Canada: The New Sodom and Gomorrah?

By Arthur Topham

S & G

On May 17th, 2016, a day recognized by the federal government as “International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia”, an edict emanated forth from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office (PMO) stating that the Liberal government was planning to make additional changes to the “Hate Propaganda” laws (Sections 318 to 320) of the Criminal Code of Canada in order to “protect” the nation’s sexually deviant members.

The unabashed and strident manner in which the federal government is pushing forward with its controversial agenda of planned perversion and subversion of Canadian society (under the guise of supposed “human rights” for sexual aberrants) is an issue fraught with deep and troubling concern, not only those Canadians of the Christian faith who prefer to rely upon the eternal wisdom of God and Nature but also for millions of other citizens whose moral standards won’t permit them to accept the subversive and sinister hidden aim within the government’s mandate to criminalize public dissent and discussion on moral, ethical and health standards affecting the nation as a whole.

In the words of the PM, “To do its part, the Government of Canada today will introduce legislation that will help ensure transgender and other gender-diverse people can live according to their gender identity, free from discrimination, and protected from hate propaganda and hate crimes.”

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43 thoughts to “Canada: The New Sodom and Gomorrah?”

  1. I think Noor’s comment on Arthur’s site sums it up for me:

    “What alarms me is that all the millenials I know, and I do know plenty, think this is GREAT!

    I feel so goddam old fashioned to try to discuss morality with them in these issues. The deal is done with these young adults… they corruption of the past few decades has taken hold, even if they are fine young folks leading exemplary lives. That they are pleased about it is enough to make me weep….

    They really DO buy the claptrap.”

    The younger generations are utterly oblivious to morality, abnormality and natural behaviour. Their mantra is “If two people love one another what does it matter what they do?” The very fact that acceptance of LGBT is being force down out throats, proves overall that it’s certainly not right. However, the younger generations are utterly indoctrinated and brainwashed courtesy of the hundreds of LGBT peoples, who dominate the world of celebrity within film, TV, radio, music and sports. And there are even more non celebrities who work within those industries. The heart of Britain’s film and music industry, for example, is in the heart of London’s homosexual village – Soho.

      1. Adam,

        I agree but then I also see the reality of how easily parents lost control of their children to the state.

        Here in the UK, it’s a virtual impossibility for people to bring up children on one income. Private rent is far too much so the banks get people into debt through mortgages. One cock up and you lose your house AND all the money paid towards your mortgage. This needs to change drastically. Society is controlled through debt. Added to that is feminism which has been on the go since the 60’s, so many women do not want to stay at home and be mothers. They’d rather hire a nanny and work. They see this as perfectly natural in today’s day of ‘equality’ between the sexes.

        So the resulting factor here is the state gets junior from the age of two onwards, where the heavy indoctrination begins. When I was younger, teacher taught. Teacher didn’t involve him/herself with the child’s life or upbringing. On the contrary, it’s very much the opposite today. Now added to that is more cultural Marxism within the school. Children today are taught to be part of the group, to work together as a group. Therefore, this brings out NO individuals and leaders, just as the plan is. This continues into tertiary education and the workplace.

        The state, here in the UK anyway, has 100% access to your home whenever it wants. If it feels a child is being abused, then in come the social workers and they take away junior, who’s dumped into the care system and abused. What’s happened here again is control by the minority over the majority. Because a tiny minority of children are abused by their families, they institute legislation to give social workers unrestricted access to your family. They decide how you raise your child, not you. And woe betide any father who tries to lecture their child on the wrongs of LGBT. Should the child go to school and tell the teacher, you’ll be guaranteed a visit from the police and the social workers.

        I agree with you that parents have failed, but those who want to bring children up the right way are constantly fighting against the state. I blame it on allowing the state to get powerful. And that’s coming about by firstly giving women the vote and secondly, by voting full stop. The minute you allow another to govern your life is the minute you become a slave.

  2. I wouldn’t worry about this “planned perversion” in Canada if i were a bona-fide Darkmooner, for I fully well know when the next time the SUN eclipses the Moon completely, the next time there’s a TOTAL Eclipse of the Moon, and the Moon is Entirely Black and Dark, then Lasha will take off her Blue Veil — in the privacy of Her boudoir of course — and don Her Black mourning veil and go down to her local cemetery to do a Sacred Invocation Unto the Goddess Lasha Loves, Worships, and Adores, the jew kabbalah Goddess Lilith, Goddess of PLANNED PERVERSION.

