Could It Happen Here? — Kevin MacDonald on the Donald Trump Phenomenon

. . . by Kevin MacDonald

Sourced from the Occidental Observer

This essay is based on a speech given at NPI’s 2016 winter conference, Identity Politics; first posted at Radix.

US-VOTE-REPUBLICANS-DEBATEThe Donald Trump phenomenon is amazing. I’ve never seen such enthusiasm for a politician—ever. His rallies are overflowing with emotion. This scares a lot of people because it conjures up images of populism, and even fascism. There’s something about crowds of cheering White people that terrifies America’s elites, especially when the speaker is criticizing their long-standing immigration policies.

We have become inured to an arrangement in which major party candidates are vetted by the media and the donor class before being put up for election. It’s a top-down system that more resembles an oligarchy than a democracy. Donald Trump has not been vetted.

Trump has said some incredible things—things I never thought I would hear from a politician with a real chance to win it all: birthright citizenship, Mexican criminality, a moratorium on admitting Muslims, an immigration policy that meets the needs of Americans, to name but a few. Without Trump in the GOP field, we’d be choosing between candidates’ methods of balancing the budget.

For years, the system has been stacked against our movement, to put it mildly. We have been doing our best to figure out how to get our issues before the public—issues like immigration and the demographic transformation of the United States. We ask: How could it happen? How could a political movement arise that would ignite the imaginations of White America, depose the corrupt donor class in the Republican Party and the corrupt politicians in Congress, and generate a populist uprising among those Peter Brimelow calls the “historic American nation”?

Among the forces stacked against us, most prominent have been the mainstream media, which reflect academic culture and political culture generally. The media, academia, and the bureaucracy have been engaged in a top-down revolution, in which the moral and intellectual high ground has been seized by people hostile to the traditional peoples and cultures of the West.

The top-down nature of this revolution cannot be overemphasized. There was never a demand by a majority, or even something close to a majority, from any Western country for a complete transformation, to the point that White people will soon be minorities in societies they had dominated for hundreds and, in the case of Europe, many thousands of years.

The mainstream media environment is closed off to our message that Whites have interests, just like everybody else; that identifying as a White person who wants to advance these interests is normal and natural; that race is real; that there are real racial differences in traits important for success in a modern society and that there is no magic wand to change these traits; and finally and most importantly, that immigration and multiculturalism carry huge costs in terms of social cohesion, social conflict, trust, and willingness to contribute to public goods, like healthcare, welfare, and public infrastructure.

The only type of person who could get through this elite consensus is someone who is, first of all, a celebrity, but also wealthy and willing and able to fund his own campaign—in other words, someone like Donald Trump.

Political celebrities have an enormous ability to shape public debate because the media cannot ignore them. Trump is not going to speak about racial issues in the way we would. He would be foolish to do so, and it is strategically wise for him to repudiate our support. But his statements on immigration, his violations of the pious platitudes of political correctness, his advocacy on behalf of American workers, and his condemnation of Angela Merkel’s policies and the ongoing refugee disaster in Europe have been energizing to say the least.

Trump’s courage is infectious, and he is disinhibiting people. More people are standing up to political correctness like never before, and seeing Trump as a symbol of their defiance. At Rutgers University, students chanted “Trump, Trump, Trump” repeatedly when Black activists tried to disrupt a conservative speaker.

What the establishment fears most is a highly visible, personally attractive, honest, populist candidate who cannot be shut out of the media, and who has enough money to run a viable campaign. Certainly, the Republican Party—the party dominated by the Chamber of Commerce and the Israel Lobby—richly deserves to die, unless it can appeal to the real interests of its base—middle- and working class White America.

As I mentioned, the U.S. now better resembles an oligarchy than a democracy. In fact, a recent paper by two Princeton political scientists shows that an oligarchic model fits U.S. politics better than a democratic one, as demonstrated by policy issues, where elites in business, politics, the media, and academia hold starkly different attitudes than the majority of Americans on issues like immigration. In turn, the attitudes of the Chamber of Commerce, the neocon establishment, and the Republican Jewish Coalition on immigration are not even remotely connected to the attitudes of the GOP base. According to the Pew Research Center, more than 90 percent of GOP voters oppose an increase in immigration, yet a restrictionist policy has never been supported by elites in the Republican Party. Indeed, elites favor something like Marco Rubio’s Gang of Eight bill, which would have doubled legal immigration and given amnesty to untold millions.

The anger is palpable, and the Trump candidacy is the most hopeful sign that the present oligarchy could be circumvented at the presidential level.

Neocons would much prefer Hillary to Trump. After all, she voted for the Iraq war and was instrumental in promoting the intervention into Libya. She supported sending arms to Syrian rebels and likened Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, to Hitler. She wholeheartedly backs Israel, and has her own set of rabidly pro-Israel foreign-policy advisors, including Robert Kagan, who advocates military intervention and democracy creation throughout the Middle East as a moral imperative. Clinton’s main donor is Haim Saban, a rabid Zionist who has said that his only issue is Israel and wants to “bomb the daylights” out of Iran.

Needless to say, Bill Kristol and the neocons would not lose any sleep if Hillary Clinton became president. In fact, I suspect they would prefer Hillary to any Republican candidate except Marco Rubio, who has the ideal blend of subservience to neocon foreign policy and enthusiasm for mass immigration.

