Clampdown On Free Speech Begins: Giving Offense To Jews Is Now Illegal

Did you know it is now against the law
to say that Jews control the media? 

By Francis Carr Begbie

Sourced from The Occidental Observer

It is a fair bet that any ‘media reform’ welcomed by Dr Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress, will be bad news for the defenders of free speech. So it is with his reaction to the British government’s groundbreaking new definition of anti-Semitism.

Kantor said: “We welcome the UK’s landmark decision to define anti-Semitism, particularly in the face of rising attacks against Jews. We must now look towards other European governments to follow the example set by the UK.”

He is referring to the British government’s decision to adopt a “legally binding definition” which will be used by police forces, councils, universities and public bodies. This ratchets the law sharply in the direction of making Jews a legally protected group and placing them beyond criticism. It would certainly sharply curtail academic and journalistic discussion of Jewish group behaviour.

For if the ethnic agendas of this very powerful and ethnocentric group cannot be discussed, it would effectively end legitimate academic and journalistic inquiry on the matter. It would certainly curtail discussion of all unflattering examples of Jewish group behaviour such as those outlined in Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique.

The definition drafted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition (IHRA) is broadly the same one contained in the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act that quietly went through the US senate. The aim seems to be to create a global standard on stifling free speech about Jewish power.

The definition itself is so open-ended as to be meaningless.

Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities. (italics added)

Clear as mud. But it is when you look under the hood that things get very disturbing.

The IHRA definition lists a number of specific examples of anti-Semitism it wishes to outlaw and these include:

— Making mendacious, dehumanising, demonising, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective—such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.

— Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, or even for acts committed by non-Jews.

— Denying the fact, scope, mechanisms (e.g. gas chambers) or intentionality of the genocide of the Jewish people at the hands of National Socialist Germany and its supporters and accomplices during World War II (the Holocaust).

— Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust.

— Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations.

— Applying double standards by requiring of it a behaviour not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation.

— Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel.

Taken to its natural conclusion, it is hard to think of any descriptions of specific Jewish ethnic behaviour not covered by these sweeping definitions. (Or indeed any article in The Occidental Observer).

Is pointing out Jewish ownership of the media off-limits? How much media ownership, media management, and creation of media content amounts to media control? What about the ethnic composition of the neoconservative movement and the reasons behind their enthusiasm for Middle East wars? Or how about how the drive for ‘open borders’ and how restrictions on free speech across the West are overwhelmingly pushed by Jewish organisations (i.e., Jewish collectives).

Or what about the corrupting role of Jewish finance in British politics?  Would it mean that it is no longer permissible to discuss the power of Jewish financial donations and the Jewish lobby in Britain broadly construed (e.g., the Conservative and Labour Friends of Israel) and how these are connected to the slavish pro-Israel sentiments of prime ministers such as Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Theresa May?

If discussion of the Jewish ethnic dimension to these stories is labelled “hate speech” then they cannot be discussed at all.

There has been some criticism of this definition in the media but only to the extent that it would restrict debate about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. (Using the word ‘apartheid’ to describe Israel will not henceforth be considered permissible.)  Of course there is no mention at all of how this affects White interests and restricts White advocates.

The establishment of the IHRA definition was first debated by the House of Commons Home Affairs select committee on anti-Semitism which produced its own report. It is a disturbing if illuminating document. Much of it is clearly aimed at demonising the left-wing Anti-Zionists who wrested control of the Labour Party from the Jewish lobby.

What was the evidence of anti-Semitism that the committee was so concerned about? John Mann MP,  Chair — and staunch Friend of Israel — read out an email he had received “[What] we DO not appreciate are the Zionists who use powerful connections to increase their own wealth—by war, dodgy business deals, political pressurisation, media mis-information and mis-direction, etc.”

What is especially interesting is the blithe disregard for truth.

From start to finish the report is replete with questionable statements. On page 19 Item 42 it says ” The historical roots of antisemitism were based in religion, and we welcome recognition of this by the Archbishop of Canterbury when he gave oral evidence to the Committee in June, stating that “We had a shameful record until very recently, in historical terms. England was the first European country to expel Jewish people (in 1290), with their exile lasting for 350 years.”

This one-sided and partial rendering of history, free of any details of the decidedly unflattering Jewish role in medieval financial exploitation in England, is typical. (See Andrew Joyce’s “Anthony Julius’ Trials of the Diaspora [Part 2]: “Medieval English Anti-Semitism.”) It is nothing less than dishonesty by omission.

Other examples of anti-Semitism under this definition, apparently, include any mention of the Haavara Transfer Agreement which was a collaboration between Jewish Zionists with the national socialist Germany to evacuate Jews to the Palestinian Mandate territories and the allegation that Jews were involved in the slave trade. Again both are undeniable historical facts but to state them out loud is, apparently, “unwise, offensive and provocative.”

So the issue is not that the facts are wrong but that feelings were hurt.

—  §  —

This comes at a time of an unprecedented clampdown on dissidents in the UK. The number of nationalists and other defenders of White identity currently either being prosecuted or living with the threat of prosecution runs into the dozens across the country. Under Theresa May’s new hate speech legislation these people face heavy fines, disruptive control orders or prison sentences, more often than not for social media comments. It is increasingly common for the police to be acting with the support of the private Jewish surveillance and harassment organisation, the CST, with the Crown Prosecution Service giving active support.

The recent activity seems to have been orchestrated to roll out  just after the conviction of Thomas Mair for the murder of Jo Cox MP. Within days of that event a young nationalist called Joshua Bonehill was dragged out of his cell to face a second trial for hurting the feelings of Luciana Berger MP. The charge was online “aggravated racial harassment” which dated to before his first conviction but he was convicted a second time and has now been given two years in addition to the three years and three months he was serving. It was a trial that was given huge coverage with much attention given to the feelings of Luciana Berger [Jewish] who said she “felt sick” when she read what Bonehill had written about her on his websites. The judge’s summing up remarks before sentencing, are here.

In Cambridge a young nationalist called Lawrence Burns is facing a maximum of seven years in prison for apparently forgetting to mark his Facebook group as private. He has never threatened anyone, has never planned violence but the police decided that “sharing racist views” on Facebook postings was enough to charge him on race hate charges. While alleging that he attempted to stir up racial hatred the Crown has produced no evidence of this or that anyone other than that his Facebook friends have viewed his page.

This week it was announced that the National Action street protest group are to be banned after being declared a terrorist group. None of their young activists have been convicted of terrorist offences, instead their main crime seems to have been outspoken “racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia”. Though outspoken in their criticism of Jewish influence, their actions have been limited to rallies as can be seen on their Youtube channel. Their website specifically does not endorse violence.

And in a new tactic, a satirical song writer and entertainer Alison Chabloz is in court this week being prosecuted privately by a group called the Campaign against anti-Semitism. She had complained to the police about receiving death threats and being harassed after she posted a provocative Youtube video.

She was first told no action could be taken against her online tormentors. Then she was subjected to a police raid in which her computers were confiscated. Now she is being prosecuted privately at Westminster Magistrates Court on Thursday, December 15. She is accused of causing “gross offence”.


The courageous political activist who dared to speak her mind
and is now being hounded by a Jewish group for telling the truth

The adoption of the new definition of anti-Semitism was formally announced by Prime Minister Theresa May in a speech to the Conservative Friends of Israel.  She gushed about what she called a “groundbreaking step” in the fight to tackle anti-Semitism which she has made her personal crusade.

The question that nobody was asking her, was this payback for the huge amount of support she got from the organised Jewish community in her attempt to become Prime Minister?

Theresa May is a longstanding Friend of Israel and spent the evening before her official appointment by the Queen at a private dinner at the home of the Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis.

Even while Home Secretary it was Jewish demands for action against “hate speech” that were at the top of her priority list as this memorable speech when she was Home Secretary makes clear.

She is certainly following through on that.

105 thoughts to “Clampdown On Free Speech Begins: Giving Offense To Jews Is Now Illegal”

    1. Can we call on our comedians and satirists to focus on this legal threat. Whatever happened to equality under the Law?

      1. Even our satirists have been silenced. Alison Chabloz wrote a satirical song about the Holocaust called (((Survivors))). Everything she said in it was true and fact-based.

        She was reported by a Jewish group for being “grossly offensive”. She was in court only yesterday facing charges of anti-Semitic hate speech.