    And then Lasha’s precious and beloved and sacred jew Goddess of PLANNED PERVERSION will put an end to the PLANNED PERVERSION in Canada, and this will happen during the next TOTAL ECLIPSE of Our Mother Moon by Our GOD FATHER THE SUN and a few seconds after Lasha, wandering around the tombs in the black dark Murk communicating with the zombie living-dead in Limbo land, does a Sacred Dark Side of The Moon Invocation to her Sacred jew Goddess of PLANNED PERVERSION, the jew Goddess Lilith.

    1. troj
      do you think trump is a real patriot ,white nationalist or just a phony clown employed by the cabals to give the sheeple a false hope.
      remember that I am not against the Jews as people ,they are victimized as anybody else by the criminally insane zionists and their ilk


        I don’t think Trump is a phony clown. I think he’s for real. NO, he’s NOT a “white nationalist” and he’s NOT exactly a “conservative”. On cultural issues, he’s quite liberal. He’s a patriot in the sense he doesn’t want the United States subsumed into the New World Order. He has some patriotism in his heart and he’s the only one around who wants to rebuild and restore America’s industry, which the U.S. desperately needs. He’s not the intense warmonger all the rest of ’em in both parties are. He’s not too keen with the Federal Reserve, he wants an audit of the Federal Reserve System. He wants a more common sense immigration policy. He doesn’t want the U.S. to be wide-open to Islamic terrorists/jihadists. He doesn’t want for the United States what’s happening now in Europe vis-a-vis Muslim immigration — the only one around who wants a change in immigration policy and the only one around who’s concerned about the U.S. getting flooded with islamic Muslim Brotherhood Jihadists. He doesn’t want Uncle Sam connected with Islamic terrorist groups [ as Uncle Sam now bankrolls, supplies, and provides logistics to Islamic terrorists/Jihadists . As we all know, Uncle Sam and Israel own and control Islamic Jihadists groups.]. Trump is the only one around against it. He also does NOT war against Russia.

        If he were employed by the cabal, the big shots in The Establishment would not be calling out for his assassination and not paying low level violent negro brutes to produce hip-hop rap music — if you can call it music — rap “music” calling out to all the criminals in the United States, “please, someone kill him”. It’s disgusting, disgusting to the core. The enormous intensity of the hatred against Trump emanating out of Washington, Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and from all the Halls of Power in the United States AGAINST Trump makes it clear he’s not controlled opposition, not employed by the cabals.

        If he were employed by the cabals to be a controlled opposition candidate, Yes, the cabals would be opposed to him, but it would be for show purposes, the cabals opposition to Trump would NOT be so deeply full of hatred as to actually call out for Trump’s assassination. If he was truly controlled opposition and truly employed by the cabals, then the cabals would NOT want their controlled opposition agent assassinated. But they do want Trump assassinated.

        Trump’s campaign platform points are very common sense points. Common sense points that have some patriotic loyalty. This does NOT mean, if Trump wins, he will succeed in getting all of his campaign platform points passed into law. He will be going up against very intense deeply embedded Establishment interests and they will fight him tooth and nail every inch of the way and use every trick in the book, both legal tricks and illegal tricks to stymie Trump every where he turns, in everything he wants to do. But at least we’ll have someone in the White House who will fight back and will not roll over and play dead.

        While it’s true he has a lot of Jews around him. The situation is not so cut-and-dry as to come to the conclusion he’s controlled opposition because he has a lot of Jews around him. The ZOG NWO Establishment wants to bring down the United States totally. While this NWO agenda may benefit some very wealthy Jews at the very top of the pyramid, bringing down the United States will also destroy a lot of wealthy Jews [ as well as upper middle-class Jews, middle-class Jews, working-class Jews] and they will be left with nothing. I don’t think the Jews around Trump are the type of Jews who see if the USA goes down, they will going down also. Hard to believe all the Jews in the United States want to see the USA brought down totally. They have TOO much at stake to want to see the United States to go down completely. If the USA goes down completely, so will most Jews in the USA be going down real hard.The very wealthiest ones will benefit, but the great majority will NOT benefit, Not at all, the great majority of Jews will be going down if the USA goes down. I think the Jews who support Trump fully well know it.

