost at “see” and their possessions, in perpetuity, the property of the so-called State.
        This “ACT” was said to have been debated in “parliament” as the City was still burning.

        The “lawful” status of “joos” in the UK is that of ILLEGAL ALIEN and has been since 1290 if not earlier.
        This FACT means that EVERY THING the “joos” have done IN THE UK and FROM the UK in the past 726 YEARS HAS BEEN UNLAWFUL.

        ‘Cestui Que Vie’ Acts.
        Bank of England.
        “Colonisation” of USA, Canada and Australia.
        AND who knows what else ?

        ADL……..Another Devious Lie ?

        I have heard there is a Top Secret report circulating in Israel suggesting a confusion on the part of the “joos” as to their genetic inheritance ?

    3. @-ANGRY YOUNG WOMAN, I followed the case of Jonathon Pollard very closely and wrote several articles about that traitor. May be you are too young to remember as your named indicates. Your Johnny boy was responsible for leaking names of US agents and giving enough top secret US info to fill a 6X6X10 foot room to Israel – for which he got a citizenship to that country. He was a traitor!

      Jonathon Pollard is a US citizen who was napped by the FBI outside the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C. in 1985 when he was trying to flee the country. Pollard was a former US Navy intelligence analyst who pleaded guilty to espionage and was sentenced to life imprisonment two years after his capture.

      Contrary to your claim that the espionage was carried out to help ” a small and vulnerable ally” better defend itself, Pentagon investigators believed that he was only motivated by money. Pollard reportedly offered to sell his information to other countries such as: Pakistan and then under apartheid South Africa.

      According to former CIA Director William Casey, Israel has traded the stolen information with the former Soviet Union in exchange for expedited emigration of more Russian Jews to Israel.

      It is no wonder why for the last quarter century, every Israeli Prime Minister and every major Jewish American organization in the U.S. have lobbied and pressured the White House for Pollard early release and or a pardon.

      Israel has repeatedly harmed US interests and is not an ally. Who can forget the Israeli assault on US Liberty in which 34 sailors were murdered and another 174 were maimed for life in international water.

      Pollard stole our nuclear secrets, sold them to Israel, and now Israel is using this extortion tactic to have him freed for the sake of continuing the peace process. That is what our “special relation ally” offers.

      Pollard stole top U.S. secrets, compromised our national security, and exposed the names of all US agents in the former Soviet Union. In stead setting him free, he should have been hung.

      1. Among secrets Pollard stole and sold to Israel were about the Arabian Nuclear Weapons program. Author Howard Blum mentions this in His work “The Gold of the Exodus”. According to his book, a certain American doctor living in (Saudi) Arabia at the time was missing for a few days. When he returned. he explained his absence to his wife by describing an unusual and quite secret patient. The doctor was flown to an undisclosed location in Arabia where a Chinese national, presumably an engineer, had one of his ears nearly severed by an accident. After treating the patient, he returned to Riyadh well paid and sworn to secrecy. His wife, however, worked at the US embassy and was overheard by a security officer during casual conversation with one of her co-workers discussing her husband’s absence and return. Naturally, the security service was interested in exactly what a Chinese national was assisting with… Pollard, by the way, initially offered to sell his secrets to Syria and other states (Pollard said something like “I’m a jew” as his ‘motivation’) but was turned down. Israel’s response, when learning of the new Arabian site from Pollard, was to send some jets to drop several slaughtered pig carcasses at the top secret site as a “gesture”, against the the considered advice of the highest ranking military persons and security authorities; some Israeli politicians do seem to let their primitive instincts get the better of their judgement, that is, if it was ever there to begin with. Back then the Arabians had enough money available to relocate the site without any trouble at all.

  4. LD (sidenote) : [….] First you nationalized everything, in effect confiscating the property of the goyim by turning it into state property; then you started “privatizing” everything, letting property pass into the hands of private Jewish corporations. Communism was simply a cunning device for transferring property from non-Jews to Jews. Note how well this took place in the time of Boris Yeltsin when much of the Soviet Union’s state property fell into the rapacious hands of a few Jewish oligarchs.

    In US, this has already happened. The farms that once belonged to private citizens now belong to major corporations. US Department of Agriculture for years have told farmers what they, could grow, what they could not grow, controlled production, placed them under further environmental scrutiny, harassed by newly previously undefined “wetlands” definitions for having a rain pond in the middle of a field, placing small private farms in jeopardy, many having to sell out. Mansanto and other corporations have purchased out private owners with vast legal teams, now control production, making their owners extremely wealthy. In essence, Animal Farm has occurred within US already.