On the other hand, Donald Trump opposed the Iraq war and has supported Vladimir Putin’s policy of supporting the Assad government in Syria. As is well known, Assad and Putin are very high on the neocon hate list. Trump has told the Republican Jewish Coalition that he doesn’t want their money because with their money comes control, and he has pledged to be neutral on the Israel-Palestine issue. Because of this blatant conflict with neocon thinking, Bill Kristol has been in the lead in floating third-party candidates to run against Trump should he get the GOP nomination.

Lately, Kristol and other neocons have proposed plans that would deny Trump the nomination even if he has a plurality of the delegates, knowing full well that this would give Hillary the election as millions of angry Trump voters would stay home. This would mean at least four more years of the Left in charge: Supreme Court appointments, crackdowns on politically incorrect speech, and the continued immigration of millions of future Democrats, which would make “conservatism” electorally impossible. For neocons like Kristol, the rhetoric of “principles” and “ideals” is a masquerade. Their real interest is an aggressive U.S. foreign policy serving the interests of Israel.

And for the neocons, a Trump-led GOP would be Armageddon, as their influence in the GOP would be finished. So expect a fight to the death.

But even on its own terms, it’s obvious that principles like “limited government” may fail to secure fundamental interests. The reality is that Trump voters are focusing on the big issues: immigration, first and foremost, but also trade. And Trump has, like no Republican since Pat Buchanan, criticized the policies that have devastated U.S. manufacturing and the White middle class.

It is extremely gratifying to read that evangelicals are supporting Trump, even though he does not have a history of being pro-life or opposed to gay marriage. For far too long, too many of our people have gotten sidetracked on issues that are simply not critical.

Immigration, more than any other issue, reflects fundamental interests in the ethnic composition of the United States. It is an enduring Utopian ideal that constitutional government and individual freedom can survive the importation of millions of people from radically different cultures—cultures that often possess hatred toward the peoples and cultures of the West. This has been a common defect among liberals going back to the nineteenth century—the belief that other people will become “just like us” when they come to the United States. To the contrary, concepts like liberty and representative government have very deep ethnic roots, going back thousands of years in Europe.

A great irony is that self-styled “conservatives” don’t want to even countenance the idea that importing millions of non-Whites has resulted in increasing pressures directed squarely at some of their sacred “principles,” in particular very high chronic levels of welfare use and demand for public services in some immigrant groups. In other words, non-European immigrants want “big government” and lots of free stuff, and they could not care less about “conservatism.” A recent report, summarized by F. Roger Devlin, showed that over three-fourths of Hispanic households with children used some form of welfare, whether immigrant for not. And such people will be a voting majority if things don’t change.

Another very basic principle that conservatives adhere to, and which is under threat from immigration, is freedom of speech. Multiculturalism has resulted in pressure for controls on speech and thought resulting from the need to placate aggressive minorities, who don’t take criticism kindly, no matter how factually based it might be. It is fair to say that the Left, which during the 1950s championed free speech for Communists, is quite comfortable with controls on free speech now that they are in power. This is especially the case in universities and the media, where violators of multicultural decorum are routinely harassed and fired. Intellectual rationales for curtailing speech critical of the multicultural ideal are already common in liberal academic circles, awaiting only one more liberal appointment to the Supreme Court. (The death of Antonin Scalia is extremely important in this regard; it is thus difficult to take seriously neocons like Bill Kristol, who prefer Hillary over Trump, when they claim that they care about much else than Israel’s national security.)

In Europe, police-state controls on thought and behavior intended to buttress the multicultural revolution, which is really an anti-White revolution, are firmly ensconced. In the UK, Germany, and elsewhere, people have been investigated and in some cases arrested for Facebook and Twitter posts simply opposing migration and the transformation of their societies. Recently Twitter set up acommittee, which includes the ADL and various Social Justice Warriors, in order to better police its content. The ADL is notoriously opposed to free speech, and in general the organized Jewish community throughout the West has been a major force in placing penalties on speech related to race, ethnicity, and immigration. It is no surprise that these same groups have beenhostile to Trump, especially because of his statements on Muslim immigration and refugee policy. Such organizations have been in the forefront of promoting a multicultural and non-White America, and they see Trump, correctly, as a man who brings into question the elite consensus on these issues.

It is predictable that the response to incidents such as the mass sexual assaults in Cologne would be enhanced police surveillance and the curtailment of civil liberties. We are living in societies that are not only dominated by the ideology of multiculturalism but are budding police states as well. In response, many people, especially women, will be intimidated and choose not to attend public events or public facilities like swimming pools. This is not the culture we want to live in. Principled conservatives should be horrified at this—and therefore be open to Trump’s proposals on Muslim immigration.

And it will likely be worse in the second generation. The data show that second-generation children of migrants are vastly more likely to commit crimes. By the second generation, poorer immigrant groups become susceptible to radicalization by ideologies that rationalize their low socioeconomic status and sense of alienation by making them out to be victims of White racism and privilege. These ideologies are acquired from universities, schools, the media, politicians and ethnic leaders.

In the long run, multiculturalism can’t exist without powerful social controls on speech and behavior, and conservatives need to wake up to this reality. As ethnic conflict continues to escalate throughout the West, increasingly desperate attempts will be made to prop up the ideology of multiculturalism with sophisticated theories of the psychopathology of White ethnocentrism, the ideology that any and all bad behavior or underachievement by non-Whites is caused by pervasive White racism (including the now fashionable concept of “microaggression”). There will be police state controls on non-conforming thought and behavior.