        We can’t, on one hand, say the Jews are very smart, and then on the other hand, say they want to see the United States destroyed whereby the majority of Jews in the USA will be taking it on the chin real hard. For if that’s the case, then they are NOT smart. “Taking it on the chin” here means financially, socially, culturally. I don’t mean by “taking it on the chin” any kind of Nazi reaction against the Jews ; I don’t think that would ever happen in the United States. Long story, but it has to do with the history of the country and a lot of cultural issues.

        If I’m wrong , if my assertions in the above two paragraphs are wrong, and the Jews as a collective whole do support the bringing down of the United States, than NO, they are not smart, not intelligent, not too bright. I leave open the possibility that may be the case.The above two paragraphs is not exactly anything one can prove objectively. The above two paragraphs reflect what I sense is going on, what I intuit. Doesn’t necessarily mean I’m correct. It’s just a feeling I get from what’s going on. Sometimes we only speculate. The above two paragraphs is my speculation on the matter. If you disagree, please be respectful to me. I’m not saying my assertions are the absolute truth here. Just speculating. My speculation , though, is legitimate, as it includes logic and common sense. Again, I can still be off the mark. If I am, it’s not on purpose, with the goal to “fool” anyone.

        Back To Trump : If he were owned by the Establishment cabal and if he were the cabal’s controlled opposition candidate they would NOT be calling out to have their controlled opposition agent/operative assassinated, but they do very much want Trump out of the picture. Even if it means an assassination. The Cabal is calling out to ALL the criminals in the United States : “Will someone please kill Trump”. The cabal would NOT be doing this if the cabal owned Trump and if Trump was one of the cabal.

        The Jews who are victimized in all of this are not exactly innocent and pure as snow. They set themselves up to be victims by supporting agendas that have short term profit/benefits for them, too blind to see the long term results of the agendas they support. In that, they are no different than the Christians or any other group. Most people from all groups will support agendas which give them short term profits/benefits, TOO blind to see what the ultimate long term results will be. Many times, the blindness is willful. Knowing what the ultimate long term result will be, knowing it will not be too good, but supporting short term profits/benefits in spite of the knowing. Conveniently pretending one doesn’t know what the long term result will be. This is human nature, and the majority in all groups, including Jews, are like this. This is NOT “innocence”, this is NOT being “innocent victims”.

      2. Uncle :

        Where’s my reply to VOICES FROM THE WILDERNESS. VFTW will think I’m rude for not replying to him — but I did send in a reply to VFTW as you fully well know. And as you fully well know, my reply was an intelligent Fact-Based Truthful reply, so where is it, my intelligent reply?

        What Spamblinka camp did you ship it off to? And what exactly is “wrong” with my intelligent reply that Your Majestic Moderatorhood has so Royally deemed it unfit to print?

        1. TROJ —

          I’ve just OK’d your comment to ‘Voices from the Wilderness’ without reading it. Stop writing such long posts. I’ve told you repeatedly, if you want your comments to be posted KEEP THEM SHORT!!!

      3. They are counting on you “not being against the Jews as people” and yes of course they are victimized, they’ve been victimized for the past 2000 years, which is why they control money, media and your brain. Zionism is just another step in the plan laid out in the Torah. If it’s an ism the Jew is behind it.

    2. TROJ –

      You asked me before if Newt would be Trump’s VP.

      Sunday, Newt used these words to describe Trump’s speech habits:

      “Silly – destructive – mistaken – unsettling – uncomfortable – short-sighted – unsteady – inexcusable – sloppiness”

      As the possible leader of the US… Newt added, “He’s got to move his game up.”

      He also said that Trump was “No team player” with the Speaker, Governors or other Republicans…. Which means he could accomplish nothing if elected. That’s another excuse the vote-fraud counters will use why people did not vote for him.

      Newt Gingrich: Worst Mistake Donald Trump Made! 6/5/16: Fox News Sunday:

      I called Trump a “chump.” Newt called him “silly.” Same thing.

      You decide.

      Trump has alienated women and minorities…. as planned. By doing that he is ensuring an excuse for the already ‘chosen’ Clinton victory. Justification for his loss is being established now.

