188 thoughts to “Cultural Marxism: We are living under Its Evil Spell (Video, 7 mins)”

  1. Marxism is a JEWISH movement of inciting the so-called “oppressed” to rebel against the so-called “oppressors” in order to destroy obstacles to JEWISH DOMINANCE, which is the real purpose of it all. There are three variants of Marxism :

    1) Social Marxism, or “class-struggle”. This form of Marxism was used in Russia in order to overthrow the Czar and the ruling class to make place for Jewish overlords. It was a stunning success, though later under Stalin the power of Jews became somewhat limited.

    2) Cultural Marxism. This form of Marxism is used to undermine all forms of culture that stand for a healthy national life : relations between the generations, between the sexes, sexuality and gender identity. This too became a stunning success and at present we live under its hegemony.

    3) Racial Marxism. This form of Marxism is mostly counted as being part of Cultural Marxism, but its nature and scope justify a separate treatment. In the case of Racial Marxism the “oppressors” are identified as Whites, while all non-Whites are counted as “oppressed”. The “solution” to the problem of White oppression is what we call here the White Genocide Project, i.e. the “soft” genocide of Whites by flooding their countries with non-White immigrants and then promoting miscegenation. This form of Marxism is at present in full operation.

    In all three forms of Marxism the gullible Goyim are promised a Utopia of freedom if only the obstacles to it are – not reformed – but destroyed. In the case of Social Marxism this meant the literal destruction of the bourgeoisie class as happened in Russia, China and Cambodia. In Cultural Marxism all healthy forms of social life are destroyed. In Racial Marxism too the aim is not to “reform” the white race in order to give up its evil racist ways, but to destroy it all together, though in the “soft” form of genocide-by-miscegenation.

    Jewish World Domination can only be reached by destructive ways and this is an indication of the demonic nature of its activists. Here is a quote from the Jew Saul Alinsky in his subversive book Rules for Radicals :

    Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.

    1. Well said.

      “Stunning success” is the galling part. The truth hurts.

      That Alinsky quote has so much rotten subtext, it makes you wonder. Thanks for that.

  2. I think that this “Cultural Marxism” concept originated in the mind of some “Social Darwinist” bookworm, that has a lot of free time and no need to spend it at work, doing something that he doesn’t want to be doing for providing himself and his children with essential things required to survive in this goddamn world, as most people do, struggling to make a living. If it wasn’t so, then this concept wouldn’t be presented as a variation of Marxism. These people, the parasites I call them, always attack Socialism, promote Capitalism and in their sheer ignorance or out of their cunningness put in the mix of their propagandist crap some ingredients that are supposed to provoke a negative emotional response even in those, who don’t know nothing at all about Marxism or Socialism, for example: Marx was a Jew, communists were Marxists, thus, Russia was devastated by Marxism.

    Nothing is further from the truth.

    I was born and raised in the socialist Russia. I am not going to call it a perfect state, but there were some things that are worth to note. First, as a result of implementing Marxist principles, we didn’t have homeless people in Russia. I had not seen a homeless person at all until the orchestrated collapse of the state. And at the same time we didn’t have to take mortgage loans to purchase our homes. It was calculated that in about a decade of labour an average Russian produced enough value to compensate for the expenses of the state, spent on building his home. So people had to register and wait for a decade or so and then the state provided them with a new home. No one was in debt, no one could lose that home, no one had to depend on someone else to be able to have a home. That means that people were more free, than most of the others living in the capitalist states.

    Second, we had free of charge health care and we didn’t have to purchase insurance to get it. And we had free higher education, too. Unlimited. One could get as much education as one desired, going from one college to another for as long as he wanted, acquiring all of the knowledge and skills that might be of interest to him, changing professions, becoming a man he wanted to be, not becoming someone he didn’t want to be. That means, too, that people had more freedom than most of those who were living in the so-called “Free World”.

    For example, one of my grandfathers was born in a poor village, four kids in the house, his father died, his mother was ill. But he went to a college and studied and by his 40’s birthday he was a colonel. In a capitalist state something like this in a similar situation is rather impossible. But in a socialist state this is normal. And this is in fact a practical application of Marxism. Just like the modern Socialism of some European countries. It began in Russia in the 1960’s.

    Next, we had 15 national republics in the socialist Russia and no problems related to Nationalism. A Russian could live in Uzbekistan, and feel at home. I knew some Armenians that came to Ukraine and befriended them, and at that time no one would call them or consider them aliens, because we were one nation. We spoke the same language and had mutual respect. Now, look at the present state of affairs and tell me what is good about it. Nationalism is a destructive force, a poison I might call it.

    Look at the former Yugoslavia. It used to be a great socialist union of Christian peoples, that defeated the Turks. Now there is a bunch of banana states, not capable of protecting their own lands. Puppets of Uncle Sam proud of their imaginable independence. And how did it get to this? It was through Nationalism, of course. There are no successful historical examples of Nationalism. All of them failed. Thus, Marxism is a good thing, but misunderstood. Just like Nationalism.

      1. First of all, it was not Utopia but a real thing. Second, this 66 million number belongs to the same place where 6 million belongs to. Magical numbers. In the 1990’s the Russian archives were opened and studied by a number of historians. Serious researches were conducted and published. But most people are not not interested in serious researches. That’s a problem.

        You know, there is a simple trick that allows to hypnotize chickens: draw a straight line in front of the chicken, and it will stand still for several minutes not being able to move, looking at that line. People are not much different. Tell them something that scares or impresses them, and rational arguments will not affect their thinking process, as long as that emotional effect is strong enough.

        There is a big difference between Communism and Socialism. Just as big as the difference between Socialism and Capitalism. The regime that was established by the communists ended with the death of Joseph Stalin. From the 1953, there was a big change in political and econimical sides of life in Russia. From the 1960’s it wasn’t a communist state no more.

        Speaking of the numbers of the communist regime’s victims, according to the archives (1921-53). All sentences: 4,060,306. Death penalties: 799,473. Camps and prisons: 2,634,397. Exile: 413,512.

        More important point: it has nothing to do with the topic. Norwegian socialism achieved the same or better without camps and prisons.

      2. “There is a big difference between Communism and Socialism. Just as big as the difference between Socialism and Capitalism.”
        The only important difference is what marxists mean by “socialism” in contrast to Westerners, like Scandinavians.

        “The regime that was established by the communists ended with the death of Joseph Stalin. From the 1953, there was a big change in political and econimical sides of life in Russia. From the 1960’s it wasn’t a communist state no more.”

        According to marxist dogma, the Soviet Union was NEVER communist. It was “BUILDING socialism” on its way to reaching communism. Anyone with a passing knowledge of marxism knows that. Communism was the meat piece thrown ahead, in front of the huskies to make them continue to pull he sled. Always ahead… one sacrifice more for the glorious future. Hey, uhnem, hey uhnem…
        Also, obviously, no marxist would consider any self-described “socialist” state in the West as socialist but a “bourgeois society” masquerading as socialist. Even Yugoslavia, errant Yugoslavia under “revisionist” Tito, was no no longer considered a socialist state by its contemporary Soviets. Or by loyal beyond expiration date Stalinist China. Oh, the fiery speeches I heard…
        If you knew communism like I know communism, how does that song go?
        But there were unintended benefits of marxism in the Soviet Union, and its “socialist sisters” too and amazingly they were of a spiritual and ethical nature. Another time…

      3. The commie and socialist one big sameness,
        far overshadows their differences.
        The State as God. (gulp)

      4. Ariadna, it doesn’t matter what “marxists” think or mean by what and when. I can’t even tell who the marxists are. Marx was a philosopher, a political philosopher and economist. He developed a basic theoretical foundation of the socialist economical administration, which can be characterized in a few simple sentences: a nation owns its national resourses and the profits from their exploitation return to the nation, in the form of social programs like free higher education for all, etc. This is what is called Socialism, in a nutshell. How it is implemented is another question.

        Socialism does not oppose private property, or private businesses as long as these businesses do not interfere into a sphere of the strategic national means of production. You can own a shop or a restaurant, or a car wash, or a recording studio, there is no problem here. But a 1000-acres ranch can’t be owned by an individual, because the land belongs to all people of the nation. You can’t own a gas pipeline, too. And if you happen to be a more fortunate person than others, you have to pay more taxes. This is very simple. And this makes the best nation. Just one.

    1. Rousso –

      “For example, one of my grandfathers was born in a poor village, four kids in the house, his father died, his mother was ill. But he went to a college and studied and by his 40’s birthday he was a colonel. In a capitalist state something like this in a similar situation is rather impossible.”

      You should know….. that situation IS rather possible in the US… a socialist country also. We got our SSNs too, bro…

      Communists are just socialists in a hurry.. 🙂

      It is the norm… not the exception.

      1. I don’t know much about your SSN and what it gives you, Pat. But I know that there are a lot of homeless people in the US, and that Detroit is a dead city with abandoned buildings, and that education costs a fortune and so does health care for those who can’t afford insurance, and I know that a lot of people can’t. And that most Yanks have to take a mortgage loan to purchase a home, and that not all of them even can take a mortgage loan and are forced to live in a rented house. I also know that US is at the first place on the list of external debt, which is about 115% of GDP. So, please, Pat, please. Let’s not go into this.

      2. Rousso –

        “I don’t know much about your SSN and what it gives you, Pat.”

        I knew that, already. Maybe you could explain Russia’s Social Security Program.

        You wrote: “So, let’s not go into this.”

        You “went into this”. But, you want me to just sit down and shut up…?? 🙂

        You are mistaken at every point, since you use your drastic examples from the media and apply it as the norm.

        You wrote: “There are a lot of homeless people.” Tell me how many and the % of total population.

        There. I went into it… against your demands..!!

        Stop listening to the media… like you want Lobro to not listen to me..!! In fact…. you should stop listening to yourself… Put the mirror down that I told you to use. You are wrong.

        You should be asking questions….. not barking orders. 🙂

        The US is socialist-capitalist oligarchy. All countries are socialist-capitalist oligarchies. The difference is who owns the capital.

        More precisely…. they all fit the mold of…
        …. Monopolistic-Capitalistic-Oligarchy.

      3. Pat,

        It is not important how much of the people in the US are homeless, I can’t accept this at all. But according to the statistics, in the states of California, Florida and New York more than 6% of the residents are homeless, that is, indeed homeless, like hobos, sleeping in the shelters or on the streets. In Texas, from 3 to 6%. In most of the other states the number is between 1 and 2%. That’s a lot, Pat.

        In about 20 states the number of homeless people is less that 1%.

      4. Rousso –

        You wrote: “But I know that there are a lot of homeless people in the US.”

        NOW…. “It is not important how much of the people in the US are homeless”..
        BUT YOU mentioned it. Not me…!!!

        You need some sleep.. Take green tea and a nap..!!

        Stop arguing with yourself..!! You will suffer less despair. 🙂

        Anyway…. Most are simply ‘houseless’ not homeless… Many want it that way.

      5. I said, that I know there are a lot of homeless people in the US. And that it is not important to me what percentage it is. I can’t accept it at all. Even 0.01% of homeless people would be an indication that there is something sick going on. How can a state not care about its own citizens?

    2. not sure that socialism is beholden to Marx, even the Imperial Rome operated as a sort of socialism and the most progressive and successful form ever was the ever maligned National Socialism.
      At any rate, there was much to be admired in the Soviet Union and one thing whose mention was omitted was the non-existent external debt.
      No nation can pretend to sovereignty that is burdened with significant national debt to international usurers, which nathan Rothschild pointed out very clearly and correctly.
      This is presently the greatest stimulant for the Jew war mongers in pursuit of Talmud’s realization, namely that any nation without external debt is evading their clutches and must be brought to heel, preferably through corruption, otherwise through violence, whether coordinated coups (the so-called glorious Jew revolutions of liberation, brotherhood, equality! … in destitute proletarian poverty, all are equal, all brothers free to starve) or outright military invasion.

      Yet another aspect of socialism strikes me as I talk to old-timers here in Bosnia is the relative absence of class inequality, everyone was secure for life in whatever job they had, no one obscenely rich, everyone able to relax after work for drink with friends, decent vacation time, government run resorts for workers families …
      Mandatory military service took the venom out of young guys, taught them self-discipline, cleanliness, camaraderie … only the Party bosses were above the rest but also visibly despised and ridiculed, that was the price they and their isolated families were paying for above average comfort … of course, their offspring continued spineless brownnosing ways and form the ruling kleptocracy today, kowtowing to USA, NATO, EU.

      Man on the street hates them with unbridled passion.
      Good aspects ditched, bad ones retained and reinforced, the poison fruit of “free market”.

      1. That’s right, Lobro. That’s what I’m talking about.

        We had like 1:5 ratio between the income of those who were “poor” and those who were “rich”. A general manager of a big plant would earn 5 times more than a cleaner on that plant. Not 5,000 times more. This difference was enough to stimulate people to get better education, and at the same time it provided a measure of social justice so that no one would feel or be as an underdog. We even didn’t have a word like “loser” then. No one was a loser.

        And there was no external debt.

    3. I’m ‘American poor’ and ashamed of it.
      American, that is. Same as every other half way decent person.
      The ‘poor’ part is the easy part of the quip.

      Poor is relaxing, contemplative, easy to master.
      Voila’ after a few brief months, and two or three missed meals, there’s truly plenty of time for a swim/nap/lunch/singing/dancing/sadhana. .
      Ohhh the humanity, eh?

      The West’s spiritual leaders have failed their charges and failed them miserably.

