56 thoughts to “Cheer up, old man, you’ve got your walking stick (Video, 6 mins.)”

  1. I’d bet that not one percent of the white male population would steal an old man’s hat. They should have used muds for this video.

    1. Paul,

      You are wrong.
      The young White male in the video did NOT steal the old man’s hat!
      It was the young man’s own hat that was knocked off!
      The old man wasn’t wearing a hat. (See at 0.20)

      1. I made the same mistake, too. The video pans so quickly in the beginning, that it is very easy to miss. After Sardonicus pointed this out, I watched it again a couple times to be sure.

    2. Amazing! You sound the fool for not only your incorrect observation but also your unnecessary vitriol. Congratulations on being the first commentator! Very well done.

  2. The old man fought to allow the clubbers to help someone or not, and to be as crazy as they wish….. and even get arrested if they break the law.

    The little girl at the end kindled some faith after all… but, she will be in the club in 15 to 20 years.

    The parents should have been given the part by the director of the film as the ones helping…. not the kid.

    This staged movie is yet another in the huge list of Hollywood Pharisee-Jew methods attempting to show that kids are better, smarter and more compassionate than their parents. Too bad the kids can’t pay the rent.

    The old folks have the wealth, not the kids. But…. youth is wasted on the young. 🙂

    1. HET! pronounced “Net”.

      Pat, that’s Russian for NO!… this was not a Jewllywood production.

      Or at any rate the montage of the battle scenes are distinctly Russian soldiers! I’m surprised a smart guy like you and an ex-military man, to boot, did not spot it.

      Methinks this is a made-in-Russia video to get the natives ship shape and ready for World War Z! …

      like the recent drill in which 40 million Russians prepare for a nuclear attack from the damn (((Yankees)))…

      but you and I know that’s nothing but fear-porn and “nukes” are just another Hebrew Hoax. 😉

      1. JFC –

        I did not respond in that very realistic fashion because I knew it took days of production and retakes, editing and splicing to invent this video. The little girl had to be given several ice cream and candy bars to stop complaining… and just smile for the scene….. then paid $2000 or so. She will OD at about age 18.

        I knew it was as fake as an A-bomb. 🙂

    2. Quite Pat,

      Society has sadly given children FAR TOO much of a voice in today’s world. They fail to see that wisdom comes with age. As we know that society is now a complete 100% turn around where the elderly are ridiculed, actors and musicians are worshiped and the young, are now controlling the asylum – queue Black Lives Matter and every other social, justice, warrior complaint out there.
      But sadly, for our controllers, I’m one who was brought up the old way when it comes to my elders. I also learned the quintessential saying: “children should be seen and not heard”.

      1. All true in regards to children. But let’s keep in mind that their use in such propaganda is really just as proxies to promote the “wisdom” of women. Remember, it’s women and children first.

  3. I’m not a fan of this video in the slightest, simply because, it’s yet again, another blame ‘whitey’ film. You will find that the overwhelming majority of white people have respect for their elders, it’s blacks who have no respect for their elders.

    Watch this video of an old Donald Trump supporter being knocked out in the underground and more importantly look who it is that comes to his aid afterwards.
    This is what the media constantly does. It portrays the whites as being uncaring, uncouth, reprobates.

    They made a film with Michael Caine called ‘Harry Brown’ who sought vengeance on a gang, for killing his friend. Caine and his friend were ex Royal Marines, with his friend reaching breaking point and constant bullying and harassment from this gang in London. And of course, the gang was white, when in reality THERE ARE NO WHITE GANGS in London. The gangs are black and they terrorize, attacking people on public transport, playing their music loud on their phones amongst other actions that show a complete lack of respect for anyone around them. They play the rape game, where they tell youngsters to join their gang, or their sisters and mother will be brutally gang raped. The media, fails to report on this – I wonder why?
    They also made another one, about old ex gangsters, living in Spain, headed by Ian Ogilvy, who played the Saint, coming back to find the people responsible for the death of his brother. And again, the gang in East London was white. It was laughable to say the least.