      BTW – Since Trump is a master of ‘dealing’ he should have his lawyers file for the judge to be recused or request change of venue.

      I say… to Trump… “You’re fired..!!” 🙂

      1. Pat, Aw shucks, it looks like Newt’s the one who got the boot. Made me laugh!
        The $200 million bribe couldn’t make Trump like him, even a little bit. He’s a smart ass.
        Newt is too smart for his own good, but not as smart as he thinks he is.

        (i heard that)

    1. A brilliant observation, Felix, and such an original and utterly unique observation too!

    2. I think If God doesn’t punish the homosexuals of our days, He may have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah .
      The people of those two towns were the first ever to practice homosexuality . It was sort of a punishment for those passers by who stole their crops at the beginning and then they practiced it among themselves and others outside of their locality . It was at the beginning of Time and if those bastards were left alone , they would have threatened the growth of mankind .So God almighty obliterated them then , around the dead sea close to where I grew up . They carried a disease which would survive had they not been incinerated when God flipped upside down . Where are dealing here with Satanists . So they do the exact opposite of what God wants us to do .And so they are continuously doing the opposite from glorifying Satan to inverting the cross .God almighty created EVERYTHING in pairs , male/female , night/day , positive/negative , even our digital world is based on binary operations through the arrangement of “0” and “1” as in the power switch and the barcode of just about every item on the shelf .
      Now comes the Satanist who added a tranny to man/woman,who split the atom and invaded and tampered with the natural order of the creation that God perfected for us .

      Finally if God almighty created those limp-wristed faggots,who am I to interfere in the Will of God . And if they chose to exchange bodily fluids on their own then they will surely receive what Sodom and Gomorrah did , and they should be banished to a remote island where they will verily wilt away.

  3. The Zionists deeply hate everyone ,every culture and every civilization
    these haters are out to destroy the moral fabrics of every nation and corrupt the the family values and poison the minds of the young generation under many guises and pretensions.
    their main target is the western world ,the white man’s homeland.
    and at the same time they are targeting the Islamic and Arab worlds
    the Zionists are succeeding in destroying the middle east ,creating chaos and bloodbaths like no other in modern times then their trophy will be when the white man wage a neo-zio-crusades and in the process
    destroy the western civilizations and nations.
    wake up and smell the Zionists conspiracies and quit being their slaves and enablers

    1. “their main target is the western world ,the white man’s homeland.and at the same time they are targeting the Islamic and Arab worlds”
      Well said BRITANNICA. The target is the white western world and the tool is Islam. Tool and target are meant to crush each other to the benefit of the Juluminati. In fact both are targeted as neither of them would get out unharmed.
      Migration used to be a natural and occasional phenomenon Europe managed to deal with thru centuries but the Juluminati aren’t satisfied with the natural pace of things. Besides, nothing natural satisfies them (we tend to forget that they abide by no norm, rule or term of contract) hence the ignition of wars and conflicts to accelerate the rotting process which helps them enslave the whole world.
      Unfortunately, the civilized world is doomed to fall apart -strangely enough- because and despite of the so-called democratic system.. “The free elections” will never bring about a clean politician to Power: all the potential leaders are either corrupted along the way or assassinated before they can make any significant change.
      It is necessary for a true patriot to bypass the rotting political maze to reach to the Presidency.

    1. The tunnel is a by – pass heart surgery for ailing Europe . They want to keep it economically alive long enough so they can complete the destruction of the middle east .

  4. With all the escalation of political & corporate crime & corruption, and an escalation of the stripping of human rights, why are the controllers focusing so much on the homosexual agenda, besides their own proclivites & perversities and desires to pervert nature, and create humilation of course? Is there any other reason?
    According to the Center for Disease Control’s own latest government statistics, the entire array
    of sexual anomalies does not even comprise 3 percent of the entire populace. 97.3% of those over 18, self-identified
    as “straight” according to the government’s own records.
    Perhaps this is the answer: Google both words together: “transgender and transhumanism”
    And by the way, while the controllers are currently glamorizing homosexuality and presenting mental illness as a choice in one’s sexual gender, in order that we collectively celebrate a birth defect and even emulate such perversities, they always leave out the disturbing element of “gay” sex. Such as what physicians call “gay bowel syndrome”. Which includes proctal anal prolapse- often caused by a phenomena known as “fisting”
    (which often requires surgery to repair the damage.
    Anal fissures and fistulas, hemorroids both internal and external, all manner of STD’s, and since the anus is not designed by nature to be continuously stretched for prolonged periods, a loss of bowel control, ie shitting their pants at any given moment. Now that’s sexy isn’t it? They actually have to wear pads, similar to those made for women of menstrual age. How utterly disgusting. I wonder if those little tidbits of info are presented to our youth in Commie Core public school curriculum as part of their comprehensive sex education indoctrination?