Although terrorism and the recent mass sexual assaults in Germany certainly focus the public’s attention on the costs of massive unselected immigration, the far greater problem is the loss of a traditional sense of national identity as bound up with a particular people and culture. Citizenship becomes a hollowed-out legalism—what is often termed the “proposition nation” concept of citizenship, dedicated only to abstractions like freedom, democracy and limited government, rather than the identity and interests of a particular people. The origins of the “proposition nation” concept are discussed extensively in my book The Culture of Critique. This ideology is now well established among political and intellectual elites throughout the West. A belief in America as a White, European civilization was strong in the 1920s; it was on the defensive in the 1930s; and it disappeared, more or less, completely after World War II. It was not a natural death but the result of a prolonged assault by the intellectual Left. It is now maintained, not by the free flow of ideas, but by imposing costs on dissenters, such as job loss, ostracism, and lack of access to the mainstream media.

The sad reality is that the suicide of the West has become a moral imperative in elite circles, a testimony to the enduring and unique appeal of moral principle that has been so characteristic of the West, at least since the 19th century—apparent, for example, in the anti-slavery movement, where anti-slavery activists were successful by highlighting the suffering of Africans, and in the recent outpouring of empathy in response to the photos of the migrant child washed up on the beach in Turkey.

Every war, at least since the Civil War, has been justified on moral grounds. I know of no other culture that is so susceptible to such arguments. Will Israel apologize out of guilt for what they are doing to the Palestinians? Will Muslims apologize for their expansion in Asia, North Africa, and parts of Europe? Of course not. But many Whites feel unending guilt for colonialism and the conquest of North America and other lands by their ancestors — guilt that is zealously encouraged by the media and the educational system.

Some moral crusades are justified. But in so many cases, such as the Iraq war, which was promoted by neocons and the Israel Lobby, moral sentiments are manipulated cynically by elites who pursue very real and very immoral interests. Right now, these moral sentiments and proneness to empathy are being cynically manipulated in the service of displacing White America.

The outcome of present policies is an utterly predictable decline in social cohesion, with far-ranging costs in terms of increased conflict and crime, and a lessened willingness and ability to contribute to public goods. Each of the national healthcare programs in Europe was enacted when these societies were homogeneously White and citizens had a sense of being part of a common culture reaching back far into the pre-historic past. It is well knownthat people in ethnically diverse societies invest less in social capital; they cooperate less; they are less prone to engage in volunteer work; and there is less trust among citizens. We should keep in mind that evolution occurred in small ethnically homogeneous groups. The hunter-gatherer mentality, which is a critical strand of European culture, evolved in small, face-to-face encounters, where trust and moral reputation were absolutely critical.

The problem is that now Europeans are being asked to participate in their own suicide in order to maintain their reputation as moral, upstanding citizens and avoid being called “racist.” So many of us shudder at the thought of being ostracized and humiliated as pariahs simply for expressing a sense of identity. This is testimony to the ability of the Left, with its power in the media and educational system, to create morally defined in-groups, which are ultimately suicidal for the peoples and culture of the West. Our task is to create a counter culture—one that is based on science and truth, to be sure, but one that is also deeply moral and emphasizes the righteousness of protecting our people and culture.

Thilo Sarrazin has already warned Germans about the deeply immoral consequences of non-European immigration in his book Germany Abolishes Itself. Sarrazin documented the slow pace of integration of Turkish immigrants into German society and economy, their disproportionate reliance on government welfare, and their higher fertility. Most importantly, given the (genetically influenced) lower IQ and academic achievement of the new immigrants compared to native Germans and other Western societies, there will be ethnic stratification in which ethnicity becomes correlated with social class—a poisonous situation, indeed. Ethnic stratification has always existed in the U.S. because of African-Americans, but immigration from Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East simply makes it worse. This results in theracialization of politics, in which people vote along racial/ethnic lines, with the migrants and their descendants much more likely to vote for the parties of the Left, with their generous welfare policies and promotion of immigration and affirmative action. And the Left, having abandoned its White working-class base, views immigration as the key to its political success.

The racialization of politics is a critical process of our time. Even a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist, who seeks to view all social phenomena in terms of the “class struggle,” could not fail to see that the political fault lines are fast becoming based on race. The vast majority of Republican votes are from Whites, and around 60–65 percent of European-descended Whites vote Republican. This is likely not a ceiling. In fact, the White Republican vote is regularly increasing by 1.5 percent in each presidential election cycle, and Trump may well attract many more Whites, especially working-class Whites, who either stayed home in 2012 or voted Democrat.

In the 2012 election, White Americans of all social classes, both sexes, and all age groups voted for Mitt Romney and his sidekick Paul Ryan, both of whom represented almost parodies of Republicans as plutocratic, Ayn Rand-reading members of the Chamber of Commerce. Even White “Millennials” (age 18–29) and the White working class, which has gotten absolutely nothing from the Republican Party, voted for Romney/Ryan. At the same time, an average of around 80 percent of non-Whites voted Democrat. It’s becoming obvious to everyone that the much-advertised era of racial harmony isn’t going to happen any time soon.

The racialization of politics reflects what I have termed implicit Whiteness. Despite the current cultural programming featuring Blacks and Whites as best friends in Bud Lite commercials, White people are gradually coalescing into “implicit White communities” in multicultural America—that is, communities that reflect White identity, but which “dare not speak its name.”