    Next time, show a video about blacks, instead of the constant liberal bias against whites in the west. White people are alien to this sort of behaviour towards their elders. Blacks, on the other hand are not. Remember the ‘knock out’ game? Come on people? We know that society has degenerated, but at least point an honest picture as to why.

    1. Harbinger –

      Even more so is the tendency of people “of color” to be more barbaric – even against their own. I just read of an account of Pakistani Muslims gang-raping a Pakistani Christian girl (seventeen years of age), and torturing her teenage brother (read about it on Steve Quayle’s site). Moreover, the local constabulary in the mostly Muslim country are not interested in prosecuting the perps. (Speaks volumes about Muzzies!)

      Anyhow, it’s plain to see how some “religions” and political movements are more conducive to “muds” than is Christianity, simply by observing the ethnicity of their most populous adherants, even in countries like England and America. The “Psychology of Tyranny” recognizes this, too, and concentrates efforts amongst them for world dominance. It’s not uncommon, anymore, to see the manifestation of it on college campuses, too, where the new herd of dumbed-down sheeple are being corralled for indoctrination.

      1. Gilbert,

        White people are certainly prone to violence, don’t get me wrong, but this video is just wrong. It’s more left wing, liberal BS, pulling down the white man to make a point, when they should be using blacks.

      2. In all candor, Harbinger, most of the negroes I have known are more respectful of their elders than are many whites. Moreover, I know of many fine Christians among them, young and old. My observance, however, is in seeing how extreme are the frenzies into which they can be whipped-up to commit atrocities – even against their own kind. Consider the aforementioned gang rape, and the instances of rubber tire “necklacing” reported to have been practiced by Idi Amin, the African dictator; and the butchering in Rowanda. I have met a recent African dictator, Charles Taylor, who, when I met him, seemed a well-mannered black gentleman; but all subsequent reports of him revealed him to be an insane butcher. One never knows what lurks beneath the dark surface! 🙂

      3. Gilbert,

        The younger generation of blacks are thugs. The older generations, well most I knew, most certainly weren’t.
        As for Idi Amin, well, he had a problem with the Jew as well from what I gather. How much of what we know of ‘The Last King of Scotland’ is actually legitimate? How do we not know that it’s merely more demonizing of individuals by the Jew? He wanted them out of Uganda. He never trusted them. To quote Frank Pentangeli, from the Godfather part II, on the Jew: “Your father did business with Hyman Roth, he respected Hyman Roth… but he never *trusted* Hyman Roth!”. Look how many people the Jew has destroyed who have tried to go their own way?

      4. I didn’t get that information from Hollywood films, Harbinger. Neither was any “Jew blame” apparent in my information. I can’t say it ain’t so – but I don’t know. 🙂

    2. I have only seen Harry Brown but the hipocracy is stunning. The last couple of years Midsomer Murders has certainly got it’s fair share of negroes and pakis. Having followed the series way back to when still John Nettles was Barnaby it becomes all the more ridicolous. Just 7-8 years ago Causton was all white. As you know we’re not talking about East London now but a fictive small english town in the countryside. But I get it from a PC perspective. Midsomer was too white and needed more diversity. Just never the other way around.

      1. Morningstar,

        “The last couple of years Midsomer Murders has certainly got it’s fair share of negroes and pakis.”

        I remember, a while back, an argument erupting in the media, over Midsomer Murders being too white. The then producer, complained adding that racial diversity would destroy the show, as this village is the ‘last bastion of Englishness’ and of course, he was very correct. However, the Jews most certainly did not like that did they? He quit and now it’s no different to Eastenders, from what I’m led to believe. You see, I haven’t watched a TV in over ten years. I have no interest in the msm, whatsoever. It makes me see reality far easier without it.