    1. Democracy or Jewmocracy?

      By the way, has anybody else here besides me ever noticed that in countries which pride themselves as democracies, minorities have more rights and privileges than the majority? Why is this?

      Could it be that these so-called democracies are in fact not democracies but plutocracies ruled by a very tiny but very powerful minority group of Jews?

      Without the brains, or rather, the scheming of Jews and their mighty financial backing, would the misnamed “Black Civil Rights Movement” of the 1960s or the so-called “LGBT Movement” of today have gotten any media attention or ‘traction,’ as they say?

      Methinks NOT!

      1. JFC –

        “By the way, has anybody else here besides me ever noticed that in countries which pride themselves as democracies, minorities have more rights and privileges than the majority? Why is this?”

        I have pondered a lot about this over the years.

        The people and agencies in ‘democracies’ produce more food… and necessities.

        ‘Hierarchy of needs’ prevails in all countries. People with empty stomachs have different immediate priorities. They are too busy looking for food and silencing starving children to complain about rights.

        Even the mightiest armies are limited by their stomachs. 🙂

      2. Pat,

        Indeed, “an army marches on its stomach,” said Napoleon, the black-eyed Jew from Corsica.

        However, this does not explain why in “Democracies” Jews prefer a large illiterate underclass of blacks and browns… unless, of course, you inform the less jew-wise that the welfare state is one of the biggest debt generators in peacetime.

        Needless to add that an illiterate underclass of blacks and browns dependent on government handouts are easily controllable and can be made into instant revolutionaries (or instant counter-revolutionaries) if they are not fed for more than a few days.

        After all, it was Kissinger the Unkissable Kike who boasted: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

      3. All Roads Lead to Sodom & Gomorrah in the Jew World Order

        Besides the standard Jewish Divide and Conquer strategy, why are our Jewish Masters spending so much money and energy normalizing sexual deviance and buggery? What’s the real agenda?

        As with all Rothschild PSYOPS, the hidden agenda is Usury.

        I am not the first to make the connection between homosexuality and usury. Dante Alighieri, in his magnum opus, Divine Comedy (Inferno), the *7th Circle of Hell is reserved for both homosexuals and usurers for the same reason: they have committed crimes that violate Nature!

        Dante puts usury (charging interest) in the same category as sodomy because 2 men buggering each other cannot beget children, anymore than rubbing 2 coins together can beget more coins, which is why both homosexuality and usury are so unnatural and perverse. Moreover, sodomy is a separate sin from lust in Dante’s opinion. Lust is natural; sodomy is not.

        To put it bluntly and in terms understandable for the masses: If it’s okay for 2 men to literally butt-fuck each other up their shit-holes, why isn’t it okay for Jews to butt-fuck us financially by creating money out of nothing and then loaning the phony money to our governments at compound interest?

        It has been estimated that even if you don’t have any bank loans or have any credit card debt, you’re still paying about 40% more for everything simply because of Jewish Usury. Personally, I think 40% is a conservative estimation; it’s probably closer to 90%. In any event and whether you know it or not, you’re being screwed 100% of the time by the Jews.

        *In Dante’s Inferno, Hell is described as having 9 different levels, or circles, each lower than the last. As one descends into the depths of hell, he comes closer to the 9th circle where Satan himself resides. Each level of hell is reserved for different types of sinners, and different punishments are inflicted on the damned depending on the nature and severity of their sin. The greater their sin, the lower the level to which they are condemned to spend eternity.


      4. @ Justice For Chinese

        Usury is more involved than just charging interest. Usury also involves creating money without basis. Usury also involves receiving interest, dividends, returns on investment, etc. There are a lot more usurers than we are led to believe. Basically, usury, finance, and investments are synonyms for theft requiring lies to hide it.

