26 thoughts to “Christmas in Aleppo: Ruins of an Ancient City”

  1. With grateful acknowledgements
    to our correspondent in Spamblinka,

    December 25, 2016 at 1:13 am)

    1. ADMIN: The Real Original Joe’s original comment, posted yesterday:

      The Thinking Housewife features a video of Aleppo. I didn’t realize how much damage was done to the city. The destruction and damage is very extensive, very intense destruction. Washington, using mercenaries and the Islamic Jihadists Washington owns and controls , left a city in ruins. Washington waged WAR against the people of Syria, both Muslim Syrians and Christian Syrians, who never did anything to the United States and had no role in 9/11 or any other terrorism. And to think, there are many in Washington and in high places in the United States who actually think it’s “moral” to wreak such death and destruction on a people who never did anything to us. A city in ruins, and of course Washington won’t help to rebuild it, even though Washington had a GIANT role in destroying Aleppo. And lawmakers like John McCain and Lindsey Graham and many others think it’s our “moral right” to wreak death and destruction on whomever we please for whatever reason we please, or even no reason, just for the hell of it. We are ruled by War Criminals, no doubt about that. They willingly and knowingly and intentionally inflicted Hell on a people who never harmed us Americans.

      From The Thinking Housewife website ;

      “Christmas in Aleppo” :


      1. ADMIN: Here is The Real Original Joe having a hissy fit about his original comment being “abridged/edited out/censored”. The comment will be found above intact, exactly as he wrote it, beginning with the words “The Thinking Housewife…”.

        Not to be TOO much of a pain-in-the-arse, especially on Christmas, it’s very nice you are acknowledging me for sending in the Aleppo video to Darkmoon, but when I sent the Aleppo video in to ADMIN I rightfully acknowledged where I found the video, but some reason, and I’m sure it’s NOT a good reason, ADMIN abridged/”edited” out/CENSORED my acknowledgment of the website where I found the Aleppo video, so Darkmoon does the right thing by acknowledging my contribution of the Aleppo video while simultaneously making me looking me look bad, as if I don’t have the manners to acknowledge where I found the Aleppo video. UNFAIR! Unfair to me, and also unfair to The Thinking Houseiwfe, by the way. But ADMIN doesn’t care, as long as Darkmoon looks good, even it means making me look bad and making it “look like” I “don’t have the manners to give credit where credit is due and maybe ‘steal’ from websites without giving the websites credit and ‘try to pass things off as my own’”.

        Again, Darkmoon is ALSO being unfair to The Thinking Housewife–> I don’t know why, what has Catholic Laura Wood ever done to your precious “Catholic” Darkmoon? Is it because Laura Wood is NOT a NWO Jesuit Novus-Ordo “Catholic” like “Catholic” Sister Monica, is that the problem?

      2. @ TROJ

        What’s your problem exactly? I have diagnosed your complaint as Asperges symptom. I don’t think you are an ordinary nutcase or that you belong in a padded cell or anything like that, as many others on this site seem to think.

        I am baffled at your persistence in posting on a site where you are permanently in Spamblinka. If the truth be told, this is where you rightfully belong. In Spamblinka. I believe you have also been banned from every other website you have ever posted on — that is, once they get to know you as the “Ultimate Nutcase”. 🙂

        So what makes you keep pestering the Darkmoon site day after day, posting one comment after another in the full knowledge that only a small percentage of your comments will be posted?

      3. BTW, Admin didn’t “censor” your above comment. They actually took the trouble to improve it. For a permanent resident of Spamblinka to have his comment edited and improved is a great honor.

        Instead of being grateful to Admin for editing and improving your comment — they could easily have let the comment remain unpublished in Spamblinka — you have a hissy fit.

        You really are a loonytunes, aren’t you? Or is this how Asperges and autistic people behave?

      4. Don’t think too unkndly about TROJ, Madame. He’s so looney he’s comical! 🙂
        I have a laugh every time the good Sister yields him the floor, because it is obvious she is humoring him along, and is a light-hearted monitor. Really, I imagine him getting a daily hose-down in a padded cell at Chattahoochee….. 🙂 🙂 Poor Pitiful TROJ! (We shouldn’t make ‘fun’ at Christmas time, I suppose…) 🙂

  2. Thanks, TROJ –

    We all know it was from RT in Washington DC:

    Stunning drone footage captures damaged St Elias Cathedral in Aleppo

    Published on Dec 23, 2016

    Drone footage focuses on the Saint Elias Cathedral in the Al-Jadideh quarter of Aleppo.

    The church will hold its first Christmas ceremony in four years this coming Sunday.

    The church is considered to be one of the oldest in the Middle East. It was built in 1873.

    Throughout the Syrian crisis, the church has been the target of three missile attacks by militants.


    RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios.

