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495eed787a907e7e0969e1a1b4fb9893“The Devil’s finest trick is to persuade you that he does not exist.”
— Charles Baudelaire

Why is it so hard to accept, at least hypothetically, that in the words of observant thinkers like Baudelaire, the Devil’s finest trick is to convince us that he does not exist?

It is generally accepted that the Devil preys on human souls. And what do predators do in all the settings, natural, political, online? They all use disguise and it shouldn’t be beyond comprehension that the Devil, if he existed, would use whichever cloak of invisibility was the most effective for the occasion. Therefore, not seeing the Devil or sensing his presence, proves absolutely nothing.

For those who are interested, the material here comes from a book, Hostage To The Devil, by Father Malachi Martin, a trained exorcist in the Roman Catholic tradition.

Fr Malachi’s material, featuring several cases of authentic demonic possession and their accompanying exorcisms in modern day America, was carefully vetted through use of tape recorders and reinforced later on by lengthy interviews with the participants in the exorcism process.

—  §  —

In 1906 in South Africa, Clara Germana Cele, age 16, reportedly made a pact with the Devil. As a result, her behavior suddenly took a bizarre turn for the worse. In August of that year, the startled nuns at the convent school where Clara was a student witnessed her tearing at her clothes, growling like an animal, and engaging in conversation with unseen entities.

Nuns reported that the girl’s skin would burn when sprinkled with holy water. She would lash out violently when crosses or other sacred objects entered her presence.  She also reportedly developed clairvoyant powers and was able to describe personal details of other people’s lives that she couldn’t possibly have known about.

The accounts of several nuns also reported that Clara possessed the ability to speak and understand several different foreign languages to which she had never been exposed, including Polish, German, French, and several others. It was said that Clara had been imbued with superhuman strength as well, easily overpowering authority figures at the school when they attempted to restrain her.

Another seemingly far-fetched assertion from many witnesses was that Clara began levitating up to five feet in the air on a regular basis, her clothes sticking to her body as if they too had managed to defy the laws of gravity. It was claimed that only after being sprinkled with holy water could she be brought back down, during which time she would also temporarily snap out of her possessed state.

Most outlandish of all were the claims that the young woman had the ability to transform into a sort of snakelike creature, her body becoming as flexible as rubber as she slithered across the floor. At one point she was said to have bitten a nun on the arm and left puncture marks like those of a serpent’s fangs.

(See here)

Note. This case history is not to be found in Malachi Martin’s Hostage to the Devil. I have added it to the article as an afterthought, since it contains within it many of the typical features found in demonic possession. Before you read any further, please watch this 2-minute video in Spanish with English subtitles. 

WARNING. This article contains material that is deeply disturbing. Those of sensitive disposition are advised to refrain from further reading. 

Apart from the quoted extracts, randomly chosen among many to illustrate various aspect of possession or exorcism, I wish to make the following points:

  • Although the book deals only with cases in the Catholic community, demonic possession is a universal phenomenon and has been noted and researched in countries all over the world.
  • The Possessor (often referring to itself as “the Kingdom” or in plural as “We”) selects victims gripped in some spiritual, emotional and intellectual conflict with the accepted mores of family, society and church, inserting itself undetected into these fault lines and exploiting them with catastrophic consequences. Loss of self identity, soul, or personality follows as a result.
  • There is invariably an element of guilt on the part of the victim who has initially invited possession by his or her aberrant behavior and life style. In extreme cases,  the possessed individual has actually made a formal request for possession in order to gain some advantage, e.g., worldly wealth or fame.
  • The process of expelling the possessing malignancy moves through identifiable stages.

“One of the most experienced exorcists I have known,” Malachi Martin notes, “who was in fact the mentor of the exorcist in the first case related in this book, gave names to the various general stages of an exorcism. These names reflect the general meaning or effect or intent of what is happening, but not the specific means used by the evil spirit or by the exorcist. Conor, as I call him, spoke of six stages: Presence, Pretense, Breakpoint, Voice, Clash, and Expulsion.

  • Exorcism exacts practically intolerable toll on the priest in charge, not infrequently resulting in his death, at which point the junior helper must take over the task.
  • Demonic possession is not an isolated or freak phenomenon. It seems to be on the rise, especially in the United States. Perhaps this has something to do with the demise of religious authority, the proliferation of Satanist covens, child abuse and sacrifice, the prevalence and glorification of Satanist elements in pop culture, and, finally, the wide acceptance and promotion of sexual perversion as a new norm.

“The incidence of Exorcism,” Fr. Martin begins by pointing out, “has been on a steady rise. There has been a 750 percent increase in the number of Exorcisms performed between the early 1960s and the mid-1970s. Over the same period, there has been an alarming increase in the number of requested Possessions – that is, cases in which the Possessed formally request Satan to possess them — in comparison to the cases of incurred Possessions, which result from other sorts of activities of the Possessed that facilitate Possession.

Each year, some 800 to 1,300 major Exorcisms and some thousands of minor Exorcisms are performed. For experts in the field, this is a sobering barometer of the increase in known cases of Possession. But it is still more sobering to realize how many more cases of Possession cannot be addressed at all. The thousands of letters I receive from people who are desperate for help — Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, and unchurched — are eloquent, anguished, and a steadily mounting testimony to the crisis.

Law officers, meanwhile, are increasingly confronted on every side by the incontrovertible signs of crimes committed in the course of ritualistic Satanism, or as a grisly result of an individual’s participation in such rituals. They are very often left out of the shrunken loop of expert advice and assistance. Advice and assistance that was once routinely to be found.

To those who are active in the field of Exorcism, and who therefore acquire a greater than usual ability to uncover and recognize the marks of ritualistic Satanism for what they are, it is clear that in many police precincts the Satanist character of a crime is either relegated to the background or not mentioned at all — at least not in public reports.

By and large, the police have no other choice. They have neither competence nor authority in the rarefied and dangerous field of Satanist behavior.”

  • Most of the above points were made on numerous occasions in mythology and folklore, e.g., vampires, werewolves, and the tale of Dr Faustus adapted by Marlowe and Goethe. Jesus Christ was of course the Grand Exorcist, not only in the Gadarene swine incident but his opus seems to me to have been focused on confronting the Devil in Judaism for which he paid with his life … the tale does not end there in my view but I leave these speculative elements to the reader.

—  §  —


From the moment the exorcist enters the room, a peculiar feeling seems to hang in the very air. From that moment in any genuine exorcism and onward through its duration, everyone in the room is aware of some alien Presence. This indubitable sign of possession is as unexplainable and unmistakable as it is inescapable. All the signs of possession, however blatant or grotesque, however subtle or debatable, seem both to pale before and to be marshaled in the face of this Presence.

There is no sure physical trace of the Presence, but everyone feels it. You have to experience it to know it; you cannot locate it spatially — beside or above or within the possessed, or over in the corner or under the bed or hovering in midair.

In one sense, the Presence is nowhere, and this magnifies the terror, because there is a presence, an other present. Not a “he” or a “she” or an “it.” Sometimes, you think that what is present is singular, sometimes plural. When it speaks, as the exorcism goes on, it will sometimes refer to itself as “I” and sometimes as “WE.”

This is reminiscent of the possessing entity in the Gospel who, when asked his name by Jesus, replied: “I am Legion.” 



Invisible and intangible, the Presence claws at the humanness of those gathered in the room. You can exercise logic and expel any mental image of it. You can say to yourself: “I am only imagining this. Careful! Don’t panic!” And there may be a momentary relief. But then, after a time lag of bare seconds, the Presence returns as an inaudible hiss in the brain, as a wordless threat to the self you are. Its name and essence seem to be compounded of threat, to be only and intensely baleful, concentratedly intent on hate for hate’s sake and on destruction for destruction’s sake.

—  §  —

In the early stages of an exorcism, the evil spirit will make every attempt to “hide behind” the possessed, so to speak-to appear to be one and the same person and personality with its victim. This is the Pretense.

The first task of the priest is to break that Pretense, to force the spirit to reveal itself openly as separate from the possessed — and to name itself, for all possessing spirits are called by a name that generally (though not always) has to do with the way that spirit works on its victim.

As the exorcist sets about his task, the evil spirit may remain silent altogether; or it may speak with the voice of the possessed, and use past experiences and recollections of the possessed. This is often done skillfully, using details no one but the possessed could know. It can be very disarming, even pitiful. It can make everyone, including the priest, feel that it is the priest who is the villain, subjecting an innocent person to terrible rigors. Even the mannerisms and characteristics of the possessed are used by the spirit as its own camouflage.

Sometimes the exorcist cannot shatter the Pretense for days. But until he does, he cannot bring matters to a head. If he fails to shatter it at all, he has lost. Perhaps another exorcist replacing him will succeed. But he himself has been beaten. Every exorcist learns during Pretense that he is dealing with some force or power that is at times intensely cunning, sometimes supremely intelligent, and at other times capable of crass stupidity (which makes one wonder further about the problem of singular or plural); and it is both highly dangerous and terribly vulnerable.

Oddly, while this spirit or power or force knows some of the most secret and intimate details of the lives of everyone in the room, at the same time it also displays gaps in knowledge of things that may be happening at any given moment of the present.

But the priest must not be lulled by small victories or take chances on hoped-for stupidities. He must be ready to have his own sins and blunders and weaknesses put into his mind or shouted in ugliness for all to hear. He must not make excuses for his past, or wither as even his loveliest memories are fingered by ultimate filth and contempt; he must not be sidetracked in any way from his primary intention of freeing the possessed person before him. And he must at all costs avoid trading abuse or getting into any logical arguments with the possessed. The temptation to do so is more frequent than one might think, and must be regarded as a potentially fatal trap that can shatter not only the exorcism, but quite literally shatter the exorcist as well.

Accordingly, as the Pretense begins to break down, the behavior of the possessed usually increases in violence and repulsiveness. It is as though an invisible manhole opens, and out of it pours the unmentionably inhuman and the humanly unacceptable. There is a stream of filth and unrestrained abuse, accompanied often by physical violence, writhing, gnashing of teeth, jumping around, sometimes physical attacks on the exorcist.

—  §  —

A new hallmark of the proceedings enters as the Breakpoint nears, and ushers in one of the more subtle sufferings the exorcist must undergo: confusion. Complete and dreadful confusion. Rare is the exorcist who does not falter here for at least a moment, enmeshed in the peculiar pain of apparent contradiction of all sense.

His ears seem to smell foul words. His eyes seem to hear offensive sounds and obscene screams. His nose seems to taste a high-decibel cacophony. Each sense seems to be recording what another sense should be recording. Each nerve and sinew of onlookers and participants becomes rigid as they strive for control. Panic — the fear of being dissolved into insanity — runs in quick jabs through everyone there. All present experience this increasingly violent and confusing assault. But the exorcist is the one who rides the storm. He is the direct target of it all.

The Breakpoint is reached at that moment when the Pretense has finally collapsed altogether. The voice of the possessed is no longer used by the spirit, though the new, strange voice may or may not issue from the mouth of the victim. In Thomas Wu’s case, the alien voice did come from the possessed’s mouth; and that was why the police captain was so startled. The sound produced is often not even remotely like any human sound.

At the Breakpoint, for the first time, the spirit speaks of the possessed in the third person, as a separate being. For the first time, the possessing spirit acts personally and speaks of “I” or “we,” usually interchangeably, and of “my” and “our” or “mine” and “ours.”

Another very frequent sign that the Breakpoint has been reached is the appearance of what Father Conor called the Voice.

The Voice is an inordinately disturbing and humanly distressing babel. The first few syllables seem to be those of some word pronounced slowly and thickly — somewhat like a tape recording played at a subnormal speed. You are just straining to pick up the word and a layer of cold fear has already gripped you-you know this sound is alien. But your concentration is shattered and frustrated by an immediate gamut of echoes, of tiny, prickly voices echoing each syllable, screaming it, whispering it, laughing it, sneering it, groaning it, following it. They all hit your ear, while the alien voice is going on unhurriedly to the next syllable, which you then try to catch, while guessing at the first one you lost. By then, the tiny, jabbing voices have caught up with that second syllable; and the voice has proceeded to the third syllable; and so on.

If the exorcism is to proceed, the Voice must be silenced. It takes an enormous effort of will on the part of the exorcist, in direct confrontation with the alien will of evil, to silence the Voice. The priest must get himself under control and challenge the spirit first to silence and then to identify itself intelligibly.

As in all things to do with Exorcism of Evil Spirit, the priest makes this challenge with his own will, but always in the name and by the authority of Jesus and his Church. To do so in his own name or by some fancied authority of his own would be to invite personal disaster. Merely human power unadorned and without aid cannot cope with the preternatural. (It is to be remembered that when we speak of the preternatural, we are not speaking about what are known as poltergeists.)

Usually, at this point and as the Voice dies out, a tremendous pressure of an obscure kind affects the exorcist. This is the first and outermost edge of a direct and personal collision with the “will of the Kingdom,” the Clash.

We all know from our personal experience that there can be no struggle of single personal wills without that felt and intuitive contact between two persons. There is a two-way communication that is as real as a conversation using words. The Clash is the heart of a special and dreadful communication, the nucleus of this singular battle of wills between exorcist and Evil Spirit.

—  §  —

Painful as it will be for him, the priest must look for the Clash. He must provoke it. If he cannot lock wills with the evil thing and force that thing to lock its will in opposition to his own, then again the exorcist is defeated.

The issue between the two, the exorcist and the possessing spirit, is simple. Will the totally antihuman invade and take over? Will it, noisome and merciless, seep over that narrow rim where the exorcist would hold his ground alone, and engulf him? Or will it, unwillingly, protestingly, under a duress greater than its single-track will, stop, identify itself, cede, retire, disappear, and be volatilized back into an unknown pit of being where no man wants to go ever?

Even with all the pressure on him, and in fullest human agony, if the exorcist has got this far, he must press home. He has gained an advantage. He has already forced the evil spirit to come out on its own. If he has not been able to until now, he must finally force it to give its name. And then, some exorcists feel, the exorcist must pursue for as much information as he can. For in some peculiar way, as exorcists find, the more an evil spirit can be forced to reveal in the Clash and its aftermath, the surer and easier will be the Expulsion when that moment comes. To force as complete an identification as possible is perhaps a mark of domination of one will over another.

It is of crucial interest to speculate about the violence provoked by Exorcism — the physical and mental struggles that are so extreme they can bring on death. Why would spirit battle so? Why not leave and waft off invisibly to someone or someplace else? For spirit itself seems to suffer in these battles.

Time and again, in exorcism after exorcism, there occurs that curious thing to do with spirit and place, the strange puzzle mentioned previously in connection with the room chosen for the exorcism. When Jesus expelled the unclean spirits, those spirits showed concern for where they might go. In record after record, as well as in several exorcisms recounted in this book, the possessing spirits wail in lament and questioning pain: “Where shall we go?” “We too have to possess our habitation.” “Even the Anointed One gave us a place with the swine.” “Here . . . we can’t stay here any longer.”

Evil Spirit, having found a home with a consenting host, does not appear to give up its place easily. It claws and fights and deceives and even risks killing its host before it will be expelled. How violent the struggle probably depends on many things; the intelligence of the spirit being dealt with and the degree of possession achieved over the victim are perhaps two one could speculate about.

Whatever determines the actual pitch of violence, once the exorcist has forced the invading spirit to identify itself, and sustained the first wordless bout of the Clash, and then invoked its formal condemnation and expulsion by the Exorcism rite, the immediate result is generally a struggle tortuous beyond imagining, an open violence that leaves all subtlety behind.

The person possessed is by now obviously aware in one way or another of what possessed him. Frequently he becomes a true battleground for much of the remainder of the exorcism, enduring unbelievable punishment and strain.

It is sometimes possible for the exorcist to appeal directly to the possessed person, urging him to use some part of his own will still free of the spirit’s influence and control, and engage directly in the fight, aiding the exorcist. And at such moments no animal pinned helplessly to the ground struggles more pathetically against the drinking of its life’s blood by a voracious and superior cruelty. The very nauseous character of the possessed person’s appearance and behavior appears to be a sign of his desire for deliverance, a desperate sign of struggle, evidence of a revolt where once he had consented.

Increasingly what had possessed him is being forced into the open, all the while protesting its victim’s revolt and its own expulsion. The violence of the contortions and the physical disfigurement of the possessed can reach a degree one would think he could not possibly withstand.

The exorcist, too, comes in for full attack now. Once cornered, the evil spirit seems able to call on a superior intelligence, and will try to lure the exorcist on to a field boobytrapped and mined with situations from which no human can extricate himself.

Any weakness in the religious faith that alone sustains the exorcist or any fatigue will allow the exorcist’s mind to be flooded with a terrible light he cannot fend off — a light that can burn the very roots of his reason and turn him emotionally into the most servile of slaves desperate to be liberated from all bodily life.

These are only some of the dangers and traps that face every exorcist. His pain is physical, emotional, mental. He has to deal with what is eerie but not enthralling; with something askew, but intelligently so; with a quality that is upside down and inside out, but significantly so. The mordant traits of nightmare are there in full regalia, but this is no dream and permits him no thankful remission.

He is attacked by a stench so powerful that many exorcists start vomiting uncontrollably. He is made to bear physical pain, and he feels anguish over his very soul. He is made to know he is touching the completely unclean, the totally unhuman.





All sense may suddenly seem nonsense. Hopelessness is confirmed as the only hope. Death and cruelty and contempt are normal. Anything comely or beautiful is an illusion. Nothing, it seems, was ever right in the world of man. Here is an atmosphere as bizarre as Bedlam.