      2. Sarah Silverman and Larry David are grossly offensive to Christians, but, I haven’t heard they’d been charged with hate speech.
        When did may put this before Parliament?

    2. Why would the Nazis transport Jews all the way to Auschwitz in Poland to kill them? Why use irritant cyanide gas (Zyklon) when people crowded into an airtight room with an unventilated heater will soon die painlessly from carbon monoxide poisoning?

      Why were there 4.3 million survivors claiming compensation from Germany? why did the Red cross only give 272,000 as the total number of deaths in ALL the camps? The Red Cross had access to the camps. Wouldn’t they have known if Jews were being gassed?

      Why were there a hospital, a pharmacy, a theatre, an orchestra, a choir, a library and a swimming pool at Auschwitz, in a death camp? Why were there no signs on wartime aerial photographs of the trainloads of coke that would have been required to incinerate millions of bodies? Why weren’t thousands of tons of ashes and bones ever found?

      The photos of piles of bodies show emaciation typical of starvation and disease, something that would not have time occur if people were being gassed on arrival. It was Typhus, dysentery and starvation that killed these people, because by 1944 allied bombing had destroyed the infrastructure of Germany.

      DOUBLE STANDARDS. The holocaust has been pounded into us for 70 years, but there is never a mention of the reign of terror conducted by the mainly Jewish Bolsheviks against the Russia people; 60 million dead (Solzhenitsyn). The five men who executed Tsar Nicholas II, his wife and young family were all Jews. If people knew about this it would stop the holier-than-thou Jewish attitude. WE SHOULD BE SKEPTICAL.

  1. This website is largely unmonitored, so please post responsibly in the new climate of free speech repression. Note that almost everything you say now about Jews is likely to be “offensive”. Truth is no longer a defense. Facts no longer count. There is only one law now: THOU SHALT NOT OFFEND THE JEW!

    A complaint from any Jewish group that you have hurt their feelings and traumatized them by something you said is now sufficient to get you hauled before a court of law. Stiff fines, confiscation of property, and imprisonment often follow.

    The Darkmoon site, as you know, has been put on a List of 200 Forbidden Websites that are purportedly acting as Russian agents and helping to disseminate “fake news”. So we are now being monitored by the authorities for evidence of wrongdoing. Every criticism of the Establishment, or deviation from the political correctness of the mainstream media, is now a thought crime.

    We will continue as in the past, telling the truth as we see it, but for much longer can we go on before we hear the dreaded knock on the door?

    It’s only a matter of time now.

    1. JSM –

      “A complaint from any Jewish group that you have hurt their feelings and traumatized them by something you said is now sufficient to get you hauled before a court of law. Stiff fines, confiscation of property, and imprisonment often follow.

      Yep…. This is proof that the internet is being set up as a means of control…. and NOT a venue for free speech… or exposing criminals..!!

      To believe otherwise is folly.

  2. Is it now a crime to state a fact? The five men who executed Tsar Nicholas II and his wife and young children were all Jews. Is it a crime to say that?

    I don’t hate individual Jews, in fact I find most of them to be clever, funny and conscientious people, but I do hate this kind of legal threat, which is a threat to our basic right of free speech. It will cause more resentment against Jews.

    If resisting this kind of Jewish Power is anti-semitic then you can call me anti-semitic.

    1. Is it now a crime to state a fact? The five men who executed Tsar Nicholas II and his wife and young children were all Jews. Is it a crime to say that?

      YES John, it is now a crime to say that — EVEN IF IT IS TRUE!

      It has openly been stated in German courts of law that the issue of truth is “irrelevant”. The sole criterion is the alleged offensiveness of your comment to Jewish interests. ‘X’ may be right, but you are not allowed to say “X” if it hurts the feelings of a single Jew. And the Jew alone will decide if you have hurt his feelings!

      If you were a teacher, for example, who pointed out to his class that the five men who executed Tsar Nicholas II and his wife and children were are all Jews, you would most definitely be sacked if your comment was reported to the relevant authorities. No matter that you have proof that your statement is true. That is irrelevant. The sole criterion is this: you will be accused of poisoning the minds of those children with your “hate speech”.

      By saying that about Tsar Nicholas, you will be accused of filling the minds of those children with hatred of Jews, leading to a possible second Holocaust.

      1. “. . . and what is wrong with that?”

        Technically speaking, there would have to be a first Holocaust in order for there to be a second.

    2. The five men who executed Tsar Nicholas II and his wife and young children were all Jews

      why not let a jew speak on the matter?
      Igor Shafarevich is (was/probably dead by now) a Russian jew and highly “anti-semitic”.
      One of his students ended up as math prof at U of T and taught a course i took using shafarevich’s text (algebraic geometry).
      i once heard another jew from chicago u, (something) lange rail against him at one seminar.

      Igor Shafarevich, a Russian mathematician of world stature, has sharply criticized the Jewish role in bringing down the Romanov monarchy and establishing Communist rule in his country. Shafarevich was a leading dissident during the final decades of Soviet rule. A prominent human rights activist, he was a founding member of the Committee on the Defense of Human Rights in the USSR.

      In Russophobia, a book written ten years before the collapse of Communist rule, he noted that Jews were “amazingly” numerous among the personnel of the Bolshevik secret police. The characteristic Jewishness of the Bolshevik executioners, Shafarevich went on, is most conspicuous in the execution of Nicholas II:

      This ritual action symbolized the end of centuries of Russian history, so that it can be compared only to the execution of Charles I in England or Louis XVI in France. It would seem that representatives of an insignificant ethnic minority should keep as far as possible from this painful action, which would reverberate in all history. Yet what names do we meet? The execution was personally overseen by Yakov Yurovsky who shot the Tsar; the president of the local Soviet was Beloborodov (Vaisbart); the person responsible for the general administration in Ekaterinburg was Shaya Goloshchekin. To round out the picture, on the wall of the room where the execution took place was a distich from a poem by Heine (written in German) about King Balthazar, who offended Jehovah and was killed for the offense


      How clearly did prof shafarevich see the occult role of Judas in the betrayal of kings whose protection of their subjects stood in their way and the subsequent regicides and tumultous social and cultural upheavals that literally tore nations asunder and set the world course toward its ultimate demise, Jesus, Charles i, Louis xvi, Nicholas.

      of course that they would make it illegal, just as in The Protocols of Antichrist.
      the unclean blood of ancient iniquity binds them all, including heinrich heine.

    3. The things I hate most about Jewish Power are the double standards. It is a crime to say that Jews were terrorists who murdered British soldiers and their families in order to secure their claim to Palestine? but now they wail about Palestinian terrorists. It is a crime to say that the Jewish Bolsheviks killed millions (66 million according to Solzhenitisyn) of Russian Christians? but Jews have wailed continuously for 70 years about the 6 million Jews supposedly killed by the Natzis.

    4. The Jew, over the centuries, has mastered the art of “winning friends and influencing people” through a display of cleverness and humor and their conscientiousness is superficial when applied to the goyim, the underlying concern always being Is It Good For The Jews?

    5. If the “Greater Israel” Project is to succeed then the Zionists will be requiring Jews to occupy the confiscated lands.
      Therefore fear will be employed to move the diaspora back to the Middle East.

  3. quit spreading your russian zionist propoganda exposed you ,but they are too cowards to say the words zionist and jew ,you fucking jew mother fuckers scumbag .i knew it that you are up to no good from day one ,fucking ugly fat jewish cunts ,

    1. Not sure if we’re dealing with a loonie here or a troll. Still, let him have his say. This is the same guy who has been posting as “The Observer”. Identical style and punctuation.

  4. All those claiming prosecution due to rubbing Jews the wrong way will be additionally prosecuted for hate speech.

    How they must be laughing.
    While we ferociously attack all those standing in their way.
    Jesus wept.

  5. There are ways to circumvent this. If you want to criticize Jews for their misbehavior, don’t mention their Jewish identity explicitly, but strongly suggest that you are talking about Jews. You can do that in the following ways :

    1) Mention their names. Often Jewish names are a clear indication of Jewish identity.

    2) Give their picture, by preference in profile so that the shape of their nose is clearly visible.

    3) Mention details of their background that indicate Jewish identity. For example :

    ” X is the son of Holocaust survivors.”
    “X’s parents had to flee from Nazi Germany.”
    “X is a passionate supporter of the state of Israel.”
    “X is a dual American-Israeli citizen”.
    “In his youth X has spend one year working on a kibbutz in Israel.”
    ” X is a generous contributor to Jewish charities.”
    “X is well respected in the Jewish community.”
    “X is fluent in Yiddish, in which he uses to tell jokes.”
    “X keeps kosher and doesn’t work on sabbath.” etc., etc.