  3. that drone video might apply to america since now the ISIS is looking to open new franchises, lots of unemployed jihadis
    “Moderate rebels” (aka ISIS) publish list of U.S. churches to attack, “bloody celebrations in Christian New Year”
    hillary and mccain made sure they are well trained and equipped, i don’t doubt that they can get the job done.
    Jihadis are good boys and it would never occur to them to offend the sensitive souls in synagogues across the nation, the survivors, children of survivors, grandchildren of survivors, family pets of survivors.
    something tells me that the various ziochristian and mormon churches will likewise escape the conflagration …

    1. ha ha ha – we need ISIS for the holiday season –

      What would we do with a Christmas without ISIS?

      1. Salman, I don’t like to shoot animals, anymore – but hunting jihadis might be FUN! 🙂

      2. @Salman: This is why the zionists laugh at all of us – Aleppo, a once beautiful ancient city destroyed. Palmyra, world heritage site, destroyed, along with other cities in Syria. Tripoli, other cities in Libya, destroyed. Beirut, pearl of the Levant, destroyed, rebuilt, attacked again, assassinations every so often. Gaza – a pile of rubble from end to end. Yemen, approaching the same. Iraq, once relatively prosperous with significant advances in education, housing, water, electricity, roads – ruined. But not Israel. The best we can hope for is a wildfire now and then. The only exception in the real world is Hezbollah, who sent the zionists running with their tails between their legs when they attacked Lebanon the last time. Now, murders in Europe of civilians, old men and women, children, people who don’t carry weapons but who if awakened would demand a stop to Israeli crimes against humanity. Can’t some brave jihadists realize that the most golden opportunity that the long suffering people of the zionist occupied ME to gain massive support in the EU is slipping away? Hezbollah would never tolerate this lack of discipline. If you can control the hotheads and mossad exploited false flag wannabe murderers, you have the God given opportunity to gain great sympathy with ordinary Europeans. Please, for once, don’t squander it. UN Resolution 2334 should be seen as only a beginning, the jew arrogantly has decided a need “to reassess their relations” with the UN (the whole civilized world). The US abstention was a gift, let us build on it.

      3. Now, a little story of how a University educated fellow learned about the World from an illiterate, impoverished third world old Lady with health issues. Years ago, when I worked in Thailand I stayed at the house of an old lady and her family in Nonthaburi Province. One day, her youngest son, another family member, and myself decided we would do something nice for her. The row of four connected living units was right at the end of a street pointing right at the side of the unit we lived in. There was nothing between us and the busy road but the living room wall. We decided to build a small brick wall, less than 2 ft. high, but with plantings so any car that might miss it’s turn would at the least be slowed down by the wall and plantings, most possible accidents stopped completely. After buying bricks and concrete and arranging delivery, we spent hours in the 100 plus degree weather building our wall. Then, a few days packing in soil and flowering bushes. We were all happy for a couple days, until a neighbor backed his car into our wall and caused some damage. Naturally, the son, other family member, and my (younger) self were dancing up and down angry as Hell and ready to demand compensation from him. The old lady, however, told us to calm down, do NOTHING and let her handle it. She couldn’t even write her name, she was poor as could be from the outer provinces, but you must respect age. Within a few days we received an apology and workmen arrived and repaired our wall. What did she do? We were originally ready for a serious confrontation, the young son was a very skilled Thai boxer who beat professionals (and occasionally, little neighborhood creeps who gave his young cousin a hard time – for no reason, just bullying). How did she do it? The wonderful old lady merely made her usual rounds through the village to exchange news, gossip, etc. with neighbors and casually, gently pointed out in her simple way to others how hard we had worked to build her wall, “do you think it’s fair”? Word spread through the grapevine. Neighborhood “face” then took it’s course.

    2. Lobro –

      Now all Hillary and McCain have to do is persuade Putin to wreck the US cities like he did Aleppo….

      But… Putin, paper bear, can’t even whip Ukraine, just next door..!! 🙂

      Ukrainian security forces began a day of anti-tank shoot on the outskirts of Donetsk



      The armed forces of Ukraine (APU) opened fire on the territory of Donetsk national Republic (DND)
      The law enforcement agencies DND reported that the Ukrainian security forces on Friday (12 August) opened fire on the village They Petrovsky district in the West of Donetsk.

      Ukrainian military used anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM). Opened fire from Marinka.

      1. how weak your theses are becoming Pat, downright pathetic in your desperation to smear Putin at any cost whatever.
        i don’t honestly know what got into you to misrepresent the powerful facts at the cost of truth, very plain for all to see.
        So Putin destroyed Aleppo?
        Just in case you didn’t know (i am actually convinced you didn’t know, you hadn’t a slighest clue otherwise you would never have peddled such an atrocious chunk of misinformation, right?), the Syrian destruction at the hands of Jew started immediately in the aftermath of Gaddafi’s murder and annihilation of once happy and prosperous nation of Libya.
        That was in March 2011.
        Russia entered the war on side of president Assad last October, to say, Oct 2015.
        So, Putin destroyed Aleppo, you claim.
        In other words, you claim that Aleppo was a safe, sound and bustling city untouched by Jew for 4.5 years prior to Putin destroying it.