If, in spite of his emotions and his imagination and his body—all trapped at once in pain and anguish—if, in spite of all this, the will of the exorcist holds in the Clash, what he does is to approach his final function in this situation as an authorized human witness for Jesus.

By no power of his, on account of no privilege of his own, he calls finally on the evil spirit TO DESIST, TO BE DISPOSSESSED, TO DEPART! —  AND TO LEAVE THE PERSON POSSESSED. 

And, if the exorcism is successful, this is what happens. The possession ends.

All present become aware of a change around them. The sense of Presence is totally, suddenly absent.

Sometimes there are receding voices or other noises, sometimes only dead silence.

The recently possessed will wake up as if from a dream, a nightmare, a coma. Sometimes he will remember much of what he has been through; sometimes he will remember nothing at all.

—  §  —

Many people could be demonically possessed without knowing it. Here are two individuals who, in my opinion, might benefit from the ministrations of a good exorcist:



(Click here for a spooky 2-minute video)

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  1. “…LOBRO VAN HELSING is a retired Canadian academic who is constantly on the move and likes visiting strange places; at present he is living in South East Asia…”

    That sounds like “our” Lobro of the commentariat of this website, but I thought he was of Croatian descent and “van Helsing” is a Dutch or Flemish name.

    1. Franklin, in order to maintain my anonymity or what is left of it, I borrowed “Van Helsing” from Bram Stoker’s Dracula after the determined vampire hunter in the story.
      Yes indeed, I am of full blooded Croatian family roots.
      However, I prefer that at all times, the focus remain on the subject matter, which is presently this one, an incredibly rich, profound and important one because rather than it merely being something dragged out of past and irrelevant to our present condition, it seems to be a powerful driving force that will, together with our ability to handle its challenge, determine to a significant extent our future.
      I think that all I did was poke a finger into the great dike which like all the most important elements of our world lies hidden in plain sight.
      Like in Harry Potter when those magic boarding school students rush at the brick wall at the train station to end up at platform 3.14 or whatever.

      1. Well, why don’t you call yourself Lobro Hrvatskovic ? That would indicate your ethnic identity correctly while still maintaining your anonymity (even Satan wouldn’t get a clue).

      2. Thank you for authoring, Lobro, your article is very thought provoking. Speaking of demon possession, it certainly explains a lot of the worldwide unease today that makes no sense. That includes the incidences in France and other European countries through the immigration crisis and violent protests, unusual unexplainable and exaggerated grieving after US national elections.

  2. Dear Reader,

    This important article by our star commenter Lobro deserves your full attention. The Donald Trump fever is still very much in the air, so by all means comment on the Donald on other threads . . . but remember this: the Trump fever will abate soon and die, and Trump will sooner or later fade into oblivion and go the way of all flesh, but the Devil and his works will go on forever.

    So let’s put aside some time to reflect on the eternal issues that transcend politics: the problem of good and evil, the Devil’s real presence in the world, and the role of the Jews in human history.

    I had no intention originally of writing a follow-up article (Part 2). My hand was forced and I had no option after my editor cousin, John Scott Montecristo, drew attention to a controversial comment in Lobro’s article which required explanation and exegesis. More than that, the comment required rebuttal.

    This is what Lobro said in his article, and in Part 2 I am obliged to give my reasons for disagreeing with it:

    “I feel that the entire tribe of Judah is demonically possessed. They always have been for centuries. Jesus made that point over and over again in his homilies. And clearly the Jews’ works bear that out. They are now the Devil’s agents on Earth to promote his policies and spread contagion into the body of the goyim. History bears me out on this.”

    Many of the commenters on this site will understand and sympathize with this comment. I understand it, but I do not agree with it. In fact, I disagree with it emphatically.

    This is why I had to write Part 2: to explain the reasons for my disagreement.

    1. This article bears the stamp of genius. Hail, Lobro! You are full of the most delightful surprises!

      I can’t wait for Part 2. 🙂

      If there’s one subject I can’t have enough of it’s the Devil and all his dastardly works. The Prince of Darkness has haunted me ever since my early adolescence. His cacodaemonical cackles and unearthly ululations have accompanied me down the years.

      The Abbot of my monastery will be shown this article and asked to comment on it. Most of the monks here speak good English. I look forward to interesting discussions.

      — Sardonicus,
      Zen Monastery,
      Osaka, Japan

    2. IMV, lobro’s comment needs some elaboration (which I’ve done in many posts having to do with a more complete understanding of “jew” and “goyim”. Although I wonder if “tweaking” is the word to use, rather than “elaboration”)

      I’ll wait for lasha’s Part 2 rebuttal before commenting further,

  3. A very interesting and apropos article, particularly in light of recent reports about satanic practices in the Clinton camp during the election. There are a plethora of videos on youtube of Malachi Martin’s talks on Exorcism, Satanism, Fatima and also the enthronement of Lucifer in the Vatican, believed to have taken place in 1963. His novel “Windswept House”, deals with this event and according to the author is mostly true. One may download it from, If you live in a country where that site is blocked, use TOR or VPN.
    On a personal note, I encountered a purported demonically possessed man in Africa. We had to use manacles and a strait jacket to restrain him. This man didn’t appear human.

  4. Lobro,

    Thank you for this enthralling article. It makes such a refreshing change from politics. But I see you couldn’t resist bringing in the Jews! By doing this, you will now evoke the wrath of Seymour Zak who will accuse you of wanting to exorcise him and all his Judaic brethren! 🙂

    1. I agree with you 100% that Miley Cyrus and Barbara Spectre are both under the dominion of Satan. For a start, they LOOK Satanic! And their works are the fruits of darkness!

      Yep, the Jews are everywhere where darkness prevails. “The Children of Darkness”, like the NT calls them. And who was the guy who said, “The rats are underneath the floorboards … and the goddamn Jew is underneath the lot.” Not sure I’m quoting that correctly but it’s something like that.

      Can’t remember offhand the name of the guy who wrote that. All I remember was that the guy was a great poet and liked using pale green makeup on his face. Weird!

  5. Something else i am duty bound to point out: Lasha deserves at least as much or in fact more credit for the final product.
    My original was interminably long, mostly due to lengthy quotations from Malachi martin’s book and these quotes simply could not be truncated without destroying integrity of their storyline.
    Lasha managed to skillfully chop a few of them out entirely and replace them with relevant stuff of her own.
    Moreover, the videos and the graphics are hers, with the exception of Spectre’s mugshot and the associated clinical diagram linked.

  6. The Christian term “Satan” and the Islamic term “Shaitan” both are derived from the Sanskrit term Sat-na, which means non-truth, falsehood, or fraudulence.

    “Those who worship the demigods will take birth among the demigods; those who worship the ancestors go to the ancestors; those who worship ghosts and spirits will take birth among such beings; and those who worship Me will live with Me.”

    It’s not always head swiveling, mouth frothing, obscenity spewing filth.
    “At the time of Jesus’ appearance there were many cults in Judaism. There were the Pharisees, the Sadducees, and another was the Essenes who were very pure in their habits. They were frugal and were strict vegetarians, eating no meat of any kind and drinking fresh fruit juices or water. They believed in working in harmony with nature and the forces that surround the world and all within it.
    “To be nonviolent to human beings and to be a killer or enemy of the poor animals is Satan’s philosophy”

    1. “…The Christian term “Satan” and the Islamic term “Shaitan” both are derived from the Sanskrit term Sat-na, which means non-truth, falsehood, or fraudulence…”

      A typical example of your wholly amateurish dabbling in etymology. There is no relation between the Hebrew name Satan and a supposed Sanskrit term “sat-na”, which doesn’t even exist. There does exist a Sanskrit term a-sat, meaning “non-being” or “non-truth”, but that of course is also not related to the Hebrew name Satan.

      The original meaning of Satan is “accuser” :

      The original Hebrew term satan is a noun from a verb meaning primarily “to obstruct, oppose”, as it is found in Numbers 22:22, 1 Samuel 29:4, Psalms 109:6.[6] Ha-Satan is traditionally translated as “the accuser” or “the adversary”. The definite article ha- (English: “the”) is used to show that this is a title bestowed on a being, versus the name of a being. Thus, this being would be referred to as “the satan”.

      Wikipedia, Satan.

      1. FR –
        “The original meaning of Satan is “accuser”

        Sounds just like the ‘Satan-like’ Pharisee-Jew prosecuting attorney to me…. paid by ACLU..!! 🙂

      2. @HP

        100% nonsense, but of course “convincing” for ignorant fools like members of the Hare Krishna sect.

        BTW, comparative linguistics is a serious science, not to be engaged in by “hobbyists”. To illustrate the stupidity of your “authority” Stephen Knapp, he says that the Catholic term Madonna is derived from Sanskrit Mata Nah, meaning “our mother”. Our mother in Sanskrit could be asmakam mata or nah mata, while Madonna is derived from Italian mia domina, meaning “my lady”. If you want to compare language A with language B, then you should first know both languages and the rules of comparative linguistics. Ignorant fools need not apply.

      3. I wonder if the “learned Elders (of Zion)” consider we White “goyim” to be satanic… inasmuch as we have (however justly) accused the Jews continually of well-poisoning and usery? Something to think about.

        I personally feel that, if the above is the case (to whatever extent), their logic is laughable. As laughable as the story of Cain’s complaint to God that he’d be persecuted and killed (by the rest of humanity), due to his crime of murdering Abel, if God didn’t show a little mercy to him. It’s very telling that God is then said to have placed a mark upon Cain, to serve as a warning to the rest of humanity… to NOT kill Cain. Seems like a bit of Jewiness, this “warning mark”, a little “clause” added in the “good book”…. along with many other such Jew-friendly loop-holes.

        Just some brain-rambling from me. Thanks for the thought-provoking and entertaining article. Will look forward to the continuation.

      4. Franklin, I’m not a Hare Krishna, I’m a Vaishnava aspirant. Same as a Christian or Muslim aspirant.
        Your spitting at our intellectual and spiritual superior, Stephen Knapp,
        (Sri Nandanandana dasa) is a symptom of a childish ignorance.
        I’m a little embarrassed for you.

        “His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada is uniquely qualified to translate and teach Vedic knowledge. He is the representative of a well-documented disciplic succession of Vedic authorities.’

        The following reviews, written by scholars renowned in their fields, give graphic testimony to the scholarship and authenticity of the books of Srila Prabhupada,

        Nuff said..

      5. @HP

        You are guilty of the logical fallacy of an appeal to authority :

        An argument from authority (Latin: argumentum ad verecundiam), also called an appeal to authority, is a common type of argument which can be fallacious, such as when an authority is cited on a topic outside their area of expertise or when the authority cited is not a true expert.

        Wikipedia : argument from authority

        Mr. Stephen Knapp (“Sri Nandananandana dasa”) may be the spiritual superior of you sect, but unless he has studied comparative linguistics, he can make no authoritative statements on this subject. His ideas are unsurprisingly full of blunders.

        As for “His Divine Grace”(!) Srila Prabhupada, the less said about this poseur the better. The recommendations you linked to are all about the importance of the Bhagavad Gita and its translation, which says nothing about his or Stephen Knapp’s expertise in comparative linguistics.

        “His Divine Grace” Franklin Ryckaert is not impressed by your argumentum ad verecundiam. Sorry.

      6. Poseur?! Tell (croak) that to all those Oxford, Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Sorbonne, etc., etc., professors proclaiming the excellence of Srila Prabhupada’s Sanskrit translations!
        They’d laugh you out of town..
        Perhaps you might grace me with a list of PhD reviews for your books, Sanskrit translations, etc. (anything) housed at the above universities?
        Surely Oxford, Harvard or the University of Glasgow have a few?

      7. @HP

        The Bhagavad Gita is written in simple Sanskrit, easy to translate. There exist numerous translations of it already. “His Divine Grace” Srila Prabhupada has achieved nothing special in making a translation of his own.

        I think that recommendations from professors of various elite universities were only given as an act of kindness to a requesting Hare Krishna monk, whom they must have considered as a harmless fool.

    2. “The Christian term “Satan” and the Islamic term “Shaitan” both are derived from the Sanskrit term Sat-na, which means non-truth, falsehood, or fraudulence.”

      You’re partially correct, HP. “Sat-na” is itself derived from the much older Proto-Sarmatian “Shite-am,” a term denoting a mild torture ritual used to castigate mental sloth (Shite = vb. to draw, to pull; Am = noun: limb, leg).
      Franklyn obviously does not know this.
      All words remotely similar in sound to an English word, in any languages, related or not to each other, similar or dissimilar in meaning, have a common root going back to Proto-Sarmatian. Ask me another.
      The Jews are definitely a demonic possessed tribe– it’s not their fault! Blame Sat-na.

      1. @Ariadnatheo

        You are an even worse dilettante than HP !
        The Sarmatians were an Iranian people who lived north of the Black Sea from the 5th century BC to the 4th century AD (see Wikipedia : Sarmatians).
        They spoke Scythian, which belonged to the Eastern Iranian group of Indo-European languages (see Wikipedia : Scythian Languages). There is no basis for the presumption (or should I say the irrational belief ?) that this particular Iranian language is the parent of all Indo-European languages, let alone of all languages (sic) of the world.

      2. @Ariadnatheo

        Etruscan is a language isolate, though various affiliations have been suggested. It is believed the Etruscans originally came from the Greek island of Lemnos, because an Etruscan inscription has been found there. To try to derive all languages from Etruscan is a typical example of dilettantism.

      3. Franklin, I had two years of linguistics to go with other cognate studies in my young, inquisitive years and I loved it. Until now I thought I had retained much but after you corrected me twice I had to admit to myself that I must have forgotten it all, or rather that no sooner did I start to assimilate some of that knowledge that a hyper-acidic sense of humor must have catabolized it all. Lucky you who clearly have no such problem of cognitive metabolism!
        PS I am considering putting an asterisk at the top of every tongue-in-cheek comment I post

      1. Brownhawk on November 19, 2016 at 7:10 pm: And let’s not forget “Santa”…

        I would think not. Santa (Claus) is derived from the Dutch “Sinter Klaas”, an abbreviated form of “Sint Nikolaas” (Dutch for Saint Nicholas). Saint Nicolas was a 3rd Century monk who was very charitable, helping the poor and the sick, also children.

        Also, even the mention of Santa may offend the Jews who have rejected Jesus as their Messiah, most likely due to Santa’s association with Christianity.

      2. Etymological dispute settled by Sardonicus
        (world expert on etymological disputes)

        I pronounce Pat the easy victor of this argument. He has traced the common origin of “SATAN” to “SANTA” by pointing out the obvious: identical letters in each name, the only difference being variation in body temperature. Satan is obviously “hotter” since he comes from Hell, famous for its round-the-clock fires, and Santa is “colder” since he comes from Greenland, known for its ice and snow and Eskimo conmen selling kids snowballs and saying its vanilla icecream.

        Joking aside, etymologists are obsessive-compulsive nerds. We should pay no attention to these self-important pedants. As Pat would say, they’re all “guessing.” I can imagine two etymologists challenging each other to a duel in an attempt to settle their dispute over the origin of a particular word.

        Just check out the pretentious pedantry here and be prepared to enjoy a big chuckle:

      3. I see the linguistic officianados are at it again in not getting the tongue-in-cheek and taking things too literally…..again

        Whatever “literal” means. (Brownhawk having fun at their expense) {<:))

  7. “Demonic possession Today” is better than it was yesterday, for damned sure..!! It used to be a good excuse to torture people, especially women.

    “Demonic Possession” is no longer a capital offense. It is not as bad a mental condition as it used to be. But it is still a good – money-maker – for exorcists and novelists and Hollywood.

    ‘Demonic-possession’ and witchcraft were actually considered to be acts of treason in the 16th and 17th and 18th centuries.

    Even monarchs feared people with conditions said to display ‘demonic-possession’ for lack knowledge of their emotional and psychotic conditions. Many were charged with ‘demonic-possession’ to give the opportunity to display power of the authorities… and some were tortured in churches just for the fun of it.

    Scotland’s King James VI(1567-1625) was just such an example.

    King James was definitely ‘possessed’ by a fear of ‘demons’ he conjured up. He also enjoyed torturing women who were ‘demonically-possessed’ by his claim.

    He forced dozens, maybe hundreds, of women to confess their ‘demonic-possessions’ by torture in the Old Tolbooth, on St Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh. The Tolbooth was also Edinburgh’s main jail where, in addition to incarceration, physical punishment and torture were routinely conducted.

    –Nearly 2,000 witchcraft trials survive in the Scottish archives, the vast majority from the period 1620-1680. According to T. C. Smout, between 3,000 and 4,000 accused witches may have been killed in Scotland in the years 1560-1707.

    In the North Berwick witch trials in 1590 a large number of people from East Lothian, Scotland were accused of witchcraft in the St Andrew’s Auld Kirk(Church) in North Berwick. They ran for two years and implicated seventy people. The accused included Francis Stewart, 5th Earl of Bothwell on charges of high treason. The “witches” held their covens on the Auld Kirk Green, part of the modern-day North Berwick Harbour area.

    “The North Berwick Witches meet the Devil” was printed with a picture in the local kirkyard in “Newes From Scotland.”

    This was the first major witchcraft persecution in Scotland, and began with a sensational case involving the royal houses of Denmark and Scotland. King James VI sailed to Copenhagen to marry Princess Anne, sister of Christian IV, King of Denmark. During their return to Scotland they experienced terrible storms and had to shelter in Norway for several weeks before continuing. The admiral of the escorting Danish fleet blamed the storm on the wife of a high official in Copenhagen whom he had insulted. Several nobles of the Scottish court were implicated, and witchcraft trials were held in both countries.