    If you are talking about a group of Jews, say that they are bound by a strong sense of ethnic identity, without mentioning that identity explicitly, but suggesting it in the same way as with individual Jews.

    In this way you can denounce the “New World Order Conspiracy” without explicitly mentioning its Jewish identity (which Alex Jones does), but strongly suggesting that (which Alex Jones doesn’t).

    This is basic anti-Semitic taqiyya.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Thanks for the brilliant list of techniques for avoiding incrimination for “hate speech”. Strangely enough, many of these techniques are used in the mainstream media by writers who may be closet anti-Semites. I myself favor the use of euphemisms and discreet code words like “elite media”, “elite interests”, “cosmopolitan internationalists”.

      The great disadvantage of using such coded language is that the code is only known to the cognoscenti, to the old hands. Young people and newcomers to the game — people who are not yet “Jew wise” — don’t have a clue who you are talking about when you say “elite interests”.

      1. I suggest we begin to simply use all available code words to refer to Jews and other highly privileged thin-skinned creatures, beginning with the letter ‘a’. As each letter or word is added to the list of unacceptability, we move to another.
        At some point the whole of language would be outlawed, only silence and blank pages allowed.
        Then we could move to gestures and facial expressions, until no movement is allowed.

        You think these brilliant Jewish persons would just kill us all and be done with it. Oh, how silly of me to forget. That program is ongoing.

      2. @S.W.

        The use of code words is already happening :

        ‘Google,’ ‘Yahoo,’ ‘Skittles’ and ‘Skype’ are being used in place of racial slurs on Twitter
        Yuyu Chen
        October 4, 2016
        Turn on tldr

        First they came for Pepe the Frog.

        Now, alt-right trolls are coopting major brands as hate code words on Twitter. “Google” is being used to refer derogatorily to black people; “Yahoos” is used for Mexicans; “Skittles” means Muslims; and “Skypes” means Jews.

        When you type into those terms in Twitter search, you will find tweets like “We beat the Googles down so bad 160 years after we let them go they are still crying for their mommas.” and “Why do skypes support Israel building a wall, refusing Syrians, deporting Africans, but want mass immigration for the USA?”

        Source :

        The beauty of these code words is that they cannot be banned from the Internet without damaging its own functioning.

      3. @ Franklin.
        My comment was in the spirit of a ‘Modest Proposal”.

        The more our ideas are damned by those in power, the more attractive they are to the young and the disenfranchised.

    2. “X who never has earned an honest buck in his life but instead is parasiting on productive society for a living.”

      “X who lives according to what the talmud says”

    3. A form of Samizdat, also we have still got the echo ((( ))) of course they know the meaning of that, but, can you imagine a court dealing with an echo? Maybe a kafkaesque one…
      I remember reading Mikhail Bulgakov’s book: “A Dog’s Heart” (which is extremely funny) this book was banned in the old Soviet Union….

    4. I also thank Franklin for shrewd ideas on how to continue a discussion of the now deplorable basket of unmentionables.

      1. Darkmoon clamped down on Melvin [ Melvin was VERY Jew-Wise ] so I don’t understand why Darkmoon is crying and complaining about jews clamping down on those who are Jew-Wise when Darkmoon itself clamped down on Jew Wise Melvin. Melvin was VERY Jew-Wise ; Darkmoon clamped down BIG TIME on VERY Jew-Wise Melvin. WTF?

  6. ….We must now look towards other European governments to follow the example set by the UK.

    Let them try to impose that on the people of my country and they will receive,loud and clear the F-word with the

    relevant gesture.

    1. Taygete,
      In this case, it’s more UK following our lead as those laws already exist in Europe, since before WWII in France. Uk law is just way, way more explicit.

      Not later than yesterday, Jérome Bourbon was fined 20000 euros for last year tweets:
      “Sad times: People do not believe in God nor in Hell but they believe in gas chambers without actually seeing it.”
      “Laurent Fabius President of Constitutional Council. After Badinter and Debré the great-grandson of a rabbi. Palais Royal is an occupied territory.”

      The whole spectrum of specific examples of antisemitism as mentioned in the article is fully covered, gas chambers, influence and Israel. The justice just calls it incitement to hatred and disputing crimes against humanity. But nothing new here, business as usual.

      1. @ PHIL
        I am not sure that these laws exist in Greece because a holocaust denier Mr Plevris who gave an interview here in L.D(March 2013) not only was found not guilty in court but twice a week has a TV show.

      2. Taygete,

        The law exists. The penalties are just not applied by the still decent Greek justice as in Mr Plevris’ case, who was acquitted in appeal trial. The independence of Hellenic justice regarding those issues is always causing the discontent of the World Jewish Congress. There was also the pathetic “we are all Greek Jews” campaign by SoS Racisme in the middle of the crisis after Golden Dawn entered Parliament, the alleged Greek neonazi. Is there such a thing as a Greek neonazi?
        At least, Greeks still have some freedom of speech. I remember this article in 2010 by Míkis Theodorákis, who wants to destroy Greece?

        I have two suspects:

        The Greek people are anarchic and difficult to tame. For this reason we must strike deep into their cultural roots: Perhaps then we can force them to conform. I mean, of course, to strike at their language, their religion, their cultural and historical reserves, so that we can neutralize their ability to develop, to distinguish themselves, or to prevail ; thereby removing them as an obstacle to our strategically vital plans in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.

        BHL, the metaphysical war between Jews and Greeks.

        No wonder AngloUS judeo-christian banks chose Greece as the laboratory for financial chaos.

  7. Another approach :

    “I hate the usual suspects.”

    “I hate rootless cosmopolitans“.

    “I hate globalists“.

    “I hate international bankers“.

    Why do you call me an anti-Semite ?

    1. For clarification, here are some pictures :

      1) The “usual suspect” :

      2) “Rootless cosmopolitans” :

      3) The “globalist” :

      4) The “international banker” :

      Only those suffering from hyper-paranoia would think we are talking here about Jews !

    2. @ PHIL

      You know a lot about Greeks and i think you are Greek .

      The freedom of speech will always be in force because ,as very well said by Kissinger,we are very ungovernable people.

      If you are Greek you probably have read the work of President Tsatsos “Ὀξυρίγχιοι Πάπυροι”.
      There,you will see how the Romans thought that they should govern the Greeks.
      Of course ,no Roman said all these but it was a way to describe our character.
      Kissinger must have read these Papyrus.
      You can find it in the Internet in Greek,but i do not know if it is translated in English.

      As for the thousands of years hatred of the Jews against the Greeks,there is a very interesting work of Ploutarch in his “Symposiacs”.

      I am sending it to you in English :


      What God is Worshipped by the Jews.