Research on ethnocentrism has shown that people often have unconsciousattitudes that they do not express explicitly. Unconsciously, the vast majority of Whites have the usual stereotypes about Blacks, but they would never say so explicitly, at least partly for fear of the consequences. Parents’ choice of schools and neighborhoods (their “revealed preferences”) reflect this widespread racial hypocrisy. Parents, including liberal parents, act on theirimplicit attitudes, and there is a profound gap between their implicit attitudes and behavior (where they show in-group racial preference) and their explicit attitudes (where they piously express the official ideology of egalitarianism).

In effect, they are creating implicit White communities. They do not explicitly state that their choice of friends, neighborhoods, and schools derives from racial preference, because that conflicts with their explicit racial attitudes and with official ideology. And when explaining why they vote Republican, they talk about “limited government,” opposition to the welfare state, and lower taxes. In turn, Republican candidates often appeal to them in exactly these terms.

The problem is, Whites often believe in their rationalizations and hold them dearly. They thus resist asserting their real, fundamental interest in preventing the demographic transformation of the United States. The beauty of Trump is that he is cutting to the core issues—issues like immigration—which are implicitly White issues and, if addressed properly, could resist or even reverse the demographic transformation (“Make America Great Again”).

White Americans are gradually coalescing into political and cultural affiliationas Whites, and this trend will continue to strengthen in the future—identities such as being a Republican, a NASCAR racing enthusiast, an evangelical Christian, a country music fan, or even a National Review-reading conservative in love with “limited government.” All of these are associated with the political Right in the United States.

But there are also implicit White communities on the Left. One such group are the affluent, well-educated Whites that Christian Lander talked about in his famous blog, Stuff White People Like. They love farmers’ markets, expensive bicycles, and driving Priuses. More disturbingly, they idolize Blacks as cultural heroes, and they vote for the likes of Bernie Sanders. They passionately believe in a future world in which everyone will be nice; they passionately believe in a United States where everyone should be welcome because, after all, people are the same everywhere. These White liberals are highly prone to racial guilt complex. Landers had a very funny blog on how they feel guilt for not recycling. “Look in their eyes. All they can see is the bottle lasting forever in a landfill, trapping small animals.”

So imagine the guilt they would feel in voting for Trump—or explicitly opposing Muslim or non-White immigration. The headline in Huffington Postafter Trump won New Hampshire screamed: “New Hampshire goes racist, sexist, xenophobic”; after South Carolina, it pictured Trump giving a fascist salute. Surely none of these morally self-righteous White people could possibly vote for Donald Trump without unending guilt.

For such White people, their White identity is entirely compatible with the dispossession of Whites via immigration and multiculturalism. Many of them look forward to a non-White America, even as they continue to associate with other Whites down at the local Whole Foods or at their church supper. They are collaborating with the elites that are dispossessing White America, and they feel morally righteous in doing so—exactly as they were told in their sociology class in college and in the mainstream media every day.

Of course, the “Stuff White People Like” Democrats will rationalize their voting with morally uplifting platitudes that make them feel well-educated, intellectual superior, and in tune with the brightest minds in academia, Hollywood, and the editorial board of the New York Times. In my view this is a potentially fatal weakness of a great many European-descended people, resulting from our evolutionary history. This weakness is endlessly exploited in the media and educational system.

And of course, quite a few of these people live in predominantly White areas like New Hampshire, Iowa, or fancy suburbs of major cities. These people are relatively removed from the downsides of immigration and multiculturalism, and in the suburbs, they can hire a nanny and get their lawn mowed cheaply through Hispanic labor. It’s easy to be moral and principled when the costs aren’t yet personally apparent, and when you still feel connected to your predominantly White community. But if present trends continue, moving away and insulating yourself from diversity won’t be an option for millions of Whites. In South Carolina, Trump was strongest in counties with the highest non-White populations; this is consistent with research showing that diversity results in greater White racial consciousness, and showing that Trump is the implicitly White candidate.

Because of the deluge of non-White immigration, the Republican form of implicit White identity attracts a majority of Whites, and this majority will increase in the future. But the affluent NPR-listening Whites are still a force, and without them, the Democrats would be in serious trouble, at least until there is a non-White voting majority—a scenario that has infinite appeal to our enemies.

The Trump candidacy may or may not work out, and even if he becomes president, it would be a very tall order to put in place the fundamental changes that need to be made. However, the anger against the establishment that he is tapping into will just continue to become worse if he does not win and things keep going the way they are going. The anger will be especially strong if people have good reason to think that the presidency was stolen from Trump by devious tactics at the convention, or by some bogus third-party candidate put forward by establishment Republicans and “conservatives.” If Trump loses, we have to hope he starts a third-party movement that could destroy the GOP forever and lay the groundwork for a new kind of politics in the future. It’s only a matter of time before Whites identify and organize explicitly as Whites, just as every other group does.

For our part, we have to keep on doing what we are doing. There are many signs we are getting stronger and that our message is being heard, and it is gratifying to say the least to see so many young, smart, and educated Whites gravitating to our cause—like so many of you here this evening. We must understand that our message is based on science and the realities of human behavior—and, more important, it is morally righteous. We have every reason to look forward to the future. Indeed, we should project the image of confident, optimistic warriors—exactly the image that Donald Trump projects. We know that the transformations that are occurring are evil, and that they were engineered, not out of love for humanity, but out of a narrow self-interest of certain groups, groups that are possessed by a hatred toward the traditional peoples and cultures of the West. And we know that these transformations are supported by so many of our own people, possessed by a misguided, suicidal idealism.

These changes are well advanced, and our enemies remain wealthy, powerful, and determined. But there is a morally righteous anger in so much of White America that Trump is tapping into. Sooner or later this will have cataclysmic consequences.