      5. @ Ungenius


        The Eskimos have a dozen words for snow, but the Jews have a thousand and one words for usury, or at any rate, a thousand and one usurious scams to fleece the goyim.

        Here’s a brief definition and history of Usury from Metapedia

        Usury is the practice of making unethical or immoral monetary loans that unfairly enrich the lender. A loan may be considered usurious because of excessive or abusive interest rates or other factors. However, according to some sources, simply charging any interest at all would be considered usury.

        Jews and usury

        During the Middle Ages Christians were forbidden from charging an interest on loans. Jews were forbidden by Jewish scriptures to charge an interest on loans to other Jews, however they were permitted to charge interest on loans to non-Jews.

        Kevin MacDonald argues that this contributed to Jewish money-lending being seen as an hostile act against a non-Jewish out-group that caused the transfer of resources from [non-Jews] to Jews. Also, interest rates could be very high and profits for moneylenders very high compared to occupations open for non-Jews in artisanry or agriculture. Jewish money-lending was sometimes seen as resulting in a Jewish “grip” on the Christian economy. It was also associated with, for example, religious institutions going bankrupt and being closed down as a result of debts owed to Jews. Another argued reason for dislike of Jewish economic activities during this time period is that Jews were involved in unpopular tax collection for the nobility/royalty (tax farming).[1]

        Catholic Teaching on Usury

        Pope Benedict XIV’s encyclical Vix Pervenit gives the reasons why usury is sinful:

        The nature of the sin called usury has its proper place and origin in a loan contract… [which] demands, by its very nature, that one return to another only as much as he has received. The sin rests on the fact that sometimes the creditor desires more than he has given…, but any gain which exceeds the amount he gave is illicit and usurious.

        One cannot condone the sin of usury by arguing that the gain is not great or excessive, but rather moderate or small; neither can it be condoned by arguing that the borrower is rich; nor even by arguing that the money borrowed is not left idle, but is spent usefully…[2]

    1. @ Still

      All your comments are being sent to our Spam folder. This is entirely your own fault for refusing to put in your correct email address. Is it so hard for you to understand that if, instead of putting in your correct name as you initially did (‘STILL’) you continue to leave out the letter ‘i’ (and write ‘STLL’ instead) you are going to end up in our spam folder?

      This is the last time I am going to tell you to rectify this problem. This is because you are giving Admin a lot of unnecessary extra work by persisting in your error.

      1. ADMIN (DZ)
        Sorry, ADMIN. These are my name and address copied and pasted:
        Name: STILL
        Address: [email protected]
        As you notice the letter “i” is dropped from the name (stll) in the address , this is because of an error I made eight years ago when I first created this gmail. I can’t change that.
        Today I’m trying an other e-mail.
        Username: sean
        Address: [email protected]

  5. Good luck climbing Mt Bullshit, the world’s tallest mountain, eclipsing Mt Everest by miles.
    I would caution the either brave or clueless souls to beware of many dangers, including the fact that its slopes are slippery and that descent is much harder than ascent.

    Hardly anything inflames the insecure as any mention of homosexuality, like pitching a fastball at a hornets’ nest.
    I don’t despise those who are insecure, they can’t help it and in fact, there are numerous insecurities and phobias, hardly anyone is immune from them all.
    The task is to recognize them in oneself and start taking measures to combat and conquer them, this alone is what makes a man strong.
    I’ve never hated nor despised homosexuals, for the simple reason that they are not at fault for their condition any more than we choose our sex or whether we are born with a physical deformity or wings, webbed feet and so on.
    It is NOT true that “God made binary pairs only, man-woman”, this is one of the prominently cantilevered ledges on the magnificent Mt Bullshit, from where numerous false prophets preach their putrid message.
    Homosexuality among animals has been observed on many occasions as well as in all the human cultures, in all the historical eras, sometimes persecuted, sometimes lenient, like in Thailand today and French Indochina.
    It may be that supra-social conditions cause the overall average of homosexual births to vary, eg, in times of strife, famine and other disturbances – I don’t know, just speculating.
    But the “afflicted”, if that’s the right word, are by no means at fault, they are what they are, from birth and not by choice.
    Leave them alone if you claim the right to be left alone by them.
    It is right to oppose displays of immorality such as the gay parades but that goes for all, not just queers and in fact, these extravagant and grotesque parades insult the queers as much as the straights.