      Here Symmachus, greatly wondering at what was spoken, says: What, Lamprias, will you permit our tutelar god, called Evius, the inciter of women, famous for the honors he has conferred upon him by madmen, to be inscribed and enrolled in the mysteries of the Jews? Or is there any solid reason that can be given to prove Adonis to be the same with Bacchus? Here Moeragenes interposing, said: Do not be so fierce upon him, for I who am an Athenian answer you, and tell you, in short, that these two are the very same. And no man is able or fit to bring the chief confirmation of this truth, but those amongst us who are initiated and skilled in the triennial [Greek omitted] or chief mysteries of the god. But what no religion forbids to speak of among friends, especially over wine, the gift of Bacchus, I am ready at the command of these gentlemen to disclose.
      When all the company requested and earnestly begged it of him; first of all (says he), the time and manner of the greatest and most holy solemnity of the Jews is exactly agreeable to the holy rites of Bacchus; for that which they call the Fast they celebrate in the midst of the vintage, furnishing their tables with all sorts of fruits while they sit under tabernacles made of vines and ivy; and the day which immediately goes before this they call the day of Tabernacles. Within a few days after they celebrate another feast, not darkly but openly, dedicated to Bacchus, for they have a feast amongst them called Kradephoria, from carrying palm-trees, and Thyrsophoria, when they enter into the temple carrying thyrsi. What they do within I know not; but it is very probable that they perform the rites of Bacchus. First they have little trumpets, such as the Grecians used to have at their Bacchanalia to call upon their gods withal. Others go before them playing upon harps, which they call Levites, whether so named from Lusius or Evius — either word agrees with Bacchus. And I suppose that their Sabbaths have some relation to Bacchus; for even now many call the Bacchi by the name of Sabbi, and they make use of that word at the celebration of Bacchus’s orgies. And this may be discovered out of Demosthenes and Menander. Nor would it be out of place, were any one to say that the name Sabbath was given to this feast from the agitation and excitement [Greek omitted] which the priests of Bacchus display. The Jews themselves witness no less; for when they keep the Sabbath, they invite one another to drink till they are drunk; or if they chance to be hindered by some more weighty business, it is the fashion at least to taste the wine. Some perhaps may surmise that these are mere conjectures. But there are other arguments which will clearly evince the truth of what I assert. The first may be drawn from their High-priest, who on holidays enters their temple with his mitre on, arrayed in a skin of a hind embroidered with gold, wearing buskins, and a coat hanging down to his ankles; besides, he has a great many little bells depending from his garment which make a noise as he walks. So in the nocturnal ceremonies of Bacchus (as the fashion is amongst us), they make use of music, and call the god’s nurses [Greek omitted]. High up on the wall of their temple is a representation of the thyrsus and timbrels, which surely suits no other god than Bacchus. Moreover, they are forbidden the use of honey in their sacrifices, because they suppose that a mixture of honey corrupts and deads the wine. And honey was used for a libation in former days and with it the ancients were wont to make themselves drunk, before the vine was known. And at this day barbarous people who want wine drink metheglin, allaying the sweetness of the honey by bitter roots, much of the taste of our wine. The Greeks offered to their gods these temperate offerings or honey-offerings, as they called them, because that honey was of a nature quite contrary to wine. But this is no inconsiderable argument that Bacchus was worshipped by the Jews, in that, amongst other kinds of punishment, that was most remarkably odious by which malefactors were forbid the use of wine for so long a time as the judge thought fit to prescribe. Those thus punished. . . .
      (The remainder of the Fourth Book is wanting.)

      You see that their Yehoba is our Bacchus.

      If you wish i have the text in Ancient Greek and Ploutarch is very easily understood.

      I do not think that Golden Dawn is neo-nazi party.
      The Greeks are not nazis.
      Nationalists ,yes .

      Theodorakis is repugnant to me because when he was young he was far-right and when he saw that his interests were elsewhere he became a communist,and on top of that he wished the Greco-Turkish con-federation ,as if he does not know how much we have suffer under the Ottomans.
      During the civil war his acts were traitorous.
      Now that he is very old he tries to be an honest patriot fearing the judgment.

      Sure you are Greek that’s why you know Hugo’s Poem.

      But my dear who cares about Europe?
      The majority of the Greeks here do not wish to be in Europe.
      We do not belong to the West,not to the East,we do not have Pope as the head of our church,since we are Orthodox,and the Europeans do not like us for that
      Have a look at us Geographically,we are in between West and East and we have a very rich country.
      We only lack patriotic government.

      1. Taygete,

        Thanks for the extract. I found it and read in my native tongue. Plutarch, how barbaric, Plutarque sounds better to me.

        I am not Greek, although I wear proudly my Karagounis football jersey on the field since 2008. I am a French Roman Catholic who is always amused hearing catholics blaming orthodoxs for reciting the liturgy in Greek and not in Latin. Unfortunately I don’t speak Greek and I am a bad Catholic who barely understands Latin anymore.
        France used to be a helleno-christian country when not totally ruled by the great lodge of London, and not a long time ago learning Greek and Latin were mandatory for the literary and artistic elites, journalists, diplomats, politicians… Now Greek and Latin classes are basically taken out of public colleges and high schools for budget cutbacks due to excessive debt, you know the drill, it could be worst, it will be worst.
        Here were the classical secondary education curriculums in 1902:
        A Latin Greek. B Latin Languages.C Latin Sciences.D Languages Sciences.
        That was before the invasion of those judeo-christian egalitarian liberalist utilitarian doctrines, the strong in math reign, the new lords. No more Antigone or Andromaque, now it’s Smith, Kant, Marx and Oedipal Freud.
        I am no anti-Semite, I only hate England, there is no law against it, bunch of protestant vandals, we should enslave them the Henri Beraud way. This will be my defense at my trial, yep.

        History and my anglophobia led me to Hugo’s child needing a gun, as England, with the help of Reich and Roman Church, protected the Ottoman Empire during the Balkan wars of independence to prevent the expansion of Russia’s sphere of influence at the expense of Serbia Greece and Bulgaria. Two centuries later the same protagonists are still fighting, in Syria this time, after India, Afghanistan, Iraq. Those Russo phobic vandals will destroy any trace of European civilization and pre monotheist times, blaming their Jewish dirty workers for it, slipping brandy in slippers in front of chimneys after hunting.

        But my dear who cares about Europe?
        A lot of people, they are just ostracized by the intelligentsia. For example, we have a political group in France called GRECE, groupement de recherché et d’études pour la civilisation européene, who tries to drag us out of the liberal utilitarian swamp we wallow in. They are labelled as neo fascist, quasi Nazi if you prefer. Even Jean Soler, a fascinating scholar specialist in Greek mythology who worked in Israel was ostracized and labelled as anti-Semite because of his books, Who is God? and The Monotheist Violence. He would never have compared YHWH with Bacchus; YHWH has neither nuance nor finesse. Everything in relation with Greece, except for democracy, is automatically suspect, BHL might be a moron but he is right about this, his jewdar is tracking any kind of homeric influence. While he is in on the media promoting his bs hebraic version of history, nobody hears about Soler, or De Benoist.

        Russians still care about Europe. I listened to a conference yesterday about Putin’s favorite philosophers I have never heard of, Soloviev, Berdaiev and Iline. He offered books of those authors as a gift to all Russian governors for Christmas a couple of years ago.
        Long story short, those white Russian political philosophers have made a synthesis mixing Illiade sense of honor, bravery and fidelity, with a ladle of Plato, a hint of Aristotle covered with Christian Orthodoxy. It’s working pretty fine it seems.
        As Yourcenar used to say tout ce que les hommes ont dit de mieux a été dit en grec. What we call culture in Europe is an endless renaissance of ancient Greece according to Simone Weil.
        Cheer up Taygete, history is cyclical and full of unexpected events, look Aleppo. We will sail our way out of this Hebraic sophistic shitstorm. And don’t be too hard with Theodorakis, there is not a single French who dares to open his mouth like him, or Demis Roussos who passed away recently. Except for Depardieu, but he is hiding in Russia.


      2. Phil,

        “Now Greek and Latin classes are basically taken out of public colleges .. ”

        Yes, but not to worry, soon they will be replaced by Swahili so that one can read all the great ones from the traditionally rich Congoid school of philosophers 🙂

      3. Ταϋγέτη –

        He is trying….

        Dec 17 (Reuters) – Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said
        in a speech in Berlin to a congress of European leftist parties
        on Saturday that it was time for his country’s creditors [usury mongers] to understand that the Greek people have made enough sacrifices.

        Tsipras also said that Greece would not surrender to those
        who want Greece to permanently maintain austerity policies.

        “Our creditors need to keep in mind that the Greek people
        have made enough sacrifices and now it’s time for them to
        fulfill their obligations,” he said. “We are decisive that we
        will never surrender our people to the ‘yes men’ who want Greece in the straight jacket of austerity for many years ahead.”

        “We have delivered on our obligations and our creditors need
        to do their part,” he said. “I’m optimistic that Greece will
        achieve its goals. But we will never accept the logic of
        ‘eternal austerity’ that destroys Greek society.”

      4. @PHIL

        Cheer up Taygete,

        How can i do that?My heart aches with what i see happening here.
        I am a nationalist and orthodox but i go to church only on Easter,because Easter is more ethnic than christian and represents the resurrection of our country from the Ottoman rule.
        I am first Greek and then christian,but NOT judaeocristian.
        Only some impossible Jewdaeo-priests like Origenes do not understand.
        I have search and read a lot and discover that Orthodoxy has nothing to do with the Jewish mythology e.g Old Testament but on the contrary has a lot to do with our old religion.
        Here, we have the New Testament.

        I do agree for Demis Roussos,whom i liked very much,a very Byzantine Greek he was,but for Theodorakis,i have nothing good to say because although you say that he speaks openly,yes now,but when,he had to speak(during the civil war) he did not .