      1. I agree, bro.

        I have been there, too. It is as if the life is passing, as time goes by, and there is nothing to do to turn it around. You are trapped. I also struggled the same way: reading, smoking, looking, searching. It helps. Makes you a better person. You begin to understand things most of these people around have no idea about. But then, alas, you get older and there is nothing but despair. You lost it. You are an outcast.

      2. Rousso –

        You did something wrong along the way. I guess it is typical of Russians.

        I have 7 decades behind me…. I have NEVER been in despair. I have been hospitalized for explosion burns on a submarine, car wrecks and major knee surgery from skiing…. but never in despair.

        I read about Free-Born John Lilburne years ago… His plight reminds me that I am happy.

        He was in dungeons and stocks more than mot. He was in the army also.

        John Lilburne (1614 – 29 August 1657), also known as Freeborn John, was an English political Leveller before, during and after English Civil Wars 1642-1650. He coined the term “freeborn rights”, defining them as rights with which every human being is born, as opposed to rights bestowed by government or human law. In his early life he was a Puritan, though towards the end of his life he became a Quaker.

        His works have been cited in opinions by the United States Supreme Court.

        In 1656, he was allowed to leave the Dover Castle during the daytime to visit his wife and children, who had settled in Dover. It was here that Lilburne met Luke Howard, a Quaker whose serenity impressed him and began the process of his own conversion.

        Lilburne declared himself a convert to the tenets of the Quakers, and announced his conversion in a letter to his wife. General Fleetwood showed a copy of this letter to the Protector, who was at first inclined to regard it merely as a politic device to escape imprisonment.

        When Cromwell was convinced that Lilburne really intended to live peaceably, he released him on parole from prison, and seems to have continued till his death the pension of 40s. a week allowed him for his maintenance during his imprisonment. Later he was permitted to stay away from prison for several days at a time and took to visiting Quaker congregations in Kent.

        In the summer of 1657, whilst visiting his wife, who was expecting their tenth child, Lilburne died at Eltham 29 August 1657, and was buried at Moorfields, “in the new churchyard adjoining to Bedlam”.

        A life of Lilburne published in 1657 supplies this epitaph:
        Is John departed, and is Lilburne gone!
        Farewell to Lilburne, and farewell to John…
        But lay John here, lay Lilburne here about,
        For if they ever meet they will fall out.


      3. Pat,

        You have never been in despair, because you have never been in a stalemate situation. Do you know how this situation is called in Russian? It is called Pat. And this situation is often connected to another, which is called Desperado.

        So, man. Know thyself! You need to get through despair to become the real Pat.

      4. Pat, didn’t they do Lillburne’s wife a favor allowing him only occasional, short visits home? Ten children! How many more children would she have had to bear him if he had been free all the time?!?!

      5. Rousso –

        You wrote: “You have never been in despair, because you have never been in a stalemate situation.”

        You are so presumptuous… even arrogant.
        You keep writing as if you know me. You don’t have a clue about who I am.

        FYI… I cannot walk unaided more than a few feet. I use a wheelchair when not using a walker.
        My spelling errors and short comments are due to palsy similar to Parkinson’s. I cannot eat sandwiches anymore, due to shaking. I cannot make notes with a pencil or sign my name.

        The last 20+ years have included a vain search for relief. I had to give up teaching judo and jiujitsu.
        I do not despair..!!

        I could have succumbed to despair when the condition started in 1996. Nope…!!
        Despair?????? No despair..!!

        Being in submarines taught me to compartmentalize bad situations. I do not despair easily… 🙂

        You wrote:
        “So, man. Know thyself! You need to get through despair to become the real Pat.”

        I ‘ll reply to you:
        Grab a wheelchair…. use it every day…. shake the stuffing out of your sandwiches while trying to eat… never use a fork again… give up your normal life… and become the real Rousso..!! 🙂 🙂

      6. Pat, I don’t think you owe the Russian kid all this personal info. But since you posted it I will say I am in awe of you. I whine when it rains (ad it rains a lot down here!) and my hip hurts and I can’t go swimming.
        I feel like the man in the old Mennen aftershave commercial:
        Thanks, Pat, I needed that!

      7. @ Pat

        I was deeply moved by your eloquent post. You give the word “stoicism” a new meaning. If I had one-tenth of your grit, I would account myself lucky.

        1. Where do you live now, Rousso? Are you still living in Russia? Or, did you come to the United States under Reagan’s “watch” when he let in fuckin’ shitloads and shitloads and more shitloads of jew Commies into the United States from the erstwhile jew Commie Soviet Union? Gee, I hope you made sure to get your One Hundred Thousand dollars Reagan gave TO EACH AND EVERY JEW COMMIE HE LET INTO THE UNITED STATES, AND I SURE HOPE YOU MADE SURE TO GET THE WHOLE GAMUT OF WELFARE BENEFITS THE SYSTEM OFFERS TO POOR DOWNTRODDEN REFUGEES, REAGAN WAS VERY GENEROUS TO YOU “POOR” “DOWNTRODDEN” JEW COMMIE “Refugees”, WASN’T HE? HE SURE WAS. Are you good friends, I just bet you are, I’m sure you’re good friends and buddy-buddies with the fuckin’ jew Commie sheenies who came to the USA under Reagan’s ‘watch” , the “Moonbattery” webmasters.

          1. I don’t know why you Darkmooners are crying so much about living under the spell of evil Cultural Marxism, just do some of that HINDU-BUDDHIST New Age New World Order Ascended Master Light Being Worker of the Cosmos “A Treatise on Cosmic Fire” Alice Bailey Kundalini Yoga you all LERV so much…


              666 OR BUST SUNGAWDDAMNIT!!!


      8. Ariadna –
        Sard –

        Thanks for the attaboy…

        I laughed out loud when he said I never faced a “stalemate”…. when in fact, I faced 139 of them every day for the 3 months I was imprisoned under water with them twice a year for several years…. during the Nam-Deal…..

        The other submariners were literally VERY VERY “stale mates” to me… 🙂

        I got close to Russia when sailing out of Scotland.

        Real anxiety is when the hatch shuts away the sky for the last time and the whole patrol is ahead….
        It then became the possible coffin. We called it that to keep the mood light.

        Sometimes we did have a couple who went nutso… had to be sedated and put in straight-jackets….. and kept under constant watch by off-going helmsman.

        No despair..!! Just crazy… 🙂

      9. Pat,

        You don’t understand me. I am a man of a different background. I am talking about something that is philosophical. You are a practical person, a pragmatic, and the things I am talking about require another approach to life to understand. Don’t take it personal.

      10. Pat, c’mon man!
        You expect me to believe some uber-sweet little love, someplace in time, didn’t make you say Uncle?!

      11. @ HP

        You are correct about poor. Being poor allows a person to come to the correct conclusion that happiness is a decision, not a circumstance or location.

        “The West’s spiritual leaders have failed their charges and failed them miserably.”

        I would agree with you statement if you said (((spiritual leaders))). I think they succeeded in doing what they were supposed to do by creating easily moldable putty people and then misleading them.

    4. National Socialism shared the same goals and was on the way to achieving the same results but was destroyed by the usual suspects . You claim that Nationalism is a destructive force, but contradict yourself when you previously say…”.Armenians that came to Ukraine and befriended them….We spoke the same language and had mutual respect…Yugoslavia used to be a great socialist union of Christian peoples..” That IS Nationalism. Shared culture, respect, language. The Armenian is not an alien to Ukraine in the sense that a Somalian or East Indian is to Germany. Nationalism saved you, the banana states courtesy of Uncle Sam and his Jewish string pullers are what destroyed you. I agree 100% that the ‘freedom’ sold to the obese, childish, greedy, brainwashed, average Westerner is cyanide laced Kool-Aid, but Socialism and Marxism are not the same and Nationalism is the only tool we have to prevent Jewry from creating a one world slave state.

      1. Karen,

        I mean that it was Nationalism that led to destruction of Yugoslavia. It is Nationalism that is now ripping apart Ukraine. There is a game they like there, when someone in the crowd yells, “Who is not jumping is a Russian!” and then they all start jumping like idiots. This is happening because of Nationalism.

      2. It is not nationalism that is tearing apart Ukraine. Most of the leaders put in power after the government was overthrown there are Jews. The real Ukrainians are referred to as “NAZIS” in the west and they are not in charge. The US would never support a nationalist gov’t. The US, led by Jews wants to make Ukraine like other European countries and have it commit genocide against itself by welcoming in large numbers of non-Europeans so that the ethnic Ukrainians will disappear and become a multicultural hodgepodge of people. Ukraine is ruled by the grandsons of the Jews that murdered millions of Ukrainians in the 1930’s.

        There is a possible kink in their plan though. Nationalism is rising in Europe and other white countries and there is a growing awareness of Jews leading role in this genocide. They have been exposed by academics: historians, psychologists and others that study the social sciences. At this point the nationalist movements are either unaware or refuse to look at the Jews role in his genocide, but if they get in power that could change. The best solution is for Jews to leave Europe and other white countries. They should go to Israel, or in any event, leave Europe.


      3. In regards to Yugoslavia. It may have been nationalism that started the breakup of Yugoslavia, but NATO and US involvement had nothing to do with nationalism and this involvement made things much worse. And again, the people at the helm in the US doing the bombing were anti-nationalists.

      4. Peter,

        Tell me, how am I supposed to react to these non-stopping explanations, addressed to me, en passant, about the situation in the countries where I lived, and others here didn’t, which I know and others here do not know, except from the reports of the media. Am I supposed to shut up and listen to all this non-sensical and erroneous, in the best case, excuse me, crap that people post here because some of these people are old-timers, and I am not? Tell me, because I am beginning to lose patience.

        You should understand that speaking about issues that are not historical and cross-examined we form our opinions from the bits of information that comes from the people in the field. You do not have access to such information, except from some subordinate sources that are using this information often in their own interest, misrepresenting the facts or interpreting them in a fashion that makes the situation appear as is comfortable to their biased expectations. And I do have access to the sources in the field.

        Ukraine is being torn apart by Nationalism. Just like Yugoslavia before. The Jews, or to be more precise, in particular, a bunch of oligarchs related to Chabad, are behind a lot of things in Ukraine. Some of them in fact financed the nationalist movement and their batallions. But it is a real emotional and intellectual nationalist idealism that is being ignited in the hearts and minds of Ukrainians by their own leaders, that made it all happen. There is a war in the East, because people in that region are for the most part ethnic Russians.

        Nationalism is poison.

      5. Rousso, while I agree with much of what you say, it is not “nationalism that is ripping Ukraine apart“.
        It is Stupidity that is ripping it apart, every little bit that Ukrainians seem to do just reeks of bottomless, asinine stupidity.
        If they were nationalistic, they would quickly come to their senses and realize that ethnically, culturally, economically and religiously, the Russians are their true brothers and natural allies, not Jews and their FUKUSA-NATO attack dogs.
        You would have thought that having survived the initial Orange revolution and Julia Timoshenko looting, they would have learned their lesson – but no, they just seem to get more idiotic every year.
        I can’t say I got much respect for them.
        I think their Duma has packed with jews, over half of the deputies, the rest shabbo thieves.
        It should be renamed Dumbass.

        Nationalism is good, it’s what makes humanity interesting and the travel worthwhile, the more distinct groups, languages, traditions, foods, folk music, the better.
        Jew wants armies of grey homogenized mongrels plodding off to sweatshops when the sirens go at 4 am, 7 days a week, loudspeakers barking newspeak esperanto exhortations to work harder for Motherland because bearded terrorists are lurking nearby.

      6. Nationalism is not ripping apart the Ukraine…if you mean Jewish Nationalism then fairenoughski 😉

        “The trick is that in her narration, the biggest culprit and the source of all evil is the enslaved Russian population of Ukraine that is now under dual oppression of the NATO and European “democratic Russophobes” and Russia-hating Zionists.”


      7. Stage-players tearing Ukraine apart…. Not nationalism…

        United Nations Performance Guild needed.

        The rugged Pharisee-Jews wearing tights in Kiev are fighting back fiercely….!!!

        Putin is getting crushed in huge battle with Kiev not allowing Russian performers’ appearances on stage.

        “Battle of THE Bulges” is raging… flaming.. 🙂

        Ukraine to bar some Russian singers after Kyiv chosen to host Eurovision

        The Ukrainian government said on Friday it would deny entry to certain Russian singers if they were chosen to perform at next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, after picking the capital Kiev to host the event.

        Ukraine won the right to stage the 62nd Eurovision contest in 2017 after its entry, a Crimean Tatar singer called Jamala, won this year’s competition with a song about the war-time deportations of Tatars under Joseph Stalin.


      8. Nationalism is not languages, traditions, foods and folk music, Lobro.

        Nationalism is ideology based on the premise that the individual’s loyalty and devotion to the nation-state surpass other individual or group interests. — Encyclopedia Britannica

        And here is George Orwell’s opinion on Nationalism:

        “By nationalism I mean first of all the habit of assuming that human beings can be classified like insects and that whole blocks of millions or tens of millions of people can be confidently labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’. But secondly — and this is much more important — I mean the habit of identifying oneself with a single nation or other unit, placing it beyond good and evil and recognising no other duty than that of advancing its interests. Nationalism is not to be confused with patriotism. Both words are normally used in so vague a way that any definition is liable to be challenged, but one must draw a distinction between them, since two different and even opposing ideas are involved. By patriotism I mean devotion to a particular place and a particular way of life, which one believes to be the best in the world but has no wish to force on other people. Patriotism is of its nature defensive, both militarily and culturally. Nationalism, on the other hand, is inseparable from the desire for power. The abiding purpose of every nationalist is to secure more power and more prestige, not for himself but for the nation or other unit in which he has chosen to sink his own individuality.”