        The really ironic thing is, that while the Black Lives Matter movement, promotes racism against blacks, along with white cop killings of blacks, not only are these allegations highly wrong, but worse, the whole concept of racism, in the west is 100% from non white to white. It’s the main reason I left London having spent a large part of my life from my early twenties into my late thirties.
        One look at Jewpedia and you will see that they have a list of ‘black’ English actors, itself an impossibility, as the Angles, Saxons and Celts, including the Vikings WERE not, nor will they ever be black, but the drive to a new world order, must see the old destroyed and so now, one takes their nationality from the land they are born in, in essence, destroying the very race and culture of that nation. This is the real racism, that the moronic indigenous (another word created to bring about multiracial societies) still fail to fathom.

        I destroyed all debate about Scottish Independence with people I knew. When Pakis, said to me, they were voting for independence for their country and their people to be rid of the shackles of Westminster and the English, I simply replied: “Since when has Westminster had jurisdiction over Pakistan? The empire, is long gone, or have you failed to realise that”?
        The people, in the UK, now see anyone who isn’t indigenous, but born here, no different to them. They are utterly indoctrinated to see their race and culture destroyed. Sadly, this means that they deserve to be destroyed, as a race, if they’re not prepared to defend it.

      2. @ Morningstar

        It’s far worse than you think. Forget about Midsomer Murders. They’re doing the same to Shakespeare. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, has been played by black actors. Ophelia, his white sweetheart, is played by a black Jewess. Macbeth, King of Scotland, has been played by actors from Nigeria and Somalia.


        Black actors have been complaining bitterly about discrimination because audiences prefer the white kings and queens of England to be played by white actors. Here is King Henry VI of England, who of course was 100 per cent white, played by a BLACK actor:


      3. Can you imagine the absurdity of Winston Churchill in a movie being played by a Zulu or a Hottentot? And how about Hitler being played by a Chinese midget or an obese Eskimo giant? 🙂

        Multiculturalism is becoming a bit of a joke if you ask me.

      4. Sardonicus,

        But remember, according to most people now, those born in the UK are British (English, Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh) defined as the nation they’re born into.
        Lenny Henry complained about not being enough blacks in showbusiness, but considering that there is one black for every thirty three whites in the UK, were it down to proportional representation, there would be a one black footballer, between every two football teams and they’d be lucky to have blacks on any show/theatrical play.

        I find it quite disgusting really that they force it down our throats. I was never like this before. I never felt as I did, until multiculturalism, multiracialism, immigration and LGBT was forced down our throats.
        And they will have a black man playing Churchill, not that he was a good man in the slightest. He should have gone to an International War Crimes tribunal for his part in the mass murder of Europeans in WW2.

    3. Bradley –

      If you didn’t like the what Harbinger wrote about the video, you should have kept your mouth shut. But self-restraint and courtesy are not your strong points, are they?

      Mine… neither..!! I, as you and Harbinger do… write what I feel. 🙂

    4. “I, as you and Harbinger do… write what I feel.”
      Nothing like the freedom to express one’s feelings freely. And long may it reign!

    5. @ Harbinger
      @ Pat

      Yes, you both enjoy freedom of speech to insult the Administrators of this website by pouring scorn on their offerings, but that freedom of speech to spit in the eye of your hosts can be taken away at any moment if and when they feel they have had enough of your puerile misbehavior.

      They don’t have to put up with you if you you openly insult them. Is this how you behave when you are invited to dinner at someone else’s house? Do you insult your hosts by complaining about the food they have offered you kindly as guests in their house?

      Not only was this a perfectly enjoyable video which everyone on this site has praised except you two bad-mannered boors, but almost none of the posts you two have made recently on this site has even been remotely on-topic. You both have the attention span of gnats and can barely stay on-topic for more than one post out of every ten.

      I don’t usually intervene unless I see rudeness and discourtesy to Lasha. If you don’t respect Lasha and the work she is doing, why don’t you both migrate to the Occidental Observer and see how long you last there?