        … hearing catholics blaming orthodoxs for reciting the liturgy in Greek and not in Latin.

        You know,the Catholic church tries to latinize our language since the 16th century.
        They think that by abandoning the Greek alphabet that we will become catholics.
        They must know that the Latin alphabet is also Greek,brought to Latio by the Greeks from the island of Eboia,when they colonized Italy.
        Now why we are so much against Catholisism? Try to find in history what happened to Byzantium on 1204.
        That date brought the fall of Konstantinople and put us under the Ottoman rule for 4 centuries.
        Some years ago,Pope Paul came to Athens and asked our forgiveness for that.

        Do not blame the British for what they do.
        Here we say that they are the womb of zionism,since Cromwell i think.
        I have lived in U.K and i know that they do not like my people,but i had good friends who talked to me and i hate only their politicians.
        I will try to find it, Henri Berau’s book translated in Greek or English because my French are a bit rusty,although i went to a school which had french as a foreign language.

        I did not know these Russian Philosophers,i will look to find their work .

        I would suggest to you to read Greek Mythology,which is not a fairy tale but is prehistory where the names have a meaning which has to do with the life of every hero e.g Odysseus means(from the verb odyssomai, “one whom the Gods hate”,and actually Poseidon and Apollo hated him because he destroyed Troy,which was build by these two Gods and because he killed Cyclops,who was Poseidon’s son.

        L.D wrote that the difficulty in understanding Homer or generally the Greeks is the language barrier.
        No,is not that,the difficulty lies in the fact that we do not study Etymology.
        I had a dedicated ancient-Greek teacher who showed me the way to it and since then the greatest pleasure is the reading of the classics.
        Reading Homer is the greatest pleasure for me.

        I thought that you are a Greek because of Victor Hugo’s poem.
        Is in my school book known by us all ,along with the Delacroix pictures,about the Greeks fighting the Turks.
        These pictures are in the Harvard Museum collection.

      5. Taygete,

        Forget about Beraud, it was merely a joke. It was kind of a joke when it was published in 1935, or maybe not, you don’t know if the author is serious or not. The title is funny though, best seller in India and China guaranteed, for the eventual businessman, think about the potential market of haters, great succe$$.

        My anglophobia is not really serious, just a credit default swap on eventual legal fine. I live on the coast facing Jersey Island, it doesn’t help, well known by Greek ship owners, which is a constant reminder of England perfidy. You should see what they have done with this beautiful island, an aseptic haven for fiscal pirates. A lot of decent Jersey people are living with us as they can’t afford the growing house price and living cost. They are like Ulysses away from the beloved homeland.

        About Odysseus, I always found it too romanesque for my taste. Interesting what you say about it, so much has been lost by the translations from ancient Greek, the New Testament maybe, I don’t know. The smile of Homer by Jean Soler is on my reading list, maybe It will bring me back to the Odysseus and mythology.
        On the other hand, my passion for European history has led me to read everything I could find about Illiad and Thucydides. I advise you the books of Jacqueline de Romilly about Thucydides, surely you will find them in Greek as the lady was named ambassador of Hellenism by Greece, interesting character. Now occident is doing war the Joshua Hebraic way, since the adventure of Cromwell in Ireland, predisposed with Scotland.

        They must know that the Latin alphabet is also Greek 🙂
        Vatican knows it, my Latin teacher knew it, but she was also a Greek teacher. Homer didn’t only educate Greece, but Roma and Europa. The myth of trojan origins is in every Occidental myth, frank, norman, breton, venitian…Virgil used Eneas as the mythic founder of Roma and Frankish mythology claimed Charlemagne was a descendant of Astyanax who would have survived the sack.

        About 1204, I made a long post about it once in response to Lobro if I recall. It has little to do with religion but a lot about politics and not fully civilized occidental, a repetition of what vandals did to Roma, a nasty salary business. But the Pope is all about forgiveness this day.

        It will not cheer you up either but the city of Marseille where I grew up is about to become a Muslim city in 20 years. Marseille or Massalia is known as la cité phocéene because it was found by colonist from Phocaea, now Foça, in modern Turkey. At least they are mediterranean muslims, we could get along without wahabbo interference. As for the Turks, i have a French Greek friend who hates them from all the fibers of his body and i know his legitimate grief about the Catholic Church. For an Orthodox, both Catholic and Protestant are judeo-christian.
        “The fall of Constantinople is a personal misfortune that happened to all of us only last week.”

        “Hugo Is in my school book known by us all”
        Hugo for me is some kind of 19 th century Theodorakis. The tragic life of Victor Hugo, that’s a good book.

        Reading Homer is the greatest pleasure for me.
        “Nothing is older than this morning newspaper, and Homer is still young.” Charles Péguy.
        I miss Greek France. Bye.

      6. 1138,

        This year reform in education: No more Latin/Greek but introduction of Arab in the curriculums, Muslims represent 10% of voters after all. I let you imagine the reaction. Islamophobia is rising.
        Dieudonné said it all in his sketch about Islamic veil.
        It’s tragically funny., “a small wolof that you don’t understand”.


  8. God doesn’t “micromanage”, and the Jews don’t micromanage. Gosh! Does that mean we, ourselves, are responsible for our own conduct and foibles?? Horrors!
    Knowing some Jews with whom I have done business – and from whom I’ve experienced nothing but straightforward dealings – I cannot place responsibility for my more stupid moves on any shoulders other than my own. I have found that I should have been as wary of the wiles of my own kind (WASP) as of the shenanigans of Mr. Jew. To blame the Jew for everything is a poor excuse for ineptitude, and I, for one, believe it is time to ‘get over it’ and move on to more pressing concerns.

    1. Hi Gilbert,
      I grew up with Jews and most of them were good guys. That was a long time ago, in the 1940s and 1950s in England. Over the past 30 years in the USA I have experienced some really awful behaviour from younger Jewish men. It seems as though they are spoilt as children and don’t grow out of it. They are just so full of themselves that I avoid them now. Jewish women are usually kind and friendly, good people.

      I am 79 years old now so I don’t worry about my future. If you want the truth ask the aged.

      1. Thanks, John Kirby. I am 58 years old, and thankfully have not encountered first-hand slights by Jews – although I do not doubt others’ experiences. Despite the truths of history, it is my belief that most contemporary Jews are simply trying to get along in life the same as everyone else, and don’t necessarily subscribe to an esoteric agenda. While I appreciate and understand the warnings of those “jew-wise” individuals whose education is more extensive than my own, I believe a certain ‘assimilation’ is taking place whereby radical Jews are becoming fewer. There is no use inspiring fear among the innocent (although respect for true history is never a bad thing).

    2. @PAT
      will never surrender our people to the ‘yes men’ who want Greece in the straight jacket of austerity for many years ahead.”

      The immoral,shameless liar IS a “yes man”.
      I heard him saying that and my blood boiled.

      “But we will never accept the logic of‘eternal austerity’ that destroys Greek society.”

      He takes us for imbeciles thinking that we do not know who has signed for our eternal austerity.

      It seems to me that we are heading for elections and he started the big lies,but the opposition is exactly if not worse(serving the Germans)than him.

      Only for his shameless audacity he deserves to be hanged.

      1. Ταϋγέτη –

        “seems to me that we are heading for elections and he started the big lies,but the opposition is exactly if not worse(serving the Germans)than him.”

        Elections are actually (s)elections globally….. with or without approval by the inhabitants… people.

        (S)elections allow the bankers to get what they want. It is being set up just that way.

        Only the BIGGEST LIARS get (s)elected, especially in US. The latest of them here promised a WALL on the border….!!!! 🙂

  9. FaceBook Gladly Joins Censorship On The Web.

    We could expect no less from the ‘Usury-Mongers’ in control of mainstream media.

    “Fake News” label = Censorship..!!

    Facebook taking new measures to stop spread of fake news

    NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook is taking new measures to curb the spread of fake news.

    It will partner with outside fact-checkers such as The Associated Press, Snopes, and ABC News to sort honest news reports from made-up stories. Facebook will make it easier for users to report fake news when they see it.

    If enough people report a story as fake, Facebook will pass it to third-party fact-checking organizations. Stories that flunk a fact check will remain on Facebook, but will be flagged as “disputed,” which will push them lower down in people’s news feeds. Users will see those flags.

    Facebook says it’s also eliminating the ability for spammers to masquerade as real news organizations.