      9. If a conflict is a direct result of external interference by globalist conspirators, then you cannot blame it on nationalism. Especially if the prime beneficiaries of the so-called nationalist uprising are Jewish Oligarchs. Besides, the case with Yugoslavia is quite clear — a US ultimatum guaranteed that country’s breakup.

        Btw, I am under the impression that attacking nationalism is a key tenet of multi-culturalism and its Jewish peddlers?

      10. Nationalism is normal and the right of every nation – to maintain their culture and ethnic identity. To be completely opposed to Nationalism is why we have the genocide occurring in Europe right now.

        Please spare me your “I’m Russian, I know what I’m talking about” routine. I know Russians and they don’t all share your point of view. Yes, Nationalism is strong in Ukraine, but the Jews running Ukraine are not “nationalists”, the US gov’t supporting Ukraine do not support “nationalists” and the EU does not support Ukrainian “nationalists” and that is why Ukrainian nationalists wisely do not want to be part of the EU.

        Now, I’ll play your game. I’m an American and I’ll explain to you that to Americans, Ukrainian Nationalists are “NAZIS”. That is what they call them and so the US does not support Ukrainian Nationalists. Is does support the Jew led Ukrainian gov’t that would probably have Ukraine join the EU so they can do to Ukraine what they’ve done to Europe.

        You are not an expert. The best thing the Russian and Ukrainians could do would be to recognize the leading role Jews played in the atrocities of the USSR. Then they would stop blaming each other for something Jews were largely responsible for. But that would require criticism of Jews which both sides are not ready to do yet.

        The USSR was the bloodiest regime in history and like you it was anti-nationalist and it murdered millions of nationalists and this done under the leadership of Jews.

        1. @ Peter

          A great post. Everything lucidly explained in a few choice words. You are an excellent writer.

      11. And don’t forget that the Jewish-dominated academia in the West gets to define nationalism. I never realised Ernest Gellner was one of the tribe 😀 I should’ve known. My education has been a complete brainscrew.

        Same old story.

      12. Peter –

        “The best thing the Russian and Ukrainians could do would be to recognize the leading role Jews played in the atrocities of the USSR.”

        That is the best comment I have seen here…!!! 🙂

        The second best is:

        “But that would require criticism of Jews which both sides are not ready to do yet.”

      13. Rousso

        Orwell’s definitions of “nationalism” and “patriotism” are all fine and well, but they ARE “isms” when all is said and done. And to that I say, TO THE TRASH HEAP WITH ALL “ISMS”!

        The only thing a nation’s cultural identity that would at least adequately reflect the teachings of Christ should concern itself with, is in its posture of defending the moral certitude that its actions would represent. That’s it in a nutshell.

        And as an aside, and not reflective of anything I’ve read of yours, to say that Hitler in HIS defense of German culture was TOO moral in his conducting of the war is patently ludicrous and outrageous.

      14. Nationalism in China gives way to globalism.

        Xi chooses football over Mao. 🙂

        Chinese state media on Friday marked the 40th anniversary of the death of the founder of modern China, Mao Zedong, with articles praising him, but President Xi Jinping visited a school and did not mention the day.

        While there he “underscored the importance of better basic education”, according to Xinhua news agency, and watched students playing football, Xi’s favourite sport.

        The Hunan Daily, the main party paper in Mao’s home province in the south of China, carried a small article on its front page proclaiming “Chairman Mao, the people cherish your memory”, but banished to its fifth page a longer article about him.

        The party’s official People’s Daily carried several pictures of him on its Weibo microblog along with a collection of some of his most well-known quotes and asked people to name their
        favourite. However it disabled the comments section.

        Xi, who doubles as party and military chief, made no mention of Mao in his main activity for the day as reported by state media, going to a Beijing school ahead of China’s Teachers Day, which falls on Saturday.


      15. Peter,

        Yanks have average IQ of about 98. Yanks are stupid. Yanks are good at engineering and natural sciences, but speaking about humanitarian issues with them is an uphill battle. Yanks don’t understand even the most basic social processes, and are incabaple of analizing the mechanics of cause and consequence in that domain.

        You are not an exception.

      16. @ Rousso

        Peter: Yanks have average IQ of about 98. Yanks are stupid. Yanks are good at engineering and natural sciences, but speaking about humanitarian issues with them is an uphill battle. Yanks don’t understand even the most basic social processes, and are incabaple (SIC) of analizing (SIC) the mechanics of cause and consequence in that domain.

        You are not an exception.

        Peter has had more than one article published on this site and is apparently of German ethnic origin, hence his writer’s name ‘Petrus Germanicus’. He is hardly a “typical American” with an IQ of 98 as you imply. He comes from the same racial stock as Bach, Mozart and Beethoven whose IQs, I imagine, must have been considerably higher than 98.

        Check out Peter’s latest article on this site. It was also republished on the Truthseeker and other sites:

        Is Putin a Zionist Puppet?

        This article received a record number of comments: 371.

        So I don’t think you could be correct to imply that Peter is educationally subnormal — especially as your own short comment contains two very bad spelling mistakes. 🙂

      17. Rousso’s touting of cosmopolitanism and internationalism and his contempt for traditional ethnically based nation states puts him into the same camp as Count Coudenhove-Kalergi and Angela Merkel.

        If Rousso is not a Jew, he is a thoroughly Jewified gentile.

        Peter is right to be suspicious of him. So am I. I smell an infiltrator.

      18. Sardonicus, stop being paranoid.

        I am going to respond to Lobro tomorrow and perhaps abandon this site. I came here in hope to resurrect my almost forgotten English a bit and to participate in discussions on topics that I am good at: religion, history, social science.

        My grammar is poor and it is embarrasing, but about these subjects I know a lot and no other person on this forum is in a position of being able to support a decent and intelligent dialogue in that field. Instead of that I am talking to trolls.

        You are something like a cop here. Your contribution is of no use. “Sniffing infiltrators” and asking the editors to ban this or that user from time to time is not a useful contribution for a forum. You are also a complete fool and barbaric idiot.

        Tell me more about racial stocks.

      19. @ Rousso

        According to you, Ukrainian nationalism caused:

        1. The JewSA to invest $6-billion to overthrow the elected Ukrainian government.

        2. The “mysterious” snippers to kill both sides during the civil protests.

        3. The JewSA to steal all the gold from Ukraine.

        4. The JewSA to install their stooges in the new Ukrainian government.

        5. The migration of Ukrainian men and their families to Poland to avoid serving in the Ukrainian military.

        Etc., etc., etc.

        It appears that you are trying to give the jews’ lust for world domination a free pass and blame it on Ukrainian nationalism. I guess it would have been way to obvious had you blamed Kermit The Frog. 🙂 You have over reached your cover especially when you consider that everyone on Darkmoon knows it was the jews.

      20. Ungenius,

        According to me, the consumer of a product is essential to its production. The Jews might be responsible for making 75% of pornographic material in the world, but if someone is a frequent consumer of this product he can’t blame the Jews for producing it. Someone, who does not consume the product, can blame both its producer and its consumers for its existence. But someone who is a client of a prostitute shouldn’t blame the prostitute for seducing him. He and her other clients is the reason the prostitute exists.

        This kind of reasoning is something that people here don’t understand. Buddhist teachings. Everything is composite. But people here come from either Christian or Muslim background, both of which are based, as is Talmudic Judaism, on the teachings of the Bible, and one thing that is common for all these religions with all of their numerous denominations is that self-righteous logic of projecting the blame upon the opponents and refusal to admit one’s own part in it.

        This is like in a theater: there is a director, but also actors and audience. The same for the example above: there ia a pimp, of course, but also prostitutes and clients. Together these people make their whorehouse running. But most of all the clients are responsible for its success, for it’s their coins that the pimp and prostitutes need to keep it going. The Jews are making porno, but who is making them rich?

        Same thing here, speaking of Ukraine.

        I was there when the USSR collapsed. Unkraine was granted independence. As soon as it became an independent state, in the course of the next few months, several changes took place. One of them was that all schools programs were transfered from the Russian language to Ukrainian. When I was in school we studied Ukrainian as a second language, twice a week. After the reform, the Russian language became the second, and the Russian literature was omitted.

        Not just the schools, but all the colleges and higher education institutions were transferred to Ukrainian language, which resulted in a lot of professors losing their jobs since not all of them knew the language good enough. The faculties of Russian literature were closed in all places but a few, and a lot of students had to choose other specialities and start from scratch. These reforms were explained by the need to restore Ukrainian culture, which had been, according to the authorities, usurped by the Russians.

        Then, new books on historical studies were written and published. In which the events were interpreted in such a fashion that whoever was reading them was left with impression that the great Ukrainian nation had been all the time exploited and abused by the evil Russians. This new education in a couple of decades produced a new generation of Ukrainians. Young people of this last generation are those who executed the coup on the streets.

        Their mottos are “Ukraine above all else”, “Glory to the nation”, “Death to our enemies!”

        Nationalism in its purest form. Regardless of who, for what and when supported them. The US spent billions on this all. That’s correct. But at the same time the US has been spending just as much or more in Russia for the same purpose. Financing the opposition, nationalist factions and organizations, LGBT, propaganda sites and radio stations. This is the reason behind the decision of the Russian authorities to ban most of these nationalist organizations.

        And the reason of the war in Ukraine, which is what I meant in the earlier statement, that it is being torn apart, is the fact that in the East of Ukraine people didn’t like nationalism, being Russians from both ethnic and cultural sides. For the same reason Crimea is now a part of the Russian Federation: most people in Crimea are Russians, and Russians are not in tune with Ukrainian self-admiration and hatred towards their Motherland.

        It is not a secret that the US and Jewish oligarchs financed the coup and the nationalist batallions, prepared them and taught them. But it was nationalism that attracted people to these batallions. So, this is how it worked: the US and the Jewish oligarchs pimped Ukrainian nationalists, like their prostitutes, and the people of Ukraine are those who are acting as their clients, putting coins in their pockets, making them rich and prosperous.

        Nationalism is poison.

      21. “but if someone is a frequent consumer of this product he can’t blame the Jews for producing it.”

        A kosher insight. I for one am convinced that Rousso is hasbara.

      22. Flopot, cut Rousso some slack, being young and Russian but apparently stuck west of Don river, his matrix is somewhat different from the one that imprisons us.
        What IS true is that demand-supply equation is a composite.
        But what is ALSO true and Rousso, you must understand this well, is that jew has by slow degrees built up both.
        You can’t say that dope dealers simply satisfy an existing demand, given that a generation or two ago, the demand was non-existent.
        For instance here in Sarajevo, you got these easily spotted addicts, blank eyed and undernourished in ragged clothes, far gone and entirely useless to the society where there were absolutely none before the war, ditto in so many other countries.
        Kabul is jampacked with them, shooting up under the bridges and in the ditches, again, there wasn’t a single one when Taliban ran the show and prohibited cultivation of poppy.
        Look at the strict regimes like Malasia or Singapore, that noose is swinging prominently for anyone thinking of setting up shop there.
        Jew is singularly responsible for all this worldwide, by degrees stoking up demand, glorifying it in movies and pop music while CIA-Pentagon were trucking it in to distribution depots like Homestead air base in Florida, camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, Bagram base in Afghanistan and hundreds of others, broken junkies lurching in their wake.
        Ukrainian nationalism is nothing of the sort but mass hysteria, vicious and unthinking, just the way jew wants it.
        Like the “Wild West nationalism”, wholly constructed in MGM and Warner bros studios, now exported worldwide.
        Start a mass bloodletting, destroy country’s intelligentsia and academic institutions, replace it with some artificial psychosis and you can code in whatever you want, like some Papua-New Guinea cargo cult.
        That’s Ukrainian “nationalism” today, bennie “The Talmud” Kolomoisky their standard bearer with faux-nazi Punisher battalion of homicidal arsonists.
        In no way does it support the broader thesis that “nationalism is poison”.
        Might as well lace Black Forest cake with strychnine and claim that all pastry is poison.


        @ Flopot

        Quoting Rousso: “but if someone is a frequent consumer of this product [Jew-produced pornography] he can’t blame the Jews for producing it.”

        [FLOPOT] A kosher insight. I for one am convinced that Rousso is hasbara.

        You are right, Flopot. I am glad you are not impressed by the Devil’s logic. Let me give you an example of this troll’s false logic. He writes:

        This is like in a theater: there is a director, but also actors and audience. The same for the example above: there is a pimp, of course, but also prostitutes and clients. Together these people make their whorehouse running. But most of all the clients are responsible for its success, for it’s their coins that the pimp and prostitutes need to keep it going. The Jews are making porno, but who is making them rich?

        That sounds plausible enough at first sight. Jew not to be blamed. This is a supply and demand situation. Jew is supplying a demand, so don’t be too harsh on him pleeeeze! Blame the clients who are queuing up for their slop buckets of sleaze and filth every day.

        Apportion blame equally and fairly, Rousso is saying, and don’t blame the Jews for the porn industry when all they are doing is catering to a demand.

        Two things wrong with this Devil’s logic.

        With the advent of cell phones, children are now increasingly to be found among the helpless VICTIMS of porn. They can’t help it. They are being sucked into it. There are live-in porn clinics in the US where boys of 10-17 are being sent by their parents for round-the-clock residential therapy because they can’t hep masturbating 10 times a day!