    6. Sardonicus,

      This is what I wrote:

      “I’m not a fan of this video in the slightest, simply because, it’s yet again, another blame ‘whitey’ film…..”

      Now where, in that, am I pouring scorn?

      And make up your mind would you please? One minute your happy to see me posting again and the next you want me to leave. Really Sardonicus, don’t you think it’s about time you stopped playing the reprimanding school teacher? Are you angry that Pat and I write freely? Would you rather we just agreed with everything – yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir?

      You disagree with my not liking the video. And? So others on here like the video – and? What does it prove, other than some people like it and others don’t? Could it be the freedom to like or dislike, or has this forum turned into one that will attack anyone, who disagrees with the content matter?

      You know my style. You know that I cowtow to no one and when I believe a nerve needs scraping, I’ll go right ahead and sever it.

    7. @ Harbinger

      And make up your mind would you please? One minute your happy to see me posting again and the next you want me to leave. Really Sardonicus, don’t you think it’s about time you stopped playing the reprimanding school teacher? Are you angry that Pat and I write freely? Would you rather we just agreed with everything – yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir?

      Dear Harbie,

      The truth of the matter is that I regard both you and Pat as among the best posters on this site. I really do have a soft spot for both of you, regarding you both with genuine affection. You are both what I would describe as “mavericks”, people with highly idiosyncratic viewpoints which sometimes give offense. You gave grave offense to Ingrid, as you know, but you had my full backing there. In comparison, this slight disagreement over a video is a storm in a teacup. You know that. So let’s forget it. Try and forgive me for my overreaction. I had a bad hair day yesterday.

      Please get this through your head, dear Harbie. I would deeply regret it if either you or Pat left this forum. It wouldn’t be the same without you. There are two things neither of you can be accused of: insincerity and lack of originality. Both of you are passionately sincere and do not suffer fools gladly. And both of you have a highly original slant on life, seeing the world in a way that would give nightmares to the average brainwashed masses around you.

      For your own good however, dear Harbie, I would advise a better attitude on your part toward women in general. Your misogyny concerns me. I would like to see you settle down with a good woman. 🙂

      Sincerely, your wellwisher

      — Sardonicus,
      Osaka, Japan

    8. Sard –

      I accept your apology.

      I knew you were overreacting. ‘Abbott’ must have read your comment and reminded you of your claims in the past…. and suggested some tea. 🙂
      Here is one from you:
      “The world would be a dull place if we if all agreed about everything.”

      My comments were not intended to be a swipe at Lasha or Admin. Not even close. They put up films they don’t agree with all the time.

      You are correct about my having a very different perspective on everything. I am a huge cynic. That’s why ads don’t work for me. Pharisee-Jews in Hollywood never get my blessings. I don’t fall for their ads on anything…. whether expressed or implied

      Here is another perspective:
      I saw this film in many ways, one was as an advertisement pushing participation in foreign wars.

      If you go to war and survive you will be scorned by jerks in bars and loved by good people such as the little girl and her good family.

    9. Sardonicus,

      I respect individuals who correct their behaviour, but my reply wasn’t intended as such.

      “You gave grave offense to Ingrid, as you know, but you had my full backing there.”

      The only offense that Ingrid received was that back which she gave, courtesy of her insanity. You know why it started don’t you? Just because I disagreed with her backing of her Congolese neighbours, who’d skipped over umpteen safe havens to reach the UK, as the economic migrants they were, she flew off the handle. This was the reason she and I had problems. If you let one immigrant in then you’re really being a bit of a hypocrite when you tell people that it’s time to shut the door. I completely disagreed in her views on everything. Sure, some will say she had compassion for people, but I know the difference between helping others and watching a nation destroyed, because of it.