        Gee whiz, Pat.
        Thanks for that bit of enlightenment.
        All very factual and impartial.
        New York Times have a senior editorial position open for a man of your qualifications, especially if your surname doesn’t sound Phariseic, did you know that?
        The war against Putin and his fake news of how he defeated USA and Israel and saved Syria must go on unimpeded.
        Of course, when in couple of years time, Russia regains all of Ukraine under Trump’s watch, you will cry about how “Putin destroyed Ukraine, destroyed Kiev”, etc.

        Keep on battling Jew’s enemies Pat, a good way to win favor with the Puppeteer.

        and at any rate you claim that the “moderate rebels” ISIS who threaten American churches are fronting for Putin, if I follow your claim correctly.
        Ok, another bit of timeless wisdom.

      2. Lobro –

        “Keep on battling Jew’s enemies Pat…”

        You are surely confused. One day you are sure, then not so much. You are not in good shape. You need to relax.

        I expose the Pharisee-Jews’ friends… like Putin. ?

        Since you are not sure about Putin… I am helping you get there without your “wasting breath discussing.”

        You made this claim to Flopot, that Putin could be fake:

        August 31, 2016 at 5:58 pm

        what i keep saying, Flopot, no use tilting at windmills of migration because they are just projections of the evil mind of Judea, you chase one, out pops another on the opposite wall.
        Gotta swing at the serpent’s head.
        And what are the chances of that ever happening in N America? Number that starts with “Z”zzz.
        And if nothing is done, nothing stands between us and the pit of universal slavery.

        Except (MAYBE) Putin, so if he is fake, we are just wasting breath discussing.


        I shall offer the facts:

        Putin has called for jews to flood into his country.


        The meeting between Putin and the EJC took place on Tuesday this week in the Kremlin.

        According to the Kommersant, the EJC specifically asked Putin to “protect them from rampant anti-Semitism in Europe,” but the “Russian president vowed to go much further.”


        Putin got his marching orders from Kissinger:

        Vladimir Putin meets with Henry Kissinger at his house.

        Russian President Vladimir Putin has met with a holder of the Nobel Peace Prize, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. It is known that the meeting took place at the presidential residence in Novo-Ogaryovo.


  4. revolt of the shabbo slaves, kunta obama kinte waving machete (UNSCR 2334)
    Israel summons US ambassador as Netanyahu lashes out at Obama

    guttural sounds of hell (Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog)

    מהמידע שיש לנו, אין לנו שום ספק שממשל אובמה יזם אותה, עמד מאחוריה, תיאם את הנוסחים ודרש להעבירה

    Human language

    we have no doubt that the Obama administration initiated it, stood behind it, coordinated on the wording and demanded that it be passed

    Bravo Obama, finally salvaged one bit of your legacy, you are now free to use that Peace Prize medal as beer coaster.

    (i barely bothered to read 2334 but if jew is hollering in fear, anger and pain, that’s good enough for me)

    1. Lobro,

      I believe your instincts are sound. Obama did a good think to stand up to Israel on his way out. Israel has had its way in the UN Security Council since 1979. On every single occasion the US has vetoed UN resolutions condemning Israel for its illegal settlements and war crimes against the Palestinians.

      A few days ago, the US did something new for a change. It did NOT veto the latest UN Security Council Resolution condemning Israel. It abstained from voting completely, declining to use its veto to give support to Israel.

      That’s great news!

      However, Lobro, be logical and face the facts: your unqualified support for Trump now needs to be reassessed. My support for Trump is now equally in jeopardy. Trump has let us down. Read the new article just published by LD.

      Trump has sold the Palestinians down the river. He has betrayed Palestine and the Palestinian cause by saying he supports Israel and gives Netanyahu his full backing. Trump is in favor of more illegal settlements.

      I gave Trump my full backing in the recent US election, but only because Hillary was an impossible monster. It now turns out that the lesser of two evils, Donald Trump, is hardly a man to admire. He said he would have vetoed the recent UN resolution, giving his full support to Israel. I can no longer back such a two-faced traitor. How can you?

      1. Sard –

        “It now turns out that the lesser of two evils, Donald Trump, is hardly a man to admire. He said he would have vetoed the recent UN resolution, giving his full support to Israel. I can no longer back such a two-faced traitor.”

        I have stated many times that ALL National Leaders are LIARS…. and are required to be LIARS to get (S)elected as a candidate, and put in office though the national (S)election process.