        The parents are desperate and the kids sped all day crying because they are hooked on this Jew-created porn and can’t help jerking off every available minute of the day. That’s the sad truth, my friends. Check it on the internet if you disbelieve me.

        (One of many links I could supply)

        Rousso fails to understand that the Jews are the child corruptors. Instead, he blames the children for being part of the supply and demand chain. The Jews are doing no real harm, Rousso implies. They are only helping these children to “get off”, to satisfy their “urges”.

        This hasbara agent Rousso wants you to apportion blame EQUALLY to the the Jewish porn corruptors and to the porn-corrupted children.

        You see the false logic of this slimy devil?

        (2) Second, if it’s just a supply and demand situation and if it’s OK for the Jew to supply a demand, where do you stop? If there is a demand for restaurants where dogs are boiled alive in front of clients who would like to see them cooked on the spot, is it right for the noble Jew to come forward and justify his actions and say, “Hey, I’m only supplying a demand! What’s wrong with that?”

        I’l tell you what’s wrong with that, you Russian sonofabitch: there is no justification for catering to the lowest and vilest of tastes! And you certainly do not corrupt children with your filthy Jew porn and then say, “Hey. don’t blame us Jews! Blame those kids for being so easily corrupted!”

        Don’t trust Rousso one inch. If he isn’t a Jew, I’d be surprised. The smell of gefilte fish follows Rousso like a dog’s tail follows a dog.

      24. @Sard
        Exactly. It is the Devil’s logic. Well said and written. Rousso would have us blame the victims and the enslaved. But the evidence is overwhelming that Jewish money, power and thinking have brought us to this state.

        There is also the fact that the Jewish production of porn is designed to corrupt and undermine societies — as far as the Jewish producers are concerned, that is part of the plan. It is probably alluded to in the protocols, but I do know that Hollywood has explicitly admitted this.

        A Hollywood insider conducted a study that showed family friendly movies made more money than sex and violence. He was puzzled when the studios informed him they deliberately wanted to produce such edgier content, even if it made less money.

        So Rousso cannot hide behind the prosaic claim that it is nothing personal, just business — it is a cultural war.

        Sorry but it seems kinda obvious now — he’s an apologist for Jewish power.

      25. To all the mucho gifted in reading comprehension and logic, such as: Sardonicus, Flopot and Arnold, the three wise monkeys.

        This world has been full of crap at all times. Sexual decadence is not a recent phenomenon, nor is it an invention of the Jews. The problem of children’s corruption is not a problem that can be addressed to a particular group of people, but rather to the parents of the children that are being corrupted, as it is their parents’ obligation to raise them and protect them from the evils of this world. Just to illustrate this, I suggest to all checking out the film that might help to understand the problem better. It is 15 minutes long.

        Donkey Sex: The Most Bizarre Tradition

        Most kids in Colombia have sex with donkeys. Their parents approve that, and know about that, and even teach them how to do it. Blame this on the Jews. But there are no Jews there.

        Until people begin to admit their own part of the problem, there will be no change. I said it as clear as it could be said: a customer can’t blame the pimp if he is using his prostitutes, a pimp can’t blame the clients for using his prostitutes, and prostitutes can’t blame no one as long as their job is their choice. All of them are in it together.

        You must be porn addicts, because such a reaction points out that this topic is of a special significance. People like to blame others for their own sins. But a drug addict keeps coming to a dealer because he likes the drug. And it takes a long time before addiction developes. No one makes him an addict. He becomes an addict because he chooses it.

      26. Reaching into history to find others to blame doesn’t change the current facts of Jewish power and influence. I am impressed by your ability to produce dense text that ignores context and dishes out insults in equal measure. I know you’ll keep being an apologist for Jewish power but you’ve been outed, so you’re not as dangerous as you once were.

      27. There is nothing to argue about. I am right 100%. You are an idiot, who can’t understand me. A brainless troll.

      28. “There is nothing to argue about. I am right 100%. You are an idiot, who can’t understand me. A brainless troll.”

        Now if only your future posts could be this concise, because this is the only meaning I ever take away from reading your comments. You ignore every point that is made and then add, defensively, that other cultures have been as bad as the Jews.

      29. That’s right.

        Most cultures are as bad as the Jews. There is a mutual projection mechanics between the Jews, Christian and Muslims. All three are bad, but all three are standing in front of each other, pointing fingers at each other and blaming each other for their own sins, that all three are sharing, which is not a problem to demonstrate, and is obvious for all those who do not belong to their flock. Like me. And this is what I’m doing.

        No culture in the world in all its ages and times has been more cruel and obscurant than Christian culture. Burning of heretics, torture chambers, Crusades and colonizations, terror of the Inquisition, suppression of sciences and arts, the list is long. But ask a Christian and he will not admit this. He will find an explanation. Like, it’s the Jews.

        Almost the same things can be said about the Muslims, though in the earlier times there was no such a phenomenon as Islamic terrorism, but now Islam is catching up with the Christians, burning people in cages, demolishing other cultures, killing heretics, doing all the same things that Christians used to do. Ask them about it. It’s the Jews.

        This is a triangle of hatred.

      30. Rousso, you’ll just have to accept contemporary global Jewish power and its responsibility for most of the conflicts over the last 100 years (at least). I know you will keep deflecting blame to patsies and proxies, but the prime movers and paymasters are Jewish supremacists.

        “No culture in the world in all its ages and times has been more cruel and obscurant than Christian culture.”
        Lol. Again with the kosher mentality.

    5. @ROUSSO

      What about the percecutions suffered by the Greeks in USSR after1937-8?

      The genocide of the eastern catholics until 1980?

      The genocide of the Finns in soviet Karelia?

      What is kommunism we know very well because my country has a kommunist goverment and drive the greeks to despair and often to suicide.

      We used to be happy people living in a country with wonderful climate,but now under this goverment the majority of the population suffer from depression.

      Do not tell me please that Marxism is a good thing, but misunderstood.
      I tell you is not at all misanderstood.

      1. There is a big difference between Communism and Socialism. Just as big as the difference between Socialism and Capitalism.

  3. Marx would have never dreamed of how easily “Social Transformation” can be implemented through mesmerizing types of entertainment. His reform battles are being won in the stadiums and theaters globally today by using mass psychology. Thoughts are developed and even changed while victims are watching in a trance.

    Here is how the rubber meets the road….. under the radar:

    One of the largest companies operating in US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Sweden – China and Russia – implementing “Social Transformation” through entertainment is
    AEG…. The Anschutz Entertainment Group, of Los Angeles and Denver and London.

    Disney DOES have rival peers. 🙂

    Comprised of more than 50 divisions, AEG focuses and coordinates the specialized skills of each group into a powerful aggregate resource to achieve the broader goals of the company.

    In collaboration with over 100 AEG assets (including more than 90 venues, 20 sports teams and events and 30 music festivals, tours and events), AEG Global Partnerships creates one-of-a-kind sales and marketing platforms for our partners to activate and promote their brands.
    Oversees sponsorship sales, servicing and activation throughout the world including United States, Europe and Asia

    The largest motion picture exhibitor in the United States, the company’s theatre circuit, comprising Regal Cinemas, United Artists Theatres, and Edwards Theatres, operates 6,792 screens in 550 theatres in 39 states and the District of Columbia as of January 1, 2010.

    The company is also the owner, through Clarity Media Group and The Oklahoma Publishing Company, of several media properties, including **The Weekly Standard, The Oklahoman, The Gazette (of Colorado Springs), and **The Washington Examiner.



    VTB Bank Arena and Dynamo Moscow Stadium

    Galactica Park Arena Moscow, Russia

    The anchor of Moscow’s ultimate entertainment destination – live music and sports, Universal Moscow theme park, a thousand fashion brands and restaurants, two premier hotels – all in one place with easy access by car, air or public underground transport.



    AEG China
    AEG China combines outstanding venue management with strong sales, marketing and events promotion to become the leading sports and entertainment provider in China. AEG China is led by CEO Mr. John Cappo, an expert in live performance promotion and sports arena management with more than 15 years of professional experience in China. Under the AEG China umbrella are the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, and the Master Card Center in Beijing, both 18,000 seat world-class venues.   AEG also provides design & construction advice to numerous cities in China who are in the process of building arenas, which shall become part of the AEG network in the country.


    Company Overview

    AEG is one of the leading sports and entertainment presenters in the world. AEG, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Anschutz Company, owns, controls or is affiliated with a collection of companies including over 100 of the world’s preeminent facilities such as STAPLES Center (Los Angeles, CA), Sprint Center (Kansas City, MO), Citizens Business Bank Arena (Ontario, CA), O.co Coliseum (Oakland, CA), Oracle Arena (Oakland, CA), Valley View Casino Center (San Diego, CA), PlayStation Theater (Times Square, NY), Verizon Theatre (Grand Prairie, TX), Colosseum at Caesars Palace (Las Vegas, NV), Target Center (Minneapolis, MN), BBVA Compass Stadium (Houston, TX), Allphones Arena (Sydney, AU), MasterCard Center (Beijing, China), Mercedes-Benz Arena (Shanghai, China), Ericsson Globe Arenas (Stockholm), Sydney International Convention Exhibition, and Entertainment District (Australia), Barclaycard Arena (Hamburg), Mercedes-Benz Arena (Berlin) and The O2, a 28-acre development located in the eastern part of London along the Thames River which includes a 20,000-seat arena and over 650,000 sf of leisure and entertainment use which are all part of the portfolio of AEG Facilities.

    1. Yes, and this kind of culture, manufactured, artificial, fake, industrial, is killing all the independent studios, artists, producers, also through the Internet sharing, so that no independent artist could make a profit out of his product, this is pop-culture that is killing the underground. Just like it happened to the rock scene in the 1970’s.

  4. Cultural marxism’s genesis is no mystery but very well documented if one is willing to consult sources outside wikipedia. It was not created by some “bookworm” too lazy to do honest work with enough enthusiasm to become a ‘stahanovist,’ and certainly not with the intent of engendering a “negative reaction” against marxism. In fact the Jews of the Frankfurt School who brewed it did not call it “cultural marxism.” It is not a subspecies of marxism (with its “disciplines”: philosophical materialism, historical materialism and scientific socialism), but a separate Judaic ideologic weapon aimed at the destruction of culture, national identity and Christian ethos of the Western societies.
    Life in the Soviet Union deserves a more detailed discussion. It certainly had its carrots that came with the big bat, and those are the objects of understandable nostalgia for post-CCCP denizens.:
    1. Free higher education. It was excellent in many disciplines (e.g., math), those into which the omniscient Little Father did not stick his mustache. It was a disaster in physics as taught in schools, because marxism dictates that energy is but a “quality” of matter and all is matter so quantum physics is but a dangerous straying into “idealism” (the enemy of materialism) and “subjectivism.”
    A Russian student getting into college to study physics had to overcome the cognitive dissonance storm upon discovering that there was no way to tell if Schrödinger’s cat was dead or alive unless Little Father uncovered the receptacle. It was also an unmitigated disaster in genetics, which the charlatan Lysenko (Little Father’s protegé) set back fifty years. Marxism had to discount bourgeois determinism — it’s not the genes, it’s the environment, see? So, “we must not wait for nature to give us its fruit, we must snatch them from it”….
    2. Health care was free for all, something Americans dream of, but it was beset with problems of shortages in essential needs of the hospitals, poor (“5-year”) planning, and mismanagement. In the 70s a group of eminent American surgeons went to visit Soviet hospitals and came back stunned. They had witnessed Russian genius and creativity overcoming dire conditions: Soviet hospital were so frequently short of catgut for sutures that an anonymous (the glory was for the “collective”) Soviet surgeon came up with the idea of using staplers(!) to close not only regular incisions but difficult intussusception (invaginations) in intestinal operations. They got some factory somewhere to make them some crude miniature staples. They turned out to work better than catgut sutures… Needless to say, soon after the American surgeons (the late Ravitch, pediatric surgeon, in particular) brought this idea to the US, the American medical device manufacturers came up with 19 models of surgical staplers. Need is the mother of invention and the Russians are inventive.
    3. No homelesssness, true, but at a price… (to be continued)

  5. Continued
    #. No homelessness in CCCP. If there were homeless they would be picked up for loitering. No private property so housing was the “property of the people” which meant you get on a list to be allocated an abode. Since Moscow had a severe shortage of housing units the general arrangement was for several families or unrelated individuals to share an apartment, i.e., share the kitchen and bathroom. Sharing the kitchen brought about another Soviet invention: the cooking pot with a lock. Just in case your neighbor gets any idea of sticking his fork in your pot…
    But nobody was lording it (except the VERY higher ups) in housing with room to spare. They all accommodated themselves to a shared misery, content that it was egalitarian and just and, unlike the satellite nations who received communism as a gift on Soviet tanks, the Russian had no memory of a better life in the previous two generations. In fact THAT was the better life.
    All efforts and resources were focused on the heavy industry and infrastructure so there was no consumerism because there was nothing worth buying anyway and you would not have wanted to stick out like a bourgeois thumb dressed in finery. An old anecdote described an apartachnik upon whose death it was discovered that his closet contained 19 suits: all exactly the same grey color, same material, same cut. He had the private, secret pleasure of knowing he possessed 19 suits but it did not do to be known to have them…

    1. Amazing. All the good old Cold War propaganda crap in one comment. Congratulations. All of this is a lie.

      No private property? My grandmother had a private house which she inherited from her parents. One of the districts in the town that I am from consisted all of the private houses. It was not a property of the state. Even those apartments in the project buildings that people received from the state, although it would be confiscated if the owner died and the owner couldn’t pass it to his children, and couldn’t sell it, but even those apartments could be exchanged, for bigger or smaller ones. And there was a private sector where houses could be bought and sold.