      And my misogyny concerns you?
      I did actually write to Lasha, about the article she posted about me. It obviously, was not made clear that my ‘misogyny’ which I confessed to, is ONLY because the definition combines trust with a hatred of women, which I find grossly unfair. Again, I DO NOT hate anyone, let alone women. I am disgusted by the attitude of many within today’s society, but I understand through chemical engineering, that women have been masculanized.
      I DO NOT TRUST women Sardonicus. Regardless, I can never and I mean NEVER settle down with a ‘good’ women, because I have lost my trust, my love and my WANT to be with a woman. I have a black and white personality. There is no grey in my life. Once I am wronged, I am wronged and I move on. The love that I would have given a woman I give to many other pursuits in my life, whether it be music, walking, food, literature, writing, martial arts or many past times.

      It is sad Sardonicus. And yes, it deeply hurt me, to know that I will never be with that which nature intended me to be with. The very core of human existence is to have a family with and love of a good woman, to grow old and die together, having devoted your life to one another. There is nothing worse that could ever have happened to me, in life, as what has, but I cannot change the past. I can only keep on living and being who I am, educating myself, educating others and maybe, just maybe, put a stop to the creation of the dystopian state. I’ve accepted my fate in life Sardonicus. I wish it were different, but the trust is gone and once gone, you will never get it back. It’s just the way it is.

    10. @ Harbinger

      I was deeply moved by your most recent post. One of the best you have written so far. One thing I will say for you, dear Harbie: you have the virtue of passionate sincerity. You speak your mind like a man, and that’s the way it should be. Maybe it’s the Scot in you. 🙂

      Yes, believe it or not, I am deeply concerned to see you so adamantly mistrustful of women. Surely you can see for yourself that this is a mental aberration that you need to get rid of for your own peace of mind? So you had one bad experience. But why should that bad experience with a single woman poison your mind against the entire female sex? It makes no sense!

      Does a dog never trust any human being again just because one evil sadist gave that dog a big thrashing? I don’t think so!

      So it is with women, Harbie. You have angels and demons among them. I know from experience. The younger the woman, the less likely she is to be an angel, especially if she has been infected with the virus of feminism. But believe me: there’s a woman out there somewhere, waiting to heal you and restore your faith in human nature.

      God bless the female sex. A good woman is the best medicine a man can have. She is his tonic, his antidepressant, his painkiller, his mental and spiritual stimulant. Long live the Eternal Feminine!

    11. @ Pat

      Pay no attention to my occasional idiocies. I put it down to something I smoked. I had a visitor from the West yesterday. He rolled a couple of joints and offered me one. I took a couple of puffs and KER-BOOOOM! . . . Sardonicus suddenly went from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde, with maybe a bit of the Frankenstein monster joining the club. 🙂

      Whew! That’s the last spliff I’ve ever accept from a young whippersnapper I barely know, the son of an old school friend.

      Anyway Pat, thanks for accepting my apology. As far as I’m concerned, now that I’m sober again and have my wits about me, you are a highly original thinker and deserve the respect of everyone on this site.

      Take care! 🙂

      Sardonicus Idioticus
      (joke Latin…I’m sure it doesn’t exist)

  4. It is a superb video. Children certainly act on their own initiative at times, and the parents are also heroes for being a couple who brings such a child to the world.
    There are many such among us.
    Even the club-goers, and I have been no better than those portrayed, may find redemption, as did I.
    And among non-whites there are good-hearted people, indeed Saints. Worthy of respect.
    Self-determination and secure living space, respect, goodwill offered to all who reciprocate. That is the White path.

    1. @ S.W.

      It’s a superb video

      I agree. Best video I’ve seen in a long time! Many thanks to Admin for this brilliant and moving video.

  5. Strange…the backward yankee [goyim] savages say, “they” did win World War II and the brit plebs of HMG say,”they” did win World War II…..Hmmm,the people of Russia did most of the dying from 1941 to 1945…. in Berlin…..I did like the video and I do not agree with some of the opinions here…that is not against the law yet !!!