    SNOPES…??? 🙂 The incredible Michelsons operating out of their apartment. The man-wife scheming ‘Usury-Mongers’….!! 🙂

    Facebook Details Its New Plan To Combat Fake News Stories

    1. Bozell: ‘Zuckerberg Assured Me His Express Aim Is to Eliminate Only Patently False News Stories’
      Cybercast News Service ^ | December 16, 2016 | 10:18 AM EST | Michael W. Chapman

      In reaction to the news that Facebook is partnering with the Associated Press, ABC News, and Snopes, among other apparent “fact checkers” to tag and weed out “fake news” on the popular social site, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg assured him that “his express aim is to eliminate only patently false news stories from Facebook.”

      “I have been in communication with Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook since he announced their new ‘fake news’ initiative,” said MRC President Bozell in a Dec. 16 statement. “I expressed grave concern with this decision and the liberal ‘fact-checking’ organizations Facebook has chosen.”

      It will be interesting to see the results of the “concerns” expressed by someone who is not a Usury-Monger.

      Parents Television Council Pres:

      During his tenure as PTC president, Bozell led many campaigns derived from the PTC’s stated mission to restore its view of decency to the entertainment industry.

  10. Off topic, but a reminder that today is a white European holy day honoring the birth of Beethoven. I’m going to share a carafe of wine with Schroeder while listening to Walter Giesekings’ version of sonata no 14, and so expect to be in an otherworldly rapture for the remainder of the day.

  11. “To know who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Voltaire.

    The right of free speech is not to protect inoffensive and popular speech, it is to protect the offensive and unpopular speech found at the fringes of the majority. Without this protection, the majority will rule over the minority, a democracy, an absolutely evil entity.

    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch.” Benjamin Franklin.

    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”, Evelyn Beatrice Hall.

    1. Ah, good old Voltaire. I’m not his biggest fan, but he was a true son of Europe after all.
      Too bad we don’t have more like him now.
      His comment on the Koran…
      “The Koran teaches fear, hatred, contempt for others, murder as a legitimate means for the dissemination and preservation of this satanic doctrine, it talks ill of women, classifies people into classes, calls for blood and ever more blood. Yet, that a camel trader sparks uproar in his tribe, that he wants to make his fellow citizens believe that he talked to the archangel Gabriel; that he boasted about being taken up into heaven and receiving a part of that indigestible book there, which can shake common sense on every page, that to gain respect for this work, he covers his country with fire and iron, that he strangles fathers, drags away daughters, that he leaves the beaten a free choice between death and his faith: now this is certainly something that no-one can excuse, unless he came as a Turk into the world, unless superstition has stifled any natural light of reason in him.”

      1. S.W.

        I don’t know much about the koran. Not interested, really. These claims of the prophet – provided they are in the koran ( important ) – sound pretty ridiculous to me. Same category as walking on water and changing water into wine I suppose. But at least THAT was claimed by ordinary men, NOT by Jesus himself. Or is saying this offending anyone here? One never knows here. Anyway, that’s not my intention. Just comparing notes here.

        ” … he leaves the beaten a free choice between death and his faith: now this is certainly something that no-one can excuse, unless he came as a Turk into the world, … ”

        Mwoah, I wouldn’t go that far. Unless Charlemagne was also born a Turk, since he too gave the beaten the choice between his favorite religion or their heads.

        But I guess I have a longer memory that most here 🙂

      2. Offense is a good defense.

        This started by a strange UK law being passed outlawing statements true or not that cast Jews in a bad light. The truth does not fear investigation, it asks for it. I wonder if this law outlaws the quoting of the Bible.

        1 John 2:22 “Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son.”

        Rev 3:9 Look at those who belong to the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews but are liars instead. I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and they will know that I love you.

        Titus 1:14 and will pay no attention to Jewish myths or to the commands of men who have rejected the truth.

        Matthew 27:22 “What shall I do, then, with Jesus who is called the Messiah?” Pilate asked. They all answered, “Crucify him!” 23 “Why? What crime has he committed?” asked Pilate. But they shouted all the louder, “Crucify him!” 24 When Pilate saw that he was getting nowhere, but that instead an uproar was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd. “I am innocent of this man’s blood,” he said. “It is your responsibility!”
        25 All the people answered, “His blood is on us and on our children!”

        Is the Bible now antisemitic?

  12. More “clampdown” on FREE SPEECH…. when Trump SIGN showed up In high school.

    White students hold ‘Trump’ sign, turn backs on black basketball team

    The Warrensburg student section turned its back on the opposing team… but Trump sign made the difference this time.

    “I think in this case, (the Trump sign) was really the difference in what took this from something that was unsportsmanlike to something that was insensitive, not necessary and inappropriate,” Patrick said.

  13. The poor victims and the only victims ever,ever,ever,since the Dawn of Time…the global,wondering…”you know who”….strange….”they” do Genocide most days in Palestine Stolen,Walled In…”THEY” also want much more of Syria then the Golan Heights……do the maths [physics] for the holohoax of six million….you will LOL at the result…..the poor jew victims will have their way…..the goyim are doomed as planned…New World Order and yes,I still think Mr Adolf Hitler was right about a lot of World matters.

  14. Walking along the Sunny side of the street, if Darkmoon gets clamped-down shut-down then all you darkmoaners will have to find something else to do then spend all your time bullshitting around every second of every day all day every day day-in and day-out and you darkmoaners might actually accomplish something useful instead of being bullshit artists.

    1. But it’s such FERTILE bullshit, TROJ! (And the mental image of YOU flailing the keyboard in your padded cell is always amusing! 🙂 )
      Aren’t the halls decked with holly at Chattahoochee this time of year? Aren’t the orderlies more lenient for the season, and haven’t they brought you a flagon of egg nog to ease your troubled mind?? I hope so…

      Merry Christmas!

      1. Troj,
        “going to LERV IT!”

        At 2:30, were those salmon eggs or cranberries? Couldn’t quite tell. Either way, I love ’em both.

    2. I know already what I’m gonna do, clamp-down or not. Thank God I’ve secured a fantastic job starting early spring/late winter, which leaves a big window for a nice vacation.

      But what are you gonna do? Perhaps you can take up side walk preaching. 🙂

      1. @ 1138 :

        I can’t do sidewalk preaching. I’m not Russian Orthodox, so I never went to a Russian Orthodox seminary, I didn’t even go a Catholic seminary, Jesuit or otherwise, so I’m unlearned and not erudite in side walk preaching, plus there’s the problem I don’t know how to play the accordion and I don’t have a pet monkey. I do have a pet whoodle doodle dog, though, but he’s TOO cute for anyone to mistake for a monkey, thank you for the suggestion but it’s never going to happen, I’m not cut-out to be a missionary. The natives will have to find Redemption and Salvation without my input.

    3. Titus 1:14 and will pay no attention to Jewish myths or to the commands of men who have rejected the truth.

    4. troj, i am mighty curious as to what will you do when darkmoon is shut down and lasha locked up among brutal dykes in some state prison, toby and sister monica waterboarded for all the hundreds upon hundreds of unpublished posts that will likewise never see the light of day, buried in the mass graves of spamblinka.
      the grim plaque reads:
      Four million posts suffered and died here at hands of hydra darkmurderers between the second and third week of last november“, then amended after a few posts were released for good behavior.

      What alternative plans and daily routines have you made in the event of Armagotterdammerung, the twilight of the Valhalla of antisemite gods, The Hammer of Troj, huh?
      can you groom and brush the poopoodle at least 12 hours a day? he’d be as hairless as a soft boiled peeled egg within a day.
      Maybe adopt an alligator down in FL and rub him until he gets baby smooth skin (I mean it literally troj, not figuratively, you are too nice a guy, too good a Catholic to translate this into the street meaning, the one that sadly missed Melvin Plutonsky would instantly recognize).

      Pray for Lasha TROJ or the ghost of the Christmas coming will be very ugly, persistently mean to you, every squeak of the bedsprings and you’ll be reaching for flashlight and the rosary at night.

      can you repeat “patio puddles of poodle pee” a dozen times real fast?

  15. Please note in advance, I do not follow any religion, that all appear to be evil in one form or another. Voltaires comment on “the Koran” may be misguided. From what I have gleaned about this faith, within it lies an inextricable confusion between Koran, extra-Koranic text and Arab culture.