      Shared apartments indeed existed, but that was after the war, and for the most parts in the big cities like Moscow, in the old buildings, because those were big apartments. I mean, big. Like 7 rooms or so. In the 1960’s the program of social housing was started and in a matter of the next decade about 75% of the families had their own place to live in.

      Also, that is true in regards to the lack of fine things for the people to spend the bucks on, like the French perfume or Japanese electronics. Not that it didn’t exist or was unavailable, but these things were expensive. Nice clothes were hard to get, and it was a sort of cult thing to have a pair of Levi’s jeans, but trust me, people who were willing to have it, had it.

      There was a lot of idiotic stuff in Russia during that era, and I am not speaking of a perfect world here. But the things that I point out are those that were good, and I know that it was a result of putting to practice the economical principles of Marxism, described in Marx’s main book, “The Capital”. The rest cannot be attributed to Marx.

      1. It’s not ” cold war propaganda crap.” It so happens I was not exposed to it for biographical circumstances so you’re barking up he wrong tree.
        What you describe came late, much later, maybe after Brejnev. Not that it was a huge improvement but, sure, it must have felt like it after locked pots and pans.
        None of the advantages you think of — some of which I have acquiesced to and described– can be said to come from “putting to practice the economical principles of Marxism.” You must have not had seminars of “political economy” twice a week or none of it stuck to you. Do you really know basic Marxist economy?
        They were all concessions made out of fear and frustration. You can make the Russians believe in communism for a few decades if they perceive it (mistakenly) as a home-grown product (which is why it never took in the “sister socialist countries”). But eventually it dawns on them to think, “if I don’t “exploit salaried workers” maybe it’s not bourgeois of me to aspire to have a little efficiency apartment all my own in one of the newly built projects in a podmoscovnîi kvartir (less traffic noise, what)? Waiting for two years to buy a Pobeda is also a big advance from being trod upon in public transportation and told sneeringly, “If you don’t like it, take a cab, “mister”!.
        PS Don’t take it badly and don’t get abusive again, but seriously, I have the feeling you are not all that informed on what can be attributed to Marx and what not.
        I am not a fan of the Western world by a long shot, but neither am I a fan of marxism.

      2. Why should I take it badly? I like it when foreigners tell me stories about the country where I grew up.

      3. Ariadna –

        This is not “cold-war propaganda crap” either…

        It comes from Pravda.. 🙂 🙂

        Here are some excerpts from a Pravda documentary on Putin.
        So you think you know Putin?

        A 2012 Pravda Documentary: “The Unknown Putin”


        –Russia’s oil sales owned by Saudi families and entertainers – 169 names (Part 1 at 7:40)

        –Product Sharing Agreements gave most oil profits to foreigners (Part 1 at 9:50)

        Part 1:


        –No heat in apartments (Part 2 at 9:50)

        Part 2:


        –The PRIVATE owners of Russia’s submarine factory were in New Zealand (Part 3 at 5:00)

        Part 3:


        In 2012 Zhores Alfyorov – Russian Nobel Prize winning Physicist – claimed:

        –“Russia could NOT build an atomic bomb today. Costs too great.” (Part 3 at 10:00)

        Part 3:


        I thought it was revealing that Yevgeny Fyodorov (Chairman of Committee for Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship of the State Duma of Russia) said that

        –“Putin DID NOT make a FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE in the development of the country.” (part 4 at 2:48)
        The Pravda story even included preposterous claims by another journalist that there was a

        –plan in the US to use nuclear missiles to destroy over 300 cities in Soviet Union (part 4 at 3:40).
        Sergey Kurginyan (part 4 at 8:02) said that [phony] narrative continued through the years, supposedly even from the 1950s!!

        Part 4:

  6. one thing that is frequently overlooked.
    immediately after the october, 1917 color (red) revolution, jew murdered just about every literate gentile in the country, all the priests, academics, lawyers, judges and such, basically blotted out the national memory.

    The only literate figures were almost 100% jews and this left a deep and permanent imprint on the Soviet psyche, so that even after Stalin to a large extent removed jews from the top decision making positions, Judaic stench lingered in soviet intellectual life right up until the breakup – and after, it is only now that the orthochristian renaissance is happening in spiritual and artistic life.

    It will likewise take America and western satellites a good while to regain sanity, having smoked jew crack for generations – if ever.

    1. Hmmm, you’re thinking Ilya Ehrenburg? Oh, but he was a patriotic Russian, giving so much encouragement to the Soviet soldiers.
      Old joke: an unsuccessful partnership: Malkin and Palkin.
      A successful partnership: Malkin, Palkin and Zalkind.

      1. Yes, he gave them a lot of encouragement and when he died he was buried in Israel at his own request. That is a common theme when discussing Jews. Going all out to arrange it to have someone else kill their enemy. I would not call the Russian soldier nor any other soldier a hired killer, but the Jews are at the level of someone that hires a hit man and I consider that as bad or worse than the hit man himself.

    2. Lobro, it is not happening. The opposite is. The situation is terrible in the spiritual and artistic life.

    3. … and when they lost their perches in the political hierarchy they became… refuseniks because suddenly they realized they were Jews! Not Russians and not “cosmopolitans” but deely Jews yearning to live among Jews. And oy, the call to the ancestral home they had left two thousand years before was irresistible! They just HAD to be “repatriated”! Oy, the plight of Soviet Jews! Scoop Jackson cold not sit on his hands, could he?
      I remember synagogues with huge posters showing a Mogen David in chains that said Save Soviet Jews! A friend of mine who was an ethnic Jew but an ideological reject asked another Jew: “Why only Jews? Nobody can leave Russia, not just Jews.” He got a dressing down to remember: if all Jews were like you we would have long disappeared, etc, etc.

  7. @Rousso: Life in the Soviet Union, however, must no be imagined on its entire trajectory as an unbroken string of miserable sameness. Soon after the Revolution, to pacify resistance, which was still alive following the broken promises (kholhozes instead of giving land to the peasants, etc) and a non-functioning economy, they introduced NEP — the New Economic Policy, which allowed small ownership of private property. This lasted until the late 20s and is humorously described in Ilf and Petrov’s Twelve Chairs: the coffin maker had a thriving business. Then NEP was rescinded and the screws were tightened, concurrently with the growing repression that quelled expressions of discontent. Freedom of speech disappeared completely and the arts, which had flourished until then (think Mayakovski, or constructivists, for example), took a heavy blow with “Socialist realism,” led by the odious Maxim Gorki.
    Yet again another “spring” spike in 1953-1957, under Hrushchiov, followed by another “trough.” It had nothing to do with applying marxist principles, which stipulate “dictatorship of the proletariat” and do not envisage private property. It had to do what they could get away with and, when not, relaxing the yoke a tad.
    @Pat: I don’t care how small the percentage of homelessness is in the US. NONE should exist in the “most advanced Western country.” The dirty secret is that many– if not most of the homeless are either mental patients or veterans. In the late 80s they decided that it cost too much to take care of the mentally ill and promptly cultural marxists came to the rescue beating their chests about the civil right and human rights of those people (incapable of taking care of themselves) who should be “free” to make a choice to sleep in the streets or under bridges. HUNDREDS of mental care hospitals were closed. On veterans they pee. Once used up they become invisible.

    1. Ariadna,

      Once again: Russia circa 1960-1990 was not the same country as before. In fact, from 1965 to 1985 it was one of the nicest places in the world to live in. Although not perfect, but for sure not as bad as former Russian dissidents claim. Most of them, en passant, descend from the families of big-shot commies. This information is based on the real facts, but distorted and exaggerated.

      1. “… from 1965 to 1985 it was one of the nicest places in the world to live in.”

        Tiens, tiens, let’s not get carried away here, Rousso. Lest kids reading this should think the world is extremely small and devoid of comforts…

        “This information is based on the real facts, but distorted and exaggerated.”
        Which information would that be, Rousso?

      2. That’s the problem: comforts, comforts. That’s all I hear from the Westerners. We can’t understand each other because of this.

      3. Rousso
        ” In fact, from 1965 to 1985 it was one of the nicest places in the world to live in. Although not perfect, but for sure not as bad as former Russian dissidents claim.”

        Yes my friend, you have spoken the truth.
        that is the naked truth , these people who claim otherwise are delusional.they believed the west’s deception and deceit
        the west in the cold war era manufactured lies upon lies and their sheeple believed the deception ..
        my friend, the west simply said is wicked ,they can’t help it it’s in their blood.
        just ignore them…..Salute

      4. Rousso –
        Monk –

        Since there was MAXIMUM utopia and serenity and prosperity behind the wall…
        …….. the Russians should have built it even higher and thicker to keep USA companies OUT…!!

        That is NOT a metaphor. I’m addressing you directly.. 🙂

  8. Rousso, it seems that you didn’t learn the simple lesson your dialog with Pat should have taught you: don’t make asinine assumptions about people you know zilch about.
    I am not a “Westerner.”
    A harder one that might take you time to apply is to shake off the self-conceit that makes you believe that, as you stated once, you forgot more than we’ll ever know. From your comments so far I conclude that might be true about something but not about any of the topics so far discussed.
    You seem to believe that being born in Russia makes you some sort of authority on all matters Russian. So far you haven’t shown any of that.
    Think through the logic of that. Should we then give that same authority to Israelis when discussing the Hellhole?
    The reason we “can’t understand each other” is that you haven’t mastered the skill of having a dialog (a) and allowing that the other’s opinion may have some validity, wherever the other was born; and (b) without being rude.
    Otherwise you have your moments.

    1. Ariadna, don’t start getting on my nerves again, please. I am so tolerant to yours and Pat’s egos, and assumptions that I am all the time talking about your dearest persons. I am not.

      1. I couldn’t care less about your “nerves.” You can’t pretend you didn’t address personal comments to Pat and me, as you did to posters all the time. That aside…
        The blooper that Yugoslavia, like Ukraine, were destroyed by … nationalism should be at the top of your list of embarrassing statements you should pretend you never said.

      2. Rousso –

        “I am so tolerant to yours and Pat’s egos, and assumptions that I am all the time talking about your dearest persons. I am not.”

        You address “Pat” … but that’s not addressing “Pat”.

        No wonder Russia is so backwards.

        Stop believing YOURSELF..!!!

        Bring back the wall..!! Get behind it. Back to utopia. 🙂

      3. Addressing a comment to a person doesn’t mean talking about that person. You are trolling again, Ariadnatheo. You are looking for mental agitation, troublesome old maid. This part of the comment is personal. It also is related to Pat.

        And this part is not personal: Breakup of Yugoslavia happened as a result of separatist movements, started by Albanian and Croatian nationalists. It is a known fact. Now, both of you can continue this exiting conversation without me.

      4. “It is a known fact.”
        No, Tourette kid, they are called “Idées fixes” and most of them are peddled by the prepuceless. Speaking of which, why did you become so irate when a poster asked you (twice) if you were Jewish? That wasn’t an insult. He didn’t call you a Sabbatean, which is where you located the evil, right?

    2. “And this part is not personal: Breakup of Yugoslavia happened as a result of separatist movements, started by Albanian and Croatian nationalists. ”

      This is wrong, I think. The globalists actively plotted for the breakup of Yugoslavia.

      1. Right you are Flopot.
        I heard about it first hand from one of the protagonists.
        Yugoslavia carried on after Tito’s death, everything functioned, occasional bickering aside, until Milosevic had his Serbian Communist Party mentor, Stambolic assassinated, took over and started agitating for Serb supremacy over all the other ethnic groups.
        Milosevic was a banker protege of Kissinger and crowd.
        I learned all that from the son of Stambolic who ended up in Toronto as a grad student and my wife got him a job in her lab.
        He was a very talented kid and is now a recognized researcher and member of medical faculty at the U of T.
        At any rate, Miloseovic belligerence and arrogance catalyzed the process of breakup that the Jews had in plan, the destruction and genocide was sweet acing on the cake – or is it burnt offerings.

        I remember the insane Talmudism behind refusal to allow all sides equal access to arms, only Serbs had it courtesy of the Yugoslav army which was entirely in their hands at the officer level, ensuring that the killers could do their work unimpeded, all these homicidal militias comprised of soccer club hooligan clubs, they even retained the same names but now had unlimited access to heavy weapons and defenseless women. Guess what happened next.
        It was all preplanned from the word go.

        Including the end coda whereby they got rid of their Judas goat, Milosevic and stripped Serbia of their one legitimate territorial possession – Kosovo, on account of rich mineral deposits and the world’s biggest dope depot and distribution center, the giant airforce base Camp Bondsteel.

      2. Lobro,

        In such situations there is more than one side of a conflict, and thus, more than one opinion. But there are also the facts. As, for example:

        Milošević became a president in January 1991. Croatian War of Independence began in March 1991. Slovenian Independence War started in June 1991.

        So it seems like it didn’t take a long time for Milošević and his gang to agitate the other nationalities to a point of no return. His agitation must have been so terrible, so violent, so insolent that a union couldn’t bear it even for a couple of months. Right?

        But lets suppose that the aforementioned statements are true, and it indeed was unbearable. Than still, I am not taking sides here, the breakup was initiated by Nationalism. And fueled by Nationalism. In such case, Serbian Nationalism. But supported by the nationalist factions of other republics, all of which contributed their part to the process.