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  1. The betrayal of the people by political elites is about to be paid for in lost Congressional and Parliamentary seats. What makes it sweet is the fact that these preening insiders for 50 years have sneered at the people. Remember Gordon Brown’s comment in 2010 that a 65 year old decent working-class lady in Rochdale was a “Bigot” because she had complained that the town was being taken over by foreigners. Same in the USA. The overpaid DC crowd do not have a million poor mexicans invading their neighbourhood.

    I don’t think Donald Trump has what it takes to be President, but other men have risen to the office, and he may well do so.

    1. @ John Kirby

      I don’t think Donald Trump has what it takes to be President, but other men have risen to the office, and he may well do so.

      Well, I can’t see how Trump could be any worse than Hillary Clinton.

      The point is, Trump is unpredictable. He could deliver on his promises and get the Jews really mad. And the Muslims. On the other hand, he could do a U-turn and break all his promises, continuing with the identical policies of his immediate predecessors.

      The only question that needs answering is this: if Trump became president, would the Jews still be in charge?

      1. Sard –

        “The only question that needs answering is this: if Trump became president, would the Jews still be in charge?”

        YES… Absolutely..!!!

        If not he won’t be able to file bankruptcy anymore in Pharisee-Jew Judges’ Bankruptcy Courts… 🙂

        …owned and controlled by London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers…

      2. None of these clowns have what it takes to be president because the office is a figurehead and the president for the past 100 years, give or take a decade or two, has had no more power than the queen of England.

      3. @ Sardonicus

        “Well, I can’t see how Trump could be any worse than Hillary Clinton.”

        Yes, it would be hard to be lower than the bottom of the barrel.

        “The only question that needs answering is this: if Trump became president, would the Jews still be in charge?”

        Yes. As long as private jewish bankers finance the government, they will be in control. Since the USA has been in a state of emergency for decades, Trump could move the military against Wall Street and regain control. That would not be very probable, but you never know.

        @ Karen

        There are a few exceptions to your Presidential figurehead statement.

        There have only been three Presidents that were not jewish controlled and lived; John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson. All the ones that thought they were not jewish bankster controlled and tried to exercise control died in office from poisoning, normally lead poisoning. All the rest have been jewish bankster controlled figureheads and did as they were told. They obviously liked the jewish perks provided or maybe they just liked living.

        The Queen of England is not a figurehead. That is what they want you to believe. All legislation passed by the government of Great Britain does not become law until the Queen approves it. No Queen approval, no law. Sometime around 3 to 5 years ago (I do not remember exactly), that came to light and no one in Great Britain seemed to give a crap so the revelation wound up on the trash heap of history.

      4. @Sard, et al

        Let’s be real once and for all

        All this is fool’s gold. These are words comin out of a politician’s mouth, and if their lips are movin, they must be lyin

        Do we really think Lucy is ever gonna hold the football still for Charlie Brown to kick?

        At this point in history especially, there is no political solution to what is essentially a spiritual problem

  2. I would say that the overwhelming majority of people who support Trump are those fools who agree with his anti Islam stance, because they believe the official BS of 9/11, 19 hijackers, boxcutters and planes that hit the twin towers.
    I would be incredibly satisfied with Trump if he were to say:

    “Mossad, FBI, CIA and the American administration, along with every one that followed, were behind 9/11 and the attacks on the American people, launching them into unlawful and illegal wars in the middle east resulting in the deaths of millions of people, displacement of far more, nation destruction and radical Islamic creation with understandable hatred of Americans and westerners in general. I believe therefore that we have no choice but to do to Israel what we have done to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria and remove this evil apartheid state from the face of this world, giving this land back to the rightful people of Palestine, whatever religious denomination they may be.”

    Now if Trump came out and stated that then the elites would seriously be worried. Not only would he be educating the public on the reality of what’s been going on for the last 15 years, he’d also be putting the blame firmly on Israel behind the war of terror, that’s currently being waged.
    He, however, will never dio this.
    He’s a puppet, another controlled automaton of Israel, whom, although calling for an investigation on 9/11, will probably twerk a few pieces here and there, throw in some more patsies, who will be found dead and people will continually remain utterly ignorant of what really happened on 9/11 and by who.

    1. You don’t know the future. And barring our imminent deaths, we will get to find out soon enough.

      My question is: If Trump is controlled, why would they raise a candidate that is anti-globalism and sparks the energy of nationalism, pride in one’s country, and the hope that things can become better? You are playing with fire if you get the masses stirred up in such a way, as it becomes bigger than the figurehead of Trump and can go in unknown directions. You don’t play around with revolutionary energy.

      I think that’s the biggest reason the establishment hates Trump as much as they do: they don’t know what his presidency will lead to, and that scares them.

      My bet is that he is not controlled and neither is he a white saviour or really racially conscious, that he knows jews are immensely powerful but not that they are the cornerstone of evil on this planet. He’s probably just what he says he is: disillusioned with what’s happening to his country and wants to change that the best way he knows how.