    Regarding the two latter, most compassionate people reject restrictions on freedom of women and other abominations in Arab culture. Though, ” talk(ing) ill of women” is perfectly normal in a free society. Equally acceptable is talking ill of men. Talk is talk. Perhaps Mohamed was well aware of “Why Women DESTROY NATIONS _ _ CIVILIZATIONS – and other UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS. Youtube id UxpVwBzFAkw

    On extra-Koranic (Hadith etc) text, you may read the thesis in the free online book “BIBLICAL MULLAHS” that this text is merely re-hashed Old Testament brutalities that the Mullah’s reverted to after the Prophets death.
    You will also find that the gold standard of such texts relies on 0.5% of texts that were assembled. 99.5% were deemed unreliable by the author of the gold standard. What does that indicate about the remaining 0.5%?

    Regarding the Koran itself, I too was repulsed by the head chopping infidel meme, but that was before I understood the surrounding paragraphs, which depict a real (not spiritual) war context. In such times of war, I find such calls perfectly reasonable. To read a rational, scientific Koran-only, humorous and intelligent Malaysian commentator on world affairs go no further than :
    You may find yourself convinced that the Koran is not what it is depicted to be in the West.

    Lastly I wonder at the long term interaction between European Muslims and this scandalous legislation. Collected here by the offending party are references to themselves in the Koran:
    Note the sections in bold.

    It seems to me the globalist elites are figuring they can flood Europe with Muslim immigrants in order to lock down Europe into a dystopian technocracy, and at the same time they believe they can do it BEFORE the break-out of the only group who believes in a power higher than government – the Muslims.

    1. “… the only group who believes in a power higher than government – the Muslims.”

      Not really.

      Muslims believe that the whole world should be governed by Islam, which in real terms means a world government consisting of Muslims.

  16. Free Speech Prevails..!!

    ABC TV

    Arpaio Dumps On Obama! Investigation Now In Congress! Birth Certificate A 100% Fraud!

    (excerpts)Published on Dec 15, 2016:

    They found the source document! Game Over! This was all orchestrated!

    Trump knew this was coming and that’s why he stayed out of it! Arpaio was one of the first people Trump met with when he announced he was running. Jerry Corsi of WND showed Arpaio things that shocked him.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg folks. Arpaio’s goal is not to expose everything he has, but to just get it in the hands of Congress and the State Department. Trump has been aware of this for years. I can’t wait to see if Trump even responds. Probably not, just like with Hillary Trump is keeping his distance and will let AG Jeff Sessions do the work!

    Trump is finally getting vindication. I examined the document myself when it was first released and having a very strong background in graphics and font designs, it was clear the document was a fraud! In fact, the forgery was so bad that anyone with average knowledge of graphics and the history of how fonts evolved would clearly see the multitude of errors! It is important to note that Arpaio is not even touching the issue of where Obama was born.

    He just wants to prove that a crime was committed and Obama was involved. This will allow new AG Jeff Sessions to go after Obama without having to deal with the pushback from the black community and liberal media.

    Trump was forced to say that Obama was born in America so that he could continue with the primaries without distraction! 40 year document expert Reed Hayes testified that the document is absolutely fraudulent! Independent document experts in Italy also verified that the document is a fraud!

    This evidence could never make it to a judge because no one had standing in any of the cases according to the Courts!

    1. and now the illegal alien president-for-month is lobbying the electoral college to nullify the results for the American-born president-elect so that the oval office can move to Hillary’s padded cell in Chattahoochie.

      if people are still around 1,000 years from now, they will think that the historians read the documents wrong.

    2. having watched the whole video, 2 things struck me.

      · one, that Obama participated in the original forgery which involved digital techniques, so he was not born into it as an innocent baby – this must have been done in prepping him toward the presidency … who would organize such a thing on such a scale? I guess (((19 flying Arabs)))

      · two, the perjury was actively going on in the white house in 2011, when they released re-digitized copy in pdf filing format from which metadata was erased because metadata contains the history of creation of the pdf file.

      even if the allegation of russian interference in this electoral process are completely true, it pales in comparison to the Obama swindle.
      And once Putin is sworn in on Jan 21, at least we’ll have a white fake potus, a properly christian one, not run out of mossad.

      1. Lobro –

        Thanks for watching it.
        2 thing stuck out for me as well, as a friend suggested:

        1- There is NO statute of limitations on FRAUD. Someone can be prosecuted.
        2–Fraud vitiates – SPOILS – ALL contracts. All documents he authorized would be null and void.

        Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)…. GONE..!!!

        Three Elements That Can Render Court Rulings Vacatable

        37 Am Jur 2d at section 8 states, in part: “Fraud vitiates every transaction and all contracts. Indeed, the principle is often stated, in broad and sweeping language, that fraud destroys the validity of everything into which it enters, and that it vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, and even judgments.”

      2. it vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, and even judgments

        Sounds like Fraud Nidre (Black Lies Matter).

        Amazingly interesting days ahead, starting this Monday when the electors stage their dog+pony.

      3. Pat, the fun starts when Obama tries to issue a presidential pardon to himself 😀
        (exec order 11, 318 states that a potus can be from anywhere – the so called Executive Order of Diversity and Multi-Culty)

      4. Lobro –


        The prosecution’s ‘grand-slam’ ball will be in Trump’s ‘loudmouth court’ real soon. 🙂

      5. Lobro,

        Yes, a sitting president can legally pardon himself. Obama is a sitting president, that is a (however distasteful) fact. What I want to know is how Corsi got onto this woman that had the source document. Out of all of the Hawaiian birth certificates out there, why was he interested in that specific one? What pointed him in that direction? She said it has not been out of her control in umpteen-gillion years. And she is not a suspect in the forgery. So, why her and how did her birth certificate get copied? I think someone with insider knowledge of the fraud is talking.

      6. Gilroy,

        Yes, a sitting president can legally pardon himself. Obama is a sitting president, that is a (however distasteful) fact.

        Close but no cigar.
        Or maybe a fake cigar, like they sell in front of the Partagas factory to dumb tourists, first drag you take and you know they rolled dry dogshit in it.

        My issue is this: can an illegally sitting president legally pardon himself?
        fie, fo, foo, fum … lemme check the rulebook on that one.

        and come to think of it, i even have the issue of a legally sitting president pardoning himself.
        Because if he is legal, what need is there of a pardon?

  17. The next logical step for Cattle Controlled Experiment UK is erasing Darkmoon and sister websites from the internet.

    If you are interested in preserving and passing on the wisdom contained herein then get yourself a webspider such as the free one here:

    If you don’t like that one then web search (avoiding technocrats Google,Bing. eg. the term “website spider software”

    Download the sites you like. Convert them to video and post on youtube and bittorrent in 5 years when Darkmoon has gone dark.

    Obviously put them on a usb stick and bury them in the garden, ideally under some dog poo.

  18. Obviously many are worried to get trapped in what can correctly be definited preposterous accusations but , as a matter of fact, are set to create psicological terror and only ultimately give legal basis for persecution and imprisonement. It is the typical marxist doctrine: hit one to educate hundreds. Old stuff, good for the russians and east germans of the previous century, I trust most of the people in this forum , capable of overturning any of those bogus charges. Defend the jews from unjust persecution or accusations can be seen as a necessary issue by a government that wish to avoid arbitrary act against this ethnic group , only if there is an effective threat against them which is not the case. Personally I consider the jewish mafia which retain a tremendous power in the western nations as harmful to ordinary jews as to non jewish citizens, though each ethnic mafia wether Sicilian ,Japanese or jewish, thrive firstly on theyr hometurf relying on coercion . In the state of law responsability is individual , and according to this principle , a jew cannot be pointed out for the mere fact of being born so. A jew, as any other individual ethnic group is not guilty per se if it does exist a major criminal organization that acts in his name. He become guilty when in such organization he search complicity, shelter and ethnic – related , discriminatory opportunities. The shield of these laws can constitute a powerful incentive for crime, since it give to a specific ethnic group a status of special protection that make each individual de facto unaccountable of any crime that can be viewed as ethnic related. Since is clear that any action that favour a member of the same ethnic group cannot be questioned by a person who feel discrimated of damaged, with this “anti-antisemitism law” the jews get a free pass for any policy that serve their collective interest, and that can lead only in further exclusivity and alienation. In the long run this is nefarious for the jewish people themselves. Whoever let non elected organizations speak in his name , with the erroneous belief that they pursue the best for him, committ a serious mistake. All this big fuss about antisemitism is just a scam by the jewish moguls , the jewish media shills and the elitists. Ordinary jews could very well live in peace. They should distance from this scam as Gilad Atzmon for example.