      3. Rousso,
        there is nationalism, which means defending what is yours.
        And then there is supremacism, grabbing what is not yours in belief that you are divinely entitled to it.

        feel free to look up editions of Serb newspapers from that era and see their loudmouth bragging about how “Serbs are the knights of the Balkans” and how they will clean the clocks of the lesser subhumans, the cowardly land-tilling peons whose destiny is to serve and work.
        It seems borrowed almost verbatim from the bloviations of you know who.

        And from what i understand, yes, some of these undercurrents go back to the post-WW2 formation of Yugoslavia, the Bleiburg massacre of forcibly repatriated Croats (no pro-Nazi serb chetniks included, wonder why) through treachery of judeo-anglos – the Party ideologue Djilas famously said “Croatia must die in order for Yugoslavia to live”, ie, the blood sacrifice to appease the Serbs as the biggest nation and we can go back to post WW1 partition of Austro-Hungary when the new territory of South Slavs was ruled by the Serbian king in Belgrade … wasn’t all that bad, it seems, yet even back then, Serb officers ran the army and the decision making government bodies.
        So, Croats can be forgiven for being somewhat mistrustful and apprehensive of what was afoot.

        look at today’s emotions: the predominantly Muslim Bosnia and catholic Croatia are okay with each other but both deeply suspicious and wary of Serbia and even the orthodox Montenegro has gone its own way because they resent Serb dominance.

        Now i take it that more or less, their ethnicity is quite common, so the difference must be in early indoctrination.
        A whole bunch of Orthodox priests not only condoned the bloodletting but even participated, i read the interview of one nearby here who is proud of what he did and would do it again without hesitation.
        They have their own, discount rate Talmud, you can look it up online, “Mountain Wreath” (18th century), where the head patriarch urges genocide of Muslims who are suing for peace – as part of Christmas celebration.

        So yes, it goes some ways back, here are some stanzas picked out from that 18th century epic

        Converts to Islam are cursed

        Warrior lions gave place to ploughmen,
        While selfish poltroons took Mohammed’s creed, –
        Their Serbian milk shall ever bring them plague!

        Roadside banditry extolled:

        Some twenty, thirty comrades have collected,
        And hid in ambuscade by Douga.
        There to wait a caravan from Nikshitch,
        And stoutly fight the Turks upon the road.
        Heads of Turks [they generally refer to all Muslims as “Turks”] fourteen have they cut off,
        And seventy horses taken from them too;
        Of women they have taken two or three!

        The Muslim leader proposes peace

        HADJI-ALI MEDOVITCH (Kadi) [notice the Slavic surname, ie, a convert] Full well I know why we are come:
        To make a peace and end our mutual strife.
        Cone now, O chieftains of the land!
        Some method should we now devise
        To reconcile two warring families:
        The Velestovtzi and the Turks of Tcheklitchi;
        Then the Baitzi and the Alitch clan.
        Let us now try to make a peace between them,
        Or some good step at least let’s make towards peace!

        The Christmas Eve massacre of the Muslims – compare to Jews destruction of the Amalek

        But why do I spin out the story? –
        Though broad enough Cettigné’s Plain,
        No single seeing eye, no tongue of Turk,
        Escap’d to tell his tale another day!
        We put them all unto the sword,
        All those who would not be baptiz’d;
        But who paid homage to the Holy Child
        Were all baptiz’d with sign of Christian Cross,
        And as brother each was hail’d and greeted.
        We put to fire the Turkish houses,
        That there might be nor stick nor trace
        Of these true servants of the Devil!
        From Cettigné to Tcheklitche we hied,
        There in full flight the Turks espied;
        A certain number were by us mow’d down,
        And all their houses we did set ablaze;
        Of all their mosques both great and small
        We left but one accursèd heap,
        For passing folk to cast their glance of scorn.

        And this attitude they seem to have carried into the present as well, if the recent history is any indication.
        As you can see, the main culprit is not nationalism but supremacism born of vindictive hate and contempt for others.

    1. Ariadna –

      No, No….Not nearly as many..!!! 🙂

      I served with only one out of several hundred. He was an engineering officer, Lt Goldman.(same as Capt in Army an O-3.)

      BUT… the godfather of nuke subs and ships was Adm Hyman Rickover. He designed numerous types of reactor systems for ships’ propulsion. The first to do so. He was a pure asshole… Got a haircut every day. We had to have a barber for him when he visited…. and white grapes… and lemon drops..!! If not provided, he would fire the Captain of the ship on the spot..!!

      He said that nuclear power was the worst thing man has done. Dangerous.

      He said….
      “I would sink them all.”

      “Ricky’s” remarks:

      “I’ll be philosophical. Until about two billion years ago, it was impossible to have any life on earth; that is, there was so much radiation on earth you couldn’t have any life — fish or anything. Gradually, about two billion years ago, the amount of radiation on this planet—and probably in the entire system—reduced and made it possible for some form of life to begin… Now when we go back to using nuclear power, we are creating something which nature tried to destroy to make life possible… Every time you produce radiation, you produce something that has a certain half-life, in some cases for billions of years. I think the human race is going to wreck itself, and it is important that we get control of this horrible force and try to eliminate it… I do not believe that nuclear power is worth it if it creates radiation. Then you might ask me why do I have nuclear powered ships. That is a necessary evil. I would sink them all. Have I given you an answer to your question”

      On the hazards of nuclear power. Testimony to Congress (28 January 1982); published in Economics of Defense Policy: Hearing before the Joint Economic Committee, Congress of the United States, 97th Cong., 2nd sess., Pt. 1 (1982)


    2. Ariadna, don’t you know that Nazis just loved Jew babies in their subs, smoked and thin sliced, lovely with mustard and sourkraut.

      1. Very impressive on the outside, very scary (to me) on the inside. I salute you again!
        It relived the oppressive fear to see the photo of that good-looking sailor. I should delete that, I suppose, it’s blatantly sexist, I’m sure.

  9. “No wonder Russia is so backwards.”
    Com’on, Pat. That’s not true and it’s patently unfair. He is a brat, full of himself (which means a lot of air) but he is not Russia. On a side note, I’ve tried to brush up on my Russian a bit — rudiments at least — and can’t wait to see Moscow at the end of the month. If I see “Vova” I’ll give him your regards. 🙂 (this was supposed to be a smiley but for some reason it came out like an oblong box…)
    Try again: 🙂

  10. One of the most toxic cultural marxist was not Jewish: Gramsci, but he was heavily Judaized, which can be seen in that his first prison sentence was for embezzlement.

  11. We certainly live in a “cultural Marxist” society! Just today, I was conversing with my youngest nephew who is a third-year law student in a very prestigious school, and he related to me that he’d opted into a Supreme Court class lectured by Ruth Ginsberg, and inhabited by a roomful of damn liberals! He opted out because he couldn’t abide the stench – but you get the picture. (He’s independent, anyway, and already has a several-six-figure position awaiting him)(he has made Law Review four times in two years).

    God help us!

  12. Cultural Marxism: applied divide and conquer, a favorite jewish technique for control. Same old jewish crap with a different jewish name.

  13. Very interesting discussion. I agree with Rousso, we need free education (if you pass all the tests) up to Bachelor level, and free health care. Of course it isn’t really free; the taxpayers pay, but it is the best thing the state can do for the people.

    1. Careful, John. You are supporting Marxism. Are you a Jew?

      Because we know that Karl Marx was a Jew, and also that it is Cultural Marxism and nothing else that is responsible for immigrant crisis. Have you not read the article about Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi? He said it 100 years ago, that Cultural Marxism and the Jews should take over the European countries and destroy noble Christian nations. Yes, he said so.

      All bad things in this world happen due to the Pharisee-Jew bankers from London and their malicious agenda, as described in the Protocols of Zion and the Talmud. Have you read the Talmud? All people on this site are experts on the Talmud and Judaism in general. I learned so much from their brilliant commentaries over the course of the past few weeks.

      Now, speaking of the free education and free health care, bear in mind that it is not going to happen in a capitalist state, because it means that private property rights should be limited and prices controlled, in other words, it means nationalization of the health care institutions and educational resourses, i.e. “expropriation of expropriators” and this is a Marxist term.

      People here are emotional and not reasonable.

      Here is a good example: when that article about Kalergi was posted, I found the source on the UN site, and the report that explains the reason behind the immigration crisis; no one paid attention. “It’s Pharisee-Jew bankers from London”. Period. It’s Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School.

      You know what the reason is? These immigrants are being brought from the Arab countries because it is the cheapest option available. It might be a much better option, considering their arguments that Europe is getting too old and that soon will suffer from a lack of working people to support its economical growth, a better option would be to bring educated Hindus instead. But it’s too expensive.

      These people, who write articles like that one, are either rich or belong to the upper middle class, that supports the rich, and their houses are safe behind the fences. It doesn’t matter to them, what color is the skin of their serfs and what their religion is. Because in the capitalist states, the economics is owned by a bunch of oligarchs, and not the nation.

      The solution to this is Socialism. But it’s a no-no.

    2. Europe is getting too old

      Like saying that a hanged man died because he refused to breathe.

      No, Europe is not allowed to have children.
      Wages too low, both husband and wife must work, even multiple jobs, no state incentive to rear children, days of quality, free education gone, everybody to the (((sweatshop))).
      Youngsters encouraged to leave family, to dabble in drugs and alternative lifestyles.
      High taxes in order to support tribal migrants on welfare, where exactly is the immigration benefit coming from?
      These migrants have no education and their children never will either, will turn to street, drug dealing, prostitution, crime and few will end up as cleaners and menial workers – JUST THE WAY JEW WANTS IT.

      so yes, it is Kalergi plan, Barbara Lerner Specter Plan, Talmud and The Protocols to the fullest, precisely as foretold.
      100 years ago or more it was predicted to be just like it is today, does it mean nothing at all, just a fluke?
      Like walking past a fresh corpse, murderer with the smoking gun ignored, wow, who coulda dunit?

      Europe is getting old.
      Europe has been around in recorded civilized history for at least 2,500 years and it is just this minute that it is getting old. How much sense does this make?
      Africa is the cradle of man, going back millions of years and yet it is not getting old, neither is Asia, just Europe whom Jew has very specifically targeted for destruction – so what does it mean? It means everything except that Jew has nothing to do with it … hmm, I must be a bit slow on the uptake because I don’t get it.

      Yes, Socialism is the solution.
      National Socialism that finally deals with the clear and present danger.
      It is the ONLY answer and it will only come about through war and victory.

      1. Yes, you are a bit slow on the uptake, Lobro. I’ve noticed this a long time ago but didn’t want to say anything. Let me help by summarizing it for you:
        1. Don’t be ’emotional and unreasonable.’ Do not blame the Jews for anything.The only less-than-nice Jews were the Sabbateans but aside form a minor effect in Turkey they’re long gone and forgotten.
        Don’t think you can glimpse any sense in the Talmud. For that you must be, well, “Russian,” I guess.
        2. Blame the capitalists (no ethnicity, please) and the nationalists (all non-Jews) — Blame the former for the pauperization of the masses they exploit. I can explain the surplus value theory to you when you feel ready. It gives you a mystical frisson– no wonder, Marx had a rabbinical lineage. Blame the latter for the breakup of various nations.
        3. The Soviet Union made some minor errors (Stalin’s purging of a few Jews comes to mind), but it was the best thing ever. It suppressed nationalism and it punished anti-semitism. Lenin promised two things: ending the war and giving land to the peasants. But instead of the second, his decree was prescribing punishment for any manifestations of anti-semitism, including by SUMMARY EXECUTION. (See Soljenitsyn’s ‘200 Years Together.’ THAT makes the Soviet brand of socialism the best ever, not free university and almost free universal health care. Shucks, they have that even in Uruguay. No, it’s the suppression of nationalism.
        4. As for me, in case it helps you: I have been deeply impressed by some of the dialogs here and feel that I undergoing a major transformation. I realized that I cannot have opinions on Israel or Russia, or any other country for that matter, without having lived there. I have to revise my opinion on Jewry because I am unschooled in wikipedia.
        As I mentioned before I am going on a trip soon and will visit Moscow

      2. You don’t get it, Lobro.

        Europe is getting old, speaking of demographics, and this is true. Europeans don’t have more than two kids and their life span is getting longer. This is a trend that can be observed in most of the stable and rich European countries. This is where the hordes of the immigrants are headed. In these countries people can afford a lot of kids but don’t want it. There are social support programs for big families. And the immigrants are going to take advantage of that, each of them is going to make at least 4 kids, so, the next generation of immigrants will be 4 times larger. This is the plan.

        Someone has to pick oranges, wash cars, work on factories and on all these jobs that Europeans don’t want to work at, right? And considering the demographics factor, in a couple of decades there will be no people to fill these work places. Barbara Specter is not in a position to make such decisions and of course an article of some fool Kalergi is not the reason of this political changes. It’s economics, and capitalist thinking that make it possible and nothing else. The rest is paranoid imagination and cospiratorial crap. In an independent socialist state, this would not be happening.

      3. “The rest is paranoid imagination and cospiratorial crap.”

        You’re confusing yourself now, Rousso. You are selling us a conspiracy; the only difference is you’re saying it has nothing to do with the Zionists. Nevermind that two World Wars are fought on their behalf; that promoters of immigration and a borderless Europe get the Kalergi prize; and that Sweden’s cultural policy is set by Jews from Israel.

        Stop being an apologist for Jewish power.

      4. I am not selling nothing. Just sharing an opinion. Sweden is one of the oldest masonic countries, and their order is one of the most exclusive and hard to get in, because it is in essence aristocratic with the king himself being the Master of all their lodges.