    Next, to endlessly spout claims about God wants this, God made the world like this, said that, God hates/loves something/somebody or other is pretty close to being able to plant the flagpole of victory, having ascended Mt Bullshit.
    You have no idea what I, lobro, am thinking but you do know with certainty what God is thinking!?
    Because, I, Lobro am way more complex than God, right?
    Thank you very much, I am soooo honored.
    And you are a fucking moron.

    1. I am not a bible dupe, OK, I realize that Christianity is simply Jew religion part II, and Islam is Jew religion part III. Of course that is quite difficult for followers of these religions to grasp, and that is due to mind control programming that often begins at an age when the human brain is undeveloped. There is no excuse for those who become involved as adults, except they are desperately clutching for anything to feel better. We live in a culture steeped, marinated and broiled in Judeo-Christian mentality. It’s too bad most adherents fail to even read the bible in depth, or do any research as to the origin of the god of the Torah/Old Testament.

      Yahweh was a Hebrew pantheon WAR-Volcano god.

      The WAR god was chosen from all the numerous Hebrew pantheon gods and a goddess, as the “God of the Cosmos” appx 600BC, during the Babylonian exile. The Hebrews were freed by the way, by Cyrus the Great, a Persian. Yet now the Zionists want to bomb Iran.

      Scientific research confirms homosexuality takes place within the developing fetus, or is genetic. I do not think that homosexuals should be mistreated. However, I also do not think their perverse behavior should be emulated or celebrated as is occurring. And their rights should not invalidate nor supercede the rights of the vast majority of heterosexuals. This is just basic common sense regarding natural law.

      If you want to completely understand the matrix of the Torah/Old Testament and the truth about the New Testament, follow “Truth Hertz” on YouTube – with former devout Christian and bible scholar Charles Giuliani. He is brilliant.

      Isaiah 6.16 : “But you shall be named the Priests of the LORD: men shall call you the Ministers of our God: you shall eat the riches of the Gentiles, and in their glory shall you boast yourselves.”

      btw- The word “Gentile” is disappearing from this particular verse, in all the new “modern vernacular” bibles. Gee- I wonder why?

    2. first of all, co-branding notions of religion, metaphysics, morality, sexuality and politics is a terrible idea, much worse than the apples and oranges.

      i won’t get into whether christianity should be lumped with judaism, we’ve been down that road before and i have no interest in rebooting that discussion, everyone has right to an opinion but without a proof or at least commanding evidence, it is all guesswork and while it’s ok to bring it up for sake of stirring the pot, i won’t let anyone bash me over the head repeatedly with it.
      Just like theories that make Hitler into a Rothschild agent Illuminati and so forth.

      Queers fisting themselves are self-destructive imbeciles but that is not my problem, anymore than meth junkies and glue sniffers, so long as they don’t contaminate others with their behavior or disease.
      that does not make them evil or worthy of extermination, especially since they themselves are well on the road to garbage dump, plus it has nothing to do with whether they exhibit tendencies like empathy, loyalty, truthfulness and so on.
      a homosexual is no more likely to be a sexual predator or pedophile than a heterosexual, in fact, given their feminine characteristics, it may be that the heteros have a higher proportion of violent deviants.

      The crux of the article by Topham is this:
      HATE LAWS.
      This is the true evil raising its grotesque head, this is the bush in which Jew lurks and stealthily poisons yet another well, while misdirecting attention to irrelevant matters.
      I am surprised that no one commented directly on it, so after waiting about 12 hours, I figure it’s time to point it out.