        I’m glad you have found that to be the case with Trump. You have no longer allowed yourself to be part of the ‘fooled and gullible’ cadre.

        Abbott must have helped you. Costello is still stuttering… 🙂

    2. sard,

      I believe your instincts questions are sound.
      at risk of pat peeing on my waffles, i will indulge in a bit of that pursuit.

      it is a big old world and the curtain on the jew century cannot be brought down without some skillful deception, given the position of the jew at the unprecedented pinnacle of global power.
      marching directly at it, in the honored, chivalrous way of Aryan knighthood exemplified by Adolph Hitler simply won’t work – do you believe me on this?
      in fact, many here proclaim Hitler a jew pawn precisely because of such comportment.

      Putin plays a different game to a great success, sort of a geopolitical equivalent of the famous petrov Defense in chess, where the black mirrors the white’s moves to sow confusion while waiting for a chance to strike back.
      White may be pushed into offering a risky gambit and end up paying the price.
      So, Putin will refer to his enemies as “our partners” and so on, while digging pitfalls for them.
      It may get much more complex than that.
      Obama was obviously put into position by jews, no doubt about that.
      Does it guarantee that he loves Jews? more likely it guarantees that he hates them, their snotty arrogance, condescension and duplicity and has probably learned how to read and counter many of their games, because say what you will but I never considered Obama stupid, certainly nothing in GW Bush’s league of stratospheric incompetence.

      I think that this latest move is him giving the Jew a great big parting finger, what can they do to him now.
      he may have choreographed it with Trump and even Putin … I don’t know and admit that without shame.
      All i can do is count the pieces on the ground.

      Ever since Dubya’s departure and Putin’s second arrival, i.e., post-Libya, things haven’t gone well for Jew at all, the talmud juggernaut stalled in its tracks.

      So, now that the 2334 deed is done, what is Trump to do?
      Endorse it and create enormous backlash from all sides (and all sides are whipped into seditious frenzy by Jew), media, democrats, libtards, pussy riot, EU-NATO maggots, his own faux-repubs – as if he doesn’t already catch enough fire from these quarters already – but the worst thing is that by offering this meaningless endorsement he is jeopardizing his coworkers, Spencer, Bannon, cabinet choices, as if they didn’t have enough trouble already.
      And for what?
      The deed is done, all they can do is talk and we know that the talk is cheap.
      So why not run the Petrov uninterrupted and play-scream at Obama’s betrayal.

      being stupidly transparent is no way to win this war against masters of deception, subterfuge, disguise and sabotage.

      there are a bunch of you duck hunters, deerhunters, moose hunters, alligator wrestlers or so you claim.
      What do you do in bush, just put your heads down and run at the trees full tilt, yelling like 10,000 drunken injuns?
      Do you go fishing by trying to whack fish out of ballpark with paddles?
      No, you wear camouflage, blow duck whistles, paint faces green, sneak around … so why would jew fighters act differently?

      Like i said, look at it when the results are obvious.
      Syria is obvious.
      Palestinians won a semi-legal victory in Jew’s favorite forum, the Gen Assembly and Sec Council, so the best is to pretend outrage and let jew wonder what’s your real intention, because he is not so stupid to ever believe that some goy genuinely likes him.

      i suspect that Trump has a plan and that he has already coordinated couple of moves with Putin, what we are seeing is just preliminary maneuverings.
      there may even be a number of jews aboard for the simple reason that they don’t like any angles that exclude them and besides, you don’t stay in the game for over 2000 years without hedging your bets.
      they take a long view, be sure of that and they may have come to conclusion that for all intents and purposes, the next 8 years or so will see considerable rollbacks but the trick is to roll with the punch and live to play another day.
      maybe it really isn’t the endgame yet, armageddon and messianic blether can wait.

  5. you cowards
    screw you and screw your israhell
    motherfuckers dumb fucks israhelli dogs,and fuck you and fuck your trumpy the israhelli puppet
    and fuck all his supporters ,super predators dirty animals
    and lastly ,happy new fucking year to you bitch

    1. Another post from our resident loony troll who has been posting as “The Observer”. Same style, same punctuation.

      I wish he would go away, but I’m told I must allow him to have his say so that we may all understand better “the inner workings of Judeo-psychopathology.”

      What a joke.

      1. @ Sister Monica
        whatever you say ,I still Love you
        happy Hanukkah
        P.S darkmoon.com is for sale ,buy it before i do..cheers

  6. Obama’s abstention from the vote is just a charade. Big Pappy owns them, he owns Obama, he owns Putin and definitely Mr. Trump; they raised him up. Big Pappy owns them in office and out of office and Big Pappy doesn’t care how they ‘feel’, if they like him or not. It’s always the other way around, THEY worry how Big Pappy feels …. “Wees sick Boss?” It makes Big Pappy real happy when they can sell the gig. They get treats and they get to see him smile!

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