        The present king, Carl XVI Gustaf, is the High Protector of the Order, and the current Grand Master is Professor Anders Fahlman. King Carl XVI Gustav declined requests to become Grand Master, and instead his uncle, Prince Bertil, took up the position.

        But for paranoid minds there is not much of difference between the king and 15,000 members of the most noble families of Sweden and Barbara Lerner Spectre, the founder of the European Institute for Jewish Studies and her husband, a rabbi.

      5. lobro

        I would rephrase that to say, ” a format of what could be termed ‘national socialism’ (but I’d do away with the “ism”) will come about in an AFTERMATH of war where victory will have been achieved. Although granted, perhaps I’m being nitpicky over your use of the word “through”, implying as I said in another post that victory won’t be secured ENTIRELY by conventional means.

        I see the forces of the “West” vs. those of Russia and her allies cancelling each other out, more or less. This is when the China “jew-proxy” vulture will move in for the spoils through the back door of Asia. At that point the enemy may give the APPEARANCE of achieving victory, but it is bound to be short-lived.

        It is at this point where we can refer back to certain gospel passages, and here I’ll say that you put too much stock in the idea that while Man DID get himself into this mess, ONLY he can get himself out. But you underestimate the power that MADE you. A power that will NEVER allow a full-blown satanic state to exist interminably.

        Now on to those verses that I believe are of cosmological import that would reflect what I’m picturing as an aftermath of the Chinese vulture swooping in; when the 800 lb. gorilla in the room takes charge:

        Matthew 24:29

        “Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.’

        and from Mark 13:25

        “And the stars of heaven shall fall, and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken”

        more of the same from Luke 21:25-26

        “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the Earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring.

        Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the Earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.*

        Creator is in the house

        *This will put Man to his severest test. Will his heart fail him because of the fear-inducing events he will experience? Or will he KNOW that deep WITHIN his heart lies the true reality of his existence? One that understands the illusion of fear.

        His choice

        P.S. Sorry if I’ve been bustin yer chops lately. You know how feisty I can be! {<:)

  14. Rousso
    Secretary of State, Jewess Madeleine Albright, pushed for the bombing of Serbia and Under Secretary of State Jewess Victoria Nuland, wife of neocon Robert Kagan, pushed for the coupe in Ukraine which had nothing to do with Nationalism. The American government has been taken over by dual citizen Zionists who have used her military like a bitch, plundered her coffers and left her people clueless zombies despised by the civilized world.

    1. The bombing of Serbia took place in 1999. The breakup happened in 1992. All coups are supported by the interested parties, but do not happen as a direct result of their support alone. If people don’t want it, no support is going to make them do it.

      1. Where do you live now, Rousso? Are you still living in Russia? Or did you come to the United States under Reagan’s “watch”?

      2. “All coups are supported by the interested parties”
        Will get to this kind of higher understanding if I hit wikipedia several hours a day?

  15. “Our entire society lies under the evil spell of Cultural Marxism and the politically correct teachings of the Frankfurt School”…… pushed by — Fun-Profiteers.

    The Fun-Profiteers push the Pharisee-Jew cult agenda while making huge amounts of debt-money. They cast the “Evil Spell” over the globe, all in the name of ‘FUN’.

    “Girlz Just Wanna Have Fun” and the boyz follow the girlz. Simple. Hard to stop. Easy to exploit.

    Witness Hollywood. Movies aim at boyz age 14 thru 24….. where boyz take girlz. Simple.

    Divide youth from parents and control becomes very easy.

    AEG and Disney (ESPN) are advancing…. Winning.

    Busy giddy minds with foreign wars and hide the “Evil Spell” back home on screens and in schools.

  16. Today’s Cultural Marxism can be found in entertainment, the new religion…. The REAL “opiate of the masses.”

    The last 90 years notwithstanding….. in the last 90 minutes “the evil spell of Cultural Marxism and the politically correct teachings of the Frankfurt School” have made huge advances globally.

    And in every 90 minutes today college football stadiums will fill all over the US…. And US Open Tennis is on display…. And soccer is going into full swing globally as well.

    NFL started Thursday and most of the rest of the teams will play tomorrow. Europe and Mexico want teams there also.

    The UFC championship will be held tonight in Cleveland. It moves to various venues around the globe several times every month. Brazil is grateful.

    Migration??? YES… migration..!!

    Sign ‘em up… 🙂

  17. Why NATIONAL Socialism?
    because it protects the Nation from depredations of rootless tribe, international, Wandering Jude.
    Without nationalism, there is no Europe, only sludge fed to the pigs, the Melting Pot coined by Israel Zangwill, who so typically, decries the non-existent fate of Jew which wholly applies to non-jews, ye olde Holocaust method acting, “Jew cries out in pain even as he strikes you”.
    This anecdote told by Ariadna pretty much says it all:

    “If I am a roomful of colleagues — mostly non-Jews — some of whom are close friends, people with whom I share the same interests, we speak the same lingo, some of whom I have known for many years, went to school with, etc, I feel fine. But deep down, I am always on guard.
    If I would find myself in a room full of Jews from any place in the world, I don’t know any of them, they don’t speak English, they are not scientists but … they are all Jews, I am completely relaxed.”

    So, where is Jew’s vaunted diversity, the melting pot? He is not melting, far from it, the boiling pot is our fate, the fate of Christ as per Talmud, boiling in semen for eternity.

    Does the word Diversity connote homogenized sameness?
    No, it means many pronounced differences and only nationalism can deliver that.

    1. the state or quality of being different or varied
    2. a point of difference
    3. (Logic) logic the relation that holds between two entities when and only when they are not identical; the property of being numerically distinct

    Jew wants sameness in race in sex, in all the genetically modified humanoid animals, the only clear distinction reserved for himself, us being the uniform, malleable Other, the Akum.
    To him, “Nations” means nothing of the kind, didn’t you say that his understanding of concepts is entirely different and foreign to us, is it not so Rousso?

    You were not around the blog when I obstinately and aggressively harangued everyone with my identifiable Triple-J: “It Is Jew, Jew, Jew!”.
    It gained me some notoriety, which is unfortunate but I am not backing off that statement one iota.
    Lose sight of that and you lost track of the bouncing ball.

    If jew says nationalism is bad, it means it is good (otherwise somebody explain THIS (check out his affiliations beneath the name in each panel)).
    Simple, really.

    1. Lobro –

      The UN was established so that nations don’t stand a chance.

      Many thanks to Alger Hiss and Nelson Rockefeller.

      Putin asks the UN what he should do all the time. So does Xi.

    2. But Lobro, Jews are still persecuted! In the US no less! They are now suffering the slings of arrows of the 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists who have the effrontery to come to a heavily Jewish borough and torture them there with their rank anti-semitic … I forgot what but one of the worst things… ah, yes, I remember: TROPES!
      How can they use tropes, the vile anti-semites?


    3. Admin,

      if you choose not to publish this, I will know of the terminal mediocrity and dullness of your monitoring and oversight. I will thrive and be welcomed in other venues, but you will have to live with your inadequacy, triteness, and monotone shown.

      1. @ Poupon Marx

        That was your last post. We do not respond to bluster and blackmail. You have been banned because Pat requested your removal after a series of shockingly rude and sadistically cruel posts.

      2. So by Poupon’s logic, the monitoring and oversight thrums with vitality: a keen edge that glistens in the moonlight as it twirls and parries from post to post. 😉

    4. Lobro,

      You are from Balkans but you choose to live in Canada. You are waiting for a long-term Thai visa. Yet, you are talking about National Socialism. This is moronic. You are way more cosmopolitan than I am. Your lifestyle, which is not a forced situation, is a lifestyle of a true cosmopolite. Yet, you are a nationalist.

      You support nationalism in general, and at the same time you condemn nationalism of Serbs. You like Christian religion, and the same time hammer Christians for fighting against Islamic occupation of their lands. You are a part of the melting pot, working in a multicultural environment and at the same time hating the idea of it.

      That’s a mess!

      1. Rousso –

        You called the ONLY one on this site who supports you, just a little bit… “MORONIC.”

        Now THAT’s moronic….!!! 🙂 🙂

        Go build another wall around Russia… and hide away there in Vodka-Heaven..!!

      2. No Rousso, you don’t get it.
        I AM rootless, yes, because i am a son of immigrants and don’t quite feel comfortable anywhere, having escaped Canada, tried Mexico, bosnia, even indochina, can’t quite find my comfort zone.
        But so what, it only makes me appreciate nationaism more.
        TRUE nationalism, Rousso.
        i wish you would see the distinction.

        True nationalism cherishes what is its own and will defend it to death and is prepared to live alongside a different entity provided their borders are mutually respected: good fences make good neighbors.

        Fake nationalism covets what belongs to others, is filled with rage of envy, lack of self-esteem, fueled by hallucinations of greater, the Manifest Destiny, the Supremacy of the Chosen.

        i leave it to you to sort them out, starting at the home front, the dignified bravery of Crimea and Donbas versus the rabid insanity of the Right sector Ukraine.
        Guess whose side the Jew is on and that will make it crystal clear if you didn’t catch on sooner.

        (not speaking to you in particular now, generalizing)
        for all those confused, vacillating, unsure how to cut and slice – watch the Jew.
        If he goes right, you go left and vice versa, always head in the diametrically opposite direction.
        because he knows what’s what, having cooked it up after careful, communal, committee planning that took generations.

        By his very definition as a Jew, he does nothing but evil, so what possible motive would you have for joining him if not for lucrative betrayal of your own familiy?!?

        So Rousso, forget all my arguments.
        If jew doesn’t like the gentile nationalism, you ought to embrace it wholeheartedly.
        And he does not like it at all, the Frankfurt School was set up with the singular goal of undermining, debasing and eliminating it, as were dozens of other such jew institutions, including Hollywood, including all the American administrations after the Civil War, all of the British atrocities over the global theater were in the name of destroying nationalism everywhere on behalf of the Jew.
        So, accepting that you are not a Jew and understanding that he is a deadly pestilence upon humanity, you must accept and root for nationalism.
        TRUE nationalism.

      3. So, Lobro, the rootless nationalist.

        Come to Japan. The Japanese are true nationalists. You are going to be called gaijin, an outsider. You are going to like it and appreciate the test of the true nationalism, I am sure. Then continue to China and become a laowai, and after that go to Israel. Because in Israel is the source of all nationalist ideologies. The first one, the most authentic, the oldest one.

  18. I agree with Peter and Sardonicus on the Russian who despises Russians but signs “Rousso.” His arrogance has a gefilte fish odor and his rudeness is also a hallmark.

    1. Demented old sheep. You and that snitch Sardonicus belong to the same, as he calls it, racial stock as that Nazi fool Peter: the race of mental cripples, handicapped beings that look like people but lack human qualities, like talking chimps dressed in clothes, spreading hatred and ignorance and nothing else.

      1. Oy, Rousso Evreyevich, you’re on to us! We’re not humans, we’re Goyim!
        We refuse to receive the Light Upon the Nations.

      2. @ Rousso

        Is this the best you can do? — the ad hominem attack?

        “Demented old sheep” … “snitch” … “Nazi fool” … “race of mental cripples” … “handicapped beings that look like people but lack human qualities” … “talking chimps dressed in clothes” … “spreading hatred and ignorance.”

        I see no evidence of a logical argument here. Nor a single factual statement. All I see is a Jew playing the age-old card to get out of a tight corner: ridicule, contempt, abuse, the ad hominem attack.

        On your way, Mr Troll! I predict that your days here are numbered. You are the new Circassian.

      3. Yes, I begin to understand him. He left this site, because he couldn’t stand it. You make it resemble a place no one wants to be in: a nut house.

      4. Rousso –

        “He left this site, because he couldn’t stand it.”

        You do not have any basis for this claim. You were not commenting here then.

        This is a perfect example of how you make thing up. You invent lies.

        Circassian was banned in 2014 for foul language and viscous attacks on all commenters and admin after being warned many, many times.
        He begged to come back..!! (he still does)
        Admin allowed him to come back in 2015.
        He did the same things. He attacked everyone. He hated me, as he wrote on numerous occasions.
        He was banned ….again.. for attacking Lobro and admin..!!

        Rousso(Rus)… You need to build the wall back in Russia and drink all the vodka you want and tell your myths and lies to those who live there. Don’t come out of the utopia. And don’t let the US in. 🙂

  19. No culture in the world in all its ages and times has been more cruel and obscurant than Christian culture. Burning of heretics, torture chambers, Crusades and colonizations, terror of the Inquisition, suppression of sciences and arts, the list is long. But ask a Christian and he will not admit this.

    Rousso, just ask yourself from where do these assertions come to your mind as proven facts?
    This is popular, school textbook history, amply supported by numerous Hollywood flicks.
    that alone should warn you to step carefully.