    Understand this: if nationalization is the theft of private property, privatization is the theft of state property belonging in theory to everyone. “Each character in Animal Farm,” it has been noted correctly, “represents a figure in the Russian Revolution, the main pig Napoleon representing the powerful and evil Joseph Stalin.” [LD]

    Regarding state property, the US national parks and monuments are now under the authority of United Nations control. (See The National Center for Public Policy Research article, link: 1972 Treaty Grants the United Nations Control Over American Historical Landmarks.) We can thank these “pigs” who made changes to US law and policy through their puppet presidents, cabinet and Congressional surrogates. It will take many years to undo what has been done.

    1. @ GYÖRGY

      Well said, GYÖRGY! This is one of the most informative comments I have read on his site for a long time. Yes, the same things are going on in America today as went on in Stalin’s Soviet Union.

      Jewish capitalism by any other name.

      Let’s call this system of government a zio-grabocracy. It comes as no surprise to learn that over 50 per cent of the richest Americans, according to the Forbes List, are Jews. And yet Jews make up only 2 per cent of America’s population.

    2. Gyorgy –

      I have read the interesting piece you posted at numerous places over the years. I have been doing my own research in this area since the 1970s.

      The article by The National Center for Public Policy Research contains quite a few facts. The research was done by the NGO to garner donations. They get paid to conduct ‘busy work’ productions to throw us off the trail of other really pertinent facts.

      The ‘center’ never mentions the origins of the problems with land ownership in America…. The Doctrines of Discovery of 1455 and the others after that. Personal ownership of land by the serfs inhabiting it is a myth….. a carrot on a stick, to appease the good folks….. keep peace.

      They also never mention the 13,000 troops sent by President Washington to put down poor farmers making and selling whiskey in Western Pennsylvania and Ohio in 1794, for not paying taxes on it. Troops were provided by the governors of Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Washington rode at the head of an army with Robert E Lee’s father, to help Hamilton pay London Pharisee-Jew Bankers.

      Melissa Wiedbrauk wrote the article you posted in 2001, when she was a research associate with The National Center for Public Policy Research.

      The National Center for Public Policy Research is a Washington, D.C. think tank. An NGO.

      David Ridenour is President:

      The National Center for Public Policy Research is laden with Pharisee-Jews and CFR members at the heart of the NGO:


      The National Center for Public Policy Research was incorporated in Delaware in 1981 and opened its doors on February 2, 1982.

      It is a 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code.
      Its tax ID number is 52-1226614.

      Donations to The National Center and its projects are tax-deductible.

      Among those covering The National Center are the AP, UPI and Reuters, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report, ABC’s World News Tonight, NBC News, CBS News, ABC Radio News, Good Morning America, 20/20, C-Span, PBS, NPR, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and others.

      The ‘center’ brags that talk radio coverage has been particularly newsworthy, with coverage by industry leaders….
      Rush Limbaugh,
      Sean Hannity,
      Roger Hedgecock,
      Glenn Beck and many others.


      The National Center’s Project 21

      Elevating the profiles of conservative and moderate voices in the African-American community through an aggressive earned media campaign is the task of The National Center’s Project 21. Participants are regularly featured in national and regional media, advancing the causes of economic and social conservatism while supporting new leaders within the black community.

      Here is a partial bio of one National Center Distinguished Fellow there who is not a Pharisee-Jew, but is a Negro member of the CFR and Georgetown and NYU graduate:

      –Deroy Murdock is a Fox News Contributor whose political commentary also has aired on ABC’s Nightline, NBC Nightly News, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, other television news channels, and numerous radio outlets.
      Murdock is also a Senior Fellow with the Atlas Network in Washington, D.C. and a former Media Fellow with the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University.
      He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
      Murdock interned for Senator Orrin Hatch between 1982 and 1985 and then-U.S. Senator Pete Wilson in summer 1984. Murdock was a communications consultant with Forbes 2000, the White House bid of publisher Steve Forbes.

  5. I agree completely with LD’s comment that US and Britain “…are now firmly under Jewish control, as is the European Union (EU).”

    More to the point, to know who is subservient to whom….
    …… just follow the money. Always…!!