  6. I enjoyed the video because it is a representation of what is currently going on in our modern society. It portrays that this old man, as a young man of the same age had to give up a girl friend and perform his duty as soldier, facing loneliness, lack of comfort, and experience the ravages of war, observing his fellow comrades and even assisting female medical attendants being wounded and killed.

    On the other hand, the young man without apology, after carelessly not observing and knocking the old man to the ground, lent not a hand to help lift up but stole his hat. Then goes off to dance with whatever female companion of his choosing, both completely oblivious to his misdeed.

    A very young and innocent child with loving parents, hands to the man his cane that he had difficultly bending down to pick up, which places a smile on the man.

    This representation of the integrity of the family is what is going to sustain the world, not the careless and foolish drunkard of a young man carelessly carousing for his own selfish pleasures.

    This indeed is a very artful and expressive choice, Ms. Darkmoon.

    1. Thank you for correcting me, Sardonicus. I relooked and yes, I got the hat wrong. Unfortunately, it seems more and more people these days have serious personality issues, being very thin skinned, easily offended. It goes against,

      Watch all of you, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. I Corinthians 16:13 UKJV

      It seems less and less men act with male maturity.

  7. I would love to see this video .
    Can anyone type this video as a link
    for privacy reasons ,I don’t click on videos on any site in this machine
    I watch media content including videos on different and remote machines
    PS……… I completely understand the reasons that you didn’t publish my comments
    nothing personal and no hard feelings.I should think twice before posting.
    I like this site ,simply because it’s unique.I tried the rest and this is the best ,truly it’s my
    opinion and I’m not trying to flatter you.
    please note ,I understand I’m just a passing through visitor ,anytime you don’t want me here.
    Just let me know and I’ll be gone

  8. The video is a pinch of heaven, a dash of hell, and a cup of in between.
    (aka) normality, abnormal as it is..

  9. The non-degenerates are obviously the young girl and her parents.

    I have to ask the wrong question. Who is the most degenerate, the old man who killed others in a jewish bankers’ war or the young guy that would not pick up the old man’s cane? They are both degenerate. Which one is worse?


      @ Ungenius

      The non-degenerates are obviously the young girl and her parents.

      Agreed. The little girl symbolizes unspoilt innocence. She is too young to have been corrupted.

      I have to ask the wrong question. Who is the most degenerate, the old man who killed others in a jewish bankers’ war or the young guy that would not pick up the old man’s cane? They are both degenerate. Which one is worse?

      S.W. has already answered this question very well. If I may add my pennyworth.

      Firstly, I don’t think the old man can be classed as a “degenerate” at all. Why? Because he must have been totally unaware, as a young man, that he was fighting in “a Jewish bankers’ war.” Young soldiers automatically assume they are fighting for a noble cause. They couldn’t possibly fight if they became aware they were fighting in an ignoble cause. Any young man who begins to experience such negative sentiments for his own side becomes a conscientious objector. He refuses to fight.

      The old man in the movie has acquired wisdom and humility with age. Hindsight may have taught him that he was a sucker to have fought in a war to advance the interests of the (((elite banker class))). That sad look in his eyes, it says: “Ah, if only I’d known!”

      So the old man is not a degenerate. He is (to quote the poet Coleridge) “a sadder and a wiser man.” He now knows the score, after having become “Jew wise”.


      Is the young man a “degenerate”? That too is debatable. He is just an unthinking young fool, selfish and inconsiderate, and caught up in a degenerate milieu: drink, drugs, sex, hedonistic addictions. He is the Prodigal Son. You have read about him in Chapter 16 of St Luke’s Gospel. Give him time and he may come to see the error of his ways. And turn over a new leaf.

      Was I a “degenerate” when I was a victim of degeneracy and lived the life of degenerate? Yes and no. I was a degenerate because I was swept along by powerful degenerate forces I could not control, caught up in a vortex of degeneracy.