    Very soon more than a hundred suspected witches in North Berwick were arrested, and many confessed – under torture – to having met with the Devil in the church at night, and devoted themselves to doing evil, including poisoning the King and other members of his household, and attempting to sink the King’s ship.
    One of the accused in particular, Agnes Sampson….. was EXAMINED by James VI at his palace of Holyrood House:

    -She was fastened to the wall of her cell by a witch’s bridle, an iron instrument with 4 sharp prongs forced into the mouth, so that two prongs pressed against the tongue, and the two others against the cheeks.

    -She was kept without sleep, thrown with a rope around her head, and only after these ordeals did Agnes Sampson confess to the fifty-three indictments against her.

    –She was finally strangled and burned as a witch…!!

    Then…. he sat down and wrote the KJV Bible. 🙂

  8. I wonder what happens to the possessing demon if the host body is suddenly deprived of life (as if blasted with a shotgun)? I wonder…would it flee into a handy host – or must it be “invited”? Apparently, there are ‘rules’ which the Church has accumulated throughout the years, and I wonder that any ancient and intelligent demon isn’t already schooled against the ritual. Would a person of ‘faith’ be adequate – or is an ordained priest only capable of performing exorcisms? (In case I happen to encounter a demon-possessed person, I should know whether or not to just blow his damn head off, or have a try at talking him down! 🙂 )

    1. Gilbert, the best answer i can give you is to read the book for yourself.
      In the end, you will have to decide whether it is all sensationalist bullshit or the honest truth as seen by the participants and witnesses.
      The 5 cases presented by father Martin were all taped and videotaped and he moreover ran multiple interviews with various people involved – in addition to numerous sessions where he himself was the primary exorcist, which don’t figure in the book’s narrative.
      Maybe just read the intro regarding the Thomas Wu case …

      1. Thanks, Lobro. It seems crazy to be even DISCUSSING this seriously. I have to laugh, but I do BELIEVE!

      2. I just read about Thomas Wu and the attempted exorcism by Father Michael Strong on the outskirts of Nanking, China, in 1937. One could read a lot into the cause of the events at Nanking following Father Michael’s failure, if you believe in demonic possessions. The degree of sheer savagery and merciless cruelty the Japanese brought with them to Nanking two days later has never been seen before or since.

        Not mentioned is what language was the attempted exorcism done in … English or Chinese? Did Father Michael, a missionary priest, speak Chinese? Did Thomas Wu speak English? Since Father Michael spoke to the demon occupying Thomas Wu, I would expect the demon to speak English so the missionary Father from Scotland could understand him. Why did Wu go to Japan (supposedly, where he was possessed), and what was he doing there? And I have a problem with any Chinese person in China, named “Thomas”. Was Tomas Wu even Chinese? I just assumed he was Chinese because of the name ‘Wu’ and he was from China. The Thomas Wu affair has too many unanswered questions to allow it unquestioned validity. That said, whatever Father Michael Strong witnessed (or thought he witnessed) that night with Thomas Wu changed him for the rest of his life. At one point he said he could never feel like he fit in or belonged in this world after what he saw.

      3. Gilroy,
        you obviously don’t know much about the recent (200 years) history of coastal provinces of China, including Hong Kong. They were heavily exposed to european influences, Portuguese and English (and civilization destroying depredations of jew dope dealers).
        i know numerous and i do mean numerous Chinese Cantonese catholics, Hong Kong, Shangai, also Taiwan and further north, in Toronto they sometimes seem a majority.
        Many will of course have Christian names as result and speak perfect English (better than many irish, for that matter)

        (The following has nothing whatever to do with honest enquirers like Gilroy or Gilbert, done in the same post in order not to clog the board)

        Gratuitous smearing by site vandals:

        speaking of which, we have a visitor who shows up as if on cue to deride and slander every possible enemy Jew mentions specifically, ie, as soon as jew identifies a major enemy figure, he and his ilk will show up and under a guise of jew-wise, proceed to heap libel on that very same enemy of Jew.
        The most common tactic is to brand an enemy of Jew – a Jew, yes, you got it.
        Thus, Father Malachi Martin is a Jew, as in Malachi Brendan Martin (Irish: Maolsheachlann Breandán Ó Máirtín), clearly a Yid name (note the use of irony if befuddled by the claim), he needs to provide no justification for his shameful calumny, only blast a charge and begone with the seed of doubt planted – hopefully unsuccessfully.
        never a sane discussion and weighing of pros and cons, nothing – state the accusation as a given fact, brooking no dispute, exactly following the Holocaust routine, just put up a stone monument and that is proof in itself.
        whether through ignorance or worse, I don’t know nor care, only note the desired effect.

        Unfortunately, such irresponsible detractors, as distinguished from responsible ones who have pertinent questions and doubts and raise them for the purpose of education rather than maligning, are a dime a dozen.
        Once again, there is an outside chance that they are well meaning but they do leave a very obnoxious footprint behind.
        Do they ever contribute anything worth bookmarking or remembering, something that helps round the picture – never – any mention of Jew’s identified opponent is a dog whistle that invariably brings them forth to lend a hand to defacing project.

      4. Lobro –

        “speaking of which, we have a visitor who shows up as if on cue to deride and slander every possible enemy Jew mentions specifically, ie, as soon as jew identifies a major enemy figure, he and his ilk will show up and under a guise of jew-wise, proceed to heap libel on that very same enemy of Jew.
        The most common tactic is to brand an enemy of Jew – a Jew, yes, you got it.”

        I know you remember that ‘ty-the parson-guy’ (cannot spell name or end up in Spamistan). He called me jew a hundred times. I just laughed it off. 🙂

        You give them power over you when you gripe about them when YOU have no proof…. just guesses… They win the distraction game.

        You might do better to just prove them wrong…. point by point. If you actually have no proof… you may be wrong.

        Most don’t like my opinions. So what?? I’m still here and many of them are gone out of frustration or banned… because their true natures were exposed.

        Stay above their levels.

      5. Lobro,

        You are correct, I have not studied the West’s effect on coastal Eastern Asia, including China. Not that I have a desire to be ignorant on the subject, I just never had a need to look there. I do know, these days, people of China and Taiwan, and even some in Japan, are either assigned or made to select a Western name when learning to speak English. They will introduce themselves to Westerners using their assumed Western name and not their given Asian name. Perhaps this was also the way it was done during Thomas Wu’s time … maybe Thomas is an assumed name. However, Father Michael baptized Thomas Wu, so I would have expected him to refer to Thomas Wu by his given, Chinese name. Just saying, there are questions.

        Anyone reading the introduction to the book, as suggested by Lobro, may benefit by also reading the last part of the book that expands on the effects on Father Michael Strong of his failed exorcism of Thomas Wu.

        The introduction is here:

        The conclusion is here:

      6. @ Gilroy Kelly

        Yes, for some bizarre reason, you are one of the few posters here at this “truth-telling site” besides myself who believes that the Nanking Massacre really took place.

        What the (((Anglo-Zionists))) falsely accuse the Nadzees of doing to the jews in WWII the japs actually did to the Chinese. I did research into this about a year ago but lost all of my data when you know Wu (lol) hacked my computer about 4 months ago. 🙁

        Sorry about using Wikipedia as my source, but sometimes you find the truth where you least expect it. 🙂

  9. Consider this;

    Jew god = Lucifer
    Pre-murdered Christ dubbed the tribe = Synagogue of Satan
    Blood libel = Ritual sacrifice of wee Goim
    Creation of and control over the Judas Class in D.C.
    Jew Hollywood = Mass selling off of souls

    In my opinion Sewer Nation’s Idiot Culture needs an exorcism on a national scale.

  10. The physical version of “demonic possession” is infestation by parasites. What do most parasites look like? That’s right – snakes. The snake (devil) of the Old Testament Garden of Eden story.

    I read Curezone, an interesting health site. One learned person, speaking of parasites, stated the same as Baudelaire and you: that the job of the parasite is to remain undetected. This is true whether speaking of your body or your life or the life of an entire society. Unhealthy people attract physical parasites into their body; when a large portion of the population becomes spiritually degenerate, it will attract physical parasites.

    Some might say it is the opposite; I don’t know – it might be a chicken and egg situation.

    The Essene Gospel of Peace contains an account of Christ performing a parasite removal on an extremely degenerate man. It is worth reading.

    1. Don’t forget the medieval hobby of burning house cats in the public squares of Europe due to “demonism”. Since I have two cats, I look upon this from a biased antipathy. I mean, where’s the proof, the consequence, the testing, and validation. Was there a Control Group. Of course not. Were alternative explanations entertained? The fact that the rodents flourished as a cause-effect could be looked upon as Divine Retribution.

      While tooling around the Middle East, Greece, etc., I noticed the presence of cats that seemed ubiquitous. Could this have been the legacy of the Egyptians, and their WORSHIP of felines? Anyway, I never saw ONE rodent in any of these places. But I did see cats roaming the interstices of buildings and dumpsters.

      “The faintest of all human passions is the love of truth.” — A.E. Housman.

      “Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been at sea.”- Samuel Johnson

      Contrast the lack of rodents to Jew York, where rodents outnumber bipeds by several times.

  11. “The accounts of several nuns also reported that Clara possessed the ability to speak and understand several different foreign languages to which she had never been exposed, including Polish, German, French, and several others. It was said that Clara had been imbued with superhuman strength as well, easily overpowering authority figures at the school when they attempted to restrain her.”

    In Deepak Chopra’s book, ‘How to Know God’ (unabridged) Chopra places unusual abilities (such as the ability to levitate) and knowledge gained beyond one’s current lifetime (such as speaking languages currently unlearned) on a very high level of spiritual awareness. The examples he gives show that one who isn’t afraid of what isn’t “average” or “standard” can tell the difference between demonic and not.

    An individual with unusual gifts may also be demonically possessed but the successful exorcist must be able to see what is going on. The demon(s) must be seen as the separate entities they are. Of course they will likely have unusual abilities too.

    Unusual ability often frightened ordinary people; more than one old woman has likely been burned at the stake for being too wise for her neighbors.

  12. The only “demon possession” I personally see, aside from tales in (((Hollywood films))) — all over the place — is THIS very real kind:

    Think about it: Do your daily experiences involve bearing witness to people levitating, spitting up green stuff and turning their heads around 360 degrees?… Or do your daily experiences involve bearing witness to a people — White people — being manipulated into self-destructive behavior?

  13. Of course its always been the big rabbis (banksters) who have wanted the Jews well hated. I guess if you can hang be El zee bub on them that’s probably the best they could hope for.
    And no everybody does not believe in the devil, not since medieval times when So called priests tortured, drowned and and burned innocent people at the stake, on the basis of nothing but rumors.
    The idea for the electric chair came from an old torture method, where the accused was strapped into a steel chair with a fire built under it.
    Everybody confesses under torture.
    But torture isn’t really about getting information.
    Torture is about the torturer maintaining his psychopathic power structure.
    If there is any serpent involved it is the R – complex , the reptile brain.
    now you can see that torture is the main theme of Christianity. Where the nutcase god requires his victim – to make everything all right.
    jes us was just another witch.
    Personally, I’ve had it up to my neck with religious jack asses and their foolishness.
    yes there probably is a collective subconscious.
    And yes psychic abilities can possibly manifest in strange ways.
    If I ever happens to you I hope you’re not so unfortunate as to be the ward of a lot of Huckster inquisitors in some goofy cloister prison.

  14. Fr. Malachi Martin is a Jew, so he has the same genetic disposition of those who write holy books like the Bible and the Talmud. I used to listen to his blather on the Art Bell show !Surprise! a fellow Jew.

    Do we really have need to listen to Jews define their religious beliefs for our consumption? I have written previously about the Gadarine swine, providing those legal details, made clear in the narration, that demonstrate why the story of the Gadarine swine is a story about political insurrection against the Temple on the part of both Jesus and the demon possessed man.
    Once again, here is a non-Jewish, non religious, perspective on this subject of demons and devils.

    Man has an inborn need to have an external focus on which to place responsibility for his own actions. On the physical level whether it be a tribal chief, a king, a president or some other “leader,” all these individuals represent the needs and desires of the masses refusing to shoulder responsibility for themselves.

    In a similar manner, religion plays this role on the “spirtiual” level. Religions maintain that both “god” and the “devil” are external influences, like those little devils and angels portrayed as perching on our shoulders as they whisper their thoughts into our ears. This is where the priest or witch-doctor steps in to help. For a nominal fee that assures their existence, these holy men bring man’s interactions closer to a “God” that Sufis maintain is already “closer than one’s jugular vein”.

    The fact is these religious concepts are nothing more than external manifestations of the fractured internal self. There is only one creator, one intelligent designer and this presence is reflected, or “mirrored,” in the human organism as well as all living organisms.

    “Know thyself” is the admonishment of the ancient sages. But how is this possible? The answer is to observe thyself. This is the primary function of meditation, to step outside the self in order to observe the inner nature of the self. What does one find in these observations? A multiplicity of selves overseen by a chattering mind that never ceases. These are the little angels and devils whispering in our ear.

    The individual is run hither and yon by this “monkey mind” of the multiple selves. One moment a self looks in the mirror and declares “I am too fat! I must slim down!” A short time later, another self arises to the fore with justification why it is perfectly reasonable to eat a chocolate eclair, forgetting the other self’s need to slim down.

    Back and forth we are whipsawed between the rational intellect and our irrational, base, bestial natures with holy men officiating in between. This is the argument religion frames as an external one between “god” and the “devil.” Demonic possession is very much the same as the so-called “split-personality” wherein the mental state begins taking on physical attributes. When the level of abnormality reaches a certain point popularity defined as “evil” then one is said to be “demon possessed.”

    The schizophrenic, the “split, or multiple, personality,” and the demon possessed all share the same characteristics where the supposed original self is overtaken by another mysterious self , one seemingly unrelated to the original and often in diametric opposition. Here is a book that explains this process of the multiple selves.

    Intelligence is what makes us human, but then intelligence is manifested in all living things, it’s just a matter of scale. This thing so blithely referred to as “God,” is no more than a pocket sized rendition that fits conveniently into the confines of man’s comprehension. This anthropomorphized “God” bears no relation or even the faintest resemblance to whatever is behind this creation. “God” is a much the mosquito as it is man.

    Don’t try to understand this presence because you cannot. Among all possibilities – this isn’t. Look at the scale of the universe, can you get your mind around it? If you think you can, then you have probably been listening to some holy man’s definition of it.

    The devil is nothing more than man’s inbred nature exhibiting itself in the same manner as the lion’s inbred nature exhibits itself when it tears the little lamb to shreds and proceeds to have lunch. There is no “good” or “bad” in this action, it is simply the nature of the beast. Yet man believes his actions are attributable to some higher or lower source. Man has the very same natures, but being intelligent and having developed a conscience, defines these actions as originating from an external nature of which he has limited ability to control.

    While man is wrong to assign external influences to his internal nature, he is quite correct about the difficulty in controlling that nature, and control is what it is all about. Whether it is controlling his environment, controlling the masses or controlling the self, the underlying premise of man’s existence is about control.

    It is telling that a big problem with the elderly is convincing them to give up their car-keys because this is perceived as surrendering one’s control over their movements. This at a time when many have difficulty controlling their own bowel movements.

    The mystics say our basic problem is that we try and control our environment when we cannot even control ourselves, therefore controlling the self will enable one to control the environment. Fakirs often make the mistake of thinking that controlling the body means controlling the self, that is why they perch for years on top of a pillar. Buddha thought this and practiced the same self mortification until he came to realize there is another way, a middle way, or “Fourth Way” as P.D. Ouspensky framed it.

    If you want to see “god” then look in the mirror. If you want to see the devil, then look in that same mirror. As part of creation we are a reflection of that creation; in this we have all the defining aspects of this creation. Therefore, we have everything that we think of as “God” contained within ourselves in the same manner that a drop of water has all the defining characteristics of the ocean. But just because a drop has the very same defining characteristics as the ocean doesn’t mean it can whip up a typhoon. The devil is really nothing more than man’s innate natures. While all living organisms have these natures that take them through life, man is the only one that assigns them to external influences.

    Those desiring to embark upon a path of enlightenment and understanding quit looking for the external reasons why we act as we do, they quit blaming those little gods and devils that consume so many, to begin the search within for answers. We’ll see you there.

    In the meantime, go in peace. Know that all your sins have been forgiven because these only exist in our mind.

    1. Yep, Arch –

      Very simple…

      Gods need demons to crush….. as victors need enemies to defeat…. For religions to be validated.

      1. “‘gods’ need demons to crush”. “God” needs nothing, wants nothing, and his intentions are beyond the human reach of thought or imagination. Anthropomorphism of a Supreme Being comes up so short.

      2. Poupon –

        “…his intentions are beyond the human reach of thought or imagination.”

        Your use of the word “his” falls just as short…. You attempted to categorize and assign a sex to an entity which is “beyond human reach or imagination”…. Then you seem to be omniscient and KNOW what your “beyond reach or imagination” entity needs and wants..!! 🙂

        Soooo…Follow your own rules..!!! Be more “pragmatic” and “logical”…!! YOUR “anthropomorphism” comes up “SO SHORT”..!!

        You should know that religions are human inventions. The “gods” I referenced were and are the inventions of the hundreds of religions, and they must become more complicated and sophisticated as does the society. And more and more gold is need by those religions to pay the power plant bills to keep the A/C running…!! 🙂

        I did NOT mention a creator….. intentionally.

      3. Read my latest post, Arch. Much of it reflects the Essenic understanding, thus what Christ is telling us. {

      4. Poupon Marx

        You are DEAD WRONG!