    We all know, that the one who signs the paycheck…..
    …… is called “THE BOSS.” 🙂

    The business center of the world is London and not the US. The US marketplace is a subsidiary of London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers.

    Here is just one example:

    London Stock Exchange Group Plc Chief Executive Officer, Xavier Rolet, stated that in 2015 there were 320 TRILLION EURO-denominated value’s worth of transactions cleared in London. That is $360 TRILLION USD…!!!

    Clearinghouses are designed to prevent a default from spiraling out of control. They do that by holding collateral and monitoring risks. A clearing house, sits in the middle of a trade assuming the counterparty risk involved when two parties trade guaranteeing the settlement of the trade.

    London’s …. LCH Clearnet:

    LCH Clearnet clears over 85% of the global interest rate swap market, and is the largest clearinghouse in the world, providing services across 13 government debt markets. LCH Clearnet’s members comprise a large number of the major financial groups including almost all of the major investment banks, broker dealers and international commodity houses.

    London Clearing House(LCH) was established in 1888.
    In 1980 LCH was purchased by a consortium of six British Banks.

    Paris based Clearnet was established in 1969.

    In 2003 LCH Clearnet Group was formed following the merger of the London Clearing House and Clearnet SA of Paris.

    In 2012 the London Stock Exchange acquired a 60% stake in LCH Clearnet.

    Also in 2012 LCH Clearnet acquired sole ownership of International Derivatives Clearing Group, LLC from the NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc.

    So, IDCG became a U.S. subsidiary of LCH Clearnet, reinforcing LCH Clearnet’s presence in the U.S. marketplace. It already operated Interest Rate Swap(IRS) clearing through its SwapClear service.

    LCH Clearnet is a European-based independent clearing house that serves major international exchanges, as well as a range of OTC markets. It clears the seventeen major currencies globally.

    London Stock Exchange Group(LSEG) Report in 2015; much given in 100s of Trillions of EUROs:

    1. **BTW – 100,000 big paying jobs at risk in London…!!!

      Xavier Rolet, the chief executive of the London Stock Exchange, said that a minimum of 100,000 jobs in the UK’s financial sector could be at risk once the UK eventually leaves the European Union.

      Rolet said that the UK’s decision to leave the European Union could push the clearing of euro-denominated  financial products to New York. The euro clearing market is huge, handling some $570bn of derivatives every day, and LSE is a key player because it controls LCH, which is the world’s biggest clearinghouse.

  6. ADMIN: Post rescued from Spam.


    Are these the “Jews” you support:

    I have many more like that type of TRUTH link so you CAN definitely add me to your list of “ANT-Khazarian, FALSE Zionist Jews” list for the JDL and Mossad etc., BUT I have a CAVEAT. Since I do support Palestinians. who are TRUE SEMITES, I guess I cannot be considered “anti-semitic”…sorry about that.

    You are a PHONY. mistress

  7. @Angry Young Women and any posters here who take her seriously enough to reply to…phooey…fakes and phonies…where is TROJ when you need him? I would love to spew over this charade but lack the humor and temperance often exhibited by TROJ.

    1. @ Karen

      I have checked and there is nothing by TROJ today. Usually he sends in over 20 long off-topic comments every day but he sometimes disappears at weekends. We can only guess where he goes to at these times.

  8. Hits must be drastically dropping (daily stormer?) to resort to such LAMENESS as ‘angry young woman’. If you want to liven it up around here, trust me, that’s not the way to go….yawn

  9. So much about the murky past of the Jew spies, betrayers of benefactors (according to Dante, the worst of the worst sinners, sharing the hell’s epicenter bullseye with iscariot and Lucifer) and well poisoners

    (She eventually married Earl Browder, chairman of the CPUSA, the American Communist Party)

    Don’t know how many of you spotted this one.
    His grandson is William Browder, the favorite source of disinfo to those eager to slander Vladimir Putin, eg, Putin’s net-worth is $200 billion says Russia’s once largest foreigner investor (in an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, another one to be trusted implicitly)

    As you can see, the game of lies, hypocrisy and treason not only continues but it does so at an ever accelerated pace aided by MSM (British Betrayal Corporation’s anus licking article on Browder) and government shabbos (Jew lawyer Magnitsky Act to crucify Putin)
    from BBC’s fawning puke-a-thon:

    William Browder is trying to hold to account Russians who he claims are responsible for the death of his lawyer, and US officials have drawn up a blacklist of those said to have been involved in the case.