      1. LSPM,

        “If Trump is controlled, why would they raise a candidate that is anti-globalism and sparks the energy of nationalism, pride in one’s country, and the hope that things can become better? “

        Reading the status quo is the simplest answer. It’s the very same reason that they’ve put in a staunch, socialist like Jeremy Corbyn, in charge of the Labour party, in order to win back the votes in Scotland from SNP and England, as he returns to ‘grass roots’ policies for the working class. The CFR (who decide who is president) see the nationalism growing within the USA. It’s a natural reaction to what’s going on with mass immigration into it, so they put up a controlled candidate who promises them the world, makes everyone think he’s winning and then on voting day, loses to Hilary Clinton also controlled. Also, Trump is whipping up more anti Islam sentiment and therefore helping Israel win more supporters for its cause as they demonize the Palestinian people even more, for being Muslim even though many are Christians too.

        “I think that’s the biggest reason the establishment hates Trump as much as they do: they don’t know what his presidency will lead to, and that scares them.”

        Trump will lose because the voting machines are rigged and it will send a message to the American people that MORE people supported Hilary than Trump and they’ll accept it.

        “My bet is that he is not controlled”

        I think you bet wrong. All politicians are controlled. They don’t get into politics unless they are. If they aren’t controlled they end up dead.

    2. Trump cannot say that 9/11 was a Mossad/CIA job before he has become president. After that he can open a new investigation and feign being “surprised” by its outcome. In this way he can never be accused of being an “anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist”. Trump is intelligent enough to know what really happened on 9/11, but he is also intelligent enough to understand that he can’t openly say so.

      Read your comment with satisfaction.
      “…remove this evil apartheid state from the face of this world…” – To drink honey with your mouth.
      “…twerk a few pieces here and there…” – witty observation, made me laugh, imagined Trump doing that in strip-tease club.
      “…throw in some more patsies, who will be found dead…”- reveals your shrewd vision and good knowledge of current politics.
      You are not the first to say right things, but as oriental saying goes “However often you repeat ‘khalva’ (paste of nuts, sugar and oil) you will never feel sweet in your mouth”. All that goes on is the consequence of some cause(s), which in its turn is(are) the consequence of some other, preceding cause(s) and so on deep into centuries.
      So, I would be incredibly satisfied if you were to say with the same eloquence and precision initial cause(s).
      Otherwise this discussion is no more than “triumph of freespeaking” ( protocol №2 of Zion Elders). Thank you.

  3. This happens at every caucus… COMPLETE SHAM!!

    I have seen fist fights and arrests…


    First hand insider report – Incompetence, Manipulation, and Ballot Stuffing!!!

    Just got back from my caucus… My head is still spinning.

    Check in was slow but reasonably controlled. Super-long lines. I’ve never seen turnout like this.

    Got my credentials, but no presidential ballot. They said those would be delivered to our caucus room.

    Got to my caucus room. I counted about 120 people there (no idea how many were actually registered and credentialed).

    We elected Precinct Officers, State Delegates, and County Delegates – the typical incompetence and ignorance of the rules you’d expect to see from volunteers, but all went somewhat smooth.

    …Then came the Presidential Ballot.

    Someone shows up with a stack of probably 250 ballots. The precinct chair splits them up, and starts handing stacks of them out and tells people “take one and pass it down”.

    No checking credentials, IDs, NOTHING.

    I’m sitting at the end of a row and people start handing me stacks of extras. I literally had over 50 ballots in my hand.

    [link to (secure)]

    We were told to mark our vote and place our ballot in a tin can. They then asked for a volunteer to hold the can. At this point, most people filed out the door.

    I cast ONE vote, then stuck around to see what would happen with the votes.

    About 15 minutes later, with only about 10 or so people milling around, someone walks in the room with an envelopes STUFFED full of “absentee” ballots – some envelopes having 2-5+ ballots.

    I raised a question and said, “isn’t there an absentee process already in place? Didn’t people have to register for that last week?” and was told “Oh no, this is completely normal”.

    As I’ve mentioned in other threads, I was in Party leadership for 6 years and no, this is absolutely not normal.

    I then asked if I could observe the vote count, and I was told my observations where not needed and to leave the area while the ballots were being counted.

    I left the room (things were already a complete Charlie Foxtrot at this point) and wandered over to my friends precinct caucus to see if it was just as much a cluster.

    His caucus was just getting to the presidential ballot, and as I walked in the door I was handed ANOTHER BALLOT.

    Again, no credential check, no ID check, NOTHING.

    No, I didn’t vote again…

    I went back to my precinct and they had the results:
    74% Cruz
    14% Trump
    11% Kasich

    Now just imagine this kind of outright incompetence/manipulation happening in 2000 precincts across the state.

    As I left the building, I started overhearing results coming back from other precincts… Overwhelmingly numbers for Cruz… Like 70-90% or more. (In one precinct Cruz got around 100, Trump had 2, Kasich 0)

    Bottom line… They basically are going to post whatever the hell numbers they want.

    There were no apparent controls, no credential checks, no ID checks, and ballots being handed around like napkins.


    And it just cost Trump 40 delegates.

    Last Edited by PirateMonkey on 03/23/2016 12:57 AM

    1. Pat,

      It’s not completely honest to use this Utah mess as evidence that it’s nationwide. It’s no surprise whatsoever that another cult, the Mormon one, would cheat this way. However, that Diebold video you sometimes link and then the computer malfunctions (switching votes) that went on in Oklahoma and Texas earlier this year are unsettling.


      Yes, I also considered that, that it’s just to staunch the feelings of nationalism that were already stirring. However, it’s still playing with fire, and there is no guarantee that the populace will just sit there and take it if Trump keeps gaining momentum only for them to see Hillary win. Many people know that if Hillary wins, anything resembling the true American spirit is finished. People are getting desperate.