        God’s original intention is MOST CERTAINLY within Man’s reach, once you understand what “man” really is

  15. That’s right – religion is pretty much out of business without their devil and all his attachments.
    If they all lived up to their vow of poverty they’d look a lot more believable., and maybe do some real good.
    But that would mean renouncing the ways of the corporate world.
    In which case we’d all go back to the land and then be in touch again with the real god – earth.
    but the corporate control structure over society was if fact invented by organized religion.
    Corporate state in cahoots with religion.
    that’s called fascism.
    The devil made Em do it.

  16. Lobro (author): As I wrote in a recent email to Lasha Darkmoon:

    “I feel that the entire tribe of Judah is demonically possessed. They always have been for centuries. Jesus made that point over and over again in his homilies. And clearly the Jews’ works bear that out. They are now the Devil’s agents on Earth to promote his policies and spread contagion into the body of the goyim. History bears me out on this.”

    Out of a remnant (small number, not all,) there are Jews who have become Christians. They are not a majority, but a remnant, but they are there. This may seemingly explain people with Jewish last names who supported Trump. One such goes by the name of Brother Nathanael Knaper, who is now a converted Orthodox priest.

    Of the unbelieving Jews, the following is said,

    The Jewish leaders therefore came around him and said to him, “How long will you hold us in suspense? If you are the Messiah, tell us plainly.” Jesus answered them, “I told you, and you do not believe. The works that I do in my Father’s name, these testify about me. But you do not believe, because you are not of my sheep.” (John 10:24-26)

    Which further states,

    “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. I give eternal life to them. They will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all. No one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand.” (John 10:27-29)

    One’s soul to be possessed by a demon is only possible among those who do not have the Spirit of Jesus residing in them. It is interesting that preceding these words, certain Jews were accusing Jesus of being demon possessed, because they could not believe he was their Messiah, and that he had cast out demons, among other miracles beyond their comprehension.

    This may explain all the demonic whining against 2017 US President Donald Trump, against Russian President Vladimir Putin, against UK Brexit, against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, against French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, and the overall opposition to Anglo Saxon, Arabic, and Christianity worldwide; the current illogical weeping and nashing of teeth and widespread violence. Indeed, the “father of lies” is speaking out through the demon possessed masses, being stirred up through the oligarchy and possessing the oligarchy.

    You are of your father, the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks on his own; for he is a liar, and its father.(John 8:44)

  17. Fascinating article, “Van Helsing”. Stoker is less well known for another foray into occult subject matter “The Jewel of the Seven Stars” (Occult as in hidden or restricted, not as in demonic). I acquired Father Martin’s book years ago, part of Christ’s legacy is the exorcism of afflicted persons. I became interested after witnessing first hand an excorcism ceremony in Bankok-Thonburi (Buddhist of course). The late Holy Father Long Paw Tian was helping a young girl who was experiencing and causing “difficulties”. Gradually, she seemed to return to a more normal state – Long Paw Tian was very, very firm. In India there is recognition of various classes of inorganic entities, some formerly human, some never capable of achieving human birth (Lord Buddha said that the difficulty of being born a human is on the level of a turtle poking his head through a ring cast randomly on the oceans, though I suppose once you get caught up in “things”…) The class of entities known as Angels is present in Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam (Mokul). Celestial beings known in India as Gandarvas, the celestial musicians, are able to achieve human form, which might explain the awesome prodigy shown in some of the World’s greatest musicians in childhood. I think Lobro is onto something, the jews at the very least by promoting exclusiveness and bigotry toward non-jews and permitting wholesale theft and murder in Palestine and plenty of other historical examples are opening themselves up to certain forces. Maybe not all demonically possessed, but certainly under the sway – willingly. In Asia one of the signs of genuine spirit possession is when a persons eyes don’t blink. The highest Spiritual forces are invited into Hindu temples – the test of the presence of Deity in a temple is after the consecration ceremony a mirror is shown to the representation of Deity- if it cracks, the ceremony was effective. Faith and devotion to the Saints and your Deity is positive and protective. Different traditions approach from different ways. If you have problems, the Holy Sage of the American Indians has a wonderful cleansing and healing effect – make sure you leave a door or window open if you burn it inside!

    1. György

      When I say jews are demonically possessed, there is room for interpretation: what is a Jew, what is a demon, what is a possession, to start with and more amiguities branching out at each question node.

      without getting bogged down in specifics, just as a child may be inducted into a religion through baptism, there is a negative image of the same process, anti-baptism into anti-religion into possession of anti-God in order to become anti-human, ie, possessed by an intrinsically unclean (anti-clean if you will) intelligence.

      And this is what reading these few but quite detailed case histories brought to light for me: this anti-God entity is an intelligence of the highest order and a frequent snare for people is through this medium, namely their pride, vanity and sense of superior intelligence, whereby they think themselves as having obtained answers to all the questions of interest and now are ready to face whatever comes their way and take up the Devil’s challenge as a sort of intellectual jousting bout.
      Just like Dr Faustus against Mephistopheles and they end up caught helplessly like a fly in a spider’s web, devoured just the same. Pride goes before the fall, doesn’t it.

      In the sessions, when the possessing entity is pressed to identify itself, frequently it will be a bunch of captive spirits of lower order pressed into the particular service like a hastily assembled soccer team under the control of a superior intellect and they will collectively refer to their ultimate authority, variously named as The Daring One or The Bright One, The Rebellious Mind, The Highest Intelligence who only acknowledges one single equal: Unnameable, The High Enemy and so on, clearly meant for Jesus, whose intellect is on par but never acknowledged as higher than the Luciferian one.

      I think that Jews are pressed into joining early and on the Day Eight, the circumcision is another push, because the baby is left alone, helpless before the unhuman cruelty and pain, told in no uncertain terms that his mother is a powerless, uncaring nobody, distant and irrelevant, that his Father is this wicked intelligence who will greatly repay the absolute obedience.
      Because what is absolute obedience (think about great stories of incomplete destruction of Amalek and the price of less than 100% obedience by king Saul, told endlessly at Purim) but the state of possession, where one gives up his very being in return for freedom from decision and responsibility.
      Think on it, how does it diverge from Jewish experience?
      Yet, there seems to be an underlying and immutable rule: that the victim must at some point volunteer into the deal, say, I pledge my individual will and freedom of choice for the comfort of protection by a higher intelligence that takes all the hassle upon itself, all I need to do is blindly follow orders and my material life will be smooth and comfortable – there is nothing else because whatever else may have existed at one time I mortgaged to Lucifer.
      I guess this would correspond to Bar Mitzva, the voluntary act of sale and purchase.

      Mind you, all this is result of reverse engineering in order to explain their activities and attitudes toward the Other, the Nations, those not Chosen.
      As explanations go, it sure makes sense to me.

      1. Furthermore, consider their incredible aversion toward Christ and Christianity, the multiple massacres, their requirement to give wide berth to the Crucifix, spitting on it when no one is looking, spitting on Christians in Israel, the everpresent destruction of churches when given a chance, be it ancient or present Palestine, Russia, today’s Syria and Iraq, france during the commune, Russia under the Bolsheviks …
        Consider that anything resembling a cross is anathema, which is why they refused en mass to affix an “X” to their immigration papers on Ellis island, preferring a circular “O”, thus the original term of endearment, “kike” for “kikel/circle”, as in “hola paysan, como va?”.
        Exactly mirroring reactions of the possessed during exorcism rites.

      2. Lobro, I see what you are saying parallels much with what Brother Nathanael Kapner, a former Jewish priest converted to Christian Orthodox has to say in HOW THE JEWS THINK:

        I GREW UP AS A JEW. And having gone to an upper middle class synagogue throughout my childhood up through my young adult years, I am uniquely qualified to do an expose on the inner workings of the Jewish mind.

        Now that I am an Orthodox Christian, having converted in 1971 to Christianity, I can see very clearly how the Jew thinks:

        1. The Jew sees himself as a “Jew First.” In any nation that the Jew may reside in, he is an “American Second” or a “Frenchman Second” etc. – for the Jew is always a Jew First. Thus the Jew puts his interest first before national interests.

        2. The Jew promotes secularism in any nation he may reside in. This works to his benefit. For the Jew fears nothing more than a Christian World View which has at its root the absolutism of Christianity over all other faiths as being false religions including Judaism. But the Jew believes that Judaism is the only true religion and it is his province alone. For the Jew looks upon the Gentiles, “the Goyim” as being inferior to him.

        3. The Jew uses the indictment of “Anti Semitism” to prevent any criticism of his conduct, his ideas, and his agenda.

        4. The Jew is hell bent on his self-preservation. Though American and European Jews love the good life, they promote Zionism, in order that they will always have a place to escape to.

        5. The Jew would like to see the New Testament destroyed, defamed, discarded, and mocked. For in it contains the historical record of the Jewish leaders committing Deicide against the Eternal Son of God Who became man for our salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Jew wishes to eradicate this historical fact for it places him in a position as having to repent, an act that the Jew finds repulsive.

        6. The Jew though he may be non religious still honors the rabbis as having final authority on all religious questions and matters. The rabbis have as their authority the Talmud which contradicts the Old Testament and blasphemes Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and Christians.

        7. The Jew may promote “equality amongst men” yet he sees himself in a self conscious ethnic group that he considers as being superior to all others.

        8. The Jew when confronted with the claims of Christianity will always reply, “I was born a Jew and I will die a Jew.” What he means is, “I will never become a Christian like the dumb goys.”

        9. The Jew loves to be in control. The Jew loves to be at the top of the ladder. If Christianity were again to be in predominance in America, the Jew would be horror-struck. For then he will have the finger pointed at him that he is a Christ denier, a stubborn, stiff-necked hater of Jesus Christ, and a supporter of the Jews Who brought Christ to Pilate to have Him crucified.

        10. The Jew will use every means possible to undermine Christianity in whatever nation he may reside. He will always cry, “Look what they did to us!” as if he is an innocent lamb without any faults. But whenever someone shows why “they did this to them” he shouts back, “You’re an Anti Semite!”

        He has 10 more points in his Part II here, but for the sake of brevity, more meat is in Part III:

        HAVING GROWN UP AS A JEW and having gone to an upper middle class synagogue throughout my childhood up through my young adult years, I am uniquely qualified to do an expose on the inner workings of the Jewish mind. Now that I am an Orthodox Christian, having converted in 1971 to Christianity, I can see very clearly how the Jew thinks:

        1. The Jew is a perpetual outsider. The Jew is a ceaseless “observer” and consequent “actor” & “reactor” upon the world’s stage. The Jew seeks to impose his will upon the Gentile whom he looks down upon as being inferior in intelligence and activism to him.

        2. The Jew is always on a “mission.” The Jew always has a “cause” he must fight for. The mission and the cause of the Jew is hostile to the mission and cause of Jesus Christ and Christianity.

        3. The Jew wishes to remain aloof and separate from the nations. That is why Winston Churchill initially used the term, “The International Jew.”

        4. The Jew holds himself separate from the nations, not primarily for ideological reasons as prescribed in the Old Testament. Rather, the Jew remains aloof from all others because he sees himself as belonging to an elite.

        5. The Jew may proclaim and propagandize though his monopoly of the Media the slogan, “Diversity Is Our Strength!” Yet the Jew will never live in a neighborhood where poor Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics live. Why not? Because the Jew despises working class folk as being culturally inferior to him and socially impotent.

        6. The Jew at heart despises the ideal of the “Brotherhood of Man.” For it is only through acceptance of Jesus Christ, the Christian Church, and the Christian Universal vision of the “new man in Christ” that the Brotherhood of Man can be realized.

        7. The Jew wants nothing to do with Jesus Christ, the Church, and the Christian Universal vision of the new man in Christ. Why not? First because Jesus Christ calls all men to repent which the Jew finds repulsive; Second because the Church with its eyes set on the kingdom to come is disagreeable to the Jew who seeks a kingdom of this world; Third because the new man in Christ whereby all elitist distinctions are dissolved, is an identity the Jew finds repugnant to his love of ’separateness’ and control over others.

        8. The Jew, through his monopoly of the Media, the Judicial System, and Academia, wars against Christianity. Why? Because Christianity indicts the Jew as being unrepentant. This puts the Jew in a position of weakness and beholden to the dictates of the Christian. The Jew considers this the greatest of all calamities.

        9. The Jew falsely believes that he is part of the “chosen people.” Thus the Jew deems that he has the “divine right” to have his “rights” implemented and secured. In fact, the Jew with his yiddishee chutzpah demands this. What are the Jew’s rights as he perceives them? First and primarily, that the world around him should conform to his point of view and to his point of view only.

        10. The Jew will ignobly hold on to his identity unto death. To die for the truth rather for one’s racial identity is a valid martyrdom. But “truth” for the Jew is not in the realm of absolutes. “Truth” for the Jew is to assert and impose his will upon others. And what is the Jew’s will? That Jesus Christ is not be loved, believed in, and worshipped.

        Thus, they are against Christians, who have become the people of God:

        As he says also in Hosea, “I will call them ‘my people,’ which were not my people; and her ‘beloved,’ who was not beloved.” “It will be that in the place where it was said to them, ‘You are not my people,’ There they will be called ‘children of the living God.’ (Romans 9:25-26)

        Whereas, in their rejection and hardness of heart, only a small number of them will eventually become believers in God, a small remnant:

        Isaiah cries out concerning Israel, “If the number of the sons of Israel are as the sand of the sea, it is the remnant who will be saved.” (Romans 9:27)

        They have been the same these past 2 millennium.

      3. Lobro,

        Good article on a Sunday morning.

        The professor Dommergue had a theory to explain Jewish mindset. He claimed that human qualities are pulled away from little Jews by rabbi’s tooth on the 8th day.
        “You know that in the commentary of the Torah, it is written that circumcision is something that goes beyond human understanding.”
        Start at 10 minute, although the whole interview is dynamite.

      4. phil, many thanks your link to fabulous Roger dommergue interview.
        it stands to reason that a person of this acumen and honesty cannot remain in tribe.
        almost immediately, he gets to the point:

        Basically a speculative system of thought, absolutely cold hearted, grossly overdeveloped, not factoring in any human characteristic

  18. I didn’t use to believe in demonic possession. I used to believe, like Pat and others, that it was invented as a pretext to destroy those who strayed outside the dogma/religious mores and most of all I resented its unintended side effect: absolving the accused of personal responsibility for their actions: “the Devil made them do it,” “Satan/Lucifer guides the Tribe,” etc.
    But that was before I read the trove of data provided here. Now I believe in demonic possession.
    Why? Because I am sucker for testimonials. It’s what got me to stop being a Holocaust denier as well. If thousands and thousands of Jews all say the showers spewed gas, not water, they can’t all be lying, can they? If the woman says she ate her own feces every day for years because they contained her diamonds I have to believe her testimony. Witnesses do it for me.

    1. drumpf may be demon possessed, he’s all kinds of other negative things WE might as well accuse him of being demon possessed also. Good chance he’s suffering from Copper Deficiency as well in addition to all of his other many deep faults. Can’t overlook his Copper Deficiency. Or, overlook his Copper Deficiency at your own risk!! The food they serve in Gambling Casino restaurants is notoriously lacking in Copper. It’s done on purpose to make people stoopid from Copper Deficiency then in their Copper-Deficient-Induced-Stoopidity the sheeple people gamble mo’ and mo’ money away and ALL the money goes in drumpf’s bank vault!!!

    2. In reply to LD.

      Yes, Trump will fade away into oblivion and go the way of all flesh, but not until after serves his 8 years in Office. You all are going to have to wait 8 years for Trump to go away. [ YES! He’s going to win the next election also and he’s going to serve 2 terms. Deal with it, deal with it the best you all can, LOL ] But consider, 8 years is but a nano-second , Nay, even less than a nano-second, on the Eternal Cosmic timeline [ Oh, excuse me, the Cosmic time CIRCLE, time is not a line, Time is a Circle ? and time goes by fast, and Patience is a Virtue ? .

      1. “But consider, 8 years is but a nano-second …”

        Eight years is now exactly 1/2 of a lifetime. You are extremely ignorant in the face of what is coming.

        Nov 20 2016 – 11 Sunspots … -11 from yesterday.

      2. Gilroy –

        Increased sunspots = more global warming. More arid lands on Earth.

        There was an ice age and now it is mostly gone = global warming.

      1. a fine document, Steve, couple of amazing quotes straight off the bat

        “My feelings as a Christian draw me to my Lord and Saviour as a fighter. I’m being drawn to the man, who, standing alone, with only a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them, and who – God’s truth! – was the greatest not as a sufferer, but as a fighter. In boundless love as a Christian and as a man, I read through t he passage which tells us how the Lord, at last, rose in His might and took up the scourge to drive out of the Temple this brood of vipers and adders.
        How terrific was His fight for the world against the Jewish poison! Today, after two thousand years, with deepest emotion, I recognize more profoundly than ever the fact that
        it was for this that He had to shed His blood upon the Cross.
        As a Christian, I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice.”
        Adolf Hitler

        and a bit further on

        “Now begins the last great revolution. By wresting political power for himself, the Jew casts off the few remaining shreds of disguise he still wears. The democratic plebeian Jew turns into the blood Jew and the tyrant of peoples. In a few years he will try to exterminate the national pillars of intelligence and, by robbing the peoples of their natural spiritual leadership, will make them ripe for the slavish lot of a permanent subjugation. The most terrible example of this is Russia.”
        Adolf Hitler

        My view is that what some nasty familiar spirit might do to snare the unwary victim into satanic clutches by way of individual possession, jew is the societal counterpart tasked with entrapping entire peoples and cultures into the same dominion.