    Browder pushed people in Washington to support a bill, the Magnitsky Act, that was signed into law in December 2012. It featured a list of 18 individuals, including three from Russia’s interior ministry. Magnitsky’s List, as it is known, includes people “who signed the documents”, claimed Browder, that led to the lawyer’s imprisonment and death.

    The US government will deny visas to these individuals, if they request one, as well as freeze assets in the US.

    Browder’s pursuit of justice is both idealistic and single-minded. [idealism before money, as with all jews, especially if it involves killing Amalek, Christians and the like]

    As he spoke, he was having breakfast in a Washington hotel. The sun, glinting off the Potomac River, filled the room. Browder, 49, has hazel eyes, and he looked tanned and fit.

    He describes himself as “this weird mix of human-rights activist and hedge-fund manager”. [just like Soros] He also has Dostoevskyean intensity. [all jews are intense geniuses, a well known fact but must be repeated like AMEN]

    “The illness of Russian evil has plagued me,” he said, describing how Magnitsky’s death has affected him.
    [a TORTURED genius, no less]

    this alone should wake you up to the fact that Putin is the globe’s greatest obstacle to jew project.

    (if they did lean a bit heavily on Magnitsky, i hope they squeezed some valuable stuff out of him, something to make the Jew wonder just how much)

    1. Lobro –

      Russia’s Putin..?? Good guy..?? Obstacle..??

      Better ask France. 🙂

      Russia, Syria accused of ‘war crimes’ in Aleppo bombardment

      France has accused Moscow and Damascus of “war crimes” in Aleppo, comparing Russian and Syrian air raids on Syria to Sarajevo during the Bosnian war, and to the carpet bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War.

      At an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to demand Russia rein in its ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and halt intense air strikes, French Ambassador François Delattre accused Moscow and Damascus of using the failed ceasefire as a “smokescreen” to push forward their military ambitions.

      “War crimes are being committed in Aleppo, notably with the use of incendiary bombs and other advanced weapons,” he said.

      US Ambassador Samantha Power said at the Sunday session said what Russia was doing in Aleppo was “not counter-terrorism, it is barbarism”.

      1. @Pat

        I want the SAA and its allies to defeat the headchoppers. The US, France and other ZOGs are funding, training and supplying the headchoppers. So much for France24 and the likes of Samantha Powers 😀

        If Russia is a ZOG, it has yet to reveal its full role in the Syrian conflict (e.g. forcing the Syrians to accept a Zionist partition). In the meantime, keep killing the headchoppers please.

      2. Flopot –

        Not to worry. Russia – France – US – NATO… all big buddies. 🙂

        The creation of Airbus Group Innovations-Russia at the Moscow region’s Skolkovo high-tech hub was a natural progression in the growth and strengthening of the company’s relationships with Russian RT&D partners.

        In the domain of aerospace technology, Airbus Group considers Russia as a technological partner country equivalent to North America or Western Europe. At the same time, the dynamism surrounding the creation of high-technology goods and services in Russia is more comparable developing nations such as Brazil and India. [-BRICS-]

        Airbus Group seeks to derive more technological value for both itself and its Russian partners through Airbus Group Innovations-Russia at Skolkovo. This operation facilitates cooperation with Russian third parties of strategic interest to Airbus Group, enhances the overall value of the company’s research and technology (R&T) work performed in Russia, and ultimately increases the level of high technology goods and services procured in the country by Airbus Group.

        A joint venture milestone
        The first major milestone in Airbus Group’s relationship with Skolkovo was achieved through an agreement signed in December 2010 by the DATADVANCE software joint venture between Airbus Group and Russian investors. It was followed by the Airbus Group’s decision to establish its Russian research and development centre at Skolkovo.–The-Centre-of-Innovation-in-Russia.html

      3. @Pat

        No problem. So long as burgeoning economic ties do not hinder the SAA’s fight back against the headchoppers. When Russia makes another explicit pro-ZOG move in Syria, I’ll be here to point it out. Meantime, I’ll ignore anything that suggests there is any substance to a Samantha Powers quote (lol); and France24 quietly rests with the BBC in the graveyard of my former viewing habits.

      4. Flopot –

        It will not stop….