      I still think we will have to wait and see what happens. If anything, though, I think the whole system the jews have set up is so immensely corrupt and against life and human nature that it’s bound to devour itself at some point – Trump or no Trump – and perhaps there will be a chance of a decent civilization after a time of turmoil (and perhaps not).

      What do you two suggest or think if it’s all rigged in your minds? Just don’t vote?

      1. LPSM,

        “However, it’s still playing with fire, and there is no guarantee that the populace will just sit there and take it if Trump keeps gaining momentum only for them to see Hillary win.”

        How will they know? The voting machines will say that Clinton has triumphed and if people are not just stupid enough to vote and worse, through machines (duh!) already proven to be rigged with programmers testifying they’ve written source code for elections they’re even more stupid to believe that elections aren’t rigged and their vote means nothing. As for playing fire with fire, look at the recent Scottish Independent vote, proven to be rigged and yet no hooha made by the media (obviously) or Scottish voters and this was a written paper ballot, not machines! And the French Revolution was ultra Nationalist, orchestrated by Jews also. In fact we can look at pretty much every scenario and see the Jew involved, cleaning out the old and getting ready for the new.

        “I still think we will have to wait and see what happens.”

        Well you can if you want, but Hilary will win, not only because her agenda is what the Jews want., but because it’s her turn and she’s a woman, fitting in nicely with feminism, girl power and the matriarchy.

        As for voting, I’m an anarchist as everyone knows and it goes completely against my concept of liberty and freedom to elect someone to ‘govern’ over you. Read some Lysander Spooner, a great American anarchist, or some Russians, such as Kropotkin, Bakunin and Tolstoy.

      2. LSPM –

        “It’s not completely honest to use this Utah mess as evidence that it’s nationwide.”

        I did not use this case as being evident nationwide. I used my experience for that.

        This one case is applicable today. Pertinent. Timely. There have been uncounted thousands in the past. I have personally witnessed when it happened many times.

        One head of a caucus in 1974 told me, when I held office, “Well, we’re just a bunch of ‘illegal eagles,’ then.” No witnesses would support me against the retired prominent lawyer and banker and Worshipful Master at the Masonic Lodge. They would be ‘black-balled’ for loans and other goodies and advancements.

        The whole process is just political eye-candy… Feel good motions to feel free when enslaved.

      3. @Pat and Harbinger,

        All right, thanks for replying, you two.

        I meant to ask too, though, that if you think it’s all for naught and everything is sealed tight, where do you see any possibility of anything of worth coming forth, or is it all over (specifically for Caucasian folks) at this point in your views? Do you not believe in hubris, and that such a world built on so many lies and against evolutionary principles (White people, in general, currently = self-denial, self-hate, confusion, without foundations, and biological suicide) is bound to be unsustainable and fall apart at some point? You really think the jew is going to win?

      4. LSPM –

        “You really think the jew is going to win?”

        They have already won…. centuries ago.

        The Pharisee-Jews will not lose…. until the ‘chosen’ label is tossed and there are political parties formed with platforms to… ” kick the Pharisee-Jew bastards out of all public offices and then, out of the country.”

        If you state that will never happen….then …they will never lose.

        Even when kicked out the worms are allowed back through manipulation and leverage of the county’s financial status…. by Rothschild and progeny, and agents and partners, such as Morgan. They allow people like Trump to file bankruptcy, to hook them… own them.

        Here is another way… today…. controlling economies… and people.

        London Stock Exchange, Deutsche Börse agree on $30 billion merger

        London Stock Exchange Group PLC and Deutsche Börse AG on Wednesday agreed to an all-share merger, creating Europe’s biggest securities-markets operator worth more than $30 billion.
        The companies said the combination would generate about 450 million euros ($499.9 million) of cost savings a year and offer the opportunity to boost revenues.
        “It is the right time to make such a transformational deal,” Deutsche Borse Chief Executive Carsten Kengeter said, adding that the combined company would be the world’s largest exchange operator by income. Kengeter will be CEO of the combined company.

      5. The old 51% to 49% trick, is good when the race is close, or even within a reasonable limit of Surprise! But here we have a Populist with a capital P. One who many lifelong democrats themselves say out loud in public they will vote for, instead of the Denebian slime devil, Hillary. Most every decent young democrat feels the same way. Plus, the GOP regulars (and irregulars) are ready to get a rope. They despise the phony GOP leadership.
        Rigging this one ain’t so easy as OBarnum versus lame-o Mormon Mitt the Mercenary.
        Or OBarnum versus Mc (gulp). That really was an easy one..

      6. LSPM –

        An example of a Pharisee-Jew ‘winner’ by manipulation… all planned:

        Global equities delivered $8.6 trillion of losses through Feb. 11 as the MSCI All-Country World Index tumbled 12 percent. Talk of a global recession and powerless central banks could be heard from Tokyo to London to New York.

        And then, magically…. Jamie Dimon appeared.

        After the close of trading that day, news broke that the chairman and chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase & Co. spent $26.6 million to buy shares of his New York-based bank. The MSCI soared almost 5 percent in the next four days, the start of a rally that — barring a disaster — will put the broadest measure of worldwide equities on track this week to erase its loss for the year.

        Dimon’s move was planned — using the excuse that it came as confidence in the world’s biggest financial institutions was waning — is far from the only reason for the rebound. Concern that China was about to embark on a massive devaluation of its currency has eased, oil prices are no longer in freefall and economic data have on average improved.