        Hitler’s insight that it was for precisely this reason that Jesus made his appearance, to give the mankind a timely warning of the mortal (or should it be IMmortal) danger, that he played out this terrible psychodrama as the grand exorcist who paid with his life the price of his conviction and courage.

  19. A good article by Lobro and an enlightening read.
    However, I disagree with his view that Jews are demonically possessed. I do believe that their ancestors, the Pharisees and Sadducees were.
    The Jew is brought up to be ethnically supremacist. It’s within the very teachings of Judaism, so their air of superiority is because of it. Take away the teachings that young Jews have and you will find a child no different to any other, minus a piece of flesh that is.
    In fact, Judaism is child abuse and there’s no other way to put it.

    1. Lobro must be descended from the ancient tribe of Smartarians, in Hindu mythology said to have been brought forth by the Goddess Kali from on top Mount Everest, or Mount Sagarsmarta in the native language of the Nepalese, that’s cause he was a college professor in Canada, that’s cause he’s a real Smartie.

    2. And what is one to think about Darkmoon, a website whose owners claim to be “Catholics” but push and promote and preaches Hinduism and synchrenistic New Age NWO “religions” with Hinduism and jew Qabalah as the foundational base ontology, and of course the metaphysics and the escathology is that of Alice Bailey’s NWO “religion”, with some islamo sufism thrown in here and there to add a little bit of levantine serpentine spice — so what is one to think about Darkmoon’s claim to be a “Catholic inspired” website?

      Lasha’s and ADMIN’s claim to be “Catholics” is so mendacious, so full fo snake shit. Why the pretense to be “Catholics” when it’s real obvious and its real palpable you all HATE Catholicism? You all preach a New Age NWO “religion” fundamentally virulently and vehemently being ALL ABOUT ANTI-CATHOLICISM.

      So why the pretense to be “Catholics”? Uhhhh, just because you all preach Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin syncretistic snake shit doesn’t make you “Catholics”, Oh never mind, you all know that already. I bet pre-cursor to THE ANTI-CHRIST “pope” francis boy LERVS sista jewinsky to kibbles-and-bits.

      You all know that’s TRUE [ that’s why I’m in Spamblinka, because you all know it’s TRUE ]. Good day darkmoaners!

      1. Here’s a guy who needs exorcism real bad! From what padded cell does he keep writing?

        The demonically possessed are now regular posters on Darkmoon. The worst of them are kept in Spamblinka, like Joe. The really cunning ones are posting here every day, frothing and foaming at the mouth like lunatics. Totally unchecked!

        I have a list of their names, these evil, demon-possessed entities. I know who they are. And they know who they are.

        But I’m not gonna spill the beans and say who they are. Cause they’re dangerous. Highly dangerous mind f***ers.

    3. “The Jew is brought up to be ethnically supremacist.”

      I do not believe that is important unless it can be exploited. It can be. When the Negro migrated from the warm, African savanna into the ice-rich, overcast, cold, Europe, and had to collectively hunt the woolly mammoth for food, the newly Euro-Negro had to develop altruism to survive. No longer could he simply be a ‘do it for yourself’ creature. He had to ‘do it for the tribe’. No other race, Afro-Negro, Asian, Jew, or Hispanic has the high level of altruism genetically coded in their DNA. I do believe it is genetically coded. (Burgeoning new field of science — behavior genetics — behavior based on genetic coding.) Altruism is both a Godsend, for the survival of Europeans, and a death nail, a weakness thereafter, of Europeans and European-Americans, Canadians, Australians, NZ’rs … all of Europe’s ancestors. It is exactly the weakness the pro-immigration Jews are exploiting with their current mass-immigration agenda … altruism. And what countries are the targets of the Jewish-led mass-immigration? (Think: altruistic.)

  20. Possession: Islam perspective

    Lobro brought a universal subject as old as Satan and as topical as….the satanic rites celebrated till today by the elite.
    But let’s start with the quotes of MM from Chopra’s book and LOBRO’s article citing a nun called Clara. Both parts showed superhuman powers. The latter- I understand-was possessed but Chopra’s characters seem to have gained these powers through spiritual channels.
    I think the difference between the two cases lies here: The latter was “assaulted” by a demonic entity while the first (Chopra’s) are willingly invited in.
    From the Islamic perspective there are two major kinds of intelligent entities: Humans, tangibles created from earth, and intangibles, ethereal entities created from fire.
    Here is how and what triggered the struggle between them: The envy of Satan to Adam being honored by God.
    38: 71. Your Lord said to the angels, “I am creating a human being from clay.
    38:72. When I have formed him, and breathed into him of My spirit, fall prostrate before him.
    38:73. So the angels fell prostrate, all of them.
    38:74. Except for Satan. He was too proud, and one of the faithless.
    38:75. He said, “O Satan, what prevented you from prostrating before what I created with My Own hands? Are you too proud, or were you one of the exalted?”
    38:76. He said, “I am better than he; You created me from fire, and You created him from clay.”
    77. He said, “Then get out of here! You are an outcast!
    78. And My curse will be upon you until the Day of Judgment.”
    79. He said, “Lord, defer me until the Day they are resurrected.”
    80. He said, “You are one of those deferred.
    81. Until the Day of the Time Appointed.”
    82. He said, “By Your majesty, I will seduce them all.
    83. Except for your loyal servants among them.”
    In another Chapter (18:50) it is precised that Satan was not an angel but another kind of entities the Jinn.

    18:50 50. We said to the angels, “Bow down to Adam.” So they bowed down, except for Satan. He was of the jinn, and he defied the command of his Lord. Will you take him and his offspring as lords instead of Me, when they are an enemy to you? Evil is the exchange for the wrongdoers.
    The first quote from the Qur’an indicates the beginning of the battle between Humans and Evil/Satan. The second states that Satan was different from angels ( created from light).
    To their turn, the Jinn, ( a collective noun) literally meaning invisible, are divided into two groups: Satan and his offspring, sworn enemies of human kind ( see quote 1) and another group of Jinn among which are good elements and bad elements like Humans are:
    72:11. Some of us are righteous, but some of us are less than that; we follow divergent paths.
    These tree kinds of invisible entities (which the Westerners refer to as ETs but which Muslims consider as Earth co-cohabitants): the irremediably bad ( Satan and his ilk), the good ones and the not-so-good-ones, correlate with the different “states” of possession: harming, mild and “beneficial”.
    It goes without saying that Humans and these entities live on (two) different planes and normally do not interfere with each other. However, Satan is constantly nagging Humans and trying to stray them. He is condemned to Hell-fire and he committed himself to induce and draw as many Humans as possible with him. Fortunately he can’t coerce human kind into doing evil. He can only ask them to do it. He said:
    22. And Satan will say, when the issue is settled, “God has promised you the promise of truth, and I promised you, but I failed you. I had no authority over you, except that I called you, and you answered me. So do not blame me, but blame yourselves. I cannot come to your aid, nor can you come to my aid. I reject your associating with me in the past. The wrongdoers will have a torment most painful.”

    And God said:
    15:42 42. “Over My servants you have no authority, except for the sinners who follow you.”

    But “Why would spirit battle so? Why not leave and waft off invisibly to someone or someplace else? ”
    There is a reason why he does so: Every element of Satan “community” is assigned a task and appointed to a post and if he failed his mission he would be severely punished that’s why, when cornered, they lament “Where shall we go?” “We too have to possess our habitation.” The Muslim exorcist gives them the opportunity to convert to Islam and go to Mecca to attend preaches and learn more about Islam. Some do it genuinely and some others feign it to avoid being burnt (with verses from the Qur’an, mainly (37: 1-10)

    I’ll come back later on this (it’s 00.48 local time).

    1. I used to love horror movies before. However, for the last 2 years or so I have hardly seen any. I reached some point where it simply just became too damned depressing. One of the few interesting movies in this genre for the last decade or so is called The Fourth Kind, starring Milla Jovovich. Although it takes the alien spin of it, it is interesting to note that the alien entities speaks a language that is later identified as ancient sumerian. The movie also claims to be based on a true story. But we all know Hollywood inside and out by now. They certainly takes a lot of artistic liberties concerning stories based on real events. Swindler’s List is just another point in case.

  21. I’ve been a Christian since April of 1970. I’m 70 years old now. During my 46 years as a Christian I’ve been involved in doing exorcisms several times, and I never heard of any six stages of exorcism, nor of any six stages of demon possession. My experience with doing exorcisms is that it all depends on having an anointing by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes the Lord grants a visitation of the Holy Spirit for doing exorcism, especially if several people get together and pray and ask the Lord for the anointing. The same goes for healing. If enough Christians get together and pray for the Lord to send an anointing of the Holy Spirit for healing, sometimes he hears the prayers and answers by sending the anointing for healing. Usually it is powerful but brief.

    As for their being six stages of demon possession, my experience has been that most of the time when someone gets themselves loaded up with demons it is because something is amiss in their lifestyle. Sometimes demonic control is passed on to people through their parents (what some Christian prophets refer to as ‘generational curses’ or ‘family bloodline curses’). Most of the people I’ve encountered who have demonic issues have been religious people. Religious spirits (demons who masquerade as ‘good spirits’) are adept at luring weak Christians off onto all kinds of rabbit trails that can put them in a real mess spiritually. The primary aim of religious spirits in spiritual warfare is to lure Christians into worthless ‘good works’ projects that pose no threat to the kingdom of darkness, and which will at the same time make Christianity look stupid.

    During my 46 years as a Christian I have had numerous encounters with people who were being controlled by demons, and the thing I see that they all have in common is that they continue to give rights to the demons to exert control in their lives by their lifestyle. If someone with demonic issues makes a serious effort to repent and make the necessary changes in their lifestyle the demons will leave and no exorcism is necessary. In a case where a demon has taken over a measure of the person’s personality and the person is having a difficult time repenting, then exorcism is appropriate. Contrary to what most people believe about exorcism, there’s nothing magic about it. All that is necessary for an exorcism to take place is for the person doing the exorcism to have an anointing by the Holy Spirit for it. The Lord usually prefers to use mature Christians to do exorcisms. Most Pentecostal Churches have such people in their congregations. Most of the people I’ve met who have experience with doing exorcisms see it as a necessary evil kind of thing that they don’t enjoy doing, but because of the Lord’s love for hurting people they make themselves available to him to do exorcisms. Most of the people I’ve met who have that kind of power are very discreet about it. Most of the ones I’ve met don’t have a lot to say.

  22. A timely article for me since a friend of mine cast out a devil just over a month ago. I’ll make this as brief as I can.

    About 4 years ago, I investigated casting out devils. Being a follower of the teachings of Jesus, my investigation was in the Gospels. From that investigation, I learned that:

    1. Jesus only spoke of casting out devils, not casting out the devil, Satan.

    2. Jesus cast out devils in person and without the person being present.

    3. Jesus did not pray to cast out a devil(s), he commanded it (what I call the Law of Verbal Command).

    4. Jesus told us to cast out devils in our fellowman.

    5. It must not be difficult or requiring instruction, since a man not associated with Jesus and his disciples was casting out devils using the name of Jesus.

    6. If a devil is not cast out with a command, the person attempting to cast out a devil needed to pray and fast. Obviously, this was to increase the faith of the person commanding the devil(s) to leave a person.

    7. The person possessed by a devil(s) displays symptoms of wanting to do bodily harm to themselves like cutting themselves or falling into a fire.

    8. Permission of the possessed person is not needed before casting out a devil(s).

    This past June, I encountered a woman that witnessed a devil being cast out of her mother. She said she saw it leave. I wanted more informational detail from the person that did it. The woman refused to give me contact info on the woman that did the casting out until I read the woman’s book about how to do it. Jesus’ words of give freely that which is freely given came to mind, so I did not bother with pursuing details.

    I did bring up the topic of casting out devils on my weekly conference call with fellow Christian truth seekers (one being a biblical scholar), but did not learn anything that I did not know from my investigation 4 years earlier. The biblical scholar said that he believed that everyone has a devil which I rejected since Jesus did not cast a devil from any of the Apostles.

    A little over a month ago, a friend and I were discussing possessions by a devil. This friend is the same one that raised a man from the dead in the middle of a church sermon intron to medical witnesses about 4 years ago. I asked him why he was asking and he said he thought that a friend of his might be possessed. He said that she was scratching herself to the point of bleeding in reaction to bugs that did not exist. He also said that his friend had lead a life of sex, drugs, and alcohol abuse all of her adult life, that he had known her since she was a child, and that they had kept in touch throughout their life.

    He said that she has spent 3 months living in his house after becoming homeless, but that she had relocated two hours away. They continued to stay in frequent contact after she relocated. He said that she was suffering from constant headaches, back pain, and digestive problems to the point of being miserable. His attempt to perform a healing did not work.

    We discussed him casting out a devil from his female friend. I told him everything I knew about it from my investigation and assured him that he could do it with a verbal command using Jesus’ name. That same evening, he prayed to the Heavenly Father for increased faith, and then commanded, “Jesus, remove all devils from (her name) and cast them into Hell.”

    The next day, his friend called him and said that something had happened. She awoke from sleep and all her pain was gone. She also said that all she wanted to do after waking was to pray which she did.

    Apparently, a person possessed by a devil also has health problems.

    This story is not as graphic and gory as Lobro’s article, but it is the truth. Do not assume that I question what Lobro wrote.

    1. Well said, Ungenius! You and Lobro are two people on this site I can trust. You are definitely NOT possessed! Unlike many others on this site who I suspect have trafficked with unclean spirits. My father, who is an evangelical pastor, told me this site is a magnet for demon possessed people. He even advised me to get off it and I said, “I don’t want to leave the site just yet in case someone there needs my help.” He said, “Good girl. But be careful.” I said, “Okay.”

      1. Madame Butterfly, and what does your Japanese Evangelical pastor father have to say about your alcoholism and your addiction to pills? Is he praying for you so you’ll stop drinking and doing drugs someday? If so, he’s prayers ain’t TOO effective. Does he pray in English or Japanese?

      2. @Madame

        In this world there’s no avoiding trafficking with unclean spirits. It goes with the territory

  23. Who knows what’s going on in these described accounts but the idea of an ‘exorcist’ is unrecognised in the early church. Like healing through to raising the dead… it’s what everyone, is asked to do. Calling someone this, goes along with the foundation departure and – naming some and not-some – ‘priests’. Fits with the way society generally likes to run – designate experts with specialist abilities – but Jesus and all, had different ideas, resisting the ‘we are’ for; God is and able, freely and for all. While there’s some value in recognising and designating someone in natural type fields, the supernatural comes/claims to work, on different dynamics. There’s named gifts and five-fold leads, the discerning of spirits a gifting but as for addressing them – this for all and whenever.

    On ‘many people could be demonically possessed without knowing it’. Rather; we’re all a bit ‘demonized’ (in trying to find a term) more and less -over- possessed or free? And: Discernment is something that isn’t necessarily related to physical manifestations. Bit like “it’s always the quite ones…” kind of thinking. Told not to judge the outward but unseen, which takes… God revealing/in a relationship with, i.e. may well go against what ‘looks obvious’. As for ‘devil’s greatest trick…’ yes and no, on the hidden line. Like the shadow state. Wants to come out and our compliance, have us dupe along, and all towards a knowing acquiescence. LD to come eh..? Brave on in these waters y’all. Brill for – with all the comments, makes a right education.

  24. The Jews may be the Devil’s most common agents, per capita, on Earth and his chief promoters of his policies and spreading contagion into the body of the goyim, without being possessed themselves. In fact being agents of Satan and being possessed are not directly related matters. Diabolical possession is the supreme instance of diabolical influence on the human soul. Lesser instances are 1. temptation, which is universal; 2. infestation, which involves malefic activity that is directed toward places, objects and animals; and 3. attacks on ones physical or emotional faculties.
    See this for the famous exorcism upon which the movie “The Exorcist” was partially based:

  25. Putin for Dummies:

    When German journalists asked the very simplistic question on whether Putin considered himself a friend or a foe to the West- he answered neither. There is the simple concept of national interests, which may or may not be at odds with other countries. Diplomacy is the art of being able to reconcile your national interests, alongside those of other States, compromising on certain aspects along the way. However, the Atlanticist world view (EU/US/NATO) has shown not to allow for mutual respect, nor for cooperation. Through a number of covert means, they ask for nothing less than for Russia to no longer ascertain its national interests, which makes President Putin #1 Boogeyman in the world today.

    Think about it.

    1. Circ –

      From the “Putin The Dummy” series:

      Putin flip-flops all the time… waffles..!! 🙂 He says it is “easy to work with US” and his friends in Saudi Arabia.

      It is easy for Moscow to work with Assad and with Washington, Russian president Vladimir Putin said while speaking about the Syria crisis settlement.

      “Speaking about Syrian crisis I can say that it is easy for us to work with president Assad and with the US. I’ve spoken about it earlier with president Obama and with our friends from Saudi Arabia, and from other Arab states,” Putin said in an interview for the Vladimir Solovyov’s documetary “World Order” which will be broadcast on the Rossiya-1 TV channel.

      Here is another segment from “Putin The Dummy”

      Putin purchasing drones, helicopters and satellites from Israel = WEST:
      “In the presence of the Minister of Industry of Russia, Israel Aerospace Industries’ CEO and the Director-General of Russia’s Oboronprom Corporation have signed an agreement for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).”