      Most degenerates, I believe, are like this: unwilling degenerates.

      The only true degenerates are the degenerates who actually enjoy their degeneracy and who make a conscious choice of evil over good. They are like Milton’s Satan who said: “EVIL, BE THOU MY GOOD!”

      Thankfully, such ‘hard’ degenerates are few and far between.

      Most degenerates are ‘soft’ degenerates like I was, pathetic victims of their own unrestrained impulses, longing to change but lacking the will to do so.

      1. Many a degenerate in US found themselves conscripted as an infantryman in Vietnam. 58,000 never returned, sacrificed for the oligarchy elite by puppet politicians. Those who returned were harassed by greater degenerates who faulted them for a war they never created. (A few of those degenerates are prominent US politicians.) Some of those Vietnam veterans became homeless fugitives shunned by society. Who is that society? These contain those derelicts who evaded the war through various loopholes, legally and illegally, developed a career, prospered thereby and now are retired. They are now the degenerates with canes.

  10. @ UNGENIUS..

    You do know that Stalin went so far as to allow a revival of Christian Orthodoxy and films such as ‘Alexander Nevsky’ in order to whip up war fervor/patriotism? Sure, poor white Russian kids were hoodwinked into a sad fratricidal war, just as German youth were, and just as American kids today are lured into fighting wars that only benefit the rich ‘precious’ few. Do we blame the kids? No, we correctly condemn those who wish to use others as cannon fodder in order to rule the world, and their bitches such as Hillary Clinton.

    The old man was duped into the war (and if he did not serve there was certain prison and/or death). The young guy is a selfish sensualist. All of us have been, at one time or the other, both the old man and the young guy.
    But we need not be. That is the message.

    I understand the point of the film to be that we must not despair. There is love and empathy still, and renewal is possible.

    ‘Alexander Nevsky’, a fine example of patriotic war-promoting flim-flam, as was the WW1 era American film ‘Sergeant York’…

  11. A powerful poignant moment arrives a mere 40 seconds into this clip.
    The old man’s helplessness in picking up his own dropped cane, is transcendent.

    1. HP –

      That’s part of the fakery in Hollywood.
      He would have been in a wheelchair if he were by himself and could not bend over to pick up what he might drop. [I know from experience.] He looks smarter than to put himself in that situation.

  12. Pat, people major in doing ‘not too smart’ stuff.
    Myself, I’ve at times needed a cane, crutches, wheel chair, shoulders, etc..
    I even used the big dog like a plow mule! He was such a good sport. (I think he loves me)
    Also, I remember doing, (still do), at every opportunity, pretty much everything they told me not to do.
    Otherwise I would have been miserable!
    I’m just guessing the old man is a little like me..

  13. Whoever the hat belonged to, if the hat had been RED, then lobro would have come along and would have stolen the hat I’m sure.

    1. i’ll let you wear my hat joe, it will clear you to call pat a mule, solve circassian’s math puzzles, drink with my moozlum friends but if you are rude to lasha, i will smack you with that walking stick.

  14. Western civilization started to decline about 1913, when the Federal reserve system and income tax was started. Since then war, war, war, always for the benefit of the wealthy Zionist Jews. The ordinary Jews and gentiles of America, Europe and Asia have paid a terrible price.

    The 20th century was the “Ugly Century”. The culture has been degraded. Music, architecture, art and behaviour have fallen to low levels. When did you last hear a song by George Geshwin or Cole Porter? When did you last hear a hit song you could hum or even remember. Thank the big Jews who control radio and TV. They seem to hate class. When did you last see a new building comparable with the Chrysler building? When did you last see a truly classy lady singer. Where are the Ella Fitzgeralds and Peggy Lees of the 21st century?

    Art is a touchstone.

  15. Very powerful message to everyone ignorant out there. Never forget that one day you will have to face the same situation.

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