        The prolonged fight against the Pharisee-Jew invented headchoppers is the fuel for the ‘debt-money’ fire… for Russia, US, London, NATO, Syria… etc. Business as usual. On again, off again… replenish and resume the fight. When that one dwindles in a decade or so…. on to Yemen and Somalia for the 21st century upgrades needed there. 🙂

      5. Nevertheless, the SAA and its allies have to fight these Zionist creations; and we must support them. If everything is a Zio-trap then these fights cannot be avoided in any case. The extent of Russia’s control by the Zionists will eventually be revealed in the Syrian theatre (e.g. imposing a Rothschild bank on the Syrians). If you don’t give into despair and cynicism, you’ll be alright.

      6. “Samantha Power”, you mean Sam Power, don’t you? A drag queen if ever there was one. Take a look at that face, and those hands. This entity is up to his slitty eyeballs with the rest of the shitbags runnin’ this world

        A nice tie-in, actually, to my post below.

      7. Samantha Powers’ husband is Cass Sunstein.
        In the updated Devil’s Dictionary, above the caption “neo-Bolshevik commie”
        is a picture of Cass Sunstein.

      8. Flopot, see here
        I posted this on the “Putin thread”.

        And Pat, i don’t quite follow your logic: when Jew cries the blues about “Putin’s war crimes”, do you cry along?

        US Ambassador Samantha Power said at the Sunday session said what Russia was doing in Aleppo was “not counter-terrorism, it is barbarism”.

        This prompted your reaction of

        Russia’s Putin..?? Good guy..?? Obstacle..??
        Better ask France. ?

        Why not cut to the chase, it is obviously building up to HOLOCAUST, 6 million caliphate mercs gassed, send donations to “Save the Taqfiris” fund run by Cass Sustein.

        So I guess you proved your point, Putin is not a good guy, Putin is a bad guy because Jew says so.
        Well, let’s all get on the side of Jew and against Putin, end of discussion.

      9. @Lobro

        Pat jumped the shark by quoting Samantha Power and he knows it. Interesting aside: I’m noticing some supposed impartial “altmedia” becoming more and more shrill in their anti-Putin articles (see Brandon Martinez and Non-Aligned Media). I find that very suspicious.

        I am always criticizing Putin and the Russian regime but only because so much hope is being pinned on him; and because I am aware of the Jewish propensity to setup a controlled opposition (much like the fake East vs West of the 20th Century), I will always probe Putin and the Russians. This scepticism probably becomes cynicism but I don’t want to be fooled by the Jews ever again.

        That is why Pat’s outlook is so important. I hope he is completely wrong; but I expect he may be right. The Jews simply have so much power with their access to magic money and their flair for brainf**king.

      10. @LOBRO

        PS You’re right — expect a media campaign to prevent the genocide of innocent head-choppers…sorry I mean innocent armed, drug-addled mercenaries who for some reason are in Syria, in the tens of thousands. The poor souls 😉

      11. Lobro –

        No logic to follow. I am not a paid consultant… 🙂

        Flopot –

        You’re onto me. I like to watch the rodeo, as well as ride.. 🙂

      12. Pat
        Russia’s Putin…..Good Guy….

        Russia asked the US in, I believe March/April to separate Al Qaeda etc from the “moderate” rebels.
        US has failed to do this.

        30 FOR-REIGN intelligence officers…Israeli, US, UK, Saudi, Qatari, Turkish….were killed in Russia’s Caliber missile attack in Aleppo.
        Officers were said to have been in the Aleppo Operations Room – DIRECTING TERRORIST ATTACKS IN ALEPPO & IDLIB.

        It would appear that ISIS…I$RAELI Secret Intelligence ser-VICE… working “hand in glove” in Syria with the Armed Forces of the West ?

        Are Russia and Iran simply expected to adopt the role of SPECTATORS ?

      13. Jewish propensity to setup a controlled opposition
        quite so, Flopot.
        but let’s take it a step further.
        if you were the A-team jewboy, how far would you go to set up the opposition scam?
        Let me tell you what I would do.
        In any such venture, you start hitting the point of diminishing returns, when you invest a lot for a dubious result, e.g., trying to win over a dozen extremely suspicious, Jew-wise, informed targets, likely “antisemites”.
        Your song+dance must be extremely well choreographed, sophisticated and professional, e.g., like the putative fake moon shot by very talented Kubrick.
        Meanwhile, the other 99.9999% were convinced ages ago.
        As the top level Puppeteer, I would’ve called it a day as soon I had that 99% of low hanging fruit secured.