      Putin allows Israeli companies into Kremlin:
      This Israeli company – Israel Aerospace Industries – has an office in Russia at the Business Center “Marine House” in Moscow.
      Russia Office:
      Бизнес центр «Морской Дом»

      AND allows investors from the WEST..!! 🙂

      Putin keeps the foreign investors interested in buying up Russia.
      More…. BIG BUCKS for Pharisee-Jew Bankers.

      Russia’s TASS reports Putin’s decree authorizes 70% foreign ownership.

      President Putin signs decree on consolidation of Sheremetyevo Airport assets
      August 28, 2015

      MOSCOW, August 28. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on establishment of Sheremetyevo Airport joint stock company with the government’s stake in the charter capital of at least 30%. The document was posted on the official website on Friday.

      Russia hopes to boost cooperation in aviation with foreign partners — Putin
      TASS reports Boeing specialists briefed Putin on various projects….

      August 28, 2015
      ZHUKOVSKY, August 25. /TASS/. Russia hopes for further development of cooperation in the field of aviation with foreign partners, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday.

      “We are talking about the development of cooperation and hope that it will continue to develop further,” Putin told Russia’s foreign partners near the Boeing stand at the MAKS-2015 International Air Show.


    1. @John Kirby. It is just that it is so hard to demonstrate and validate. Alternative explanations seem to be just as appealing and possible.

      But on a question such as the existence of a Supreme Being, that is much more easily to accept to the honest inquiring mind, who seeks wisdom.

  26. The whole of mankind is possessed until they do ONLY Father’s Will and not their own.

    Anytime anyone opens their mouth (including their writings), I never know what it is going to be: God-inspired, devil-inspired or that rare awakened-being in Christ Jesus.

      1. PAT, Thanks.
        I noticed they are much the same and I liked the ” the party spirit” of second video.
        You know, I personally attended some restricted sessions. The reactions of people were not as dramatic as those on these videos but I noticed that some of their fingers and toes moved upward as if someone was pulling them.In extreme cases the “possessed” ones spoke with a distorted voice.
        The exorcist was often challenged but he never felt endangered.

        1. This is a letter of contrition and apology. I find myself drawn to Darkmoon for the topic headings and a few of the posters. My objectionable behavior toward some of the others was inexcusable. As an explanation-not an excuse-this harsh and condemning inveighing against persons springs out of my background of mission critical management of large marine power plants.

          Imagine if I am the power plant supervisor for your town, and I listen to a colleague who tells me something false, above his knowledge, and of unverified origin. The result could be an engineering casualty that not only causes damage to machinery and systems, but puts you in the dark for hours or days. See where “I’m coming from? I come from a background of verifiable statements, logic, pragmatism,

          I feel that my life’s experiences-wide ranging, worldwide, eclectic, peripatetic reading and sourcing could be a solid contribution to Darkmoon, the site I now regard as essential.

          So, for the privilege of posting on DM, I give my promise NOT to engage in ad hominem attacks on anyone. Rather, I think it best for all to state and objective counterpoint, refutation, etc, and leave it at that, OR ignore what I regard as an inane, baseless, shallow comment; I shall keep that opinion to myself.

          It is in the spirit of Agape, The Greater Good, The Commonweal that I ask this.

          1. @ Poupon

            OK, go ahead…but you’ll be put on automatic monitoring for the next few days.
            Please do your best to act responsibly.

  27. It seems that being barred from LD is only a temporary act. First Salman, then Circassian and now Poupon. Now all we need, to make a full house is Avatar back. I have to applaud admin for their respect towards freedom of expression, even though reinstated posters are obnoxious individuals.

    1. Banned posters are not all “reinstated”. There are some banned posters we will never allow back under any circumstances. (Such as Avatar). Moreover, the ones who are allowed back are aware that they will be be given the boot at once if they continue to misbehave.

      1. Admin,

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Lobro give an ultimatum that either admin bans Circassian or he goes? Now this isn’t about getting into any arguments, but you have reinstated Circassian by allowing him to post. Were he banned you would not have allowed him to do so, or has banned now taken on a completely new definition within the dictionary?
        Like I stated, I applaud admin for allowing freedom of speech to reign true, but we can’t both be right, can we, with different opinions?
        Maybe you should change the banning concept first to a trial separation and if that doesn’t work out a full divorce from LD. 🙂

        1. Yes, Lobro gave us an ultimatum and we respected his wishes. But we checked with Lobro first before readmitting Circassian “temporarily” for one or two sporadic posts which Circassian claimed were “very important.” Basically,if Lobro had insisted that Circassian must NOT be allowed to post again, then Lobro’s wish would have prevailed. But Lobro did not seem to mind.

          In any case, we have no intention of readmitting Circassian here as a regular poster. Nor does Circassian wish to return. He just drops in now and again. And we see no harm in posting an occasional comment from him if it’s a reasonable comment and if Lobro does not object.

      2. So then….

        You did ban (not allow someone to post) Circassian from LD, but allowed him back (regardless whether it was two posts or two hundred), after clearing it first with lobro? Yes?…..or no?

        1. Yes, we cleared it first with Lobro — but only on the understanding that Circassian was not going to become a regular feature again. We know what we’re doing, Harbinger. The last thing we want is to slide back again into chaos. Disruptive posters will certainly be banned if they continue to cause us trouble. Rest assured on that point.

      3. Most banned posters will remain banned forever, have no fear! For example, Tyron Parsons will never be readmitted. This is because he sent us threatening emails saying he would sabotage our website and get it shut down. And all because we tried to limit his posts to no more than three a day! He insisted on unlimited access and no monitoring whatsoever. We can’t deal with people like that.

      4. Toby,

        Where did I state you don’t know what you’re doing?
        All I asked, after my initial post, was, in context with lobro’s ultimatum – YOU BANNED CIRCASSIAN.
        Am I correct or not? Did you or did you not ban Circassian, at lobro’s request?
        This is the only point I’m making in that you’ve allowed banned posters back to post, whom you initially banned.
        Or am I wrong Toby?
        Maybe it’s the Mandela Effect playing with word definitions…..

    2. look, so far i stayed away from this fray but since my name comes up repeatedly, i guess i have to say something on the subject.
      the reason i previously gave that ultimatum was not for the reason of disagreement on any particular subject but because of unceasing personal attacks and ad hominem that hobbled my ability to stick to any topic in a constructive manner, like running hurdles with a ball and chain hanging off my ankle.
      imagine if every single post you make is followed on with three or more comments on what a racist, misogynist, sectarian piece of trash you are or failed music producer/composer/performer and i mean not just once but every time you posted anything, without fail.
      at some point you are ready to withdraw from commentariat not because of sense of personal defeat but you conclude that under the circumstances you can no longer make a useful contribution – thus the ultimatum.

      so far the reinstated-circassian has been making sane, well informed comments, in particular a very important one regarding arrest of the minister Ulyuyakov in Russia whose significance no one remarked on.
      That one post is worth more than any dozen posts by a specific half a dozen posters who cannot rise above the level of snide banalities – but, so long as they stick to the topic, i don’t care if they continue with the stream of useless inanities, the reader can pick and choose and who knows, maybe the majority of them do prefer that sort of vapid, uninformed, unsourced or obtained from compromised sources content.

      So, to repeat and it doesn’t concern Circassian only, i have no right to object to anyone here on the basis of content alone, only on personal attacks that infect the fabric of the site. That is when I am ready to walk because i have better use for my time than trading profanities.

      Up there, somewhere, look at this post and compare in quality to the next 2-3 and you will see what I mean.

      Darkmoon is Darkmoon because of quality of both articles and debate and nothing else.

      1. and i object to the notion that i may be part of the decision making collective at Darkmoon, because i most definitely am not, though a friend of Lasha’s – never exchanged a word offsite with any other among the crew.
        The only decision i am able and willing to make is to post or not to post and that one is mine only, i reject in advance any other possibility.

        so let’s leave all that “personal” stuff aside.
        because it is not even personal, the reality is that apart from where 2 posters know each other in person, the rest are just combinations of letters or in case of 1138, digits on computer monitors and 1138 hurling insults at 9055 is neither here nor there, the entertainment value soon wears off.

        which in my case will necessarily boil down to IT’S JEWS, JEWS, JEWS, subject to revision – subject to further refinement of data mining.

      2. Lobro,

        It appears that neither you, nor admin seems to have grasped anything of what I’ve been writing about. It’s semantics, that’s all. Nothing whatsoever to do with lobro’s authority on LD. My point is that once you ban someone they are banned; the admin here, through allowing posters back of late obviously don’t ban people, even when asked to. And lobro, I remember reading the ultimatum you wrote, about you or Circassian.
        It started off as a light hearted comment, congratulating admin for allowing freedom of speech. I stated that this is not an argument, although it’s appeared to have devolved into one, with you feeling that you have to write, because your name’s been mentioned.
        If you’re going to ban someone, do it. If you’re going to allow them back, don’t say you’re banning them, even if it is only for two or three posts. This is my point and that is all. Talk about making mountains out of molehills….

      3. harb, i figured that what the heck, maybe i didn’t fully grasp the meaning of the word “ban”, that it implied an irrevocable decision to be extended into perpetuity.
        Well, according to this, it is not the case, just like the American prohibition against the sale of alcohol was not forever (only long enough to make a bunch of criminal jews insanely rich).
        After all, even in a church sanctioned and officiated marriage, “till death do us part” means nothing, according to the divorce consultants.
        In Sarajevo, the Croats there refer to their wives, when out of earshot of course, as “graves” for the above reason.

        i think it is reasonable, humane and useful to ban someone on the basis of their behavior and nothing else, so that absent the offensive behavior, the reason for the ban disappears.
        A cobra with its venom sac removed becomes a tourist attraction – no longer banned from public spaces.

        But maybe i am wrong.

  28. Everyone.

    Good grief! It was hard to get through this list of comments with all the relevant and irrelevant comments, arguments about Asian mysticism, tangential digressions, invoking the Jews, their various sects, banned posters, Catholic origins, Trump possesion, etc., ad nauseum. Ego stroking intellectual and pseudo intellectual blather, IMHO. Some folks need to get a life.

    Did anyone (I think I did notice one.) acknowledge that they were able to apprehend the simple truth that the source of all evil is satanic? All others are his/their agents, and whether they are willing or unwilling, it is irrelevant.

  29. Returning to that priceless interview with Roger Dommergue Polacco de Mensces that Phil referenced, a couple of excerpts:

    You have Otto Vanlinger [another jew gone rogue it seems] with this sublime quote:

    We live in the era of the woman and the jew

    Well, we won’t delve into feminine stupidity.
    It would take far more time than we have, but there would be a lot to say about women’s malleability, towards all kinds of idiocies and ideologies, particularly feminism, which destroys women at their core.

    Simone Weil:

    The untruth of progress is Israel

    [one woman, ex-Jewess as a valuable exception to the malleability rule – i might post separately on couple of related thoughts that grew out of that remark]
    Day 8, 1st puberty
    Ugliness of Jewish faces

    the first puberty begins on the eighth day after birth and lasts 21 days. And it’s on the 8th day that circumcision is practiced. [At 7 to 9 years the sexual differentiation begins, and lastly there is full puberty at 10 to 17 years.] As a result of circumcision, this first puberty is disturbed… What do Jews have in common?

    Some, those who run the world in particular, have a great capacity for speculation, and often these caricatural physiques that you’ll find on say Raymond Aron or Pr. Schwartzenberg, or well, you’ve seen their faces before, which are faces of illness, you can clearly see that are sick. –It’s their mental state that. –Yes it’s their mental state.
    Our face reflects our soul, hence those caricatural faces. Not all, some of them are handsome but they are very rare. But most are really ugly. Ugly. And some are hideous! Really hideous. I’ve seen some, those that reign in these times, they are really horrible. Their face really reflects their soul.

    Particularly, the finance crowd. They really have soulless, carnivorous physiques, very caricatural traits. — It’s the left brain that’s … more developed compared to the right. — That’s it, particularly. The pituitarian side, the analytical mind.

    And so, I’ll sum up … What happens?

    What happens is when you perform his operation, you set free some hormones contained in the internalgenitalorgan,which is THE human gland. The gland that basically runs everything deliberately. Deliberately, not automatically. Automatisms it would seem are from the pituitary. So, it’s the organ of free will. It will consequently become underdeveloped starting that day.

    It will be underdeveloped and at the same time, it will liberate other organs, which will run without the brakes on. Because the role of the internal genital gland, is precisely to orchestrate a balance in the whole hormonal system. It won’t be able to do it. Thus the pituitary and the thyroid, even the adrenal glands to a lesser extent, will become unhinged.

    They will therefore be out of control, 7, 8, or 10 times more active than in most humans. And what’s going to happen? The internal genital gland, which is underdeveloped in the mentally ill, will be underdeveloped in the Jews. Which means they’ll only have enough interstitial capacity, to direct their speculations which will be dictated by their pituitary and their thyroid. Hence a sort of real illness: they can’t stop

    The old guy’s passing is a loss, he was funny, fearless and extremely outspoken in addition to being most right.
    An interesting aside, relating to the ugliness of Jew mugs, even though he himself was a prototype Jew with all those phenotypes on exhibit, exaggerated nose, ears and mouth, the overall effect is comical and quite likeable – because of his internal goodness and spiritual health.
    therefore, the perception of beauty and ugliness is not quantifiable but psychically inherent, hardwired to say.
    A dachshund or a pug or a frog should by all accounts be pronounced ugly but they are among the most charming animals imaginable.

    1. Lobro,

      There must be some mistake in the subtitle, it’s Otto Weininger he referred to as in
      Unsurprisingly Weininger’s most ardent posthumous fans were the Nazis, foremost Hitler himself who reportedly said he “had only encountered one decent Jew, Otto Weininger, who killed himself when he realized that the Jew thrives on contaminating the authentic folk bloodlines of others.”
      Typical nazi exageration, we have a lot of honest Jews on the continent, although the Shoah made them dishonest.

      As to Dommergue the video doesn’t do justice to his appearance. History doesn’t say if he was circumcised on the 8th day although he called the Jews his congeners. He sure does speculate a lot in the video, the Moses part, like a very old man ostracized all his life.

      1. Phil

        I agree with your saying Hitler exaggerated, and that the Shoah contaminated THEM in return. For him to say “jew thrives on contaminating the authentic folk bloodlines of others” misapprehends a full understanding of “jew”. Like I’ve been saying with what I refer to as the “lesser” jews, the nature of their contaminating influence is primarily in their disposition to doing the jobs that further the protocolian agenda as directed by what I refer to as the “higher” jews.

        Hitler meant well when he negotiated a deal with the “higher” jews (e.g.; what has been termed the “zionists”) in rounding up the “lesser” jews and putting them in the camps.

        Hitler: “A resettlement to Palestinian lands? Fine, so long as they’re removed from Europe!”

        Little did he know that his REAL problem lay with these very “higher” jews he was DEALING with.

        IMO he genuinely believed he was operating from a position of strength, when they were playing him to a fare-thee-well the whole time.

    2. Phil, when you say that somebody is an “Honest Jew“, i suppose you mean it in its narrowest terms, as in “jew who is upfront about his hate and crimes“, not an “Honest and Just Jew” because that becomes an oxymoron, like “vegetarian carnivore”.
      Either that or we wade back into the treadmill of “jewishness is a race, no it is not, it is a religion, no it is not, it is a race” swamp, which is where they want us to get stuck forever.
      i said that a jew is a creature of judaism, ie, defined by the core tenets of judaism as spelled out in torah, meaning the dictates of attitudes toward a NON-JEW, viz, deceit, cruelty, gross materialism, parasitism, perversion, supremacism, betrayal, injustice and a score of affiliated moral afflictions.
      in other words, a CLEAN JEW 😉 to use a phrase that Admirer Of Darkmoon would be unlikely to object to and were 1138 to adopt it, everybody would know its meaning.

      Now, Dommergue has demonstrated quite aptly his extreme distaste for just about everything pertaining to the practitioners of Judaism and i would never refer to him as a jew just because of his birth circumstances.
      if the offspring of two retarded parents turned out of normal intelligence, would you call him retarded?
      if formerly ivanka trump started practicing the black arts of judaism (and i suppose she has already by way of voluntary, deliberate conversion where she swore to uphold the FILTH sacred to it), she would become a full fledged Jewess.
      Short of a simpler and more exact definition, I would say that mine sticks to the idea of Occam’s razor.

      Btw and largely unrelated, if some Jew-jew were to show up here and start preaching the virtues and strengths of judaism without resorting to ad hominem attacks, i would absolutely defend his right to do so, not out of some theatrical heroic urge but because of the valuable opportunity for clarifying a whole bunch of issues, just as faurisson openly challenged any and all proponents and salesmen of the Shoah package to step up to the plate and debate him in public.
      Not a single taker.

      I could quite easily pretend to be an Honest Jew, ie, a Devil’s advocate 😉 by marshaling all the immoral logic in support of judaic concepts and anyone would have a hard time making a dent in my arguments, just like Marvin Polatnick did and I think only TROJ was perceptive enough to have spotted this opportunity.
      Too bad that Marvin couldn’t shut up on the topics of sexual abandon, obviously quite dear to him, because otherwise he filled out the role of the Honest Jew to perfection.

  30. Being banned as digital and bi-polar to some, rather than continuous or analog, seems unfit. Isn’t there a difference or spectrum of offenses that would lead to suspension or banishment? Public Nuisance is not the same as Assault, is it?

    I think on the basis of logic and reasoning, Admin Toby and LD get it right. There is also the question of intent….

    1. Come on toddler,

      Internet is the kingdom of cowards, you don’t have to add some juridical claptrap to the discussion. Stop with the ad hominen, the patronizing tone and you will be most welcome again.