      1. Let us remember that our European ancestors did not just roll over & accept Judeo-Christianity with open arms. It took centuries, including as some researchers assert, the Judeo-Christian induced “Dark Ages”, followed by the Inquistion, in which dissenters were tortured, and then burned alive, and their land & properties con viscated. People were not even allowed to own a page of the bible and Christian masses were read in the dead language of Latin until 1964. Why do you think that might have been? Yet by the time of the Protestant reformation, the mind control was established, the Europans thoroughly saturated. For all the Christian-bashing by the Jews, Christianity is now the Jew’s biggest cover. It might not have been that way in the past, but take a gander at the “Christian Zionists”. Yes and if one reads the Torah and New Testament thoroughly, one can see the Jewish supremacism clearly. Jesus wanted to overthrow Rome for Israel, but the Pharisees rejected him. “I come only for the lost sheep of Israel”. It was Saul/Paul, a Roman citizen, Jew, and former bounty hunter of insurrectionists against Rome, having realized there were not enough Jews to carry the new religion forward, who turned to the Gentiles. Saul/Paul was also active during the actual writing of the gospels. If one reads these verses it is clearly seen how the Gentiles were judaised into Yawism. Christians cherry-pick scriptures in the gospels that suit the ideal of Jesus, while ignoring the disturbing verses. In general, Christians forgo reading the bible in depth and depend on their “betters” to interpret disturbing verses for them.
        I again assert that although homosexuals should not be persecuted, neither should they be aggrandized in order that their behavior be immulated by impressionable youth. Which is exactly what is occuring. There is already a movement to encourage the public to view pedophila as deserving of sympathy. There have been articles written in this vein, and pedophile activists are growing ever bolder. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM V), the tool of psychiatrists & psychologists is engaged in changing the wording regarding pedophilia. Here is the darling of the Breitbart style Alt-Right, explaining away his first sexual experience with a “28 year old black trannie” at the age of 14. If it becomes generally percieved that having sex at age 14 with an adult is normal, indeed even a good thing, then what is to prevent future laws regarding pedophilia from changing? The controllers are very clever, even devious.
        They chip away our cultural foundation incrementally, never all at once.

      1. “Yes and if one reads the Torah and New Testament thoroughly, one can see the Jewish supremacism clearly. Jesus wanted to overthrow Rome for Israel, but the Pharisees rejected him. “I come only for the lost sheep of Israel”.”

        Huh? Overthrow Rome? So why then did Jesus make the following comment? “Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites? Shew me the tribute money. And they brought unto him a penny. And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription? They say unto him, Caesar’s. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.”

        This statement clearly implies Jesus was not interested in Rome or its rule. Why? Because he was afar too busy attacking the Temple’s onerous economic system’s depredations upon its followers, “the lost sheep of Israel.” This explains his statement. “I come only for the lost sheep of Israel” referring to Jews following the Temple’s sacrificial system. This is why he initially refused to address the issue of the Canaanite women that brought forth this statement. If you were not being oppressed by the Temple kohanim, then Jesus was not interested in your problems.

        The very biggest fish in Judea that needed frying was the Temple. Rome borrowed money from the Temple to fund its building projects. Again – Rome – borrowed – money – from – the – Temple. Think about that. Study the Temple structure carefully, a structure that comprised almost a fifth of Jerusalem’s land mass. Take the walk around tour here: Note carefully the gold overlay throughout the structure. Essentially, this was the first century equivalent of the Federal Reserve.

        It was said that in the first century, “a man (Temple follower) worked one day to pay his rent, one day to feed his family, one day to pay his taxes (to Rome) and the rest went to the Temple.” Jews had a six day work week meaning that a full 50% of the first century Jew’s labor went to support the Temple while 16.6% went to support Rome. Yet Jesus wanted to overthrow Rome? I don’t think so, the story simply does not bear this idea out.

  6. Yes, Lobro,
    Not only Thailand, but India as well. I’m sure you’ve encountered the ubiquitous Hijra in your peregrinations around the sub-continent. They’re actually a separate caste and worship their own Goddess. They are regarded by Indians as a third sex.

    1. Yeah, I saw them, Felix, mainly in the north, places like Varanasi (Benares) and Calcutta.
      A scary bunch, thought to practice witchcraft.

  7. So, on the main theme of these vile “Hate Laws” channeling Talmud-Noahide project, here comes the EU slimebuckets with their own version, so it’s clearly a global Jew-coordinated operation, Spectre-BHL directing traffic.

    In partnership with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft, the newly released EU “code of conduct” will fight “ILLEGAL hate speech” online in Europe.

    [as opposed to LEGAL hate speech, i suppose, wonder if it’s intended as such]

    The arguments from those supporting the initiative is textbook smoke and mirrors…

    in the aftermath of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, a crackdown on “hate speech” is necessary to counter jihadist propaganda online.

    Blame queers in America, blame Muslims in Europe, stir up strife and intolerance while preaching peace and tolerance …
    but at all times wage serious guerilla warfare against Jesus and European civilizational traditions.

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