        The antiputinists are insistent that it is exactly this incredibly elaborate, expensive and wasteful charade that is being arranged exclusively for the benefit of a dozen or so Darkmoonies.

      14. @LOBRO

        And if Russia is a ZOG then we will eventually see some of your “A-Team Jew boys” coming onto Darkmoon attempting to justify the partition of Syria; the imposition of a Rothschild bank onto Syria; and the praising of the great, grand, democratic Syrian Kurdish freedom fighters who deserve their own state on the corpse of a betrayed and destroyed Syrian state.

        I’m just trying to pre-empt any wankers, the “A-Team Jew Boys” you allude to, who might be planning on spreading such propaganda. Like I said, that’s one of my benchmarks for judging Russia — the preservation of Syria’s unity and independence.

        PS I’m not worried about the rabid antiputinists — they seem to give themselves away with increasingly ludicrous accusations. The fate of all trolls is they eventually breach what I call the “ludicrous threshold”. They can’t help it; like a criminal who wants to get caught.

      15. @ADMIN

        Oops. Apologies for the non-edited rude word — I’m getting agitated and thus getting sloppy with the editing.

      16. Flopot said he expects Pat may be right, but right about WHAT, aside from those areas where I’ve indicated we’re both in agreement – those actions of his which give only the APPEARANCE of his being completely on board with the pharisaic grip

        What say you Pat, to these Lady of Fatima videos indicating Putin’s call for the Russian people to return to their TRUE Christian roots?

        You’re still holding out that Putin may simply be playing lip service to everything, which would assign a degree of cynicism to him that in turn assigns to YOU a form of cynicism borne of your general across-the-board distrust of national leaders just BECAUSE they are in that position.

        No exceptions to the rule, eh?

  10. Britain’s Pharisee-Jew communist traitors have control of the judiciary in UK and USA.

    This timely article has swerved into the – LACK OF – actual ‘private property ownership by inhabitants’ in the USA. Property deeds and titles are Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ tricks.

    The myths of land ownership today are obvious when reading SCOTUS decisions. Kelo v City of New London(2005) is just one.

    ‘Kelo’ is a case where the state and local government administrators acted through the New London Development Corporation(NLDC), a private nonprofit organization – NGO – established to aid the city with development planning, crushing Suzette Kelo and her family. The property was even a “Historical Landmark” in the city:

    Dr Jones mentions others below.

    From E Michael Jones And The Slaughter Of Cities To Their Destruction.


    But you say that you were told that Blight removal was the real purpose[of Urban Renewal]. Nonsense. Dr Jones explained in the video the  Supreme Court decision on Blight. A man whose store was in the path of an urban planner appealed all the way to the highest court. The opposing lawyers agreed that the man’s store was not part of the neighboring Blight. They said the Urban Planners just needed his location to build a grand project.  The Supreme Court agreed with the Social Engineers. Urban Renewal has never been about increasing housing for the poor or removing Blight. It has always been about ethnic cleansing and making money for campaign contributors.

    Sargent Shriver was President Kennedy’s brother-in-law. Under President Johnson Shriver was the first head the OEO ( Office of Economic Opportunity). Jones said in the video that Shriver gave a million dollars to a gang of black street thugs known then as the Blackstone Rangers. Later they changed their name to Black P Stone Nation amongst others. Jones was of the opinion that those thugs were hired by the federal government to ethnically cleanse the south side of Chicago. The goal was to force the ethnic minorities to move to the suburbs and marry out into other groups. The schools and Hollywood could combine to turn the masses into obedient, homogenized little citizens.

    Of course there is money to be made at HUD. On March 22, 2000 Susan Gaffney, Inspector General of Housing and Urban Development, testified before the US House of Representatives that she had to adjust the books 284 times and write off 77.2 billion dollars for the fiscal years 1998 and 1999. That is a lot of taxpayer money that just sort of disappeared.


    Related Articles:
    The Babylonian kings discovered thousands of years ago that Debt Cancellation to be the best way to end a Depression. This article explains that:

    Debt Cancellation Is The Best Way To Take Down Bilderberg

  11. And yet not one mention of the Queen Bee hovering over all her little subjects

    She even TOLD all you silly Brits that she wasn’t a human being. Is it because the portent of this is so monstrous that you don’t want to look at it?

    I remember scolding Sardonicus a few months back for saying the Queen would be smart to flee England in the face of the wave of immigrants/war refugees inundating Britain. Well DUH! Who the hell do you suppose she really is, hmmmm?