    I will not undertake to school you on proper history, ie, true history, the one that professional historians accept among themselves but due to the ruling elite’s commandments are ‘encouraged” to keep to themsleves.

    there were knowledgeable commenters like Phil and Darrell who could have enlightened you on all these statements you made, not one of them factually true.
    Why don’t you take time to read prof Toaff’s work, “Pascua di sangre” and see what he says on the subject of “Burning of heretics, torture chambers, Crusades and colonizations, terror of the Inquisition”?
    Toaff is not a Christian.
    He teaches history at Bar-Ilan university in tel Aviv.
    His father was the chief rabbi of Italy.
    So your “But ask a Christian and he will not admit this” doesn’t apply, does it.
    Just a few quick FACTS, i can’t be bothered to source them because this forum has already been exposed to them and there is no need to dredge all the footnotes, referenced quotes and bibliography out every time someone joins the blog.
    No, Inquisition did not torture – not directly and they were very scrupulous to ensure that no confessions was signed under duress.
    Very few of the accused were executed and/or burned at stake, something like several hundred over 2-3 centuries across the entire European continent (speaking thru memory but i know it is there someplace).
    In fact, many defendants in civil trials tried and succeeded in switching the trial to ecclesiastical jurisdiction because it was so much more fair and civilized and professional.
    Gruesome torture was practiced at municipal level.
    The purpose of the Inquisition was to flush cryptos, conversos and marranos, the Church having recognized the deadly danger these infiltrators posed from within.
    Church suppressed neither science or even less art, after all, the greatest graphic art in human history was produced under the patronage of the Christian Church.
    Galileo’s banishment and house arrest had nothing to do with his astrophysical theories and he was repeatedly warned about whatever his political transgression was (I forget now, ask Phil) and he stubbornly insisted on offending the Pope, his patron, owing to whom he avoided trial that could have resulted in his execution.
    And on and on.
    Your charges against Christianity are devoid of historical substance and veracity, based on the Marvel comics level input.

    Moreover, your equating Judaism with Islam and Christianity is grossly unfair, I am very surprised that you would level this charge of banal equivalence.
    Are you saying that Talmud is no worse than Qu’ran and New Testament that they all equally preach sexual molestation of 3 year old children, encourage theft, looting, murder of innocents, that Christianity and Islam likewise practice the worship of Lie, recital of Kol Nidre?
    Are you aware that jews are almost wholly responsible for the trans Atlantic slavery of roughly 30 million Africans who made it alive, just a percentage of those who were loaded aboard the galleys?
    That jews massively practiced slavery in Middle Ages, bringing children from Russia, yes, Russia, Rousso, young boys to Narbonne in Provence where they were castrated for sale to rich Moors.
    Huh? All the same, are they.
    And such a numerically small tribe … no, tell us how bad the Christians are instead.
    Are you plum unable to see that jews were always the same, never varied a tiniest step in their Satanic iniquity from the word go when torah was first read to them in their cockroach infested tents and tabernacles, always evil, cruel, lying, perverted, non-contributing, always stealing, manipulating, never in 3000 years did one hour’s honest human labor, masters of prostitution, filth, pornography, deviancy, organ harvest +theft and drug peddling added recently to the honor roll.

    Give me a counterexample, just one, i dare you, when Jews did something of unselfish benefit to humanity (and spare us the tawdry Einstein or Yitzhak Perlman fiddling, show us one nice building anywhere in the world that jews built with their hands for benefit of host society, one work of art that nazis might have been moved to sequester in order to spare it wartime destruction).
    If the World’s Plumbers Association went into the BDS mode and boycotted Jews, they would drown in own shit before the week was out because they are SIMPLY UNABLE to survive outside the host for any length of time.

    Yeah, they are all the same.
    I am giving you a chance to retract that crazy statement.

    1. Dear Lobro,

      You can’t ignore historical substance such as extermination of heretics: Cathars, Waldensians, and the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre. Hundreds of thousands of them, Lobro. Read about it. You can’t ignore historical documents like Malleus Maleficarum, a.k.a. The Hammer of Witches. You can read about Kepler’s mother, too. And Tommaso Campanella, and Bruno, and Galileo. The most brilliant minds of their time. This is enough of substance in these examples alone for me.

      As for the Jews, don’t forget that Qu’ran is Torah retold in Arabic and that Bible consists of Torah and a short book of New Testament. So if Torah is satanic then so is Quran and Bible. I am amazed by this logic of self-admiration that Muslims, Jews and Christians exhibit in the process of blaming each other for all the crimes and atrocities of the world. This is a pathological condition.

      And regarding the arts, Lobro, check this out: Mor Karbasi. Don’t skip it. I am serious.

      1. Nu? Who needs arts? Jews can sing! Don’t skip this Sephardi woman singing. I’m serious! You’re not impressed by the argument? I guess you have to be a Jew.

    2. Let’s rephrase that framed statement:
      No people in the world in all its ages and times have nursed a more cruel and pathological hatred than Jews against Christians.
      But ask a Jew and he will not admit this. He will snarl, then whine, then snarl again and wail about his eternal persecution.

      1. Yes.

        Ask the Jews about that. The Jews will answer that hatred of Christians against them began earlier. The Jews will quote from the sources.

        “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.” — From John 8:44

        “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?” — From Matthew 23:33

        The Jews will also argue that these words of Jesus were misunderstood. Because at the same time Jesus said good things about them.

        “You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews.” — John 4:22

        The Jews will also mention that he didn’t like non-Jews, that he belonged to Essenes and spoke not against the Jews but against Pharisees.

        “But Jesus said unto her, Let the children first be filled: for it is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it unto the dogs.” — Mark 7:27

        And that Christians, being not so familiar with the internal frictions of Judaism as the Jews are, misinterpreted his teachings.

      2. Thus Spake the Jew… Christians are unable to understand the precepts of their own religion without a Jew explaining them. Christians are even less equipped to understand the essence of Judaism. For anything they need to understand they need the Jews’ guidance.
        Luckily for this site you are our go-to Jew.

      3. @Rousso: “You are mean and stupid, Ariadnatheo. No one can guide such a person out of this. You are in Hell.”
        In a word, incorrigibly Goy.

  20. Rousso

    Russo have spoken ,yes brother Russo ,now i understand you perfectly
    I always liked the Russian Jews ,OY ! OY !`~`1~

    1. Emily Green, who used to teach at the same Beis Rochel girls’ secondary school, now chairs the Gesher EU organisation which supports ultra-Orthodox Jews who want to leave the community.

      “It’s not uncommon to be taught non-Jewish people are evil in ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools. It is part of the prayers, teaching, their whole ethos,” she said.

      Describing it as a form of “indoctrination”, Ms Green added: “Psychologically, you become so afraid of the world out there after being taught how dangerous and bad and evil non-Jews are, that it makes it harder to leave.”

  21. Russian Jews wrap their Judaic contempt and hate towards all (Americans are “stupid,” Germans are “Nazi”) in their feigned admiration for Russian culture but are careful to cite only examples of Russian Jews, be it some “not-a-Jewess-only of Jewish-descent” (sic) ballerina (but not Galina Ulanova?), be it some obscure Jewish painter. They don’t play their own game well. Why not cite the famous Chagall, the creator of Pope Francis’ favorite depiction of Jesus, to the menorah-whipped Pope’s eternal shame:

      1. You’re not kidding. You’re dead serious. And desperate.
        I AM sick. SICK AND TIRED. Of Jewish LIES: in-your-face shameless, cynical lies, omissions, distortions, evasions, exaggerations, prevarications, half-truths distorted into falsehoods, impersonations, calumnies, whining victimhood, threats, and when all fails, mindless insults. Insults that when cornered you pretend to retract claiming they were “metaphors.”
        We’re all stocked up here– why don’t you go to ‘enlighten’ some other site, “Rousso” Evreievich?

      2. Ariadna,

        Don’t go away please! You are one of the few people here whose jewdar is working efficiently, unimpressed by the cunning subtleties of the obvious troll you are dealing with. You are not “sick”, Ariadna, you are just sickened at the Judaic world in which you find yourself. You are filled with a legitimate moral indignation, as your trenchant articles on Deliberation make only too clear.

        You are making a valued contribution. Everything you say is a pebble tossed into the pond. It creates its own ripple and alters the universe.

        So please hang on here and continue the fight and don’t give way to despondency. Take it from me, a veteran poster here, that your comments are easily among the best on the Darkmoon site.


        I agree, if by “Son of Circassian” you mean “a Circassian-like infiltrator” who is even more skilled than Circassian in pulling the wool over certain people’s eyes.

        Rousso uses flattery to win allies here. Flattery destroys jewdar. I could name the two excellent posters here who have been seduced by Rousso’s flattering attentions, but I won’t.

        It’s a sad reflection on human nature that these otherwise highly intelligent posters should allow flattery to go to their heads and addle their brains! 🙂

      4. @ Bradley Arnold

        It’s a sad reflection on human nature that these otherwise highly intelligent posters should allow flattery to go to their heads and addle their brains! ?

        Who are these two “highly intelligent posters” who have been seduced by the obvious Jew troll Rousso with “flattering attentions”?

        I’d love to know.

        They can’t be all that smart if they succumb to flattery so easily.

      5. Bradley –

        Rousso tried to warm up to me early on. He wrote that everyone here was rude to him…. “Pat is the exception.” Poupon was pissed off at that..!! 🙂

        I have too much ‘hard bark’ to remain in that position very long. When I rebutted Rousso… he turned on me.

        Scorpion and frog scenario always applies….
        ………IT’S HIS NATURE. 🙂 🙂

      6. I told you before that russo is circassian entity
        and no body listened to me.
        after you exposed and banned him.
        they recalled him ,went through intensive training
        they did mini lobotomy on his brain
        and unleashed him again
        it’s like re-boot
        now if you ban this one ,they will send another one
        I say ,keep this one ,play with him until he gets frustrated and leave
        maybe they will stop sending moles.
        it seems that you are on their cross hairs
        they are trying so hard to trap you and then shut you down.

    1. Rousso has been outed as a Righteous Liar: sophistry is his game. Everything he has written is a projection of his own warped, supremacist mind, “I am G_d and you are my slaves”.

      “But if Israel is the only ethnic cleanser in Palestine, then all Bibi is doing is simply projecting i.e. attributing his own racist symptoms onto the Palestinians and their supporters. Now, I’m no great fan of Freud and even less enthusiastic about his terminology, but he sure did help us understand the Jew or, shall we say, the Jewish psychological nature. Seemingly, projection is at the core of the Jewish psyche. Jews see racism everywhere, simply because they attribute their own racism to others. So, Netanyahu, in accusing others of ethnic cleansing, is simply projecting his own symptoms onto the Palestinians.”


    2. Here’s Gilad highlighting another example of Righteous Projection by Righteous Projector’s of Rousso’s insidious ilk…

      “Younes, probably overwhelmed by Blumenthal’s unique convoluted brand of anti intellectual aggression, asked Blumenthal to elaborate on the meaning of ‘Whiteness.’ Blumenthal replied, “whiteness is the supreme embodiment of privilege. Whiteness is expressed through the wielding of power against calls for equality and the simultaneous denial of the very existence of the privilege to do so — a willful lack of self-awareness.”

      Reading these lines by Blumenthal I am perplexed by the total lack of self-awareness on Blumenthal’s part. ”


    3. Here is another example and there are plenty more where that came from.

      ” Why Has Mahler Become a Cultural Icon?”

      “The Mahler symphonies … get me out of here. I keep surreptitiously cheering Kingsley Amis’s verdict “Mahler lacks talent even more spectacularly than he lacks genius.” …

      The leap in Mahler’s stature from near-oblivion in 1960 (when, as Britain’s Spectatornoted on January 13, “[H]is impact on the general public was roughly the equivalent of, say, [Poland’s Karol] Szymanowski today”) to deification after that date, has little or nothing to do with musical merits and almost everything to do with external considerations.”

      “And what might these external circumstances be?”

      “Once it became widely known that Mahler had lamented being “a Bohemian in Austria, an Austrian in Germany, and a Jew in the world,” his identity-politics credentials became the aesthetic equivalent of a nuclear warhead, lacking only homosexuality to complete his posthumous triumph”


  22. The flower of Jewish genius was best expressed by the unforgettable Israeli Jew Uri Geller.
    I had forgotten all about him, although I had seen on Tv in talk show, until Gilad Atzmon mentioned him as an undeniable all-Jewish Israeli contribution to the world. The Jewish creativity and particularly ethos are concentrated in Uri Geller.


    The Frankfurt School in Your Child’s Classroom

    A little late to toss these into the fray but….

    I never realized how deeply unpolitically correct I was until this weekend when I was at a wedding for 9 hours and spending time with my “peers” listening to their views on things. And the millenials were even more so! It was amazing to observe, and a tad distressing but then you realize, you can only do what you can do. The rest is up to them….

    1. I learned a long time ago that the mainstream brainwashed can safely voice “their” opinions; but if you challenge any of “their” views, you are literally shouted down. I know someone who insists there were and are WMDs still in Iraq — thus even the most obvious of lies is a violently guarded truth. I literally cannot be honest with any family member or acquaintance at any social event.

      It took me over a decade to accept that 9/11 was a demolition job, so I am not even talking about the the more radical truths. From day one I knew there were no WMDs in Iraq and that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11, yet even these stupid lies were defended by some of my most intelligent friends and family. It was a hilarious wake-up call when one of these duped handed me New Pearl Harbor. They had o’er jumped me 😀

      1. PS I still reminded that newly awakened family member of their gross stupidity over the WMD lies, whilst accepting my galling blindness over the 9/11 scam.

        Of course the buildings are being demolished; of course they’re dropping or being pulverized into their own footprints…but I didn’t see it until someone shook be braincells and rammed New Pearl Harbor down me gullet.

        I still remember my inner gasp, “They actually wrote down their intentions…wtf?”

  24. Soros Is “Investing” $500 Million In Europe’s Refugees And Migrants: He Explains Why

    Confirming once again that he is the silent puppet master behind Europe’s refugee crisis, overnight billionaire investor, and stalwart Hillary Clinton supporter, George Soros said in an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal that he would invest $500 million to meet the needs of migrants and refugees.


    Hubris? Chutzpah? They’re not hiding anymore.

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