      1. Well said, Phil! I am so glad to see you posting here again. Please continue, and do not deny us the benefit of your wise and well-informed thoughts!

        As for Poupon, I welcome him back. He is an amusing and highly intelligent commenter. My only regret is that he has a tendency to cross the red line in two ways: (1) Constant ad hominem attacks on individual posters, including attacks on Admin. (2) A tendency to post too many off-topic comments and off-topic links to YouTube videos.

        If Poupon could avoid doing this, he would be more than welcome.

        If I remember correctly, Poupon got himself banned last time because of non-stop ad hominem attacks on Pat. Pat asked for Poupon’s removal and Admin took steps to protect Pat from these vicious personal attacks. Which I think Admin was right to do.

        Admin bends over backwards not to ban posters. It only takes action when posters go too far and cross all red lines. I have been banned on many other sites, but not here. This is one site that has put up with me.

      2. Hey, Phil –

        Always glad to read ya’ again…. Keep it up.

        “…juridical claptrap..” HA!!!

        Great comment… for any “toddler”…!! 🙂

      3. Posters get onto irrelevant rambles because of stale topics. (How much can be said about demonic possession??) My idle morning habit at coffee is to check-into Drudge – then, Darkmoon – to see what’s new…
        (I realize it must be difficult to introduce new discussion on a daily basis – but I do not doubt Lasha’s creativity!)

        Posters like those herein accused of misbehavior are at least interesting and stimulating! 🙂

      4. Gil –

        “How much”??? Glad you asked…. 🙂

        (((DEMONS))) are in POSSESSION of the Crown’s police… “TODAY”….!!

        Dissident Musician and British Nationalist Alison Chabloz Arrested for a Song

        Victim of targeted harassment and abuse from vicious, pro-Israel “advocates” as well as from a host of anonymous Hasbara “Ziotrolls” and assorted Leftist, liberal “social justice warriors”, Chabloz was recently informed by her local police force in Derbyshire that their investigation for malicious communications and harassment regarding this online abuse against Chabloz had been closed. The investigation began earlier this year after Chabloz had received several unwanted postal deliveries, including anonymous birthday and Christmas cards as well as several sales catalogues (e.g. for reinforced doors and blinds) addressed to her in a derogatory manner.

        Ten days after receiving news of the now closed case, Chabloz was arrested by local police in an investigation involving two other forces. She was questioned and detained for six hours – more than two hours spent locked in a cell – learning on her release at midnight that during this time police had raided her domicile and seized her laptop.

        With her laptop now in police hands, Chabloz’ gigs are on hold because the device contains all her sheet music, backing tracks and software vital for her performances. Chabloz’ solicitor has submitted a legal request to try and recuperate the device and a mobile phone also seized.

        Chabloz has been bailed till January 12 pending a decision by the Crown Prosecution Service.

      5. While you’re bothering to post this, Pat, why not link an example of her work? (She might be a god-awful musician, deserving of obscurity!) At least she would obtain wider noteriety by your observance…

      6. Gil –

        “While you’re bothering to post this, Pat, why not link an example of her work?z”

        It was NO “bother” at all.. I really enjoyed it. It further exposes the treachery of Pharisee-Jews.. 🙂

        CODOH did not write the article as a critique of her music….. so no example was needed to show their point of how Pharisee-Jews control every aspect our lives…. no matter the arena…!!

        If you are really concerned, and want to hear her music… just go to youtube and put her name in search bar….

        You will find a really good one on Pharisee-Jews:

        “((( Survivors )))”

        My name is Irene Zisblatt and I come from Hungary
        Can you believe what evil Nazi bastards did to me
        I was gassed not once but twice
        I mangaed to escape
        Over the electric fence
        Landed on the train

        I saw them taking babies and tearing them in two
        And creepy Dr Mengele he removed my tattoo
        They tried to turn my brown eyes blue
        Make lampshades from my skin
        For months I swallowed diamonds
        And shat them out again

        Tell us another
        Come on, my brother
        Repeat the cover
        For tribal gain
        Safe in our tower
        Now is the hour
        Money and power
        We have no shame

        Let’s lie and cheat on film
        No one suspects a thing
        Bigger the lie is better for us!
        Every fake survivor
        Every fake survivor’s laughing
        Fake survivors’ tongues are wagging
        All us frauds are busy blagging
        Spin and yarn there’ll be no gagging
        You shall pay
        All the way
        Every night and day!

        My name is Elie Wiesel may I show you my tattoo
        I wrote a book for US kids to study while at school
        It’s full of nonsense tales of course
        What do you all expect
        But it made me very wealthy
        As a liar I’m the best

        At Auschwitz they burned
        babies tho the water table’s high
        Fred Leuchter’s work on ditches well it almost made me cry
        Treblinka was a another one
        There was no funeral pyre
        I cannot speak Hungarian
        But oh boy can I lie

        History repeats itself
        No limit to our wealth
        Thanks to your debt we’re
        Bleeding you dry
        We control your media
        Control of your books and TV
        With the daily lies we feed you
        Suffering victimisation
        Sheeple have no realisation
        You shall pay…

        My name is Otto Frank and my daughter’s name is Anne
        The poor girl died of typhus at Bergen-Belsen camp
        She wrote an introduction
        To her famous diary
        The rest was penned by Levin then publishèd by me

        Two thousand and sixteen the copyright came to an end
        The Anne Frank trust decided once again the rules to bend
        We truly had no choice although
        The whole thing really stank
        But the book now has two authors
        Anne and Otto Frank.

        Bank notes let’s print some more
        We love to see you poor
        Let’s start a war
        Our pockets to line
        There is no more doubting
        Every nations debt is mounting
        While the bankers keep on counting
        Pension fund has now gone awol
        Nothing left upon your table
        You shall pay..


        Thanks for asking..!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks, Sean. A great political statement by this lady! (Truth hurts the bastards!)
      I doubt she will emerge unscathed from the UK “justice” system, poor woman…

    2. Pat,

      Thanks for posting the link to that video on the Holocaust. Totally brilliant! I’d never even heard of this lady before. I thought she was Jewish to start with, because she looks Jewish. But obviously she isn’t if she’s been accused of being a neo-Nazi anti-Semite.

      1. Sard –

        Glad to help. Sean contributed also…. while I was writing.

        There is no such thing as looking jewish…
        …… Judaism is a cult, not a body-type. 🙂

  31. I find it interesting that this article was written as an expose’ of the demonic realm, yet in the comments section the commentators managed to turn the conversation totally away from anything having to do with spirit realm things (which is what the article is about). I’ve seen it happen on several websites. What happens is that a spiritual discussion will get going and suddenly several people will come out of the woodwork and start posting comments that have nothing to do with spirit realm things. They go on and on with their rants, and while giving the appearance of arguing with one another, they are actually in total agreement as they argue with one another then turn around and throw roses at one another (i.e.ego stroking/garnering of narcissistic supply/complimenting one another for their ‘brilliance’/ etc.) and completely take over the forum with a lot of talk that has nothing to do with the original discussion, especially if the original discussion had (or has) to do with scrutinizing the spirit realm. I’ve seen it happen several times on several websites. The first one I can recall it happening on was the Rigorous Intuition website. It got taken over by a few people who kept on and on (in their own private discussion) with a lot of meaningless talk and everyone lost interest and the whole forum fizzled. I saw it happen again on the Shills and Half Truthers website. A few loquacious pedants took the forum over with a lot of meaningless talk (a lot of which was religious talk) while throwing roses at one another the whole time. I also saw it happen on the Smoking Mirrors website. If the conversation ever got around to spirit realm things it would quickly be drowned out by people posting comments about anything BUT spirit realm things. So the people who were interested in talking about spirit realm things soon quit visiting the site altogether. I hope that isn’t going to happen here on this forum but it looks as if that’s where it’s headed. One thing these people don’t realize is that this kind of diversion is one of the mainstay defenses the demons use to shield themselves from exposure. So if they see a conversation about spirit realm things taking place it’s their job to make sure there’s a change of subject. It doesn’t matter what the change of subject is about as long as it ISN’T about spirit realm things. Unfortunately, these people can’t see that they’re being used by demons to keep the charade going. They can’t see it, don’t want to see it, and probably aren’t going to see it, ever, ever.

    1. Well said, Jim. I noticed this tendency too. But I’m not sure it’s caused by demonic spirits trying to create distractions and deflecting attention from the spirit realm. It’s more to do with skeptics and scoffers who don’t believe in the spirit realm and don’t wish to discuss it.

      They’re rather spend every available minute of the day, from dawn to dusk, on safe ground where they feel fully at ease, i.e., in the nice cosy little world of Jew-bashing.

      That’s what this site is all about to 90 per cent of its commenters. A Jew-bashing shop. They get their daily sustenance from Jew-bashing in the same way that vampires get their nutritional needs satisfied from sucking blood.

    2. One thing these people don’t realize is that
      this kind of diversion is one of the mainstay defenses the demons use to shield themselves from exposure.
      [just like Jews reject discussion about their all pervasive power and influence]
      So if they see a conversation about spirit realm things taking place it’s their job to make sure there’s a change of subject. It doesn’t matter what the change of subject is about as long as it ISN’T about spirit realm things. Unfortunately, these people can’t see that they’re being used by demons to keep the charade going. They can’t see it, don’t want to see it, and probably aren’t going to see it, ever, ever.

      This is a powerful statement Jim, even though there is no empirical way of testing it because the spirit world, by virtue of being immaterial cannot be captured by material instruments of measurement.
      Therefore, there is no point of even debating its reality, which for all we know may be more “real” than the world of matter or not real at all, the distinction is immaterial (Sard, does this qualify as pun or merely an indicator of the material dungeon that truncates wealth of our experience by linguistical skullduggery).
      Like saying “I am a materialist and to me everything else is immaterial” or “As a pipe fitter, art seems to me like a complete waste of time, it will never repair a leak“.

      People who interfere with an ongoing discussion by injecting themselves into it and diverting it to unrelated thematics should ask themselves what do they hope to accomplish and why, if disinterested why not stay put, lots of other material on other threads – could they possibly be manipulated by the very entity which they so contemptuously dismiss.

      In which case they are debasing themselves in a perfect identification of simultaneous culpability and victimhood.
      Is it worth the risk of self-mutilation, just in order to break up some ongoing conversation?
      And if successful, ask yourself why is it so important to you?

      1. Lobro –

        “People who interfere with an ongoing discussion by injecting themselves into it and diverting it to unrelated thematics should ask themselves what do they hope to accomplish and why”

        Right here….
        Sard interjected his thoughts.
        I interjected my thoughts.
        You expressed your thoughts. Jim did not address you.

        Even though uninvited, as was Sard, and maybe even you, I don’t feel any demonic possession by pointing out the criminals meet in DC’s pizza parlors….. with horrible – possibly demonic – intentions.

        I don’t believe you have demonic purposes for wanting people to stay out of conversations.

        My purpose:
        I want to increase info and dialogue about the criminals… not stifle the spread of knowledge. Know the enemy.

        Bring me more info…. NOT less..!! Interject MORE..!!

      2. non-sequitur, Pat.

        firstly, i did not – being quite honest here – have your insertion about pizzagate in mind, it is actually a valuable link, worth pursuing for wider audience – highly disgusting and disturbing stuff about torturing and killing kids and such (those sculptures and drawings of the schizophrenics sure look like depictions of possessions, maybe there is a common ground when verbiage is removed).

        Jim Yost made a point directly referencing the article of which i am at least part author and it is therefore within my responsibility to read it and possibly comment, which i did.
        Moreover, as to the appropriateness of my reply, I quoted – look it up – part of Jim’s original text, so in no way was i being disruptive.

        My comment was intended for those who barge in with mindlessly categorical statements like
        “there are no spirits, no demons, it is all superstitious bunk”
        and they will do so repeatedly, never with an intention to debate the subject rationally or in a civilized manner, just hit-and-run and soon afterwards, another will show up and do the same and so on.
        And it doesn’t have to be on the subject of spirits, it can be anything else, trump, Putin or Holocaust – yes, jews like to do that, run in, yell “He is a Nazi!”, “Lasha is a lying bitch and Tavistock graduate!”, “Pat is a Jew!” 🙂 and run away.
        This is what i had in mind, generally speaking.
        Otherwise there is no rule stating that only lobro is entitled to participate in some discussion, pat isn’t.

        But if you were to barge onto some sports forum where they are listing baseball scores and stats and Vegas book and you went on about how the United States is a corporation and listed various court documents and their reference numbers, how do you think they would welcome you?
        just sayin’ so please continue and maybe at some point i will be out of line, please let me know.

      1. Sean –

        No need to write “might” in this case. Austria, Poland, Hungary, and Ukraine.

        Shatner was born on March 22, 1931, in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce neighbourhood of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the son of Anne (née Garmaise) and Joseph Shatner, a clothing manufacturer.
        His paternal grandfather, Wolf Schattner, anglicized the family name to “Shatner”.

        All of Shatner’s grandparents were Jewish immigrants (from Austria, Poland, Hungary, and Ukraine); and he was raised in Conservative Judaism.

        He gets to use kol nidre.

  32. Memorable statement by Pat (no asterisk) that only requires a slight modification:
    “There is no such thing as looking jewish…
    …… Judaism is a cult, not a body-type. ”

    • Yes, THERE IS such a thing as looking Jewish. Too bad it is a useful indicator to nobody except caricaturists because (a) not all Jews conform to this somatic type; and (b) of those who do, some may decide to stop being “Jewish” (e.g., Gilad Atzmon).
    • Yes, Judaism is a cult. This is 100% correct, incontrovertibly correct, demonstrably and unassailably correct and belonging to it is the only guaranteed indicator of being “Jewish.”

  33. During the last two days I’ve had the recurring thought that I should mention one more thing about praying for people for deliverance from demons, citing two examples. Back in the early 70’s a man came to my house supposedly wanting deliverance from a demon of drug addiction. He came by himself late in the evening. My wife and three small children were already in bed. The man and I talked for awhile and I started to pray for him, but nothing was happening, so after a few minutes of that I asked the Lord what was going on and spoke in my spirit and told me that the man wasn’t sincere, that he was only fooling around and wanted to discredit me and brag about it to his friends. So I said to him “You’re just fooling around aren’t you.” He looked quite surprised and mumbled some excuses and left.

    Another time in the mid-90s there was a middle aged woman who lived in a nearby rural community from where I live who was supposedly taken over by a demon, and for two evenings there were a dozen or more people gathered at a small church who were praying for her for deliverance. Three or four of the men praying for her were pastors of nearby rural churches. They had prayed for her two nights in a row and nothing was happening. She was cursing and trying to take her clothes off and acting lewd and was drooling and the demon was manifesting so much that it could be seen in her face, and these men were shouting at the demon and commanding it to leave in Jesus’ name, but it didn’t budge. The second evening at around 9:00 the woman’s husband and another man came to my house and asked me to come pray for the woman. So I got in my car and followed them to this little church where they were praying for her. As we were walking in I could hear these three or four men shouting at the demon and commanding it in Jesus’ name to come out of the woman. As I recall I heard the demon laughing at them. The woman’s husband asked me to please go in there and pray for her. Then as soon as I stepped into the room and looked at the woman, the demon looked at me and I could see that it wasn’t intimidated by me at all. So I sort of silently prayed and asked the Lord what was going on and he said: “Don’t bother praying for her; the demon has rights to stay because she’s enjoying the attention.” I told her husband what the Lord had said and he hung his head and agreed. The four preachers overheard what I had told him and they gave me dirty looks. I apologized to the man and I left. I really felt sorry for him. The last I heard about the woman was that she was put in a mental hospital in a town about 100 miles away.

    The reason I wanted to mention this is because prayer for deliverance doesn’t always work, especially when the demon has rights to stay. That’s why the Lord prefers to use older experienced Christians to perform exorcisms, because a lot of times they’ve learned lessons about it from hard experience. I could tell many more such examples but there isn’t room to do it here.

    1. @ Jim Yost
      I find your posts to be very interesting. You, obviously, possess a highly advanced SQ ( Spirituality Quotient). You mention your experience of anointment by the Holy Spirit as intense, but short lived. Although I am a Buddhist we have a similar experience, when we practise certain types of meditation. A perception of a fluttering of wings above the head, and a Dove alighting. One is is then suffused with an absolute feeling of bliss and of being totally loved. Usually it will occur prior to undergoing an ordeal or it can be a remonstrance for some past transgression. Believe me, one squirms when one receives a remonstrance. Often it is a message of encouragement and will presage some unbelievable event in your life. My question, is this how do you perceive an anointment by the Holy Spirit or does it take a variety of forms?

      1. @ Felix
        In the interest of saving time and not going into a lot of detail, the anointing of the Holy Spirit is an encounter with him that is bestowed on a person, a family, a group, a city, or a nation, by Father God and his Son Jesus Christ. Regarding this happening to a nation, you may be interested in seeing this:


        It is up to the Lord to decide who is going to receive the anointing, and when. The anointing is something that God does, whereas religion is something that man does (this of course includes meditation). The Holy Spirit is given to those who have been born again by having received Jesus Christ into their hearts by faith in his name. Jesus himself told a certain rabbi “You must be born again.” (John 3:3-8). In one of the most important sermons recorded in scripture the Apostle Peter made this statement: “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12). The book of Acts is replete with references to the Holy Spirit and about how to receive him. There is one story in chapter 8 about how the Lord gave an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on a town and there were miracles of deliverance and healing happening all over the place. Verses 7-8 say: “For unclean spirits, crying with loud voice, came out of many that were possessed with them: and many taken with palsies, and that were lame, were healed. And there was great joy in that city.” (I personally witnessed that happening in several big church meetings in Toronto during the outpouring of the Holy Spirit there in the mid-90’s). In chapter 19 there is another story about people receiving the Holy Spirit. Verses 1-2 say: “And it came to pass while Apollos was at Corinth, Paul having passed through the upper coasts came to Ephesus, and finding certain disciples, he said unto them “Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed? ” And they said unto him “We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost.” The account goes on to tell about the group of them receiving the Holy Spirit. Verse 6 says: “And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Ghost came on them; and they spoke with tongues and prophesied.”