    A hint: she’s a perfect example of what I’ve been calling “esoteric jew” – a non-human entity with just enough human DNA to give the APPEARANCE of being human. And with a proper reading of scripture Christ clearly indicates this in Matthew 13:37-43

    I’ll be posting something on this soon


      I assume you are referring to …SLAG HASH Liz…..from the biggest Council house in the UK ?
      It might not be safe for her to flee at the moment as there is a….WARRANT out for her arrest.
      She and the “Puke” apparently invited a number of Indigenous Canadian children on a PICK-NIK.
      The children were never seen again.

      There is also a warrant out for Cameron, apparently.

      Greg Hallett is dishing the dirt on the IMPOSTER not of mankind ILLEGAL ALIEN NEANDERTHAL “royals”.

      Queen Victoria’s sleeping partner was apparently LIARnel NATHAN RATschild as Prince Albert was not “up to the job”.
      His “interests” lay elsewhere.
      Prince Alberts death was said to have been “hastened”.
      He was suffering from a cold but as the “royal” children were growing up it was starting to become apparent that the “offspring” bore little or, no resemblance to their “papa” so Albert was assisted into the hereafter or, so Greg Hallett says.

  12. Matthew 13:37-43

    from 37: “…he that soweth the good seed is the Son of Man.”

    Based on my own understanding, the “good seed” is a literal reference to the human component within the genomes of most Beings populating Planet Earth.

    38: “The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one”

    The “tares” indicate the spawning of non-human psychopathic entities (and with just enough human DNA to APPEAR as human; esoteric jew) who have infiltrated and corrupted humanity for thousands of years


    39: “the enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels”

    40: “as therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire, so shall it be in the end of this world”

    41: “the Son of Man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity”

    42: “and shall cast them into a furnace of fire; there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth”

    From these verses 39-42, the “end of the world” could be re-worded to read, “the end of this CONDITION in the world which has plagued it since time immemorial by removing the satanic spawn; the “iniquitous weeds” from the “field of human grain”

    Identifying the “angels” who will do the reaping and the nature of the “fire” that will cause the death throes of the “wailing tares” is of course wide open to speculation

    43: “then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father, who hath ears to hear, let him hear.”

    This portrays the aftermath of the parasite’s demise

    1. @ Brownhawk

      And “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” – Matthew 5:5 goes right along with Matthew 13:43 that you quoted.

      Those that believe the “rapture doctrine” lie do not seem to understand that, unless they are part of the ones “left behind,” they are headed for the furnace at the end of (((this))) world.

      1. Ungenius

        What I like about darkmoon is the back and forth between posters that can build a better understanding of certain things. Especially with what we both believe are matters of great import.

        Your post allowed me to complete thoughts about the nature of “fire” in this scriptural context.

        Those with NO “ears to hear” are the doomed psychopaths for whom the “fire” will serve to obliterate their singularity of Consciousness – its dark energy to be transmuted within the Source; the pure light.

        Those who have ears to hear but DON’T hear will retain that singularity wherein the “fire” won’t destroy, per se, but instead it will be an agent of “re-forging”. This would mean a Being doesn’t get anywhere in their spiritual growth, they’ll simply be subject to the same dark forces which have ruled us for so long, only somewhere else once the transition HERE is complete.

        Those who have ears to hear and DO hear will then experience in an altered setting , but may have to reincarnate one last time in order to GET to it

    2. 7th time of posting this “THOUGHT”

      I can only imagine the YELLOW-BELLIED “elites” are AFRAID of mere words ?

      The “tares” indicate the spawning of non-human psychopathic entities (and with just enough human DNA to APPEAR as human; esoteric jew) who have infiltrated and corrupted humanity for thousands of years.

      Elites…is an……ANAGRAM….of…..SET Lie.

      The ‘Temple of SET’ (SATAN) is “apparently” the branch of REPTILES that INVADED Earth.

  13. Lol. These are exactly the same sort of threats Israel made to European countries and, lo and behold, the “terrorist” events did happen as predicted. Only an idiot would fail to see this as anything other than a threat…

    Continuous violence in Syria provokes extremism and could undermine Russia’s security, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters on Monday.

    …or it is more international kabuki. This is why I really, really hate the Jewish World Order — you cannot be sure of anything. I hate it.