  19. I’ve mentioned before that there is “No Jewish Conspiracy. That is not to say that there are no conspiracies between jews” (or anyone else). Decide for yourself who feels they need privileged specific acts of law above the tons and tons of laws already on the books and why. Someone might be losing and getting desperate, credibility is so fragile. They tried this in the old USSR, it didn’t pan out very well – you can overplay the victim card, or shout “Wolf!” one time too many. I would add thinly veiled sarcasm to Franklin’s marvelous list above, tailored to millennial mentality, innocently mentioning that ‘so and so just happens to be jewish’ or something along those lines when they can’t read “the code”.

  20. Since the jews are notorious for boasting of their accomplishments, quoting jews should void prosecution, such as jewish control of the media which they have boasted about publicly.

    These anti-Semitic laws will work in reverse for the jews. Every prosecution will put them in the public eye in a negative fashion. The teachings of Jesus fall into the realm of anti-Semitism, such as John 8:44, which will severely irritate Christians toward the jews as the Christians would be wanting to quote the Gospels Since prisons produce better criminals, anti-Semitism will flourish inside all prisons. Banning anything makes it more attractive to the rebellious which is most young humans. The jews might not get blowback, but there will be a steady wind increasing in speed.

  21. here is the whole truth for him who knows how to look and how to think.
    Look at the joy, the togetherness, the purity of spirit and consider what was done – in my name and yours, in the name of age old jew “liberation” which invariably opens the gates of hell as seen in the ghosts of the hanukkahs past.

    the truth about islam, the truth about Christianity (which came to its salvation at the moment of final disaster), how together they overcame the bloodlust of Lucifer and his cohorts (waiter, i ordered extra putrefied corpse slices on my pizza, six maggots per square inch).

    only by bringing the sword to the necromancers will the solution be achieved.

  22. As there’s so much fraud and stealing of votes in presidential elections, I’m wondering how much fraud and stealing of votes goes on during the elections of Senators and Congress representatives. There must be alot of fraud and stealing of votes in those elections also. It’s pretty amazing Trump won considering both the Democrats and the Republican big-shots did whatever they could to steal votes from Trump.

    They say Hillary won the popular vote, but that’s a lie. Millions of illegal aliens voted for her, and lots of votes were cast by dead Americans, and there was massive fraud committed by Hillary and her cabal, yet Trump still won.

  23. Britain Starting to Punish Anti-Semitism

    Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, British Metropolitan Police commissioner, confessed he was amazed at the “shocking” level of abuse revealed by social media directed against Jews and other minority communities. He was surprised by the abuse Jewish people received , and social media was now allowing the problems of hate-fueled abuse to be revealed to a wider audience. He urged, “We must stop it whether it’s motivated by hate, greed, or violence.”

    The IHRA definition realistically deals with the discriminatory manifestations targeting the state of Israel, conceived as a collectivity, as well as Jews in general. Anti-Semitism would therefore include a number of references to Jews. One is accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel or to priorities of Jews worldwide than to the interests of their own countries. A second is denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination and calling Israel a racist state.

    A third is applying double standards regarding Jewish or Israeli behavior not expected or demanded of other peoples or nations. This would include BDS and the EU labeling of goods from West Bank and Golan Heights, as they are applied only against Israel. However, criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as anti-Semitism.

    1. Orwell eat your heart out. Lol.

      “However, criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as anti-Semitism”

  24. I dont think Alison Chabloz is a hero of free speech.

    She disgustingly mocks the suffering of Jews who were incarcerated against their wills by the NAZI state during WWII.

    David Irving mocks no one. He simply tries to clarify the historical record.

    Chabloz is a true bottom feeder and deserves whatever comes against her.

    For as Jesus said, In the measure you measure out so will it be measured back to you.

    Alison mocks those who lost their homes, families, livelihoods and lives.

    She now stands to replicate their experience by going to jail and being ruined financially just as the Jews of Europe under the Third Reich were.

    Good Riddance to her:

    1. my comment to Alison ShrillBlogs:


      It’s hard for most people to be tolerant of “others’ views” when those views seem to mock or minimize the suffering of others.

      You may dispute the details of the Holocaust, and you may be right about many of those details, but you seem to overlook or ignore the fact that millions of Jews were forcibly incarcerated in slave labor camps in which their circumstances were difficult dangerous and demeaning.

      Even if there were no homicidal gas chambers, that doesn’t reduce the injustice and barbarism these people were subjected to.

      These Jewish prisoners were not even the villains that Hitler hated, the international Jewish financiers that he believed had destroyed the German economy. Those folks, the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Goldmans and Sachs, bought their way to freedom.

      The Jews who fell victim to Hitler’s wrath were not from these monied elites but were largely middle class shopkeepers craftsmen doctors lawyers accountants scientists and professors. These people fell victim to the NAZI dragnet and suffered for the alleged crimes of their elitist brethren.

      They also were caught up in the power struggle between the NAZIs and naZIONists again falling victim to forces they didn’t really understand.

      At the very least you should be able to sympathize with the loss of liberty and livelihood these Jews had to endure in the concentration camps.

      It seems to me measure for measure or a kind of karmic retribution that now you too have been deprived of your livelihood and you find your own life circumstances perilous, exactly as happened to the Jews you are mocking in your cruel songs.

      So go ahead and mock Alison. You can be certain to suffer the very same fate of those whose suffering you demean, because Jesus taught us that in the measure we measure out to others so will it be measured back to us.

      You seem like a very intelligent and sensitive person, and so I would expect you to do far better than what you are engaging in with these songs of mockery for the suffering of others.

      Sorrowfully for You,
      Menachem Mevashir

      1. @ Manachem Mevashir

        I lack the energy right now to deal with your needless defamation of Alison Chabloz in detail. At no time did Alison Chabloz “mock” the sufferings of Jews in the Holocaust. Her song (((Survivors))) is a satire, not on the Holocaust, but on Holocaust Hoaxes.

        All the people she satirizes were engaged in outright deception of some kind, deception from which they made quite a lot of money. They were Holocaust hoaxers. She mentions Irene Zisblatt, the Hungarian-born hoaxer who kept swallowing and shitting out her diamonds, only to swallow them again. A fit subject for satire, it seems to me.

        Chabloz also mentions Anne Frank whose uncle fraudulently authored most of The Diary of Anne Frank with a ballpoint pen, pretending that his niece Anne Frank was the sole author — something Anne Frank couldn’t have been, given that ballpoint pens had not yet been invented when Anne was alive and kicking.

        Finally, Chabloz mentions Elie Wiesel and his fake tattoo. Wiesel has received complete evisceration at the hands of Robert Faurisson and Prof. David O’Connell, not to mention Carolyn Yeager in her blog “Elie Wiesel Cons the World.” So Chabloz is hardly doing something to Wiesel that others have not done in a far more devastating fashion before her. Chabloz, at the most, devotes a few lines to Elie Wiesel in her song “Survivors.” The mockery is so slight (and almost benign) that one would have to be a paranoid schizophrenic to take offense at it.

        I put it to you, Menachem, you are completely misrepresenting Alison Chabloz by stating that she is mocking the sufferings of all the Jews who died in WWII. She is doing no such thing! Yours is a strawman argument. She is satirizing Holocaust hoaxers, which she has a perfect right to do, given that these fraudsters made a lot of money out of Holocaust fiction and fake suffering.

        If one is not allowed to satirize Holocaust hoaxers, who is one allowed to satirize? Are you Jews the sole arbiters of what one is permitted to satirize?

        As a Jew who has converted to Christianity, as you claim, surely it would be better if you were concentrate all your wrath on your fellow Jews who never cease to mock and blaspheme against Jesus Christ? Wasn’t it a nice Jew who said “Christ sucks”? And don’t all your Jewsish rabbis like to keep reminding us how Christ is burning in hell in pits of excrement?

        Leave Chabloz alone. It merely shows you up as an apologist for Jewish interests. If you’re a Christian, as you claim, concentrate your ire on the Talmudic Christ bashers.

      2. Sardonicus,

        “.. I put it to you, Menachem, you are completely misrepresenting Alison Chabloz .. ”

        What else? As if a jew is even capable of doing anything else.

        @ Menachem Mevashir,

        Heil Hitler. May he soon return.

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