        So, Felix, If you want to start having experiences with the Holy Spirit my suggestion to you is that you be born again by accepting Jesus Christ as your savior and study the books of Luke, John, and Acts (King James Version) and ask the Lord to give you the gift of the Holy Spirit. I can tell you that if you take this advice of mine you won’t be disappointed.

    2. Jim –

      “So I sort of silently prayed and asked the Lord what was going on and he said: “Don’t bother praying for her; the demon has rights to stay because she’s enjoying the attention.” I told her husband what the Lord had said and he hung his head and agreed.”

      That IS very interesting..!!

      If a “Lord” said that demons have rights…. and give up… I would say another “Lord” is needed. That particular “Lord” is admitting to be weaker than BOTH the demon and/or the woman.

      I claim demons have no rights at all… even if just for enjoyment by a woman..!!

      There is no ‘Bill of Rights For Demons’ in my books. They fail.

  34. thanks for these stories Rev Yost, you obviously have hands-on experience, whereas i can only rely on 2nd hand.
    one thing that father martin talks about is the seamless gamut of the depth and intensity of possession from a mild one that the victim can deal with on his own if so inclined and with sufficient willpower to very serious cases requiring involvement of experienced teams, eg, the head exorcist, junior helper, also an ordained priest and four assistants for physically retraining the patient, rooms cleaned out of all furniture except bed and chairs.
    Finally, there are what martin calls “perfect” possessions that are absolutely untouchable where the victim is completely under control and has no will capable of struggle because without the victim’s desire to get free, it is pointless to continue.

  35. @ Lobro
    My experience with doing deliverance is that if a demon isn’t coming out when commanded in Jesus’ name the reason it isn’t coming out is because it has rights to stay and it knows it has those rights. My old mentor who was a Christian prophet (he died in 2014) told me that one night back in the late 80’s he was speaking at a church meeting and the Lord gave him an anointing for deliverance. He performed several exorcisms but then this one young man came up for prayer for deliverance and my buddy prayed for him but nothing happened. He said the demon was manifesting in the young man’s face and he could see it and was commanding it in Jesus’ name to come out of the man, but it didn’t budge. So he went out to the parking lot to pray and he asked the Lord if there was something he had done to impede the full anointing, and the Lord spoke to him and said: “Tell him to take off his gold chain.” So he went back in and asked the man if he was wearing a gold chain around his neck (he said the man was wearing a shirt with a collar so that the chain was covered) and he said yes. My buddy told him to take it off, and the second he took it of the demon came out. My buddy ran back outside and asked the Lord what that was all about and the Lord told him that the chain had been given to him by a girl who was a witch who evoked the demon, and that the chain gave the demon a measure of ownership of the man. So after that he made it a point to counsel Christian men not to be wearing a chain around their neck. Sometime later he told me that he had discovered that tattoos function the same way, i.e. to give rights of control over the person by the demon that inspired them to get the tattoo. I’ve never had any experience with praying for deliverance for anyone with a tattoo so I don’t know quite what to say about it, except that I think that if the person made a profession of repentance about it and asked the Lord to forgive them for getting the tattoo that it would negate the demon’s rights of control over them. Demons are always on the lookout for ways to obtain rights of control over people. One thing that makes it hard to discover the ploy is that they might not start to exercise their rights of control over the person right then, they may wait awhile. Years maybe. That’s one reason why it is so important for Christians to pray for the Lord to give them the gift of discerning of spirits (per 1 Corinthians 12:10).

  36. @ Lobro
    I forgot to mention that my buddy said he had discovered that men having an ear ring functions the same way. He said this is true particularly of Christian men.

    1. Valuable points Jim, thanks.

      i guess that self-mutilation is always an act of debasing what the Lord had given and consequently an indication of willingness to negotiate some kind of deal with the Devil, using one’s free will and spirit as a collateral.

      Like the slaves used to wear the brand of their owners.

      I did use to wear an ancient gold cross around my neck, an heirloom for the firstborn sons from my mother’s side that survived a number of generations, bearing toothmarks of all the previous guys, grandfathers and so on.
      It got ripped away from me during a high school basketball game without me realizing and lost forever.
      i guess it was meant to be …

      1. @ Lobro

        Yeah, it was probably the Lord who arranged for the necklace to get lost. Heirlooms can be used by demons to aid in perpetuating generational curses (aka family bloodline curses) that can keep people in bondage generation after generation. The evidence of a curse is that the person kind of goes around in circles spiritually; year after year making the same mistakes. This is especially true in the case of idolatry being passed on from generation to generation. Most Americans are under the curse of idolatry and are clueless about it, but that’s another subject.

        In regard to men having ear rings, my old mentor said that the Lord showed him that the ear ring represents ownership of the man by the demon that inspired him to get the ear ring, citing the law concerning slave ownership in Exodus chapter 21 which states what is to be done if a slave is given the opportunity to obtain his freedom but decides he wants to remain a slave. Verse 6 says: “Then his master shall bring him to the judges; he shall also bring him to the door, or unto the door post, and his master shall bore his ear through with an awl; and he shall serve him forever.”

        My old mentor thought that a man having an ear ring is a recipe for disaster. I asked him what about women and he said he thought that there is no evidence that it opens up demonic control over them. The demons always aim to get control over men first because once they have control over a man they automatically have access to his wife and children (and grandchildren).

  37. @ Felix
    The link I posted that got deleted (evidently because it wouldn’t load) was a link to a pictorial collage of the Wales Revival. You can access it by googling ‘Wales Revival Pictures.’ The reason I like to tell people about it is because it really does exemplify the saying that a picture takes the place of a thousand words. I think we’re going to see that kind of outpouring happen again in the not-too-distant future, but that this time it’s going to be worldwide, not just in one small country. There have been many Christian prophets over the centuries who believe that the Lord’s promise in Joel 2:23 refers to two great outpourings of the Holy Spirit, namely, the former rain which was Pentecost (see Acts chapter 2), and the latter rain which is the end time revival just before the Lord returns (see Revelation 14:14-16). The former rain was the birth of the Lord’s Church, and the latter rain will be the glorification of the Lord’s Church. There are many theologians who would argue that these verses in Rev. 14 don’t necessarily refer to any such end time revival, and their argument might hold water if it weren’t for the fact that the book of Revelation was addressed specifically to the Christians living in the end times (which is the time we’re living in now I think).

    1. Jim, you have a Welsh name and from what I know, the Welsh are an inward looking people, innately given to looking and seeing beyond the material manifestations.
      It may interest you that in Martin’s 5 cases, the last one is told by a Welshman, Father Heartley (1st name).
      Originally a Methodist, he was ordained as an RC priest.
      To me, his story is the most fascinating of the bunch.

  38. @ Lobro

    One time several years ago my old mentor (who was an elderly Christian prophet who lived in New Zealand) told me that his old mentor (who was an elderly Christian prophet who lived in Australia) used to say that he believed that there’s a spirit behind everything. I asked him if he believed it and he said he didn’t know for sure because the Lord hadn’t revealed it to him personally, but I have an idea he did believe it because he had a huge amount of respect for that old prophet. Whether he believed it or not, I believe it, and I think that the spirit driving the world’s religions is the Spirit of Antichrist. Most Christians think the name ‘Antichrist’ means ‘Enemy of Christ,’ which it does, but the original and deeper meaning is ‘Other than Christ,’ or ‘Substitute Christ,’ or ‘Counterfeit Christ.’ He is the spirit that seeks to mimic the Holy Spirit. He is the second most powerful (and evil) of the fallen angels, second in power to Satan. In Ephesians 6:12 the Apostle Paul referred to the fallen angels as ‘principalities.’ Satan presides in the heavenly realm (per Revelation 12:10) and the rest of the fallen angels preside in the earth realm. The Apostle John was the first person to identify the Spirit of Antichrist as such. He also called him ‘the beast.’ (Revelation 13:2)

    The Spirit of Antichrist is Satan’s top minion on earth (per Revelation 13:2) and is the leader of the fallen angels. When the fallen angels made their first contact with humans (which was the ancient Canaanites) the Spirit of Antichrist let it be known to them that he wanted to be called ‘Baal.’ He is a many faceted spirit (i.e. can assume many roles). He is the spirit of idolatry, he is the spirit of top-down-control, and he is the spirit who purports to have the solutions for all the ills of mankind (the New Age , Save Mother Earth, do-gooder spirit). He is also the spirit of looking back (nostalgia, hoarding), and he is the spirit of genocide. Whenever he gains ascendancy in a nation, a culture, a religion, a corporation, a political party, etc., he will always endeavor to lead them into idolatry, and will always seek to prop up a man-at-the-top to represent him (i.e. to be a human representation of himself / standing idol). This is especially the case in the realm of religion. I could tell you more of what I know about all of this but before I go into it I’d like to ask you at this point for some feedback about what I’ve already written because this isn’t an easy subject to write about and I’d rather not waste my time if you’re not interested. So if what I’ve written here sounds outlandish to you and you don’t want to hear any more about it I can understand.

    1. no, it’s okay Jim, i want to hear it all and hold back on judgment until i have sufficient evidence to decide either way.
      surely nothing beats the terrestrial importance of the root nature of evil which is in such abundant, overwhelmingly so, evidence, therefore nothing is outlandish on the mere face of it.

      those who think that crude laughter entitles them to protection and superiority are best redirected to cut out discount coupons for a better walmart shopping experience, so much more rewarding and easier to understand.

  39. @ Lobro

    Thinking about all this reminded me of a statement Eustace Mullins made in regard to the hidden hand government which was that once you start to see it you see it everywhere. It’s all hiding in plain sight, and the same is true of the kingdom of darkness; it is hiding in plain sight. When the principalities made their first contact with the Canaanites they revealed themselves as gods and offered them power in exchange for loyalty and worship. There are three principalities mentioned (and/or revealed) in scripture which are the spirit of idolatry, the spirit of seduction, and the spirit of rejection. They arranged themselves as sort of a tag-team dedicated to the destruction of mankind, mainly by dismantling the innate defenses against evil built into mankind by God. The aim of the spirit of idolatry is to disable and/or kill the human spirit (i.e. conscience, intuition, and the ability for communion with God). The aim of the spirit of seduction is to disable and/or kill the human soul (i.e. mind, will, and emotions). The aim of the spirit of rejection is to disable and/or kill the human body.

    As I already mentioned, the spirit of idolatry (aka Spirit of Antichrist) is the leader of the fallen angels. He is the second most powerful (and evil) of the fallen angels, second in power to Satan. He let it be known to the Canaanites that he wanted to be called ‘Baal.’ His followers recognized that he could influence the weather, also that he had power over time. So the ancient Canaanites and Egyptians called him ‘Baal.’ Centuries later the Babylonians and Assyrians called him ‘Bel.’ Centuries later the Greeks called him ‘Cronos.’ Our word ‘clock’ (chronograph) comes from this name. Centuries later the Romans called him ‘Saturn.’ The post exile Hebrew priestclass called him ‘Baalzebub.’ The Apostle John called him ‘The Spirit of Antichrist.’ He also called him ‘The Beast.’ His forte’ is to lure humans into scenarios of idolatry because idolatry is the open door to the satanic realm.

    The spirit of seduction is the third most powerful (and evil) of the fallen angels. He let it be known to the Canaanites that he wanted to be called ‘Ashtaroth,’ which is a female name. All the angels (including the fallen angels) are male. The spirit of seduction merely masquerades as a female spirit. He/she purported to be the spirit of war and fertility (i.e. sexual prowess). Centuries later the Babylonians, Assyrians, and Greeks called him/her ‘Asherah.’ The Greeks later called her ‘Astarte’, then later they called her ‘Aphrodite.’ Centuries later the Romans called her ‘Rhea.’ The early Church fathers called her ‘The Jezebel Spirit.’ The Apostle John called him/her ‘The False Prophet.’ This spirit seeks to turn male into female and to turn female into male. To make men soft and wimpy and to make women tough and macho. His/her forte’ is to seduce people away from what God intends for them. His/her ultimate aim is to weaken the human soul and gradually usher it under the control of the Spirit of Antichrist (who in turn ushers it over to Satan to mete out his or her final demise).

    The spirit of rejection let it be known to the Canaanites that he wanted to be called ‘Moloch,’ the spirit of death. The Greeks called him ‘Hades.’ The Romans called him ‘Pluto.’ He was (and still is) the inspiration behind human sacrifice. He is the spirit behind all death and injury, and self-injury of the human body (e.g. addictions, neglect of health and hygiene, tattoos, body piercings, carelessness, daredevil stunts, etc.). Many people under the control of the spirit of rejection place a higher value on their pets than on their human relationships. People who do physical harm to people and/or animals are under this spirit.

    To simplify it or boil it down, it’s as if the kingdom of darkness functions as a huge processing plant to process humans via seduction into idolatry because idolatry is like the demon’s desired condition/final destination for mankind before eternity. And those who refuse to go along with the program will be hounded by the spirit of rejection to make them sick, or cause them to have accidents, or to cause them to have self destructive behavior, or to kill them outright. From the perspective of the demons, what takes up most of their primary focus is the obtaining of rights of control over people. And as I said, idolatry is their most sought after permission slip because it is the open door to the satanic field. If you think about it, the entirety of Old Testament history is a series of unfortunate events all related to idolatry. In our day and time idolatry is done mainly via people’s addiction to TV and movies, but that’s another subject.

    Anyway, I hope this synopsis is useful information. The reason I went into this in the first place was because I wanted to draw attention to the role played by the principalities in the realm of religion. To jump forward, the Pharisees of Jesus’ day as a cult, were the personification of the Spirit of Antichrist. Their religion didn’t even resemble the Levitical religion that the Lord prescribed through Moses, but was purely an invention of the Spirit of Antichrist that was engineered to benefit him and his kingdom and his human minions. They referred to it as ‘The tradition of the Elders.’ What they didn’t realize (and didn’t care to investigate) was that the elders were demonic. Jesus inferred that their religion was demonic. There was some mention of it in the Gospels and in the book of Acts, but the book of Galatians really exposed it for what it was, which was a counterfeit religion.

    Paul succeeded in exposing it but then the early Church fathers judged it and poisoned the well (i.e. the truth concerning its spiritual underpinning). The way that happened was that they judged the Jewish priestclass for luring some of the weaker Christian converts back into Judaism and into their control, and that judgement gave rights to the Spirit of Antichrist to rebound onto them to produce in them the same behavior (per the ‘What you judge you become’ rule, which is a loose paraphrase of Romans 2:1). The way it played out was the creation of the Catholic Church a couple of centuries later, which was basically the same kind of top-down-control format religion as that of the Jewish priestclass (i.e. each with their very controlling priestclass, the Pharisees with their so-called ‘high priest,’ and the Catholics with their so-called ‘Pope’).

    But the rabbit hole goes even deeper, as 800 years later the Protestant Church fathers judged the Catholic Church priestclass for their religious control, which judgment gave the Spirit of Antichrist rights to rebound onto them to produce in them the same behavior, which was the creation of ‘Protestantism’, which is basically the same thing spiritually as Catholicism and Judaism, each with their top-down-control priestclass, and each so-called ‘Church’ or ‘Synagogue’ with their man-at-the-top.

    The Lord saw that the antidote to this ever present top-down-control scheme was to outline his own leadership arrangement in Ephesians 4:11, which indicates that true ‘Church’ is to be run by a prophet, who is overseen and supported by an apostle, and who is assisted by an evangelist, a pastor, and a teacher. The Lord knew that if this format was obeyed and protected that there wouldn’t be any way for the leadership position to be usurped by a top-down-control figure. Unfortunately, by the end of the first century the religious spirits had pretty much drowned the prophetic in top-down-control, so that what followed was a religious top-down-control system that wasn’t much different than the old Jewish priestclass system that was overseen by the Pharisees.

    Fortunately for us Christians, the Lord doesn’t abandon those of us who are stuck in the system churches; he still has the Holy Spirit to make an occasional appearance in most churches, if for no other reason than to keep people from dying on the vine. He would much prefer that the meetings be run by prophets, but the people have top-down-control in their hearts and therefore demand to have a man-at-the-top (top-down-control and idolatry being flipsides of the same coin). If the truth be known, most Christians don’t like prophetic ministry because it’s so totally foreign to them, mainly because it’s spontaneous and unpredictable and most people like for everything to be predictable. Prophetic ministry makes people feel uncomfortable because it isn’t predictable and because they can’t control it. Prophetic ministry has the power to thwart the kingdom of darkness whereas the system church is toothless in the face of the kingdom of darkness. But most Christians don’t even know there is such a thing as the kingdom of darkness, and my experience has been that trying to convince them of it is a waste of time. The same holds true about the Holy Spirit. Most professing Christians say they believe there is such a ‘thing’ as the Holy Spirit (most of them refer to him as ‘it’), but hardly any of them know him in person. But you can’t tell them because in their mind they already know all there is to know about spiritual things.

    I guess that’s all for now. I’m going to post this and let you chew on it for a day or two. Then if you feel like it get back to me and I’ll go into more detail about all this.

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