  14. And lets not overlook why these Jews had to flee Germany and Austria. Most Jews were viewed as potential traitors unless they had served honorably in the German army during WW I and this was because Jews played a major role in losing WW I for Germany. German Jews (Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and others) organized major riots and uprisings in Germany during WW I and others wrote anti-German articles and books portraying Germany as the guilty country. Of course this works well for the allies who claim that these people were “anti-war” when in reality they were anti-German. Both England and France declared war on Germany forcing Germany into WW I. On top of that, the intense hate propaganda coming from Jews abroad in the 1930’s, calling for a war against Germany and “Hitler” and Zionist leader and close confidant of Winston Churchill, Chaim Weizmann stating that in a war against Germany every Jew in the world would support the British certainly played a role in Germany’s decision to arrest and quarantine all Jews.

    This is another aspect that played a crucial role in WW I. German Jews (including those in the USA) crucial role in the “Balfour Declaration” and dragging the US into WW I on the British side in return for the promise from Britain to give the Jews Palestine.

    Jewish Propaganda –

    In early 1938 the Polish ambassador to the US, Jerzy Potocki reported back to Warsaw on his observations of the American political scene:

    The pressure of the Jews on President Roosevelt and on the State Department is becoming ever more powerful… The Jews are right now the leaders in creating a war psychosis which would plunge the entire world into war and bring about general catastrophe. This mood is becoming more and more apparent. In their definition of democratic states, the Jews have also created real chaos; they have mixed together the idea of democracy and communism, and have above all raised the banner of burning hatred against Nazism.

    This hatred has become a frenzy. It is propagated everywhere and by every means: in theaters, in the cinema, and in the press. The Germans are portrayed as a nation living under the arrogance of Hitler which wants to conquer the whole world and drown all of humanity in an ocean of blood. In conversations with Jewish press representatives, I have repeatedly come up against the inexorable and convinced view that war is inevitable. This international Jewry exploits every means of propaganda to oppose any tendency towards any kind of consolidation and understanding between nations. In this way, the conviction is growing steadily but surely in public opinion here that the Germans and their satellites, in the form of fascism, are enemies who must be subdued by the ‘democratic world.’ (February 9) 32

    On January 12, 1939 Ambassador Potocki reported back to Warsaw:

    The feeling now prevailing in the United States is marked by a growing hatred of Fascism and, above all, of Chancellor Hitler and everything connected with Nazism. Propaganda is mostly in the hands of the Jews, who control almost 100 percent radio, film, daily and periodical press. Although this propaganda is extremely coarse and presents Germany as black as possible—above all religious persecution and concentration camps are exploited—this propaganda is nevertheless extremely effective, since the public here is completely ignorant and knows nothing of the situation in Europe. …

    The Jews backroom dealing and backstabbing has paid off very well for them on one hand and has made them the arch enemy of countries they’ve betrayed and cost them dearly on the other hand.

  15. LD (sidenote) : George Orwell based his novel “Animal Farm” on Stalin’s Soviet Union which he detested. He had started, like so many others dupes, in believing that socialism and communism were pretty much the same thing. He was to be cruelly disillusioned as he came to realize that communism was a Jewish plot to co-opt socialism, i.e., that it was in fact Jewish capitalism by the back door.

    Here is a short video by a former Jew now Orthodox, explaining Animal Farm:

    RJN: Animal Farm For Modern Man

    1. Gyorgy –

      I have watched Brer Nat many many times over the years. Hypocrisy is embedded throughout his flicks.

      I would be curious to see how Nat would portray Putin’s increasing business with Israel.

      This is an example of Putin purchasing drones, helicopters and satellites from Israel:

      “In the presence of the Minister of Industry of Russia, Israel Aerospace Industries’ CEO and the Director-General of Russia’s Oboronprom Corporation have signed an agreement for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).”

      This Israeli company – Israel Aerospace Industries – has an office in Russia at the Business Center “Marine House” in Moscow.

      Russia Office:
      Бизнес центр «Морской Дом»

  16. Pat :

    Do you agree with Hillary that pooteen is interfering in the current presidential election campaign in the United States in order to get drumpf elected? What say you, Pat, about pooteen interfering in the American presidential election campaign in order to get drumpf installed in the white house?

    1. TROJ –

      Putin has no effect. He get marching orders…. does as directed.

      London’s Pharisee-Jew bankers have already (S)elected the prez of US for the next 4 or 5 election cycles…. just as they have (S)elected Putin for several more terms. 🙂

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