        1. Wasn’t it not too far back that Trump was blaming Saudi Arabia for 9/11? I don’t know why he was so antagonistic towards Iran in his AIPAC speech when he knows it was Saudi Arabia and NOT Iran who had a role in 9/11. Putting the Jews and Israel aside : Trump was very antagonistic to Iran, a country that Saudi Arabia who played a role in 9/11 is very antagonistic to ; And Saudi Arabia, which did play a role in attacking us on 9/11, also wants Iran to be DEALT with as Trump was calling out for. Iran did NOT have a role in 9/11 –> Saudi Arabia played a role in attacking us on 9/11, but Trump wants to bomb Iran’s oil fields and Iran didn’t attack us on 9/11, and does NOT want to bomb the Saudi oil fields and the Saudis DID have a role in the 9/11 attacks on the United States. I guess the countries that supply us with oil can have their part in killing American citizens in very dramatic attacks/War Crimes and not only get away with it, get treated like loyalty or something. Trump also knows Saudi Arabia funds and backs the Islamic terrorists in Syria, but he pointed his finger ONLY at Iran. His speech at AIPAC was very disappointing and discouraging , to say the least. Maybe Pat is right. Though I hate to encourage Pat. His head is inflated like a hot air ballon as it is.

      7. LPSM,

        Pat’s pretty much said it. The Jews have won. They won when they killed Christ. They won when they got over into the UK and started their parasitism off of the indigenous, after coming over with William in 1066. They won when they came over to Spain with the Moors and did the same. They won when they persuaded Oliver Cromwell to sell his country to them, by financing his civil war from Amsterdam and in his victory bringing them back into the UK after Edward’s Edict of Expulsion of 1293. They took over the British Empire then and afterwards the Rothschild family moved in to seal the west’s fate in the late 18th century.

    1. If that is to the people on this forum who actually believe in the political system and that Trump is not controlled, I completely agree Karen.

    2. DON’T VOTE….. it encourages them..!!

      All this Trump stuff is to get more than the paltry 35% of registered voter turnout…

      The more voters…. the easier the theft to place Hillary in office.

      If only 10 people voted…. it would be hard to steal….

      1. Exactly Pat,

        The only honest way of voting is for each person, who votes, to be videod openly stating their candidate choice in each of the voting stations in the USA/UK/France etc etc. Sure it will not make people’s votes anonymous but that way it can’t be rigged. Sure it would cost alot and a hell of a lot of man power, but it’s once every 5 years so it’s damn well worth it!

  4. Trump has my support because, disregarding the middle-east, he is in my opinion by far the best candidate for the country. Until his speech to AIPAC a few days ago he showed great promise for the middle east also, saying he would be “neutral” in negotiations between Palestinians and Jews and taking a lot of heat for saying that, the only candidate to say this. While he still has my backing 100%, I was very disappointed in his AIPAC speech. His courage is amazing, but that was the first time he caved in to their pressure and it was a sorry sight.

    I can only hope that if elected he will not honor what he said in that speech. As a Christian, he should not move the American embassy to Jerusalem and recognize that as the capital of Israel. Jerusalem is an international city. He should honor his pledge to be “neutral” in negotiations between Jews and Palestinians and he should honor the Iran agreement. The USA already has a horrible reputation for not honoring treaties.

  5. Trump, real candidate or not, is nothing more than a paver. Paving the way to the Khazarian tyranny’s instillation of fascism in the US.

    The Khazarian’s Protocols even highlight their use of various men, “agents,” to bring about their program.

    Interestingly, no one seems to notice that the Khazarian-media went out of their way to ignore, sideline, Ron Paul, but are doing the opposite for Trump. The whole thing is a ruse–“Keep you eye on the birdie over there. Nothing to see over here.”

    But it doesn’t matter, as anyone that still participates in the very criminal system by voting is either a sound asleep fool, or a tool with a stake in the system–“A fool or a tool?!”

    For those that see, it is like watching a very bad zombie movie, except the zombies are real, as is the destruction.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  6. I heard someone say today … “..At an apt moment very soon, Trump should offer Governor Kasich the VP slot and Senator Cruz the vacant Supreme Court seat.”

    Ka-ching! .. in any language.
    Golly, I wonder if Mr. Trump has (haha) thought of that..

  7. Stop believing lies.

    Beware! There is a lot more lying going-on on Planet Earth than ever before. In fact, lying on Planet Earth is at a record high; like never seen before in the planet’s history.

    The Truth –

  8. Voting allows the enslaved to feel free…

    All political parties are PRIVATE COMPANIES… AND borrow money…
    They are controlled by debt holders..!!!

    Republican Party Inc:

    Republican National Committee

    Political Action Committee in Washington, DC

    Republican National Committee in Washington, DC is a private company categorized under Political Action Committee.

    Our records show it was established in 1860 and incorporated in District of Columbia.

    Republican National Committee
    Republican National Committee also does business as R N C, Republican National Committee Inc.
    Business Information
    Location Type ——————– Single Location
    ***Annual Revenue Estimate —— Unknown
    Employees ———————— 250 to 499
    Years in Business —————-151
    State of Incorporation ———– District of Columbia
    SIC Code ————————- 861102, Associations
    NAICS Code ——————— 813910, Business Associations

    Officers and directors:

    Jesse Kamzol-Chief Data Officer
    Liam O’Rourke-Director Of Voter File Development
    Valerie Dowling-Co Chairman

    310 1st St Se
    Washington, DC 20003-1885
    +1-202-863-8500 (Phone)
    202-863-8820 (Fax)

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